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Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith

33, of Tampa, Florida.
Killed in combat in Iraq. He was assigned to the 11th Engineer Battalion, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Died on April 4, 2003.

Smith leaves behind his wife of 11 years, Birgit Smith; a son, David Anthony Smith (9); a daughter, Jessica Martha Smith (17).

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"You will never be forgotten; your heroism lives on. Your character, commitment, and integrity are evident at our school humbly named after you. Thank you for your sacrifice."
Medal of Honor Character Development Committee of Sgt Smith Middle School, Tampa

""Thank you for your service and sacrafice. My condolences to your family and friends. Rest in Peace."
Jeffrey K. Heck USAF 82-86 of Columbus, Ohio

"Paul, and to the Smith Family, This post is long overdue. I met Paul in Schwienfurt Germany in the beginning of 1996. Our Motorpools were right next to each other. I would notice this one NCO who was always with his Soldiers and they were always motivated and organized. I went to him and asked what he was doing to create this environment. He spent the next 3 years showing me how to build a team, create cohesiveness and maintain dicipline without compromising safety, morale or values. We talked regularly throughout our time in Schweinfurt and during our deployment to Bosnia. He never stopped asking how things were, or invited me to lunch at our famous Cantine on post, LOL. I'll never forget the amazing Soldier, husband, father and American he was. He took his free time to help another Jr. NCO to accomplish and flourish, and for that I am forever greatful. You will always be honored and remembered as "that guy" LOL God bless and God speed."
MSG Edward Huffine of Yongsan, Korea

"SFC Smith,
Sir, I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country-not just in OIF but also for your service in Desert Storm and Kosovo as well. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.


"I have been reading about Paul R. Smith.
He seemed a hell of a good man, with love for his troops. and his family.
May his wife & children find peace as time goes on.
He was a brave man, who made the ultimate sacrifice.
The UK will always be your friend."
Ken Baldwin of London UK

"Every Memorial Day I think of Paul. My Father served with him, and has been forever touched by this amazing man. Thank you for your service. You payed the ultimate price, and others lived because of your bravery. RIP."
Danielle Coker of Florida

"I want to hear more about you"
Jordan.owens of korea

"SFC Smith is a great american.Essayons my friend lead the way!"
Spc Thomas of Ft Hood Tx

"I am 19 years old. I am a family friend of Tony Smith, SFC Smith's brother. SFC Smith is the reason I joined the United States Army. I strive to be a leader and friend like I heard he was. He is a unknown mentor to me and always will be."
SPC Geiniman of Spring Hill, FL

"I light this candle in memory of your Angel Paul. Happy birthday angel.Praying your day will be gentle."
Carol Angel Michael's Mom of Fla

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Paul, happy birthday to you!!"
Diane Angel-Katie Cassidy

"Happy Birthday Paul R. Smith.
You will always be a Hero to your family and friends and people who did not even know you Paul.
You did your family and Country proud, GB you Paul.
Sending all my love and Prayers to your family."
Joan Taylor of England

"my prayers to you Paul and all American heroes.may you all have eternal peace."
mary^j^benny of Davao City.Philippines

"I did not know this man but my best friend did, they served together in Kosivo together. My company was mabe hours behind his, we traveled through and if not for him we could have been taking on that task. Very Brave Man he is! Cco.1-502nd Inf. Bat."
Michael F George of Anchorage,AK.

"I light this candle in memory of your Angel Paul's.
Heavenly anniversary. Praying your day is peaceful. Thank you."
Carol Angel Michael Carico's Mom of fla.

"Gone, but not forgotten.Rest in peace Sapper."
SFC(Ret) Jeffry Stivers of Loogootee, Indiana

"Paul my prayers for you,RIP"
mary^j^benny of Davao City.Philippines


"Paul may whispers from the heaven's on this your angel day-touch your soul for you to know-your loved in every way-God Bless."
Fam. of Wm. Scott & Samantha Myers of MI - USA

"I didn't personally know anyone who was killed fighting to defend our country. But I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry at times. I understand, in theory only, that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could the grieving families and friends pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com
A hundred times a day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am receiving. - Albert Einstein"
Scott Edward Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"A true hero who knew the risks and pressed on in an unprotected gun position, taking the fight to the enemy.
M-113s had ACAV gunshields since the early 1960s, now they have them again. Why wasn't the 113 Paul Smith died in fitted with armor that was saving Soldier lives against the same threat before he was born?"
ML of Manning, SC, USA

"To the Smith family,
This is Tracy Kendall again and I am sending another message to let you know of another coincidence. The school named for your father and husband, Paul R. Smith Elementary School on Anclote Rd. in Holiday Florida, I was working for the mechanical contractor, Energy Air Inc. I was the draftsman who created all of the shop drawings for the heating and cooling systems inside of the entire school. During construction it was called School "OO", or "DD". I would really like to hear from Ms. Smith if it is possible. Please use the e-mail address tkendall5@verizon.net. In fact I really would like to get in contact with all of you, it would be quite an honor to meet all of you. Your husband is an inspiration to all of us who have served and who are true Americans and understand the act of sacrifice SFC Paul R. Smith gave to this country and his felllow soldiers.
Again, God Bless"
Sgt. Tracy L. Kendall (Ret) of Palm Harbor, Fl. USA

"my prayers for his family i was part of this unit from 1995 to 1998 now i have been a contract for 11 yrs i take pride helping my country take care god bless him"
emmett nelson of macon georgia

"To the Smith family,
You do not know me ,but the flag your husband and father received for the life he gave in the fight for the freedom of ourselves and others is from a part of family. My name is Tracy Kendall, and I live in Palm Harbor Fl. My father, 1st Sgt William L Kendall (RET), was responsible for Medal Of Honor Flag. I am retired form the Army due to injuries in the line of duty. When I saw the presentation by President Bush it took my heart away to see Pauls youg son accept the medal on his behalf. I hope you are all well, and if there is anything I can help you all with just e-mail tkendall5@verizon.net. There are those close by who think that the actions of SFC. Paul Smith cannot be recognized by just a medal alone. It means that each and every AMERICAN owes him just alittle. May God be with all of you."
SGT. (RET) Tracy L. Kendall of Palm Harbor, Fl.

"I was in the 11 eng with sgt.Smith he was a great man.i can see him smilling and pushing us lower enlisted to succed in life no matter what we did.I will all was remember him."
Sgt Brandon Smth of Enterprise,Alabama

"I was at Victory Base Iraq in 2008 and hosted a Powerlifting Competition at the Paul R. Smith Gym. I had nice plaques made and want to send one to a family member. I saved one just for them. Please assist me if you can get an address to send it to.

My e-mail is smokyoak@aol.com"
LTC Mary Morehouse of Vacaville, CA

"As a Cold War era Army Veteran who never served in combat, I commend the late Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith for his bravery. Sergeant Smith had high standards and expected nothing less from his soldiers and also had a great deal of concern for his men and their welfare. Sergeant Smith gave his life to ensure the safety of his men and will always be remembered for his supreme act of bravery"
Army Vet Rich of Indianapolis, IN

"I served with Paul in Germany and the first Gulf War. I knew Paul and he was very good man and a outstanding NCO. I will never forget him and his family. I will never forget Paul, and others who made the sacfrice for our countries freedoms. God bless the Smith Family, and all of our men and women serving on the front lines, and let's not forget about or veterans of other wars who have served their country with pride."
Jack of Rogers, Arkansas

"Thanks to you and others for your service and sacrifice to our great country. You made it to Arlington! What a brave son you raised."
Larry Tipper, Lt Col(ret) of Birmingham, AL

"God bless you, your family, and all of our service men and women around the world. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, and showing us what it means to be An American Soldier. I am proud to wear the same uniform. God Bless."
SPC. Robert Short III of Buffalo, NY/USA

"Hooah a real man is 1st sgt smith he had courage and i think him"
ryan hilbert of hustonville ky

"Saying thank you is not nearly enough for what you have done for our country. You truly are an American hero and the USA is blessed to have had a soldier like you fighting for our freedom."
SrA Kate Lovell of Louisville, KY USA

""Thank you" cannot even begin to cover the gratitude and awe that my family and I feel for soldiers such as Paul Ray Smith and men like him who are willing to lay down thier lives in heroic defense of their family, their God, their country, and for the protection of their comrades in arms--Paul R. Smith is an inspiration and an example of what it truly means to be an American Solider. Thank you."
Cadet Hanna MS II

"God Bless your family. The family gave up everything so they should have anything they need!"
Don Applegarth SFC (Retired) of Elizabethtown, KY

"24 May 08
Paul is forever remembered...but especially this weekend!! We will never forget!!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"I will never forget these heros - never. Thanks to Paul R. Smith and his family. Hoorah!"
Mike B. of Boston, MA/USA

"Hero's are important to me. Paul R. Smith deserves to be remembered. I have drawn a portrait of him. You can view it here http://molock67.deviantart.com/art/Paul-R-Smith-Final-67189212 . I've donated the drawing to a middle school that was named after him in his home town near Tampa Florida."
Stephen R. Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri

Today marks five years since Paul Rays heroic deed saved the lives of many of his soldiers. This date stays constant in our minds because we share the same loss. I do not know that five years has changed much in Iraq and it may take another five to do so. I do know that brave young American men and women on a daily basis put their life on the line just as Paul, Lincoln, and Jason did. This weekend we will remember them and their families and never forget."
Dan / Linc's dad

"SFC Paul Smith was a great hero. Its hard to deal with that he is gone, but remeber its probably the way he would have wanted it. He is a great hero to me and to all Americans, I'm sorry for your lose"
Jake Hendrick of West Virginia

"Paul, another fine man, Navy Lieutenant (SEAL) Michael Murphy has joined your Congressional Medal of Honor ranks for actions in Operation Enduring Freedom. We have Not Forgotten You and Your Wonderful family. SFC Rod Brewer"
SFC Rod Brewer of Weston, Michigan, U.S.A.

"December 30, 2007
To the family of Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith:
Paul gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"To the family of Paul R. Smith -

I can only imagine the sorrow you must have felt and feel with the loss of a such a tremendous man. God Bless SFC Smith and those like him for the service they gave and continue to give to this country. They make the rest of us want to be better people."
Bill Cox of Concord, Virginia

"SFC Smith, thank you for your service and sacrifice. I never knew you but would have proudly worked for you. I hope the men you saved will carry on the legacy that the whole is greater than the part, and that you will continue to touch the lives of Dog Faced Soldiers, long after I have left this world."
Kid Batt of Columbus, GA

"Dear Smith Family:
Thank you for your gift to our country by growing up a fine man who would lay down his life for my family and generations to come. Words are too small to say what is in my heart, but you are forever honored for Paul's service.
Susan Priest, RN"
Susan Priest of Houston, TX USA

"There are no wordsto describe how awesome this man looks. I'm sure he was loved by so many. To think that he gave his life for me and my family to
have freedom. I want to thank his family for giving this precious sacrifice for my freedom. God Bless all of you."
Sue Scott of Ormond Beach, Fl,

"There are no words in the world that can bring SFC Smith back but I truly hope that you can find some solace in the fact that there still remains some Americans that will never forget what the men and women of our armed forces do so that we may carry on the level of living that so many of us have grown accustomed to here in the U.S..

I'm deeply sorry for you loss and forever grateful for your sacrifice.

Darren Li"
Darren Li of Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA

I recently attended the Regimental Engineer Ball at Fort Leonard Wood, MO where you were presented with the medal for engineer spouses. I introduced myself right after the formal part of the evening. I just wanted to extend my profound amazement at your poise and pride in your husband. Paul must be so proud looking down on you! Many hugs!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. After reading about what you did at the Airport and all the reflections left here for you, all I can say is what countless other people have already said-you are the epitome of what a soldier and NCO is supposed to be.

