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Army Spc. Isaac Michael Nieves

20, of Unadilla, New York.
Nieves was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade when his combat patrol was ambushed by insurgents in Bani Saad, Iraq. He was assigned to 82nd Engineer Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, Bamberg, Germany. Died on April 8, 2004.

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"Never forget you brother…
US Army (Ret) John Odom
TF 82nd Engr

Baquba, Iraq 2004 -2005"
John Odom

"I think of you and the sacrifice you and your family made almost every day. I will continue to remember you as a stand up guy and a warrior. The last time we seen each other was right before we left for basic. I'm sure it won't be the last! Rest easy Isaac"
JF of NY

"brave MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hey Cuzzo :) Hope you had a good memorial day. Sorry I bugged late at night for a chat, I needed someone to just listen. Thanks for being there<3 Love you!!"
Carolina of Bayshore, ny

"Dear Isaac,
This never gets any easier. Miss you more and more as days go by. You always seem to occupy my memories. Hopefully we will be able to make a trip up to Saratoga because I have a lot to share with you. Love you always and forever."

"Hey cousin<3 Well it's 1232 a.m on 9/11/13. This day means so much more now than it did back then. I miss you so much. I'm sorry I haven't been writing recently. Been so busy. I got promoted at my job! I am now the assistant manager. :) I thought you'd be proud. just thought I'd stop by to say I miss you and I love you."
Carolina of Bay Shore, NY

"Never Forgotten!"
Scott Ray of Bamberg Germany

"I love you Isaac and miss u so much. We tried to visit u today but it got to late. So tomorrow morning we are going to wake up bright and early to see u. I miss u so much and have so much to tell u tomorrow. Happy Easter big brother. I love u and will see u tomorrow, time for this girl to get some sleep she has very important plans tomorrow :)))) with her big brother"

"I miss u so much Isaac. I hope you hear my prayers every night and listen to all the stories i tell u. I love you with all my heart forever and always big brother."
Your little sister kimberly of Your heart

"Hey Isaac, It's me again :) I don't know if you remember Daisy and Sammy. They used to hang out on Atlantic..Well anyway I found out Samantha passed away. Freak accident..she fainted and was gone. Its going to sound funny, but I don't know what to do. I feel like I let her down. I got in touch with them again in 2010, but due to my ex-bf I wasn't able to visit them. Now she's gone. I don't know what to feel. I'm sad she's gone of course, but it's like...idk. I really feel like I let her down, I hope I didn't let you down because I wasn't there as much as I should have been. I love you isaac...I miss you. Wish you were here to talk to."
Carolina of Long Island, NY

"there are so many great memories of Isaac, one of my favorite was his birthday pie.... thats right, the whole pie. I will forever remember Isaac with that big pumpkin pie, a spoon and a huge smile. I ask everyone to raise a piece of pumpkin pie in a toast to Isaac today. may the thought of his smile on his birthday bring everyone memories of what a wonderful man he was. I love you Isaac."
amy nieves

"Hey Isaac, It's the fourth of july 2012...hearing all the fireworks and smelling the bbq's reminds me that it's summer again. I miss you very much and I want to thank you for you help in keeping America free so we can enjoy our bbq's and stuff. I have a new bf....wish you could meet him. lol! he'd make you laugh. I love you cuz. Just wanted to say hey and happy fourth my hero<3"
Carolina of Bayshore, NY

"my parents are planning their annual camping trip up north. I just thought I would take a moment to be thankful for all the wonderful memories Isaac and I shared camping with the family. I can't help but think of his big smile every time we all get around a campfire. Isaac- I hope someday I can be back cuddled in your arms sharing the magic of a warm fire on the lake."
amy nieves

