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Army Sgt. Michael G. Owen

31, of Phoenix, Arizona.
Owen died in Karabilah, Iraq, when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to the 9th Psychological Operations Battalion, 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Died on October 15, 2004.

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"Love and miss you, forever in our hearts and minds. God Bless"
Ken Buzard of Litchfield Park Az USA

"Missing you Battle Buddy! Think of you often. Such great memories serving with you in Bamberg, Germany."
Jaime Dugan of Jacksonville, FL

"Memorial Day, 2020
What a different time we are living in right now, and yet some things forever stay them same. The feelings of your loss do not diminish and the pain and grief hold on every day. I still miss you every day and there is not a second of the day that I don稚 think of you and wish I could hear your voice again and see you you again. I love you every second of every moment of every day."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"I wish heaven had a phone Michael. You never leave my thoughts and you are often a topic of conversation in my home. In the past 11 years I've grown from a bratty teenager to a wife and a mother and I'm pretty sure that you are proud of the choices I've made and the steps taken to get there. Hudson Michael will know everything about you, he's named after my hero!
With as much love as possible!"
Caley of Scottsdale, Az

"Dear Michael, I am so proud to find this Memorial to honor your service to our great nation. The Owen family are so proud of your bravery. I will always remember you as a young boy visiting us in the summers in Texas. Larissa, Loyd and Will talk of you often. We were so sad to here of this happening to such a wonderful young Man. This is something that no one will ever get over, but we try to understand that God, has other missions for you. You will always be loved and remembered as an American Hero. God bless your memory and the one's like you who have served before you and will serve after you.
Loyd Owen"
Loyd Owen of Oakwood, Texas/ USA

"just thinking of you, you'll always be missed ..."
Ken Buzard of Johns Creek, Georgia

"10 years has gone so quickly yet so slow. I can not believe how much time has gone by. You are still missed."
Angela of Oshkosh, WI

Loving and missing you today, as always."
Steve of Scottsdale,Az

"Normally I just talk to you to myself but I feel like I just need to get something's out. I miss you so much! I love you with all my heart! There have been so many things that have happened that I wish I could at least ask your opinion about. You've been my role model and my guidance for longer than anyone will know. There are so many times I wish I had you for advice but everything happens for a reason. The only thing I regret is that I never knew you better. We had a large age gap and I wish that we could've been there for each other as we both were adults. I miss you so much. I'll love you forever and always think about you and try to be the man that I always saw you as. With As much love as possible,

Your brother Max Hutchison"
Max Hutchison of Phoenix, AZ

"Crystal, New words, old memories link forever in our minds filled now with hope and love for those whose hearts are filled with joy because of your love. Forever in my prayers and heart. God's blessings"
AK of Hebron, IN

"Happy Veterans Day Michael. Thanks for your ultimate sacrifice. Love you"
Steve of Scottsdale, Az.

"Nine years, Never forgotten, Love and miss you as always."
Steve of Scottsdale

Can not believe that it has been 9 years since I heard of your ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Mike for your sacrifice. I will be wearing my bracelet tomorrow and telling my students of you. With love to you and your family."
Laura G of Winston Salem NC

Happy 40th Birthday Michael! You are always in our hearts and minds, never a day goes by without you in our thoughts.

I love you always,"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"9-24-13. Happy Birthday Mike, Love and miss you as always"
Steve of Scottsdale

"Just thinking of your sacrifice and those left behind on this Memorial Day."
Erik of Cave Creek

"You are loved and missed!"
Mom of Scottsdale

"Miss you Mike your Brother in arms"

"Mike, it was an honor to have known you. There is comfort in knowing that we will all see you again one day. Until that time, you will not be forgotten."
1SG TC Carter of Tampa, Florida


Sitting here watching the rain and listening to Christmas music and thinking of you and how much you are missed.

We love you each and every day!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ



I miss you so much!

You went away, I miss you!
How dare you?
They say I値l be okay
But I知 not going to ever get over you.

Living alone here in this place
I think of you, and I知 not afraid

But you went away
How dare you?
I miss you
They say I値l be ok
But I知 not going to ever get over you
It really sinks in when I see it in stone
Cause you went away, how dare you?
I miss you
They say I値l be ok
But I知 not going to ever get over you

These words are from a song and I hear it and I only think of how much I miss you.

I love you now as much as I ever have."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Thank You Mike! Never forgotten. 10-15-2004"
Laura of North Carolina

"Mike, You have been on my mind lately. I just want you to know what an honor it was to serve with you back in the 82nd. Some of my fondest memories are with you at Bragg. You were a great friend. The sacrifice you made for this country and your fellow soldiers will never be forgotten!"
A. Winzenburg of Sauk Rapids, MN, USA

"Happy Birthday Michael! Thirty-nine years ago today you made your appearance in this world, I would have never imagined your time would be so short. You blessed us all with your warmth and humor and not a day goes by that we don't miss hearing your laughter or just the sound of your voice.

You are forever in our hearts and we miss you every day. Time has not healed this pain!

I love you more than you could have ever imagined."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Happy Birthday my dear"
All my love, Crystal Owen of Alaska

"Missing you brother. Can't talk about you without crying. I really miss you bro."
Ray Torres of TX

"Boots on the ground Sept. 11, 2004 and you told me not to worry baby. Here I am 7 years later with just a memory. Miss you Mike."
All my love, Crystal of Alaska

"Remembering Micheal on this Memorial Day 2012,RIP ..."
'Uncle' Kenny of Peoria, AZ

"Love and Miss you brother. Thanks for all of your Friendship and Mentorship. I love ya bro and I know you are watching over us evey day. DWAYNE MICHAEL BILLIOTT , my 3 year old carries names of some of the most HONORED and ADMIRED men ever on this earth. we all love you bro"

"Missed you today like every other day, wish you were here. Merry Christmas"
Steve of Scottsdale

"Merry Christmas Michael,
WE miss you and love you today and always. We wish you were still here with us today."
Mom of Scottsale, AZ

"Mike had a way of breaking down the serious mood that we always tried to keep in the 82d. His laid-back demeanor made him a special trooper and a great friend. Miss you buddy."
JI Kester of Ft. Bragg NC, USA

"Time does not heal all pain, it still feels like yesterday when our world as we knew it ended. You are missed and loved by all of us and not a minute in the day goes by without you being in our thoughts. There are still times when I think this is all just a terrible dream and soon I will wake up and my world will be perfect again. There is such a void in my world but I am getting better every day with hiding it from others.

I love you and miss you so much that my heart hurts."
MOM of Scottsdale, AZ

"You are not forgotten."
MAJ Leigh Palmer

missing you Michael ..."
Uncle Ken of Peoria, AZ

"Happy Birthday, Michael! I miss you each day more than you could ever imagine. Wishing you were here with us to share your day.

I love you."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Happy Birthday Mike,Missing you as much today as always. Love and miss you!"
Steve of Scottsdale, Az.

"Mike not day goes by that I do not think of you? I know you are now safe in the arms of our lord.

Uncle Chuck"
Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas

"Dear Friends and Family of Michael Owen,
My name is Dennis Feeney. I was there and witnessed that tragic moment. I did not know Sgt. Owen for long, but the few hours I worked with him, shot the breez with him, and talked about life before that patrol, made a huge impact in my life. I still remember everything like it was yesterday. He was a good man.
If any family or friends could please contact me, I would like to talk about what a good man he was. There are some things that typed words just cant describe. Thank you and God Bless.

Dennis Feeney,

Dennis Feeney of Sann Diego, CA

"Mike. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I hope by now you and Trent have been able to spend time together!


Love Uncle Chuck"
Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas

"Mike this link is in your honor

Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas, USA

"Merry Christmas Mike, Love and miss you as always"
Steve of Scottsdale

"Merry Christmas Michael,

You are loved and missed today and every day! I love you."
Mom of Scottsdale, Az

"Thank You Mike, you will never be forgotten.
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Thinking of you today Michael. Thank you for all that you did for our country. Prayers to your loved ones."
Laura G of Winston Salem, NC

"My greatest wish and most important prayer was to keep you safe while you over there. Those wishes and prayers were not to be and all I have left are the memories of what a truly wonderful person you became.

I go to sleep every night thinking I will wake up in the morning and the nightmare that started 6 years ago today will be over. Every morning I have to face the fact that this is not a dream, this is my life!

I miss you every moment and am still trying to learn to live with this pain, sometimes I think this will never happen. I love you and miss every second of every day!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"It is with a heavy heart today that I wish you a Happy Birthday, How I wish I could hear your voice, you telling me you thought you were getting old, and I'd say you were. I will always remember you as a great young man, I will remember how you lived out loud and how you sacrificed it all,and how you have made me a grateful American, but most of all, how proud of you I am and always have been, Love and miss you"
Steve of Scottsdale, Az.


Not a minute, hour or day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. I miss seeing your smile and hearing your voice each and every day but thank God, you were in my life for 31 years before you were taken from us.

HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY! I love you with all my heart."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Michael,
Today is a day to be somber and remember those who tragically lost their lives. It is a reflection of what was to come in the years ahead and the further tradedy that no one could have foreseen (10/15/2004). I thought of what an honorable man you became and what you gave in return that all started on this day 9 years ago. Thank you. You are loved and missed dearly...."
of Phoenix, AZ


No one knows what WE feel, your FAMILY.. we miss you more then anyone in the world, living without you is a struggle every single day, others get through, move on, find someone else, have families.... we, your family, on the other hand will NEVER move on. the loss of you never leaves our thoughts or our hearts.
the loss of you is still so apparent in everything that i do. it still makes me sick to think that you are not here, and that you never will be.
looking back on the posts from OUR FAMILY, makes me sick, to know the pain that we endure everydday, when some fake it.
you mean the world to me, mom and dad, max, danny and april, the boys soon will know, susie, and i know plenty of others...
i hope you know that i think about you everyday and my heart aches with out you.
i feel that i have everything right now, but you are the piece that is missing.

I love you so much Michael and forever will you be in my thoughts and my heart.
you are the best big brother i could ever ask for and i will cherish you until the day that i am where you are.

i love you i love you i love you"
Caley of Cave Creek

""You're in a better place, I've heard a thousand times
And at least a thousand times I've rejoiced for you But the reason why I'm broken, the reason why I cry Is how long must I wait to be with you
I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now

Help me Lord cause I don't understand your ways The reason why I wonder if I'll ever know But, even if you showed me, the hurt would be the same Cause I'm still here so far away from home
In Christ, there are no goodbye And in Christ, there is no end So I'll hold onto Jesus with all that I have To see you again
And I close my eyes and I see your face If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow

I've never been more homesick than now""
Caley of cave creek


Your sacrifice for our lives is still remembered and always will be. The pain of losing you is still so strong! We will never move on without the void in our hearts for you.
I hope you know how important you were and are too us, because WE know how much WE meant to you :)
You were such a SPECIAL man and an AMAZING big brother, i just wish we had more of you to hold on to, but we do have a MILLION memories that no one can take away from us, something a picture can never give us.
i love you forever and for always, you are on my mind every second of every day, same with mom, dad, max, danny, april, and the rest of the family.

keep watching over us and keep sending me signs.
BON TRAVAIL, i love you, i love you, i love you"
sister of cave creek

"Dear Mike-
Thankyou for your ultimate sacrifice. You are always remembered with great love. Miss you so so much. Happy Memorial Day! With much Love, Hugs and Kisses........"

"This Memorial Day you are gone but not forgotten! Thank you for serving our country and everything you sacrificed. Please continue to watch over my sister and our family from above."
Angela and JayP of Oshkosh, WI

"Hey there my MAIN MAN, I know you are thinking about us as much as we are thinking about you. We miss you more and more every day. Little Dwayne Michael is a terror and i have you and my brother to thank for that, he is honored by two GREAT NAMES, lol. THanks again for being such a wonderfriend and brother to me. You will nevr be forgotten, love ya man"
SFC. Daniel and April Billiott, Emmett daniel billiott and Dwayne MICHAEL billiott of louisiana

I miss you so much... I wish you were here for so many things in my life to coach me through and teach me, but now im grown up and im doing it on my own, pretending that you are here.

I miss you and i love you i love you i love you that will NEVER change.

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we've touched""
sister of anywhere but here

"Mike, I miss you so much. I hate doing this life without you and the start of another year without you in it, just sucks. Can't wait to see you again someday. Untill then... all my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Merry Christmas Michael,
We are wishing you were here with us and hating that you aren't. I can still here your laugh and feel you with me when I need you the most. We all think of you every minute and feel the absence of your being with us with every heartbeat. Your stocking is still hung on the mantle every Christmas season and always will be. You will always be in our hearts and our thoughts.

I love you!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Mike, you are always remembered today and everyday of my life. Happy Veterans Day
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Mike, you and Jon will not be forgotten. Matthew appears to be getting better."
Uncle Ken of Peoria, AZ

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com"
Scott E. Steiner of Worthington, OH

I think about all of the things we used to talk about doing when we got back. I remember everyday the words sounding in my ear over the phone on the evening of OCT 15th. You will never be forgotten my brother. You will never ever be forgotten."
Brian Burns of Tampa, FL

"October 15, 2009
Thank You Mike for making such an impact on my families life. Thinking of you today and always."

