Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Messages for Spc. James M. Kiehl

"God Speed James. Thank you for your dedication, and may God bless all those that suffer from your loss. Please make sure his son will see your web page as he gets older. His father has quite a family.

Yours Aye,

Bloomington, Idaho"
mlj of Bloomington, Idaho, USA

"To the Kiehl Family:
Your tribute to James, and the resonses read through teary eyes, brings to me the meaning of the supreme sacrifices that are reported daily on the News. God Bless you and those that have made these sacrifices."
Gene of West Grove PA

"The memories that you have left behind,James M. Kiehl, are evident. The pictures show how much your community and your loved ones miss and appreciate what you have done for your country. To me, anyone that serves and protects all the citizens of the United States are Heroes. This nation is full of heroes that have fallin by protecting this country. Law enforcements, fire fighters, medical personal, and soldiers are all heroes that protect this nation from all who attempt to destroy it. This nation was built on heroes. All who belived that no person or persons in this world will change the way that they feel about there nation. There is no greater honor that is un-spoken, than that of a fallin protector of the United States of America."
John W. Crawford Jr. of Dothan, Alabama

"James M. Kiehl represents one of the greatest virtues of what it means to be an American. His son can grow up in freedom, knowing that his daddy was a real hero. His wife and parents can go on in life knowing that he died with honor for a just cause.

Gen. George Patton once said, "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the ones who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived!". I thank God that James M. Kiehl, SPC, USA lived and willingly gave up his precious life in the defense of freedom. May his soul rest in peace."
J. Dronenburg Sr. PRC(AW) USN (ret.) of Lexington Park, MD, USA

"Thank you James...for paving the way for freedom for generations to come..Through tears of gratitude, My family and I thank you for keeping us Free."
Kay Dawn Vaughn of Reyno, Arkansas

"My heart goes out to you James for paying the supreme sacrafice for this great nation. I know you are patiently waiting until the day of reunion with your love ones. To the family I also know you are looking forward to this day also. May God comfort and protect you. I lost my Dad at Pearl Harbor, and I still remember Korea. My prayers are with you."
Thomas Powell of Prattville, Al USA

"Thanks James,
It's a shame that you had to pay the ultimate price at an age where life just begins for most of us. You and those like you will always be in my memory."
Jim Stringer

"To the Kiehl Family,

No words can express the sorrow you must feel, I have friends that I went to high school with who where in Iraq and I prayed every day that they would make it home safe. Your Husband and Son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and for that we are grateful. God Bless you and God bless America"
FO Matthew Gamret, USAF Auxiliary of Pittsburgh PA, United States of America

"Mrs. Kiehl,
Just a note to let you know that through tears, you as well as your family are being prayed for daily. In past wars I've lost two wonderful friends I grew up with. With God's strength we learn to walk in much pride of the honor of just what our loved ones have done for us.......
I'm so very proud of Army Spc. James M. Kiehl and I will forever be grateful to not only what he gave for me, but what he gave for his country. God will bless you, and He will keep you in His care.............
Please remember this if you will............
James gave his life for Him, now he is with Him
peace be with you and yours
love in and through our Lord"
Frank C. Stumme Sr.

"God bless you and your family. We appreciate your service and your ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom. You make us proud to AMERICANS, and TEXANS!"
John Williams of Copperas Cove, TX USA

"Hello to the family of Army Spc. James M. Kiehl: I grew up in the coal mining community of Dehue West Virginia, 6 miles from Logan. I come from a Christian home and was taught to respect God and my country. My heart goes out to your family for your loss. I'm sure I can say the same for my Aunt Helen. May God bless James for his love and respect for the United States of America! And finally, 'May our heavenly Father welcome James into His heavenly kingdom!"

"A Very Good Friend of mind sent me an email with James Funeral "Texas Style" attached. I was deeply moved as I read the notes. With all the trouble in the world today it is Warming to know that People Really Do Care. As a Marine and a Father of a United States Army Soldier I continue to be amazed at the youth of today. The youth that have the Courage and Commitment to take time out of their lives to serve this Country. Thank you James for your courage. Thank you for your un-selfishness. Thank you for the gift of you. God Bless You Son. I will not forget. Bless your Family and Friends."
Richard Greene of Puyallup, Washington

"Had recv'd email from my sister about James and all of my HEARTFELT and LOVE go out to you (JAMES) wife, son, your mother and father. I've spent 12 years in the military, a few times on alert and felt the fear.
Always remember, James is right there beside you and in a better place."
Dane of Boston, Mass.

"A Very Good Friend of mind sent me an email with James Funeral "Texas Style". I was deeply moved as I read your notes. With all the trouble in the world today it is Warming to know that People Really Do Care. As a Marine and a Father of a United States Army Soldier I continue to be amazed at the youth of today. The youth that have the Courage and Commitment to take a part of their lives to serve this Country. Thank you James for your courage. Thank you for your un-selfishness. Thank you for the gift of you. God Bless You Son. I will not forget. Bless your Family and Friends."
Richard Greene of Puyallup, Washington

"It is difficult to express my appreciation to those service men/women who are willing to serve to protect our freedom. Reading about the funeral procession brought chill bumps. All who are away serving in the miliarty are in my prayers every day, along with those of my husband. We send our love and support to you for your loss. We have a son-in-law who is in Iraq, and has been since early March, and we worry about him constantly. He is a Lt. Col Battalion Commander and has written numerous times of how proud he is on the soldiers who serve under him and their willingness to fight for our freedoms. He has lost 8 of his soldies so far and it tears him up inside. I am so sorry for your ultimate sacrifice. Remember that you WILL see James again in the spirit world someday, as there is life after death. I ask the Lord's blessings to be with you and to comfort you in this trying time and in raising your son without a father. My first husband was in the Army and killed in a military exercise (not during wartime), leaving me with two children, a son almost 6 months and a daughter 18 months. It isn't exactly the same but I can certainly empathize with you in the loss of your husband."
Vera Smith of Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for the "supreme sacrifice" that you made to make this a better and more secure world for all.......My prayers are with your wife and entire family and may God richly bless them as they remember their fallen Son, Husband and Father. GOD BLESS!"

"It is difficult to express my appreciation for those service men/women who are willing to serve to protect our freedoms. Reading about the funeral procession brought chill bumps and a feeling of pride for all those along the way paying their respects. All serving in the miliarty are in my prayers daily, along with those of my husband. We send our love and support to you in your loss. We have a son-in-law who is in Iraq, and has been since early March, and we worry about him constantly, as he has had numerous close calls. He is a Lt. Col Battalion Commander and has written numerous times of how proud he is of the soldiers who serve under him and their willingness to fight for our freedoms. He has lost 8 of his soldiers so far and it tears him up inside. I am so sorry for your ultimate sacrifice. Be assured you WILL see James again in the hereafter,as there is an existence beyond this earth life.I ask the Lord's blessings to be with you and to comfort you in this trying time and in raising your son without a father. My first husband was in the Army and killed in a military exercise (not during wartime), leaving me with two children, a son almost 6 months and a daughter 18 months. It isn't exactly the same but I can certainly empathize with you in the loss of your husband."
Vera Smith of Phoenix, AZ

"To James' family,
I am a nurse serving in Baghdad and we take care of soldiers daily and my heart goes out to every one of them.
Your sacrifice does not go unfelt. I have a 11B 19 yo and I see his face in every soldier we operate on. James will live on in your hearts."
CPT Karen Meyer

""Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13 My family and I wish to honor James M. Kiehl's selfless act of sacrifice in the name of justice and freedom. We share in your sorrow for the loss of your loved one and for the many others who have had this experience."
Jim & Karen Smith of Westerville, Ohio U.S.A.

"I have been there and the only thing I didn't do was die. Men like me go on, because of men like Spc Kiehl. One day all of us warriors will meet on God's green fields and talk over old times. God bless James M Kiehl and his family. Thank you for your gift to America."
William "Shorty" Pettit Jr, Vietnam Vet 1967-68

"The profile for James was quite touching. I am an elementary principal and at our Veteran's Day program we expressed to all our love, best wishes and support. As a former infantry Sgt. in Vietnam I do understand the duty to serve and our efforts to help humanity. God bless our service men and America."
Sgt. John Anderson, Ist Cav. Div. and 199th Light Infantry 1969-1970

"For a job well done, and paying the altimate price.
God Bless you Army Spc. James M. Kiehl.

Also God Bless America"
Robert Stephenson of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"James, Rest in Eternal Peace. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for all of us."
The John Wisilosky Family of Connellsville, PA

"God Bless you James, We owe you so much for what you have done in protecting us, May we never forget all the ones that have gone before you, and also all the other veterans that have given their life so we may walk free, God be with all of you."
The Pellerin Family of Las Vegas, Nevada

"I thank God for a man like this - for giving so much for his country and expecting nothing in return!!!! To his wife, I pray for you daily and hope you will get through this! I can't imagine how tough this must be. My nephew as well is in Iraq and reading James' story has so made me appreciate and love my nephew even more that before. God Bless you!"
Leeann G. of Abilene, Texas

"God bless you and keep you always!"
Ed Dumas

"Thank you for your Spc. James Kiehl he is one of Gods heros that are fighting for our freedom and we will pray for the family that God will richly bless you more than you ever thought or asked."

"In eternity past God had a plan for James, and that plan had James giving his life to preserve our freedom. I thank James for his sacrifice, and for you, the family, I express my heartfelt condolences. James is now face to face with our Lord Jesus Christ, no more sorrow, no more tears, the old things have past away. He is in a place of perfect happiness, and we honor his sacrifice."
David Green of Gardner, KS

"We offer our deepest gratitude for the service and sacrifice of Spc. James M. Kiehl. Without the service of young men, and women, like James in all our military branches, we would not be the free country we are today. No speech could ever be eloquent enough, nor any medal sufficient enough to honor the sacrifice of soldiers like James and his family. God bless all of you, friends and military comrades-in-arms, as well. All of you will be in the daily prayers of this military family in Alabama."
The Massey Family of Huntsville, AL USA


"Bless you James, your family and your city of Comfort, TX. You will not be forgotton as your memory will live on through your friends, your city and your comrades just as I carry the memories of my comrades from another time and place I now add you to my list because we are all brothers who serve. Semper fi from an old Marine. God bless America."
Ron Robison of LaVerne, CA USA

"Every now and then something happens that renews my faith in my nation and her people. The United States has come a long way since the bitter days during Vietnam. I am deeply thankful for the service of all our country's military servicemen and especially wish to reach out say "May God Bless You" to all those who have lost loved ones in their service to our county. I lost a dear friend, Charles Ray Jones from Calhoun City, MS in the Vietnam War and I still think of him today and the sacrifice that he and his family made for our freedom. May God Bless you and your family and let you know that James M. Kiehl will be remembered forever."
Dianne Daniel of Millington, TN ( in the wonderful U.S.A )

"Monday I learned of the death of Kimberly Hampton, 27 year old woman helicopter pilot from my home town of Easley, SC. I plan to do all I can to see that Kimberly's funeral procession is honored as was James'. I can't help but think about the bravery of the men and women in the United States military. What an honor the are due!
Thanks for your gift of freedom and thanks for bringing this idea to my home town as well."
P. C. Wade of Easley, SC - USA

"The loving memory of your beloved husband will live on everytime you look into the eyes of your child.Gone but never to be forgotten you gave your life to keep us safe God bless you."
Dorothy A.O`Keefe of Brooklyn N.Y.

"We offer prayers of comfort for the Kiehl family. Each day an American flag is seen we remember all veterans and their families who sacrifice so much so that we can have freedom. Thank you."
The Feehans of Cloquet MN

"God bless you family I am to a army spouse and I was also pregnant when my husband had to leave us so I know and felt the worry and anixety of not knowing I am sorry for your loss and pray that God sends you courage and peace to get through this terrible loss I will keep your family in my prayers and I think of all the families that have lost some one in the war on Iraq may God be with you and bless your family"
Mitzi Freeman of Ft. Campbell Ky

"As a father and veteran, I can only imagine your grief at loosing a child in battle. May God bless you and your family and give you comfort."
Pete Lewis of Lubbock, Texas

"may he never be forgotten. a vietnam vet,he was a brave soldier. may god hold him in his hands"
joe gernert ssg army ret of sunbury ohio usa

"Every now and then something happens that renews my faith in my nation and her people. The United States has come a long way since the bitter days during Vietnam. I am deeply thankful for the service of all our country's military servicemen and especially wish to reach out say "May God Bless You" to all those who those who have lost loved ones in service to our county."
Capt. Scott Pilkington, USAF Ret. of Dunlap, Tennessee

"My son and his fellow RANGERS decided that no fallen comrade would be left behind.I am sorry for your loss but happy for you that James is back in Texas with his family.May his sacrifice not be in vain."
RANGER Dad of USA-and proud!!

"Praise god for his mercy and Grace to this family, Lord I pray that they find peace that passes all understanding, That you help this wife and child thru this difficult time, in their lives, I ask in Jesus name that you take the burden of grief from them and give them hope, peace, comfort and strength to carry on with this child, Give them love from all who know them, and let every one say a prayer to ask God to help this mother, wife, and child,thru this time! IN Jesus Name I ask and pray! THank you James for giving so unconditionaly, all you had to give to keep us free and able to praise God tonight in this country.God Bless the USA And this FAMILY!"
sarah Williams of Lexington, Ky.

"Thank you so much for what you have done for my family and me. You gave your life to where we could have a better life and you will always be in my heart and prayers. To your family may God be with each & everyone of you and my love will be with you also. When you look at his newborn son just remember he is still here with each one of you and always will look after you. God Bless each and everyone of you."
Scott & Nancy Warren of Hickory, North Carolina

"God Bless your family."
Officer Joseph Stolinski, United States Customs Service. of Miami, Florida

"It's people like your son who give us our freedoms. God Bless your family."
Officer Joseph Stolinski, United States Customs Service. of Miami, Florida


"To Army Spc. James M. Kiehl's family and all the other families of our soldiers: Your sons and daughters/husbands and wives/mothers and fathers/brothers and sisters are sacrificing to keep us safe and free. Thank you to you all. You are in our prayers and hearts and will never be forgotten."
Janice O'Malley of Smithfield, RI / USA

"He will never be missed as much as I have in my heart for him and his loved ones. I know the pain. Just remember his's with use everday God bless you all ."
Don Philpott of Radcliff,ky

"For the family. God be with all of you.How do you say 'thank you' to a family that has sacrificed so much.I do want to make sure everyone knows that James' wife is to be acknowledged for what she has given to us also. She kept the homefires burning. A military wife has the toughest job in the world.Civilian wives have no idea what the military wife goes through.It is just "part" of our marriage. God Bless you, wife of a brave soldier and now mother to a son that I pray grows up in a country that is free of terror because of his father's sacrifice for all of us."
Sharon Hattaway of Orlando, Fl.

"It is so wonderful to see that some of America still has a heart. I am an army wife and a member of the Texas Army National Guard and I pray for the ones that have gone before us and the ones still yet to go (my husband leaves soon for overseas). Your family and James are in my prayers. God Bless America!"
Barbara of Ft. Hood, Texas, USA

"The Men and Women of the FBI Agents Association salute your service. Rest In Peace, servant of God. ~Romans 13:4 NIV"
SA Darin L. Paul of Detroit, Michigan, USA

"God Bless James and all our Troops. His service will not go unnoticed or forgotten."
Joe Sims of Pinson, Al USA

"God Bless and keep James for serving
his country,a fallen soldier, a most
honorable thing to serve his country.
We are very pround of our soldiers!"
Donna Harding of muskogee,Oklahoma

"I was sent the e-mail a Solider's Funeral Texas style. Cried all the way through it.
Your loss is also our loss. Your son was a hero, along with all the other men and women that have lost their lives defending ours.
My prayers are with you."
Christine of Suwannee Florida

"I would like to say Thank You to the James M. Kiehl, his family and to the families of other soldiers who have given so much. I cannot begin to comprehend your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Pray daily for out soldiers."
E. Mashburn of Tennessee

"Our prayers are with the family of James Kiel. I just saw the wonderful funeral your son and husband had. He will always be remembered. My husband was in the Navy for 26 years and thank god he came home. James is a hero and will always be in our prayers. God Bless all of you. His little baby will always be a part of him."
Jerry (usn retired) and Evelyn Young of Hampton, TN. U.S.A,

"Thank you to this young man who served his country for us and lost his life doing it. Thank you to all the other young men like him. We will continue to ask our Savior to bless his family, his little wife and sweet, precious baby. God Bless all of you."
Bill and Pat Stokes of Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Linda and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for what James has done to protect and perserve the American Way. May God bless his family in ways and manners that will make this tragic loss one that can be overcome with a sense of pride that can only come from those special actions taken by very special individuals!"
norm steppe of Glenwood Springs,Co.,USA

"God bless this precious soldier and the family. May God bless each and every one of our servicemen and women and keep them safe. We all owe our freedom to these brave souls."
Annette of Texas

"I just wanted the family to know that if it were not for your James Kiehl our familys may not be sitting here like we are now, trying to make your family feel better.... He was one of many that makes it possible for us to live everyday with a free life. I want you to know that i am so proud to have people like James Kiehl fighting for us. With much love to you and your family for the new year may things be better for you......"
Bobbi Caudill of Pikeville, Ky

"A heartfelt thanks to James and his entire family for their selflessness, patriotism and bravery. We can't bring him back, but please know that you all have a very special guardian angel now.
May God Bless you all."
Your Friends of Granbury, TX

"I was sent the link for this site by my Aunt and Uncle. As I read along and viewed the photos from the funeral, I cried through the whole thing. It was very moving.
Patriotism and American pride has always been a part of my life.
My uncle served in the Army in WWII and was wounded at the battle or Normandy. My father was also in the service during WWII. Another uncle was killed in WWII and he and my grandfather were both awarded the Purple Heart for bravery-my grandfather from WWI. My son is currently enlisted in the Navy and is stationed in GA.
I would like to thank all veterans, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year for helping to keep our country a safe and free place to live.
I especially thank you for the sacrifice your son and your family have made for the cause of world peace."
Sincerely, Chris of Pfld. NJ USA

"Sorry to hear about your losted. My prayers go out to you and your loved ones."
Cathy Lum of Oshawa

"I can only salute James and you, his family, for your sacrifice to our country. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for his military service and supreme sacrifce for freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with you."
Lt Col Pete P. Dunda, USAF, (Ret) of Almont, CO

"To the family: You should feel such pride for your husband, father and son. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this sad event when you and he should be experiencing such a joyous time. He is a hero along with everyone in your family. I have just one thing to request, please make sure that when his child grows up that he can read how people appreciated the sacrifices that daddy and his family made for this country's freedom. May God bless all of you and keep you safe."
M. Lamm of Atlanta, GA

"May the Lord truly bless and keep each one of you. I personally, would like to say "thank you" for keeping us all safe. We pray God's grace upon this family. If there is ever anything we can do, please let us know. God bless.
Linda & Bill Schultz, Tawakoni, TX"
Linda & Bill Schultz of West Tawakoni, TX / Hunt Co.