"Forward"(11th Engrs. Motto)"

"I was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany from 1995-1998. I was fortunate to have SFC Paul R. Smith and his wonderful family as neighbors on 11 Kettler St. in Schweinfurt. SFC Paul R. Smith was a class act and his family was wonderful. I was saddened when I came across his story 4 years after the fact in a tribute to him online. I was floored by this news. I was truly upset by the late news of his passing. To his wonderful family I would like to say that I am sorry for your loss. Paul was an outstanding soldier and a wonderful human being. He deserves every award he gets for his actions not only on that day, but every day that he put on his uniform. SFC Paul R. Smith is a true role model for all soldiers to follow, regardless of their rank. The military needs a lot more soldiers like SFC Paul R. Smith. I will never forget the kindness and all of the things that he and his family did for me and my family while we were their neighbors in Germany. This is one person that I am glad that I got to meet and know while I was in the Regular Army and I am moved by his story."
SSG Don Kristin McCluskey of Pocahontas, Arkansas

"APRIL 10, 2007

Christmas in Arlington..
Rest easy, sleep well my brother. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell....

This is located at Arlington National Cemetery.
We all will remember you,
They named a Special School for You, and Your Son is reported to be attending it.

Another Great Man, Marine Corporal Jason L. Dunham has now joined you in the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and has had a Naval Ship named in his Honor.."
SFC Rod Brewer of Weston, Michigan

"7 April 07
He is not forgotten. I still think of SFC Smith daily. We still have, and always will have pictures of him and SSG Hollinsaid up in our house. Reminders of the sacrifices that are made for us. God bless you!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO


"Death is nothing at all
I have only slipped away into the next room
I am I and you are you
Whatever we were to each other
That we are still
Call me by my old familiar name
Speak to me in the easy way you always used
Put no difference into your tone
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow
Laugh as we always laughed
At the little jokes we always enjoyed together
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was
Let it be spoken without effort
Without the ghost of a shadow in it
Life means all that it ever meant
It is the same as it ever was
There is absolute unbroken continuity
What is death but a negligible accident?
Why should I be out of mind
Because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you for an interval
Somewhere very near
Just around the corner
All is well.
Nothing is past; nothing is lost
One brief moment and all will be as it was before"

"I never knew SFC Smith, but I'm proud to serve in the same Army as this brave Soldier. He is the shining example of what every Soldier should be. I get choked up every time I read his story. Drive on, Sapper, You'll never be forgotten."
SPC Burris of Ft. Hood

"To the family of Paul Smith:

I am deeply sorry for your loss...and at the same time extremely grateful for Paul's sacrifice to this nation. While I am not in the armed services, his death has touched me none the less. To his children: Be Proud of your dad! He is looking down on you every day....he is with you every step you take. To him our nation is in debt. God Bless You!
Paul your heroism is what makes me proud as hell to be an American. Every time I hear that Star Spangled Banner I bow my head and think of you!!
"Greater Love hath no man than this than to lay down your life for a friend." John 15:13"
Kevin Waines of Spokane, WA

"To the family of:Paul R. Smith I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Today, as a part of Wreaths Across America, I had the priveledge and honor or laying a wreath at the burial site for SFC Paul R. Smith.

I was not aware of what he did for our country and as I learn more about his bravery and his example as a soldier, patriot and an American, I am truly in awe of his example.

May God bless you and your family as his memory lives on."
Scott Nichols of Fredericksburg, VA


"i wanna pay my respect for him , i read what he have done and i,m deeply impressed , God bless him , and i wish his family much strength in the future ."
m.ebbers of Netherlands

"I am thinking of the Smith family on this Veteran's Day. What a wonderful man SFC Smith was. God Bless you."
Win of Minnesota

God bless your family and friends who have lost such a great spirit. Words fail to express what I feel in my heart this Vetran's Day....you will live on in our memories"
Sam of Atlanta, Georgia USA

"Dear Sgt, You are truly a hero you embody the character of a true patriot. you loved, defended and sacrificed so much for our country. You and other soldiers of our country have served our country flawlessly. You all are our gaurdian angels. We are priviledged to have men of honor like you, and we will forever be indebted to you."
John of Washington DC

"All I can really say is thank you for defending freedom."
Alex Cohen of Richmond, Virginia

"Many who knew SFC Paul Smith from earlier assignments knew the type of leader he was -- he lead from the front, and did everything with a 'hands on' approach.

Enclosed is a link to an old 1st Infantry Division newspaper from Bosnia, where I served with Paul in Bravo Company, 9th Engineer Battalion. This picture (a few pages into the paper) was taken during the Defense of Brko and captures all that Paul was to the Army and his Soldiers.

LTC Paul Olsen

"Dear family,
My words are too shallow for the hurt that you must have in your hearts. I hope that you are proud of your dad and husband as I know that you are. My wife and I live in freedom today because of the brave men like Paul who believed in a call greater than himself. There are millions of Americans who are grateful for his service. There are many more people that he impacted while serving who will never be able to say thanks, but I will say thank you.

All my love from a grateful citizen of the United States of America."
Garland Graves of Hurst, Texas

"Birgit, Jessica, and David....
It has been some time since I have been here. But Paul is never far from thought. My husband is currently a drill sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I recently went to the Engineer museum and saw the tribute to Paul. It is beautiful and immediately brought tears to my eyes. My husband tells every soldier he trains about the sacrifice that Paul and SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid made in Iraq. It makes them see the sacrifice that they should be willing to make,the bravery that they should take on as part of themselves, the courage that it takes to be a great soldier. God bless you all....I hope that you have been able to find peace..."
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"Dear Smith family,
I am not leaving a message to try and make you cry, I am leaving a messsage to show you that i apreciate your husband/father and the actions he has made. I think that instead of people saying "oh, im so sorry" they should be saying "you are so lucky to have such a respectful man in your family." that is what i am saying, and as we will all miss Paul, he will always be doing something right, whether he is on earth or in heaven."
Kay of FL

"Dearest Smith Family,
Please accept my deepest sympathy in the loss of your loved one. I can not imagine the pain your family is feeling. I am a new army mother. My 19 year old son graduated from Army Basic Training on June 2, 2006. He will graduate from AIT on August 31, 2006. He is based at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. I am not only very proud of my son but of ALL the men and women who have chosen to serve and protect our country with their lives. Just as I am proud of my son, you and the rest of us in this country are proud of what your husband has done for us and our country. Because of his bravery, strength and courage, myself and my children can live free and safe knowing your loving husband gave his life not only to protect myself and my children but everyone in the United States of America. My prayers to you and your family and friends for your loss. Thank You Paul for your heroism.
Gail and Robert(son) - South Milwaukee,
WI and PV2 Nicholas Rydeski(son) at Fort Jackson, SC."
Gail of South Milwaukee, WI

"Hooah, SFC Smith. Sappers lead the way! When I catch up with you I'll shake your hand. Keep 'em dual primed till we get there brother. We continue to pray for your family and thank them for their sacrifice."
Lee Sweningson (12th Engr BN, Desert Storm) of Houston, Tx

"Thank you SFC Smith.
You did well!"
LTC R.A. Freeman (Ret) of Houston, TX

"People are very quick to say bad things about the British and American Governments and their Servicemen and Women. They seem to forget that they go to these Countries to try and help people, to stabilise and repair the infrastructure to distribute aid many pay with their lives or are wounded. They go where they told because its their and its where there friends and comrades are going. They should be supported and cherished, always!
God Bless Paul SMITH and his family and all US and UK Servicemen and Women."

"Thank You,
My day today is in Peace and consider it a gift from you. I will repay you by giving you and the other soldiers Honor and Respect"
John Christy of San Diego,CA USA

"I stumbled onto this page in error, and now I am brought down by sadness. I am actually in Baghdad Iraq as I write this. I served under the same unit as this fine soldier. May you rest in peace and you will never be forgotten. My love goes out to your family."
Daniel Rivera of Baghdad, Iraq

"I want to say thank you to Sgt. Paul R. Smith for serving and protecting this great nation and your ultimate sacrifice. You are a true American Hero. To the family, Paul's memory will live forever with many of us Americans. He was a true Patriot and his sacrifice is not in vain. Thank you again sir for my freedom.
David Lema- Patriot Guard Riders - Rhode Island"
David Lema of East Greenwich, RI - USA

"I am a mother of a NJROTC student at Tampa Bay Tech. I attended the Memorial at the school for your son. The Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith memorial garden and the building that the cadets have dedicated to your husband is a reminder to all of the students of the school what a sacrifice your son has made for all of us. My daughter now wants a career in the military and your son is part of her inspiration. I will be proud if that is what she chooses to do with her life."
Stephanie LaRue of Tampa, Florida

"I have made several movies concerning recent conflicts the united states has been in: WTC, Iraq....my most recent i dedicated to you for your outstanding service to our country, we need men like you, RIP
If you want a link you can email me at cadet52@nycap.rr.com title it link to movie"
Andrew Britt of New York

"You truly deserved this great honor and to be one of the few Medal of Honor awardees in history. You made the nation proud! Hooah!"
Julian Gluck of LaGrange, Georgia

"hey birgit i am doing a report on sfc paul r. smith and thought i should stop in and tell u...i look at him as my hero i want to join the military when i graduate and i hope i become as good of a soldier as he was much love...."
jorden of erie PA harbor creek high school

"Birgit, Jessica, and David, Thank you very much for giving us a true American Hero. I am sorry for your loss. Paul, showed us That Freedom Is Not Free. God Bless you..."
SFC Rod Brewer of Weston, Mi. rxbrewer@bop.gov

"Dear Smith family,
I didnt know SFC Smith, But like him I was a Sapper and went to Iraq in 2004-2005 with the 82nd ENG Bn Cco God Bless him and his family. ITS NOT HOW THEY DIED THAT MADE THEM HERO'S ITS HOW THEY LIVED. "SAPPERS LEAD THE WAY" ESSAYONS!!!!"
SGT(p) M. Davis of Palm Beach Fla

"Birgit and family,
I just wanted to post a note to say that not a day goes by without thoughts of SFC Smith. He is on our wall with SSG Hollinsaid. I was stationed with them both in Germany. SFC Smith was a true american hero....I know that he loved being an engineer and thought it appropriate to post this poem to you! God Bless and keep you!!


They've a song about the Army
The Navy and Marines:
They've got one for the Air Force
The whole darn works it seems.

But they've never taken trouble
Though we've served them all for years,
To write a verse or two
For the Corps of Engineers.

We build their roads and airfields
Their pipelines and their camps,
From underground munitions dumps
To concrete loading ramps.

Before the others get there
We had to break the ground,
And we built it all to suit their needs
Solid, safe and sound.

But the ENGINEERS aren't kicking
For when their moving in,
We know it's just another place
Where we've already been.

If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scene,
'Tis said the streets will be patrolled
By United States Marines.

