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Army Spc. Donald L. Wheeler

22, of Concord, Michigan.
Wheeler was searching for a possible improvised explosive device in Tikrit, Iraq when his unit came under attack from a rocket propelled grenade. He died as a result of his injuries. Wheeler was assigned to C Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. Died on October 13, 2003.

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"It's been 10 years bro. It's hard, but I know God has you on His frontline. Merry Christmas. Prayers and thoughts always.
B Co 1-22IN Regulars by God"
Schoellman, Joshua of Rowlett, TX USA

"To the Wheeler Family: I never had the honor of meeting Wheeler, as my son in law Ssgt. Rodrigo Vargas called him, but I know he loved him as much as a man can love another brother in arms. Rigo spoke of him often and before they deployed D. Wheeler's parents came to Killeen and took my son in law and their son shopping at the army supply to make sure they both had what they needed to keep them safe when they went to war. Rigo said they were wonderful God loving Christian parents that loved their son and he was a good soldier. I know he is still in Sgt. Vargas thoughts and prayers as he is in mine. Your loss is immeasurable."
Carolyn A. Taylor of Huffman, Texas

"To the family of Spc Wheeler.. I had the honor of serving with DJ in Charlie Company 1-22 IN. going into the 8th year that he was KIA it feels like yesterday that I got the news and tears still and alway will come down ! DJ was a great friend and always smiling.. I remember right before we left and all u guys came down to visit we joked with him saying.. Dam u filled up the barracks !! LoL ! He was a great friend, solider and will always be remembered and loved !!"
Jose Barbosa of New York City

"I have the Honor to serve with PFC DominicK Wheeler, younger brother of SPC Donald Wheeler. I never meet SPC Wheeler, but through his brother I understand how great of a person this young man was. The Wheeler family is an extraordinary family that has given much to our country and continues to do so through continue services in the military. God Bless the Wheeler Family for their sacrifice and service to all."
SSG William Rodriguez of Phenix City, AL

"You will always be remebered and your actions never forgotten by all who served with you in C co. -122in"
ssg harrison, william of ft carson, co

"I never knew this young man, but there was something about him that caught my eye when first I saw his picture on the news...he reminded me of one of my own sons, I guess. When I saw his mother grieving, I felt her deep sorrow so clearly that it brought the reality of this war right home to Michigian. Even today, his is the face I see and the name I remember when I think of a soldier who sacrificed everything for our freedom. I just wanted his family to know--mother-to-mother-- that he touched a stranger so deeply and that I carry his his memory in my heart, too."
Shirley Hazlett of Lansing, Michigan

"To the family of D.J. Wheeler,... I served with your son and had the Privilege of serving in his presence. There was humbleness to him that I will always remember. He truly has left his mark here on this earth through the soldiers of “Dirty Deuce”, Charlie Company 1-22INF, 4ID. Some of us that served with your son still serve, some have moved on, and others have shared the same fate as your son. Please know that in your mourning, you are not alone. 25 June 2009….and still think of him daily"
SSG Rodrigo Vargas of FT. Hood, TX

"D J,
Never will I forget your sacrifice. We miss you. You are always my hero! Your short life was a very important one. Thank You for being one of the courageous who have made our American life possible."
Mary Cosepalmer of Jackson, MI

"September 29, 2008
To the family of Spc. Donald L. Wheeler:
Donald gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"even if some doesnt still understand what american soldiers are doing ouside of the us...the world still needs people who have dreams,nobility of ideals....someone must do something...only talking and looking is sometimes not enough.....it is easy to talk about fallen soldiers if you are not affedted...but!!!! even if many people dont know the fallen soldiers...they think about those brave man an women..."
uli weiler of cologne/nrw/germany


You will always be in my heart and soul, I pray for your family everyday. I know your watching over us in heaven.
2nd Platoon Sergeant SFC(Ret)Yslas
Dirty Duce, "Get UP""
Stephen Yslas of Colorado Springs, CO

"I miss you more than anything man. The day you died will never leave my heart or mind. I still see it to this day. I know your in a better place. Love ya man!!"
Sgt. Greg Turner of Killeen, Tx

I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.

"Deeds, Not Words-Regulars By God!""

