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Army Spc. Jeremy E. Christensen

27, of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Christensen died in Ad Duilayah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his patrol vehicle. He was assigned to 1st Squadron, 4th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany. Died on November 27, 2004.

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I will never forget meeting you on our flight to Germany. We had a wonderful time! You always made me laugh and were always a joy to be around. Do you remember that night we went to the beer fest and were out late .... you were amazed that I still had the energy to make everyone breakfast the next morning hahaha! We had so many good times! I also remember the last hug I got from you before you left for Iraq. I treasure my memories of you my friend. I hope you know that I think of you often because you were a dear friend. You are a true hero and will forever be in my heart."
Jennifer Caston (Arnold) of Phoenix AZ

"You are a true hero. I didn't want you to think I've forgotten you."
Jennifer of Phoenix, AZ

"I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jeremy, I moved away from the Portland area many years ago and was searching the internet for some old friends to reconnect with. I am very honored to have known a true American hero such as Jeremy. Jeremy was a great person and great friend. His family is amongst the kindest and warmest I have ever encountered. I will always have fond memories of growing up with him and our experiences in the Cub Scouts. Rest in peace my friend… All gave some, but some gave all, you gave your life so we can all be free… God bless…"
Anthony Medak of Sarajevo, Bosnia (Cleveland, OH)

"On April 9, 2010 I was blessed with a baby boy. His name is Christian Edward Riley. I named him in honor of Jeremy. He was a great friend. You are missed, but not forgotten Jeremy."
Cliff Riley III of Florence, KY

"iam thankful you went and fought for us iam reserching a project and i came upon you as a hero iam writing about you i have learned that men like you are really great iam thankful for having you do such a think thanks alot"
Tiffany Patterson of Huxley, Iowa, United States

"Dear, Jeremy it's your buddie Doug it's christmas and I just wanted you to know how your life lives in me every day I am doing very well for myself and I know that you look in on me from time to time I was looking at our cub scout pictures the other day . And although it's been over 4 years my memories still feel as fresh as the rain I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and to thank you for the ultimate sacrifice that you made for me and every other American . I am so proud to have been your friend growing up .When I have kids I will show and tell about a friend of friends a real American hero that they can look up too . You best friend Doug..I miss you brother."
Doug Garoutte of Scottsdale,AZ U.S.A

"Dear, Jeremy it's your buddie Doug it's christmas and I just wanted you to know how your life lives in me every day I am doing very well for myself and I know that you look in on me from time to time I was looking at our cub scout pictures the other day . And although it's been over 4 years my memories still feel as fresh as the rain I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and to thank you for the ultimate sacrifice that you made for me and every other American . I am so proud to have been your friend growing up .When I have kids I will show and tell about a friend of friends a real American hero that they can look up too . You best friend Doug..I miss you brother."
Doug Garoutte of Scottsdale,AZ U.S.A

"November 8, 2008
To the family of Spc. Jeremy E. Christensen:
Jeremy gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Hey Jerm! Me and smash were talking the other day about all the amazing memories we were able to experience with you and i want you to know they will never ever be forgotten. 4 years later, and not a day goes by where i dont think about you. Remember when you took Adam to get his first tattoo and when you guys got home mom looked like she was going to have a heart attack. Then i decided i couldnt wait till i turned 18 and my two big brothers could take me to get mine. Well i got it! You would love it, A reminder to me that you are my shining star up above always lookin down on me. You are truly a hero to all, and will be loved for all eternity. Miss ya bro. See ya soon.

Your little sis"
Alyssa Beykovsky of Gladstone, Oregon

"My Dearest Jeremy, I Love You with all my heart, I wear your special dog tags every day. I am proud to be your Step Mother. You will Never EVER be forgotten as long as I breathe.
Your Picture is in front of me, and Behind me no matter how I sit in our living room. Filled with treasures of your life and Honors In your memory.
You Are My Hero, and you always will be.
RIP Angel.... You have my heart and always will... We miss you so much. as I am your Daddy's wife. We will Be honoring you every day as long as we live and then some... I will Hold you in my arms when God Calls me home.
I Love you.."
Rusty of Vancouver, WA

"I knew Jeremy since 7th grade and we were inseperable! We practically grew up on my front porch (with Jeremy and Doug, too)...I miss him a lot and think of him often!!! When he passed I put out a candle with the word peace on it and vowed that it would remain until this war was over, unfortunately it is still on my living room table. But it is a constant reminder of the sacrafice that our men and women take every day to make the world, not just our country, a better place. I am so proud of my friend who grew into such a good man before us all! I wish I would have had a little more time to tell him what he meant to me growing up and how much I appreciated his kind spirit and his soft shoulder to cry on at times of "teenage crisis". He will always hold a place in my heart, as with us all, and I will always remember my friend as the hero he always was!!!!!"
Nicky of Portland OR

"dear jermey, you dont know how much i miss you right now...
when ever i hear a sad song i just break down and cry cause all i do is think of you...
i love you and miss you so much,
Love you baby baby sis ashley may beykovsky of gladstone, OR