Now who will guard the streets up there
We aren't disposed to say,
But we offer this suggestion
If they look at things that way:

When the Marines have taken over
In that land that knows no years,
They'll find it designed and built
By the Corps of Engineers!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"I am deeply grateful that our nation was blessed with such a great hero, patriot, and soldier. My deepest sympathy and respect to his family and sincere thanks to this man for his duty, honor and courage. He will not be forgotton."
Judy of Indianapolis, IN

"Dear Birgit and Family,
There is NOT a day that goes by that we do not think of SFC SMITH and his family. To us he and Lincoln are like one. You cannot tell Linc's story without including SFC Smith and Jason Meyers. They were brave soldiers and admired by many, but loved by their families. We will NEVER forget them and we will always HONOR them. Stay strong.
Dan & Nancy Hollinsaid"

"God bless this family. Thank you to SFC Smith, I know you have a special place in heaven. God bless our troops."
Master Chief Jeff Gilmet and Family of Suffolk Va

"Dear Birgit, Jessica and David,
I know that today must be hard for you. I know because Jason's three year aniversary is in four days. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you, and will always remember you and Paul. Never forget that your not alone. I hope that you and the kids are doing good."
Melissa Meyer, Wife of PFC Jason M Meyer KIA of Flint, MI

"Three yrs ago today you gave your life so myself and the rest of your soldiers could come home. The emotions and memories are just as fresh today as they were that fateful day. I hope you've found your peace up in the sky with SSG Hollinsaid and PFC Meyer, I'm sure you'll keep them in line. Someday we shall meet again and continue to protect our family and friends. You're truely missed but never forgotten. "Sappers Lead The Way!""
P of Fall River,Ma USA

"My wife and I wrote a song about this great man. We would like to give it to you (Mrs. Smith) but do not know how.
please get to me @ davebennett@d-s.com
so we can honor your family further as well as support all the others."
Dave Bennett of Twin Falls, Idaho

"Thank you for your sacrifice. My family is safer because of you and others like you who had the honor, courage and commitment to serve our country and to ultimately sacrifice all. I salute you! God bless you and the family you left behind. Some day you'll all be together. Until then.. may your family take at least some comfort in the fact that their sacrifice does NOT go unnoticed. Thank you Smith family. Keep on keeping on.. you're in my prayers."
A Grateful Fellow American of Portland, Oregon

"I am a Viet Nam vet and was curious if there were any Medal Of Honor awarded since Somalia(sp). During my research of Sgt. Smith I received, Feb. 15, 2006, in the mail from my nephew in Atlanta Ga., a copy of his mother's journal, MEDAL OF HONOR WAR ON TERRORISM. This book revealed gut wrenching emotions that not even a spouse but only a mother can reflect. My heart goes out to you JP and your family. God bless SGT Smith's family. God bless all veterans and families. GOD BLESS THIS GREAT COUNTRY!"

"When I first heard the story of Paul Smith I was saddened deeply, and then it turned to anger wondering why people like this could do such exceptional things and suffer such a fate. Paul Smith inspires me everyday to face things that would normally cause me to turn the other way. But when a story comes along such as this, you realize that it is only you that stops you from achieving your goals. For that I am forever indebted to such a man that I cannot that I cannot think of any word to describe. Hero seems to be the only word that comes to mind, yet still I feel that he is deserving of a greater title."
Bryan Knapp of Glen Burnie, Maryland

"Hero is the only word... You will always be honored by the men who stand in formation under the red, white, and blue."
McKENZIE of 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment

"I did not know Paul Smith, but I feel I owe him everything. He died for the land that I love. I would like to leave this poem in his honor.

An American Sacrifice
By Robert Meusar

One of Americas sons died today
For his nation and its banner
Soon he'll be returning home
To be buried in a military manner

He'll be coming back in silence
In a wooden case
The flag will drape his coffin
At his resting place

The flag will be presented, folded up
To a parent or a wife
As our nation humbly mourns
The sacrifce of an American life

Twenty-one guns will salute him
I know he would boast with pride
He'd want all to know the reason
Why for his country he died

He gave his life for his nation
To help its freedom cost
He died to support others
Who have done the same in the past

World War One and World War Two,
Korea and Vietnam,
Desert Storm and now Iraq
The list goes on and on

Whether you believe in this war or Don't, It really matters not
Our sons and daughters who are involved
Are giving it all they've got

There will be more men and women
To be buried in this earth
They showed us what they thought of freedom, and what they think we're worth."
of West Virginia/USA

"There are many words that can describe this well-trained NCO but I'm going to sum it up with one word "HERO" I'm a SSG stationed at Schofield Barracks Hi. If there is one SFC I would what to be like He is the one. I will never forget what you did for your Soldiers and your country. "REST IN PEACE"MY Condolences goes out to the family of SFC. Smith."
SSG. Shawn Beaty Sr. of Schofield Barracks Hi

"Thank you SFC Smith. You are truly a hero and a role model for us all. We will never forget you. Duty Honor Country. Always."
Will M. of Oak Ridge, NC

"To my best friend David and his father paul. I do know what your going through. I wish you and your family a lot of luck and the best of wishes David."
lucinda sawyer of holiday, florida

""Rock of the Marne"
Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage...
from a former 3ID soldier"
SFC Matthews of Ft Huachuca, AZ

"All Americans owe SFC Paul R. Smith a debt of gratitude....One that can never be repaid for his sacrafice! May America NEVER forget you & the price you paid. Thank you SFC Paul Smith."
RKW of Colorado

"ich will danke sagen zu familia smith fur alles er hat getan fur uns - danke"
us armee soldaten of giessen, he, deutschland

"From man to man.Mr.Smith cant get any more respect from me.This man is why we in america are the best in all we do.GOD HAS HIM IN HIS GLORY.I will never forget his actions.My kids and grand kids will know about him.

Forever he stands."
Al of Miami,Florida

"Paul R. Smith is a modern day hero. His sacrifice fills me with both sadness and a fierce pride of my country. Thank you Paul, you and all the others who gave it all for us. We are forever in your debt. God Bless you."
Dan Marcello of Unadilla, NY

"i love u and i miss you thank you for every thing you have done for our country
meaghn slayton of cocoa fl

"For as long as OLD GLORY waves in the breeze and FREEDOM rings through out the Land we will never forget SFC Paul Smith. His name and memory are forever recorded in the HONOR ROLL of the heroes of our beloved nation. May GOD BLESS his loved ones and all who serve."
Greg Bennett,USAFK9 of Westbury,NY

"You don't know me, but I wish you the best. SFC Smith represented the 3ID and has brought honor to every soldier that has ever worn the patch. He is a credit to everyone that I have known in the Marne Division. R.I.P."
Mustafa of Dartmouth, MA

"Duty Honor Country...Valor. Paul Smith is my hero. There is a mansion in Heaven which Paul Smith resides. I hope one day I can thank him personally. God bless you sir and your family."
Jim Wells of Winter Haven, Florida

"To the family of SGT Paul Smith,
You don't know me, but we know of Paul. You see, we have been told that our son, PFC Jason Meyer, was also in the battle that took Paul from you. He was evidently with Paul when he was struck down. Jason was taken from us just a few short days later. We know that he and Jason believed in what they were doing. They are brave heroes.
We have read the articles about Paul recieving th MofH. What a great honor. He surely died a hero.
We grieve with you, as I'm sure you grieve with us. We are all survivors together. You are in our prayers always."
Deb & Loren Meyer of South Bend, IN

"To the Smith family, I watched the story of Paul today on the history channel, it still gives me goose bumps. He did his duty with true bravery, and I can only hope I can live up to the kinda of person that warrents his sacrifice. I lost my brother in law Navy SEAL Jacques Fontan in a helicopter crash 2 months ago in Afghanistan. Its hard for people to understand the feeling until it happens to their own family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family."
A greatful American of Jax, FL

"Your's was a great loss of a fine soldier. To the Smith family please accept the prayers from mine. Semper Fi!"
Brian Henderson of Stafford, Virginia

"page three is my page for Paul R Smith

bob of nj

"god bless the family of a hero.

We honor them by remembering the fallen."
bob of NJ

"Paul was a true hero. He gave his life so others could live. His story brought tears to my eyes. He will always be in my thoughts & his family will always be in my prayers."
PL of Campbellsville, Ky.

"Message for Jessica Smith
Hey Jessica This is a friend from hinesville ga and I was there with you when the news happend about your father in Iraq and helped you through the pain and suffering. I've been trying to get in contact with you to see how you and your family are doing, and I saw you and your family on tv. I just hope that everything is going good with you and your family. Best wishes for you and your family. My brother visits your fathers tombstone on Ft.Stewart and he put some stuff near it and just likes to visit the fallen soldiers.
Your dad did a good thing and like you said he did what he loved."
Amanda Pittman of Hinesville, GA

"To the Smith Family:
I have just read your husband's MoH citation. It is men like Paul that keep this country free. I am proud to call him my Brother-in-Arms. God Bless you and yours."
TSGT Abel Ochoa, USAF of Sheppard AFB, TX

"To the family of Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith:
Thank you so much. I wish there was something I could say or do for you."
Mike Teague of Maryville, TN

"SFC Smith~ It seems to be forever ago that I was with you in the 9th in Schweinfurt, but I will forever hold those memories. You were a great leader, NCO, and more importantly...person. You proved to the rest of the services that Sappers do lead the way. Now watch over the rest of us fellow SAPPERS as we carry on the SAPPER mission...

The Smith Family~ Although I never met you I am truely honored to know your husband, father, son, and brother. I pray your grieve be replaced with pride. Gob Bless you all...

SGT(P) Rich "GRIZ" Gerzmehle of B 307 EN BN Ft Bragg, NC

"Dear Mrs. Smith,
I just recently learned about your husband, SFC Paul R. Smith and his Medal of Honor. I am a principal at a middle school in Columbia County, Georgia. Many of my students have parents who are stationed at Fort Gordon and who are also serving in Iraq and other places. We have a huge Veteran's Day Celebration with the entire school and community involved. Many WW II Veterans attend year after year because the students so warmly welcome them. I think it is important that they try to understand and get a feel for the sacrifices that have been made by so many for them to enjoy the freedoms they so take for granted. One Vietnam Vet told me that we(the school) were the first ones to have ever thanked him for his service to his country. My son is in Iraq right now flying black hawk helicopters over Mosul and Baghdad. I am so proud of him and of all our men and women who serve. This year's Veteran's Day Celebration will be in memory of your husband. Thank you for your strength and for being an inspiration to all wives and mothers everywhere. Your husband's life and death will be a true reminder to the school that freedom has a cost. Sincerely, Felicia R. Dumas Principal of Lakeside Middle School"
Felicia R. Dumas of Martinez, Georgia 30907 USA

"Just wanted to add a post to say that SFC Smith is never far from my mind. I knew him when he was stationed in Germany. If the world had more people like him, we wouldn't be in that awful place fighting for freedom. He is never far from thought. My husband is still on active duty, so, any soldier that makes this type of sacrifice hits close to home. My girls(age2 & 5) know who he is and what he died trying to accomplish. God Bless his family (both army and blood)."
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"To the family of SFC Smith be proud of him in what he did.Never forget his accomplishments and his dedication to his family and his country. He is a true hero in the eyes of the nation.Im a retired SFC myself and I just wanted to honor him. Thanks and May GOD bless you all."
Dwight McNeill of Raeford, N.C. USA

"sgt.1st class paul smith will never be forgotten! he paid the ultimate sacrafice for the american people's freedom! and i will never stop thanking our service men & women for the courage they have to go out and fight for our freedom.
may god bless him always & his family!
jessica culpepper of valdosta,ga u.s.a

"To the family of SFC. Smith; I don't know the appropriate words to say. I am a Vietnam Vet and I only just heard of the heroic actions of SFC. Smith. I came to this web site and felt I had to write something. Having seen combat, I can tell you that SFC. Smith was a real soldier. Be proud of what he did, never let his children forget what their father did. From one veteran to another; I salute you SFC. Smith for you are among heroes from past wars and there is no greater place you can be.

Thank You and God will look after your family."
Phil Crowley of Statesboro, Ga.

"I sleep well at night knowing that there are men like this in our military."
D. McAtee of Indianapolis, Indiana

"I never knew Sgt. Smith, but as an American I honor his service and memory. I travel to Germany often and have grown to love that country. I read today that Mrs. Smith has just become an American citizen. I say to her a heartfelt Gluckwunsch! All the best to the Smith family"
Guy Garofano of Westwood, NJ

"Mrs. Paul Smith, David and Jessica,

My son Pfc Joshua Becvar is one of the soldiers that your husband and father saved that day at the airport in Baghdad. He was in Sgt Smith's 2nd platoon. I was very glad to hear that Sgt Smith was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. His memory will live on every time I look at my son.
Your husband and father was a very brave man watching over his men. Now he is your very special "angel" watching over all of you.
Thank you and God Bless you.""
Elizabeth Becvar of Manteno, IL

The Lord asked, whom shall I send, who will go for us?