"You will not be forgoten...ever. I can't find the right words to say, are there any? You are a hero. I still remember the day SFC Yslas told us. My heart goes out to your family."
Jim Carpenter of St. Cloud, Fl

"To all that come to this page I would like to thank you for your support. D.J., as we called him is still missed, but we must move on. So that is why I and my older brother Quentin have joined the service. To continue the mission our brother started. I am about to go on my first deployment as well. Again thank you all."
Paul Wheeler, PFC, USA of Fort Eustis, VA/USA

"To the wheeler family,
I am sorry for your lost.Dj was a good friend and will always be my brother.I am lucky to have served with him and to be his friend.You have raised a great boy.God Bless.
Josh Reed
C co 1-22 Inf"
Josh Reed of Eclectic,Alabama

"To the family of:Donald L. Wheeler I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully, we will meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell, Gateway Community Church, 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ,"
Polly Ballew of Covington,Ga

"To the Family of Donald,
My thoughts and prayers are with your family everyday. I cried when I read the news for my brother enlisted months prior to your loss and I realized how close to home this war is. I do not know what is like to lose a love one of war, & I hope my brother returns home from Iraq safe. Please know his sacrifice is dear to my heart. God Bless you for your strength to go on."
Katie King of Grass Lake, MI

"You will always be remembered! You definately paid the ultimate price for freedom and that I thank you for!"
SFC(Retired) Robert Soden of Killeen, Texas

"To the loved ones of SPC ‘DJ’ Wheeler~
My name is Rachelle Wiler, Lt, USAF, and on my right wrist I wear a KIA bracelet bearing the name SPC Donald L. Wheeler, KIA. Though I didn’t know him, I know where he’s from…I’m from Reading, MI, and am extremely proud of the sacrifice your son, brother, and friend has made for our country. So as I serve long months over here in the desert, I’m constantly reminded of the patriotism of the community we’re both from, and remember the hero, SPC Wheeler, who's memory motivates me each day."
Lt Rachelle Wiler of Middle East

I will never forget the day I heard the horrible news! I cried and cried, and I cry while I type this. You are a hero, you gave the ultimate sacrifice, THANK YOU! Not a day goes by that you dont cross my mind, you will always be Andrea's "little brother" to me. A picture of the two of us sits on my desk at work, your HUGE smile helps get me through the rough days I have. You were such a sweet guy! Until we meet again, keep watching over all of us, as I know you do! Rest in peace with all the Angels!"
Love, Beans of Albion, MI

"I never met Donald but I have heard so much about him through postings and articles on him and my brother n law, SPC James E Powell. They died within days of each other. He sounds like heis a great guy and he is deeply missed. Please know that I think of him as hero and your family will always be in our thoughts and prayers. I would like to get in touch with someone from his family, I will be receiving something here shortly on Donald and James and I think you might like a copy. You can email me at kristimann28@yahoo.com. God bless!"
Kristi Mann of Mineral Wells, Texas

"May you always be in our hearts and forever with us. You are a very special person to all of C 1-22 Infantry, you are truly missed."
1SG Evans & Family of Columbia SC

"D.J. ~ I am so proud to say I knew such a hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
Jennifer Rayl of Concord, MI/USA

""Not a day goes by that i don't think about you, and that if i hadn't of left to go back to the states i would of still been Red3Gulf and you just might still be here with us. I miss you man." COLD STEEL!!"

"DJ, You are a one in a million. You have no idea of the impact you have left on the soldiers of our great unit. You are sadly missed and will never be forgotten. Forever in our Hearts and Prayers, I'll always be... your 1SG"
1SG Evans of Ft Hood, TX

"You will always be remembered. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday. You paid the ultimate sacrafice for your country. I was proud to have served with you as the 1st Platoon Medic. God Bless you and all the others that have been lost."
Sgt. Brandon Lloyd of Ft. Hood TX

"To a great man, we will miss you man, i think day in day out about you. i will never foret the day ssg minzer call home to me to tell me we lost you, as i sit here and write this i cry we will miss you man, i think about mom all the time and how she is doing, but i sit back and know shes a strong lady, she stood so big at your thing we had for you at ft hood and i wish i could of been so strong, ssg minzer talk about you all the time and the things you 2 got in to over there, just know in this home you will never ev er befor gotten, we love u and miss ya. jennie minzer"
jennie & ssg minzer of ft hood tx

"Specialist Wheeler, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Donald, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Thank you Donald Wheeler, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Spc. Donald Wheeler:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Donald for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Donald Wheeler:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Donald, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on