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Marine Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker

28, of Lancaster, California.
Walker died due to hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He assigned to 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on April 6, 2004.

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"You are never forgotten….ever"

"No matter how much time passes, I will never forget you. My graduation night, your 18th bday, the day I drove down with you to boot camp and had to say goodbye. The night you proposed to me on the freeway lookout, the time we broke down on Camp Pendleton and you snuck us into the barracks, the times I would dress up Joey like you when he was a baby. I know it’s been many years since we were together and since you have passed, but you are still my hero and a hero to Joseph Allan. He is 27 this year. Till I see you again…"
Lisa of Phoenix, AZ

"Allan and I went to Highland High School in California. I was only there for 2 years but I remember him very well. He was quite the character in school and we used to play football during our lunch break. One day he's playing on the opposing team and we ran into each other pretty good and I split my lip. It wasn't that big of a deal but I always remember how powerful he was.
High School in those days was pretty fun and guys like Allan made it a blast. At the end of our Sophomore year, my family and I returned to Colorado and I lost contact with pretty much everyone. It wasn't until years later that I heard about what happened to Allan and I was stunned. I try to reconnect with people I went to school with and maybe have a few beers or whatever.
My best friend's son did bootcamp at MCRD San Diego and remembered Walker Hall very well. That to me says something and assures all of us that your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
One of the ways I remember Allan is as a member of the 501st Legion https://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19427&costumeID=70
On the inside of my helmet is the USMC decal in his honor.
I will never forget you, brother.

Jason "the Hick" Archambeault
US Navy Veteran"
Jason Archambeault of Surprise, AZ

"Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Your lessons still guide me daily. Till Valhalla."
GySgt Gamache of Denver, CO

"12 years tomorrow, this time of year sucks, but your sacrifice will never be forgotten"
Kent of Danville, IL

"Love you Bro, thanks....... Mom be at the memorial may 6th, i havent seen you and im afraid. love you.. love you Bro"

"the 6th is the code. i dont want to say nothing but i want to say all. Bro, thanks, i got it. i'm making it, im gonna make it..... dont be a strange Bro,, hit me up, you know... freak this thrash. we dont die. we multiplied. deep deep ........ move.... hahah.. i dont know how 1st did it, but hey i guess i was freaked up, but made it back"

"I know, i got it SSgt. Freak Sgt shut your mouth, i told you im gonna take care of you. Bro you know you punk me out, haha. Roger that SSgt. dude, im Freaked up. i know i have to make better, im gonna do my best , i shooting for it... i'm."

"Bro, i freaken hate this world, i wish it was better, anger is all over. no one know. we fought together, it was a team it was family. no one knows.. heck yeah we were scared, but hearing the bullets we smiled, we knew where it was coming from. we knew.. so we did."

"Bro, I'm done.. Freak what the world thinks, what politics seem like. we had a vision and we made it. People are better there now. All cause of what we fought for. I told Mom, but i messed up, caused i didn't called her. i haven't called or seen her. but i know mom is there. Bro, i'm sorry. but im trying. everyone knows that the i'm walking cause of you. They also know that being a Marine is a passion, a way of life. its not about money"

"I love you Brother. Forever Bravo Nation!!

Zeke of Yuma, AZ

"It will be 10 years in a few days...damn 10 years...missing you"
Kent of Fairmount, IL

"SSgt Walker,
I was a recruit in platoon 1013 July - October 2003. I remember the day I found out. I was in Iwakuni Japan and my Co. 1stSgt and Co Gunny were arguing about who was more memorable, DI's or Recruiters. I just saw the picture when they asked me who I thought was more memorable. I told them what I had just saw and that stopped the conversation immediately. It gives that day, April 6 also my birthday, some meaning. It hasn't been easy after this many years. I have lost some good friends and mentors. I want to thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice. I spoke to a director of The November War,Garrett Anderson, about the film and mentioned that my Senior DI was KIA in the first battle of Fallujah. He came from the same area and said that his family and yours have been friends for years. It still gets me to see how small this world is. Semper Fidelis Marine!"
Kent Frischkorn plt 1013 of Fairmount, IL

"You were the closest thing to a father I ever had. It's heartening to see your memory live on in the messages left on this wall. You taught me that heart is what matters the most. I'll never forget that. I'll also never forget my time under your wing in Platoon 1013.

Let it blow, let it blow. Let the cold wind blow.

I miss you."
Michael Winniford of San Francisco, CA

"It has been nearly 11 years since I first met you and I can remember your face as clear as day. You helped me become the man and Marine I am today and for that I will be forever grateful. You and your family will always be in my prayers."
1stLt Welch, Plt 1085, Bravo Company, 2002

"I'm an Old Marine, MCRD 1961. I'm always checking on Marines who have fallen in service to America - I'm always moved to remember my early years in the Corps. My very best to the family and friends of Sgt Allan K. Walker."
Dr. James Roberts of Edmond, Okla USA

"Just wanted to stop in a say I miss and love you Brother. You will always be a legend for my family. I look at my son with pride knowing he's carrying your name. God bless you my Brother. I wish we had more time here, but your Marines are with you every day, and more important, you are with us. I love you Allan. I wish I could just have one more day. In the end, we'll celebrate again."
Watts of Bravo Nation

"Allan, I think about the time we sat on my kitchen floor drinking baileys from the bottle cuz well, by then we had already finished the bottle of Jameson and JD and all the beer! Aha... Well, you wanted to go fight, even though you didn't have to, you told me you couldn't continue training the young recruits for battle if you didn't know what it's like. And you felt it was the right thing to do. I begged you not to go, and you took my pinky and swore you'd come back. You then told me "Marines do not have permission to die" in ur deep raspie voice. Reading all these memories people are sharing only proves that you were right. You might not be here in the physical world, but you are very much alive in everyone's hearts and memories. Its sort of funny cuz I have all your letters and photos of ur trips to Japan and Bridgeport and SD and some of you who've written I have photos of you. Hearing your stories and looking at the photos makes me feel as if I was there to experience the wild ways of Allan. Yes Johnny, I still have the photos of Allan yelling at Ekani. And yes, we laughed at how big his arms looked. I miss you Allan every day. I still think of the first day we met, at a young innocent age of 9. And when you couldn't wait to show me your first sex pistols cassette tape and how excited you were cuz you knew how much I loved them... To when you pierced my nose, and went w me to show my mom cuz you knew she couldn't yell at me in front of you. Our countless trips to the store and our long walks on the railroad tracks or to the cemetery. And how can I forget our mothers day play for critical mass. Rocky theme song will always remind me of you. I still remember the day you came over and expressed how sad you were that I was moving, how was I to know it would be just the first time we would have to say goodbye... Or back then, it was always till next time. We always found each other, no matter where life took us. Our talk at the top of the stratosphere is as if it just happened yesterday. Your words meant so much to me, I know we were meant to be the best of friends and I feel so lucky to have had someone like you in my life. I miss you Allan. More then you will ever know. But I know that you are near me, and you hear me singing my punk songs at the top of my lungs and probably laughing your a** off like you did so often when we'd make fools of ourselves. But that's what we did.

Heres to laughs, the spiky hair, the freedom of youth and friendship, the trouble we used to get into, the summer nights in Palmdale of staying up all night talking about everything under the sun and moon, the green st. Patty's day cherries we stole, the many road trips and countless journeys we took, ( oh yes, our 4 hour summer Vegas hike we took because I refused to take a bus and we couldn't find a cab for anything), to our music talks, our photo swaps, story sharing and book referrals, our beer drinking, whiskey swigging, and biggest bear hugs anyone has ever felt; thank you Allan, for always just being you. I'll Meet you in the pit...

