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Army Master Sgt. Thomas A. Wallsmith

38, of Carthage, Missouri.
Wallsmith died in Rustamiyah, Iraq when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV. He was assigned to the 3rd Forward Support Battalion, Division Support Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Died on October 26, 2005.

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"Hey Tom I'm still thinking of you my friend. It was a pleasure to work with you at 3 duty stations. You were such a rock star. I'll never forget you."
Rita M Reeves of El Paso TX

"Tom Wallsmith was a great soldier and friend. He worked well with others, he is missed by all who knew him."
Wayne E Allies MSG (Ret. of Grand Junction CO

"MSG I know it's been a while and you probably would think this was silly, but I've never forgotten those words of encouragement you gave me while I stood on the scale after our APFT in Iraq. I didn't get a chance to say thank you; that was the last time I saw you. We never truly know the impact our words have on others but yours got be through that day! Thank you. Thank you for your leadership and taking the time to speak the fears of a soldier."
Patricia of Kansas

"Tom, was a great friend and his demeanor was contagious. It was an honor to be his friend and an honor to attend his funeral. It has been almost 15 years ago but he is still missed. Salute to you Thomas. May you Rest in Peace my brother."
Douglas Egelston of Joplin, MO

"I remember our last conversation about Iraq and how we would work out just before the end of our work day at WBAMC. I see the going away medal you made for me every time I go in my closet. Miss you my friend!"
Curtis Jordan of Chesapeake, Va

"You are never forgotten Tom!"
Rob of Erie, Pa

"Memorial Day weekend! Thinking of you Thomas and our other hero service members who gave their lives in the name of freedom."
Richard Rood of Chesterfield VA

"So many will never forget you MSG. 20161107."
Jeff Heckman of Seattle, WA

"Miss you"

Harry Roman of Ft Sam Houston RT School

"This Monday 17 October 2016 the American Association of Respiratory Care at the AARC 2016 Congress in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio will be conducting a Flag Folding and Roll Call Ceremony by active duty respiratory therapist of all three uniformed services in memory of MSG Thomas A. Wallsmith."
Harry Román of Fort Sam Houston, Texas

"It's been eleven years and I still think of you almost daily. Rest in Peace my friend,"
Donna Pettit of El Paso,Texas

"Hey there. I'm thinking of you. Never forgotten my friend."
Rita Reeves of El Paso TX

"MSG Wallsmith, It's Sully. I'm leaving this message today, because I want you to know you'll never be forgotten. You have and will always remain an inspiration, and a driving force in my life. I know you're watching over us from heaven. I won't talk of your sacrifice, loss, and service to a grateful nation here because we all know those things to be true. Instead i'd like to focus on your military legacy. The legacy you left behind is simply put as better people. This statement may sound simple and plain, but its far from either. You had an unprecedented ability to change people, to develop their minds and change their perspectives on the world. To ease their fears, troubles, and worries, and expand their understanding of the world around them. To enable them to focus in life on what really mattered, helping them find a way through, over, under, or around, whatever obsolesces stood in there way. In short you quietly and effortlessly created better, stronger, happier people, and in doing so created better leaders. I have in all my years of military service (still active) never come across this quality in a person again. I miss seeing or being a part of a casual conversation with a soldier/soldiers that from the outside looked as if it was nothing more than small talk, containing a few laughs and a joke. However, somehow that seemingly meaningless small talk somehow give them gives them perspective, fills some void, provides some wake up call, some spark of knowledge, or wisdom that changes them for the better. In the end, I don't know how you were always able to have that effect on people. I don't think it was intended. I think it was just part of who you were. I never had a conversation with you that didn't leave me with a smile on my face, feeling more confident, more driven, or with new found wisdom or some combination there of, and i'm not the only one. You are missed as a friend, a mentor, a leader, and a person; but your legacy carries on in all the friends, soldiers, and leaders that had the privilege of your influence; making them better people. I can only imagine the depth of effect that your loss must have had on you family. I pray the found the strength to live on with purpose and direction, and happiness as you would have wanted."
Sully of Fort Bragg, NC

"I first served with Tom when I was his boss at the Army Burn Center. The next time we served together, he was my boss at William Beaumont AMC. We worked out in the gym together after the end of our work days at Fort Bliss. We talked about him wanting to deploy to a combat zone. I remember him being at my going away party before I left for Korea and he left for combat. I still have the gifts he gave me at my going away. I remember the moment I received the news that hurt my heart of his passing. He will never be forgotten because he was a great Soldier, an excellent friend, and he like so many are worthy of honor!"
Curtis Jordan, USA, retired of Chesapeake, Virginia

"I served with MSG Wallsmith in the 115th Field Hospital. To me, and to many others he was the epitome of a Soldier. He not only embodied those traits, he was also very personable and easily approachable. There are only a few NCOs that were named as the best Soldiers in our unit...the ones that we really truly looked up to, those stellar Soldiers. For me, he was one of the top 5 Soldiers in the unit. While we did not serve in the same platoon, we were in the same unit for years. I remember conversations with him in the field, and he was always so easy going and willing to help anyone out. He is missed by many. His legacy lives on. Rest easy brother."
SGT Crystal Evans of Portland, OR USA

"Tom: As ten years approaches from the day you were lost in Iraq I think of you often. The memory of your infectious laugh and smile make me thankful that we spent time together working to improve the living conditions and education of the soldiers we worked with. Remembering you say “Thanks for going ARMY” resonates in my head and the joy you brought to our younger soldiers helps me to realize how important you were in this chapter of our lives. You were my Battle Buddy and I am proud to have known you and your family. May Brenda, Lauren and Nate be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ as this ten year mark approaches. “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” Douglas MacArthur."
LTC David Seiffert of Powell Butte Oregon

"I was there in Iraq with MSG Wallsmith and I never pass a day without thinking about him. I hope the family is okay and I am sorry it has been so long for me to send this message."
SSG George Pullicino of Chesterfield, VA

"This is Nate Wallsmith Thomas's son. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to remember him. My mother and sister are doing very well. My sister Got married to a marine and is a mother now. Her new name is Lauren Hylinski if you want to check her out on face book. We are living in Texas now. Our address is 506 Bandera Circle, New Braunfels Tx, 78130. If you have any pictures or would like to send a letter it would be very appreciated. It would make my moms day to read anything. You all are in our hopes and prayers and we love everyone that was apart of my fathers life.
Wallsmith Family."
Nathaniel Thomas Wallsmith of New Braunfels Tx. USA

"Hey Tom! Just wanted you to know that I am still thinking about you as normal but especially on this Memorial Day. I pray that your family is doing well. I will never forget you. You were such an awesome person and so wonderful to work with."
Rita Reeves of El Paso, Texas

"Thinking of you today"
Mom of carthage mo

"I found a picture of you today and would love to mail it to your wife and kids. You had the biggest smile on your face as we shared our first ride in a Blackhawk together. If your wife sees this she can contact me and I'll make sure that she gets it. RIP brother we got the next watch."
Kyle Collins of Fort Stewart, Georgia

"I think of Thomas often and our time in Iraq; especially on Memorial Day. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family."
LTC S. Aron Meadow of Maryland

"One more year Tom. Still laugh at the times we had. Forever your friend Baldie."
Victor Balderrama of Chaparral NM

