Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Spc. James M. Kiehl

22, of Comfort, Texas.
Killed in action after his convoy was ambushed in Iraq on March 23, 2003. He was assigned to the 507th Maintenance Company, Fort Bliss, Texas.

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Spc. James M. Kiehl
Soldier's funeral, Texas style
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De Keehn of DSM, IA. USA

"James - always loved and never forgotten"
11-11-16 of DSM IA

"Just wanted to say you are thought about every day. You will never be forgotten."
Deanna of Des Moines IA

DeDe of Des Moines IA

"03-24-2015 James--it's been 12 yrs but sometimes it seems like just yesterday that you were taken from us. Know that Jill and Nathaniel are doing well. Nathaniel is so tall (of course, like his daddy) and is such a gamer (again, just like dad) I know froom your view up among the clouds that you see it all, but know that there are so many of us who still think of you and keep your spirit alive in our hearts. Be good up there & don't pull too many of your pranks.....save some for when the rest of us get there. Luv ya Mom Oliver"
Terry Oliver of Des Moines, IA USA

"I was a 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps back then and I can't tell you how many times we relied the Supply and Maintenance teams to help us out during my years of deployment. I was recently up deer hunting in Comfort, TX and Army Spc Kiehl would be proud to know that his town has not forgotten about him."
Tom of Cypress, TX, U.S.A.

""Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

- I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
- I shall fear only God.
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”
¯ Mahatma Gandhi""
jeffrey k. Heck USAF 82-86 of columbus ohio

""thank you for your service and sacrafice for our country. My condolences to your friends and family.""
jeffrey k. Heck USAF 82-86 of columbus ohio

"James was a wonderful person who possessed a heart of gold. We will never forget him or his sacrifice."
Justin Metcalf and Jennifer Woolvin of Sisterdale, Texas

"God bless all and the families..."
Brent Horton of Bandera,Tx

"James, 10 yrs has gone by & I still remember what little time I had to get to know you. The Freedom Rally in Algona,Iowa. I met the husband of my friends daughter. A tall, happy young man with a silly grin on his face. As I sat talking to Terri Oliver ( his Mother-in-law), & other friends, a shadow came over me. The "shadow" was James, holding a very large super soaker water gun! Of course, without missing a beat, I promptly told him I would really get him if he drenched me! He also carried his Father-in-law Paul out of his tent for me so I could check him for possible heat stroke. So little time to get to know you. Well, James, I think of you a lot. I cry for all you are missing, with your family, friends & your own life. Thank you for coming to Iowa so I could meet you, for your courage to try to ensure people you never knew might have a better life. May you rest now & know we all miss you. PS ; thanks for telling your Dad it wasn't his time yet, & answering our prayers."
Linda L Kimball of Des Moines,Iowa

"I don't know who else might remember this but when we were in Kuwait waiting to cross the border I remember one evening there were people who wanted to be baptized. A hole was dug and lined with black trash bags and then several people were baptized. James was one of those people. I will never forget that. It made me feel a little better to know that he was in a better place and had that done before he was killed. I was just remembering that tonight while my boyfriend and some of his friends were mourning a friend of theirs that had died as well. God bless."
Emress Porter of Fayetteville NC

"I want you to know James Kiehl will not be forgotten. I didn't know him or the family but I lived in San Antonio at the time of his death. The story touched me deeply, a man serving his country, making the ultimate sacrifice. I thought often of the family left behind, the wife, the unborn child and many other family and friends. I never knew this page existed or I would have written this sooner.......I just want you to know I won't forget this soldier, this husband, father, son, brother......today, the day before Memorial Day 2013, I spoke your name to my family as we rode past Arlington National Cemetary. I said I remember James Kiehl and told my son about your sacrifice. I hope it brings the family and friends some measure of comfort to know that I for one, will remember and James Kiehl will not be forgotten. God bless you all."
Vicki of Gainesville, Virginia


Just found this"
Dustin Collins of Nyack, NY

"I remember the day I found out so vividly. I was in New York in my dorm and my grandmother called to tell me. My first thought is the way I sometimes treated him, and honestly the times I should've been more of a friend and the question why didn't I invite him to church with me one more time. Then as I was watching CNN I saw his baptism. James thank you for everything you did, the sacrifice you made, and I look forward to seeing you again one day."
Dustin Collins of Nyack, NY

"you and your family is in my prayers"
rayrey of pleasanton TX

"it's been 10 years but seems like just yesterday, you will never be forgotten"
dede 03-23-13 of dsm, ia

"We will never forget you. Thank you."
Ethan Lindner of San Antonio tx

"We have never forgotten you. We miss you but the time has made it a little easier. We can reminisce and joke about all the crazy things you and Cody did and be happy we had you in our lives. We will forever keep you in our hearts"
James and Jennifer Ingram of Bell Buckle, TN

"I worked with James in 507th, but left the unit in August of 2002. He was a kind person, full of life and always smiling. We are all in his debt for his sacrifice. May God bless and keep his wife, son and other family members."
Billy DeFrance of El Paso, TX

"you will never be forgotten"
dede 11-09-12 of dsm ia

"On this Memorial Day weekend you are in my thoughts dear friend James. Your are truely missed. Thank you again for your ultimate sacrifice for your country. Your family will also forever be in my prayers."
Rebecca Kuhlman (formerly Langley) of oklahoma city, OK

"Kiehl we will never be able to follow through on our promise to meet up in Texas after the war to meet each others family, but those tense weeks before we left Kuwait were eased by your familure face and easy smile. Whenever I think of the cost of war I think of you. Rest easy my brother in arms."
Larry G Johnson Jr of Willcox, AZ

"James set a terrific example of what we should strive for as an American, and on a personal level, as a person.

You will be in our hearts and thoughts always..."
Tim of Las Vegas, NV

"Every year I post this and send it out on Memorial Day. The respect shown is truly what Memorial Day is about."
James Griffin of Galveston, TX

"I am very sorry for your loss. Thank you for James, and for James's sacrifice, from a grateful nation.

May you find peace and happiness in his memory.

God bless."
Jim of Merrimack, NH, USA

"03-23-2011 Another year has flown by. I just want to keep your memory alive and aside from talking to Nathaniel about you, this is just another little way to keep a part of you here with us. Nathaniel is doing well, getting big. He's so smart and he has your "fasination" with games. When he's playing his Nintendo DS there's little chance of getting his attention unless the game gets switched off! And he's so proud of his dad...a hand painted portrait of you sits on his nightstand. Keep looking down on us and know that we miss you and love you!"
Teresa/Terry (mom oliver) of Des Moines, IA/USA

"thank you
u are my hero
Jesus be with james' family"
dale mahaffey of belvidere il

"I apologize for leaving this message so long after Mr. Kiehl's passing. My deepest sympathy is extended to his family. I am so sorry for your loss."
Michelle of Crane, IN

"James, I can't believe it has already been 7 years since we lost you. Cody and I still think of you always. Life has changed so much. We now have 3 beautiful children. And we got to see Jill and your son last year. He is a great kid. But the thing you would most be proud of is Cody is finally a citizen of the United States. We talked about you the day of his oath ceremony. It is a little easier for him now. But I don't think he will ever get over losing you. I know I won't. We miss you and you are forever in our hearts."
Jennifer Ingram of San Antonio, TX

"Having lost friends and family in several wars I know the sacrafice the families give. You are the family of a true American hero, one who gave his life for his beloved country, you can not ask or give anymore then that. He is in the arms of God and in the hearts of all Americans. God bless you the family and he the warrior."
Eddie F Chapman, US Army, Ret of Tampa, Fl

"Even though it's been a number of years since James Kiehl and his family and community gave their ultimate sacrifice I want you to know that your call to duty and your honor are still greatly appreciated by this humble veteran and patriotic American citizen. Never let us forget that it is because of heroes like you that we have the greatest country in the world! God bless you James! And also your family and the wonderful citizens of Comfort, Texas!"
Dennis Williams of Dayton, Ohio

"Hoo Rah, my Brother in Heaven. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Please know that you and your fallen Brothers and Sisters will will always be in our prayers. Thank you for your supreme sacrifice to our great Country!"
Paul Heins & Family of Grasonville, MD

"I thank James for his service and sacrifice on behalf of everyone who lives in freedom in these United States of America. I thank James' family for their courage and I am sorry for their loss and pain. I thank the people of Comfort, Texas who understand what it means to appreciate the service and sacrifice of one of their own. May God bless each of you and give comfort to all of the Kiehl family and townspeople of Comfort, Texas. You are ALL great Americans!!!!"
Barry Champney of Massapequa Park, NY, USA

"I am humbled to be a part of a global family to thank you for your service to us and our country. Much love and respect to the families of our fallen ones."
Diane W. Teats of North Charlesotn, SC

"Thank you for all you do! May God bless you all. And God Bless America!"
Mark Dye of Port Saint Lucie, FL

"I'm James' cousin, he is about 10 years older than me, so i was about 12 when he left us. but i remember everything about his death clear as day. every few years i like to look back at this stuff and see how people loved him and remember him. thank you all for sharing and respecting my cousin!"
Katie P of co

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This is a gift! We have wonderful sponsors who help with the costs, and want you know that everyone here at Project Compassion does and will always CARE.
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion - Kenna of Manti, Utah USA

"James, it seems almost impossible that it's been 7 years since you were taken from us! And it is still just as impossible not to cry at the thought of you not being here! You would be so proud of Nathaniel! He is growing up so fast and he is so smart and sometimes too serious for his age. But there's times too when he's being mischevious that I get a little glimpse of this paricular look that you used to have just before you pulled some prank or stunt! Know that we all love you, haven't forgotten you (as if we could) & will be forever missing you. Mom Oliver 3-25-2010"
Teresa Oliver of Des Moines, IA/USA

"I am a Navy veteran. I am grateful for James' service and I am truly sorry for the pain you family is suffering. I thank you and your community for honoring him and his service."
B. Kahn of Golden, CO

"My husband is serving in iraq at the moment and I just wanted to say that the turn out of people to show respect was wonderful and brougt tears to my eyes. That's the way it should be everytime we loose somone. Thank you, and God Bless."
Melissa B of Nashville TN

"As the mother of a soldier, my heart goes out to you, the family and loved ones. I hope time is kind and helps you cope with your loss and that you are able to find a way to successfully carry on. Being a soldier is so very hard. Loving a soldier is just as hard. ~~~ A Blue Star Mom"
Zen Martinsen of Running Springs, CA

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Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion
P.O. Box 153
Manti, Utah 84642"
Project Compassion - Kenna of Manti, Utah USA

"My name is Kim Robinson and I am planning a reunion slash memorial ceremony for the soldiers from 507. I was a part of the company and I wanted to know if you will attend please call me 216-256-2336"
Kim Robinson of Cleveland, oh

"God bless James and his family. His sacrifice will be remembered."

"Thank you for sharing this memorial with the world. Peace and love to your family and the community of Comfort, Texas"
Jan of Texas

"Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. I am forever grateful to our men and women that serve and to their families that support them. May you always hold your head high and remember James for his selfless sacrifice to protect our freedom and the freedom of others. God Bless and Semper Fi."
Shaun Raines (USMC/CPL/VET) of Annapolis, MD

"GOD Bless James' family and GOD Bless the United States of America. Whether a person agrees or disagees with war, many fine people have given their lives to uphold our way of life. Respect for their lives and thanks for our own should be given to all. Thank You!"
Vince Criniti of Middletown, De, Proudly- United States of America

"This is amazing!! I have read only a scant handful of the entries and with tearful eyes and a proud heart I need to add a short note. Watching the media and listening to so many who talk down the military and/or their valiantly defending the citizens of our country and freeing the opressed seems so widespread and disapointing. It is so refreshing to see on these pages, the honor and respect from so many in memory of and reflecting on the honor of this young man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country, his family, and his unborn (at the time) son!

May God bless his family and may his son grow to know and appreciate the bravery and sacrifice his father lived!

Les Heitman
Proudly served - US Army 1989-1993
DUSTOFF - 82d Med Det
Desert Storm veteran"
Les of Moberly, Missouri

"Hey my friend's name is Canyon Keihl and he's from Newton Kansas..."
Justin Terrel of Newton, Kansas

"I saw the pictures in the article and they are on www.snopes.com. I almost cried when I saw how patriotic those people were. I don't know if they were friends family or just the fine people of Texas, but I am happy to see that there are still people out there who care about our boys. I am sorry for your loss."
Alexis of Boulder City, NV(USA)

"March 15, 2009
To the family of Spc. James M. Kiehl:
James gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I would like to pass on to you the words of Abraham Lincoln:

I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,

A. Lincoln"
Danny Logan of Gunter, Texas


"God bless Texas. God bless Comfort. It brings tears to my eyes to see the patriotism of so many. Many thanks to your and yours. What you have done here is simply amazing. Semper Fidelis."
J.M. Antle CPL USMC of Wichita, Ks.

"hello my name is canyon kiehl"
canyon kiehl of newton,ks

"It's for men like James that songwriter Trish Lester wrote and recorded a special new song, called "Thank a Soldier." You can hear it at www.DearAmericanHero.com or at Trish's site, www.TrishLester.com"
Suzanne Dean of Los Angeles, California

"I think it's beautiful that there's still a place that honors the real heros.

Bless you all and know that James is watching over you."
Melissa Smith of Daytona Beach, FL

"Texas knows how to say goodbye! I wish that every state could say a goodbye in the same manner as Texas did for James Kiehl . Keep his memory alive . Thanks James for your service to this great country. I am sorry that you had to give up your own life and I hope that your dying was not in vain."
Bob Smith of Port Angeles, Wa. USA

"i'm so sorry for your loss, but i bet you hear that alot, i hope your son knows the sacrifice his father made for him. my es-husband was in the army and we have a beautiful son together, so i know what it's like to not know if there comming home."
sherissa of ft lewis, wa

"God's speed aoldier and the best to your family. r/ Retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant"
Gerald A. Kehl of Inman SC/USA

"I'm not American I don't know anyone who has or still serving in Iraq or anywhere in the Middle East. But after reading about James in an email I cried! I didn't even cry at my dads funeral but for some reason this made me cry? I think it was the sense of hope that so many paid respect to this fine young soldier who gave himself for something he believed in and so many others have since him. I wish the family peace and love and thank you for your sacrifice James if I ever get the honor to meet you on the other side I will gladly buy the first round! and let you know that yes you have made a difference!"
Scott of Canberra, Australia

"As a former soldier who served in Iraq from 2004-2005 I am deeply saddened by your loss. Although I was one of the fortunate ones to come home my heart is always with the ones who did not. I will never forget the sacrifice of SPC. James M. Kiehl. Yes I say his full name because the world needs to know the full names of our lost loved ones. My heart is with your family."
SGT. Travis Beaman of Milton, WV


My name is Anna Pry. I am an editor for a magazine called Inside Homeland Security. This e-mail was forward to me and I would like to write a short article about it and put it in our next edition. However, I need permission from the original author, if you could contact me it would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Anna Pry
American College of Forensic Examiners
E-mail: Anna@ACFEI.com
Phone: (800) 423-9737 ext. 172"
Anna Pry of Springfield, MO

"SPC Kiehl was my best friend we were room mates together in the 507th we played jokes on people together, we went to the bowling alley and hung out together, and 5 years ago he was picked from us on that early sunday morning, i still remember all too well i was 2 trucks in front of him and god i prayed a and cried when the other trucks didnt make it to were we were. i remember that the the last time i saw him, maybe 30 minutes before my truck got disabled i waved at him and he smiled and waved back,being himself the man who loved the world. i cry every time i think about it ,i miss him every day and i hope that the memory of the greatest man i knew will never fade it the hearts of those who knew him and loved him. i am honored to have known him and will be getting back in the military soon i will share his stories with my soldiers,
and jill ive tried for years to find you one way or the other or get in contact with you. my e-mail is james.grubb1@yahoo.com

james grubb
SGT former 507th mt co 5/52"
james grubb of manchester ky

"Thank You."
Gary of New Jersey

"I came across this on Snopes and when I saw the pictures I just started crying. I have had many family members fighting over there and luckily every one of them made it home, but a few friends weren't so lucky. My heart goes out to you and your family on the loss of James. I hope his Son knows that Daddy was a Hero, and MANY people care about him and are thankful that his dad was over there giving all he could. God Bless.... You're all in my thoughts."
Carian Rickard of Mesquite, Texas

"I'm sorry to hear about the lost in the Kiehl family. My mom, dad and sister knew James but I didn't because I was not born at the time. I liked when every one in comfort Texas took the time to honor him. It's really sad to see someone like James to past away at an early age. His father is a nice guy and I do belive that he was the same. Do not let the memory of this fallen soidier drift away."
Shelby W. of Spokane Valley Wa.

"May God bless all who have served and may God hold near and dear those families who have lost a son, daughter, brother, sister, father or mother, cousin, fiance, friend or just an acquaintance. Most importantly, may we have the resolve to carry on!"
The Meeses of Kelseyville, CA

"Thank you for the sacrifice of you, your family and your fallen loved one. I was touched by the email describing how James' hometown turned out to honor him on the day of his funeral. God bless you and America"
Susan of Atlanta, GA

"I was in about 5 miles south of Al-Nasiriyah on March 23rd 2003. This was the first day of the invasion into Irag. If I am not mistaken this James was part of the convoy that Jessica Lynch was a part of. I remember hearing about the ambush of this convoy while I was en route to the same place. My Regiment was en route to the same location and came under direct fire from enemy mortars. Jim is a hero to his country and to all service members. My unit, 1st Marines Headquarters Company, was very concerned for Jim and his compatriots. We all waited anxiously for word regarding Jim and his fellow soldiers. My heart goes out to you, his family. Your son gave all that he had in defense of his country.

Please do not let the Nay-sayers deminish that. Jim is a hero and I will personally remeber him always. Jim was one of the first casualties of the war and his fellow servicemen mourn him still. Always be proud of the sacrifice James made. He has earned the respect of the entire nation and the admiration of his fellow patriots.

Sgt Jamey B Fraser USMC (honorably discharged)"
Sgt Jamey Fraser USMC of Crestview FL

"Came from Texas, went through hell, gave all he had, ended up with God. nothing finer could be said of a man"
russell of san antonio, texas

"February 6, 2008 ~

My deepest and most sincere sympathies to the family of Spc. James Kiehl. Your loss is felt by more than you know. Thank you for having the courage to let your beloved husband and son walk out on that battle field. Thank you for laying him to rest, not with bitterness and disdain for that which he fought, but with honor and respect.

To Spc. Kiehl: thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your willingness to go where others fear. Thank you for standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Thank you for protecting our country and ensuring that the fight remains on foreign soil and not here at home. We are forever in your debt. Our gratitude and appreciation and your memory will be carried in our hearts forever. Thank you! You are our hero."
Heather A. of Panama City, FL/USA


My Ginny and I am James Aunt. I just want to say that James is in our thoughts every day and we miss him Very Much. He was such a Great Kid growing up while living in Calif with His Mother Carol, little brother Frankie and my brother Ed. They all lived with me in Calif in Simi Valley before he went to go visit his Father & STEP Mother Jane when he was 12or13yrs old. He was supposed to come back after the summer but he got into a little trouble like any kid does (something about taking a cop's car LOL) I never got the whole story, but he thought if he took the car he could come back (Home) early because he missed his Mom (Carol) and baby brother & all his family and friends. Well it didn't work out that way his Father would not let him come back to Calif at all, so I never got to see him again something I will NEVER get over. I did however get to talk to him a few times on the phone and he did know he messed up Big time and he was so sorry. James and My Daughter Valerie were very close only a year apart, they went to the same school and hung out together, they really got along really well and they loved being cousins. Valerie misses him very much and still talks about him and tells Everyone about him and how he is her HERO! She even has his picture on her desk at work. When we got the news from his Mother (Carol) that he was MIA we just lost it. I never turned the TV off because I was sure they would say they found him and I didn't want to miss it.Then we got the bad new. Right away I was on-line looking for anything about James. I think it was just a few days later I found the last picture of the two of you taken together and I printed it out then I started finding more and I would send Valerie the sites and she would print out the pictures as well. I even have the one of you and Nathaniel. Jill I wish we would have been able to meet, there are just so many funny story I could tell you about James. Jill I so hope that one day you will be able to meet James Mother Carol & Brother Frankie, Frankie looks so much like James he even has his ears LOL and I so hope we will be able to meet. I hope you and Nathaniel are well & happy. You BOTH are in my thoughts & prayers Everyday. I wish you all the happiest in the world and Please take care of yourself and Nathaniel.
I know James is Looking down on all of us and just smiling. He is how one of God Angels!

God Bless
Love & Hugs
Aunt Ginny
PS Valerie & I moved to Wisconsin in Oct 1995. She is now married and just had a baby girl Kirsten Rae born Dec, 17, 2007
If you would like to e-mail me my address is jinxgin2 at yahoo"
Ginny Kipp of Hartford, WI

"My name is Jim Erickson. My wife (Mary) of 16+ years and our son, Isaac (12 yrs) are in James' debt. James and others like him are our heroes. As a family, we don't spend any time swooning over famous athletes or actors - those who serve are the ones we admire. Our debt can never be fully realized or reimbursed - but hopefully, if you serve or support one who does, you'll be encouraged to know how much we think of you.

As a last comment, if I or my son ever see a service member, we stop and shake that person's hand. I know this is a small token and maybe even trite, but we do it. We hope you know how much your loss grieves us.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Mary, Jim & Isaac of Keizer, OR

"I received the email with the story and poem, checked it out on www.snopes.com and found this link....OMG!!! What an absolutely moving poem! I had tears running down my cheeks after seconds of starting to read it. To his family...and friends...I want all of you to know, this stranger from NY is very proud of James, is very saddened by his death, and very grateful that he had the courage so I, and the rest of America can enjoy our freedom. Thank You James!!"
Demi of Macedon, NY

"January 2008 -- I just received the e-mail forward of this powerful story of the patriotic showing at James' funeral procession. Almost 5 years later and people are still being touched by the sacrifice of this young American serviceman and the respect that was shown to a fallen soldier. God bless the family members who were left behind and still deal with his loss."
C. Fincke of Albuquerque, NM

"May God keep and bless your family and for your loss I can only pray that with each passing day the pain be less but his memory even more vivid. My most deepest condolences and just know you are lifted up in prayer. Thank you for allowing others to share in the celebration of his life. God bless you all in your loss.
A Marines daughter and a soldiers mother."
Ollie Lovelace of Sheffield, Alabama, USA

"We honor your family and pray for you because of your loss. Our son, too, served in Iraq but was able to come home. Thank you for your sacrifice for our freedom."
Robin & Ken of Big Bear City, CA

"Though I knew your son only briefly, he reminds me daily of the quality of our servicemenbers. In our conversations he told me he would not let friends go to war without him. For they too were his family and he was proud to be a soldier. He asked me to wait to write this note if something should happen. So as he wished I have. He said that he wanted his family know it was ok to let him go. I was so touched by his love for you all that I made him this promise. Thank you for bringing up a son & father of such golden quality. May God be with you during the holiday season."
Mrs.Livingston of VA

"To the Kiehl Family, 12/03/07
I am sorry for your loss. You have an amazing son. Although it has been some time. I could understand the pain still remains. I pray for your family to continue on in peace with beautiful memories those of James, and that of the future ahead. Good Health, and may God reunite us all some day with our loved ones."
Alice of Santa Clara, California

"A small town in Texas showed the biggest heart I've ever seen.
I just feel you were looking down , and feeling the love that so many showed.
Rest In Peace bro."
Gary O'Connell of Albuquerque , New Mexico , USA

"Rest in peace, dear Hero. Your son brings comfort to the family you left behind. May you all join hands and hearts again someday. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Sincere sympathy to all. So sorry."
Mary Beerman of Pittsburgh, PA USA

"May you rest in peace, James, and I pray that your family finds comfort and peace as well -- they have obviously lost a very important part of their lives. I hope that Nathaniel can grow up knowing you through the many wonderful memories that Jill and your other loved ones no doubt have of you. Thank you for your sacrifice and we won't forget."
Natalie Tennison of Castle Rock, CO

"What a wonderful story! My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I am sure James would have been proud!
God bless you all."
Karla Koballa of Sanford, NC

"James, you paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. You are truly a hero. May God give your family comfort and may your spirit live on thru the cherished memories your family will share with your son.

My husband is retiring for the US Navy Seabees in 2 weeks after a 28 year career and he feels guilty for retiring while his military brothers are still fighting the war on terrorism. My heart aches with your family for your loss, and each of the soldiers we've lost in Iraq.

Thank your for your service, thank you for defending this wonderful country we love so much."
Suzanne Devine of Williamsport TN

"It's been a while since I wrote you James, but jus to let you know there is a french friend that think of you here...love, geraldine"
geraldine of caen, france

"I don't know the family nor did I know James. However, the loyalty I read about with James and those who loved him are UNMATCHED. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I am a better person because you shared your story. God Bless you all!"
Sandra E. of Greenville, South Carolina (USA BABY!!)

"My God bless James' family and loved ones. I am truly thankful for the sacrifices you have all endured and the ultimate Sacrifice from James. I hope that you find peace and comfort in knowing how many people truly appreciate what James has done for America. I wish you much peace."
Constance of Wisconsin

"We can never repay the sacrifice that you have made, but we can live our lives in a way that pays tribute to that sacrifice."
Lora of Jackson, MI/USA

"Your service is immensely appreciated. Your sacrifice ultimate. We, the people, are in full support of our service members and will never forget. Never let anyone bring you down, as many keep trying to do in this country.

