Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Spc. Allen J. Vandayburg

20, of Mansfield, Ohio.
Vandayburg died in Barez, Iraq when a rocket-propelled grenade struck his vehicle. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany. Died on April 9, 2004.

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"Thinking of you again AJ its that time of year. I am writing a book about the tour of Ba'quba we did and i spent a lot of time writing about that good friday in '04. Not a day goes by brother. "Duty First" RIP brother"
Thomas Pursley 1-6FA, 3rd BCT, 1st ID. of Chillicothe, Ohio VA hospital

"You will never be forgotten."
AM of VA

"Another Good Friday and Easter. Such a hard time of year for us.. We all still miss you so much AJ, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and what your future would have held.. I love you, and miss you..
Reading all of the comments posted truly reminds me of what a wonderful man you were..."
Mom ( Chantil Dahlby) of Mansfield Ohio

"My son was born today. His name is Aiden Allen. I hope he has Vandy's personality. Love you bro."
Eric laboy of San antonio

"Happy 30th birthday my beautiful angel.
I miss you, but will celebrate for you.
Love you always bub"
Taylor of Mansfield

"Dear Allen, and family,

Once again, "You will never be forgotten." This day if for you, and all others that have payed the ultimate price. Thank you and Gods speed."
Jason Martinez of Honolulu, Hawaii

"R.I.P. I will catch you on the other side. My Prayers go out to your family."
hayes of knoxville TN

"Thinking of you lots today...always in my heart and never forgotten. I know your up there watching over of us missing you...soon we will meet again my friend!"
Kari of Mansfield

"Just checking bro, miss you A.J."
Marcus Talley of Mansfield, OH

"You're birthday is coming up bub.
I hope its another amazing year in Heaven, but i would much rather have you hear with me!
As you know i am going to be 20 this year. I cant believe how fast time goes. Its been 9 years and i still think about you every single day it will never be easy and the pain will never go away. but i have learned to just think about all the happy memories and those are the ones that keep me going! I LOVE YOU and i hope i am making you proud"
Taylor of Mansfield, ohio

"To AJ and the Vandeyburg Family, I dont think I have ever left a comment. My name is Jon Houle. I served with AJ in 2-2 INF .. I was a Team Leader at the time ...I was there that day when everything went bad .... I remember that day like it was yesterday... I was supposed to get AJ in my squad after that mission.. I remember the night before when AJ was in the back of the HMVV on the 08 th of April.. AJ was amazing .. .He is what a Soldier should be ..... I just wanted to say thank you to his family and everyone for not forgeting who he was ... I still remember after all these years how much he ment to all of us . Its 4 july and i find myself again on another deployment ... taking care of my Soldiers and comparing them all to AJ...they just dont meet that standard. So Mr Allen James Vandayburg your not gone .. your still here now and forever. If anyone wants to get ahold of me ... its Jonathan.houle @us.army.mil"
Punisher 3 ...Jonathan Houle of Deployed again

"Memorial Day 2012
Miss you, thinking about you, wanted to let u know your still thought of all the time."
beverly of carrollton ohio

"Vandy, I Will never forget you. I keep your picture on my dresser and always will. Our lives here are short so I will see you Soon my friend!"

"Miss ya brother... You will never be forgotten.you'll have one sitting on the bar next to me all night.
Love ya, C ya soon."
Elder 2-2

"Miss ya brother... You will never be forgotten.you'll have one sitting on the bar next all night. Love ya, c ya soon."
Elder 2-2

""We miss you brother. i think about you almost everyday, and your memory will always stay fresh in my mind. Thanks for watching over us. May your memory never fade from our hearts and minds.""
matthew hayes of knoxville tn

"I think about you everyday. I miss you and you are always in my prayers, rest in peace brother, I know you are watching over us all."
John of Cleveland, OH

"Miss you everyday brother 8 years hard to think about just know well meet again never forget the times we had"
hank of Phoenix AZ

"Miss you so much, and wish that you were still here with us.. I miss your laugh and I miss our talks.. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. Love you so much.. One day we will be together again."
Mom of Crestline Oh

"Veterans Day 2011. Remembering your sacrifice and the loss of a fine young soldier on this solemn day."
Fellow Vet of Shelby

"Happy birthday my beautiful angel.
I love you more than words could describe."
Taylor Vandayburg of Mansfield

"Thinking about you a lot lately.
Your birthday is coming up and I
just wish i could spend it with you.
Love you always & forever.
gone, but never forgotten.
Taylor Vandayburg of Mansfield

"Vandy, I'll be thinking of you this memorial day as I do on most days atleast once. Everytime I drive by your memorial on the square I can't help but think of what happened. I will never forget."
Nester 2-2 Ramrods of shelby ohio

"I have been watching the lifetime series Coming Home and this morning I found myself thinking of Chris and his family and the loss of A.J. I don't live in mansfield anymore so I don't drive by the memorial and get reminded like most of you, however there are still many people that remember your son and your brother he truely was a hero and he was taken from you to soon!!!!! I went to school with Chris, we've known each other since we were in elementary school I wasn't sure how to reach out to him when you had this loss My brother died but he was a baby I didn't have the 20years of memories your family had. I'm so sorry you lost a Son and a Brother and I want you to know he has not been forgotten by the rest of the world either! God Bless!"
Beverly Burkhart (welshans) of Carrollton Ohio

"I miss you, I hate when im lonely
because that is when my mind wanders.
I hate that because it leads me to think
of who you would be today, if you would
have a family or kids. One thing i
know that will always be true is you
would have been an amazing brother like
you always were. Growing up without you
is harder than anything. Sometimes i
wish i could pick up the phone and call
Heaven just to hear your voice & know
you are safe, I love you so much bub, &
miss you than i ever thought was possible.
I will see you one day soon, & i am excited.
2-20-11 <3"
Taylor Vandayburg of Ohio<3

"miss you. more today than yesterday, &
i'll miss you even more tomorrow.
i love you, and you will always be in
my heart & head.
Taylor of Crestline, Ohio

"Merry Christmas Son, I love and miss you so bad.Thought it would get easier with time.They Lied. Love Dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield, Ohio

"Missing you !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Allen Vandayburg of Masfield Oh

"Well damn you are getting to be a old * man I hope you are down for some shot tomorrow for your B-Day and dont worry they are on me I love you bro and miss you so much Happy Birthday!!!!!!!"
Chris Vandayburg of Virginia

"While the doves fly away,
thoughts of you remain.
I’d send you my heart, my mind,
my soul and hope that my wish could get to you"
Taylor of Crestline

"not a day goes by you dont cross my mind
not a day goes by i dont look at your picture
i love you forever & always by my side<3"
Taylor of Crestline

"I had my senior prom last night bub
& it made me miss you. i hate looking
back and seeing that you have not been
here for any of this. i love you with
everything and carry you in my heart
every singe day. you are my beautiful
gaurdian Angel & even you werent there
last night in present i knew you
were there in presence with me.
love you bub keep getting me through<3"
Taylor of Crestline