I Raised Up And Answered His Call, "I'll Go, Send Me!"

SFC Smith Lead The Way!"
anon of Cinci, Ohio

"Birgit, Jessica and David: What a true hero your husband and father was. It is always difficult to accept a loss, but remember that 1SGT Smith saved the lives of about 40 men, so they were able to go home to their families. There can never be a better gift than that! You and Paul will be in my prayers. I need to thank him for willingly and honorably serving his country to preserve its freedom and safety. Because of women and men like Paul we can continue to live in the greatest country on earth."
Ted Cagley of Pontiac, Illinois

"I know that nothing can diminish the loss of your husband or your grief, but I want you to know that he did not die in vain. This may not seem like anything now, but the Medal of Honor is not simply given out. I respect and admire Sgt. Smith as much as is humanly possible. I can't imagine how much this must hurt, but I want you to know that I am thankful for men like him who defend our country. He wasn't any ordinary man. The leadership, character and selflessness that he showed was, sadly, rare. I am grieving with you but I cannot imagine what you are going though.
Humbly Grateful,"
Shirley of Wisconsin



"What can I say...GOD BLESS..."
Don Tapp of Maryland

"MAY the LOVE of GOD ALMIGHTY ever shine on you and your family...My family and I TRULY sends our LOVE to you and your loved ones....as Jesus told us all..."NO GREATER LOVE"...Peace"
Lew Hypes, MSGT,USAF (RET) of Montgomery,AL


Dear U.S. Armed Forces:

I'm Ignacio Sebastian Cucuzza, I'm 20 years and I write from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I'm a fanatic and supporter of the United States of America. I write you to send all my support to all the men and women who integrate the Armed Forces of the United States.

I tell you that my grandma is American; she was born in Boston, Mass. and she is 80 years old but she lives over here. Maybe, it's some American blood that I carry in my veins, the love to the law enforcement and the freedom, what causes me a strong feeling to USA.
The terrible attacks of September 11, 2001 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon caused me an enormous sadness and anguish. I requested to God for all the people who died in that tragic day. I knew that the World had changed and that anything would be the same as before.
Hence, I support totally the war against the damned terrorism. I think that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will be good to stabilize the Middle East, which is a very dangerous area for the Western World.
Also, I know that the situation in Iraq is not the one that was expected. I hope very soon the situation is stabilized and that the Iraqi people can have its own military and democratic government, so that all you can return to your homes with your families.
I suffer and grieve for all the lives of the American soldiers that get lost in the battle field. And I remind the families who lose their relatives in the war, for that reason, I pray to God that protects and bless all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces every night. All the Americans should thank, to remember and to honor to all those who gave their life in the name of the United States.
I know there?s no medal, there?s no money, and there?s no words to comfort the pain of the lost loved one. But I also know and I want you to think what it would happen if the war on terror moves to the American cities? I think that all that was built in three centuries would collapse. And I do not wish to sound apocalyptic, but realist in view of the magnitude of our enemies.
United States is strong, powerful and rich. It's the nation that has created this new way of life. It's the Nation Leader of the Free World, the nation of the freedom, of the security, of the law, of the technology, of the consumerism, etc. You have created this good system, which has some flaws, but it is the best in the Earth. And we won't allow some murderers without conscience to put in danger our way of life. The objective is clear: to put an end to this humanity's scoria to preserve the future of our civilization. United States has a lot to still give as empire and we won't allow that anything neither nobody intervenes in our road.

American soldiers, I say you: Don't lower the arms, continue, stay strong, be careful, protect yourselves and keep your morale up, because I know that it's very hard. I know that you are suffering. I know that you want to come home. But I have faith that the future will be better. United States needs of you. United States supports you. United States is what it's for you. If United States didn't have men and women like you, it wouldn't be as strong and powerful as it is.
Thanks so much for protecting the USA every time.
Because of your bravery, loyalty, heroism, patriotism and, mainly, to eliminate to the enemies and the threats of the United States of America, all of you are my heroes and idols.

As fanatic of the United States, my biggest dream will take place the day that I set foot upon U.S. soil but I will be totally happy when I visit some base of the Armed Forces and I say to each and every one of you, in person, THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR THE STATES.

I thank you vastly your attention and I sent greetings and encouragements to all the men and women of U.S. Armed Forces.

May God bless USA's Forces and their families. And may God continue to bless the United States of America.

Thank you all very much.
Good luck!
See you soon!

Ignacio S. Cucuzza: a pro-USA, a pro-Rule of Law, hence, a pro-U.S. Military.

PS: Every week I enter in the webs of USMC, Defend America and ArmyTimes to look for news and stories about you. In my computer, I have more than 670 pictures and a lot of data about you (U.S. troops), with a total of around 12,500 files about USA."
Ignacio of Argentina

"Most sane people abhor war but when it comes to Americans who serve with honor, I think that Paul Smith deserves to be so honored. Also, in the USA Today recently, a Marine is credited with foiling a suicide attack involving a fire engine, etc. This valient Marine deserves the Medal of Honor for his life saving heroism also. It's men like these that make our nation the wonderful place it is to live."
William Reid of Essexville, MI

"Thank YOU for your service & sacrifice to our great country."
Anonymous American of Melrose Park, Illinois

"It's men like Paul Smith which make this nation the great nation it is. I cannot express my gratitude for your actions. You will never be forgotten. God bless you and your family. I also serve and can only hope for now that I posess the bravery, fortitude, and selflessness which Paul Smith has demonstrated. Thank You so much for your contribution."
Luke of Virginia

"You may never of heard of Cpl. Mitchell RedCloud. He was a tribal member of the Sovereign, Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin he served in the U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Army, while station in Korea he was killed in action and he too was a awarded the Medal of Honor.
He and SFC Paul Smith are in class that only a few are admitted in. They came from totally different backgrounds and cultures, they made a decision that most people would run from, they were willing to fight to the end, for their beliefs of America, for their fellow comrades in arms, and for the family at home. Once again an average person takes a stand agains't immeasurable odds and leaves his footprints in the sand. As family to people like this we have to learn of greiving and loss, but we also learn that America as big as she is,has nurturing hands and wants to help with us our loss. To those that have responded and have left your words of Love, Respect, Hope, Understanding and Compassion to both sides of SFC Paul Smith's Family, may the Creator of all things bless you. To the Family; One day you will be reunited with him, you will meet him in the Glory of GOD'S Light. Until that time comes use every hour you can to make the world a better place, as Paul did. There are thousands of American Hero's still serving our country throughout the world. Sacrificing time from their lifes for the right of freedom, both abroad and at home. We have freedom because of the blood given by our ancestor's. May God Bless America."
anaconda_serpenthim of Wisconsin, USA

"May God bless you all and comfort you with his loving embrace."
Ket, Proud Army Wife of Ft. Bragg, NC/USA

"My question to the readers of this message is; How do you know that the person you come in contact with will live forever? I will explain. My name is SSG Stanciel from the 91st Engineers at Fort Lewis, WA and I knew SFC Smith was a hero long before he passed away. You see I was his friend some one who worked beside him and had the same views and values when it came to training soldiers. We both were team leaders in the same squad while stationed with the 9th Eng. battalion, Schweinfurt Germany. My first encounter with SFC Smith was he was my sponsor when I was assigned to the unit. It was the first time a sponsor set the standard in my eyes of what a sponsor was supposed to do. My family and I knew nothing about the area we were going to and he squared that away by driving us around personally for 2 weeks. He gave us blankets to keep warm and even gave some of his son's toys to my son to play with, which we still have and will always keep. This shows the dedication and unselfishness which this leaders was made of. Remember when I said how do you know when some one will live forever? Well, SFC Paul Ray Smith will always live in my memories God Bless You Man."
SSG George Stanciel of 91st EnG. Fort Lewis, WA

"To the Smith Family,
The Airmen of the 365th Training Squadron at Sheppard Air Force Base will always remember SFC Paul R. Smith's courage, his Service Before Self, and the ultimate sacrifice that he gave to our Country. "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13"

"To Mrs. Smith,
Im not sure if you remember me but my name is Harmony Powers (SSG Powers wife). We were stationed at FT. Stewart in 2000 for 2 years and we were involved in FRG together with Brenda Schulz as FRG leader. I am deeply sorry for your loss. From what I remember of your husband he was a very nice and helpful man. I looked up to both of you and your wonderful family. Anthony and I were only 18 when we were married and became pregnant with our daughter Faith there and I remember SFC Smith would tell us funny things the kids would do. He always gave us good advice about being new parents, and being a good military family. Tony and I have been married now for 5 years now and our daughter is 4 now and I would like to add a thank you for you and your husband for being a wonderful role model for military families. If you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on dont hessitate to reach me. (hpowers@nc.rr.com)Im sure yall already know this but he was very prould of all of you and spoke very highly of all of you.God bless all of you and stay strong.
P.S. Anthony wanted to also say "MIGHTY DEUCE" (He said you would understand that.)"
Harmony Powers of Ft. Bragg, NC/USA

"To Mrs. Smith, and children
After the first day he was back from sapper school SFC Smith recived me as a new soldier in his squad. For the next 2 years SFC Smith trained me in everything I know today. I hope I can be as good a squad leader as he was to me."
SSG Powers, Anthony of 27th ENG. BN. Fort Bragg

"**** I am Paul's cousin. He hasn't been in contact with the Smith side of his family since he was a young boy. There are many relatives on this side of the family that miss him and his siblings. We had no idea he was in the Army or that he died until he was awarded the medal of honor a few days ago. Even though he died 2 years ago, to all of us we are just beginning to grieve. He was the best of us. Words cannot even describe what a true hero he is. I have been praying for Paul and his family these last several days. I served in the Army also. I feel very sad that we never got to know him, but we would like a chance to get in contact with his family. My e-mail address is docsamson2000@aol.com. If anyone knows an address for his parents, Birgit or his siblings please let me know. My dad and sister are also searching to try and find them. Thanks for your help. I hope we find all of you and that you will want to see us. "Ricky""

"I have just found out about what this great Non-Commissioned Officer did, I, a young NCO like he was one day, been trying to become a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Member, in his biography reads something like this "The Army has declared that there will never be another Audie Murphy...but with you SFC Smith that old saying of never say never became true, from my deepest thoughts though I never met you, my respect to you and my condolences to your loved ones, GOD BLESS YOU...thank you GOD for this American Hero!!!"
Sgt Hector Hernandez of Camp Casey, Korea from Miami FL

"To the loved ones of SFC Paul Smith...I knew SFC Smith. We met when I was stationed with the 317th ENG BN at Fort Benning around 1995. His heroic deeds are not surprising to me as he always seemed a model soldier/NCO. When I saw his picture I knew I had seen him somewhere and I did some research and found out where. I am honored to have known him, if only in passing. He was a credit to the Army and our great country! My prayers and thanks are with you all!"
Tamara Smith (formerly SPC SMITH, US ARMY HHC 317th ENG BN) of New Baltimore, Michigan

"Mansons of the Lord
by Randall Wallace

To fallen soldiers let us sing
Where no rockets fly, nor bullets wing
Our broken brothers let us bring
To the Mansons of the Lord

No more bleeding, no more fight
No breast beating through the night
Just divine embrace eternal light
To the mansons of the lord.

Where fathers cry, and children weep
We will stand and guard though the angels sleep
All through the ages safely keep,
The mansons of the lord.