"Mike, your are in my thoughts today and I know that you and grandpa are smiling down on all of us."
Uncle Chuck of Garland, Texas

"Miss you baby so much

All my love,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

Chuck Owen of Dallas Texas

rhonda johnston of surprise,az




"Hey brother we heard they will be honoring you with a dedication at Bragg next month. We wish we could be there for this. No one deserves it more. Ill never forget all the things you taught me about the Army and how much pride you had in being a Soldier, its where I got the pride I have today. Still missing you and thinking of you everyday. We Will be able to show our son a monument from whom he is named after once we return to Bragg. Thanks for all the memories we have, we love and miss you stil, RIP."
SFC. Daniel Billiott, April Billiott, Emmett Daniel Billiott and Dwayne Michael Billiott of Fort Polk, LA

"Hi baby just wanted to say Happy Anniversary I'll love you forever!
Miss you every day."
All my love, Crystal of NC

"July 26, 2009
Yesterday I got a chance to jump out of a plane. I understand now why you were airborne. I blew you a kiss in the clouds I flet so close to you. Sorry it ended so quickly. I miss you baby.
All my love"
Crystal of NC

"I miss you and love you with all my heart!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"I just want our old life back... I love you."
All my love, Crystal of NC

"i love you Michael. i would give up a million todays to have you here again.
watch over us and keep the positivity."

"You are in my thoughts today as I remember your service to our country and ultimate sacrifice."
Liz of Phoenix, AZ

"Michael i spoke of you today... i wish i could have know you better. i hope that my words honored your memory and your family.

i hope we have another chance to meet."
eli williamson of Chicago, IL USA

"Mike, It was great to know you are so near. Thank you for loving me and believing in me. Until we meet again...
All my love,
your wife"
Crystal of NC


I am so honored and thankful that men like you have proudly worn the uniform of an Army soldier. Crystal is a classy girl, and I know you miss her deeply. I toasted you both tonight with a cold beer. I hope you don't mind."
Neil Raaz of Ft. Worth, TX

"Hey bro, just sittin here thinking about ya, I love ya bro, now and always. Our crazy memories will never go away in my mind or heart. Were waiting on this little boy that will have a little bit of you with it, Dwayne Michael Billiott, named after my two brothers, love ya bro, danny"
danny billiott of fort polk, la

"Go Cardinals!!! Cant help but to think how excited you would be that your team is heading to the super bowl!! We will be cheering them on in your honor!!!"

"i miss you and i love you. today and forever"

"Merry Christmas Michael,

Another Christmas without you and the hole in our hearts is still as painful as the day you left us. We all miss you with all of our hearts and wish with all hearts we could hear your laugh and see your beautiful face again. You are missed more than anyone could ever know and our love for you does not fade with time. You are in my heart forever! I Love You!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"i miss you every second of every day. you are my hope and inspiration and knowing what you would do in the current circumstances makes me laugh.
me mom and dad were talking about you a lot last week, and how i used to think you hated me and you hid under my bed...
the past four years have been hell without you, but we are not going to let you down. we will stay a strong family like we always have been and you will be here just like you always were.

i love you forever michael."
Caley of Scottsdale

"just thinking and praying for you and Sarah."

"Crystal you are not alone. I'm sure you know that but sometimes it's nice to hear. You have God on your side. He wants to be there for you. I hope that you turn to him because he is the only one who can heal you. Sometimes he does that by bringing into our lives people who can help. I wish that all your pain could be taken away in an instant but I know that God has a bigger plan for you. We just don't always understand or see that when we are in the throes of pain. It hurts to see you like this. I wish that I could take it from you. I wish I could do the same for Sarah even though I don't know her. I have a husband serving. I sometimes think about how well I would hold up under the same circumstances. My prayer for you is that you find a way to move on with your life while still keeping Michael with you, without so much pain. Life still holds so much for you. God is not done with you yet."
Someone who prays for you. and Sarah

"Hey brother, just wanted to say hi and let you know that April and I are having another child and he will be honored with your name. Ace Michael Billiott. I will ensure this young man and my other son Emmett Daniel always know what kind of honorable Man, Son, Brother, Husband, Friend and Soldier you were and will always be. What a great honor this is for us to be blessed with the opportunity to do this. We love you now as always."
Danny, April, Emmett Daniel and soon-to-be Ace Michael of Leesville, La

"Mike, I wouldn't have guessed things could have gotten harder at this point. I hope you have met up with Gary Vasquez, he was a great friend and SF soldier. Sarah, his wife and him were the first ones to get me out to a hockey game the next season after your death. I hope in some small way I will be able to help her on this long and hellish journey. I talk to you often and visit our spot but it's been a few, long hard months.

Thank you to the friends and family who still write I check the site often.
However, I'm sorry as the need to be on here where others can read my thoughts isn't the best thing right now. I have been very hurt lately and am having a hard time coming to terms with the way people have changed.

I love you Mike and miss you just the same. Please help and send extra support down when you can. Wish I could be in your embrace again.
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"October 15,2008

My dear sweet boy Michael,

Today I heard you laugh again and it sounded like the sweetest thing in the world to me. I will forever love you and miss you.

Thinking of you always with all my heart.

I love you."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"I am so proud to be an American. I am even more proud and humbled by those that are brave and strong enough to sacrifice themselves so that we may be free. I send a great big THANK YOU Michael for that very bravery. I also THANK YOU Crystal for being brave and strong even when you don't think you are. I can only hope that time has healed you enough that you don't hurt so much. You are a hero as well for you sacrificed everything for us to be free. May God Bless and heal you."
anonymous of Fayetteville NC

"I'll be at the Office later today to toast a Bud light in your honor Mike!!! Missing you....always in our hearts!!"

"I remember this day like it was yesterday, but it is hard to believe it has been 4 years since you have left us. Crystal please remember we are here for you anytime you need us. Take care and we love you."
Laura and Scott of Winston Salem, NC

"Sadness replaced by happy memories of you Mike.....you are so very much missed...Love you and always thinking of you"

"We miss you, brother! May God be helping you to watch over your family. You were a great man, Mike!"
Steve Aragon & Family of Houston, TX

"missing you and loving you every second of everyday

wish you were here."
Caley of Los Angeles, Ca.

"Thinking of you Mike...missing you."

"To Kay and Steve,

Everyday your hearts ache for the loss of your son. I see it, as does anyone else who knows you. You BOTH were the reason that Michael was the AMAZING man that he was. You both should be so incredibly proud and honored to be the two he called his parents.

I know the pain is unbearable at times, but remember that so many people love him and miss him the the way that you do.

Surround yourself with your family and the people that love you.

Do not give up, for it will NEVER get better but it will in time, become easier.

Love your family and cherish the moments that you have with them, and always remember that Michael is right there with you through it all.

Be proud and know that you both were so incredibly important to him.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and all of Mikes friends."

"September 27, 2008
To the family of Sgt. Michael G. Owen:
Michael gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Hey baby,
Boy it sure has been a rough couple weeks. (with more to come). Carrie and I toasted a Bud Light or 2 maybe 3 to you tonight. Then she made fun of me for buying you 4 different birthday cards. So, I'm sure you are happy with her and wonder why the hell I bought you one let alone 4 and baby I don't know why. Maybe you have an address for me where I could send them? I miss you everyday and still wonder why people said this would get easier. Maybe those are the ones who never lost someone so close. I long for my best freind. Ok, Mike I know I've been rambling so I just want to say Happy Birthday, I miss you, I love you., and I wish you were here.
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Happy Birthday Michael,

Thirty-five years ago you came into my life and I was lucky enough to have thirty-one of those years. I hope and pray that you know how much I truly love you and how very, very proud I am of you. You grew into such a truly good man and you are missed by so many people. You touched so many people with you sense of humor and the generousity of yourself.

Happy Birthday, I love you and I miss you beyond words. Wish you were here!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

I can't even find the words today. Only 1 of our friends has even remembered how important this day is to us. I love you and wish we were celebrating our 7th year together. I look forward to the day we can celebrate our love together once again.
All my love,
Your Wife"
Crystal of NC

I just found this website today when searching for information. You have been in my thoughts alot this past month since I am now learning alot about the military. I remember us playing together when we were young, and when my dad notified me that you had passed away after reading a newspaper article it hurt to know that I never got to know the man you turned into. I wish your mom and family peace."
Your cousin Katie (Kenny's daughter) of Buckeye, AZ

"Thank you for giving all that you had so we could continue to have independence. You are thought of often!"
Angela and JayP of Oshkosh, WI

"missing you a lot.
trying to make you proud.

love you forever."
Caley of Los Angeles, Ca.

"Dear Michael,
Always remembering and today honoring you. Our thoughts are with your family."
Liz of Phoenix, AZ

"I miss you so very, very much!

Always loving you,

Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"My only wish today is to have you here. Mike it doesn't get easier...I ache for you everyday.
Missing you so much, wish we could celebrate together. Never thought I'd be here at this age without you. I love you baby.
All my love, Your wife"
Crystal of NC

"Still missing you everyday bro. I will be leaving 9th PSYOP BN in a week or so and it is hard. We came here together, as a team bro, with you guiding us and leading the way (thank you for all you taught me). I am leaving now with YOU still in my heart and soul. Thank you for watching over me and the family. We love you brother, forever and always.
Danny, April and lil Emmett"
Danny Billiott of Fayetteville

"March 23, 2008


I've been thinking alot about you today as always and remembering other Easter's we had and wondering what all our lives would be like today if you had come home like you were suppose to.

I miss you terribly and love you with all my heart.

I love you forever!"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ


i still miss you so much, just as much as i always have.

i hope you helped Mark when he got up there, now you both know why you guys were so important to me. take care of him for me.

i'll love you forever and i'll never forget my big brother.

bon travail"
your sister of now Los Angeles, Ca.

"Mike, my friend, my lover, my husband
I love and miss you always.
Happy Valentines Day wish I could share it with you.
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Altho I hadn't seen you since you were 17 because of circumstances, I always dreamed that one day you would knock on my door & say "Hi, Grandma". I'll always remember that little boy that your Pa-Pa & I loved so much. I'm so proud of you & wish I'd known you better as you grew up. Your Grandma Buzard"
Elizabeth Buzard of Peoria, AZ, USA

"Merry Christmas Michael,

I miss you today as always and love you more than anything in the world.

Loving you,"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Merry Christmas Michael! As always we are happy to share in your memory with those that you loved and loved you back."
Liz & Family of Phoenix, AZ

"Family and friends of Mike, I came across this website today. Mike is on this site. I don't know if you know about it. http://www.facesofthefallen.org/
Click on "Online Portrait Gallery". Once you are at the gallery, you can either view the entire gallery or click on "Find Portrait". He is on that list."
Matt Moore of Hawaii

Remembering Mike today and the sacrifice that he gave for his country. You are in our thoughts and prayers."
Proud Family of SFC Rob Mogensen Tanya,Josh,Vanessa & Leilani of NC

"Remembering you today and always Mike...we always will love you. Keeping Crystal and your family in my thoughts and prayers. May we all find peace...never forgotten!"
Susie and the boys of NC - USA

"Reading these messages breaks my heart. I am the wife of a soldier in Phoenix and I pray that I never have to endure what Sgt Owen's friends and family have to endure. But I admire his wife's strength and poise as she day by day learns to get by without her wonderful husband by her side. I don't think I could be so strong. My heart goes out to you!"
sharon of PHOENIX, AZ

"Thinking of you and your family today. You will never be forgotten!"
A.B. of Fay NC

"Hi Mike,

I have been thinking of you and Crystal on this 3rd anniversary of your passing. We all miss you so much and I know that this is a hard day for Crystal and your family. Crystal please know that I am always for you to talk to. We love you."
Laura Gottschalk of W-S, North Carolina

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy! I thought there would be so many more days to share with you. My heart breaks every moment, not only for the loss I feel but for all the dreams and plans you didn't get to fulfill. You had so much more to do here and it isn't fair. I would trade places with you if I could in a heartbeat.

I miss you everyday and dream everyday that you are still with us. I hope you know we will never stop loving you and we will never stop missing you.

I love you and I will say to you now what I said to you the last time we talked...

Be safe, see you soon and always know that I love you and am so proud of the man you have become.

Happy Birthday, until we are together again."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Happy Birthday
I miss you
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"I had the priveledge of serving with Mike in Bamberg Germany. He was my NCOIC when he was first promoted to Sergeant. He taught me alot about being not only a soldier, but also an NCO. I saw again at Fort Bragg right before we both deployed and was amazed that he hadnt changed abit. He was still smiling and still the surfer. I recently found out that he had passed and was in disbelief. You will truely be missed Mike. To his family, you are in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. He was truely one of a kind. And Mike, " BLUE BABE, SIR""
SFC Greg Workman of Fort Leonard Wood ,MO


I don't write in this website too much because the pain of my fallen brother is still there. Its been a long time since your departure, but the pain still lingers within. I miss you bro."
Ray of Somewhere in Iraq

I finally did it, I drove the Wrangler! Not just around town but all the way to the beach. (with encouragement from my girlfriend, Sara) Then I took it 4 wheeling out onto the beach like we always used to do. I sure miss you and those days. You'd be proud...we won "oldest jeep" at the Jeep Clubs annual beach party, 100$ gift card for upgrades to the Wrangler.
I also tried surfing again and I've never had a bigger bruise in my life! I really do still need you babe.
Happy Anniversary
All my love,"
Your Wife of NC

I would do anything to have you here. It is a perfect night at the beach. Wish more then anything we could continue to add to all our great nights like that special one 6 years ago last night.
I miss you so.
All my love,"
your wife of some North Carolina Island

"Your MOM is everything you said she was bro,I now see the bond you always told me about from her words, I am lucky ...........I know why you ARE the Fine MAN that you ARE..........Because of that wonderful woman you always told me about. We love you bro, (CLU)Danny"
SSG Daniel Billiott of fAYETTEVILLE, NC


I have spent most of the day thinking about the 4th of July we spent in Chicago together and what a great time we all had. I am so thankful for these memories and cherish each one.