Natalie C. of Everywhere, planet earth

"Thinking of you as Veteran's Day approaches.
-- Corey & Autumn Wood"
Corey & Autumn Wood of Fort Worth,TX

"I miss you Brother. Thank you for the impact that you made on my life. You will never be forgotten."
Watts of Yuma, AZ

"Sgt Walker... Sgt Strum... the duo were always at our warehouse trying to be the first platoon out and to acquire extra gear so turn in went smooth. Sgt Walker, you were one of the most professional Marines I have ever encountered while on my 8 years on Active Duty. I watched you grow as a hat, from a new-bee to a senior. I will never forget your cadence, I knew when Bravo was coming because I could hear your voice. I want to say I will never forget you, we will never forget you, I wish the best for your family, and for Strum, even though he wasn't your blood brother, he was your brother from another mother. Semper Fidelis brother, I will never forget your ultimate sacrifice."
danielle postemski... "ski" of Milton, FL

"Was at MCRD yesterday for the dedication of the Allan K. Walker Sports Medicine Facility. Walker Hall....whoever would have thought that the big eared kid who played HS football for me so many years ago would have a building named in his honor...but having remained friends with boy who became the Marine and knowing the loyalty and dedication Allan had for his country and fellow Marines it comes as no surprise. The honor is deserved! I miss you Allan...loved the conversations and remain proud of the man you became!"
Coach Root of Palmdale, CA

"Semper fi SSgt, your scarafice will never be forgotten!
SSgt Cook
Plt 1085"

I miss you bro. 8 years. Damn. April 6th is a rough day for a lot of us. Your memory still lives. There is a building named for you at MCRD now. Semper Fi."
Andy B of 29 Palms, Ca

"Dear Staff Sgt. Allen K Walker I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into traning me and my fellow Marines. Everything you have taught me during boot camp has played a major role in who I have become today. Today Im a Police Officer with Anne Arundel County and have been for the past 4 years. Further more Im a Police Drill Instructor at the police academy where I now teach and instill the fundamentals that you have in me and many others. Semper Fidelis Brother!"
Hans Hopple of Anne Arundel, Maryland

"Hi Allan,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Maybe because Donovan is in his "terrible twos", so I'm constantly saying his full name: "DONOVAN ALLAN DAVID!!".

The night we found out about your death, Scott and I were up all night crying, and at some crazy, middle-of-the-night hour, we heard a bird chirping right outside our bedroom window. It was the first time I had ever heard a bird chirping at 3:00am. I couldn't help but think it was you letting us know you were a happy little bird now and to stop being so sad. And as we approach the 8 year anniversary, it has been happening again. There has been a bird chirping outside my bedroom window between midnight and 2:00 am on most nights this month. I know it's you, Allan, pestering me as you loved to do. You can knock it off now!

We miss you, Al. I wish you could have been in our kids' lives. They would have totally loved Uncle Allan. Scott tells them stories about you all the time.

Keep chirping for me, but try to do it a little earlier in the evening."
Laurie "Mack" McLaughlin of Homestead, FL

"Drill Instructor Walker,
Boot camp was a while ago for me, but I wanted to say that I still draw on the strength and discipline you instilled in me there. I am a RN at the University of Iowa now and have been very successful since I left the Marine Corps. I feel that I owe a part of that success to you. Thank you, not only for what you have sacrificed for me personally, but for giving the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. SEMPER FIDELIS!"
Nick Heinrichs of Iowa City, IA

"Seven long years have since gone by,
forever wait in line,
Seven hundred beers i drink alone,
patiently bide my time.
A brother lost but never gone,
spirits intertwine,
Raise a pint and slam a fist,
the bond is yours and mine.

I miss you brother."
Gunnery Sergeant Scott "Mack" Mclaughlin of San Salvador (Hooters, cuz thats where we go.)

"Drill instructor Sgt. Walker.
You gave me your email after bootcamp and I waited too long to send one. I'm sorry. I have always regretted that. If I could tell you, I would say you were the best marine I ever knew. I am no longer in the service, but I thought of you in the toughest times and you helped me get through it. Thank you for not taking it easy on me in bootcamp. Thanks for sharing your Guiness afterword. Thank you for the memories, and thank you for doing what I couldn't."
Recruit of Indiana

"Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I was reading about Ralph Waldo Emerson today and it made me think of you. I thought about our long talk and walks on the beach. God I miss you."
Melissa of Quantico, VA

"Beast, Roger brought me your cover last year and the two of them sit side by side. I still see Steph and you are always a topic; I was in Afghanistan with Elliot, and you came to mind. You're always there brother, always will be. I still go by our rooms at the barracks whenever I am at the Depot, our stomping grounds and all our friends from the bars. Damn you were gone too soon. Save me a pint brother. Semper Fidelis"
GySgt Scott M Strum of San Diego CA

"Semper Fi Staff Sergeant,you will never be forgotten."


Its been a year since my last post and lots has changed in that time. Moved from Cali to Miami, bought a boat, and best of all had a son. We named hime Donovan Allan David. It wasnt even a question that my son would have your name. Hes a cute little bad * already. I havent forgtotten the bar either, and even though it wouldnt be the best financial decision, i still honestly think about starting it up, Mack's Alley...no Will Smith allowed on the juke.

I miss you man, every time i listen to FM and Drunken Lullabies or What's Left of the Flag comes on, im back in your truck bouncing along the backroads near Escondido, belly full of whiskey and beer and a Marlboro Light fuming.

Love you man, weve still got plans..."
GySgt Scott McLaughlin of Special Operations Command South, Homestead, FL

"My name is Zach Lienau, I was in Bravo Company 1083 at MCRD. Sgt. Walker is my hero. I think about him often. After the Marines I went to school and became a teacher. I tell stories about him all the time. I will pass the memories I have of him until the day I die. I have a daughter who is 14 months old and I can't wait to tell her about this man. I learned of his passing in the paper, I was in a Mcdonalds when I read what had happend. That was seven years ago and I can remember it like it happend yesterday. I will never forget this man. I thank God for letting me know him. Thank you for everything sir.

My condolences to all."

"Allan, still missing you my Brother. I've been think about you and missing you a lot. You will never be forgotten. Bravo Nation Forever"

"I never knew Allan the solider, but I remember Allan the boy. The cousin who seemed so much older and wiser than myself. A presence in my early years; I often forget how young we all were.

You became a man and I'm forever in awe of the tales I hear. I wish I had gotten a chance to know Allan the solider, because he sounds pretty amazing.

Your family remembers. Happy Memorial Day cousin."
Maile Walker of Orange County, CA

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com
A hundred times a day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am receiving. - Albert Einstein"
Scott E. Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"On 24 April 2010 American Legion Post 619 SSGT ALLan K Walker USMC Warner Springs CA .will Swear in by District 22 Officers San Diego County CA - SGT Major Tony Agular USMC Ret as (Post Commander) and Sgt Major Jonathon Lee as (Finance Officer) USMC Retired and SSGT G.W. Gemmell USMC Ret. as (Post Historian) for the year 2010 to 2011 at Post 619 Warner Springs,CA. and we will work in the memory of this brave and fine Marine. All Marines are invited to attend if time allows."
Gerald W. Gemmell and family of Warner Springs,CA

"Missing you, son. Love, Mom."
Nancy Walker of Palmdale, CA

"Ssgt Walker thank you for all the lessons taught. It has been so long but I will forever have the memories. 1085"
Sgt Hutchison

"SSgt Walker,

I can't beleive that you are gone. I remember you barking orders at me and throwing my sea bag across the room and damn near knocking me out. You were the scarest meanest dude I had ever seen in my life. You made me an awesome Marine. Before I met you I was scared of everything now I fear nothing. You made a real difference in my life. I am the man I am today because of you. I will never forget you. I am proud to say that you trained me to be a Marine. Your loss is a loss to everyone in the Corps. Your devilish smile still gives me the chills. Semper Fi see you on the other side."
SSgt Gamache of Kabul, Afghanistan

"OH YEAH< ONE LAST THING.... That Series Gunny, his name was Gunny Beavers.. Not sure why I remember that, but he used to wander around the depot SINGING cadence at the top of his lungs... he was a scary dude."
Mark A. Rosbarsky of Battle Ground, WA

"Ssgt. Walker- I will always remember you as Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Walker. You were promoted to Ssgt., in fact, about a week before you graduated my platoon; Bravo Co., Plt. 1013, July 13 2003-Oct 10 2003. I have a memory of you so thick and so vivid that I doubt it will ever go away, nor do I wish that.
I was stopped by the series gunny one day in boot camp while I was walkin somewhere, and he asked to see my "recruit knowledge". He discovered a letter that I had written to a friend that he without hesitation passed on to you. I was mentally shitting my pants and waiting for the hammer to fall until I saw you next, because I knew that somewhere in that letter were the unbelievably incriminating words "boot camp is gay"...
Sure enough, waiting in the chow line for dinner that day, I see you out of the corner of my eye, marching your * off right towards me with all of your half-finished tattoos of flames and chicks all over your fore-arms. I'm not sure, but I think I shot a quick prayer to God, asking if he'd make it swift for me. Not that I was eavesdropping, but I heard you calmly explain to Drill Instructor Sgt. Brown that you needed to have a word with me.
I have to say, God didn't answer my prayer, probably because he knew what was best for me, or better yet, he knew that you had it covered. The next six hours or so were a blur. I remember some Indy 500 in the showers, with alternating scalding/freezing water, I remember pull-ups until my arms nearly fell off, I remember mountan climbers, and the works.... oh and I seem to remember a fire extinguisher being thrown in there at some point. I'm here to tell you Ssgt, wherever you are, it worked. I got your point, and I actually turned out to be a pretty good Marine, thanks to you.
You definitely gave me jabs for the rest of the cycle, and didn't let me forget what I had done, but I will never forget the day you handed me my Eagle, Globe and Anchor. You looked me dead in the eyes, shot me a slight grin, and said "I'm proud of you Rosbarsky. You stuck it out when you could have quit... Congratulations Marine".
Those three months of Hell were worth it to me at that moment. To feel worhy of respect from a Marine, especially such a wise, exceptional man as yourself, is a feeling I doubt I'll ever feel again.
Ssgt., you were a bull-headed grunt of a Marine, and a great one at that, but you were without question, an even better man.
Guard the streets of Heaven until I get there Ssgt., you are always in my prayers. God bless."
Mark A. Rosbarsky of Battle Ground, WA