"God Bless your family"
Sue A of Marlton, NJ

"To the family: You should feel such pride for your husband, father and son. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this sad event when you and he should be experiencing such a joyous time. He is a hero along with everyone in your family. I have just one thing to request, please make sure that when his child grows up that she can read how people appreciated the sacrifices that daddy and her family made for this country's freedom. May God bless all of you and keep you safe."
M. Lamm of Atlanta, GA

"God bless our soldiers, for it is because of them that we live free. And God especially bless our fallen soldiers-there is no greater honor than to give one's life for his country."
CCRIII of Ponte Vedra Beach,FL

"I never cease to be so PROUD of Texas, and Texans in general!! Such patriotism is RARELY seen in the ultra-liberal Seattle area in which I, unfortunately, live. Instead, our media broadcasts SHAMELESS anti-war protests right outside of our military bases. Thank you for sharing this moving tribute. Texas ROCKS!!"
DJ of Bellevue WA, USA

"My emotions go beyond just feeling pride for James M. Kiehl and all the others who are risking, and sometimes giving, their lives in support of this country. This country has been teetering on the brink of moral decay and national disorientation since the 60's. As I served in Vietnam, my family bore the insults and indignities heaped on those who gave their allegience to this country and its leaders. Our flag was desecrated and worse. To see Americans honoring military service to this country once again brings tears of appreciation. All those who honor our soldiers, living and dead, also pay homage to a sense of patriotism that is vital to our survival. I wish I could have been along the side of that road. I fly a large flag, 24-7, in front of my home. I wish all Americans could realize what it takes to hold this grand experiment together. God bless America!"
John T. Belveal of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"This is for the family of James Kiehl. I saw the email about the funeral and I was very moved by it. His service to our country is greatly appreciated by me and millions of others. My heart aches that he had to lose his life. I hope you find comfort in these messages and in your memories of him."
Deena of Marco Island, FL USA

"I did not know you but I am proud to be an American and it is soliders and people like you that make this country the only one I want to live in. Without courageous people like James this country would not have the freedom that we all know and love. I hope for the best for your family and friends and I know everyone misses and loves you and would be proud to call you a member of their family or one of your friends. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY!!"
Rachel of Louisiana USA

"James, thanks for your ultimate sacrifice, it's heros like you who have made the USA the greatest society in the history of the world. I only hope the other heroes from this war are honored with half as much pride as the people of your community. They too share in the glory that you've bestowed on this great land. Mere words will never express the gratitude we the people owe you and yours; we will be forever indebted to you. God Speed!"
Jim Mc Cann of San Jose, California

"James, I say to you THANKS from the bottom of my heart"! I am 64 and a United States Army veteran. I was fortunate in that I was not required to pay the "supreme and ultimate" sacrifice that you paid. To your wife, mother and father and your child I say that all of you will be remembered in my prayers. My wife forwarded me the article on your funeral and as I sit here now tears are flowing down my cheeks at how proud I am of you and all the friends and neighbors in your community. God bless all of you!"
Carroll Campbell of Kingwood, Texas

"God bless James Keihl and his family for the sacrifices they have made. This website is a wonderful tribute to the James and all of our military men and women. We owe James and all of our service men and women a huge debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they have made for God and Country. So thank you to James and family, my prayers are with you daily."
Mike of Allen, Texas, United States of America

"My family sends our sincere sympathy to Army SPC. James M. Kiehl's family, your Son's bravery is the reason we have the freedom in this country. May time heal the pain of James's passing, but always remember his memory will always live in the hearts of his family and friends. Your Son's memory will always live on, in the flying of the American Flag. God Bless."
Guy, Judy & Jim of East Fallowfield, Pa.. USA

"Forward this to the White House and let them know We Are still here and Still love our Fallen Hero's and Friends! Some don't realize this is America and We are American's!. Thank You,James and his Family For thier sacrifice!"
Paul of Hayward,CA-USA

"I am not a very emotional person except when it involves my children, wife or immediate family. I have chills and am in tears. I have been so very appreciative of all the men and women who have fought for our freedom. It pains me to see anyone bury there young because of war. This tribute makes me proud to be an American!!!!!!!! My heart is with his family. I am truly sorry."
Keith of celina ohio

"Spc.Kiehl: I will asure you, that you will never be forgotten, for the ultimate sacrifice that you have given to this great country and the people who are lucky enough to be called an Ameircan.As a fellow soldier who is being deployed soon, my thoughts and prayers are continuously with the families that have lost a loveone,and to those who continue to contribute to their country.I thank you for your duty from the bottom of my heart.
SFC Brown
Armored Cav"
SFC Bryan Brown of Norwalk, Ohio U.S.A.

"I am proud to be an American. It is people like James that put their lives on the line that make this country a better place to live. You will not be forgotten. Mahalo
Ronald Scheidler of Kihei, Maui HI

"My heart goes out to you and your family. without the brave souls willing to make the ultimate sacrifice where would we be? Let it be known that unlike my government you have the support of the Canadian people concerning the fight agaisnt terrorism.I`m sure James will be missed , but you can be proud that this brave soul gave his life so we may lead a safer and peacful life. Thank you James. And may your family stay strong."
Karl Taylor of Innisfil,Ontario, Canada

"Your story and pictures were so moving that for the first time I could not hold back the tears for this soldier and his family. We will not forget to pray daily for you all!"
C. Gorden of Olney,Il.

"I am sorry for your loss. There are no words for something like this. My son is there still and I thank you for your sons service to this country. My prayers are with you his family and friends."
Ladies Aux. President 5653 Rhonda Newman of Depoe Bay Oregon USA

"although I did not know James he is a hero as far as I'm concerned, as are all the soldiers fighting for freedom. He is with God and will watch over you forever."
BarLawton of Cranston, RI

"In memory of all of our fallen soldiers and in honor of those still giving the ultimate for our country - thank you. It is not enough just saying that but your effort and time away from home and loved ones is deeply appreciated by this American and my prayers are with all of you, your families and our country and it's leaders. God Bless you and God Bless America."
Lisa of Houston, Texas

"My heart goes out to the family of James M. Kiehl, and each one of the fallen HEROS familes for the loss of their loved one, but especially to the Mothers it is so hard to follow a child to their grave. I know it is the hardest thing we are ever faced with, I know first hand for I, to lost a son not in the military but on lonely highway in an accident so you see they can be anywhere, anytime. He was and will always be my hero. God Bless each and everyone of you who have been touch by the chilling hand of death. My thoughts go out to each of OUR SOLDIERS no matter where they are defending our right to pick and choose as we please. I wouldn't want to be from any other COUNTRY no matter what. I have a Granddaughter-in-law Jamie Files Ott From Moody, Alabama she is currently stationed at Ft. Hood TX. she will be going to Afghanistan in February so when you pray say one for her and her fellow SOLDIERS that they will be safe from all harm. A Grateful AMERICAN."
Gloria M White of Childersburg, Alabama USA

"To the family of James Kiehl and all of the other fallen soldiers and those still serving our nation, America is proud of you. There are those that will scoff at you for being a "soldier boy or girl". There are those that will call you names that are unthinkable. But realize that those are the loud mouths that will be lining up behind to and demanding that you do your duty and protect them. Hold your heads up high and be proud of the tradition that you are following. Know that prayers are being said for comfort and strength for you and your families. May your days away from your families be few so that you can return home and enjoy the life that you have preserved for us."
Ernie of Lakewood, CO USA

"Thank You for giving the ultimate sacrafice! Your lifes."
John & Linda Starnes of Carrollton, Texas USA

"I thank James for the precious price he paid. My five sons and two daughters are free because of heros like him. Prayers for all the soldiers, their families, James's wife and son. May God greatly bless you all."
Ronald Harless of Church hill Tn.

"I didn't know him, however, he will always be my hero. I can't say Thank You enough. I was sent the email and I cried like a baby. God Bless him! He really deserves it!! God Bless America!!!! You will NEVER be forgotten!"
Mandy H of Orlando, FL

"Thank You from the bottom of my heart
and may God continue to bless The United States of America."
Greg Cawthon of Mobile, Al

"Like so many young men, he went to war not knowing if he would return. He is holding his head high, setting on the right hand of God now, God help us all."
Paul of Bradley.Maine USA

"I was a U.S. Army Ranger in the 3rd/75th Ranger Bn. As a father my heart burns for your loss,as an American and patriot I stand in grateful appreciation that James served our nation with pride and honor and gave his last full measure of devotion to our flag and the freedoms it represents, as a Ranger my eyes strain the horizon for the approach of the day that the lost wil be able to rest in peace hearing "cease fire" "Mission Accomplished" GOd bless your family , God bless James'wife and young son may he grow to know of his fathers honor and courage, and may God Bless America......Former Abn Ranger 3/75 Ranger Bn"
Mike Cheney (doc Cheney) of Indianapolis Indiana

"My heartfelt sympathy to the Kiehl's family. Thank you for James M. Kiehl a true hero!"
Lisa LG of Woodbridge

"God bless you all. Yes, small towns everywhere honor those fallen heroes. We had one for laurie piestewa here in AZ."
Donna Rosenberg of Prescott, az

"Prayer to the whole family. God bless."
S. Keen of PA, USA











J.W.Barrington, U.S.Army(Ret.) of New Orleans, LA

"Semper Fi, James. May God watch over your wife and son and bring you all together again someday. Thank you for your sacrifice. May it never be forgotten!"
Joshua Freundschuh of Buffalo, NY

"May God bless this loving family and bring them peace and comfort. My father was in WWII, my brother in Vietnam, and my son just returned from Iraq. Your grief is shared by all of us who were able to view this beautiful tribute to this honorable man. May peace be with you. I will keep you in my prayers."
Laura Emmerling of Arroyo Grande, CA

"No words are enough to thank these fallen soldiers. This pitaful attempt is from my heart and soul. May God bless your soul and care for those you left behind. Know that we will never ever forget you"
William Stiles of Vista California

"To James' son: Your daddy was a genuine hero who gave his life for folks like me so that we can enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted. While nothing can replace the huge loss in your life, you can be secure in the knowledge that your father was a great man. May you find peace in your life."
Rich Millett of Atlanta, GA USA

"Thank you for defending our country. My prayers are with you."
Lydia Kellogg of Chicago, IL

"You who are left...are the life that goes on...as he made you proud...now it is your turn to make him proud. May GOD bless you in all things and make HIS love known to all of you who mourn this fine young man's passing on into another world."
Jane Kunneke of Lakeland, Florida

"After I finished this story of James, I
heard the music going and it was about Jesus, I felt tears and bowed my head and prayed for the family of JAMES Jude l:2 Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. Thank you JAMES FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR OUR FREEDOM. WANDA MASON

"John 15:13

Ron Buice of Gwinnett County, Georgia

"WE pray daily for the fallen soldiers and the families they left behind to give us the freedom that we all enjoy today. Thanks you for all you've done to make this country safe for us, and thank you to all the mothers and fathers, brothers and sister and husbands and wives, and children who gave us their loved ones to keep this freedom alive and well."
Joyce of Henderson, NV, USA

"It heartens me more than I can say that it is appropriate and time that fallen soldiers are honored and recognized for giving their lives for this country rather than being blamed for things they had/have no control over as so many were for just serving in Vietnam. God has blessed America.
M. Rinehart, Dustoff 37, Pleiku"
Mike Rinehart of Tallahassee, FL, USA

"This is for all the military personal that are out there keeping us safe.
Thank You"
Rosie of St Cloud Mn.

"You and your family will remain in my thoughts THANK YOU !!!!!!"
VLO of Tijeras, NM

"My heart and tears go out to the Kiehl family and the families of other fallen heroes. I am a lucky one. My Marine husband came home from Pearl Harbor and my Marine son came home from Vietnam.
Peace be with you."
Aletha Fields of MO

"A beautiful and loving tribute to a fine young soldier who gave his life for our freedom. It filled me with pride to see his community stand and salute James for his heroism.
My prayers are with him, his family and friends, all those who currently serve their country, and all those who served in the past."
Gayle Rowan Erickson of Mantua, NJ

"Almighty God, watch over this young soldier that gave the ultimate sacrifice to the United States of America for Freedom. He is now in your care...Watch over him and be a comfort to his family as they try to live with his memory. Be with our country's leaders that they may make the right decisions as to when and where to send our soldiers into battle. Watch over and guide their every decision, in your name we pray. AMEN!"
Matt of Richardson, Texas

"As a patriotic American, I regret not joining the military before going to college. I feel like I missed a great opportunity to serve our country. When I went to college, the thought of every having to fight for my country didn't cross my mind. When Desert Storm started, I was wishing there was something I could do to help. When the war on terrorism started, I had the same feelings. I soon found out about the Presidential Prayer Team and joined. I was inspired to say prayers for all of our troops daily. I also picked a half a dozen troops who had their names on the list for people to pray specifically for them. I felt like it was the least I could do for the great soldiers who were risking their lives for our freedom. I grew up near Fort Hood, TX and know many many soldiers. Please know that your son will not be forgotten. Every time you see a flag flying, you will know that the people flying Old Glory display it with pride and respect. We remember ALL of the great men and women of our military who have served our country. I am truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, especially his wife and little one. I want to thank you for raising such a fine young man. He will be remembered!!! God Bless!!!"
Kirk Herring of Lometa, TX

"A Gulf War Navy veteran, a New York City native and father, thanks you!!
Rest is peace!!"
TD of New York , NY

"Found on a grave marker in the Philppine Islands in WW2.


I was lucky my Dad came home.
Least we forget this fallen hero......"
bam, VPNB ("A VERY PROUD NAVY BRAT") of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

"Found on a grave marker in the Philppine Islands in WW2.


I was lucky my Dad came home.
Least we forget this fallen hero......"
bam, VPNB ("A VERY PROUD NAVY BRAT") of Pawtucket, Rhode Island

"" We are so sorry for your loss. This tribute is an amazing and powerful message for all americans to remember. Thank you for your courage for allowing us to grieve with you. May god bless that little baby the repersentation of all of our freedom."
Stacy and Shaun of Salisbury, MA USA

"God Bless the family of James Kiehl. My condolences to you and his son. I am so grateful to share in this proud moment and I pray that this war ends soon and our young men return home to their families. But to those who have fallen, thank you for your dedicated services to the armed forces of the USA. Thank you for everything! Without your willingness to serve man and country, where would we be today? Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice."
Beverly of New Orleans, LA

"As a descendant of many soldiers and the wife of a retired military man who has fought in three wars, I would like to express my appreciation for all the young people who have the vision and the willingness to pass on our freedoms to all peoples. Some have given the supreme sacrifice of their life, some have given a body part, and some have given of their time and courage. May the Lord guide and comfort all of the families and friends of these young people. To all the ones still serving, we do love and appreciate you!"
Anita Inlow of May, Texas, USA


"I wanted to say that I am very proud of James. M Kiehl. For going over their and fighting. I have one in my life also. So I know some what how hard it may be. I am sorry that you had to loss just a great man. My prays are with you."
Erica of Philadelphia/PA/USA


"With gratitude beyond words I thank you. May God Bless your infant son in a very special way and may he always be proud that his Daddy made the ultimate sacrifice for his countrymen.
"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.""
Janice of Bastrop, LA

"I had the honor of serving in the U.S. Navy on board a destroyer (U.S.S. Ingersoll DD 652)1963-64, during Vietnam. I reflect back at a conflict that we should not have been in and look at the mess we are in now.
We were involved in some wild action and rescues of Special forces troops and Pilots. A loss is such a terrible tragedy, I wish the big people in WASHINGTON could feel our hurt and not just count the injured and dead."
Bill Schurade of Merrick, N.Y.

"Thank You For YOur Service.You Did a great Job. ANd God Bless Your Family. Your Family is in Mine & My Family's Thoughts & Prayers. God Bless & Semper FI.I Still Serve Proudly. (USMC) Cpl.Good & Family"
Harry,Crystal,&Kids of Hawaii

"The "Soldier's Funeral, Texas Style" link truly moved me. Thank you, James Kiehl, and thank you to all of your family and loved ones who supported your ultimate sacrifice of going to war and giving your life for all of us who live in this beloved country of America. I am paying tribute to you today with my tears of sorrow for your family's loss, and tears of gratitude for the freedom I enjoy because you and so many solidiers like you have defended this just cause for all of us here in this beautiful and blessed land of America. I pray that your wife, in her times of grief, will be able to feel your spirit close to her. I believe you will be watching over her and your son. Thank you again. You and your family are truly heroes."
Laura Alexander of Orem, Utah

"I appreciate your site very much. I have lost 3 uncles and a cousin in the war. I now have 2 grandsons in the Marines, one is in FAST UNIT, sometimes we never know where he is. The other one just joined. Words can't not say what I feel for the Military men and woman. If it were not for them we would not be free. 10 yr ago a friend of mine and I got together formed a committee and started raising money to make a Memorial for Franklin County Kansas. We did it and it is a Beautiful Tibute to our Veterans. We lost over 205 men from Fr. Co. from WWI thru Iraqi. Which makes 206 now. If anyone would like a picture of the Memorial please contact me at 785 242 3355 or wrights7@swbell.net
Sherry Lynn Wright of Ottawa Kansas Franklin County 66067

"Thank you so much .Thats all I can think of saying..You were so young but so brave..I hope your son will someday realize what a great man his father was"
Angie of McMinnville,Oregon

"Thank You James M. Kiehl. Thank You to all those who serve are great country. May God bless your family, and may your son know that hid dad was a true hero."
Greg Griffin of Denham Springs, La USA

"The world is a better place because of the ultimate sacriface of James Kiehl. He is a true American hero. Our cause in Iraq is just and Mr. Kiehl's family must know that the people of the United States of America and Iraq are in your debt. We are deeply saddened by the loss of James and want the family to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. As a fellow Army Veteran, I understand the committment and dedication that James brought to the job each day. We often take our freedoms for granted and forget those who put their lives on the line each day. James Kiehl is an American hero, who died in a battle far away so that we and future generations might live in a better world. We owe our great way of life to soldiers like James and we must fully support them, along with our Commander-In-Chief during challenging times in our nation's history. After 9/11, the nation came together as never before...but as time passed by...we began to drift in our support. The President and our country needs our support "continously" without reservation. God bless James' family for sharing their beloved son, husband, and father with us and God bless the greatest country on Earth...The United States of America! God's speed."
James Hedge of Houston, Texas

"May God Bless you and your family. I didn't know you but am very proud of you. Thank you and all that are fighting to keep our freedom and to keep our world safe."
With Love, Vicki and Family of California

"What a wonderful tribute...I am the mother of L/Cpl. George L Dramis USMC killed in Beirut 1/30/84. Georgie as we all called him, was the last Marine to be killed in actual fire fighting in Lebanon. We are planning his 20th Memorial Mass. The American people are so proud of our men & women...they are just a different breed...I thank God everyday that I was chosen to be Georgie's Mom...as a parting word...."Someday all your tears WILL change into happy memories"...Semper Fi
One devoted Marine Mom"
Luretta Dramis of Palermo, NJ USA

"Thank you for what you did to keep us in America safe from harm. To those you left behind our prayers are with you."
Mary of Madison, MS

"I salute you Army SPC James M. Kiehl for you service to our country and for allowing me and my family to be able to live in a free society because of you and all the brave service men and women now and before you.

May God care for the ones you left behind."
Jim of Houston, Texas

"Thank you James and Thank you family"
Roger of Va

"As the mother of a young Marine who has just been deployed, I am very anxious, but I am also grateful for the courage of those like James who went into the thick of things at first. I am so sorry for your loss but your family has my deepest gratitude for his willingness to serve our country."
Bernice Morris

"God bless James M. Kiehl. He left this earth far to early. War is such a terrible and stupid waste. We ask this question 'Could we have negotiated more and saved our youth from this senseless slaughter'"
John of Maryland

"Thank you. James and his familys' sacrafice will be felt by countless people for endless years. I am deeply indebted to his actions and all others who have had the courage to respond to a higher calling."
Austin W. Stubaus Jr, SSgt USAF of Colorado Springs, CO

"There are not enough thank you's in the world to express mine to you. May God, the Great Healer, send healing to the hearts of your family and may they be assured that someday they will be able to put their arms around you and tell you how much they Love you. I always knew there was a gigantic reason that I am proud to be a TEXAN and this tribute to you and your family certainly assures me that I am correct in my "proudness". Thank you again, James.
God Bless."
Jean of Midland, Texas

"In the book of Hebrews we are told that we practice before a cloud of witnesses that are at home with the Lord. This tribute to James has been a blessing to me. He is definitely still a soldier in God's army cheering us on in our many struggles here on planet earth. Thank you for sharing!"
Judith Edwards of Arbuckle, Ca. USA

"I think the photos of the funeral show how most of us Americans' really feel. As proud as we are of James, we know how hard this is on his family. I pray that GOD gives them the strength that they are going to need each and every day. This country owes you a debt, which can never possibly be paid in full. Just remember that we hold him in the HIGHEST esteem. Your baby helped keep this country FREE."
Bonnie Pennington of Marion, Virginia

"This was by far the most moving tribute I've seen for a wonderful young man by a loving community of Americans. God bless you all, and thank you, James, for your ultimate sacrifice. We are a safe country because of men and women like you."
William Z. Burke III of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

"Thank you for Serving this Country and our Freedoms.
You and your Family have paid the ultimate price.

God Bless and Strengthen you all,

Redline_____ of Detroit

"I'm sorry for your Loss! God bless you and your family."
Amy of Maine

"There is no greater sacrifice than to serve one's country and die defending it as did SPC Kiehl. God bless him and his family."
MAJ Jordan Jones of the Louisiana Army National Guard

"I am so sorry for your loss, God bless you the family, may you find comfort and strength by trusting in Him to sustain you, He wasn't just another soldier, but a part of us all and we mourn with you."
Jo Bennett of Kissimmee, Fl, USA

"Thank you for giving your life so that I, my children and grandchildren may live in peace!"
Robbie Miller of Rising Sun, MD USA

"Thanks for sharing your memories with us. God bless America and your family.
My nephew, Cpl. Jared Ryan Jones, one of the proud Marines, is stationed at 29 Palms in California so I know some of the stress you feel. I ask for your thoughts and prayers."
Tonna of Austin, Texas

"As a senior citizen and Army veteran, I understand the supreme sacrifice made by Spc. James Kiehl. God has blessed our country, his family and all of the citizens with this magnificent individual who desperately tried to save our freedom. God bless you and yours."

