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Army Pfc. Andrew L. Tuazon

21, of Chesapeake, Virginia.
Tuazon died in Mosul, Iraq, from hostile fire while on guard duty. He was assigned to the 293rd Military Police Company, 3rd Military Police Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Died on May 10, 2004.

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"I am Andy's sister, Kim. We grew up together in Chesapeake. This is the first time I have taken the time to read the kind thoughts people have written. When he passed, I tended to hold on to the memories I had of him as a little brother and the life we had then, not so much the life he had in the military. He wasn't in the service very long, and I honestly know very little about his time there. Back then (which honestly doesn't seem that long ago), the main way we communicated was through letters and email. I do believe that I was the last person he emailed before he went on duty that day. And it is true, he had a great spirit. He was always surrounded by his friends. Its been so long since I've seen anyone from the neighborhood; I'm not quite sure I would remember faces at this point. We were not super close at the time of his military life, I just assumed we would catch up later on down the road when we both settled down and navigated our way through our 20s. I'm touched to hear that, like in his personal life, he was surrounded by people in his unit that cared for him . I don't really know the details of that day, and I'm not quite sure I would want to. But. I can only hope that once it happened, he went quickly and knew no pain. Its still pretty emotional to talk about, and it is quite shocking that this year (2017) it was 13 years. I can't believe I never got on this page before today. I guess it was just too much for so long. But here is my email, if anyone would like to send any photos or just a message. kadams0918@gmail.com"
Kim (Tuazon) Adams of Norfolk, VA

"Tuat, a brother in arms as well as one of my closet friends. Even after 12 years, i still cope with you not being here. Especially the day before my birthday. I think about all the good times we all had together to cope with the pain. I still remember us eating at the defac one last time joking not knowing this will be the last time we hang out. Just know even though we all are continuing our lives, your never forgotten and will always be honored. I will continue to mourn you until i join you. Always your friend. Griff"
Daniel Griffin,. of Hinesville,GA

"This May 10th marked the 12 year anniversary of God taking such a amazing angel home. I think of you so very often. I miss my hero's smile. Memorial day was rough for me because I sat here and read all the beautiful things that people had to say about such an amazing angel who touched so many lives. Miss you so much AndrewTuazon."
Melissa Spencer of Suffolk Va

"5.9.16 I thought about you and your Mother today. Just wanted to wish your Mother a Happy Mother's Day🕊💐 I miss you so much Andy"
Melody Carreon of Duluth, Ga

"Sup Andy. 28 now. Miss you bro. moo goo for life.
1LT Bowden"
Ken of South Korea

"Andy, I still dont believe it and dont think I ever will I still wait for you to come back and visit. Not a day goes by that you dont cross my mind. How i feel has never changed and never until next time my heart remains still"
Marquita of Va-Ga

"Ur never forgotten Andy I think about u everyday!!"
Melody Carreon of Marietta GA

"I read your name today at Wear Blue Run to Remember, Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA. You are not Forgotten. God Bless you and your Family"
of DuPont, WA

"Miss you Andy!!!"
Wendy Carreon of Columbus GA

"Missing you little brother. I will be going back to Virginia for a visit in July. I haven't been back there since the day we laid you to rest. I will be taking your nephews to your final resting place. I talk to them about you. I wish you could have met them. I wish we had more time together. I wish I kept you on the pone a little longer that last time we spoke. I hope you know how much I love you and how very proud I am of you. Keep watching over us. Till we see each other again. Love your big sis"
Maria Tuazon Vinas of Gurnee, IL

"Wow today marks 9yrs!! Uncle Andy I miss you so much. Today was rough thought bout u a lot but u probably already know that. I wish you can meet Travis you'd like him. Also moms getting married in four months wish u were here. You'd love Dave to. Man wish you weren't taken from us so soon. I love u soo freaking much. Please continue to watch over us."
Ur niece missy of Chesapeake va