"I thought of you today,
but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
& days before that too.
I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.
All I have are memories
& a picture in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake,
from which I'll never part.
God has you in his arms
& I have you in my heart
- love you more & more everyday bub"
Taylor of Crestline

"The Lord is close to the broken hearted
& saves those who are crushed in spirit
-- he sure has saved me these years you
have been away. cant wait to see you again
i love you with my whole heart."
Taylor of crestline

""I'd give up forever to touch you.
I know that you feel me somehow.
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be."
It's hard being without you.
I miss you so much & I love you with all my heart.
You are forever my angel
holding me together. <3"
taylor of crestline

"If tears could build a stairway,
& memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to Heaven
& bring you home again.
-missing you bad bub<3"
Taylor of Crestline

"Remembering AJ for his sacrifice on the 6yr anniversary of his death. So sad to loose a fine young American hero. Your sacrifice is not forgotten and I remember to look at your memorial every time I drive by."
A fellow vet

"Hey A.J. I still remember when my mom brought me and my bro (Uriah) to see you guys after Sirena's violin lesson. I have been thinking of you a lot and wish I go to know you and Chris more. There would be so much I would love to talk to you about and maybe someday I will get that chance. I will never forget your huge dog. That thing scared the * out of me at the time ha ha. I still make a point to drive by your memorial in mansfield when I am up that way. I will always remember what times that I did get to spend with you. I will never forget!"
Aaron Landoll of Bellville, Ohio

"I'm scared with all my heart to look
back & i dont like to look forward, but
if i look beside me you are right there
helping me every step of the way<3
i love you bub"
Taylor of Crestline

"i miss the years that were erased
Taylor of Crestline

"you are still in all of our hearts and minds. no one could ever forget you. i still get brought to tears over losing you. we all miss you so much. to your family: your son and brother is a great man who will never be forgotten. let us never forget and continue to keep his memory alive."
eric laboy of san antonio, texas

"Never alone
I'll be in every beat of your heart
When you face the unknown
Wherever you fly
This isn't goodbye
My love will follow you stay with you
Taylor of Crestline

"Meeting god we stand in line, not alone
Nowhere to go, I'm not leaving
Not going, I'm not kissing you goodbye
Taylor of Crestline

"A song for a heart so big,
god wouldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends
Taylor of Crestline

"So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us world's apart
& I miss you & i wish you were here
Taylor of crestline

"Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here
Taylor of Crestline

"It's kinda hard with you not around
Know you in heaven smilin down
Watchin us while we pray for you
Every day we pray for you
Til the day we meet again
In my heart is where I'll keep you friend<333 - puff daddy i know you would appreciate this:) love & miss you every day bub."
Taylor of Crestline

"i miss you so much bubby, so much <3"
Taylor of Crestline

"A.J I miss you more today than yesterday but not more than tommorrow. I love you so much son and want to so believe that in the end I will see you again as that is what keeps me going. So many people love you and remember you every day..I promised I wont let them forget, cause I cant on this Veterans Day. God Bless my Son........."
Allen Vandayburg of Mnasfield, Ohio

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com"
Scott Steiner of Gahanna, OH / USA

"Hey bro its not a special occasion or any important day but just another day that I find myself thinking of you and when I look at my son and think how he will never be able to hang with his uncle AJ kills me life is exteamly hard with out you here and I miss you more and more every day and I look forward to when we can be together again."
Chris Vandayburg of Quantico, VA

"I am sorry I never thanked you for all you did for me. For being a friend when no one wasn't. I will miss you forever AJ. I wish I never moved.."
A.P. of Fort Mill, SC

"Happy Birthday A.J. Miss you so..."
Aunt Kimmy of Bellville, OH

"Happy Birthday AJ. We wonder where you would be and what would you be doing all the time. Just so unfair that you were taken from us so young. Miss you everyday"
Mom of Crestline Ohio

"Vandy it's been so long man! Damn allegies still act up when I think about you brother I love ya man"
Daniel Harris of Colorado Springs. Colorado

"Dear family of Allen J. Vandayberg.

My name is Jason Martinez and I was in Iraq with your son. I was in a different platoon when I had heard the news of what happened. I knew Allen from just being an acquaintance from work but when ever I seen him in a public or work environment he would always say "whats up". Im writing from Hawaii which is my second duty station. I just returned from a 15 month deployment in Iraq in March. This was my first Memorial Day celebration since being in the military. I felt it was appropriate to place his name on a lantern that I made for him during the Memorial Day Lantern Float in Magic Island, Hawaii. It was a very nice cermoney. You can google the event or email me at jdmartinez129@yahoo and I have a photo of the float if you would like. On behalf of me and my family I would like to say God Bless you and I am sorry for your loss. Allen was a very good person and a kind spirt.

P.S. I am glad you have a site like this to Memorialize your son, and a place for his friends to visit. God Bless, Allen you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN."
Jason Martinez of Denver, Colorado


One Word for you AJ. HERO !!! Thats to the piont and could only wish your family, friends , and the Punishers that served with you the Best. To the vandyberg family do not mourn for AJ , Yet rejoice for your son is a great man and a true inspiration for all . He is not gone but with us forever. A message to the people of Buhriz and the Punishers.. Don't forget about what we went through and remember that AJ wants us all together again . I will never forget you A. J. and I will do my best to honor you every day my brother."
Jonathan Houle of Columbus, GA

"Thinking of you, AJ. Will always remember the crazy days at Senior High! You are a hero. Love to you and your family."
Abby Linne of Los Angeles, CA

"All gave some....Some gave all....
Never Let Them Forget..... Miss you Everyday A.J ..............Love Dad."
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield, Ohio

"April 22, 2009
To the family of Spc. Allen J. Vandayburg:
Allen gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"miss you A. J."
marcus talley of mansfield, oh

"Another year gone, but our memories are strong. You are, now and forever, our hero. Love and miss you today, and every day!"
Aunt Kimmy of Bellville, OH

"Hey AJ still thinking about you brother all the time never gets easier the thought of you still brings tears to my eyes i love you and know your doing good things up there im sorry i havent been to see the family in a while but i will soon i promise you will always be in my heart and apart of my life i miss and love you bro."
hank of phoenix az

"A.J. Wow! What to say and where to begin....It has been almost 5 years since you were taken from this earth and I still can't help but wonder Why?..All I can figure is that God needed another hero in heaven! You were such a wonderful person-and a bad boy all at the same time! I will never forget the longest grounding of my life when you were caught sneaking in my window in the middle of the night when we were all of what 15?!!...I still tell people that story all these years later-maybe I think of it a lot b/c I have a daughter of my own now and dread those teenage years when she will find her first love and fall head over heals like we did!! I hope your family looks back on that night now and laugh just like I do....I am a happily married woman now and while my life has moved on I hope you know that I have never forgotten you and think about you and your family very often....RIP AJ.."
Jessie (Clark) Fisher of Lexington, Ohio