"Its been 9 years. We miss you."
Mom of carthage mo

"Tom!! Thinking of you and remembering you on this day. Although many years have passed I have always remembered and will never forget you. Thinking about all of the good work days we all had. Lot's of good memories from the Army burn unit to Tripler AMC to Fort Stewart. Praying that Brenda and the kids are doing well."
Rita Marie Reeves of El Paso, TX

"Well its been 8 years. A long time but every day it is as though it was yesterday."
patricia of vento

"Tonight I'm thinking of you, and how you fought for me , my family and friends and I just wanted to say you have not been forgot in. A story came to me of you and Joel sitting in that K.c. Pizza shop listening to JUMP!!!!!!! RIP"
PSH of Alva okla


"Aloha Tom, I just wanted you to know that I am still thinking of you and to let you know that even though all of the years have past you are NOT forgotten. I am still on our old stomping grounds....right at Tripler. This place brings back a lot of old memories but the best are our days in the Army burn unit and at Fort Stewart. You were always great to work with and I admired you very much. I will never forget your friendship and I pray that Brenda and the kids are doing ok. Miss u buddy. Remembering you today, tomorrow and always."
Rita Reeves of Honolulu, Hawaii

"Tom, remembering you and your family on this day . Just letting you know that you're still in my heart and will NEVER be forgotten . Missing you .my dear friend. Happy Memorial Day . You've given the ultimate SACRIFICE. I salute you buddy!"
Rita Reeves of Ewa Beach, HI

"Thinking of MSG Wallsmith and his family this morning--Memorial Day, 2012. Praying for you."
BG Brian Layer of Rock Island Arsenal, IL

Remembering you on this Memorial Day with those who also gave the ultimate sacrifice. I pray for comfort for your family also."
CW2 Paul Lupton of Washington, DC

"Tom you are still in my thoughts. It's May 20th 2012 and I cannot believe how much time has gone by. I hope we're all down here making you proud. Brenda and kids I pray you all are making it still. Take care."
Rita Reeves of Ewa Beach, HI

"Brenda, Lauren and Nate,
I want you to know that Wendy and I think of you guys often. Our lives were enriched while we stood by your side in Georgia after we lost Tom. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was such a difficult time for all of us. I was just talking to one of my new NCOs today about you and he blurted out "Wallsmith" before I even said your name. Wally was one of his senior NCOs. What a small world! Nate, I tell that story often about when we stuffed that really large rocket engine into that little rocket. You remember? The one that never came down. I just know your dad got that one :) Brenda, I still proudly wear Tom's backpack. God bless you!"
Lance Batey, LTC, U.S. Army of San Antonio, Texas

"Tom, still thinking of you and remembering you always. Brenda and the kids, I hope you all are well."
Rita Reeves of Honolulu, Hawaii

"Brenda and Kids,
One more year, I hope your strength and thoughts are peaceful, and your lives are full of blessings. I lifted my glass in a toast to Tom and you his loved ones. May all your days have warm sunshine and cool nights. I remembered his laugh so clearly when my thoughts were on him and you. It made me laugh so much, I hope you are laughing as well at all the great thoughts of Tom. Victor"
SFC Balderrama, Victor of San Antonio, TX

"MSG Walsmith, today was Memorial Day and once again I am deployed but the memory of you and the sacrifice that you made for our country still is strong in my heart. You are definitely missed! Thank You for everything is all that I can say!"
SSG Aku_Kacim Johnson of Afghanistan

"Thinking of you, your wife and children. So much time has past since you were taken and the children growing. God Bless."
Tracy Mezo of Dublin, GA

"MSG Thomas Wallsmith,
Tomorrow is the national day of "remembrance" honoring those who have fallen while serving to protect this great nation. However as for myself and those who knew "Tom" I'm sure they can agree that tomorrow they will not be remembering Tom because we all have "Never Forgotten" you.
It was an honor and a pleasure serving with you."
Sean fittro of Honolulu, HI

"MSG you are truly missed!! I pray for the family everyday. It was a pleasure to have served beside you and be your next door neighbor back at FSGA. God Bless"
MAJ Micah Hutchins of Ft. Leavenworth, KS

"Today is a GOOD DAY!!!!!!! Osama Bin Laden is dead"
psh of alva okla

"Army Medicine still is suffering from your loss, Tom. Thinking of you always, but especially on this Veteran's Day."
COL Joe Pina of Honolulu, Hawaii

"Always remembered!"
Leah Groom of Carthage

""Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free,
I'm following the path God laid for me.
I took his hand when I heard Him call,
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay that day,
to laugh, to love, to work or play.
Task undone must stay that way.
I found peace at the close of the day.
If my parting left a void,
then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
Ah, these things I too will miss.
Be not burdened with time of sorrow,
I wish for you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full, I savored much
Good friends, good times, a loved one touched.
Perhaps my time seemed all to brief,
But don't lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts and share with me.
God wanted me now, He set me free!"
William Darby Taylor Jr. of Bonita Springs Florida"

"To the family of MSG Thomas A Wallsmith:
Thomas gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV"

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness,
and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief.
Our nations HERO, Thomas will be remembered by name.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Pat & Sandi Breckenridge / Montana
May we always remember: FREEDOM ISN'T FREE! ""

"Tommy you have left a big void. I know God needed you, but I miss you so much. Mom"
Patricia Vento (mom) of Carthage Mo

psh of alva oklahoma

"Im sorry for your loss tommy was a good man. Time has passed but tommy ur still in our hearts every day,just wanted your family to know ur thought of God Bless."

mike Hall of carthage Mo

""Thank you" very much for your dedication and service to our country The GREAT USA........ "GOD BLESS you""
your friend of U.S.A

"""Let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of all those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, and on foreign shores, to preserve our heritage of freedom, and let us re-consecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace so that their efforts shall not have been in vain.”
--Dwight D. Eisenhower""
November 11, 2005"

"Thank you for your sons, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends sacrifice for our country. Tom will always be a hero to all."
Carl Lasson of Kansas City, Mo

"I remember the phone call i got that day, and i remember exactly what i was doing when i got the news that your big brother was gone for ever. i heard you talk about him alot,and watchd you light up when you talked about tommy,and your younger years.To eating pizza listning to VH to the jutbox to when you cruzd carthage as teenagers etc.brotherly love joel that will always be ther."
psh of alva okla

"To the Wallsmith Family,
Your husband my friend will always be the person and the man that I strive to be. I have lost a lot of friends in this war, but none have left me the grief that he has left me. I served under his leadership and mentorship in Ft. Polk prior to going to Ranger Battalion, I heard of his death following one of my deployments and I have to say it has to be one of the worst days that I have dealt with. I will miss our talks and the words of wisdom and His black truck, " i still laugh at some of the things he told me" To his kids thank you for upholding his name with honor he left you, and brenda thank you so much for your courageous words that you spoke to me on the phone.THANK YOU..There is book called "remember the fallen" its book dedicated to medical personnel who gave the ultimate. There is picture of you and thomas in it, it made me proad to see that.That was thomas to me a family man, and a true honorable man. Please feel free to call me anytime.

Very Respectfully,
Alveto "Veto" Cowley II, SFC
Alveto Cowley II of Washington D.C.

