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Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Marine Pfc. Chance R. Phelps

19, of Clifton, Colorado.
Phelps died from hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on April 9, 2004.

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"I would love to visit your grave and pay respect to a man so dear to his friends and family .look down on them now and protect them as you did before"
Shaun Denham of Shaun from Nottingham England but in orland California .I will get there

"Memorial day 2018: It's been 14 years and a month since your sacrifice but you will NEVER EVER be forgotten. I hope your family is doing well and I hope that they can remember you with a smile rather than with a tear. What a brave guy you had to be Chance...RIP HERO."

"Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend in heaven Chance,even if we never met I know you're protecting your loved ones from up there.You are a hero."

"Chance,even if we never met I bet you were an amazing young man,you left too soon but you are not forgotten.RIP Marine,your job is done April 9,2004-April 15,2017. Gone but not forgotten"

"Just watched "Taking Chance"... I was in tears the whole time,rest in peace buddy"

"Chance,I never got the chance to meet you personally,but I bet you were an amazing son,brother and friend.You left this world too soon but you touched many lives,even of people that didn't know you.May you rest in peace Marine,your job is done"
Aaron of California

"On this Veterans Day, honoring your service and sacrifice and all who came before you. God Bless and keep you, Chance."
Carol LaMontagne of Whittier California

"Thank you for your service. Rest and peace"
Benny of New York NY

"Brother Marine Thank You very much for your service. We will never forget you. You are not dead Phelps you still in our hearts, thank you for protecting our freedom. GOD BLESS YOU your family God bless our troops and God Bless America."
Blerim Bicaj of New York NY

"Thank you for your service. Rest and piece"
Benny of New York NY

"To the family of lance cpl phelps, you have deepest sympathy. I thank him for being the bravest soldier ever may God bless you"
Colleen Fruster of Atlanta, Ga.30311

"It is with much sadness and regret to advise that someone is posting messages using my name on this site and my niece now deceased. This person has hacked my fb account as well, our names are susan porcelli and joan dadario.Pls accept our deepest apologies and regrets for this happening."
susan porcelli of nyc


"God bless chance phelps,and someone whom respected his honor
God bless chance. Phelps and a lady whom envied his wisdom.believed in him and now they can both share heaven,face to face in an embrace ,at last,joan dadario had great admireration for chance, even if it was clearly not returned. We do not put a price tag on our kids lives,or run raffles or set up foundations, in honor,we mourn.lets mourn j.dadaruo and chance take cara of your,oir girl shes yours now.to chances mom respect my daughters wishes leave this locket at the grave, j.d would have liked it,or please return it mrs mack."
sue porcelli of nyc

"My heart transplant ii thursday,if gretuon can leave the locket at your grave as our bond id begrateful.face to face in an embrace,pray for me chance.mrs.mack i i dont make it thru keep and look at that locket with photos i sent you as someone whom cherished chancwr"
joan dadario of nyc


"Chance today i turn 45 years old, i break a bottle. Of champagne on my boat, to celebrate the freedom i would not have without your being a brave man , i dont think anny one forgets aguy like chance i brake this bottle. Not cause im 45 toaday. But so much more, heres to you and me and the freedom. You were killed for. I hope your having a remy martin now."
joan dadario of nyc

"Happy birthday chance."
joan dadario of nyc

"In my prior message to chance phelps. Website memorial ld like to make clear it may have been misunderstod my message to chance phelps, in general i stated i believe in serving your country not death or takiking lives for no reason but vengence . That was not my intention,just to show the similarities in chancephelps political views when he was living and mine to this day.ibelive in chance phelps hes our angel and savior.in his death i only meant i believe he fighted to the death of him as i hope and believe we all would do in chances place.in chances death as my own one day ibelive in giving your all and life 4 a country as ours , my boat stands tall woth the amarican flag ,icall it in honor of A hero. Id also likke to take a moment to wish chances pop john the very best my praying fof you continues."
joan dadario of nyc

"With memorial day closing id like one last message for now to chancer, cha nce we do come from worlds apart ,you a john wayne character. I born 1970 to a greek father and french mother, our political beliefs are the same you must in spite of cultral and regious backround i belive makes no difference to you. You and myself believed in war , george bush, and many policies he enforced 2. Differert backrounds come together as one,ibelieve in still in death,and youbeliefs with that i promise i will take themm with me. I bought a boat recently its named semper fi,"
joan dadario of nyc

"I have seen "Taking Chance" for the 2nd time. I was unable to serve my country because of some bad mistakes I made as a teen, but I always had wanted to serve my country as a Marine. I would have gladly taken his place. God bless you all , What follows is an except from A. Lincoln --------------------------God only knows I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,
A. Lincoln"
Michael Scott Haas of Lacey, Washington

"For the Family of Chance ~ Today I saw the movie for the first time. It was, indeed, a BK movie - "bring Kleenex". Never have I been so moved by a story than that of your Son. I was telling my husband about it and cried some more. I will be sure to have him see it the at the first opportunity. He is a WWII Vet and it will mean a great deal to him. God Bless You All."
Jo Haas of Lacey, WA

"Dearest Chance...you are the son every mother would be proud of. In life as well as sitting beside God this day....your day in honor of the sacrifice you made. You will never be forgotten Chance. We love you for all eternity."
susan porcelli of new york new york

"Everyone entrusted with a mission is an angel. ... all forces that reside in the body are angels.happy memorial day chance may 26 2o14."
joan dadario of nyc

"Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
joan dadario of nyc

"April 9 2014. Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
joan dadario of nyc

"Thank God for Chance....he will never be forgotten...."
Collin Stangeland of West Fargo, ND

"May the Lord embrace you Chance ,after defending your home,the USA, may you rest in peace in your heavenly home. God bless you, your family and your fellow servicemen with a sincere thank you!"
ginger yedowitz of Hyde Park, NY USA

"Twice or thrice had I loved thee, before I knew thy face or namE; so in a voice, so in a shapeless flame, angels affect us oft, and worshipped be... Happy valentines day chancer."
joan dadario of ny ny

"If I have freedom in my love; and in my soul am free,angels alone that soar above enjoy such liberty.merry christmaS in heaven chancer."
joan dadario of nyc

"Thank you Chance for fighting for our country. God bless you and your family."
Jackie T of Middletown, NJ

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;what is essential is invisible to the eye.happy thankging in heaven chancer."
joan m dadario of new york ny

"Dear chance....you are everyone's hero and every mother's son. You protect us even now while sitting with god. You can never die chance because you live in all our souls. We love you chance."
susan porcelli of new york new york

"This day is your day of respect and honor you so well deserve. We cherish you chance!"
joan dadario of new york new york


"have a great veterans day in heaven"

"you will never be forgotten i hope you're in heaven protecting our angels :)"
jordan hernandez of orlando, Florida

"your services is greatly appreciate god bless u and ur family i hope for the best of ur people"
tanner of longwood florida

"The world needs more men like you Chance Phelps God bless you.Thanks for serving. I will pray for you daily"
austin daigle of sandford

"Thank you for fighting for our country. Your movie inspired me to never give up."
Will Denning of Winter Springs FL

""Marines don't die they just get promoted to guarding the gates of heaven" I'm 18 years old and I also have a dream to become a Marine. Thank you Chance Phelps you've inspired me in ways words cannot explain."
Tracy of Sanford,FL,US

"I thank you for fighting for my country and shout out to the fallen heroes of the memorial service.

#God' People!"
Steven of Sanford,Florida

"Thank you Chance Phelps for being an American hero. You're brother has had a huge impact on my life. I really enjoyed the movie "Taking Chance", portraying your journey."
Kelly, G_Laka of Altamonte Springs, FL

"Thank you Chance"
Teresa of Iowa

"Chance phelps has touched my heart so deeply. Our Country is better for his service. I wish I had known him. I will pray for ur son daily. Thanks to Kevin Bacon for playing his roll in his honor. You did a great job w ur part in "Taking Chance". Thank u Chance."
Richelle Chapman of Fenton, Michigan

"Chance has touched my life after watching, "Taking Chance". Each year I take 70 8th graders to our local VFW Hall to hear oral history from our vets. We discuss the scene in the VFW when the older marine tells Mike, "You took Chance home. You are his witness. Without a witness, they all disappear...""
Nancy of Bayonne, NJ, USA

""Ee ayattaw" god bless you"
joan dadario of ny ny

"July 14th 2013 happy birthday in heaven."
joan dadario of nyc

"Happy 4th of july in heaven."
joan dadario of nyc

"The world needs more men like you brother. I wish I could call you up and talk about old times. Just by being a friend, you have helped me through my enlistment and to become the man I am today... Till we meet again my brother! We will party again!"
Michael McVey of Portland Oregon

"Saw Taking Chance for the first time last weekend. Very moving and touching. His name and family will FOREVER be in my heart and prayers."
Catherine of CA

"also saw TAKING CHANCE many times. i was so touched and i think of your son often. god bless Chance and his family."
elaine of smithtown n.y.

"I have watched Taking Chance several times this Memorial Day weekend. I just wanted to let Chance's family know he is still touching people today with his story. Semper Fi"
Corporal Thomas Mullins USMC 1992-1996 of Badin, N.C. United States

"I guess I will always be in gratitude to someone to whom I never had the chance to meet, but who now is always in my prayers and thoughts."
Shammel Mack of cincinnati , OHio

"you dont know me but i wanted to say your son was a hero and you his family are heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice ..as a mother of sons my heart goes out to you all"
mary lea wiley of monroe georgia

"We were born at two different times; we lead two different lives, yet fate brought us together in an obscure way that death cannot break and we are forever and eternity. Happy Memorial Day in heaven Chance."
Joan Dadario of New York

"Dear chance my angel of god; my guardian dear, to whom his love commits me here , ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide."
joan dadario of new york

"To all the soldiers exemplified by Chance Phelps, Thanks! We are so proud of you!To the parents, relatives, extended family and friends...You all have contributed to form, prepare, and develop brave and dignified soldiers like the true characters we saw in the movie. My dear father was an Infantry WWII Veteran. He passed away on October 26, 2012 at the age of 92. My mom, his beloved wife for 65 yrs. and I, his only daughter, miss him so deeply. I understood and could relate to many details related in "Returning Chance"... I cried and sobbed for most of the movie. Later, I looked for the true biography and story. That made me more proud of the people who defend our democracy, our privilege. Thanks to all the men and women with high spirits and values. To the active soldiers may the Heavenly Father be with you. To the disabled soldiers my blessings, to the fallen ones, may you rest in God's arms...Daddy We'll never forget you, we know you are in God's Army now. I'll always love you Papito..."
Milagros Cordero-Rodriguez of Fajardo, Puerto Rico

"You are not forgotten Marine. God Bless You and you are always in my prayers, your with me always."
David Cano of Mesquite, Texas

"Nine years had gone today.You are not forgotten. May God be with You."
Bengt I. Bergman of Stockholm , Sweden

"To chance phelps you my messenger of hope. Who touches earth. You were god's gift to me at birth. As I walk life's journey I clearly see why god sent you to watch over me.for 9 of april 2013."
joan m dadario of bronx new york

"I just saw the movie Taking Chance and I had so many tears. I just want to send my condolences to family and to say: Rest in peace Chance we will always remember you for your noble ways and respect what you did for our country and others. You will always live a legacy of a hero."
Mckenzi of Boston,mass

"My Father was Chance's Commanding Officer at the time of his death and he is very frustrated with himself for letting a brother fall."
Elijah of Bahrain

"Kala christougena chance merry chritmas ln heaven"
Joan dadario of Bx .nyc

"PFC Phelps, I'm just watching the movie Taking Chance and googled your name to find your tremendous heroic story. I am a Sgt in the United States Marine Corps just hit my terminal as of today,I am honored to have been part of the same service as such a brave Marine. Tears are running down my checks for sadness yes but most importantly because I'm so damn proud of you. Family im so sorry we couldnt bring back your son, our brother. I am praying tonight God gives you comfort. I pray PFC Phelps is in heaven. Thank you for your unselfishness to enlist, commitment to your country and fellow Marines that were along side you that day, bravery to fight, valor in the face of danger, relentless attacks to the enemy, ultimate sacrifice. And everything else my small brain can't comprehend the emotions and thoughts you must of had had during those precious moments of your life. I know nothing short from our heros from the past , you are my modern day hero. Semper Fidelas, you've proven that our Moto true.Today and always, I salute you Marine. Thank you."
Lynn Alexis of Camp Pendleton CA

"Eutuxn's nuepa Twv euxApiotiwv as my grandmother used to say.happy thanks giving chance."
joan dadario of bx newtork

"The quality of a man's life is measured by how deeply he has touched the lives of others.happy birthday."
joan dadario of bronx newyork

"Chance: Conheço a história de sua vida através de filme HBO. Você foi um herói e merece todas as honras por ter se sacrificado pela liberdade de um país estranho ao seu."
Célio Simões of Belém Pará Brasil

"chance phelps must have been a very special person to have had a movie made after him. I appreciate all the military men and women for protecting me and my famly."
marian g wilson (schoochie) of jefferson sc usa

"Let me 1st say that it is an honor to have served in the same branch of service as your son. I like so many others came to know Chance thru his story as told by LtCol. Strobl. It more than words can say moved me very deeply. This shows a side of war that few know about. It also shows how close knit Marines are toward one another in the taking care of our own. That is what makes the Marine Corps elite not just the readiness, but the brotherhood. War is a horrible thing , but at times necessary. I truly am sorry for the loss of your son and a fellow Marine. I once saw an awesome T-shirt that said "Marines don't die they just get promoted to guarding the gates of heaven". Semper Fidelis."
Cpl. Brandon Tolentino USMC (veteran) of Fort Worth, Texas

"I hope the pain of your loss is getting easier to bear, and look forward to meeting your child in the next life where wars are unnecessary. Our prayers are with you all."
Brent of Richfield Utah USA

"Phelps family- This is Memorial Day 2012. Just watched the film "Taking Chance" on television. I'd viewed it a few years ago and at that time I was overwhelmed by your son's story and the journey made by Col. Strobl to bring him home to you. Today this story touched me in the very same way, and I want to thank you for your son's service. I am the mother of three daughters, so I can't begin to know how your family must have coped and how you still mourn him so. Just know that so many Americans are proud of your son, that his story means something important to everyone. I did not know your son, but I also miss him today."
M. Birk of Defiance, Ohio USA

"GOD BLESS Every Family who has lost a loved one defending our country. We all grieve with you"
Mark Farrell of Carmel, N.Y USA

"Although I didn't know PFC Chance Phelps, I pray for him & you. I am a retired 26 year Air Force MSgt since 2008. I have seen the movie "Taking Chance" numerous times. Each time it saddens me & I cry. I also was in Iraqi Freedom (Enduring Freedom, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, & Operations Northern/Southern Watch). I have not personally lost any friends or family members in combat however I feel a close kinship to Chance. I know it was a movie but it is in excellent taste and it hits me hard everytime. Please accept my condolences even years after his death. It was not in vain and our country and Armed Forces are better for knowing/having him in our presence. Thoughts and prayers always."
Mark Chabotte of Fairfield CA (Travis AFB CA)

"I first "met" Chance when I purchased the movie Taking Chance.

I wept throughout most of the movie, and just want to say how wonderful a young man he was, and how much I know you miss him.

I lost a son to a construction accident in 2009, so I know how your heart breaks.

I think of Chance often, and your family too."
Melanie Rowley of New Hampton MO USA

"St.anthony on this memorial Day keep chance phelps close to you."
joan Dadario of bronX newyork

"HeAvenly angels bring delight even though they're out of sight; heavenly angels light our way and by our sides they'll always stay.happy memorial day chance."
joan dadario of bronx new york

"Today it´s 8 years since Chance Phelps gave the ultimate sacrifice.We will never forget."
Bengt I. Bergman of Stockholm , Sweden

"Chance phelps I know you see all from heaven my mom and I a month ago spoke with an then wrote your mom a letter stating how one day we would be visiting your grave. My mom told me of the lovely Conversation she had with. Gretchen mack And what a wonderful lady she is even though they only spoke ashort time . We never received a response back I hope mrs.mack did get the letter it only stated what a great son she haD in you and because of her.as your mom you became the man you were."
joan dadario of bronx new york

"I am honored to be an American. I am honored that this movie portrayed the dignity, respect, loyalty & love that we should all have for our service men/women. I can honestly say that I have a feeling of emptiness ~~ May God Grant you peace!!"
LYnne of So. California

"Dear Chance, I have watched the movie Taking Chance several times and i must say I'am very proud of you for serving this great country.I hold a very special place in my heart for you and your family.REST IN PEACE CHANCE YOUR COUNTRY LOVES YOU AND ALL SERVICE MEMBERS PROTECTING THIS GREAT NATION.GOD BLESS ALL!"
Lorinda Minckler of Cadyville,New York USA

"Dear Chance,i don't know You but i miss You very much.I feel a deep respect for You.Want to thank You for all those good things You done in your life.THANK YOU! I will never forget You.Rest in peace!!"
Diana of Lithuania

"As a former Marine ('82-'89), and as a current Indiana Army National Guardsman having just returned from Baghdad, I am proud to know that I serve in same forces as Chance. I know that your loss can not have gotten any easier to bear in the time that has passed. Having just watched the movie a second time, the first while still in Iraq, I am proud to know your son through the movie inspired by his story. You have my deepest condolences for you loss, and my utmost appreciation for Chance's service, as well as your own. May God be with you always.

SSG William J. Feasel
938th Military Police Detachment
Indiana Army National Guard
Gary, Indiana"

"Dear Mr & Mrs Phelps:
My sincerst condolences to both of you and your respective spouses, and the sister of Lance Corporal Chance Russell Phelps. Chance when all those folks who knew you, Gary from Rafferty Funeral Home (if that's what the mans name was) to your Gunny who recruited you and lastly your platoon commander who wrote to your parents and expressed his favortism toward you, well God Bless and protect all of the Phelps family friends and Marines that knew Chance. That really is a brotherhood. I am right know thinking of E Lee Ermy Dale Dye and the late Jack Webb who were affiliated with the Corp. Semper Fidelis, "Ever Faithful". I wish that I had gone int the service @ 19 in 1976 after graduating from high school. One of my class mates named Sam was in the Corp & became a D.I drill instructor.
I am from Delaware about 1 Hour away from Dover. Dover Air Force base is the only way that people know where Deaware is besides the fact Vice President Joe Biden is from here as well. God Bless all the Phelps family, my prayers are "forever" vigilant for all of you. I hope to come to Dubois Wyoming to visit Chance's grave. You will know that I was there when I leave a memento to your great and heroic son. Bless you all."
Bob M of Wilmington, Delaware

"To Chance Phelps and his surviving family,Thank you for your heroism, bravery, patriotism, and obvious love for our country. I, too, have watched and purchased the film "Taking Chance" and was, and continue to be, profoundly impressed by the tact and grace involved in the making of the movie. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily--God Bless.

C. Henning of Conroe, TX


"God bless you Chance and Thank You. Because of your service We are all still free. God be with your family and friends. (a fellow veteran)"
Teresa Baranowski of Bradenton, Florida

"Thank You"
Julie of Evans, Georgia U.S.A

"Thank you, Chance"
Rhonda Hower of Dubois, Wyoming/US

"I want to thank you for all that you have done to protect the United States. You are very brave and heroic, and an idle to me. Thank you"
Gary Levengood of Beverly Hills, Fl

"17 Apr 11

To the family of Lance Corporal Chance Russell Phelps, United States Marine Corps:

Just recently, my wife, Judy, and I saw the film "Taking Chance", in which we were "introduced" to you, to LCpl Phelps and also to LtCol Strobl for the first time. Neither Judy nor I could watch the film without tears in our eyes. We cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for you to have gone through what you have, but without equivocation or hesitation, I can tell you on behalf of both of us, that your entire family has our deepest condolences on your loss, and that you are ever in our prayers. We did not know Chance personally, having never had the honor of meeting this fine young Marine, but it is quite obvious to us from viewing this deeply moving tribute to the life of one of America's fallen heroes, that Chance Phelps was truly the embodiment of everything the United States Marine Corps, and on a greater scale, the United States of America, stands for: duty, honor, sacrifice, courage, bravery, and patriotism. Like all of our brave men and women in uniform, Chance Phelps clearly served his country with dedication and pride, and was a tremendous credit to the uniform of a Marine, and it is because of people like him that this country is the free nation it is today. I will be honest with you in saying that my wife and I do not agree with the decision to send our nation's fighting men and women to Iraq or Afghanistan, but our reasons for this are strictly political ones. Nonetheless, we still have the very deepest pride, gratitude, respect and love for all of our distinguished servicemembers such as LCpl Phelps who are over there doing their duty and serving the United States of America, and in many instances, making the ultimate sacrifice for this nation-that of their very lives. Often it has been said that the United States has the greatest fighting force on the face of this planet, and with all of our hearts, Judy and I believe that to be true. There are a lot of reasons, too, why this country has the greatest fighting force on Earth protecting it, but without question the most significant and important of the reasons-more than because of the weapons they fire, the vehicles they drive, the combat aircraft they fly, the ships they sail on above and below the surface of the oceans, or the intelligence they rely on to fulfill their missions (although these things certainly are formidable), is the men and women themselves, in every branch of the armed services, at every rank from private all the way to 4-star general. As I think of Chance and what he meant to this country as well as what I know he must have meant to all of you, my thoughts also turn to my wife, Judy, who in the 1980's served in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve as a medical corpsman, received a good conduct award and was honorably discharged in 1989. Although she served during peacetime and never saw any combat, her role was in no way less significant and I am not one iota less proud of her (and all of our servicemembers past, present and future) than if she had been deployed to the front lines of battle. I guess my only regret is that I never had the honor of serving in our country's armed forces myself (not for lack of trying, though-at varying times I tried to get into each of the 4 major branches of our armed forces, and especially wanted to join the Air Force and become a fighter pilot to engage the enemy in aerial combat, but could never enlist because I could not pass the entrance exams due to my math being so terrible!), although I sort of came close, having been a cadet in USMC JROTC in high school, a time I will always look back on with pride for the rest of the days of my life. In conclusion, let me say that Judy and I are thankful more than words can express for the sacrifice not only of yourselves and all of the military families throughout this country, particularly those whose loved ones lost their lives fighting for the cause of freedom, but of the courageous and gallant soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines who have fought that good fight and especially, have given their lives in the line of duty in the service of the armed forces of the United States of America."
Michael E. Reeves of Redondo Beach, California USA

"i really felt deep sorrow for your families loss and the loss the marines and other fighting braches this story has touched me very deeply"
james of darlington, sc usa

"I have just got done watching this movie for the second time tears filled our eyes!! All our sympathy and I know as a military spouse who will watch my husband leave soon for unknown regions that we all know pray!! God Bless"
kim & Garry Martin of florida

"Thank You Lcpl Phelps and Thank You to your family. God Bless ... sister of SSGT WILLIAM HARRELL B CO 1/5 KIA FALLUJAH 8APRIL04. Marine Mom of PFC VANCE HARRELL"

"Dear family of Chance Phelps

We are truly sorry for your loss. We heard about Chance from the movie, 'Taking Chance'. We were touched by the movie and wanted you to know that people like Chance are true heroes. Chance will forever be in our memories."
NMS Block A 2010 of Richmond, IL

"I saw the movie of Chance's heroic actions on April 9, 2004. Although I never knew him, I am honored to have the chance to tell you what a brave and strong son you raised. I am so moved by the young man he became. My brother went to Desert Storm, I watched my father stress until the day he returned. Your family is so strong.. and I am sure Chance wants you to go on as you have. Please remember you have been in my prayers as all the families who have fallen victims to this war. If I could tell him today I would say: thank you Chance for being the serviceman, young man, son, brother, friend and hero you are and will be remembered for."
Nefertari of Windsor, PA

"God Bless PFC. Phelps"
Colonel J Chivers of Danbur, Iraq

"To the Phelps family

In the movie, 'Taking Chance', it said that he always smiled and that if there were more men like him in the Marines, there would be no need for the Marines. He touched hearts all over the U.S. We know that it must have been hard to lose a son, but there are many people that thank him and honor him. He fought for our country with honor and deserves to be known as a hero."
Block C NMS 2010 of Richmond, IL

"To the family of Chance Phelps

This is an eighth grade social studies class from Nippersink Middle School in Richmond, IL. We recently saw the movie, 'Taking Chance', and we are very sorry for the loss of your son who was still young. His sacrifice will always be honored by our class."
Block B NMS 2010 of Richmond, IL

"I have just watched "Taking Chance" for the second time. I purchased it immediately after renting from Netflix. Not only the movie, but the special features left a huge weight in my chest. How can ANYONE watch this without tears? Since seeing this film for the first time, I have profound for our servicemen/women.
God bless Chance's family, friends, comrades in the military and all of those whose life he touched."
Brian R . Darby of Hollywood, FL - USA

"In my English poor. Have just seen " Taking Chance ". A touching film about a life full of life. The war was the middle, the human disputes the reasons, the objective, a light flame. That God protects us. It shines for Chance Phelps's relatives. The life is a larger argument. From Brazil, with respect."
Luciano Magnus de Araújo of BRAZIL, AMAPÁ, MACAPÁ

"Next week my wife and I will begin a 7-week, 10,000 mile road trip through America, to strengthen our bond with the country we both love. One of our overnight stops will be in Dubois (Sept. 2, 2010), and we plan to pay our respects at Chance's grave the next morning. We have seen "Taking Chance" numerous times (we purchased the DVD), including with our son after he came back from a year in Afghanistan. Needless to say the film and Lt.Col. Strobl's report continues to move us. We feel we know Chance. He represents many fallen heroes who have fought for our freedoms. Thanks for your service and ultimate sacrifice, Chance. Our heartfelt condolences to next of kin."
Rudy and Liz Hendriks of Orangevale, CA, U.S.A.

