Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Webmaster Tim Rivera

When I heard news of the first death of a soldier after the start of the Operation Iraqi Freedom war, I immediately thought about my older brother who was over there with the Air Force. I wondered what I would do if he were to die. Making webpages has been a favorite hobby of mine for several years, so I decided that I would have to create a webpage to honor my brother. Then I thought that all the other soldiers deserve something to honor them as well. Therefore, on March 27, 2003, I decided to create this website hoping it would be a source of comfort and encouragement for the families during this tragic time. While I was searching for an available domain name, I came across a website that linked to FOXNews' list of "Fallen Heroes". I felt that title to be very fitting.

Thankfully, my brother was able to return home safely in May, 2003. Unfortunately, there are many families who are not able to say the same about their loved one. There are many children who will grow up without their parent, not really understanding that their father or mother paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

My brother was sent back to "the desert" on December 9, 2003 for three months. I have the same concerns you do regarding the safety of our servicemembers who are still in Iraq.

Most of my "free time" is spent at my computer. I enjoy making webpages and helping other web designers with various problems. As an administrator for the Web Designer's Forum, I actively participate in the web design discussion mailing list. As for my real job, I am a rural letter carrier (a.k.a. "mailman") in the area where I live, just west of Atlanta, Georgia. My undeveloped personal website is TimRivera.com. A friendship that I developed with a regular visitor to the FHM website led to the creation of my most recent website, Millennium Birdhouses.

I would like to thank Kim Smith, mother of Army Pvt. Robert L. Frantz, for assisting me with moderating all the messages and responding to the Inappropriate Message reports.

I would also like to thank Cindi of Operation Iraqi Freedom Casualties for helping me add names to the website from the DoD news releases.


Please use the online form to contact me privately.

"Mr. Rivera,
I would like to commend you for your web page memorial. Our nation would not be the same without these fine heros."
Jonathan Lowder of Monroe, NC /USA

"Why did you quit updating this page? There are MANY more that deserve to be recognized!!!"
SFC Dwayne Taylor of Ft. Sill, OK

"Hey Tim,
Thank you for your dedication to our fallen soldiers. I was wondering is it possible if you can get with Spc. Victor Martinez family to create a Facebook page with pictures of him?"
Terri Wilson of Birmingham, Alabama

"Hello, my name is Ken Barnard and I am thr founder of an organization called "Patriot Hunts" based at Fort Bragg where we provide outdoor experiences for our wounded warriors and Gold Star families of fallen soldiers. To anyone out there that knew or served with SFC Steve Langmack, please know mand be a little comforted by the fact I have had the pleasure of meeting his son and have taken him a a number of outdoor events. We are friends now and I stay in contact with him thatnks to his mom that wishes to make sure he is exposed to the outdoors as he dad was."
Ken Barnard of Fort Bragg, NC, USA

When is this list going to be updated?


Mike Perez of South Weber, Ut, USA

"Hi Tim. I am Anxious to contact the Mother of Staff Sgt. Kenneth A. Jenkins a native of Fouke Arkansas who was killed in Iraq in August 2006. In a visit to the US in July of this year, I had the privelege and great honour of planting a flag in memory of Kenneth at the summit of Cottonwood Pass Colorado.
This was in connection with Project Run America where a flag is being posted every mile of a run acros the US. from the West to East Coast in memory of a fallen service person. I have two photographs that I would like to send to Kenneth's Family as memento of this sad, but memorable occasion. I am an elderly Brit Living in the U.K. with a Son and Family living in Crested Butte, Colorado. If you could help I would be ver grateful. Thanks."
Henry C. Adams of Hildenborough, Kent, UK

"I recently and saw John King on CNN. and he asked if the public thought there should be a memorial for the fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. There IS a National Memorial for these soldiers. It is a living memorial that has the name of every soldiers lost and is updated every month. It is 11 feet tall and is going to be displayed at ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY'S visitors center starting JULY 1st, and, as far as I know, is the only memorial of its kind in the country. After that, the memorial is probably being moved to Central Command in Tampa, Florida.
I would appreciate it if you could share this information about this memorial with veterans support groups. If anyone would like intormation on this memorial, please contact me at cheriereidusa@yahoo.com .
Thank you,
Cherie Reid"
Cherie Reid of Toms River, NJ

"HeroBracelets.org would like to send a small token of our appreciation to every Gold Star Family in America. We’re not sure if we can actually do this, but we’re going to try.
Initially, we’ll give a free HeroBracelet to the first 150 Gold Star Families that write us. If we’re able, financially, to continue to give a bracelet to every Gold Star Family in America, we will.
HeroBracelets.org has no financial backing and no full time employees and we operate by word of mouth. We started HeroBracelets.org to raise money for the families of those lost to war and our mission has expanded greatly since we started in 2004.
But for now, we want to give a gift of remembrance to as many Gold Star Families as we can.
- PLEASE, only ONE free HeroBracelet to Gold Star Family.
- To order your free Memorial HeroBracelet, email a memorial to your lost loved one to info@herobracelets.org. Your memorial can be anything you choose. Write whatever you like and feel free to include photos. Your memorial will have a special place on the HeroBracelets.org Web site.
- When you send us your memorial, we’ll email you a coupon code good for the free bracelet.
- Order as you would. You may order other HeroBracelets offerings, silver, copper, leather, tags etc. The cost of the Memorial HeroBracelets ($13.00) will automatically be deducted from your order when you use your coupon code.
- Shipping is not included.
Your HeroBracelets will get to you in about a week with our great appreciation.
Go to http://www.herobracelets.org/?page_id=1082 for the link.
Please feel free to forward this email on!"
chris greta of austin, tx

"i just wanted to say to the family of SGT. trotter godbless you you are always in my prayers and i will never forget john he was my team leader but more than that he was a great friend and man and will never be forgoten its been six years now and not a day goes by i dont think of him third platoon first squad bravo team."
michael mcgraw of delia ks us

"Keep up the great work Tim. When you have a moment, please review my tribute song at www.myspace.com/marchalli Thank you."
Marchalli of St. Louis, MO USA

Thank you very much Mr. Rivera for making this site available in memory of fallen servicemembers, as well as condolences to their loved ones."

"Thank You for your website. This just goes to show everyone freedom is NOT free. Men and Women just like you and I have paid the ultimate price for freedom. So please get on your knees every night and thank your God for the freedom these men and women have given us and our children. Otherwise, we might (would) be communists........
Thank God for letting us live in a country where we can be safe and raise a family... (and have rights) yeah rights (some countries don't have them). remember ?"
Jon Lowder of Monroe, NC

"Thank You Sir for keeping the memory of our fallen serviemembers alive......

