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Marine Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey

29, of Baltimore, Maryland.
Killed in a CH-46E helicopter crash on in Kuwait. He was assigned to the Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Died on March 20, 2003.

A convert to Islam, Watersbey served in the first gulf war. He was killed in a chopper crash in Kuwait and leaves behind a 10-year-old son, Kenneth.

Source: MSNBC/Newsweek

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"I knew this Marine from NAS Pensacola. He was like a brother to me and my wife. He watched our dog Rosco for two weeks and even let me attempt to cut his hair. I will never forget you and I am sorry it has taken me all this time to say something. The morning I saw your face on the T.V. I knew right away that one of my best friends had passed away. He brought happiness to so many people his joy was contagious. I just wish I could see you one more time to say thank you. Its strange how life changes all of us. Semper Fi my brother devil dog and hopefully some day when we all meet again I can cook you another meal and try to cut your hair again. I tell my daughter Kaitlin about you all the time. I always tell her that when my friend passed away the world lost a truly great person. I wish our now adult children could have met at a family barbeque. Its always hard loosing a friend but loosing this friend was like loosing family. Love yah from Lcpl Marks and Lisa"
Anthony Marks of Mineapolis, MN.

"It’s like yesterday, I cooked breakfast on the ship USS-BOXER LHD-4 for you and your wife Belinda Young Waters Bey, you smiled and went out and fly.....It was a pleasure to serve with you. My heart pains to know you left us soo soon. My son did not get a chance to meet you. He is 13 now-but he knows you…Words cannot express how our heart cry knowing Kendall you are gone... My sincere condolences to the Waters Bey family. Miss you, Miss you and will always remember your smile. Sulye Hypolite (aka) Melton."
Sulye Hypolite (aka) Melton of San Diego, CA

"To the family of Kendall, I served with your loved one in HMM-268. I just want you all to know that he was a great man and Marine and he is not forgotten"
SSgt Mac of Camp Pendleton Ca

"Bro, I remember running into you on Pendleton so MANY years after our flying days in New River.... I miss ya..."
Mike Tobin

"been thinking of you SSGT Watersbey wish you were still with us."

"SSgt it was an honor to serve with you out in Pensacola and the times we shared were limited but very charished. I still to this day remember that smile when you would walk to my desk and I knew you would say something to make my day. As I prepared your transfer orders I was always jealous that you were going to Cali where I wanted to be but I knew that they were getting one helluva Sgt. of Marines. It still bugs me to this day that your gone but I know your in Gods good grace. I've said many prayers for you family and still wish them the best, they were blessed with a great son and father. Semper Fi."
Cpl. William Traylor of Oklahoma

"It has been a decade, but I do not forget, ever. I miss you, I wish...I wish you were ALIVE. A good boss, a good man, a great Marine. You are remembered."
Shaun Kelley of Michigan

"We were stationed together at NAS Pensacola and got to know each other in Quantico while attending PME School. He left for California and I went to MCAS Iwakuni. I remember sitting in my office and a fellow GySgt came in and said "Gunns, look at this list of Marines that has gotten killed because of this war". As we looked at the list in anger I saw Waters-Bey and I said I only know one person named Waters-Bey and I didnt want to look at more, but I had to. I saw the first name and picture and froze for a moment. To know a few months prior we were having laughs wishing the PME courses were over. It was a pleasure to have served with you, even if only for a brief while. I pray the best for your family and hope that all is going well for them. Please know that God has it all under control. God Bless you and your family and I pray that your family find the peace that surpasses all understanding.
God Bless"
GySgt Jones (ret) of Trinity, Florida

"SSG Waters-Bey:
I want to express my sincere gratitude for your service to our great Country. On your Birthday today I would like your family to know that "we remember' and you will not be forgotten even as the years go by. You will always be remembered as a great man and a great Marine. God bless your family. Laughter was replaced with crying when God allowed you to leave but now many our able to laugh again as they remember your great spirit and your smile continues to live on in the hearts of your family, friends and your fellow Devil Dogs."
Anonymous of Baltimore