"Dear Isaac,
Happy Easter!!!! I hope your living it up in heaven. Gil came by for the holidays. You would of been so very proud of our family--> Gil became a doctor, your twin graduated from the police academy & is one of the finest out there, and Doreen is going on to get her Masters. As for the rest of the bunch they are well & send there love. Your nieces & nephews are getting so big and gorgeous!--> it has to be the family genes lol:) As for me I am going to London in May and will hopefully visit France (& find that cup you took a picture with) & if I am lucky enough to have some extra time maybe even visit Germany too. Well Bro I love and miss you tons! Rest in Peace"
Lil sister

"Hey Isaac, I almost forgot to tell you that I am thinking of moving out of New York. I cannot wait to get my Master's degree in special education so I can start my career. I cannot wait to tell you about the research I want to do to for my PhD. It's a mixture of education, sociology, & criminology, but don't worry you will hear all about it! Nicholas also found a bunch of exciting Earth Science songs, that I knew you would have loved hearing. They are fantastic songs :) I miss & love you older brother. Have a happy Easter."
Your Little Sister of Binghamton, NY

"Always in our hearts!"
Sharon Cuyle of Virginia Beach

"9 years ago today I married the man I love. He was my best friend, my partner, my soul mate. We shared so many great memories and dreams. Our love was strong through all the good times and even stronger through all the not so great ones. My love for Isaac continues to be a pillar of strength in my life and I know that somewhere in the universe, his love for me continues just the same. No matter what. I love you Isaac and I am always thankful for the time we had. Happy Anniversary."
Mrs. Amy Nieves

"Dear Isaac,
Well after all this time the troops are finally coming home. We don't know for how long this time, but at least its a start. :) I was playing a game on facebook today and you won't believe what song came on...."Stand By Me". Heh, who would've thought...it was on Pandora Disney...it made me think of you. I know we never got the chance to get close, but the little memories I have of you I cherish and my only regret is that we didn't become close. I miss you cousin. I'm very proud of you and I'm so happy I can call you my cousin :) I'm hoping you're having fun up there with Abuela, Tio Macho, Tia Nuna and all :D Thinking about you always<3<3"
Your cousin Carolina of Brentwood, Ny, Suffolk

"Happy birthday bro! I love and miss you dearly. Your birthday was celebrated the normal Nieves way near midnight haha. Time flies by so quickly..."
-Kev of New York

"Hello Bro-I miss the hell out of you! I just wanted to let you know today we are celebrating your birthday and like everyday we have you in mind. So to you I wish a happy birthday and many XOXOXO."

"Dear Isaac,Today marks the 10th anniversary of the attack on the nation and I have you and countless others on my mind...I know you wouldn't remember me but I am the mother of your sister.. "cillie's" husband.. and the Granny to your gorgeous nephew ( named in your honor) and niece..Alannah. I remember seeing you when I would pick my boys up from scouts, you were such a handsome young man and seemed to always be smiling..I remember Dan telling me you were about to become an Eagle..in scouting there is an oath and a law, you upheld both in scouting and then in later years when you joined our military .. I just want to tell you, your family is beautiful, your dad is funny, your mom is sweet( and makes awesome food!!), your siblings are awesome. Not a day goes by that they dont think of you and miss you but most of all LOVE YOU., you will forever be a part of their lives, and watching over them is your honor I am sure, I hope your son turns out to be a chip off the old block..I wish they all had more time with you. Thank you and all the others who selflessly gave all for our freedom and safety..R.I.P sweet man."
Isaac and Alannah's nana of Ashville NY..USA

"I never knew you, but I've always wanted to. I see your picture almost every day and wish I had the honor to meet you. I could never thank you enough for your service and sacrifice for our country. I've spent so much time with your family over the last two years, I am so grateful to become so close to them. Even though I have never physically met you, you're still here, you live on every day within your family and friends, and I have felt that by being around them. Hopefully one day, I can truly be a part of your loving and exceptional family. RIP brave soldier and continue watching over your family and friends, I'll watch over them too."
Family Friend of New York

"Isaac my friend my army brother, i thinnk about you all the time, i still remember everything you told me before going to iraq. Never forget you"
Ben of Nevada