"Tuat It's almost been 10 years a day don't go by that I don't still talk about you I remember all the trips we made to Fort Benning together in that old jeep I had and I have your picture on the wall riding Amelia's Motorcycle Me and her have 2 children now My oldest Payton has heard so many stories of you he often tell people you can grow up to be a great warrior like Tuazon I'm proud to know you In your always in thoughts prayers and hearts of me and my family looking forward to the day that I see you again"
wray of Columbus Georgia

I went for a walk in whats left of our park on Memorial day just to remember you. I sat by your memorial and remembered the times we had together. At school and at the theater, seeing you drive around the neighborhood. You were pure happiness. The one thing I remember best is your smile. It was infectious. It still is. Even thinking about it makes me smile. I still can not believe that you are actually gone. My how everything has changed. My little sister is now out of the Army and my older brother has a son. I know right, my brother a father. We still miss you. We think about you. We still cry. We remember, I promise we will not forget and we will see you again one day. I can't wait to see your smile in person instead of a picture or memory. Your still here, in everyone that knew you."
Croope of Chesapeake, VA

"Dear Andy, I didn't keep in touch with you and only found out what happened to you until I saw your name on a memorial on Warriors Walk when I was stationed in Ft. Stewart. We lost touch after Basic but I still remember how light you made the days pass by and I can still remember you giving haircuts in the Barracks when we could start getting real haircuts. It was so funny when someone "the name escapes me" got a haircut and messed it up and you had to fix it so they could have hair for graduation. You were always looking out for others. I spent my last year in Iraq in Mosul back in '10 and saw a memorial with your name on it there. Thought of you on Memorial Day 2012 and found this page and thought I'd share one of my memories of you with everyone else. The world and the U.S. Army is better because of people like you and people willing to raise their right hand for our great nation."
Aaron Hemphill of Ft. Detrick, MD

"8years today and it feels like it just happened yesterday. I love and miss you, we all do. Even though we rather you here with us we are all so proud of you. You will never be forgotten in our hearts you'll always be. Some looks at you as just a hero but I get to see u as something more..my uncle. I love u and please continue to watch over us<3"
Melissa White of Chesapeake VA

"Love and miss you Andy!!"
WCarreon of Virginia Beach Va

"Bro. Another day, another day. This evening, I go home to a wife and a son. Yes, a little boy. Rest assured, he will know who you are. I miss you everyday and your memory remains. Another day, another month, year. Your memory will live on always. moo goo for life."
Ken of Norfolk, VA

"Andy "Puggy" Tuazon you are truly missed. You cross our minds and our hearts everyday. Western Branch Loves You."
J. Watkins of Suffolk,VA/United States

"Hey Andy you may be gone in the physical sense but never deleted out of hearts or minds, you will always be LOVED AND MISSED!!! KEEP WATCHING OVER US MY BELOVED GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!"
N.Hudson of Portsmouth,Va

I miss you bro.
I know it's been years since you left, but I never got to say good-bye and I never really dealt with you not being around. I did things I thought would make me feel better about you not being here. Those things ulitmately ended my military service record do to improperly copeing with you early death You were and even gone still my bestfriend and lil-brother. After you were gone...our "friends" disbanded and it became pretty much every soldier for himself. I took my hits and charges, then bowed out.
Tuat I thank you for the time in which you were around and all the nights we shared getting into foolery with the crew...doing us...then all the shifts we worked after those wild night, lol We met and became bonded-brothers in Afghanistan uptil the day of your death.
Now years later after your death i am just able to handle it. My discharge was abrupt enough to spin head around for years and it's just now getting right. I miss you Bro.
take care of my other friends that are with you there now."
Michael "BunnyMan" Malloy, 1/293rd MP CO(2003-2005(OEF&OIF)) of DAMASCUS, MD