"This memorial is so very moving and heartfelt. Reminds all of us how important military personnel are and how grateful we are to have brave men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you James and your family and God Bless! I have forwarded your website to a tremendous person Dan Forant whose son is serving in Iraq at this moment. He started a website that grows continuously and thought you might be interested. It is DanForantinIraq.com"
Pat Grovenger of Cohoes, NY

"Thank you Spc James M.Kiehl your honor and your heroism to protect us will never be forgotten.Those who have taken the honor for doing nothing and selling there military time for profit should hide there head in shame forever.Real soldiers as you and others will always be held in high honor and respect.GOD Bless you and your family."
USAF Maj. Robert R. of Pewaukee,WI USA

"God Bless James, God Bless Texas, and God Bless America...all I can say is that because of James' sacrafice, my family and I live in freedom, and we will never forget."
Scott Burns of Washington, D.C., USA

"I am an American and I am very proud to have brave, wonderful men protecting our
Country. Thank you, James and I know your son will grow up knowing what kind of man serviced our country and what all James and his family gave up for OUR country. I cried today for James & all that his family and our country lost. Sincerely Proud. God Bless you & your family. God Bless all of the Service men and women still protesting our Country. I pray you all come home soon."
MARYANN STAUB of Winchester, Virginia

"This is to you, James M. Kiel, Your family and all the servicemen and women and their families. I want to personally thank each and every one of yoou for what you are doing for the USA and all the world. Wwe could never express in words, the feelings we have for all of you. You are heroes, who are making it possible for others such as I, to live in a world that is safer and freer and although I know you could never be repaid for your service, I do know that the Someone who countts, is watching and he will reward you all in the way we all pray for. God Bless you and your families. Len Bajenski and His Family admires all of you. Thank you."
Len Bajenski of Chgo, Cook, Illinois

"Army Spc. James M. Kiehl I salute you. You gave us your spilled blood, all I have to offer you is my respect, Job well done Sir!"
Cody of Gustine Tx.

"thanks you ever sow much and may GOD bless all of you"
john wheeler of richmond va USA.

"To James and his family,

I too was filled with emotion and felt the tears welling in my eyes as I viewed the tribute to your life. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and thank you for reminding me what we're fighting for. For the brave, selfless, and heroic men and women who live in our great country and for our brothers and sisters around the world who need our love and support. God Bless You All."
Colonel Christopher C. Medley of Lackland AFB, Texas

"My heart goes out to James' family as I sit at my keyboard still wiping tears. I don't pray often enogh for God to watch over those brave people fighting to protect and preserve the freedoms I and my family have long had the privelege of knowing. I am the daughter of a WWII vet and the sister of a Vietnam vet, and I was raised to always honor our troops. I wish I could do more to show the admiration I have for James and others like him. Just know that it is with great respect that I reach out to all of you at this very sad time. And I vow to do better in the prayer department. We ALL could do better. May God grant you all the peace and comfort that will carry you thru. With tremendous respect, Deb Yorko, Uniontown, PA, USA"
Debra L. Yorko of Uniontown, PA USA

"To James' family:

Thank you for raising such a brave young man. He is a reflection of you and your beliefs. Behind every soldier should be the morals and upbringing that have been instilled in him by a loving family. Thank you for giving him to us. To his wife, I am so sorry that you have lost your husband and the father to your newborn son. My sympathies and prayers are with you. I know, however, that you are proud of the man you married. Parents, I know you are proud of your son. I am, and I've never even met him.

To James:

As a daughter of a Vietnam Vet (may he now Rest In Peace), and as the proud fiance of an active duty TSgt in the USAF, I say THANK YOU on behalf of my 5 year old daughter and myself. It is because of the brave soldiers, like yourself, that this country is the wonderful, FREE country that we are. Your bravery, patriotism and commitment to this wonderful land of the FREE, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, helps us to continue to enjoy our freedom, and ensures that my daughter will be able to live in a safe land. Be proud that you have contributed to the freedom and safety of our country. Your bravery will always be remembered. "YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN."

God Bless you and your family always. Rest In Peace brave soldier."
Samantha P. of Collingswood, NJ

"I have just looked at the Funeral, Texas Style website. That was awesome. What a wonderful tribute to a young man who willingly honored his commitment to our great country. Thank you to the family of James for sharing him. And thank you, James."
Ruth of Dallas, TX

"Words could never convey the sense of gratitude and appreciation I feel for the sacrifices made by men and women like James Kiehl. To the families of our fallen hero's I ask for God's love and grace to be forever with them, and offer my heartfelt thanks as an American for raising son's and daughters like James M. Kiehl.

These are true hero's. May we raise our son's and daughter's such that they recognize and honor our genuine heros, and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice next time the title of hero is bestowed upon a counterfeit."
Scott Christensen of Salt Lake City Utah

"Thank you Soldier. Your sacrifice has made a difference."
Val Deeb - Sgt USMC 1974-78 of Pensacola FL



"To the Kiehl Family, I would like to say God Bless you all, & to James I want to say "THANK YOU " for being the GREAT & WONDERFUL person you were to go & fight until your death for the freedom of your (our) Country, may God give you rest from your labor now until we can all meet you again,
and to the state of Texas, I feel very proud of the BEAUTIFUL support that you gave this Preciuos Soldies as he was laid to rest..... May God's Love give you strenght & courage to face each new
day until you are all united again in Heaven where parting shall be no more,
Irene Evans of Milton,West Virginia

"WOW all that support must have swelled your heart. It is not easy to bury your son, but not only the people where you were were feeling that all American would have done the same for you and your family and your hero son. May God be with you these next weeks, months, years. It will be hard GOD BLESS"
Framframly@aol.com of Clementin, NJ

"May God bless and keep all our military personel and thank you Kiehl Family for you sacrifice."
Rita and Al Combs of Pearland (Houston), Texas, USA

"I am a Texan also. God bless James. Freedom is never free."
Vicki of Deer Park TX

"I want the Kiehl family and friends to know that I thank him for allowing me and my family to remain free. I don't know what to say to offer any comfort except that I really hope you understand that I think he is one of the bravest. To care for our Country to keep freedom for my family. God Bless his spirit! I am sure it is etched in the fibers of our Flag forever, along with those of our other fallen Heros. I also want to say Thank you to his parents. They did a great job raising their boy to a man. Thank You Spec. James M Kiehl"
Your Sister American of Allentown, PA


"I never got to meet James but I do know his wife. I used to work with her before she moved to Texas. The ones here at work cried the day we found out. James, we are honored and proud of you. You are still in our prayers! You have a very beautiful baby boy and we know that he will be very proud of his daddy as Jill is very proud of you. God Bless You!!!"
Amber of Des Moines Iowa USA

"To All in James' Family:

I first found out what had happen while glued to the TV one evening watching as this was all beginning to get dirty. I saw you (Mr. & Mrs. Kiehl) on TV talking about James and that he was missing. My heart fell. It all hit home. Someone I know, that I didn't even know was fighting for our future. Someone who was a part of the past, he was fighting for the future of all of our children to ensure that they too grow up with the rights and privledges that are so easily taken for granted. When I got confirmation that James was gone, I sat down cried and wrote many letters to you guys. I just couldn't find the way to mail them. I didn't want to be out of place. I just wanted to say thank you. I wished I could have came home to be at the services. To be a part of all those who payed their respect. That is a wonderful thing to see people standing in salute for a friend, dad, son, a nieghbor. Whats sad is there are so many people who forget what OUR guys are out there for until someone from the same town or area is lost. Risking their lives. For all of us! I have you all in my prayers. May God lay peace in all of your hearts!

About James: I remember back in school, even when we were younger, how he towered over EVERYBODY!! He was so tall and even stood over most of the guys that were seniors at the time he started High School with us!! He was good in band too! LOL He was always a pleasant person to be around. He was kind to others and there was never a bad thing said or thought about him. He was a good person. He made a wonderful man that I respect for what he has done for our country and its future. God Bless You"
Breanna A Richardson of Borger, Texas (Comfort Class of 1999)

"God Bless our American Soldiers.
God Bless our American Heroes.
God Bless America,
We will never forget..."
Michael Colby of Sierra VIsta, Arizona

"I'm at a loss for words. All I can think of is to say "THANK YOU". You will be in my prayers and in my thoughts. You are a HERO."
Duane Cory of Oswego, New York

"Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice for your fellow americans and all those throughout the world who cherish freedom."
Robert Mc Gough Colonel US Army (RET) of New Orleans, La

"All I have to offer in Thanks is the tears that are running down my face right now for a stranger who has given his life for my freedom. My heart cries & aches for your families loss. But the gift of freedom you have left behind has touched more lives than you would have met in life itself. You and all our fallen have blessed our lives forever & thru eternity. THANK YOU!"
Beth Frontera of Roseville, Michigan

"To the family of James Kiehl:

I set here trying to type this message with vision that is badly blurred by the tears in my eyes. I am a former Army Sergeant of the Vietnam era. I too saw many young men die in a foreign land for their country. I too witness military funerals for fallen comrades. One was for a Special forces Master Sergeant that was killed in Vietnam, a former school mate and good friend of mine. I remember the pain all of the former classmates of MSgt. Miller went through, especially the ones of us that played baseball and basketball with him. James also paid the ultimate sacrafice for his country. I am presently working in Qatar and have the privilige of visiting and talking with many young men/women like James who have chosen to serve the United States in one of the military branches. These young people really make us proud. Thank God for the young men/women like James of this generation who have had the courage to step up to the plate and carry the flag of our country to a distance land. Many of the young men/women of my generation and many generations before us also have had the priviliage to do the same. Sadly, too many of the best and brightest young men/women of our country like James have paid the ultimate sacrafice so that our children and grandchildren can live in a free society. God bless you James, and may god bless your family. I stand and salute you."
Paul Byrd, former Army Sergeant of Picayune, Ms (working in Qatar)

"Death is hard on the survivors, but James is at peace. You will see him again and enjoy peace with him. My nephew serves in Iraq. So far, we've been fortunate to still have him. I pray for your comfort."
Dottie Nichols of Middletown, Delaware, USA

"James: A salute from this old Marine to you, your family and your town that honored you so well.
Thank you and Semper FI!"
Art of St. Clairsville, OHio

"May God bless the Kiehl Family. My prayers are with you."
Carrie W. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Soldier... I salute you."
Stephen H. Jones, Maj, USAF (Ret) of Richmond, VA

"Thank you James. May God bless your family and especially your newborn son. May your family find comfort in knowing that you are truly a hero and you along with your fellow fallen comrades will never be forgotten. God Bless."
L. Dyar of Indianapolis, IN USA

"What an amazing show of support. This web site has illustrated the effect one life can have on others. Thank you James Kiehl for the tremendous sacrafice you and your family made for America. Daily I pray for the safe return of all the heros fighting around the world to maintain OUR freedom. I thank the Kiehl family for sharing this insightful message with us and I continue to pray for all the soldiers and their families. James Kiehl has made the ultimate sacrafice...he gave his life so that others may live. GOD Bless us all and GOD Bless the Kiehl family."
Debi Batey of Albany, GA

"God Bless you James. May God be with your family. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! You are a true hero!"
Steffen Family of Iowa

"Thank You James."
M. Ziegler of Tampa, Fl

"God Bless Mrs. Kiehl and her new son. May God comfort and bless you always."
Una McConnell of Tallahassee, FL USA

"Our hearts, tears, an prayers come out for all the Kiehl family an friends. Because of Jim, we can live in peace here. God bless,"
Chuck,Bert, Brenda an Joe of Tippcity, Ohio, USA

"To the parents, wife and child of James M. Kiehl; thank you all and God bless you for your sacrifice. Just remember that James' eyes have now seen the glory of the risen Lord and James will forever keep his eyes looking downward on all those for whom he lovingly and eternally prays, until you, too, may one day rejoice with him before the Heavenly Father."
Anne K. Yore of Mannheim, Germany

"thank you so much for serving our country I wish I could say more but all I have is a thank you and we love all the solders over helping our country stay free."
Dawayne Mingus of Louisville, KY

"To the parents, wife, loved ones, and friends of our fallen HERO. I wish to say thank you, not only for his sacrifice, but now yours. I can not replace your hurt, but because of men like James the United States of America and the freedoms we enjoy will live on forever."
Richard Rupert of Rock Island, Illinois

"I thank God every day for soldiers like James. As a wife of a former Army officer, I understand the sacrifices these men and women make to protect us. I cry every time I hear of another fallen hero. I did not know James but I will never forget him. He now has a permanent place in my heart and my respect. To me he will always be a hero because now he is an angel watching over us. God bless him and his family."
Mary Goodwin of Acworth, GA USA

"To the family of SPC Kiehl...
I am at work right now and received the e-mail of your son's memorial as a forward. I served in the U.S. Army from 1998-2002, I served in Afhganistan immediately after 9-11-01 in Operation Enduring Freedom. The e-mail of your son really touched my heart, great men like your son will always be remembered by the men and women he directly affected. His life has even affected people that he never knew including myself. The soldiers that are serving this country are truly the heroes of this country to me. When the child of James Kiehl grows up he will always know that his father was a hero to many people...The memory of James Kiehl goes on and has moved across the country and touched many people...My condolences to the wife,child and family of SPC Kiehl. Thank you for your time.

Victor Espinoza
Victor Espinoza of Madera,CA USA

"To James's Family, and especially his new son...

James put himself in harms way, and he was lost to an enemy attack. This is an enormous loss, and also a time to honor this soldier, son, husband and father, for his loyalty and committment. James lost his life to help keep tomorrow safer for his family, friends and his son. He also gave his life for his country. No American could give more, and no man can leave a greater legacy to his son. Be proud of your father, and forgive him for not coming home. He would want you to be at ease, and he would want you to become a good man. It takes bravery to be a good man.

RIP James M. Kiehl"
Scott E of Los Angeles

"James, you are an ANGEL in HEAVEN and you will always live in our hearts as will each and every american soldier that has gone to war and fought for our freedom.I too have experienced the saddened loss of my ex who died with war related injuries.Agent Orange .It is not easy for us or our children to go on living without our loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us all! I know God is holding you close.I pray for * each and every soldier that stands up and fights for us all.* May Gods Loving Arms Comfort and Protect Your Family and Friends who mourn your Heroic death.*May we never stop praying for world peace and may God Bless Us All

"Your tribute has me in tears. All i can truely say is thank you very much for fighting for my country, my freedom and the love of my life, my daughter who is 11 months old,because of you and all of the other soldiers work she might be able to see a peaceful US when she gets older."
bridget of Waynesboro PA

"I only want to say that I am proud of you. As a retiree I never got the chance to serve my country the way you did. If I were given the chance over again I would do it in the exact some way. I hope your family is proud and stands tall"
Pat Vogel of La Coste, TX/USA

"Four year vet. of WW II.. thanking a brother for carrying on for us. I am truly sorry for the way you had to return home. God bless your family, especially your wife and son."
Ed of Pembroke Pines, Fla."
Ed Stalvey of Pembroke Pines, Fla.

"It is with Pride that James served. It is with Pride I say Thank You. There is no sacrifice greater than to serve to protect freedom and fight against evil. James is a soldier that we shall remember for he is a great example for the young men of this country, America-the United States of America. Thank you James, your loss is felt, our hearts are saddened but we all know that it takes brave MEN and of course brave women in this country willing to defend freedom, willing to rise to the occassion to serve our country. Serve this great country even for those who haven't a clue what is required to keep this Freedom we so easily claim. Thank you James for serving and thank you to all our soldiers. My deepest sympathy to James' family for the loss is deep, but the pride and love for the man will be forever remembered. This nation salutes your patriotism and I as another American am deeply grateful that James and other soldiers who have served and are now serving, are the best and continue the basis for what sets this country above all others. Conviction, desire to have and keep freedom, fight evil, With the willingness to defend good against evil, knowing the rest of the world's craving to have what we the USA have - A FREE and Great Country -Thanks to our great people and great men as James. Thank you. One day, we shall all meet again. God Bless James, and all our true American citizens willing to be counted. Dear Jesus, James is now your soldier and your beloved. Thank you"
John of Wildomar, Ca

"when i went to the link soldier's funeral texas style i cried as i saw the pictures of all the people holding flags. In all the battles the USA has been in it has been Texas boys who were first to fight for our country. I know these words can never replace words your son might have said to you but know he was part of God's plan for a better world. A memorial any child or parent would be proud of. God Bless You All."
julia cox-wilson of decatur, texas, USA

"simply thank you."
p. f. of california

"Thankyou James to you and your family; our fallen soldiers will always be remembered and to his family just know that he is always with you, watching over you, watching his son grow and as a soldier he is a hero, as a Guardian Angel he is a true spirit. My husband is in Iraq and I pray everyday that he will come home soon, safe and sound. Thankyou to James and his family for their sacrafice, courage and strength so the rest of us can move forth and keep our freedom ringing!!!!!!!This is why We Support Our Troops!!!!!May God and the Earth bless you always! Praise Be to the Sky for there is a Kingdom of Heaven and the stars are Angel's eyes looking down on us... Smiling... Sincerely Cally L Sumpter"
Cally Sumpter of Thornton, CO.


At first there was no place for us to go until someone put up that "Black Granite Wall." Now, everyday and night, my Brothers and my Sisters wait to see the many people from places afar file in front of this "Wall." Many stopping briefly and many for hours and some that come on a regular basis. It was hard at first, not that it's gotten any easier, but it seems that many of the attitudes towards that Vietnam war we were involved in have changed. I can only pray that the ones on the other side have learn something, and more "Walls" as this one, needn't be built.

Several members of my unit, and many that I did not recognize, have called me to The Wall by touching my name engraved upon it. The tears aren't necessary, but are hard even for me to hold back. Don't feel guilty for not being with me, my Brothers. This was my destiny as it is yours, to be on that side of The Wall. Touch The Wall, my Brothers, so that we can share in the memories that we had. I have learn to put the bad memories aside and remember only the pleasant times that we had together. Tell our other Brothers out there to come and visit me, not to say Goodbye but to say Hello and be together again . . . even for a short time . . . and to ease that pain of loss that we all still share.

Today, an irresistible and loving call summons me to The Wall. As I approach, I can see an elderly lady . . . and as I get closer, I recognize her...It's Momma! As much as I have looked forward to this day, I have also dreaded it, because I didn't know what reaction I would have.

Next to her, I suddenly see my wife and immediately think how hard it must have been for her to come to this place, and my mind floods with the pleasant memories of 30 years past. There's a young man in a military uniform standing with his arm around her...My God!...he has to be my son! Look at him trying to be the man without a tear in his eye. I yearn to tell him how proud I am, seeing him standing tall, straight and proud in his uniform.

Momma comes closer and touches The Wall, and I feel the soft and gentle touch I had not felt in so many years. Dad has crossed to this side of The Wall, and through our touch, I try to convey to her that Dad is doing fine and is no longer suffering or feeling pain. I see my wife's courage building as she sees Momma touch The Wall and she approaches and lays her hand on my waiting hand. All the emotions, feelings and memories of three decades past flash between our touch and I tell her that. . .it's alright . . . carry on with your life and don't worry about me . . . .

I can see as I look into her eyes that she hears and a big burden has been lifted from her on wings of understanding.

I watch as they lay flowers and other memories of my past. My lucky charm that was taken from me and sent to her by my CO . . . a tattered and worn teddy bear that I can barely remember having as I grew up as a child. . . and several medals that I had earned and were presented to my wife. One is the Combat Infantry Badge that I am very proud of, and I notice that my son is also wearing this medal. I had earned mine in the jungles of Vietnam and he had probably earned his in the deserts of Iraq.

I can tell that they are preparing to leave, and I try to take a mental picture of them together, because I don't know when I will see them again. I wouldn't blame them if they were not to return, and can only thank them that I was not forgotten. My wife and Momma near The Wall for one final touch, and so many years of indecision fear and sorrow are let go. As they turn to leave, I feel my tears that had not flowed for so many years, form as if dew drops on the other side of The Wall.

They slowly move away with only a glance over their shoulders. My son suddenly stops and slowly returns. He stands straight and proud in front of me and snaps a salute. Something draws him near The Wall and he puts his hand upon etched stone and touches my tears that had formed dew drops on the face of The Wall . . . and I can tell that he senses my presence and the pride and love I have for him. He falls to his knees and the tears flow from his eyes and I try my best to reassure him that it's alright, and the tears do not make him less of a man. As he moves back wiping the tears from his eyes,he silently mouths,"God Bless you, Dad...."