Thank you for protecting America

God Bless"
Addam F of Orange County, CA

"We thank your family and your courageous son for his unselfish service to our great country. Your son, your family, and your community make us proud to be Americans. God bless you."
Shanna Farmer of Irvine, CA

"WOW, its been 17 years since I have seen you or your family, and I am so sad that I am too late to say hello and to catch up on missing time. My heart goes out the the Kiehl family there is no way I can understand the feelings you are going through. My thoughts and prays go out to you all and also to those families of other fallen soilders. No one should every have to go through this pain, and I pray that all the soilders come home safe, and that this war ends soon before others are hurt or never come home."
Desiree of Spokane Valley. WA

"God Bless!!!
Thank you!!"
Nadine Kent of Gainesville, GA USA

"There are no words that can express the emotion of losing a loved one, especially one whom is a HERO. James and everyone serving in the military are the true definition of a HERO. This is a truly wonderful and moving site. I am a middle-aged man who was brought to tears by the pictures, tributes and out-pouring of love expressed on this site. May James and all of his family find peace and may all free people in the world appreciate the price of their freedom. To James and his family, Bless you and THANK YOU."
Kevyn of Indianapolis, IN

"To the family of:James M. Kiehl I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"thank you so much"
elodia cuillier of sherwood ,ar

"thank you so much"
elodia cuillier of sherwood ,ar

"thank you so much"
elodia cuillier of sherwood ,ar

"James family, my prayers are with you in this time of grief. My heart broke as I looked at the pictures Amy took and, at the same time, was so terribly proud of James. (I lost my husband during the Vietnam war and his children carry on his heritage of love and duty for their country.) Please know you do not stand alone in your grief. God Bless You All"
Faye Martin of Monticello, Arkansas

"Remembering with you the life of someone so dear."
Shirley Billingsley of Huntsville, AL

"God Bless you and your family.
So much of what is so good about America is showcased in James Kiehl story.
I will never be able to show tribute to each and every family but through this opportunity to express my thanks and prayers it be done in the name of everyone who serves our country."
Jason Upton of Guntersville, AL USA

"I am a kindergarten teacher near Ft. Campbell, KY. Two of my students' dads leave this week for Iraq for their 3rd or 4th deployment and I have at least 3 more students' dads that will be leaving shortly. Yesterday in the hall at our school, I was escorting my class to lunch. The halls were filled with bustling children going here and there with their energy giving life to the building. All at once I was stopped in my tracks by a boy leading his class from lunch. He wore a T-shirt that said, "In Loving Memory of My Dad" with a picture of his dad in his Army uniform. Its small moments like these every day that make it hard for me to forget the ultimate sacrifices our soldiers make. My husband, also a soldier, was a friend of James. It has taken 4 years for him to show me this site today. The pain of losing James is still that strong for him today. I grieve for James who has given everything for his country. My heart goes out to his widow, his son and the rest of his family. You and James will never be forgotten."
Tracy of Clarksville, TN


"May The Lord bless Jill, Nathaniel, and all of James' family. What a true American hero."
Shauna Vargas of Plano, TX

"My prayers are with you in gratitude for the sacrifice you've made. As I enjoy all my freedoms each day, I thank God for every military service man/woman who has ever served our country and all their families. Without their sacrifice, my life would not be the same. GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM AND GOD BLESS AMERICA FOREVER. I know your entire family must have been very PROUD of such a wonderful young man."
Sherry Callaway of Covington, GA

"Reading this memorial touched my heart. I am sure that James touched his community, we know he served his country well, and it makes me proud to be a Texan. May we all remember to show respect to our Military."
Denise of Keller, TX

"Sept. 6, 2007
I just saw the pictures and couldn't believe how it touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad to see your town pull together in your time of need.

Thank you James for the love of your people, and our country"
D. Treto of Burien, WA.

"May G*d Bless and keep all of you...and thank you, Mr. James M. Kiehl, for you loved greater than most of us will ever know........."
Kurt Ingalls of Grand Prairie, Texas USA

"A friend sent me an e-mail about your son, brother, etc. I read it and saw the pictures. It made me cry. I was so touched by the loving tribute by your hometown. I'm sorry he's gone, but I know he would have been greatly pleased by the respect townspeople showed him on his way home. God bless you and your son for your (and his) sacrifice."
Janis Hamblin of Jackson, Mississippi

"May your family feel comfort in seeing all the e-mail tributes to you and all the other soldiers who have died for our FREEDOM. God Bless You All..........."
Kathy Martin of Monroe Twp, NJ

"I thank God for all our service men and women.
My prayers are with them.
My sympathy to the Kiehl family."
Jim of VA

"Your story and pictures have moved me so much. May James' memory comfort you all."
Anon of New Jersy

"Thank you for sharing this memorial of James. It's a lovely tribute; quite moving and respectful. Thank you, James, most of all."
Pam of Ocala, FL~ USA!

"My heart hurts for all the young men and women lost in this horrible war. So much promise gone: the ultimate sacrifice.

When a community acts as it did at the funeral for this young soldier, then one can be proud to be an American. Good is still out there. As are loyalty and pride and honor.

A shame Bush and his minions don't recognize that fact."
William W. Caywood of Paris, Kentucky

"July 25, 2007
To the family of Spc.James Kiehl; may God watch over you and yours. James has left behind so much in order for his family and our country to go forward. He made the ultimate sacrifice so we can stay free.
I know he is always with his family as he is forever in their hearts/souls and memories. May his family see him reborn in his son Nathaniel. It will be up to them to comfort him and each other by sharing their memories with him.
If ever a town was appropriately name it is "Comfort Texas". Too bad more towns/cities do not follow such a wonderful example of Human Kindness and Acknowledgement.
No matter how many times this e-mail comes through it is always a welcome reminder of James and all of our Countries Hereos who have given their all for our freedom.
May God Be with You and Yours and all of the other families touched by the horrors of this and all wars. May you all go forward in memory of "Spc.James Kiehl" and all of our troops.
Respectfully and Sincerely,"
Nancy R. Moore of Taunton MA

"Every war takes our best and sends them back to God-it has always been this way. Our sympathy to the family of James."
M/M Caesar Carpenter of Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you is not enough for the sacrifice given by James and his family. We are blessed as a people and as a nation to have ones such as your James. I will uphold you in prayer as you raise your little boy."
Kelly Mitchell of Jackson, TN

"It is Wednesday, July 11, 2007, and I just received this email for the second time. Once again, it gave me goose bumps. I have a great appreciation for what James and his family sacrificed for my freedom and the freedom of those whom I love. But, I also appreciate that James went to fight for the freedom of fellow human beings who are not Americans, yet still created by God. Thank you to all the soldiers who fight for us when we can't fight for ourselves and others. It's not perfect, but America is still the greatest place on earth.
God Bless"
Stacey Forgason of Hungerford, TX

"Hi James, when I was a foreign student there in Comfort, you've always been nice to me.. We'll keep you in our hearts. love from your french friend"
Geraldine of Caen, Normandy, France

"May God bless your family for the sacrifice you gave for the freedom of others! Words cannot express my gratitude to all military personnel who are willing to give their lives for our country!"
Tina Watkins of Greencastle, IN; USA

"A shocking reminder that freedom isn't free. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of James M. Kiehl. I wholeheartedly appreciate the sacrifice that he as well as you all have made. A true Hero, May You Forever Rest In Peace In The Lord's Arms."
Steve of Corning, Ny, USA

"May 28, 2007 (Memorial Day)
To the family of James M. Kiehl. James gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"In memory of a fallen soldier. Your legacy is the respect of those that served with you and the love of the family that you leave behind. As a Vietnam Veteran I have total respect for todays soldiers. You are a hero in my eyes and in the eyes of all good Americans.You did not die in vain, all of your sacrifices are helping this world find peace and brotherhood. I have faith that your son will grow to fill your big boots and he will realize what kind of hero and man his father was. Thank you James."
Richard Smith of Port Angeles, Wa. USA

"I thank Mr. James M. Keihl and all servicemembers that have sacraficed for the good of our beloved country and those in it. We owe your family the highest respect and heartfelt gratitude.
J Gonzales"
J Gonzales of Fort Collins, CO

"I remember Spc. Kiel we were in the same unit. Spc. Kiel was a high-spirited soldier very intelligent. We lived in the same barracks in Fort Bliss, TX. Building 2471. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to say good-bye, may your soul rest in peace. Spc. Barden. I wish you could have seen your son, I know in my heart you would have made a great father. Peace be with your family."
Selena Barden of Bloomfield, NJ USA

"I have a son James' age and have some idea how much his loss means to your family. God bless you and thank you for raising a son willing to leave everything he loved to go and fight for his country. May you find comfort and courage in your memories of him; please do not think that what you hear in the media is really what America thinks. My prayers will be with you as you travel through this most painful time."
Jennifer D. Seekford of Orlando, Florida, USA

"May 7, 2007. I just got the email with the pictures of the Texas reaction to James' death. I am greatly moved. James was and is a patriot to be proud of. My son is currently serving in the USAF. Freedom is not free. It depends upon the extrodinary sacrifices of brave men and women like James."
Charles Tarnay of Honolulu, Hawaii

"All my respect goes to your familly, you must be proud of James.
God bless him"
Alexandre Revel of Villeurbanne, France

"I type through tears to you now. I am an Iraqi war vet and I am deeply touched by how the town reacted to the funeral procession. In a time and place where it seems so many are against what we do, it breaks my heart (in a good way) to see that there are people out there who still love the Vets.

May God Bless your family and watch over you."
Aimee of Memphis, TN

"James has my deepest respect. He gave the ultimate.
I know how hard it is to loose a family member. Especially that young.
I have no more words."
Hans Møller Heiner of Denmark

"I want to extend my deepest sympathies and gratitude for James' sacrifice and his family's loss so that our freedom can continue. I wish there were words to convey my feelings; thank you and i'm sorry seem so small. Please know we pray for all the soldiers and their families for their safety and strength through these difficult times. I hope God grants you peace and comfort from your sorrow. James will never be forgotton, each day that we wake under the American flag and enjoy our freedom we do so in remembering all the brave men and women who have given the ultimate price to ensure these gifts. God bless you all."
Kristie of Ft.Hood, Tx

"To the family of James Kiehl I want to express my deepest sympathy. I also want to tell you how proud you should be of a young man such as James who placed himself in harms so that others could have the hope of living in freedom. There is no finer example of the younger generations than young men and women like James. I've received the email of Jame's funeral procession numerous times, and I'm always glad to have received it, although it always brings a tear to my eye. God Bless you, God Bless James, and God Bless America."
Brian Patterson, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army of Fort Knox, Kentucky

"As a military widow (age 46), my heart goes out to the family of James and especially his young widow and son. As a native Texan, I expected nothing less than a wonderful outpouring of love."
Beverly of Denver Colorado

"4 years gone, but not forgotten.....God's speed brother"
Rob A of El Paso TX

"For all our fallen Heroes...God Bless you!..Thank you for you heroism and love of our country. For the Kiehl family...Though you have lost a loved one, you will reunite in His kingdom. This separation is only a short time until you see each other again."
Adriana Felan of San Antonio Texas

"There was a conversation in our squad room recently involving the war and soldiers who had died in the conflict. My thoughts went back to your son and how he served his country so valiantly. His bravery is a beacon in the night for us all to follow. Let us never forget him."
Deputy U.S. Marshal Benjamin Bates of San Antonio, TX

"I am so sorry for your loss.My husband has served in the war & he will go again this June.I also just lost a cousin in February in the war.I have no perfect words to comfort you in your loss but I have this prayer that brings me comfort~I hope it helps you... God Bless you all~ Sherrie Lins

I give you this
One thought to keep-
I am with you still,
I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken
In the morning’s hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars
That shine at night.

Do not think of me as gone-
I am with you still,
in each new dawn.

Native American Prayer"
Sherrie Lins of Oak Harbor, WA~USA

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know that James' memory is still going strong. I just received the email today, March 8, 2007. My husband is a veteran and my son is in the Army National Guard. I am very proud to be an American. The pictures are awesome! God Bless you!"
Amy Bearden of Owosso, MI USA

"It is now 4 years and the email is still being sent about James. I'm from Bossier City, La. and moved to Rockdale TX 9 months ago. When I read this it made me proud to be an American - the wife of a retired sailor - a new Texan - and now another person that has had the privilege to post at James M. Kiehl memorial page. In all this I am most proud of all our service people...God Bless You All Everyone..."
Peggy Sue of Rockdale, TX

"God Bless Jill and her beautiful son, Nathaniel. Just so you know....the email about James is still going strong. Today is March 5, 2007 and it is still circulating here in Pennsylvania."
of State College, Pennsylvania

"I read the message that was forwarded to me, and this service was just breathtaking. God bless James and his family for giving his life. God Bless the small town in Texas for honoring it!"
MaryBeth of Ocala Florida USA

"May God bless and comfort the family of James M. Kiehl. As a mother of a veteran, my heart is saddened and my prayers are with you and your family. Your son is a hero, and may he find peace at home with God."
jane obrien of weymouth,ma

"I just received an email about James and I want you to know that even though several years have passed I know your lives have been changed forever and your loss is huge. I thank God everyday for the bravery and patriotism our military exhibit as they give themselves as the first line of defense for the freedom our country enjoys. I am thankful that America is honored to be served by such a hero as James. My prayers will be with your family as you continue your healing process. Never think that his sacrifice was in vain. God Bless all of you and God Bless America!"
N. Morton of Fort Worth, TX, USA

"I just saw your son, our hero on my email. I want to thank you for your son who was willing to give his life to preserve our freedom. My son is there now and I can only imagine how you feel and how your life has changed. I will keep you in my prayers.
He is truly one of America's finest."
Barb of Dearborn Heights, MIchigan

"My deepest condolances on your loss. In a time not so far gone, your grief would have been shared by a nation. Instead, the only place that I can find reference to this magnificent tribute is from the London Times.
I pray with all I'm worth that the loss of Specialist Kiehl along with all of the others who've given all is not in vain.
Take heart. Continue to take comfort in your faith. The sacrifices will not forgotten."
R.K. Stryker, (former) Captain, USMC of Dingmans Ferry, PA, USA

"Thank you for a beautiful story. I wish this was told on the news. We (Americans), need this told. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending this on to all and hopefully they will pass this on as well. God bless you and your family and God bless America."
Barbara A. Leach of Biddeford, Maine USA

"I just want to say thank you. God Bless all our soldiers serving this great country we live in. Whether they be stationed in the USA or another country. I just happened to get an email about this site. How great a man he must have been to draw that much support from your town. Stay stong, and I pray that God will bless you more than you could ever imagine. Just look at the beautiful baby you have been given already."
Dena of Kentucky

"What a fine example of sacrifice, devotion, and the difference a single individual can make. For James' parents, thank you and bless you for raising such a fine young man. For his wife and child, he is a hero. For all of Comfort, thank you for teaching all of us the meaning of what the US flag really represents, not a bunch of different things or groups, but ONE NATION. Thank you. Thank you."
Ben and Amanda Thurber of Fayetteville Arkansas

"Almost four years have passed since this fine young American was cut down. Originally I wanted to post this to make a political statement in support of his sacrifice...this is not the place.
Suffice it to say God in Heaven bless this man and his family...he stood for us all."
Bill McKay of West Linn, Oregon

"Regardless of the time passed, my heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of Spc. James Kiehl. He is a true American hero as are his family. They have suffered greatly as James protected us all. Thank you to his parents for raising a great son. Thank you to his wife and new baby for your sacrifice. Our country owes you greatly and my prayers will always be with you.
What a great community and great friends."
Tom Barlow of Katy, TX

"I wanted to let you know that I just received an email forward describing the funeral procession for James. I searched online to find a website with pictures of the procession, and I was truly touched. Proud of James for giving his life for our country, and proud of your community for honoring him and all of the others who have died for our country. My thoughts are prayers go out to your family. Althought it has been several years since James's death, people are still thinking about him, and those of use who did not know of him are learning about him. His legacy lives on."
Jennifer McKenna of Hillsborough, NJ

"To the family of SPC James M. Kiehl. My prayers are with you at this time and we have lost a wonderful man. He will long be remembered for his great bravery so we can live in a free Country. I pray that the Lord will help you each and every day to ease the pain of a great lose.I have a son; with the Army SPC Jonathan D. Wheeler with the 875th serving his 2nd tour in Iraq as a medic. I worry and pray for him every day. I just pray that the Lord will wrap his arms around him and protect him and bring him home safe to his family;wife,2 sons,mom,sister,grandmother,and other family members and friends.Our Military are doing a fantastic job over there."
Janice Amelung of Saint Louis, MO

"I am humbled! What a great loss for his wife, son, and family. A true hero to the American People!! I will, for the rest of my time on earth, remember the name James M. Kiehl and when I reach those Pearly Gates I will ask to meet this incredible young man. Thank You James - I'm proud to be an American!!!"
Louanne Smith of Kirkville, NY

""No greater love hath a man, than he lay down his own life for a friend." I did not teach this. Jesus Christ said this in His Word of Truth. James had this " no greater love" and he did lay down his own life for all of us, the friends of America. What is greater, sweeter, dearer, than this? Nothing is greater than this. Be still, my heart, when I behold such a profound self- sacrifice for the love of the American people. I stand still, quiet, speechless, and in heart rendering sorrow in the proof of such love and courage. Sincerely, wife of a 1st Lt. in the USA Army Artillery, of the Vietnam War."
Jeri Ann May of Austin, Texas USA

"I recently stumbled upon these photos on the internet and instantly goosebumps formed and shivers ran up my spine.
My heart goes out to Mrs. Kiehl and her child.

Thank-you to James and all soldiers who protect our freedom."
Christina of Calgary, Alberta Canada

"I just received the email including photos of the people of Comfort, Texas honoring one of our nation's heros. I only wish that the spirit of that small town could spread throughout our Country.....

These young men and women are truly America's finest and understand the notion of sacrifice."
Robin - A proud USAF wife of Cranston, RI

"My husband served in Vietnam and Korea and is a 23-yr. veteran of the US Army. I am so very proud of him and of all our people who have served to keep us free. I am teaching my little grandchildren to honor our military men and women. We all pray daily for those who serve and for those who stay at home to "keep the home fires burning." Our condolences go out to those who have fallen and to their loved ones."
Carol Mahala of Bristol, Tennessee

I would like to say thank you to you and the other soldiers from your convoy who were killed in that ambush for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. I am from El Paso and I remember watching the Memorial Service for you and your fellow soldiers on TV-it was very moving."
Mike C. of El Paso, Texas


James every day we think of you and we miss you so much. You brought so much to our lives and you made every day we got to be with you a wonderful memory. We lost you too early and we pray that we will see you again someday. Our son James Vincent will grow up knowing about Mommy and Daddy's brave and wonderful friend and someday we hope our son will meet your beautiful boy. You are forever in our hearts and so are your parents and family. We love them like our own. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!"
Cody and Jennifer of San Antonio, TX

James was one of my husband and I's best friends while we lived in El Paso. There were 8 of use that were close friends and it was because of James and another friend Dan, that we moved to El Paso in 2001. We all had a very close friendship and when we found out that both Dan and James would be deployed within 1 month of each other, we were sad that they would be going, but we supported them because they are soldiers and they were making sacrefices for our freedom. When the news came that James had been killed, I almost shut down. Even now as I write this 3 years later I can't keep from crying. We were close to James and Jill and we were excited about Baby Nathaniel as well. After spending nearly every weekend for almost 2 years with them, it was a terrible shock to find out that he had been killed in the line of duty. It was nearly a month after the incident in Naseriyah before it was confirmed that he was killed. I, like all his friends and family, spent every free moment searching the internet and news for any information about James' status. The day we found out, I feel apart. I went to work, but I didn't work. We were in the funeral procession and the outpouring of support from Comfort and Center Point, TX was so touching. As soon as we saw the first flag, I began to cry. By the time we made it to the cemetary I could barely see to drive. We returned for his Memorial one year later and the turn out for the event was amazing. James is in my husband and I's heart now and forever. To James - You are always in our heart and we shall never forget you... we'll see you again one day, when the time comes and please don't dunk me in the pool. We miss you every day, but I know you're watching over us. To Jill and family - James will always be with you in spirit. I hope that in the last 3 years you've tried to find some closure and been able to move on with your lives. May James Rest In Peace. We'll never forget him!"
Becky and Chris Langley of Tulsa, OK formerly of El Paso, TX

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heart fealt condolences to the Kiehl familly. I am currently in Baquba, Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division and would like to thank you on behalf of my unit and my Soldiers. God Bless."
SSG Thomas L. Glaser, Jr of FOB Warhorse

"My prayers are with you in gratitude for the sacrifice you've made. As I enjoy all my freedoms each day, I thank God for every military service man/woman who has ever served our country and all their families. Without their sacrifice, my life would not be the same. GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM AND GOD BLESS AMERICA FOREVER."
M. J. Purczynski of Shelby Twp, MI USA

"I would like to thank you for paying one of the biggest prices our country requires. I hope you take some comfort that he died so that I and others like me can live the lives we want. I am a 23 year old guy that would just like to say Thanks. May GOD Bless the USA and Your Family!!!"
Matt Hamilton of Ozark, AR


"this is part of the reason i love america and pray for our soldiers -
God bless you all - James M Kiehl is hero"
vanessa long of jacksonville, fl

"God Bless you and your family. This is a true picture of small town america."
Doc Tallon of Williamstown Pa.

"I got up this morning and took my son to school. I went to work. I didn't have to traverse a mine field to get to either place. I didn't have missiles exploding down the block from where I live. I didn't have the sound of gunfire on my street. Thank you. I know it is because of James and others like him that I can live my life free from these things. I know that it is because of the support these men and women recieve from their families, loved ones, friends, and strangers that they are able to do the things that allow us to enjoy our everyday lives. I didn't know you, James, but thank you."
Tracy B of Boise, ID

"I may not know you personally, but I feel I need to say you are all in my prayers.
I thank God for the men and women who serve in the services of the United States of America..

I would also like to say I may not have
the loss you have but I can say God bless you and keep you."
Sandra Maginity of Benzonia, Mi. USA

"While I can't share the full extent of your loss with you, I can share with you a full measure of pride. MSG Lloyd D. Reese, US Army, Infantry Retired."
lloyd d reese of columbia, sc

"Thank you for your sacrifice"
Jay DuBois of Langdon, ND

"My heart goes out to James' family...It was awesome to see the support and the love of the townspeople and others from towns around...Please know that your loved one will never be forgotten...He is a true hero!!... My love and prayers to the family!"
Robbi of Greensburg, PA

"My heart breaks as I look at the pictures of your precious little boy. My husband was in Iraq for the first year of our little boy's life, and I am so thankful to have him home, and so sorry for your loss. Little boys have a knack for taking care of their mothers - cherish him."
Trish Detwiler of Baytown, TX

"Sorry for your loss. It always hurts when I hear of another Brother in Arms that has fallen in service to his country. The pictures were sent to me earlier this year and I sent them to everyone I know."
SSG. N.Tramontano of U.S.ARMY

"The email you created has circled again (July 2006)... What a beautiful and glorious memorial to your brave and wonderful James. Thank you for helping him to be one of the strongest of Americans... a loyal son of this great Nation. May God continue to Bless you and your family."
Jacqueline Betts of Snohomish, WA

"That is the most incredible email that I have gotton in a long time. how awesome to have the support of your community in such a big way. Praise the Lord James will live on through your family and your child. I looked at his face long and hard and will remember and appreciate him."
Cherrie of Tioga, LA

"I just received the email showing the stills taken during the funeral procession. If only all of the soldiers who are risking their lives were shown the same respect as James. So beautiful, so moving. It will stay with me a long time."
Stacey of Delaware

"I have never been so moved as I was at the outpouring of love and respect for James and his family. May our Lord and savior bless the Kiehl family mightily.
Thank you for sharing this young man's life with our country...we needed to see it. Way to go Texas."
Tom Bunker of Oxnard CA USA

"~America's Finest~

They have chosen to serve and protect
To be all they can be
They have trained 24/7...
In the air, on land and sea

They are our sons and daughters
Truly America's best
Selflessly guarding the nation...
Preserving our right to protest

Committed to defending our country
Each ready to go into harms way
For Duty, Honor and Country...
Their courage is ever on display

A great debt we do owe them...
For their constant bravery and sacrifice
Standing watch and fighting for FREEDOM...
Willing to pay LIBERTY'S ultimate price"
Marsha Guinn of Shafter, CA, USA

"Thank you doesn't seem to say enough, yet it seems to say it all. God bless everyone who defends our freedom. Heaven holds a special place for you, of that I'm sure."
R. Enos of Monmouth, Oregon - United States of America

"I salute you - thanks for your work and sacrifice. Thanks to all who serve and have served."
Tim of Houston

"Thank you seems so simple for a sacrifice so great. Please accept my sincere condolences. Again, thank you! God Bless you."
shel (US Army vet) of New Braunfels TX

"The only thing to be said is Welcome Home Brother. You shall not be forgotten and my sincere condolences to those who loved you.


Vietnam Veteran"
Steven MacCaffrie of Mansfield, MA. USA

"There is no way to understand how you feel is hard when you lose someone you love my heart and my prayers are with you all.I write to you from Bosnien and Hercegovina Europe where was also war resently but now I live in peace becouse Man and Women from US ARMY have brouth peace and freedom in my country my Church elders are American and I love them more then any one and I am very proud of them.I will kepp you in my heart and prayers God bless you.

PS.May God Bless America and President We love you American Bosnia.

Sasa Kahrimanovic"
Sasa Kahrimanovic of Zenica Bosnia and Hercegovina Europe

"There is no way to understand how you feel is hard when you lose someone you love my heart and my prayers are with you all.I write to you from Bosnien and Hercegovina Europe where was also war resently but now I live in peace becouse Man and Wimen from US ARMY have brouth peace and freedom in my country my Church elders are American and I love them more then any one and I am very proud of them.I will kepp you in my heart and prayers God bless you.

PS.May God Bless America and President We love you American Bosnia.