"I think that we are feeling like Strobl said: "I don't knew Chance, but today, I miss him"
God bless you."
Athos of Minas gerais, Brasil

"August 15, 2010: I recently watched the film about your son and had to write expressing my profound sympathy. May it bring you some small comfort to know that others care. I empathize with your loss as my only nephew was killed in Baghdad at age 20, Spc. Thomas D. Caughman, on 6/9/04. Our family joins yours in mourning these young men and in honoring their supreme sacrifice. We were also blessed to receive a wonderful letter written by Thomas's accompanying soldier which was very inspiring and meaningful. THANKS to all who served and are still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. My prayers go out constantly for them, their families, and their friends. I wish that not another single family has to go through such pain and grief like ours both have as it is truly horrendous. May our remaining soldiers come home safely and soon."
Carol R. Caughman of Atlanta, Georgia

"I saw the movie last evening, I saw the best movie I have ever seen. Your Son being home with you now and in Gods hands, I hope this will bring you solice in your sadened times. Chance was a hero to all of us and he represented himself and others proudly, bravely and honorably. My prayers are always with your Family and Chance is always in my prayers with you. God Bless and keep you all always."
Pen of San Jose, Cal

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I am really so sorry for your loss. I saw the movie, i cry everytime i see it. Its like I knew chance. A family member of mine also died in iraq on october of 2003. His name was isaac campoy. I really dont know what to say we also went through alot and we know what you are going through. Our condolences go out to the family.We will always have chance in our prayers. God bless!!!

Yuseline Campoy of douglas az 85607

"I saw the movie, my father died in the war in Namibia (Africa) in 1971. He was a Captain in the South African Police Service. I was just 5 months old at the time. I feel your loss. Thanks for sharing the expereince with the rest of the world. I realise my dad also died that others might live."
Lt Colonel Paul D van Eeden of Johannesburg, South Africa

"I saw the movie, my father died in the war in Namibia (Africa) in 1971. He was a Captain in the South African Police Service. I was just 5 months old at the time. I feel your loss. Thanks for sharing the expereince with the rest of the world. I realise my dad also died that others might live."
Paulus van Eeden of Johannesburg, South Africa

"We do take care of our own! i have the privlage of being stationed at MBW where we recieve the bodies of fallen service men and women and our fellow Marines from Dover AFB and they are handled w/ the upmost care and we never leave their sides until they have been properly layed to rest either in ANC or anywhere in the U.S. RIP Chance and PFC Ray!"
Lcpl Shugart of MBW

"hi im from england and have just watched the film taking chance,i dont know what to say only its like i know him"
R Taylor of doncaster england

"I like so many others learned of your son, trough his story. It is a honor to know that such fine men and women serve our country. As a Poole for the Marine Corps it is a proud honor to have your son as a Marine Corps Brother."
Carter, John Allen Marine Corps Poole of Plano, Texas Collin County

to chance's mother and father...i just watched "taking chance" for the, well, inth time! what a beautiful portrait of our marines taking care of their own. four days later i had the same knock on my door. seeing it the way it was portrayed in this movie gave me reasurrance that my son was cared for like no other. memorial day is for chance, it's for noah, it's for kyle codner, it's for every marine, soldier, airman, navel personnel that lost their lives defending our nation and our way of life! i thank chance for his story and his service. this is what memorial day is about! semper fi to chance and to his family!"
diana boye of grand island ne

"My name is L/CPL-Albert Sergenton, also a Marine Vietnam Veteran till the day I leave this planet. This young Marine will always hold a special place in my heart, may he rest in peace oorah Semperfi..."
Albert Sergenton of Long Island.N.Y.

"My name is L/CPL-Albert Sergenton, also a Marine Vietnam Veteran till the day I leave this planet. This young Marine will always hold a special place in my heart, may he rest in peace oorah Semperfi..."
Albert Sergenton of Long Island.N.Y.

"My name is L/CPL-Albert Sergenton, also a Marine till the day I leave this planet. This young Marine will always hold a special place in my heart, may he rest in peace oorah Semperfi..."
Albert Sergenton of Long Island.N.Y.

"May 31st 2010
As so many others, I learned of your son by watching the movie, "Taking Chance" I was truely touched by the way our service men and women are escorted home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing Chance's story to be told. I feel like I knew him. My brother is a Vietnam vet and was spit on when he returned home. My nephew served 2 tours of duty in Iraq. From a grateful American, I thank your son for defending our freedom. He will never be forgotten.. I wrote about Chances story in my grandchildrens journals so they to will remember that it's people like Chance that keeps us free.. May God bless and hold you in the palm of His mighty hands."
Tommie Martin of Kentucky

"I thank you for your service and I am honored to have you as a brother in arms.

Semper Fi"
David Mahon (USMC Sgt. 1977-1983) of Coventry RI

"I am sorry for your loss.but he is not dead until he is not forgotten he died saving fellow marines and for his country and got honorable death.i am sure he will be seeing us from heaven. i once saw your son when he still in boot camp."
colonel xxx of north Carolina

"Respect is something we must earned, it is not handed to you. Your son has earned mine as every soldier fighting for our country and what the American flag stands for. I too was introduced to Chance through the film, and i feel honored to have learned his story. He was a great soldier, but im sure a better son. My heart is heavy for your. loss."
Chris Lopez of Clovis, California

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com
A hundred times a day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am receiving. - Albert Einstein"
Scott E. Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"Chance it has been six years. Can't believe It. I remember first reading of you passing on what was good Friday then. You are a true hero and warrior. My kids talk about you everyday. I want to live my life for you. I want my kids to do this as well. I miss you."
Michael T of Staten Island, NY

"Today marks the 6 year anniversary of your loss. I first learned of Chance's story during Naval Officer Development School and he along with his story have been in my heart ever since. My prayers go out to you."
LTJG Felder, USN of Parris Island, SC


I mourned for you and all my other brothers and sisters. You are still alive in everybody's hearts. Semper Fi and Godspeed to all of you. Remember we all miss you."

"As we approach the 6th anniversary of Chance’s death in Iraq, we should all pray that God Almighty has held Chance close to His breast since Chance’s ascent to heaven. Pray Our God will welcome all those other fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan and provide for them for all eternity.

God bless America!!"
Al Kircher of Georgetown, Texas

"The movie about Chance has touched and moved me beyond words. I am so very sorry for your loss, and know this has only told the story of a small time about Chance's journey. But he will be remembered for many years to come. I am sorry i did not have the Honor of serving my country. I now include your family in my prayers along with Chance."
Russell of Mesa, Arizona USA

""To the Phelps family and to all those who have lost a loved one in this awful war I wanted to say how sorry I am. I served in the 1970s during the last months of Viet Nam but I was lucky not to have seen war first hand. All of those who have fallen are heroes. Just to realize that this country's military is made up of all Volunteers, that those young men and women put themselves in harms way for us, is a humbling fact. I never knew Chance, but I am really glad that the movie was made because it showed me the love and dignity that surrounds our fallen heroes as they make their final journey home. To Chance's family, and to all of the families and friends of those killed in battle, please accept my heartfelt condolences. To the Phelps family in particular, please know, especially now, when the date is approaching that will mark six years since Chance’s passing, you will see him again and his loss was not in vain. Be comforted in the knowledge that he and all of our country’s fallen, will always be remembered, by a grateful nation. God bless you all.""
Kevin C. Wilkens of Schaumburg IL


Have just finished watching Taking Chance for the 2nd time in two days. What a first-rate film.

And I know your precious Marine son was first-rate too. I lost one like him just a few days later.

I want to thank your family for their courage during this time. Thank you for allowing the story to be shared. It is a blessing.

And thank you, Mr. Phelps for your service in Vietnam. My husband and I are both veterans who served in Panama during that invasion (during the first Gulf War).

Chance's story, given by his family members and Marine brothers remind me so much of Aaron. Aaron was full of life and often full of himself. He was awarded the Silver Star posthumously. I'll always be terribly proud of him, yet there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him deeply.

If you ever speak with any of those involved in making this movie, please thank them for doing such a respectful job. The story tells its own self best, and that's what made it so beautiful. That and to know how tenderly and respectful our sons' bodies are treated throughout the process.

It is good to know that even though my family will all one day pass, that it was my son whose body was treated the most tenderly, cared for the most, and honored throughout.

My deepest condolences. My greatest respect.

Christy (De'on) Miller
Proud GSM
Marine LCPL Aaron C. Austin
KIA April 26, 2004
Fallujah, Iraq"
Christy (De'on) Miller of Lovington NM USA

"My family believes to be related to Chance on my mothers dads side. We all have huge feet too. I just want to thank all of our servicemembers for the outstanding work they do. I also would like to pay my respects to Phelps family, and say that in some small way i've even been effected by him and feel a loss."
Kira Eldred of Prescott, AZ

"I graduated marine boot camp the same year your son was born in 1984. I was stationed in 29palms from 85-88 since seeing the movie he is always on my mind he was more of a man and more of a marine than I ever was. I will never understand the pain that a mother feels losing a son but at the end when they show his picture I see a young man so full of life energetic and strong. I'am a desert storm vet and in the Marines all MARINES ARE FAMILY to me no matter what era. Lcpl phelps friends that are by his resting place will become your family from now on and I hope GOD WILLING to meet all of you and your son.SEMPER FIDELIS God Bless"
Fmr Sgt. Linden L Mitchell of San Diego,Ca 92191

"I have just watched the movie about "Chance' Although I am from another Country "Canada" I can relate to the Military side having spent 33 years of Service in the Cdn Forces.

I would like too Thank all the Brave Men and Women of the USA and God Bless All."
Perry Bruce of Surrey,Canada

"Chance your one in a million :) I will always remember the last class we took together our senoir year at palisade, you always knew how to make me laugh, you changed my life and i will always remeber you.
You will forever be a hero :) xoxo"
Deserae Corbin of Palisade , CO

"Chance Phelps is man who gave his life in service to his nation and it's citizens. So few will give so much for so many who will never have to give at all!!! He has my deepest respect!!

Michael Whitney of Hillsboro, Or

"Dear Phelps Family,
I just viewed the movie about your son's journey home. I have been crying on and off all day. Allthough I never knew him, I will forever be greatful for him and his story being told. It is because of people like Chance that I am able to be safe here at home in America. God Bless Chance always and God bless you for having such a brave warm hearted human being for a son. I wish I had known him."
Dawn Parker of Aurora, Colorado USA

"Words do not express how touched I was by Chance and your story. The world is sadder without having your son walking amongst us."
Linda Novak of Monument,Co USA

"I just want to say that your son is my hero because I'm 17 and I'm going into the core this summer as soon as I turn 18 and I hope that I can serve our country as good as he did there's a lot of people that died that we don't hear about but hearing about your son and what he did it is sad but I can't wait to be like Chance he means the world to me SEMPERFI. Chance"
Olin Thomas Greer IV of flovilla GA

"Dear Mr and Mrs Phelps,
I am so sorry for the death of your son Chance Russel Phelps. I heard great things about Chance and how devoted he was to serving his country with honor, courage, and pride. I never knew chance but with the movie I saw on his departure home i was shocked of how one devoted young man could have to serving his country. My prayers are with you each day and i am going to do the same as chance did for his country."
Andrew Cannon of Dennison Ohio

"To the family of Chance ~ Our family has walked this journey as well. My Marine son was 18 years old when he lost his life serving this country. At his memorial a Marine stood and shared these words, or as close to these as I can remember. "I am hearing a lot of that "Was" word, but I am here to tell you, this Marine still is. He is still a son, he is still a brother, grandson, and sweetheart, and one day we will see him again but for now he has had the distinct honor of being recruited by the Marine Corps' Supreme Commander and he stands at his new post. One day, when we walk up to the gates of heaven Seth will be there. His chest will pop out and he will give us that big smile of his, then wrap us in his arms welcoming us home and tell us to "Carry on...heaven is all secure." The same thing goes for Chance. Maybe my son and your son stand together keeping heaven safe and protected until we can be with them again. If Chance wasn't a fan of hockey before maybe Seth will change his mind. My heart goes out to Chance's family. It is a journey nobody wants but our children chose us for a reason...to love them and journey with them, no matter what. They chose us to carry on for them in a way nobody else can. As my son always used to say..."Stay Moto". In loving memory of LCpl Seth Garrett Jones - USMC 1981-2000..and Chance. Semper Fi gentlemen...forever and always."
Seth's mom of Portland, OR USA

"Dear Family of Chance, I am a huge Kevin Bacon fan, that is what brought me to Chance's story. I am beyond words. This young man has left a brand on my heart that I will carry forever. I have not been able to put Chance out of my mind since viewing "Taking Chance". I owe him my life. The impact Chance has had across the nation you will never know. I love him already."
Linda of Reedsburg, Wisconsin

"Dear Mr Mrs Phelps
I saw Taking Chance today and was very moved.Be assured that he touched many more lives than you will ever know.Very sorry for your loss. God bless."
Bennie Bouwer of Port Elizabeth South Africa

"Semper Fidelis to PFC Phelps. To the Phelps family, I feel so honored to have had someone (Chance) love his country so much that he would give his life to protect its freedom and the freedom of all of us in America. I just watched Taking Chance & I cried through the entire film. I cannot know what you all must have felt when he came home, but please know that my heart goes out to all of you. Sincerely, Athena Hancock, former Marine Corporal"
Athena Hancock of Clarkston, WA USA

"and so u know. I am training for millitary on my own, even tho im 14...CHANCE RUSSELL PHELPS is a hero."
Madi Slaughter of Love

"Hello, my name is Madi, I'm 14, and i never cry.Not even for Marley and me, but I saw this movie and thats all i could do. I'm not positive what it is about Chance but i felt a conection and it was strong. I have never met him but I feel in my heart as if I've known him forever. This man made a diffrence in me, and im Greatfeul."
Madi Slaughter of Love


"I saw the movie "Taking Chance" a little while ago -- I have never been one to get emotional watching a movie - but the story of this true American hero and his journey home brought me to the verge of tears.

Thank you Pfc. Phelps for your service and sacrifice to this country we all love so much."
Benjamin Rodkin of Philadelphia, PA, USA

"As I type this, I'm watching the movie about Chance, "Taking Chance". Not only was he a hero in life, but also in death. I don't think anyone could understand what it's like to lose a loved one like this, unless they have been through it. But with this movie, Chance and his family have given everyone an idea of just what it really means to lose a loved one in service to their county. Thank you."
Rochelle of American Falls, Idaho

"I viewed the movie "Taken Chance" and I had to reach out to you. The movie answered questions I had regarding how our fallen heroes are taken care of, from the time of their death to the time of their burial. The respect that is shown to these men, and women, is beyond words. I hope that the movie did justice to your son & his life. My husband & I have a son, Sgt. Eric W. Slebodnik, born August 3, 1984, so he is just the same age as your son. He joined the Army National Guard in November 2001. He had always the loved the military & history, just like Chance, Actually Eric wanted to serve as a military analyst for the CIA after graduating college. In January 2005, Eric left with his unit for training in MS & CA. Eric is a gunner in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. In June 2005, he left the US for Iraq & the Sunni Triangle. September 19, 2005, one of his buddies was killed and it devastated all of the men & the families here in Northeast PA. No one was to know that 9 days later, the news that no family should ever receive should come to not one door but 5; ours was one of them. Eric is because he's in Heaven, but he'll never be standing on our soil again because of what he was...He was willing & able to serve his country, just as your Chance, to rid this world of terrorism & threats. My heart goes out to you, not just because we have both experienced the unimaginable, but because we are able to continue going forward each day, holding our heads high. God bless the Phelps family!"
Cynthia Slebodnik of Greenfield Twp., PA

"I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. My nephew died right before Chance died. He was transported from Walter Reed to CA and it brought me great comfort to know he was never alone and got the respect he deserved. I am sorry for your loss,I understand your pain still today it is hard. May God bless and keep your family."
Maureen Ledet of Loveland, OH

"I just watched the movie "Taking Chance" and I was so touched. Thank you for allowing Chance's story to go to public like this. I have an appreciation for our soldiers that I hadn't realized before. I've always been grateful, but now I better understand just what the sacrifice is."
Amy of Northeast Kingdom, Vermont/USA

"I just watched the movie about your son and I am still wiping tears from my eyes..so sorry for your loss, he has even touched people after his passing, and continues to do so with each viewing of this movie..it was an honor to watch your story and be a part of your family for a moment in time..thanks for sharing it...kathy"
kathy glenn of clinton ms usa

"Thank you Chance....."Semper Fi""
Captain J. Hobby of Fowler Colorado/USA

"R.I.P Chance phelps his brave he is my hero and wat wud happen if he stayed at the base he would be alive today this makes me sad i might go to the army. you are remembered i dont know you but i know your a hero."
HAKEEM Mack of columbia sc

"R.I.P Chance phelps his brave he is my hero and wat wud happen if he stayed at the base he would be alive today this makes me sad i might go to the army."
HAKEEM Mack of columbia sc

"What else needs to be said about this fine young man who laid down his life for the country he loved. God Bless you Chance!"
Paul of Beaumont,TX

"Dear family and friends of Chance Phelps,
We were sorry to hear about your son's passing. It was a very brave way to go, protecting others before himself. The movie about your son touched us very deeply. He was and always will be a hero. We will keep him in our hearts, and he will always be remembered as a brave young man."
NMS 8th Grade Block A of Richmond, IL

"you are not forgotten we love and miss you"
Brittney k of Denver Co USA

"To the family of Chance Phelps, my husband and I had just finished watching the movie about your son. We were so deeply touched and sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and to all of the families who have lost loved ones who were fighting for our freedom. Even though we are so saddened by your loss we are so proud of the way your son was treated with such respect on his way home to you. I think that every student in the public school system in our country should see this movie so as to learn respect for our military and the sacrificies they make for us. Chance will forever live in our hearts and prayers."
Deborah & Robert Draina of Ocala, Florida

"Thank you Chance. I cry as I type this because I feel like I know you. Thank you for your service, you and your family will be in my prayers forever.

Thank you!"
Craig C of Panama City, FL

"im sorry for your loss I just learned about about your son when i watched a movie about him with kevin bacon I did not know while I was watching it that it was a true story I cried the whole way through and then i looked it up on the internet and learned about him the vietnam traveling wall is here in childress tx this week I looked for his name on the section the had for the troops in Irag it made me cry my son and law bobby nichlicia has been there two times it scares me every time he go's i wanted you to know how Chance touched my heart."
carla casey of childress tx

"To the friends and family of Chance Phelps,

As a class we each feel pain for Chance and all others who have fallen for our country. He has inspired us in many ways. Watching the movie, 'Taking Chance', we felt as if we knew him as you do. He was a true hero as many others were. Chance and his loved ones are in our minds and hearts forever."
NMS 8th Grade Block C of Richmond, IL

"Im so sorry for your loss."
kikis and kytt of spring grove

"Dear family and friends of Chance Phelps,

We never really thought about all the soldiers or veterans who have fought for freedom. We never realized how many soldiers have fallen for our country, but after seeing 'Taking Chance' we were very moved. During the whole movie our eyes swelled up with tears. The thought crosses our mind everyday. We didn't know that this movie was based on a real person, but at the end when we saw the pictures, we felt like we really knew him and we were a part of him. We're very sorry for your loss. We want you to know that we are mourning with you. We are also sorry and mourning for all the other fallen soldiers."
NMS 8th Grade Block B of Richmond, IL

"To the family and loved ones of Chance Phelps;

We are saddened of the loss, of your son. The movie "Taking Chance" had an affect on not only me but also my classmates. This movie has inspired all of us to recognize all the fallen servicemen but also the men and women still serving our country.