God Bless You !"
Jon Lowder of Monroe, NC

"Sir, this is just an FYI that the soldiers here at JBB, Iraq will be putting up a memorial at the new East side APO on JBB. Those people being dedicated on the memorial are as follows: Mr. Vernon Gaston, Mr. Fred Bryant, PFC Isaiah Hunt, SGT Rocky Payne, SPC Jeremy Ridlen, SPC Charles Lamb, SGT Shawna Morrison, SGT Jessica Cawvey, SPC Daryl Dent. This is just an FYI to get it out to the community. Thank you."
SGT Powell of JBB, Iraq

"my husband's name is not on this site..He passed away in 2007"
Christina Penrod of Mahomet Illinois

""Dear Tim Rivera
thank you so much for this tribute site you created for the families and friend's of our fallen hero's
I hope you know what a help it is for us to be able to come together here and in a sence visit with our lost love ones! you are a hero your self! thank you!
Tim R Brown Sr"
Tim R Brown Sr of beaver falls, pa"
Tim R Brown Sr of beaver falls, pa,usa

james nace of DERRY,PA USA

"Tim thank you so much for creating this website. Reading the messages gives me so much comfort to know that there are so many people that Christian doesn't know personally but cares. The fallen received the mark of a "hero" but in my heart I consider you also a HERO for doing this honorable and remarkable memorial for the Fallen service members and their grieving families. My deepest condolences also goes to the grieving families of the fallen heroes. May they find peace and comfort in their hearts through their faith. Thank you Tim and may God sees your sincere work for us and may our good God bless you and your family member with peace, good health, and joy.
Proud mother of KIA
Sgt Chriatian B Williams
Al-Anbar Iraq July 29,2006"
Marie Willaims of Winte Haven, Fl USA


"Hi Tim thank you for making this site it is comforting to know that our fallen soldiers are not forgotten. My brother in-laws sister was taken from us we Miss sgt.Regina Reali very much.GOD BLESS ALL THE SOLDIERS FALLEN OR NOT."
Luisa Saldana of FRESNO 93705

"Tim I am a mother of a fallen soldier, I am still in a lot of pain. Thank you for the site. God bless you always."
Luisa of New Jersey

"I have always thought of soldiers and veterans as my heroes and now that I am in college, I have the oppurtunity to do a paper on heroes. I am focusing completely on the veterans and the soldiers who risk it all to save our countries. Sometimes it seems as though they do not get the recognition they deserve and that is not right. I came across this site in searching for materials for my paper. This site is so amazing. I just wanted to post a message to let everyone know that I think you are all truly amazing individuals, you are couragous and strong as were those individuals who are no longer with us. I have absolute respect for all soldiers, veterans, and their families. May god watch over you all and help you through difficult times!"
Sammie of Ohio

"I'm sorry it has taken us this long to get to you Tim, but as the parents of a Fallen Hero (1st Lt Mark Dooley...KIA 19 Sept 2005) we want to publicly thank you for your very generous contribution to a cause very near to our hearts. That small still voice that spurred you to action in this case is very telling of the integrity and honor that a wonderful American such as yourself is greatly embued with. Our fine men and women in uniform are also selfless members of our society that deserve so much more than the media and the lberal left would have us all to believe. God Bless You!!!"
Pete and Marion Dooley of Wallkill, NY USA

"Tim, thank you for putting the Rings of Remembrance on your web site. It should not be too much longer and we will have the complete brochure up. It has been a bit of a struggle to get it up and running. It will happen, but in His time. We count on Him to lead us.

The messages left by loved ones would be written on the granite bench which surrounds the Rings of Remembrance."
Mary and Billy Gorbett of Etowah, NC

"this is a wonderful thing you have done here. even though i am crying and deeply, deeply saddened by what i just read, it is very nice to see the love expressed to these fallen heroes, post humously as it may. i am retired air force."
johnny taylor of alexandria, la

"Tim: Thank you so much for creating this site where we all can come and read about our loved ones, talk about them and get to know all what their friends have to say about them. It gives as some peace to know that they are remembered. I lost my only son in Iraq few years ago at the beginning of this conflict and since then, me and my daughter in law always come back to this site to read about and remember him. God bless you and your family for this site and for updating and keeping it for our benefit. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!"
Lucia of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Tim, I am the mother-in-law of a fallen soldier, Captain Ralph "Jay" Harting III. I want to express my gratitude to you for giving us a forum to hear words of love and condolences from friends, family and other patriots. This was a great thing you did for all fallen soldiers and their families. You are a great patriot. Through this website Jay's 3 children will get to know him through the words of others who loved and respected him. This is a great gift to them! Thank you and God Bless you. P.S. Please let your brother know how thankful the nation is for his service and that he came home safe."
Barbara Nazworth of Novi, Michigan USA

"1st Lt. Ryan-Patrick Jones
Killed 2 May 2007, Iraq
Stationed out of Fort Riley, Kansas
From Westminster, MA

My sister's fiance. The best brother I could ever have. "You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be...""

"Hi! I think what you are doing is great and I thank you. However, you are missing the hometowns of other fallen soldiers. They are the US Territories of Guam & American Samoa, as well as the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas"
Maria of Guam

"thank you for this and God bless you. It is good to see that there are true patriots out there. I am an active duty Marine who has served in combat in OIF and whose little brother died in combat in OIF."

"Thank you so much for this site and for all your comments, It's great to see all of the comments and how much/many people care about our loved ones. Once again THANK YOU"
Heather of Wyoming, Mi.

"I'm a vetran and I know to many names on your web site. I've noticed that you haven't updated it in a while. I'm sure it takes a lot of time but you need to know how much this site means to some people. If you can't keep up with it have you thought about going public with it or turning it over to someone who can help you with it. It seems like a helling process when you can post a message to a fallen soldier. Once I retire from the military I would be willing to donate my time to help update the site. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. You've done a great job so far and this shouldn't be lost."
Douglas April of El Paso

"I lost my brother Sgt Julian Arechaga In Iraq on Oct 9, 2006..Could you please * him to the fallen heroes..Thank you.."
Sheyla Randazzo of Baldwin, New york

"Hi Tim, I would like you to know that my family and I are greatful for your website for the fallen heroes.Thank you very much that you do care. I am walking in a very rough road and trying to live one day at a time believing that Christian belongs to a greater place than this.I do wish that Christian's sacrifices will always be remembered, not just for few months but forever."
Mom Maria Williams of Winter Haven Fl USA

"Hi Tim,
In doing my patriotic duty honoring our military and their families, we have received thousands of hits on our video from all over the world, touching every heart and soul. My goal is to unite our country to honor and support our American service men and women and their families. Please take five minutes to view this compelling short music video tribute to our Heroes.
Please share this powerful video with everyone.
Please visit our website and read some of the most moving guest book entries.
Please feel free to contact us.
Thank You
God Bless
Mark Reis
Mark Reis of Parma, Ohio

"Tim my son-in-law was killed in Afganistian 9/11/06 I would love for his name to be listed with the other heros on your great website thanks"
JOHN MENEFEE of Arlington,Texas USA