Sasa Kahrimanovic"
Sasa Kahrimanovic of Zenica Bosnia and Hercegovina Europe

"Many thanks on behalf of a grateful nation."
H. Gerhard III of VFW Post 1895, Schenectady, NY

"I am so sorry for your loss. Despite how anyone feels about the war itself, we must remain proud of all our troops who VOLUNTEER to do what our government thinks is right."
Sheila Johnson of Albany, NY

"As I sit here quietly pondering what all I can say to this hero that has given me my freedom I am speechless. To sacifice ones life for me is an honor I don't think I will be able to ever repay. I shall never forget all the men and women who stand up for our country and freedom in a way that is unquestionable to the very oath they all take. My life is peaceful because you stand on a watch that allows me to be free. For that I shall never be able to express my gratitude to you and your family who was willing to give you up knowing the way the outcome might be. I thank you from the bottom of my soul. Let Freedom Ring."
Alexa Cole of Lee's Summit, Mo


"May God comfort you in the heartbreaking loss of James."
Mary Cecelia of Winter Park, Florida

"May God bless and keep you strong during your time of grief, may He bless James and his heroic sacrifice, and may He keep all of us in His heavenly plans. Your son's service to this great country will never be forgotten, and words cannot describe how his story has moved me and countless others. What you have lost Heaven has gained. Praise be to God!"
Dan of California

"To James family, words are not enough. I am thinking of James today and the sacrifice he made. I never met James nor his family. But I owe him and you all a debt that can never be repaid. May the good memories comfort you, may you feel the love from those who never had the priviledge to meet James and may God bring you peace and bless you every day."
Rob Owens of Wyoming Minnesota

"Our pastor spoke of your son's story, salvation, and baptism during our Memorial Day service this morning. How because of his baptism in Iraq, it was not only filmed but on websites where others can view it worldwide. What a testimony this is. If he would have been baptized while at his local church, while being very important, now the world can see his testimony & salvation. We can pray that others will come to Christ through the example and testimony of James."
Mom of a Ranger of Columbia, MD

"Rest in peace, for you are now among those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedom of others. I am proud to have worn the same uniform as you did. Thank you.
Carry on, Soldier."
Dave Tatum, SPC, USA of Daytona Beach, Fl

"Hi My Beloved Son,
It's me again, it's been three of the longest years I have ever endured. I can only tell you that it was easier to loose a beloved mother or father than to loose a child. I am still doing okay, still thinking of you everyday. Your brother Frank is a spitting image of you and he makes my days/nights/prayers all worth the effort to keep on going. I am always looking for new pictures, information and anything about you that tells me you are indeed the best son a mother could ever concieve. May the Lord appreciate the many wonderful aspects of you and your love for others freedom. I will, until the day comes that I no longer walk the earth, feel the loss of you. I know you are always watching over all below, take care and we all love you always."
Carol Ann Howland, (nee Kiehl) Your Mom always of Kingman, AZ USA

"Thank you, James, for my Freedom."
Bill Smith of Ridgefield, CT

"I came across this website thru http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/kiehl.asp ... and I had tears running down my cheeks. May God give you strength everyday that goes by. I know & you know James is now in a safe place with the angels. God Bless you!"
SPC Flores, Blanca of Iraq

"My heart aches for the family and friends of this brave young soldier.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.God Bless"
linda talley of Goldston NC 27252

"Im sad that your gone the war is very POINTLESS.. My thoughts but i pray for every one over there and ur a HERO in me book rip"
Mustmeannothing of usa cleveland ohio

"Although I do not know this man personally I wanted to leave a message to his family. I am impressed with the efforts you have made to make sure he is never forgotten. I loved the show of support that the community had for you all. It made me cry just reading it. I have been fortunate enough not to lose anyone this war has taken away from me but I mourne for all the Soldiers we have lost. I have nothing but love and respect for ALL the soldiers fighting for us. I say a prayer for everyone at this point. Thank You So Much for Sharing his memory with all of US!"
Shelley of Thurman, Ohio

"Thank you for your sacrifice. I didn't have the honor of knowing James, but, I mourn his passing."
A Soldier's Wife 101st Airborne Division of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky (Bastrop, Texas)

"R.I.P. my fellow solder on the 3 year annivesary, WE WILL NEVER FORGET."
adam mcmurdy of m.v., c.a.

"Today is 23 March 2006, 3 years ago today I was stepping on the same ground as James. I served in 5-52ADA, the Battalion he was supporting. I still have a CD ROM with pictures of James being baptized just days before we crossed the berm into Iraq. I am out now, but remember James and all who we lost that day. May your Spirit live strong as well as the others. Gods speed."
Rob Amante of El Paso, TX

"I lost my only brother in 1967 in Viet Nam, so I know - I know - my heartfelt prayers are with your family"
Paula Rose of Chicago IL

"How wonderful it is that people still remember what it truly means to be an American. It is March 2006 and Spc. Kiehl lost his life March 2003. This is the first time I've ever seen these photos, but I'm sitting here at my desk, selfishly thinking about how I'd so much rather be at home laying on my couch relaxing. Looking at these photos I'm feeling tears dripping down my cheeks thinking about how unselfish he was to lay down his life for his country and how much his town and country appreciate him. He is a true hero."
Fran Kennedy of Raleigh, NC

"Wow! What a very special place for a very special guy! It took great courage for this young man to go and fight for a cause that many don't understand! I honor him, as I do all our fallen heroes! In the end whether people agree with this war or not is not the important issue. What is important is that there are still men and women in this great country who will stand up and fight the fight and be there when it is necessary. Those who criticize the war should take into account the bravery of those who stand in harm's way to protect their freedom to criticize! My prayers and thought are with the family! Especially that little babe who will never know his brave Dad! May he grow up to know how special his Dad really was and what a great honor he bestowed upon this nation."
Jennifer of DEQuincy, La

"I can only imagine how horrible it must be losing your loved one in battle, but look in the face of a child and know why they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, when needed, to help keep American free. I thank the fallen and injured soldiers and their families now and for the rest of my life. God bless all of you and know your loved one did not die or be maimed in vain...We are still free!!!"
Liz Cravens of Frankfort, KY, USA

"I can only imagine how horrible it must be losing your loved one in battle, but look in the face of a child and know why they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, when needed, to help keep American free. I thank the fallen and injured soldiers and their families now and for the rest of my life. God bless all of you and know your loved one did not die or be maimed in vain...We are still free!!!"
Liz Cravens of Frankfort, KY, USA

"Thank You so much for your ultimate sacrifice to keep this country safe. May God bless your family and friends!! Again we can't Thank You enough."
mandi of crosby,tx

"May he rest in peace, his duty done. God Bless and keep his family, and give them the strength to endure. Many Americans don't think much of Canada because our cowardly former Prime Minister would not join the war in Iraq. We have a new man in office now and maybe things will change. There are many Canadian troops in Afghanistan, and a young man from a nearby community was killed by a suicide bomber not long ago. I can't speak for all Canadians, but I support the troops-yours and ours-in this fight against terrorism. God Bless our nations which share a culture, a language, a way of life and the longest undefended border in the world."
Allan Smith of Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


"Thank you ! The ultimate sacrifice paid to keep us FREE."
David Clarke of Parrish, FL

"Things are sent to me via freinds in USA so very moving.
Please accept our deepest sympathy on your very sad loss, a very brave man.
and thank you fro keeping us a free world. God Bless You all"
anne Moore of Huntingdon United Kingdom


"My deepest condolence to the Kiehl family. My thoughts & prayers go out to you all. I am very grateful for people like James who make it possible for us to live in a free world. Thank you."
Sharon S of New Providence, NJ, USA

"Dear Mr and Mrs Kiehl, I have been praying for you. I am a Sheriff's Deputy in North Carolina and my 9 year old son wants to join the Army when he is old enough. It scares me but at the same time makes me proud of him. He prays for our soldiers EVERY night. We live in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to our military Heroes, I have a sign that says that on my patrol car. But it is not free. God doesn't give us reasons for what he does here. All we can do is trust him. Just know that people are praying for you and your family. Thank you."
Thomas Wilt of Winston Salem,North Carolina. USA

"Thank God for people like James, who are fighting to keep us free."
Lauren Embling of New York

"I came across your site: 12.18.2005

To the parents of James Kiel:
I and my family want to offer our heartfelt thanks for your son's service to his country and to me and my family,of witch without his sacrifice we all would be at risk. my god bless you and his family."
John Large of Glendora, California.

"Thanking you and others who gave their sons and daughters to fight for the preservation of our freedom. These fallen soldiers' sacrifice is not forgotten. May God reach down and comfort your hearts today and many more days after the rest of the world has passed by you. We salute the unsung military heroes through all the conflicts of time who have given their lives to keep the banner of freedom flying high."

"We thank James for his serve. He will always be remembered as a great American, a great soldier, and a great hero. God bless."
Janet Nicholson of Muncie, IN

"my name is christina, I served in the navy for 4 years, and was on a ship in the gulf. I remember what it's like.
Thank you for raising a hero in your son. he will be remembered."
christina herman of stafford va usa

"I was reading the story of james, and it brought tears to my eyes.i'm currently in Iraq as a contractor who brings much needed supplies to the military. Before i had this job i never comprehinded the loss of our young men and women of the military.Being here for two years has taught me a lot, and my heart weighs heavy when we lose american soldiers,my heart goes out to your family, and the family of all who have lost a loved one in this war, and every war we have fought before. i too have lost many good friends out here. i know i'll never forget everyone who has sacrificed their freedom for our freedom. god bless"
Charles Chapman of Galveston,Tx. U.S.A

"A very moving tribute to a young soldier whose family will forever grieve. *** He unselfishly gave his life for his country, for mine and for me. I thank his family for his service and their sacrifice. *** I hope they found closure through this moving tribute and community support. *** Specialist James M. Kiehl gave up his todays that we may enjoy his tomorrows. In those tomorrows, his son has yet to find closure that may be a long time coming. *** I know from helping family relatives of WWII GIs who have only recently learned the circumstances: leading several to travel half-way around the world to the Bakers Creek Memorial where a U.S. flag flies daily beside an Australian flag for those heroes. *** Lest We Forget *** (There needs to be a paper record of this tribute filed in the local library in case the web information should be lost.)"
Colin E. Benson, Kentucky Colonel, U.S. Fifth Air Force Honorary Colonel (Australian Vietnam Veteran) of Mackay, QLD. AUSTRALIA

"Your photo's of James' service was so touching. It brought tears to my eyes. May GOD bless James and all his family. My deepest condolences to Mother and Father, Wife and child.
*former US Army SSG 82d Abn Div.*"
GD Bloys of Lubbock, TX USA

"Hello there my name is Andrew McEwen im from New Zealand. When I saw your photoes I got a tyer in my eay. Then I said what a hero he was all the best Andrew god bless you all."
Andrew McEwen of New Zealand

"May God bless your family. Y'all have made a huge sacrifice in honor of our nation. Much Love."
Natalie of Xpat living in Brussels,BE

"I did not know your son but I admire and honor him. He was a fine young man doing what he needed to do. Thank God for people like your son. We are praying for him and you and all the other fallen heroes and their families. God Bless You!"
Carl Scott of Coppell, Tx

"I never knew James, but he is my brother in arms. I salute him and his family for their sacrafices. It's great to see him honored in such a way that will never let his memory fade.
From one SPC Kiehl to another, Brother I will add your family to the list of people that I fight this war for. Next to my 9 month old nephew I will add your son, next to my parents I will add yours, next to my sisters I will add your wife. Although you no longer can, I will contunie this fight for them. For you. For our country. God Bless."
SPC Kiehl, Bryan of Iraq

"What a beautiful tribute to such a brave young man. I can't imagine the heartache his family is feeling. As painful as it must have been, the photos of his funeral procession were so touching. Thank God for soldiers like James and families like you who are supportive of our Country and not acting like fools such as Cindy Sheehan. May God richly bless his family and friends, especially his wife and precious baby, Nate. Thank you for sharing this with us. God Bless America and all our soldiers who are fighting to preserve the freedom we enjoy."
Barbara Graner of Baton Rouge, LA

"There are no words on how upset i was to hear that a great soldier and american died even though i didnt know him. peace be with the family!"
A girl whos bf is joining the army of oshkosh wisconsin usa

""Thank You" seems like so little to say. My prayers are with the family that gave so much."
Etta " Proud Soldiers Mom" of Jonesville, NC

"Words cannot express what I feel when I read about our fallen soldiers.
May peace and love be with your family."
S. Kenworthy of Georgia

"To the loved ones left behind. I served with James in basic training in 2000 he was a hell of a guy and always had words of encouragment when things got to the breaking point, I ran in to james in March 2003 in kuwait we cuaght up on old times and we exchanged contact information to get together in texas when we got back where he said he would show me around. When I read the news of his death from a magazine while still serving in Iraq several months Later it broke my heart. He will forever remain in my memories as the Man who sould have made it home to his daughter and wife. I will never forget him or the sacrifice he made. armyboy92405@hotmail.com"
Larry Johnson of tucson arizona

"I mourn your loss. My son is 16 now and my fear is that he may also be put in harms way in just a few short years. The picture of you son says so much. his smile and the feeling I felt thinking of the happy moment when the picture was snapped made me smile, then sad for you loss. Though I did not know James I feel a loss for him and all those who have passed on due to this war, and even to those injured and maimed who will feel the effect in their years to come."
Phil Castro of Ukiah, CA USA

"My condolences. My thoughts& prayers go out to your family. I am very grateful for people such as himself, who make it possible for us to live in a free world. Thank you."
Ashley of Canada

Andy Funke of Springfield Or. USA


"My heartfelt condolences for the loss of your son. I am a former Army Captain and praise your sacrifice for our country. I was moved by the pictures of your son's funeral and completely understood when I saw that you are from Comfort, TX.

My wife's grandfather (Leonard Glaser, of the large Lindner family there) grew up in Comfort and had taken us there a few times to visit. Your town has shown the rest of us what honor and respect mean.

Thank you and God Bless You."
Rob and Michelle (Glaser) Johnson of Madison, WI

"Heaven must have needed another angel.
It must be so hard to raise a son who will never have the chance to see his dad. As little comfort as it is at least you have the blessings and support here for him to read when he is older. I wish all the best for your future....... x"
Buttons of Australia

"Aunque este tan lejos siento la muerte de este joven heroe, en españa tambien sentimos el sufrimiento por los fallecidos, en heroica accion por salvar a otros que perdio su vida. Les doy mis condolencias a su familia y amigos. Gracias a personas como James el mundo intenta seguir libre.
Siempre estaras en el corazon de todos."
carlos calvente herrera of malaga, Spain

"Thank you for sharing your husband, Dad, son, nephew, cousin with us. James is, and always will be, a Hero who cared enough to give his all for our country. Comfort should be the template for all communities across the U.S. when honoring our fallen heroes.

Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is from the very bottom of my heart. I love every member of our dedicated, unselfish military who does whatever it takes to ensure freedom for the rest of us. My Dad is a WWII vet; my husband was also a vet. I know the acute pain of loss you are feeling. My heart goes out to you.

There is a special place in Heaven for James. His son will always know that his Dad was a great man who was loved so much that God needed his light to make Heaven even brighter.

May God bless each of you. Thank you again for sharing James with all of us. He will continue to live in our hearts. His life, his most precious gift to our country, makes the fabric of our flag even stronger, and continues to give as long as that flag flies over a free nation.

God Bless Our Military Men and Women!

God Bless the USA!"
Janet Lambert of Henderson, Tennessee, USA

"We all came together,
Both young and old
To fight for our freedom,
To stand and be bold.

In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,
And we protect our country
From all terror around.

Peace and not war,
Is what some people say.
But I'll give my life,
So you can live the American way.

I give you the right
To talk of your peace.
To stand in your groups,
and protest in our streets.

But still I fight on,
I don't *, I don't whine.
I'm just one of the people
Who is doing your time.

I'm harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.
I'm the immortal soldier,

So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.
Fight for the people who hate you,
With the protests they've shown.

Fight for the stranger,
Fight for the young.
So they all may have,
The greatest freedom you've won.

Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor
Fight for the cripple,
Who lives next door.

But when your time comes,
Do what I've done.
For if you stand up for freedom,
You'll stand when the fight's done.

By: Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, US Marine Corps
Tammy of Vancouver, Canada

"i just stumbled across this site and saw pics from the day of Mr. Kiehl funeral. jus wanted to say- my prayers are with his family and i always hold dear our fellow men/women who fight for our country...God Bless"
Nancy of Vancouver, BC Canada

"You are now with God James. All those who have gone before you and all those who will go after you in defending the innocent and defenseless surely are in the presence of God. I pray our soldiers come home soon - with the mission of a free and democratic Iraq accomplished. I say this knowing my son may well be in your shoes soon. We support you and our military and our President. Evil has to be stopped and only good people can accomplish this. My heart aches for you, your family and others who have suffered a loss. Please everyone continue to pray that good WILL triumph over evil - pray that all our military understand that our God is beside them to see them through this time. We love you all so much."
Sandra of Tampa, Florida USA

"Thank you James. Here's to you and your beautiful baby."
Whitney Mercurio of Connecticut

"How proud you must be. So am I and all other Americans who truly appreciate your son and all the others who fight for us. Thank you."
Carol Cobb of Pinetops, N.C.

"May God Bless your husband, James for going to fight for our country. And may God be with you and your baby son."
Denise of Mill Creek, Indiana, USA

"Being an old Vietnam Vet, your page brought tears to my eyes, for I too, have lost many, many friends to war. It has been a long time, since I've seen something such as this - an entire community/town honoring one of our young men, who has given the ultimate sacrifice.

In your time of grief, please know there are a lot of us "old soldiers" that appreciate his sacrifice, much more than words can ever say.

You and Jame's entire family, have my most sincere appreciation and my most sincere sympathy for the loss of James.

SFC Scott Promenschenkel
(No longer active)"
Scott Promenschenkel of South Carolina

"To the family of James........thank you. Thank you for giving us such a great hero to go over to such a hostile environment and to try to convey to these people what ALL AMERICANS stand for.... Liberty and Freedom. Because of the sacrifice of your son, husband and father our Nation is a better place, Iraq and the people he touched over there is becoming a better place. I can't express enough to you the sorrow I feel for your family or the gratitude I feel toward your son for giving the "Ultimate Sacrifice" to protect his family and his country from people who only wish to do us harm. Thank you so much James, I'm sure you are in God's gracious hands and I'm sure he holds you in his highest regard for the great work you did here on Earth. God bless you and your family. I will never forget the sacrifice you made for me and my family. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!"

"I don't know your family, but I do want to leave my thanks for your sacrafice, and that of your family. I'm sorry ... and thank you for giving what so many won't. Thank you for being a hero!

To the family - if there is a wife or children, we may be able to help with a grant ... www.killedinactionfund.org"
Joanne Miller of Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you to James for making a difference. And God bless you. Thanks to his family for sharing this absolutely most moving tribute that I've ever seen. I think James hometowm of "Comfort" is quite appropriate. God bless our troops and God bless the USA!!"
Mary of Illinois

"I honor your memory and sacrifice, James, and that of your family. May God bless them and give them His peace that passes all understanding"
Rebecca Goodemoot of Troy, Michigan

"May this country be worthy of the extreme sacrifice that James and his beautiful family has made. May God Bless You All."
Debra Stoykovich of Royal Oak, Michigan

"My heart goes out to this brave soldier's family and friends. I don't even know the young man but tears streamed down my face while I read of his spectacular funeral. What a wonderful memorial! God Bless and God Speed to all of our soldiers over there."
Jodi of Oklahoma

"You should be very proud that your son served his country with bravery and honor. Please rest assured that his and your sacrifice will always be remembered and greatly appretiated. James did not die in vain. God bless you and all of James's frinds and family. Our prayers are with you all with a special one offered for James's wife and child."
Carlton Brown of Clayton, NC

There are no words strong enugh,to describe my feelings after reading your story.The only words there are crossing my mind is, A GREAT HERO...!
Thank you for making the world a better,and safer place to live in.May the love of god the allmighty always shine on you and your loved ones.
To your family...!
Keep the faith,be proud and be strong.

You will allways be on my mind...

"The heros in the world act. You leave a proud mark on all those around you, your county, hometown, and your family. Thank you."
Eric Kinnamon of Lubbock, Texas

"I just read this 8/21/05. It made me cry. Just remember - death can not take away love. May God bless you and your family. Thank you James for protecting us."
Deb P. of Galesburg, IL

"Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country and those less fortunate living in Iraq. I pray that God will bless the family of Spc. James M. Kiehl."
Sue Steilen of Homer Glen, IL

"This story touched my heart.
Every day I pray for the families of those brave men and women protecting our freedom.
Prayers for protection and courage of the troops are offered up daily in our home. God bless you as you heal. Thank you for your testimony."
Amy of Rockford, MI

"Thank you James, I know i could never be saddened enough for the ultimate sacrifice that you gave for me and my fellow country men, but i'm eternally grateful for heros such as you. My thoughts go out to your family and friends who have been thru so much. I will never forget. God bless you."
John Pfeiffer of Oceanport,NJ

"There are honestly no words to express my gratitude to James. May God be with your family and watch over our soldiers, and bring them home safe. James & your family will be in my thoughts.
Thank you James and to all our soldiers."
Kathleen Guy of Mt. Laurel, NJ

"To all of you who have lost a loved one and to all of you who love those who serve, and to all of those in service of this great nation wherever you may be may God bless and keep you. There are many prayers all over this great nation every day and every night in honor of all of you. I can't and hope to never be able to imagine the amount of the loss you must feel. The memorial tribute for James M. Kiehl is very moving, and no american should ever take for granted a soldiers sacrifice. This is a great tribute to a good man and to all of those who make America a great nation, it is so wonderfull to see americans pull together in such time of sadness and tradgedy. My heart and prayers go out to all of you."
Terrie Rose of Salem Il USA

"James gave the ultimate for our freedom. We must never forget. May God watch over his family and friends bringing them comfort."
Jacquelyn Mathias of Virginia, USA

"My prayers are with your family and every family who has lost a soldier during war time.My son is a Sgt in the US Marines serving in Iraq for his 3rd tour.
Keep the memories alive and always be proud of your son. He made the ultimate sacrifice and you as a family have also made "The ultimate sacrifice". Let's pray together for all wars to end.
May god be with you every second of the day."
Terry Day of Amesbury, MA

"Thank you for your sacrifice. Though it's been over 2-years, I'm still saying a prayer for Jill and lil' Nathaniel right now. I pray he grows to know and honor the memory of his father. Jill: When you can, please let us (the world) know how you and lil' Nathaniel are doing."
Mike (army vet, 90-97)) of Oakley, CA

"Thank you just isn't enough. You've left a legacy for Nathaniel."
Sharon of Stockbridge, GA

"I am so glad that you are not left to mourn your loss all alone.

James gave all he had that I might live free.

'Thank you' seems so inadequate."
Clifton Palmer McLENDON of Spring, Texas

"I can only cry for your loss and send prayers to you and your family. Please know our hearts are with you and the Lord will watch over you."
Susie of Lompoc, California

"I owe you a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to repay. Thank you for your courage and the love of freedom for all!"
Christine of Valley Forge, PA, USA

"As a parent I can not even imagine losing one of my children, but to know that your son has given his life to protect myself and my children makes me proud of your son who served to keep us safe. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and also pray for the many soilders who still remain fighting for our freedom."
Sandy Gilmer of Panama City, Florida

"May God Bless all of you and keep you all in his sight. I am totally speech less. The baby is handsome and will know his fater was a HERO the United States of AMERICA. Thank You James M. Kiehl. R.I.P My biggest condolences to his wife or girlfriend JILL. Keep ur head up angel."
Tracy Gifford of San Antonio TX

"We recently laid to rest the first NYPD officer to die in Iraq, and the support shown by both the military and the NYPD, and many other depts, not limited to just police and military, including depts in NY, NJ, Ct, De, PA, Md, and many other came out to say goodbye to an American hero.

I'm sure that the feeling that PO James McNaughton's family felt was similar to the feeling that you felt from this amazing outpouring of support from the community. It touched me reading about it on snopes.com. May your nephew be remember not for his death, but for what he accomplished and what he was working for and fighting for, and defending in his life.

Most of the members of the NYPD do support the troops, and respect highly what they are doing. Politics asside, while all may not agree with why we are there, the fact remains that those who volunteered to fight for our country are doing what they believe is right, and are doing the best that they can to serve our country in good faith.

May your nephew RIP. I have nothing but respect for him and his brothers and sisters in the military. THANK YOU."
Police Officer T of NYPD

"Thank you for serving this great country, I served with the 26th MEU Unuited States Marine Corps, You have made me proud to be an american and a former Marine. May god be with the families of all our fallin men and woman in uniform. God bless all of you."
Bill Victory of Muncie,Indiana U.S.A.

"Dear James, Jill & Little Nathaniel,
I address this to the family as a whole, because even though James may be gone physically, a family you will always remain.
James, thank you from the depths of my heart for giving the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. You died, so that we, your fellow American's might live in peace...and for that, you are the truest form of hero.
Jill & Nathaniel, keep smiles on your beautiful faces, and find comfort and joy in one another. And Nathaniel, grow up strong and proud, knowing that you, like your unbelievably brave father, are an American...and you are free, because people like your father gave their lives to purchase that freedom.
God bless you all..."
Becca of San Marcos, CA, USA

"Even though i'm not from the USA i think that you are a true hero!! Everyone will deeply miss you! And i wish that you could know that your a hero even to us people in Canada!!

*hugs and kisses*"
Bianca of Montreal,Canada

"Thank you so much for your bravery. Thank you to the mother, father, wife, and family for your loved one. I cried as I viewed the pictures of the procession."
Toby of Ft Myers Beach, Fla

"Why hasnt anyone in that town contributed money for a proper headstone for this soldier? if all the people who lined the roads even gave a dollar or two he could have a proper headstone.instead of the funeral home plaque.Disgraceful!!"
E.C. Smith of S.A. Texas

"We and those after us will forever be indebted to Jim's parents and relatives, his wife and Nathaniel, his son, for his sacrifice to his country and fellow mankind. I pray the Lord's strength for those of you who will miss him. God bless you and may you find peace."
Julie of Wyoming, MN, USA

"Dear Jill,
I remember the day I heard the report on the news of James' death. The reporter said James had just committed his life to Christ and was baptized there in Iraq before going on a mission. I'm so thankful he took that important step before he died. God bless you as you carry on in this life. God bless little Nathaniel too. Thank you for sacrificing your dear husband for the sake of our country and our freedoms. James was a brave man."
Julie Hewitt of Richardson, TX, USA

"James is my Hero!"
Dave of Atlanta

"My heartfelt condolences to James' family and friends. He died represnting the best of our country. I am saddened by his death and your loss, even though I did not know him.

I will continue to pray for all of our service personnel in every venue, especially the war zones. I will remember your sacrifice, as well as James'. His death will not be in vain. His loss belongs to us all. He was in the truest sense of the thought, part of us all.

I ask that God Bless James, his wife and child and his remaining family and friends."
Patrick Browning of Greenville, SC

"James from one American Soldier to another: Thank you for our freedom. I will take our American Flag and press on. I hope I can make my family as proud as you have made yours."
PFC Sarah Morrison- Chaplain Assistant of USA ARMY

"Unbelievable website, it gave me chills to see all the photos. By doing this for your nephew, you keep his memory alive. Thank you and your family for giving up your son for the freedom of our country.

God Bless you all.