"Dear Andy,
It is my first time that I'm writing and greeting to you.I am a wife of your best-friend Kenneth Bowden. I've heard so much good things about how you guys have met,spent time together and importantly are the unforgetable brothers in other's lifes.I wish i met you,too.Before I met Kenny,i have lost one of my best friend,too after i came in the U.S.I couldn't believe and i didn't know how to say goodbye to him that time, and i went Virginia korean methodist church as first time ever and i met Kenny there whom i had no idea that one day he would be my husband and father of our precious son! When i talked to Kenny,he understood my pain for my lost friend and helped me to pray that he would rest in the heaven peacefully.From that moment,i became a Christian,I believe that God is with you guys right now and watching over all of us. Please,say "hi" to my friend whos in the heaven for me.I respect and thank you so much for the best time and brotherhood relationship with my husband and your braveness of you service in the Army. I'm honored to know about you and be a wife of your best-friend and brother Kenneth.
Love & Sincerely."
Bulgan Bowden of Norfolk,Virginia

"Andy, you were and always will be a great friend of mine. I feel as if we were still in High School yesterday having fun and carrying on, thank you for everything that you have done for this country, you will never be forgotten!!!"
Brandon Fields of Portsmouth, Virginia

"We miss you, man. I remeber you showing me around Stewart and Hinesville when I first got there and we became great friends. I still remember finding out the news like it was yesterday and I don't think I'll ever forget it."
Benjamin Harris of Austin, TX

"It's been almost 7 years and I still wear yours and Dan's bracelets... not a day goes by that I don't think of yall. You were an awesome person and I will never forget that day in Mosul. The anger and sadness is still with me... I hope you are at peace and I know you are still watching over all of us, especially the ones that are overseas again right now. Your soul touched everyone who knew you.
I'll be having a Corona for you next Tuesday. I'll never forget when you brought me one of those miniature bottles of Corona and a key lime and said "they must make little bottles and little limes, for little people like you." Till we meet again... God bless you and God bless your family."
Stevie Mariani (Watkins) of Ewa Beach, HI

"I know that today is indirectly related to the situation you were placed in, Andy, but I raised a glass to your memory. It gives me small comfort to know that your sacrifice was neither in vain nor forgotten. Thank you for your work and your humor, man. On the other side..."
Nathan C. of Chicago, IL

"Tomorrow you will be 28, wish you were with us all but i know your in a better place. I think bout you a lot and miss you more then ever. I miss you your letters talking bout how everything was and your phone calls of you singin and laughing. Never a dull moment with you. we all love and miss you. see you soon..save a spot in heaven for us all. Happy Birthday Uncle Andy<3"
Melissa White of Waukegan, IL

"Andy Tuazon, you were an incredible man and friend to our family. You will always be with us, and we want to thank you for everything you have done for us. We were thinking about you this memorial day, and missing you very much. Thoughts of you, and prayers for your family. All our love."
Tabb Family of Chesapeake VA

"I seriously don't think I have ever met such a good person as Tuazon was. He was always so open and ready to make people laugh. My barracks room was located near the front door, he use to stand in my window with no expression until he scared the crap out of me. The funny and beyond normal things he did made him exceptional.I am so angry, He should have came home. His attitude alone affected other's in a posative manner. He was a better person than most, including me! I never complain about life because of him. He had so much to give, why lesser people came home and not him, I don't understand. Because Andrew truely was a special person. I have not met anyone that even comes close to his qaulity. I am so sorry he is not with his family right now. I am so sorry that I survived and he diddnt. He deserved to die of old age.Every one should know what type of person he was, and what he gave up."
priest of milwaukee WI

"I don't know Andrew but I wanted to let anyone who knows him know that I will be wearing his name on a memorial bracelet. I purchased it today and randomly selected his name. What a tragedy. He would have been my age today."
Whitney Guttmann of Alexandria, VA

"May the Lord place your soul at rest and you be at peace."
Abbas abdul of Savannah ga

"May 7, 2009
To the family of Pfc. Andrew L. Tuazon:
Andrew gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"My Dear Andy,
Another year has past, another birthday without you here. I still miss you as much now as when you first left. I still hurt for you. I still cry everyday for you. I try to move on but it's so hard to. I am remained of you daily. You have 2 new nephews that never got the chance to meet you. Adam and Ryan. They are twins born 10-9-07. I believe you were with me on that day. They will hear of all the greatness you did. How you gave the ultimate scarifice for there country. They will honor you as all of us do everyday. I love you little brother. Till we see each other again, your big sis.
To all that wrote in thank you for your thoughts and prayers. May all our fallen hero's protect those that are not yet home."
Maria Tuazon of Gurnee, IL