"hey vandy, sorry i haven't written in a long time but it's been hard. i still think of you everyday. you will never be forgotten by the punishers. you are one of a kind and we were all blessed to know you. i thank god for every day you were in my life. i know you're looking down on your family and the punishers. miss you."
eric laboy of san antonio, tx

"AJ, I was shocked to hear that we had lost you. I remember the fun times we had and the talks at True Value Hardware while we were working. You would talk to me and ask me for advice about going into the service. I never discouraged you from it, as my family members were in the military and my father served in the Army and Navy. I remeber getting your phone calls when you were over seas when I was working and i'd answer the phone. I apperciate what you done for us and our Country that we live in. I went to your calling hours with Dustin McNeely and I met your dad. My prayers are to your family as I myself knows what it's like to loose a child. I want you to know that the people that donated your Memorial was and still is customers of the Hardware store and I work part time for them, they are beautiful people and have a very kind heart. I just found out recentaly they were the ones that donated it.I quit True Value but still go in sometimes. So rest in Peace AJ and I will see you on the other side dear solider! God be with you."
Deb Pettry of Mansfield, Ohio

"A.J. .... Veteran's Day and every day, we miss you and we love you."
Kim of Bellville, oh


"A.J. Your sister turned (16) today and she is so beautiful and everytime i look at her I see you. You both have the same smile and it melts my heart. Sometimes the way she holds her head I have to take second look as she looks just like you. I am still not sure why you were taken from us but I do know you would be proud of your baby sister and I know she is very proud of you........Dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield, Ohio

"Happy Birthday, miss you so much."

"Allen, Chantel...We we're thinking of AJ today...We will never forget AJ or your family...We may no longer live in Mansfield...but our memories will live forever...With Love, Mike and Karen Loveless"
Mike and Karen Loveless of Ormond Beach, Fla

"AJ, Its not a Holiday or any special day at all its just a Monday.But you have been on my mind so much lately. I miss you so much, but I guess that will always be."
Mom of Crestline Ohio

"Heyy Aj. Tomorrow is memorial day. Mom and Maw Maw and i were talkin about you the other day. And i was tellin them how i've always remember when my Paw Paw died and you let me watch tv with you til i fell back asleep and you helped me feel better. And how you used to always go buy Cody and i all kinds of candy! Your heart was full of love and joy and you always cared! We all miss you soooo much! It's still hard to believe that your gone and it feels like just yesterday. I think about you every day and i make sure that no one will ever forget what you fought for and what you sacraficed for our counrty! i love you Aj! Thank you for everything you gave!"
Chelsea Loveland of Bellville, Ohio

"A Memorial Day Tribute to A True American Hero. Love You A.J. and I will never let them forget.............Dad"

"A True Hero..."
Andre Battle-Johnson of Mansfield Sr. High c/o 2001

"A.J. My heart aches today as much as it did (4) years ago when I got the news that we lost you. You are the last thing I think of when I got to sleep at night and the first thing I think of when I wake up. I just cant believe your gone son but knowing that I will see you again someday comforts me some, but it will never replace your addicting smile and the warmth of your touch. I miss you son but so proud of what you did for your country. Love you always..........Dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield, Ohio

"Hey brother whats up you know every one is so sad on this day but You know just as well as me if it were me that was taken to early I would want you are any one else to be sad so today anything I say or think about is all of the good times that we had the great times getting into trouble and remeber you and the presence you had on ME and every one else that was in your life I love you and miss you so much bro. P.S. you have a nefew on the way and know he will know who his uncle is."
Christopher Vandayburg of Stafford VA

"We know that you are there watching over us every day. You know that we miss you so much, 4 years and yet it seems like yesterday. We all love you so very much."
Mom of Crestline Ohio

"We miss you today, and every day. 4 years and it feels like yesterday. You are not forgotten. We love you!"
Kim, Chelsea, & Cody of Crestline, OH

"hey AJ, i never really mey u but i have met your family. They are all very loving and caring people. They miss u very much. It's ok to miss someone thou, becasue they never really left. Chantel Allen, and Tay no matter where you go or who you are with AJ is always with you and will never leave. So it's not good bye, its see you soon! God saw that it was his time, and soon you will all be reunited in Gods home like he planned. So don't give up on anything AJ is looking out for you, so everyday you can just look up to the sky smile and say hey Aj, i love and miss you. He hears eveything u say. Aj your family misses you and they are very strong, and having you in there in life just makes them stronger. U are brave srtong and u have courage, freedom doesn't come free and because of u we have it. THANK YOU WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET U. SEE YOU SOON:)"
jessica of crestline ohio

"hey i just wanted to let you know that you are a hero in every ones eyes. your family misses and loves you very much watch over them and thank you"
rose of crestline ohio

Its been over 3 years now and your name is still being talked about. its as if u are still with us (which u r in our hearts). i see ur dad randomly and chris as well. give ur family strength and hope to overcome these hards times and know that even though u may not physically be here, u r spiritally here always!! miss u and luv u!! see u one day in heaven!

ps. say hi to my grandma for me =)"
alyson pirc of mansfield, ohio

"AJ Happy Birthday we all miss you so much. I was so lucky to have you in my life. Keep watching over all of us who love you so. Miss you my Angel"
Mom of Crestline Ohio

"happy birthday bro i had some cake for u here didnt have any candles but u know how we do in the field i miss u so much bro not a day goes by when i dont speak of u i love u so much happy birthday brother"
hank robinson of aghanistan meathar lam

"A.J. today you would have been (24) years young and with each passing day the pain is still there. I just have to wonder what would have been our plans today. Would you be married? would you have children? Who would you be today. We were all robbed of that, but I can still hold on to the memories, especially the one of 24 years today which was one of the happiest of my life...you my first child, my first son. I have no doubt who you would be today.I love you A.J. and miss you more than words can say. Dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield, Ohio

"Sir wow i have no idea what to say i remember playing baseball in little leauge i remember having a few beers in malabar parking lot then i remember being in iraq and hearing over the wire that not just a few miles where i was you were taken from this place. I dont even want to be put in the same standard as you in any thing we ever both did. You were a much more outstanding soldier and a much better man, oh yea and better baseball player by far. I have had my visits at your grave and we have chatted you know that and i have said this before your bravery and honor as a soldier but more as a man has only made me try to work harder as improving myself. We might not have been as tight during life but i promise sir your one of the first i come find when i come through those gates, till then sir watch over that brother of yours. You are missed"
Kris McCormick of Mansfield

"Thanks for seeing me though all this. I love you, words cannot express."
(fmr.) SPC Marcus Talley of Sherman, TX

"hey aj i miss u so much man just wanted u to know that u will never be forgotten i think about u everyday just want u to know i love u life aint the same without u"
hank of methar lam afghanistan

"im so sorry about what happend to your family Aj your family needs you the most and taylor needs you the most so look after them and we all love you"
rose of crestline

"im so sorry about what happend to your family"
rose of crestline

"Our Hero....Memorial Day and every day! We miss you."
Aunt Kimmy of Crestline, OH