Janice of San Jose, CA USA

D. of U.S.A. ~ PA

"God Bless James and all men and Women that serve our country."
Casey and Vince Thomas of Lancaster, PA

"I praise and give thanks for young men like your son and Jill's husband who fought and died in that God forsaken part of the world fighting so that others can live, as we Americans live, in democracy and freedom. I give thanks EVEY DAY!! God Bless you and your family for your sacrifice."
Dorothy of Northville, Michigan/USA

"Dear James

God Bless you and your family and all your soldier friends who have died and their families and the 50 000 innocent Iraqis who have died and their families."
DEREK D'CRUZ of Perth, Australia

"I am sorry to all of you to hear of your great loss....I wish for you love, beauty, happiness and prosperity in everything. God Bless you all...."
Ginger of Oregon

My heart goes out to you and little Nate. Your husband was a hero. Sorry for his untimely death. May God bless you all."
Jean of Burlington, NC USA

"I have only just heard about James's story and how the community came out to support him.
My thoughts are with his family and particularly his wife and son.
He should never have been taken from you, but I hope little Nathaniel grows up to be a fine young man who can be proud of his parents and all those people who came out to pay tribute to his Dad.
It makes you proud to be a human being when you see the compassion people are capable of."
Sarah of Buckinghamshire, England.

"Your loss is our loss. We share your pride and your sorrow. Thank you for your service to our country and may God comfort you now and always."
James and Vera Miller of South Easton, Ma.

"Thank you James for your bravery."
Alecia of Johnson City, NY

"God Bless James and all other heros fighting in the war!"
Pete, Kelly & Dustin of San Diego, CA

"May our heavenly Father keep your family in his arms and ease your pain. Our family's prayers are sent to you. We have 2 sons in the navy and are ever thankful that their tour in the Persian Gulf has ended for now . I wish there was something we could do to take away the pain . I am so proud of all the men and women who serve in the armed forces. James and your family have paid a high price for our Freedom...God Bless you ..."
B. Colborne RN of Atlanta, Ga.

"God Bless the courage of this fallen hero. He is no doubt an angel of Nathaniel now...."
Tricia of Tulsa, OK

"I'm sorry to see this young man get killed in action but I want to give me graditude for the community for all their support that was given during your hard times. Mr Kiehl fought for is country and payed for it as with all the others who lost their battle in war but my heart and prayers goes to you and all the others who has lost their love ones."
Aaron Presley of Ponca City, OK

"Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You are a hero to so many of us."
Russ Townsend of Washington, Illinois

"I live in London and have just seen your memorial. I am now sitting with tears in my eyes. The outpouring of love shown for this brave young man is so moving. Texas did you proud."
Tina Johnson of London, England

"To the family of this soldier, James M. Kiehl,

I would like to thank you for having such a wonderful son, husband, father and HERO. I wish I could thank your son in person for his sacrifice to this greatful nation. He is my HERO and I will remember him and all the other Soldiers who have died for freedom.

I will continue to pray for all our Military Service members and their safe return. Thank you for sharing your beautiful website. I will keep your family in my prayers.

P. S. Your town is full of beautiful caring neighbors who came out say Thank You for you son's sacrifice. That is what country is made of caring people and that is why we are there.

Thank you James my HERO. You are an Angel watching over your family now. God Bless."
Marisa Delvalle of Fort Hood, Texas

"God Bless you. From the Brennan family in New Zealand"
Mary of Whangaparaoa. New Zealand

"I agree that this is a powerful memorial. I too was deloyed in 2003 (April - November). I flew med-evac missions into Iraq to evacuate casualties to Kuwait for further med-evac to Germany. I've never seen such a brave bunch of patients - who just try to "suck it up", rarely complaining about the pain that I know they were experiencing from their injuries and wanting all the time to get back to their friends and fellow soldiers on the battlefield. Our American soldiers are the greatest...they complain little and do a lot. I am back in the states now, but my girlfriend is a nurse in Balad, Iraq now. Her description of the soldiers and Marine patients she is caring for can be summed up in her own words..."They're incredible" They complain little about their own pain & they ask that their buddies be cared for first (although their own injuries are more severe), the uninjured members of their units stay by their side as long as they can while they are in the hospital...they do not want to leave them alone...again...incredible. The brotherhood and sisterhood that is rock-solidly established during these unimaginably austere times is too much for the average civilian to understand...just know that any loved ones serving over there are with a “family” and are surrounded by people who care deeply for each other."
Russ of San Antonio, Texas

"Not sure I can say anything here that has not already been said. I cried hard upon receiving the email about your loved one. My brother has done 2 tours of Iraq, one when the major battle began, and the second, he took part in the fall of Fallujah. He is a Marine EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and we always held our breath with news of a fallen hero. Now he is home with us but tears still stain my cheeks when I hear news of those who paid the price in battle, for the families that they leave behind. My heart goes out to all that have loved ones that paid the great sacrifice for my freedom. I would like to thank each and every service member that fights to keep us free. Thank you for all that you do! May God Bless you and watch over you during these times. To the Kiehl family, thank you doesn't seem enough to say for providing America with such a wonderful brave soldier. From what I have read, he must have been a great guy for those that knew him seem to have been touched by his very presence.

To all the people of Comfort: Your support is definitely a step above! That was the most moving gesture I have ever seen. Maybe you can teach some of these ungrateful American's that take their freedoms for granted. You are beautiful people and May God Bless You!"
Gina of Dublin, GA of the Great USA

"I am so sorry for your loss. I am so saddened for his young son and wife. I wish I could hug them. James died a HERO....don't ever forget that! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome webpage. And thank you for raising your son to be an honorable American - you must be so proud!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you always."
Kym Emrick of Pataskala, OH

"Thank You for sharing your memories.
May God bless you and keep you safe!"
Donna of Illinois

"Words are failing me. Your family are in my prayers. James was called to protect America and for that he will always be a hero. Peace be upon you and James will always be with you. God gave him his wings to help protect those who are protecting our freedoms.

Im in tears. I just know that all the fallen soldiers are protecting those soliders who have life. Thats what they do best, Protect and fight for a better tomorrow."
An army wife. of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

"Now my hero's you are with God and at peace. To all who gave their life, we all will meet you again soon."
Barbara Hill of San Diego, CA

"I don't know anyone who has been killed in the war and I only know of a few distant classmates who are currently serving, but I cried seeing this soldier's website. I found the story on www.snopes.com and it sparked my curiosity to see the actual website (a link was provided). As I read and saw the pictures I couldn't help but feel pain in my heart and tears in my eyes. I'm sorry that this had to happen to you and countless families, that another child will be born without a father because of war, but mostly that few people other than those directly affected realize the true pain that defending our country and freedom can cause. You have touched me deeply. Thank you."
Teresa Chavez-Tenorio of Novato, California

"When I received this email I wept with pride for James, his family and all of our military. Words escape me. My son is in the Marine Corps and I could not be any prouder of him and our men and women serving our country. God bless the USA."
Scott Walz of Lees Summit, MO

"You should all be so proud of James. I spent 18 months in Viet Nam in 1971-72 and understand the sacrifice that has to be made to keep America a great nation. My deepest thanks and respect to James and his family. God Bless you all."
Tommy Hataway of Hockley, TX,/USA

"WOW!! What a powerful tribute to James Keihl! I was having "one of those days" and reading this story and seeing the pictures sure did remind me to be thankful for my family and loved ones! Thank you, James, for trying to make America a safer place for us all, and to your family, I am so sorry for your loss! I hope his child will always know what a hero Daddy is."
Chrissy Rayl of Osawatomie, KS USA

"The story was really touching and being I just had a son and can remember my first which I did alone I can really feel for his wife I know its really hard having a baby its even worse to do it alone as they get older and start to wonder where daddy is my son is now 4 and a half and has a step father even tho daddys can never be replaced and remain forever in their hearts and ours I wish you luck with your lil one and Im sure your child will know its father no matter what storys never die! As long as they are never forgotten and never forget what he meant to you and how he would want the best for your child!"
Natalie of Barnstead, NH USA

"I was so touched by the pictures and story of how this small, Texas town honored their fallen son.....and, it was as it should be for all of our fallen soldiers.

I would like to say "Thank you" to Jill, Nate, and Mr. & Mrs. Kiehl for James' service to our great country. I know you are so proud of him! May God bless the memory of James and each of you! I will remember you in my prayers."
Kim Hoback of Prospect, TN USA

"Words cannot express how we all feel when a loved one is gone. As a soldier who has served for 25 years, you never forget those who are not with us anymore. Our thoughts are with all the Family and Friends of James. As we always say on Rememberence Day 'We will Remember Them'."
G Fraser and Family of Hull. U.K.

"My Aunt just sent me the link to your son's page. I was in the Army, and come from a military family, my Grandfather a Marine, my father in the Army, ex-stepdad in the Navy, and so on.... I'm not one to cry very easily, but hearing the story of the tribute given to your son, and seeing the pictures, I was actually crying while sitting here at work today. There should be more people to say thank you to those who are going over there, and there should be more tributes like the one your son recieved because he, and you and your family, have given the ultimate sacriface for the rest of us... Thank you, for your son, his serivce, his life, and for sharing this very moving memory."
Marlene A. Lhamon of Springdale Arkansas USA

"I just stumbled on this site through other channels. I am so touched by the honor of your son. I lost my daughter July 2004. She was 6 and drowned at a public pool. her site is http://www.freewebs.com/wyoangelkira/ Thank you for sharing your son with me."
Angela of Wyoming

"I did not know James but I find myself in tears. My father was in Vietnam and returned home not to a show of respect like James recieved but to disgust and ridicule. You, your family and friends in Texas are a tribute to all true Americans. May GOD Bless and keep you and yours.
Thank you for re-affirming my faith in GOD and country and to those special individuals to whom a simple thank you is not enough...Our Military!"
Michael Miller of Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

"A friend sent me the email and I visited this website. I'm a 54 year old guy who's sitting at his desk crying over the loss of this young man. God love you all and all of the folks in Comfort Texas. But most of all, God love and bless those that preserve freedom all over the world, young men like James Kiehl."
Paul Murphy of Boston, MA

"Whenever I hear of another one of my Brothers or Sisters in arms giving the ultimate sacrifice for their country my heart cries. As a veteran, my family and i wish to send our heartfelt prays to the friends and family for James Kiehl. In one last note to the residents of his hometown "You Do America Proud." To see the photos of such outpouring for a fallen soldier is both heart warming and sad at the same time. If only Anmerica could fallow your example. May God Bless his family, Friends and the citizens in his hometown."
Eric Olsen of Everett, Wa. USA

"Prayers and thoughts are with James' family. Rest in Peace...too young to die, too brave to stay home."
Francesca of Albuquerque, New Mexico

"As veteran and host a family with 163 years of service, having a Green Beret Special Force son who is serving over there, my heart is out to the Kiehl family. WE WON'T FORGET HIM NOR THE OTHERS WHO ARE WITH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, FOR FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. May God bless and keep you...as we will in our prayers for the BRAVE who gave of themselves for FREEDOM.. Peace"
Harold Boyd of Tye, Texas USA

"It is with tears that I have read through the messages here. I am continually humbled by the dedication and sacrifice of our young men and women of the military and their families. We enjoy our freedoms because so many noble people have gone on before us to ensure them. I live in the state of Vt where Ethan and Ira Allen fought the British for freedom in 1776. Today, just as then we declare the right to life, liberty,
and pursuit of happeiness. Without our young men and women we would be in terrible danger of loosing it. Thank you for James' dedication and for all others that give the highest gift for the cause of freedom their lives. May God bless you and keep you until you meet James again."
Diane Carroll of Brattleboro, VT USA

"James and all his family and friends will be in my prayers. All of our soldiers are heros and will never be forgotten. I hope James's child knows what a hero his daddy is and I thank him with all of my heart for helping protect all of us.
Love and Prayers"
Cassandra Turner of shelbyville Il

"May the love of God give you peace in your hearts. Our prayers are with each of you.."
Richard M .Embrey ( USMC Mst. Gnry Sgt. Retired ) and Kathy E. Embrey of Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

"I happened to stumble on this site while I was looking into a story on Urban Legend. I had (still do) tears rolling down my cheeks as read this memorial. It was so touching. Love, support and community. I'm sorry for your loss and glad YOU have the support of your community."
Sherri of Houston Texas

"God Bless and keep you in his loving arms James. I owe a deep gratitude to you for myself, my children, and their children for the loving sacrifice you so freely gave. I pray for your family and friends and am deeply thankful for you. Wars come and go but our soldiers are eternal..."
Tamela McColley of Ketchikan, Alaska

You are gone but not forgotten and like the right hand angel that you were to me, your memorial is on my right shoulder so your memory goes with me everywhere. I am asked about it a lot and am happy to pass on your story so that you are remembered for being the great friend that you were. Thank you for being there for me when I needed your friendship and guidance. Your are missed and appreciated."
E. C. of Dallas, Texas

"My hat is off to the residents of this Texas town. They really know how to honor a fallen hero. I just wish the rest of the country could take a lesson from these loving people. All our fallen heros should receive such a tribute. May God be with their families in this time of great loss. My prayers are with the fallen and their families. They truely are Heroes!"
Fred Alfke of Vacaville, Ca., USA

"I could not read this without tearing up. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and God Bless all of our military men and women ...."
Patsy of Michigan

"Thank you for what you did for my husband's and children's country.
I am proud to be able to share this courage!"
Jutta of Grafenwoehr, Germany

"I am a Vietnam Era vet with the USAF. I lost a highschool buddy, Bill Reger, in Nam. There is not a day goes by that I don't remember him. I have been to the wall in DC and each time I go there I get the same feeling of sadness and thankfullness that I have while reading about Spc. Kiehl. I was watching TV when the bullitin came over that one of the soldiers had been rescued from a hospital in Iraq and I cryed when I saw it was Jessica Lynch. Being from my home state of West Virgina, she was the only name that appeared in the local papers. I never really thought of other soldiers, except for her. Now I am sitting at my computer more than two years later crying for the loss of James Kiehl. May God send his blessing forever to the Kiehl family and to all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and our freedom. I have 5 grandchildren that will benefit from hero's like James. God Bless."
Ron Pugh of Buckhannon, WV

"I want to thank all of our military personnel and their families who are, or have bravely served our country. I thank God for people like James Kiehl who were willing to sacrifice their lives for our safety and freedom. I pray that all of our soldiers can come home soon, but I know that some will sacrifice their lives for the cost of freedom. I will continue to pray for the families of those soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as well as thank God for all of you that were willing to do so. PLEASE GOD, CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!!!"
Pat of Anniston, AL

"What an extraordinary town to give such a wonderful tribute to this Fallen Hero. Anyone who can look at the processional photos and not cry doesn't have a heart. I pray that God will comfort the family and friends of James Kiehl. God Bless our Troops!"
Shelly of Eufaula, AL USA

"Brave and Proud, may your family be graced by God for your ultimate sacrifice to our great nation. God bless you, and your Wife, and your Children."
Richard S. Rattanni of Elizabeth, PA

"We are praying for his wife and family God bless him as he starts his next journey"
Maria of Miamisburg, Ohio

"I am truely saddened by the loss of your loved one. His death was not in vain. His sacrifice has protected our way of life and our freedoms.May God have a special place for James.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers. May God watch over you and may He bless your family"
Ken Haris of Wilson, NC

"May God give your family comfort in your loss. It is all of our loss as Americans and he is a hero to all of us."
Michele Brown of Toledo, OH

"God bless James, his family and friends. Please find comfort in knowing that there are many Americans out there who share your sorrow at your loss, and appreciate the sacrifice given by James and his fellow soldiers and Marines. Words seem so inadequate in attempting to express my thanks and admiration. Be strong, you are not alone. (And I am also quite sure James is in heaven now and scoping out all the good eatin' places!)"
Kelly van Rijn of New York, NY

"I received this email and just cried. So many times we don't read the newspapers because we can't take anymore of the horror stories and deaths related to the war. But this brings it into reality of what our boys are doing for us and how they are sacrificing their lives for this country. Whether you believe in the war or not, you need to support our boys and be faithful to them if nothing else. I passed this email to everyone I know and received so many calls and return emails saying that it was the most touching email they had ever received. The people of that community deserve an applause for their outstanding performance that day. My condolences to James's family, wife and newborn child that will never get to meet daddy but should always know that he was a hero."
Jill Wisthoff of Fort Wayne, IN USA

"You have given the ultimate sacrifice for your fellow countrymen with courage, dignity, and selflessness. You have left a legend of heroism with the other fallen soldiers. God Bless America and all the soldiers updholding freedom."
Janie R. of Shaker Heights, OH

"Thank you so much for all you did for our country! God Bless your family~"
Laura Lawrence of San Antonio, TX/USA

"God bless you. The pride you and your town showed really moves me. I wish you all the best in your lives to come."
Ian Harrold of Cedar Rapids, IA

"Thank you, James, for having the courage, honor and selflessness to serve in the U.S. Army."
Ellen of PA

"Thank you James for having the courage to do what you did. Thank you to your family for supporting him and giving Sammie the opportunity to live in a country where he/she has the right to say the horrible things that were said. I am proud to say that James, his family, and I are Americans. I thank God for people like them every day,those who are willing to give the highest price for our freedom. May God bless and keep you. James will be in my heart forever, as you will be in my prayers."
Beth of Morrilton, Arkansas USA

"Everytime I see these pictures, I cry. God Bless."
Leslie Ahlquist of Burbank, IL

"Thank You"
Rich of New Jersey

"It's hard to find the right words for such a tragedy. James, as well as every other man and woman in Iraq, are heros. Thank you for all you've done James. God Bless you and your family."
S.B. of PA

"My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you all."
Christy Prince of Bowling Green, KY

"God Bless You. May You find some comfort and peace in this crazy world. James did not die in vain. There will be a difference."
Joe Hepfner of Port Allegany Pa

"God bless you and your family."
Wayne Clements of Louisville, GA USA

"Oh how my heart aches for you, James, and all of you, men and women, who are 'over there' for all of us. God Bless you and thank you!"
Martha Dolciamore of Soquel, CA

"May God forever Bless all his family members, but most especially his wife and son. I hope that his son grow to know what a great man his daddy was
and just what he did for our country.

God Bless you all and Thank You."
Sara Joseph of Mount Clemens, MI

"First of all, to James’ family, we feel your anguish and pain. And it is not just Americans that feel your pain but people from all over the world. The sacrifice James made effects the freedoms of all the world’s countries. People know this and they have been posting on this message board.

Secondly, to the wonderful community of Comfort, Texas, what y’all did to pay respects to this fallen soldier is beyond words.

Thirdly, to all of our countrymen and women serving in Iraq, we are with you. We are praying for you. Come home soon. We all realize that the job must be finished and that this war is going to be a long one. Iraq will not be the end of the fight against terror.

Finally, god speed, James"
John Selman of Cumming, Georgia, USA

"God bless you and your family for fighting for our country. Thanks"
Christina of Pontiac MI USA

"God Bless You and your son."
Gerald Suggs of Pikeville, NC

"As a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all of our servicemen (or women). I was raised in various countries and at age 13, we returned to the states, settling down in Houston. Texan hearts are big. I grieve for the loss of a young father who will never hold his child, I grieve for his wife and family. These brave people do what is neccessary for US to live in this great country of ours. Having grown up in various counrties, I know 1st hand some of the freedoms we Americans can easily take for granted. I cry for soldiers known and unknown, who sacrifice for us. Thank you Mr. Kiehl. Your send off was special, may your rest place be even more magnificent. My condolences to his family for the loss of him, may his son grow up to know what a wonderful man his father was."
Belinda of Houston,TX

"I'll be praying for Jill and Nate. God bless you. This is a beautiful tribute to your brave youg man."
Annie Buck of Colorado Springs, CO

"Every fallen soldier should receive this kind of funeral. God Bless James and all of his family. Thank you all so much for your sacrafice for the freedom for my family and me."
Jennifer of Colorado Springs, CO USA

"Thank You James. I didnt know you,but Thank You for your brave service."
Kelly Vaughn of St Charles Missouri,USA

"I received the e-mail about James this morning from a friend. I was so saddened when I read the story; however, I could not hold back the tears when I saw the pictures attached. In a time when all you hear is who is on which side of the war and everyone spouting their opinions, it was so very touching to see a town come together to pay tribute and say "thank you" to such an honorable man. Our prayers are with your family and especially the new baby! May God continue to bless your family!"
Eric & Donna Walsingham :) of Chipley, FL

"As a military wife, it's always my fear that the worst will happen... seeing James really brings it all home. People often ask why we chose the military lifestyle.. I say it's a pride that's innately ours, that my husband wouldn't have it any other way. That our children may not have every night with their father, but every minute is precious, and they know that daddy is doing a job most don't want to do for the good of all. Thank you James, your life is deeply appreciated."
Amanda Woodruff of Bremerton, WA

"President Lincoln visited Gettysburg a short time after the battle in which over 40,000 men on both sides died. He stated "But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract."

Jim Kiehl served his country with pride and devotion to its standard that all men are created equal and gave his life to protect that ideal.

As a veteran myself, I salute you...all our men & women who serve, I pray for those left behind and I grieve with those families who have lost loved ones in this struggle against tryanny and evil."
James Speed of Laurens, South Carolina

"God bless your son James, and all the soldiers still serving. I thank you all so much from the deepest part of my heart for being such big heroes to our great nation. THANK YOU"
Meagan of Crawfordsville,Indiana,USA

"Thank You."
Jay of Mackinac Island, MI, USA

"To the Kiehl family:

I'm a Navy journalist stationed in Los Angeles, California. I come from a small town in Florida called Southport. I'm proud to know the respect your people showed to this brave soldier. I'm also proud to serve in the world's finest military with brothers-in-arms such as James. May God bless him and may God bless our great nation. I'll pray for your family. Very Respectfully,"
JO1(NAC) Jason A. Penny of Los Angeles, CA

"god bless you and i thank you for your sacrifice that we may live in a free world."
bryan ruis of colonial heights, va

"God speed to you sir, and thank you. Your sacrifice and bravery I will be forever grateful.

Semper Vigilans~Always Vigilant"
Amber of Washington

"You and every soldier are my hero. Thank you for your dedication and beautiful heart. You will be remembered."
Kelly of Sammamish, WA USA

"We are blessed with liberty because of the sacrifice of men such as James. May the good Lord cause American's to wake up to that truth."
John of Spanaway, WA USA

"God bless this patriot."
Jim D. of Clinton Twp., Michigan

"Thank you for everything that you do. None of you are forgotten."
The Glowacki Family of Central NY

"Thank You, you paid the ultimate price for mine and my families Freedom. I am sitting here at my desk at work, knowing I am safer thanks to you and all the soldiers who have fought and died for us."
Colleen Cook of Rathdrum , Idaho, USA

"May God Bless your family. My family is free because of dedicated soldiers like James."
Jeffrey L. Watts of Fulton, KY

"thank you"
cindy of palatine, Illinois

"You have my deepest sympathy at the loss of James Kiehl. I know the fear of uncertainty whether your husband/son will come home from the service. Mine did, from Viet Nam, to curses and people spitting on him as he sat waiting for us at the airport. Thank heavens welcomes have changed since then and our sacrifices are more appreciated. I'm sorry your husband, father and son was not as lucky as my husband and was unable to return and see his wife, son and family again. What a wonderful show of love from the people of Comfort,Texas. Seems the forefathers knew the correct name to give their town. There just aren't words to truly express how profound my feelings are for your loss. Maybe one day this world will know peace and we won't have to make any more sacrifices of our greatest commodity- our loved ones."
Jacqueline of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"With men like James M. Kiehl who willingly risk thier lives and with people like those of Comfort, Texas to stand behind them, this nation will never lose the fight against tyranny and terrorism."
Fred Gutierrez of Moreno Valley, California

"Thank you and God Bless James. God Bless and protect all our soldiers everywhere."
Brian of Houston, TX

"I am sorry for your family's great loss. Based on this website, it is clear to me that James came from a good and loving family and had the addition blessing of being a citizen of Comfort, TX. What an extraordinary, loving and decent group of people living in Comfort. I have always liked people from Texas and this story just strengthens by respect for the people of this great state.

God bless you in all things you do in God's service."
Kathleen di Gregorio of San Clemente, CA

"Thank you for your son's ultimate sacrafice. Our freedom is so very precious. We pay for it by giving the very best America has to offer. Fine young men like your son James.May their sacrafices never be forgotten and may God bless America and especially you and yours."
Dave Williams of Siler City, NC, USA

"To the family of Spc. Kiehl,
Thank you so much for the raising your son in the way that you did. It is because of his bravery and selflessness that we have the freedoms we do today. Coming from a family with military background (My father in Vietnam and my Grandfather in korea) I understand what it means for them to do that. I cannot begin to express my sorrow for your loss nor my gratitude for the heroism your son portrayed in his actions. Thank You from a grateful and Proud American Citizen!"
Tami Miller of Alta Loma, CA

"I am sorry for your loss. I too know all to well the sacrafice of our men women and families of the military. His sacrafice is the reason we have the freedom that we have, we are a military family from my father to my son. and son in law. My son in law served in Iraq during the opening of the war. I too lost a loved one.
a husband in the Viet Nam conflict. The sacrifice cuts very deep. I too had a small child. That is what kept me going. Our country Thanks you and your Husband/ Son/ Brother/ Father. He won't be forgotten. I get very angry when I hear the negative reports about our Military. Everyone in our country should Thank there lucky stars to be an American, The greatest Country in the world. Thank you, and peace be with you. Thank you to all who serve and have served."
Theresa of Abington PA USA.

"GOD Bless you Jim and "Welcome Home""
Mac of Garden Grove, CA.

"I am an old submarine veteran. On the back of a tee shirt I have are some words that illuminate your son's value to our country. Here they are:

"We sleep soundly in our beds because tough men stand ready in the night to deliver violence on those who would do us harm."

Thank God they are out there for us. I wish I was still young because I would join them.

God bless James' family."
Jim Neaves of Round Rock, Texas

"To James and all the families, my heart goes out to you, but, you make me proud to be an American! Thank you. My daughter is stationed at Fort Bliss, TX right now, teaching the medical troops that are going overseas. Son in Law is in the Army also."
Sue Haggerty of Mentor, Ohio, USA

"There are no words adaquate enough to describe how proud and thankful we are of men and women like your son, who serve our country in this fight for freedom. We owe them a debt we could never repay...but I pledge I will try. I will try to live a holy, godly life. I will try to set a good example. When I see your son in heaven, I don't want to hang my head in shame when he asks me what I did with the freedom he died to preserve...I want to be able to look him in the eye and be proud of the freedom he gave us...and to tell him myself...James...you didn't die in vain."
Ruth James of Lumberton, TX USA

"To the Family of James M Kiehl, my heart breaks for your loss which I can not imagine. I want to personally thank you for raising a son with a sence of duty to his family and his country and fought and died for our liberty. As one American I want to say thank you, to tell you how proud Iam of your son and all the sons and daughters who have served and are seving in our military protecting our country and my family and I want to say how terribly sorry Iam for your loss. May God give you the strength in the days and months and years to come."
Bobbie Pettit of Manassas Va.