"Still miss you Tom. Wear my KIA bracelet everyday in rememberance of your life! Seems like each week someone new asks about it so your story is still being passed across the country! Hope you are resting comfortably!"
Robert Olson (115th FH) of Erie, PA

"Tom my friend, I didn't know. I understood your field soldier mentality, we have to be doing something more than the clinical side of care, we are Soldiers, Americans. After the Special Forces Q course, I did what I do best, dropped off the face of the earth. You were my best friend. I still have the Coca Cola machine that we kept Heffe's in at Ft Sam Houston. I Remember your son walking down the hallway wearing you daughters shoes and you saying you were so proud of your two girls. You always kept me laughing. I found the articles of when the IED claimed you just today, 15 March 2010. I am sorry I wasn't there. I'm sorry I didn't even know. I will forever be your friend. Rest in Peace."
Firefighter/RRT/EMT/Hazardous Materials Technician Brian Langston( SSG (Skippy) Langston) of Gainesville FL

"4 years have past and i honestly dont know where they have gone. Our daughter is graduating from high school in a few short months. Trying to hold it all together, our little girl is grown up and going off to college just as we planned. Our son is driving and growing into such a man of honor himself. Each day I continue to grow and learn from both of them. I long to see your face, hold your hand, hug and kiss you. Oh how I miss you. I have learned to live each day as though it were my last for god has plans for each one of us. I will never know why and by the time I do it wont matter for I will be in the same place as you....peace, no worries. I love you,honor you and miss you with all my heart.My heart goes to all those who miss you my dearest Wally."
your loving wife of New Braunfels Texas

"Thinking of the Wallsmith family. Can't believe it has been four years."
Janine Osterberg of Texas

"Brenda and Kids,

I remember this time of the year, I pray for you and hope you remember something more that makes you smile about Tom. I always laugh at some of the funny things he would say. When we would go fishing and rent a boat and how he didnt catch anything till the third time we rented, he always said you won't let him come again if he didnt catch anything. Then right before we were leaving I had a tug on my pole and I asked him to switch with me, he sat there for a minute then the pole twitched for him and he got so excited, he had caught one. He asked me later if I gave him the pole with a fish on it, I told him no. I miss him and I hope you are well and know he is still loved and missed by all. Most of all, I hope you know all he ever wanted was for you to be happy."
SFC Balderrama, Victor of USAISR, BURN ICU Fort Sam Houston, TX

"MSG Wallsmith worked for me at the Army Burn Center in 1994 and then I worked for him at William Beaumont Army Med Ctr as his assistant NCOIC in 2004.
Tom could never get use to the ways of WBAMC as he stated to me on several occasions. He would always say that he was a "field Soldier." He allowed me to handle the clinical part and he dealt with the meetings and paperwork. We shared an office together and we had a great working and personal relationship. One day I walked into the office and sat down at my desk. I heard someone breathing outside of my own, and I got scared a little thinking the extra breathing was coming from me. The noise was coming from behind his desk, so I got up and looked to see what was going on. He was on the floor sleeping. Before I could say a word, He said, (with eyes still closed), I need another 5 minutes. I laughed, asked him what happened and told him to go home and I would cover. He said he had a meeting with the CSM and he stayed late the night before. I cut the light out and told him I would wake him up just before the meeting. He was always dedicated to his duty and gave of himself. He always made me feel important, even though now he out ranked me. We spoke about his decision to go to Iraq when he decided that is what he wanted to do. I will never forget it, because it showed the type of guy he was as a Soldier even though I didn't understand his reason for volunteering. But when I look back...I know his reason. He was a "Field Soldier." I was there when he made the MSG list and I am glad he was at my going away party because that is the last time I was able to see him.
I miss you Tom! My heart goes out to the Wallsmith family!"
Curtis Jordan, SFC (ret.) of Suffolk, Virginia

"Tom, you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I read your postings over and over, you touched a lot of people my friend. We miss you!"
SGM Scott Morgan of Washinton DC

"Hello family. It's Memorial Day 2009 and a lot of time has passed but the memory of Tom lives on. I think of him very often and I wonder how you all are doing. I pray that things are well...or as well as they can be. I cannot imagine how big the kids are now. Just know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers."
Rita Reeves of Honolulu, Hawaii

"I was stationed with MSG Wallsmith at Camp Taji, Iraq. I lived in the same 3 room trailer as him for months. I have a message just for his family about the night prior to the incident that I haven't shared with them. Its an important message and I keep feeling more and more compelled to contact his closest family to share it. Not just because of Memorial day... I can't explain why. I have something to share thats very personal and in my opinion foreshaddow's his death. If you know how I can contact Ms. Wallsmith, please let me know. My name is Nathan Ross, former SSG Ross, I was combat medic with 550th ASMC from Bragg, attached to 3d ID DSB. Stationed on Taji, and saw Tom every day. (832)392-7062 is my phone number if anyone can have them contact me. My email is nathanpross@yahoo.com"
Nathan Ross of Richmond, TX

"Every day i wake up with new challanges, good nor bad. But every day you are always first. I feal that no one gets it. I miss you every day. I live through you. I Love You"
squirl bait of Txas New Braunfels USA

"Brenda, I watched you grieve; struggle to keep it together, share brief moments of joy and hope. My heart will always be broken for your loss. Keep your kids close and Tom in your heart. He lives on in all of you!"
Lisa Fuentes, Maj (ret) USAF of San Antonio, Texas

"To the family and freinds of MSG Wallsmith. I am SSG Marlowe and I was with MSG Wallsmith the 26th of October. There isn't aday goes by that I dont think about that day. He was always smiling and never cared about going on road. He will always be my guardian angel and I will continue to pray for him and his family. I love you MSG Wallsmith and will never forget you. I am currently deployed to Iraq again so it is a little hard this year around."
SSG Bobby Marlowe of FOB Kals Iraq

"Dearest Tommy - It has been 3 years - I miss you - nothing can fill your absence - nothing - I love you son
Love mom"
Mom of Carthage, MO

"What words do I have to say? My heart continues to hurt, be empty and saddened by your loss. My best friend, husband, father, son and friend to many. I loved you from the first kiss and embrace to the last and I know that in the end I’ll have it again. I do miss you so. There have been days where I want to give up, but I look into our children’s eyes and see that I must do, I remember fighting with you not to leave and you continuously said that I could do it. I am doing just what we said we would. Some days are easier than others ( Vickie Lee told me one second, one minute, one hour and one day take each one as you see fit) I have the honor to watch our children turn into young adults and who they are and what they will become. They are amazing, I have worried that without you they will not know how to survive but it is the opposite, because of you they will. Lauren is beautiful, intelligent, she has it all together in her mind, she knows what she wants and she will do it. Nate is smarter than he thinks he is….and is the spitting image of you and his personality is you all over again…..I see so much of you in him. His friends have picked up calling him Wally!!!They both long for you each and every day. But through the love and guidance we have given them, they will be alright. What I miss the most is seeing our children grow up, someday they will be married, have children of their own and I wanted you and I to walk in the park hand in hand or sit on the porch swing and just breathe! I feel cheated of those memories but have looked back on all the memories we made together. What beautiful things we had. I know that you are in a better place surrounded by beauty and peace. I pray for guidance each day. I am grateful for the kind words of everyone who knew you and or us. Every day is a challenge but because of you I will survive, you bring me peace and guidance and I long to see you once more. I will always love you Wally with all that I am. Brenda"
of New Braunfels TX

"September 29, 2008
To the family of Master Sgt. Thomas A. Wallsmith:
Thomas gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Mr. Thomas, I hope you can hear this where ever you are. Although I never got to meet you, I have had the privelege of meeting Brenda, Nathan, and even befriended Lauren. I just want you to know that they are being taken care of. Lauren is one of my best friends and we are together a lot of the time, at least when we get the chance. She is a very wonderful and gifted girl. I am very proud to say that she is my friend. You raised her very well to be an independent girl and she is sweet as well. Lauren, if you read this, know that I will always be hear for you even though I have told you this every time your dad is brought up in a conversation. Thank you Thomas Wallsmith for everything you have done. Everyone misses you."
Kyndra Monterastelli of New Braunfels, Texas

"To the Wallsmith family...
Your Son, Your Husband, Your Dad was truly an asset to the United States Army. He was a soldier's soldier. One that I personally looked up to. He didn't just recite the Army Values... He lived them...Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. It came effortlessly to him. I served as his platoon sergeant prior to the deployment in the Division Support Brigade at Ft Stewart. While deployed, I lived on the other end of the 3 room trailer in our pod. He always joked about building a deck on the front of it. He certainly was a gifted carpenter as well. I remember he built the podium inside the church on Camp Taji. What I admire about him the most is the fact that he didn't have to go outside the gate on any convoys, but because he was truly a fearless leader... he did. You all knew him better than anybody... I am just glad to have known him at all. Even to this day, his memory lives on in many of us...