"to the family. Hi how are u, i served in mosul with andrew and would like to say to you guys that he will never be forgoten. He actually goes everywhere with me cause him and dan's names are on my back forever. He was a trip and made everyones life better with his presence. I hope things are well for u and each day may get a little easier. I am currently ready to hit my 4th deployment and cant help but think of these two heros that i stood beside at one point in time in my life. take care and god bless u guys. Andrew i know you are watching down thanks for pulling all of your frinds through afghanistan take care"
SGT Elisha R hensley of Schofiled Hi


"Tuazon, I saw our old squad leader today...you know who! I felt sick to my stomach being in his presence...no one knew what was gonna happen that day but the possibility was there and he did nothing in the prevention of the events to follow. I blame him. I blame us."
SPC Stitts

"Hey Andy,
Just wanted to stop by and say that I have missed you so much. Keep looking over me Andy.. Love ya"
Carreon of Virginia beach

"To Andrew's Mother -

I am the person who stopped you today to take a picture of your shirt with Andrew's picture airbrushed on it. I wanted to take the time to leave a note on Andrew's memorial to let you know how blessed I feel to have met you. Your son has made the ultimate sacrafice for this country and I just wanted you to know how greatly appreciative i am for that. please email me at ksuttles83@hotmail.com and i will send you the pictures i took today at the wall of honor ceremony. Thanks again and may god bless you always."
Katie of Richmond VA

"To the family of Andrew Tuazon, I am SGT Hollifield. I was with your son the day that he died. I have been dealing with the deamons from that day. I keep thinking that there was something I could have done to kept your son out of danger. I keep replaying that day in my dreams at night. I am sorry for your loss and that I did not protect your boy and bring him home like we had promised. I had just talked to Andrew right before he was shot, and asked him if he needed anything. He asked for a bottle of water, which I went to get for him. I should have seen that he was exposed and out of cover. I should have made him move back, but I didnt. Im sorry that I didnt tell him to get back. I wish I could go back and take his place. I wish I could have brought him safely home to you. I know that it has been almost 4 years for your loss, but I have remembered every second of that day. Im sorry."
SGT Mark S. Hollifield Sr. of El Paso, Tx

The No limit solider. I can remember like it was yesterday when I received that call from Warren around 11 pm. I thought it was a joke at first but them I realized it was real. The thing that I remember from you the most is your kindness and your smile. I miss you so much it is not even funny. You were like a brother tome Andy. I cant believe your gone. I remember when we all used to argue all the time then a couple days later we would all make up. You were so crazy Andy. The whole family still talks about you especially mama Carreon. She still talks about when you wrote her that letter asking her to send you a sneaker bar and how yall would go out to the gym every morning after you would drop me and mel from school. I miss you Andy. NO LIMIT SOLIDER MUAHHHH!"
Carreon of Chesapeake/VA

"Hello I did not know Andrew Tuazon personally, but I do know his mother Rose, and she is a very wonderful and caring person.I know she was happy because of what happened on saturday, and i know Andy is in heaven smiling down on his mother and saying how proud he is of her."
Naomi Fields of Orangesburg,South Carolina/ United States

" "


"My Dear Brother Andy,
It's hard to believe that today marks the 3rd year you left us and went back home. It still hurts so much. My heart hurts for you. I miss you so much. Everyday I think of you. I'm sure you already know it. The tears have not dried up yet, but everyday it gets better. You are so missed. Till we see eachother again, you are in my heart. I love you!"
Maria Tuazon of Gurnee, IL