God Bless Chance, and Let him Rest In Peace !

8th grade class of nippersink middle school"
Katy, Kiana, Danny, Jared, And Ben of Spring Grove/ Richmond- N. M. S

"I watched Taking Chance for the umpteenth time last evening. And once again, it felt like I was watching it for the first time. Very moving, very emotional. What a proud, dignified family to share their horrible experience with the world. This movie should be required viewing in all High Schools. Again, thank you for sharing your son with the world."
TAK of Philadephia, PA

"Semper Fidelis Chance and may God Bless your Soul"
James J. Kelly of Philadelphia Pa.

"I watched this film Taking Chance when it was telivised on HBO and was moved deeply. I teach world history and asked my principals permission to show this film to my 10th grade students to lead up to celebrating veterans day. We took two days of class to watch this film. Many of my students where very moved to tears watching this great story. Each student will be writing a letter to Chances family expressing their thanks for his service and sacrifice. I look forward to sharing my students words with the Phelps family. Thank you for sharing your son and his story with us. God bless."
Richard Bland of Keystone Heights High School

"Thank you Chance".

To the Phelps family,
Our heart felt sympathy and prayers are with you. "To all the service men/women thank you for keeping our country safe."
Rowena of Honolulu, Hawaii 10/2009

"I just finished watching "Taking Chance", and it brought me to tears. I am so grateful for you and your families service to our country. I thank people like yourselves and Chance for everything they do. God bless you and your family. God Bless You Chance, may you rest in peace."
Nicole of El Paso, TX USA

"I just watched "Taking Chance" and was humbled by the fact that Chance gave his life to ensure the freedoms that I enjoy as an American. Those who give of their time in service to our country are very special to me ... those who give their lives ... words cannot describe ..."
Pam of Muscle Shoals, AL

"To the Phelps family, all soldiers who have come before him, those currently serving and to those who will carry our future, I thank you deeply. The story and movie hit me like a brick. I am proud to have served, it only being 6 years and never abroad, theres never a day of regret, but I do wish I could of served my country more. God Bless Chance, his Family, all our Soldiers and those who helped tell this
story. Your in our everyday thoughts and Prayers"
Shanna Williams of Iola, Texas

"Chance you are my hero. All the young men and women who serve are my heroes and their families who sacrifice thank you so much"
.chris of pittsburgh pa

"Chance you are my hero. All the young men and women who serve are my heroes and their families who sacrifice thank you so much"
.chris of pittsburgh pa

"I have just watched Taking Chance, To all his loved ones you are in my prayers . Thank you for your sacrifice. And. Like Col.Stroble I miss him also God bless you Chance."
Chris Scott of pittsburgh pa

"dear chance i watched the movie taking chance i bolled my eyes out u are my hero i am so blessed u served our country i am a huge fan of you and the movie they wrote about you"
jackie currier of st .francis minnesota

"dear chance i watched the movie taking chance i bolled my eyes out u are my hero i am so blessed u served our country i am a huge fan of you and the movie they wrote about you"
jackie currier of st .francis minnesota

"To all the fallen solders I'm very greatful for you fighting for my freedom and to their family my heart felt wishes bless you ."
judy B of albuquerque NM USA

"Thank you for your service and sacrifice Chance. I want to thank Chance's mother,father and sister as well and send my prayers for strength to them. He is a hero."
jean of hebron, ct

"I am a Nigerian, watching the movie not only made me appreciate the more the sacrifices made by soldiers like Chance, but also by those of my country men.
To the family we thank you for giving us such heroes..."
Nne of Nigeria

"I just wanted to say that I watched the movie, and I wanted to tell Chance's family that he was a true hero. A lot of us take our freedom for granted, and after this movie I am so thankful for Chance and all of our brave heroes that keep fighting for us, or have died fighting for us so that we could stay free. It was truly an honor to watch this movie, and see what really happens. Stay strong, and God Bless everyone!"
Lori Brown of Constable, NY 12926

"dear chance, i want to thank you for you courage over seas, an further more the movie i couldnt stop crying you are a tru american hero. again thanks i want to ask if you can say hello to may brother david he died about a year ago by a drunk driver. He went out driveing with my other brother who was on leave from the mariane corp he said he couldnt take it anymore so knowing david my brother he drove around taking with him.. then the next day they passed. Alan the one who is in the marina corp was in the mercy flight and looked over and saw his older brother an was like you finally came to iraq with me.. i miss him so much. Even thou i dont know i know ur kind young man with a bigh heart. an you will be missed dearly. ALo tell my brother he saon says he misses him you will never be forgotten.."
geraldine roberts of Geyser MT

"When the movie Taking Chance was first revealed, I was disappointed because we didn’t have the ability to watch it on HBO. I waited for it to come to DVD and found a lone copy of it at the 7 Day store on base just a few weeks ago. Reading the events surrounding Chance’s passing, I was nervous about watching the film. The similarities between Chance and my cousin PV2 Jason Sparks KIA 09/08/04 are just too many. Jason was 19 and a gunner in his convoy when they came under fire from an insurgent ambush. Jason’s service was held in the high school gym he graduated from and his football teammates carried his casket from the gym to the waiting hearse. I knew Chance’s story would make me cry but I was in tears from just about start to finish. Thank you to Chance’s parents, his sister, and Lt Colonel Strobl for sharing the story with the world. It was comforting to see the way our fallen are so reverently treated coming back home.

Semper Fi, Chance. As a former Marine, I am awed by your courage and grateful for your service, and humbled by your sacrifice.

God Bless your family,"
M. L. Weeks of Twentynine Palms, CA

"Thank you"
PFC Farmer of lakeville mn

"Thank you brother for your life and your honor, wave out to all the brothers and sisters who stand attention at your side on watch in heaven with you, they are all remembered and will never be forgotten. To your Mother and Father, and their extended families, know that all of us marines will stand by you in the event you would call on us for anything, your loss is felt in my home this very evening, May God shine his light on you all, and bless you with his comfort. My Respects. Chris."
Davis C.R., OIF veteran, KBR of Amarillo TX, Grand Junction CO. Reno NV.

"Thank you Chance and your family for your brave service to our country."
Laura McClure of Williston, Vt USA

"Thank you Chance....when the day comes that my son asks where his name comes from....I'll proudly tell him your story...Semper Fidelis.."
Aylsa of Albion, IN, USA

"I have watched the movie Taking Chance about four times and i have never gotten bored .My heart goes out to this young man for his courage and strenght. God be with his family .LOVE"
Selvyn Mahabir of Trinidad

"My Name is Thomas C. Gable Jr.I have just finished watching the movie Taking Chance,I just want to let his family know that Chance was a Real Hero to his country,and that everyone should be proud of Him,I was affraid to watch the movie,because i know what the Phelps family had to go thrught,for I also lost my Oldest Younger Brother the the Iraq War he was KIA on Sept 20,2005,his Name was William A Allers lll,this movie mad me so proud of our soldiers both Men and Women,who give there lives everyday to protect us from the enemy,that we are alive because of them,and for that I am so proud of all who give there lives everyday,Godbless You All,and I am So Proud To Call Myself an American,Thank You All So Very Much"
Thomas C Gable Jr of Baltimore,Md

"I am heartbroken, I never stop crying. This is a powerful story and I am one of many American that did not know what a “Escort Duty” offical was. This was one impact that I will never forget, a lesson about our Military protocol regarding the handling of fallen soldiers remains.

I for one want everyone to know and understand how many American and non felt or feeling about a soldier who dies in action.

I will be telling this great story, a story (To my follow Toastmaster group)that is really one of a million. This week August 20th I will be revealing this heartbreaking events of one fallen soldier’s journey home to be buried. Everyone American and NON should all about how our Military dead are handle. Many of our service men and women are not always American Citizens many are foreigner who make Ameica their home. This story is for them, also, for every single service person who died to protect America. (Because this is protection) On 9/11 America was attack, many cried for “BLOOD”. All too soon many forgot the reason why we are in Iraq. These are American who forget their fallen citizen who die in the high-jack airliners and the Twin Towers. I feel sorry for those who forgot, for I know the remaining families of those who died on 9/11 have not forgotten, they will never forget as long as they live, they will miss their love one forever.

Please stand behind our Military service men and women, they are doing their duty to protect you and your love ones. Many will die and many will come home will event in their head and may never be able to forget what the challenges of combat war was like. The ones that died on 9/11 died because of ugly monsters and these monster should be STOP before they can attack American soil again.

If I had it my way I’ll send an atom bomb, just like we did once before, I give credit to Harry Turman for the courage for deploying it."
yolanda avardo of simi valley, ca usa

"Just watched the movie TAKING CHANCE. To the Family of Chance R Phelps , i dont know your son but his very brave sacrifices will never ever be forgotten. My family remembers everyone at home in our prayers today and all year round. Meitaki !"
Christoph Te Atairangikaahu of Rarotonga Cook Islands ( New Zealand )

"I finally got the courage to watch "Taking Chance" last night. The similarities between Chance and my nephew, Felix, are one too many. I knew this was going to be tough but I really needed to see how well the armed services treated our loved ones. My nephew was also killed on April 9, 2004 by an IED and ambush. He too was the gunner and was shot. I needed to watch this film. I want to thank you. You have taken a private and very personal loss and shared it with the world. Shared it with those who have lost and with those who don't know what it is like to experience death through war. Thank you. I will never forget your son and your family."
08/04/09 Bela

"May he rest in peace
Warren S. former L/Cpl of CT

"I just finished watching "Taking Chance". I cried through the entire movie. It was one of the most moving motion pictures (along with "Saving Private Ryan") I've ever had the priviledge to watch. My wish is that every American watch this movie and then we will all know of the sacrifices and heroisms our soldiers face everyday. Thank you so much for sharing this story. God bless Chance and all the others who have risked their lives for our beloved country."
Holly Rowland of Citrus Heights, CA

"Hey was my hero"
Jamie of Illinois

"I know it has been a while but the pain is still fresh. To say Thank You for the sacrafice your family has made would be in appropriate. Just know my heart goes out to your family FOREVER and may peace be with you"
Cheryl Vacco of Lyles, TN.

"We love and honor you, Chance. May you rest in peace."
Donna Allon of Birmingham, AL USA

"The bravery and honor of Chance Phelps is in the highest tradition of the United States' military. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. May God keep your nation free and allow you to always display and protect the finest human virtues."
Hernan Arauz of Panama City, Republic of Panama

"To the Phelps Family:

We all appreciate PFC Chance Phelps service to his country. My family's thoughts go out to you. We had just seen the HBO film Taking Chance and were deeply touched. Although I did not know Chance Phelps, I am sure he was a young man of great optimism and dedication. God Bless."
A Friend of Michigan

"I just watched Taking Chance last night and from the very begining my heart went out to his family. My husband was a Marine and remained one until his death. I fly the US Flag and the Marine Corp flag at home everyday and just recently added an Army Flag as my Son-in-Law is in the Army and just returned from a tour of Iraq. He is stationed at Smith Barracks, Baumholder Germany not far from where Chance started his return home at Ramstein AFB Germany. May god bless you and keep your family safe. I know there are no words to ease the pain but you and your family are now a part of my prayers."
Nancy of Brunswick Ga

"God bless you and your family PFC Phelps. You will be missed. Semper fi Devil dog"
Brent Schaeffer fmr Sgt 3/2 USMC of warrenton, VA

"Semper Fi, Marine"
Sgt Roberts of North Carolina

"I as well did not know your brave son, Chance. However, after reading about him and watching the amazing tribute made in honor of your son, I too find myself missing him. I have lost close and dear friends over the past few years during this war. It's so hard to wave goodbye to a perfectly healthy and young person , and then learn that they will not be coming home except to be laid in their final resting place. I could never put into words my gratitude and pride for all of those who have given their lives for our country and so many people that they never knew. Chance has my respect and pride. His memory is forever engrained in the minds and hearts of so many proud Americans. Thank you Chance and to all who bravely serve this country."
Mary of Columbus, Georgia

"Im sorry i miss spelled "CHANCE""

"My husband and I just finished watchin "Taking Change" it was a great movie and my heart goes out to you all. My husband is a marine who has done two tours in Iraq. It hits close to home because he was in Iraq at the same time Chance was killed. I was greatful that my husband made it back safe but I was very sad to hear all the one's who didn't. God Bless You and the Marines are always in our prayers.
Pamela Waters of elberton, Ga/ us

"I am so sorry for your loss, I recently watched the movie about your son and no that there are no words for what he has done. He is a true blessing and will always be a true hero but mostly a gaudrian angel."
jackie of san antonio, TX USA

"To the Phelps family, I just watched the movie they made about your son. May you live the rest of your lives knowing that your son was so special, he is a true hero. Thank you Chance for defending our Country and giving the ultimate sacrafice. So that my family can live in Freedom. Your an Angel. With Love Lynn Kidd wife of Sgt. Benjamin Joe Kidd deployed In Iraq on his second deployment."
Lynn Kidd of Hico, Texas

"I just finished watch the HBO movie "Taking Chance" what a moving movie. I pray we never forget people like Chance that pays the final price for the freedoms we have. I look forward to the day when I can personally thank Chance for his service and the price he paid for me. To the Phelps family, I pray for peace and comfort for the great lose I know you must free from such amazing young man. God bless you. God bless and keep Chance. A true American HERO."
Joseph Lester of Keller, Texas

"My wife and I just watched "Taking Chance" for the first time. We both cried nearly through the entire film. It is men and women like Chance and his escort that make this country the best the world has ever seen. We thank Chance and his family for the ultimate sacrifice for our country."
Billy Willis of Early, Texas

"Thank you, Chance for the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country with such valiant honor and courage! You will never be forgotten. My sorrowful regrets and sympathy are extended to your family and ALL who had the pleasure of knowing you. You have touched so many lives... so in some ways you remain alive in our hearts and thoughts forever. You and ALL the military who defend out freedom each and every day are appreciated more than imaginable... however, it does need to be said that GOD has TRUELY blessed us with special men and women who put others before themselves with an unconditional love for GOD and their country!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!! THANK YOU CHANCE! YOU WERE A TRUE HERO!!!!!!"
Mary Komarny EIsenhart--Daughter of Retired CSM MIchael F. Komarny Jr. US Army of Youngwood, PA USA

"As i did not know this brave young man, But after seening the HBO movie,and did some reading on his life i feel now to know him better. im so moved by it.Taken back to suck an extream.He was big as life itself, we need more young people in the world like him. Coming from a family of 3 wars i do know all too well the horrors, war dose to men. My father (NAVY)korera- My Grandfather (ARMY)WW2- My 2 uncles (MARINES) vietnam,,so for me this story hits the core of my heart, he will forever be im my prayers and in my sole. God bless him and all the men who gave there life in action.To his parents, know that people do care, even total strangers. May you find comfort in years to come knowing your son is profoundly thought of everyday. God bless your family."
John Morelli of Elmont, NY

"I have been a Marine for just over 18 years. I served in Iraq last year and my heart sank everytime I heard of one of our kids getting killed. My heart and thoughts go out to all those families that have lost a loved one in harms way. Semper Fidelis"
Gunnery Sergeant of Marines of Okinawa, Japan

"I just watched the movie it deeply moved me I want to thank all of the service men and women that serve our country I want to thank all the men and women that put their lives in danger so we can live our lives in peace I have so much respect for all of you you all are awesome and I just wanted to add that my heart goes out to all the families that have lost a loved one and to let you know that they are our heros"
Marie Indellicati of Providence RI

"This Memorial Day I watched the movie "Taking Chance" and it moved me so much. I Thank God for men and women like Chance who have the courage to fight for their country. I have to admit, I never really thought a lot about our service men & women but after seeing this story, I'm not only ashamed of myself but I now have a new perspective. I pray and put the American Flag out every single day now in honor of Chance and every single person who serves this Great country of ours. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this story. May God Bless you and Keep you Always."
Silvia of East Chicago, In

"I watched this Memorial weekend "Taking Chance." I was very touched. Thank you to Chance and to all the Military for all you do and have done. My daughter is a Jr. in High school and 7 of her friends have either signed up or they are signing up for the military. May God be with them all."
Amber Carrillo of Santee,Ca/San Diego

"I just want to thank you for letting america have the chance to know your sons story. I have three boys an i have great respect for all the men an women who serve our country so we can be FREE. Your son was a brave man an i thank him for that i wish i would have joined the marines when i turned 18 but i didnt. Your sons story made me cry an im a 26 yr old man but it touch me. So thank you for all that your son an all the service men an women have done for all of us. Once again thank you Chance Phelps."
Matthew Davis of Vanceburg Kentucky USA

"Yesterday I watched "Taking Chance".
An excelent movie.
It is good to known we have some heroes in this fallen world.
Phelps was one of them.
God blesses those who struggles for democracy and freedom."
Einar Maia Rangel of Teresopolis,rj /Brazil

"To the Phelps family and to all military families- First and foremost, thank you for serving our country and thank you for those who have spouses, children and other relatives that are serving our country. I find that at 25 years old, I am now unsure of exactly why we are over there fighting a war that may or may not be ours. The pride for our troops is ever strong even though it may no longer be about 9/11. But the ultimate sacrafices that you and your loved ones give are more than enough reason for me to pray every evening for their safe return and to send my most support to them. I've now watched "Taking Chance" three times and with each time realize that there will never EVER be enough thank you's or enough ways of saying thank you to the brave... but in the event that mine makes the difference....... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. God Bless."
Jenn Omkar of Elkridge, MD

"I would like to thank you for letting them make the movie "Taking Chance" it was very moving. I have a son in the Marines who also trained at Camp Pendleton and now who is at 29 Palms his unit will deployed soon to Iraq. He is my only son(child). I had a brother who was killed in the line of duty in 1987 he was an uncover narc officer. He lost was terrible for my family, but I do remember one thing that was told to us when he graduated from the police academy "support your loved one even if you don't agree with their decision." I support my son 100% of his decision and I thank him everyday for my FREEDOM. So today Thank any military person. Also I would love to send you a picture of the new flak vest that the Marines wear today. Thank you so much for your SON!!! He has touch so many lifes and will continue to do so. The other day I had someone here is Covington, WA put a note on my car thanking me for having a child in the Marines for their freedom. My family has someone in every branch of the military."
Sheryl Obermiller-Hertzberg of Kirkland, WA

"Today 05/25/09 Memorial Day, we watched the movie Taking Chance, I was very moved, deeply saddened by the loss of this young Marine. My son is a Marine and currently in Japan, I am so sorry for your loss, and can NOT imagine what you are going through. I know that it happened 5 years ago, but to parents you live with missing him EVERYDAY! This was an awesome movie, a piece of my heart I leave with you today, and your family will STAY in my prayers.
God Bless you and the rest of your family."
Anesa Pitts of Moody, AL/ USA

"I saw the fine tribute to Chance last night in "Taking Chance", I plan on watching it again tonight. Unfortunately we went through the very same thing about 6 months ago with a very close friend of the family. We also have 2 family members who are packed and waiting to be deployed. Some people don't realize that this very thing is going on almost everyday all over the country. It's about time we bring our kids home. God Bless all of our servicemen and their families. Thank you for your service and thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice."
Gary Erb of Somerville, Massachusetts

"I have watched this movie several times and each time i feel like I know this young man. My prayers go out to his family. Also remember those servicemen that died for all of us."
Brenda of Yuma AZ

"Today is May 24, 2009. More than 5 years after Chance's death, I am moved to tears over the story of this fine young man. I am married to an infantryman that is scheduled to be deployed next month. I will pray for the families of all the fallen soldiers and pray for a safe return for all others. Please let this serve as a heartfelt thank you to the Phelps for raising such an outstanding young man."
Jessica Stephens of Puyallup, WA

"Our family watched the movie " Taking Chance" today and it brought a hush to our home. The ultimate sacrifice that Chance gave to my family and all Americans can never be appreciated enough. We pray for his family today and for all the military families. And to Chance and the other fallen heroes, thank you for giving up your future so that we can be free."
Margery Bogus of Glastonbury CT

"I just saw the movie Taking Chance and was deeply touched. Chance and others like him will never be forgotton. May God bless all Chance and our fallen service members. This country is stronger because of them."
Peggy Braley of St. Louis MO

"I just watched "Taking Chance" on HBO this Memorial Day weekend and I was so moved by your story. You were truly a hero. God bless you and your family and all of our brave men and women in the service that help keep our country safe. We will never forget!"
Amy Hyatt of Santa Monica, CA

"I am a Veteran that has been deployed four tours. Today was the first time that I saw "Taking Chance". My wife watched the movie with me, she is also a Veteran. We both got chills watching a Marine treated with love and respect by strangers. As a Soldier my heart goes out to the family. Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. We are a family that will never be separated."
Sergeant First Class Marshall of Columbia, SC.

"I watched "Taking Chance" yesterday for the first time. All I can say is WOW, the movie,story is so remarkable. I cried from the begining till the end.My brother is a a US Marine, and served his country proudly for 4 years, and is now home safe. Coming from a family with much military background I would like to extend my deepest Thanks and prayers for our men and women who give us all the greatest gift of all FREEDOM! To all our military be safe!! My prayers are with you and your families"
Amanda of Swansea, MA.