God Bless, YOU, Son . . . we WILL meet someday, but in the meanwhile, go on your way . . . there is no hurry . . . there is no hurry at all.

As I see them walk off in the distance, I yell out to THEM and EVERYONE there today, as loud as I can:


. . . and as others on this side of The Wall join in, I notice that the U.S. Flag, Old Glory, that so proudly flies in front of us everyday, is flapping and standing proudly straight out in the wind from our gathering numbers this day . . .

and we shout again,
and . . . again,
and again . . .

T H A N K S F O R R E M E M B E R I N G!


From The Other Side . . .
Thanks For Remembering . . .

by: Patrick Camunes,
Copyright (c) 1998

Thanks for your service James."
Unknown of USA

"God Bless You James! You gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country. May your loving wife, parents and son stand proud. You gave your all for so many that you didn't even know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
The Ruse Family of Turlock, CA

"There is no way to thank you for what you have done . I just hope that some of these stupid americans that have had everything in the world handed to them would wake up and be proud to be an american . People are brought up now with no respect . My mom and dad didn't always agree on everything including presidents but if we don't stand together and support our president we have lost the battle . Right or wrong we have to support our country and our president. Too many politicans are in it just for themselves and they don't care who they hurt just to make them look better . Almost every politican that has been elected hasn't done what they promised to get elected. We need to get rid of this kind of trash and bring america back to real people . Lets go back where men were men and america was america."
Jack of Newhall,Ca

"Thank you for serving your country James. Your deed as a soldier was a great honor to our country."
Jason Thompson of Madison, MS USA


"James, you are a true hero. We owe you big time. Thanks. Thanks to all the U.S. service members."
Dick Burke of Virginia Beach,Virginia

"James, I salute you and your Country salutes you. Your son one day will read these words of gratitude and will see the love and respect this country has for you and your family. We will never forget! and will follow behind you to uphold the American's soldier's moto inscribed in the Army's brestplate and armor which states "THIS WE'LL DEFEND".
God bless."
Guido Benedit United Staes Army VN Veteran. of Woodstock Georgia. U.S.A.

"I am so touched by this. The more that I read, the harder it was to see because of the tears in my eyes. I salute you James. You and all the other men and women who have been lost serving your country truly are American Hero's. May God watch over your family and keep them safe."
C. Hager of Chesterton, In.

"WHAT GREATER TRIBUTE could a man receive than that offered to Spc. James Kiehl? I am so profoundly moved I don't have words to describe it. God Bless the honorable people of Comfort, Texas, for so honoring one of America's fallen heroes. And God Bless James Kiehl. Thank you, Mr. Kiehl, thank you. May God Bless and Keep the United States of America."
Phillip of U.S.A.

"To the family of James Kiehl, James and others have given the ultimate sacrafice, all gave some..some gave all. Thank you to all these fine young people."
Bill of Connecticut

"I have been there and the only thing I didn't do was die. Men like me go on, because of men like Spc Kjehl. One day all of us warriors will meet on God's green fields and talk over old times. God bless James M Kjehl and his family. Thank you for your gift to America

William "Shorty" Pettit Jr
Vietnam Vet 1967-68"
William Shorty Pettit Jr of Minot ND

"Spc. James M. Kiehl. You have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We pray for Peace, so that ALL our men may come home to those that love them. We are One Nation Under God. "IF WE CANNOT GIVE HIM HONOR, WHILE HE` S HERE TO HEAR THE PRAISE, THEN AT LEAST LET` S GIVE HIM HOMAGE,AT THE ENDING OF HIS DAYS. PERHAPS A SIMPLE NOTICE IN A PAPER THAT WOULD SAY, " OUR COUNTRY IS IN MOURNING", CAUSE A SOLDIER PASSED AWAY." The Members and Patrons of the VFW POST 4726, Brandon, S. D."
Bennett L. Sundvold, U.S.N. Ret. of Sioux Falls, S. D. U.S.A.

"I pray for the family of Specialist James Kiehl and for you James for giving your all for the country you were serving. I hope that one day your son will understand why he lost his father in a far away land. So he could grow up to be what ever he wanted to be and be able to grow up to do anything he wish. May your son grow up to be as great as his father. I know the sorrow of lossing a comrade in arms and a familiy member. It is not easy to let go or to think it will ever not hurt so much. May god keep you at his side and watch over your family. You are a true American hero."
Barry E. Barnes, TSgt, USAF Retired of Palm Springs Ca.

"I just read a little about James and the ultimate sacrifice to this great country. I want to thank James and his fellow soldiers for defending this great nation on earth.

God bless your soul!

From a Vietnamese person who treasure the freedom in this country."
Luat Nguyen of Minnesota

"As a military member myself, it's a shame that only those who survive a conflict are remembered and praised wherein those who have fallen are forgotten. Where are our values?"
Greg of San Antonio, TX

"Dear James, Thank you, Brother. You cared enough to be there for us, we will care enough to never forget."
Carl of Auburn, Pa.

"Thank you, James, and your family for the gift of freedom that you gave to all Americans. Forgive us for taking it for granted so many days of our lives.You are a true hero......"
Anthony Weber of Atlanta, Georgia

"God Bless you James Kiehl, you deserve the best,and all the other soldiers that has fallen with you, God be with you all!!!!!!!"
Bill Lacayo of Glendora,California.USA

"We are so grateful for your life and selflessness. Your family will forever be inour prayers!"
SDH of carrollton, va, usa

"Thank you James for giving your everything to ensure our freedoms. My heart goes out to your parents and loved ones, as they have lost a great man. Many people these days don't realize that freedom is not free. And even more people don't think freedom should cost sooo much. But I for one could not fathom living without the freedoms we now possess. You are my hero!!!

Proud Marine Mom of Lcpl Philip
stationed in Bahrain"
Bitse of Northglenn CO

"As a wife of an Army soldier, my thoughts and prayers are with James' wife, son and family. May God bless you and keep you strong."
Laura of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii USA

"Heavenly Father
You have taken James home and left his family heavy hearted. Please ease their burden in this, their time of great sorrow. Thank You for the freedom You allow us to enjoy now and the freedom in our future that will be enjoyed by James' fatherless young child, the freedom that James and others in our military paid for with their lives. This we pray in Jesus' name. Amen."
Harry Finn of Laflin, PA., USA

"To the family of James M. Kiehl, May God bless you and surround you with his peace. My husband has been called to active duty with the Army and could soon be on his way over to Iraq. I'm so proud of him and all who are serving in the military.It truly is an honor to live in a country where young men and women devote their lives to fighting for the freedom of this great nation and who sometimes pay the ultimate price, their life, so that we can live in a safe country. May God bless and keep all our soldiers!!My prayers won't stop until all are back home!!!!"
Gena Garrison of Tyler,Texas U.S.A.

"For the family of James Kiehl, we thank you for the sacrafice he and you and all the other soldiers have made in defence of this country and the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you is to simple a form of showing our appreciation, but the depth of our appreciation and sorrow to you are boundless. God Bless you and him."
The Shers of Play Del Rey, Ca 90293

"I say to you,soldier of America.Peacemaker and peacekeeper of the world that your death will not be in vain.The loss to your family and the grief your death has caused to them and this nation is beyond our abilities to truly express.I salute you soldier son of America.I am deeply proud of you and weep with sorrow for this nations loss.
The eyes of Texas and the eyes of this nation are upon you.God be with you,oh warrior son of America."
Harold E.(Ben)Benison,former Sgt. E-5 USMC,and U.S Army special forces,Green Beret. of Lakewood,Colorado USA.

"No words can express the sadness I feel for your family or the high esteem for the man and the soldier, James M.Kiehl.
And the regret his life was taken by the cruelty of man agains man in a land so far removed from the USA and Texas."
Peggy Davis Rollins of Dalton,GA,USA

"To the family of Army Spc. James M. Kiehl. Your son, your husband, your dad was a hero who fought to preserve freedom for all mankind. He has made the ultimate sacrifice for us and for the peace loving people of the world. May you find comfort in knowing that all America feels your pain. God bless you all and may James's love be with you in your hearts & memory for all eternity.
Former US Army Artillery S/Sgt."
Charles Daniels of Port Barre, Louisiana

"To James wife,son, and parents.
I am so sorry for your lose: I know only too well the cost of American Freedom. May God Bless and comfort you as you travel the journey of life."
D. Nelson of Tennessee

"I am full of emotion and gratitude after visiting this site. Thank you to the Kiehl family and to all of those families who have lost loved ones and have loved ones serving in the military all over the world. God does bless America with these individuals! So many of these people come from "small town America". America's strength comes from our small towns. I wish I could find the words to express my heartfelt feelings. Words can not convey how thankful I am for all of our military and their families. May God continue to bless America!!"
Valerie Martin of Baltimore, MD

"Dear James,
My brother's name is James. It reminds me of his strength and with that strength it reminds me of his protection that he often provided. The same protection that you provided for us. I know that some may feel, that you have gone from here. But only they should know that you are closer then ever to us. You my freind are courage,strength,and love much more combined. Something that we all need to learn. I myself may have been terrified of the events that were before me. But you encountered them with passion and remmemberence. You left a thought a sense of pride. Something we all lack until we are met with a question. You my friend answered that question. THANK YOU!"
Joe of Pennsylvania

"May God bless each of you and hold you in the palm of his hand as you remember James. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and that we all have been blessed that such a wonderful young man loved his country and it's people so much that he gave up his own life to defend it and us. Always remember to look to the heavens at night because, "Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."
God Bless... with sympathy and loving thoughts,"
Theresa LeAnne Gonzalez of Milton, FL, USA

"I was deeply moved by the pictures and account of the funeral procession for Spc. Kiehl. May his spirit soar and his death remain meaningful to our entire nation. May peace and light surround his family."
Lynn Henderson of Davidson, NC, USA

"Know that our young men and women who have lost their lives for our freedom did not die in vain. For those who did not make the headlines, you will always be in the headlines in our hearts and in the kingdom. A special throne has been waiting for you there.

For those veterans who have suffered wounds and some with severe injuries, we have not forgotten you. Because of your incredible bravery and selflessness we walk free. Heroes, each and every one of you, we salute you and will forever keep you in our prayers.

God bless and keep you always--

The mother of a front line infantry soldier in Iraq--"
Cindy Muron of Cincinnati, Ohio

"It is a shame that it takes brave young men like James to give the ultimate sacrifice for a lot of people to show how they care and appreciate what all the men and women of the armed forces mean to OUR lives in this country. God Bless James, his family, and all the men and women who serve this country, and THANK YOU for what you have given us ALL . It shall NEVER be forgotten

May God Bless and Keep the Kiehl Family, and may James rest in everlasting peace."
Jim & Kathy Miller of Inkster Mi

"To James wife,son, and parents.
Your son and husband, father, was a hero, an inspiration to our world. I would not have know about him, if a friend had not put this on my list of e-mails. I am proud to know your love of your lives. He should have a movie made of him, i am sorry but jessica lynch is a hero, your son, husband and dad is a hero that words cannot say enough about.

Cherish his memories and honor him all the Days of your lives, this memory can't be taken from any of you. Keep James alive for you all and his son.

God will bless and keep you safe and free from all harm and evil. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and is disabled, from this place, he is also a minister. May you truly be blessed.

Carl and Ann Collier
Wheelersburg, Ohio"
ann collier of Wheelersburg, Ohio, USA

"I would like to pay my respects to this fine young man and his family. I am 23 years old and I would like for his family to know that his generation will not be forgetting his sacrifice even though we seem to have forgotten past generations lost in battle. He and his comrades will make sure that we do not hold our freedom cheaply as they will also make sure that OUR children will know how much our freedom has cost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to live freely."
Gretchen M. S. of Dallas, TX/United States of America

"My mother sent this site to me, I too have a son in the Army. His name is James too. One thing I have learned about the military, atleast this has been true for me is that we are all family. It is a great loss you have suffered. I can only imagine how you feel but I know how much I love my James and I know you love your James just as much. I know these guys are proud of what they do, and I am so greatful for them. They help to keep us safe. I will keep your darling family in my prayers. God bless you...always!"
Teri of Tulsa , Ok

"My deepest sympathy at your loss of James M. Keihl. To the family, wife, friends and fellow Texans you must be sad, BUT you are proud! This is what makes America a great country, when our brave men and woman answer the call to duty, NOT only for America, but freedom from despots around the world. What a very moving event to share with us out here in computer land, of the services and showing all those that paid their respects to James. I was moved beyond words. So many have eloquently expressed themsleves in messages to you. I hope it helps ease the pain and loss of your loved one. Thank you and God Bless you and James."
Richard E. Elliott of Manteca, CA

"You have given the ultimate sacrifice, May God Bless your Spirit and your family. You have fought and gave so that we may live in freedom and so the rest of the world may someday also."
martin orgaard of Center, ND

"May God Bless you and your son, your husband was a true solider.
Mother of a Marine in Operation Iraq Freedom"
Floye Myers of Kinsman,Ohio

"I am a Vietnam veteran, and every time I read or in some way witness the loss of another young soldier, it pains me so much to know that the family and friends that are near and dear to this herioc soldier have to suffer so much at their loss. I look into a mother's eyes, the father's eyes, the eyes of brothers and sisters, and I see and feel the pain. If they could look into my eyes they would certainly see my pain, my anguish, at their loss. Embrace those around you because they share your grief; let their loving embrace be a measure of support and comfort for you. I came home 37 years ago and I have a greater understanding and respect for this our free country. Let freedom ring, damn, what a price we have to pay for freedom. The next time I go home, it will be my final journey, and then I will be able to shake hands and thank this brave soldier, your son , your brother, and be at peace with him.

John Palmer
Ocean County
New Jersey"
John Palmer of Bricktown, N.J.

"Your loved one is truly a hero and I,for one appreciate everything he sacrificed for our Great Country. I am the daughter of a World War 1 veteran and the widow of a 24 yr vet. and know the sacrafices that families endure. Thank you and your loved one for the ultimate sacrafice for his brave spirit."
Sue Wall of Thomaston, Ga . USA

"I would like to express my LOVE to all the soldiers serving for our freedom and tring* to make this world a better place for the future (our children) God be with this fallen soldiers wife and family, I pray that you can find some peace and comfort in your mind and that the new baby son can bring joy to your heart, Knowing through him a little part a James is still here with you. Love and Prayers. Lord be with you in your time of need."
Tracy McCoy of Albion Michigan

"To Army Spc. James M. Kiehl's wife and baby,

I received the e-mail honoring James today. I shed many tears as I think of this young man fighting for our freedom in America, as so many young men have done so in the past. I pray that you will never believe that his death was in vain. I appreciate your sacrifice as a young mother and child who will grow up not knowing his real dad. When the time is right you will make a new life for you and your child, but you will always have the memory of your James.

I have been through Comfort, Texas many times, a wonderful small Texas town. As I looked at the pictures of the children, workers, teachers, I thought to myself, they knew James personally. What a great loss you have felt. Keep your faith and continue to raise your child in a Christian home. My prayers are with you and your child and the many other soldiers and their families. Thank you for giving your husband for the cause."
Barbara Hendry of Houston, Texas

"I can only offer my heart felt graditude for your son's service to our country and to that of his fellow soldiers. May GOD receive him with open arms and bless his family and comfort them in this time of such a heavy loss. His fellow soldiers, myself included will never forget the ultimate sacrifice James made for his country. Lead they way James, hooah!"
Sergeant Todd Jensen Smith of 438th Military Police Det, Kuwait/Iraq

"May God bring peace to the hearts and minds of the family members who miss their boy. Our family thanks you for your sacrifice."
M. Price of Vista, California, USA

"God Bless America-the good and all those that defend her. Thank you."
Maj (Retd) Mike Popovich of Ottawa, Canada

"I am a 74 year old veteran, and was moved to tears while viewing the photomontage and listening the music during the Beautiful Memorial Service to James Kiehl. I am so very proud of that Texas town for showing their love and concern for one of our fallen comrads. I salute that town, as well as James, who gave the supreme sacrifice for our great country. "May God bless them all.""
Robert Fry of Seattle, WA

"To the parents of James M. Kiehl, Dry your tears and do not be sad for your brave and loving son is safe. He will no longer suffer from pain or heartache. When I blest you with the gift of a baby boy I assigned him some jobs I wanted him to do before he would come back to me. Those jobs: 1. love your mother and father. 2. love and respect your country. 3. stand up for what you believe. 4. never give up. 5. be thankful and give back. 6. never take the gift of life for granted, cherish it and teach people to cherish their own.
I am proud to say that your son did above and beyond the jobs I told him to do. It takes some people 95 years to complete their list of duties, your son did them in 22. He is an amazing child. Know that he watches over you every day hour minute and second of your lives. I to have given you a job to do in life. That job: Keep the American freedom alive, and let the spirit of your son soar. Thank you for raising him so well. Stay sweet until we meet again."
Sincerly, God of look up and you will see me

"A friend sent me this memorial to James.We can rest easy knowing that James is in the eternal and loving arms of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for James who is representative of our other brave troops in dangerous and lonely places throughout the world. Bless you-his family-who gave us this brave man."
Bill-USAF 1952-57 of Ocean Isle Beach,NC

"i just read about the funeral for james kiehl . i am still crying and can't quit.my son just joined the army today; i hope he serves with the same honor that james did. my heart and prayers to james' family. i know you hurt but you can be proud of what he stood for,freedom, liberty,justice. he made the ultimate sacrifice for what he believed a true AMERICAN HERO. God Bless You Thank-You James sincerly William Giovannelli"
william giovannelli of `williamsport,pa USA

"To the Wife, Parents, family and friends of James M. Kiehl,
Jesus said, " Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." James evidenced his love for every American by his willingness to serve and his ultimate sacrifice. Thank you, dear people, for producing such an outstanding young hero. We as Americans are indebted to him and all the others who have given the ultimate price, plus those who now are serving our nation in the fight for freedom. May God comfort you, the bereaved, and fill your heart with the many wonderful memories that James leaves with you.
May God Richly Bless You And May God Bless this great nation."
Jerry Woods of Stantonville, TN

"My ernest prayer is that James' son will never have to live under fear of terrorists because of the sacrifice made by James and the other brave women and men who serve our country so proudly."
Carl Rogers of Pittsburgh, PA

"My Brother Veteran and Hero, my heart hurts for you as it did some 35 years ago for my other Brothers who fell on foreign soil in the name of freedom and duty. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. I know God has a special place for fallen heroes such as you. The following lyrics are to a piece called "Mansions of the Lord" sung for the soudtrack "We Were Soldiers":
To fallen soldiers let us sing,
Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
Our broken brothers let us bring
To the Mansions of the Lord

No more weeping,
No more fight,
No friends bleeding through the night,
Just Devine embrace,
Eternal light,
In the Mansions of the Lord

Where no mothers cry
And no children weep,
We shall stand and guard
Though the angels sleep,
Oh, through the ages let us keep
The Mansions of the Lord

I salute you and pray for your family."
Richard Jacobs of Harrisonville, MO

"Dear Kiehl Family, oh how my heart bleeds for you. I was one of the fortunate mothers who was lucky enough to have my son come home alive from Iraq. My prayers go out to you and know that the world holds you and your son in our hearts. Be proud and know that his mission was one of freeing the oppressed, a mission that the Lord teaches us to uphold. To help those in need and love our neighbors as ourselves. God bless you and I'm sure that James is watching over you from the pearly gates in heaven."
Debbie Bausch of Hilton, NY/Monroe County

"To James , we salute you ,a brave an fallen soldier . To his family ,may god comfort you in knowing that he died for freedom for all of us . My son is about to return to Iraq for the third time . Am I afraid for him ? yes ! but this is what he has chosen to do , this is what James chose . God keep him in his care and with you his family . Signed the proud mom of a US Serviceman"
Gerri W. of Elyria,Oh.

"To James , we salute you ,a brave an fallen soldier . To his family ,may god comfort you in knowing that he died for freedom for all of us . My son is about to return to Iraq for the third time . Am I afraid for him ? yes ! but this is what he has chosen to do , this is what James chose . God keep him in his care and with you his family . Signed the proud mom of a US Serviceman"
Gerri W. of Elyria,Oh.

"Thank you. I wish you could hold your child in your arms. You deserve that and more. Thank you"
Jo of Phoenix,AZ

"To fight for ones freedom is reasonable.
To fight for someone elses freedom is LAUDABLE! (S.G. Deibert)"
Barney Deibert, barneydd@yahoo.com of Munising, Mi.


"Your story moved me so much. My eyes welled with tears. I was born in Kerrville and my Grandmother lived in Center Point. I am so proud of our Texas community and your right the people down there are amazing, just like your nephew James. I want to thank you for sharing your story."
Stephanie Kelly of Norman, OK

"I served 22 years in the Military, I would gladly trade places with James Kiehl if I could. But I can't.. To James family, God Bless you."
Glenn Garrett of Marietta, Ga.