"may god bless the hero james m kiehl, and may god give his family the strength to endure this tragedy. God bless our soldiers and keep them safe."
jane r obrien of weymouth, ma,usa

"We would like to thank James and those who have served and died to preserve our freedom. We hope that James' son realizes that his daddy is a hero. God bless the familes of those who have given their lives."
Terri and Amy of Stephenville, Texas

"My name is Sheila. I am so sorry for James death. He died for our freedom and I thank him for that. May he rest in the arms of the Lord. It is hard I know I lost my husband 10 years ago. Time will heal put your faith, hope and love to God. He will help you through these tough times. Again I am so sorry. I will pray that all is going well. My son leaves for Iraq in 2 months."
Sheila Miller of Greenville, Oh, USA

"im very sorry 2 read about your lost, i cant say i know the pain, but i do know the feeling of waiting 4 someone 2 come home n not noing if they will make it back home, so please pray for my boyfriend in iraq. Once again im truely sorry for your lost."
janquila edwards of st.stephen sc

"James and I went to High School together. We were teammates on the basketball team. No greater love has any man that he might lay down his life for a friend! James laid his life down for his country, and I am proud to have known James. I recently visited the memorial website and saw pictures of little Nathaniel. I was brought to tears when I realized that Nathaniel and I share a birthdate. Your family will always be in my prayers!"
Jeremy Berry of Plainview, TX

"To the Family of James Kiehl may God continue to comfort you. Thank you for your greatest sacrafice the life of your loving son. I pray for all of the families of our Fallen Heroes. My husband is still in Baghdad at Camp Victory so your loose is something I fear daily. God Bless you!"
Nichelle Thompson of Harrisburg PA USA

"Those Now Gone"
by Roger W Hancock

Fallen Servicemen,
for country fought;
liberty, freedom,
the primary reason.

They gave themselves,
that we be free

Fathers, mothers,
sisters, and brothers;
our dearly departed,
life for country given.

Families broken,
for liberty.

Veterans who served,
and lived to tell;
the horrors, and risks,
now sleep in peace.

Served their country,
for our security.

Unknown Soldier, MIA,
remembrance our way,
to honor you as well,
victims of a warriors hell.

Served, now lost that,
our lives be free.

Sleep now Sleep tight
rest now, duty done,
price paid in life or death.
The vigilance now be ours.

(c) 1-26-2002 Roger W Hancock www.PoetPatriot.com

Many more poems to honor the many and varied sacrifices of our service members and their families can be found at www.PoetPatriot.com

"Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom." - Roger W Hancock"
Roger W Hancock of Auburn, Washington

"My comments may be late, but my tears are very current. I was raised near Ft. Bliss, TX and being an Army brat and Vet, I feel very close to anyone from Texas. I hope that James's son is doing well, and now I have someone else to thank God for. I know that there are just so many words, but that does not mean they are not heart felt! God Bless the Kiehl family, and all those who serve or have served our country and never say a word. Kindest regards, John"
John Thompson of Atlanta, GA

"As a Veteran of the USAF, I pass my heartfelt thanks to those who are serving and gave the ultimate price for our freedom. The sons and daughters who gave their lives will always be heros. God Bless every one of them and their families."
Frank Presson of Lompoc, California


"Thank you, James, and your family. You did not die in vain; may Heaven bless your loved ones who let you go, and may you rest in peace after giving your life for freedom's sake."
F. Christie of Tennessee

"I am very saddened by this tragic loss of such a precious life. My thoughts and prayers are with you every moment of every day that goes by. My only brother is serving on his tour of duty at this time and my heart breaks every day that he is gone over seas. My american flag flies at half staff everyday. Some tell me that it is not correct to do this but I will fly my american flag at half staff until all our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers & Sisters come home safe. I thought I was all out of tears when this war started but as I sit here now I have tears of saddness rolling down my face and please believe my heart is breaking for your loss. No one has to lose their life. All who are serving for their country are doing so for our freedom and to allow and show others how to live free. This precious young man gave the ultimate gift for all of us to be free. God has called his son home and one day we all will be with our loved ones where there is no harm and much love. Please stay strong and I will continue to pray for you and your family as I know you will pray for me and my family. I pray that my brother, SFC Russell Henzman, will be home soon. I wish that I could meet your family because this is a remarkable web site you have created and this shows me that James has a very loving and remarkable family. Please stay strong and well and God will keep us all safe in his loving arms. God Bless Each and Every One You. Thank you for allowing me to speak about my feelings for James and all who are serving to keep us safe.

Please feel free to visit my web site and leave your comments. What started as a Soldier Tribute to my brother turned into a Very Special Tribute to Russell and it is for ALL soldiers. Thank you so very much. I would very much like to hear from you and your family.
Roxanna Henzman of Shelbyville, Indiana---UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

"God bless the family of James M. Kiehl. You gave him to all of us so that we might be free. Please know that there are a lot of us who really do appreciate that."
Jane Browning of Vanderbilt, Texas

"Wanted To Say thanks For Havin Such a BRAVE Son.U Must Be So Proud.I know He is Looking Down On U and Family With His blessing,Love.I Have a son 18 thats Just went Into the AirForce.He is N Altus A.F.B.OK.He May get Deplode N Sept.I Pray For All Troops and Thier Families.God Bless u on ur Lost and my CONDOLENCE too you and Your Family From the Beaudoin's"
Shirley Beaudoin of Deweyville Tx.

"To the family of this soldier:
I want you to know that I and my family will think of you and all of the families whose brave members have fallen during this conflict. We admire and respect his bravery, and acknowledge the costly sacrifice your family has made for the citizens of this country. God rest his soul, and welcome him to the company of angels."
Dan Heaman of St. Louis, MO

"God, thank you for young men and women like this one (James) who have so unselfishly given the ultimate sacrifice. I pray for their families left on this earth and look forward to meeting these heros in heaven.

Blessings, love, and gratitude,"
Sandy Williams of Texas

"To the parents, wife and son of James:
God Bless you and thank you for your sacrifice."
Vicki Eisner of Sacramento, CA

"James,I want to thank you for serving our country and being so brave and dedicated and fighting for our freedom.You will forever remain in the hearts of many.God Bless your family,your wife and your son.You will always be remembered."
Alison of Texas

"thank you"

"As I await the return of my son from Kuwait the last of this month I cannot thank you James enough for your sacrifice.I pray for your family and son that they will know the peace that only our God can give. I cry every time a soldier is lost because I know they were loved by someone.Thank you so much James I will always remember you and thank you for my grandchildren and great grandchildren and their freedom.Thank you and God Bless Your family.
Wanda Patterson Kansas City Mo."
Wanda Patterson of Kansas City Missouri

Barbara Williams of Texas city, Texas USA

"I thank God for braves souls, like James Kiehl, who are called to protect and defend. Their mission on this earth - whether long or short in time - is truly a noble and honorable one."
cindy of chapin, sc

"James may not be with us physically but he will always remain with us spiritualy. I thank him for the sacrafice he made.I am praying for you in every moment i have the chance. He is a role model among many children not only in Texas but all over the nation. He is in a better place ow and I only wish more people could be with him in Heaven some day. He keeps us one nation under GOD and I pay my highest regards to him.May God bless you."
Gracie of Gainesville,GA

"Most of the time it is hard not to grief over a loss of a loved one.But instead of griefing we should be rejoicing. James is now sitting on the right hand of God looking down upon the world.He died a heroic death and I thank him for his bravery."
Maggie age-11 of Gainesville,GA

"I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your lost of James. He will always be rememebered."
Mary H of Belleview, FL

"I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your lost. But most of all thank you so much for your sacrifice so that I am safe. This is a great web site and thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. Seeing this makes me very proud to be an AMERICAN"
Debbi Jewell of Waco Tx USA

"Dear James,
I just want to thank you for your service to your country. I read your story and I can tell how much you are loved by everyone and how terribly you are missed by your wife, newborn son and family. The state of Texas has lost a very brave soldier
To the family of SPC James M. Kiehl,
I would like to say how very sorry I am for your loss of James, a hero, an angel. God Bless you all. I will pray for your family."
Suzanne Rothrock of Latrobe, PA


"I am in awe of your son's bravery and sincerely thank you for his gravest sacrifice for freedom."
C. W. Weavil of Winston-Salem, NC USA

"thank you for your son's bravery and service to this nation so confused at this time. my daughter was only 18 years old for 2 months when she was deployed to kuwait. as a marine she told me it was what she signed up for. she is now being deployed in february to iraq and my fears grow more and more every day. all we can do is pray to God and stand by them. wait until they come home. my heart goes out to you and your family and friends. i will keep you in my heart and prays. please keep my kelly in yours!"
terrie waters of bastrop, tx

"Symbol of Hope
God bless the souls
of those who have lost.
We want to believe that
someone can bring us salvation.
The landscape of America has changed;
our luck has run out.
Unjustly so, thousands are dead;
reality is we may have more.
We will find these villains,
and they will suffer
the consequences of
the United States' people.
Today Americans witnessed
of the most heinous acts
on American soil.
America is strong.
We will find the balance
between peace and justice . . .
alone or united.

Melissia Dawn Forir"
Melissia Forir of St. Peters, Missouri

"Your support for our freedom is so appreciated. Your family will always be remembered in our prayers. The U.S. is so lucky to have young men fight for the things we believe in."
Deb Schafer of Millersburg, Ohio

"I too have lost a loved one , my brother of 41 years not to war but to drugs which I know the pain all the family is going thru .You are in my prayers as are all the other soldiers and their families, May god bless,,"
Linda Mccoy of Amarillo Texas USA

"As a close friend of James that spent a lot of time with him while he was at Fort Bliss, I would like to make a correction to the assertions that his mother has made on this website. Everytime he talked of his parents while in the "family" gatherings we had, it was Randy and Janie that he called his Father and Mother...not his actual mother. James rarely kept secrets from the "family" group and considering the fact that he rarely talked about his real mother, I sincerely doubt that he would start talking to her the way she claimed. I was close enough with James for him to be one of the groomsmen at my wedding and he also was the one that took me to the church for my wedding. James was a very good friend and I mourn his lost, but I do not feel that it is right to claim something that is not true to gain yourself more attention than you deserve."
Erin and Daniel of Lakewood, Wa and Iraq til Jan. 05

"I would like to order a flag with all the soldiers who has died for us in the war I saw one this weekend in San Diego and I thought it is wonderful that you have done this. My email address is rita@walker-lumber.com"
Rita Vasquez of North Highlands, Ca 95660

"And a separate message to the Kiehl family and friends:

Please do rest assured, that even as James is in heaven, that he is still looking down upon you, knowing how much you loved him and that he will also know his child. Thank you so much James, for risking your life for what you believed in...and what more of us need to believe in.

Love and Blessings Are With You..."
Lisa and Fred Clark of Pittsburgh, PA USA

"My name is Lisa Clark and my husband, Fred Clark and I would like to express our love, respect and pride for all of the soldiers (some who we know) who are serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan. May God be with you and watch over you in everything you do. Thank you so much for defending our country and we hope to see you home safely, and soon.

Highest Regards,"
Lisa Winne-Clark and Fred Clark of Pittsburgh, PA USA

"I am so sorry and pray for the family, I have a grandson fighting in Ramadi with the Marines, I am so worried about him. I am proud of our boys as they keep us safe,but so heartbreaking for families. God Bless you all and your loved one who made a sacrifice for us to ilive in peace. God Bless You and comfort you"
Bertie Phelps of Beaumonttx.,

"Thanks to you and your family for your sacrifice! We will meet one day and I will thank you personally for the sacrifice you made that my sons might not have to combat terrorism! God Bless you and your family!!!"
David Maslowski of Orland Park IL

"I'm proud to share the same heritage as you. I live in El Paso, TX and the horrible day of your death was brought to our attention when we received phone calls when people believed that it was my father 1SG James Kiehl had died. Thank you for all you have done, and you will always be in our prayers."
PFC Lisa Kiehl of Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA

"Thank you for everything you have done for this country, i am praying for you all. what you have done for us will be repaid in heaven!
god bless us all"
Vivian Rosas of palatka, florida

"To the family of this fallen soldier, James M. Kiehl, God bless each of you and give you peace and comfort in knowing that your son's sacrifice was not in vein, but was given in an effort to keep our country safe and free!!!! God bless all our soldiers and keep them safe and bring them home to their families soon!! Let every american pray for these soldiers and for the families, especially the families of the "fallen soldiers", wounded or missing soldiers!! PRAYER WORKS!!
MAJ Mary Tatum of Prattville, AL USA

"I just want you to know...how deeply grateful I am that he was a proud soldier who died for our country. I have an older brother over there right now, fighting the same war and it really gets me down sometimes just knowing that he is over there....James Kiehl will never be forgotten for his bravery and hard work done over in Iraq....His memory will live on forever in our hearts....and our prayers will continously be going out to your family.
We Support Our Troops!
Danielle Adams of Brady, Texas

"Toe the family of James, My deepest condolences, I hav know of his death since during the war, I just didnt know there was a website. I was with Him at Ft Gordon, We used to hang out alot, he was a real sweet person. Very Likeable, and I was in Iraq also, for the year of 2003 before during and after the war. And I saw many folks make the ultimate sacrifice, I hope people can realize how prescious life is, and tht when we sign up fo rthe service, we all know that it may be somethin we have to give for this country. Anyway, I just wanted to express my sadness at the loss of a great person and a person that I was pretty good buddies with the whole time we were At Ft. Gordon, Sincerely,"
SPC Nick Williams of White Sands, New Mexico

"I will never be able to thank our Fighting Angels enough for the freedom they have given me. May God bless all of their families and sheild them with the love it took to say 'Goodbye' until we all meet again."
Trisha of Laurens, SC

"I thank you so much for the freedom that I love. You made a difference, hero's are not made, they are born. Your scrafice will never before gotten. Because of honerable men like you, the world that my daughters and I live in is a better place. God bless your family, may God give them peace in their hearts. They can be so proud. I am honored to be a fellow American."
C. L. Stamp of Cheraw Colorado

"Your legacy will continue, for their are others who will follow. Lest it be known that you will never be forgotten. "be all you can be" God Bless and to all those who see this, your support is appreciated."
SSG Eugene P. Lamm Jr. of Tri-Cities, WA

"wish you good luck"
frank of australia

"Thank you brave soldier for sacrificing your today for my children's safer tomorrow. You have our utmost respect and gratitude. May God provide comfort for your family in their time of sorrow. May you forever rest in Heavenly peace. You will not be forgotten."
a grateful citizen in arizona

"I regret your loss. Most of us can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone to war. War is like a ghost to our memories. Yet is never stops. I know God's work is in all of this. He uses us as His instruments if we let Him. I am thankful for all who submit to His service, although the war in Iraq is not a holy war. My father fought proudly in WW II. He was a Special Forces Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. He loved his country and would have died for it any chance he got. I would have, too, and still will if I have to. Gladly. I know it may seem like a useless loss to you, but it wasn't. To have the guts to go over there says much. I know too many young people in this country who say they would never do something like that. They don't understand why they have the freedom they take for granted. Anyway, I will pray for you and your family, your son who is with God, and the other troopers. That's all I can do for now. I very much appreciate from the bottom of my heart their work. War is truly hell. Please raise that baby to know his father."
Kathi Starcher of Magnolia, TX USA

"Thank you for your service."
Norm Taliaferro of Georgetown, TX

"To the family of James M. Kiehl - I recieved the email regarding James quite some time ago. I,like many others, have saved it and read it all the time. The loss of any member of our armed services touches us all. I just wanted you to know that every day we are with you always."
Pamela Raschke of Grass Valley, CA

"I just wanted to say Hooah I am so sorry for your loss he is a Hero and I will never forget him or anyone who has given the ultimate sacrafice that we may be free my Uncle Sgt.Gary G. Hahn kia dec/6/67 Pnl 31E Ln 046 they are in my heart and mind forever and ever May God Bless you and your Family the Revenge is the Lords"
Brian Lee Hahn of post falls Idaho 208 773 6891

"In Honor of SPC James M. Kiehl and to His Family, Friends, and, Loved Ones: In the name of this fine Soldier's Honor and My COMRADE in ARMS, I don't know you but I have served for 19 years and 9 months. As a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the Ordnance Corps, I say Thank You SPC Kiehl. You are the TRUE HERO. Rest in Peace, Young Man. I Salute you! To the Family, Friends and Loved Ones I say, May MY GOD's richest blessings flow down from heaven for your faithfulness in Support of YOUR SOLDIER! I Salute You! And finally to his Lovely Wife and Children, may My God give you the Strength and Courage to move on in the Name of Your Man, Your Husband and Your Fine American Soldier!!!!!!! I know how it feels to go through life missing a parent. God took my Dear Mother when I was only 6 years old and as I am now almost 39, I truly know the void that I have had and still have in my life for the last 33 years. May I offer this word of encouragement: May you find the true meaning of this loss and May My God watch over you and your children all the days of your life. As a Christian, your family will too be United Again in Heaven. It all will be Joy when My God calls us all home. In GOD's Holy Name. AMEN."
SFC Conner of FT Knox, KY GO USA

"Thank you so much for laying down your life for my freedom just as Christ layed down his life for us! Thank you for loving this country, serving this country and laying down your life so that others may live in peace. My prayers and thoughts are with your family."
Mike Langley of Buford, GA / USA

"james.R.I.Pyour homiez from G-unit. young buck,lloyd banks,50cent,the game,FREE YAYO!!!"
g-unit of jamiaca queens.nyc

"James was very brave. I thank him for fighting for our country. I hope you can feel better in time."
7th grade student of Barker Middle School

"I am a seventh grade student. You should be proud of James because he gave his life to try to stop terrorism in Iraq. Out of all of the people that we were researching James was responded to the most and it would be interesting to find out how James was like as a normal person."
7th Grade Student of Barker Middle School

"Greater love hath no man than this that he lay his life down for a friend. The Savior said that! This is his land and his Constitution. It was set up for the purpose of spreading light and precious liberty for all mankind...Something which all despots hate and in lock step are the anti-Christ liberals and heathens everywhere which includes Hollywood the world's bad example for immorality of all kinds..Of course we know they're not alone in that unholy endeavor. God Bless the sacrifice and memory of James M. Kiehl!"
John Guehlstorff of St. Joseph, Mo., USA

"You are in the thoughts of many Americans.

God be with you and thank you for the

sacrafice you made for me and our country!"
Donald Iarussi MFA of SLC, Utah

"I want to thank all who have helped put this beautiful and moving tribute here. It is an inspiration to all who see it, and will be remembered for a long time. Thank you."
Gary Kenyon of Corning, NY

"To the Mother,Father Wife and son of James M. Kiehl, I can say nothing that has not all ready been said about your loss accept I would gladly give my life if I could have saved all of the ones that have been given thus far but God watches over and protects so do not fear, Only Pray and God will answer.
"God has blessed america,Now how about America blessing God ?
With all of our Love The Kilby's"
Richard, J, Angelica, and Christian Kilby of Tehachapi, CA

"Thank you from Italy, thank you from Me and my family, thank you...
God bless all the soldiers in Irak."
Giorgio of Milan, Italy

"Thank you for the ultimate sacrafice to protect our freedoms."
Addison Miller, HMC(fmf)/USN(Ret) of Alderson, WV


"Iam man from Egypt ,,I live in Egypt
i never been to America ,,, but I feel
very sorry for the death of mr james"
mohamed of Egypt

"As I sit here in front of my computer all compfy and cozy,crying as I read about you,how you gave your life so I could sit here on my buff.I want to thankyou, James Kiehl, from the bottom of my heart,and to your son,I can say,he too will suffer but also benfit from the sacrifice that you made,I am sure he would rather have you,and your wife would rather have you,as this is physically impossible now,all they will have is your memory,your photos perhaps a video or two,I want to stress to you and yours,this is the only way I can share in your experiance and loss,Loss of a soul a human,an American.Thankyou very very much,I will always think of you and your sacrifce,along with the other brave men and women who have served and gone forward into the pits of "Hell"all in the name of "Freedom".My father was an United States Marine and back in the Vietnam era,I prayed every night for his safe return,and we did get him back,with stories of war and famine!I wish you too James had come home,I am sure your wife and son will carry on with their heads held high as you gave them the ability to pursue their dreams,life and Liberty!"God Bless America"...p.s. conratulations on your boy!I am sure you were there in "Spirit"as he came into this world a free, "American"!"
Barbara of Pensacola,FloridaU.S.A.

"Thank you to James for giving his life for his country so that we may all live in a more peaceful world. To the family of James, please know that James is in a more peaceful place than we could ever imagine. God bless you all..."
T. Poore of New Lisbon, IN. USA

"In loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.

As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN

"Tears roll down my face as I was watch James' funeral recession!! Not only crying for James and his family but thinking also about my uncle Larry who was a Phantom F-4 fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. He was the best of the best as a fighter pilot! He was shot down during a mission flying over Laos on Jan.3,1970 and his body to this day has never been found. I was 3 years old when this happened and I wish I would have been old enough to experience such a funeral for him as I just experienced now watching James' recession! James is a hero to this country! He WILL NEVER be forgotten! Rest in peace James and say hello to my uncle Larry for me! (if he's there)!!!!"
G Robinson of Omaha,Nebraska USA

"James, Hi son! This is your Mom, I know it's been a year since you left us. I wrote a small msg for all families of fallen heroes but could not write directly to you yet. The grieving process seems to take a long time in my family. I was angry, sad, worried about your wife and newborn son, and now I am numb. I know there is more to come. Be that as it may, I have come to honor you my beloved boy to go through yet another part. I will always miss/honor/love and respect who you are/what you've done and why you felt it was your time to go to Iraq for Freedom that I hope was instilled in you from us. I was asked what people could do to help when I first learned you were DUSTWUN. (Duty States Whereabouts Unknown). My first reaction was give me a 50 Cal. Rifle and all the ammo I and one other could carry, Send us over to Iraq so I can get my son back. Then the news came that you were found. I realized it was you in those first pictures that came over the TV with the POWs. You were the tall one on the Slab in the hospital. Then when our wonderful soldiers rescued J. Lynch and dug up you and your commrads-in-arms I knew in my heart that you were gone. I have every scrap of newpaper articles I can find, TV reports taped, and cards and letters from those who saw, knew you, and know me. I will always keep you in my heart as I have always done. I may not have been able to keep in as close of contact since you went to live with your dad in 1994, but I was always conscious of you and when you called me and we were able to keep in contact without your dad knowing this brightened my life more that I will ever be able to express. I will never know what happened to all the cards or letters I sent, or the phone calls that went unanswered. That will be between God, Randy & Jane. I LOVE YOU JAMES AND I ALWAYS WILL. God Bless All who went before you and All that will go after you. Your Loving Mother"
Carol Ann (Kiehl) Howland of Kingman, AZ / USN-USA

"Our prayers and thanks for a job well done. To all James'loved ones, thank God for the new baby boy, he will be very proud of his dad as he continues to grow. God Be with you all."
Sallie Butler of Bourne, MA

"James M. Kiehl and Family,
Thank you so much for your service to our country. You are not alone. May God be with you."
Lou Young of Lafayette, LA.

"Today I received a email of a soldier's funeral. I was in awe of the support that was given by this little town in Texas. As I read more about the young man, tears began to fall. I am truly sorry for your loss, and also would like to express my deepest heart's THANK YOU. I also just had a baby and could not imagine losing my husband. The pain in your heart for you & your son, has to be overwhelming. I know there are no words that can fill that pain in your heart, but I pray that some day God will send you a special blessing to help mend your heart. I wish you alot of love & peace in your life. My favorite verse is Proverbs 3:5-6."

"god bless you mrs. kiehl and know that james will always be a hero in americas eyes. He is a true hero...."
Terri of Huntington,wva

"On the anniversary of the loss of James M.Kiehl, may you rest assured that he is in a better place today, for it was just one year ago that God stood with open arms, looked down upon James and said, "Welcome Home Son.""
Al Piantkowski of Chicago, Illinois

"We Will NEVER FORGET !" As the first anniversary of the death of your loved one arrives;
Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering all your family and loved ones in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, James, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"My heart goes out to the familly of James M. Kiehl. I am the father of SPC Christopher James Holland, killed Dec. 17, 2003. I know your heart is just as heavy today as it was the day you found out about James death. Every day someones family or daughter is joining our ranks of bereaved families. God Bless all of our families who have lost a son or daughter and may you find comfort in knowing that so many love and miss him.
Jim Holland"
Jim Holland of Brunswick, Ga./USA

"I am touched to see the number of people touched by the life of James Kiehl. I would have been honored to have known him and been a part of his life."
of Phx, AZ

"Randy, Janie, Jill, and Nathaniel,
Hardly a day goes by that I do not think of James. I can still see him sitting across the desk from me, with that smile on his face. I remember the waiting, the pain, the sorrow and also the hope that James just may be alive. I know that my pain was nothing compared to yours. Here it is 18 March, 2004 almost a year later and it all still seems like a fog. I am proud of James and I am blessed that I can say that he was my friend. I know that he is in heaven, still the "gentle giant" and still holding out his hand to shake yours. The LOVING SHEPHERD HAS CALLED HOME ONE OF HIS VALUABLE SHEEP.
James be happy in paradise and some day
I know that I will see you again.
May God bless the soldiers who fight for our freedoms and May GOD ALWAYS BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
I love you . You have a place in my heart until we meet again on the other side."
Beverly Meier of Comfort, TX

"Have been wanting to contact you for months, but just didn't think I had the right words to say. I think I finally put all my thoughts for you, your family, and all those brave men and women put into a little web page I made. It will never make up for the ultimate sacrifice that your family has given, but I hope that it will let you know how much it means to the rest of us, not only around the country, but around the world. I hope you will take the time to go read all the entries in the prayer book. I think they will touch your heart in the greatest of ways!!! So from one disabled Vet to the family of a Vet giving the ultimate there is to give, here is the tribute page I made. I hope it will bring some peace to your hearts, and know how many of us out here support you and yours soooo much!!! God Bless James, You, and your family!!!