I have just watched the movie "Taking Chance" for what might be the fourth time. I found Lt. Colonel Strobl's narrative online and have printed it out. It is now pinned to my wall in rememberance and honor to Chance and all the fallen servicemembers. I will be starting my own journey as a servicemember this June at the United States Coast Guard Academy. I just want you to know that Chance is an inspiration and I pray for your family and for Chance every night. God Bless America and those willing to serve our wonderful country."
Kathryn of New Jersey

"I have watched it so many times I feel like I know him and his family. Best story HBO ever made."
jen of tn

"Hi I just watched the movie Taking Chance and I wanted to say sorry for your loss. I myself lost a Marine who was very to close me and my family to I looked at him as if was my own son. His mom and I are very good friends, Robert Martinez of Splendora Tx, on Dec.1 2005. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story with the world to see. Chance will never be forgotten as he is our HERO just as well as Robert Martinez and thousands of others. God Bless you and your family."
The Tyler's of Splendora, Tx

"a friend of mine gave me a movie called "taking chance" because he knew i am a marine. excellent movie! my heart goes out to the family of this fallen marine. i never knew him but i will never forget him.
semper fi
craig kratzer
usmc 93-97
2nd mardiv"
craig kratzer of new columbia, pa usa

"I have just watched the movie Taking Chance and I was very touched.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Chance's family and all the fallen soldiers. You have touched many lives.
Thank you for sharing the story."
Jo of United Kingdom

"Love is Eternal.
We honor Chance for his love of family, friends, country. No greater love has any man then this, to lay down his life for his friends and countrymen. Chance is a couregous example and role model.
He wears a heros crown in life eternal."
Sandy Haack of Sullivan Wisconsin

"srry to hear that"
matthew king age 10 of kansas us

"God Bless all of them who fights for a true reason and for the people of your country.
My condolences to Phelps Family and my thoughts to all familys who their sons are fighting hard and true."
Diogo Campos of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

"PFC. Phelps, God Bless you, your family and your fallen brothers. I thank you for your service and your sacrifice to our Marine Corps.

Semper Fidelis

Paul Ballenger, fmr Sgt F 2/1 USMC OIF 1"
paul ballenger of Beaufort SC

"Our son leaves for Camp Pendleton this Sunday (May 17th, 09) for boot camp. We just watched Taking Chance and it left us very emotional. God Bless you all."
Chris and Shelly of Hobbs NM

"I also was a soldier in the german military and after i watched the movie a weight was lifted of my chest to realized how many people are thinking of the fallen soldier and those once who lived after the war.
Thank you Phelps family for a wonderful son and story you shared with us.

"I never realized how much a family goes through and how much the Marines take care of each other. Thank you for sharing this movie with us and I've learnt more today after watching this movie."
Franco Tabone of Victoria, GOZO (MALTA)

"After watching the film of Chance's last journey, I am consumed with grief. My prayers and love go out to Chance, his family and all who knew him.

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn at the going down of the sun and in the morning....

We will remember them."
Deborah Haymes of Manchester, England

"Thank You Chance for your service to our country. Your story touched my heart, I will never forget!"
Jeff of Mexico MO USA

"Strong arms to a fallen brother and to the family. I never knew Chance, only his story but it made an impact and reinforced freedom never comes free.

Remeber it only takes the life of one to touch the lives of many."
Josh of San Diego, CA

"Hi my name is Amanda and I am a sophmore i recently viewed the movie "Taking Chance" with my World History teacher. I was very touched by his story he was a great guy from what i have learned from the movie.He has inspired me to be a better American and donate to our soldiers in Iraq. I did not know Chance Phelps but for all it is worth he has become my hero, he has shown me honor and courage. He will always be in my heart and will defietely never be forgotten.So thank you Chance for everything you have sacrificed for me and our country.All my love and support to the Phelps family you have a great kid. Love always and forever
Amanda of Elk Grove, Ca/US

"hi im a 13yr.old girl who really feels sorry for your lost chance phelps and he is not the only one who had been laid i only wanna say to all of you that chance phelps is an angel know that had past away young and i would like to thank to you that you had got a good marine he is not just only a good marine but a heroe and may god bless you all even though Chance past away April,9 2004 we are still thinking of him, you, and many others marines navy army and many more that have past are and stays in our hearts and we'll keep you'll in rememberance and thoughts may god bless you all and chance r. phelps had gave me a message in movie not in person that when i had keep seeing the movie it had made me wanna join the marines because i wanna be a heroe for this country and thats what chance wanted to be a HEROE may god bless you all"
karla m. diaz of edinburg,texas,u.s.a.

"Where do I even start? I don't cry at movies, I don't cry, but when I saw Taking Chance everything changed. I am amazed with the respect that citizens and the Army pays it's fallen. To the family: You're son gave the ultimate sacrifice, and you guys gave close to that as well... I want to thank you so much for supporting Chance in his service.

To Chance: I don't know where to start, I guess let me tell you my story. My uncle was in Iraq (and thankfully he came back), but that got me interested in helping Soldiers in any way I could. Well, I play in band in high school and we are playing a song dedicated to the Fallen, and I have decided to make a banner with the names listed on there of all of the fallen. I want you to know that you're name will be on their and you will always be a hero in my book. Thank you for all that you ahve done. Love, Claire"
Claire of Springfield, MO

"This movie was very touching..i pretty much cried through the whole movie...Your son is a hero...Thnx for all who serve"
Rebecca of Wisconsin

"To the family of Private First Class Chance R. Phelps..I am from the Kingdom of Tonga and probably you guys don't really know the tiny island that im livin at but i just wanted to take a moment and bow mah head for Chance because of what a bravery action that he did in Iraq...will alweis remember him in my praying and thought..it really hit mah heart n it makes meh cry thinking of his last moment anyway all i can say is Rest Eazy Brother...See you on da cross road."
George Pekoni Paasi of Tonga

"Hey Buddy I miss u so much... we've known eachother our whole lives started in craig and ended at Palisade. I miss u and I know u know this but u you've affected everyone here so much and im very proud of u my friend.. Thank u... Love u Bro!"
Tim Winn of Grand Junction, Co.

"I knew about the film "Taking Chance" after reading an article in a Spanish newpaper (El Mundo), talking about it... I got the trailer in Youtube, and also got the HBO's film ten days later. It really touched my heart from the very first.
Due to my broken English, I passed the film three or four times to understand all what it was said. I also shared it with my family and some friends. All of them were sad because it was a true story, of this young hero.
Americans have to be proud of this kind of feeling...it is amazing for people out from USA, but I can assure by now that I feel so in touch for these guys who gave all for ther Country...
I pray to God for Chance, and for all Americans died in action...they are heros, even outside USA.
For their families, my love, support and a place in our hearts despite the distance.
Thanks to Lt. Col. Mike Strobl., writing this story, helped to know about this emotive ceremony."
Jesus Liria (jeslirias@gmail.com) of Canary Islands - Spain

"Tonight I watched the Movie "Taking Chance" I cried!!! I thought about all of the brave soldiers who give their lives for their countries.. I am Canadian and our military is small compared to the States, yet, I read alot lately of our soldiers over there dying for what they believe in. I think that Chance's family should be very proud of their son, he gave his life for something he believed in and there is nothing more noble than that. The movie done in his honour...it truly brought tears to my eyes and made me respect the men and women of the United States and Canadian forces that put themselves on the line for their fellow citizens. I hope that Chance's family knows that it is people like their son that make both our countries what they are, that he did not die in vain, that because of what he did we are better nations for it!!!God bless his family, god bless all families of our soldiers!!!!!"
Karen of Canada

"well the first time i ever heard of chance was whn the movie came on . and i guess it caught my eye because i want to be a marine , and i like to watch those kinds of movie's but anyway thats not the point . i know i didnt no chance but i wish i did i would have like to tell him tht im very thinkful for his service and to the phelps family im really sorry for ur loss . and i know ur proud of the son u had ..
not very many men or women have the courage to do something like that ..
like they say the few the proud .
may nobody who has lost their life in any war we have had . you will always be traviling in mine and others hearts"
ashley of belmont nc usa

"Dear America,
I just came upon the TV/movie "Taking Chance" and was blessed by the story of a country honoring there fallen soldiers. I am from Drumheller, AB, Canada. Although the story is about PFC Chance Phelps I'm sure it is a story repeated across the country for every fallen service personell.
The day of Chance's death became very really to me as it was the day I left to go work in the gas fields in the Persian Gulf. Well only there for a couple of months I felt safe due to that country's respect for foreigners. The company I worked for is based in Doha, Qatar and just across the road is the US Army 3rd Battlion (Patton's Own) Base.
I never had to do military service nor my sons but I'm grateful to those who have. My hometown knows the loss of the cowardly despicable events of 9/11. Garrett (Ace) Bailey was killed while a passenger on the 2nd plane flown into the WTC.
So even in Canada we feel for your loss as we feel for our own in Afganistan. May they always be repatriated with honor and respect due them for their committment of service and sacrifice."
Rick Bootsman of Drumheller, AB, Canada

"Thank You Chance for the ultimate sacrifice to our country. I was a 19y/o combat medic in Vietnam in 1968. How God spared me I do not know. But I and my family wept for you and pray for you and your family. God bless you and keep you. Your service and loss to this country will not be forgotten. My youngest son leaves for the Air Force in June. I only hope he will make you as proud as we are. Bless you."
Ricky Babcock of Delta Ohio

"April 16, 2009
To the family of Pfc. Chance R. Phelps:
Chance gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Dear Parents,
i live in the middle east, far away from the United States,
but still, i have no words to describe you how touched i was from that little boy in the pictures, with the naughty smile and the dimples.
I know that Chance died 5 years (and 3 days) ago, but you can never stop grieving about a special boy like him.
So all i can say now, is that i know Chance will never be forgotten.
I'll end with a line from the film:
"I didn't knew Chance Phelps, But now i miss him"-and that's exactly how i feel."
Adi of Israel

"Watched the HBO movie last night honoring your son and all our military who bravely serve. It was truly an amazing story of respect, courage and service. I am so sad for your loss but comforted knowing that he lived his life based on the highest standards one can achieve. I am very proud to be an American for reasons that you son and your family already understand. Thank you and God bless."
staci richardson of edina, minnesota

"I am currently serving in Iraq and have been since October 08, this is my second tour here...It is becoming my second home, and will return after this rotation is finished. I was watching television last night here in Iraq, when I saw the Movie dedicated to Chance on our AFN channel.. I sat and cried quite hard as I watched this touching story! He will be remembered by many along with all the other Fallen Heros. We appreciate the service of our brothers and sisters, and I stand along side all of you proud to be an American and proud to make a difference in this world we live in! To all of us out there serving in Afghanastan and Iraq, take care and be safe.. You are all in my prayers! Lots of Love!!
in support of operation iraqi freedom from 2007-until ..."
Holly of Hurlburt Field Florida / Iraq

"I am a military brat and I grew up in military bases in Germany and France. I cannot tell you enough how touched I am by Chance's story, each single time I watch the movie. May God bless Chance for is love and courage, his family for their sacrifice and all those who fight for us all.. And I need to thank Kevin Beacon for being who he is... As sad as it is, this story is such a beautiful display of humble compassion, pure honor, true respect and unique camaraderie. This is America at his best."
Eric m. Richards of Little Falls, NJ USA

"I have saw this movies about five or six times and everytime I watch it my heart goes out to the family. All the members of our Armed Services."
Veronica France of Richmond,Virginia

"I just saw the movie regarding this young brave American son. It has brought new meaning to me and my family everytime we hear or see another soldier had died for his country in the line of duty. Our prayers are with the Phelps family and all of the families of our young men and women in the military. This movie and the story of Chance Phelps is with me forever."
Mike Molash of Roseville, Caifornia USA

"I am currently in Iraq on my 2nd deployment. They just played "Taking Chance Home" I watched it I cried for Chance and all the other soldiers that I knew and didn't know that have died over here. Words cannot convey the depth of sadness and sorrow I feel for your family but please know that I am over here and not a day goes by that I don't pray for these young courageous soldiers/marines/airmen/sailors that have given their lives for our country."
SSG Joanne Collins of Tallil Iraq

"I watched Taking Chance several times on HBO and i get heart trenched thinking of my fellow Marines who many were my friends and like brothers to me, who have fallen. I served (2) tours of duty in Iraq and it was a hard experience, something today I still don't get over, but I cherish the memory of the fallen Marines and Coprsman who I went to battle with,for this country can continue to be free, from tyrants and belligerents who want ruin our way of living. To the family of Pfc. Phelps may God Bless you and your famil, amy one day we'll meet again in peace and paradise. Semper Fidelis.

Marine Veteran
E. Rodriguez, Sgt.
3rd tracks Alpha Company"
Eddie Rodriguez of Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA, USA

"Thank you to the family of PFC Phelps for Chance, and for allowing part of Chance's story to be told. To Chance: Thank you Brother."
Kevin (USAF Retired) of Bradenton, FL

"I just got done watching the movie "Taking Chance." Needless to say, I cried. I have friends in the Airforce, Army, and Marines who have either already been to Iraq, or are back home from there. I wanted to thank all those brave people out there who have served and continue serving this counrty. People sitting at home in the United States have no idea about the horrors that others face while they're far from home. I have no idea either, but I've heard about them, and I know that I could never go through what they go through every day. I'm not even able to imagine it. I just wanted to thank all the brave souls that have given their lives for my freedom. And to all the people still in the middle of the war, be strong, have hope, and never give up."
Jordyn C. of Michigan

"God Bless Chance Phelps, God Bless America!"
Wrighty of North Hampton, NH

"I did not know Chance, but feel like I know him now. My husband and I just watched the movie and I didn't know it was a true story until it was over. We are a military family overseas and it really hit home. I am so sorry for your loss. Chance and family are in my thoughts and prayers."
S Mohon of Europe

"'I didnt know Chance Phelps before he died, but today, I miss him'.
I. too, have just watched the movie. My sincere wishes go out to your family. I am also a soldier, but in the British Army and was serving in Iraq at the same time Chance was. Words cannot describe how sad it is to know that this war has cost so many lives. RIP mate."
Helen Jamieson of London, United Kingdom

"Chance seemed like a wonderful kid, all you could want in a son, and a friend. He had the personality and deep conviction that makes someone inherently good, I only wish I could have known him, when I saw his pictures and heard about who he was, this was my first thought, "he would have been a good friend of mine". The enemy really took something from us that day, a true american....I am deeply indebted to his service to us all, and I grieve for all of his family. Thank you Chance, Sincerely, Aleks Bandrevics"
Aleks Bandrevics of Hailey, Idaho USA

"To the family and friends of Chance Phelps, my heart goes out to you."
Sarah of Hamilton, Ohio/USA

"I've watched Taking Chance more than a dozen times. I can't tell you how much it touched me."
A fellow Marine from Wisconsin.

"I have just watched the movie "Taking Chance" and I am so thankful for it. I believe every American should watch this in honor of all fallen heros. Chance's story has touched my heart and I am softly praying his families and others who suffer this type of loss. More than ever, I am thankful to those who fight for our causes. Thank you Chance for giving the ultimate sacrifice. May God Bless You and Your Family."
Laci Steele of Lantana, Florida, USA

"To the family of Chance Phelps:

I would like to offer my sincerest condolences at your tremendous loss, and I would like to thank you for allowing the story of your courageous son to be shared with the world. I've watched Taking Chance so many times, every time with tears in my eyes and my heart in my throat. The memory of your son will go on with all who knew him and all who have come to know him through his incredible story. The service of your son and your family to our Nation is greatly appreciated. May God continue to bless and keep you always."
Maria of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I was in Washington DC tonight and watched the movie about this fallen hero. What a story! I am from Idaho and served as an Army Medical Corpsman at the 29th Evac Hospital in Vietnam. That experience changed my life and my career. But this story, was so inspirational to me especially just after visiting the Vietnam Memorial for another one of many times during my business trip to DC. Lastly, let me say that I was also touched as my daugher Jaime Thietten has just released a music video titled My Chance. You can visit her website at jtmusic.net to watch."
Gary L. Thietten of Twin Falls, ID

"My husband and I just watched Taking Chance and were so touched by this story, both of us sitting here crying along with his family. We have both experienced tragic loss of a loved one and know how devastating that can be. Our hearts go out to you all. And thank you for giving your son for our freedom. God Bless You..."
Sandi of Thornton, CO USA

"I have watched "Taking Chance" so many times, it's as if The entire Phelps family was second family. Having served my country during the Vietnam War, I can only offer my deepest prayers, sympathies and condolensces to the family, LTC Strobl and his family and to all who repeatedly sacrifice their lives in service of this country. Never have I seen a more honorable and poignant and touching tribute to Chance Phelps and all the fallen as well as all those who bravely every day escort our fallen to their final destinations. You all are to be honored every single day of your lives and the memory of brave young men like Chance will forever stay with us and encourage all of us to someday stand in the shoes of those like Chance and so many other who gave their lives so that this country could remain free and home of the brave -- the true brave, Chance Phelps, and many many others."
Toni Guinn of Las Vegas, NV, USA

"I watched "Taking Chance" 3 times and cried 3 times. My heart goes out to his family. How sad that we lose such fine young men in a war that should never have been. The fine young men and women that go in harms way are true heroes."
Jim of Houston, TX, USA

"I just watched Taking Chance and as a fellow servicemen i was very touched by this Hero's story. Thank You Chance"
PSSN MORRIS of The World's Finest Navy, USA

"Words fail me right now but thank you. Thank you Chance for all you have done to protect lazy, insignificant people like myself. Thank you to the Phelps family for raising such an amazing, selfless man. And thank you to HBO for bringing Chance into all of our lives, so that we can remember that behind every casualty we hear about and every statistic they report there is a life. There is a human life who is being mourned in the hearts of so many. Let us remember that each time we're enjoying the freedoms they give us. God Bless the Phelps family and every family like them. I didn't know you Chance, but I miss you too."
Christine Caglianone of Coconut Creek, FL

"I was deeply moved by Chance's story. What an honorable man and a true hero. Being a liberal does in no way mean that I do not feel the pain and sorrow of this loss. God bless Chance, his family and our troops"
Joseph Looper of Sacramento, CA

"I watched Taking Chance and cried the entire time. My nephew Cpl AJ Aguilar died April 2, 2006 in Iraq and this movie hit home for me. Your son is a hero..."
Melanie of Mathis TX

"I watched Taking Chance and I wanted to express my sincerest condolences for the lost of your son. Your sons story is one every American should watch. The movie moves me to tears each time I see it and being a father myself my heart goes out to you his parents. May you find strength in knowing what a honorable and courageous son you had. Rest in peace Chance, you will be with me in my memory where ever I go.
God Bless You, for giving us such a wonderful wonderful young man.
God Bless you Chance and may you find everlasting PEACE.
Jim Coldiron of Phoenix, AZ

"April 4, 2003 our friends, the McPhillips, lost their son 1st Lt. Brian M. McPhillips when he was killed in combat in Al Jisr, Iraq while fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Brian was a member of the 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division U.S.M.C.
Recently I watched the movie, Taking Chance, and I was deeply moved by how much care and thought was put into the making of this picture. This brought to light the honor and respect that should be shown to each and each & every American soldier who comes home...God Bless you and your family. Thank you for giving all of us the time to get to "know" your son Chance."
Candy Smith of Salem, MA USA

"I just watched the movie Taking Chance, and wanted to offer you my condolences. Your son was a true hero."
Meg of New York

"To The Family of Chance R Phelps,
My deepest condolences on the loss of your son. And for the families of all the others that have/are serving our country, THANK YOU! For the families of all those who have not/will not come home, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and Thank YOU for your sacrifices as well.
I saw the movie alone, and then had my husband watch it the next time it aired. It was so beautifully done, and although it must've been difficult to see some parts of the movie, it seemed to capture all aspects of the road home that unfortunately, so many have/will be making.
Thank you also to Lt Col Strobl for sharing your story with so many, in such a touching tribute to this young man."
Louise H of Nashua, NH

"Simple words can not express the debt of gratitude the Nation owes you and your fellow Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen.To the family your loss is felt by everyone. To you as well a thank you to you for letting Chance's story be told in the movie."
Nathan Lucas of California

"May the thought that Chance is now held in God's loving hands give you comfort. God bless all of you."
Tom Score of Port Jefferson, NY USA

"My Dear Ones.
I hope God blesses you for your loss. Thank you."
Kate Dyxin of Arlington Heights, Ill, USA

"To the family my deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you. I'm a retired Marine myself who has lost many of friends during the current war. I made my decision to get out after I had to pick a Marine to deploy, he died his first day over there. I said I could'nt do this to another family. As a brother who lost his only sister many years ago I can tell you that it will get better. God bless you and yours. I have made my entire family watch the movie and I have seen it 10 times. I have cried 10 times. I too had to take a fallen Marine home and it can be tough. Thank you for your sons service. In my prayers allways

Ret. GySgt Timothy L Roberts"
Timohty Roberts of Henderson, NC

"I just finished watching the movie "Taking Chance" and it has touched me so deeply . I am sorry for your loss..Chance you are our hero.A very important person in my life is in the Marines and is actually getting deployed to Iraq next month,after watching the movie I just couldn't help but cry the whole time.May god bless our troops.Let them all come home safe.."
Valesca of Miami, Fl

"To PFC C. Phelps and family,
You will be in my thoughts every day, and when I do pray I will say a few for you and your family. The people that criticize that war and the military, are excercising the right that you died to defend. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
A broken down old viet-nam vet of Union, NJ

"I watched "Taking Chance" today. It left me grieving for your son as well as a country that has lost its way. I am a Navy veteran myself ... and the left in this country has castigated all veterans. This movie should be required material to counter balance the liberal attack on veterans, the cost of freedom, and the true humanity of real Americans (which exclude the left). Your service and passing will never be trivialized, Chance! Your family will be in my prayers."
Erik Taylor of Baton Rouge, LA

"God Bless Chance - a brave Marine and all the service men that fight for our freedom, without these brave men and women this country would not be as great a country. Bless your whole family - my sincerest condolences on the loss of your brave son"
Joan Sanchez of Studio City, California

"To the Phelps Family and Friends. Having a nephew who is a Former Marine who served where you did this movie touched me. I have to say how sad I was when watching this movie, but yet how proud it and you made me feel to see the amount of people you touched. We all can only hope that when we leave this world we place as big of an impact on others as you have done. Thank you for your service for our freedom. You are missed. With love - The Murphy's"
Chuck, Robin, Reese and David Murphy of Philadelphia PA

"Finished the Movie, Taking Chance. My husband is an active duty Marine Ssgt and has been to Iraq. I appreciate the service of your son and enjoyed seeing his life on the film. So sorry for your loss. The whole Marine Corps family feels the pain when one of our own is lost.