"this is for your page on A1C Elizabeth Jacobson USAF


Airman 1st Class Elizabeth N. Jacobson, an Air Force, Security Forces police woman, has been killed in the line of duty. She was killed by a Muslim coward who detonated an improvised explosive devise as Airman Jacobson was traveling in a convoy. There is a politically incorrect joke floating around about a Muslim mother showing photos of her sons to a friend and telling how her boys were all martyred for Allah. The other women said “I understand, they blow up so young now-a-days.” Sick joke, yes, but the sad part is there are many Muslims families who truly believe their fanatical children are doing right by their God. Their God, the God of Abraham, who is the same Christian God most of the west prays too. So who is God happy with; the Muslim who detonated the bomb or the young airman who died? The families of the so-called martyrs get regular payments of money for the crimes of their children. If you follow the beliefs of the two religions, both of the dead people will arrive in heaven about the same time. I know which one I would let in the gates. As far as I can tell from my research, Airman Jacobson was the first Air Force cop kill in a combat zone since Vietnam. She is also the first female cop killed in action. I can not imagine these “firsts” will help her family get through this extremely difficult time. We have had other “cops” seriously injured in this current conflict, to include one who lost both legs and an arm, and this pain and destruction is not going to end anytime soon. This is not a debate about the US presence in Iraq; it is about how my big Air Force is using Security Forces and other none flying troops in a ground combat roll. A little bit of history: when the flying side of the Army broke off and created the Air Force, they forgot to bring any infantry with them the protect air bases. So in the wisdom of someone who was not an Air Force cop, it was decided to make the Air Police of the day, temporary infantry in time of conflict. During peace time the “cops” would do cop stuff. They would learn their perishable infantry skills and then go back to patrolling a peace time air base. The next time a shooting war came along and the powers-to-be got worried about airplanes, the “cops’ were handed a jeep and told to “be infantry.” Even, if they had not trained or practiced infantry tactics in years. You can not guard planes and man entry control gates 365 days a year round-the-clock and then magically become seasoned ground pounding infantry just because the Air Force deploys you to a shooting war. Back in the early 1980s the Air National Guard was building 44 man air base ground defense flights. They were designed just like an Army 44 man infantry platoon. We had almost 50 of these flights established. They were to be trained as infantry and deployed to defend air bases in combat zones. The Army stepped in and cried foul, so we did away with the air base ground defense flights and gave all the manning positions to the Army. They were supposed to build Army Military Police companies whose sole mission was to be dedicated to defending forward located air bases. The problem is, during the 1990s draw down in size of all the branches of the US military, these positions got “misplaced” in the shuffle. So the Air Force lost its infantry trained “cops” who were dedicated to protect air bases and the Army never created the replacements in the form of dedicated Army, air base defending assets. Now we are in a shooting war where not only is the Army unable to defend Air Force bases, they have requested the Air Force take on traditional Army convoy rolls. Please do not get me wrong, I am an Army trained infantry officer and I have many Army friends. I do not want them to get hurt either, but the Air Force is not trained or equipped to handle this ground combat war away from a defended air base. And they should not do it from a vehicle that was never designed to fight from (and survive)--the Hummer. My condolences to Airman Jacobson’s family, I am so sorry for their loss.

3 Oct 2005
Major Van Harl USAF Ret.



We buried an Air Force Cop today.
It wasn’t supposed to be that way.
They were supposed to defend, from behind the wire.
Not searching for remains, in a Humvee pyre.

Yes, they are base defenders trained to fight.
Lock and load the enemy is in our sight.
They have no artillery to call in for support.
An IED goes off, mission abort.

We were training in the 80s to go beyond the wire.
The Army cried foul, that mission expired.
We were in their rice bowl, taking their space.
By God their MPs, would guard our Air Base.

Now we are burying an Air Force Cop today.
She was riding in that suspect Humvee, leading the way.
Cops to the front, cops to the rear.
Cops stand to, the danger is near.

Air Force cops always rise to the call.
Intercept the enemy, stop them all.
But if they must take the fight to the enemy on land
Then by God, give them the tools to make the proper stand.

Don’t send them out in a vehicle never designed for a fight
We had a developing armored vehicle, once in our sight.
It was going to have a 30MM chain-gun on its back
But instead we use fiberglass for protection during attack.

Winston Churchill got it right back in WWII
Air grounds-men in combat have much more to do.
All airmen on base must be prepared to fight.
Praise the Lord, pass the ammo, the enemy comes tonight.

Every Airman must have an M16 by their side.
Every Airman, a rifleman, base defense they provide.
They stop turning a wrench or pumping jet fuel
A .50 cal or a 60 their defending tool.

And not just from a fighting position, shooting down range.
Death to the enemy, these air grounds-men arrange.
They have to be ready to defend their unit’s assets.
Air grounds-men, those combat skills, you must never forget.

Turn off your computer when the mortar rounds fall.
We need every Airman, to the perimeter wall.
The enemy is coming with nothing to lose.
Pick a target, squeeze your trigger, you or him, choose.

We buried an Air Force Cop today.
Get use to it, we will loose some, its normal they say.
I am sorry I don’t buy it, for these, air-infantry arriving on wings.
Better weapons, training, and support, our Air Staff must bring.

As the enemy attacks, every Airman a defensive stand
I want to see maintenance troops, with tool box and M-16 in hand.
I want to see the SOF, in the tower, with a rifle on her back.
The cooks, the medics and the engineers ready for the attack.

We don’t want to bury another Cop some day.
Stop the bad guys first, make the enemies pay.
Combat support for these air grounds-men.
When they go on patrol, provide them A-10s.

Sadly we bury this Air Force cop today.
For the family I am so sorry, God our friend is on the way
An air grounds-man who made his final stand
Lord we send him, into your loving hands.

We buried another veteran today.
It seems all my life it happens that way.
This one a young cop, in the prime of his life.
Rest well defender, you gave all, in your last fight.

We buried an Air Force cop today.

27 Jan 2005
Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret. of Altus, OK

"Tim, your site helped me finish our Music Video dedicated to the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces. Thank YOU! I was hoping that you would watch the video and consider adding our song as a back drop for your site or linking the video to your site so that we can get the message out. Please feel free to contact me anytime. My husband and I wrote this song called Angel By My Side and we are performing it. My brother Sean is on lead vocals and drums and our friend Mike is on Bass. Heres the link
Kathy Dolan of Bayside, New York/USA

God Bless you for all you have done. I am very thankful for your brother's safe return and what he has done for the USA.I myself lost my brother in Iraq, PFC Jeremiah Smith. And another friend PFC Joel Bertoldie. I have many friends still over there and what you have done is amazing to all of our military family. You have made it so easy to communicate and organize events as a huge military family effort. Even those whom we don't know, you have made it possible for all of us as a family to reach out and be there for them in their time of need. If you ever need any help with your site or anything please don't hesitate to call or email me. Again God Bless all of our military and your's family for what you have done!! My number is 913-568-2144, and again my email is leeannmdowdell@yahoo.com God BLESS THE USA !!"
LeeAnn Dowdell of Overland Park, KS


"Hi Tim. I met you at the TAPS Survivor Seminar this past may and I just wanted to thank you for not only starting up this amazing website but also for helping me through my first TAPS experience. You def. made that weekend a little bit easier for me. It was an honor to have been able to eat dinner at the same table with you at the banquet. I hope I get to see you again next year."
Mrs. David Mahlenbrock of Hudson, NC

""All Gave Some, Some Gave All"
SGT Regina Reali & SGT Cheyenne Willey
23 December 2005"
from MSG WAYNE M. SCHORR of Baghdad province, Iraq

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your site and to ask you to contribute to this project I have started. You know what feeling helpless can do to a person. It makes you tongue tied and awkward and eager to walk away from things you can’t help or can’t do anything about.

That’s how I feel about the war in Iraq. It’s how a lot of people feel.

My friend says protesting seems as useless as voting, and that until 2008 we are putting our heads in the sand and trying to block it all out. In reality it’s an acquired ability to ignore the war. This is a weight on our shoulders, a burden we bear daily, silently. We read the headlines, we sigh, and we sip our coffee and try not to notice too much. Because we feel helpless--because we feel our hands are tied.

We walk away because we can. Well, not everyone gets that opportunity. Some of us don’t have that choice. That is the reason I made this map. A collaborative memorial to all the families, friends, mothers, sons, daughters, and loved ones of the soldiers still fighting and the civilians still suffering.

They live a day-to-day existence of war with which I have no experience. I gathered up these voices, photographs, and letters to add to this map in tribute to and in recognition of a war I know little about. A war with which many people are all too familiar.

I am asking you to add to the map. Together we can put faces to this war. Together we can remind everyone that it’s still going on. Add your tributes, add your videos, add your photographs of your families and your loved ones fighting abroad. Lets make a statement loud enough for people to stop turning their heads away.


To add to this map, follow these steps
1. Register for a free Platial account. You'll have to confirm your email by clicking on a link that will be sent to you. Then you can log in and add to the map.
2. Go to the "We're Still at War" map.
3. Click "Add a Place." You will first pinpoint your location. You don't have to be super precise. A city is close enough.
4. Once you have found your spot, click "next."
5. Here is where you add your contribution. You can insert video into the description. Give your entry a title. You can add pictures from your computer or from your website.
6. When you're finished, click "finish"

Now your Place is included in the map.