"SSGT Walker

Whats up man! As I sit in my room thinking about the times we had In 29... 3/4 all the way.... I think about you all the time bro, its hard for me to think about that your gone but its real. I just want to say i will never forget the good times we had in 29 and want to thank you for letting me know such a great hero..... You are my brother always and forever Semper FI.... You will not be Forgotten!!!"
Charles Thornton of Dallas Texas

"I was recruit from Oct 01 - Jan 02, SSgt Walker was not my DI but he left a lasting imprestion on me. The day all the recruits were getting tickets to fly home I was standing off to the side when he came over and asked why I wasnt getting a ticket. I told him that my family would be driving down to get me. After he asked where i was from we realized that we had lived less then 2 miles from each other for most of our lives. After reaching the fleet and deploying to Iraq in OIF 1 I was at a local restraunt in Palmdale and saw his picture in the news paper. I was excited to see something bout a home town Marine in the paper, once i read what had happenend to SSgt I was over come by emotion, and sorrow for his friends and family. This was the first time I knew a Marine lost in combat. I still think of our first meeting and it makes me laugh now, the way he scared me like he knew me before the Corps. and it was that we were just from the same area. SSgt Walker is still being remembered by the Marines and Drill Instructors of 1st Bn MCRD San Diego, and all the Marines who knew him."
Sgt Donald "UTS" Utley of Palmdale Ca., Okinawa Japan

"April 22, 2009
To the family of Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker:
Allan gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I miss you always. its been a lifetime since you have left us. trista and i were just talking about how glad we are that you were in our lives. i can't believe its been five years. i miss you."
stephanie of san diego

"Wow bro, 5 years.......and it burns in my head like yesterday. Just came out of the field, and thought I would say hey. Lots has happened since you left, got a kid on the way, got a commission, and moving to the illustrious 29 palms in the summer, 1st Tanks. Hope all is well brother, I miss you dearly, and still think about you daily. Oh yeah, my bike is named after you, you would dig it."
Andy Beavers of Fort Knox, KY

"hey brother,

Happy Birthday!! if i was back in the states, know that i would be visiting ya with a pint to share. Im back in Iraq once again, it seems this place has become my second home. Laurie, Janelle and I really miss you, and we've got a second bun in the oven right now. Not too sure if its a boy or girl yet though. Anyways, miss you everyday. Happy Birthday Brother, Happy Birthday."
GySgt Scott "Mack" McLaughlin of COP Rawah, Iraq (Hooters....cuz thats where we go)

"SSgt Walker,
We are coming upon 5 years since your passing, and you are still fresh in my mind. Not that I have alot of things to think about 'cause I'm just a cook. After bootcamp, I just wanted to leave the Depot ASAP, and I didn't look behind. What else would you expect from someone raised by a pack of wolves? In hind sight, (becaue it is 20/20) I should have looked you in the eyes and shaken your hand. You might not know it, but us bookworm, science-minded individuals are not very social. I should have done this because you MADE ME, no, MOLDED ME into a smaller version of you; much like a father does to his son. Or so I have been told, but I'm just a cop and I don't know much. I think about you continually, and HOPE I develop my son into half the compassionate, firm, well-rounded, and fair individual that you were here on earth. Which will be hard for me since I'm just an aircraft mechanic, not a Drill Instructor. I will get my handshake in in the future, believe that brother. Bravo Company; Platoon 1054, Jan-Apr 2002
Sgt Christopher M. Via of Sioux City, IA

"Well Brother, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. You know we can't pass one up without remembering the Beast!! I miss you Allan, thinking about your sacrifice will never get any easier. I'll drink a piss warm Guiness for you tomorrow, knowing you'll be looking down laughing at me. I miss you."

"It never fails, reading what everyone has said about you brings you right back to life. I miss you and think about you and all the good friend I have because of you and I alway shed a tear. It would be great if you were here to share my next move with me...it was a lot easier with you and scott than just me! ;)"
stephanie of san diego


I miss you brother! I think about all the good times we shared in Bravo Company. I'm glad we where both on the same team because that is what made us close. Being miserable together cycle after cycle. I know I gave you a hard time since I was the J or the Senior but believe me I was proud of you. You cared more about everything we were doing on the Depot than anyone I knew. It ate you up inside to think you let me or anyone else down. The fact is, you never could let us down. When times get tough for me now I have your memory there to inspire me to not give up. Although your not here physically I make sure that everyone that needs inspiring hears about you. Your story will live on, I will make sure of that. Brother, I love you and I miss you. Keep heaven safe and I will join you when the time comes.

Semper Fidelis,

Bravo Nation"
SSgt Leo Ruiz of Temecula, Ca

"Ssgt. you may not remember me, but you were my DI. Because of you I'm still alive. Semper Fi Devildog. I'll see you again on the streets of Heaven."
Sgt. Swager of Camp Pendleton

"Allan, yesterday was my son's 3rd birthday and I couldn't stop thinking about you. I swear the little guy looks just like you in damn near every way. We got home from his party with a few friends and spent about 2 hours telling them stories about my Brother, the beast. I miss you and you are always in our thoughts. There hasn't been a time that me and Elliott get together without honoring you, usually with a 30 pack, knowing that's the way you'd want it. See you in a while."
Watts of Yuma

"You will not be forgotten SSGT! Even though you were my drill instructor for only a month, plt 1145, you left me alot of memories. Wish your family the best.

Sgt Chavarria, Ralph of San Diego, CA USA

listened to bro hymn and walk away today and couldnt help but think about the days driving in the stang to and fro with a belly full of whiskey and mischief on our minds. 4 years already. jesus i cant believe it. still think about you every day, i see people who remind me of you constantly out here. my workout buddy has a bald head, is a mini-beast, and has the ears bro. and he's from lancaster....pennsylvania, but still. hahaha. anyways, im bringing my daughter to see her uncle allan when i come home. i love you brother."
GySgt Scott McLaughlin of Hit, Iraq (or Hooters, cuz thats where we go)


You will never be forgotten.
Semper Fi"
sgt casey cook of springfield, mo

"What's up brother
I've been thinking alot about you lately and I just realized it's around that time, last Sunday to be exact. I think yesterday was your Birthday too, man what kind of friend am I. You know me always forgeting important days. I ran in to Laura a couple months ago, it took me a second to recognize her cause she was in her work clothes. She looked like she was doing good. I was kind of bummed out shortly afterwards but it was a good bummed out. I was just thinking about all the good times we had as kids. I saw Dale stopped by and said what's up tell him I said hi!. Well Bro I've got to go. Take care up there and I'll see you when I'm lookin' at ya'.
If you run into my cousin Mike tell him I said what's up and I miss him too.
Happy late birthday.
Miss ya
PR3(AW) William Halverstadt of China Lake, CA.

"Hi Buddie, It's Dale....Man .I miss you ! 4 years to the day .......Its hard to write, it still hurts so much that you were killed for .......? I think in the future we will find out, what the fighting is really about, so for now I just think ...You were doing what you loved , and you wouldn't have had it any other way.. thats the only thing that pacifies the thoughts of your death. I know your here with me ............... you will always be a part of my life ....REST IN PEACE ........."
Dale Crews of Pasadena, Ca.