Semper Fidelis"
MM of Camp Lejeune, NC

"To the Family of PFC Chance Phelps,
I just watched the movie honoring your son Chance with tears flowing from my eyes. I fill the need to say "Thank You" for the life of your son and that he with so many others are heroes. As a flight a flight attendant I have on occasion have worked flights where the remains of our fallen heroes have been transported and each time my heart has been touched. God Bless your family and know we shall never forget Chance's sacrifice. Thank You"
Lucy Mosby-Herring of Charlotte, North Carolina

"I just finished watching the movie about Chance. Me and my bestfriend cried the whole time. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Phelps family and all our fallen service people. Thank you for my freedom. You are always in my prayers."
Christy Sparks of Ashland, Kentucky

"Just finished watching the movie and we are still numb. Chance, you and your family will always be in our prayers. Thank you for giving your life so that millions of others that you dont know including myself can enjoy theirs. God bless you always."
Pablo of El Paso TX

"I just want to say how sorry I am that you lost your son. While watching the movie I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. The respect and dignity that was shown to your son and all the fallen heroes just makes me proud to say that I am an American. God Bless you!"
Sharon Tabor of Linden, NJ

"I am the bestfriend of Cpl Holly Charette. She is a marine from Rhode Island who was killed in Iraq on June 23, 2005. I had to take this time to email the family of Chance!I read about Chance in the book that Holly is also in Called "faces of freedom". What a trude hero your son was! when i heard that they were doing a movie about Chance I had to see it and on Friday night i did just that! i have to tell you I cried from beginning to end! there was times i smiled and times i was yelling at the tv, i think the producers did a great job and I hope that you are proud! As when the movie was over I was proud to have gotten to know Chance through book and the Movie! you are in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing your son with Amercia! A true Hero! Thank you for your service Chance!semper fi!"
Danielle (Holly Charette's bestfriend) of West Warwick RI

Mike of North Augusta SC

"Thank you Chance, and thank you to all that serve. I can´t understand this war but I know that you are a hero."
Elizabeth of Toa Alta, PR

"Dear Phelps Family,
It is with the deepest sympathy that I come here to give my condolences. I watched the movie in honor of your son, and in my eyes, he is my hero. Such a young man willing to give all that he could to his country. May you embrace his scent as if you're never apart. May you hold his memories ever so close to your heart. May God give you comfort in this your time of grief. God Bless you."
AngelaMarie Trotter-Udechukwu of Corona, Ca/USA

"To the parents and family of PFC Chance Phelps
You must be so proud,and yet so sad of your son. I watch the movie taking Chance and I haven't cried so much in a long time. I don't know what to say but thank you and I am so sorry for your loss. I WAS SO GLAD TO SEE ALL THESE MESSAGES YOU MUST ME SO PROUD"
J Church of Folsom PA USA



"Dearest Phelps family,
I just watched "Taking Chance" for the second time. I too, have a son in the United Stated Marine Corps. He has served for 10 years now and has served in Fallujah, Iraq. My son, with the grace of God, has come home safely to me. My heart breaks for all of you, but especially for Chance's Mom. Only a Mother can feel the physical loss of a child, and I grieve with you. I believe there is a special bond between Marines and their families. Although I have never met you and most likely never will, I feel I know you a little. You will always be in my prayers as are all of our military and their families. Please know that many share your pain, but also your pride and love. God Bless Chance and may God give you peace in your heart."
Sincerely, Michelle Myers, USMC Mother of Pittsburgh, PA

"I have watched the movie Taking Chance four times,each time I cry harder than the first. To his parents I send my heartfelt love for your son's loyalty to his country. I had two son's who served in the Navy, my son's came home. I'm so sorry yours didn't,but I want you to know I feel I lost Chance just as you did;mothers of miilitary men and women are mothers to them all. You will be in my prayers,and Chance I know you are with God Our Father and he is as proud of you as we are. Rest in peace Chace you did an outstanding job.
Wanda DeHerrera of Spring Valley,Ca.

"I was in the same Batallion as PFC Phelps. I remember hearing of his death. The baseball field in front of our hooches were named after him. I never knew PFC Phelps personally. After seeing the movie Taking Chance on HBO it opened up the reality of the situation we faced over there. I really wish I had the priviledge of knowing him. I want to give my deepest condolences to Chance Phelps family and friends. He seemed to be a top marine and son."
Michael Hutchison of Phoenix, AZ

"I am watching Taking Chance for the second time as I write this note. I have cried throughtout the movie. What an incredible tribute to Chance, his family, and the many anonymous folk who have paid their respects. Growing up in the time of Vietnam, I believe I lost my understanding of the US military and it's endless service for all of us. I do not understand this war and why we are there, but I thank the young men and women like Chance who fight for the worlds right to be free. I honestly hope that all who have served in world conflicts are respected, loved and forgiven. As a person who has lost friends in their service for the US, I pray that one day soon that all who fought for Freedom will be able to be themself in defense of the freedom for all regardless of religion, sex, color and sexual orientation."
Martin of Cincinnati, Ohio

"Dear Chance Family, I saw that their was a movie made about your sons journey home so I looked it up on the web.I read the letter by Lt. Co. Strobl and read about Chance's life, the pictures and videos of him as a child and then in the military. I feel like I new him. He was a brave man that gave the ultimate sacrifice. WE can never repay all the men and women that have did so for us. thankyou so much for raising such a good man. I have placed the picture of him posing for his Dads memorial on my desktop and will remind others of the noble cause he did for us. Chance, thankyou beyond words."
Dave of Flint, Mi.

"To PFC Chance Phelps and Family,
I just had the opportunity to watch "Taking Chance". My history teacher thought it would make us think about how things are done for the fallen soldier. I am in the Nebraska Army National Guard and I feel for you guys. In all do respect you are in my prayers to this day."
PVT. Ross A. Bricker of Paxton Ne, USA

"To PFC Phelps and family, Like many others on this site I had the honor of viewing the documentary "Taking Chance". My father (Retired Navy) called me the other night and told me to either rent it, or record it as it was something that moved him and he wanted me to see for myself. I know that all of our fallen soldiers are given the same honor and due respect when they die in battle, but being able to share PFC Phelps story was humbling. I feel safer tonight than I did before I watched this documentary. PFC Phelps life was cut short, but thanks to the good people who put together his documentary he will never be forgotten. I shall sleep good tonight knowing we have people like PFC Phelps and all our military keeping us safe. I am not a Marine, but for me and my family, I say Semper Fidelis Marine. RIP"
Ryan A. Martin of Spring, Texas

"Both of my parents are retired Air Force, and my husband is in the Air Force, and we have two sons. My heart goes out to Chance's family and friends. Anyone of any military branch who fights for our country, are true Heroe's. The movie 'Taking Chance' moved me in so many ways. Thank you to Chance Phelps for all he has done, and those who have fought before him, by his side, and those who will continue to fight for our country, so that our children will have freedom and we pray safety. Thank you."
Christine of Nebraska

"Im stationed where the mess hall is located.Everyday I stop and look his citation and I think about our fallen brothers and his family is my prayers.Ive watched 'Taking Chance' twice and just like Kevin Bacon says-"I dont know Chance,but I miss him".My condolences to the Phelps family."
PVT.Martinez of Arizona

"I just watched "Taking Chance" with my 10 year old daughter. I thought it was an important film for her to see. I wanted to be sure she understood that Chance was somebody's son, stepson, brother, grandson and friend. I want my daughter to understand that your child gave his life for our freedom and safety. I was so touched by the respect and dignity shown to your child by all who encountered him on his way home to you. Our hearts go out to you, please know you will be in our hearts always."
Kelly of Ashburn, VA

"Thank you Chance, and thank you to all that serve. Thank you for keeping our great nation safe."
Mark Williams of Houston, TX

"To Chance and his family, thank you and may you rest in peace You have raised an extraordinary son you should be so proud...God Bless you all"
Linda C of Massachusetts

"To Chance's family - thank you! Like Kevin Bacon said at the end of the movie, "Taking Chance", I never met Chance, but I miss him. And I would add, I sure wish I had had the opportunity to meet him. It's obvious from the movie and the long list of comments on this site that Chance has touched a lot of people's lives. Through his sacrifice and the service of all the military, he has touched the lives of so many who may not even realize it. May God bless you and this great country that Chance fought and died for."
Larry of Colorado Springs, CO

"I've watched the film "Taking Chance" twice now, the grief surrounding our fallen service men as never been so heart felt in this Americans spirit.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Chance and the families of all others who so proudly gave their life in the name of freedom..

Sincerely, The United States of America"
Robert Allen of Columbus, Ohio/Delaware

"Thank you !"
Julie of Georgia

"My Son Is Not Even Two Years Old Yet and I Don't Know What The World Will Be Like When He Gets Older But I Do Know That I Will Take Great Pleasure In Telling Him About Chance And All Of The Men Who Served Our Country During This Time And That I Pray For Yours And All Of The Families Who Have Someone In The Army."
Jessica of Augusta Georgia

"I just dropped my son off at basic training for the Army. Came home & watched, "Taking Chance" and have been in tears most of the afternoon. I never imagined the incredible respect our fallen are paid all along the way home. To the servicemen and women at Dover: THANK YOU!!!! To Chance's family: your son's story has touched millions. I will never forget him. God bless you & strenghthen you as you miss him each and everyday. To all you brave young men & women (my son included) who volunteer for your country...THANK YOU! So easy to sign up when we are not at conflict, but you are the bravest of the brave to do so when we are engaged."
Deanna of Anniston, AL

"I have had the good fortune of watching Taking Chance 4 times now. The movie moves me in a different way every time I see it. Finally, a movie and story have been told that holds no political opinion or assumptions. Thank you HBO for allowing us to witness the dedication and sincere respect these young men and women deserve who faithfully defend our liberties. This movie should be mandatory for all young people to see. I for one will never forget the sacrifice our service men and women have given."
bryan frank of Louisburg KS USA

"I'm a parent of a navy reservist in his second tour"somewhere in the dessert" my son Josh went into the navy in 2000 and was in NYC on 9-11. You can imagine I thought the worst. Then we went to Iraqi Freedom on the USS Nimitz in 2003. I wrote a song called"Somebodys Child". I have watched the movie"Taking Chance" at least 4 times. I never knew Chance or his family, but in case you check in and read these blogs, know, that my thoughts, prayers, respect, and love goes out to you and his family. Thanks to HBO, I feel like I know all of you and Chance is now my "special friend that I lost too" . I wish I could hug and comfort you. Kevin Bacon and Tom Wopat did an excellent job in this film.
My most humble sympathy for all.
To the folks along the route and especially at Dover the detail of every ways and means to prep; man, it was so aspiring, and to those whom he touched-hey, I'm right there with you.
Yours Kathy"
Kathy Grace of Ashland City, TN.USA

"I saw "Taking Chance" the other evening. I was a little scared to watch it because my son is currently serving in Iraq. But for some reason, I felt like I had to watch this movie. I didn't know what to expect so I think that is why I was so nervous. I am a former Air Force member myself. I never knew the painstaking details that went into preparing a fallen hero for their final return home. The details and the respect that Chance received during his homecoming is what touched me the most during the movie. Chance touched so many people on his journey home to his parents. I know that the movie allowed so many more people to be touched as well. I am so glad that I built up my courage to watch this movie. My prayers & blessings to the Phelps family and for allowing his touching homecoming to be brought to millions of viewers. HBO did a fine production to pay the proper respect to a fallen marine. God Bless all the service members that are currently still in Iraq & Afghanistan. Pray that they come home safely & real soon."
Monica Harris of Jacksonville, Florida

"God bless you and your family. We thank you for the gift of your son, Chance, in the service to his country, as well as the gift of who he was to those who knew him in life; as well as to those of us who learned to know him in death.
I am the daughter of veteran who has passed on, and I know that he and your son are sharing eternity as comrades.
I will always remember and honor them both."
Linda Thomas of Hayward, Ca.

"I have watched the HBO film now 7 times. I am thankful for the heart of a volunteer solider and the sacrafice that they make for our Freedom. God Bless the families also. God Bless the family of Chance and I cannot say Thank you enough. Our Military men and women are HERO's."
Audrey Sumner of Newnan, GA

"I have watched the film "Taking Chance"
several times over the past week, and I am deeply moved by the way his death touched people he never even met. His heroism and honorable sacrifice should never be forgotten. I am certain that on April 9, 2004 the Lord embraced his
soul with love. I send my prayers and best wishes to his family - and to the
families of all other fallen service men and women."
Deborah Harris of Philadelphia, PA/USA

"Thank You CHANCE R. PHELPS for your service and for your sacrifice. We as Americans, are truly BLESS. Where do we find young men and women that are willing to go off to war and die for such a noble cause. My wife and I have 3
in the Army and we Pray for them every nite, 1 have just returned from Iraq and the other 2 are ready to go back for a 4th time. We pray your family will have peace and always knowingly that CHANCE did not lose his life in vain. May God bless your family and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"
Michael Keith Poythress of Yanceyville,N.C. U.S.A.

"I have watched this touching memorial to your son, Chance R. Phelps, twice in 2 days. He was a beautiful young man in both body and spirit. I was especially moved and connected to Chance because a friend of mine in Nebraska had lost a young son 3 years ago, here in Wisconsin, to a drunk driver. She gave birth to another son Feb 17th in Nebraska and named him "Chance Hunter Ronfeldt". His father is a retired Navy man. We are all connected in so many ways in this life. Bless you and your family for this sacrifice and may you find peace through the lives and hearts of those whom Chance touched."
Rose Van Pelt of Burlington, WI 53105

"Thank you Chance. And thanks to all of our service men and women."
John of Morris Plains, NJ

"I just watched the movie,Taking Chance, about your son. He was such a fine young man. I am honored that he fought for my freedom. My heart breaks for your loss. I grieve for you and all the families of our fallen young men and women. Heaven is surely a wonderful place to be with all the remarkable young people who have given their lives overseas that we might live freely here. May GOD be with you and, please, know that you are in my prayers."
Tinia Parsons of Arlington, Texas USA

"Dear Chance: Rest in Peace precious soldier and God Bless You for your unselfish sacrifice--you are our hero, as are ALL of our soldiers. I will never forget you. Thank you Chance, thank you Andy Kukuruda and all others gone before and sadly, after."
Daniel & Janet Kukuruda of Pittsburgh, PA

"Chance, Something has truely drawn me to you and your story!!! I Saw the movie "Taking Change" that was made in honor of you, and I felt like I needed to do my best to let you know how I feel!!! I hope your family, and friends find and keep comfort in knowing what a great man and Marine you were, and still and always will be in our memories!! I pray that you rest in peace and know how many lives you have touched!!! Trust me, you have touched mine!! Thank you for your service and thank you for giving your live to protect me, my husband (who is currently in Iraq doing the same job that you did), and our unborn daughter. You will ALWAYS be in my thoughts!!! RIP Chance!!"
Christine Hodge of Camp Lejeune, NC USA

"Querido Chance, sé que estás en el cielo, junto a Dios. Que Dios te bendiga."
Silvia Zanini of New York

"Like a lot of others I have never served, nor do I think I am brave enough. I took a lot for granted until these past few years and staring at my 5 yr old daughter and realizing these brave men/women serve for her future, how do you sum that up in words. Those that serve make her dreams possible. This movie was beyond inspiring. I can't imaging the hurt, but at the same time I can't imagine the pride the Phelps family must feel. I don't mean to say that replaces the want for their son, but all must understand the brotherhood of the military. My daughter will know what sacrifice is about because of you and your fellow service men/women. To the Phelps Family....I thank you and my daughter thanks you. We mourn his loss."
Brad of Elkhart, IN.

"This is the third time watching "Taking Chance"I was so moved.. I am so proud with all of our Military and their families.My prayers are for your son and your family ..God Bless and United States of America !"
Stephanie I. of Toms River,New Jersey

"Like many it takes a movie to show us all how real the war is. I just wanted to say that life is what you do between the dashes and your son was a hero and lived a life that was full of honor and grace. As a 45 year old man I am so proud of your son and all those who serve our country and give the ultimate sacrafice. My words are nothing more then that, but I saw the pictures of Chance at the end of the movie and I looked at my own son who is just 8 and I held him and hugged him a little tighter. In this world nothing is for sure except the love you can show at this very moment. My thoughts and prayers to your family and all those who have fallen and continue to fight to keep all of us safe. God Bless"
David Aronson of AZ

"To the family and friends of Chance Phelps. I just watched the HBO movie documenting Mr. Phelps story. I came about the movie incidentally while watching TV in a hotel room in Abq, NM while staying here for a conference. I was drawn in immediately and cried several times. I am thankful for his life and service and feel as if I'm a better person just by learning of his life. Blessings and strength to you. I'm sure the pain never goes away."
Tomekia Strickland, MD of Chinle, AZ

"As a former Marine who served in Desert Storm/Shield I can say with all my being thank you for your sacrifice. The Esprit De Corps I feel because of Chance Phelps is huge. It makes me happy we served the same Great Country in the same great Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis and May You Rest In Peace."
Mark C. Metler Sr of Ferndale, MD

"As a former Marine who served in Desert Storm/Shield I can say with all my being thank you for your sacrifice. The Esprit De Corps I feel because of Chance Phelps is huge. It makes me happy we served the same Great Country in the same great Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis and May You Rest In Peace."
Mark C. Metler Sr of Ferndale, MD

"To the family of Chance Phelps: Your son was a true hero and I pray that a merciful God will comfort you and leave you only sweet memories of him. Please take comfort in the fact that his life touched many people and that he will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for sharing with us the events recounted in the movie "Taking Chance". Every day for the rest of my life, I will say a prayer for Chance, his family, and for all the men and women and their families that made the ultimate sacrifice so that this great country can remain free."
Gary Lovan of Ola, Arkansas

"May you rest in peace Chance. Thank you for serving our country. May god bless you and hold you in his ever loving arms. Know that you are not alone in heaven among your fellow marines and fellow armed services members...Sempre Fi Marine!"
Rico M. of Queens,NY

"I have just watched the movie "Taking Chance" and the movie is awesome if you have never watched it, i would recommend watching it. I just recently joined the Armed Forces and am pround to be able to serve our amazing country just like Lance Corporal Phelps did, although i can not be deployed until next year after i am out of high school and graduate from AIT. I just want to say thank you to Chance and his unit and all the other military personnel and wish my best to the Phelps family and always know that what happened was a tradegy Chance died to defend the great nation of the United States and there are still going to be many casualities and many more families who have to deal with the pain of losing their loved ones, and thank you for starting the memorial for our countries fallen heroes."
Shawn A. Mays of Red Lion, Pennsylvania


"Today is the first day I have seen this movie, it has moved me tremendously. How honored our country is by having Chance be one of the many fighting for our freedom. Thoughts and prayers to all of your family, Thank you!"
Jayleanne Evanoff of Minot, North Dakota

"I can't express how touched I am by Chance's story. He was a brave Marine. He will never be forgotten.

A proud Army wife."
Sheley of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

"As the father of a daughter in the Navy, I have a new found awareness of the sacrifices our children make, and their families. There isn't a word to express the sorrow I feel for the Phelp's family and his friends, for enduring the ultimate sacrifice. And every person in the service and their families. May you be delivered from harm's way safely."
Paul of St. Louis

"RIP Chance,thank you for keeping our country safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family."
Tena of Sacramento, CA


"I have watched 'Taking Chance' 4 times now and every time I cry even harder. My thoughts and prayers are with Chances' family and all the families of our military men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you!"
Amanda McKoin of Greensboro, NC

"Thank you Chance for keeping us safe."
The Maly Family of Carpentersville, Illinois

"This nation is not deserving of the sacrifice that Chance Phelps made for all of us. We as a nation have to change ourselves so that we can be deserving of his sacrifice."
John Ray of Longview, Texas

"I have just watched the HBO movie, "Taking Chance," and was very moved by this personal account of his journey back home to Wyoming. Our thoughts are with his family and all families of our fallen soldiers for their ultimate sacrifice."
The Goode Family of Lynchburg, Virginia

"I had the opportunity to view the movie, Taking Chance, for the first time a few weeks ago. It was an extraordinarily emotional experience.

It added a face to the stories of the many brave marines, soldiers and airmen that have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those that continue to serve overseas. My deepest condolences to the Phelps family as well as the families of the many other fallen servicemembers. My prayers are with the families of each of those who don the uniform of the United States Armed Forces."
Keith Davenport, ND of Oklahoma City, OK / United States of America

"also after seeing what a good person you were it makes me feel honored to see what great people are out there to help for us to and protect us and what respect people have given you...REST IN PEACE CHANCE PHELPS!!!"
Christen Maestas of Colorado

"Chance Phelps is a good man it is sad to see that you had died at a young age and how your family took it...you will always be in all of our hearts and will always be a brave morian you ment alot to alot of people and you always will... after i saw your movie i cried for a long time to see what a good young man that you were and it touched my heat to see what a good person you were...R.I.P PFC CHANCE PHELPS!!!"
Christen maestas of colorado

"After watching this movie i started to cry and i never cry during movies but this really touched my heart sorry about your loss. He must of been a really nice guy and a great marine rest in peace PFC Chance Phelps"
Markkie of Colorado

"After wathing this movie i started to cry and i never cry during movies but this really touched my heart sorry about your loss. He must of been a really nice guy and a great marine rest in peace Chance Phelps"
Markkie of Colorado

"Mi mas grande admiracion para Chance Phelps y para sus padres y su hermana mis mas sentidas condolencias. He visto tres veces la pelicula sobre Chance y cada vez siento la misma emocion,las lagrimas me ahogan, yo como muchas personas que no conocimos Chance le doy las gracias donde quiera que este, pues gracias a todos los heroes como Chance tenemos libertad. Gracias todos y cada uno de nuestros soldados que han estado y estan sirviendo a nuestro pais.GRACIAS PFC.CHANCE PHELPS DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE."

"I will pray for the memory of PFC. Chance everyday of my life, and for every member of every service. They all are a brother, son, father, mother,sister, aunt, uncle, husband, wife. Never forget.Thank you Chance for blessing the USMC with your gift. WWHHHOOOORRAAAAHHH!!!"
Jessica Jenkins Proud sister of PFC William H. Payton USMC of Niles, Oh

"I have 1 child, Christian Chance Boulden, born in 1984, same as Chance Phelps...My son has been fortunate to have spent the last 6 years going to college and working for fish& game as a research diver.I worry about all the dangers of this type of work, and often think of the families and friends of our military people that put their lives on the line everyday. This movie touched me so deeply,as it put a face to the unknown soldiers that I think of everyday"
liza jane boulden of new jersey

"I watched the HBO movie today and can not stop thinking about Chance and all of the people he has touched in life and in death.I am so proud to live in a country with men and women like Chance.Thank you Chance and the others that have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect people like me whom you never met.Thank you to any service member or family of a service member who comes across this post!!God Bless You!"
Scarlett Moeckel of Cincinnat,Ohio,USA

"Just finished watching your movie once again. It gets me everytime. I was there for the invasion with A 1/5. My LT was the first KIA in the war. Each one is a different story but great warriors. Each one of you are my hero and will never be forgotten. We will meet one day Marine. And to the family sorry for the loss and like the movie said, you never mourn alone. We think of them daily. Semper Fi Marine.