I hope you enjoy it, and that it will bring some peace to your hearts, knowing how many others out there appreciate what James did for all of us, and our country. We are all so sorry for your loss!!! But so proud of James!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dave Walker of Cibolo, Texas

"This has brought tears to my eyes, he is a hero to me and heros are worth fighting for. To hear of such sad things from the war can rign neone tears. Those pictures i saw of his funeral i saw with respect. For i will fight in memory of James M. Kiehl for i am a future officer i plan on going to west point and then being an officer and James M. Kiehl has inspirered me to do more then what is asked. He knew what we were fight for and i will do the same. Best wishes, Austin Crubel acrubel@hotmail.com"
Austin Crubel of Bloomington, WI

"Dear Mothers Kiehl,

I, too, was moved to tears while viewing the funeral of another of America's patriots. Sadly, ever the altar of Freedom must be sanctified with the blood of such brave men and women in order for the masses to know such blessings. Even moreso, many do not know the price paid by such honorable soldiers. Of all, it is not the politician or the lawyer, the teacher or the farmer that keeps us "The Land of the Brave and Home of the Free". No, it is the humble soldier who pays that price.
"All give some but some give all."

May God hold you in the Palm of His Hand. I pray for Peace to touch your hearts and heal the pain of loss. I also pray that James' son knows what sacrifice his father gave, not just for the children of Iraq but to the whole world, so that others may be free as well. God bless him.

Never forget Spc. James M. Kiehl, son/husband/father/soldier/hero. I know I shan't.

SSgt (ret) Bozzin of 20th century Alabama, U S of A

"I am the daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, and fiance of a military man and am thankful for the true heroes who are fighting for our country and to make this world a better place. To the Kiehl family, you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time as you mourn your son, husband, father, and friend."
Amy, 23 of Houston, TX

"Spc. Kiehl, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To The Kiehl Family,
I was moved by the images of Jame's funeral procession. He is a hero for our nation and a role model for future geneations to follow. I wanted to be a soldier but the Lord had other plans for me. I have mild cerebral palsy but do not let it stop me from attacking life. My dream was to be a soldier and defend the nation that I love. I am a middle school Social Studies teacher and part of my classroom dedicated to the memebers of our armed forces. They are my heroes, and motivators. It has been the kind words of military veteran's that have kept me focused. I thank you for your time and God Bless James. He in my book wil always be a hero. Thank You also to Vicki Pierce for the wonderful tribute and photos to a fallen soldier who died defending our freedom.
A Grateful American Citizen,
Brandon Brewer
Peoria, Arizona.
Brandon of Peoria, Arizona

"To the family: You should feel such pride for your son. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this sad event"
Hartford & Marlene Kramer of Little River SC

"To the Hero's family, we in Oregon thank you for the highest price that can be paid to our country! It's because of our fallen family members and the ones that are still out there protecting our interest's, fighting for our rights as well as our HONORS!!! I thank you, and am Honored that your son/Husband/father put his life on the line for me as I did for him. He is up there looking down on us and knowing that we are safer today than we were yesterday! I Salute him from my heart!!!!!!!"
Darel Houghton of Mt. Angel, Oregon(Giessen Germany)

"I just got a link to this website through an e-mailed forward. My heart goes out to you James and the blessed new soul brought into the world. He/She never got to meet you, but you will always be apart of them and the memories of you and momentos will live on forever. God Bless the family of James M. Kiehl and may your child be blessed as you watch over him/her."
Kelly of Galion, Ohio, USA

"To the Kiehl Family,

I am the very proud Grandson of a W.W. 2 U.S. Navy Veteran and the Very proud son of an U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran. I have never been in the military but have the utmost respect for those that have served our country or are doing so now or that have given their lives on the "Alter of Freedom" in all the conflicts this great country has seen. I am a Firefighter and know the feeling of loss, but I would never pretend to feel the things that you have felt during your loss. I wept when I saw the tribute to James and know that the U.S.A. and TEXAS was represented at their very best by him and his family and his Town. He went to protect our freedoms as well as give freedom to a people that have never known it. I assure you that the loss of James was not in vain. I have only a few words to say for such a great sacrifice. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil" PSALM 23 and the reason I shall fear no evil is because your Son, Father, Brother, Friend, U.S. Soldier is their guarding our way. "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The Brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all". May God hold you close to his side and may his light shine upon your family for the rest of time. "NEVER FOGOTTEN""
Jason Davenport of Houston, TEXAS U.S.A., Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave.

Fred of California, USA

"Today, because of James life and your lives, down to the very smallest child standing along the roadway, the very deepest and best in my soul has been stirred. I am compelled to be better, to act with more tenacity and focus, to look around with more awareness and gratitude, to give, relieve, improve and contribute...and I am but one.

I am consistently in awe of our unequaled country and its citizens, and humbled by their quality. Thank you for sharing all this, your effort makes a difference.

I desire to share with you and yours, my personal surety that God is, that He does love and know us, that He hears and answers our most personal and specific prayers. I have experienced this repeatedly. It is my experience that He turns all things to our good as we turn to Him and so none of our pain need be in vain...and He heals. I can not doubt it.

I pray you will be filled with Peace, Comfort, Understanding, Strength, Love and Joy!

With a full heart,"
M Durborow of S.L.C., America!

"To the parents of James M. Kiehl, today is Ash Wednesday and I will be attending Mass with prayers in my heart for your Son and you, along with all the other brave souls that have made the supreme sacrifice. Semper Fi"
Donald A. Stevens of Norfolk, Va.

"Thank you James and your fellow comrades for the great sacrifice you have made for this wonderful country. We are so proud to be Americans and we greatly appreciate the unselfish service you have extended to your fellow countrymen. May God richly bless the lives of your wife and son as they carry on without you here.
Thank you again for your sacrifice."
Terry and Debbie of Elmore City, Oklahoma

"God Bless James and his family!And thanks to James for his sacrifice for the freedom and safety of a most grateful nation!God Bless you James while you watch over your family and freinds and fellow troops in harm's way!Thanks for being one of America's defenders!!!Dan US Air Force Vet (sgt)"
Dan of Parma Heights,Ohio USA

"James, I too am a soldier. I was not able to have the opportunity to go to Iraq. I gave birth to my son Aug 31 2003. MY heart dies a little everytime I hear that one of my brother or sister have lost their live. Just remember there are people like your aunt and me who appreciate the scarifice you have made for your country. Thank you for helping keep our country free, for your son and mine. God bless you and your family.
stationed at Ft Eustis, Va SGT USA"
Ann Armour of Huffman, TX USA

"yo, i feel bad for your son ,, increase the peace,"

"I'm a Viet Nam Vet and a Deputy Sheriff from Lee County Florida. It is Americans like James that make our country free and allow us to go where we want, do what ever we want,and be what ever we want to be because James and other solders like him are standing guard to assure our freedom. One thing that really makes a solder proud is to know his community is behind him like the folks in his home town that were taking time out of their day just to honor their fallen solder."
John B. of Fort Myers, Florida, USA

"James M Kiehl and all of the other soldiers who lost their lives in this war will never be forgotten. They are the true heroes of this world. My prayers go out to the families of these brave soldiers who gave their lives so that their fellow countrymen can be free from terrorism. May God bless James' wife, son, parents,and other family members as they learn to accept their loss and remember him with wonderful memories."
Gail of Houston, TX USA

"If there were words that could ease
your pain I am sure that we would all
have said them many times for James's
fanily. James is in a better place now
and time well help to heal the pain you
now feel. I lost my brother in Korea
and time did take away some of the pain
but it will always be with you as it is
with my family.
My prayers are with you."
Eve Bennett of Minneapolis, MN.-USA

"My heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your son and husband. My son was one of the special ops soldiers that recovered his body. He has asked that I not identify him nor myself. I wanted you to know that my son and the men with him were heartbroken at the discovery of James and his fellow soldiers. Your son and husband was treated with respect and dignity by the special ops soldiers as they recovered James. My son is a very battle hardened young man but he was very tearful as he described the recovery process. I don't know if this helps but I hope in some way that the Lord will take care of you and provide the promise of a future reunion with James."
A father of a special operations soldier

"God bless you."
SPC Hardin

"i just want to tell you thank you james for looking over us....to his family my god be with you"
melissa of palmer tx, 75152

"God Bless your bravery and your love for our country. My prayers are with your family and may your legecy always be remembered. I too have a son in Iraq that is only 19, please pray for his safety as well as the other soldiers.
In God's Love and Grace,"
Jill Theobald of Troy, Ohio

"I can not begin to express my sympathy to James' family- to the dear wife and baby son I will pray that God will give you strength thru your life. To the new son- you have a Daddy that you can be VERY PROUD of and who is one of the bravest and BEST Soldiers. To James parents may his memories always be fresh in your minds.
God bless you all and Thank You for your son/husband/daddy who gave his life for the United States!"
Doris Tilley of Jackson, Ohio US

"For the family of James. I have no words to comfort your lose, for I am sure there are none to describe it, the lose of a Child is unimaginable to me. James you have given the ultimate sacrifice and your family is giving the ultimate pain. May God's prayers be with those who remorse for James. We pray he will ease their pain. Rest assured James is with God! God Bless!"
David L. Chapman Jr. USN Retired of Bristol, Tennessee/USA

"I salute you, James, for the sacrifice you have made for your country and your countrymen. I, too, served my country in a foreign land many years ago and was fortunate enough to make it home in one piece, at least physically. I say a prayer of thanks everyday that the Lord brought me home safely and another for those like you who have made the ultimate sacrifice. You and your family will always be in my prayers. God Bless and Thank You."
David J Gabor USMC of Milwaukee, WI USA

"Tears in my eyes and pain in my heart as I read and follow the photos of your funeral. You are a hero and a honored hero. A brother to all that have served. Rest in Peace my brother."
Buddy Hart....Vietnam Vet. 1963-1967 of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma....U.S.A.

"Tears in my eyes and pain in my heart as I read and follow the photos of your funeral. You are a hero and a honored hero. A brother to all that have served. Rest in Peace my brother."
Buddy Hart....Vietnam Vet. 1963-1967 of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma....U.S.A.

There are those who will never know what we know. Those that sit in the comfort of their BMWs while we spit desert sand out of our parched mouths riding in the back of a 12 pack. The fear we feel knowing each day may be our last while the windsor-tied worry whether or not there stock portfolio will carry them to retirement. We have seen the oppressed,the suffering yet still have to hear those whine about not having enough in their welfare check to last them until the next. We have seen it, we have felt it. Still we fight because it is in us. Maybe we realize how good we really have it because we have been to other countries and have seen what can and does happen to people who do not have the means to make things better. Know that someday, this country will truly appreciate the sacrifice you have made. They may not know you, but this American does. I know you because you are a soldier and I am a soldier. The only difference between you and me is you have made the ultimate sacrifice. Know that it is not in vain."
American Serviceman of Japan

"Your loved one is now in the arms of our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.He fought his battle and is now receiving his reward.God bless his family"
jean of Gloster,Ms.-Amite

"To the family and friends of James M. Kiehl,

Just know that you still have the memories of a very special person that did what he was called to do. To serve and to protect you and I from evil forces. As I look at all the notes posted for you, I can't help but notice that they are from men, women, boy's and girl's from around the world. How much more of a tribute can you ask? God bless to you and your family and know that James did what God called him to do."
Dave Yoder of Elkhart, In.

"Thank you James. Thank you for all you have sacrificed for America's Freedom. OUR freedom. There simply aren't enough words to convey the level of gratitude felt. You will never be forgotten."
Michelle of Houston Texas USA

"There aren't words enough to convey my sympathies for the loss of James. And there aren't days enough to express my gratitude for all he sacrificed so that me and mine may live in peace. To his sweet wife and darling son...thank you; you will be in my daily prayers."
Laurie Wells of Moody, TX/USA

"To James and the family:
Thank you so much for all you've done and given up."
tracy of MI

"To the family and friends of James.
My family is so proud to be a part of such a great country.Your son paid the extreme sacrifice and for this you should be proud over the years your memories will never dim only grow stronger with each passing moment I grieve with you and can only hope by the Grace of God we shall meet with James yet again.As a veteran of the U.S Army I salute you James God Speed"
Richard A Marsteller of Boomer North Carolina

"Thank-you is not enough. There is a time to die, and a time to be born. A time to build and a time to tear down. May your sacrifice and the life of your son reflect on the honor you bring to your family and ultimately to our country. May God keep you & your family in his care."
MaryAnn Suto of Mt. Marion, N.Y.--USA

"MY heart goes out to all of you. My husband was wounded in Iraq but he was able to come home to us. You'll be in our prayers. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!!"
SSG Thomas & Leigh Slago of Ft. Stewart, GA USA

"My name is Brian. I am 12 years old. I want to thank you for giving your son so that I may grow up to be whatever I want to be and doing it freely. Thank you, all of you soldiers out there, wherever you may be serving."
Brian of Long Island, NY USA

"I thank you for going on that LAST PATROL!I am aviet nam vet so it sorrows me young men still] must die."
Don Brewster of Eustis Fl.

"In Memory of SPC James M. Kiehl

May the Lord lift you high
May his Angels keep your wings fluttering...
May the Love of this Country The Good Ole USA be blessed from God Above...
May your soul James be kept a float on Angel Wings from up above....
Thanks James for keeping our Country free and my children and I safe....GOD BLESS THE USA...."
Y. Welborn of Hillsdale, Mi USA

I can't thank you enough for the sacrifice you have given. Through your sacrifice, me, my husband and my 3 children are free and safe!! To your sweet wife and little one, I will pray for you daily! I can't imagine giving all you have given for this country and for me and my family. God bless you and your little one with anything you may need and all the blessings you can handle. Yours Very Respectfully,

Marybeth Harris"
Marybeth Harris of Woods Cross, Ut, USA

"My wife and I are in the Army and our hearts go out to you and your family. May Heavenly Father Bless you, especially to know and feel of his lasting love."
Jonathan & Dulcie of Fort Leavenworth, KS

"My husand, son and father served in the United States Marines. I have a heavy heart everytime I hear of a fallen solider. My heart and prayers are with the family of James M. Kiehl, who made this world a much better place because of his service. I am very proud of Mr. James M. Kiehl."
Gerald and Denise Brannon of Euless, Texas

"My heart and prayers are with you and your family. It was my privilege and honor to serve with dedicated, loyal and selfless men like your son for 21 years. Each loss tears us apart individually, but our country is stronger for it. I applaud your part in the upbringing of this dedicated young patriot, and wish you to know that the veterans of this country pray for you and yours every day."
MSgt S.Davis (retired) of Panama City, Florida

"I would that I had met him, but his acts of courage and generosity have enriched our world just as clearly as if he had been a son to each of us. Thank you for your sacrifice."
AB of State College, PA

"when l watched the preceeding moment before james was cremenated l agree that life is a process and a phase, the very few thing required is petriotism if you blame james where is the honour then, adieu a good gentleman"
livingstone akaninwo of port harcourt, river state,, nigeria

"May god bless you in the time of sadness. May you always remember he is a hero.Thank you for your son. He fought for his country."
Shari Aughtman of Niagara Falls, Ny

"Thank for your son,I am sure he was an incredidle soldier and a true hero to our country,God Bless you and your family."
Florence and Larry Cox of Las Vegas NV

"Thank you for making the world and this country safer and free. We will always remember your ultimate sacrifice."
M. Favetti of San Francisco, CA

"To the family of James M. Kiehl,
May G-D bless the memory of your son. You should bevery proud. My Heart goes out to the whole family in these times of sadness.
G-D bless you all"
Ryan S. of Los Angeles, CA

"As I scrolled through the pictures of the funeral procession for American Hero James Kiehl, I began to cry knowing full well that the sorrow I feel does not even begin to compare with the sorrow of the family of this young man. I am a wife and a mother and cannot even contemplate the loss of my husband or son. Only those who have experienced the same loss can appreciate your loss, but just know that your family are in our hearts and prayers. James did not die in vain. He died for my freedom and the freedom of all Americans AND Iraqis and for that ultimate sacrifice, words cannot praise enough. Just know that you will see James again in Glory with a crown of jewels on his head, for like Christ, he died so that others may live!"
Joni Hummel of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"To the family, I am very greatful that your son was fighting for ALL American's freedom. I am sorry about your loss. He will never be forgotten because of his courage God Bless"
Kristie of Creston, OH, USA

"Thank you for this site. I'm not emotional and it moved me to tears and reminded me to be proud of my country and for those who are defending it and have given their lives doing so. Thank you."
Kay Swor of Pearland, TX

"To the family of James M. Kiehl,
Thank you so much for your sacrifice. As proud Americans, my family and I are truly grateful. I know you all must be very proud of James. If there is a positive side to this is that James died with honor and for a just cause. Thank you again. Our prayers are with you."
Dale Horton of Schulter, OK

"We are a family of Military Vets.
Our heartfelt prayers for the Family and Friends of James M. Kiehl."
Connie Babcock of Laceyville,Pa. 18623

"It is people like you, James, who make this country great."
Edward O'Neal of Norfolk, Virginia

"I am sorry for your loss.... We have the greatest honor as to serve our God, Country and Family. When the time comes, we pass a legacy.... Service to our fellow brother or sister, and to their memory. We shall uphold the fallen as a light to the future. They who fall are the example of Honor, Courage and Commitment. We do not question the honor in their death. We respect what they stood for and most importantly the individual. He will live forever in your hearts and as the heart of the Army. My utmost respect to him and to your family. I am truly sorry for your loss."
SSgt William Gibson USMC of Stationed Okinawa Japan


"Rest in eternal peace brave soldier!"
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"May God Bless you and your family."
Cathy of Corpus Christi, Texas

"Your husband, son and daddy was and is a hero. Let the purpose of his life shine through yours. Thanks from a fellow soldier. God Bless"
James Moore of Fort Belvoir, VA

""Thank You" seems so inadequate, but I am moved beyond words. I have a cousin in Iraq who should be coming home soon. My gratitude to all military personnel is boundless. You are the reason I enjoy my freedom and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
G. Brown of Lewisport, KY USA

"I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said to you from so many people. But from my heart to you I say thank you for this sacrifice made by James Kiehl and your courage as a family.

Thank you for sharing this painful time with us so we too may stop and pay tribute."
Ed Gibbs of Houston, Texas

"Very moving website. james is obviously a hero to your community!"
Jeff Campbell of Houston, TX

"Just as my dad served in the Navy during the Second World War to keep this country free, THANK YOU JAMES FOR THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE, I know my dad would thank you to if he were still with us!"
Ron Grubbs of Bristol, Tennessee

"To the Family of James -
Not being an American Citizen, - I`m from the U.K.,I`m not really certain what real right I have to make a contribution here.The details of the funeral of James were sent to me as an email,by a very dear friend who lives in California,and the tears are still in my eyes.As a former school teacher,the text and images pertaining to the youngsters lining the funeral route,had a particular resonance with me.
I first visited the U.S.in 1975,and immediately fell in love with America,and its people.I have visited regularly ever since.The marvellous tributes to James,and the honour given to him,are one more reason why I love you all so much.
I`m not a particularly "religious" man,but I like to believe that James,along with all the other brave heroes,is in God`s loving arms,and He is looking after him until the day when you will all be reunited again.
James left behind a little son;I`m sure he will grow up into a fine young man,and with the immense pride of knowing that his dad made the supreme sacrifice in order that others may be freed from the shackles of tyrany.
My love and sincere condolences to family,friends,and acquaintances of James in your tragic loss.God bless you all,
God Bless America.
Martin (mar_onds@hotmail.com),- England,... also the Land of the Free"
Martin Hammonds of United Kingdom


"My heart was so touched to see how the people of Texas honored not only their hero but one who is a hero to all of us in the nation. To James' wife, son and his parents - I am sincerely sorry for your loss. May the God of heaven comfort you in your loss. I recently lost a child and can feel your extreme pain in such a loss. Thank you all and God bless you all."
Jane Musick

"'The curse of [the] profession...partly from a love of country imparted by each to each, most of all from a love of their fellow man.
'...it HAD mattered, that freedom had a price, that some men must pay that price else there would be no flag, no Constitution...
'...yes, it was worth the price, no man who could rationalise the death of a child be truly called a man at all, and...real feelings were reinforced by the same humanity that compelled them to a life of sacrifice.'
--Tom Clancy, 'Without Remorse'

With undying graatitude for the ultimate sacrifice"
El of Hackensack, NJ USA

"May your post in heaven be to watch over your fellow soldiers who are still anywhere in harms way. I thank you so much. I thank your family so very much.
You are a hero of mine from now on."
Margie S. of Brandenburg, Ky, USA

"This poem was written on a wall in a barracks somewhere in Iraq. I believe that Time Magazine had a picture of it in their "Person of the Year" Issue.
"And when he gets to heaven,
To Saint Peter he will tell:
"Just another soldier reporting, Sir.
I've served my time in Hell.""
May your loss not be in vain."
Nathan J. Wright, SSgt, USAF of Texas


"to the family of James M. Kiehl,I was so moved by the Texas Funeral site.. I have an 18 yr old stepson in AIT right now who wants to follow his father's footsteps into the 82nd Airborne and be a Ranger too. I am so grateful for your son's/husband's/father's sacrifice. I agree with the sentiment from an earlier post.. your daughterinlaw and grandson have suffered much but I think that God has placed her in her your Comfort and care.I pray for peace and love and Gods own Comfort for your whole family.. Thank-you again for sharing this prescious moment with the all of us."
Carmen Givens of Hickory North Carolina USA

"I salute You & Thamk You for your ultimate sacrafice."
SFC Rabaut, USA Rtd. of Tallahassee, FL

"I would like to thank James for his sacrifice for his country and the honor he shown for being a volunteer soldier who gave the utmost for God and country. We will see you on the high ground. God bless."
H. Orange, SGM (RET) of Greenville, Tx

"To the family of James M. Kiehl, Your son will never be forgotton. Because of his sacrifice and bravery the world is a better place to live. I pray that God will always watch over his son and let him know what a great dad he has. May God bless you and your family.
My wife and I will always be grateful to you James M. Kiehl."
Grover and Edna Champion of Memphis, TN

"To the family of James M. Kiehl,
James made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. I know that I can not feel the pain and sorrow that you feel. Please know that I am greatful for the sacrifice you all made. I am proud to be a Texan and American. James and the many others that have sacrificed for our freedoms are hereos in my heart. James and you will be in my prayers and thoughts.

Please let his son know that his father is a heroe and admired by many. May God be with you and bless you.

Thank you,"
Bob Little of El Campo, Texas

"God bless your memory and may your son grow to know the fine man & soldier that you were.
Thank you for your service & sacrifice, We will not forget you."
Steve Schram of Milwaukee, WI U.S.A.

"I thank God for you and the sacrifice you paid for our country. May God rest your soul at peace. Mrs. Kiehl, God bless and keep you and your child."
Sharon Baker of Cameron, NC

"I am a 50% SC Veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. I thank God for MEN the caliber of James M. Kiehl and I thank God for the caliber of those who are and have honored him in Texas. And I thank God for TEXAS. You all are worth defending!"
Gary King of North English, Iowa USA

"Sometimes there aren't words powerful enough to express feelings. This is one of those times. What these soldiers do with their selfless acts to try and improve not only the United States of America but countries all over the world is something words could never define. From a "proud to be American" girl from a small town in Arizona I want to say thank you to James M. Kiehl, may you rest in peace and to all the military members and their families. I too have family members in the military and pray for them and all our soldiers everyday. May God bless America."
Kindra Waite of Queen Creek, AZ United States of America

"I am glad that there is a project like this to show honor, support, and respect to the ones that have lost thier lives for our country. I'm very sorry that it has to be our young men and women to do this. But to have the person next to you die for that reason is a tragic event and can be hard on the family. You and every other person that has lost a loved one in the act of duty has my honor and sympathy. Yours Truly"
Kris of Bluffton Indiana

"May He lift you up on eagle's wings, James. Thank you for your love of Country and your Sacrifice. May God Bless and keep your dear family."
JC Iarussi of North Canton, Ohio/USA

"To the family of SPC James M. Kiehl:
"Never before have so many owed so much to so few"! SPC James M. Kiehl is a true American Hero! His and your sacrafices must and WILL never be forgotten! Thankyou James for making this world a safer place for all. God Bless you and your family!"
Doug Cassella, Major, USAFR ( Pilot United Airlines) of West Haven, CT ...USA

"Thanks to brave men like Spc. James Kiehl, the Iraqi people are free, and Sadaam is in prison where he will be held accountable for his evil ways. No amount of double talk, or liberal-biased lies will ever change that. Your family can be proud of what you did, and what you died for. FREEDOM for all mankind."
David Rummel of Plymouth, MI, USA

"Thank you for your heroism and for making the ultimate sacrifice. May your fellow citizens never forget you."
Don Hayes of Clifton, NJ USA

"Thank you for your sacrifice! Thoughts and respect!"
Linda Mitchell of Nevada, Texas USA

"To the Family and Friends of James M. Kiehl. I did not know your loved one; however, James died for me and my loved ones for our freedom that we are so blessed with. He will be in my memory for the remainder of my life. God bless you all for your sacrifice, and God Bless our Country."
Ann Reagan Swanson of San Antonio, Texas, USA

"To the family of SPC Kiehl, remember that earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. God Bless You!"
A fellow Soldier of Heidelberg, Germany

"I should take my hat off to you for what you've done. I respect all the U.S soldiers who devoted their lives to other countries. I love your country and "GOD BLESS U.S.A FOREVER""
of South Korea

"To the family of Spc.James Kiehl and all of the familes of our service people who have served so honorably for our country, my family sents its thanks and appreciation. We are sadden for your sorrow; but so greatful for your service.
We hope that all families, that have not had such an open expression of graditude such has been shown by this town in Texas, will know that we, Americans, are so proud of you. We know that America will stay strong and free because of your service. We pray for your safety. We support you. And we are most thankful for your service to our country.
God bless our service people...
God bless our President G.W. Bush...
V. Martin
Victoria Martin of Garland,Texas USA

"Your son, and the people of Texas, who expressed their sorrow at his loss,are what makes this country something very
special, and great. His loss, as the loss of so many who went before him in the service of their country, will always be remembered by all of us who have served as well. Thank you !"
LCDR Bob Prinselaar of St. George, Utah


""To the family of James M. Kiehl. There are no words to say how sorry I am for your loss. I am an ex-U.S. Navy veteran (female) from the Viet Nam era. Still, this site brought tears to my eyes. Your son is a real hero, which may not be much comfort to you, but also know that the love and prayers of me and my family and friends are with you and all the soldiers and their families."
Karen Rasmussen Duquette of Cooper City, FL (USA)

"To the family of James M. Kiehl. I am a SSG in the U.S. Army. I was very moved by the Texas style funeral. I have lost many friends that have paid the ultimate price for freedom, and many more have been lost that I didn't know. But not ONE of those lives fails to move me when they are lost. I thank you for your son and his efforts and patriotism."
SSG Sampson, Jeffrey A. of Camp Hovey, Korea

"For the family of James M. Kiehl...know that now James' eyes fall on the glory of the King! May the breath of heaven lighten your dark days and bring you peace. Our hearts are saddened for your loss."
Lori Updegraff of Houston, TX

"I am from a small town of Dixon,Il.I Salute you James M. Kiehl for your ultimate sacrifice to our nation.May God be with you and your family.As a Navy veteran of eight years,I was proud,and I know you were too.My condolences to the family and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
Richard E.Herbon of Dixon,Il. U.S.A.