"Isaac, it is so hard to believe that we graduated ten years ago and are planning the reunion. Whats even harder to believe is that you were taken from this earth 7 years ago. Your death was a shock and it still hurts to this day. Take care up there in heaven and remember you will never be forgotten."
Rayne of Sidney, NY

"Still haven't forgot about you bro! Think about you all the time."
Spc Ray of minnesota

"Thinking of you today. Thank you for your sacrifice!"
Jen of Saranac Lake, NY

"isaac i need to ask a huge favor of you. can you please please please please please watch over the family. meaning daddy too. hes not doing too well and i would really appreciate it if you could help him get better and watch him. please dont take him up there with you, he needs to stay down here on earth with us happy and healthy. because we need him and love him and cant loose anyone else. so please do this favor and help daddy get better so he can be here for the family, mommy is a good woman and needs her hubby just as we need our daddy. thank you for listening to me isaac and tell god i said thank you. i love you and tell grandma and grandpa i said i love them too!"
kimberly of jacksonville fl

"i miss you so much isaac and think about you all the time. i love you <3"

"To the family of:Issac Michael Nieves
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga" 1-3-11"

"hey isaac today is veterans day. i just wanted to let you know that i thank you so very much for your ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. we all miss you and love you very much and life just hasent been the same without you. thank you for your service, i can only hope to one day amount to what you have in such little time...

oh hey guess what, you might think its cool that you never get any older now right butttttttt.....your baby sister is now one and a half years older than you lol. i love you isaac and miss you so much it hurts. i still break down every now and then...<3"
your baby sister kimberly of jacksonville, fl

"Hey man,
Just want you to know that i think of you and your family all the time. Not just on memorial day. I miss you man. I hope someday i will be able to meet your son and tell him how great you are."
Bobby Radosevich of Milwaukee, WI

"isaac i think about you a lot you know. i cant believe its been over six years since the day you were taken from us. i miss you so very much and love you with everything i have. i am doing well i graduated college this month =] it was a great feeling dont get to happy yet tho because i have a long way to go still to become that lawyer =p. everyone came down for my graduation it was awesome. so jons being deployed soon and i just wanted to please ask you to watch over him for me, i know you have a load to watch already because of our hugggge family lol, but i know you won't mind one more=]. please just make sure he comes back home to me safely isaac, i couldnt deal with someone else being taken from me like you were, just keep a close eye on him <3 thank you! so anyway i just wanted to stop by and let you know how much i miss you, think about you, and love you. i will never forget you, you are my hero and i will always look up to you. remember we all love you mom, dad, and all your brothers and sisters! take care up there, hope your keeping grandma company up there lol. love you both! byeee."
love always, your baby sister kimberly

"Can't believe it has been six years that you have been gone.Remembering you often and what a great friend you were to Mathew.He doesn't show his feelings,but I know he misses you and thinks of you often and the fun times you had together.He still keeps in touch with your family.Bless you Isaac.We all miss and love you."
Sharon Cuyle of Virginia Beach,VA

"Hey Bro, been nearly six years since your passing. Time flies doesn't it? Well I just want you to know I love and miss you dearly and nothing really is the same without you. I am doing exceedingly well in school as well as on the wrestling team, been captain for two years straight. Just wanted to drop by to say I love you and miss you and you will always be my hero."
Kevin Nieves of New York

"Isaac i miss you. ='["

"Hey Bro, Its been a long time. Im still doin what I do, deployed as usual. This makes #4. You were an inspiration to me. Remember the Ironman competition in Kosovo. You were my biggest competition. We had alot of fun there. The FMPP trips to Bulgeria. I still remember you running around in your Sponge Bob PJs. Id never heard of Sponge Bob before but I still watch it today. I have tomany memmories. Tomany stuck in my head. We lost 7 that year. It was the worst year I can remember. I pray the best for your family, I know your up there watching out for them. Talk to you later brother."
Calimore of Baghdad, Iraq

"happpppppy birthdayyy big brother<3!Lucky you, you'll never have to get older and wrinkle, ha. just trying to make you smile up there. i love you and miss you soo very much isaac. your always on my mind. take care up there and watch over us all. i love you always and forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this oct 5, 2009."