"Gone but not forgotten. Thank you for your service and prayers to the family.
Gulf 1 Vet (Desert Storm)"
John Houck of Long Beach, CA

"I am a proud American and even prouder Texan. Seeing what I have just seen makes me even prouder. Only in America and only in Texas do you see this kind of patriotism and love of our fallen troops. My chest filled with pride and my eyes filled with tears as I saw pictures of the funeral procession. I thank you for your son and am truly sorrowed for your loss. James is a hero to our country and to our state and will always be remembered by me and many others.

Just picture James as he reported for his final duty station... As he snaps to attention in front of God almighty at the pearly gates. God's reply...

"At Ease James. All Is Secure. Job Well Done."

Job well done. I thank you for your sacrifice for this great nation.

Semper Fi!"
Wayne Forsythe of Lufkin, Texas USA

"Family of James Kiehl...God bless you all and know that your husband, father, son, grandson, brother....was a hero in every sense of the word. Bless you James and God speed."
Valerie of Bradford, PA USA!!!!

"I am a 64 year old Illinois man. I am constantly in awe of the dedication and courage of our very young people in Afghanistan and Iraq. James M Kiehl deserved at LEAST this much of a tribute as do all of our fallen heroes. Christ died for all mankind: James M Kiehl died for all Americans."
Glen B Reel of Bradley, IL/USA

"James, you make me proud to be an American. Thank you for your sacrifice. God's speed young hero!"
Michael R. of Conroe, Tx. USA!

"To James Wife,Son, & Family
We as Americans know how blessed we are to have such heros such as James who sacrifice all just for us.
I never met James, but had I. I would have said proudly THANK YOU JAMES you are my special hero. God Bless"
George DeFonzo of Erie, Pa USA

"Thank you for the sacrafice. Your loss will bring freedom to some of the most oppressed people in the world. This Country needs more heroes like James Kiehl."
Mark McLiney of San Antonio

"As the grandson of a World War I Veteran,Son of a World War II Veteran,A Navy Veteran Myself but most of all as a Proud American I thank you for defending the ideals this Country stands for and for helping bring freedom to an oppressed people.Your Ultimate Sacrifice does not go unnoticed.Your Ultimate Sacrifice does not go unappreciated.Thankyou"
Barry Willette of Boynton Beach,Florida UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

"Here I am, sitting at work when I receive this incredible email about Spc. Kiehl and a "Texas Style Funeral". I think I can safely say as Americans, that all of our boys are treated with the same respect and honor; wherever they are from and finally laid to rest.

I consider myself a 'salty old soul', but as I read the message from Ms. Pierce, my eyes watered, my heart ached for his family, and I thanked James for making the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe and free. God Bless him, and all those friends, family and loved ones he leaves behind."
Steve Newsome of Corpus Christi, TX

"IN GOD WE TRUST !!! "God Bless America"
Our Country Will Stay Strong With Men & Women Like James Kiehl Fighting For It.Alot of Us Don't Stop & Think where our Country would be IF it wasn't for Men & Women like this, Giving Their All To Go And Fight & Protect Our Country And Some Giving Their Own Lives. I Respect Every Person In The Military!!!!
"God Bless You All" UNITED WE STAND !!!"
Christine Napier of AMERICA ( Proud Of Our Military )

"Thank you James. Your son will never know you but he will always know that his father was a hero who died fighting for his country."
Sharon France of Lake Havasu City, Arizona

"I believe someone once said "Heros are ordinary people who do extra-ordinary things". This is an example. God Bless!!"
Tom Broadaway of Haines City, Fl USA

"To James' family. I am so moved by the support of your community in the attempt to love away some of the pain. It is inspiring. I am so sorry for your loss. May the peace that passes all understanding surround and comfort you."
Jennie Sprouse of Vancouver, WA

"To The Family of James Kiehl, I share in your grief, as my son Staff Sgt. Jason Hicks was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan on the same day as James Keihl was killed in Iraq. My heart goes out to you."
Theresa Hicks of Jefferson, S. C.

"America has given up another of her brave young men for the cause of freedom. Let us hope and pray that it was not in vain. My sincere thanks to the family of James, for the life of this young hero taken in the prime of his life."
Paul Bombardier ( 3 year korea veteran) of Stephens City, VA.

"To the dear wife,son and other family members of "Great American" James M. Kiehl,U.S.Army.
Since 1775 many brave Americans just like James have given "their all" to first gain then retain and protect the many freedoms that we enjoy hourly in our great country. God WILL continue to "Bless America", and the families of our brave men and women of our"BEYOND SUPERB"Armed Forces,as WE"One Nation Under GOD","CONTINUE TO MARCH"!!"with our heads and flags held high, over the subhuman, misguided, barbaric enemies of humanity, and of our very sacred freedoms, which they will NEVER DESTROY."
F.J.Kovacs,Retired Marine of Miami, FL

"RIP our Texas hero."
James Armstrong of Crowley, Texas USA

"Mrs. James Kiehl,
Your husband is a True American and I will never forget the sacrifice he and other veterans have made to keep America free.
James Mertz
U.S. Army
Vietnam 1967-1968"
James E. Mertz of Algonquin, IL 60102

"God Bless all of our soldiers who fight to keep our country free for those of us that are left behind. May he help you Mrs. James Kiehl, and your new son to grow up to be proud to be an American."
Mrs. Sharon Tift of Medford, OR.

"I am truly thankful for our young men and women who defend our country night and day without question. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are always in my prayers."
Pamela D Vandeford of Canton, GA. USA

"As we continue to Put the burden of keeping the free world free on our young men and women, I'am gratefull beyond words to them and James. May your son grow up to be the man that you were."
Paul F. Thomas ret. CMS USAF of Seffner Fl. USA

"I just wanted to say thank you to the family of this brave man for making it possible for my 11 year old son to grow up in a free country. You will all be in my prayers."
Michele of Phoenix, Arizona

"I am so thankful for such selfless people. James and others who have fallen to protect us will be remembered fondly and God shall keep them safe now. God Bless all of those who fight to keep us safe and free. My fondest condolences to his family, especially his wife and son. Thank you!"
Terry of Henderson, NV

"So many tears in my eyes, I couldn't see all of the pictures. My heart breaks for this family and all the families of others whom have fallen. Thank you James,
A Marine Mom"
Angela of Downingtown, PA, USA

"Thank you."
Kay of New York

"To Mrs James Kiehl: I grieve at the terrible price your family has paid to help keep the US safe and free. "Thank you" seems like so small a thing to say, but I say it none the less. May the Lord watch over you and keep you as you raise your son."
TJM, USAFA Class of 1977, of Alkmaar in the Netherlands

"In memory of James & All the men that went to war for us.They put their lives on hold n on the line for us all, some came back, But some went on to be with the Lord.I Pray God Blesses their families & confronts them with their losses.May God Bless the ones that came back home & Let them know they are appreciated and Respected!!! May God Bless All Our Men That Went To Iraq to fight for our Country,And Dont Forget to pray for the ones that are still there.Lets Not Forget the Men Who Went to The War's before these also.....Like World War 1,Vietnam and others.. I Greatly Apprectiate those Men As Well......."
Hazel Varble of USA

"Thank you for a putting a face on one of our many fallen brave soliders! It takes a special person to be a solider! Our prayers are with all those in the armed forces and their brave families!"
Misti proud wife of a memeber of the Air Force of Elmendorf AFB, AK God Bless America!

"I have just viewed the memorial of your son and it really touched my heart. I can't thank you James for your dedication. Which all the prayers to your wife and new son. Thank you again"
Janice McAuliffe of Freeport, Il. Stephenson

"Your sacrifice is not in vain. We will not forget you, James, or the others who did their job."
Bob Nelson of Salisbury, Maryland, USA

"Mrs James M. Kiehl,
I will make sure that my children will never forget that the freedom we have was paid for by your husband unselfishness."
Hector of San Diego

"Thank you for all you did and gave to honor your fellow Americans, May God keep you in his arms, May God Bless your family, Thank you so Much"
Judy Connor of Lockhart, Texas


Thank you for being such a brave person and giving your only life for the cause. I wish my wife and I could know more people like you. It is people like you that give us our feedom to continue our lives and to have the chance to make a family of our own without being afraid of what the future will hold for our children. God bless you and your family"
Matt & Jean Wiles of Wilmington, N..C U.S.A FOREVER

"I thank God for James, his family and those who have picked up the banner in support of our freedom. The pain of missing James will pass, but the joy of remeberance will continue forever through this site. I believe the message is clear, James is a man to be celebrated."
Don, (Ret USAF) of Rosemount, MN

"To know that such men are among us, willing to fight for us, knowing they might die for us and still they do it...just breath taking. The result of each soldier dying is that the country is that much greater. Because thousands now know him and treasure what he fought for all the more. Where would America be if not for the soldiers? We are America because we won a war, and will continue to be America because of men Like James Kiehl who fight for us."
Michele of Citrus Heights, CA

"May God Bless each of the members in the family of James M. Kiehl. We are bless by his action to keep our USA free and secure. My heart is with each of them at this time. My wife had two brothers who were killed in WWII in the defense of our country. We should thank God each day for these young men and women."
Clyde E. Bridges of Charlotte NC USA

"God Bless You James M. Kiehl
God Bless Your Family
God Bless ALL of Your Fallen Comrades
God Bless America!!!!!"
Ed Fitzhenry of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Thank you, God Bless-Rest in Peace."
Michael B. Fowler of Modena, NY

"From the bottom of my heart I am thankful for you James, and to all the service men and women overseas and here at home. I have never had more pride and love for my county until now. This is the first major conflict I have lived through except Desert Storm and what i have learned from all this, and I hope you all know too is that... There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. May God bless you, and bless the rest of our soldiers with a wall of fire and a hedge of protection."
Amanda M. Morris of Petaluma, CA. USA

"I am a 59 year old two time Vietnam Veteran. I look at the pictures of folks along the funeral route and I cry alone . I am so proud of these people. All I can say is May God Continue To Bless America."
Ken Rollins of Oxford, Alabama

"My daughter is going to Baghdad in April. I am so concerned for her safety! She assures me she will be fine, me full well knowing there are no promises of her coming home safe and sound. I loved the memory and pictures you have shared with us. May God so richly bless the family of James M Kiehl! You we be in my prayers."
Donna Swearingen of Center, Tx / Sabine

"Future generations of Americans owe to you a debt that can never be repaid, but will never be forgotten. Thank you."
Lawrence Wallace of Dover Plains, NY

"May God bless you and your family for the ultimate sacrifice you have made. You, and all of our service people, will never be forgotten. THANKS FOR OUR FREEDOM!"
Cathy of Dauphin, PA, USA

"I was so moved today to receive this email. I often wonder about the families that are not in the national news. I cannot imagine how it felt to lose a son, a friend, a husband, and a father. I thank you for teaching James to fight for what is right and to stand up for our country. I wish with all my heart that he would have come back home alive---but unfortunately we know that freedom is not free. May God Bless Each and Everyone One of Your Lives Abundantly."
Charline Chotrow of Florissant, MO 63031

"It is with the greatest of respect and honor that I remember this hero, James M. Kiehl, today on January 6, 2004"
Olan Graham of Macon, Georgia USA

"Another example of how strongly this nation will stand together ,one nation under GOD.
Your son gave the ultimate price for freedom and is remebered in my prayers every night along with the thousands of our brave service members.
This great country will never forget !"
Joe Waldrop of Memphis ,Tn, USA

"America will never forget you. We are so proud of you. May your family be comforted in knowing how much we feel their love and pain. To your loved ones, "This too shall pass!" God Bless you. You are in our prayers."
Jack of Saint Albans, Vermont

"What a beatuiful momento for us to share with others who support our guys/gals. Blessings, support and prayers to Jim's wife, son & family."
Katharine Rice of Shrewsbury. PA USA


"To the family of this Hero!. My husband is on his way over there. And I want to tell you of how proud we all are of you loved one. If only all Americans were that brave. I cannot say I understand what you're going through, but I can say that I'll keep you in my prayers. After all the Military Families need to stick together and look after each other. Because if we don't who will?! May GOD bless and keep you always and foreveer. With deepest regaurds."
Jamie Bender of Norlina, NC, USA

"I went to Basic Training and AIT with James's wife. I feel the loss of a fellow soldier and a very kind man. Feel free to contact me for anything you need and I will do my best to help. Raven1_77017@yahoo.com"
SPC Rene Moreno of Houston, TX USA

"To James' wife, child, parents, friends and family: As a fellow service member who served in the first Gulf War, on behalf of my entire family, I send my sincerest appreciation for the sacrafice that your husband, father, and son made for this country. He is a true hero and he will not be forgotten, for the United States flag has flown high and proud in front of our home in rememberance and respect for those that have served this country and made the ultimate sacrafice. James M. Kiehl - you are awesome! May your child grow up knowing that you where an honorable, proud, and patriotic father and that you felt that serving your country, and even dying for it was worth it. Kindest regards, The Kochheiser Family"
James Everett Kochheiser USN (1981-1993) of Modesto, California

"God bless James M. Kiehl's family and friends. More people are praying for you than you can possibly know. My nephew and niece are both in the Army and going to Iraq soon. I know your fears and your grief. May God give you peace and comfort in this difficult time. You can know that James is resting in His father's arms."
Genie of Valdosta, GA

"Thank you for your sacrfice to our country! You are a true HERO!
We salute you!"
James & Barbara Payne of Shenandoah,Va,USA

"Thanks to the children who loved and obeyed.
Thanks to the parents who inspired their children with love and self-sacrifice.
Thanks to our founders for the rights to express our thoughts.
Thanks to God for our lives, our families, and our country."
Rod, Kate, Hannah, Natalie, & Colleen Ploessl of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

"You make me very proud to be an American."
Don Logue of Richardson, TX


"Don't regret growing older ~
It is a privilege denied to many."

"thanks of a grateful nation....""
c.j.b. of Plano, Texas USA

"To the family of Spec James M. Kiehl;
Thank you for your son, husband, daddy (s) service and bravery that my children and I have the right to say GOD BLESS AMERICA and that we can Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America!!
God Bless you and keep you."
McIver Family of Las Vegas, NV USA

"To the family of JAMES M. KIEHL

I have read all of the messages, crying, like everyone else, but I need to let you know that JAMES has given us not only his life, but something else as well, a place to voice our feelings and our love of our country and those who "STAND WATCH" for all of us who can't or aren't able. I know the fear and pain a family can have with a husband or son who is at war. I am a NAVY mom, and my son is currently serving somewhere in "THE GULF", so I know the everyday gripping of fear in your heart when you hear something on TV, or read something in the paper. My heart has withstood all of those things that a mother or wife fears. But, your son did truly "Give his all". I want to say "Thank You" with the knowledge that every "MARINE, SAILOR, SOLDIER, AND AIRMAN" has a mom and/or wife out there hurting for you. We truly do love and pray for every one "STANDING WATCH" for all of us. I am proud to know JAMES is "STANDING WATCH" with our Lord JESUS for the rest of us.
Thank You Mother and Wife of James. Our Lord will truly watch out for you and yours."
Penny Cosper-Dodd of Sheridan, Texas

"A soldiers sacrifice is larger than the world its self. This sacrifice includes his or her wife/husband, child, parents, family and friends. Thanks for making the world a much better place for my child, my family, friends, and me.

I cannot put in to words what my heart, mind and sole were feeling as I viewed the memorial service for Private, James M. Kiehl. Thank you for sharing your private time with us. Lord share my words...Thank you - James M. Kiehl for your spirit, and for fighting for my freedom and to keep me safe all while helping millions of others in this process. Mr. & Mrs. Kiehl, you have touched my heart by allowing me to connect with your son who served our country proudly. I promise to honor your son and every soldier from past, present and future. I will proudly share your memorial with others and never forget what your son and others have done for our country by serving in the armed forces. As small as my words feel Thank you for being you and creating this child who became a hero, serving his country."
Kittie Burleson of Oklahoma City, OK / USA

"I viewed "Texas Funeral" today and my life has changed. I will never forget James Kiehl. My freedom has always been so very appreciated because I was raised in a military family but sometimes we do forget that freedom isn't free. My heart goes out to the Kiehl family and the other families that have paid the ultimate price. Thank you for my freedom. You are are loved."
Patrice Carlisle of BIG BEAR LAKE, CA.

"God bless you and all of the families who have someone in our military."
Debbie Miller of Magna, Ut

"As the tears roll down my cheeks after seeing this memorial to your son, James, I feel so lucky to live in a country that have the finest men and women serving our military, to protect us and do their best to keep us from harm even though they face that harm on a minute to minute basis. You should be proud of your son. I know I am. God will surely bless him and your family."
Sharon Randolph of McKinney, Texas

"We appreciate his sacrifices to make this a safer world! God Bless his family and give them peace."
Hank & Shirley Deviney of Houston, TX

"Thank you for the service of this man, son, father, husband, who really was only a boy who did not have a chance to fulfill his life. Thank you for raising him in the proper manner and for loving him in the proper manner. As the wife of a retired military person, I can appreciate just a little of what this has meant to you. ."
Bette Jo Whetstone of Greenville NC

"How seldom do we see such an act of patriotism. Unfortunatly it took the death of a man to bring out this feeling. We all sulute the family of this sonderful American who gave his all. THANKS!!!!!!!!"
Richard Alterman of San Antonio, TX

"God bless you and thank you for your sacrifice. Through your effort we are safer as a nation and humbled as individuals. You made a difference."
Jon Chakerian of Placentia, CA.

""Thank You," you gave James M. Kiehl to all of us."
M. Winn of Bloomingdale, GA

"Thank you James for your service to our country. My twins,John and Mikaela have served in Iraq last year and are safely home now.I have been blessed. In my heart, you were my son too. I cry for all the mothers who have lost their children in this war. May the sacrifices never be forgotten."
Gale Fahey of Onset, MA. USA

"Though gone in person, his memory will last forever. Thank you for the sacrifice of your husband, son, and father, made for all of us. AND,May God Bless You, Your Family, and our Great Country."
Bertha Howell of Grandfalls, Texas, USA

"I'm an old retiree. You gave "our" country the alterment and i do thank you"

"No greater love hath man than he lay down his life for a friend. You are in the arms of Jesus, pray for all of us. What a privilege to read this and God bless his family & friends."

"May you find comfort in knowing your loved one is with the Lord. He is a Hero in every way!"
Nancy of Omaha, Ne

""His truth is marching on" - thanks to you, James, and the sacrifice of your family."
S.A. O'Hara of Houston, TX

"God bless you and your son. I appreciate so much the sacrifice that your loved one made in the name of freedom. The love of the people for James is shown in the faces of his friends and those who honor him. Your son will have a wonderful heritage to know of the respect and love shown his father. He is one of America's heros who follows the tradition of those heros who stood at the Alamo, France, Germany, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and all fields of combat where patriots lost their lives. We are grateful."
Bettye Lindsey of Abilene, Texas USA

"To my fellow soldiers, those who gone to join the honored men and women who help pave the way. Guardians of freedom's light rest this day. Your mission is complete and now we must answer our nation's call. We the new guardians keeping watch over freedom's light. On distant shores and at home we stand ready to defend what hold most dear. Not for fame and fortune just knowledge of knowing our love ones are safe. I know you stand ready to raise up and defend our freedom once again. Until time draws near rest this day, watch over us, comfort us on this long lonely nights help to keep the fear from setting in. We will keep watch over freedom light, so our families and those we may never meet can remain free and safe. Until day comes when we must pass freedom's light to the next generation of guardians and take our place amoung you watching over a future generation of guardians. Always ready to answer freedom's call.

To my fellow Americans, to you we ask watch over our love ones and families to you do we entrust thier care. Until our mission is complete and we return home again waiting, training for next moment of freedom's call. Keep them in your prayers and remember those who have fallen, those who never made it home and remain missing still today. We know they watch over us and guide us for they have entrusted a special place for us as guardians of freedom's light. Rest this night my friends we stand guard and keep you safe."
Sgt Victor Bernard Mandeville USAR of Richmond Virginia

""And they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as Eagles, They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isiah 40:31
My heartfelt condolences to all who have lost a loved one to the service of our great country. Please remember to pray for our fellow countrymen and women and for the leadership and for our NATION as a whole. God Bless each and everyone of you who read this."
David W. Newton SGT, USA (DIsabled Vetern) of Des Moines, IA USA

"Even though you were not a Marine - I, an ex-Marine, say "Semper Fi" soldier and thanks."
Brad Howe of Rochestter, NH, USof A

""And He will raise you up on Eagles wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the Sun, and hold you in the palm of his hand." My most heartfelt condolences to the Kiehl Family as a whole on the loss of your Husband, Son, Father and Brother James. As long as we raise men and women of courage and commitment like James, who are willing to shoulder responsibility and volunteer for service to the Nation, our Freedoms and Liberties are secure. He was my Brother also, a brother in arms. God Bless all of you for your sacrifice, God Bless our Commander-in-Chief and the United States of America."
Martin A. Palmiere EMC(SW) USN(ret.) of Pittsburgh, PA.