"I knew Andy in middle school and in high school. In fact I lived down the street from him and he played with my big brother. I had classes with him in high school. I will never forget the day I walked into the living room and Andys picture was on the tv. I was excited, I thought he was being rewarded. I cannot explain the shock I felt when I learned the truth. I imediatedly called my older brother to see if he had heard, he had not. We cried together. Even to this day, at the oddest times, he will pop into my head and I will cry for him. I miss him. To his family, I've never met you, even though I lived right down the street for years, I often saw you guys. I want to thank you, Andy was a wonderful person, and I honestly think it was because he had a wonderful family. Andy will never be forgotten. My little sister has joined the army. More than likly she will be sent to Iraq. She never knew Andy, she was too young.
~Andy, thank you for all the laughs, hugs, smiles and rides. "Angels walked the earth unknown, but when flew were recognized." rest in peace"
The Croope family of Chesapeake, VA

"To the family of PFC Tuazon i am very very sorry for your loss. I am SPC Stitts and I was there,I saw, and I helped try to save PFC Tuazon's life. I am sure that there are things that you may want to know that no one can give you answers to except one of the people that were there with him in his final moments. There are somethings that I need to share with you that you don't already know. If you want to know send me an e-mail at stittspride@yahoo.com"
SPC Letara Stitts of Hinesville, GA

"I personally did not know you son, but he is a hero. my daughter is still there and i pray for all of the soldiers there. may God help you through this difficult time. my heart goes out to your whole family. god bless."
dina webb of haughton la 71037

"Andrew Tuazon, if it wasnt for him basic training would have been really long, it was a honor to have him in my unit. He made ever day so much better with laughter...he will truley be missed"
SGT Laplume of brussles, belguim

"To the family of:Andrew L. Tuazon I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Dear Tuazon Family. Please be assure that you are not alone. My heart goes with all of you. I pray that the Lord has comforted you in your lost. At first, during my reading of the posted messages, my tears came down and could not help but to feel sad, then after reading the rest of the messages, my sadness was relieved with joy to know that your Brother Andrew, made a big different in so many lives while he was on this earth. He served this country without question. I know there's a reason why things happens. Only God knows the answers. Andrew is a hero and all those who sacrificed and still sacrificing their lives and families to keep our country the "Land of the Free." They are truly heros.

One of my children served our country in Qatar. I have a nephew who possibly be going to Afghanistan soon. May the blessings and comfort of our Lord be with you.

God Bless All of you."
L.Tuazon Miller of Stafford, VA

"My Dear Brother Andy,
Happy Birthday! Today like everyday you are on my mind. I miss you so much. I wish you were here. My heart still hurts for you. I know that you are watching over those you love and those that love you. I know you are with me everyday. I Love You and Miss You so much. I would give anything just to hear your voice again and to see your face. You are truly loved by many. Till we see eachother again, you are in my heart and mind. I love you!
your big sister"
Maria Tuazon of Waukegan, IL USA

Hey buddy whats going on, its Max (Philpott) just wanted to say hi, and see how you were doing. Let you know that your never forgotten, and forever missed. I'm sorry and can't apologize enough for not making it there that day in time for you when you needed the most, the people you trusted. Love you man, take care and I hope your happier now than you ever were here on this Earth.

To Tuazon's family and friends:
My name is Max Philpott, I was in Andrew's Platoon in Iraq, My apologies go out to you too for not being able to reach him in time. Theres not a day that goes by that all of us don't think about him. Hes was a great person, with a lively spirit! He talked about you guys all the time. I'm very sorry for your loss. May you find happiness in your memories and strength in your losses. Your son, brother, uncle, friend is truly a HERO.

SGT Philpott 293RD MP CO Mosul,Iraq
3rd Plt."
Max Philpott of Lawton, Ok

"Andy will always and forever be in my heart and spirit. He was a great friend and a wonderful human being. May God continue to bless him and his family!!"
Shavonne Mosley of Portsmouth, Virginia/United States

"I will NEVER forget Andy. He was a awesome friend and a great soldier. I am very proud of Andy and his ultimate sacrifice. I will miss your calls and will never forget the day you died."
SGT Jeremiah Dressler of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