"another birthday come and gone... i hope everyone took time out of their day to enjoy some pumpkin pie in Isaac's memory. to all the good times shared."

"To Isaac Michael Nieves, I have never met you, but reading these messages to and about you, I wish I could have, may you rest in peace within the arms of the almighty, thank you for your ultimate gift"
Nelson Pablo Nieves of Binghamton, NY

"Remembering you on this Memorial Day."
Sharon Cuyle of Virginia Beach, Va.

"i miss laughing with you the most."

"Hey Cuz...

A fellow Sergeant that I work with just lost his brother to the war in Iraq and I am sure he is up there in heaven with you right now looking out for all of us... I wish I can tell my friend that I know how he feels but nothing can make you feel better after someone so close to you gets killed for trying to do something good... its especially worse for a soldier....the sense of confusion that you feel...you dont know wether to be angry or feel pride.... well anyways Cuz I love you so much and miss you like crazy.. look after CPL Ryan Mcghee for my friend..... God Bless and Happy Memorial Day."
SGT Jasmin Vazquez of Woodbridge, VA

"Dearest Isaac,
I know it's been awhile since Drake or I have been in touch with you and yours. Life is fast like that. We love and miss you lots, and some days it's just easier to forget than to dwell on you not being here. Drake is 5 now, and he is so smart and handsome, I know you would be so very proud of your boy. He understands that you are gone, and he has taken it very well for someone so young. Once in awhile he cries and says, "I wish my daddy were here!" and it tears me up. But he is a strong little guy, he takes after you in so many ways, soft-spoken, gentle, and big-hearted. What really lights his face up is when someone tells him how much he looks like you...he just GLOWS with pride. :) Thank you so much for the most wonderful precious gift anyone could ever hope for. I love you forever and then some...always!"
Drakey's Mommy (Echo) of Southwest USA

"Hi Isaac, I miss my other "son". I think of you oftentimes, still have your picture. I know that you are really an angel, I believe that. You are in a wonderful place. I would like you to keep an eye on your "brother" Nick. Help him find his path...you could give him a friendly kick in the pants if you want! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you are really missed. I know that you are happy, just like when you were here. Keep a watch over us...it's pretty tough here! Love and kisses,your 2nd "Mom" (Rose)"
Rose of Sidney Center

"Isaac, I..we think about you every day. i think about you when i pass your old house and the fun we had in your garage. I often stop by your shrine at the highschool and render a salute. Brothers in arms. I know you are watching out for us someplace. Our group of friends are still close, we are tighter than ever. and in no small thanks to you. Sometimes i wish our roles were reversed, and you could still be here. You were a great man, and i always looked up to you, with you courage, dedication, and honor. not just for your country, but for you family and friends. When i see your son, i can see you. When i look at your brother Nicholas, i can see you. I know your out there watching over all of us. And i know that one day we will meet again soon. we all miss you, and i enjoy our chats in my dreams. keep us strong issac, like you were. Matt and I will be comming up to saratoga soon to visit. we love you Issac."
-SSgt Nicholas Milotta of New York

"April 16, 2009
To the family of Spc. Isaac Michael Nieves:
Isaac gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Hi Isaac, we want you to know that we think about you often and we all miss you! Take care!"
Christina Palmeri & Family of Chesapeake, VA

"hey there good looking, whats cooking =]. well hey there i just wanted to drop in and remind you how much i love and miss you. i cant believe today was the FIVE year mark since the tragic day we lost you. everyone misses you like crazzzy. mommy and the sis's went to visit you today, i wish i could of been with them but im all the way down here in fl. but im going to visit you sooon with them i promise. theres not a day we dont think of you. the whole family misses and loves you<3. you will NEVER be forgotten i PROMISE. tske good care of yourself up there. ill see you one day. i love you."