Todd Espinoza
USMC 1999-2003
Pasco WA"

"I have just seen the HBO move "Taking Chance." I did not realize what the movie was about when I began watching it, nor did I realize that this was the reenactment of Lt. Col. Strobl's escort of Pfc. Phelps' body home to his loved ones in Wyoming. Your son and brother was a beautiful young man, as evidenced by his Sergeant's recounting of the events leading to his death and the home movies of him at the conclusion of the film. Lt. Col. Strobl was right--your son has touched so many lives. Thank you for allowing the rest of America to further honor Chance and all the other servicemen and women who have lost their lives. I am so sorry for your loss. This Good Friday I will say a rosary for Chance's soul and those of the rest of our military departed. May God Bless you always."
Sharon Sparks of Charlotte, NC/United States of America

"I just finished watching Taking Chance. I would first like to say I am so sorry for your loss. After watching the movie I couldn't help but want to know more about this Marine who did so much for our country. I know there are no words to take away the pain of lossing such a great person but hopefully you will find some comfort in knowing that his story has reached many all over the world and encouraged them to be better people.....I know it did me.

God Bless you and your family"
Stephanie of GA

"I watched the movie Taking Chance for the first time last night. I wish I had seen the movie from the very beginning but what I watched was beautiful. It's ironic that back in June my husband and I stayed in the town of Dubois Wyoming but never heard the story of PFC Chance Phelps. What a wonderful place to visit the people are the nicest people you will meet anywhere. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and may the loss of their son bring a better understanding of what our men and women of our mitlitary go through to give us our freedom. Our young men and women risk their lives everyday and they deserve our respect and support. God love you all!"
Jeannine Miller of Floral City, Fl/USA

"R.I.P. Chance, I will never forget you after the HBO special.

Sgt.Art Douglas Va.Natl.Guard Ret."
Art Douglas of Lynchburg,Va

"I just finished watching the movie dedicated to your son and loved one. It touched me so much that I began to research the good deeds on a young, but decorated, Marine. Thank you for donating your loved one to us-people who aren't deserving. May God continue to bless your family."
Tionda C. Young of Durham, NC

"I first must say I am so sorry for your loss. Your son was a great man for sacrificing so much to a people who know and care so little. There are no words that I can say that will make the pain you feel everyday go away. My father was killed in the line of duty flying on a wildfire in California he was doing what he loved and from what I got from the movie I just watched Chance was doing the samething. I want to thank you for raising a young man that showed so much courage in a time when it is retreating from so many. The appreciation I feel can not be explained. I am sorry for the loss and again thank you for the sacrifice you made"
Ian Stratte of Redding, CA

"God bless and comfort your family. I am very sorry for your loss. Nothing can replace your son, but plese know that the telling of his coming home has changed many peoples ideas about the military in a positive way. I am the mother of a Marine and want to thank you for your son's service."
Glenda of Aurora, CO

"I am so sorry for your loss,Chance will always be remembered in my family`s prayers. The movie "Taking Chance" has changed me forever-I must have watched it 10 times..and everytime I sit there and cry. I really think that it should be on primetime t.v. and be "required viewing". I really think Chance`s story needs to be told and most of us really don`t know about our fallen soldiers-"
Linda C. of Massachusetts

"Look at all these words below, all the hearts, the souls, nothing could give your son back, and nothing could tell you how we feel, but know that's all you hear is from our hearts and he will never be forgot. Our love for you and your family is imbeded forever and Chance is someones angel, what a lucky person that is. My love."
Brenda of Sneads Ferry, NC

"So many lives have been changed because of Chance, Even though he sleeps some where else, You should be so proud that he was here for a reason even if it wasn't your reason. It was God's,and look how many lives he has touched, Mine alone,I was so alone and sad about life and I saw your movie. I will never forget your son's lovely and gentle face and that gives me hope so he will live on, I would only hope That my end will be such a beginning."
Brenda of Sneads Ferry

"my brother was also serving when 911 happened.., for keeping us all safer.. i can't say i know how the phelps family feels because i don't.. but as for my brother and i -we are also born and raised here in craig, colorado.. where chance spent 12 yrs of his life ... from 5-17 yrs old... we love him here in this community, and the stars are all ever so brighter, thanks to him, and my brother, and the rest of the service men and women who have served before and after, and to the 1's who have fallen.... i hope by god's grce that the memories and love for chance never disappear... and thanks to col. mike storbl for bringing chance home, rather it's wyoming, or colorado, yes he his home, with all of us... thank-you.."
amy of craig, colorado

"I have no one in the Service, But one I know now as my hero. I wish I knew him now. But will be in my dreams forever. I hope for your family is that you gave more than yourself for others, and that we are here for you and love your son as though he were ours. My heart is so happy to see the face of Chance, and will remenber it always. I love you all."
Brenda Cable of Sneads Ferry, NC

"we watched the movie about chance's final journey home, on hbo... i cried like a baby.. i hae watched the movie over and over... i live here in craig colorado where chance grew up for 12 yrs of his life... our thought , wishes, and prayers go out to the entire phelps family... as to this community has lost a very young hero... from the chadd family... may god bless them and hold them and chance in his arms ever so tightly... and 1 day you will be together again..."
amy chadd of craig, colorado

"i would like to say thank you for showing us that our fallen are taken care all the way home. My daughter lost her dad on 4-15-04. we just got done watching the movie and we both cried knowing that her own father was also taken great care of on his way home. Your family is our prayers and thoughts."
Dawn of Ca

"I just finished watching the movie about Chance Phelps. It touched my heart in more ways than I could ever express. I now respect,even more than before, every man and woman that has ever gone over to fight for our country and my prayers go out to them. The movie truly open my eyes to many things that I was blind to before. It was also obvious about what a hero Chance was when he was alive as much as he was in death. I will never forget him."
Juli Scarfo of Meriden, CT

"i've been kind of detached from the war, watching that movie made realize just how big a sacrifice our men and women in the military is making and the grief their loved ones feel with their lost. i thank service members now after that movie. thank you PFC Phelps."
D of jacksonville nc

"I am very sorry for your loss,may got be with you,and to know chance is looking over you all now."
billy of cross city fla.

"you will never be forgotten ... PFC. Phelps Semper Fi along with all of the other heroes that have given their lives to protect the ones we love.

For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war, and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
.. God bless"
CPL. Lavigne, of Spokane, Wa

"I watched the movie the other night and I could not stop crying, Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice chance, because of you and others like you, I am safe in my hometonight, your sacrifice will not be forgotten by me."
DeAnn of greeley co

"Semper Fi Marine!!"
Sgt. Ozoa, Dominic USMC of Camp Pendleton, CA

"I have just watched the move and it opened my eyes, and my heart, one just man, just one life and he gave it to save his fellow Marines, and i live because of men and women like him
My son is sixteen and in a year he will be a Marine.. Scares the life out of me, but what ever he does i will be proud of him, thank you to all you men and women who give us freedom and life.. and a special thank you to Lt. Col. Michael Strobl and all the men and women like him."
Clifford Woodage of Cleethorpes, England , United Kingdom

"Thank you. No more, no less...and it will never be enough. Thank you."
Kathleen Williams of Bryn Mawr, PA

"Though I did not know your son personally, he is in my thoughts.

My sincere condolences"
Chris Roca of Bryn Mawr, PA

"Me and my family would like to send our condolences to your family. we want to say thank you to Chance for everything that he did. you are all in our prayers."
Becky Crist of Fayetteville, Nc

"I would like to say thank you Chance for the service you provided.
I just resently watched Taking Chance on HBO and I was very moved. I to am from Palisade, CO and graduated from the same school as Chance. I was in the Army at the time 2/7 Inf 3rd ID I served in Iraq from 3/19/03 to 11/15/03."
John Bertrand of Savannah, GA


"As the wife of a former Air Force flier, I was deeply touched by the sacrifice that Chance and others like him have made so that we may live in a country that is free. Bless you Pfc. Phelps and your fallen comrades."
Cindy of Sherman, TX

"I have watched Taking Chance three times and cried every time. The movie has placed a face not just on Chance but on all of our fallen heroes. The true cost of their ultimate sacrifice is now MORE real to me. I am so sorry that I didn't completely comprehend that from reading the cold, faceless, black and white print of a newspaper.

My thoughts and prayers go out to every single person in our military and their families. I have a 6 year old son and I pray that the world will be a better place for him because of their unselfish service.

Thank you to all who have served and who continue to serve our great country!

May God bless America and those who defend her."
Staci Jones of Champaign, Illinois



"After watching Taking Chance by Col. Strobel and how touching it was I was brought to tears. I always stop and shake the hands of our men and women in uniform because my family has been touched in such a way. My Uncle was killed in Vietnam and his brother was his escort home. Thank you for sharing you personal story and my thoughts a prayers are with you and all of the other men and women who make sacrafice's everyday for this beautiful country. I also pray for the others who are still there for their safe return home."
Anna of Manchester, NH

"I have never known what a true hero was or if they even existed but this man chance phelps is a true hero not only to americans but to the people of scotland i give my deepest condolences to his family and friends and the members of his unit keep fighting the good fight. fight in honour of chance phelps one of the greatest men to ever live his name wil go down in history."
Robert Mcmillan of Scotland, North ayrshire

"our son died in balad he was a firefighter in air force this brouhgt some comfort to us knowing that their really are people out there who appreciate what our sons have done for our country.praying for you all. KIA 02/13/05"
proud parents of SSG RAY RANGEL of san antonio texas

"There are people who make you proud to be an American and people who make you grateful to have known them... albeit from a distance or as depicted in a movie. Thank you for your life and sacrifice Chance; we are all proud of you and all the men/women of the military."

"To the family of Chance Phelps, we have seen the movie, 'Taking Chance', 4 times and each time we am touched by the story. Our heartfelt appreciation for the sacrifice of your son in the name of freedom. May you find peace...."
The Zelenka Family of Florence, SC, USA

"As I sat experiencing the story of your son and those who were part of his travel home, I found myself coming to grips with how this has been the story now of over 4000 men and women who have fought and given their lives for our Country in the last few years-and the so many more during other conflicts and wars-I can only wish that every American experience the movie to know the pain and sacrifice of our soldiers and their families"
Barry Taerbaum of Skokie, IL

"To the family of Chance Phelps. I am a Vietnam Veteran and was asked back in 1970 to escort a soldier back to his home in Santurce, PR.

It was an experience that was relived in the movie Taking Chance. The very moment I started to watch this movie I had relived all of the minutes of my experience all over again. I pray for my fallen comrade who I had the priveldge of serving with and now shall pray for Chance. I thank you for allowing America to come into your lives and to share this hero's "coming home". God Bless the Phelps family and all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Marc R."
Marc Pacino of Las Vegas, NV

"My family has recently had the privledge of watching the movie Taking Chance. We wish to express our gratitude to all service people and their families who are sacrificing for us. And to Chance's family let it be known that their son definately carried the water."
Renee Warner of Bend Oregon

"Never have I been brought to tears in such a way as watching Chance's movie...a wondeful film depicting his journey home...
To all the Chance's that have come home....we know what you have done for our country...we bow to you...the sacrifice you made will not be forgotten...Hopefully, now that the ban is lifted, more and more will stand up for the service all of our military does for this nation...Agree with this war or not, these are our children that re dying every single day...and we should never forget a single one...I thank the family of Chance Phelps for putting a name of all those who came before him and were not recognised due to this ban of vanity..."
Sonja M. Elliott of Panama City Beach, Florida

"Tonight I watched "Taking Chance" and tomorrow I will watch it with my daughter. This generation needs to be aware of the true meaning of sacrifice. I think the movie and PFC Chance bring that reality home. Freedom is not free. Never has been and never will be. God Bless PFC Chance and thousands of others who never made it home."
Terry of St. Louis, Missouri

"I am in awe... Thank You, PFC Chance R. Phelps, for your service, for the freedom of our Country. I can't find the right words, but HONOR, for you, and all the other fallen soldiers. Just yesterday, 2/27/09 Our Jamie stepped back onto Minnesota soil, for the 2nd time, returning safely, from Iraq. When I watched this movie just now. I cried for your loss, and thanked God for Jamie's safe return. My heart goes out to you all. Semper fi"
Marcia Boline of St. Michael, Minnesota USA

"To the family of LCPL Chance R. Phelps.
I did not learn of your son or his sacrafice until I watched the HBO movie "Taking Chance". I first want to say that you and you son are in my prayers and that the world needs more people like Chance. I was formerly in the Army and served in Iraq from Jan 2 2005 to Dec 17 2005. I as stationed at LSA Anaconda in Balad, Iraq. Your son's sacrafice will not be forgotten and it is because of servicemen/women like him that we have the freedoms we do. THANK YOU CHANCE FOR YOUR SERVICE TO YOUR COUNTRY. YOU HAVE PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE AND FOR THAT WE AS A NATION ARE GREATFUL. REST IN PEACE."
Joseph Oakes of Bellefontaine, Ohio

"Today i saw the movie, Taking Chance and i was so deeply moved. not only as a mother, but as an American. I never knew such honor and respect...
my prayers are with this young man's family.....
we also need to continue to pray that our young men and women come home soon.. There are still too many chance phelps coming home in this fashion...."
lydia of miami, florida

"Tonight I watched "Taking Chance" and tomorrow I will watch it with my daughter. This generation needs to be aware of the true meaning of sacrifice. I think the movie and PFC Chance bring that reality home. Freedom is not free. Never has been and never will be. God Bless PFC Chance and thousands of others who never made it home."
Terry of St. Louis, Missouri

"Thank you !!!!!"
Abe of Longview, Tx

"as i watched late one night chance's story and realized that we often seem to forget the price that is paid for freedom not with cash but with lives of people who have families also. may god continue to bless you and your family"
ingrid sartin of shreveport ,la 71101

"Thank you chance for the sacarfice you made. Your memory will live forever"
Andrew Evans of Allentown, PA

"2/27/09 To the family of Chance Phelps: Thank you for giving us a face and personality to connect with. We get lost in our own lives and forget what is happening to our soldiers. I will try harder.
To the Marines at Dover: Thank you for giving these fallen soldiers the dignity they so deserve.
To Lt.Col. Strobl: Thank you for sharing this experience."
Maureen of Glasgow, Kentucky USA

"2/26/09: This evening I just saw Chance's story and it broke my heart into pieces. I am a history teacher and every year on Memorial Day we honor those who have died in service of our country from Texas by creating a large bulletin board with their pictures. Over the last few years I've come to know these men's names and faces and I cry the entire time as I did when I saw this movie. I send my sincere condolences to Chance's family for their great loss. My own son was born in 1985 a year later than Chance and my son is currently serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. As I write this condolence my son is somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean on patrol. While my son is not engaged in active combat, my constant concern is his safe return home from patrol. Again to Chance's parents, we thank you for your supreme sacrifice, may God bless you always."
Angie Toscano of San Antonio, TX


"2/26/09: I just finished watching "Taking Chance" for the 2nd time. I cry each time I see it. Not only for the loss to his parents and family, but for the loss to this country of such an outstanding young man. There are so many young men and women like Chance who have believed enough in our country and freedom to give up everything to serve it and die for it. They have given the ultimate sacrifice so that I can stay home everyday going through my routine and know that they are watching over us. We so often take for granted our service men and women, but a movie such as this reminds us that they are there, doing their jobs, standing watch over the rest of us, and they have no regrets in doing so.

Chance, thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifice you and your family made. We honor you and will never forget!!"
Lisa of Spring Hill, Tennessee

"It is 2009 and I have watched this movie now 3 times and each time it is always the same. I watch, don't move, don't speak and cry. I cry because the story is beautiful. The young man who was taken entirely too early defending our county so that I can sit here on my computer and the man that would honor him by staying with him until he was returned to his parents. I am the neice of a Navy man, my daughter may join the Army, a cousin who is a Marine and two little boys who may decide to do this one day. I would want to know that my child, cousin or uncle was loved so much that an escort such as Mike would stay with them thru every single minute until they were brought back home to us. Chance you are forever more going to be remembered for everything that you did and this house thanks you for your service and Mike, thank you for loving him enough to make sure that he was brought home to his family."
Amanda of Athens, Al

"Thank God for Chance and everyone like him. Thank God for our fallen heroes and for our heroes still fighting and those willing to fight to keep us free. Every American should see "Taking Chance". This young man and everyone like him signifies what is good and right in this world. I am proud of what he and everyone he represents does for us. I am proud of his family and every family they represent for bringing these wonderful people into the world. I am proud to be an American along with people like Chance R. Phelps. I am thankful to HBO and to Kevin Bacon and the whole crew for this masterpiece and more importantly to the Phelps family for sharing their wonderful son with us. Thanks for opening our eyes and allowing the tears."
Allen Gilbert of Greencastle, Indiana

"I put on a CD (Honor and Glory, by Ray Bolt) this morning and looking up some things on my computer. I remember about the movie I watched the other night and could not remember Chance last name when I search for the name of the movie. I wanted my wife to watch the movie. I then stumbled on to this website as I began to read the stories the seventh song on the Album came on. The Song is called “Fallen Not Forgotten” Here are the words

Fallen Not Forgotten

Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

He stood beside his daddy
And watched the solders marching by
It was Veteran's Day and he wondered
Why there were tears in daddy's eyes
Later they laid flowers
Beside a monument of stone
He said, My daddy went to fight
And didn't make it home

Fallen, not forgotten
He was a hero
He stood so tall
And forever, we will remember
With honor and glory,
He gave his all

They left behind their families
And the towns where they were born
For the rice paddies of Vietnam
And the sands of Desert Storm
They were soldiers in Korea
And World War One
And World War Two
They paid the price
Some gave their lives
And they fought for me and you


Now freedom is a blessing
But freedom has a price
And we must remember those
Who paid it with their lives
Remember the

Ronald of Tonopah, NV/USA

"My cousin PFC Anthony Rutigliano was killed in Viet-Nam in 1967. He was 18.
Both of his parents were from Italy. Our family was never the same after that. I do not like to watch these types of movies because of the bitter memories. However, this was done perfectly."
Frank Loverro of Bx. N.Y.

"I saw "Taking Chance" last night and cried my heart out. My 15 year old son asked me why I was crying and all I could think of was him and how much a loss it must have been for the Phelps Family. My prayers go to the Phelps for their loss and I hope that this little note can console them in their grief. It's because of exemplary young men like Chance that we remain a free nation. God Bless the Phelps and their community. Thank you for your sacrifice"
Jeff Pullig of Sisters, OR

"Words cannot describe how Chance's story touched my heart. It reminds me of how we take for granted that someone is fighting for us in another part of the world; for me, for the USA. My first prayer is to the family, who lost their son, my second prayer is to all the families who have lost loved ones in battle. My last prayer is to all the troops who are still in battle to keep up your work and come back safe...God Bless You, God Bless the USA"
Jerry of Pulaski, VA/USA

"To the parents of Chance Phelps, your son gave a great sacrifice for our country. He gave his life ,while trying to save others. He is truly a hero. To Chance and other fallen heroes, and the ones who are still over there, fighting for us so that we can live free from terrorism, thank you, and God Bless you and your families. The movie about Chance was so moving. My heart weeps for the Phelps Family and the other familys that has also lost a son or a daughter to this war. I know their story about their child is important and heroic just the same. I wish we could get to know and learn something about each and everyone of our fallen heroes, about their childhood and how they lived and their families.
You will not be forgotten. God Bless!!"
Terri of Canyon Lake, TX

"When you watch tv coverage of the war in Iraq, or read about it in the newspaper, you don’t see family the brave soldier has left behind. I just watched “Taking Chance” on HBO, and it showed me a side of military life few people know about.

I want to thank you Lance Corporal Chance R. Phelps for the ultimate sacrifice you made, and you will forever be remembered by me, and I will tell everyone I know about you, and urge them to watch the HBO movie about your life.

My heart goes out to the Chance family, and I want to apologize for taking so long with honoring your brave and courageous son.

My warmest and heartfelt regards,

Jack of Baltimore, MD


"hello chance i just wanted to thank you for the sacrifice you made for your country.A true hero you are you gave your life so i can live so others may live to. my dad was in the army in the fourtys,my oldest brother was a marine 70 to 72 he worked a fuleing station it was hit by morter he was burned 2nd 3nd degree 70 percent it took a long time for him to get better.I still remember when he came home ravenna ohio i was six years old, i will never forget that.and also i would like to give my condolences to your family it is hard to loose someone close i lost my dad 3 15 08 and my brother 2 3 09 both from cancer, i watched them both go i cant tell you how hard it is cause you allready know we can only share our pain as one but our love as many, why fight the storm when you can dance in the rain."
Ronald lee yeager of edinburg pa usa

"To the parents and family of Chance R. Phelps. I have seen the HBO special about the return of your son Chance back to his own soil. I have cried each time that I watch it. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I am proud to live and have raised my son in a country that respects life and honors heroes. I will never forget his name and what he did for America. Thank you for your gift of Chance."
Bonnie of Canyon Lake, TX

"Mr. and Mrs. Phelps,
After watching "Taking Chance" for the third time, I cry tears of honor and respect for your son. You've honored his legacy and service by sharing his story and those of the proud men and women who serve this Nation and others who believe in freedom. When seeing a uniformed serviceman/woman, I won't hesitate to thank them for their service. May God Bless You Always."
Jim Leiser of Bend, Oregon

"Thank you for raising such a great man. My heart is with you and Chance."
Scott Hinkal of Hughesville, Pa. USA

"Mr & Mrs Phelps, Thank you for sharing your story and Chance with the world. I have a son-in-law who has served three tours of duty in Iraq,and I was so deeply touched. I know how very proud you must be of him, and if it is any consolation, please know that he has touched many,many hearts."
Linda Rodriguez of Oak Forest, Illinois

"God Bless you all...you are all in my prayers, thank you for sharing Chance with the rest of the world. He has taught all of us humility, I talk about Chance all day long...what a honor for those who listen. With my thoughts,"
Cathi Melendez of Las Cruces,Nm

"Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I believe there should be more shown to make the US aware of what a true hero really is. A lot of times we hear of the bombers or attacks and numbers but not about them as hero's. I am a mother of a US Army MP Soldier. My son is part of the 101st Airborne unit in Ft. Campbell, Ky. He and his fellow soldiers are heading overseas. My son followed his dads footsteps just like his father and his father before him. My side of the family has seen action as well. I thank God daily for our troops and for their sacrifices as well as their families. God truly welcomed a great fallen hero. He & all the soldiers that have lost their lives for us will never be forgotten or thanked enough. To all the families and parents of our soldiers, thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you."
Bridgett of Sanford, NC

"I just watched the movie. I'm sorry for your loss. I believe the movie made because of your son will increase the overall respect that our society has for brave men serving in our Armed Forces. That is part of his legacy. God Bless You!"
Ryan Carlson of Salt Lake City, UT

"has the proud father of a U.S. Marine now serving in Iraq the movie about your son Chance brought me to tears and I will remember him always.He is a true hero.I'm sure that God welcomed him into heaven and may God bless the entire Phelps family.Our prayers are with you and with all of our military who so bravely serve and their families.GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Bill Drum of Elmira,NY

"Thank You so much for sharing your story. I was born and raised in Riverton Wy. I know how strong and proud the people from there are. Your son was a great hero. Thank for you raising such a fine man."
Teri Larabel of Alpine, Tx

"after watching the movie TAKING CHANCE and thru the tears i would like to thank you for your beutifull son he is a hero may you rest in peace beutifull man!!"
kathi george of basin wyoming u.s.a.