"In remembrance of Andy-
Andy man I love you so much and life isn't the same without you...I still remember the first time I saw you... way back in the day... you walking down the street in a beater about to play some basketball shoutin, " To Kim and Kimberly Wingate," your dream twins. I find it hard even think of you not even in this realm of existence, gone to another place. Andy... there is a hole in my heart that is like a thorn because you are not here...I remember I wanted to be just like you... comb my hair like yours...your prescence trespassed gender, race, personal inhibition and fear...your smile made people feel comfortable and put a joy in my heart that I have never seen since...there is not a s i n g l e day that passes that I do not think about you, and Lord willing...I will one day tell my kids about you... about how I once had a brother who put me in headlocks, and battled in pokemon, and gave me rides when i was stranded in the middle of nowhere, who was just so funny and genuine and unique...Andy... If I could just say one thing to you man, its that I love you and it pains me to think of you as gone... but i have to believe that you were just too good for this earth and the day to day * thats in it...Thankyou so much Andy for being there for me man... thankyou so much for caring for me and my family... for showing me true strength and how to be a real man by actions not words...Even in your abscence you give me strength and i cannot count how many times i overcame my own fears for your sake...I sometimes find myself lookin forward to the day my soul departs this earth because i know in my heart that wherever you are...wherever you are your still doing your thang man... making the angels laugh and waitin for us to get there... til' we meet again friend... moo' goo' for life..."
Ken Bowden of Chesapeake VA


"No matter what happened to my uncle Andy, i'll never forget those short phone calls we use to have, He was and is a great young man. He is loved and missed by so many different people from all over the world.Uncle Andy thanks for serving our country!! Everyone is so proud of u!! I love and miss u!!"
Melissa Perales aka Missy of Waukegan, IL USA

"Andy, I love you and miss you. We didn't have enough time together. You were taken away too soon. You were never far away from me. Not a day went by that you and Kim were not thought of. Miles and circumstances may have kept us away phycially but emotionally we were always together. So many years had past and yet the first thing you tell me when we sopke on the phone was that you loved me. NOTHING can break the bond of a sister and brother. Till we meet again, you will forever be in my heart and I will forever honor you. You have made me proud!!

Love your sis"
Maria Tuazon Vinas of Waukegan IL/USA

rose merry tuazon of CHESAPEAKE VA

"we love and miss you more each day.
we are so proud of you."
rose merry tuazon of chesapeake va

"To the family of Andrewn Tuazon, My name is cornelius Fields and Iam currently working in Mosul Iraq. I am from the tidewater area.I am also a US Army retiree. I am proud of the job our men and women are doing there day in and day out. Trust me we are making a differane. Andrew is a hero. I am proud of him and all the troops in Iraq. I will be returning to Mosul Wednesday , once there I will say a prayer for andrew.

Thanks for your time."
Cornelius Fields of H-2 MOSUL IRAQ

"First and foremost let me thank all of you for your kind words and prayers. I am one of Andy's sisters. I never wrote about my feelings about Andy's death for all to read. I would only write it for myself. But after reading some of your comments I felt that I should write something. I would like to write a few things about how I feel about losing Andy. Everyday I miss him. Everyday I cry for him. My heart hurts for him. The pain dosen't go away. There is not a moment that goes by that I don't think about Andy. I am still struggling with the fact that Andy is gone. Had I have known that it would be my last time to hear his voice I would have kept him on the phone longer the last time I spoke with him. I would have made sure that he knew that I loved him and that I am proud of him. You just never know when the last time will happen. I look at his pictures all the time. I still can't believe that he is gone. I miss him so much. A part of my heart died May 10, 2004. When Andy died he took some of me with him. I questioned God, I yelled at him. My older brother Lee who has been in the Army for almost 20 yrs and also has a strong faith in God told me that I have too much anger and hate in my heart. He said that I need to let God into my heart to ease the pain and to try and understand why Andy had to die. I will never understand that! I question why did God take such a wonderful person away? Why did he take so many great soliders that fought for our country? Why does he take the good and leave the bad here for us to deal with. I am in the law enforcement field. I see bad everyday. I see these bad people and I ask why not take them, why not leave Andy and all the other soliders that was doing right. And I am told to let God into my heart. HOW? How can I? Apart of me wants too, but how? I am proud of my brother. Both of them for keeping our country the "Land Of the Free". I know the saying that everything happens for a reason, that God has better plans for Andy. I heard all that when our beloved cousin Richie died in 1995. He too was a young man in his 20's. I may sound bitter and angry and yes your right I am. I want Andy here. I want to see him get married and have kids. I want to hear him tell me that he loves me. I want to tell him that I love him. I want to sit with him and have a "cold one" I want to talk with him. I want him to see his nephews and nieces who all admire him. I wanted him here when our baby sister Kim got married. I wanted him to see how beautiful she was. I want to sit around and listen to music and maybe even dance. I want to teach him how to cook Fillipino food. I want him here. Is that so wrong? But I can't, the only thing I can do is talk to his pictures and hope that he hears me. I like to think of Andy as my very own Angel. When ever I hear that new song by Kenny Chesney "Who'd you be" I just cry. That is the perfect song to express how I feel. To end this I once again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