Thank you Sgt. Smith for keeping us safe by manning the watchtower."
Don Jordan of Boston, MA, USA

"To Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith and his family:
Paul's courage and quick thinking saved many men on April 4th 2003, he willing put his life on the line for the good of his country, the good of the Iraqi people, to protect his men, and for his family who he loved and cared about the most. From what I have read, SFC Paul Smith epitomizes what every American soldier should be and many people should be thankful for what this brave man did. Because of his actions he ensured the freedom of the American people and the people who were liberated from tyranny. I look up to SFC Paul R. Smith for his actions and am very thankful that we have soldiers like SFC Smith. I am thankful for what he did and he and his family will be in my prayers. Thank you for the blessing of freedom I and many like myself enjoy today Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith."
Kyle Schwab of Layton, Utah - USA

"GOD BLESS Sgt Smith's family. He is a hero and a role model for everyone.
Joe Norman va87@comcast.net"
Joe Norman of North Cohocton, NY

"Thank you for your gift to us all. What an honor to be a fellow countryman of such an extraordinary man. God Bless you all."

"I seldom sit at my computer and cry for any reason....after reading the messages to Paul Ray..I did so for many,many reasons....all of which are for a remarkable man who is the best of any of us...our appreciation knows no bounds...if you or your family are ever in Fernandina Beach..my house is yours.....God Bless"
Tony Langley of Fernandina Beach,Fl

"Dear "Paul's" Family,
You are in our thoughts and prayers on this the second anniversary of Paul's death. You can have comfort in the fact that people have not forgotten him or you in your hours of sorrow. I hope that your pain subsides a little everyday and you can know that people are thinking of you during this time."
L.R. of Wisconsin

"First- let me apologize to the family of Paul Ray Smith, I know this is not a sounding board for complaints. But, I have to address Mr Bolger whom left a message implying that SFC Smith's medal was not deserved. This medal is not just given out...it is researched by a panel of people and every facta bout the situation the award is given for is checked.I find it very distasteful that he would post something like this on a MEMORIAL website. SFC Smith gave the ultimate sacrifice so that "people" like Mr Bolger have the right to display such idiocy.

Having said that...I was stationed with SFC Smith in Germany. He was a hell of a soldier, even then, you could tell that he really cared about his soldiers. To his family--I am very sorry for your loss, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and say a quiet thank you for protecting his men. This world would be a better place if we had more people that were that dedicated to making sure their buddies were taken care of."
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Irwin, CA

""Born to Honor, Ever at Peace." Thank you, Sergeant. It's those like you who make me proud to be an American.

?Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind." Robert Louis Stevenson, author (1850-1894).

"In valor there is hope."


"Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lakes, from the hills,
From the skies,
All is well, safely rest.
God is nigh"

?Well done, thou good and faithful servant.? Matthew 25:21"
Libby Butler of Talladega, Alabama

"Smith Family,
Sgt. Smith?s actions should inspire and remind us all, military and non-military, that our world would be a better place if more people thought of others rather than themselves. Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy for your loss of such a fine example of courage, bravery and selflessness. God bless you all, God bless all our soldiers."
Steve Mu?z of Minneapolis, MN

"Great American, Brave soldier, Rest in peace. God Bless America"
Gino Manrique of Springfield VA USA

"Mrs Smith, I'm the webmaster of fort lewis dot com...... We heard about the brave acts of Paul that day, by a fellow comrade...... He will always be in our minds here in the Fort Lewis area. God bless you. Please contact us, as we are planning something special for you. JR-"
JR Gehrmann of Fort Lewis, WA

"To the Family of Paul Smith: I pray for you and for your family. My husband was a Gunny Sgt killed in VietNam with the USMC at the Battle of Hue so I know what you are going through. Times can be tough but you will always have the wonderful memories you shared and the knowledge that he sacrificed his life doing what he wanted to do and for what he believed in. We live in a wonderful country and our military members are fighting to make it a better place for all of us. I know the Medal of Honor will not bring back Paul but cherish it because he gave his life for his fellow soldiers, just as my husband did, and you will always have strength in knowing that he is now with God and earned the respect and admiration of a greatful nation. It brought me to tears when I heard what he did and I am so thankful that he is getting the recognition he so rightfully deserved. My family will always keep your family in our prayers. My Grandson is currently in the US Army. May God bless your family and all of the military personnel wherever they may be fighting for Freedom"
Patricia White Elk of Sacramento, CA

"To the family of Sgt Paul R Smith, May god be with you always, and may we never forget what your husband and father has done for us. When we look for a hero, look at him and all the other fallen soldiers. God bless you."
L. Cloward of salt lake city, ut

"The gallantry of the men and women who serve our country will always be appreciated, but for those who gave their life for our country there is a special place in our hearts. Our prayers are with all the soldiers and their families. To the Smith family we share in your sadness for the loss, we cannot comprehend the sorrow you have and we are grateful for men like the Sgt Paul R. Smith for the freedom we cherish because of their bravery and their sacrifice. May God Bless your family and all families of our Armed Forces"
Tom Beethe family of Houston, TX.

"From those of us who never served, and feel a hole in their soul for this lack, please accept the gratitude and immeasurable respect felt toward this man and the sacrifice he made for his Country.

God bless and keep his family safe and comforted in the knowledge that this man will be known to many as a true hero and never forgotten, even by strangers...like me."
David Ammerman of Boston, MA

"you deserved every bit of the medal your son was awarded yesterday in your honor..thank you for your service..Amy in Florida."

"Real man, real soldier. Sorry for him."
George of Russia

"My heart goes out to your family. Whether Americans agree or disagree with this war, one thing is for certain. These men are our heroes, each and every one of them. It's not too often that you hear a story as remarkable as this one, and in listening about the Metal of Honor yesterday, tears streamed down my face. Paul made a difficult decision on that fatal day, but I will always give him the respect he deserves for staying true to his men and to his country. Because of him, men and women are alive, and because of his selfless efforts, he redefines what a hero is truly made of. My thoughts are with all of you, and I will forever remember the bravery of your loved one is his endless fight for freedom. May he continue to watch over his men and the country he fought so hard for!"
Christina Ouellette of Stratford, CT/USA


"Freedom does not long lend herself to the weak and timid...
THANK YOU for your service and sacrafice
Fellow SAPPER"
1SG Vitale (RET) of Orlando, Florida

"I pay my respect and tribute to all US soldiers, fallen or still on duty.
Am 38, from The Netherlands, and am happy that Pres. Bush will pay his tribute in Holland in the beginning of May, were he will visit the grave?s of many fallen heroes of the 2nd WW.
Wish that all families will find comfort after what has happend!"
Richard M. Vos of Harderwijk, the Netherlands, Europe

"As a Deputy Sheriff in the County of Los Angeles, I appreciate your duties and sacrifice for our country. I've never met you, but I feel that we are brothers. I am both proud and saddened by your heroics. Proud of what you've done for our country and sad for OUR loss. God bless you my brother and I look forward to meeting you on the other side. God's speed for you family."
Scott Aikin of Garden Grove, CA/USA

"If his family should read this, i just hope you understand. do not ever think that his medal of honor comes close to having him with you, but think of the lives that he saved. Paul R. Smith died for nothing less than the successful defense my friends. young people. when i was young, heros were an abstraction. but you husband died in the defense of dozens of lives."
=== of Washington, DC

"To the Smith Family, Words cannot even come near in expressing our condolences towards your loss. It will take brave men like Sergeant Smith to help us endure this fight for our freedom. God Bless you for laying such a heavy sacrifice upon the ?Alter of Freedom?. Thank you Brigit and may God Bless you and your children."
MSgt R.Velasquez of Incirlik Air Base Turkey

""It is the great mystery of human life that old grief passes gradually into quiet tender joy." Dostoevski must have understood the human heart, for this is certainly true.

I honor the memory of your brave husband, Mrs. Smith, as well as you and your family, and ask our God to tenderly care for you."
Betty Tolsma of Schertz, Texas

"Dear Paul and family, I have no doubt you are with God now Paul. I will pray for you and your family. You and your "boys" are the special Americans. You make all of us proud."
Brendan of Lopatcong, NJ

"I am tremendously moved for the honor, devotion and courage Mr. Smith displayed 2 years ago. There is a lot to learn from this fallen hero.
Makes me ever more proud of our armed services and the USA. Thank you for our freedom! Thank you for your sacrafice."
Brett Collins of Newport Beach, CA USA

"To the Smith Family,
We were able to watch and tape the presentation of the Medal of Honor during our lunch break. I am sure your husband, father, son, and fellow soldier was proud this day of the bravery you showed. It is not easy to stand in front of T V cameras and microphones and stand next to the PRESIDENT of the USA. We wish we could have been there to stand in for SGT Hollinsaid but we were there in spirit if nothing else. Although we did not personally know Paul it seems as though there are many similarities in Pauls life and Lincoln's. What a sad but proud day for the 3RD ID, the Jungle Cats, the Bulldogs, and the Smith family.
Paul was the best example of what an engineer and soldier can be. May others try to follow his example. We know that Lincoln would be proud of Paul (is Proud). Thank you again for your courage it helps all the families of the fallen heros."
Dan & Nancy Hollinsaid Parents of SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid of Malden, IL 61337

"To the family of Sgt Paul R. Smith:

May God bless Sgt. Smith and his family. To the children of Sgt. Smith; your father is a hero and he will not die as long as your remember him. I just heard the story of Sgt. Smith on the TV news. I was moved greatly after hearing of his courage and bravery. A hero is someone who maybe afraid but risk his life to gets the job done. I never met Sgt. Smith or heard his voice. However, his act of courage moved a 54 year old man to tears. No act is so noble as a man who gives his life for his fellow man.

With respect to a father, husband and son,"
A. J. Adams of Roswell, GA/USA

"To the family of Sgt Paul R. Smith:

May God bless Sgt. Smith and his family. To the children of Sgt. Smith; your father is a hero and he will not die as long as your remember him. I just heard the story of Sgt. Smith on the TV news. I was moved greatly after hearing of his courage and bravery. A hero is someone who maybe afraid but risk his life to gets the job done. I never met Sgt. Smith or heard his voice. However, his act of courage moved a 54 year old man to tears. No act is so noble as a man who gives his life for his fellow man.

With respect to a father, husband and son,"
A. J. Adams of Roswell, GA/USA

"My best wishes to the family of Sgt. Paul R. Smith. No medal can ever express the appreciation of this country for the heroism of this man. Just know that some of us share your grief. Always remember Paul lives on in all of us Americans. Thank You Paul for protecting our country and what we stand for."
Steven A Velasquez Sr. of Chino Hills, Ca USA

"From the family of a fallen hero to another, our deepest sympathies go out to you. Paul Smith is an American hero, and he will be in our hearts forever."
Zach Stern of Germantown, TN

"All Americans owe the deepest debt of gratitude to people like you Paul for the freedom that we have! May you protect the Heavens as strongly as you protected us!

My deepest sympathy to your family and friends.

Thank You does not come close to the proper gratitude you are owed."
D/Sgt. Rick Hudnall of Shelby Co. Sheriff's Dept. Shelbyville, Indiana

"Thank you for your courage and your sacrifice Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith"
George Bedenbaugh of Lexington,SC,USA

"To the memory of Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith, United States Army.