I miss you so much and wish you could be here everyday.

It doesn't get any better!

I love you more than life itself."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Dear Michael,
Today brings special thoughts of you and your loved ones. Always remembering...."
Liz & Family of Phoenix, AZ

"i seriously miss you so much. tonight i danced my last recital ever... i just wish you could have been there. for you to see me dance just once.

theres not one moment that goes by that im not thinking of you and wishing you were here with us.

"i wish you freedom.
i wish you peace.
i wish you nights of stars that becken you to sleep.
i wish you heartache that makes you more then a man.
i wish i could be there, but i can't.

i wish you places, that sit so still. where people never ever change
and never will.
i wish i could hold you and make you understand.
i wish i could be there, but i can't.

be good for your mama,
cause she'll need a hand to hold.
Boy, she loves you more then you'll ever know.
There are rhymes and there are reasons and time when nothing stayed the same. but you know my love still remains.

i wish you wisdom.
i wish you years.
i wish you armies to conquer all your fears.
i wish you courage for all that life demands.
i wish i could be there, but i can't.


i love you michael. so so much.

i wish YOU could be here."

We did not know Michael but I saw his name on the back window of someone's SUV and I thought I would look him up. I just wanted to say thanks to you Michael (and to your family) for your service. We won't forget your sacrifice and wish your family all the best.
Scott & Jan Longman
Phoenix, AZ"
Scott Longman of Desert Ridge, AZ

"Dear Mike,
With our utmost respect, honor and gratitude, we think of you..."
Liz & Family of Phoenix, AZ

"Hey Mike,
Tonight, thougths of you flooded my mind and my heart ached. I was holding Javi as tears rolled down my face. I wish you could see the boys. I talk about you to them often. They will know how much you mean to their mommy and daddy.
Please Mike watch over Ray. He needs your strength and bravery. Thank you for always being my friend. Loving you always..."
Susie of Raeford, NC/USA

"i miss you so much. its unreal.

13 days of high school left. i wish you could be there.

i love you"

"My dearest husband,
The pain of loosing my best friend still remains. I can't let this day pass without telling you I love you and miss you so much. It has been 30 months today that you left me. Alone (a "W")at 30 I never thought I'd be. Life is so hard being here without you. All my love,"
your wife of NC

"Thank you for all you have given us in the past year and half.
We feel blessed to have had you as part of our family.
You will not be forgotten!"
Family in Wisconsin

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I made the Pub Crawling Team this year, I think all I have to do is cross the finish line. :)
(sure wish you were on my team)
Miss and Love Ya,"
Crystal of NC

""Did I lose everything I believe in?

Imagine the world with no sky
Imagine the oceans run dry
Imagine I never see the view of my
Imagine no sun and no rain
Imagine that each days the same
It doesn't matter what I do in a

I can't stand the thought of breathing till I see you again"

Happy Valentines Day Mike
Hugs and Kisses I miss you
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Hey bro just wanted to tell you that I love you and that the best thing that ever happened to me was you coming in to my life when you did. Thank you and I love you. I will be sure and kick your little sisters butt and make sure she knows that nothing her or your main man "max" could ever do would ever dissapoint YOU. We miss you and now I know why you always bragged about the crew in AZ. Love ya bro."
daniel billiott of north carolina

""Those we hold dear never leave us. They live on in the kindness they showed, the comfort they shared, and the love they brought into life."

Thank You Michael for all the wonderful things you brought to my life, to our life. I read somewhere that if you celebrate the years behind you they become stepping-stones of strength for the years ahead. So on the first of this New Year I celebrate your life Mike and the place I had in it. Thank you dear husband."
Crystal of NC

"I had the honor of serving with Mike in the 82nd Airborne. We enjoyed playing football on Sundays at Ft. Braggs Hendrick Stadium. Mike, Armedariz, Wenzenburg and I lived within a mile of each other in Fayetteville and spent many nights at each anothers homes. He was a genuinely nice guy and his family should be proud of him."
J. Kester of North Carolina


Merry Christmas Michael,

I love you and think about you every minute of every day. I missed you today and thought of you constantly.


of Scottsdale, AZ

"Dear Michael,

Merry Christmas!! Jason has several pictures of you in his house at different points of your life. There is one of me and you at Christmas and you were a teenager and I looked like one (ha ha). Your bright eyes always shined even then. I am glad to have known you and although, I will never be able to totally understand what your immediate family goes through daily, it does trickle down to those that care about them too, keep the watch and know that you are thought of often...
Liz of Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Mike-
Just wanted to give thanks to you for being "you" and all that you have done. You are tenderly loved and immensely missed. Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Westcoast Friend:)"

"Things will never be normal again. I've finally come to realize that. All there is now is fighting and arguing and crying and being depressed. Im not blaiming you, but i know that if you were still here things would be different.
I miss you everyday of my life. I'm scared to not be able to go on without you, but i'm even more scared to be able to.
I've screwed up so bad. I could be going to Duke. Where you wanted me to go. And so close to you. I know I could have gotten in there. I'm so sorry that i've disappointed you.
I can't keep sitting here and wishing things were different but its hard not too. Something has to change, but im so scared of what its going to be...
I'm going to live my life to the fullest so that I have a million amazing stories to tell you when we meet again.

i'll love you forever."
Caley of Arizona

"November 11, 2006
Thank you Michael for your honor, commitment, courage, sacrifice, and love in our shared life and military career. Missing and loving you as always."
Your honored wife, Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

Ive been thinking about you...I miss you and I wish you could be here now...Im getting older and I wish we could've had more time to hang out together. And I wish you couldve seen me graduate. I miss you."
Max of Flagstaff

"Dear Son,

Two years ago my life, as I knew it, ended.

Two years ago all the joy left my heart.

But two years ago the love I feel for you everyday never left. You are as a strong and powerful in my heart as when you were still here with us all.

I miss you and love you with all my heart and the pride I have in you will never waver.

I didn't get to say goodbye to you and I won't say it now. I'll just say what I said the last time we talked...

I am so very proud of you and the man you are, see you soon and keep safe.

I love you"
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"My dearest husband, 15 OCT 2006
It is so hard here without you and it doesn't get easier. I miss you, my best friend.

"Here is when I know our love,
Here is when I feel it's power,
Here in the absence of it.
This is my darkest hour." sara groves

All my love,"
Crystal of NC

You will always be remembered for who you are and what you have done for us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family always.
Carrie and Corrie"

"Dear Crystal, Kay, Steve, Max, and Caley
Your loved one was very special and continues to be missed so much. Please know that friends are praying prayers of comfort for you and prayers of thanks for having been part of such a wonderful life as Mike's."
A thankful friend of North Carolina

"I found myself thinking of all of you often this week and as you float through the sky today know that my most heartfelt prayers are drifting through the clouds with you. Love to you all..."
Liz of Phoenix, AZ

"We are always thinking about you and Crystal. Our prayers are always with you guys. Love, Laura, Scott, and Sydnie"
Laura Gottschalk of Winston Salem NC

"Thinking of you always and especially this weekend."
April Billiott of Fayetteville, NC

Happy Birthday dear nephew. Not a day goes by you do not cross our minds.

Uncle Chuck of Garland, Texas

"Mike, Sept. 24, 2006
I hope you got to celebrate your birthday. Are there sports bars up where you are?
All my love,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"Happy Birthday Baby. Michael, I miss you and I love you more than anyone could ever understand."
Love, Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Walk away me boy, Walk away me boy, and by morning we'll be free, Wipe the golden tear from your Mother Dear and raise what's left of the flag for me. Happy Birthday Mike, I Love You and miss you!"
Steve of Scottsdale, Az.

"My Dearest Husband, August 25, 2006

We've shared so much through the years-
the triumphs and the heartaches,
the special days and the ordinary ones.
I can't imagine what my life would have been like if you hadn't been a part of it.
I just want to tell you that if I had it to do all over again, I would choose you Mike to share it all with me.

I'm sorry we didn't have more time
I love you and always will.
Happy 5th Anniversary
All my love,
Your Wife"
Crystal of NC

"Mike, Aug. 17, 2006
Through all the recent sorrow, pain, and tears I wouldn't trade one minute of the life we shared together. If I could go back to that special night....my answer to your question is still YES!
Thank you for giving me the best of your love.
Your Honored Wife,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

You have always been there for me when I needed you most. Thank You!
Need you, miss you, love you"
Your honored wife, Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"To the Owen Family,
I served with Mike early in his military service at Fort Bragg in the Discom. I served with Mike from 1992 until around 1996 when I belieive he left for Germany. Mike was always such a fun guy. For a few years we spent a lot of time together going to the different colleges around North Carolina just having a good time. Mike even came back to Long Island for Thanksgiving one year. I was shocked to find out of his death and would like to offer my condolences to his family and loved ones. I am going to look through some old pictures and see if I have any of Mike. If you would like to see or have them contact me at Kevduff@hotmail.com"
Kevin Duffy of Holbrook, New York

Cpl. Rangel I read your message and have sent you an e-mail to contact either me or Mike's dad Glenn Owen we really do want to hear from you. God Bless you and please be careful over there."
Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas

"To the family of Micheal please contact me ... Ive been trying since the attack to reach you ... I was the first one on the deck that mouring ... my email is oierin@hotmail.com ... I want to talk to you about my account of that day that like you forever changed my life"
Cpl. Rangel USMC of BP Vera Cruz, Iraq

"Dear Michael,

As our Nation celebrates the value of our freedom today, we think of you and thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. Continue your watch........In our hearts,"
Liz & Family of Phoenix, AZ

"Hey Mike,
I stopped by the language school last night and my memory was stung by thoughts of us hanging out. It hard not seeing your unique swagger, you grinning, or the faces you made when things weren't all that great at work. I guess I'm trying to say you are still here with us since everything about you and your ways is so easy to remember.

Your Friend,
Isaac Hubbard of Ft. Bragg, NC

"I was stationed with Sgt.Owen in Bamberg Germany. He was an amazing person. I will always remember you Mike. May god bless your family and always watch over them. Your are our HERO. Thank you!"
Jaime Dugan-Decardenas of Saint Marys, Ga USA

"May 29, 2006


"We paid our respects to you on this Memorial Day and to all the other troops who gave for freedom. We sent you our prayes of thanks from Lookout Mountain with messages attached to red, white and blue balloons. We miss you and will always remember. Our Love to you, Soldier."
Uncle Gary, Julie, Josh, Jess, Jamie and Austin Owen of Tempe, AZ

In our hearts and prayers, we never forget and will remember today and always the ultimate sacrifice that you gave.

With Love,"
Liz and Family of Phoenix, AZ

Recently JayP and I came for a visit. We not only went to see Crystal but to pay our respects to you. Seeing your name on the wall was unreal. We wear your KIA braclet daily, but to see your name with so many others touched our hearts. We took rubbings and passed them among other family members that can't make it to see your name. The experience has touched me. You hold a special place in my heart. Thank You for fighting the good fight. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers."
Angela and JayP Schabloski of Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"This message is for Michael Owen and all who continue to love and honor him. My name is Dustye Billiott. I just want to say I think of all of you often. I hope and pray that your hearts, although still broken, are able to remember Mike without breaking all over again. My brother, Danny, speaks of Mike with great pride. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts."
Dustye Billiott of Nome, Texas

"May the road rise to meet you may the wind be always at your back.....
and until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
An Irish blessing to your loved ones, our families and friends. Thank You

Happy St. Patrick's Day I promise I'll leave you green flowers today! Missing my beer drinking partner."
Crystal of Fayetteville

"One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.Sometimes there were two sets of footprints.Other times there were one set of footprints.This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my lifeWhen I was suffering from anguish, sorrow, or defeat,I could see only one set of footprints.So I said to the Lord, "You promised me, Lord,That if I followed you, you would walk with me always.But I noticed that during the most trying periods of my lifeThere have only been one set of prints in the sand.Why, When I have needed you most, you have not been there for me?"The Lord replied,"The times when you have seen only one set of footprintsIs when I carried you." may GOD Bless all of our Troops, George W. Bush and America!"
of California

"It happens in an instant. I'll be sitting or standing or walking or talking. I'll be thinking about something, anything, nothing at all. But then, there you will be racing through my mind making my heart skip a beat.

The very thought of you, in an instant makes my heart glow and then I weep and fall apart all over again.

I love you always."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"Hi Honey,
I miss you so much, life sucks without you here.
Always missing... you, my love, my friend, my partner, my hero,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC


This is Uncle Chuck, just want you to know I am thinking of you. Save a place for me next to you on the other side. You are in our hearts each day. I love you.