"James paid the ultimate price as many others have done for the freedom that we enjoy in this United States of American. May God bless his family and friends and this nation of ours."
Ed USAF Retired of Missouri USA

"Your loved one truly was fighting for freedom and we appreciate your sacrifice more than we can say. God Bless James and all his family."
Charlie and Sharon of Blue Ridge, GA USA

"May GOD watch over you and your little one. Thank you! The service of your husband and others means that my little girl of 3 months old can live a free and choiceful life. With love and support."
Dakota of , Louisiana

"God Bless You and Your Family.
Our Hearts are touched. May You
Rest In Peace."
Balderson's of Wakefield, Kansas

"Thank you to your son James, who gave his life for the freedom we cherish and sometimes take for granted."
Mary Brunowsky of Cologne, Germany

"God Bless you all and My heart breaks for your loss. My brother, Edmund L. MacNeil, was killed in Vietnam by a land mine and he was buried on my 18th birthday in 1971. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and I wear a KIA (killed in Action) bracelet that gives me great comfort and I wish I had known about them years ago. I only knew about the MIA ones. When my brother was brought back home, no crowds lined the streets, no one spoke to us because everyone believed that the War was wrong and we shouldn't have been there in the first place. I had no comfort or support and no one to talk to so I kept everything inside me for years and it was devasating when it all came out. These pictures made me cry not only for another young soldier gone but that that America finally came together to let all Soldiers know that they are Heroes whether they survived WWII like my father who is full of shrapnel and bad dreams, to VietNam, Desert Storm, My friends with Agent Orange (which the Government says doesn't exist) to the Soldiers that will die today. We must support them and treat them as the Heros they are and what they have given to protect all of us. These are our brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers and fathers and our babies. To all of you by the roadside holding the flag, I thank you for all our soldiers and especially those who were shunned on their return and live in Vetrans Homeless shelters today.Thank you for embracing all of them and the support for the familes who go on living but never heal. Thank you for not forgetting those left behind and the families that are broken hearted. God Bless us all. Ellen Campbell/Ecampbell@lroc.harvard.edu"
Ellen MacNeil Campbell of Boston, MA

"Every night in my show I sing a song called "RED, WHITE and BLUE", It means so much to myself and the true believers of what our flag stands for. Many young men and women have lost their live protecting the greatest thing we have--Freedom. I have had a chance to play all over the world for our troops and James I may have played a show where you were before we lost you. I cried as I looked at the photos, it made me so proud to be an American to see the people on the sides of the road paying respect as you came by. It will be forever in my mind, thank you for the ultimate sacrafice, and may you look down from heaven and watch over you wife and child and bring them peace. My prayers and tears go out to your family and our country for losing such a fine young man."
Chad Brock of Nashville, TN.

"Master Kiehl, your daddy was a very brave man. All Americans are very proud of him. GOD BLESS you & your mommy............. R.I.P."
Richard & Lillian Neal of Gilbert, Az. USA

"Your sacrifice helped liberate tens of
millions of people and made the world
safer for hundreds of millions more.
We are forever indebted to you and will
never forget your sacrifice and your cause."
George Warner of Lititz, PA

"I do not know you and I never had the honor of knowing your son, but I am proud to be a fellow American, and I will never forget the sacrifice that he and so many other fellow American Military men and women have made to preserve this great country. All I can say is thank you. You and your son are in my prayers, and I am forever indebted to you. May God continue to bless this great land of ours."
Chris Blanchette & family of Gloucester, MA USA

"No words can describe the sincere heartfelt thanks to the Kiehl family for their supreme sacrifice. Our world is a better place due to courageous men like James. Thank you for our freedom."
The Hacker Family of Corpus Christi, Texas USA

"Our hearts ache for the boys who who have made the ultimate sacrafice protecting all of us. James Kiehl is a tribute to our country, his friends, family and wife and we all owe him and all the soldiers standing firm for us our undying love, admiration and gratitude."
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Musselman of Brownsburg, Ind. U.S.A.

"I am an American by adoption. There is no other country on the face of this large planet to which I would rather belong. I cannot find the words I feel in my heart, to honor this Young Hero. I have a flag flying on my lawn, spotlit by night and sunlit by day, and every time I see it I will remember these young men and women who died defending America. They are one hundred times the man I am or shall ever be. God Bless America."
Glenn D'Abreo Proud American of San Diego, CA

"Your son has made the ultimate sacrifice to give his life for God and Country. I was moved by the response the community showed. I wish the best for his wife and son and only hope that in time too come that the heroism shown by James M. Kiehl will somehow comfort them. It was not only a loss for the family but a loss for us as a Nation. It is people like your son that makes this country great."
Don Derouin of Bakersfield, CA

"just wanted to say thank you for your sacrifice and hope that if i had to, that i would be strong enough to do the same. thank you and god bless"
spc shawn ensey of ft hood tx

"It was the military who has given free people of the world the freedom to speak, worship, vote, travel, assemble, and the many other freedoms we enjoy so much. James M. Kiehl contributed to that freedom. Thank you James."
Bill Thomas, Capt (Ret) USAF of Vacaville, CA, USA

"Thank you James"
Dan J Roberts of NYC, NY

"Words can never say or mean how much we are in debted to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. A US Veteran my self, I am so proud of James M. Kiehl for proudly defending and protecting the United States of America and our Allies. Now James, Go Rest High on that Mountain. God Bless the Kiehl Family. We honor you today and continue to say prayers for you."
James Chapmanm of Beckley, West Virginia, United States of America

"MY family sends the family of James M. Kiehl our deepest sympathies for your loss and a grateful thank you in appreciation of your service and ultimate sacrifice for our country. Peace to all."
Mary L. Nesson of Whitman, MA, USA

"PS - My mama was a TEXAN & resides in a Veterns home now at the age of 89 - she was from Paris Texas...."
Jane Benson of Ocean Shores, WA USA!!!

"I am 57 years old, my mama was a LPN in WW2 & my daddy was a machine gunner under Patten and I AM SOOOOO proud of this young man - may he rest in peace knowing even though we didn't know him personally, we all love, respect & admire him for defending our rights to be Americans!!!!!"
Jane Benson of Ocean Shores, WA USA!!!

"Thank you to this soldier and his family for the sacrifice all of you have made. It is our blessing to have young heroes like him. G-d bless you all and may you have many happy memories of your times together while James was alive."
Margaret of Texas

"Much obliged James M. Kiehl, we're forever in your debt"
The Maxwells of Iowa Park, TX USofA

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your ultimate sacrifice. Freedom is the most precious thing we know and your death was not in vain. God bless your parents. God bless President Bush, a true and couragous leader in these troubled times. God Bless America forever."
Kate Morra of Reno, NV USA

Helena Jean Jackson of Elkins , West Virginia

Helena Jean Jackson of Elkins , West Virginia

"As tears of Deepest sorrow are streaming down my cheeks,I can hardly type. I am so touched by the thousdans of folks who are touched by the one simply act of Amercian Pride. Mrs Keihl and Mrs. Howdland your sorrow is felt by All who have or will read this letter. By God I hope this is sent to Our Preisdent. This is AMERICA> and I am Proud to be from here and I only wish I was from Texas. We should all take a lesson from the Bravest of Men and Women who serve this Great Country. They deserve More then we could ever repay them. As well as Our Vet's. Your Son Knew he was going to be with Our father in Heaven to Watch over his Baby Boy for the rest of that Boy's life as an Angel. God has Blessed you with your Strength to carry on. IN CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"
Mari Kinsey of New Philly, Ohio

"As tears of Deepest sorrow are streaming down my cheeks,I can hardly type. I am so touched by the thousdans of folks who are tuched by the one simply act of Amercian Pride. Mrs Keihl and Mrs. Howdland your sorrow is flet by All who have or will read this letter. By God I hope this is sent to Our Preisdent. This is AMERICA> and I am Proud to be from here and I only wish I was from Texas. We sholud all take a lesson from the Bravest of Men and Women who serve this Great Country. they deserve More then we could ever repay them. As well as Our Vet's. Your Son Knew he was going to be with Our father in Heaven to Watch over his Baby Boy for the rest of that Boy's life as an Angel. God has Blessed you with your Strength to carry on in All you do. In Christ ALL thing s Are Possible."
Mari Kinsey of New Philly, Ohio

"God has a purpose for everyone and I know in my heart that James fulfilled his purpose by protecting his family and his country. I want to thank his family for such a brave son, husband and father. God Bless each of you always."
Ann of Columbus, GA

"To the wife and family of James M. Kiehl
I realize anything I or anyone can tell you will never bring back james to you and your child, but as a soldier myself, as the same rank as your james. my thanks and my salute is the best i have to offer. Thank you."
Spc Francisco, Adonis of Paterson, New Jersey GOD BLESS AMERICA

"To The family of James M. Kiehl,
I am so sorry about the loss of your angel, He is in a better place and a hero to many.... Keep your eyes on God and just know that he is in a better place watching over you and me... James I ask you to watch over my daughter Alariona Danielle Smith until her mommy gets there , and thank you for giving to the country. Love Misti"
Misti of Temple, Texas USA

"Thank you James for providing for our freedom."
Dave and Nell Baird of Medford, OR


You have touched the hearts of many in your endeavors without even knowing it. We appreciate you and your parent's ultimate sacrifice.
I have been trying to get my troops to participate in going to the villages and sharing ther skill with them, but they are very frightened. This is to be expected, but after I show them your article, I hope your inspiration will change a few 'hearts and minds' of my troops.

Our job here is to change the 'hearts and minds' of the Iraqi people. I will not let that spirit die and I will use your giving for the benefit of others. Thanks for watching over us. You have the best view in the house.

"To the wife and son of James Kiehl. I salute your loss and the life taken so young for our freedom and the freedom of others. My prayers are with you. A E6 Okla Army NG 1966-1975 teacher 37 years"
Barry A.Heyl of McAllen, Texas USA

"What better way to say it than the words of the song. "I'm proud to be an American, where, at least, I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died to give that right to me. And I'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. 'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land. GOD BLESS THE USA!!""
Sue Wheeler of Nacogdoches, TX

"To the family of James. This was sent to me and when I was reading I did get very sad and had tears in my eyes. May God watch over this young man's son and wife. Let her know my prayers are with them I think of such a small boy losing his daddy. But this was sure a great site to see wow so many people coming out for him. You just get that feeling that Gods watching over him as he must be watching down at those he left behind.
Bless you"
Jovan in Penna

"My hands are still shaking...eyes still watering...from reading this story. My Dad sent me this email tonight...we just found out before the Holidays that my Stepbrother will be shipped off to Iraq in early March, so your story has hit our hearts in the very deepest way.

To the Kiehl Family..."Thank You" can never possibly say enough. Please know that my family & I will be praying for you & yours. I am certain James is still protecting & defending even now...just from an even BETTER PLACE now.

Thank you for putting this story out here...it just changed my whole day.

Much Love from South Florida..."
C. Thompson of Delray Beach, FL, USA

"A simple thanks, a prayer, a salute, there are no words to express a heavy heart, THANKS"
Joe Bracero of Orlando, Florida

"May your son grow to know the honor his father bestowed on our nation. In a time when the "Pledge of Allegiance"; "In God We Trust"; and prayer in schools is forbidden by our Supreme Justices, it is so nice to see our nation draw together in honor and pride for the service people protecting us. May God be with you."
Joyce of Billings, MT

"I'd like to thank the parents of James, for they brought into this world, a baby who grew into a man with convictions..He served his country, and gave the ultimate gift, and in doing so, his parents also gave the utlimate gift..the life of their son..Thank you...God Bless and keep your family and know you always have a Gaurdian Angel on your shoulder"
Dixie Inman of Decatur, Illinois

"Nothing said can ever ease the pain and sorrow you are feeling but because of men like James our country is still a free country, God Bless"
Nedra Burton of Sand Springs, OK

"Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for your sacrifice and loss. May you find strength and may James's legacy endure forever."
Jim Hickey of Boston, MA

"To James family : I am sorry for your lose. God Bless you and James. You are all in my prayers. God Bless all the Service men who are fighting for our freedom."
Louise Gockley of Los Fresnos, TX USA

"Omigoodness --- What an honor to write you and tel you thanks for your son's love for his Country and for us. Reading this tribute was awesome and so inspiring.
I am a Mother and a Grandmother of sons and grandsons --- whata sacrifice was made by you. I only thank God that my sons and grandsons are still with us.
My heart goes out to the family and friends of this wonderful young man. Thanks"
Barbara Grason of Helena, Alabama

"To the family and friends of a great American,
I am so sorry for your loss and my prayers are for your comfort and the knowledge that your James did not give his life for unthankful people. I am glad that the community turned out the way they did to pay respect for a young man that gave the ultimated sacrifice for his country. Tell his son that he had a brave and caring father."
The Roberts Family of Newnan, Georgia

"God made you. God graced America with your presence. God has brought you home. God Bless the Kiehl family."
Jim Morgan of Atlanta, GA

"You will never be forgotten James.
Semper Fi"
Chuck of Kill Buck NY

"I am awed by this website. If you don't mind, I'm going to link your site from my Bulldog's website. The page is http://bullybaby.com/The_War.htm Please let me know if this is not okay. Thanks."
Dan Atcheson and Baby of Venice, FL

"Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. May you rest in peace. I am a Navy wife, and mother of two boys. I am so thankful for people like you, and for all the soldiers fighting for our freedom. Proud to be an American!"
K. Kruse of Port Orchard, WA USA

"To James Kiehl, Wife and Son..My friend just sent me this and I did hear of your loss and I am deeply saddened. My heart cries out for you Mrs. Kiehl. I also know that James is very proud of you and wishes he could be there to hold his son...but he will someday. He is in my prayers daily just as all the soldiers who gave their lives to make this a better world to live in. I am so proud and I know you are too...to know that these young men and women are willing to fight for their country. When I read this web page I cried my eyes out, as I am sure everyone who read it has...and I feel for you and your son..but someday you will all be together again...forever! God Bless You and God Bless the U.S.A...My prayers are with you all!"
The Burr Family of Southgate, Michigan..USA

"Dear James M. Kiehl and Family,
Even as you loved your country James, giving your life on the battlefield, so does that country love you. We will always honor your memory and sacrifice."
Ralph Bernard of Marysville, WA USA

"A Vietnam veteran's heart goes out to the family and friends of James Kiehl. The hill country people know how to do it right!"
Glenn Lowthorp of Corpus Christi, TX

"Thank you I was with you at that time in country God Bless you"
GySgt Davis USMC (RET) of Greeley, Co

"to the family of spc-james m.kiehl,my best friend just send me this and i in turn send this to you; A PRAYER FOR SOLDIERS...o god,as a soldier you have set me under discipline.help me not only to follow my leaders,but give me the self-discipline which will make me always obedient to the voice of conscience,and to the command of the highest that i know.help me always and everywhereto act in such a way that i will be an honor and a credit to the traditions of my unit and to the nation that i serve.bless and protect those persons i love and those who love me.when duty seperates me from them,protect us all while we are apart,keep me true to them and and them true to me.and bring us joyfully together again.if i must fight,help me to fight only to protect the weak and the helpless,only to support that wich is right.help me at all time to love and serve you.this i ask in jesus name amen...i carried this thru my time in the army..spc-cordero (HHC 1ST BDE 1ST CAV DIV) ft.hood TX..orders remain unchanged...1st team"
G-MAN of temple tx

"I am a very masculine 24 year old male, yet the pictures and words on the site that led me here moved me to the point of weeping for several minutes. I sincerely hope someone is looking after the fallen now that they have moved on. i don't know that I would have had the courage to put my life on the line like these young men. I admire and envy their contribution to keeping this country the best place to live in the entire world. God bless you all!"
Jarrod of Orlando FL

"James and family, thank you for our freedom and making the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf"
Mark Ryan of Plainfield IL

"Not many things bring tears to my eyes anymore concerning the world today....Reading about James M. Kiehl did. A TRUE AMERICAN HERO."

"I just received an email regarding the services held for James M. Kiehl. It was very moving. You are blessed to live in such a loving community. People in your community is what makes me proud to live in the USA. God Bless you and yours.

Amye Breazeale
Wiggins, MS"
Amye Breazeale of Wiggins, MS

"God bless you and all the people that have giving their life for us God Bless the wife mother son and father and the entire U.S miliaty Thank you for our freedom."
F. Davis of Sellersburg In. U.S.A

"A friend of mine just sent me the pictures of James Kiehl's funeral. It was one of the most touching things I have ever read or seen!!! As an Army widow I can appreciate the sacrifices made by James and his family. Losing someone you love is so devastating----shattering. May God bless you on your long journey of healing.You have my deepest sympathy.
Sincerely and with love,"
Joyce of Lutz, Florida

"May god watch over your family and may he bless jeff's son with the same courage and conviction that his father had we all are forever in his debt."
jerry crittendon of illinois

"I see now this message of the funeral of James M. Kiehl and I am very sad for him and his family. I want to say: "Thank you America". God Bless the U.S.A.
We will be always with you, James."
Renzo Del Bergiolo of Gallarate, Italy

"To family of James,I'm a 57 year old Vietnam Vet and his sacrifice will make America a stronger and Better place to live.I lost many of my fellow soliders in a War so many years ago and feel inside me the grief of your loss.May God be with you always..."
Joe Steele of Stillwater,Ny USA

"God bless James and all who serve and protect our country. I did not know him, but he is my brother."
A Viet Nam Vet of Merrick,NY

"I was so moved by the Fallen Heroes Memorial that I couldn't stop crying. It's hard to realize what our boys are fighting for, until one of them dies. Then it all becomes too real. Thank you James M Kiehl for giving your life to keep us all FREE! My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. God Bless You!"
Dottie of Ohio

"God Bless every serviceman and servicewoman wherever they are in the World and thank all who have gone to Heaven before us for giving their ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free. God will take care of your wife and child James...as he is taking care of you now!
God Bless America"
Linda Potter of Hayward, CA, USA

"Lest we forget! You and your comrads will be in our minds and hearts. We thank you for all our freedoms!"
Tom of Cedarburg, Wisconsin

"To All Allied Forces Freedom Defenders,
My families respect for all of you who defend FREEDOM, all over the world. My Dad served 23 years in the U.S.NAVY, incl. Korea & Vietnam (2 tours in each)
Stay Strong,
The Campbell's"
"SOUPY" Campbell of Menomonee Falls,Wis

"It is so difficult to put into words the deepest appreciation, respect and honor that I have for your son who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country, friends, and family. My son is still serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and my heart goes out to you for your unspeakable loss. God bless you and give you comfort and peace..now and in the days to come"
Trina McCrary of Mobile, AL

"The first time I saw a picture of this wonderful young man he was being baptized in Iraq after accepting Christ as his Savior. It was a moving to see the young people in the thick of war making the ulitmate decision of their lives. It will make a lasting memory for me. Then, I see his service and I know he was loved by everyone he knew and knew of him. God Bless The United States and all the Brave Soldiers who make this country strong! Our Love and Prayers go out to his family. I hope his sweet wife will kiss that sweet baby boy for me and my family!"
John & Marilyn Biggs of Midlothian, TX USA

"I have nothing to add to the countless eloquent words already written, but add my name to this list to express my thanks, my sorrow and my heartfelt support."
Cristy Passman of Orange County, California

"To the family of James Kiehl:
I received this today and I just had to tell you how moved I was as I read it, holding my 9 month old son. I got chills and then came the tears as I realized how proud I am to be an American. Thank you to James and his fellow soldiers (my brother included) who protect us each day!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!"
Lori of Ocala, FL

"To the family of James M. Kiehl, I recently received an email about your son's funeral and soon after beginning to read it, found my hands full of tears recently wiped from my eyes. I am a native texan and a former soldier now working as a police officer. I am so touched by the patriotism that your community showed on the day you finally laid your son to rest. I am sure there are not many words that can be uttered to ease your pain at the loss of your son. I can only think of one set of thoughts that you might find to comfort you in the days to come. These words have already served to ease the pain of another American family in their time of need. I hope that you can find solice in these eternal words. Here goes. "I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom."-President Abraham Lincoln. God Bless You and your family!"
Charlie Sullivent-Deputy Sheriff of The Woodlands, Texas

"Specialist James Kiehl: I salute you for having made the supreme sacrifice, for God, Honor, and Country!!! It is my earnest hope that the outpouring of gratitude, from a thankful nation, can somehow ease your parents burden of your loss. I'm sure you're in Heaven, because you spent your time in Hell! Vaya Con Dios! (Go with God!)"
Daniel Corbin SP4 U.S. Army 1970-1973 of Westland, MI USA

"Loved ones,

My good friend sent me the attached.