"WOW! Its 2012 and we still miss you Kenny. I have nothing but great memories; from riding dirt bikes up belvedere and ramble wood, to playing football on sundays and to being in Camp Lejeune as we both served in the greatest fighting forces in the WORLD.. The United States Marine Corps. we both shared the sense of pride that not only come from being a Marine but also that pride that comes from knowing that you are taking care of your family, and are making a difference. I will always respect you my friend for stepping up to plate and becoming a man when it was so easy for us to stay little boys mentally. You are an American Hero and I talk about you often, probably because there is a poster of you on my job so i can't help but see your smiley face. lol. even in a Marine Uniform you still had that huge smile. Marines don't smile devil dog! lol. just kidding. I miss you man. i remember the last time we chopped it up at my house in Lejeune. I swear had i known that would be the last time I would have prayed harder and tried to convince God to leave you here.
i haven't seen lil Kenny or your peoples in about five years so if any of y'all read this hit me up on Facebook or something."
CPL Hatcher USMC aka Dink from around the way. of Baltimore MD

"My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our daughter during the beginning of the war. We wanted a name that meant something. We discovered your son's story. We decided to give our daughter the middle name Kendall in honor of your son and his sacrifice for all of the USA. He is truly an inspiration. My daughter is 6 now and we have recently told her why we gave her the middle name Kendall. She is very proud to have the name, especially now that she knows it is in honor of one of the members of our military who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you."
Tara S. Herget of St. Cloud, FL

"Its been over 8 years and I still think of you cousin. You were my motivation to join the Marine Corps and I thank you for that. Hope to see you guarding the pearly gates. Love you."
Dominic Jones of Oceanside, CA via Baltimore, MD

"Semper Fi... My fellow Marine and Cousin.. RIP"
Larry of Houston Tx

"He will always be loved an miss he will forever be in our hearts an I wish that he is at peace an is happy watchin ova us n he is well missed by both sides of his family"
aunt janice and cousin mookie of batimore.md

"Thank you Ssgt for helping me to realize the things that are important. You, and what you did for your country, will never be forgotten."
AD3 Barnes of Houston,TX

"”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to the hero’s Mother, Father and/or spouse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Almost 2,100 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
This is a gift! We have wonderful sponsors who help with the costs, and want you know that everyone here at Project Compassion does and will always CARE.
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion - Kenna of Manti, Utah USA

"Thank you brother for treating me with the undeniable respect that you gave me while serving with you as a United States Marine.! Your family should forever be proud.. You and your family have always and will always be in my families thoughts and prayers! save me a place in the grand smoke pitt! Lt. Mike D."

"Wish we could see you one more 'gin, Bey."
Roger of Sheridan, Indiana

"I was stationed with Ken at HMM-263. He was one of the Finest Marines, Man,and Father that I have had the honor to know. My prayers to his family"
GySgt (R) Bill Barnett of Maysville, NC

"It's been 5 years and some months since I last heard you speak, bro. I have seen you in numerous visions... you are alive in my mind, man. You would be amazed at life as it goes now-a-days. I remember the time we spoke about how we would tell our children about the good times we had. At the time I didn't have any children, but your boy has been busy, and as soon as my kids are able to understand they will know about the hero I called brother. Not a hero because of the sacrifice of life you gave doing your job, but a hero because of the person you were for me and all those that you touched. You are always alive, bro....Always."