God Bless You All!"
SFC Angela Mallard of Rock Island Arsenal, IL

"Dear Family of Thomas Wallsmith:

To honor the Missouri soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families,the professional portrait artists of the Grateful Hearts Project are offering to paint a portrait of the individual soldier for his family.

These 16"x20" original portraits are being offered completely free of charge in recognition of the sacrificies made by these brave soldiers and in condolence for their families loss.

for information,please email us at gratefulheartsproj.sbcglobal.net


The Artists of Grateful Hearts"
J.Gragg of lee's summit,Mo.

"MSG Walsmith, it has been two years since you have left us and I can say that I truly miss you telling me to get squared away and always be honest and truthful even if it comes with unfavorable circumstances. Guess what? The lake that you use to fish in on Camp Taji was later named Lake Walsmith by Colonel Lammie and everyone that went there with you! I was logging into AKO the other day and you will not believe what picture was on the front! A soldier was fishing in your lake and I just begin to smile because it was giving him the same joy that you gave to us when you took everyone there. I could only think of your smile and the warmth that showed to everyone that came in contact with you. You are greatly missed but never forgotten. Thank You and Your Family for touching so many lives."
SSG Aku-Kacim Johnson of FT. Bliss, Texas

"I always look at what has been put on his memorial. Each time I read what others have to say about their time with Tommy I know that they truly knew him. - They say only a mother knows, but that is not true. Anyone that came into contact with him, KNEW him too.I am proud of him.
Respectfully his mother"
Patricia S. Vento of Carthage, MO

"MSG Wallsmith,

It has been nearly two years since I dropped to my knees when I heard it was you. There in the dirt on Camp Taji, I felt empty to have lost a friend to anyone who came in contact with you. Thank you for all you did for the Soldiers of the 24th Ord. You are remembered everyday."
CPT Jade Miller of Rock Island Arsenal, IL

Had lunch with you a couple days before the incedent. We made plans to follow up on your next visit. I'm truely sadened by your loss. You are a good friend. I enjoyed our long conversations about nothing in particular. Your ease at a smile and the gentleness in correcting. Rest in peace, hope your riding that Harley in the Sky
CW3 Shawn P. Curtis of Fort Lewis, Wa

"For Tom,
You big galut. I sure miss you. I really wanted to spend time with you, Brenda and the kids here in Montana after you retired. If we only knew.....
I have difficulty writing this as memories of your quick wit, infectious humor and faithful friendship flood my mind. I am so sorry for the loss to your wife, children, parents and family back home. We all only have pictures and memories to remind us of you. You touched the lives of many, and created in each one of us our own memories to hold. I remember the poison ivy from the river float trip we took during RT school. You were covered from head to toe with calamine lotion. These memories are what I keep in my heart. I still smile and chuckle today when I think of you.
The day Brenda called shook my life, and still does. I miss you buddy."
Your old Friend, Victor "Jim" Stobie 406-741-2955 of Hot Springs, Montana

"I recall him often and his smile. He was a true and honest man who good light up any situation with his smile. He was kind and soulful. He inspired me from the moment I met him to give my best in a terrible situation. I cannot believe how long it has been since his death. And I still can recall the moment I heard of his death. He was the soul of our mission and the life ofour unit. When he departed we all felt his departure. I hope his children some day look through these messages and understand. HE WAS MISSED AND LOVED BY HIS UNIT. He was the heart of the rock and the soul of the unit. I have so many stories of how he lifted my spirits and kept me going over in Iraq. I think of him often. God Bless his children and his Wife. He was and is a hero in life and death."
CPT Jennifer Ramey of Fort Benning GA

"To the family of:Thomas A Wallsmith I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"


"Tom, My Man......

I was in Pakistan with another of your RT's (MSG Angello Gordon) when we received word that you were taken from us. Trust me when I say that it was not a good day for us.

I will always remember the year we spent in Korea together in the 43rd MASH as room-mates in that hovel we shared. I fondly remember our talks about our wives...our dogs...way too many beers on occasion...and the all-too-frequent "Walks Of Shame" coming back from the clubs on the weekends.

Go in peace, young "Wally" I am retired now, but certain things will always remain.........friends are one of them."
Andrew Swink of Tokyo, Japan




"I can't believe it has been a year since we lost MSG Wallsmith. I saw him in May of 2004 at Camp Victory, Iraq. I had just run into CW2 Curtis, was chatting and two minutes later MSG Wallsmith came around the corner. Getting to see a fimilar face in a time of war was awesome. I will miss his infectious smile and his one of a kind personality. I have tons of memories of him in the 115th Field Hospital and he is one man I will never forget. He is in my thoughts often and I pray for his family daily. RIP brother."
Robert Olson, Former 115th F.H Soldier of South Bend, Indiana

"I can't believe it has been a year. I can reminisce without crying, but not every time. I think about you and your family often."

"This is Lauren, Toms daughter. Im shaking as I write this letter. Every day that goes by,I hear his voice and I see his face in the sky. He was an amazing man, but most of all he was and amazing father. He raised me to be who I want to be, to follow my deepest dreams and to love others. No matter what I do I will find a way to make others realize what they do, and I will do it in his name. I miss him. I still think he is going to walk through the door and hold me. Often at night before bed time, he would come in and tell me a story, and he would fall asleep taking up most of the bed. I would listen to his heart beat, hear the thump thump thump. I never knew that an ausome man like him, the man who taught me that it never hurts, it just dosent feel good would walk out of my life. He was always telling jokes, and my all time favorite, sticking olives up his nose. I would like to thank everyone who has written soothing words. I read them and I automatically think of the good times instead of the bad. Bless you all."
Lauren of New Braunfels Texas

"To the great Sgt Walsmith, I am honored to have worked under your great leadership at WBAMC, My deepest apologies for this belated message. As a person you were always there to help out with any situation. I will deeply miss you as you were a great person. May you rest in peace brother."
Ray Ybarra of Anthony, N.M. USA

"I just happened to be looking for the ISR site and found this. I can not believe this. We had so much fun at work and he was the BEST! I am in shock, and I am really really sorry for all that loved him and knew him. What a loss."
Shari Wilson/Modlin of Landsthul, Germany

"I hadnt seen or talked to Tom in many years. We worked together in Carthage at IGA grocery store. I will always remember him for his wonderful sense of humor and his caring and concern for everyone around him. I so enjoyed being his friend and am terribly saddened by his death."
Robbin McPherson of Joplin MO