"My sorrow and thanks to the Phelps family for sharing their son with the rest of us. This story of Chance honors not only him but all who have fallen and who are sometimes forgotten. May we all always remember, with honor and awe, the sacrifice our military has bestowed on us. God Bless"
Betty Griffen of Plymouth, Iowa, USA

"To Chance's Family: After losing our son in Iraq many questions haunted me about how he was treated in death. Thank you for sharing with all Gold Star Families the reverence and respect our sons and daughters receive on their final journey home. From the compassionate care given at Dover, to the respect shown at transfers, Colonel Strobl has given us the comfort of knowing that our loved ones were not alone or forgotten.

I cannot thank you enough for allowing this movie to be made and to be a part of your family; to Colonel Strobl for giving us true insight; and to Kevin Bacon for having the strength of character to make us feel a part of that solemn journey.

Judy Barnett
Proud Parent of 1st LT Christopher Barnett (KIA 12/23/04)"
of Baton Rouge, LA

"PFC Chance Phelps you are never forgotten and my family and I are forever grateful for the sacrifice you made for us all. Rest in Peace!"
A J Lindberg & Family of Collierville, Tennessee

"God Bless you Chance Phelps, and your family.Job Well Done! At Ease!Rest!"
SSG Ricardo M. Dillard of Fort Hood, Texas USA

"I watched the HBO movie, honoring your son, Chance. I watched with sadness, with awe, with tears throughout. Your darling son, (thank you for allowing the world to see his photos at the movie's close)personifies all that is good in the world. My husband and I extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family. May you know always that his life was not in vain. Chance will continue to inspire and to touch so many lives as an eternal example of honor, courage, integrity and love for his fellow man. May time continue to heal your heart and soften your grief.The world needed to see this movie; we needed to know and to appreciate all that is done in the care of these young men...these heroes. We need to honor and respect their return home. Thank you for giving so much to all of us."
Barbara A. Harris of Newbury Park, Ca.USA


"To the family of Chance R, Phelps, I watched the HBO movie of Chance and I cryed at the start to the endI share your pain and sarrow, I am so Proud of Chance and I thank You for bringing up such a fine young Man. My oldest Son Nathan was killed two days after Chance on Easter Sunday, I did not know your Son Chance but after I have watched the movie I feel I know Him and I know deep in my heart Chance and Nathan are with the Lord. I can not even write this without crying for our boys. I wish Your family the best and you will forever be in my prayers. Rest in peace Chance and Thank You for My Freedom"
Kath Brown Proud Mother of PFC Nathan P. Brown, KIA 4/11/04 of New York

"Me and my wife watched the HBO movie last night and were gripped by it, She cried the whole way through. I couldn't help but think that this scene has been repeated 5,000 times or more since the start of the two wars. From a Persian Gulf War Marine to you and yours : God bless you and yours, thank you for your sacrifice, and to Chance : Semper Fi Marine, you now guard the gates of Heaven."
Michael & Robin Figueroa of Amherst, OH

"To the parents, family and freinds of Chance Phelps.

I can not stay dry eyed after seeing the movie that has been made in his honor. I to feel that words cannot express the lose that has befallen on you, and from this movie it has helped me to understand that lose to a small measure.

And knowing know that such a trip has taken place over 3,000 times. I cannot even think of Chance and the others without shedding a tear for them and the families lose.

Thank you Phelps family for sharing your son's life and your lose with use all. He, and the others will not ever be forgotten."
Terry Strong of Payette, Id.

"Your son was a true American hero. I watched the HBO movie "Taking Chance" and enjoyed it very much. It was very touching (cried through much of it). I am very proud to be an American because of young men like him. May God bless you and your family."
Cynthia Olmstead of Plano, TX/USA

"Dear Family of Chance R. Phelps:

I, too, was one of many who saw Taking Chance on Saturday and also last night which I had watched again.

To you, his family, I can not imagine your grief or loss but can imagine how proud and of the love that you have for Chance.

I thank Chance for his service and I will always be proud of him as I will carry his service in my heart forever.

Thank you so much Mr. Phelps for your service to our country as also to his sister and other family members. We shall never forget.

With much respect and love,
God Bless America, God Bless Chance R. Phelps and all of the servicemembers who dieds in the service of their country,"
Nancy A. De Feo of Boca Raton, Florida, USA

"God bless the souls of those who died for our freedom. God bless the souls of the parents who raised and taught these heros. These sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten. My heart aches for the loss and I'm greatful for their sacrifice"
Rod Smalling of Little Elm, TX

"Dear Mr.& Mrs. Phelps,
My husband & I watched Taking Chance last night. I called all of my friends & family members to tell them to be sure & watch it too.
My husband & I were speechless through out the movie. Our hearts were so touched by your son's service to our country. We're very sorry for your loss & you will always be in our thoughts & prayers as well as all of our young men & women that serve our country.
It is because of people like your brave young son that we are able to live in a free country...the greatest country in the world. God bless you always."
Becky of Mission Viejo, CA.

"God Bless the Marines and all those who fight for my freedom. Thank you! Thank you!"
Joni Jefferson of Bronx, New York/USA

"Chance R Phelps will never be forgotten.
I too will be his witness, as a Blue Star Mother of an American Army Soldier. I am also a witness to 100 plus North Carolina Fallen heroes, presenting the Gold Star Flag to mothers and fathers. The world deserves to know of the loss of your son, and all fallen heroes. I loved the movie "Taking Chance". He gave his last full measure of devotion with his life in service to our country, and those who gave all shall not have died in vain."
Jayne Bowman of Jamestown, NC

"To the Parents John Phelps & Gretchen Mack. I being a former member of the
USMC - was so moved by the recent movie
dedicated to your son: Cpl. Chance Russel Phelps, USMC. My wife could not
stay dry eyed during the entire movie.
I know that words can'not replace your son, but just knowing how his death
has touched so many must bring some
sence of pride to you and your families.
May God Bless You & Yours. Until you
shall meet your son again - as he is now safe in God's loving arms.
With Love: Bob & Hazel Gibbs, McKenzie,TN."
Robert Gibbs - USMCR of McKenzie TN. USA

"To the Family of Chance Russell Phelps,
I too watched the HBO special on Saturday night. I've watched it again two more times and each time my heart is very heavy, I have not been able to sleep since the last time I watched this. Although I didn't know him, I have to agree with his escort, "I miss Him". Thank you and your family for your son who gave all, so that I may live in a free country! "Freedom is not Free""
Alison Kent of Ft. Knox, Kentucky

"I can't even put into words the sympathy I feel for you.I read your sons story and I am so thankful for his duty and for his sacrifice. My brother is in the Army and just came home from a tour in Iraq. Although I don't know the loss you feel, I do in some way feel your pain. An American Hero is what your son is in life as well as in death. We will never forget your son and our other fallen solders."
Jennifer Dewey of Tappahannock, Va

"I know that American is a better place because of hero's like Chance Phelps. I am so honored to know he was over there fighting for me and my freedom. I will carry a piece of him in my heart forever."
Valerie of Texas

"I am honored and in peace knowing that your son Chance is with my nephew Christopher and that they are both with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord always comfort you for your loss."
Pete N of NY, NY

"I am honored and in peace knowing that your son Chance is with my nephew Christopher and that they are both with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the Lord always comfort you for you loss."
Pete N of NY, NY

"Correction to an earlier posted typo:

26MEU (SOC)"
Christopher of 26MEU (SOC) NC

"All gave some. Some gave all.
Godspeed, Marine.
Semper Fidelis, my brother in arms."
Christopher of NC, 226MEU

"To the family of our Fallen Hero Chance Phelps. We wept as we watched the movie about your loss. We know and share your pain as our son SPC Lucas V. Starcevich was kia in Baghdad on April 16th. 2007. He was killed by an IED and the group was also pinned down by gun fire. The movie was well done and honorable. I know Chance would be proud. God Bless your family may he continue to support you in this time of grieving."
Ava Tomson of Tolono, IL



"I just watched the movie "Taking Chance". I was so moved by the way our fallen servicemembers are treated.Ive never new the respect that was given. You now have mine too. Lets remember& respect the ones that are still living."
cristil of newport OR

"It is my honor to have shared a country with Chance Phelps."
Frank Frisina of Centennial, Colorado

"To The Family of Chance Phelps:
I taped the movie last night and just got done watching it with my husband. I cannot begin to tell you how we are feeling right now. We are truely sad, proud, honored in the sense that we got to know Chance a little bit and his coming home story. Thank you for sharing this, Thank you Chance for your service and detication. You gave the ultimate price for my freedom. I will always remember his story. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY."
Brenda of Longmont CO

"After watching taking chance on HBO it broke my heart and made me cry and angry I hope God has comforted your heart over the lost of your son.I'm angry because we shouldn't be over there and if we weren't great men and women like your son wouldn't have to lost their lives.Thankyou for allowing america in to your life with the show. May God Bless you and Take Care of you always."
MR Robin Cason of St.louis, Mo

"Mr and Mrs Phelps,

Your son was born three weeks after I met my wife. I am struck by this because it seems like only yesterday. Sometimes we forget whole lives are lived in between. When your son was born, I was working at a pool as a life guard, waiting to hear from my recruiter to go into the US Army Rangers. When I got the call on August 17, 2004, I asked my girlfriend to go with me and she said no. I called back the recruiter, told him that I had other plans and asked my wife to marry me. I was 19 when we married on March 3rd of the following year. That will be 24 years next week.

I had been in the USAR already two years, and being married (and soon with a son) made that difficult. I ended up on IRR until my six years was completed. I served more than most, but not nearly as much as others.

I feel very badly for your loss. My oldest is now 23 and I cannot imagine that he would have been ready to face what your son did - and did willingly. He sounds like he was someone special.

We all owe your son, and the thousands like him a debt of gratitude.

God Bless you and keep you."
Adam Strong of Poughquag, NY

"After watching taking chance on HBO it broke my heart and made me cry and angry I hope God has comforted your heart over the lost of your son.I'm angry because we shouldn't be over there and if we weren't great men and women like your son wouldn't have to lost their lives.Thankyou for allowing america in to your life with the show. May God Bless you and Take Care of you always."
MR Robin Cason of St.louis, Mo

"Mrs Gretchen Mac and Mr Phelps,

My daughter worked on this film in Montana, and had the privialage to meet and talk with you. You left an impression on her, for opening up your family to share this story. My family (including my son who is a Marine)and friends have been waiting to view this OUTSTANDING film for over a year now. Thank you for allowing all of us to share in your story. My thought and prayers are with you and all of your family."
Kathryn Reddy-dodge of Alsip, IL /

"All I can say is "thank you". You will never know how much love, support and honor I feel for the soldiers who dedicate their lives to the greatest nation on earth."
Linsey Jones of Commerce City, CO

"To the family of Chance Phelps, I too have just watched the HBO movie "Taking Chance". Thank you for sharing Chance's life and journey home with us. I know my words are few, my tears not as many as yours have been, but you have my heart felt sympathy and much gratitude to Chance for his service. Thank You again and God Bless."
Michelle of NJ, USA

"Dear Family of Chance R. Phelps,

I saw your HBO movie last night and was moved to tears! I am so very sorry for your loss.
I walked away from this movie with a heavy heart, but also a grateful heart as well. It is clear from this story that Chance was a truly loved young man.

My heart melted at the end of the movie when they showed his photos! That smile, and those dimples,they did me in! His,is truly the face of an Angel!

I lift you all up in prayer, that God will comfort you.

I have no words that can express how your son and his story have touched me!

Thank you for sharing your son's story with the world. I am a better person to have seen his story!

God Bless you always!"
Mischel of Bethlehem, Pa.

"My deepest heartfelt sorrow for your immeasurable loss. The film "Taking Chance" brought me to tears. It was an honor to be allowed to hear his story. He is truly a Hero to us all. May we never forget what your son and all those who serve have sacrificed for us. Thank you Chance."
Mrs. J.D. Silvia of Reading, PA


"I just watch the HBO special "taking Chance" this has touched me in a way I never thought, years later for you
like today for me....the loss of your son can not be expressed in words....
He lived a hero, died a hero and will always be remembered as a hero...Thank you for allowing the world to be part of your life...."
una numin of Valley Stream, NY

"To The Family of Chance Phelps -
I've just watched the movie 'Taking Chance' with Kevin Bacon and was overcome with many emotions, among those being sadness, compassion, gratitude and pride. Your son will always be remembered for his bravery and I as an American, enjoying the freedom that he helped provide, thank you for sharing your HERO with all of us."
Renette of Hawaii

"Thank you, each and everyone of you for your service. Thankyou for allowing my self and my family all around this great nation to go to bed at night and feel safe knowing that we are protected. Thankyou to the families that make the sacrifice along side you. God bless you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers."
Megan Rice of Hanover, PA

"I am just a mom in the midwest that feels so deeply for our fallen soldiers and their families. Thank you to every one of you that is defending my 2 sons, my hubby and myself. I am so proud to be an American and you all make me even prouder. Thanks!"
Julie Harvey of Valparaiso, IN

"May GOD bless your soul!

Thank you to the Phelps family for giving your son to us so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have today!!

The movie truly made my heart hurt, Ive lost my step-father who was a Marine and two years later I lost my father who was in the Navy.

Although I cannot know the pain of loosing a child my heart and prayers are with the Phelps family, one day you will meet again!!

You should be VERY PROUD of your son, I know I am!!

R.I.P. Chance Phelps!

Salute! Semper Fi-"
R. Compton of Houston, Texas

"May God bless you Chance and your family,please say hello to my friends who died in Vietnam,David Eukel and Jerry Boyles."
Dan of Buffalo NY

"What a warm and loving son Chance was. I too have a son who is Chance's age and can't even begin to know the pain you went through. My son is a Emergency Medical Technician and helps people who are injured and we love him as much as you loved Chance. What an honor it was for us to know Chance through the special on HBO. May God be with you and your family. Because of Chance this world is a better place."
Rudy Estrada of Covina, Calif

"You are a true Hero!!You took charge of a bad situation with no regard for your own safety to help knock down a threat to your fellow marines. And you sacrificed your life for there safety.
You died a hero! This country will never forget you and your family for the sacrifice you have made. I pray for peace for your friends and family.

Mike and Mindy Moore"

"Thru my tears I want to thank you.
Tony Gattuso of New jersey

"I just watched the most moving, touching movie regarding this admiral young man. My heart is heavy, and I am praying for the ones that he left behind. I am Canadian, and in my heart, no matter where we live, the US or Canada, we are all in this war together. So when someone is taken away from their family in line of duty, they did it not only for their country, but mine too. So thank you Chance Phelps. God Bless you, and your family and friends that you have left behind. And thank you to ALL who have given up their lives, for my safety."
Janet of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

"Just having watched the most patriotic movie ever about your son, I am beyond words. As a mother of an Air Force son who has been to Iraq and will leave again soon in Sept 09, I am so moved by your familys strength."
Kimberly Harrison of Harvest, Alabama

"My husband and I just watched the movie Taking Chance, I must say through the tears we shed while watching THANK YOU FOR YOUR SON. Your HERO IS OUR HERO thank you for sharing him with us.May God bless you and your families.Again we say thank you."
Percy & Bridget Roy of Sulphur, Louisiana

"To the family of Chance Phelps,
I had not heard of this wonderful young man that you raised and loved until about two hours ago when I watched his story unfold on the HBO movie "Taking Chance" I think it is an amazing thing that this movie was made to show us all what amazing measures are taken to bring these fallen men and women home to their families. May god bless your family thank you for allowing Chance's story to be told to all of us! Thank you to LTCOL Michael Strobl for what you did for the Phelps family and this country.
God Bless all the fallen and all those that are still over seas protecting this country and our freedom!!!!!!!!!"
Jennifer of Florida

"I watched the HBO movie this evening as was deeply touched. Many thanks to the Phelps family for sharing this story, you raised a wonderful young man."
Laurie M Yartha of NY,NY

"Chance, my heart is so filled with gratitude for you. I just saw the movie, Taking Chance, and I hope the whole world knows you now. We need to remember all who have fallen and thank them everyday for their service to this country. You are a hero and I will always remember you. Thank you Chance."
Deb Basalyga of Clarks Summit, PA

"In memory of those lost...

Do not stand by my grave and weep,
I am not there...I do not sleep,
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints in the snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am a gentle autumn's rain,
When you awaken in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush,
I am the birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night,
So do not stand by my grave and cry,
I am not there...I did not die.

Thank you Chance, thank you."
A forever grateful American of U.S.A.

"I watched the program "Taking Chance" this evening and was greatly moved. Thank you for sharing such a private and painful time in your lives with civilians such as myself. I am humbly grateful for what your son's life means to me, that I may live in freedom."
Barbara A. of Kernersville, NC

"Thank You Chance. You gave All. I can never say Thank you enough. Your parents raised a remarkable young man, they are to be commended. I had no idea of how a Fallen hero was escorted home until the movie Taking Chance came out. I am so pleased that the sons and daughters that gave their life for us travel home with such honor. Blessings to Chances' family"
Julie Barbier of Morgan City, Louisiana USA

"God bless you Chance...May you rest in peace forever, embraced by our sincere thankfulness. You sacrificed yourself for us as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did. I just watched the movie "Taking Chance", that honored you. Thank you for your service from all of us in the USA!"
J Murphy of Audubon, NJ USA

"We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence
We often speak your name.
Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake
With which we'll never part
God has you in His keeping
We have you in our Heart"
"They gave their lives so that we, and others, shall be free.""
The Schluter Family of Navarre, FL

"Marine Lance Corporal Chance Russel Phelps...you are a man above men..."Thank you" somehow just doesn't seem to suffice in how I feel...so please take it as more than just the words that it seems...Thank you Chance... Respectfully grateful."
Ron Northrop of Glen Hazel, Pennsylvania, United States of America

"From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli;
We will fight our country's battles
In the air, on land and sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title
of United States Marine.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze
From dawn to setting sun;
We have fought in ev'ry clime and place
Where we could take a gun;
In the snow of far-off Northern lands
And in sunny tropic scenes;
You will find us always on the job--
The United States Marines.

Here's health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve
In many a strife we've fought for life
And never lost our nerve;
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines...... Rest in peace Chance, may God be with you and yours."
Semper Fidelis of Austin, Texas

"To the Phelps family. Our family grieves with you and will pray for you. Thank you. Sam & Anne Bell"
Anne Bell of Plano, Texas

"I am eternally grateful for your service and for your sacrifice. May God bless your soul and comfort the hearts of your family and friends. Celer, Silens, Mortalis... Semper Fidelis... God bless you, Chance"
One of the few, the proud.... a Marine of Texas

"Thank you for your service to our country. I will not forget your name."
Allison Morris of Suwanee, Georgia USA

"As a retired marine, I feel the pain everyday that one of my brothers is taken long before there time. I had a son wounded in 2007 in the AlAnbar province of Iraq also. On Tuesday Feb. 24,2009 I will be attending the funeral of Sgt.Trevor Johnson KIA on Jan. 27th in Afghanistan. I will also be thinking of Chance as I am on the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery. May God richly bless the Phelps and Johnson families."
Sgt.Major Sayo UCMC(Ret) of Claymont Delaware

I never met you but i was stationed on Camp pendleton too, thank you for your service. "Semper Fi""
HM2 (FMF) Alvarado of San Diego

"I just got done watching Taking Chance on HBO and I must say I am eternally greatful to him, his family and friends, and all those who have served this country! I come from a military family myself!

Semper Fi"
With Love, Tawny M of Twin Cities, Minnesota

"Well done young man and may God be with You."
Mike Fasano of Ontario, Canada

"Chance, Thank you for your service."
Gary & Lisa Bulger of Middleburg, FL

"NOT for nothing! You will be remembered always."
A Stranger of Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you Chance"
Dave of Norfolk, V.A.

"To the Phelps Family,
Chance was the heart and soul of Lima Battery 2nd Plt. We all loved him and will forever miss him. He was a bigger man than the rest of us combined, and could always make us smile.
Semper Fi Devil Dog"
Cpl B. D. Poole Lima Btry Guns/2nd Plt. of Fremont Nebraska

"Phelps family, I was pround to serve with your wounderful and honorable son. PFC Phelps was an outstanding Marine and the men of Lima BTRY will never forget his actions that let us come home to our families. Thank you chance for being a great Marine and brother. Always in my heart."
SGT Adam Lanier (ret) of 3/11 lima btry

"Semper fidelis, Chance.

We have Col. Strobl's story posted on our website at toysforkidsvt.com.