Thank you,


paige of portland oregon

"Dear Mr. Rivera

My name is Deborah Petty and my husband Christopher was killed in action this past January. I have been overcome with tears of sadness and joy and sheer gratitude for the love and out pouring of support from loved ones but more from strangers that did not know him or I. I think this country has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the support and love of our Soldiers and their families.

Thank you for creating this website, I love to read the posts and print them out for our 2 boys scrapbooks.


The Proud Wife Of A Fallen Solidier"
Deborah S. Petty of Harker Height, TX

"I am so glad that someone took the time to make a page for these soldiers, they deserve this and so much more, and I'm sure the families and friends of the soldiers appreciate it as well. Thank you."
Cindy of New York

"My son was killed in Iraq on 10-31-05. he was 21. I do not know how to deal with this but I hope someone will help me. It has been 3 months but I do not know how to cope.."
Rick Martin of edmond Okalahoma

"thank you tim rivera for making a page were people who knew the soldiers who have died in this war against terriosm because one of those soldier was a family member who was deployed only hours after his second child was born and he was Marine Sgt. Fernando Padilla-Ramirez thank you again"
Aldo Ramirez of Las Vegas NV

"Mr. Rivera thank you so much for honoring these soldiers, many of whom are my friends. You are doing a great service to our country. God Bless You."
SGT. John Meredith of Coal Valley, IL

"America must win this war.
Therefore I will work, I will save, I will struggle, as if the outcome depended on me alone.

Do your duty as Americans, and support the soldiers in Iraq. They must complete the mission, for the sake of all people who believe in us, for the fighting men and women who struggle there, and for those who lost their lives for this cause. We must rally round the flag, and give everyone the support they need so that our country can achieve the peace that only VICTORY can bring."
Anonymous of Heartland, USA

"Dear Mr. Rivera,

You have done a great service for the men and women of the United States Military, the beloved fallen, their families, and ultimately the country.

Bless you for your efforts in the name of kindness and honor.


Guiseppe De La Wode
of Wildwood, Missouri 63042

"Please continue your website. I have more friends in the military, across the services, than I do outside the military. I learned of the death of a couple of old friends through your website. I can attest it is viewed by many deployed servicemen. It is a tool I use whenever I hear of a casualty in an area in which I have friends assigned. Thank you for your efforts."
CPT Jaysen Yochim of FOB Speicher, Iraq

"Please...............There are just no other websites out there that you can leave a message for the specific families. Please continue this effort. We miss your ministry to these families......"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

Great job with this site. It reminds me of the Vietnam Memorial Site. I found that site looking up my cousin's name on the Wall. It's a great tribute to all our Fallen Heros. I served in OIF 1, I'm just grateful that this site is around."
Peter Brasile of Wantagh, NY. USA

"Mr. Rivera -
Every time I visit this spot I'm reminded why I'm so proud to be an American and the debt of gratitude we owe to the families of soldiers who lived - and died - by the words "Duty, Honor, Country."

To the families left behind: The Lord God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you and give you peace. America humbly thanks you for your daily sacrifes. May we live lives worthy of the sacrifices made on our behalf.

Mr. Rivera: You are a great man and a great American. God bless you!"
Sean Lee of Roswell, NM USA

"Thanks, Tim. Every message honoring the memory of a fallen soldier or encouraging family members means that someone, somewhere, has thought of, even if only for a few moments, an individual, a human being who sacrificed it all for the good of strangers in a foreign place and helped perpetuate our heritage of freedom here at home. And those who post messages here, especially those who are unknown to us, help hand on, from person to person, across the miles and through the passing of time, a light of love and memories we nurture in our hearts. You have provided an invaluable service. Thank you. Semper Fi, on behalf of Cpl John Stalvey."
A.P. Merillat of Conroe, Texas

"Tim -
Thank you for taking the time to create and maintain the FallenHeroesMemorial website. My wish is that every American fully appreciate those who serve, and the sacrifices of the families of those who serve. Thank you for your work."
Thor Helgason of Newton, MA

"Angels do exist and they come in the form of you Tim... "Thank you" will never be sufficient for what you have done and continue to do. What a beautiful and thoughtful site to create. This site gives depth and soul to the abstract list of names and makes real these heroes' sacrifice and that of the mourning families. You have performed a great service to the families and friends of the fallen as well as the rest of the "military family" we have never met personally.
I never knew of this site until it hit home with the death of Pfc. Roberto Carlos Baez KIA in Haqlaniyah, Iraq on October 3rd, 2005. On Sunday, Oct. 30th we will be at Bay Pines Nat'l Cemetery to celebrate what would have been Roberto's 20th birthday.
May God bless you and your family."
Narcissa Junkas of Tampa, FL

Thank you for doing this.
These heroes should never be forgotten."
Mark Stephens of Magnolia, Texas

dear tim

thank you for your devotion to those who served and lost their lives. i tell everyone i know about this website...and i check it several times a day. God bless you...and all you do for those of us left behind and our beloved heroes!
semper fi
diana boye
mother of beloved hero usmc pvt noah l boye"
diana boye of grand island nebraska

"thank you for this site."
robert smette of grand forks, nd

We would like to thank you for the countless hours you have put on this site. Our son is SSGT Steven Bridges, KIA Iraq 12/8/03. It is still difficult to write that. Your site has been a comfort to me many times. I view it regularly not only Steve's but to see if we can help any other parents."
Loretta & Sheldon of Tracy,CA


Thank you for the beautiful website. I lost my brave little soldier, SPC Holly McGeogh on January 31, 04. I found your website not long after my daughter's death. When I read the messages left for Holly I feel comfort and support from everyone. Thank You so very much. Please don't ever let people forget our Fallen Hero's. Proud Mother of SPC Holly McGeogh"
Paula Zasadny of Taylor, MI.

"My husband, Ssgt. Aaron White was killed in Iraq just two days after our daughter turned 1. The only time he ever heard her say "da da" was the phone call on her birthday. I regret that she will never know her father and how he loved her. I want to share our family website with everyone: www.helpbrianna.freeservers.com"
michele of oceanside, ca

"In the heart of Iraq we feel the pain and suffering of the families at home. We are a part of your lives. We have walked side by side with our brothers, and your soldiers that have fallen. We pray to the same God they pray to. We cry tears of sadness when sad news comes. We share the anger when the battle goes wrong. We fall to our knees when we lose a brother at arms. WE ARE- The soldiers of the United States of America. We vow to turn to God and not to men. We will lead and fight with hearts of steele, for the name of our brothers at arms. We will not forget our brothers, and we will not forget you-the family. You are our family too. We stay and fight for you and we will come home to hold you the way our brothers would have done. I only ask one thing! Remember the lost, and remember me. From the heart of Iraq- A soldier who knows your pain."
Your Soldier of Bahgdad, Iraq

"Good job! I was able to visit the page for Army PFC Howard Johnson, Jr. I read about him and it really saddened my heart. We had a lot of military in a church I led in Hawaii. The following reflects my heart in the form of a prayer:

Pastoring Troops

Lord, I've got to tell You about a deep ache in my heart! I really need to talk to You about this tonight! I've just been wondering where our boys are and how they fare? I know a lot of them are such a long ways away as they keep moving further from their homeland!

And Lord, I know how the home folks wonder after them. I recall receiving those letters to me as a pastor… another praying Mother would be pleading for her son! Letters like: "Please visit our son! Would you just see if you can guide him in his walk with the Lord?"