"Remembering the Hero's on Memorial Day 2007. Thank you A.J."
Fellow veteran of Shelby, Ohio

"April 9th has come and gone again. I knew it because I've thought of you often through the years. I didn't know you as well as your close friends & family but what I did know was that you were such a good young man who made his family so proud even before you became a hero. I'll never forget that smile!! Who could? You were such a sweetie when you'd come to see us! Continue to watch over your family and brothers till they can see you again. Missing you too."
Angie Parker of Mansfield, OH

Another april 9th has gone by without you bro...everyone misses you so much...proud to have known you and served with you...I drank some of our "fire-water" in memory of you man...RIP brother..punisher pride.."
Ford of Richmond,MI

"A.J. ... I can't believe it's been three years. We miss you so, and not a day goes by that we do not think of you. We will never forget, nor will we let your countrymen forget. Aunt Kimmy loves you."
Kim of Crestline, OH USA

"Three years and we still miss you so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or something reminds me of you. We all know that you are the Angel that watches over us and that you are always with us. We love you and will never forget the sacrifice you made. Love Mom..."
Chantil Vandayburg of Mansfield Ohio

"Son three years ago was the worst day of my life and each day is struggle without your beautiful smile to fill our hearts. I miss you so much as does your mom, brother and sister.You are my hero and will always be forefront in my mind. I love you son, and thanks for what you did for your family as well as your country....My ace coon spoon. Dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield,Ohio

"Aj- today has been 3 years since you was taken away from us..Its hard to believe thats its 2007 and your not with you family and all your friends. I know how greatly missed you are. Ive been with Taylor all week;;she really misses her big bub. Your mom && dad miss you veryy much too;;but you sure do have one heck of a strong family. They know that you are watching over them && even though they miss you so much, they know you are in a better place. Please continue to watch over all of us. Your greatly missed but Thanks for being such a great hero!"
Abbey Eckert of Crestline, Oh

"A.J. i was just sitting around on my off day and then i just started thinking..started thinking about the trouble and good times we had..one month from today it will be three years, it definitely sucks and i still wish you were around. I've moved down to Virginia and don't think i am too far from Chris. I've wanted to give him a call and have a been and just reminence, but not sure how to handle it yet. Anyways i will see you sometime. miss ya bro,"
Adam T. of Mansfield and Va.

"ALLEN its hard to beleve its been this long since that night i got word you where killed by RPG well its now 2007 and i am back here theres not a day goes by that i do not forget talking to you out in Vilseck preparing to do the job we where train to do. TO your family i was a medic in allens unit he used to tell me that if he ever got hurt he said he hoped i was there well due to the fighting at the time i was at a other fight but i thank him cause if it would not been for him who knows how that fight would have went, so to this day i made my self a promise that i well be ready when next soldier just like ALLEN gets hurt."
A medic friend of baghdad IRAQ

"Chantil, my heart aches for you and your family. I'm trying to reach you, I love and miss you. Shellie Jordan Sager shelliesager@hotmail.com"
Shellie Jordan Sager of Los Angeles, CA


"To the Vandayburg Family: I can never imagine to know the pain that accompanies the loss of your son. I grieve for all the sons and daughters of this great nation who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of freedom and liberty for the oppressed. Your son is a HERO ... THEN, NOW and FOREVERMORE. God bless you, God bless Allen, and God bless these United States."
A Soldier (FOB Warhorse) of Columbus

"I love you, Schweety..."

"A.J- You don't know how much you are missed here! Your family is doing the best they can do with the lost of you. Please watch over each and everyone of us! Thank You for being a brave solider!"
Abbey Eckert of Crestline, OH

"Happy Birthday, kiddo! We miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we do not think of you and thank you for your bravery. You remain our hero today and always.........."
Aunt Kimmy of Lexington, OH

"Well son today would have been your 23rd. birthday and i often wonder what we would be doing if you were still here. My heart aches everyday and ask why,but have learned over the past (3) years i will never know why and have learned to accept. As the world is a dangerous place to live,not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who dont do anything about it. A.J you are definetly not in that catagory you gave your life for the freedoms that are taken for granted every singal day... To be great we must serve..and on your Birthday I want to say thank you son for your courage,your honor, and your sacrifice.The world is filled with great starters,its the finishers that we dont have enough of.I love you so much and miss you horribly.Happy Birthday Love dad"
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield ,Ohio

"hey brother i wanted to say happy 23rd birthday and just to let you know now were both of age your first drink is on me "jager bombs" i am going to be with you all day got the lawn chair and bottles all ready i just need to pick up the redbull love ya bro see ya soon"
chauncy of quantico, va

"Hey brother it has been a very rough time with out you here we were partners in crime growing up doing any thing and every thing together no matter how much we would fight no matter what it was you would always be there for me in the end you were always my gaurdian. life is alot harder without you here with me its so hard to move on from the day i got that phone call and my heart has not beat the same since you were my life my BIG BROTHER my best friend and now all i can do is try my best and wait for my time to be back with you in the end i love you so much and your legacy will be carried on by me till the day i die i love you brother and look foward to the day we are together again."
chris vandayburg of Quantico, VA

"AJ Your 23rd birthday is in just a few days. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you, and know that you are looking over us. I look at your pictures all the time they make me cry and smile just remembering your great smile and laugh. All we have is our memories and we will never let anyone forget you. AJ I miss you and love you, Happy Birthday my Hero and Angel. Love Mom"
Chantil Vandayubrg of Mansfield Ohio

"Allen J. Vandayberg. a man among men, a brother in arms, a son. Throughout out my 20 years of military service I have served with more soldiers then you can possible imagine. I was stationed in Vilseck GE. with 2-2 Inf for a total of 7 years and 6 months before I finnally left. During That time I meet, trained and work with alot of people, unlike the rest that I had been with, This Platoon (Punisher) was not just a bunch of soldiers working as a unit, we were family. on April 9th the Iraq's did not take a soldiers from us, they took a brother, a friend, a Punisher. Vandy you are a part of my soul, part of who I am forever, and you are sorely missed for there is a hole in my soul that can never be filled. Not a day goes by that I do not think about you, and weep alittle for your family. I hope that when my day comes and I see you again you'll have a cold one waiting for me I LOVE YOU BRO"
SFC Todd Ferguson of Ft. Leonardwood MO.

"A.J. I've got about a month left in the service. Somehow, it's looks like I'm going to make it. After you passed away, I really wasn't sure of anything anymore and I had pretty much lost all my confidence in the military. I'm getting out and not looking back. I wonder everyday if you and and so many others made your sacrifice in vain and I just wish we all had some more answers about all of this madness. For whatever real reasons this whole war on terror is being fought, you are still a hero and I will never doubt that. As far as anything else though, I can't make any promises. The military just ended up being the final blow to any innocence I had left and I'm not sure anymore it was the right thing to do.

I really wish you were here man.