The Marines of the Donald Cook Detachment"
Donald Cook Detachment, Marine Corps League of Burlington Vermont

"To the Phelps family, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Our sons are connected by the fact that Chance died the day before Justin, They were at Dover together and were buried on the same day, just several states apart. Thank you for raising such a hero as a son. Chance, thank you for caring enough to serve this great country of ours and for paying the ultimate price. It will never be forgotten. These young men and women are true heroes and will always be honored as such. Thank you..."
Jan and Joe Johnson of Lyerly, Georgia

"I never had the pleasure of knowing you as a young man but you were a delightful little boy. Your Uncle Kyle was so proud of you. I hope you, Kyle, and your grandpa Russ are all together in Heaven talking hunting and fishing. Your Mom, Dad, and Sister are in my prayers and thoughts. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice for your country."
Carol of Mount Vernon, SD

"Chance I did not know you; I was in the Corps for 6 yrs. I want to say thank you for your service. You have given the ultimate price for our feedom. For that I will live out my life as best and as just I can. Thank You. I know that you will be guarding heavens gate. what you have done in life will last forever! Siemper Fi! Brothers till the end. Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"
J. Sibiga of Albany, NY

"Chance I did not know you; I was in the Corps for 6 yrs. I want to say thank you for your service. You have given the ultimate price for our feedom. For that I will live out my life as best and as just I can. Thank You. I know that you will be guarding heavens gate. what you have done in life will last forever! Siemper Fi! Brothers till the end. Cry Havoc and let slip the gods of war!"
J. Sibiga of Albany, NY

"Chance I did not know you, but you represent the fallen heroes. Your life was cut short and the years you were here you touched the lives of the people who had the chance to have you in theirs. You are a true American Hero.
God Speed to all the Service men and women.
God Bless"
Anthony Manzoli, CPL USMC 1984-1992 of Roseville, CA

"I never knew you Chance but have become great friends with a budy of yours who was there the day, that you where called home to be with the lord. I have heard your story and think of you often! God Bless You!!!
A great American you are!!!!

Semper Fi."
Crystal of Quantico, VA

"L/Cpl Phelps, I never had the chance to thank you. Because of your brave actions I am alive tonight writing this to you. I was one of the WIAs from the ambush. You didn't know me. I was the 1MARDIV G2A, your platoon was providing security for the DCG with whom I was traveling. I and my friend the G3OpsO were hit by machinegun fire early in the fight. I ask God everyday why I lived and you died. No answers. I live my life knowing that it is a gift, a gift from God and from your you. I hope you are at peace. Semper Fidelis brother.
LtCol Mark Johnson, USMC(ret) of Peoria, IL

"L/Cpl Chance, I never had the chance to thank you. Because of your brave actions I am alive tonight writing this to you. I was one of the WIAs from the ambush. You didn't know me. I was the 1MARDIV G2A, your platoon was providing security for the DCG with whom I was traveling. I and my friend the G3OpsO were hit by machinegun fire early in the fight. I ask God everyday why I lived and you died. No answers. I live my life knowing that it is a gift, a gift from God and from your you. I hope you are at peace. Semper Fidelis brother.
LtCol Mark Johnson, USMC(ret) of Peoria, IL

"You're still missed and loved!"
J of 29 Palms, CA

Wow I still look at your picture everyday on the fridge you had that one in a million smile ;) Thanks for being a great friend...you touched so many peoples lives I luv you buddy and can't wait to see you on the other side"
Jodie of Palisade, CO

"My name is Tommy Watson, I joined the marine corps out of Great Falls, MT. Chance was a dear friend of mine and had helped me get through boot camp. Without him singing the song from Blink 182 whats my age again and just being a friend and a marine with me i do not think i could have accomplished becoming a marine. Thank you Chance you and your family are in my prayers you are what it is to be a Marine! SEMPER FI! i will always miss you my friend
Cpl. Watson
Plt 2008
Fox Co.
Under SDI Sgt. Hussey"
Tommy Watson of Great Falls, MT, US

"Phelps family,

I served with your loved one in Iraq. I was with Kilo Battery at the time. To this day I still wear his name on my wrist. He is a fine Marine. I say is because even though he has left this world he is still on duty in heaven. You know him and JC are up there playing spades. I want to give you my heartfelt sorrow. But please know he will never be forgoten. He still has all of our flanks."
Cpl Nathan Pynn of Seattle,WA

"Hey Chance, still miss you buddy.
Sgt. Husky of washington

I was there and i will never forget EVER !!!!! God bless you and your family

Corey Hoague
3/11 2001-2004"
Corey Hoague of Vermont

You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep watch over your brothers still fighting. I miss you buddy! Rest In Peace Friend!!
Love always and forever!"
Kasey Ellis of Kearney Ne

I was stationed with you in Ramadi with 3/11 back in 2004. You were on a different escort team than me. I just got back from a mission to learn what happened. Shortly there after, We bulit a softball field in Ramadi called "Phelps Field". I have not been back to see if "Phelps Field" is still there. The 3/11 Marine Ball that year was the best and sadest ball I been to. I remember that slide show they put together to remember was great. The slide show ended with you standing with a cigar in your mouth. I still carry that image in my mind to this day. I didn't mean to make this a book, but kind turnd out that way. Well man, I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July in 2007. You may be gone brother, but never forgotten. Happy 4th of July Chance. Remember always dampen your sock to cool your water.
Semper Fi my Friend,
Sgt Cary
3/11 but now 8th Comm"
Sgt Cary, Roy. D. of Camp Lejeune, NC

"Oh, Chance. i miss you buddy. you have a smile that is one in a million. Cant wait to see it again. Miss you. You are one brave dude!"
Jessi of denver (grand junction) CO

"Chance you Mom and Sister are almost done with their walk in your honor. How lucky I am to have known you and know your family. I truely am blessed. We all miss you. And I know you've helped Ronald from where you are, cuz that's just the kind of guy you are. Thank you for so much."
Krizinne of Dubois, WY

"Dear Chance,

Thank you for giving your life for your country...you are a hero and I will remember your story...whereever your spirit is, I hope it knows you are the ultimate American! Thank you also to his parents...your sacrifice is what keeps this country great. I'm sorry for your loss"
Jason Row of Marina del Rey, CA

"Family, May God bless the Hole in your Soul left by such a great loss. My tears are with you as are my prayers. God bless the Marine Corps finest. They are a blessing to our great nation as are all of our armed forces. I am sorry for the loss of your fine Son. I know you are very proud of Him and miss Him terribly. May God comfort all of you, SEMPER FI!"
John M. Machtolff of Killen, Alabama

"I miss you so much uncle Chance and i'm so sorry i had to be in lock down when you left... i really wish i could go back in time to say good bye and give you a big hug...i'll never forget how you could always make me laugh at any time...i'd give anything to see you one last time.."
Sarah Yeoman of Buffalo Wyoming US

"Chance..I miss you little buddy..come back"
Chris of Craig

"Chance..I miss you little buddy..come back"
Chris of Babylon

"Dear Chance:

I came to visit you this past Memorial Day Weekend at the Faces of the Fallen exhibit while at Arlington National Cemetery. I was glad to find you in the same section/company with 2 other Outstanding Heros: Pat Tillman and (MOH nominee)Cpl. Jason Dunham. I left you, (and the other two) a Beirut Challenge Coin honoring the men who also didn't make it home. - Semper Fidelis"
Bill Kibler of BeirutStamp.com

"To the Phelps family,
Words cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am. I had the pleasure of taking your son and making him into a Marine. I was Chance's Senior Drill Instructor. I am sorry for you loss. I still cannot put into words what I want to say except for I am sorry for your loss. And I know that the world will not be as bright with out Chance or as his mom would address his letter as "chancer” I do miss him and I am sorry for your loss.
Semper Fi Marine, you will not be forgotten."
SSGT James M Hussey of Alpha Co 1st Bn 5th Marines


I attended your funeral at Dubois, Wyoming. For years I worked at the power plants in Hayden & Craig, Colorado. I knew members of your family & friends of yours. Everyone spoke of you in rare terms.

On the day of the funeral, I drove up from Denver... it was snowing lightly the whole way. When I drove into DuBois there were many familiar faces, some of which I had not seen in years. The high school gymnasium was decorated out sharply. There was a sense of loss, but also of reverence. The family, the guests, all of the various members of the Armed Forces, and the men of the VFW. Quite a gathering. The speaker was from the Pentagon... he spoke of 9/11 and we wept one & all. Some of the letters you sent were read aloud & we could hear your voice echoing within all of us. A moment distinct in my mind forever etched was when the skies opened that afternoon and a bald eagle was soaring above.

I have your funeral announcement in my briefcase as a reminder of how grateful I am to have known of you. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. It is my genuine hope that when this nation finally does bring our sons & daughters home from the middle-east that we will have a national day of remembrance & recital of the names of the fallen just as they did for those who died in other wars. Even if only to be in attendance when your name in the roll call of those fallen is called out, I want to voice "Thank you, Chance", to express my sincere gratitude & reverent respects.

Rest in peace, warrior. You will never be forgotten."
C.N. 'Case' Hicks of Lakewood, CO

"Family of Chance:
My family feels honored that Chance served our country with pride. I read about Chance last week 6-15-06 after meeting with your freinds in Gettysburg. There is never enough words to help heal the great loss, but the story about Chance has humbled my family. It is our pray that you know in your hearts that Chance is watching over you all, and I know that He is with our Heavenly Father. He served a great mission the short time he was here. I hope that we may meet someday soon. As parents of two sons we know that our oldest son Jamie will be a Marine some day, and I am proud that he is going to be a Marine because there is a special brotherhood that will never be broken.
God Bless you all, and Thank you for raising such a fine Marine. I want you to know that the statue that my son is erecting is also in honor of Chance, and all of our Fallen Hero's.

The Bryner Family"
Curtis and Diana Bryner of Needmore, Pa

"Chance :
"From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli".I should have wrote this message a long time ago but i never had the courage to actually look at this page because of the pain i felt , i didn't get a chance to actually meet you but from the stories i heard from the marines of 3/11 i was moved and also impressed you are a special person you touched everyone's heart even people who actually never met you we love you chance , you are always on our mind don't forget If the Army and the Navy Ever gaze on Heaven's scenes,
They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. WE LOVE YOU CHANCE."
Cpl Adeyeye of washington DC

"To the family of: Chance R. Phelps I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"To Chance's family. I have been wearing your son's hero bracelet for over a year. I will not take it off until this insanity is over. My Marine came home. You and Chance are my heroes."
A Marine Mom of Texas

"To The Phelps Family,
I had served with you son in Iraq, and wanted to let you know you will always be in my prayers.

Semper FI"
Sgt. Fernando J. Pina of Greeley, CO > stationed in Norfolk, VA

"Chance Phelps,
One of the funniset guys I ever knew. I remember sitting outside of gym class and hanging out by the jeep while Norell yelled cause she caught you chewing! Wow, seems like yesterday. You touched so many lives and still did after you passed, you will never be forgotten and are always in my heart."
Lauren Thackaberry of Grand Junction, Colorado

"Thank You So Much Chance! I'll Never Forget The Fun Times We Shared!"
Ashley of Clifton, CO

"I can't thank you enough for your service and your sacrifice for my freedom. May God Bless You and Your Family."
Jennifer C of S Carolina

"My most respectful condolences to Chance and his family. I never knew him, but have the utmost respect for him. I read his story by LtCol Strobl
and I miss him too, he has touched us all, god bless."
Steven Disipio of Olympia, WA

"i would like to start by sending my love to chance's friends and family. i am the sister of michael mitchell who was kia 04/04/04 in sadr city, iraq. i feel your pain. i stumbled across this article written about chance, and i didn't know if you had ever read it or not. i figure if you are anything like me, you would love to have as much information that you can about your loved one. here is the link to the msn story that has an article written by lt. col. michael strobl. he is the one who accompanied chance home. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7180982/

if you ever feel like you want to talk, i am part of a group called gold star families for peace, the website is gsfp.org we have about 50 members at this time. it is nice to have a group of people you can converse with that understand your grief and can be supportive."
christine of atascadero, ca

"On this first anniversary...we will never forget. You are the reason we here at home live in freedom."
Laurel Tremaine of SF Bay Area, CA

"Chance, you were a great guy i only knew you for a short time, but the times that i do remember, are all your boys goin' frodin' in the dessert, havin a great time, We all will never forget your great company.
GET 'R' DONE!!!!
Fireman Michael Mink U.S. NAVY of Grand Junction, Colorado United States

"Bless those who have fallen, and make us worthy of their sacrifices."
CSE of Edina, Minnesota, USA

"Mr. Phelps:
I can't thank you enough for all you and your family has done. Your family and your son have paid the highest price for freedom, my freedom - our freedom – the nations freedom. I am a former U.S. Marine who served in the tail end of the first Gulf war and in Somalia. I know the pride and dedication you and your son have and am proud to have served in a military with such honorable men as yourselves. I can never express my true gratitude for what you and your son have done. However, I give you both a whole hearted Ohhhh! Raaaa! and Semper Fi! (Semper Fi means Always Faithful for those who don’t know and is the motto of the Marine Corps.) I currently have a package before HQ Marine Corps for reenlistment and I hope it gets approved because you are right in what you have said, “We're fighting them on their own ground…If we don't, they'd be over here.” I will be and am proud to wear/to have worn the same uniform as your son. I put him right up there with all the other heroes and legends such as Chesty Puller and Dan Daily!

Semper Fi,
Cpl Niko"
Darren Nicholson of Durham, NC

"Mr Phelps and his son Chance:

I saw your painting done at Arlington by your father to honor you, what love shines in that painting. God Bless you man and Semper Fi. You are America's very finest."
Dan Weakley of Peoria

"Chance, A simple thank you can't describe my gratitude for your sacrifice for our country. Thank you to your family for their sacrifice too. May God help ease the pain of your family and friends loss. God bless you and your family. I do."
Maria of Misawa AB, Japan

"Rest in peace Chance. You are a hero and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget the story I read about you. Marines Kick @%&."
Mike Grimaud - Former Army Ranger of Washington, DC

"To Chance
Chance I know you already know this but man I love you. Rember that trip we took down to Moab!!! I think I am still paying that bill. How about when we rerouted the town of Maybell with ol' Em and Daunel. Man I love you Brother and I thank God I got to meet ya, I just wish I could of been over there with you. Don't worry when it's my time I will see you again and you know we will raise a little hell in heven. If there is any Elk up there save some for me, I love you brother. SEMPER FI"
Lcpl John Hakes of 1st Tank Bn Delta Co 29 Palms CA

"My Father knows Chances Step-mom from Craig, And he and I talked about Chance and even though I never got to meet him, I wish I could have, because he is one of a kind, A country boy from the Moutains who loved his Country, Family and Freedom. Someday when I return home to Colorado I will visit Chance at his final resting place up in Wyoming. See you then Chance
Very Respectfully, Jed"
Petty Officer 2nd Class Jed F. May of Naval Station Pearl Harbor, HI

"I know you not, but i feel that you are doing me a great honour by laying down your life for my freedom and security.Rest well young soldier."
B E McGonigle of Ireland

"From one Arty man to another, Semper Fi Marine. You will never be forgotten. As long as the Corps is alive a part of you will be there as an inspiration to the men on the ground. "When he gets to heaven, to St Peter he will tell, 'One more Marine reporting, Sir. I've served my time in hell'"."
Keith Davis of Paragould, Ar

"to the phelps family,
i attended school at ft sill and went to iraq with your son . he was a great friend and marine. my thoughts and prayers are with you"
lcpl depiano of twentynine palms ca

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"Private Phelps, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

I'll never forget you and the memories that we had, there was never a dull moment we were always doing something. From Rideing horses to re-routeing the town with road construction, from the crazy drunk man at the gas station to everything else that we did you are my body gaurd. I can't name all the waky stuff that we did but we had fun at what ever we did. I'll never forget when I first seen you when you came back from bootcamp, how hard I cryed and gave you the biggest hug and glad you were home and that my Chancer was more of a man, he's a marine. I can go on and write a book but I've got to leave room,Chance Thanks for always being there for me, when I needed a shoulder and a big brother to me, I love and miss you so much, I'll see you agian at the gate and I am going to give you the biggest dang hug.
Love Always
Laura Nottingham of Maybell CO

"PFC Phelps, you volunteered and gave your all for a noble cause. Never have I wept as much for a fallen hero as I have for you. Thanks for your service, Marine, and may we strive to be worthy of your sacrifice. From the proud Marine dad of your brother in arms, LCpl Evans, 1st Platoon, K Btry, 3rd Brigade, 11th Marines."
Mark Evans of Plano, TX

"From another fallen hero's family. Sometimes it helps to know there are others who know and understand your grief and sorrow. We also lost our son on 040904 in Iraq, but have continued our lives in honor of our son as he would want that. Be strong for our Marines."
Pam & John Speer proud parentsof Sgt Michael Speer USMC of Redield Ks USA

"Walking for Chance is giving 100% of our proceeds to the Chance Phelps' Memorial Fund to send Brunton Binoculars to Chance Phelps' fellow Marines in Iraq. Read about it at www.walkingforchance.com"
Walking for Chance of Arlington, VA

"Walking for Chance is giving 100% of our proceeds to the Chance Phelps' Memorial Fund to send Brunton Binoculars to Chance Phelps' fellow Marines in Iraq. Read about it at www.walkingforchance.com"
Walking fro Chance of Arlington, VA

"To The Family of Pfc Phelps:

Though we are strangers, we want you to know how sorry we are your Chance was taken from you. There is no doubt his thoughts were of you as he served with the Marines in Iraq. We will never forget. You are in our hearts. (5/6/04)"
Carol & Larry Miller of Tampa, FL

"PFC Chance Phelps, while you are now guarding Heaven's gates, may your family find comfort knowing you Honorably gave your life in the name of Freedom. Semper Fidelis. A USMC Beirut Veteran."
Bill Kibler of beirutstamp.com - Washington, DC

"To the family of Chance Phelps, USMC: I was moved by the story of Chance, his family, and hometown, written by a fellow marine. It really brought home the tragedy of each serviceperson's sacrifice and the loss they leave behind. Look to your family and friends and be strong; this too shall pass."
Carlos Suarez of San Francisco, CA

"Dear Chance, as a marine you knew the price you might face,and you still put your self in danger to protect this contry that so many love, you stood bravely and fought, and for that we are forever in your debt. May heaven welcome you with open arms and may your family know you will not be forgotten"
Jimmy Nay of Fruita Colorado USA

"To the Phelps family you have our heart felt sympathy and prayers."
Sharon King of Seffner FL USA

"God bless Chance Phelps and his comrades in arms. I am forever thankful for their valor and sacrifice."
Michael E. Jones of Pittsford, NY

"I want to say thank you Chance for giving your life so the rest of us could be free . I dont know if you remember me but we went to school together in Craig. I want to give my condolances to the family and friends of this brave solider. Semper Fi"
Chad Ogburn of Glenwood Springs Colorado

"To The Family of Chance Phelps: I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. He is a hero, whose bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. A salute to a fallen soldier- THANK YOU, CHANCE! May you rest peacefully in Heaven."
Tina Rexroad, sister-in-law of Peter Enos, who was also KIA on 4/09/04 of WV

"To the Parents and friends of Chance Phelps,
My heart and prayers are with you today. Your Marine will never be forgotten."
Melinda Livingston, Proud Mom of a U.S. Marine, 3/11 K, 1st Plt. of Ohio, USA

"To The Family and Loved Ones of PFC Chance Phelps.. May God guide you through the difficult days ahead. Our deepeset sympathy for the loss of your son, Chance who is our brave and courageous hero. We shall keep you in our hearts and prayers from another Marine Family who has a son serving his 2nd tour in Iraq. Semper Fi"
The Williams Family, USMC of California

"To The Family and Loved Ones of PFC Chance Phelps.. May God guide you through the difficult days ahead. Our deepest sympathy for the loss of your son, Chance who is our brave and courageous hero. We shall keep you in our hearts and prayers from another Marine Family who has a son serving his 2nd tour in Iraq. Semper Fi"
The Williams Family, USMC of California

"To the Parents and Family of Chance,
Wanted to let you know that my son, a friend of Chance's, just called me from Iraq. He wanted to tell me about the beautiful memorial service they had today for Chance at Camp Ramadi. He said nearly half of the entire battalion was there in memory of Chance. My son said that Chance was one of those guys EVERYBODY liked--that there wasn't one single person who didn't like him. My thoughts go out to you and your family."
Paula Husky, mother of David, 3/11, L Battery, 2nd platoon of Bellingham, Washington

"From one Marine family to another
"Though you cannot always see the bird singing, if you listen with your heart, you can always hear his song.
Though the ones we love may leave life as we know it, in our memory, the love we knew will always carry on." unknown author
Our heart and thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Your precious Chance will not be forgotten. He was a true American!"
Charles Davis family of Kailua, Hawaii

"Chance We never got to say goodbye when you left but we always thought of you and missed you dearly. we will always have the memory of your forest gump impressions and how you always laughed at our goofy faces that we would make. we only knew you for a short time but it felt like a life time. we will always have you in our hearts. we will always remeber and love you."
Ashley & Brittney Frasco of Clifton, CO

"Chance I wanted to take this oppertunity to tell you that I love you, in more ways than one.... You were a Great friend to my brother and to me as well... and you were the most beatuiful person I have ever met, inside and out.... I had a crush on you ever since you walked into my life. You were such a heart breaker with your sweet dimples and your baby blue eyes and I couldn't say no to your knee weakening smile... I know I was just KAT Johns little sister but thanks for believing in me and I can't wait to get older and be like you because Pfc. Chance Russell Phelps... You are my HERO and god bless you for fighting for our country... I know you will be looking down and protecting John when he is overseas... I love you always..
Kathleen Margret Hakes"
Kathleen Hakes of Grand Jct. Colorado

"To the family and friends of PFC Chance R. Phelps

There are many loving and caring Americans from all over the United
States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has
made for our Freedom. In the Support section of this web site you
will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial
time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a
quilt to the next of kin. Please register so we can send you
our "Love Stitched Together."

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort
in love's everlasting connection.

Proud Member Of Marine Comfort Quilt group, and Proud Marine Mom"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

"Dear Chance,
We are very appreciative of the sacrifice you have made for us and the USA without people like you we would be in a mess. You are our HERO and will never be forgotten. We know that you are smiling down on us right now with those big dimples you have. We love you so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time."
The Hampton's ( Bill, Michelle, Teisha, Ryan, Bryan, Heather and Aunnika of Craig, CO

"Rest in Peace Tufelhunden....Semper Fi"
The Taylors USMC of NC"

"Im very sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers are with your family and friends at this time. I personally did not know Chance, my cousin LCPL Defond and his friend knew Chance. They were with the same unit 3/11.
East Hartford, CT"
AnnMarie of East Hartford,CT

"To the Family of Chance:
Please accept our condolences for the loss of your brave family member. May God Bless you and help you through this time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"To Chance's Family:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincere condolences to you. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our prayers are with you and we thank you for his bravery and sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Dear Chance,
Thank you for fighting for me and the rest of America in Iraq. You were fighting an enemy of incredible evil and trickery, yet you came away a hero for your brave actions. What you did was not only brave, but the right and honorable thing. You are a heroic person for standing up to such an evil force. Thank you Chance."
mark reif of winchester, VA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Chance, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Thank you Chance Phelps, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Chance Phelps:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Chance for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Chance Phelps:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Chance, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on