"I was in Platoon 1119 Bravo Co. MCRD San Diego in August-November 2002. He wasn't my Drill Instructor, but I remember SSGT Walker taking us out on the green grass next to the barracks and parade deck and had some MCMAP with us. I volunteered and it hurt oh so much but I will never forget that move he did on me. Thanks! R.I.P. Sir!"
Sgt Manuel E. Vega of Quantico, VA

"so...we are about to move again..(this time to Quantico) and it made me think of the time Stephanie "voluntold" you that you would help us move...Luckily after the heavy-lifting, we got to kick back a couple cold ones...man, i would do anything to be able to do it again...I really miss ya..."
Trista Beavers of oxford, ms

""The Beast" Hey Allan what's up brother? Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Keeping you in my thoughts................"
Sgt. Coronado (USMC Ret) of Los Angeles

"The Beast! Bravo Company was special in so many ways, the brotherhood, the professionalism, the drive for excellence; it was second to none! It was an absolute honor to work with you; you were the epitome of professionalism and dedication to duty. Whenever I talk to one of our Bravo brothers, you always come up and it is always followed by a smile. Whether it is just saying "The Beast" or remembering SgtMaj. James, Maj. Moore, and I giving you a rash about not having your driver's license and the Drill Instructors teaching you how to drive...I still laugh out loud at that! Keep looking out for us Beast as I know you have been! We'll see you soon; Semper Fi and I am honored to call you my Bravo brother!"
Maj. Curt R. Knowles USMC of MCAS, Miramar, CA

I will never forget all the lessons learned. I just hope that I can be half as good a Plt Sgt as you were DI. Violence of action........that is what brought me home alive. I will see you on the other side. Let the bodies hit the floor. 1085 Bravo Co Semper Fi"
Sgt Casey Cook of Springfield, MO

"hey brother,

going through my old hat crap and found some of our old pics. wish you were here to share a pint.

love ya brother"
ssgt scott mack mclaughlin of hooters brother, hooters

"thinking of you, i miss you like crazy."

"Allan was my favorite nephew... I don't know him as beast I know him as My HERO.
Allan you were not only family, but you were my rock for your niece Natalie and I. You were like a brother to me. My best friend. Though we were years apart I still remember you growing up... Full of life. I was once again at your grave honoring you on memorial day.Today 3 years after we lost you. You are and always will be my hero. I would do anything Allan to sit and have a beer with you,hug you, laugh,listen to your wisdom.I am so proud of you. Because of you we have our freedom. Because of the difference you made with Natalie she is a wonderful young women. You taught her well. You are our still our rock... And hero.I miss you, love you, and if there were more people like you than this world would be a better place. Love, Aunt Valerie"
Valerie Walker - Fraire of Lake Forest Calif.

"Happy Memorial Day Brother. I drove by you a few times before I could get up the courage to stop and see you. It took me getting a dog and using her as an excuse to get out of the truck for me to stop to see you. I hope your family is doing well and you are too."
Nate of Don't Matter

As I sat here in my office trying to find words to let you know how much I missed you, I just keep deleting and rewrite because I don't know what to said. Maybe I will try again next time but please know, I missed you and everyday when I walk in my office, I see you to remind me of what dedication and commitment is all about. Rest in peace, my brother. Semper Fidelis."
Nguyen, Chuong T. of MCBH, Kaneohe Bay, HI

"Beast my Bravo brother, Words can't explain how I fill I pray for your family and send my condolences. I'm not good at saying good byes so I won't because you will always be with us, and I've waited till now to write because I didn't want to face it. We had many talks together in my duty hut or outside the house while the recruits were sleeping about marriage, kids, life in the Marine Corps and as a civilian. You are missed by all and God bless you and your family."
GySgt Wade L. Clark waykat5@yahoo.com of Quantico, Va.

"3 years man. cant believe its been that long already. wish we couldve shared a pint and a shot on st pattys.

love ya man."
SSgt Scott "Mack" McLaughlin of Hooters, cuz thats where we go

"Brother, you are missed by all!!!Especially from your brothers at Bravo Company...I just found this site and wanted to drop you a few lines....Your picture of our platoon is in my hallway and I look at it everyday....I just wanted to let you know that you are one of many heroes in my life...I'll see you soon...Bravo Nation 4 Life"
Gy Green of hawaii

"I grew up with Allen all through High School and I can't say how much he is missed not just by me but my entire family. He was more Brother than friend. We always use to get a good laugh at everybody cause they actually thought we were brothers. We had this picture of us with our other friends Shawn and Hans drinking Rolling Rock on my parents front porch and everybody would always ask both of us "is that your brother?" we always had the same answer, we'd just say "nope, we're all brothers" I met Allen through a girlfriend in High school. She would get angry at me cause we hit it off like we'd known eachother since birth and I spent too much time hangin' out and going to punk shows with him instead of being with her, oh well. If you'd ever like to see the picture its on his myspace memorial page. as we got older and he joined the Marines, both his Family and mine were so proud. My father being a Marine said it was like as if one of his own had joined. Later on down the road I joined the Navy and thought I would never hear the end of it. I still haven't cause I can still hear his voice in my head and I'm sure I'll continue to hear it when I meet him at the gates of Heaven greeting me with a irish car bomb followed by a black&tan. So take care and always with love from the Halverstadt family. We miss you Allen.
P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Brother"
PR3(AW) William Halverstadt of Tehachapi, CA

"hey brother,
welp, im back in one piece. i got my NAM with a V last week. i definitely made it with you. not patrol went by that i didnt have you in my thoughts. i saw alot of guys over there who knew you too. our doc was with you guys over there and some of my boys too. anyways, im still missin ya like crazy man. theres so much left to do. keep up the overwatch for us. i love you brother."
ssgt scott "mack" mclaughlin of camp pendleton, ca

"I was apart of SSGT Walker's last Platoon, PLT 1013, Bravo Co. June-Oct 03. I was the thinest recuit and I messed up in first phase and did not think that I would make to graduation. However, SSGT Walker pushed me, espically on the Crucible. While I was in Iraq March to September 05, every time I drove by Fahlujah(Still can't spell that), I would remember him. I was watching TV and I saw SSGT McLauglin playing taps and I thought Hey that Marine was in Bravo Co and then I saw SSGT Walker's picture. I could not belive it. To me though he will always be that imposing, father like, invincible Marine that I new him has. To his family, my thoughts are with you forever. To his close friend SSGT McLaughlin, I have a memorial video on my computer that shows you playing taps at SSGT Walker's funeral.
Semper FI SSGT Walker!
Lcpl M. Chilner
Michael Chilner of Desert Hot Springs CA

"SSgt. Walker,
You helped many a recruit find the motivation within themself to carry on head held high in MRP. I was there for 4 months before getting back into training and graduating. Eventually my injuries ended my career in the Corps, and I am now a Firefighter, and a Fire Academy Instructor i remember how you always pushed us physically and mentally, teaching us pride and respect, I just hope I now pass on my knowledge as you would. Semper Fidelis Brother!"
Brandan Brauch of Colorado

"I knew Allan in High School and heard of his death a few months after it happened. I recently moved and I was going through some old pictures and found one of Allan that I had taken in Math class..with his long hair and his silly grin.. I never got to say any words to his family or express my sorrow for his passing.. Maybe me finding that picture of you was your way of saying "goodbye"

R.I.P Allan..."
carla of Valencia, CA

"SSgt Walker,
I can still remember having my squad watch and observe as a Senior Drill Instructor and his platoon marched pass. It was your platoon. I was telling them to pay close attention of how you were using your command voice and how the platoon was in sync with your every command. You will be missed Marine. May God bless you and your family. Semper Fidelis! "Big Red-One!""
GySgt Darnell T. Richardson/ D.I School 2002-2003 of Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan

"hey brother,

its been a while since ive written you. but, not a single day goes by that i dont think about you. ive got the picture of you, me and andy in my room. those were the good times brother. irish car bombs, shots of whiskey, bbq's, late nights and early mornings. i look back to the best times of our lives man. i know you left us doing what you loved and how you wanted, but it was way too soon. there was too much for us to do still. laurie and i are talking about kids now. how tiny my baby would look with you holding him is hilarious. but he or she will know all about their uncle allan. 2 more months left here and then its back to cali. i miss you my friend. hooters always, cause thats where we go."
SSgt Scott McLaughlin RCT-5 PSD PltSgt of Camp Fallujah, Iraq

"Beast; Man we had some times- I was at the SNCO Club and was having a pint with Rod and we talked about what happened that day and how he had just had breakfast with you. We both broke down as he remembered bringing you in and how he got to talk to you. Not a day goes by I don't think of you. I'm glad to hear Zeke got the name in; me and Holly were going with Dominic Allan if we'd have had a boy. My daughter will know of you when she's old enough and many conversations that I have can be centered around something we went through or what I learned from you.

Everyday I miss you man; until we meet again; save a pint for me."
GySgt SM Strum (xivinca@yahoo.com) of Okinawa Japan

"I was also in one of SSgt Walker's platoons (1090). This doesnt seem possible to me at all. If I had to point back to one person who molded me as a Marine and helped make me the man I am today, it would be Allan. I am so sorry for his family because they lost a great man."
Sgt. Sean Cox of Carbondale, Illinois

"Both my brother and I were In SSGT walkers platoon (Bravo 1090) in 2001. I recently learned of his passing and am deeply saddened. To me and other marines who were trained by Allan, it just doesn’t seem possible. He was always larger than life, and will always be in our memories."
Kevin Vendetti of Enid, OK/USA

"Allan...it's been too long brother. I woke up this morning wondering how you were doing up on the other side of paradise. We all think about you every day, whether it be those with your name in ink or the other countless people with your name on their wrists. Zeke and I got together a couple of weeks ago, and everytime we do, you are on our tongues. We miss you brother....we all wish you hadn't gone so soon. Your memory and your sacrifice have been an inspiration to me, as I have recently been fighting my own battle...cancer. Someone must want a Bravo Co. reunion there in heaven, so I will see you again someday, just not so soon. Rest assured the pints have been flowin', and you will never be forgotten. My family and I all miss and love you brother. Until then...take care."
GySgt Aaron M. Elliott (elliottaaron@yahoo.com) of Tucson, Arizona....Go Wildcats!!