"I, too would like to say Thank You to Specialist Kiehl. you were too young to leave this world, but we will remember you always. For all our forgotten soldiers I send a "God Bless You All"."
janet of alabama

J.P."DOC" BEST of Nashville, Indiana


AGAIN THANKS...................."

"GOD bless this beloved young man. How grateful we all should be for young men who so bravely give their life for each of us. My brother who fought in the South Pacific, died recently. He should have had a full Military funeral but was denied this last tribute because his daughters did not think anything about him fighting so bravely during WW 2. Thank GOD this young man was given full military services. To the family of this young man,THANK YOU FOR HAVING A BRAVE AND HEROIC SON. My heart goes out to each and every veteran
who so willingly fight for our freedoms.
He will long be remembered. A thankful
American /"
E. Sanford of Shreveport, La.



""Thank You" doesn't even seem appropriate, but it is all the words I have. My heart knows how deeply appreciative I am of your service and your life, my mind just can't put it into words. Please forgive me, but know that you did NOT die in vain!"
Cheryl McCorcle of Coweta, OK

"Dear James M. Kiehl,
Thank you and your precious family for your sacrifices. May God Bless you all abundantly. Remember, James, you gave your life for us and so did God. You followed the perfect Roll Model.Blessings to you and all our fallen souldiers."
Richard Bobay of Charlotte, NC , USA

"God bless these fallen soldiers and their families. If it were not for men and women like these, our country could not be free.
Marlene Hanna"
Marlene Hanna of Montgomery, AL, USA

"Thank you SPC. Kiehl from Jason's mom.
Rosie Molano Blount
SPC. Jason C. Soliz is now serving in Iraq."
Rosie M. Blount of Pecos, Texas

"As you were a hero & protector on earth, you are now your family's hero & angel in heaven. Thank you."
Tonya,Cole,Trevor,Elijah Dingler of Daisy Ar USA

"Thanks for your ultimate sacrifice so that I and my fellow americans can live in relative security.. I also am a veteran having served in the Air Force. May God bless and keep you in heaven where you belong."
Ted Weskamp of Canon City, Co USA

"From the small town of Luna Pier, Michigan and American Legion Post 193, we salute you James M. Kiehl"
Thomas Gray Serv. Officer of Luna Pier,m Mi.

"Thank you for both your courage...you, James and your family....may you now be safely in the Lord's presence..."
Connie Cole of Parkland, Florida

"To the Kiehl family,
My heart goes out to you all.
May God Bless You all."
Bonnie of Pleasanton, TX/USA

"To the family of SPC James Kiehl,
Your son has my and his country's honor and respect. I am a Persian Gulf War Veteran, and although I would have, I fortunately did not have to make the sacrifice James or his comrades made. With honor and respect I hold him in highest regards, and pray for his wife, and child. Mom, (Jill), please never let your son forget his daddy, its your job as a military wife. Someday he may choose to join the military in honor of his father, and I hope he will have your support no matter how much it scares you to death. My prayers and the prayers of my husband, my children, and my family are with you always Jill, and your family as well. Anytime u need someone who you do not know personally to talk to or just to hear you scream at the world, I am here. stacyloca2@yahoo.com ANYTIME.
With Love and Respect!
Stacy L. Scanlan, Gulf War Veteran, and PROUD military wife."
Stacy Scanlan of Fort Irwin, National Training Center, California

"Thank You James for your unselfish act of bravery. We will miss you. May God Bless your family always."
Tammy of San Antonio, Texas

"I pray for James, his wife, Nathaniel, and your family, nightly with my 3 young daughters. They pray that yall's "hearts stop hurting." I pray for the same and for sweet angel Nathaniel to feel his daddy's heart beating inside him always. As a mommy of little ones, I think and pray extra for your daughter in law with a little angel to raise without James. But from what I see, God couldn't have placed her in a better family...in law or blood...than she has. Thank you for giving and sacrificing your son James for the safety of my 3 little girls, my husband, and myself. God bless you all."
Amy Dzuik of St. Hedwig, Texas/USA

""Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear" - Ambrose Redmoon.

James, paid the ultimate price. Thank you James for your courage and dedication to our country. Thank you."
Augie Flores of San Antonio, Texas/USA

"the james hanson you in to go away"
jameshanson of canhion 3state

"James I can not express how I feel about your loss to your family. You are one very fine soldier. I know your family is very very proud of you sir. Your brothrs and sisters of the 507th will never forget you and nigier will I, YOU made this old soldier very proud of you.

To the Family of James I am very sorry for your loss but James did not die in vane for they did catch the crazy one that forced our hand.

God is with you in your time of need and is giving you the streghth to carry on.

John Wind Aka Sarman19b of San Antonio Tx

"I am so sorry for your loss. I cried and cried for your family but felt so very proud that it is children as yours and my son who love their country enough to risk their lives for that cause. Remember 911 and May God Bless You and your precious family. I will keep you and yours in my daily prayers."
Yolanda Cuellar of San Antonio

"To the family of James Kiel'
My heart felt condolences goes out you on the loss of your son.He is certainly a hero for without people like him we would not live the life of freedom in this country as we do today.May God Bless you always"
Jenny McKibben of Orlando, Fl

"May God bless your family for your supreme gift. No words will ever bring your child back but I am thankful for his being. Just remember:
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise GOD.
Difficult moments, seek GOD.
Quiet moments, worship GOD.
Painful moments, trust GOD.
Every moment, thank GOD!"
Denise Prince-Hinton of Chespeake, Va.

"I'm not a person who is moved easily to tears, but I cried when viewing the pictures from the funeral procession and reading the messages that had previously been left. I felt great sadness that this poor man had been lost, but even more so, great pride for the ideals that he stood for. Thank you to the family for raising this courageous man so well. Take pride in his life and deeds. Revel in the fact that we caught The Evil Tyrant Saddam and that your son most definitely did not die in vain! I will pray that the Lord keeps you close to him and helps every step of the way! Freedom comes at a high price sometimes, but the things most precious and dear to us are always the most expensive! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!"
Stepheyne Cambron of Louisville, KY

"To James Family
I am so very sorry for you lose and at the same time very proud of you all! My Father was a vet of WWII and he taught us to be very proud of our country. Before he passed away in the summer of 2003 he told me that his proudest moment was becoming a soldier representing the USA. Thank you again, an know that the entire country will lift you up in our prayers."
Robin of Frankfort KY

"To the family of James M. kiehl:

I am so sorry about the loss of your Angel-Our Hero James.He is now in a better place up in heavan where God has
set a special section for our

May God bless James' soul,his family and friends,Our President George W. Bush,and our entire Military."
Nick Ayoub of Upper Montclair,NJ

"We can NEVER thank you enough for the sacrifices you've made on behalf of this nation. I thank God daily for the privilege of living in America and for the brave men, like James, who are willing to lay their lives on the line so that freedom continues in this land. May God bless and comfort in a very special way the families of those who have given their very BEST!"
Kathy Roberts of Denton, TX

"James stands for everything we americans hold dear. He willingly gave his life to protect all of ours. I wish we could convey our deepest respect and love to this dear young man, but he is hearing those words from God. I am a military spouse who has sent a son to fight over there. Our country deeply appreciates all that these young men and women are doing, unlike statements a certain female country singing group and former first lady would lead you to believe. I wish to thank his wife for her love and support of this special young soldier. You will be in our prayers."
Frankie Bennett of Omaha, Nebraska

"I'm so sorry.

Thank you."
Dean Esmay of Westland, MI, USA


"To the family of James Kiehl - Please accept my heart-felt condolences for the ultimate sacrifice made by your son to ensure the freedoms we enjoy in this great country are protected. I was truly moved by the numerous and divergent people who paid tribute to your son - it brought tears to my eyes through out the funeral procession to the cemetary. Thanks for raising such a hero. God Bless"
Butch Wallace, CTICM, USN of Pensacola, Florida

"I am a SGT in the Army. I had a similar experience this summer. My brother SGT Travis Burkhardt was killed on D-Day. The day I found out the Army had me in Kuwait waiting for the firts flight back to the U.S. My father picked me up at the air port and we went back to Edina (the small town in Missouri we were from). When I first got there I noticed that all of the flags for miles around were at half mast. My father owned the lumber yard in Edina. Someone put flowers infront of the display windows. Within 2 days there were so many flowers, flags, and pictures you could hardly walk on the side walk."
SGT Justin R. Burkhardt of Returning to kuwait in a day or two

"Dearest Mrs. Kiehl,

May God keep you and comfort you and help as you continue on with your life. My wife and I want to pass on our heart felt thanks to SP4 Kiehl and to you. Sometime we forget that it is not only the soldier who is in the military but his or her wives or husbands, sons and daughters, girlfriends and boyfriends, mothers and fathers. When a soldier is loss, let us not forget that what he or she leaves behind. I for one will never forget having loss soldiers during my time. Know this Mrs. Kiehl, when people look back at history and someone asks “What did Jim do in his life, How did he leave his mark” America can say, “It was he who gave us another day of freedom and without him we may have had one less day”

I Thank You; My Family thanks you for the sacrifices you and your son has made. God Speed.

1SG & Mrs. Marque H. Davis
1SG, U.S. Army Ret."
1SG Marque H. Davis RET of Annapolis, Maryland, USA

"Dear Brother in Arms
Thank you for paying the ultimate price for our freedom. You have helped to make this world a better place and you will be remembered by all. I honor you and will remember the fallen soldiers I myself fight for. In the name of God and our Country, Amen.

SSGT Lisa Compton
of Germany

"Dear James. I ponder knowing that you are laid to rest in a place called Comfort, Texas. You and all the young men and women in all the wars we have been engaged in give us who are left behind much comfort knowing that we have been kept from harms way by your gift of duty to country. Son, you have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. I ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to welcome you into his kingdom and to give comfort to your family and loved ones in their grief. God Bless America."
Gerald & Mary Ann Hanson of Raleigh, NC

"Iam very proud of all the Soldiers for saving and protecting our country and i truly feel sorrow for the ons fallen in any kind of war,"
Gabriele Dunnicliff of Covina Ca. USA

"Thank you James. You are a hero for all to look up to. Thank you to James' parents. My son is in the Navy, a submariner. I can imagine your sorrow as I fear the same end for my own son as he rides in the deep bowels of the oceans and under the polar icecaps. Your scarifices are truly realized by the people of America and parents and families of all military personnel. May God hold you in the palm of his hand until you are reunited with your wonderful young soldier boy."
Disy Yarbrough of Baytown, Texas

"To the family of James M. Kiehl,

I am not a person who came from a military background, I am not a person who has military time or duty, I don't have any family in the military right now to speak of, but I do want you to know that I am a man who is very greatful to people like your son who has paid the ultimate price so I can go to bed at night and wake up in the morning. I have 3 kids of my own that one day might join the service. I would never want any harm to come to any of them, but would be very proud to say that my son or daughter is serving in the military so you and I can be free. I don't think that anyone who is in the service is there because they have to be, I'm sure that they are there because they want everyone of us to feel free to say and do what ever we want, to go where ever we want and to love who ever we want. I just read the story of how everyone paid their respect to James in Texas and I was very proud of them all, but let me also tell you that your son, grandson, uncle, brother, cousin and friend has touched the hearts of so many of us in other parts of the country. I bet there are even many people in Irac that are very proud and give thanks to James. This is more then just a life lost. James will always be a hero in our hearts and for that I give my heart felt thanks to you all for not only giving us his life but his memories. May God bless you all and may you all never have to go through this again. Thank you, Thank James, Thank God!"
John Housley (RepoAce111@aol.com) of Phoenix, Az

"My prayers for comfort go out to you and all those who have lost loved ones. As a mother of 3 sons who are serving our country right now, my heart breaks for you. I pray that our soldiers can finish the tasks that your loved ones gave their life for. God bless you."
Shelleye Phillips of Florence, MS


"OMG Another young life snuffed out in the line of Duty to his country! My Prayers are with James's Family and the Whole town of Comfort TX. I am praying that this will all end soon and our boys can come home safely!!!"
Bonnie Hubbard of Northport, NY USA

your son will someday read how you gave your life so we may enjoy FREEDOM!

mac of Las Vegas,nv


"I would like to thank all of the parents that have allowed their brave children to serve and protect this GREAT country of ours. WE will never forget the fallen and what they have done for us. God Bless You and your family."
Allen of Austin, TX

MSgt E.A Drummond of Marine Corps Base Iwakuni Japan

"As I read the memorial page for your family Hero James M Kiehl. It caught my 7 year old daughter eye. I bagan to read it to her. She like to know about such events that involve the USA. I find it very hard to explain this WAR stuff to a 7yr. old that is very interested in world events. In a way that she can undersatand when I have a hard time myself. We have wrote to soilders and sent packages. Yet here lately I have slacked. This made realize that I need to get back on the ball due to the soilders for the USA never slack. I will lend the helping hand. In closing the only thing that my daughter could say with tears "I am thankful that her kept me safe". and that "it is a sad feeling for a soilder to die." As tears fell from her eyes. We then said a prayer. You will be in our prayers. God bless you!!!!!"
Maurica and Trentliegh of Chesterfield Indiana

"Thank you James for your sacrifice for God & Country.
To James' family as a veteran and more importantly the father of a serviceman and uncle of several young service people still there I share your loss and thank you for supporting James in his chosen profession. I pray for our service members left to complete the job of bringing down terrorism. To James wife and son never forget him, he is a hero to most of us in America, never let yourself stay mad at him for choosing to be a soldier, it is normal to be upset that he'd choose this way of life and its important to never let the politicans or those ungrateful few who protest this war in the name of politics, or to further their own financial gain like the Dixie Chicks or actors and actresses that make a living protesting the American servicemen. Never let them ever ever make you feel James died for nothing... My best friend from the time we were seven yrs of age SP4 David Owen Roberts gave his life in Vietnam on 31 Jan 1968 at nineteen for God and Country....I spent 29 years in the military, worn a POW bracelet from 1972 and never ever let the liberal left wing protestors degrade the service and my best friend's life by accepting nothing but the truth of the suppression and murder of the Vietnam people and the defeat of communism. Your James gave his life to defeat terrorism not just in Iraq but the entire world, Iraq just happens to be the largest country of support for terrorist as well as the greatest number of terrorists. Please save only truthful positive stories from James friends who were with him in combat and knew him personally. And keep all these emails from the web site to let your son know how much many of us thought his daddy a true patriotic hero for our times. Someone once wrote all of America's Heroes were gone and we didn't seem to have any anymore, especially when you read about the dishonest and criminal activities of sports figures, actors, etc. Well James we have you and all your fallen fellow servicemen and women since 911. Your my hero son, God Bless you; and God Bless your family and I know your son will grow up very proud of who his father was and what you did for Our America. From my family what and what you did for us; we Thank You.
Most Sincerely"
Lieutenant Commander Jim Flowers, USN (Ret.) of Florida, United States of America

"i'm so sorry, i pray god will bless his family. i have a son in iraq. james you are our hero."
wanda may of huddy, ky.

"To the family of James M. Kiehl,
I understand your loss and thank you for the sacrifices you have made on behalf of all humanity. My brother remains missing in action in Vietnam and so I can empathize with you. I am sure you are very proud of James in his willingness to serve and give his life so that others could live in freedom. God bless all of you...especially his wife and son. In deep respect, Judie Mills Taber, sister of MIA LCDR. James B. Mills, USNR, 9-21-66, N. Vietnam"
Judie Taber of La Habra, CA, USA

"What a Lovely memory of a father he will never know. This is what this country is about. To all that have lost love ones, my prayers are with you, to those who worry day by day about their loved ones serving, my prayers are with you....please remember, you raised decent, patriotic, loving Christian children.......and God is and will hold them in his loving care"
Leslie of Hesperia, California

"I can hardly see my keyboard. My eyes are filled with tears. My heart hurts for his family, his wife and his young son who will never know his father.
God bless each of you. God will be your strength in this time of sorrow."
Bob Bailey, 73 of Austin, Texas

Tony Skrzat of RED HILL, PA

"Athletes are not heroes, actors are not heroes, rock stars are not heroes......James Kiel is a hero. God bless James, God bless his family and God bless America."
Glenn Kolodny of Plano, Tx

"It is awful to lose a loved one in time of war. We pray for you and your family. There is no greater thing a man can do, but to lay down his life for another man. My Dad fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II. He received a Bronze Star there. I just lost him on January 22, 2003. I know you miss your loved one as much as I do my father. God bless you all."
Jerry Williams of McKinney, TX

"To all or Service Men/Women. My Heartfelt Thanks to all of you. I am so proud of all of you, and the US of A.
May god bless you all, protect you, and your families. I Salute all of you for your williness to give your all to protect us. Love from every American for your sacrafices is very appreciated."
Mike of Minnesota


"I want to thank you for having your son serve this country. He gave up his life to make sure I could have freedom, he gave up his fatherhood so I could visit my sons and daughter, he gave his life so I could go to work and still complain, he gave up his life so I could have the freedom of voting, he gave up his life so I could sleep in a warm bed at night, he gave up his life without knowing me or my family. Your son gave up so much for me. Thank you again. My prayers are with you at this time. I pray that his son will know what a brave man his father was."
Joanne McGinnis of Tucson, AZ USA

"Our hearts and prayers are with you James and also with your wife and newborn. You are more than a hero! You will never be forgotten."
Ed & Maureen Ralston of Surfside Beach, SC/Horry

"Our hearts and prayers are with you James and also with your wife and newborn. You are more than a hero! You will never be forgotten."
Ed & Maureen Ralston of Surfside Beach, SC/Horry

"Thanks!!! We at home owe a large debt to those who gave their all."
CWO Ted Flowe, USCG Ret. of Matthews, N.C.

"To Spec. James Kiehl's family,
I am also a veteran of the US Army. My son's dad has been in Iraq since March 2003. We divorced while both of us were still active duty and prior to his departure for Iraq we got back together. He's a SGT w/A Co, 52nd EN BN, CBT HVY, out of Fort Carson, CO and I could never imagine him not coming home. My son had the privilege to know his dad unlike James' son. I want to thank you from my Family to yours! :) He gave the ultimate sacrifice and I wouldn't have expected any less from any of the soldiers in the military, whether they are past, present or future ones. We all served for this country and for one reason only. FREEDOM! Thank you and my deepest sympathy to your family for the great loss of a great and loving son, husband, father and friend!!
May god bless you and keep you close!"
Bobbette Hacker, Specialist, US Army Veteran of Shawano, WI, USA

"On behalf of my entire family and especially our children, I want to thank you for your sacrifices so that they will have a better future. As long as I still breathe, and my children as well, WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

God Bless the United States"
Ed Bodnar Jr. of Dallas, TX.

"I don't know how many people have sent me the website for the funeral in Comfort TX for James, but it impacts my feelings about the dedicated young men and women who are willing to serve our country and, as James, sacrifice their lives. Then to see a town and its people honor this young man in this way. What a wonderful community! Thank you for sharing this tribute."
Pam Price of Grapevine TX USA

"Thanks buddy, you will never be forgotten."
Tom of San Diego, Ca

"The Loss of James is apparently heart felt all over the Nation. I have not shed
a tear since my father died in"79. Until now! I served my country for 22 years
and I am pround of all service members of all branches. Don't let james' child
ever forget his father. He is a true heroe to this country. God Bless!"
SFC Retired James H. Reynolds of Chesterfield Va

"Thank you for what you did to protect America. My condolences to the family,especially his wife and son."
Brian Napoli of Medina, NY,USA

"I am terribly sorry for your loss, I send my deepest sympathy to you & your family. We Americans are all proud of our men & women in the services & honor them as well! They deserve our total respect. It touches my heart deeply to see these pictures, but it is exactly how we all feel towards our soldiers. We love them & pray for their safety. The Lord is taking care of all our service people, always remember that!
We are all very proud!!!!!
Thank you, a sister in Christ."
Debbie Sherman of Mt. Belvieu, TX U.S.

"To the family of James Kiehl; As I read the memorial and looked at the pictures of the honor and respect attributed to your son, husband, and father, I wept. It touched my heart so deeply that all of these people have such respect for one of our young men that so willing laid down his life for our freedom. I am so proud to see the young people that have the values instilled in them to show such honor. I pray for you that God will give you His peace and sustain you in this time of sorrow. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of knowing your son, if only through your website, and sharing in your grief.
God Be With You All,"
Koenia O'Connor of Ennis, TX USA

"So sorry for your loss. Wish I could say something more that would help."
Lawlad@aol.com of Vancouver, WA

"I am very sorry for your loss. May God Bless your family and may you feel his presence and assurance that James will always remain with you. I must say when I read the funeral story I was so touched by the flags along the procession. It makes me so very proud to be an American and especially from the great state of Texas."
Jacque Weido of Bryan, Texas

"As I try to deal with the huge lump in my throat from the pictures shared regarding the funeral service for Army Spc. James M Kiehl, I want to pay my respects.

To his family, I know you are overwhelmed with the honor this young man has brought to your family.

As an American citizen, I want to express my sincere appreciation for his ultimate sacrifice and certainly the family's as a whole. I wish it were not necessary. However, it is because of brave young men and women such as Mr Kiehl that we will be able to continue to live in the freedom and peace we know here at home.

May God Richly Bless Army Spc.Kiehls wife, newborn son, and extended family."
Les Foster & Family of Dallas, Georgia

"i thank you all of you brave soldiers who put your life on the line for your country and your familys and friends my your good deeds shine brighter than the sun and last longer"
mark slay of birmingham

"I shed a tear as I read your memorial. Thank you for giving your life that we may all be free. May God's light shine on the family you leave behind."
Bill Davis of Sarasota, Florida, USA

"I cry for you, my heart aches, my throat tightens. A wife goes on, a baby grows up. Life goes on because of the sacrifice given. I honor you and pray for your future. Make sure the new father image is deserving to help with the future of this fallen soldiers son."
Sandy Fowler of Richardson, TEXAS

"To the family of James m. Kiehl:

Thank you so very much for having a son that cared so much for his country that he gave his life for it. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all our soldiers who choose to fight for our freedom. Thank you so much!"
Martha Hicks of Denton, TX USA

"I live in Illinois and my sister from Texas forwarded this to us. I can't begin to tell you how it tugged at my heart! The headlines tell of brave troops. In essence, it is really the story of many special individuals like Spc James M Kiehl. Thanks to him and many others as brave and as special as he, and to their families who have given the ultimate.
Pat P of East Moline ILL

"Too often we forget to pray unless something bad is about to happen or it serves our purpose. We should learn to trust in God's word and know that he is our protector and comforter. And he will sheild us from our enemies."
Yvonne A. Fraser of Killeen, TX /USA

"I hold high the values which James and other military personnel have held for all Americans. Such achievement is not without sacrifice, and in this case it was everything in his future. Having spent time in the Vietnam war in the early 70's I can tell you that while war is NEVER popular, it is sometimes necessary to show the world what strength there is in the unity of mankind. The world is smaller, so we must be bigger."
Steve Cherry of Dublin, Ohio, USA

"I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your loss. The world is a safer and better place because of James. That cannot be said any better then in the tribute your community paid to not just James, but his family as well. God Bless you and God Bless America"
Craig Wicker of St Louis Mo

"Thank you!"
Lori of Greenville, SC

"Thank you all for the ultimate sacrifice you have made. You are the reason I am proud to be an Americn."
Matt Morrissette of Burlington, NC USA

"I thank God everyday for my 26 year old son who has gladly served in the Army for the past 7 years,6 of which were in Germany. I will pray now for you to have peace at the loss of your loved one. You must be so proud of him. May God be with all of you."
Becky S of Arnold, Missouri

"I did not know this young hero, but I thank God for him and for those like him who are faithful to the oaths they took as they were sworn in to service. I pray for his family, and know that the people of that community will see that his young wife and daughter will be taken care of."
Ruth J. Geiger of Starkville, MS 39759

"I have never been more proud to be a Texan than when I saw the pictures of the support, love and gratitude given to James Kiehl for the ultimate service given to his country. I looked at this with tears and a smile. Can't beat small towns or Texas!"
Cyndy Sandidge of Cedar Hill, TX

"Freedom is NEVER FREE, and James, I thank you and all the other soldiers that continue to fight or have paid the ultimate price so that My family and I can be ever free in the United States of America!

I pray that your actions are never forgotten by history. You are a hero!

Your family is in our prayers!
The Knapps
Maumee, Ohio"
john knapp of Maumee, Ohio

"I have just received and read this memorial for James. I cried all the way through it,because it really makes me proud to know that my fellow Texans remember and respect the fallen soldiers. I also believe that we as Texans have great pride in our Troops.
My prayers go out to each member of the Kiehl families.
May God show you the way to a new life and keep you all in His care.
Please pray for my son and his family, he left for Bagdad today, 1-8-04"
Nelda Rinehart of Huffman Texas U.S.A.