Specialist Nathan Pival of 7th Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

"A.J I dont know where to start. It has been along time but when i think of you my heart hurts like it was only yesterday. I just keep looking at my chest of the picture of you and it hurts but it keeps me going at the same time. Why did it have to be like this. I love you man and you will always be in my heart. punishers for-ever."
Victor Ragone of cypress, CA

"A.J.-I only met you once or twice because our old men were cops, but as an Iraqi veteran and brother in arms, you are greatly missed."
Larry Caudill of Little Rock AFB

"Hey A.j...Well its been a little over 2 years now...which is sooo very hard to believe! We miss you sooo much & as hard as it is and as much as it hurts 2 know your not coming home...i understand that you died for what you believe! I know i never actually came out and said it...But A.j i love you! i've always loved you! & i hope and pray that you always knew that!!! your memorial on the sqaure is amazing! i was there when they dedicated it too you! There were lots of tears and lots of memeories! Hank was there...and we all see why you guys were such good friends! he reminds me sooo much of you sometimes! well just wanted to say that i love you so much! and we all miss u like crazy! your my hero A.j and you always have been!!!"
Chelsea of Bellville,Ohio

"A.J.'s sacrifice will not be forgotten.
On April 9th, 2006, the 2 yr anniversary of A.J.'s death, a memorial was dedicated in his honor in downtown Mansfield. A life size bronze "Battlefield Cross" with a plaque bearing his photo and information was dedicated in central park. His memory will live on and he is truly Mansfield's "Hometown Hero""
John Magers of Shelby, Ohio

"Hey Vandy we miss you. I miss the friendly arguements about The Infantry and maintenance."
Akinwale Adeku Punisher Wrench of Newark, NJ

"aj~ its been over 2 years now since u passed, i feel like it was just yesterday :'( the memorial that was placed downtown in your honor is amazing!! being there, looking at it, hearing the ceremony made us all miss u that much more, hank couldnt even speak! we all miss and luv u soo much!! u will never be forgotten, aj vandayburg will always be luved and remembered to us!!"
alyson of mansfield, ohio

"Thank you for being brave and having the heart to fight for this country and everyone who lives in it. You are a true Hero AJ! You and your family will always be in my prayers! i love you chantil and tater! God bless!"
Mia Hardy of Galion, Oh

"This is for you my friend
I'm waiting on the other end
checkin' every day to see
if you wrote me a letter
This is 'cause I miss my friend
off fighting with the other men
but you know I couldn't be more proud
even if I felt better

'Cause the same man who held me so close that night
is the same man who is sleeping with his gun
And the same man who would never ever start a fight
is the same man who would never ever run

I thought of you again last night
Thought of you in a brand new light
Head high with your proud stare
never looking back
I know you'll fight bravely
I know it 'cause you promised me
soon you'll be home with your short hair
and your funny little laugh

'Cause the same man who left me speechless with his eyes
is the same man now squinting in the sun
And the same man who would never ever start a fight
is the same man who would never ever run
And the same man who left my heart all big and sore
is the same man now facing his death
And the same man who would never ever start a war
is the same man who would always protect"

"A.J. It has been two years today that you were taken away from us in Iraq. That was the saddest day of my life. Today we honor you in Mansfield Ohio your hometown.They have erected a monument with your picture so you will forever be in shrined. April 9th 2004 was the saddest but now April 9th 2006 will be the proudest. A.J. I love and miss you so much, but one thing is for certain you will never be for gotten. You are truly Mansfield's Hometown Hero....."
Allen Vandayburg of Mansfield Ohio

"To the family of Allen,
Just want you to know how your son is a hero, and how saved countless lives that April day, there are many soldiers who are alive today because of your son's selfless act of bravery. I did not know your son at all, but I was there that day on April 9th, in Buhritz, Iraq, he is the very defintion of a hero. I am sorry for your loss, and God Bless you, and God Bless your son."
SPC Thomas Pursley of 1-6 Field Artillery, Bamberg, Germany

"Dear A.J.
It's been almost 2 years now and I still can't believe you're gone. I just want you to know that Chris and I get together all the time when he's home and we sit and talk about you.
I just have to say that we will forever love you and always miss you. You're always in our hearts and I know you fought for what you believed in. You died for the right thing our country. I have to believe that for me to get me through when I'm thinking of you.
When A.J. died all I could hope for is that he didn't experience any of the pain that all of us here were experiencing. A.J. was only 20 yrs. old, to young to die. There are things that I wonder and will never be able to ask now.
I just try to remember all the good times we had and all of the things he taught me as the older brother I never had and definately all the fun times we had together.
You will always be in our hearts and memories. I know ecspecially mine. R.I.P. A.J. I love Ya!!!!"
Darrell McRae of Mansfield, OH

"if you haven't checked out this site, check it out, everyone, copy and paste it, http://www.pigstye.net/iraq/article.php?story=20040414083412279&query=vandayburg"

": To the family of:Allen J. Vandayburg I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"a.j. you were a great man and an outstanding friend. you made us all laugh when we were down and brought joy into our lives. we miss so much. i think about you everyday and brag to everyone about you. your words still echo in my head and memories fill my mind of you. losing you was the hardest day of my life. i love you and miss you. you will never be forgotten."
laboy of san antonio, texas

"this is justin again, mr. and mrs. vandayburg, and chantil. i would be very grateful if u would talk to me sometime, my email is turtle08@earthlink.net and my aim screenname is studmuffin461212. i would love to talk to you and get to know u and more about aj and how wonderful he was. thank u for your time,"
Justin Lang of Butler, Ohio

"Dear A.J.,
You dont know me but i am Justin Lang, Chelsea's boyfriend. She has told me many things about you and how much she loves you. I love her with all my heart and I know she feels the same way for me. As I realize what u've done for this country, i also realize what you have done for me. i know it was all u that brought chelsea to me and brought us together.i have been there for her and she has been there for me, cuz i too have a family member in the army, he is my uncle. and i love him very much.
this goes out to the father and mother of aj. your son was a great man, even though i never got the pleasure of meeting him. but just from what chelsea tells me, i can see that he was a very wonderful person. he changed so many lives including mine. he made me realize how much are troops mean to us, and that we should live everyday like its our last. im ever so grateful to you, mr and mrs vandayburg, for giving this world a man like A.J. thank you.
so this is to you A.J., for changin my life, and giving me a girl that i love. i will never ever be able to repay you for the things u have done for this country. u are truely a great man, hero, and warrior. i hope to see you in heaven someday, cuz then finally, i will get to met the greatest, most caring man this world has ever seen. Thank you A.J. Vandayburg, for everything u have done.

Justin Lang"
Justin Lang of Butler, Ohio

"I love & miss you sOoOoO much A.j!!!!!"
Chelsea of Mansfield

"I miss you son......so Much it hurts."