It brought back so many memories of the Dad I never knew.

I believe, based on the few faded letters I've discovered over the years, he was an Army T/Sgt in WW2.

But, be that as it may!

Thanks-be-to God, you have the attached to honor your fallen one.

I have a few letters, and my eventual twenty years service in the Army as well as my Son's contribution.. An OH-58 Scout pilot during Desert Shield/Storm in saying...I so respect James's ultimate sacrifice for me and mine!

I/my family honor him more than you will ever know!

God bless you and yours!"
Dave Malone, USA (ret) of Palestine, Texas

"I cry for this young man, fallen for the liberty of Iraq, in the war against terrorism. Thank you American Boys for your sacrifices. Renzo from Italy"
Renzo Del Bergiolo of Gallarate, Italy

"James Kiehl, as you look down from Heaven please know that we thank you and your fellow military men and women every day for the gift of your sweat, blood and all-too-often, lives. May God keep you safe, and may He bless and keep your family. My prayers are with you and them."
Lisa Ramaci of NYC (near Ground Zero)

"Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. May God Bless the families left behind and let us pray for the quick return of our remaining troops."
Patrick Haller of Sparta, TN/USA

"I am so thankful that someone sent this memorial for James Kiehl to me. As I wiped away tears I said a prayer for his family. I will show this to my children tonight and remind them that many men and women throughout history have given their lives so that we can live in this great nation. To his family, I pray that God's hand of comfort will be on you and that you will feel the prayers from across this land. You paid the ultimate sacrifice. The next time I see the flag and raise my hand over my heart, I will think of you. What that town did to honor its own makes me proud to be an American! God bless you, God bless the USA and all of the brave men and women serving her around the world!"
Kelley Hughes of Nashville, TN

"My father, WWII DAV James Cox has always stated that his contribution to the war was to prevent the enemy from,
"touching our soil, our souls and our women". James' sacrifice of his life most definitely saved us all.
God Bless,
Kitty and dad, Warner Robins, GA"
Kitty LaFountain of Warner Robins,GA

"You did your duty. God Bless You. As we stand united, we will be assured of freedom. We love you and respect your every deed."
DFGoetsch of Pennsylvania

"May You Rest In Peace James. It is you and others like you who make this land we live in free from those who would like to take it from us. As a USMC vet. of VN I am proud to call you brother. May God hold you always in His Arms."
Darlene W. Dublin of TX USA

"What a touching tribute to a fallen soldier, James Kiel, and his family. Our hearts, prayers, and thanks go out to those who have given so much in their quest for our American way of life. God Bless America."
M Brumbelow of Texas

"As a veteran I salute you & thank you.
God Bless your family"
Al Dreahn of schulenburg,tx

"Thank you Jim. Just thank you."
Sonya of Tyler Tx. U.S.A.

"THANK YOU, James Kiehl, THANK YOU!!!

For giving ALL for this America of ours, GOD BLESS YOU, SON and the ones you left behind.

YOU.....and others before you are the reason that AMERICA is free.

Keith Hosford
Auburn, NY"
Keith Hosford of Auburn, NY U.S. of America

"Thank you for protecting us, our loved ones and our country. We will never forget you."
Corey & Shanna Worth of Alexandria, Louisiana

"I look at my wife and two kids and I know in my heart as sure as I know anything, that your soldier made them safer. I can not thank your family enough for raising such a fine young man.

I send my thanks to God, for he to pass them along to James, thanking him for what he did for my family. God Bless..."
Tim Estes of Phoenix, AZ

"THANK YOU, James Kiehl, THANK YOU!!!

For giving ALL for this America of ours, GOD BLESS YOU, SON and the ones you left behind.

YOU.....and others before you are the reason that AMERICA is free.

Keith Hosford
Auburn, NY"
Keith Hosford of Auburn, NY U.S. of America

"God bless the Smith family and especially the newborn son of such an honorable man...We pray every day for you all and thank God for the gift of remembrance that this site has provided. We should never, never forget such supreme sacrifices and as for me and mine-we won't. From my family and I--thank you for your service, your sacrifice and for sharing. May God Bless and Keep you in this season and all others."
Tammy Fitzgerald McGlothlin of Forest Hill MD

"Our heart goes out to the family of James Kiehl - it is so difficult to lose someone who is so young. We are deeply appreciative of him and the other soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for us. May God bless them all."
The Conrads of Odenton, MD

"With heartfelt admiration and respect!!!
- God Bless!!!"
Tim Evans, Sr. of Parkville, Maryland

"Thank you James for your service to our country."
David Williams of Cary, NC

"THank you for what you did for this Country. Thank you for being Heroitic. Now you are with Jesus, he will reward you for your Brave acts.May the Lord be with your Family. May he Dry your tears. He is not gone . He`s still in your heart to carry with you where ever you go.May God give you Peace."
Jane Coulter of Winchester, Ky

"A friend of mine sent me a copy of the memorial to James who was buried in Texas, and folks along the roadside with American flags waving.

I am a 67 year old veteran, and was moved to tear while viewing the memorial to James. I am so very proud of that Texas town for showing their love and concern for one of our fallen comrads. I salute that town, as well as James, who gave the supreme sacrifice for his country. I salute that Texas town for the gift of another American hero. May God bless them all."
Michael Clark, USN ret of Lillian, Alabama

""The Tree of Liberty must be replinished from time to time by the blood from the tyrant and the patriot". Thomas Jefferson

You and your comrades have given the ultimate sacrifice for the Tree of Liberty! We honor you!"
James Mobley of Seal Beach, CA, Orange

"I know you are in a better place, James.
However, may the loss your family must now endure not be in vain. May your wife raise your son to be proud of his father, and the accomplishments you made while here on earth. I am the proud wife of a soldier, and I will forever be supportive of our country and those who sacrifice in order to keep me free. Thank you."
Heather Stirling of Fayetteville. NC

"After seeing the pictures of James' funeral I find myself feeling so proud to be an American and so proud of the men and women (my daughter included) who are protecting everything this country was founded upon. Thank you James for the ultimate sacrifice, we are proud to be from the Hill Country as well, you will be in our prayers forever."
Pye family of Boerne, TX

"U are the man!!! I love u!! Thank you for serving your country so that we could have freedom in this glorious country!!"
John Benson of Janesville, WI

"Thank you for your sacrafice to keep our country free. Thanks to all the members of the Armed Forces for serving our country.May God Bless You one and all."
Deb of Vacaville,Ca.USA


Thank you so much for sending me that. It was the most moved I have felt in ages. The site was composed perfectly because as I was beginning to scroll down I heard the music very faintly and couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I started to scroll down the page and the volume increased as the pictures of the people by the side of the road started to unfold. I was taken completely by surprise as the story and pictures came down. I got chills up and down my spine and when I saw the young kids with the flags I started to weep. What an amazing thing to happen. (The UPS man!!)

Thanks again - I wish this would happen with more of our soldiers.

Jeffrey Jarrett of Venice, California THE US of A

"After viewing the pictures of James funeral, I sit here in tears wondering how all the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other family members of our young people go on with their day-to-day lives knowing that they have a loved one risking his life to keep us all free. I pray every day for our service men and women, and I wish that everyone of them could be given the tribute that was given to James. To his family, I offer my heartfelt condolences and prayers. The sacrifice that James made was for all Americans and may we never forget!"
Sandra Burwell of Mt. Pleasant, SC

"When I saw the pictures of James' funeral and all the people who came out and honored his memory and his bravery, I was instantly connected to him. Sometimes people forget why soldiers like James gave his life for his country. I can't. My company was in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center, destroyed on September 11th. We all survived the 1993 bombing too. I also live a couple of miles from Ground Zero and I wouldn't want any American to experience the kind of horror that took place that day. So I want to thank James and his family for his sacrifice. Because of him and other soldiers like him we may never have to experience another September 11th.

God bless James!"
Marguerite Degnan of New York, NY

"Today was the first time I had seen the photos of the funeral for James. It brought me to tears. To see the display of love and support from his community, but also to feel for a moment the pain and heartache his family must have felt and continue to feel to this day. My heartfelt sympathy go out to all those who loved him, and I send my appreciation to James for his ultimate sacrafice. May James rest in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ until the day we are all reunited with him. God Bless James, God Bless His wife and son, God Bless His Mother, Father, siblings, and entire family members. God Bless America....from an Army Veteran..ReBecca"
ReBecca of Massachusetts

"May God Bless you and your family. May we never forget what you gave this great nation. THANK YOU!!"
Andree' of Arlington, VA USA

"Not much I can add to the feelings and warmth already bestowed by the fine people of this Nation.

Thank you and in memory I'll leave this poem:

Francis Bacon once wrote that "in peace the sons bury their fathers and in war the fathers bury their sons."

"Daddy, what are those men doing next to that white box?"

"They're just standing at attention, son."


"Because there is a soldier buried inside there, pal."

"But what's the soldier's name?"

"I don't know, son."

"Why not?"

"No one knows."

"Daddy, what's that music?"

"It's called 'Taps', pal."

"What's 'Taps'?"

"It's a song they play for soldiers who have died."

"Is that man in the box a soldier, Dad?"

"He's a lot of soldiers, pal."

"Daddy, who are those men standing in the crowd over there?"

"Those are soldiers, son."

"Why are they crying?"

"Because they remember, pal, they remember..."

Randy Bawkon The Daily Tribune, May 27, 1985"
Dan Persfull of Bloomington, IN/USA

"To the family of James Kiehl: You may recognize this excerpt from a letter from Abraham Lincoln to the mother of a fallen Civil War soldier. It is most appropriate with regard to James and I offer it humbly to you:

"I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic he died to save. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.""
George Smith of Philadelphia, PA

"As long as men of honor are willing to give their all, as has James, so long will our country remain free. Thank you James for you sacrifice on our behalf. I saluute you and all our brothers in arms who have fallen in our defense. God grant you peace."
WH Johnson, MSgt, USAF Ret of Del City, OK, USA


"From my 3 year old daughter and I, thank you and all other soldiers who have perished so that others can enjoy the freedom that we have. I love every man, and woman who puts on his/her uniform and fight a war that sometimes they dont even understand.....May God bless them and their families.....WE REMEMBER YOU ALL AND WE LOVE YOU!"
Kari and Jamya Parker of Fayetteville, NC

"The loss of James is all of ours.
He is Kin to all US citizens and NEVER shall be forgotten. My heart goes out to you his immediate family. I can't begin to imagine how you feel. Stay strong and in the Light."
Robert Zangar of Spokane, Wa. USA

"Thank you. It's not enough but I don't know what else to say."
Christy Reed of The Woodlands, TX

"Thank you and God bless you and your family
you have made us safer"

"As a mother of a son, I can not even visualize the pain you are going through. But I want to thank James and you for standing up and protecting the land we love. I love our soldiers...all the young men who put their personal comforts behind their love of country. May God be with each of you and give you comfort."
Debbie of Houston

"Dear James, Family and Friends: May God hold you safely in the palm of his right hand and bestow honor upon you and your name for all eternity. May God comfort your family and friends during this most difficult and challenging time in their lives. May God help them in every way to get through this most painful period in their lives. May God bless your young son and give him the strength and wisdom to live a life worthy of your sacrifice and one in which we can all be proud.

I thank you for serving our Country and for giving your ALL in Her Service. "ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL".

Sleep peacefully my brother and rest assured you will never be forgotten."
Steve Hogan of Navarre, FL USA

"It may take years before the people of the world understand what a huge success this Operation Iraqi Freedom has been. James, your sacrifice and selfless service has helped to liberate millions of people and protect our country from terror. Thank You!"
CSM David S. Stading of Tallil Air Base, Iraq

"God Bless, James. This moving tribute will remain with me always to emphasize how America feels about her true heros! I pray not many more will be needed before the end of this war, but will honor your memory in that fight."
Caroline, a former USAF "brat" of Orlando, Fla.

"You died so others may live. May your sacrifice be not in vain. May your dedication to your country be multiplied throughout the world."
EMCS Roberto Vicencio USN(retired) of Mandaluyong City, Philippines

"Dear James,
Thank you for being a brave human being and soldier. Your wife will face her new life with your son and she'll do a great job raising him and taking care of herself.
The bond and love you had with her will make her stronger every day, for your son.
My heart is with you and your family.
You had to leave much to early as you had just begun to live, and you gave
your beautiful life for all of us.
Thank you, you brave and beautiful young man."
Elfriede of Chicago, IL

"THANK YOU for sharing such an awesome experience with us. God Bless You and your Family. James will always live on in your hearts. His memory will forever be sustained with pride by the millions of people who are so very grateful for him and the ultimate sacrifice he made. My heart and prayers go out to you. THANK YOU!"
Sabrina W. Berry of Batesburg, SC/ USA

"To our Hero James,

May your soul rest peacefully in the Right Palm of our Lord; your courage and love of country and brethren will serve as a beacon to millions of other Americans.

Juan Rosario (LTjg, USCG Retired)"
Juan Rosario of Connecticut

"May the memory of James Keihl, and those who, like him, served their Country and paid the ultimate sacrifice, be evermore at the forefront of our Country's consciousness. He did not die in vain. His sacrifice has made the world a safer place. May his family rest in the comfort of God's grace and peace."
Frank B. "Rick" Atkinson, Lt Col (USAF, Ret.) of Oklahoma City, OK

"You are a true American Hero James M. Kiehl As the mother of a soldier in Iraq we will never forget your bravery and courage May you rest in eternal peace"
Joann Mieles of Harker Heights Texas USA

"I have been so touched by this story and the messages left. My heart and prayers go out to you. James will always be with you in his son. I have a quote that I once wrote down. "Our loss is great, but surely heaven's gain, be glad that he is freed from all his pain; God took him from his struggle and strife, recall his smile - and Celebrate his life!" Thank you, James. Thank you for your sacrifice for our country."
Dayle of Sterling, VA

"I pray God give you strenth in your grief for your loss.
My heartfelt prayers go out to you, your son and all your families.

Thank you."
Theresa Freilicher of Silver Spring, Maryland USA

"Thank you."
E.Visser of Rotterdam/zuidholland/The Netherlands

"This is such a wonderful tribute to a young man who was serving his country and gave all. My husband served 2 years in Viet Nam. I was pregnant when he left and by the grace of God, he did return to me and our son ,we later had 2 other children. Serving the military is very hard for the families and all who love them. my heart goes out to his family! I hope the faith of the Lord will help you all. sincerely"
Jeanne Williams of Dixon, Ky/USA

"Thank you for sharing your story. Texas did a wonder tribute for one or our fallen Firefighter who was battling lukemia caused from the job. Chemicals. Texas did all that they could financially, opened their homes and hearts to a lot of our families. Held fund raisers to help with medical expenses. Ray Bosley was 38 years old, but left a wonderful legacy, and Texans helped in every way possible. Thank you our beloved heros from all walks of life. Without you, we would not enjoy what God has given us."
Rosalie Patterson of Gettysburg, Pa

"Four year vet. of WW II.. thanking a brother for carrying on for us. I am truly sorry for the way you had to return home. God bless your family, especially your wife and son."
Ed of Pembroke Pines, Fla.

"thank you for your ultimate sacrifice so we and the world may live free and in peace. James will never be forgotten, his son Nathaniel will carry his legacy."
fortunee of Indian Wells, ca, USA

"The photomontage of your funeral was one of the most moving things I've seen in a long time. Rest well, warrior."
Mikal of Oakland, CA

"Brave Americans like you have kept us free. God bless you."
Steve of Brookline, MA

"Thank you and God bless you and your family."
Marc P of Chicago, Il.

"James, you gave the ultimate sacrifice so that I may live my life and stand free from tyranny.
I can never fully repay you for your gift to me. But I can try to make the world a better place in the name of those who died so that I may live free.
Whenever I make somebody smile, I do so not for myself but for the honor of James M. Kiehl, those who fell before him, and those who will fall after him--for the true patriot knows that freedom is not free."
John Kneeland of Philadelphia, USA

"Thank you! God bless you and your family! Praise God for men like James Kiehl who are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the lives of so many!"
Hunter Family of Garland, TX

"Thank you for your sacrifices to all the fallen heros and to the families. You will always be in our hearts and prayers,you will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you to the town of Comfort for your gestures of respect and thoughtfullness."
Donna Miller of Brandon, MS USA

"I salute the young soldier that gave his life so that others might enjoy the liberty, freedom and self goverment we all cherish and have offered, in the past, to die for.
We honor his family for their sacrifice and their loss of this fine young man. May God bless and keep you all in the hollow of his hand!
No one knows the feeling of being in harms way, like a military person that has been there and done that.
I was a WW-2 sailor in the S. Pacific and my Bro-in-law was a top turret gunner and mechanic on a B-17 and flew 35 missions and never got a scratch.
Thanks to our military people and our "Cowboy" President we're still free and whacking the hell out of the bad guys!"
Del Miller,WW-2 Vet of Sanford, Mi

"How can you even begin to offer comfort to a family who loses a child, brother, sister, neice, nephew in any type of accident let alone fighting & giving a life for the great & wonderful USA. Turn to God and he will comfort you and give you strength to overcome some of the hurt. God Bless James M Hiehl and thanks to him for what he gave to protect me and all the other residents of this great wonderful country we live in. God Bless the USA & God Bless James M Hiehl.
What greater gift could have been given to us."
Judy Peters of Trinity,AL/USA

"It's because of hero's like Jim that we continue to live our live today! Be Proud!"
Al Rivers of Carthage NY

"I was so touched after viewing the site about your loved one and your loss. Thank you for the greatest sacrifice and I will keep you and yours in my prayers. I wish there were words that could express to you my feelings. God Bless and help you ."
Linda of Alaska

"My thoughts and prayers are with you forever. May God Bless you and your family!"
Cheryl Louderback of Plattsmouth, Ne

"Thank you for your unselfish loyalty to this great country. May you now watch over your family from above."
Chris Dunning of Parma Heights, OH

"It's been awhile, but I just read the story about your husbands funeral. My heart goes out to you and your son. I pray for God's continued comfort and love."
Jill of Gainesville, FL

"My the Lord comfort you and my you always know that the Lord will help you thru all your sorrows."
c.adams of Richmond,Va

"God bless this wonderful man and God bless the courgeous wife he has left behind with his new son."
Pam Thomas of Alpharetta, GA.

"I believe everyone should read the message about this young man's funeral. The way the people reacted was very touching and respectful. I feel all funerals for our fallen soldiers should be respected in this fashion. My heart felt thoughts and prayers go out to this brave young man's family and friends"
Lee Wilson of Mobile, AL/U.S.

"In the arms of the angels is where this man is...I thank him for keeping our country and our lives safe.."
Raven of Hebron, Maryland

"In Honor of One That served his country and gave the ultimate. I salute you and your memory may they both live forever, I salute the family that you've left behind that you will see again in Heaven. All gave some, Some Gave All"
R. D. Landry (Ret) USAF of Crosby, Texas

"This is a moving tribute, God Bless James Kiehl and his family. They all were true heroe's. Without them, where would we be? I am the wife of a retired AF SM/Sgt. We were stationed at the old Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya at the time of the Arab Israeli War of 1967 when Wheelus was attacked. My view of the world forever changed. 911 only re-enforced what I believed, we are at war with radical Islam. They will keep trying and trying, so we must be prepared at all times. God Bless our Men and Women of the Military, fighting for our freedoms."
Valerie Frederick of Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

"James M. Kiehl - American Hero. There is no other way to say it. I believe that Thomas Jefferson would have also put it that way."
Bill of South Boston, Virginia

"we send our deepest sympathy to this fallen soldiers family.I enjoyed reading the artical and seeing the pictures. I have always said "when you live in Texas, you are in God's country. The Texans are great people. May God Bless ALL of our fallen soldiers and their families. Also bless all those still over there. IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN""
Abbe Hicks, former Air Force Brat of Salina. KS. (Home of former Schilling Air Base)

"May we never forget."
COL, USA of Texas

"The Final Inspection
The soldier stood and faced His God,
Which must always come to pass,
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?"

The soldier squared his shoulders and
said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't,
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.

I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime
When the bills got just too steep,

And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place
Among the people here,
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."