And Lord when their units were deployed, You know how our church crossed the waters with them! We hung onto them in our affections, our hearts and our prayers! Those military couples struggled didn't they, while severed from their dear ones for long periods of time! Oh, how lonely with their spouses sleeping on distant shores! And yet we would look into the night sky and know that we were looking at the very same moon. If they could only have reached up and touched it at the same time - perhaps their hands would have met! But Lord, You made the earth feel smaller as our prayers went way up there to Your throne room, and then You sent blessings straight to precious hearts many miles away! We were grateful for that, Lord! Thank You so much for answering our prayers! We would always know that through all of our experiences, You loved our boys too!

They witnessed, led songs, taught classes, or they just moved chairs, but they loved to help! We watched the surf together, enjoyed sunsets, laughed and played! Lord, they seemed to enjoy calling me Pastor, and I would think of them as my boys; and in some cases our gals in the armed forces for our country! We tried to prepare them for this moment, Lord. I know You saw too as the Word was opened. They looked so intently, hanging on to certain truths as they were being expounded. It often seemed to me that they just wanted a little new strength for the week ahead. I know that not all, but so many of the chaplains desperately confuse Your Word… so tonight there will be some of our boys, like David in the Psalms, out there and praying all by themselves! Maybe most of their prayers are for their families as it hurts our guys to leave them behind. I know they will be seeking for You to look after them in a really special way while they're gone. Thank You for being the God of the solitary worshipper, Lord, and for hearing their prayers and speaking to the most deep and tender needs of their souls! Far away… "From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Ps. 61:2.

You taught me while driving into base housing that these never were just crowds of faceless people! They were all individuals, strong and caring men and women! And Lord, You know how I never felt worthy to enter those homes, to receive their kindly prepared meals, to hug their families, love their kids, hold their babies… or to share together many of their deepest burdens! Sometimes Father, and I know that You saw it too, there were tears in their eyes! And then when we mourned our own loss, they ministered to us and came and stood by our sides! Those were special honors, Lord, to be their pastor and to be their friend!

Lord as someone tucked in the kids tonight, some are small and some are teenagers, You saw the tears that dampened another pillow. I am just wondering, Lord, did their teachers make God real to them again last Sunday? Have they learned that deep sense of He careth for you? May Your Spirit remind those tender hearts how much You care!

Lord, many of our boys are a long ways away! So would you remind them that we love them still! And help them to know, there really is Someone who understands them in this hour of trial! May they comprehend anew what it really means, the incarnation to our Heavenly Father is... a Son a long ways from home! Lord, I don't know what we would do without You!

Thank You, Lord!
A thankful under-shepherd who someone called, Pastor"
Chuck Brocka of Salt Lake City

"Tim, your website has been of unbelievable help to the Home of the Brave Quilt Project. A nationwide project making quilts for the families of our fallen heroes, I am the North Carolina coordinator, but every state has a representative using your site. Thanks for all the good work and information. Carol in North Carolina"
Carol Smith of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

"Tim: Please check out my web site at http://ohioveterans.tripod.com for pictures of our memorial to our Fallen Heroes.There are 83 crosses with the names of our heroes on the crosses. They may be viewed on the land across from the Sunbury Memorial park in Sunbury."
Edward McDonald MSG Ret USA of Newark Ohio

"tim, you have a wonderful website! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to our nation's heroes! I lost seven good friends during OIF 1, including 6 in one day. From the hearts of all 2nd Battalion 5th Field Artillery "Rock Hard" Soldiers past and present we love you SSG Paul Velasquez, SSG Joe Wilson, SGT Keelan Moss, SGT Joel Perez, SGT Ross Pennanen,SPC Steven Conover, and SPC Rafael Navea. We love you! Good luck to those "Rock Hard" returning for round 2!"
SSG William J. Mattingly of Fort Sill, Oklahoma

"Hi Tim -

I think it is so wonderful of you to create a website to honor our Fallen Heroes of the Iraq war. Thank you very much for taking your time to do something special in memory and honor of these soldiers that are so deserving."
Julie Peter of Wake Forest


"This website is amazing! What better way to link all of us around the world who grieve for our fallen heroes! Reading what others have written about our lost loved ones keeps them alive and makes the pain lessen in the knowledge that we are all united. Please, keep up the good work and God bless you for this site!"
The Gorton Family of Berea, Ohio

"Tim, You are an amazing guy. You have touched the hearts of all of us. Especially mine! There are not words to express the gratitude we feel towards you. You have a heart of gold Tim and you will never be forgotten. You are a hero to me and Brooke."
Courtney of Reston, VA

"Tim, What a blessing to have met you and be given the opportunity to read and input things of my soldier, PV2 Grant. For YOU to acknowledge the pain and recognize the price of our fallen soldiers is truly appreciated. The website undoubtedly allows the fallen soldiers' families and love ones the ability to pay our deepest respects. You have made this possible and for that, I am indebted always to you."
Angela of Ft. Worth, Texas

"I lost my brother last year in Afganistan...I am writing this to THANK YOU for this site. This site helps takes away some of my pain and anger for loosing him...It gives me a warmth feeling when I read the messages, especially from his military brothers...THANK YOU VERY MUCH....GOD BLESS"
eloisa lagman of yonkers. ny

Thanks for taking the time and interest in this Nation's Fallen Heroes. It is really appreciated by all those have lost loved ones in Military Service and those who continue to serve. Thanks for all your efforts!!! It is goods to see a young man who cares enough to honor our Nation's military members. Keep up the good work and God Bless!! Thanks again."
Norman of Trion, GA

"I just want to thank you for doing this for our soldiers. I lost my nephew, Charles Steven Cooper, Jr. on April 29th of this year. You are a God send and this message board makes it easy for me to express my feelings and condolences for other families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. Thank you Tim...."
Cheryl of Gerry, NY

"Thank you for such a wonder memory board. It really does help to read the words of others. I know my son Jeremy Bow will not be forgotten. I miss him."
Art Taft of Hanford Ca, USA

"the best website ever DUDE! NICE!"
James of Heber, CA. 92249

"someone told me of a memorial that was being built to honor those fallen during iraqi freedom. while searching for it i came across your site. i failed to see the names of four marines who died 1-24-03. these four were the very first marines assigned to hmla 169. a huey helicopter squad known as the vipers. this squad spent time 1-03 to 10-03 building bases and giving air cover to the ground troops. these four came back to the states in 1o-03 after serving 10 months in that god forsaken country. on the day of 1-24-04 while on a night training mission to go back to iraq they were killed when their huey crashed into a power tower killing all four onboard. my son included. the war has a long reach. the names of these marines are captain adam e miller, first lt michael lawlor, staff sgt lori a privette, and my son cpl joshua d harris.even though they weren't in iraq when they died they had been there before and the cause of their death was the war.i would appreciate the placing of these names in this memorial and any other that you might help with. thank you"
charles w harris of new port richey, fl

"Thank you and God Bless you!! I was feeling blue on the anniversary of a local soldiers death, and I found your site--it made me feel less blue, knowing I wasnt the only one who missed him"
Monica Dobbs of Glens Falls NY

"Tim you too are a "HERO" .To share your abilities ' hobby' to inable us to remember our loved ones who gave ultimate sacrafices in iraq. thank you so much for the website. I know my nephew Kris Shepherd would have been pleased to have been immortalized in such a new age way.Thanks again and "hugs"from my family to you"
Karen of Pensacola, Fl

"YOU are a civilian hero Tim... Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this website up."
Chris of Pinole, California

"Thank you for remembering my baby brother, Pfc. Lee Arthur Lewis, Jr, who died in Sadr City on March 18, 2005. Please pray for our family, especially for his wife and his daughter and for my parents. I pray that all of our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters come home safely very soon.