"We will never forget you Vandy. Every April 9th for the rest of our lives will be for you. Punishers"
Evan Johnson of Schweinfurt Germany

"I think about life, can't define it, it's a misery state of reality consisting of future and history/Misery and happiness/ loneliness and friendship, at times I'm feeling really lost in this dimension/I grab some paper and a pen then stimulate my wrist to make a list of all the reasons to why do I exist/Does God have a plan for my life span?

what will tomorrow bring and are my chances of survival thin?/

My brain blocks, my thoughts lock, life is hardnock cuz it's full of secrets kept in a chest with a padlock/Who's got the key? It's most certainly not me, so who can reveal?/ is what we see only surreal?/

Politicians make me vicious by sending us soldiers on missions in bad conditions/ and the only result is demolition/Then name that patriotism and peace keeping bullshit, until its done people won't be sleeping/

Because of air attacks people are homeless and live in shacks/

there's no room so they stay crowded just like animal packs/

Unrelated families witness gore and fatalities together, lost at war in bad weather hoping for better/Who's the target from the jet? The ones that you should protect!/Soldiers can't always affect the way that missiles project/So they target at bad guys but the innocent ones dies/ there's no time to say goodbye, death came quick from the sky/Times are hard, people suffer, strive to stay alive chances decline, they stay in the storm waiting for sunshine/who waste money on missiles instead of people's beneficials???

So much of an issue, it's ripping up my brain tissue/ to depression, turns to obsession which makes me question/Who's actually right? Which side is worth heading to fight. K.I.A. reports increase, cause of your war my best friend is deceased /will there ever be peace??/

how many tears must I shed before the world would hear my cries?/

I want the war to be no more why cant we all be at peace/

the fighting must cease terrorist must be stopped and the world must go on , no one wants to really fight, can we not find a more peaceful way we all live in this world today, can we not stop the pain to many sons and daughters are dying this is not the way to talk about peace. and take no mans life away can you not see that hate only DESTROYS the day/ we have to find a better way /look at what we do to our children they are afraid to play/ look past the color of the skin do we not bleed the color red/ do we not have hearts stop the killing

and learn to live together does no one care about what a child hears

or even the burdens they feel or what they must bare /turn away from the evil

do you really want children to live in fear/ hug your wife send your enemy a friendly word maybe we all can still learn to be better peace only destroys the heart why can we not listen to our desires/ please put out the fires/ it works if we put the hate out, give love instead of taking someone’s family member away /listen to our anger /break the chain/we can change the world if we work together so love someone you feel you cannot maybe they are trying to do the same.......

R.I.P Aj Vandayburg KIA 04-09-04 Baquba Iraq

I miss u so much im glad we were best friends you are my hero!!!"

"hey aj, i miss u so much man. life aint the same i just wanted to let u know ur not and never will be forgotten bro. i love u"

"Aj...Hey its almost ur b-day and every1 here is missin ya like crazy! i know i am alot! Every now and then i get up the guts to listen to the songs they played at ur funeral and every time it gets to me! I miss ya alot...sometimes Cody and i sit and talk about ya...like how we used to lock u out on the deck and make u climb down lol...but what i remember most is the nite my paw-paw died and u came to watch us...u rocked me to sleep and put me in bed! u were there for me when i needed u...just like u were there for our country when they needed u! i dont think enough ppl tell our troops thank u! but thank u soo much! i love ya tons!"
Chelsea of Mansfield

"Schweety, i still hold your pillow every night when i go to sleep and wish it would be you! i cant belive its such a long time ago i heard you say my name and all these things which made me smile. Theres not a single day i dont think about you or mention your name, but you know that... i hope i make you proud! I love your family so much and i am so thankful i get to spend time with them. Never forget i lug you"
Melanie of Fuerth, Germany

"AJ, i didnt even no you but you were one of my close friends cousin. So I wanna pay my respects and from wat i hear you were a great person hope the best for your family ~1~"
Preston of Columbus Ohio

"Aj...Its been over a year and its still hard to know that im never gonna see u again! I met Hank..hes great we all love him to death! Those who were close to u will never 4get u and we will NEVER let any1 else 4get u either! Mom and I sit for hours and tell stories about the dumb things we did with u when u babysat us! Like gettin on the roof and then jumpin off! lol Or the nice things u alwayz did 4 me and Cody...like buy us candy and let us eat it all b4 mom and dad got home lol! The day I found out u were gone was so hard & its takin alot of time to relize that u r gone! I never really told u this...but i alwayz hoped u knew...but i love u Aj i alwayz have and i alwayz will! i send my love to Chantil Allen and my taty bug!!! i love u guy!"
Chelsea Loveland of Mansfield Ohio

"A.J. I will never let them forget son. Love you, and everyday is Memorial Day when it comes to you. Love Dad"

"A.J you know i wouldnt be where i am or who i am with out you. it hurts to lose a friend, but its worse to have lost my brother. you 'll never know the daily pain bro. Ain't a day that go by where your not in my head. just know that i'm trying for you, trying to make you proud. i love you bro."
Spc Marcus Talley of Fort Sill, OK


"A.J. I miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't talk about you or think about you. We will never let anyone forget you that you are a Hero. "Our days will always be a little darker without your smile" I love you so much."
Mom of Mansfield, Ohio

"A.J., the anniversary of that horrible day has come. We miss you and think of you every day. The kids and I roll with laughter when we tell stories about the good ole' days. Don't worry about your Mom and Taylor, I've got them. We met Hank and it's so obvious to us all why you were so close. Keep watch on us all, Angel. Aunt Kimmy loves you."
Kim of Columbus, OH

"AJ... its almost a year since u left us to go to heaven! I think about you everyday and i still cant believe you are gone... You are my biggest hero! Our family isnt the same without you, and ever since that day we heard u passed on i've tooken like for everything its worth because i never know when its going to be over.. I wish u were with us right now! I LOVE and MISS you so much bubby! I will always be your sister!"
Taylor of Crestline, Ohio, USA

"Now, nearly one jear left. I'm having tears in my eyes remembering you.
Rest in peace AJ!"
Mirjam of Germany

"aj, i have known u since we were all so so little. we all use to play at my grandma's together, and now your gone. u will always stay in each and every one of our hearts. u will NEVER be forgotten. u died doin what u loved to do, and it has inspired me to join. we will always luv and miss u aj. to allen, chantel, taylor and chris, i love all of u guys, and i know everything will be ok sooner of later. chris, be careful. aj, c u on the other side"
alyson pirc of mansfield, oh, USA

"My condolences to the family and friends of Allen. I served with him in Kosovo and new him well."
Spc. Winch, Ryan of Fort Drum, NY

"I left a message to you on the wrong page. Please read the main page for the message that I posted to you."
Debbie Drexler of Berryton KS (Topeka)

"I attended Highschool with AJ, I remember him as the funny, laugh out loud kind of guy. I just found out about his departure, My Husband is in the Military as well. I don't know what i would do with out him. I am truely sorry to his family because you are the ones who have to deal with your loss everyday. I am not sorry for AJ however, he is done fighting and he has won. You will see him again, and hug him again, and once again hear his voice. God Bless the Vandayburg family, and Thank You AJ for protecting our freedoms!"
Breanna Fyffe of Michigan

"You are our hero! You helped to make the world better for all of us. Thank you!"
Mrs. Arthur's 4th grade class of Nelsonville, Ohio

"AJ. Dude, I found out what happened to you my first week in Afghanistan. To say the least, I felt like a piece of me died too. I mean, who would have thought that you and me would end up in the army after high school? I know you didn't find out I was in the service until you tried to call my cell when I was in BASIC, but I want you to know that you were the person that helped to convence me that the military would help me out. It has helped me, although I am planning on only doing one tour. Things are getting too crazy for me. You are a hero, and you did the right thing, and that is what matters. I believe in a higher purpose, so I know I will see you again some day, but I'm still pretty upset that I am going to have to wait so long to tell my army stories to my buddy that motivated me to join. If it wasn't for you, I'd probably still be stuck in Mansfield going nowhere. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you man.