I was an Engineer in Vietnam. I am very proud of the sacrifice you made to your comrads. May God have a special place in Heaven for you.
William C. Barto of Bay Shore, New York

"Dear Paul Ray Smith

Your brave heart and story of courage has touched me forever. Your act was selfless. I am proud that I can call YOU an American.
May God bless you and hold you high in Heaven."
Andy Gonzalez (Age 27) of Houston ,Texas / The Land that I Love....USA

"The men and women of the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot AFB, ND salute the selfless and honorable sacrifice that Paul made for his country and his fellow soldiers. We take comfort in knowing that his efforts earned him this nations highest military honor...The Medal of Honor. Our condolences to the family and friends of this truly exceptional soldier and leader."
5th Bomb Wing of Minot AFB, ND

"I knew Paul Smith and his brother Tony when he lived in Tampa and although it's been a while since I last saw him, I can still remember the big smile and friendly attitude that he always maintained. All of us were friends in the SCA, and liked history and crafts and having fun camping. I can only say that I am deeply saddened by his passing, and know that an selfless and honorable man will be missed by his friends and most especially by his family. Rest in peace."
Kevin Cook of Land O Lakes, FL

"Paul served our country with Honor and Courage, god bless his soul. As a military retiree (Served May 1980-Feb 2004) and cousin of a fellow Medal of Honor recipient (Cpl Frank R. Frantellenico, awarded posthumously for service in the Vietnam conflict). I do understand the sacrifices Paul endured and pray your family continues to celebrate his life. A person?s real death comes when we stop talking or fail to remember them. To the Smith family, move forward, live life to the fullest, in the end, no one gets out alive? Paul sits at god?s table in peace, probably throwing down a cold one ?that?s what I?d be doing?. When it?s our time, god will reassemble our families, hopefully not in any kind of military formation (^_^).

With great respect."
Chris A Hernandez, LT United States Navy (Ret) of Lexington Park, Maryland

"Mrs. Smith and family,

God bless and keep you and your family through this time of trial. Your husband's sacrifice reminds us of the extraordinary capabilities inherent in all of us. You have the condolences of a proud nation that honors its heroes."
R. Brown of Columbia, MD

"Paul - A Hero in Life, not in Death
May God Bless your Wife and your Family-forever"
Linda Matheson of Canada

"SFC Paul R. Smith,
A Husband, Father, Combat Engineer, A great Soldier, an exceptional Non-Commissioned Officer, and a true leader of men. All Americans and people of the free world owe you for your Selfless actions, the sacrifice you made, and your contributions to this great nation in the name of freedom and democracy for all. Let no free man take our liberties and freedoms for granted when there are men on the field of battle such as SFC Smith, fighting for the principals and ideals that allow us to be free. May God Bless You, your wife, and your children.

SFC Richard Fredrickson
US Army Drill Sergeant
Combat Engineer"
Rich Fredrickson of Fort Jackson, SC

"Godspeed, SFC Smith. I am a veteran of the first Gulf War. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. You remind us that Freedom is not free but must be paid for from time to time by the lifes of our fine young men and women. God bless your family"
Scott Fulmer of San Antonio, TX

"An amazing man, with an amazing family - and kids who will undoubtedly pass on this extraordinary quality to their own children.. and THIS is ultimately a blessing to all of us.

I think of the futures of so many that would have been wiped out had it not been for his sacrifice. How do we thank you, Paul?

I think we start by helping to care for & protect his children...forever."
The Petersen Family - U.S. Army of Japan

"Mrs Smith and Family,

There are no words available that capture the feelings I would like to express to you and your family. Thank you, profound respect, and sincere sympathy just do not seem adequate.

I will make sure that my children know who Paul was and the sacrifice that he made for all of us!

God bless you and the family,"
MAJ Greg Ebeling, EN 926th EN GP (C), 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) of Montgomery, AL

"RIP American Hero"
Scotty of Rancho Mirage Ca

"May Our Lord Bless you and give you peace at this time. May Paul's name and the memory of his heroism comfort you and inspire others to love others like Paul obviously loved his country and the men in his care."
John T. Bailey of Plano, Texas

"Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this Real Hero. It is people like SFC Smith who have made, and continue to make this Country what it is today. Thank you. VFFV"
Slick, Secretary, U.S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club of New Castle, PA, United States of America

"To my brother Engineer SFC Paul Smith. I'm an Engineer also, I also served as a PLT SGT during OIF. I consider you my brother and always will. I will never forget you and the price you paid. To the family of SFC Smith may God bless you and keep you in his loving embrace...SFC Smith you are a true American Hero!!! My Brother Engineer."
SFC Scott Arnold of OKC, OK

"THANK YOU!!!!!"
Navy Vet

"To the family and friends of SFC Paul Smith,
While the sound of taps may fade in our memory, unheard by us was the sound trumpets heralding the arrival of a hero. A soldier known well by his Creator, the Allmighty in heaven. SFC Smith's story of heroism will live on in the annals of our nation's history as a testament to his personal sacrifice and inspiration; not only to his family but to our nation as a whole. May he rest in honored and well deserved glory."
Michael B. of Lacey, WA

"To the family of Sfc Smith
I am deployed, and away from my wife and two daughters, it hurts me to hear of a family left without a daddy. From the previous messages that I had read you (Mrs.Smith) seen like a very strong and determined mother. On behalf of my three girls back in Germany thank you for being strong and your family will be in our prayers."
Ssg Herrera & Family of Germany

"To SFC Smith:
Just heard that you're finally getting your medal. This is a small consolation to having you here still, but at least you're finally getting recognition for what you did to save us that day at the airport. Thinking of you, SSG Hollinsaid, and PFC Meyer as the days come around again. Thanks for all you taught us and did for us, that's why I'm safe at home here now."
PFC Becvar, 11 Eng., B Co., 2nd Plt., 3rd Sqd. of Manteno, IL

"To the Smith family. As a retired Combat Engineer I join the many soldiers in prayer. SFC Smith epitomized and lived the Army Values. He gave his life for his soldiers. His legacy and leadership example will continue to inspire soldiers today and tomorrow. Thank you for your sacrifice and may God bless your family. ESSAYONS!"
1SG(R) Sanchez of Houston, TX

"Dear Mrs. Smith,
I did not know your husband personally, but being a soldier myself I feel that he is and will always be a part of my family. We are all saddend by the loss of your loved one and our prayers go out to you and all your family members. All of us know that SFC Smith, is a fallen hero and we also know that when he fell, he was helped up by the greatest hero of them all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe still to this day that your husband continues to do great things. I hope that I have not offended anyone, it truly was not my intention."
SFC Nanette Boyland of Shoreham, NY

"i am deeply sorry for your loss. he is a true hero."
pv2 Reid of Ft. Bragg

"Thank you!"
Average American that loves my freedom because of men like this

"To Paul R. Smith you are not fallen in mi heart and in our country's heart you are the a one of a kind soldier that many of us strive to be every day every time i feel tired i feel sad i feel that i cant go any more in training or in life or at war i will think of you and your sacrifice and will fuel me to keep on going and and stant for what we belive so dearly and hold in our hearts. God has a special place for heroes like you i will strive to but i will probably fall short because you have set the standard so high for future NCO's you are mi hero SFC Paul R. Smith HOOAA!!"
SPC Campillo, Juan of Coloarado Springs

"?It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier,
Who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.?"
SFC S. Piper (ret) of K.C. MO

"He has my utmost respect. We need more people like him, selfless, heroic. Rest In Peace, Soldier. I salute you."
Everett (Ghost) Haber

"Nothing I could write here hasn't been said better by others in this forum.

Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers like Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith are the reason American is the greatest nation in the world.

May God bless him, his family, and ease their suffering.

On behalf of my family, Thank you for your service."
George H. of USA

"Today is the first I heard of Sgt. Smith's actions. I'm still speechless. I want my wife and kids to know about this true hero, but I cannot read the story to them without getting very emotional. So, I make them read it for themselves.
To Sgt. Smith's wife and children; no words I can express will ever be able to fill the void left in your lives with his passing.
Just know that this country becomes that much stronger because of Sgt. Smith's sacrifice. His death was not in vain.
Heaven is an even better place today because Sgt. Smith is there.
May God give you and your family the strength needed to carry on."
T. Kuburich of Springdale, AR

"To the family of SFC Smith, my greatest respect and condolences for your loss. He was a true hero and a great leader. I served with him in 9th engineer bn. May God bless you all always."
SGT J. of afganistan

"To the family of SFC Paul Smith;
We have so few true heroes today. People think that baseball players and actors are who they should be looking up to. Children, you are fortunate in that you knew a true American Hero - your Dad. Noone will ever be able to say he wasted his life. Indeed, he spent his life and gave his last full measure of life living his dream. By his sacrifice, we are all both increased by his brave, selfless actions and diminished by the loss of one so rare. Mrs Smith, there is no way we can ever make up for your loss and your sacrifice, except to say thank you for sharing Paul with all of us. All my prayers are with all of you. Paul, old soldier, thank you for all you have done for those of us left behind. You will never be forgotten. ESSAYONS!"
SSG Halter, SAPPER of Missouri

"SFC Smith: I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an MP and just wanted to say thank you for defining all that a soldier should be."
SPC Stephen Ward of Austin, Texas

"Dear Birgit, Jessica & David,

Please know our thoughts and prayers are extended as your mourning continues. Also, know that your husband and father was and IS eternally a great American Hero who gave the most precious gift on the altar of liberty!

Finally, I would like to leave you with the words penned by LTG Hal Moore (Retired) in his book "We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young." They were composed for the surviving children of his valiant warriors who fell in battle:

"They (you - Jessica & David) are the Gold Star children, war's innocent victims, and their pain shimmers across the years pure and undimmed. They pass through life with an empty room in their hearts where a father was supposed to live and laugh and love.
"All their lives they listen for the footstep that will never fall, and long to know what might have been."

I am personally and deeply sorry for your loss . . .

Chaplain (Major) Michael T. Klein
Fort Leavenworth, KS"

"I didn't know SFC Smith, but have read about him several times. He epitomizes the American soldier. He inspired all that serve this great nation. His death leaves a hole in the heart of America. But his sacrifice speaks volumes for the kind of man he was. He will be sorely missed. We should all pray for his family. God bless Sergeant First Class Paul Smith."
SSG Brewer of Phoenix Arizona

"A true American Hero, A soldier who deserved recognition and received it, Semper Fidelis Paul."
Sgt Coon, MS of NC

"i am a gulf war era veteran , and i respect all comrades who has given their lifes in defense of our country, i pray to God that he will give confort and strenght
to their families, God bless you all"
rodolfo of levittown pr

"Dear Engineer Family,
SFC Paul Smith was the epitome of the Engineer Soldier. He fully represented our core values and made the ultimate sacrifice defending them. No one could ask for more. Thank you for loaning us this outstanding soldier. We will never be able to repay the debt."
SGM Arthur of Washington DC

"SFC Smith,
You will never be forgotten. You were a mentor, and great expamle of what a sapper should be. I will never forget that day there at the airport as our platoon fought so bravely. You were giving orders without fear or hesitation, and we won the battle that day and saved many lives because of you.You were hard on us, and always pushed us to meet the standards.
Spc Mele

In memory of SFC Smith

He was a tough and honorable man, was quick to fix a mistake, and give out a quick witted remark no matter who it was, becuase he knew his stuff and was proud to show it and that is how I will always remember him.(A GREAT LEADER AND SAPPER.)"
Spc Mele, John W of 11Eng Bravo Company, 2nd PLT ,1Sqd, back in Iraq 2005

"I am a soldier who once served with SFC Smith a proud and dedicated man me and many of my fellow commrades are alive today because of his sacrafice, from the times in Kuwait, on a MOUT range having shoot offs between his 240 machine gun teams and ours. His leadership was unmistakable and extremly honorable I could not think of a better man who deserves to be a recipeient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Willing and Able, Rock of the Marne, Sfc Smith you will never be forgotten."
Spc Charles Roberts of Tikrit Iraq (Round 2) A co 2-7 Inf

"Sorry for the loss of your brave husband & father. The Delaware Medal of Honor Historical Association has requested through Delaware's Senator Thomas R. Carper to have a U.S. Flag Flown Over the Capitol on March 25 (National MOH Recognition Day)in honor of SFC Paul R. Smith. Upon receiving this flag (should be some time in April), the DMOHHA will also send you a Medal of Honor Flag, Gold Star Mother Flag, and a U.S. Army flag. A Memorial Tribute picture (8x10)is being requested from Captain Frederick ("Fritz") Greenawalt, US Army Ret. e mail fritz@dejazzd.com and will be enclosed and sent to you with the above flags in April. Please send either your mailing address or an appropriate address where you wish to receive our Flags of Appreciation.
Paul L. Cathell, Jr.
President Delaware Medal of Honor Historical Assoc 303 Rothwell Dr, Stanton, DE 19804-3437 302-994-2061 DMOHHA@AOL.COM"
Paul L. Cathell, Jr. of Stanton, DE USA

I met Paul in the SCA before he joined the Army(he and Peaches were joining on the buddy program), and even then he was a man of Honor. I have not seen him since his enlistment but always kept up with with him throught mutual friends, or even from Spider. I was stunned when I heard about his death, and I mourn with you. Now I find myself getting ready for mobilization for Operation Enduring Freedom and I hope that I will be half the NCO that Paul was...for the sake of my family and for my soldiers."
SGT B. of Tampa

"Family and Friends of SFC Smith,
Please know that SFC Paul R. Smith will never be forgotten. He exemplified what all soldiers are trained to be and subsequently strive to be. All soldiers should hope to perform with such honor and distinction, as he did, when faced with such great odds.