If you didn't know Lee, do a google search on his name. Several newspapers have published stories about him... but they don't even touch the tip of the iceberg on how beautiful and wonderful he IS.

Peace and Blessings."
Marguerite Lewis of Alexandria, VA

"My brother LTC Rocky Baragona was killed on May 19th 2003 in Iraq. Thank you so much for remembering all of us who are without the ones that we love. I am writing to find out if I can see the memorial this Easter weekend. Our family was not invited to the memorial although it may have just been an oversight. But we would have loved to have been there and I am hoping that you can find out if the memorial will still be up for me to see.
Thank you again for taking the time to have people remember.
Pam Baragona Robinson"
Pam Baragona of Dublin Ohio USA

"excellent job"
Christopher J. Elliott of NH

"I think you have done a great thing with this web site. Thank you for putting my sons piture in it. my son was ernest sutphin."
jackie piggott of Mcleansville, n.c. usa

"Tim, I found your website while looking for things regarding Lt. Nainoa Hoe who was killed in Iraq in January of 2005. He was my son's platoon leader. It was very special to find that there are sites like this to make sure that these men & women are not forgotten. Thank you so very much."
J. Layton of Buckley, WA USA

"I lost my only nephew on November 16th, 2004 in Iraq.Staff Sgt Marshall Hugh Caddy.He was only 27. It was my sisters only son. I see and feel her pain every minute of every day. We always believe nothing will happen to our family. That it only happens to other people. Well, we are those other people.I don't know how we are going to get through this. You never want to forget, but yet every memory makes the reality so much harder. I can't make it easier for my sister. I want to take her pain away. I want to bring him back, and I can't do that. It helps that others have shared their stories. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of them. There is no greater loss, than that of a child. We must never forget what all of these very brave people have done for us to have a better place to live.Thank you for this wonderful website."
Patsy Ernst of Kitty Hawk,N.C.

I would like to Thank you for this web site...I lost a very dear friend Sgt. Jason D. Jordan...and with web site...I can still talk to him and let him know that I love him and miss him dearly...And I am happy to know that your brother is home safe...GOD BLESS YOU..."
Amy of Ft. Riley, Kansas

"As a close personal friend of 1st LT Christopher Barnett and his family I would like to thank you for this website, it means alot to read the kind words of support from so many people."
Will Warren of Baton Rouge, LA

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It is incredibly hard to lose someone you love and the support and thoughts of others who care is a great resource in coping. Thank you again God Bless you. Keep up the good work."
R. Hatfield of Florida

"Bless your family and may your brother return safely."
Roni of Kent, WA, USA

"Please tell me how I can contribute financial help to the families left behind."
Patty Keener of 7 New Windsor Rd., Westminster, MD 21157

"and it truly has brought us comfort Tim, thank you! and please tell me your brother is well!"
Tim R Brown Sr of beaver falls, pa,usa

Through my tears I write, simply, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for your very valuable and powerful ministry to these families.
Tommy Walters, Sr.
GySgt, USMC, Vietnam X 2
Now a Baptist minister"
Tommy Walters, Sr. of Mechanicsburg, IL, USA

"Tim, my friends and I are still mourning the death of our swim coach, Staff Sgt. David Weisenburg of Portland, Oregon, and it was very special for us to come across this page. In the way, we have able to keep in contact with David's family and let them know that he is always in our hearts. For this, I thank you."
Margaret of Portland, OR

"Tim: Ever since my son, Capt. Ernesto Blanco, was killed last December, I have gone on the site every single day to write a note of condolence to other families who have gone through this terrible thing. Your site has provided the parents of the fallen heroes to communicate, provide support and pray for each other during this difficult time. Please know that we all appreciate everything you have done. God Bless You, Son.

Gloria Caldas (The "Big Ern's" Mom)
in Loving Memory of Capt. Ernesto Blanco
KIA Iraq 12/28/03"

"Awesome and inspiring website. Lets take it to the next level."
M. Manzano of Perris, Ca

"Thanks Tim
Brother Kelley killed in Iraq
Oct. 30 2004"
Joey Fernandez of Macon, GA

"This is a wonderful, incredibly touching tribute...thank you."
of Fredericksburg, VA

"wow...this is so wonderful..thank you...i have lost friends over in this war ,and all i seem to hear is people complaining about the war..it is so nice to see a young man ur age ..love his country and respect the bravery of our servicemen and women..u have really touched my heart..and in the same way that our troops r serving our country u are too..thank you and god bless"
tammy north of petersburg va

"Dear Tim,

I lost a good friend in Iraq and the grief is truly overwhelming. Thank you for creating this site - it's been a great source of comfort and allows me to thank other families and friends of fallen heroes.

Rebecca of Los Angeles

"I leave this message to every fallen soilder who has died and sacrificed their lives. Please everyone say a prayer before you go to sleep..because you may not wake up."
Jeannine of Niles,IL

It doesn't seem like a simple "thanks" does you justice for all the time and effort put into this website. My husband served in Iraq for a year and lost a very good friend in September 2003. We visit this site often and somehow it brings us comfort and makes us feel closer to him. I believe that people are put on this earth to serve a higher purpose and you have most definitely found yours. Although it hardly seems enough, THANK YOU. May God bless all the fallen soldiers and bring comfort to their families and friends and may they NEVER be forgotten."
Melissa Jones of Ft. Carson, CO, USA

"Thanks Tim, great idea to honor our fallen heroes. My heart hurts a little less after reading the tributes to my son, from people we don't know.
Thanks the proud parents of Capt. John Javier Boria (K 09/06/04)"
The Boria family of Broken Arrow, Ok

"Good job. I appreciate this site and what it must mean to the families and friends of our fallen. Thank you for this heroic act."
Pete Daniels of Independence, KS

"These are very difficult times for our country. Many of us are being called upon to serve our nation and in doing so, many have made the ultimate sacrifice. Although we support our soldiers serving, it is still very difficult to deal with the losses. I appreciate the efforts you have made with this site. It gives folks a place to leave messages that will hopefully provide comfort to the families and friends of those lost. We must never forget the sacrifice made by these fallen heroes in pursuit of our continued freedom. Thank you Tim."
SGM Luis Lebron of Clinton, MA

"I wrote a song that I had produced in Nashville dedicated to all our heroes fighting for our country."
Randy Hyden of Oklahoma

What a beautiful and thoughtful site to create. This place gives depth and soul to the abstract list of names and makes real these hero's sacrifice. You have performed a great service not only to the families and friends of the fallen but to those of us who were never lucky enough to know them personally. Bless you."
Karen Geer of Richmond, California

my name is Diana and my husband is in Iraq since Feb04. I love your webpage and some soldieres of my husband are already on it. I just hope I never gonna find my husbands name on it. He got to beautyfull kids (2 month old son, he mist the birth and a almost 4 year old daughter) We miss him so much. Everytime when I go on your webpage I read about the soldieres I know and it makes me cry. But there in a better place now and I'm very proud of them. Keep up your great job!"
Diana Bishop of B1-7 FA, Schweinfurt/Germany

"Dear Tim, Thank you for the website for my husband CSM James D. Blankenbecler, killed in Samarra Iraq, October 1 2003.
written by Linnie Blankenbecler
in loving memory of her husband
CSM James D. Blankenbecler, killed in
Samarra Iraq, October 1 2003
and for every soldier, past, present and future
and for every surviving family who continues the sacrifice."
Linnie Blankenbecler of Harker Heights Texas