"Thank you beyond what words can convey."
M. W. Humphries of Mt. Enterprise, TX, USA


"I am real sad for your loss. My daughter whose 23 is in iraq and evrytime i hear of deaths i hold my tears thank goodness it wasnt her but than my sorrow comes through for the families who did hold breath but only heard sad news. keep your son's memory going for he is always by your side ."
Normajean of north port florida

""Greater Love has no man than this....that a man lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13) James..I proclaim from the WORD of God, you have done these things, and that you will stand confident and faithfully before HIM as witness to all of us for whom you gave your precious life. You have fought a good fight, you have finished your course, you have kept the faith....and you WILL receive a crown of righteousness in the day of HIS return, with the rest of us who long for HIS return. (IITim 4:7&8) Your family will be always in our prayers, and we will see YOU with our beloved brothers, in Heaven.
Your Greatful Friends,"
Donna Scott-Campbell and family of Atoka, Oklahoma USA

"To James'wife, child and parents, I pray God bring you comfort at your loss. I can't imagine the pain. Thank you to James for helping to keep America free and giving the ultimate sacrifice."
Virgie Carter of Leander, Texas

"May God continue to Bless America. Thank you James for helping to give us freedom. May God bless your family."
D Dalton of Glendale, AZ

"God bless James M. Kiehl...
God bless all our soldiers...
God bless the families and friends...
God bless Texas...
God bless AMERICA!
And, may God watch over us all...
And let's never forget the high price of freedom."
Zachary of Houston, Texas

"My husband and I see few soldiers here in Pasadena, California, but when we do we think of those (like your son) who have sacrificed their lives to keep us free and prosperous and in our hearts we thank them and their parents. These photos of your townspeople showing unabashed appreciation, sadness, and patriotism made me cry because we would never, never see such a thing in the state where I live. It is so reassuring to know that there are communities in this country where the flag and tears for a fallen soldier are not hidden or mocked or turned into melodrama, but simply and honestly shared by a whole community. Bless you and your son."
Molly Johnson of Pasadena, CA


"James, You are not Forgotten. I am proud to serve by your side, my brother in ARMS. May the Lord look after and keep your spouse and baby safe."
John Lebo, SSG, US Army of Elmendorf AFB, ALaska

"I want to express my heartfelt thank you for your son and all the others who have given their all for these people and this country. I hope no other families have to lose any of their sons or daughters to terrorists in any country."
Christy of Sparta, Wisconsin - United States

Thank you with all of my heart. I stand now and give you a salute. May you enjoy your place in heaven and all the riches God has in store for you.

To Jim's family:
Words cannot explain how I feel for you and your Son. It means the world to me what our military and your Son has sacrificed for my freedom. A lot has changed in our country since Sept 11. I am honored and proud to call my self an American. Thank you for your sacrifice. My God bless you and keep you until you are rejoined with your son Jim, in heaven. God Bless!!!!!!!!"
Ted Martin of Fredericktown, Mo. USA


"May God Bless you and your family. I have never laid eyes on James, but I feel a connection to him, simply because, I had a husband over there and he returned to us unharmed. James is with God now, and always know he will always be with you. May God Bless his wife and son now and forever. James, Thank you so much for your biggest sacrifice. We all LOVE you."
Marilyn Stephens of Apopka ,Florida

"Thank you James, this is not enough for the sacrifice that you have made for us, The People of the United States.

I cried when I saw the Memorial Texas Style. May God look after your wife and baby. So many people do not realize what a sacrifice has been made for us, by our servicemen and women bearing the brunt of the wars in our name.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
Virginia Dunn of New Port Richey, FL

"Dear James,

You are truly a hero and you are in my thoughts and prayers as are all your comrades who are with you in heaven. I will continue to pray for all the soldiers who remain in Iraq and other countries far away from home.

To the wife, child, parents, family and friends of James,

What an incredibly moving funeral procession and it is said that there is no greater accolade to have your peers and loved ones honor you. James was a brave and dedicated young man and I was deeply touched by the love and support shown by your community. Let your town be an example to the rest of the country and the world.

Be consoled and know that God has one less angel on earth since James' passing, but know that James continues to be close and watches over all of you.

There is no greater love than the giving of ones life for a friend. James will always be our country's friend and angel.
May God continue to bless all of you.

In love and light,

Sue of Fishkill, NY USA

"Thank you James, this is not enough for the sacrifice that you have made for us, The People of the United States.

I cried when I saw the Memorial Texas Style. May God look after your wife and baby. So many people do not realize what a sacrifice is and has been made for us, by our servicemen and women bearing the brunt of the wars in our name.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart."
Virginia Dunn of New Port Richey, FL

"Words cannot express our deepest condolences and our most sincere thanks. If it wasn't for the wonderful brave men and women of our armed services we could not continue to stand as the UNITED States. They fight for our freedom and our rights. Thank you so much for helping them to stand up and fight where we cannot. Thank you for the sacrifice you have made to make this such a great country. Men and women who support our country is what makes it great, each and everyone of you are in my prayers. A right your soldier fought for and I am proud to be a Christian and an American. Thank you again for your sacrifice."
The Binghams of Calhoun, LA

"To James' mother, I am also a soldiers mother and want you to know you are in my prayers and heart. My son is a Captain in the army and I live in fear everyday he will be taken from me as yours has been taken. Thank you Mom for making the supreme sacrifice. Because of your son and mine our country stays free. May God bless and keep you."
Jenny Rasmussen of Utah

"Thank You James for your service and sacrifice for our Country.I thank your family for raising a SON who was willing to serve.
I served with the 5th Special Forces in Vietnam(1968-69). I look forward to meeting you someday in the future."
Denzil of Westboro, MA


"Thank you, James. Your precious life was taken away to secure our country's freedom. Brave soldiers as yourself allow us to sleep in peace at night. We are protected by you and your fellow soldiers. thank you, thank you, thank you. God Bless your family and friends."
Melissa Loftin of Lake Charles, Louisiana USA

"To the wife and son of a fallen hero, your husband and father make me proud to be an American and a Texan by birth. I got this email this morning and started with "A Soldier's funeral, Texas style." I am originally from a small East Texas town and know the bond that is created. You have lost a truly special man. We are all blessed to have men like yours who are willing to serve and fight for our country. Thank you for your loved one. We will continue to pray for you and the soldiers left in the field. May God bless you always."
Honey of Dallas, Texas

"Living close to your community until recently I feel the loss of James M. Kiehl. He IS a hero! May God Bless all of you."
Wilda Leeper of Clifton NJ USA


"I cannot think of anything to say except God bless you. May he give you eternal peace and let his countenance shine upon you forever."
Howard Weinberg of Weirton, West Virginia

"thank god for young men like James he will be missed and he is a hero in my eyes.May god bless his wife and family thank you James you gave the ultimate gift. YOU ARE HERO! AND GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THE MILITARY AND THERE FAMILY'S GOD BLESS THE USA.THANKS JAMES,"
pat sibble of grove city,Pa,USA

"I would like to say Thank You for your Son, Husband and father for giving up
all that he had here to go and fight for what we here take for granted. Sacrificing all that he had shows
his courage and pride for his country
Peace be with you and all his family and friends I am sure he will be truely
Paul of West Plains MO.

"Thank you soldier for the ultimate sacrifice. I am able to lay my head down at night safe within my borders thanks to soldiers like you. I thank your Mom & Dad for you. May god watch over them and your on son and wife. Rest in peace my brother."
Jimmy Hopkins Bethlehem, Ga.

"I too want to say Thank you for your Son." While us civilians are sitting at home - honorable soldiers are fighting for our freedom. We are so blessed to be protected by brave young men. Thank you James for your sacrifice"
Karen Schneeeberger of Atlanta, GA

"May God bless and keep you. May God protect your wife and son until you are all together again in heaven."
Annette of Monticello, Iowa USA


"To the family of Specialist James. M. Kiehl. I am sorry for your loss. My family and I mourn with you. Though we would prefer that our adversaries die for their country, we are more than willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, in the name of FREEDOM. Specialist Kiehl's service to his country will never be forgotten."
A.A. Blair (US Marines Ret) of Boston, Massachusetts

"Rest in peace, Specialist. We'll take it from here."
2LT Brian Payne

"Being a retired Army Infantryman, I am very proud of James. I know he had to have been a brave and fine young man. I am sorry for your loss. May god bless you and yours. I am sure James is watching over you right now."
David B Jackson of Anniston, Alabama.

"Your sacrifice is what makes this country great, God Bless you, your parents, friends and family. Thank you!"
Ben of Herndon, VA, USA

"Wishing you eternal peace with the Lord, and thanking you for your selfless sacrifice for our country. Praying for your family's strength and comfort. God bless."
Zaklikowski family of Lancaster, NY



"Thank you James for having the courage to do everything you did to help us stay free. It really means the world to us. May God bless you and your family who shall meet again. My heart goes out to your family and I hope that someday they may be at peace with your passing.

Thank You"
rochelle landry of Marrero, La

"To the families of all our fallen Heroes, I pray the Lord will give you peace and strength to endure what is ahead. Only time and Gods Strength can ease the pain of losing a family member. Take comfort in the knowledge that your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers or sisters died for each and every person living in the United States of America, that we may live Free. As a Gulf War Veteran and an American, I thank you and I Salute all of the men and women serving our Country."
Alan Flowers, USAF Retired, of Longmont, Colorado, USA

"To the family of a HERO, Thank-You. The Good Die Young, and though he will be missed today and everyday we will never forget him."
An American Soldiers Wife of Manvel, TX/USA

"It takes very special young men to be willing to give their lives for our freedom. Thank you to the mother's and father's (all of them) who raised such outstanding young men. Deepest condolensces to all of you."
Pauline Hamel of Scotland, CT USA


"To the family of hero James Kiehl, my prayers are with you all. James gave the ultimate sacrific for our freedom and I thank him for that. It is truly amazing to see how a town is touched by one life and now across the globe we share our thoughts and prayers. Thanks you again for sharing James' story and pictures with us. May God bless you and comfort you."
Deborah Ervin of Nashville, Tn USA

"Thank you Jim with all my heart & may you rest in peace God bless & help Your family"
Ron Sculley of Erie Pa

"I'm going into the Army myself pretty soon. God Bless them and their sacrifices they've made for us. God Bless this nation for the support of those who are eager to defend and willing to die."
Travis Burton Guerrero of Houston

"It's impossible to find the words to express my appreciation and admiration for the men and women who are protecting our country. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU ALL."
Jane Widincamp of Midway, GA/USA

"Each day our newspapers report the loss of another fallen soldier. We appreciate the sacrifice of these wonderful men and women. Our country's brave heroes. God bless those who are left with their memories. We will not forget those who have fought and given themselves for freedom in this world. God bless America."
Paula Girard of Georgia, USA

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a brave soldier for this wonderful country. I will always remember you and your family. May God Bless."
Toni of Ball Ground, Georgia

"As the daughter of an Army Officer who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, (Now deceased) I mourn with his family and at the same time my heart swells with pride for this young man and others like him who serve their country, doing what is necessary to keep us free."
Jeanne Roach of Indian Harbour Bch, FL

"James M. Kiehl died "Doing What Heroes Do". I ask our Lord Jesus Christ to confort all of his love ones, and let them know that James is with him in heaven. Our Nation will never "Forget" what he did and what he gave up for our Country."
Haskell Dixon of Nashville Tn.

"Thank you for being a hero."
Sarah Mitchell, Ret. Army of Edgewood, Maryland, USA

"This sight was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes and chills all over. God Bless James, his wife and son and his family for this ultimate sacrifice. My God be your comfort. You should be very proud."
Kathy of Kentucky

"My heart is burdened for you in your loss. But what a blessing to have a son (husband) who was willing to die with honor. I am so proud of him. These fallen soldiers put to shame those who are still at the age of 22 or there about who are living on the edge of rebellion against our society. I am asking God to bless you today and comfort you."
Glenda Yates of Heavener, OK

"I'm sorry to hear about it. Especially coming from a U.S. Veteran."
Joe Flugga of Findlay, Ohio. United States

"And many in this country take these freedoms for granted...Please thank James and his family for yours . He gave the utmost."
William D Clark USN (Retired) of Goose Creek, SC. 29445

"My heart aches as I watch this email. There are not any words that can express the sadness I feel. I had a son in Kuwait and he made it back home to his family. I wish James could have made it back but he made the greatest sacrifice of all...he gave his life so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms we have in America. Only time will take care of the grief you are going through now. You all will be in my prayers as well as every man and woman who is defending our country. God Bless America!"
Juanita Benson of Leesburg, GA

"Words are hard. I feel sadness and pride at the same time. My heart goes out to the family of young James. Living in a military base town, we see personnel out and about. I have made it a point to try and shake the hand and say "thank you" to each one. After seeing this website, it will be more important to let them know. We may never get the chance again to tell these fine Americans how proud we are to have them protect us."
Linda Weidner of San Angelo, Texas

"My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and friends of James. M Kiehl and all other friends and families that have lost loved ones in this conflict and all others. I fought in the Vietnam war and never forget an old saying "for those who fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know."

God bless America and all those who have served in the defense of it."
Martin O'Connell of Berlin, NJ

"To the Kiehl family, Mother, Father, Wife and Son. One of the most difficult tasks any soldier can fulfill is selfless service. Placing the needs of the many above the needs of the few. James accomplished this task and for this he is truely a hero. He sacrificed his own life so that others may live and continue to learn life's lessons, this is truely the ultimate price in selfless service. For this he will always be remembered. James completed his mission in life by educating us all. Thank you James for the lessons on humanity,humility and selflessness, for this I am grateful. To his family thank you for your son, husband and father."
Stephen Plumb of NY

"Thanks James for helping to keep us free."
Ron Harvey of Smithfield, VA

"What an honor to have the opportunity to pass on my condolences to the family of this young man. The military life is deep in my being and I honor not only your loved one but all that his loss stands for. God bless all of you and may you some day find peace with his loss....remember you'll see him again! Sincerely"
Anita Coburn of Patrick AFB FL USA

"I have two sons serving our country, one is a Marine and one is in the Army. I thank God that one is back from Iraq and pray the other will return on schedule soon. I am so proud of all our brave men and women who have served and put it all on the line for our country. I wish that it was not necessary for some of them to make the utlimate sacrifice but am so proud of all of them that step up and volunteer to serve knowing they could do just that. I pray that we as citizens never forget thier sacrifice nor belittle thier service. I hope that our nation will not treat our returning heros from this conflict like they did when I returned from Viet Nam.

The sacrifice that this fine young man made and his family now makes as they have to live and deal with it should be honored by each and every citizen of our country.

I know that I honor them each day and rememember them in my prayers.

It is our duty as good citizens to insure that our veterans as well as service members recieve all the benifits, health care, as well as any service that they need while in service to our country as well as after.

I thank you for your service. I APPRECIATE your sacrifice to keep my nation free.

Jay Brinkley of San Antonio, Texas

"What a way to start my day by seeing this E-mail.God bless all of you and my best wishes."
M. Lewin of Raleigh, N.C. U.S.A.

"I am not sure why but the message board is all messed up. It is printing messages over other messages. I am so very sorry for the loss of all the service men and women who have given the lives for our country. But, I am also very grateful to them and to all of the service men and women still over there. God bless them and keep them safe."
Diana rogers of Highland, Illinois

"God bless u James, and everybody else touched by his life. He makes me proud to be American."
Ian Klosner of Wayne/MI/USA

"The US Navy uses the term Bravo Zulu for a job well done. We salute you James and all the other heroes who did not make it back from Iraq. My son was a Chief Hospital Corpsman with the 1st Marine Division there. I am a retired Master Chief Radioman from the US Navy. Bravo Zulu son. Bravo Zulu."
John E Raftery of Riceville, Tennessee

"To the family,loved ones, and immediate community of James M. Kiehl, thank you for sharing your loved one with us. May God wrap you in his blanket of love. Thank you for the ultimate gift James has given to all of us.God Bless you. God Bless our Troops and God Bless the U.S.A. Thanks for sharing James' memorial services with us."
Lucy Roark of Gallatin, TN U.S.A.

"May God be with you and your family always. You all gave your all. I had and have family there too."
Jduy Lewis of Weston WV

"May James rest in peace, we all miss him. I just wish it would give some people here a little bit of wisdom. I miss you!!! love,"
geraldine of Comfort, TX, and Caen, France

"may god be with you and your family..and bless your child"
tim phillips of ga

"I don't really know where to begin, except to say that I don't think anything has ever touched my heart as much as this. I could not help but shed tears as I read the email from my mom. I have a brother in the Army and it hits home even more. To the entire family of James M. Keihl, GOD BLESS YOU and I LOVE YOU and will pray for you. Even though I never had the honor of meeting James, I can tell what kind of a person he was, just by how the people of Comfort, Texas came together!!!!!!!"
Kim Mills of Leesburg, Georgia

"Just a simple thank you. As a wife of a military policeman on his way to iraq this march, you have my deepest gratitude and that of our entire family, all former members of the armed forces. Good luck for what life has in store, and may God Bless You and Keep You safe. If you ever need a shoulder to lean on there is one family in Fort Lewis Washington you can count on.
The Walden Family: Shawn, Erin, Anna, India, Caroline and all our dear animals"
Erin K. Walden of Fort Lewis, Washington , USA

"God Bless you, James and God Bless America. You died a hero in service to your country. Your son will always remember you as a hero."
Bill O. USMC-Vietnam of Maynard,Ma. USA

"I would like you too know that I read and look at the funeral and had tears in my eyes and a lump in my neck.It's people like your son that makes America.Thank you for your message.God Bless you and your family."
Frank Kelley of Sinsheim,Germany

"I would love to hear from the family as I along with many other families I have helped. Please respond so I may show my gratitude and hopefully lessen a financial burden. ranson7@hotmail.com"
Randy of NM

"Thanks to James and all my fallen comrades. GOD BLESS all our military now serving"
Geo. Schaefer of Margaret, Al.

"The death of James M. Kiehl is a huge loss for the family but one of the greatest sacrifices for the greatest country in the world---the United States of America. I hope my acknowledgement from a small town guy in NM helps you realize that even here his loss is mourned yet appreciated. God Bless the family. For every tear that falls their is a prayer in my heart for you."
Randy Thompson, FS2, USCG of Farmington, NM, USA

"God Bless you and comfort you. What happened at your son's funeral makes me very proud to be a Texan."
Kay of Holly Lake Ranch, TX

"Thank you" seems so small for the price James and his family have paid, but "Thank you" comes from deep within my heart. Thank you for giving your son, Thank you for giving your husband and someday his little one will know what a wonderful daddy he had.
I appreciate all our men and women who "gave all" and for those who help to keep us safe.
God Bless and care for you always."
Helen Wallace of Knoxville, Tennessee USA

"I can't begin to express my condolences to the Kiehl family for the great loss they have suffered. However, I am proud that he was put to rest with the respect and dignity he so deserved. I too am an american soldier (AF), currently surving a remote tour in Korea, a wife to yet another american soldier (Army), sister to yet another soldier (Marine) & to a Navy Vet. I also am a mother of 6. So to James' Mother, I say God Bless you and the AMERICAN HERO that you raised. To his wife...His contributions to our nation will help my children and ALL american children live a better, freer, life. His passing is not in vain. You see...it doesn't matter which uniform we wear...our mission is the same...to keep OUR NATION FREE. We took the same oath. God did not bestow upon me the honor of knowing James...but my heart cries out for your son, your husband, my fallen brother. I PROUDLY SALUTE HIM. God Bless the child he left behind."
SSgt Anadee Lopez-Tucker of Camp Humphreys, Korea

"I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. I didn't know him but he was a great friend for someone important to me.My best friend Géraldine ( the French girl)was so sad when she learnt this awful piece of news.Seeing how his memory was celebrated is beautiful and normal.Be proud of him."

"I am feel much sorrow for the loss of your son. I am very greatful for his courage to defend MY freedom. He makes the U.S., an ARMY of many not just one. Many thanks to all Armed Forces people serving."
Ex-Navy HT3 Wisdom,Justin of Colorado Springs, Co

"To James Kiehl family,
How proud you must be of your son, husband,brother and now Dad. My heart goes out to you for the great loss of your loved one, I did not know him but I read about him and I feel honored to know that a stranger would give his life for strangers. I will remember him and all of the soldiers who made this tremendous sacrifice for us to have freedom in my prayers. My prayers are also with the families who lost a special love one. May the Lord be with you and yours always. God Bless!!"
Shereen Davis of Las Vegas, NV.

"May you find comfort knowing that so many are touched by the memory of your beloved son/father/brother/uncle/cousin/and friend and this incredible tribute you experienced on the day of his funeral.
My heart aches for your loss, and I thank James M. Kiehl and all the other soldiers who are with him and those who are still here among us, for protecting my freedom and the freedom of those in foreign lands.
God bless you and yours."
Vicky SharronMalinski of Pahrump, Nevada, USA

"As I looked at this site I ran through several emotions.Sadness for the family of James M.Kiehl,appreciation for what he did for all of us and that I am lucky enough to have my sons with me here on earth,pride...that we have young people who still show respect and who know how to honor the ones that really deserve it,and hope...that God will comfort his family like he has comforted me in the sad times of my life.Thank you just doesnt seem to be enough,but thank you for what you have given so that I have the freedom to live my life as I do."
Susan Grimmett of Snyder,Texas, USA

"To the family of James M. Kiehl:

I cannot imagine the sorrow that came in losing your brave soldier on that horrible day. What a wonderful tribute this was to a true American Hero. May God bless you for having such a wonderful young man willing to give his all for the freedoms of others. His gift of life for the sake of others will never be forgotten. As the mother of a USMC reservist who served 7 1/2 mo. in Iraq during this campaign please know I share your loss in my heart as only a mother who lived each day her child was gone wondering whether or not he would be one of those who never came home. May God Bless you all."
Kathryn Burden of Rockport, IN

"In a time and age, when it seems like nobody cares about anybody anymore...
everyone for themselves! These pictures, of these wonderful people,
really does highlight the generosity,
respect and love that so many people
still have in their hearts.

I know how hard it is to loss a loved
one. I lost my 13 year old son due to
a terrible accident. His name is James
also. I just want you and your family
to know, as the days and years go by and
the secret tears still flow, your generous gift, your unselfish kindness,
to go and fight for our freedom in a
foreign land is deeply appreciated.
We the people of the United States of America are truly blessed!! Thank you
ever so much for sharing your life willingly...to give us the freedom we
now have.

You are with the Almighty God and safe
in his everlasting arms now.
Rest in peace James."
Beverly DeLeon Burton of Alameda, california usa

"I was e-mailed the website with the pictures from the funeral and I sat in front of my computer with tears streaming down my face. I have an 18 month old little boy who I can't imagine being so brave and heroic and to give his life for his country-his baby, his wife and his parents must be so proud. God bless and he has touched the lives of many-we will never forget!"
Amy Eggers of Rio Vista, CA USA

"Thanks for having this page for James. To many brothers and sisters are forgotten these days for thier service to thier country.

Be proud of James and with your help, we all will remember him and what he gave for our freedom.

Our prayers are with you."
Mitch and Laura Thomas of Graham, WA

"Thank you for giving all..my husband was Airborne in Vietnam 69-70,he gave as much as he could and I am so proud of him and so grateful that God saw fit to send him home to me..small town America does know how to do a moving funeral..Art and Roxanne Garrett of Lovelock, NV and Klamath Falls, OR"


"Thank You for giving your lives to keep ours save !"
Barb of Johnstown, Pa


"Just a simple THANK YOU!! All gave some, you gave all! Been there, done that, and didn't want the t-shirt..."
Addison Miller, HMC(FMF), USN, Ret of Alderson WV, USA

"thank you for fighting for us.. i look at my children and i see a future for them.. its people like you and my fiance' whos going to iraq soon that helps this country and us, the people, have a better way of life.."
scottica adams of pine knot, kentucky usa

"I too am a soldier (retired) from Texas. Thank you for your sacrifice to keep America great. We are all proud of you and give our thanks and prayers for you, your family and America from my entire family.
God be with you all."
Consuelo of Austin, Texas

"On Behalf of a Greatful Nation, we thank you, the Family of James M. Kiehl, for the sacrifice that you have laid upon the altar of Freedom."
Lt. Matthew D. Kuhnle, United States Army Medical Department (AMEDD), Kirskville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, MO of Kirksville, MO USA

"I am a man of 65 years old and it brought tears to my eyes I pray you rest in peace thank you for your sacriface god speed to you and family"
Charles A Gillhouse of Daleville Al

"What a tribute. How PROUD his parents
must be of their courageous son......and what a legacy he leaves behind for his
son! May you be given the peace above
all understanding...."
Jacque of Mississippi

"Words cannot praise James enough for what he offered to all of us enjoying the freedoms of the United States of America. Your loss of this young man, son, husband & father is beyong comprehension. We pray for your entire family and for the son James has left behind. He will surely grow up being proud of his father. We pray for the peace and comfort that time and God will allow you."
CMSgt Steve Ferguson, USAF & Sheila Ferguson of Kathleen, Georgia

"I would like to thank all the men and women that lost there lives while serving this great Nation that live in I will be praying for your loved ones that remain here that the Lord will help them and guide them through life because I too know how hard it is to lose a loved one because I lost my daughter to cystic fibrosis at the age of 21 but I know that she is with the Lord it still hurts when I think about her. God Bless to all"
Larry Bunch of Warren,Michigan, U.S.A

"Wow, I was so impressed by the wonderful salute to a great American by his friends in Texas. Speaks clearly about the wonderful smile of a fallen soldier. Wish I had known him."
Glenda Hebert of Tupelo, MS

"Good Bless and God Speed to you and your family."
Jim Rook of Marsalltown, Iowa

"As a member of a military family of another era, I'd like you to know that we have walked in your shoes.I thank God every day for wonderful young people like James, giving all for a free and safe America. God Bless."
Cosetta Dowdell of Melbourne FL

"The unselfishness of these men is what made our country what it is today: something to be proud of. For those who have lost, I know that you must feel sad and empty; but at the same time so proud of the kind of person you reared. We know where they are spending the rest of their life. We all only hope to be able to meet them one day."
Leanne Lewis of Fort Branch, IN USA

"God's speed and God Bless you James for the ultimate sacrifice for our country. God bless your family. Thank you to all our military, past, present, & future."
Leanne of Oklahoma

"Bless Our Brave Men and Women that have given up so much for us all!

May God watch over their families and ALL of us come together and pray for FREEDOM!

I pray in time the wonderful memories of James... will take the place of his families and friends many tears!

God Bless You James!"
Tammy Emanuel of Vero Beach, Florida

"Dear Friends,
I am a police officer and would like to thank you for all that your son has done for my family and I.
I pray the Lord give you peace and that you know that your son IS a hero."
David Agata of Coral Springs, florida

"My father sent me this e-mail and it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and pray for you and your family that God will watch over you all and watch over all the families who have lost a loved one and who still have loved ones in Iraq. I continue to pray and light candles at my church that all the soldiers that are still in Irag return home and return home safely. I am so PROUD to be an AMERICAN and I will do my best to keep his memory alive (even though I did not know him personally), I will try to keep his memory alive and share with my children the sacrafice that you and your family has paid in the continued fight for our freedom and for the freedom of others. I pray that some day you find comfort in knowing that now he watches over you and that you all will be reunited one day in Gods kingdom. May God Bless you and your family now and always."
Eunice Esparza of Spring Valley, CA

"May God bless you and your family for giving of your son for this country and for the freedom we all take for granted... but now DO appreciated...God Bless America too..Thanks from Gainesville Florida"
Darlene Pifalo of Gainesville Florida

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Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on