"Allan is and will always be my Brother. I had the pleasure of working with Allan as a hat. He is in my mind every day. I carry his name on my arm and my son, Jeffrey Allan, will carry his name forever. I think of you more than you could imagine, my eyes fill with tears and nobody understands what's going on with me. I pray that my son is half the man that you are and every time I look into his eyes, I see you. My daughter was just told about you, she is now 8 years old. She remembers when she sat on your lap when you were the Santa Claus for the MCRD christmas party. I enlarged the picture of you together and it is a sense of pride when I talk to guest about you. I have our team and company photos framed in my house that I walk past several times a day. You are my hero and I will always let my son know the man in which his name honors. I love you Brother. I miss you.

David A. Watts "Zeke"
Zeke Watts of Yuma, AZ

"The Mt.Soledad Memorial Association, in coordinated efforts with American Legion Post 275 of La Jolla, California, is conducting a Honor Ceremony on August 26th,2006 to recognize the dedicated service of Ssgt.Allan Walker and the other 20 Marines that paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Post 275 has sponsored the manufacture of 2 granite plaques to be placed at the Mt.Soledad Veterans Memorial in La Jolla, CA.

We are very saddened by this tragedy; our Memorial will honor these brave Marines and the memory and tribute will be forever on our walls.
For additional information and photos of our memorial please log onto www.soledadmemorial.com
We would be deeply appreciative if ALL interested in attending the ceremony could call Joanie at 858-459-2314 (e-mail:Joaniem7225@soledadmemorial.com) or Steve Marrietti at 858-705-2214.
Joanie Miyashiro-Brennan of San Diego, CA/USA


"Hello, all Friends of Allan - we have just passed our third Memorial Day and our third April 6 and things are going about as well as one can expect. "Doc" Mendez's mom and Lara and I will be going to Wisconsin in August to walk in the Jerabek family's walk/run to honor the 2/4. Some other Gold Star families from Echo and Golf may also attend. To all who have written in, thank you for your kindness. It means a lot to me to visit this page and read your notes. My home computer has been out of service for some time so I haven't been able to access my aol email. I just set up a Yahoo one that I can use on borrowed computers. Write me at nannan.walker@yahoo.com. BTW Richard Baker, I read your note on the MySpace page and laughed my head off. The new house is full of books and newspapers! Love to you all,
Nancy Walker
40701 Rancho Vista Blvd.
Sp 230
Palmdale, CA 93551
(661) 406-3897"
Nancy Walker of Palmdale, CA

"Hey Al,
man I miss you dude. Seems like just last week we were doing a PT run up Sugar Cookie in the backyard, back home in Two Nine. Them were some times, even if it was "peacetime". You were always screaming quotes down my neck, amongst other verbs that I won't repeat. You always told me that "a pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood". I should of had drank more pints of beer with ya. I should of spent more time hanging out with you. But I guess thats always how it is. You never know what tomorrow holds. Just wish I could tell you this in person. Because I miss you man. I do, I sit here sometimes and think to myself, I miss the days of Bridgeport, over at Muck Wuck Tuck...Running up Silver Creek and Grouse Meadows with our LZS88 Vector Packs. Man those things were heavy, weren't they. That op was fun wasn't it, that was the first time I ever had a nose bleed in my entire life, and you just laughed. Brian and me were screwing around wrestling in the snow, when what we should been doing was setting up those tents. And then he just took this huge chunk of snow and face planted me with it, and I started bleeding, and you just looked at me and started cracking up asking if I was alright, I was all pissed cause I lost. lol, remember in Fuji, when we had to clean weapons, and you and bob, brian and Micah, totally went against SSgt. Hatch's orders to stay outside in the freezing cold. You guys were like, this is retarded, its not hard, its not intelligent, and then we got in there, started cleaning, he busts in and starts flipping out. HAHAHA, that time up there when I ran into that pole and got 3 staples in the skull, I still got that pic of me and you, and you trying to lick it. You always were nuts man, you inspired me in so many ways. You were always honest, real. You never sugar coated nothing, and you always kept your word. You had more honor, more integrity than 99% of the people on the planet. You always did the right thing regardless of the consequences. Thatwas just how you rolled. And just to let you know, that one field day we had, when you thought I threw out your cereal bowl, it was Ekani, lol. I took those pictures of you ripping him in 2, and little Craven tried to stop me, you jumped in and stopped him, lol, and told me, "hey get doubles, I want doubles, those are going to come out awesome" and then you seen them, and you were like "dude, my forearms are huge" lmao. You, Fish, and G were all like gym maniacs back then trying to get me to go with ya'll. You never stopped trying to make me a better marine, a better person. And I'll always remember you, thank you, and love you for that, you were always a big brother to me. You always told me that our platoon was a family. Well man, I'm trying to get the family back together, but now it won't be. It'll never be the same without you...til we meet again, hey, can I get first watch? Because we'll all be joining you up there just as soon as we can. I got your back big brother, Semper Fidelis, Force Dragons Run the Ranger Battalion, lol. 3/4 Wpns Co, bastards of the bastards. Your fellow Marine, and eternal friend,
John Colburn

PS That new Hatebreed album comes out next month, I'll send you a copy."
Burn of Oakland, CA (3/4 Wpns Co. Dragons Plt. 2nd Sec)

After leaving the depot, I went to Ramadi, Iraq. Saw your name on the wall (1stMarDiv) saw where you made your last stand. My two sons and daughter know your name and have seen your picture. Just wanted you to know that you made them better. They understand sacrifice and know that freedom comes at a high price. Put in a good word for me with St Peter. Take Care Brother!"
Trent Marecz of Calirornia

"Ok, so a few of us got together and created a profile on Myspace for Al. Please know that this is in no way an attempt to promote Myspace or anything like that. It was created, and being mentioned here, as another way of keeping his memory strong and is intended to be, what I like to think of as; "A cyber pub where everybody knows his name." Some of me favorite memories with Al included many pints accompanied by plenty of shenanigans, a stout pride of Irish lineage, history & lore, and all set to emerald notes from both then and now. Therefore, this is the ambiance we sought to recreate for his page. It's BYOB but we provide photos and the music. If you're reading this, you are invited! Help spread the word and visit his page at WWW.MYSPACE.COM. Search by name: Allan Walker, or by screen name: " BEAST ". URL is http://www.myspace.com/1759beast. Last, search by email, HYDROGLYPHYX73@HOTMAIL.COM. More photos are needed! See ya there. Slainte!"
Roger H. of Ventura, Ca.

"Strange that it has been 2 yrs today bro. I guess anywhere either in everyday life and or in memory, time stands still when it comes to you. I regret that I did not get to know you very long and I am certain that there is no one who can say they knew you long enough. I am forever grateful that our lives crossed paths at all. Well, the flag is up, your DI cover hangs proudly on me wall over a framed photo of you and the rest of the 2-4, and in about an hour the pints will be flowin. 'Til Fiddlers Green, Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam."
Roger H. of Ventura, Ca.