"Maj David Seiffert - I am MSG Thomas A Wallsmith's mother and I would like to talk to personnaly - Brenda has our phone number - please call me it is important, as his mother I would like to speak to you"
Patricia S. Vento of Carthage, MO

"The Wallsmith family,
I only knew him a short time while working at WBAMC. It was obvious he cared deeply for his job, his soldiers, and his family. MSG Wallsmith, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers."
Jeffrey Heckman SSG (Reservist) of Pensacola, FL

"This is to the Wallsmith family I am sorry for the loss. Many might not know it, but it was a big loss.
I have known MSG Wallsmith for many years. He inspired me in many ways. He always had something good to say even when things were going bad. We almost deployed together, but I ended up going first instead. The first time that we almost went, we had fun even when it was dark and everyone was tired. He was that tall guy that hang loose attitude that he brought from Hawaii. I wrote to him many times when I deployed with the things that were happening to me and I am sure he would have done the same if he would have been given the chance. He Has truly touched everyone he has come in contact with. I still find myself quoting his words from time to time because he truly was a leader. You are by far the best RT NCOIC that I've worked with. I'll miss you "BOSS""
SSG Mayobanex Rodriguez of Landstuhl, Germany

"To my Battle Buddy,
Tom, six months have passed since the day my heart was exposed to the loss of a friend and soldier in arms. The evening of 26 October will permanently be etched in my memory, as the words of crying soldiers informed me that you and SFC Acevedo were killed from an IED attack. The mind numbing loss of a friend penetrated me like nothing before, the tears of losing my battle buddy flowed with the tears of so many other soldiers who felt the pain of our loss.
Today is a new day and I share the uncommon blessing of having your family close by and enjoy a friendship that started in August 2004. My days are filled with the peace of Christ "our Lord and Savior." I am humbled by knowing your family and know they share the love of Christ and the peace he gives to us when the pain of your death returns to our hearts.
Brenda, Lauren and Nathan you are a joy to my family and will remain a fixture in the future of our lives. As distance approaches and the stress of daily life continues to suppress the communication that family and friends need to maintain, know that Debbie and I will be available to offer an ear to listen, a prayer for peace and joy and our hearts for love that comes from Christian brotherhood.
Good-bye my friend, Good-bye my battle buddy, the pain of loosing a friend is overwhelmed by the joy of knowing we will share a future in the glory of our Lord and forever praising our Father in heaven."
MAJ David Seiffert of 3d ID, Fort Stewart, Georgia

"To the Family of MSG Wallsmith,
I had the honor to work with SFC Wallsmith for several days before his going away party at WBAMC. I was performing my annual training for the Army Reserve. SFC Wallsmith was a natural leader and a man with brave characteristics. Thank you MSG Wallsmith for defending our country and being the leader that touched so many lives."
SGT Amy Tixier of 2291st Sec 2 USAH, Albuquerque, NM

"Master Sergeant Wallsmith was an outstanding NCO, and a credit to the Army. My name is SPC. jacob Weinberg, and I served with this man during my deployment. Never did I hear a negative word from his mouth. During the most frustrating of times, he could always bring a smile to anyones face. Aside from these two admirable qualities, this was a soldier who REALLY cared about everyone, especially those who served under him. I will remember him as such, and will continue to wear a KIA bracelette with his name inscribed"
SPC. Jacob Weinberg of Fort Bragg, NC

""Mrs. Wallsmith and family,
I am SSG Conklin. I had the great honor of working with your husband at Ft. Bliss. When the 31st CSH mobilized the first time in late 03 he was my PLT Sergeant. I remember on a few occasions when we had been working long hours and there was always that “we have one last thing or a quick change in schedule”. I would often find myself frustrated and starting to let my mouth overload my rear. At the time SFC Wallsmith would pull me off to the side and say “look man I know this sucks. But we can make it suck suck or fun suck.” So I would get myself together and get the job done. It was calming to know that he was feeling the same way but was able to bring me back to earth without raising his voice. When I found out that he passed I was at Ft Sam as a Drill Sergeant. I can honestly tell you that I had to go to a quiet place and sit down for a few hours to gather myself. I can not begin to explain how much I am saddened by your lose. Your husband was something the military is growing short of and that is a great leader. He emulated the example of an NCO. He was also a great man. Able to make you laugh when you didn't want to, and keep marching when you wanted to stop. When I am mentoring these new troops I often ask myself what would sergeant Wallsmith say or do in this situation. Please except my condolences. MSG Wallsmith God bless you brother and I miss you!""
Drill Sergeant Thomas Conklin of Ft. Sam Houston, TX

"Brenda, You may not remember me but were stationed together at Ft. Stewart when we were still 91A's. I just read about Tom in the AARC and I am so sorry for your loss. I still think about the good times we had together.What great memories."
Jeff Ortiz of houston, TX

"DAMN!...DAMN! I went to respiratory school with Wallsmith, me, Francis, Butcher, our wives...over the Thanksgiving holidays. My wife and I still talk about those times...wondering how everyone turned out, where they were, how their respective careers turned out. I exited the service in 1996, and started practicing in the civilian sector...I am just speechless. I just called my wife at work and she knew exactly and remembered exactly"
Lucius Daye (di-yay) of Olympia, WA

"To the Wallsmith family,

Although I never had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, I would like to express my condolences.

I met first met Tom in 1993 when I rotated through ISR as a 91V student and then again when I came back to the 91V school to teach in 1996. We saw each other briefly in Fort Polk and Fort Bliss in subsequent years as TDYs allowed our paths to cross.

Tom was well-liked both professionally and personally (as evidenced by the previous posts) and I always looked forward to seeing him whenever I could. I am honored to have served with him and will always remember him."
SFC Paul M. Lupton of USDAO Canberra, Australia

"1SG Wallsmith,

That’s how I am going to remember you my brother. You were a First Sergeant to every Soldier you came in contact with. Since the First time we met at EFMB Challenge in 1996, I will always remember you as a competitor and a leader. Although neither of us won the competition we did gain something more important, our friendship.

It feels like only yesterday, you, me and Ryan were staying up late, watching movies, or talking about our future and of course our families. Although the conversations were deep you always found a way to lighten up the situation with your sense of humor.

Although I only met your family for a brief moment when we went on leave together, I feel like I know them well. I want your son Nathan and your daughter Lauren to know how much you loved them and how proud you were of them. I would also like to tell your wife Brenda how you couldn’t stop talking about how lucky you were to have her as your wife and how you could never tell her enough how much you loved her.