Uncle Chuck"
Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas

"Dear Michael,
Sometimes it seems like we forget the true purpose of Christmas. It is all about Spirit, the Spirit of the birth of Christ, the Spirit of Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas' past, present and future. And although we cannot turn back the sands of time to bring back the things and people we miss, I was very humbled to share in your Spirit with those that you love and love you back. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Keep watching over."
Liz of Phoenix

"Hi Dear, Dec. 16
Yesterday was such a special day. I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am!
One thing is always true...You are a part of me and I am a part of you!
Mising you to no end.
All my love,"
Your honored wife

"Hey Michael,
In a couple weeks it will have been two years since i've seen you. It's really hitting hard. I miss you so much. I keep replaying in my head when i found out and then again the last time we were together. i never thought it would be the last time. I want you to know that i am so proud of you and there is no way i will ever forget you. You mean the world to me. Please watch over us and help everyone get through this. Even though its been a little over a year no one has forgotten.
i love you i love you i love you"
Caley of Scottsdale, AZ

"Michael,We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord 2 Corinthians 5:8. We believers will all be united again when Christ returns."

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how much you are loved and missed. You are such a wonderful person, and thankyou for all that you do and have done. Peace be with you. You are forever Loved........"


On this day when our nation recognizes those who served our country in the time of need, I think first of you, then my cousin, your namesake Mike Parker, who like you, paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country in Vietnam. Then my thoughts turn to your Dad, Uncle Gary, and myself who served our country during the Vietnam conflict. I know that you are looking down on us, and you know how proud we all are of you. You carried on a traditon but you have become the hero of our family. ALL GAVE SOME AND SOME GAVE ALL, I never thought that you would be one of those who gave all, never to return to all those that loved you; however, God knew you better than all of us, and for whatever reason he decided he needed you more than we did. That is the only thing that keeps me going when I think of you. Aunt Randee found a picture of you the other day when you were just 8 years old, it just brought tears to my eyes, you were such a good boy. As I look to the sky today I find comfort in the fact that you are in a better place.

Mike, as I see this page from time to tme I am comforted to know how many people loved you, and think of you daily; and as long as this continues you are still with us in spirit.

Uncle Chuck of Galrand, Texas 75044

"Hi Dear,
On Thursday I talked with my students about the meaning of Veteran's Day. I tried to focus on the history so as not to lose my composure. I then read the book THE WALL to them without realizing tears welling in my eyes as my own reality sat in.

I too go to a wall, your wall Mike, and so many others who have come before you and those who will follow. I visit often bringing you flowers and talking.

So on my visit today the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th hour I approached the wall and finally made my own rubbing. (maybe I'll show my students-some day)

On this Veteran's Day I want to acknowledge those serving today and those who have given their lives while serving. I also have to thank those who have served this country through their husbands, Thank You Gold Star Wives. Your sacrifices won't be forgotten. http://llerrah.com/sacrifices.htm

All my love,"
Crystal Owen of North Carolina

I recently visited the Arizona Veterans Memorial in Bullhead City, Arizona and touched the brick that was laid there in your memory. It is peaceful setting along the flowing Colorado River surrounded by the towering mountains. I go there to pay respects to all the Arizona soldiers that paid the price for our freedom, but especially to you. I'm so proud and fortunante to have had you as my nephew. Your presence is strong and your spirit is alive with us on a daily basis. Your in our thoughts and prayers everyday and your memory is alive and well. We will never forget the price you paid for our freedom.

Uncle Gary
November 11, 2005"

"Dearest Michael,
On this Veterans Day I wanted to thank you again for all you have done for us and through your spirit continue to do for us. Today, I hope everyone will say a prayer of thanks to you and all those who have given their lives so we can continue to live in freedom. I hope they tell their children and their grandchild the sacrifice that brave men and women made to preserve the way of life that we are so very fortunate to live. I thank you for myself, my children, and my grandchildren. As always, unitl we meet again nephew, I love you."
Anne of Prescott, AZ

"November 10, 2005


I just wanted to thank you again for sacrificing your life to keep our freedoms for all of our children and future children in this world. You are truly a hero and I will always remember what you have sacrificed for our country. We love you."
Laura Gottschalk of Winston Salem, NC

"This past week JayP and I participated in a candle light vigil to remember the 2000 soldiers lost in Iraq. I got to help light a few of the 2000 tealight candles they put out in a semi-circle around a town monument. It was very special. I hope you heard us praying for you and the rest of my family. When a man came around asking us to sign a petition to get the Iraq war on the next ballot I refused. I think I scared the guy when I told him I would not let my brother-in-laws death be in vain and I want us to stay in war until the job is done. I know that is what you would want. I know you believed in the job your were doing. Through your death it has helped me realize what an important job you had. I'm only sorry I didn't realize it sooner. Thank You!"
Angela and JayP. Schabloski of Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"October 15, 2005

Dear Michael,
I awoke this morning with one thing on my mind to keep this day in honor of you for the rest of my life.

I took out a picture of you and me at a tail-gate party in the fall of 1991, just before you shipped out for Boot Camp. We both were having a Bud Light and our smiles almost cracked our faces, it still makes me laugh even today.

Later in the day I took your cousins to the store to get red, white and blue ballons. We attached the notes we wrote to you to the balloons then we went to Lookout Mountain where your ashes are spread. We climbed up half-way, found a spot that looked out over the city then we held hands, bowed our heads, closed our eyes and said a prayer. We stood up then we released the ballons and shouted out "WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL". As they were ascending into the heavens a large Red-Tailed Hawk came swooping down and flew through the baloons then turned toward the sun and flew out of site......It was a moment we will never forget.

Even though you have left this Earth you will always reside here in our hearts forever, until we meet you once again, in Heaven.

We Love you!

Gary, Julie, Joshua, Jessica, Jamison & Austin, The Owen Family
Tempe, AZ"

"Dearest Michael,
Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice in keeping our country and your family safe. I know God knows what a special person he has brought into his house on this day a year ago. Thank you for watching over all of us, we know you are there when we need you most. Although none of us will ever get over this tragic loss, we find comfort in knowing you are with us everyday, in a thought, smile, and yes, so many tears. You make us better people for knowing you. Please continue to watch over your family, especially your mom (time does not heal all wounds). Until I see you again nephew, know that I love you, miss you and think of you everyday.

Anne Buzard of Prescott, Arizona

"Steve, Kay, Max, Caley, and Crystal,

As you honor Michael on this day please know that our thoughts are with you. Share all the wonderful thoughts and memories that would make Michael smile and laugh with you.
We love you all,"
Liz, Nick and Natalie of Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Michael,
Keep watching over your loved ones. We think of you often and in different ways your courage changed all of our lives forever. You will always be honored in our home.

With Love,"
Liz, Nick and Natalie of Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Mike,
On this day a year ago everyone's life was still normal. We all had our problems but we went about our business. We made sure to include you in our prayers to bring you safely home. No one thought in the span of 24 hours that our lives would change forever when your life was cut short. You continue to touch our lives everyday. We think about you often and wear your braclet with pride and sorrow. I am beginning to think the statement "time heals all wounds" is not true. I think time may change it from a huge hole to something a little more managable, but it never goes away. Nor should it. We should all remember! Thank you for everything you have given my sister and my family.
You're still in our prayers.
Angela and JayP.

"October 14th, 2005

Dear Mike,

Even though I only met you a few times I wear your bracelet to remember your dedication to our country. You fought for our freedom as well as other countries and we will be forever thankful for your love in our country. Mike, thank you for giving your life for our country. I wish I was not having to write on this webpage but I am so thankful we have this because this helps people to try to heal their hearts. There will always be a place in my heart for you and for Crystal. We will always be there for your wonderful wife Crystal and I am so proud to be able to say that I knew you.

Thank you Mike!!"
Laura Gottschalk of Winston Salem, NC

"Dear Mike,
On this day a year ago everyone's life was still normal. We all had our problems but we went about our business. We made sure to include you in our prayers to bring you safely home. No one thought in the span of 24 hours that our lives would change forever when your life was cut short. You continue to touch our lives everyday. We think about you often and wear your braclet with pride and sorrow. I am beginning to think the statement "time heals all wounds" is not true. I think time may change it from a huge hole to something a little more managable, but it never goes away. Nor should it. We should all remember! Thank you for everything you have given my sister and my family.
You're still in our prayers.
Angela and JayP Schabloski

"October 12, 2005
Crystal, Kay, Steve, Caley and Max:
My thoughts and prayers will be with you all this week. I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Love always, April"
A Billiott of Fay NC


There are no words to describe how I felt after hearing the news. To this day, I am still heartbroken that one of my dear friends is with God now. I will never forget the memories we shared in 3rd SFG and the constant BBQ's we had. Thanks for showing up to my many ETS parties. You were like a brother to me! Remember Myrtle Beach and Taladega? Those are the memories I will never forget and I thank you for being such a true friend. I will miss you, brother!

Dear Crystal,

Mike was an amazing person and husband. He is a hero to all of us and he will never be forgotten. It's been a while since this has happened, but we all are thinking about you two. May Gob Bless You and bring you the strength during this trying time. The old gang is there for you, always remember that!"
Stephen Aragon of Houston, TX

Your a great man who is loved my many. Thank you for fighting for our country and for our freedom. Your father Glenn was so proud of you along with his family who loved you so, so much. We know you are looking down at them waiting for all of them to be re-united once again in Heaven as known as a better place. God Bless Your Family and our Troops!"
Tom of Pennsylvania

"Dear Mike,
I can't even find words today. I took flowers to the memorial wall (green Carnitaions) the manliest ones I could find for you! All I can do is cry, I miss you so. I wish everyday that you'd come home, especially today so we could celebrate...HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Happy Birthday Michael!

I miss you so much. If there's one thing i'm happy about this year, it's that you are celebrating your birthday in a better place than your last. Wow- 32! you old man! Mom is actually okay, and for the first time.. i think its true. Crystal comes here tomorrow and i can't wait to see her.
I woke up this morning and also on the morning of the 7th, the day you left last year, and it smelled like your house. i felt so close to you. i wish you were here. but for now Happy Birthday, I love you, and BON TRAVAIL.

I love You i love you i love you
Your sister"
Caley of Scottsdale, AZ

Thinking of you on your Birthday!"
Liz, Nick and Natalie of Phoenix

"I hope your celebrating in style up there! Happy Birthday!"
Angela and JayP. of Wisconsin

"You say it's your birthday? Well it's my birthday too! I woke this morning thinking of calling you and busting your chops for getting old, but then...Your Mom and me talked alot about you this morning, how we missed you so, your beliefs, and just what a nice person you are. It's been quite a year, to say the least. I will try to choke down a Bud-lite [ugh!] today in your honor and as in every day our hearts and thoughts are with you. The pain is still unbearable and a daily challenge, but a close friend of yours has helped us to understand that if we take what we have learned in our past and apply it to our lives to make us stronger and better individuals it will strengthen our relationships in the future [Thanks J.R.] so we will continue ahead keeping your memory with us always. Bon Travail and Happy Birthday!"
Steve of Scottsdale,Az.

"Happy Birthday Mike,
I know today is hard for everyone. I hope that the memories of you can help in some way. Crystal, Kay, Steve, Max and Caley you are in our thoughts and prayers today and always!
Mike we will have a bud lite for you tonight, because I know you would like that!
We miss you!"
Carrie and Corrie of Fayetteville

"Happy Birthday Mike!! We love you."
Laura and Scott Gottschalk of Winston Salem, NC

"Hi Mike,
I was just thinking about you and Crystal and knowing that this is the 11th month anniversary. I still can't believe this has happened to a more perfect couple. Thank you for giving your life to help protect our freedom. We will all love you for eternity."
Laura and Scott Gottschalk of Winston Salem, NC

"Dear Michael, Sept. 11
Thank you
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Hi Mike,

You are definitely watching out for Crystal. I know this now because of the email she just sent me and the wonderful friends you have that are helping her through this. I still remember going to the newlywed's door and placing balloons and streamers to welcome you guys home. Crystal, I am always here for you. We love you."
Laura and Scott Gottschalk of Winston Salem, NC


Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. It hits me hard that you are no longer here. It really hurts, bro. Everytime I watch a NASCAR race, I can't help to think the good times we all had at the tracks and at home. Brother, you are sorely missed. Since I'm the re-up guy now and I have to pass the memorial plaque at battalion everyday to get to my office. A painful reminder that you are no longer here. I will see you again brother, but not yet. To Steve, Kaye, Kaylee, and Max, I love you guys and I think about you every day. I still have the video of Mike and Crystal's reception and the awesome time we all had. Good times are not easy to forget. My thoughts and prayers are always heading your way. I love you guys."
Ray Torres of Raeford, North Carolina

"To the family of Michael G. Owens, I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. IF you need prayer or need someone to talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church: Rev John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington, Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ."
Polly Ballew of Covington, Ga.