May God bless you and keep you. You continue to be in our prayers."
MSG TD Tyler of 1st INF DIV, Wuerzburg, Germany "Duty First!"

"Dear brigit,
i am so sorry to hear of your husbands passing. i want you to know you are all in my prayers. My husband served along side him in Ft. Stewart. My husband has told me so many stories of this man that i feel like I know him. When my husband heard of the news he just sat there in aww I stepped back for a minute to let him gather himself. He then looked up at me and said I knew him. I could see the tears in his eyes but not one fell. he said that smith always told him be strong and go on. See when my husband was going through his divorce from his previous wife Smith called him into his office and talked with him about it. my husband said he can't remember all that was said but he does remember smith saying Go on solider,go on and be strong. I never really understood that until this day I guess it was Smith and my husbands inside joke. But my husband said that after that talk he knew it would be okay.My husband got out of the army in 2002.So he never served in Iraq with him.But please know that my husband everyday wishes he could have. He still jokes around saying it would have been him and smith blasting them Iraqis. Well in august of 2004 he got orders to go and he seemed happy about it but due to medical reasons he could not go. It saddend him but I have to admit inside I could only think of you and your children. I do not know how you do it.I have come to the conclusion that you are one hell of a woman and I wish you and your family the best. You will always be in my prayers. may his star shine bright."
M.Mullins of Knoxville TN


I dont know why it has taken me so long to say something. Paul was the best man I ever had work for me. He taught me so much and made sure that I stayed true to task. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been his platoon leader if even for such a short time. I dont have the words to express how hard it hit me when I learned that he was gone. I was sitting at Hunter Army Airfield awaiting a C-5 to take me over there and several new privates were being sent over to join the 11th. I overheard them talking about how they dreaded going over and joining the Bulldogs and when I asked why they told me about Paul's death. I pray that things get better over time and I want you to know that the silver lining I have found is that I know Paul died doing what he loved and that was protecting and pushing soldiers to do their best. He will always be my example of a hero and is a constant reminder that I always have more to give if I just dig down. I never thought that I would have to put my appreciation into writing instead of just being able to tell him. Let me know if you or the family need anything anytime."
Robert Peterson of Herndon, VA

"Dear Smith Family,
I was on my way to school this past week, and my dad had NPR on. They had a story about Sergeant First Class Paul Smith, and about how he was to recieve the Medal of Honor for his brave actions. As I listened to the reporter, I came close to tears. I've always wanted to be a soldier, and now I can only hope that I will be remembered as a fraction of what Sergeant First Class Paul Smith is. I grieve with you and with the families of every Military personnel killed or wounded in action."
Cadet Sergeant Daniel Ruthenberg of St. John's College High School, Washington, DC

"Dear Birgit and Family,
You may remember talking to me a short time after the loss of your husband. You called me on the phone to tell me Linc's truck and boat were parked in your back yard. This is a way that Paul could help his fellow soldiers. I know in my heart that our son Lincoln greatly admired Paul as a true soldier and a friend. It is an honor to know that Lincoln could walk in his footsteps if only for four days. I often wonder how you can lose a friend in battle and carry on the way Paul's plattoon did. I believe (I know) it was out of respect and honor of a true leader. I and Nancy have been able to speak with members of Linc's squad and the officers your husband and our son served under. All of them stated that SFC PAUL R SMITH was one of the best. Many young men are alive today because of the selfless act and courage displayed that day. We know the pain and greif you went through and we prayed that time, love of family and freinds and the prayers of a nation would comfort your heart.
We will be attending the Portraits of the Fallen in D. C. in March and hope to meet you if you attend. We were very pleased for you to here that SFC Paul Smith will be receiving the Medal of Honor. It would be fortunate for us if it were to happen while we are in D.C. We would love to attend in Lincoln's behalf. These two brave young men were brothers in arms and today I am sure they stand side by side in heaven. God bless you and Paul's parents and family.
Dan Hollinsaid father of SSG LIncoln Hollinsaid of Malden, IL

"It's the sacrifices of such fine soldiers like SFC Smith that allow this great nation to breathe the free air it has been rewarded with."
PFC A. Burns of VA

"Valor. Dedication. Bravery. Integrity. Honor.

These words are used far too casually today. It is only through the selfless acts of a few individuals that we are occasionally reminded of their true meaning. Clearly, SFC Paul R. Smith was one of those individuals.

I hope you can take some small measure of comfort in the knowledge that your son, husband and father will never be forgotten by those of us that know the true meaning of those words."
Steve of NY

"My heart goes out to all of you. I am so sorry and saddened to hear of your loss. I hope god holds you in his embrace and comforts you"
Byron of Iraq

"Unbelievable, I stand in awe of the devotion and bravery displayed."
PFC of San Diego

"I'm an old veteran-- too old to fight. With the way that the majority of youth is today, I wondered if we still had young men...like these?
Thank GOD! Apparently, some still live and breathe in this country: our freedom is secured. I'm thankful that some of the old molds of the "Greatest Generation" of War II were, apparently, not all broken-- and ones like these (this brave young man) will only add to that legacy that spans across time.
May GOD BLESS...Paul(he died with honor); and to his family: one day, you all will see him again. He will have no scars, and his face will be lit with the light of love and peace. Cradled in the arms of the Father, where war will not be able to touch him."
Steve Branson of Frederick, Maryland

"Essayons! That says it all.. thank you for your sacrifice and God Bless You"
Cindy VerBeek of Holland, MI

"To the friends and family of SFC Paul Smith: It has been reported today that a decision has been made that SFC Smith will be awarded the Medal of Honor for his acts of selfless bravery and sacrifice in Iraq in 2003. In a small way, that will be a thank you from our nation to him and his family to express its gratitude and appreciation for his ultimate sacrifice, and it will enshrine his name with that of the other heros so honored. I hope that sacrifice will never be forgotten."
P. R. Glasser of Overland Park, Kansas

"To the family of SFC Smith:
As a soldier, I often heard the stories of the military legends that are the recipients of the Medal of Honor. I even had the privilege of meeting a few, most notably COL Lew Millett, to whom I was tasked as a driver-escort for the 50th Korean War anniversary in Seoul, Korea. I didn't know SFC Paul Smith. I never met him. But I know enough about the incredible hall of heroes he has now entered. My condolences for your loss. Just know that as long as American soldiers embody Duty, Honor, Country and sacrifice for each other, Paul Smith is immortal. Vaya con Dios, SFC Smith."
Eric Chen of NYC, NY

"Dear Smith Family:
Your beloved son, husband, brother, father is an inspiration to a world in need of real heroes. I know that may not be much comfort for such an inconsolable loss, but I want to thank you for encouraging and supporting his dreams. Because of you, he was able to valiantly go forth. Congratulations on the Medal of Honor."
Paula Hoppe of Santa Monica, CA USA

"Re: Paul Smith,I am so proud to have come across this story..What a fine man Paul is ,no regard for his own life ,only thoughts for his fellow soldiers... the greatest heros we have today... are those like Paul that would lay down his life for others... God Bless his wife and children...I know they will never forget him and neather will I.... Sharon"
Sharon Gossett of Washington

"To Mrs. Paul Smith:

Yesterday, I received a Medal of Honor civilian petition form from LTC Scott Rutter, your husband's battalion commander in Iraq. I was honored to have received it and proud to sign it. I am confident that because of your husband's sacrifice, my little boys Tristan, 5, and Trevor, 4, will not have to go fight when they grow up. They will live in a world safe and free from fear and terror. I'm sure my words are small to you, but what your husband did resonates with me every day. May God bless and keep you and your children."
Thomas R. Turnquist of Englewood, Colorado


I walked around with the NYTimes' story of Ray's unbelievable heroism showing it to anyone who would listen for months. Usually a furrowed brow of disbelief acompanied an "Oh my God, who is this guy?". People were in disbelief that a Medal of Honor was not conferred by the president at Paul's funeral. As long as there is breath in me I will extoll his legendary feats. God sheds His magnificent grace upon SFC Paul Ray Smith for eternity."
Joel Rielly of Brooklyn, NYC

"To the loving family of Paul Smith. I have just recd a hero bracelet with his name on it.

I will wear it proudly knowing he fought for my freedon.
I am deeply sorry for your loss."
Becky of Louisville, KY USA

"To Family and Friends:

SFC Smith was a professional and a true NCO - that lived up to every value. As SAPPER's never do, he never gave up. FYI a Post Office was named in his honor:

http://www.house.gov/bilirakis/09-21-04.htmor in Holiday, Florida."
CSM Vila of Florida

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of this brave man during the holidays."
JB of Atlanta

"SFC Smith,
This is the way I let you know that I haven't forgotten you. Your hard discipline and by the book ways brought me home and I'll never forget that. You opened up to me and talked to me as another man while we were deployed,you entrusted missions in me knowing I would come through for you. But I can't help feeling that fateful day,I didn't come through for you. I'm terribly sorry and I'll never forget all you've done for me.
Derek Pelletier of Hinesville,Ga/USA

"Dear Smiths,
I am a cadet at North Georgia College & State University (Military College of Georgia). We have bracelets for those who are MIA or KIA and SFC Smith's caught my attention because my birthday is Apr 4. I would like you all to know that SFC Smith and all of you will be in my prayers. The sacrifice he made for our country and the sacrifice you have made will never be forgotten. God bless you all.