"hey isaac i just wanted to drop by and tell you how much i miss you and love you. i still think about you everyday, sometimes i dont even believe your gone and its been five years in a few days. i know i wont ever get over it, but i also know your always with me. sorry i havent wrote in a bit. been pretty busy, no excuse i know =p. well i hope your having a good time up there, and thanks for watching over the family down here, we're all doing great. we love and miss you more then i could ever explain. talk to you soon. xoxo big brother<3"
kimberly of pensacola, fl

"Re: Spc Isaac Michael Nieves

I represent PRAYER SHAWLS 4 FALLEN SOLDIERS (PS4FS), an organization that since October 2007 has sent over 2,700 prayer shawls to military families who have lost a loved one. We are an organization of over 238 groups from all over the country. We make every effort to reach families even when post cards are returned after they have moved. Would you kindly send me a contact email/address so that we may send a prayer shawl to the family? Thank you!

Cozette Haggerty, Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers
Email: ps4fs@charter.net
Website Address: http://webpages.charter.net/ps4fs/shawls"
Cozette Haggerty of Wilbraham, Massachusetts

"12/30/08-Happy New Year Isaac! We all miss you!
Thank you for being such a caring friend to my brother, Matthew, and family."
Christina Palmeri of Chesapeake, VA

"hey isaac, MERRY CHRISTMAS! we all miss you so very much and wish you were here everyday. christmas down here was good, got what we wanted=]except you... i hope all is well for you in the heavens and your having fun. well i miss you a lot and think of you all the time, i love you. merry christmas!"
kimberly of pensacola, fl

"hey isaac i miss you and im always thinking of you. i love you with all my heart always<3."
your sissy kimberly of pensacola, fl

"you were in my thoughts all day today... happy birthday"

"hey isaac,
hey you, hope everything is well up there for you. i miss you a lot i was thinking about you all day to a point where i just started crying, it sucks that your gone but i know your watching all of us down here. everything is going great for me. married life is wonderful, jonathan is a great hubby and takes good care of me, you would have liked him. anyway, the weather down here is pretty crazy, storms going every which way but they always seem to miss us, thanks for that lol. florida sure is hott its crazy. so i got new glasses i like them, plus i can see now haha. the family is doing great. priscilla is due this month to have her baby, and little next month, yay. your probably overwhelmed with how fast everyone is growing up lol. well i just wanted to drop by and say hey and let you know im always thinking about you and miss you so much. and to tell you that mom, dad, and all of the brothers and sisters are doing great and they all miss and love you too. take care of yourself up there big brother, i love you always and forever, you will NEVER be forgotten."
your little sister kimberly of pensacola, fl

"Dear Isaac,
Hey there big brother! it's me kimberly just dropping by to talk =]. i miss you soo much isaac and think of you everyday and i know you know that from listening to my prayers everynight. I haven't written in a while and im sorry. so much has been going on its crazy. your not going to believe this but I GOT MARRIED! yep your wee little sister got married. I got married to my high school sweetheart, jonathan. i met him the year after you passed so you didnt get to meet him which sucks because you would have gotten along nicely. you would have loved him because hes a great guy and yes he treats me great and loves me, and i know thats all you want for us is to be happy. Wow where to begin so I was dating him for three years and he actully joined the navy this year and at his bootcamp graduation he purposed to me, it was so cute and made me cry. and then we got married this past july 28, 2008. it was small but beautiful. Mommy, Gilberto, Victoria, and Kevin were all here. Yeah we got married in Florida. Because well i moved down here with him. We have a cozy little apartment and its quiet and i miss the family but hes good to me so im doing good. I wish you could have been there in person to see me your little sister get married but i know you were there in spirt. Im getting all grown up isaac lol. Mommy and the kids and all of us went jet skiing when they were here it was fun she had a blast, you would have loved it. anywhoo, i miss you so much and i cant believe its been four years already, it really sucks not having you around but i know your watching down over us. so priscilla and maria are both having babies this upcoming fall thats crazy cool too huh. They both are all ready and excited as much as we are. dont worry im not having babies for a few more years, you know when im done wih schoo. i know your watching them and already know everything im telling you but im just trying to keep you informed lol. The family is doing great, and we all miss and love you forever and always. theres not a day that goes by that we dont think of you. your always going to be mommy and daddys little boy and always our brother and always loved by each and every one of us. gosh your probably all shocked by hearing all of this news lol. Yeah were all growing up right before you, time goes by so fast huh. well im sorry i havent written in so long and i promise from now on i will write more as often as i can. i love you so very much big brother and thank you for listening to my prayers everynight and for watching over us all, take care of yourself up there and go have a drink for us =], i love you and will NEVER forget you. bye isaac"
your baby sister Kimberly of Pensacola, FL