"kendall was a great guy i loved him like a father, the day i found out he was killed i really couldnt belive it....it was a nightmear...it was a tragity to my whole family....all of us loved him...i wish that one day i could just wake up and he would be right there rubbing my head like he always used to do,,Kendall i love you so much you'll never be forgotten..your in our hearts and prayers..we love you Kendall"
Emerald Green of yuma, az,

"Where has the time gone. I continue to pray for your family every day. I still wear the t-shirt you picked out holes and all. Serving with you at camp new river was an honor. You were like my little brother. Semper Fi!"
Lynita R. Nunn of Fort Riley, Ks

"Kendall Watersbey is the only person that I ever met that I can say changed my life. There was a time when I felt that things could not get any worse and I wanted so much to just give up... He believed in me and pushed me to continue fighting for what I believed in and what I wanted out of life. His words and kind heart have stuck with me since then. Now I am an active duty Marine in the MECEP program living up to these words that continue to burn in my heart. I know that he was a great man and this was because of the strength and kindness that his family showed to him... So I thank you for everything your dedication and your kidness."
Sgt Leandra M Trumm(Aguirre) of Tucson, AZ

"May 22, 2007
To the family of Kendall Damon Waters-Bey. Kendall gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"May you always remember him for the hero that he was."
Lorene Meacham of Monument, CO, USA

"Well, it has been 4 years and 4 days, and yet I will never forget. Never. You are a true patriot SSgt. Rest in Peace. Thinking of you everyday that I still breath. Smile, for when I see you again hopefully I will be the old man betwenen the two of us."
Shaun Kelley of Vista, CA

"To Mothers of chosen sons, wives of fallen husbands, children of fathers who know the meaning of sacrafice, you are in my heart and prayers.

With eternal gratitude."
Alvina Bey Bennett of Richmond, VA USA

I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country-not just in OIF, but also for your service in Desert Storm as well. And to your family, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.

Semper Fi Devil Dog!"

"It was on a late afternoon March 2003 while stationed in Iwakuni, Japan that I noticed the ticker on the news and all I caught was the last four characters of his name (-Bey). I knew right away that I had lost a friend. I had the pleasure of meeting Kendall while we were stationed aboard Marine Corps Air Station New River, NC. He was assigned to HMM-263 as a Crewchief and I to MALS-29 as an Aviation Ordnanceman, I flew with him as his gunner / observer during numerous flights and one thing that I always took away was his infectious laugh. I left New River for NAS Pensacola in '97 and in '98 I was surprised to see him there as well and still with that infectious laugh, I last saw him in June of 2000 prior to leaving for South Korea. He was a compasionate and caring man, a consumate professional and a great friend, you will be missed by many. You will always be in my prayers, until we meet again my friend."
SSgt Juan C. Andrade of Marine Corps Security Force Company, Bangor, WA

"Ssgt Waters-Bey was so important to all the young Marines at Hmm-268, especially the African-American Marines, and helped me out tremendously. Always supportive, I told him I broke my headphones I used to DJ with, and he brought me in a pair that he used back in the day. I had those headphones with me in Kuwait when I was with him. Those headphones will always be a reminder of his influence on me, to always help whenever you can, and I just know he's in heaven, with the other Marines that were lost from Hmm-268, shining on me throughout the rest of my life. We love you and we miss you down here."
Cpl. Jamall Rogers of Chicago, Il

"To the family of: Kendall Damon Waters-Bey I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Although some time has passed... I still want to holla at you, homie. When everyone else was against me.. you had my back. I have never forgotten the talks, the laughs, the good times and bad. From the first time we linked up to the last time we spoke, it was real. You may have departed this realm, but you will never...never ever be forgotten. As long as I have life, you will still have my back. This I know. You are my brother from another mother, and even death can't change that. For all you've done for me, man... I am eternally grateful. RIP and one love to you...My Greatest Friend."
Edward D. "Ash" Ashford of Mobile, AL USA

"On the anniversary of your passing we want you to know that we continue to pray for your family especially your son. You were more than just a friend you were family to us. God Bless you. Love, The Nunn Family."
Nita Nunn of Newport News, VA

"Rest in Peace Homeboy. I never knew you but we have something in common. We both are from Baltimore and we both served . You will not be forgotten."
Marty Godley of Bay City, Tx via B-More

Your husbands sacrifice will never be forgotten, he is a true Hero and will be greatly missed by all who knew him!
you have become a special person to us, and we feel very blessed that you were brought into our lives."
Kevin, Tallie Jordan and Paige of Oceanside, California

"Although I have met Kendall once a while ago,I'm sure you were a vey good man who was trying to make our country a better place.I give my prayers to Kendall,his dad,his mom,wife and most of all his son,Kenneth.I know the LORD is watching over you and your family.I will never forget you."
Close Family Friend of Baltimore,Md

"I have a copy of A Soldier's Story: The Family of the First Black War Casualty Learns to Cope--"The Source Magazine" by Brett Johnson--The first AA casualty. The clip is posted to my front door.