"Thank you Tim for honoring all the soldiers that have given their lives for our country and freedom.
It is so heart warming to see the messages people posted for my husband Tom and they didn't know him. I have come to appreciate and love people all over the world for their outreach to me and my family after the loss of my husband Tom. Thanks again for all your time and efforts to this web site. May God bless you"
Theresa Thigpen of Augusta Ga/ USA

Words can't express the feelings I got after viewing your website and all you have done for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Though I do not know anyone personally that has died fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom, I do have 6 have my closest male friends and one female friend currently fighting at this time and 2 more guys soon on their way. I am 19 years old and having such a hard time coping with the thought that I could lose one of them at any moment...but your website made me realize that not only would they be recognized, they would also be among an incredible group of men and women that we can thank everyday for giving us the freedom that we daily take for granted. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them...and every other soldier devoting their life and time to protect this wonderful country we live in. It is the people like you that make their risks worth it...God Bless and thank you for having such a big heart."
J of Pennsylvania

"thank you for your website, it makes me feel soo happy that people who didn't even know mike are showing that he was looved, i hope your brother gets back safe, and that he doesn't have to pay the ultimate sacrifice as mike did, but your brother and even you are heros. thank you words can't express what i feel for your website, and im sure mike would have liked it too"
Crystal Rose McGlothin of Hartford, Wisconsin

"Thanks for the site..A good soldier of mine is listed.PFC Stuart W Moore and an Lt Edward M Saltz. I begin to look at this site when I helped with securing the first of many American casulties while in Baghdad. CPL Mark Bibby was his name,after that came SGT Timothy Hayslett,LT Benjamin Colgan,CSM Eric Cooke then Moore and Saltz who where in my Battery A 2-3 FA out of Giessen Germany, 1st Armored Division. Thanks for giving me a place to come back and remember my Brothers..."

"I just thought I'd let you know about three other soldiers that died for our country during Operation Iraqi Freedom that you do not have listed on this website.
Ssgt. Eliu Miersandoval, 27, Cpl. Juan Cabralbanuelos, 25, and Pfc. Holly McGeogh, 19, of the Army's 4th Infantry Division, died January 31, 2004 in Kirkuk, Iraq, when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device during convoy operations. I lso wrote the following poem in their honor. If you wish to post it, you have my permission.

The Price of Freedom Just Got Higher

On January 31, 2004,
The price of freedom just got higher.
When a bomb went off in an Army convoy,
The price of freedom Just got higher.
Two men and a woman paid the price,
Because the cost of freedom just got higher.
We signed our names and took an oath because we know,
The price of freedom just got higher.
We wear this uniform, and answer the call,
Because the price of freedom just got higher.
So when you go to bed each and every night,
Remember those who have paid the price,
Because the price of your freedom just got higher"
SSgt Robert Jeffrey Jr. USAF of Eielson AFB, AK

"Great job on the website Tim. That was very good of you to create a site like this. I just saw F 9/11 and left a note for Lila's son. In the days to come, I plan to try and go through as many of the fallen soldiers web pages as I can to pay my respects to each and every one of them (if not with a note, just a moment of silence for each one of them)"
Barbara Smith of Alexandria, VA

"Wonderful website! Great job. This allows people to share their senitments, emotions, and memories about their loved ones. Thank you."
Monica A. Rivera of Alpine, Texas

"Great job Tim, You are doing a service comparable to our boys and girls in Iraq. Keep up the good work and thanks for a job well done."
Gary D. Enochs - USMC(ret.) of Riverside, CA

"Tim, thanks for all the heart felt words and the time and dedication that you have put into this site. Staff Sgt Hesley Box Jr is my First cousin. Our family is still having a hard time adjusting to life without him, but commentary on websites like yours will definitely help pull us thru. God Bless you and the rest of the TROOPs including Hesley Jr older brother Tarcus and your brother as well, that is still serving over in South West Asia. Thank you!"
TSgt Bobby J Box Jr of Davis-Monthan AFB

"Dear Tim: God Bless you all your life for creating this site in honor of our fallen heroes. My son Spc. Rafael L. Navea was killed in Fallujah last August and when I discovered your site, I felt that there is still a lot of great people in this country and this world who still care for others. I look at your site very often to read the messages for my family and it has been a great confort to us, even though I will grieve for the rest of my life, since he was my only child. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work. I will keep reading your site now and always in the future. God Bless you again.
Marilu N. Kirkpatrick"
Marilu N. Kirkpatrick of Florida

I am sure that you have seen many of my familys' comments in our memorial page to Michael W. Vega thanks to you. I just want you to know that the Fallen soldiers memorial website has been a blessing to our family thank you so much "God bless you" ."
Mariana of santa rosa ca

We left BIAP Iraq minus one, and I like to come here and look at his name. It is a nice memorial. (I was with the 270th MP Co.)"
SGT Diana Morrison of Alameda, CA

"My brother Michael Mitchell was just killed in Iraq. It is so nice to refer to his page and see the wonderful things that people are saying about him. Thank you so much for helping the friends and families of fallen soldiers. May the Lord bless you and your family always."
Terri Pedrino of Yucaipa, California

"Tim Thank You for taking time to do this web page for SPC Tracy Laramore-West,His Mom loved it"
David of Royce City Texas

"Tim... I came across your site after the death of a dear friend... SPC Brown. It was such a reassuring feeling to see that someone from my own hometown was paying attention- that our loss didn't go unnoticed. My unit and I just returned from Baghdad a couple of weeks ago. I still carry around pictures of Brown, Friedrich and Bellanger- I suppose I will keep them with me for some time. Thanks for what you're doing."
SGT Jessica Swee, USAR of Georgia

"Tim, what a wonderful website, I own a pillowcase business, and it is www.facesoncases.com...I have designed a pillowcase specially for all the deployed soldiers and families and for the fallen soldiers. I would really like to be added as a link so these pillowcases can be sent to who ever would like one, to keep families together and loved ones sleeping with each other every night while they are a part. there are pictures on my website...my trademark is SAFELY WE SLEEP...please review and these are free to families who would like one, or two, for mothers, fathers, children and all relatives. GOD BLESS ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND ARE STILL FIGHTING TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM."
carol wrolstad of glendale, az usa

You are a true angel to have created this loving site for family, friends and thankful citizens to post thoughts on. It's truly a place of healing and love. Thank you. From the time we found this site last year..Our words to the loved ones have always been this..

OUR special chosen words since day one of finding this site last year...have always been......


We love you and MAY GOD BLESS you each. Your loved ones are in a beautiful place called Heaven now....When you look up to the sky at night and see the brightest star...it's your hero..shining down on you..

Those shining stars in the sky are ALSO thanking you Tim for this beautiful place."
The Taylors. USMC of NC

"Tim Outstanding Job, You need to know you are a hero for this aswell. I just wish there were more young adults like yourself who know's what we Soldier's do for this country. They say freedom's not free and it's true, we don't pay for freedom with money we pay for freedom with lives. Great Job and I salute you!

19Kilo Ft. Hood Tx, Sgt JBarillaro"

Thank you So Much for this web site I know it means an lot to the familys that have lost loved ones in this war.

These young men and ladies will never be forgotten.

Just one Question if I may could you creat an area on this web site for those of us that was too old for this war to leave an message for all of the familys of loss ones to read besides the way you have it now.