See you again someday,
Nathan Pival of Fort Bragg, North Carolina

"Rest easy sweet soldier. You are gone but never forgotten. God keep you and hold your family near."
Crystal Lybarger of Shelby OH

"A.J. I remember the day you were born August 26th. and the pride that ran through my body to have my first born son, and then all the years of joy you have given to your family and friends.The promises that we made to each other some kept some not. But A.J. the one I did keep was that I would take you to Las Vegas on your 21st. Birthday, well I made it happen. Happy Birthday son and I could be no more prouder of you now as I was the day you were born. " FREEDOM DON'T COME FREE" Love Dad"
Allen W. Vandayburg (Father) of Mansfield Ohio

"Remembering you today on your 21st Birthday. Missing you always. Today, this Bud's for you A.J., our American Soldier."
Angie Parker of Lexington, OH, Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

"A.J. was a "true hero", many have tried to fill this roll, but only men and women like A.J. can truely fill this roll. Freedom is not cheap, and neither was the life that we lost, or the lives of the thousands of Service men and women of the past and present. The words of Todd Beamer of flight 93 still rings in our ears, "lets roll". It should live in our hearts as much as "remember the alamo", and "remember pearl harbor". I just hope and pray that we never forget, and that the world never forgets. A.J., I promise you, I will never forget you, and Chris you too, are my hero be safe and come home to us soon............Love Uncle Kenney"
Ken Webb of Mansfield, Ohio/USA

"Allen the day i found out that you were killed i cried so hard for you, I miss you very much. I will always remember the great times we had together in our unit at vilseck, germany, SGT. Wilson and those movements at Hollinsfield. My friend, my brother I mourn for you. I bless you with joy and happiness and to your family your son did not fall in vain nor without a reason. I grieve that I was not there with you and the rest of 3rd platoon. God bless you Allen and thank you for your sacrifice and your everlasting friendship."
PFC Stephen Sutherland 3rd Plt. C co. 2/2 3rd brig. 1st ID of Pheonix, AZ USA

"Dear A.V,
May you find everlasting peace, to the loved ones of the late A.V, may you all find peace in your moments of sorrow and remember the good times"
Teresa Morrell of Suva,Fiji

"Specialist Vandayburg, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Billl of Houston, Texas

"To AJ's family...My daughter was a comrade of AJ in Kosovo... she remembers the popsicles and that AJ was one of the few she could talk to about "serious things" in life, but still enjoy having fun with. She spoke of him often and I regret never having met him. My heart bleeds for you - I cannot imagine the pain... But know and be proud that before he died for our freedom, he touched MANY people, including my daughter, in a very wonderful way... My prayers reach out for you... may time bless you with healing..."
Abbe Fenner of Locke, NY USA

leonard wahl of VALLEY STREAM NY

leonard wahl of V

leonard wahl of V

"A.J., you have more guts than me or anyone else writing these condolences. I know I could have never done what you did. You've been one of my closest friends for so many years, like 10 years or so when you first moved into the neighborhood. We've been through so much together and it sucks to see you gone. But now we know you are safe and back home resting. You're a hero and its been an honor to be your friend for so long. You've made me respect things more and realize not to take things for granted. R.I.P.- Hope to meet up with you in the after life. God bless the U.S.A and our soldiers fighting for our freedom."
Adam Thompson (A.T) of Mansfield, OH

"Specialist Vandayburg, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Dear A.J.
I just want to say that we will forever love you and always miss you. You are always in our hearts and I know you fought well. You died for the right thing, our country.
A.J. Vandayburg was killed and I hope he didn't feel any pain at the time. A.J. was only 20 yrs old and there are things that I question, things that I wonder? What was going through his head before he was killed? I really try to remember all the good times we had and all of the things he taught me as the older brother I never had, and definately all of the fun times we had together. You will always be in our hearts. I know ecspecially mine. R.I.P. A.J. I love ya!!!!!!"
Darrell McRae of Mansfield, Ohio USA

"In memeory of AJ, i miss you so much you were my best friend and i will never forget you my love goes out to your family. i know that you are watching down on all of us. you ment so much to alot of people and will be greatly missed, i love you and you will never be forrgotten."
hank robinson of iraq

"Even today it does not seem possible that I'll never see you again. Your are such a brave man to give the gift of yourself so that we can live without fear. I just never thought...
But, I hold a special picture of you in my heart that, of course, includes that irreplaceable smile that even makes me smile just thinking of it. You are missed so very much and know that I'll NEVER EVER forget your sacrifice. Thank you A.J.
Allen, Chantil, Chris & Taylor, you are still in my prayers and thoughts everyday. God Bless."
Angie Parker of Lexington, OH Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

"To A.J.'s Family and Friends,
I met A.J. while on deployment to Kosovo last year, and am really saddened by the news of his passing. When we were in Kosovo, my brother sent ice pops to me. A.J. and his friend David would stop by now and then to say hello and have a popsicle. After Kosovo, we didn't keep in touch, but he will always be in my thoughts.

A.J., may you rest in peace and know that you are a hero, and our country couldn't be what it is without dear ones like you..."

"chantil,alan and tater,
the hardest thing in the world is to lose a child.Knowing that he is a hero
who gave his life so you and the rest of us can live in freedom is a sacrifice few of us truly understood until that tragic day. mine and tim's love goes out to you all. a love as strong as A.J'S will not be forgotten soon. I love you A.J love, maw-maw donna"
maw-maw donna of shelby, ohio

"Chantil,Allen,Taylor,Chris,and A.J
we all are thinking of you A.J. you are a hero and thank you sooooo.... much for serving our country and being the hero that you are I will always think of you!!! I LOVE YOU A LOT!!!"
Courtney Schumacher of Shelby, Ohio

"chantil, allen, chris, and taylor...i don't know how to put my feelings into words!!!! i just want you all to know how much i love you all and that i would do anything for you!!!! i love A.J with all my heart and always will!!!! no matter what he will always be in my heart!!!! he's such a BIG hero in my heart and also my friends!!!! i wish there were words that could take away the pain but i know that there is nothing i can say that will even begin to take away any of the pain!!!! like i said before i love you all and i will always be there for you...no matter what...all you have to do is call!!!! lots of love!!!"
chelsea loveland of mt.vernon,ohio

"Chantil and Allen:

We know how much you are grieving at this time. It is never easy to lose a child. Especially before his time. You know our hearts and prayers are with you and the rest of our family even though we couldn't be there for you. May you have comfort in the fact that he is with our Lord in heaven."
Tammy and Ron Broam of Lakeland, FL

"AJ you are a great hero and we all respect you for standing up for your country to protect us. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. I never met you but your mom talked so highly of you and how proud she was of you."
Amy McGregor of Fredericktown Ohio, USA

"*In memory of Allen "A.J." Vandayburg*
A great American soldier who is gone....but will never ever be forgotton. He will always be in our hearts. Allen did a good thing to serve for our Counrty. It's just so sad to see someone so young, and such a great person to leave. You have changed the lives of others. You bring tears to my eyes but i know that it was for a good cause. You will always be in my heart. Allen, may you rest in Peace."
~*!Ashley!*~ of Lexington, OH U.S.A.