"SPC Isaac,
any given sunday here and i just want you to know. that i tried. that i was the 240 gunner with the Secret Squirrels that day. i was the fourth gunner in the fourth truck, you got hit and the other two guys weapons got *ed up so i was left to hold the hill. i just want you to know that i tried. i couldnt have saved you, but i did everything i could to hold our ground...and i did. my one success story ever. so just so you know i held out the best i could brother, i lose sleep some nights from that day. i flash back occasionally and think about that day when RPGs were flying by and 7.62 rounds were incoming. that day was supposed to be a short mission yet turned into like a 24 hour operation. i want you to know that though i only met you maybe once or twice i think about you everyday. i think about that short brief few minutes of chaos and hell. i remember very specifically the sights and sounds and smells of that event. i still wear an expended 7.62 shell casing from my weapon that i fired that day around my neck on 550 cord. i wear it and when i feel uncomfortable or weak or scared or nervous i grab it with my fingers and rub it and i go back to that day and know that if i can survive a firefight than i can survive anything. know that you did not die in vain. you live in in the people that knew you and those like me who barely knew you but now have a very personal relationship with you despite never knowing you in person. that to this day, i still have drinks in your name and the others who never made it back from that year. know that on veterans day and memorial day and april 8th every year i have a drink for you, know that ill walk out and pour my drink on the ground in honor of you. at times i feel bad because i know the whole purpose of that days mission was for my team and if we didnt go out that day you would still be alive. being one of the 4 gunners that day i think often that if maybe i was paying more attention i could have taken out the bad guys before they got you. so know this: You are still here, and lessons have been learned and strengths have been ascertained because of that day. that more Iraqis are in better shape now because of your sacrifice. know that you will never be forgotten, ever. that 50 years from now i will walk into a bar and order a good German beer for you and sit and ponder that day. i also hope that your family understands that they are not alone either. that there are people out there like myself...that they have never met yet have so much in common. people that lose sleep over that day, people that at times break into tears, or drink a few too many drinks on that day and wish they could go back in time and change something. people that think of their son, brother, father and husband every single day. so keep shedding light on us down here...keep giving us the strength from up there, keep us going in those hard times. because it is you that keeps us going everyday. it is you that gives the hair on the back of a soldier's neck in iraq somewhere that warns him with just enough time to turn around or duck or warn his friends....that is you and all the other soldiers who came before us. but above all know that you are gone but not forgotten.