Oh, Kyong of Dahlonega, GA

"I am currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and I requested a KIA bracelet to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I received one with SFC Paul R. Smith's name on it. I wear this memorial with honor and I keep him in my thoughts and prayers. He did not die in vain and he will never be forgotten."
1LT D. Wheeler of 276th ENGR BN, MNF-N, Iraq

"As Sappers around the world sew on the coverted Sapper Tab, I always always think of my fallen warrior..Bulldog 27"
CSM Coker of FT.Stewart GA

"To the Smiths
I was a friend, fellow team leader, and squad member in Bco. 9th Eng. I'm sorry for your loss. I know thats little conslidation for you. I was never one of many word or well spoken. I know he was a good man, father, and husband. But I knew him also as a proffesional, even durring training he was a hero and always had respect. I'll miss him. Just know that he's watching and waiting for the people that ment the most to him.
L.Taylor former sgt.(E5) of Brooksville, Florida

"To the family and friends of Paul R. Smith:
I would like to express my condolences for your tragic loss. My husband was KIA in Iraq on June 4, 2004 and it's so sad how many of us have had to bare this pain. Paul's sacrifice will never be forgotten. He will live on forever in your hearts. Remember you have people praying for you all the time."
Sarah Linden of Portland, OR USA

"Dear Mrs. Smith and Family, I was so sorry to hear of your lost on that April day in 2003. I first met Paul when he was in ANCOC at FLW, MO and we saw each other again briefly in An Najaf. They were getting ready to blow a buliding up that was full of weapons and I asked them when they were going to do it and he said it would be soon, I told him give me a few more minutes because there was a dog with a litter of puppies inside and that I wanted to get them out. He smiled at me and laughed and said go ahead we will wait for you to get them. After I got them out. I told paul good luck and that we would see them in Baghdad. May God continue to bless you and your family paul. You are a true hero~We thank you.."
Amy of Georgia

"To the Family of SFC Smith, it is sad to hear that a hero has died. The good die young, and SFC Smith made a huge sacrifice. God Bless SFC Smith and his Family, in my mind SFC Smith is a American Hero and a outstanding leader."
HM2(FMF) S.A. Thackwray of Okinawa, JA

"Dear Smith Family, I was a soldier of your father and husband. I felt great sadness when I heard of your loss. Sgt. Smith and I met about three years ago, at the time of are meeting I was in another platoon and honestly was in need of direction. Sgt. Smith and I at first did not see eye to eye, I thought he really did not like me, he always seemed to be on my case. I got in some trouble and was re-assigned to his platoon after that I understood why he was so hard on me. He knew I was a better soldier, and that I could overcome my troubles. And the great thing about that was he told me personally which made it mean even more. At that time in my life I did not have anyone who believed in me except Sgt. Smith, I will always remember his words of advice to me " be a delibrate person, always remember your Army Values, and when you leave this time in your life make a diffrence in what ever you do". This world is at a loss with Sgt. Smith and others like him that have made the ultimate sacrafice. I felt obligated to share this part of my life with you because, I honestly feel without knowing Sgt. Smith and with the diffrence he made in my life I would not have made it to where I am today. Respectfully yours"
H. Stephen Bray jr of Athens, Georgia/USA

"Thank you so much to Paul for his sacrifice.

He is an example of the common man presenting us with an extraordinary example.

Our history, and our freedom, are written in the Record of Time by the dedication and sacrifice of our soldiers.

I am humbled, and offer my condolences to his family, friends and compatriots.

I hope to honor Paul's memory, and the memory of all of our fallen Troops, every day.

My gratitude always,

Sean T Langan"
Sean T Langan of Watertown, MA


Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Paul will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

You are a true hero. It seems so long ago in Schweinfurt, I saw a soldier that was destined for great things. You indeed have shown the Army and the world the true meaning of an American soldier.
My condolences to the family. I served in Aco 9th Engineers during the time Paul served in Bco. I met very few soldiers in my career that was as respected, and trusted as Paul."
SFC (Ret) J. Stivers of Ft.Knox,KY

"SFC Smith

I did not know you, but in my eyes you are what every American soldier wants to be. You are a hero. You gave your life for this Great country and you will never be forgotten. You saved the life of many of my men in the 2/7 Infantry, and I will never forget you. Thank you."
SFC Kevin Statam of North of Stewart

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN (4/4/04)

"Paul in you honor i have named a police k9 after you he will be working in the state of ILL. I am a k9 trainer and will continue to honor our troops by nameing police k9s after them. god bless you paul and your family"
Paul Piergiovanni of Girard Ohio USA

"I am honored to serve in a military force who's ranks include people like SFC Paul R. Smith. I never knew him but learning about him makes me a better NCO, leader and father."
TSG M. Preston, USAF of South Carolina


"Sergeant Smith, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I think of you often and you will never be forgoten. I pray for Birgit and the kids. You were one of the hardest working men I ever knew and I miss you. I am honored to have know and to have worked with you."
R Booth of Eden, NC

"May your family always be blessed with the memory of your courage and honor."
Chris USMC of NC

"I was in the same Engineer Brigade with SFC Smith. I've heard nothing but great stories about him and his actions. I remember hearing the news that some of our fellow Sappers died that day and praying for all of us going on the Thunder Run the next day.

You will not be forgotten!"
Marne Sapper of Ft Stewart, GA

"A true hero."
mel of jax, fl

"SFC Smith,

You are indeed a true professional and it was an honor for me to have you as a student. As I had hoped that I could mentor you and set the example, you have in turn provided an example for me and the entire Regiment."
MSG L of Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

"A true American Hero. From a fellow soldier and vet, rest in peace brave soldier. We have included Paul's story on our hero page at www.patriotsoldiers.net.

Freedom is the sure possession only of those who have the courage to defend it.

All is well
Sleep in peace
Tomorrow is another day

Those left behind
Walk secure
Remember those far away

On foreign soil
Freedom lives
The last full measure has been paid.
(Myself,,it just came to me, inspired by Paul's story)"
SFC Mark Conder of San Antonio, Texas

"I was the medical platoon leader that was with SFC Smith that day in the airport. Because of his actions I know that I was able to come home and that my soldiers were able to come home. When we were not able to save him we all cried, grown men and soldiers wept for him, there in Iraq in the middle of a war. Now finding this site and seeing him again brings tears to my eyes. I had the honor of knowing him, and I for one will never forget what his sacrifice really means. Thank you SFC Smith."
1Lt. Jesse Delgado

"Thank you Paul Smith, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"SFC Smith... Paul
Outlaws Rock Steady... it seems like only a few months ago that we served in Bravo Company, 9th Engineers. I still have the photo of you slinging concertina wire during the Brko elections operation. Your faded uniform, and worn gauntlets showed a Soldier who would never tire, nor rest nor quit until the mission was done, and your Soldiers taken care of.

You were always in your element around Soldiers, and I know they didn't just follow your orders, they followed you. And when the time came for you to live by your creed, you sacrificed all to save the Soldiers you loved.

Your duty and honor are inspirational. Rest in peace, I will never forget you."
Major Paul B. Olsen of Pentagon

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things, The decayed and degraded state of mind that thinks nothing is worth fighting for is far worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety is a miserable creature, who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. This Soldier was a better man. Essayons my fellow SAPPER. God Bless Your Soul."
Goldsmith of Pittsburgh, Pa.

"ATT: SFC Dave Crissey

I read with interest your comments about Paul. I am a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, and am working on an extensive report about Mr. Smith, who grew up in this area, and his actions leading to the Medal of Honor nomination.I'd love to hear from you.I can be reached by e-mail at leary@sptimes.com or (800) 333-7505 x6247."
Alex Leary of St. Petersburg, FL, USA

"Sgt First Class Smith you are truly a hero. May God Bless you for your sacrifice. Your story has touched my heart and I have shared this with all those I know. Brigit, I am so sorry for your loss. I could not imagine going through what you are going through right now. You and your family are in my heart and prayers. I do not know if you remember me but my husband Ken served with Paul in the 11th before moving to 10th engineers. He said your husband was an outstanding man and soldier.If ever you need anything Brigit you can contact me at Hapynga@aol.com."
Donita Buff of Jesup GA

I can?t believe you?re gone. Thanks for the time and memories spent together in Schweinfurt Germany (9th Engineer Battalion). I appreciated your loyalty, hard work and dedication. But most of all "You Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice". May God bless you and your family. Your Buddies will never forget. You deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor!"
SFC David E Crissey of 18th Engineer Company, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Ft Lewis, Washington

""With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan - to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations." Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865."
JB of Atlanta, Georgia

"Paul,Seems like yesterday we were in Germany. So many years have passed. Your a true hero and memories of you will never fade away."
JB of Atlanta, Georgia

"let me Thank all of you for being with me and my children it means alot to me to see that we are not alone in the time of grief and that we're in so many hearts.
god bless you all."
wife of SFC Paul Smith (Birgit) of Holiday Florida

"Your children will never have a better hero or role model, your wife will never have a better partner, our country will never have a finer son, and our Army will never forget!
Former 1/41 FA soldier"
Erick Schmidt of Tacoma, WA

"To the family and friends of this brave soldier,
I read the story of this brave individual's effort and sacrifice in OIF. Every time I get a little down about all the naysayers and America-haters, I read a story like this, and smile with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. This man died for my freedom, and for the freedom of millions of Iraqis. May God welcome him, and bless and keep in grace those he left behind."
Chris Whittaker of Knoxville, TN

"SFC Smith you are what the Army NCO should be. GOD BLESS YOU"
MSG Tony Loper of 37 TRANSCOM ( Germany)

"SFC Smith's courage, determination, leadership and selflessness in the face of a determined enemy was in the highest traditions of valor in the US Army. He was a great patriot and so long as this country has men and women like him in its service we have nothing to fear from our enemies.

Rest in peace, Paul."
Albert W. Superczynski, MSG, US Army (retired) of N. Little Rock, Arkansas

"I would like to offer my condolences to the family of the fallen hero, and say that because of his actions and his heroism myself and all other Americans are able to live free and happy. I hope that although his loved ones may not enjoy his presence anymore- they can find comfort in knowing that all Americans are grateful for what he did. God Bless America, and Her Fallen Defenders."
Chris Barber of Denver Colorado

""If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own. And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind."
Major Michael O'Donnell
KIA March 24, 1970 - Dak To, Vietnam"
Nickie G.Smith, Sr. USMC Retired of Warner Robins, GA

"I never knew this man, Paul Ray Smith. I didn't even know about his heroic act until today. But that doesn't matter. His actions and the way he bravely died tell me all I need to know. Paul, if you're somehow reading this, know I will always remember you and the soldiers who died in the Defense of Freedom.

Rest in Peace. You are truly the definition of a hero."
Charles Heckel of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I can't believe your gone. To all of the memories we had togethar in Schweinfurt Germany (Delta Company 9th Engineer Battalion). From the stinging cold of Grafenwhers Gunnery's or the many nights during 48 hour Deliberate Defenses at Hohenfels. I appreciated you're loyalty, hardwork and dedication. But most of all "You Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice". Your buddies will not forget! You deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor."
SFC Dave Crissey of 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Ft Lewis, WA


"You are a true definition of a hero. I read about you in the Oregonian and i got a little emotional. I hope you get your CMH, no one up to now that i have heard of deserves it more than you."
Chris P. of Portland, Oregon

"Our prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Thank you brave soldier, your courage and sacrafice will never be forgotten."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"Sgt. Smith,

You are truly a hero. You put your soldiers before yourself. I hope that helps sustain your family during their time of grief. You will always be an American hero. God bless your family."
Lt. Col. Les Carroll of SC

"To the family and friends of Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Paul for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Paul, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"Look God:
I have never spoken to You,
But now I want to say,
"How do You do."

You see God,
they told me You did not exist;
And, like a fool,
I believed all of this.

Last night from a shell hole
I saw Your sky;
I figured right then
they had told me a lie.
Had I taken the time
to see the things You made,
I would know they weren't calling
a spade a spade.

I wonder, God,
if You would shake my hand;
Somehow, I feel
that You will understand.
Strange, I had to come
to this hellish place
Before I had time to see Your face.

Well, I guess there isn't
much more to say,
But I am sure glad, God,
I met You today.

I guess the zero hour
will soon be here,
But I am not afraid
since I know You are near.

The signal - well, God,
I will have to go;
I love you lots,
this I want you to know.
Looks like this will be
a horrible fight;
Who knows, I may come
to your house tonight.

Though I wasn't friendly
with you before,
I wonder, God,
if you would wait at the door.

Look, I am crying,
me shedding tears!
I wish I had known you
these many years.

Well, I will have to go now, God.
Strange, since I met you,
I am not afraid to die.

RIP Brave Soldier"
The Taylors, USMC of NC

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on