Ryan and often reflect back on the moments we spent together whether it was working out it in the Gym , watching the TAJI fights, watching a movie, or just having a conversation over dinner, you always kept it real and in perspective. We will never forget you Tom. You are a great man, and I feel so fortunate to have had you in my life. You impacted me more than you know. I miss you my brother. I can see you know flexing your big guns riding your Harley. I will pray for your family and keep your memory alive."
MSG Morgan of Camp Liberty, Iraq

"To Mrs. Wallsmith and family:

Though I have never met you and may never meet you, I wanted to send you my deepest condolences on the death of your husband. I have a good friend who is heading to Iraq in Feb (Nat'l Guard), and was telling some other friends (from KC, MO) about him, and Greg McConnell, who went to high school with Tom in Carthage, MO, said that your husband had been killed in Iraq. Though I don't know you, I just want to tell you that my prayers go out to your family. There are a lot of us across the country who truly appreciate what your husband was doing, and the sacrifice he has made, as has your family. Thank you, God Bless you and you will be in my prayers. Ken"
Ken Cherry of Chicago, IL

I will never forget the sacrifice that you have made on my families behalf. As your cousin, I am sorry that we lost track of each other 10 years ago. I feel deep sorrow that I have not known my extended family. I recommit to spending time with your children and wife and my cousin Joel and my Aunt and Uncle Patty and Benny. Thanks again, and I will see you on the streets of gold someday. I love you!"
Stephen Butler and Zee, Jordan, Lakynn, Lindzey and Zane of Arkansas City, Kansas

"Brenda and kids,

I am tremendously sorry that Thomas has left us. I know there is little one can say to make your loss feel less significant; especially when the loss is that of such a superb man as MSG Wallsmith. He spoke of you and the family almost every time I spoke to him here at Camp Taji. He loved what he did for a living. But it was quite evident when he spoke, that he lived for his family.

I know too that the family of service members truly has the harder job. I want to tell you and your family thank you for supporting Thomas and the rest of the soldiers here. I wish the outcome had been different and will forever remember MSG Wallsmith as he was; kind and dedicated. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Aron Meadow
CPT, CP Taji Iraq"
Aron Meadow of Camp Taji, Iraq

"What a wonderful web site. I can see by the messages about Thomas that many Good Folks have been touched by his Friendship, Leadership and Love. I knew Tommy when we were kids. We were step-cousins I guess or cousins by marriage. I still remember the fun times we had at his Grandma and Grandpa Butler's house in Arkansas City Kansas. Tommy was always easy to get along with and seemed special even then as a young boy. I didn't know Thomas the Man or Soldier but it comes as no surprise that he was Loved and Respected by all that knew him. My heart is sad and heavy but also glad I knew him."
Dwain Rice of Winfield, Kansas

"I got to spend time with MSG Wallsmith in Fort Polk, 115th FLD Hosp. I can truly say that he was a true Soldier and loved his job. I spent many nights pulling duty in the field in the TOC and him always having something to say for us to wake up and be alert, being some joke or corrective training. He was a great leader and teacher to his soldiers. He had many friends as we can see and will be missed by us all. It has been years since I've had a chance to see or talk to him but he was never forgotten. Sorry for your loss and I will keep the family in my prayers."
SPC Holman, Teri of Fort Myer, VA

"I just heard of your loss today and my heart aches for you and your family! Brenda..this is Melissa at Hair Productions and I know I will be seeing you tomorrow but I thought it better to give my condolences here in case you don't want to talk about it at the shop. I know I have only met you once but I do remember how nice you were the first day I met you. I'll pray for you and your family tonight and hope hearts will mend soon!"
Melissa Stephenson of Savannah GA

"Tom and Carol Wallsmith, Parents of Master Sargeant Thomas Wallsmith,

The color drained out of me and Dena began to cry when we read of Tom's death. And then, after reading all the wonderful messages, it is clear what wonderful parents you are for helping to make Tom who he is as he lives in the lives of all who knew him. Thank you for giving Tom to us and to everyone. The freedom we all enjoy is due to your sacrifice and the sacrifices of all the Toms and their familys that serve and protect us. May God be with you and with Tom's family"
Joe and Dena Ewing of Las Cruces, New Mexico

"THANK YOU! I give thanks that this caring young man joined the armed forces to protect us and stand proudly for Freedom.. I am sorry he had to give us the ultimate sacriface to defend myself, my family and our way of life. I am sorry for the loss that his parents, family and friends are having to suffer. I did not know Thomas myself but I have heard many great things about him from his friends. Those friends loved him much and will continue to miss him. I have no comforting words for such great sorrow but to say Thank You for all that you have given."
Lee Ann and Ray Young of Atlanta, Ga. Gwinnette


"I am very saddened by your loss Mrs. Wallsmith. Thomas was a good man and a fine soldier. We served together in El Paso, TX and there was nothing he wouldn't do to help anyone. May God Bless you and your family and give you strength during this time of loss. Thomas......you will be missed....thank you for your service and sacrifice."
Michael Prater, SFC(Ret) of El Paso, TX

"MSG WallSmith: You were my Platoon Sergeant for a brief time when 31ST CSH was initially scheduled to deploy to Iraq. You had a no nonsense approach to everything, and above all, cared about the welfare and morale of your Soldiers. You were a dedicated Leader with motivation that came from the heart. That brief two months that I fell under your Leadership made a lasting impact on me. My God bless you and walk with your family in your absence."
SSG Terrilyn M. Williams of Fort Carson, CO

"To The Family and loved ones of MSG Thomas Wallsmith. It breaks my heart to here of this tragic news. I proudly served with MSG Wallsmith at Tripler Army Medical Center in the Respiratory Therapy Department on night shift. He was a great man, as well as a great soldier and friend. I learned a lot about respiratory therapy, and also a lot about being a soldier from MSG Wallsmith. It was an honor to serve with him. He was a great friend. We use to sit around on night shift and talk about family. He loved his wife and children very much. MSG Wallsmith, I will miss you my friend. To The Wallsmith Family: May God Bless You and Guide you forever.

Reginald Alston
respiratory therapist"
Reginald Alston of Spotsylvania, VA

"Brenda and Loved ones of Tom,

Over the last few weeks I have had many fond memories of Tom flood my mind. It has taken me some time to think of the words to convey what I felt. That is not to say I had nothing to express, but moreover what to say. So, I decided to just tell you the thoughts I’ve had…
The RT convention at the Ilikai hotel. AKA The “Ilikai incident”. Tom’s walk through Kalihi from Aloha towers. (There is a very big smile on my face). I think of these moments and they bring joy to my heart. Tom was a caring, fair professional leader that never forgot where he came from. He consistently encouraged all of us to excel as Therapists, Soldiers and human beings. I am blessed to have known him and privileged to have been able to “hang out” with him. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to share."
SFC Canty, Keith of TAMC, Hawaii

"Dear Wallsmith Family,

I knew Tom at WBAMC in El Paso. Brenda I saw you upon occasion coming off nights on LDRP.

I am free today to write to you because of your daddy and others like him. His dedication to his job allows us to run and play in the yard or get up and go to work or church in peace. When you see an American flag, know that your daddy helped make that flag. Everyday someone somewhere will be honoring and remembering your dad. I know that when my arms feel empty I hold on to something and squeeze it tight. It doesn’t always take the pain away but it does remind me of the love I have been given. Thank you Wallsmith family for allowing me a moment with your husband and dad. Thank you for my freedom. You are never alone."
Paul of El Paso TX

"Brenda, kids and family members...
I have such great and fond memories of Tom. Our husbands were stationed together at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX. I remember many a night sitting out in the wind and watching the guys play softball. I would sometimes keep the books for them and remember Tom (Wally) giving everyone a hard time when they would not get a hit...but he would counter that with a positive thought or comment to them. When he would make a mistake he would be the first to make a scarastic remark about himself. It was pretty funny to be around. I also have fond memories when all of us met at the German club. It was the first time I met Brenda. What a great time we had getting to know each other. Whether you knew it or not.. sometimes when you would work Brenda, Tom would sneek over and meet us at the german club and would make us promise not to tell so that "momma" would not get mad at him. He was like a little boy trying to stay out of trouble and of course my Tom (Yack) would always threaten to tell on him. Our husbands had such a great friendship. I was really blessed to have gotten to know you both as well as we did. It was a sad day for us when you all moved to GA. I still have many of the emails that our husbands wrote to each other promising to meet up after his return so that they could both torture us with their tales of fish stories and great softball moments. I will always treasure the times we had together. It is such a great loss and sadness that will forever be in our hearts at Wally's passing. I know that he is in a better place and will be there waiting to greet us when it is our turn to meet him. Brenda... I miss you terrible.. I know things are so hectic right now.. but hang in there and know that the "Yacks" love you and look forward to hearing from you. God's Blessing to all the Wallsmith family. Your son, brother, spouse, uncle, father... was a great man. I am proud to have called him my friend."
Victoria Yackevicz of San Antonio, TX