"Hey brother,
its been 2 years today. cant believe time has passed by so fast. its seems just yesterday we were walking across the parade deck towards the base theater trying to figure out how to put motley crue and some song you said was the highlife into a sing-song for final drill. i miss those random guiness and marlboro infused evenings at the locker room. most of all, i miss you. i love you man. take luck. cuz thats where we go."
SSgt Scott J McLaughlin RCT5 PSD PltSgt of Fallujah, Iraq

"Walker we were best friends from the beginning! Remember our first day arriving at MCRD going to Boot Camp? Our friendship started on our first day in the Marine Corps with Pl.1075 at MCRD San Diego back in November 1994. Walker remember we talked about what it would be like to one day become Drill Instructors ourselves. Through the years up at Camp Pendleton we became so close and I never really told you how much I respected and looked up to you. Remember you were so glad to go off to Drill Instructor school. I will never forget you Walker. I think about you almost daily. Say hi to Nolte for me I miss the heck out of you two. I know your family is strong and they have alot of support behind them. I just wish I could see you one more time, to hear you tell one more joke. Walker I promise buddy I will see you one day again. You and Nolte keep everbody straight up there. God Bless you Walker.........Semper Fi Devil Dawg!! I hope your mom reads this and gets in contact with me im gonna give her my email brrake2006@yahoo.com"
Cpl. Brown K.R. of Bangkok, Thailand

"hey brother,
just poppin in again. today marks my one month anniversary here. hehe. since i last wrote ya, its been kinda quite. i will say however that on that first patrol, we got our first ied attack. guess im not a virgin anymore. everyone was fine though, and weve recieved small arms, and another ied since. i extended for the full year, and ill do my best for ya. still miss ya bro, here more than ever. keep watchin over us all. take luck, cuz thats where we go....cuz thats where we go."
SSgt Scott "Mack" McLaughlin RCT-5 PSD PLTSGT of Fallujah, Iraq

"To the family of:Allan K. Walker I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"hey there doll....it has been sometime now since i've touched that smiling face ,but i close my eyes and see it all the time..you touched my very soul and miss you all the time....look out for scott and all your brothers over in iraq....and scott if you see this hope all is well with you my friend"
april of lancaster,ca

"Hey Brother,
Welp, I'm here in Fallujah, and I'm about to go out on my first patrol. Sweet, eh? Except for the fact Ive had Sadaam's Revenge for a week and my craphole is sucking buttermilk. I know youre watching my back up there, and I'll do ya proud. Mack's Alley in da house, and F' Will Smith.
Cuz Thats Where We Go"
SSgt Scott J McLaughlin of RCT5 PSD PLTSGT, Fallujah Iraq

"I remember SSgt Walker from Boot Camp, he came over from 1053 to become one of my drill instructors, plt 1054 Bravo Co. back in Jan-April 2002. He always joked that he was a cook, of course we all knew he was infantry. I would have been proud to have served under his command and guidance in the infantry, he was an outstanding drill instructor. Farewell,
Sergeant Garcia VJ, 3rd BN, 4th Mar, 2nd Platoon."
Victor Jesus Garcia of Chicago IL

"I remember SSGT Walker when I was in MRP he used to come in and bring movies for us to watch, I had heard rumors from old friends in boot camp that he was killed in the war but I didn't really think of them as anything more than rumors. SSgt Walker taught me alot about "reachin down and grabbin a hold" and sucking it up whenever we thought our injuries were too much. He will always be rememebred -Cpl Nieto"
Raul M Nieto of Okinawa Japan

"Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave!!
Semper Fi BEAST. We miss you."
SGT. Todd Vanderveen of Huntington Beach, CA USA

"Hey Brother,
I just found out that Im getting attached to 5th Marines when I punch over to Iraq come February. Pretty sweet that I'll get to work with some of your Bn while I'm there. Still thinkin bout you everyday. I wont be here for your B-Day this year, but I'll work something out. I'll make sure someone is there with you with a beer and a pinch of cope. Maybe some wings from Hooters. Why? Cuz thats where we go. Love you Brother. Take Luck"
SSgt Scott "Mack" McLaughlin of Camp Pendleton, CA


"Staff Sgt. Walker,
It has been almost a year and a half since you had to leave to guard heavens gates. And I wanted you to know that I have still not forgotten you."
Cpl. Trevino of Iraq

"I have sat and looked at this site hundreds of times. I have wondered what I could possibly say to do a man like Al justice. Nothing. My words, although heartfelt, cannot describe this man. Personally and professionally this is one of the greatest men that I ever knew. From getting him to eat fish tacos from Rubio's (yes i did get him to eat seafood), to helping me move, to teaching me what to do as a Senior when he was my Heavy, to his unique driving style, Allan showed you what true friendship was. This beast of a man looked intimidating, but had the heart of a saint (even though he would not like me referencing it in that way). Allan I miss you and I pray that this superficial nation never forgets men like you. We must never forget......"
SSgt Andy Beavers/ Bravo Nation DI,SDI, SerGysgt of Oxford, Mississippi (Ole Miss)


It has taken me over a year to write a message to you. I think about you every day, and it is almost too hard for words to admit you are gone. You mean the world to me, and I miss you constantly. You inspired me to become more than I thought I could. Thank you for being all that you are. You were my hero then and you are my hero now. You left some mighty big shoes to fill. There will always be a piece of my heart that belongs to you."
Stephanie McKinney of San Diego, Ca

"Hey, Allen well guess what, I'm back at it again. Down on the streets again, training those undicipline ones and hopefully things work well this time. You know you no more chucks just cammies, well only thursdays and fridays for chuck. Hey I showed the recruits pieces of the scenes that were capture in video and how your Co and your Plt got some, you know letting them know what Marines do and how they do it. "J" next cycle and picking 91, it will be tough. Hey there is one of us on the way man, take care of him. New Bob, didn't even get a chance to train. Semper Fi"
ssgt valerio, j s

"My dearest friend, I can't express properly just how your death has affected me. I draw on the good times we had--our trip to the San Diego Zoo and the Marine Corps Ball in 1996. Remember the plays in high school? I still have a hard time grasping that you are gone. You were one in a million and I miss you terribly! You will live in my heart always!"
Erin of Gardner, KS

"Allan, I can't believe it took me this long to find this site but now that I have I just want to say hi. I'm sure you read this everyday but I'm also sure you hear what I'm thinking about you. We all miss you and think about you often. I know you're keeping heaven safe for us and getting everyone in line up there, they may be angels but now I'm sure they're disciplined angels. Tell Brian Bland I said Hi and I'll see you both when that time comes. Until then I'll have some beers for you. Love you brother!"
GySgt Bret Baker (former Delta Co. DI) of Camp Pendleton, CA

"On Memorial Day I took my wife and 3 month old daughter (Josephine Riley) to visit your grave. I realize my little girl had no idea the importance of such a day. However, I would not have missed that opportunity for the world. You are definitely a person to always be remembered. I want my little girl to know the value of such a hard working dedicated man. As I was explaining all of this to her trying to fight back the tears with every new sentence. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the urge to laugh. The memory of you falling asleep while standing up in D.I. School knocking over some chairs in the process came to mind. Brother, you are truly a memorable person. I have always admired everything about you. Your strengh inspires me always. May God Bless you and your family."
Staff Sergeant Jacob A. Slechta of 3rd Bn. 1st Marines

"hey brother, i got my tat for you yesterday. ren says he's gonna get the same thing too. funny thing, i found out i'm not scottish after all, im irish. guess all those times you called me scotland turned out to be just a play on words. by the way, ren got selected for gunny......the boot. thinkin about you every day. take luck.. mack"
SSgt Scott McLaughlin of Hooters-cuz thats where we go!

"as scott says ....its been over a yr now since AL passed ....and it doesn't get easier........ it just becomes different you figure ways to go about your life but he is always in the back of your mind....he is an amazing individual touched the lives of so many....i remember the first time we met...i walked in the kitchen at a friend of ours house...where him and his friends were sitting...we had never met or seen each other prior...and he leans over and says to his friends ..man whos that chick with the dark hair and tattoos...haha....and i just remeber thinking oh my god that guy is huge and ive never heard a deeper voice in my life....Allan left a stamp on all of our lives......to us he was huge larger then life...untouchable...and in my memories he will always live...i miss you AL..."
april(girlfirend) of lancaster,ca

"Rest in peace Marine. You'll be missed by all who knew you. Best wishes to the Walker family. God Bless, Semper Fidelis..."
SSgt Gabriel, Anthony V./ DRILLMASTER 1stRTBN 02-03 of Campen, CA

"I served with Walker in 3/4 Wpns Co., Dragons Plt. He was my first section leader in the Fleet. I'll never forget the operations we shared and picking him, Homer (Homie), and Brick up from Las Vegas airport in my wife's little Duster (What a trip!) I've never served with a better individual than Walker. He tended to the mission and his troops. It was a sad day when I heard of his death. You will be missed Walker, but never forgotten. Save a post in Heaven for me."
Nick Woodard (Sgt, USMC) of Stafford, VA

"happy birthday brother.
SSgt Scott McLaughlin of Camp Pendleton, CA

"Allan, I never met you, but wear your name on my wrist in your honor. You did not die in vain, but assured those of us in this great country another day of freedom. You will not be forgotten! Rest in peace you brave man!
My prayer to you and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice....

God the compassionate one, whose loving care extends to all the world:
We remember this day your children of many nations and many faiths whose lives were cut short by the fierce flames of anger and hatred.
Console those who continue to suffer and grieve, and give them comfort and hope as they look to the future.
Out of what we have endured give us the grace to examine our relationships with those who perceive us as the enemy, and show our leaders the way to use our power to serve the good of all for the healing of the nations.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord who, in reconciling love, was lifted up from the earth that he might draw all things to himself.