"Thank You Mike for the gift you sent me today. You always knew what I needed and your still providing.
Happy Anniversary Dear
8-25-01 through eternity
All my Love,"
Crystal of NC

"8-25-05 For my Brother Steve and his Family:
Since we last talked about Michael, I have wanted to post this message. For me, I know the true pain and anguish that you have all been going through by looking at your faces and sharing in your discussions.
To Kay: I hope that you take comfort in knowing that with all the memories you do have, you can make new memories in honor of Michael to help fill the void in your heart. As a mother, I can only imagine your pain and will never lose sight of what you must think and feel. I am proud to be your sister-in-law.
To Max: My little Maxie, I remember the first time your grandma and I saw you and the enormous amount of love that we all had for you. Watching you grow into a man has been an amazing experience. I can only imagine how proud you have made your brother because all of us around you have that same pride. Take care of your mom and dad and always hold them close.
To Caley: Caker-bake-a true mommy's girl-I remember how you only wanted your mom. You have truly turned into a beautiful young woman and I am so proud of you. I can only imagine the sense of pride your brother experienced. Keep being mom's girl and help her to keep her memories happy.
To Steve: The pillar of strength-I am so very proud of you. You work so hard to keep everything together for everyone and I know that you have been going through some very rough moments. I am so glad that you have given me the opportunity to share with you what a loving, wonderful father and husband and brother you truly are. I can only imagine the sense of pride Michael experienced knowing you as those around you also feel it. You too are a hero in my book.
To Crystal: They say time heals all wounds...your courage should be an example for all of us. Take pride in knowing that Michael was part of a wonderful family and his memory will always live on through them and you.
To Michael: Keep watching over your loved ones. Your memory will always live on in all of our hearts.
To you all: I am here, I always have been and I always will be. I love you and hold you very dear to my heart and not a day goes by that I am not touched by true courage of Michael Owen.
I send this to you with love and pride.."
Liz of Phoenix

"Dear Mike, Aug. 17
You are in my every thought. I love and miss you dearly.
I'm trying to stay busy but nothing can help me get through this horrible pain of losing you.
I want to say thank you for the years I did get to spend with you, those were the best days of my life! Remember, I would do it all again.
All my love,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"to Caley:
i know you have struggled everyday since Michael has gone. you try your hardest everyday to be happy, but i can always see it on your face when the pain of that day comes back. you try so hard to be strong for your mom and that you just want to be there for her and talk to her. just keep on being there for her. you are one of the strongest people i know and to see you so sad breaks my heart, and i only wish that i could help you in some way. I just wanted to say that i always pray for you and your family, and that you are always in my thoughts. And for everyday that you go on Michael will be alive in you.
just keep on dancing your heart out and Michael will live on. if you ever need to talk to a friend feel free to call on me whenever you need to talk about anything. i will be there.
I love you girl"
Laura Davenport of Scottsdale, AZ

What can I say? I was in BNCOC when I received the news from Rhonda. To say I couldn't believe it is an understatement. You are an amazing man, someone I learned quite a lot from. We spoke nearly every day at work, laughed about anything, and simply enjoyed each other's company. You joined my Fantasy Football League and brought great joy to all involved, from draft day to the Iron Bowl. The Phoenix Heatstroke (your team) is forever retired.

Crystal, let me apologize to you for not having contacted you sooner to grieve with you. I know we barely knew each other, only through association with Mike, but I always felt you were a special person the way Mike talked about you. Not a day goes by where Mike doesn't cross my mind.

I am now down in Florida, working at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. I am in SOCOM (Special Operations Command). If you haven't seen it yet, SOCOM has a wall of honor for the fallen. Michael's name has been added and I will go to see it today (08 August 2005).

Mike was so special a person to me. I don't have many true friends, and that is by design. But you should know Michael was one of them.

If ever you want to talk to us, you can reach me at figuerw@socom.mil.

May God and Michael guide your steps and watch over you.

Peace, Michael. And peace to you, Crystal.

SSG (P) Wil Figueroa Jr.
A proud soldier and friend.
Commissioner of the noble
Men of Iron Fantasy Football League"
SSG (P) Wil Figueroa Jr. of Tampa, Florida

"Mike, cousin but like a brother. I know you are looking down at me and laughing your butt off on all the stupid pranks we pulled off. Man dawg, wish u were here now. Didn't hit me that u was gone till like a week after you left us.

"How many soldiers gotta fall victim so we can sleep;
Rest in Peace my Cuz, there's always a heaven for those serving for our country
I'd be a liar if I told U that I never thought of death
But Cuz, you one of the last one's left
So how does life go on?"

You know I miss ya and save me a spot up there in heaven, when I get there, the first round is all on me brother....... R.I.P. Cuz...... Much love from your boy.....Trent........."
Trent Owen of Garland, TX


I woke up this morning and the first thing that came to my mind was that I needed to call you, then I realized that I couldn't do that and the pain started all over again.

I don't know what to do anymore, everyone else is going on with their lives and I am stuck in that one horrible day and I can't get beyond it. I know in my head that everyone else who knew and loved you misses you as much as I do but I get angry because I start think they will, in time, be able to replace you with someone new, a new friend, a new husband, etc. I know this is not a rational thought but it creeps in when I am least prepared for it. All I know is I have a hole in my heart that will not go away and nothing in the world will ever be able to fill it. There is a void in my life like nothing I would ever wish on anyone.

I think about the plans we were making for when you got home, going to the bahamas, coming home for Caley's 16th birthday and Max's 18th, and I miss you even more. I think about how much Max was looking forward to coming and staying with you this summer like Caley did summer before last.

I will never get over this and little by little it is taking me away from everyone I love and who loves me and I don't know what to do. I just wish you were here to talk to. I miss you so much.

I love you with all my heart."
Mom of Scottsdale, AZ

"To Mike's wife, family and friends,

I spent 3.5 years with Mike at Fort Bragg, HHC Discom 82nd Airborne Division from 1993-1996. There wasn't a weekend that we didn't spend together. I have to say that even though I am extremely saddened by our loss of a wonderful person, I am extremely honored to have known Mike and to have been able to call him my friend. Mike, you paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and I will always remember that! Thank you for all the great memories! I love you!
If ANYONE would like to contact me please feel free! goose4k@hotmail.com

Kent Gohsman aka Goose"
Kent Gohsman of West Branch, MI

"Mike, Even though I never knew you, deep down in my spirit I felt like I did. I have heard such wonderful things about you from your Dearest Family, your Dad, Monica, Ruth, Frank, Chuck, Gary. I have seen pictures of you, and you sure resemble your Dad in all ways. May God take care of you until we all reunite with Christ one day. God Bless your Family and Friends and our Dear Troops. Thank you for your brave honor."
Melissa, Monica's Sister of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

"On this Independence Day we Thank You for fighting the battle so we could have freedom. Your courageous effort has not gone in vain. We miss you daily but especially today, a day for heros. On this day we honor you and we thank you. We want you to know how happy we still are to call you Brother-In-Law. THANK YOU HERO!"
Angela and JayP. of Wisconsin

You won't believe the past 2 days here. On Tuesday, I met one on one with President Bush! We talked like friends. I told him all about you and our life together. I gave him a memorial bracelet and asked him to wear it during a speech he was giving on Fort Bragg. This was a private exchange between the president and I. A few of our close friends knew I was going to ask him and they were ready to look for it. However, it has ended up all over the TV, papers and radio!
I know your laughing at me. You can't believe I met with our United States President and had a regular conversation with him.
Another great thing...your 2 star coin can't hold up...it looks like you'll be buying all the beers from now on (SMACK) that was the presidental coin hitting the table. Boy how I wish you were here. The meeting was great, he was sincere and genuine, but the reason I saw him wasn't and I would change that in a minute to have you here. I'm so proud and honored to be your wife, a military wife."
All my love, Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"Dear Mike:

I have been checking the faces of the fallen website weekly awaiting for your portrait to be displayed. Finally today as I was thinking of you, and the summer of 1989 you spent with Aunt Randee, Trent, Piper, and me; I decided to check out the website. When I went to the website your portrait was finally posted! My you are such a handsome young man and the most special nephew that God could have ever blessed me with. Not a day goes by that you do not cross my mind, so I will never say good bye, rather I will see you on the other side, save a place for me. Each day I send up my prayers for your Dad,Monica, Grandpa, Grandma,Rhonda,Uncle Gary, your Mom and of course Crystal.


Uncle Chuck 06-29-2005"
Chuck Owen of Richardson, Texas

"What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. " Helen Keller

Mike, I have enjoyed you since the moment we met! I miss you every hour of every day.

All my love,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"to SGT mike owen
i went through my AIT training with mike. i was a young private with my whole military career ahead of me and he was an NCO with the knowledge and courage to train me to be a good soldier. soon i will be an NCO and it's people like mike that i can model myself after. his personality alone was inspirational and i learned nothing but good things from this man. mike, myself and the rest of the guys of our AIT class miss you dearly. you were an NCO that we all looked up to. why god took you away from us so soon is something that we will always ask. but let it be known that you will always be remembered in our hearts as a leader, a role model, a motivator, and a friend. we had good times...remember after graduation and you and danny came to hang out with your "AIT privates" at Husk's...haha. that is just one of the many memories that will always stay with me. i am blessed to have known you and i am honored to have been trained by you. to mike's family, i personally want to thank you for sharing such a good man with me. his soldiering skills have molded me into a good leader and his life has inspired me. rest in peace SGT. i'm sure when the time comes, you will be there for me again."
SPC (P) Joshua J. Santos of Ft. Bragg, NC (currently MIST 550, Joint Operation Task Force- Philippines)

"Dear Kay, Mother of a Solider,
You have raised a fine boy. One who is a loving son and husbandand, a true friend, and a brave man. Michael is loved by many and respected by all.
I know Michael wishes he could call you himself to say...
Happy Mother's Day & I love you"
One who cares of USA

"My dearest Mike,
Today I stopped in at our "special occasion place" and had a very lonley beer. Today is for you and me and the wonderful life we have shared. My only regret is that it was cut short. I miss and love you more then anything in the world."
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

Your true family and friends know how much you love them. It is disheartening to see people try to cause pain to others who love you and whom you love the most. Crystal knows in her heart that you love her more than anything. I thank you for your service and sacrifice. May God bless you and your family always!"
of USA

"Mike, It's been 5 1/2 years since we parted ways. I was off to BNCOC then Kosovo, and you back to the states. Though we were in the same unit for a few years, we didn't really become friends until your last few months in Germany. Though we were friends for a short while, the impact was lasting. You, Josh, and I seemed to bond from similar life and relationship experiences. Toghether we had a friendship that the younger soldiers around us joked and refered to as "the divorced man crew", but meant so much to me. Our friendship was at a time when I really needed one and I'm sure you did too. Though all of my years in the military, saying goodbye to friends is something I still never got used to. "See you later," is the term I've always used because even if I don't, I always hope to. It hurts to think about what had happened, but all the memories I have always cheer me up. I watch some of my old home videos of us and still laugh at everything you did or said. Many thought we acted crazy back then, but it's what we did to cope and it's what made us friends. Even today I still won't say goodbye. Mike, I'll see you later.

Crystal, I can only imagine how much Michael meant to you, but I'm sure you were everything to him."
"Niel", SSG Christ R. Nielsen of Fort Bliss, TX

"Mike, Thank you for your brave honor fighting for our freedom here in America. We will all unite soon with Christ. "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Matthew 24:14 God Bless Our Troops!"
Guardian Angel of America

"Dear Mike,
I really wasn't sure if this could all be true but today when all the other families and wives celebrated a welcome home I was left standing waiting and crying, praying I would see you. Of course you know that wasn't going to happen.
So today instead of bringing you home I replay all the memories. The way that we loved each other and the way you were my best friend. I close my eyes and see all the great times we had. We've been through a lifetime of "adventures". No one can take those times from us. Times spent with friends, family and times spent alone. You are a wonderful man, great friend and perfect husband. I miss you dearly. Love you always,"
Crystal of NC

"During our church service at Journey Church in Peoria this morning, April 17, 2005, the Lord laid upon my heart to contact the family of a fallen soldier. I came home and decided to look in the city of Surprise where I reside during the winter months. After reading messages left on this web site I knew this was the one. As a grandmother, I'd like to speak to Mike's grandparents. My heart breaks for you and your loss. It doesn't seem right that we didn't go first, does it? Watching your family suffer through this must be devastating. My hope for you all is that you look to the Lord and lean on him daily for comfort. I shall be praying for you. May God Bless."
Jill Atwood of Surprise, AZ

"My Dearest Mike,
Your guys will come home soon, the rest all safe.
My life is empty without you. I still can't believe this has happened to us. What about our hopes and dreams? Please know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I love you!"
Crystal of NC

"Hi Mike,

I know this day has been hard for Crystal, because of it being 6 months since you have left us. But I also know that you are keeping her strong because you are always thinking about her. Crystal I just wanted to let you know I will always be here for you if you need me. I think about you and Mike everytime I look at the bracelet you sent me. I know you are a strong young lady, you showed me that when I taught with you. Take care and be strong."
Laura G. of Winston Salem, NC

On April 1,2005, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office honored you and gave great thanks for your brave, outstanding sacrifice for your service to our country. Your Dad was a honored speeker, and gave a heartfelt speech on your behalf honoring current and prior military staff. The display of your picture on the screen brought tears to everyone. Your Dad and I want to thank all the wonderful, wonderful people in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for the support and outstanding job they did for you and us. Special thanks to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott, Deputy Chief MaryEllen Sheppard, and Grace Frey. We also want to thank Elizabeth for the touching personal belongings of yours that was sent to us. They will be treasured forever. Michael Glenn Owen, you are loved by so many and missed so much. YOU are your DAD'S ONLY SON, and HE LOVES YOU LIKE NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW.
Love Always,"
Monica Owen and Your Dad, Deputy Glenn Owen of Surprise, Arizona


To: The Owen Family, and in particular Glenn, Monica, Grandpa Frank, Grandma Ruth, Chuck, Gary, and your sister Rhonda. We all morn in the loss of such a fine young man who stood up for our country in the time of need. Just so you know he has not been forgotten Mike has been included in the "FACES OF THE FALLEN" which is a compelling exhibit of more than 1300 individual portraits honoring America’s service men and women who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. Talented artists from across the country have donated these works, which are on display to the public through November 11, 2005 at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial, located at Arlington National Cemetary. If you go to this website you will be able to locate Mike's potrait. Glenn you should be very proud of your son Mike, who in a courageous manner upheld his name sake "Mike Parker" who also lost his life for our country in Vietnam. Mike is truly a hero to his country and his family."
Vietnam Veteran and family friend

"To Kay, Steve, and Crystal-
I knew Michael very well, and I know that he loved you all unconditionally. You three meant more to him then anything. Keep his love and the many memories you have with you always. He is watching over you."
A friend of USA!