"Master Sergeant Thomas A. Wallsmith,

As a Respiratory Therapist, a soldier and a man who served in Baghdad, Iraq, My family and I would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to the Wallsmith Family. I have seen the war, experienced it and understand your pain. Every day will be a challenge. I am convinced that MSG Wallsmith touched many lives. As a Respiratory Therapist in the US army, I am saddened to hear of his lose. Although I never fought side by side with him, I believe he was a good man.
I also believe soldiers overseas have an understanding between each other. I would have been honored to be by his side. He will not be forgotten. I promise you this.

“Serving the Cause”

SSG Buhain, Joseph
US Army Reservist
452nd CSH"
SSG Buhain, Joseph of Ft Snelling, MN, USA

"Master Sergeant Thomas A. Wallsmith,
As a friend and brother you are truly have been missed by all. During your tour of duty at Camp Taji, Iraq, I'm certain you'll find yourself in situations that cause great stress, fear, and uncertainty. Life is unpredictable, but what's certain is that God is in control. Every soldiers of our country owes you a dedt of gratitude for your sacrifice in serving your country. Thank you for your commitment and know that our prayers are with you.

God Bless,
MSG Magee, Eric S.
To the Wallsmith family members.
I'm honored to present you with this poem.

"Footprints in the Sand"
One night I dreamed I was
walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there was one only.
This bothered me because I noticed that during
the low periods of my life
when I was suffering from anguish,
sorrow, or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints,
so I said to the Lord, "You promised me, Lord,
that if I followed you, you would walk with me always.
But I noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I have needed you most
have you not been there for me?"
The Lord replied, "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.""
MSG Eric S. Magee of Fort Stewart, GA

"Master Sergeant Thomas A. Wallsmith,
As a friend and brother you are truly have been missed by all. During your tour of duty at Camp Taji, Iraq, I'm certain you'll find yourself in situations that cause great stress, fear, and uncertainty. Life is unpredictable, but what's certain is that God is in control. Every soldiers of our country owes you a dedt of gratitude for your sacrifice in serving your country. Thank you for your commitment and know that our prayers are with you.

God Bless,
MSG Magee, Eric S.
To the Wallsmith family members.
I'm honored to present you with this poem.

"Footprints in the Sand"
One night I dreamed I was
walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there was one only.
This bothered me because I noticed that during
the low periods of my life
when I was suffering from anguish,
sorrow, or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints,
so I said to the Lord, "You promised me, Lord,
that if I followed you, you would walk with me always.
But I noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I have needed you most
have you not been there for me?"
The Lord replied, "The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried yo"
MSG Eric S. Magee of Fort Stewart, GA

"Dear Joe, Wendy and family, Joel, God will bless your brother and all who have gone with him to a peaceful place . They are all in the "arms of angels" and the hand of God is touching each one .
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted for eternity , Peace and love Sandy ..God Bless"
Sandy Higgins of Carthage, Missouri

"Master Sergeant,

I was given the gift of being on your team here in Iraq for the past 11 months. You always made me laugh, whether from your comments such as “Thanks for going Army”, or by your constant struggles with that chair at the beginning of our deployment, or the day you built a recliner for your room in the POD. I thought to myself, who has that kind of energy? You did Master Sergeant. The constant salutes “because we need to earn it”. I agree that when receiving a salute from a man like you, we definitely need to earn it. I should have been saluting you. You left a lasting impression on me and I will never forget you. The last time I saw you, you were smiling and that will always be engrained in my memory. Thank you for your friendship, mentorship, and true professionalism. “No one is more professional than I” So true, so true."
CW2 David Peaphon of Camp Taji, Iraq

"Patricia, I am so sorry to hear of your son's death. I'm know he must have been a wonderful man, son, husband and father because he had a wonderful mother to raise him. My thoughts and prayers are with you, more often than you will ever know, but especially now."
Virginia Harader Bohannan of Arkansas City, KS, USA

"I am the mother of MSG Thomas A. Wallsmith (better known to me as Tommy) - I am so proud of him but I always was.I miss him so much. Thank you all for your thoughts, memories and prayers during this time -
Patricia S. Vento of Carthage, MO

"To Tom's Family,
Although we did not know him personally, we can only imagine what a fine young man Tom was being his father's son. You see his father, the older Tom, is a classmate of Ken's and is one heck of a person, so we can only surmise Tom would have inherited some of his father's traits.
A "Thank You" seems so diminutive, but we do thank him and all the men and women in the military who are serving our country now and those who have served in the past. Their dedication to our country is beyond words.
Our hearts are filled with sadness for all of you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
With our sincere sympathy,"
Ken & Janet Christiansen of Brewster, KS

"Brenda and family, I can't begin to express the sadness that fills my heart over your loss. I can stil remember the first day I saw "Wally" in the Department of Medicine here at Fort Polk. Having been a civilian nurse at Fort Polk for over 35 years I had seen some of the best and worst NCOs. When I had the pleasure of working with MSG Wallsmith it was such a great experience. He was the consumate professional but always knew how to make work fun. The first thing he did for me was fix the shredder that some doc broke trying to shred a book! I will keep you in my prayers and thank you for sharing him with all of us and I know we will never be the same having had the privilege of knowing him."
Gwen Bassett of Bayne-Jones Army Community Hosptial, Fort Polk, La.

"To Brenda, Lauren, and Nathan:

I have been good friends with your Uncle Joel. We share a very special friendship and we talked often of your Dad. I am very sorry for your loss.

Rob Monroe of Birmingham, AL

"Wally....thanks for your friendship and all the memorable times w/ the 115th Field Hospital. You always looked for silver lining in every situation.

Brenda, Lauren and Nathan,
Whether is was in the field or garrison, your husband/Dad always spoke so much of you all. Whether is was a school activity, taking the nursing license test, we all knew how proud he was of you all and loved his family dearly. I pray that God will give you the strength to endure your loss and the ability to forever embrace your memories."
MSG Castronova of Fort Campbell, KY, USA