Nannette J of Honolulu, Hawaii/USA

"Its been a year today since Al left. SSgt rendon and I were up at LA Natl Cemetery today visiting him. We brought some flowers and shared a beer with him. It's good to see so many have been there and have left a little something behind to keep him comfortable. Ren gave a pinch of Cope, even though there was still a can by his marker. It hasnt gotten any easier to accept, and probably never will, it's just become different. Miss you brother.
Take Luck- Mack"
SSgt Scott McLaughlin of Camp Pendleton, CA

"I was echo's co.radio Operator, SSgt Allen his Friends and Family. I might not of known him well or for long but the time we had and moments we encountered I will never forget. with all my respect. RIP"
Jeff Andrade (CPL) of SD, Cali

"R.I.P SSgt Walker (AKA Beast). You will always be remembered by all who have served with you.
Your Bravo Co Brother GySgt Dacilas."
GySgt Dacilas P of San Diego, California

"I have written this post three times now- there is so much I know about Allan, so much we shared and so many things we went through together. I was fortunate to say that I still hold the rounds fired at the funeral, two of us have them and the family the rest. Allan was my brother and I am proud to be one of the Bravo Nation that sports his memory forever in ink. I am with Allan in that I have one tattoo, "it's just not finished yet!" Your purple heart and your name will forever be recognizable.
I miss you man, you are the greatest of friends."
SSgt SM Strum, of Bravo Nation

"You didnt die in vain Allan. You died like a warrior on a Battle Field fighting for others who needed your help. What you fought for,and what we all fought for is something that had to happen. I remember talking to you about this in my room,while I was on restriction having a few beers. (I guess we cant get in trouble for it now,lol) I love ya Brother....You`re a warrior and a great friend of mine. I`ll never forget ya!!
Wpns 2/4"
Reagan C. Hodges of Houston,Tx

"Drill Instructor Sgt Walker always used to cuss a bit when the Senior (then SDI SSgt Nguyen) was not around. After having said his peace, he would look each of us in the eye and state, "Don't be like me. I was raised by wolves! Cussing makes you sound stupid." He would then proceed to cuss some more. The man was anything but stupid and I sought in all ways to be like him. All DIs are mean, of course, but I tried my hardest to win his respect. SSgt Walker was and will still be the name that pops up in most of my Boot Camp stories. My friends and family have never met him, but they know him well by his reputation.

We'll see you in a bit, Sir. Semper Fi!"
LCPL Daniel of Lubbock, Texas

""The Beast"
This is what some called him when i was in bootcamp. He was the heavy hat in our platoon(1085 Bra.Co.). When I think "Marine", I will always think of your face and the things you said. I never met anyone who was so serious and funny at the same time. We will win this damn war for you! Whenever i run, your spirit will always be running next to us Marines. See you on the other side SSgt."
Lcpl. Frederickson of St.Paul, MN (corydf@comcast.net)


"I will never forget the story SSgt Walker told me while at DI School MCRD San Deigo. " I remember the first time one of my Drill Instructors yelled ears, I reported to the qurter deck..." for those who knew him, this should bring a smile of his memory, God Bless the family and friends of SSgt Walker"
SSgt Little of Camp Lejeune, NC

"in memory of ssgt. walker, it seems like yesterday when you were my drill instructor in boot camp, when really it was 3 years ago. thank you for those words of incouragement in those man to man talks me had. everything i learned in boot camp i learned from you. i know in my heart that i am the marine i am today because of you. thank you allan. you will never be forgotton!"
keith of Oceanside, CA/USA

"SSGT A.K WALKER, It was only yesterday we were talking about gong to see a punk show. Gosh..., You are the first brother i've had and the first real role model. You will always be missed, and "THE BEAST" not forgotten."
Lcpl Mark E Hamett of San Diego CA

It was truly a honor to be you friend and brother. I know we had plans to live together when we got back from Iraq. We had talked about it for hours while in the chow hall at the Combat Outpost. I remember those conversations that we had on those late nights after one of us had gotten back from a night patrol. One thing you told me was "take care of your Marines and get them the awards they deserve". Well budddy, now that we are back I have seen all of my Marines get the awards they earned. At the time it seemed weired to me that you were the one giving me the advice. It wasn't too long ago that it was the other way around. You know how good it felt to tell a lot of my junior Marines that I was your PLT SGT at 3/4. Al, thanks for talking me back into the Marine Corps. You know that I missed it and that I wasn't complete unless I was a Marine. I know you had my back during the rest of the deployment. I knew you were there and helping me make decisions in some very hairy times. Thanks for having my back. I know you always did. I only wish I could have been there for you brother. You will always be in my heart."
Sergeant R. Glenn Ford of 2/4 G Co, Camp Pendleton, CA

"It was my honor to know this man. "Intellectual" is not a word often attribtuted to Marines and certainly not often to this man, sometimes called "the Beast". However, I was blessed even as a recruit to have seen this side of him. He had an undeniably keen intellect applied as Marines have, to the Art of War. Not to solely the modern aspects of combat but even to ancient history, the breadth of his knowledge was impressive. But it is not solely to his intellect that I salute, but the man, and the Marine. As a recruit, I saw a Marine, body, soul, and mind. It was my honor to wear the same uniform, to a man such as this.
My condolences to the Staff Sergeant's Family: God's peace, comfort and presence, your loss is shared by the many thousands of lives he touched.
Semper Fidelis"
Ensign Leo Kim, CHC, USNR(former recruit USMC) of Fresno, CA

"i was in platoon 1014 and he was the senior in 1013(oct 03) although he wasn't my dI he was still an influence on my life because he was always there giving us life lessons while we were in the field. A couple of * chewings helped also. We both were at 2/4 almost the same time and stayed at the same base at rimadi. I can honestly say that ssgt walker had a direct influence to the type of marine i am. Many of my fellow young marines in golf 2/4 had the special priveledge of knowing this great marine. Semper Fi"
lcpl jason rosman of camp pendleton

"SSgt Walker touched everyone he served with. He was hard yet sincere, always had a question yet he was very smart. We talked about the Marine Corps, Enlisted/Officer ranks, recruits, and understanding women. I can not think of another person I would want by my side when the "*" hit the fan. He was a good person with a good heart. He died doing what he loved...looking out for others. I am proud to have served with him. Semper Fi!"
Trent M Marecz of San Diego, California

"SSgt. Walker will be missed. I was one of his recruits and i will never forget the things that he taught me. I just recently found out what happened. My prayers go out to his family."
LCpl Arvizu, Rafael of Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan

"We have elected to name American Legion Post 619 in memory of this fallen Hero"
Gemmell,G SSGt USMC R 1992 of Warner Springs CA

"I met Drill Instructor Staff Sgt. Walker while I was in the Medical Recovery Platoon. When I was there I didn't have much going for me and it looked like I was going to get sent home due to my injuries. However, he helped me gain a new sense of confidence and beat the odds to get back into training. I always looked at him as a role model for myself, and I know that I am not the only one who was a better person and Marine for knowing him. Semper Fi."
LCpl Caudill of 29 Palms, CA

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

""You see, I was raised by wolves," then Sgt. Walker used to tell us during Boot Camp. He had an aura of invincibility about him. He inspired awe, and fear and respect. He was quick to tear you a new one, then pull you aside to tell you a joke.
Allan K. Walker was a man, a Marine I respected above all others I have met in my two plus years in the Corps. He was the Marine who gave me my Eagle, Globe and Anchor in Boot Camp, and it is a moment I will never forget. He whispered a message to me as he presented me with my symbol of the Corps, one I always remember every time I put on my uniform. He was also the last Marine I talked to as I left MCRD, San Diego. I made my mother stop the car as we were leaving so I could run up to him and thank him personally for all he did for me, and the platoon. I always felt I would see him again in the fleet. When I did, it was only a picture of him in the Marine Times as one of the fallen in the war on terrorism.
Staff Sgt. Walker, you inspired me to be better than I was, you helped form me into a Marine and I will be eternally grateful to you and never forget you.
My condolences to his friends and family. He was a helluva Marine I wish I had known better.

LCpl Chris Korhonen, Bravo 1054"
LCpl Chris Korhonen of Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan

"I just want to give my support to DI SSGT Walker's family for he was one of my Marine Rehab Platoon Drill Instructors at MCRD San Diego. He was a good man and a better Marine. i was only a recruit when i met him, unfortunately i didnt get to go to the fleet and serve with him, i was medically discharged from bootcamp. I was at MCRD for 6 months. He treated all of the rehab recruits like men but still kept us inline. That was his duty. I am honored to have known him as a man and a United States Marine. I am a better person because of him. He will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the Corps
PFC Chris Etchieson of Richardson, TX, USA

"I never met Allan personally, I only know him through stories and pictures from his girlfriend, April. April and I met on a fluke, randomly she chose to speak to me. We always swapped stories about Allan and my husband, Patrick. I remember hearing stories about him when they first met, their dates, and how she felt about him. I remember the pictures of them together and how happy they looked.