"Mike, I love and miss you just as much today as I did 6 months ago. It never crossed my mind then that you wouldn't make it home. Truth is it still doesn't. I love you!"
Crystal of NC

I miss you and love you so much...There hasn't been one day gone by that i haven't thought of you. I know that you're still with us, i just miss you so much and wish i could understand.
The millions of memories all of us have made will always be cherished and never forgotten. I wish you were here, things would be so much different.
I've been told that everything happens for a reason, so i hope the reason you were taken from our family was well worth it, because we will never understand...
I love you, I love you, I love you Michael
Caley Hutchison of Scottsdale, Arizona USA


Dear Mike:

Last Saturday October 12, 2005 we had a surprise birthday party for grandpa! All of his friends, and family were there; except you. We all were thinking of you, and said a prayer for you. Even though there may have been a number of folks there that you might not have known or remembered, your grandpa had made sure through the years that they knew about you. It was raining that day, and in my own mind I convinced myself that the rain was tears from heaven, knowing how much you loved your grandpa! Mike you are always in our hearts and that means you are still with us in spirit. No one can take these memories we all have of you away. Thinking of you always!!"
Uncle Chuck of Garland Texas

"Dear Mike,
I miss you dearly I know you'll forever be a part of me. You are my everything.
Our love is stronger then I ever knew, it reaches through eternity.
Your the best! Thank you
All my love,"
Crystal of NC

"Crystal and Mike's Family,

Crystal you are strong and you will make it through this difficult time. I know it is hard now but there will be a time when everything will become better. Mike is watching after you in Heaven and he will always be there with you. We all love you and we will always be here for you."
Laura G. of Winston Salem, NC, USA

"Mike, May the Love of God comfort and strengthen the hearts of your Wife, Family and Friends at this time of loss. Your last breath on earth is your first breath in Heaven. God Bless Our Troops!"
of Pennsylvania

"I need you Mike. I'm trying so hard to do all the right things and make you as proud of me as I am of you. I don't think I'm that strong honey...
I still can't believe you won't be coming home to me. I miss you so much."
All my love, Crystal of NC

This all still feels so unreal. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you or Crystal. As I told Crystal, the 15th will no longer be just a military payday! It now means so much more. I hate that I missed so many of the fun times because of work, but am so glad that Danny was apart of it!! He loves you more than you will ever know! You were truly his best buddie! What I have learned from this experience is that life is way too short to work all of the time. It is much more important to be with your family and friends. My promise to you is that I will always be here for Crystal. I will do my best to comfort her and Danny and help keep your memory alive. You are a true hero! You were one of the proudest soldiers that I have ever met. Thank you for being you and touching so many people. I will stride to be as good as a wife to Danny as Crystal was to you. I will never forget you! Danny and I hope to visit your family in Arizona one day. I know you would approve.
Until we meet again... God Bless!"
April Billiott of Fayetteville, NC

Sometimes i still dont believe that you are truley gone, until i come back here and read all of the entries and the amazing ways you have changed peoples lifes. You have changed mine in that way also.
I know you were there on Christmas Eve, it was the first time i really felt you with me...When we were there it felt like all of the times we were at the airports...saying our goodbyes, i never thought the last place i would see you would be in the airport...but i hope you liked it- and thank you for my christmas present...i will cherish it forever
I know we had a talk when i was leaving about me not really supporting you being in the Army, and i know it's kind of late to be telling you this now, but i'm so proud of you-i always have been of everything you have done with your life, i support and appreciate so much what you all are doing over there...thank you
i dont know what i'm going to do with out you in my life- who's going to be the one to teach me how to play pool, or make fun of me when the bathroom clogs up -lol- and whos going to be there on my wedding day giving my husband a long lecture about treating me right...i need you so badly i just dont understand why it had to be you, and i probably never will...
but for now,Brother, i love you, miss you, and will honor you everyday for the rest of my life-
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you, for being YOU!
Bon Travail"
Caley Hutchison of Scottsdale, AZ

"Michael, Kay, Steve, Max, Caley and Crystal,

To Michael, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! But I guess you know that! I have the feeling you know everything I'm feeling. I feel you with me everyday. Although, I hardly knew the man, you and I know how much I love you little boy. Remember when I was Darth Vader and you were Skywalker. How we laughed! You Michael, are truly my Skywalker!! You are my Hero! You are my little cowboy forever. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I know I will see you again, and we will play, laugh and remember the love we shared. Michael, you have changed my heart and life forever, in your oh so quite way, you have touched me in a way no one or nothing can. I know you know what I mean. I take strength from you. You gave so much to those that love you! VIA CON DIOS, MICHAEL, SKYWALKER, LITTLE COWBOY, till we meet again. I LOVE YOU.

To Kay,I KNOW MICHAEL LOVES YOU. I can't begin to know your loss, my heart breaks for you. I know the pain I feel and can't even imagine yours. But, I know what you two went through, I was there. You were the BEST MOM EVER and I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVED THAT LITTLE BOY AND THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN!! For so many years that little boy was such a BIG MAN FOR HIS MOM, and you were the BEST MOM FOR THAT LITTLE BOY. Its impossible to go through what you two went through all alone and not love each other they way you do. Your bond is something that is ETERNAL! All you have to do is look out your window and Michael will be looking back and smiling and saying I am proud of you mom, I love you and am with you everyday, forever.

To Steve, I KNOW MICHAEL LOVES YOU. Everytime I look in your eyes I see your loss, the pain you feel for this boy, this man. Although you were not his "biological" dad, I know how much you and Michael meant to each other. I can see the PRIDE and the LOVE you feel for Michael. I know Michael can feel it too. I know you are being strong for everyone else, but I see your pain. I hope when you are alone, you and Michael talk about what a great job you are doing holding his family together. I know it hard for you to be dad, husband and brother, but Steve, Michael is proud of you too.

To Max, I KNOW MICHAEL LOVES YOU. I see so much of your BIG BROTHER in you. How quiet you are. I can only imagine what big thoughts you have. Your bother would be proud of you and your quiet thoughts. It's okay to be afraid, I know at times Michael was sure afraid. I took him to the recruiting office the day he enlisted. Yes, he was scared, but over time, his fear became a quiet confidence and pride. He became proud of what he was doing. Don't be afraid, you have the love of a very good family.

To Caley, I KNOW MICHAEL LOVES YOU. What a great LITTLE SISTER you are. I know how much you love Michael and miss him. I see the same innocence in you that I see in Michael. Sometimes when you smile, I see Michael. You are like Michael, in that you wear you heart on you sleeve, you trust everyone, but have such a quite wisdom to see the truth. Knowing you, I know Michael is smiling, and loving you without question. Michael is with you, be safe in knowing that. He knows you need him and he won't let you down.

To Crystal, I KNOW MICHAEL LOVES YOU. As Michael's wife, you had such little time together. In this difficult time, I hope you feel Michael's love for you. Be strong, as Michael is. The Lord, and Michael will give you strength. I hope in time, you can look back and remember the good times you had without your heart breaking. Remember that wonderful smile, that love he had for you.

Michael, my heart and thoughts are with you and your family always.

Aunt Annie of Prescott, Arizona


"Dear Mike,
Today, Dec. 16, 2004 has been 100 days since I kissed you and held you tight before sending you, my husband, my best friend and our solider off to war. Two months today since I was notified that you would not be returning to me and our wonderful life.

Mike, I know you saw me, I visitied the Airborne and Special Operations Museum today here in Fayetteville. I thought about the last time we were there together, it was your graduation. I remember being so proud of my honor graduate, taking pictures with all the guys, Danny, and the party that followed. So dear today I say, "WIN THE MIND WIN THE DAY" Another one for me too."
Your loving wife, Crystal of Fayetteville, North Carolina

"It hurts knowing that the cheerful smiling girl I knew in Indiana is so sad and recovering from a great loss. Crystal, it’s good to know that you shared such a great love with such a wonderful person. I’ve read what he’s done for our country and am extremely grateful for the freedom that heroes like Michael ensure.

Dear Lord, thank you for Michael and Lord please help Crystal and her family through this time of great sadness."
Susan Fetterer of Nashville, TN

"This message is for Crystal of Fayetteville:


My name is Al Fetterer. I don't know if you remember me. Our families have been close for generations. I used to play cards with your Grandma Fasel in Hobart, IN. Your mom, Janet, used to watch me and my sisters when my Mom and Dad needed her to.

I was so sorry to see your Mom go at such a young age. I just heard about your husband, Michael, and didn't know how to contact you. I just want you to know that there are many people who care about you, appreciate the sacrifice your Michael has made, and are deeply saddened by your loss."
The Fetterer's of Alabama

I know you spoke to me today, it gave me the chills.
For everyone else out there this is what he said,

"Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk."

I had been searching for comfort today and started looking through things in the office when I opened a little book and that was the quote staring back at me #870 from Life's Little Instrustion Book.

So Mike I'd risk it all again in a minute to have the GREAT love we share
and I have a song for you...I know how much you love to hear me sing :) It is by Trisha Yearwood

"If I'd a known the way that this would end
If I'd a read the last page first
If I'd a had the strength to walk away
If I'd a known how this would hurt

I would have loved you anyway
I'd do it all the same
Not a second I would change
Not a touch that I would trade
Had I known my heart would break
I'd of loved you anyway....

Even if I'd seen it comming you'd still have seen me running straight into your arms.
Crystal of Fayetteville


As you can see by all of these messages, not a day goes by that someone, somewhere is not thinking of you. More importantly, you can see just how many lives you have touched.

Last week your Dad accepted a $2,000 donation from Wal-Mart on your behalf. This check was contributed to the Arizona Veterans Memorial Fund at a formal ceremony. Your Dad, Representatives of Wal-Mart, along with the representatives of the Arizona Veterans Memorial Fund attended the ceremony in your name and memory.

Although your Dad was there to accept the check on your behalf, and turn it over the the Arizona Veterans Memorial Fund, he did so with a broken heart. He was so proud of you after he attended your graduation from boot camp; however, neither he nor any member of your immediate or extended family ever thought you would leave us so soon.

Not a day goes by that you do not cross my mind, and you know you are always in my heart.

Uncle Chuck Owen of Garland, Texas USA

Well, I hope you were watching what went on at Kay and Steve's the night Nikki, Bella and I visited after Thanksgiving, cuz you'd have seen us laughing it up! Caley and a friend of your aunt's put on a show for us, and Bella loved it. Don't be mad at Steve for showing me pics of you as a kid, I laughed my * off! Especially the pic of you with the bow tie, way to go, Pee Wee Herman:)!
I regret we could only visit for a little while, but your family has treated me like family. As I expect to visit Nikki's parents in AZ again, I will be looking forward to my next visit with Kay, Steve, Caley, and Max as well.
I visited with Crystal this past weekend, and have been. I know you look down and see how tough she is. She misses you terribly.
So I did get my Harley, I know you're calling me a girl and laughing cuz it is a sportster (it was the only bike within my means, man!) Steve showed me a pic of his bike he used to have. I think of the rides we would have taken every time I ride.
You are missed,
Johnny "Tattoo" Matherne"
SSG Johnny Matherne, Jr. of Fayetteville, NC


Thank you for your brave duty and honor as a soldier fighting for our freedom. God Bless your Family, our precious Troops and George W. Bush.
...and finally from the book of John 15:13
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.""
Angel of California

"Dear Michael,

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name.

Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake
With which we'll never part

God has you in His keeping
We have you in our Heart."