To all of the Fallen Soliders, you will not be forgotten. The candle I light for Andy burns for you also. To all the families, my you find peace in your hearts.

"I may walk around with a smile on my face,and they may hear me laugh a time or two,but what they don't know is that I'm crying inside, my heart is hurting for you"

Thank you,"
Maria Tuazon Vinas of Waukegan, IL/USA

"This is going to be kind of long.... I am Andy's brother. I was stationed in the field in South Korea when I got a call from my sister, Angie, telling me that Andy had been killed.

I can't begin to tell you the range of emotions that flowed through me. Top of my list was: "Why Andy, Lord?"

The thing is - Andy and I have different mothers. There is a 12 year 8 month difference in age between us. We weren't raised together. The last time I saw Andy and Kim was 1989, when our Dad, a Navy veteran, died. I was just entering the US Army, still in training actually....

Life went on from there, you know? I was 19 and the world was waiting for me. Off I went to multiple deployments and two combat tours, wanting more!

When I was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (2000-2004), I was on Army Knowledge Online (AKO) using the "white pages" that was offered. On a lark, I searched for any "Tuazon" that may be in the service.

Tuazon is not a common name and I didn't think any name would pop up but my own. And there before me was my "long-lost" brother.

There was a number there that turned out to be his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) unit. I called; he had already graduated. Where did he go? I waited one month. Searched again and learned he was in Georgia. I called and left a message - sent an email just to make sure.

He called me - JOY!!! - and we developed a relationship that was just so doggone TIGHT! I mean, it was like talking to MYSELF at that same age!

We grew up separately, but we grew up the same. We had the same interests, listened to some of the same music, had the same sense of humor. The only thing different between us - he was delighting himself in the joy of Jesus Christ a decade and some change before I found peace.

We've talked and emailed each other in reference to a plethora of subjects: which one of us is the better looking (him), who's stronger (me), what do you think of this singer....but a lot of it was military related. He just came in, and I've been around for a while. I would give him advice and encouragement.

Andy is a force unlike no other. I love him. I miss him. I cherish the time time we had with each other. Like his email address says, he is a "No Limit" Soldier!

So to all of you who support Andy and all the other Service Members of the Armed Forces, I salute you and say, "HOOAH"!"
SSG A. "Lee" Tuazon of Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Gerald of Chicago, IL

"To the family of Andy; Andy was a good friend of mine in high school, we worked together and graduated together, spent many a days together. He was a hero before he went to war, he braught smiles to every sad face he saw, he had such a pure and wonderful heart, always so concerned with those around him. He made the world a better place and he left this world to remember him that way, and his name will always bring a smile to the faces of those who knew him! This memorial day made me sit back and reflect on the great times we shared before he went to secure our freedom and protect our lives. I pray that you all remember as well as I all of the joy he braught to the world and be content that he has the angels in heaven in tears laughing right now."
Julie Little of North Myrtle Beach, SC

""In Loving Memory
We thought of you with love today
but that is nothing new,We thought
about you yesterday,and the day before
that too.We think of you in silence
we often speak your name.All we have
now are memories and your picture
in a frame.You memory is our keepsake
with which we will never part.God
has you in his keeping,We have you
in our hearts.We shed a tear for
what might have been,a million
times we've cried if love alone could
have saved you.You never would
have died.in life we loved you
dearly.In death we love you still.
in our hearts you hold a place.
no one could ever fill.It broke our
hearts to lose you but you didn't
go alone for a part of us went with
you the day god took you home .