I never had the pleasure to know you. But there is the bittersweet pleasure of how much you have enriched my life. Even though I was a Marine for only a short time I know how deep the love of country, freedom and honor runs through the veins. You were called to heaven too early, but now Taylor, Chris, Chantil, Allen and Melanie will always have a special guardian angel with them always. My heart is full of love and heartache for you and your family. Semper Fi"
Wanda Ahles of Lexington, OH

"bubby you are my biggest hero and i will always love you but that does not mean i am still not mad at you for leaving cause i am but i will always and forever love you and i miss you so much but you are loved and missed so much by me mom dad and chris....you are my hero and my bubby and i love you soo much but io am not saying good bye because you are not gone you are still with me....and you are the biggest and bravest soldier i now and i now god has a plan for you but i had one for you to be right here beside me but you still are i love you sooo much"
taylor vandayburg of mansfield, ohio

"To Alan, Chantil, Chris and Taylor,, I am so sorry for your loss but know this. In my and many others eyes AJ is a true HERO. Be proud of what he was doing and pray for the ones still there. Words are tough in these times and none seem to ease the pain. AJ will never be forgotten, his name forever will be remembered as he gave the ultimate sacrafice for his God, family and country. If I can do anything for you just get ahold of me. God Bless"
Stephen Adams of Mt. Vernon, Ohio

"To the family of Allen Vandayburg:
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. He is a hero, whose bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. A salute to a fallen soldier- THANK YOU, Allen. May you rest in peace."
Tina Rexroad, sister-in-law of Peter Enos, who also went to be with the Lord on 4/09/04 of Moorefield, WV

"AJ....you are truly our hero. You will forever be loved and missed..but never forgotten. You answered the call bravely, you fought the good fight. "Go Rest High on that Mountain. Son, your work on earth is done". To Allen, Chantil, Chris, and Taylor...there are no words that could ease your pain. Just know we are here, we love you, and we are so proud of AJ for his ultimate sacrifice. We couldn't be more proud of Chris, either!
Your extended family....Kim, Chelsea & Cody"
Kim Loveland of Mt. Vernon, OH, USA

"AJ you will forever be in my heart and missed more than you could ever imagine. We lost our son, who was always a hero to us and now will be our Angel. I would like to thank all of our friends and family for all of your prayers, as well as those who have prayed for us that we have never met. Thank you all. AJ you may be g one but you will never be forgotten.
Love Always, Mom."
Chantil Vandayburg of Mansfield Ohio USA


"Your funeral was in the paper here, pictures of your dad and girlfriend and brother, grieving. To your family, I say God be with you in your time of sorrow. To you, Allen, I say thank you, brave soldier."
Glenda Findley of Shelby, OH USA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Allen, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"My heart breaks for those who are leftbehind. They are the ones who will face the emptyness your absense brings. I was never lucky enough to know you in this life, but I hope I will get the opportunity in the next. My thoughts are with you family and friends. Thank you for giving your life so that others may be free. You will not be forgotten."
Camille of Colo. Spgs., CO

"To the Family of AJ Vandayburg,
May God Bless you now during this difficult time. AJ was and always will be a TRUE AMERICAN HERO and the sacrifices he made for all of us will NEVER be forgotten. May God Bless You all Now and Always. AJ is looking down and will always be as close as your memories of him. With Heavy hearts from 2 Grateful Americans in Pittsburgh, PA...xoxo"
Heidi & Monica Narr of Pittsburgh, PA/USA

"To the family of AJ: May God bring you peace during this time of such great loss. AJ was an American Hero who gave all for so many. He will not be forgotten. Thank you for raising your son to care so deeply for others. God bless you and keep you forever in His care."
Tammy Albright of Kalkaska MI

"AJ: Thank you for being the man you and the soldier you are. I have never met you but you touched my heart. Thank You AJ for being the soldier you were. You died giving us the freedom we have now. You touched my heart and my soul and you will never be forgotten."
Paige Lovelace of Shelby, Ohio USA

"My deepest condolences to the family, friends and all loved ones of A.J. Vandayburg . My heart aches for you, and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that the deep hurt you feel can be in some part be eased by the feeling of great pride for A.J.’s valor and deep sense of patriotism. He will always be remembered as an American Hero.
A.J., you have made the ultimate sacrifice and did so willingly and without hesitation. Thank you so very much for defending my freedom. It means so much to me, to the people of NYC and to the entire nation. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice in the service of the country that I love so very much.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Most Sincerely,
Pat Shoukry"
Pat Shoukry of New York, N.Y. USA

"I read your acticle today in the Columbus Dispatch. The city of Mansfield did you proud. I never met you or your family, but you sounded like a great American. Thanks for paying the ultimate price. Welcome home. Semper Fi!"
D.Spenn of Columbus, OH

"Dear A.J.
im sorry that i never told u what u mean to me...now its too late! I cant believe u wont come back! Thank u for being like a brother to me...u were always there for me and proteced me! Nobody will be like u, i will miss u so much and all the great time we had! U promised me to be safe......and that u ll be back before i know!!!
I will never forget u and i wont stop thinking about u!
*slim shady-nose*
love always,"
Chrissy of Fürth, Germany

"We miss you so much. You have been a great friend to us all the time. You will always be in our hearts. We will never forget you and your pretty smile. Rest in peace."
Agnes of Fürth, Germany

"In the memory of our american son A.J Vandayburg.
We will never vorget you.
Your are always in our mind.
We give you a hug.
We love you, always we think about the
happy moments in our short time.

In love you german family

Melanie ( your girlfriend)
Silvia and Jürgen ( Mum and Dad)"
Silvia Greim of Fürth, Germany

"We all will miss you.
It was a great honor to knew you.
Rest in Peace.
You didn't had to die to be a hero."
Mirjam & Dominik of Fuerth, Germany

"Rest in Peace Hero"
The Taylors USMC of NC

"To Allen's Family:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences to you. We share the same loss...the same pain. Our prayers are with you and we thank you for his bravery and sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Thank you Allen Vandayburg, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Spc. Allen Vandayburg:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Allen for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Allen Vandayburg:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Allen, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on