Thank You once again Tim for your Fine Site"
John Wind Aka Sarman19b of San Antonio Tx USA

"Thank you for hosting such a wonderful web site."
Richard Fernandez of Kailua, Hawaii

"Thank you for this wonderful memorial in honor of all the soldiers who died. I appreciate it. Thank you and God bless you and all the soldiers in Iraq and their loved ones."
Elizabeth of Passaic, NJ

"I do appreciate the work you are doing to keep the memories of our fallen soldiers alive. Hats off for a job well done. Keep up the good work. I will tell a friend about this site."
Vince Matthews. of New York

"Tim: I thank you for a great website and pray you never add another name. I saw the mention of this website on Postal Link. Yes, I am a postal employee. My godson is USMC stationed in Djibouti, Africa, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom."
Susan Harvey - a USMC wife, daughter, step-daughter, and godmother of Spokane WA

"Tim, I like so many others thank you for the blessings your site has given. My son spc. Robert Roberts was killed Nov.22nd in Bagdad with another young man and this site has brought a glimmer of joy to me and my wife. I thank all those who have taken the time to share their thoughts and feeling about the loss of our son and "all" those that have given their all for us and this country however needless it was."
Chuck Norman of Hendersonville , N.C.

"Dear Tim,
I was so happy to come across your website, thank you so much for everything that you've done to honor our soldiers. My son was KIA on Dec. 28,03 in Baghdad. It has been a blessing to me, to see how many people share my grief and appreciate what our sons and daughters are doing for our country. God Bless You...Rosalba Kuhn"
Rosalba Kuhn of Laguna Vista, Tx

"i am honored from viewing your wonderful page. Tears came to my eyes when i read many of the messages. We can never forget these heroes.Our gratitude can not be measured. They died so all of us and our families could live in freedom.My condolences to the families of these heroes."


I work with an uncle of yours (Axel) who told me about this worthy endeavor you have put together. May God Bless You and may God Bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!"
Dwayne Lee of Arlington, Texas


"Tim, I know I have writen you many times but never on here. So I thought I would tell you again how wonderfull this site is and how much it has helped me since Jesse died. I know you fund this site on your own. And for you to do this for the fallen means so much to those of us that has lost our loved ones. I hope and pray that your brother makes it home safe. I hate it see that one more person has to feel the pain we have felt when another one falls. As you may know when I feel down I come to this site to read and reread the things people wrote about my husband it always makes my heart a little better. It makes me better to know that people care. And I always want to thank you for making that possible. So thank you again and god bless you. Melissa Givens wife of PFC Jesse Givens killed May 1st 2003"
Melissa Givens of Fountain Co. USA

"Tim this is one of the greatest site anyone can make. knowing this from firsthand. I lost a good friend out here. i'm currently deployed in Iraq. i will return in march around my year mark of being deployed. i just want to thank you for this site."
PFC Anthony Boike of Currently deployed in Iraq

"You are doing an amazing and wonderful thing Tim. I and all Americans appreciate it in a way you can never imagine. May God always be with you and your family."
Chris Decker of East Windsor CT USA

"Just read of your site in the Chicago Tribune this morning. It is a wonderful idea!"
Stephanie Stitzell of Wheaton, Illinois


I dont know anyone serving over in Iraq/Afghan but at the same time I feel I know them all. I was in the Army for 6 years as a programmer. Outsiders dont know how much of a family the military can be. They cloth you, feed you, train you and discipline you.These young men and women are sacrificing so much for our freedom. What you are doing is a wonderful way to honor them."
Rus Hajek of Dallas, TX

"Tim, Thank you for taking the time to honor all of our soldiers. I've lost my brother on Nov 14, 2003 (SPC IRVING MEDINA) he was my little brother. You just made me realize that my brother's life was not lost in vain. Thank you for your dedication to our troops."
SGT Jenny Medina of Coral Springs, FL

"Tim, God Bless You! We must not forget those who died during Operation Iraqi Freedom. These men and women have given up their rights to defend the rights of every American."
Elizabeth Medina of North Chicago, IL

"Tim, I just wanted to thank you for a job well done, This memorial will mean a lot to all of us I know how hard it is when you don't know anything about your loved one. I've been there and I know how hard it is so my dear nephew I'm very proud of you to know that you are doing such a wonderful job. God Bless you always."
Maria Hernandez of Tampa, Florida

"Americas youth second to none in the world. God Bless them all and may all the fallen rest in peace.
From an old Veteran who will never forget"
Vic Casciola of Garnerville, N.Y./USA

"Tim, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this memorial. I will point several people to this site. Thank you again."
GotaBeUSMC@aol.com of Texas

"Dear Tim,

I am the mother of Spc Jeffrey Mattison Wershow who was killed by an assassin at Baghdad University on July 6, 2003, while on a security detail. Thank you so much for honoring our fallen heros by creating this website. I have forwarded the site information to my family and friends so that they might also benefit by posting their thoughts.

Blessings to you and yours"
Anne Marie Mattison of Gainesville FL

"thank you for making this website.

I believe that those who have been wounded in this battle also need to be recognized and honored for their sacrifices. However, I have not been able to ascertain the number or names of those who have been injured.

do you have any access to this information? It appears that this group of injured americans have been kept out of sight and therefore are unable to be commended for their sacrifice."
m.j. of hawaii

As a retired veteran of Army Aviation, and participant in many of this countries endeavours, I really appreciate what you do for your country! My nephew, who I once bounced on my knee, is now with the 101st (my alma mater) in Mosul. It gives his Mom and Dad (and myself) a place to go when we hear the worst, but hope for the best. Dont stop, sometimes you are the only one keeping us sane!!"
Jim Gunther of El Paso, Texas

My Name is Diane From Northern Idaho I wanted to say thank you for your website on My stepson John Kevin Klinsmith Jr also From his Father John K Klinsmith my ex Husband, thanks you also from his 3 Half Brothers thank you and God Bless"
Diane S L of Rathdrum, Idaho

Thank you for creating this site. As a veteran of the U.S. Army, it makes me proud to know that you have done such a noble thing...honor the fallen, so that we may not forget. Never Forget!"
(SGT) James Espinoza, Veteran of SImi Valley, CA

We would like to thank you for your website giving us a place to honor all the brave men & women who have been killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and since during the peace keeping phase. We wish that more people were aware of your website. It is a honor to have our message listed with yours. Thank you again."
Richard & Donna Ford of Wells, Nevada


"Hi Tim, My name is Carlos Jones and my wife Kathy and I have been donating canvas portraits to the fallen from the war. Perhaps you could help us with this endeavor as we are having a hard time letting the families know what we do. Our website is lionheartcreations.net and under the "Help us honor fallen" will give you a better description of what we are trying to accomplish. Thank you....I can be contacted via our website....thanx"
Carlos Jones of Middletown Ohio

"Great site, Tim! It is always encouraging to find support back home, especially from your own family. Those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for this country deserve to be remembered as heroes, and this site is doing a fine job of expressing this. Thank you again, from everyone I work with. I look forward to seeing you when I get home, bro!"
SrA Dan Rivera of a deployed location in SW Asia in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom

"Tim, you have created a beautiful website. We are sure that it will be a comfort to the families and friends of these fallen heroes. We are proud to be your parents."
Jose and Caroline Rivera of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

"Tim - You have created an outstanding webpage honoring those who gave the greatest gift for their country. Thanks for your work."
Martin Earles (USAF 1977-81) of Grass Valley, CA, USA

"The family of Sgt. Todd J. Robbins would like to thank you for the lovely website. It is nice to know that others can give us comforting words in our time of grief. Thank you and God Bless."
Robbins Family of Pentwater, Michigan

"Tim, Thank you so much for giving the fallen heroes the recognition they so readily deserve. Your website has given me some comfort knowing that others do care and share our pain. I pray your brother, as well as all the other brave souls, will be home safe and soon. Thanks again, Brian's Mom"
Sgt. Brian McGinnis' Mom of Port Charlotte, FL USA