It has been over three years now but I still think of you and our time in that place. I am glad to have met your wonderful family although I wish you would have been there to introduce them to me. I will never forget you or the sacrifices you made for not only your country, but more importantly, for your fellow Soldiers. I hope someday this is all over and we can all put the pieces of our lives back together. I've seen too many good men go down, and I know there will be more. I hope that you find peace where you are. When my time comes I hope to see you again, at Fiddler's Green. First round is on me. Take care, brother. See you on the high ground.
-SFC Michael Sampsell
Konar Province, Afghanistan"
Michael Sampsell of Konar Province, Afghanistan

"Jeremy was and still is my best friend I think about him very often he was the most kind person so unique I am at a loss of words as I was trying to battle with emotions trying to speak a eulogy only my heart could tell I am clean and sober now almost 6 months and I felt you there every time I was confused I felt you guiding the way you are truly my greatest hero and an unreplacable friend. I grew up with Jeremy and the other Jeremy since 2 grade and I would not trade that for the world I love you brother and linda J.R and Katie as for george you where the greatest dad to him I know we were honry but I know he loved you like his own dad .. Love Always Doug.G"
Doug Garoutte of Phoenix, AZ

"son we miss you every day, today is your 30th Birthday, and we still miss you like it was yesterday....
God I wish you were here.
The family needs your loving strength to just be here with us with your love and stop this insanity that is happening!
you brought us all so close and it seems they have all but a few forgotten what you stood for, and the joy you brought, being the peacemaker.
just know that we'll constanly love you and never ever stop, missing you!!!!!
We will not now or ever let your memory be forgotten, even your jets man is at your Gaveside! Thanks to Granny of course.
We will forever Honor your name, your spirit and treasure your memory and never let it or your name be forgotten.
We Love you, Happy Birthday."
George & Rusty, Mom & Dad of SW WA State USA

Legeta of Artesia,New MexicoUSA

I miss you so much and I know you were so proud to fight for our country. I cant forget that last new years eve we all went out and got snowed in at my house in the morning. We got YOU to dance that night!!
Through all our memories I will never forget how much you loved and cared for our family and your friends and most of all our country.I miss you so much!!!
Your cousin,"
Stephanie of Los Angeles, CA

"2 years have passed since I have lost my friend. My heart goes out to everyone who was lucky enough to share even the most mundane moment with this truly unique human being. Loved you like a brother JC! I hear the train a comin..."
Dave Ake of Lafayette, Indiana

"I was blessed to have shared my childhood with Jeremy. Him and his family took me in when I was young. For all who don't know Jeremy's family there is no way to describe how caring and close they were. Jeremy felt the same way to all he served with. So thanks to all who have served and thank you Linda, George, Jr, Katie, and Granny for giving Jeremy that compassion he will always be remembered for. Jeremy your in our hearts and prayers forever, I Love Ya Bro"
Jeremy Hubbard of Vancouver, Wa / USA

"You are my hero... I will always love and remember you. Love Your little sister."
Amy Beykovsky of Gladstone, Oregon

"I will always remember you Jeremy. You were like an older brother to me, while I was growing up. You and the family are always in my heart."
Amanda Storey of Helena, Montana


"That day is still fresh in my memory. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at the pictures we took out there. Our last conversation continues to play over and over like a scratched record. The promise we made is and will be carried out, plus I know you're watching to ensure I uphold my end. The next generation soldiers will have our mentality as long as I'm on the trail. YOU WILL BE FOREVER MISSED! To the Christensen Family, words can't and never will be able to describe the pain I feel you. I knew Chris, his mind frame, his way of life. He was one of my own. I am deeply sorry."

"I am so proud of what you have done for all of us, and you are in my heart and thoughts every day. God only knows why you were taken from us so soon, but I know you beleived in what you were doing and you did make a difference in the world for all you did, and all who knew you. You truly are an American Hero. Rest in Peace, White 3."
Jan Entenmann of Portland, Oregon

"To the family of Jeremy E. Christensen, I am so sorry for he loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to talk to or need someone to pray with you please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church Rev John B. Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ"
Polly Ballew of Covington Ga. U S A

"To the family of Jeremy Christensen: I had the opportunity to serve with Jeremy in Iraq. After he passed, my friend and I made a dedication song in his honor. To listen to it visit www.cnoteandkmoney.com and click on the Jeremy Christensen link. My condolences go out to all of you. May God be with you and our fallen hero today and everyday."
SPC Cliff Riley III of Schweinfurt, Germany

"My son, Sgt. David Ake was in Jeremy's platoon. He said Jeremy was one of the best friends he had and really helped him through a rough personal problem. I am thankful for that and his friendship to my son. Dave has a picture of him grinning from ear to ear in a restaurant in Germany that they used to eat at. My heart hurts for all the family and friends who feel such a loss. He will always live in your memories and he will never be forgotten. Thank you. Dave's Mom, Carolyn, Delphi, Indiana"
Carolyn Ake of Delphi, Indiana

"Specialist Christensen, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"you will always be remembered and my heart goes out to your family and you will never be forgotten, in our hearts you will live on forever."
Claudia Bell of Baumholder, Germany

"There are no words to express the sorrow we feel for your loss. May God bless you and help you through this time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Jeremy, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Thank you Jeremy Christensen, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Spc. Jeremy Christensen:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Jeremy for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Jeremy Christensen:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Jeremy, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on