My husband is still in Ramadi Iraq. I tell you this: Allan might not be there physically, but he, along with all the other Marines/Navy Corpsmen that have passed, are there in every single one of those guys' hearts in Ramadi. Allan and the others will NEVER be forgotten.

God Bless you Allan Walker. You are missed by all."
Kim of Camp Pendleton

"i was allan's girlfriend,he was such an honerable man,he loved being a marine most of all...our time together was short but he touched my life more then i think even he realized,he was my heart and soul and made me just glow with happiness at the very site or sound of him.At first i did'nt believe in the war,but he believed in it and his words to me in the letters he sent made me believe in it too.He wrote to me telling me about the children over there how they love all of the soldiers over there.....he actually asked me to send more mints for him because he kept giving them out to the kids..haha....but that was what kind of man he was always thinking of others before himself,he felt that he was making difference over there...and there is no doubt in my mind that he was, that all of our brave soldiers are for that matter.Allan i will always hold you close to me and as long as there is a breath in my body and beat in my heart you will be there.I miss you and will always remember"Ti scordar de mi"for we will meet again"
april of lancaster,ca

"Allan and I were both senior drill instructors together in Bravo. He and I had been together since DI school. Endless nights on duty, laying string on the upper shelf, tag team IT sessions, and then the numerous beers shared at Tom Foolery. We spent the last three years of his life together, and I am hard pressed to remember ever meeting anyone as dedicated to what they do as Allan was. More than that, he was dedicated to those around him. I see that more than ever, as I see a continuing outpouring of grief for his loss, and support for his family and friends during this hard time. Thank you all for honoring his memory. He'll be missed, but not forgotten. I miss you brother"
Sgt Scott "Mack" McLaughlin of MCRD San Diego, CA

"My name is Cpl. Hardin and I am very proud to say that Sgt. Walker made me a Marine and I am forever in debt to him for doing so. I have spoke with other Marines that were in our platoon, and they all send thier prayers out to the family and friends. But may I say before I sign out. Sgt. Walker....you are more thatn Marine, you are more than our Drill Instructor, you are our Brother and our family as well. Thank you Sgt.

Cpl Hardin, USMC
Platoon 1053, Bravo Company"
Nathan Hardin of Bay City, Michigan

"Sergeant Walker, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"SSgt. Walker was my Senior Drill Instructor in Bravo Co. He took great pride in the Marine Corps and especially the Marines that he made. He was a one of a kind person. The kind of person you only pray your son or daughter would become. I was saddened to her about his death. This just shows how much he adhered to the moto "Semper Fidelis." He not only said it, but more importantly, lived it to the end.
LCPL Melle, John C. Bravo Co. 1083 (06/2003)"
John of Camp Lejeune, NC

"He was my last Senior Drill Instructor before I left boot camp. I was REALLY jacked up coming back from MRP...ask anyone from Bravo Company. I will always be grateful for his refusal to give up on me and his willingness to give me one last chance."
LCpl T.J. Ham of 1st FSSG/H&S Bn - Camp Pendleton, California, USA

"Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker... you were my Drill Instructor, you are a great man and a great Marine. You and the other fellow Marines guarding the gates of Heaven show that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and for that I thank you. Someday we will meet again until then Semper Fi. Lcpl Trevino plt. 1054 B.Co."
Dan Trevino of Terre Haute, IN/USA

"I had the privelege of serving alongside "Al" as a section leader with Dragons Platoon 3rd Bn 4th Marines in Twentynine Palms, Ca for 3 years. He was one of the hardest working NCO's in the battalion and I am proud to call him a friend. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Walkers and to all who have lost loved ones. Allan will be missed by all who knew him. Semper Fidelis brother I will see you on the other side."
Staff Sergeant Brian C Fisher of Fayetteville, NC

"Ssgt. Walker was my drill instructo in boot camp i believe i was his first platoon. He kept me going alot of the times and is the reason im the Marine i am today. He was in the same battalion as i am and in the same compound.Although he was in Echo co and i am in Golf i saw him alot he will be soely missed."
Cpl Nicholas Erwin of Ar Ramadi

"My friends,
I am astonished and comforted by all the kindness that has been coming my way, and to Allan's dad Ken and stepmom PJ, since we got the awful news. To those who could not make Allan's funeral, look up the words to "I Vow to Thee, My Country" by C.A. Spring-Rice, because it was sung at Allan's funeral by one of my friends. You can hear it sung by Charlotte Church. It sums up what every man and woman in uniform does. Also, look up "Mo Ghile Mear", which can be heard on a Chieftans album. Our Piper played it - learned it, actually, especially for Allan. I thought it was a fitting and beautiful lament, and then when I discovered it is traditionally played at closing time in Irish pubs, HAD TO HAVE IT! Those of you who knew Allan definitely understand, and those of you who are on the site to support a grieving Marine family, well, you would have to have known him only about five minutes to be laughing along with the rest of us. God bless you all.
Much Love and Thanks,
(as I was often known at Highland High,) Mrs. uhh uhh Allan'smom!"
Nancy C. Walker of Lancaster, CA

"I had the privelege of serving with Allan in Dragons Plt. 3/4 for the 4 years I spent in the Corps. He taught me everything I know about honor, and duty, and helped shape the man that I am today. To his family I offer my most sincere condolences for your loss, Allan was a true hero and one of the finest men I have ever known.
Semper Fi, Brother, you will never be forgotten."
Mark Bergquist of Edmonds, Washington

"We buried SSgt Walker last week in L.A. at the National Cemetery. We may have buried his body, but not his memory. I had the opportunity to serve with this brave Marine,(he was one of my Drill Instructors) and I will cherish every memory that I have. You never had to tell him something twice. He was always respectful...always. He did whatever it took to get the job done. He worked long, hard, grueling hours, training America's newest Marines...13 weeks on, no rest. And when his tour at the Depot was over, he went straight to his unit, he didn't want to miss their deployment date. The future of the Marine Corps rests on the shoulders of men like Allan Walker and his fellow Drill Instructors. SSgt Walker was killed in action, facing the enemy as part of a reactionary force going in to relieve some ambushed Marines. He died an American hero, he died for your freedom, and for mine. I have no doubt that someday this war, like all wars, will end. We WILL prevail, and it will be because of men like Allan Walker. May God bless the Walker family, and all those in harm's way.

Semper Fidelis"
Capt. Brian Manifor, (USMC) of Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA

"Mighty Bravo!
My friend, fellow Drill Instructor, my Marine Corps brother. You will be sadly missed by all of us who knew you, and your sacrifice is appreciated by those who didn't. Your willingness to do anything at anytime for your friends has assured you a spot in paradise for the rest of your ongoing days. My condolences go out to Allan's family...I served with him in Bravo Co., MCRD San Diego and can assure you that he will never be forgotten by me, his comrades, his former recruits, or anyone who knew him. God bless all of you...Semper Fi my brother, we love and miss you."
SSgt. Aaron M. Elliott and family of Tucson, Arizona

"From one Marine family to another
"Though you cannot always see the bird singing, if you listen with you heart, you can always hear his song.
Though the ones we love may leave life as we know it, in our memory, the love we knew will always carry on." unknown author
Our heart and thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Your precious Allan will not be forgotten. He was a true American!"
Charles Davis family of Kailua, Hawaii

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort
in love's everlasting connection.

There are many loving and caring Americans from all over the United
States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has
made for our Freedom. In the Support section of this web site you
will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial
time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a
quilt to the next of kin. Please register so we can send you
our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Member Of Marine Comfort Quilt group, and Proud Marine Mom"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Allan, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To Allan's Family:
There aren't words to express the grief we all feel for your loss. May God bless you and watch over you."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"I am a longtime friend and girlfriend of Allan's. I would like to say thank you to all of you on behalf of his family and his friends and him. He will truly be missed. Allan was a diamond in the rough. He was a true hero and a true friend. I will love him forever."
m of camp pendleton, ca

"The death of Staff Sgt. Walker, one of the Drill Instructors for my son, LCpl. Jacob Ruebelmann, is a loss for all those who valued his contribution in forming Marines and for those who valued his friendship and good humor, and his family has our heart-felt condolences."
John W. Ruebelmann of Anchorage, Alaska

"On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincere condolences. We share the same loss...the same pain. Our prayers are with you and we thank you for your child's bravery & sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Rest in Peace Tufelhunden,Semper Fi
The Taylors

"Thank you Allan Walker, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Allan Walker:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Allan for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Allan Walker:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Allan, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on