Sadly and most regrettably--history repeats--Crispus Attucks was the first AA casualty in the American Revolution.

{RIP Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters}

PS God Bless you, Tawanda... You have my deepest sympathy."
Classybee of Cincinnati, OH



"Friends and Family of Kendall Damon Waters-Bey,
My husband was KIA in Iraq on June 4, 2004. Your loved one was a great man. I have been online doing everything I can to get to personally know who each of these fine soldiers were. You are not alone! We will all get through this horrible pain together. Though it will never go away, it can slightly be eased by a caring thought, and I hope mine helped. I will pray for you all."
Sarah Linden of Portland, OR USA

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes,IL

"Kendall was the greatest...U payed the ultimate sacrifice...cya soon brother"
Gunny E of Miramar, Ca

"Staff Sergeant Waters-Bey, I remember when you were a Sergeant, and you always had a bright smile. It saddens all of us Marines to lose such a kind-hearted man. Your son and family are in my prayers.
Mary Hawkins of Seattle, WA USA

"We Miss you Kendall. You were more than a SSGT to us, you were a leader, brother and dear friend. You will never be forgotten"
Marines of FlightLine HMM 268 of Camp Pendleton Ca

"We miss you always. Once a marine always a marine. Semper Fi and God Bless Your Family."
Denis & Nita Nunn of Fort Eustis, VA

"In loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.

As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Marine!! SEMPER FI!!We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN

"We Will NEVER FORGET !" As the first anniversary of the death of your loved one arrives;
Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering all your family and loved ones in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Kendall, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"On the anniversary of Kendall's passing, I'd like his family and friends to know that he has not been forgotten and his service to this country is deeply appreciated. I know this day will be so hard for you and you are in my prayers. May God Bless and keep you."
Kelli of USA

"Sgt. Waters-Bey, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"May you find comfort in knowing how many people share your sadness and loss. Thanks SSgt. Waters-Bey for fighting for our freedom. You are a TRUE HERO! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. We Will NEVER FORGET! Semper FI.."
The Grogan Family (USMC) of Lakeland, TN

"Thank you Kendall Waters-Bey, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family of SSGT Waters-bey. I met SSGT Waters-Bey while stationed at NATTC Pensacola, and I cannot have met a nicer person. He was thoughtful and considerate of others. I am very sorry for your loss. Please know that he will not be forgotten and always honored in my memory."
Petty Officer Y. Bennett of Montgomery,al

"Kendall paid the ultimate sacrifice for us so lets never forget him.
"Old soldiers never die, they just fade away".
god bless you Kendall!"
SSG Tim Brown of Louisville, Ky

"Kendall will always be known as a great Marine and a good man. It was a honor to work with him and to know him"
Mag 39 Marine of Camp Pendelton, Ca, USA

"Our prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Thank you brave soldier, your courage and sacrifice will nerver be forgotten."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Kendall Waters-Bey:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Kendall for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Kendall Waters-Bey:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Kendall, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"True Heroic Soldiers do not die, they just fall. That is why you are a hero brother. You came back from Desert Storm, you have not made it now. God bless your family and parents. We in Africa are proud of you. Good bye Bro."
Kiggala of Kampala, Uganda

"God bless your son. I am so sorry. We'll miss you."
Carlos of San Diego, CA U.S

"I will honor your memory Kendall, until we meet again.
Semper Fi
Clint Taylor of Iwakuni Japan

"RIP Brave Marine..."
The Taylors, USMC of NC

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on