"First of all I would like to say to you Mike,that I love you still and miss you to no end. I met you and Crystal at the perfect time in my life when I was going through some bad times. The perfect time to have the lord send me a best friend and his loving wife. Now I struggle with why he took him away so soon. I guess the lord was jealous of such a great friend and wonderful husband. Does that make me feel better? Not a chance. I will never forget all the wonderful times we shared together playing madden and drinking that girlie wine that day. My life has a great hole in it now that you are not here. I am grateful I left the tent that night to wake you up , hug your neck and tell you that I loved you and to be careful before you headed out the next morning. That still applies, bro. I will do everything wordly possible to take care of Crystal, I have never seen to better friends and be husband and wife at the same time. Crystal, Mike adored, loved , and respected you like no one has ever done before. Everyone was second to YOU. YOU were then, now and will always be NUMBER 1 in Mikes life. Mike and I shared alot of the same experiences in our first marriages, and we discussed them many times having a beer. YOU, YOU, YOU, were the blessing that was sent to him to complete his life and his happiness. HE told me many times how YOU changed his entire world , and his outlook on life. Pat yourself on the back, sweetie, YOU made him the happiest Man in the world by being his Wife and Best friend. I thank you too for making him so happy. To his family, first of all , Way to go STEVE, great comment and YOU deserve IT. I know he loved his family very much. Mike and I were always very open with each other about our upbringing and talked about our past all the time together. To mikes mother, I could never try to understand the pain you and crystal are enduring I just want to tell you that YOUR son was a very very special friend of mine that I loved and cared for. My heart hurts so bad for you in this time. Your son loved you more than you could ever imagine and was so grateful for Mr. Steve. He loved and missed his brother and sister a great deal and was always telling us when he was going to try and get them down so we could go hang out and introduce us to them. I hope that time will come soon so Mike can see me meet them and tell you all how he felt about you all in person. To Mikes Family, I hope to talk to you all soon, until then I am praying for all of your pain and loss, just remember how much Mike loved you all and he is looking down on us everyday. Crystal I wait everyday to get home and to give you a hug and to be able to cry with you and talk with you and discuss our times together with you. Until then April and myself love you and will be there for you always. Mike, I will have you with me until the day I am with you, thank you so much for being the friend you were to me and for coming in to my life when you did. I will never ever forget our time together. I would give anything to have just one more. You taught me more than you could ever know about so many things. I love and miss you everyday."
Sgt. Daniel e. Billiott- Friend of Fort Bragg, (NC) PRESENT-IRAQ

"Michael, man where do I start? I still can't believe that you are gone. I figured that one day all this mess would be over and that we'd all put together a new fantasy football league, with express mission of whippin' Tony's behind. I never had the opportunity to meet you face to face, as I let something as small as my work schedule get in the way of coming to Fayetteville for draft day. Of course, I always thought there would be time to get together. I was, of course, wrong..
Godspeed to you wherever you are, my brother, and may God's blessing's be with your family....

Richard E Gordon, Sr (aka Slorydn1)
Owner New Bern Bears
Men of Iron Fantasy Football League"
Richard Gordon of New Bern, NC

I am sorry this site has become something other than what is is intended for. Please know that those who knew you, knew what you held in your thoughts and heart. I know you have gotton comfort and smiles from messages left by those you cared about. We miss you Mike!"
A friend of Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Dear Michael,
I cannot believe that this has happened. I will always remember the summers that we spent together, with you and Trent and me playing "guns" in the woods at the park. I will never forget your smile. What a beautiful smile you have. I know that here on earth you are gone, but never will you be gone in my heart. You died a hero and all heros go to heaven. Hell is here on earth without you. If I could just see you once more, then I could tell you what a wonderful man you turned out to be. You were and will always be my favorite cousin. Thank you for doing what you love and for fighting for us and our country. You are the most inspirational, loving, caring and warm hearted person I have known. I love you more than words can say. I cannot express the pain I go through when I think of you. I have your picture in my ID badge for work, and when people ask me who you are, I proudly tell them...That's my cousin who fought for us and this country. He is truly the hero. Now, you are OUR guardian Angel. I know that you are looking down on all of us, and when I feel sad or down, I know that you will give me the strength to pull through. Mike, you deserved to be credited for defying the opinions and expectations of many of the people around you. When they said it couldn't be done, you would not hear. You set your goals on something that only you seemed to see, and you refused to back down until your dream was realized.
The course you chose was demanding and difficult. I saw you in the middle of situations that required both courage and sacrifice in order to achieve the greater end.
The scars you've earned are really the marks of a true hero, and I want to let you know how proud I am to know you.
Seeing you set your goal and gather the courage it took to face the disbelief in others, to struggle and forge your way to a new horizon, has been an inspiration to me.
Your growth has helped me to face my own challenges.
Thank you for showing those around you now not to ever let go and to stand strong. I love you Mike. I miss you so very dearly. God Bless You.
With respect always and lots of love,
Piper Owen"
Piper Owen of Garland, Texas

"Dear Michael:
I know that you played hard, loved deeply, felt emotions strongly, and loved your country dearly. We shared so many insights to our souls. We had such a young love that we thought we could share with no guilt or pain. When you have this bond for five years and it is your first and deepest cut, it always stays with you. We both agreed on that and always agreed that we still had the feelings; we just had different directions to go.

First, I mean no disrespect to his new wife of three or so years. Everyone goes on. But I would like a chance to pay my respects, as the news hit me like a boulder out of the blue.

Michael was always endlessly high-spirited and casual. I remember when we went to the mall for a stroll and stopped in a pet store. We were asked if we wanted to see one of the cute pooches we admired in a booth. The little fluff-ball untied Michael’s shoelace and he was in love! We took our new addition home that evening and named him Phoenix. The last time I spoke with Michael was to inform him of Phoenix’s passing, which broke my heart, only about a month before Michael’s premature end. I do think all dogs go to heaven and they are there together with their laces untied.

I had the strangest feeling of loss as I am no longer his wife and am engaged to another man. It was a hole in my being so indescribable as to be pain and incomprehension rolled into nausea. I thought to myself, “NO ONE MY AGE HAD EVER DIED. HE WENT ON THESE AWFUL MISSIONS AND ALWAYS CAME HOME”. This was my reality; not what some of you reading this may be facing in Fayetteville or overseas. I was always for this war but supported the care we took to prevent civilian casualties. All of a sudden I wanted to drop a nuke on the whole place, I was so enraged.

I cried for two days just sort of lost; I did not want Brett (my fiancée) near me. He has been very supportive I must add. I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed to be hurt. I wanted to call Crystal and Kay and Glenn to offer my deepest condolences and have someone to commiserate with but I was worried that I would be intruding. I also did not want my last memory to be a harsh word from one of them; though I would expect at a time of grief and the outpouring of love there would be room for more love.

I went on like this for two weeks where I could not hear the news, watch a war movie, or talk about it without tearing up. I cannot talk about the death being an introverted person on issues of this type. Then my miracle happened. Michael’s father called me and I wept for two and half hours as I talked of the things that made Michael special to me. It amazed me that a father who just lost his son could find room in his heart to console ME. It was like the boulder that came out of the blue to hit me had stayed on my shoulders… and he lifted it. It was truly amazing. I thank him and his mother Ruth and the rest of Michael’s paternal side of the family for being there for me. I really need his family; and I know Michael would be happy at all the times we are remembering together. I have pictures and items that help them honor his memory that we are going to copy and I am going to hand over some items a father ought to have of his son’s. Michael and I had some wonderful, fun, truly memory making times together. There are no more giving, loving people on this earth and they shaped Michael into the amazingly brave Hero he is."
Sincerely, Elizabeth

"Dear Michael:
I know that you played hard, loved deeply, felt emotions strongly, and loved your country dearly. We shared so many insights to our souls. We had such a young love that we thought we could share with no guilt or pain. When you have this bond for five years and it is your first and deepest cut, it always stays with you. We both agreed on that and always agreed that we still had the feelings; we just had different directions to go.
First, I mean no disrespect to his new wife of three or so years. Everyone goes on. But I would like a chance to pay my respects, as the news hit me like a boulder out of the blue.
Michael was always endlessly high-spirited and casual. I remember when we went to the mall for a stroll and stopped in a pet store. We were asked if we wanted to see one of the cute pooches we admired in a booth. The little fluff-ball untied Michael’s shoelace and he was in love! We took our new addition home that evening and named him Phoenix. The last time I spoke with Michael was to inform him of Phoenix’s passing, which broke my heart, only about a month before Michael’s premature end. I do think all dogs go to heaven and they are there together with their laces untied.
I had the strangest feeling of loss as I am no longer his wife and am engaged to another man. It was a hole in my being so indescribable as to be pain and incomprehension rolled into nausea. I thought to myself, “NO ONE MY AGE HAD EVER DIED. HE WENT ON THESE AWFUL MISSIONS AND ALWAYS CAME HOME”. This was my reality; not what some of you reading this may be facing in Fayetteville or overseas. I was always for this war but supported the care we took to prevent civilian casualties. All of a sudden I wanted to drop a nuke on the whole place, I was so enraged.
I cried for two days just sort of lost; I did not want Brett (my fiancée) near me. He has been very supportive I must add. I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed to be hurt. I wanted to call Crystal and Kay and Glenn to offer my deepest condolences and have someone to commiserate with but I was worried that I would be intruding. I also did not want my last memory to be a harsh word from one of them; though I would expect at a time of grief and the outpouring of love there would be room for more love.
I went on like this for two weeks where I could not hear the news, watch a war movie, or talk about it without tearing up. I cannot talk about the death being an introverted person on issues of this type. Then my miracle happened. Michael’s father called me and I wept for two and half hours as I talked of the things that made Michael special to me. It amazed me that a father who just lost his son could find room in his heart to console ME. It was like the boulder that came out of the blue to hit me had stayed on my shoulders… and he lifted it. It was truly amazing. I thank him and his mother Ruth and the rest of Michael’s paternal side of the family for being there for me. I really need his family; and I know Michael would be happy at all the times we are remembering together. I have pictures and items that help them honor his memory that we are going to copy and I am going to hand over some items a father ought to have of his son’s. Michael and I had some wonderful, fun, truly memory making times together. There are no more giving, loving people on this earth and they shaped Michael into the amazingly brave Hero he is."
Sincerely, Elizabeth

"The ones who KNEW Mike the MOST, know NOW and knew THEN the TRUTH about his THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about the ones who mattered MOST and that he LOVED the MOST."
A Friend of USA

"Dear Mike,
I'm thankful for the time that you were a part of my family. I'm very glad that my sister got to know what true love was all about. You were a great husband to her. I'm only sorry that it couldn't have been for longer, sorry that there wasn't more time spent together. Please watch over Crystal while your up in heaven and if it's not too much trouble help my mom watch over the rest of us. We think of you often and our proud to have called you brother-in-law, you will forever be a part of this family. We look towards that day that we will all be reunited. Thank you for everything!
Love always,"
Angela and JayP Schabloski of Oshkosh, WI

"Dearly Beloved Mike-
We still cannot believe you are gone. If ever our wish to come true, it would be to hug you one last time. Our comfort is all the precious memories you have left your Dad, myself, and our family.I am so blessed to be your Dad's wife and part of his wonderful family, and for knowing you. I knew from the first day I met your Dad, what a special son you were to him.He loved you dearly from the day you were born. I love hearing great memories of you. Like the time when you were a few weeks old, your Dad took you to the rodeo in North Carolina, and how everyone there just loved and adored you. Your Dad said he never saw you the entire rodeo because everyone wanted to hold you. As you grew into a little boy, I picture in my mind when you and your Dad went to the George Strait concerts in California and Texas. Two cuties in their cowboy hats!Your Dad and I have been looking at so many pictures of when you guys would go fishing in Colorado, and skiing in California. I can only praise your Dad and Stepmom Sue, for what an outstanding job they did in raising you. Your Uncles, Grandma and Grandpa always talk about the times your Dad would share you with them.The fun summers you would have in Texas and Arizona. I remember the first time I met you, which was Christmas, and your Dad so desperately wanted to see you. So we flew you guys out from Germany. What a wonderful time we had.I
thought you were so handsome, but then again, I knew where you got your good looks!! Mike, your Dad and I now have a wonderful place to visit you. It is so beautiful and a very special place we love going to. We got to Honor you on Veteran's Day, and will continue to. Uncle Chuck,Piper, Uncle Gary, Austin, Josh, Grandma and Grandpa, your Dad and I were all there. We met such very special people because of you, Mike. I thank God for the loving son that you were to my husband, your Dad. Mike,we have comfort knowing you are in a better place and are at peace. I thank the Good Lord for all the fond memories he has blessed your Dad's family with of you, and only you Mike.
Your are so greatly missed.
We Love you so dearly always and forever"
Monica Owen of Surprise, AZ

"Mike! I miss you so much .. we have been reliving our fun times we all had with you with Trent and Piper and Uncle Chuck when you guys were about the same age of 11-12 and when Piper wouldn't stop singing "Batman, Batman"- remember? It was at the park north of Plano that Trent learned how to drive and Uncle Chuck let you guys drive the suburban around and around. I was taking the video so you can't see me, but I was there, loving every minute you were with us. We wanted you to live with us but your dad wanted you with him. I so wish we could have grown up together.. You were such a cutie then and hated it when I told you, and such a handsome man, soldier and husband now. You aren't gone in my heart, I ache every day I think of you which is every single day, but you were happy doing what you wanted to do, and fulfilling your purpose in life. I know you had some really tough times in your younger years, but you made the best of a bad situation, as most mature, wise and loving sons do. I just wish I could have seen you just one more time and written you more letters. I know you loved Uncle Chuck more than anyone will ever know, and Trent and Piper are besides themselves wondering why, why, why this happened to you. I hope you didn't suffer. No, I know you didn't. I know your work was done here on earth and God has a new purpose for you now. You are still such a brave man, and you know how to take care of yourself and don't need to depend on anyone. I'm not worried about you because you are strong and can handle anything. I am so proud of you, and have your picture on my Wall of Fame. I hope you think of us sometimes and send us messages. When it's a sunny day, I'll know it's your smile and your laugh that I will never forget. I will never forget the stupid things you and the kids did as kids - new clothes for school and the show you put on... what funny memories. You are still my favorite nephew, and wish you could have spent more time with us. The time we did have was quality time though, and that's what is important. I love you, Mike, I love you so much and thank you and your friends for helping us in this time of need. I will be sending care packages to your troup in your memory and letters and believe me, no one will ever forget you, Michael G. Owen. You are a hero, a wonderful man and a soldier doing his duty by desire. What more could anyone ask for? I'll get messages from you I know when I'm at a loss of what to do about something... and you'll get me through it. Thank you Mike for being you. I will always love you forever and ever. Aunt Randee"
Aunt Randee Owen of Richardson, Texas

"Dear Mike,
Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. Last time I talked to Ray he told me you were with him watching over him. We both decided that one of the twins will be named after you (Javier Miquel). You are so important to us...there is an emptiness in our hearts that I don't know if it can be filled. I remember about all the good and not so good times we all shared (which made the bond stronger!!!). I will never forget how you were always there for us. Do not worry Ray and I will always be there for Crystal. I miss you. It does not seem real to me. I am so very proud of you. Remember that picture of you and Ray that was taken in Timbuktu (sp).....I am going to use that as my focal point when I have the twins. I know you two can pull me through the birthing process. I just wish you were going to be here to see them. You are such a good person and the boys could learn a lot from you. Don't ever forget Michael we love you and always will. You will forever be in our hearts......and Crystal, Kaye, Steve, Max and Caley as well."
Susie TorresAlicea of Raeford, NC


A TRIBUT TO MY NEPHEW MIKE OWEN 09-24-1973 TO 10-15-2004


Uncle Chuck Owen

When tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see;
If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me;
I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today,
While thinking of the many things,
We didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand,
That an angel came and called my name,
And took me by the hand,
And said my place was ready,
In heaven far above,
And that I'd have to leave behind
All those I dearly love.