There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod,
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well,
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

Dedicated to all that have served and will serve....RH
I am of the 12th Generationof my family to have served..Bless you son ,and bless the families"
M High of Canada

"I want to thanks you for service to the Untied States of Amercia.My son was in the first war over there and I pray for all the service people and their famliy"
carol of windsor ohio

"just plum thank you"
bill lively of blairsville,pa

"What an honor to bestow on such a young man.No-one can tell what he went through. No one can tell how his family really feels. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Jill, his son and such loving parents. He has given his all for our safety and fredom. For this we can't possibly thank him enough. To the town of Comfort, I am so proud that a community such as yours came together to praise and honor James. All city's, towns and everyone in this wonderful country of ours, should be on their knees praising you and others like you. As I read this tribute to James, tears are rolling down my face. Every time I hear the National Anthem or see someone raising a flag, I cry. As a retired Air Force Sgt., I Salute you my friend. For you and all military men and women, deserve so much more than we could ever give. Stand up America!! Praise those who deserve it. They sure do. God Bless you James. God bless the soldiers over there now and God bless America.Dear God please bring them home safe."
Barbara & George Charovano, TSGT. USAF Ret. of Janesville, Wi. U.S.A.

"I received this email from my daughter-in-law in Baumholder, Germany. She is there waiting for my son to return from Iraq. I know this story touched my heart, as it has touched the hearts of all who have read it and viewed the photos that accompanied it.
To the family of James M. Kiehl- I can only imagine the pain you have felt. You have my deepest respect for the sacrifice your family has made with the loss of your son/husband/father. James will not be forgotten."
Becky Rollings of Groveland, Illinois, USA

"Thanks for your service to this great country. You will always be in our memory."
T E Allen, 1LT, Ret'd of Tulsa, OK, USA

"From one military family to another, it was touching to read about the outpouring of love shown during the procession to the burial.Thank you for sharing it."
Mrs. Helen L. Shumate of Fayetteville, North Carolina

"my heart goes out to every person who has lost a loved one due to war or terrorism, you see for my family this war started back on november 21, 1979 in islamabad, pakistan. i lost my beloved brother cpl.steven crowley, usmc. he to was hero and lost his life for his country he was a proud marine and loved his country. terrorism is not new to my family this started back then when i lost my dear brother. the wonderful people of our town in port jefferson li ny honored my brother the same way so seeing those pictures brought back so many memories of that day. to all who have sons, daughters, husbands, fathers, moms, sisters and brothers may god bless you all and bring you home safe to your loved ones and may god bless our country and our presidant geroge w. bush. my condolences to the family and wife and child of james m. kiehl. i will keep you in my prayers and pray for a safe return to all who are now serving our country. GOD BLESS. WE MUST STOP TERRORISM."

"I just wanted to say thank you to one of god's saints for giving such a gift
the gift of freedom and his life to protect the nation that our for fathers gave us thank you from the bottom of my hart"
Genevieve Hobb of Tooele, Utah

"I want to convey my sincere and heartfelt sorrow to the family of this fine American patriot. The incredible turn out of all those amazing Texans warms my heart. Be Proud!!!

James M Kiehl gave his life to his country in the War on Terrorism. He deserves our respect and our gratitude. His death will not be in vain. We will prevail.

I am a Vietnam Marine veteran. I spent 12 moths and 29 days inside a tank. I know what it is like to face the enemy and hostile fire.

Semper Fidelis,
John Wear of New Hope, PA...(it is near Philadelphia).

"I am truly impressed and moved by the tremendous emotion and patrotism that Spc James Kiehl has created from his serving his country and giving the supreme sacrifice. I am proud to be able to sit here and salute such a giving person as well as all the members of our armed forces. May God bless each and every one of you and bring you home safely."
Bill Barnett of Tarpon Springs Florida

"That is a beautiful tribute to a true Hero. A heartfelt and sincere thank you to James and his family and friends.

Regards and Semper Fi

USMC 84 - 91

Gulf War Vet"
Rich Lundeen of Longmont, Colorado

"Thanks for the Freedom so valiantly protected."
J. M. Anderson, LTC (Ret), USA of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

"Men such as your son.Is the reason this country is free. His death was not in vain Thank You for such a Great Son.."
RET...Army Ranger Burt of Dahlonega, GA.

"America shall continue to be blessed because of the sacrifices of brave patriots such as our fallen brethren James M. Kiehl. I am proud to to know and fight with such brave American Heroes as James....our country owes your family a deep gratitude for his service to protect our freedoms against the peril of global terrorism.
God Bless James & his proud American family. You must be so proud to know that your family is loved and respected by all Americans for your service and sacrifice to our country.

Pete Carolan, U.S. Navy SEAL of Coronado, CA, USA

"for your supreme sacrifice, your memory will forever live as long as there is freedom. bless the families of those lost and God bless America !!!!"
mike j. of tolland ct. usa

""Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." (John 15:13).
It is because of the men and women who serve in this country's armed forces, that my children rest their heads in peace on their pillows at night, without the threat of invasion or violence. It is because of the men and women gone before that we all do.
To James' son, I can only offer this; your father was a couragious man, one who's life was filled with a sense of duty and purpose. Your father lived and died with honor and dignity. He had dreams of holding you, loving you and watching you grow. The strong warm hand that you will feel on your shoulder at times you need the support in your life, is that of your fathers. He is with you always.
To James' wife, my heart is saddened by your loss. To know such a tragedy at that young an age, is inconceivable. You are loved by many. By the women who lost their husbands before, and the one's that will lose their husbands in the future. Hold your head high. James would have wanted you to.
To James' mother and father; You bestowed in James the values that he held dear. That sense of purpose and duty and the dreams that he did not get to see come true. His life was taken from you and for that, I am so very truly sorry. I am in tears as I write this, and these tears are for you. But, you have the memories of the laughter he brought to your lives. Dwell on that and perhaps there will be some peace in your hearts.
I have always had a special place in my heart for the men and women of our armed forces. You deserve the respect and honor of each and every one of us."
April Byrd of Wylie, Texas

"James will be in our hearts and remembered for his bravery and sacrifice for our freedom. I pray for him and his family and one day his son will be so proud to know his Father was such a great man and fought so that he may be free. It saddens me that every Heroe that has lost his/her life for the sake of Freedom has not been honored in such a manner as shown by this Texas community.
"In God We Trust"
Bless you all."
Barbara O'Brien of Slidell, Louisiana

"Being a retired soldier who served in Vietnam one might think that death becomes easier after witnessing so much of it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I cry everytime I read of a fallen Service Member in Iraq, Afgahanistan, or any part of the world. James no doubt came from a fine family but a good community as well. The City of Comfort can be proud of itself. I wish more cities in America would do the same for their fallen heroes as Comfort did for James. I drove through Comfort a couple weeks ago. It is a beautiful resting place just east of the beautiful cliffs of Texas. May God bless James' family and keep them close in his heart until the time they join their beloved son. My prayer is that James' memory will be kept intact for his son and wife so that they will feel the pride of having James as a husband and father throughout their lives. Thanks James."
John Lewis of Mobile, Alabama

"I am only one Vietnam Veteran of many living and dead. I felt compelled to express my profound pride in you and in those serving from your generation. You gave the last measure of devotion to duty for all of us and I am saddened by your loss and the loss of all your fellow soldiers. Please, everone reading this recognize that we, all of us must have a special place in our hearts for James and all his fellow soldiers who fought and are fighting terrorism to protect our freedom. God Bless James, and God Bless America!"
Major J.R. Mc Cormick Army Ret. of Corpus Chrisit, Texas 78412-3344

"James, thank you for all you did for not only my family but what you did for the United States of America. You gave all that you could give in order for us to be safe. To your family my prayers go out to them. You may be gone from this life but you will never be forgotten. God bless you ...."
Sara Bryant of Florence, South Carolina

"God bless James, his family and friends, and the rest of our fallen brothers!"
The Taylor's (USMC) of Apache Junction, AZ

"Thank you! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family as they continue on. We all know you are in a better place and are watching over your friends and family, protecting them! May God give your family and friends the assurance and love to help them get through every single day!

God Bless you, your family, friends and the United States of America. We owe our freedom to you! Again, the greatest THANK YOU!!!!!!!!"
The Bushee's of U.S.S. Vicksburg, Naval Station Mayport, Florida

"Rest in heavenly peace with GOD.
Love From Marianne
Marianne Egeriis of Denmark - Europe

"Thank you James for my freedom and all the free choices I can make. I got this email in January 2004, in the new year I hope all who are fighting come home safe. My prayers are with all the families. I lost many friends in Viet Nam. Where would we be without our fighting men, I shudder to think. To the family of James, I know what it is like to lose a husband and son, you wonder why, but in God's time we will know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Paula Mayo of Columbus Ohio


"We are so sorry to hear of the lost of all the lives of these brave men and women, who chose to serve and protect this country. We are proud to call them our finest countrymen/women. We salute them in our hearts and count our blessings that they were willing to leave their families and friends to protect our freedom. May God bless them and keep them in His loving and caring arms. Thank you dear ones."
Wayne and Arline Herrmann of Davis, Illinois

"Specialist James Kiehl,
Your service to OUR country WILL never be forgotten. I just came back today from another Funeral detail for a fallen Comrade. Speaking on Behalf of Chapter 37 of the Special Forces Assocation and the Chicago Firemen's Post #667 of the American Legion, all we can say is Thank You for the Ultimate Sacrifice a soldier can do for his country. Rest In Peace My Friend! Also, may the Good Lord always shine warmly upon You and Your family and friends. Thank You James,with a sadness in all of Our hearts!"
Sgt Patrick Crimmins of the Former 12th Special Forces Group (Airborne) of Chicago, Illinois

"James,, I know I didnt know you ,,, but still you went to protect my rights,,, to protect my childrens freedom...My brother and nephew are both in Iraq as I write this,,,I pray that you and the other soliers know how proud we are of you and your unselfish acts of bravery,,, God Bless you and your loved ones,,, For he so blessed us with you ,,,"
DeAnn of Casper , Wy.

"Thank you James Kiehl, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"James, this is the message we always forget or put off. I never told you that I approved of my daughters choice because you were her choice. She asked me the first time Terry and I came down there to meet you if I approved and as I told her you did not have to live up to my expectations but hers. I always trusted my daughters choices and her decisions. But James since you have left us, I realized how much you really did mean to me. I'm sorry I never took you aside and told you how proud I was of you and how much you meant. It seems your whole life all you were looking for was accceptance. James, you never had to impress me, you impressed me because my daughter chose you. She seen things in you that us as little girls parents are now looking for. We only want what is best. And there are only 3 people I would give anything to be able to see one more time. Just to tell them what I should have in the first place, when I had the chance. My mother, father and you. I pray to God that you are reading this. I miss you and I loved you, I just didn't ever tell you when I had the chance. I will have to live with this but always remember Jill loved you so much. Your son is so sweet and I know you had your time with him before he was born.

Do you rember the green Mustang that you were looking at? (And you were wanting so bad). Terry was there to tell you that they were trying to rip you off and give you something that you could not afford. I felt so bad for you because we are the same type of person. We see something we want and when we don't get it, it hurts. But you got the two things that are the most important in anyones, lives, Jill and Nathaniel. Jill had told us about the message you passed to her in AIT. Even at that time she felt so bad about having to tell you she was seeing someone else.

My whole reason for this message is to tell you that you always had my approval because my daughter had your approval. I was not thrilled about the way you both chose to go about your wedding but that was your choice and you were happy. Seeing the picture on that day proved she was happy and that is all that matters to me.

James, I'm sorry I never told you that I love you to your face. I love you and no matter who Jill is with in the future, you will always be there with me. I will never forget your loving or caring ways. You will aways have a place in my heart that will never be replaced. I love you James and always will remember you."
Paul O.iver (father-in law) of Des Moines, IA












"Not sure how long the email has been going around but I received it today, Dec 16, 2003. I was so touched and so saddened to read about James and the funeral that Comfort TX provided him. I just cried and prayed right then and there for him and his family. As a mother of two who are currently in the military I am as worried as any other mother can be. May God grant you peace."
Rebecca of Austin TX

"Jill, Nathaniel, Randy, and Janie;
James gave the ultimate sacrifice so that my family can continue to live in peace and freedom. Thank you for having such a wonderful husband and son. Nathaniel will grow up knowing what a wonderful person James was."
Sandra Patterson (Jill's Aunt) of West Des Moines, IA/USA

"To the parents of PFC Kiehl,

I owe your son a debt which I can never repay. I pray that God will comfort you as only He can.

Thank you for raising a son that our country could not do without.
God Bless You"
John Franklin of Richmond, TX

"James,You where a great friend and a man I could look up to. I'm sorry Jill that you have to suffer the loss of your husband your true love. You and him looked so good together. Remeber Jill that he will always be looking over you for all time and you will be with hem one day. I wish you and your son the best in your life to come and that you will make it through this hard time. Always your Friend Shawn"
Shawn Brink of Ft. Bliss TX

"James this is your mom, I know you are in gods great hands because of the baptism I like America witnessed. I will always love you and you will be in my heart. This is the Good Bye I failed to tell you. Much love to Jill and baby Nathaniel those left behind to
carry on your smiling face. God Bless."
Carol (Kiehl) Howland of Kingman, AZ USA

"Hey there Stork *S*. I know I've been in the hiding. I know I haven't said anything to you yet, just in my own prayers, in church. I remember the last time we saw each other. It was at the PX. You were up there buying something for Jill, and asked how I was. I did the same. I know you were excited about getting ya'lls new place. Next thing I knew it, you and your fellow soldiers where deployed. Then I got the heartbreaking news, and cried, right where I was at. I miss your friendly smile, and the laughter you always brought. I know your up there watching down on your family, and friends. James you will always be the soldier of our heart, the defender, the protector, and the mercenary of our freedom.
We all miss you, Take Care and Goodbye."
Chyron of Ft. Bliss TX

"I recived this e-mail of the fallen soldier. I was deeply touched. I am sorry for his family and friends. For his child/ren that will never be able to see him to know what he did for his conutry. He died in honor of hour contry for freedom of terroisum on our soil. He is in god hands may he rest in peace. May god bless his family."
Gab of Newark, Delaware

"Just two words .... THANK YOU"
The Conklin Family of Highland Village, TX / USA

"I have just read the story of James Kiehl. I am feeling so many things. I have not responded to emails like this before, but this one touched me so much that I felt I had to write. The parents and wife of James should be so very proud of their son and husband. I can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through. This story makes me very proud to be an American. God Bless you."
Carolyn Downing of Arlington, TX USA

"James went to school with my girls.
He always knew how to make people laugh. It makes me sad and bring tears to my eyes. James we love you. and it also brings joy to our heart to know that you are home and safe and in gods hands. We think of you Often...Love always"
Elizabeth Spenrath of Fort Worth, texas

"sorry for losing ur relative i Lost my brother in desert storm he was my twin well i am very sorry"

"sorry deanna for losing ur family member i lost my best friend like that in aftganastan and kenya"
george thibault & kids of charta high of cranston rhode island,usa

"There simply are no words to express the sadness we all feel at the loss of any of our young men and women in this terrible war. We, who value our freedom so much, that we go, or send our loved ones to defend the honor and privilege of having freedom, now must say goodbye. But we do so with love, respect and gratitude. We are honored that you cared enough to give everything for your country, your families, your freedom. We say thank you with all our hearts."
The McKelley's of Ohio

"James, Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice to our country. I will never forget your story and you will live in our hearts forever. God Bless you and your family."
Robin Eggers of Max Meadows, VA

"I'm so saddened to hear of the loss of James Kiehl. Not only a good soldier but a good man. This story really touched me, and I can only say God Bless this man and may he be in eternal peace. Some Gave All."
Dan Weakley of Peoria, IL.


"God Bless America ! And God Bless James Keihl ! He fought for our freedom that we all take for granted. He is a true hero !"
Gregg Schjoth of Wausau, Wisconsin USA


I received a notice and pictures and cried for loss of James Kiehl but know he is with others who have gone on before him. My prayers of comfort and strength to his family.
"He is not dead, he is just away"
TG of San Jose, CA USA

"Each is a member of our national family. I feel each loss in my heart. I wish the world was not a violent place so each could do his/her best to achieve the greatest peace."
Michele Lafferty of Ft Walton Beach, FL, USA

"Hello, I cried when I read this story (my sister forwarded it), just wanted to say I also have a 22 year old son and can't imagine the loss you are feeling...just wanted you to know we honor your son and others who gave their lives for freedom."
Garrisons of Nome, Alaska

"I received an e-mail with the story of James' funeral. It was very long, yet touching and at the end several pictures of young people and all ages lined along the roads holding American flags. Please know that millions of people, as myself, that you will never meet, will think of James in years to come. We will think of all the fallen soldiers that have given themselves to God. And for what? For this..Americans. 9/11 angels, Afgan angels, Iraqi angels, and on & on. We all sicken when the news comes on every day, and another soldier or two have died, but this should just make us stronger. Please dear Americans do not let these young souls die in vein."
Connie Cocks of Clemmons, NC, USA

"Duty, Honor, Country, I send this with heart felt honor to James and his family.
I too understand what he went through and what you, his family are going through at this time. May God bless you and comfort you. This I say from my heart. Vietnam 69,70,71"
Carl L. Presley of 252 River Run Rd. Calhoun, Tn. 37309

"I heard about the sacrafice of Spc. Kiehl on BBN radio. It is because of brave, dedicated souls such as Spc. Kiehl that we enjoy our freedoms today. My heart is saddened, but my spirit rejoices, for when the Lord returns, Spc. Kiehl will answer with a hearty "Here, Sir" when his name is called. For he will rise before we that remain, and then we will join him in the air to meet Jesus in the clouds. May God bless and keep his soul, and may He grant his family joyful peace. God Bless."
Jon McClary, US Army, SFC (Ret.) of Huntsville, AL. USA

"Thank you, Spc. James Kiehl, for your courage and bravery. You are the reason that we live freely today. You will never be forgotten as you will live on in our hearts. Thank you, Jill and Mr. and Mrs. Kiehl, for the gift you have given us all. Our heartfelt prayers will always be with you."
The Bundy Family of Chandler, Texas, USA


"I heard the news and my heart stoped. I imagine what Jill felt, I'm so sorry.
God be with you and your family."
InterWorld - Roxanne of El Paso

"I think about James and his wife Jill almost every day since hearing about them in the news. My heart goes out to her and his family and friends. I won't forget the sacrifices made. May God grant you all some comfort and peace. You're in my prayers."

"With humble heartfelt thanks to you, James, for being an example of what all young men might strive to be - courageous, brave, and dedicated to a great purpose. Your effort, and that of your fellow soldiers, will not be in vain. God holds dear those who lay down their lives, that others might live in freedom. God grant your family comfort and solace, and the certainty of His love."
Beverly of Long Island, NY

"To the family and friends of Spc. James Kiehl:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless James for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. James Kiehl:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of James, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"My family and I are deeply saddened at the news of your son's death. We are also sad that your daughter-in-law lost such a wonderful husband. We pray that God's blessings stay with your family. We know that your son sacrificed his life so that we can live a safe life, and we have no words to express our deep respect for him as a man and as a soldier. He is truly our hero.
God's Blessings to your entire family,"
Mina and Brian Jensen of San Antonio, TX

"I am saddened by the loss of our cousin and family member. We lift up in prayer his wife, Jill and baby son. We pray for comfort and acceptance for Randy and sweet Janie in the knowledge of just cause and liberation toward freedom. We have been holding prayer vigils every Wednesday Night for the MIAs and all the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Guardsmen that protect the freedoms of mankind and uphold their oath of service. I am grateful for the trust in the leadership, for the compassion and courage of everyone from our Commander in Chief to the soldier at the end of the line.
Rest in Peace James, and know you've done well. With love and admiration we THANK YOU for standing up and MAKING A DIFFERENCE."
Michael R. Allen
USN ( '68 - '72)
VN Veteran
Alpharetta, GA  USA

"My heart goes out to the family of James. I learned of this fallen soldier from a cousin that held him close to her heart. She is a dear friend of mine and morns his loss greatly. I send all my love and respect out to his parents as well as his wife and unborn son! God bless you James!"
Amy K of Wisconsin, USA

"RIP Brave Soldier"
The Taylors, USMC of NC

"Thank you for allowing your hero to protect our freedoms!"
Holly of VA

"You are our hero. You live in our hearts. We did not know you, but we cry for you and your loved ones and we thank them and you, for the ultimate sacrifice you have made for your country. God Bless...."
Jo Ann & John Costanza of Carson City, Nv, USA

"Thank you for your commitment to our country. You will always be remembered as a proud, honorable man. I thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice; you are the reason we live in a free world. THANK YOU and God Bless!"
Kristin Heins of San Diego, CA USA

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