Donna W Fuller""

"I loved Andy like a brother. We spent many nights leading up to the deployment outside the barracks rounding people up for the clubs. I miss his humor, his smile, his laugh. But mostly, just having him around to brighten the day. Things aren't always great here, but they got a lot worse when god called him upon him to serve a greater duty. I am deeply sorry for your loss, that it has taken me so long to find this site. My prayers will always be with your family."
Levi Topp, 1st plt. 293rd MP CO of Mosul, Iraq

"To the Family of PFC Tuazon,

My thought and prayers are with you during this difficult time. My son is also with the 293rd, and is currently in Baqubah. My son and I are very sorry for your loss and thank Andrew for his courage, sacrifice and bravery in the name of freedom.
God Bless Denise Johnson & SGT. Matthew Richter"
Denise Johnson of Mannheim Germany

"To the family of PFC Tuazon, I am sorry for your tragic loss. I actually went to basic training and AIT school with Andrew. I remember him as always keeping the moral up for the other soldiers. He made training fun for us all. I will hold the memories that I shared with him close, and never forget a true hero that fought for what he truly believed in."
Spec. Dante Mora-670th Military Police of San Diego, CA/USA

"I remember talking to my uncle Andrew on the phone about how the day was and what did i do. He was always happy when i talked to him. Every time i talked to him he would would be jamin' to "Milkshake" in the car or at home. I miss and love him so much! Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!"
Missy Perales of Waukegan, IL

"to the family of pfc. tuazon,
i think i may have met your son at the chow hall or probably through my friend, the only meddac who went with his company/platoon. i too was stationed at ft. stewart. i actually lived next door to 293 MP barracks. i know that only one platoon or company from 293rd was sent. i'm sorry for your loss. i check this site every day for my friends who are there now. being an ex solider i know what's its like being away from home missing everything you take for granted. ft. stewart is a lonely place and everyone who lived there cherished and loved thier families more than anything. i will keep your son in my prayers, and once again i'm sorry for your loss."
michelle of whittier, ca


"I want to thank all of the people for their condolences to my uncle Andrew Tuazon I ask you keep all of his family in your prayers also for their sisters, my mom and aunt, and brother who also is in the army my uncle I too want to send my prayers to his loved ones I hope they have the strength to go on but never forget him thank you and god bless every one"
Justin Tuazon of waukegan,IL

"On July 4, 2004 I volunteered to be a part of a ceremony in Thornton, CO that honored all those that have died in battle since the beginning of Iraqi Freedom. My duty was to carry a flag for a soldier named and present it during the ceremony. Andrew Tuazon was my soldier. I never knew about him until that day but I know that I will never forget him. I thank him for his sacrafice. I honor his parents. And I am grateful to know of him now and forever."
Rene Bohn of Arvada, CO

"Private Tuazon, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To Andrew's family, I am so sorry for your tragic loss. PLease know that many of us appreciate his service to and sacrifice for our country."
F. Smith of Pennsylvania

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Andrew, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To the family ad frieds of Andrew Tuazon: I want to send my most sincere condolences to you in your time of loss. I knew Tuazon and he made many a day go by easier with his humor and antics. Rest assured that he was a fine Military Police soldier and did not shy away from his duty. "Of the troop and for the troops""
Pfc. Will Villarreal 212th MP CO of Bamberg Germany

"To Andrew's Family and Friends:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our prayers are with you in this most difficult time and we thank you for his bravery and sacrifice.


The Family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, 82nd Airborne, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003.

Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Thank you Andrew Tuazon, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Andrew Tuazon:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Andrew for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Andrew Tuazon:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Andrew, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on