But as I turned to walk away,
A tear fell from my eye,
For all my life, I'd always thought,
I didn't want to die.
I had so much to live for,
So much yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible,
That I was leaving you.

I thought of all the yesterdays,
The good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared,
And all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday,
Just even for a while,
I'd say good-bye and kiss you
And maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized,
That this could never be,
For emptiness and memories,
Would take the place of me.

And when I thought of worldly things,
I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did,
My heart was filled with sorrow.

But when I walked through heaven's gates,
I felt so much at home.
When God looked down and smiled at me,
From His great golden throne,
He said "This is eternity,
And all I've promised you."
Today for life on earth is past,
But here it starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow,
But today will always last,
And since each day's the same day
There's no longing for the past.
But you have been so faithful,
So trusting and so true.
Thought there were times you did some things,
You knew you shouldn't do.
But you have been forgiven
And now at last you're free.
So won't you take my hand
And share my life with me?

So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don't think we're far apart,
For everytime you think of me,
I'm right here, in your heart.

To my beloved nephew Mike Owen, a brave young man with a most kind and gentle soul. Mike, not a day goes by that I do not hear your voice calling “ hey Uncle Chuck”. You have made us so very proud by following in the footsteps of your Dad a Marine, your Uncle Gary who served in the Air Force and me the US Navy during the Vietnam War. We always thought you would come back to us; however; God must have determined that your work on earth here was done.

Uncle Chuck Owen of Richardson, Texas

"Mike, 11-15-04
I still can't believe this is happening to us. I love you with all my heart and wish for at least one more day to be with you. We have so much life to live together still. How will I go on without you? You are everything to me.
All my love,"
Crystal of Fayetteville, NC

"Hey Michael...
I went to LA this weekend, and i said i would tell you all about it because i know how excited you were...
we did "Angel" and that dance was for you. Everyone said it was beautiful, i hope you liked it.
Then Saturday night we competed the rest of the numbers and before the last one we prayed and said that we were all dancing for you...
We actually had alot of fun but there wasn't a pointe when i wasn't thinking of you! Thank you for being there with me...I wish more of you could have been

As you probably know, Crystal went to and they went down to Santa Monica while i was in classes and there was a memorial for soliders lost. They made one for you, i hope you like it.

I miss you so much Michael and i dont know how i'm going to make it through the rest of my life without you...My grades are slipping but dont worry i'll get them up becasue you always made sure i was doing good in school...

I miss you so much, i just can't even believe it...I love you BROTHER, forever and for always"
Caley Hutchison of Scottsdale, Arizona

""My deepest condolences to the Family and Friends of Sgt. Michael G. Owen,

My heart aches for you and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that the deep hurt you feel can be in some part eased by the feeling of great pride for Michael’s valor and deep sense of patriotism.

Mike, you have made the ultimate sacrifice and did so willingly and without hesitation. Thank you so very much for defending my freedom. It means so much to me, to the people of NYC and to the entire nation. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice in the service of the country that I love so very much. You will always be remembered as an American hero.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Most Sincerely,

Pat Shoukry"
Pat Shoukry of New York, N.Y. - USA


It was an honor to serve with you and I have greatly benefited just having the opportunity of being around you. Whether you know it or not you were much more than just a friend, you are an inspiration and a big brother to me and Danny, from the time we met through eternity. I have endless respect for your dedication and sacrifice. I can only hope to emulate the personal qualities you displayed. You lead by example showing me the importance of duty, honor, and countless other values whether it was showing up to work extra early (at a minimum 30 mins everyday), or demonstrating your love for your wife. I will proudly pass on the memories and lessons gained from being your comrade. And most importantly I will sure that you are recognized as a true hero wherever I go. Thanks Mike, for all you have given us, and thank you Crystal for sharing a great man with us. You will never be forgotten and you will always live honorably within the lives you have touched."

"Sergeant Owen, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas


Thank you for the dedication and protection you gave to our country. The unselfishness that you proved to everyone including yourself will never be forgotten.

It is evident by the passages written how much you impacted so many lives.

I am glad you and Crystal came and stayed with me in Chicago. We had a blast and I will always remember that.

I smile every time I remember all the joy you brought to Crystal. She loved you with all her heart. You helped her though a very hard time last summer. I watched you Mike, and the way you brought her great comfort in her time of need, was truly amazing.

Crystal is a lucky woman to have meet you and to be able to to call you her husband. I can only hope to find the same joy, love and happiness.

God Bless you Mike and your family,
Krissy Wennerstrom of Chicago, IL

You were my one brother and an amazing brother and an awesome person. I wish that i had got to spend some more time with you, but im glad that recently i have got to see you and grow closer and closer. I have always looked up to you and always will. It doesnt seem real that you are gone, but it is something i will cope with. I will take care of mom for you because thats what you always wanted me to do. I just wish i could talk to you one more time. Mike, you have no idea how proud i am to say you are my brother. but i want you to know that I love you Mike. Bon Travail Brother"
Max Hutchison of Scottsdale, AZ

I'm so glad that you ended up in our detachment. I, and everyone else, benifitted so much from the knowledge and friendship you brought with you. We've had a hard time since you and Jon left us, but I'm glad to know that you are my friend and will always keep you and your family close to my heart."
Jesse Card of Iraq

"Dear Mike,

We had the opportunity to meet you through Carrie, Corrie and Crystal who has been a very special friend to my sister for many years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Crystal and your family. The heartfelt messages expressed here give us the privilege to know you even better. We truly appreciate the work you did to make the world a safer place, especially for children like our daughter. Your personal sacrifice has shown Kaelyn the true meaning of a hero."
Beth, Steve and Kaelyn of Nazareth, Pennsylvania

"My Brother Michael...
I can't believe it happned. It seems like just yesterday we were up in the bonus room and you were trying to teach me how to play pool.Its one of those situations that you never think will happen to you and when it does...well i dont know what to do. You were/are the best brother ever. I was really looking forward to that next time we were going to hang out and i miss you so much already.
I am so greatful that i was able to come out and visit you and crystal because i got closer to you, but it wasn't close enough. You will never know how much i really loved you and cared about you, but I can tell you now, that will never go away. I just wish i could have said it to you a little bit more.
I can't believe what an amazing person you are. You are my hero, as many others will say, but you always have been my hero, from the start. Thank you for always protecting me and helping me through everything.
I don't understand. My first thoughts about this are to be sad, and i'm trying my hardest to stay strong because i know thats what you'd want...but it's so hard Michael. I have to stay strong for mom...she needs you back so much, we all do. Crystal misses you so much too, she's perfect for you. We'll take care of her. And mom too.
I miss you and love you so much, it's unreal. The only thing i'll ever want in life is for you to come back, but i know that can't happen. you will always be here in spirits...but for some reason thats not enough for me...Thank you for everything you did for our country, our family, and me...
I hope you can hear me talking to you, because it does help a little thinking that you can hear me.
As for now, i'm going to try and be strong, for you. ONce again, i love you, i love you, i love you...
-Your little sister"
Caley Hutchison of Scottdale, Arizona

"My Dearest Son Michael,
From the moment you came into this world, you changed everything in my life. You have been the light of my life always. The pride I have always had in you has only increased through the years. I don't know if I have told you enough how proud I am of you and what you have accomplished in your life and how very much I love you.
You and I have been through so many good and bad times together and every memory is something I cheish each minute we have had. It wasn't enough time. We had so many more memories to make.
I keep waiting for the phone to ring and hear your voice telling me it has been a terrible mistake.
The hole in my heart will never be gone. I don't want to believe this is true. You have been my life since I was kid, we grew up together and to imagine my life without you is more than I can bear. I love you with all my heart, I want you to hear me say these words to you again. You had so much more to do before you left us.
I want you to know that we will always take care of Crystal for you and will keep her close to our hearts.
I don't know how I will survive without you here, I want you back with us and I don't know what to do.

I love you so very much and am very, very proud that you are my son. Your Mom"
Kay Hutchison of Scottsdale, Arizona

"Mike , We are so lucky to have been a part of your life. There are so many memories of times together that we will never forget. Mike, you make us proud to be Americans by your sacrifice and dedication to to your country. We promise to take care of Crystal and hold on to our memories. You are greatly missed but never forgotten."
Corrie and Carrie of Fayetteville, North Carolina

"My dearest husband Mike,
You are a great man. I am honored to have shared in your military career, to be your wife, and your best friend. I am very proud of you. I love you with all my heart and miss you desperately.
All my love, Crystal
"Those things shared with a loving husband are the things a woman cherishes all the years of her life."
Crystal Owen of Fayetteville, NC

"To Mike's Family and Friends:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our prayers are with you in this most difficult time and we thank you for your soldier's bravery and sacrifice.


The Family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, 82nd Airborne
KIA Iraq 12/28/2003.
Gloria Caldas (The Big Ern's Mom) of San Antonio, TX

You were one of the first people I met in the unit, therefore you were one of my first impressions. You were and always will be a great man/sodier. I didn't know you as well as others but when I found out about what happened, my heart sank. I am honored to have served with you. You will never be forgotten."
Doug C. of Knoxville, TN

"Mike, you were a good friend and I loved you like a brother. We had some great times together, sometimes in some not so great places. I will always look back on trips to the beach, two months in the armpit of Africa, being out in the woods at SFAS in some crazy weather conditions (and training for it), and of course those Sunday's at Sports USA watching football and talking smack. I will look back on those times and be thankful that you were there to make the bad times bearable and the good times that much better. It will not be the same with you not around, but I will still look to you for motivation and reassurance just as I did when you were so often by my side. Thank you. You are truly missed by this guy and always will be."
Mark Kalscheuer of Hope Mills, North Carolina

"Thank you brave soldier for sacrificing your today for my children's safer tomorrow. You have our utmost respect and gratitude. May God provide your family with comfort in their time of sorrow. May you forever rest in Heavenly peace. Neither you nor your sacrifice will be forgotten."
a grateful family in Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Michael,As a new Father I watched you at a young age struggle with the confusion in your life, I watched you gain your indepence as a teenager and the angst that followed, I rememeber the day you came home and told your Mother and I that you joined the service, and the ache in my heart, but also the PRIDE. Some people call me your stepfather, but I have always felt that you were MY son,there are so many things that I'm proud of you for, and for your sacrifice and love I could never be any prouder. Your Mother and me and Max and Caley will think of you every second of every day for the rest of our lives! I Love and Miss you Greatly. Love always, Dad"
Steve Hutchison of Scottsdale,Az.

"Dear Michael,
I want to thank you for your commitment to protecting the people you loved, the people you hardly knew and the people you never met. No greater sacrifice could be made. For that, you will always be a hero, here on earth and in heaven. My deepest sypmathy goes out to your family and friends in their time of need.
God Bless You"
Sheila Iveson of Lincolnton, NC

"Mike, we love you and will deeply miss you. You will never be forgotten."
Ray and Susie TorresAlicea of Raeford, NC

"We are saddened by the loss of Michael G. Owen. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Michael. May God bless you all !"
The Thilman Family of North Carolina

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Michael, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"My deepest sympathy, our family has also suffered the loss of a precious life in this battle for freedom. May God bless you and help you through this time. Forever in our hearts a HERO Michael G. Owen."
Amy & Aaron Monier of Waterford, MI.

"Thank you Michael Owen, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Sgt. Michael Owen:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Michael for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Sgt. Michael Owen:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Michael, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on