"For Brenda, Lauren & Nate,
I have struggled with what to write since hearing of MSG Wallsmith's untimely death. After attending his funeral last week, I decided to take the Chaplain's advice to heart and write about some of my wonderful memories of MSG Wallsmith. I am proud to say he was my friend and I cherish the memories I have of him. His kindness to me began even before he joined the 115th but it was when we worked together on the EFMBs at Ft. Polk in 2001 and 2002 that I learned what a great person and NCO he was. As the LOC NCOIC he was always a favorite of the candidates and never lacked joy or motivation regardless of how late or early it was (or even when the trench swallowed his watch). His truck was always a welcome sight, even when it had a barbecue grill in the back. When he was NCOIC of the entire event, with Chief Linne and I, his acquisition of a golf cart (which he decorated with camo net) never ceased to infuriate the chain of command (which the three of us loved) and brought smiles to everyone on the site. He even gave up his own time (and Nate's too I'm afraid) to fix a wiring problem in my Jeep, I guess because we were both fans of "vintage" vehicles. MSG Wallsmith and I somehow ended up being "jobless" at the same time in 2003 and shared the old EFMB office in order to execute the 43rd's deployment. I think he helped to keep me sane then and I'll never forget our van ride to Ft. Hood to see off the vets. My final memories of him are from March of 2005 in Iraq when I rode my bike over to Camp Liberty (adjacent to my camp)to see him at the 3ID headquarters. He was only there for the day and we only a had an hour or so to catch up but it was so special at that time and place. And even in the turmoil of Iraq, he wore his familiar smile. I asked him then if he would do me the honor of being my right hand man should I be fortunate enough to get another command. He replied he might stay in a little longer if he would eventually have the chance to be a 1SG or CSM. If I do get another command, I'll always wish he were still here to take on the challenge with me- I hope he'll be there in spirit, keeping me straight. We are all blessed to have known him and I think he's left this world, and this Army, with an empty space that will never be filled. I will miss him always and I wish you strength and love now and always. What we keep in memory is ours forever."
MAJ Jennifer B. Caci of Ft. Leavenworth, KS

"To Brenda, Lauren, and Nathan, While I didn't know you personally, I knew your niece Amanda. She told me about the wonderful person that your husband was and how awesome your family is. Thank you for allowing me to attend the funeral for him in Rockford, MI...I will never forget it. It will be wonderful to meet MSG Thomas A Wallsmith in heaven...You and Lauren and Nathan will remain in my prayers as you continue on the path that the Lord has for you now. From a Sister in Christ."
Lori Nelson of Greenville, MI, USA

"Brenda & kids, Tom was a great friend and leader. His time on earth was too short, but we must know that God had another plan for him, and must need him by his side.
I am greatful to have had the chance to know him, he will never be forgotten."
Donna pettit of El Paso, Texas

"If you look in a dictionary for the meaning of the words Leadership and Soldier, you will see a picture of MSG Wallsmith.
You will be miss."
SSG. Marin-Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas

"MSG Wallsmith,

HUAHHHHHH! To a dear friend and great NCO, you are going to be missed by many. I thank you for all the things that you taught me and the mentoring you provided. You are, have been, and always will be a soldier and a leader. You died a hero defending your country and following orders without question. Once again HUAHHHHH!

SGT Popa
SGT Michael Popa of Fort Bliss, Texas

"MSG Wallsmith,
You have given us all a great deal to be thankful for. We are all sadden that you are gone. I for one know that I am proud to say I served with you. My prayers go out to your family. You will be missed, but never forgotten."
Evan Trahan SSG(P) of Fort Polk, La

"To the family of a true Soldier, a mentor, and a friend. My family would like to extend our hearts and hands out to you in any way possible. MSG Wallsmith was an inspiration to me and my career as a Soldier beyond the call of his duty. I am saddened by the events that have happened. Our prayers are with you and your children. To Tommy, "you are a big part of our 115th Family now, then, and forever." "Warrior Medic!""
SFC Kelvin L. Davis (K.D.) and Family of San Antonio, Texas

"All of us that have been special enough to know "Wally" and his family have great memories of the fun we shared. He was a very special person to know! The Sheldon Family will miss him. We are always going to be there, Brenda for you, Lauren and Nathan. God Bless You."
Rick & Kathi Sheldon of San Antonio, TX

"My condelences to Tom's family and friends. Tom was a great Soldier and American. He wanted more than anything to deploy. He said he felt he wasn't fully serving if he didn't get in the fight.
He was a great Platoon Sergeant, and a great friend. I will truly miss him."
Janine Osterberg of Fort Rucker, AL

"Brenda and Kids,
Your husband and father is so deeply missed. My family will pray for you. Please have comfort that his memory will live on with you, his family. Us his friends, and those whom he touched. I served with him twice, at the ISR Burn Unit and at 115th FH. Both times he was a true leader and friend. May God Bless you through this time."
SFC Balderrama, Victor and Family of Ft. Sam Houston, TX

"Brenda, we are deeply saddened by your loss. Tom was great friend and a terrific leader; Cindy and I consider ourselves fortunate to have served with him in both capacities. Our lives will be empty without him and his quick wit and special demeanor but have already been fuller just for knowing him. Tom’s memories will always be with us.

TOMMY… Don’t forget the $change$ sock! A-K-Q-J-10 for ya buddy!

If there is anything that we can do please don't hesitate to call on us."
SSG (Ret) Richard and SFC Cindy Rood of Fort Drum, NY (the OTD family, BJACH)

"MSG Wallsmith you are a brave American hero. To the family I'm deeply sorry for your lost. Thank you MSG Wallsmith for your bravery and loyalty. God Bless You MSG Wallsmith and your family."
Ramos Acevedo of Taylors, SC

"To the Wallsmith Family my heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. May God be with you.
Tom, although your time at WBAMC was short, it did not take long for a person to get to know and like you. Your love for life, your family, friends and your soldiers showed everyday. You are an exceptional soldier and NCO but most importantly an exceptional person. I am proud to have served under you as a soldier and a civilian in the Respiratory Therapy Dept. I am glad God allowed for our paths to cross. God Bless you, my friend, Rest in Peace."
Marc Sarver, RT of WBAMC, El Paso, Tx

"At the very beginning of the War, when my small crew of Soldiers received the tasking to deploy, it was MSG Wallsmith who took us in hand to help us prepare, and deploy professionally. He was perpetually optimistic, a true solace to a group of inexperienced Soldiers who had no idea of what lay before them. For all who had the honor of serving with him, MSG Wallsmith was the consumate NCO, and a genuinely good man. He touched more people that he probably realized, and I am crushed by the news of his death. I cannot adequately express my sorrow for his family, but know that in my mind and heart, MSG Wallsmith is a great man, and will always remain so."
CPT Eric Lombardini of Aviano, Italy

"MSG Wallsmith,
You are truly a great Soldier and teacher. You loss leaves a big hole in the Army, AMEDD and our hearts. We will pray for your family. Tom left a lasting impression on us of his love for his family and his commitment to his Soldier. We all share your loss.
"Warrior Medics...ROCKHARD""
The Spangler Family of Heidelberg, GE


Please KNOW so many people share your sadness,
and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief.
Our nations HERO, Thomas will be remembered by name.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
God Bless you ALWAYS.
Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I am deeply sorry for your loss. May you find comfort and strength in God to face the days ahead.

Michele Carter
Sister of CPL Gary Walters
KIA in Baghdad on 24 April 2005"

I am honored to say I served along side you. You will be missed dearly by those who served with you in the Division Support Brigade. I will cherish our friendship forever. Thank you MSG Wallsmith for being a Great Soldier and trusted friend."
MSG Rooyakkers of Camp Taji, Iraq

I am honored to say I served along side you. You will be missed dearly by those who served with you in the Division Support Brigade. I will cherish our friendship forever. Thank you MSG Wallsmith for being a Great Soldier and trusted friend."
MSG Rooyakkers of Camp Taji, Iraq

"Tom, you are an inspiration to me and a model to your soldiers. You will be missed. "Warrior Medics""
CW2 Mike Linne of Fort Carson, CO.

"Thank you Thomas Wallsmith, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Master Sgt. Thomas Wallsmith:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Thomas for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Master Sgt. Thomas Wallsmith:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Thomas, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on