CPL Brandon of Washington, DC

"Hey Bro,
I'll never forget the day you left all of our life’s, it made my heart sink to a place I've never had it go, But hey like the quote says some gave some and some gave all and you surely did on that horrible day. I'll never forget when we were behind the barn joking and messing around and i got my butt smoked so bad and in the end we both laughed about it, but i just wanted to let you know I looked up to you as a friend and a fellow soldier! You were always a good friend! P.S. See you at the pearly white gates Brandon"
Spc Smith, Brandon of Michigan

"Still miss u man!! you're always in my thoughts and prayers. You were a great friend!! God Bless"
Joshua Rimer of Fort Carson, Colorado, United States

"It's memorial day weekend and I just can't believe it's already been 4 years since you've gone away. I want you to know that I, as well as the rest of the family, think of you often and miss you dearly. As I'm sure you know, Matthew's not too great with showing his feelings or emotions but I do know that he misses you incredible amounts and also thinks of you often. You were such a great friend to him--you were always there for him no matter what. So once again, we miss you tremendously and can't wait to see you again someday. God Bless You Isaac.

This is a poem my niece, Marjorie, wrote for you 4 years ago..

A Soldier in God's Army
"You were young and you just passed away.
Last time I saw you seems like just yesterday.
Fighting bravely in a country torn in two by way, you traveled across the sea to far and distant shore.

You leave behind people who looked out for you,
Now you will watch over them when they are sad too.
For now you have joined into a greater army than any on earth.
You have joined God's army, something that you were destined for at birth.

You will always be remembered and your legend will live on.
Even though your body is gone, your spirit remains and forever you will live on.""
Sharon Cuyle of Virginia Beach, VA

"Hey brother, I finally got out of New York and finally got to see a bit of the West coast. A lot has happen since you gone. I'm married now to a very respectable gentleman serving in the Navy and we're now expecting our first little one in September. Turns out we're gonna have a little boy, and I'm so excited. My husband and I decided to name our first son after you, Isaac. He's growing so big, I can't wait to meet the little guy. Memorial day is only a few days away and my man is going to be gone for most the summer...agh, life of a military wife gets hard at times. Anyhow I'm staying strong and trying to make the best of life. I miss you brother, I wish you were here to see my new family and my little man, I know you would be soo excited for me now. Anyhow, I love you brother...xoxo! Happy Memorial Day!"
~Your Little Sister Priscilla~ of Silverdale, WA

"Nieves, I drove all over town this past weekend to find a white marker so I could put your name the rear window of my car. It reads:

SPC Isaac M. Nieves
8 April 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom II

Anyone who knew you or served with you will never forget."
SSG Odom

"Four years ago I sat on the cold tiled floor of a bath room in a hotel talking to my Isaac. It was on this floor that I heard the voice of my Isaac for the last time. This is where we spoke our last words to one another from opposite sides of the world. This is where Isaac promised me he would come home to me, where we made plans for our future and our adventures when he came home. This is where we whispered our ‘I love you’ and he was gone.
Less than 8 hours from that moment I lost my Isaac. I would give anything in this word just to hear him tell me ‘I love you’ just one more time. Just one more sweet kiss or even a simple hug. I hate this day. It is a day full of regret and tears. It is the day that reminds me just how quickly life can be turned upside down, how quickly a heart can break."

"Hey bro- I miss you sooo much! I got ma a purse- finally she could get rid of the one with the pineapples, lol. School is going good- I'm taking a lot of classes this semester and I'm starting to feel the stress, lol. Well sissy pregnant- I'm so excited!! She got married too & it was before she was 32- she's in trouble now isn’t she, lol. Well just wanted to drop by and say that I LOVE YOU TONS!!!"
Lil sis

"hello isaac this is your mother speaking =]. i just wanted to let you know i miss and love you so very much. and your always in my thoughts. so you know we moved to binghamton, dad and I made a memory room just for you in the new house. I visit you as often as i can and i plan to soon again. i want you to know that youll always be my #1 and my little boy. I love you son."
Mother Dearest<3 of Binghamton, NY

"Our parish is praying for fallen service members during Lent this year, and I picked Isaac's name. Please know that he is remembered, even here in Bowie, Maryland. My prayers are also with Isaac's family."
Lynn of Bowie, MD

"Hey beautiful man, it's Thanksgiving again...and 4 years ago today you and I had our first and last celebration together. Thank you so much for brightening up my life, and for giving me our little boy...daddy's little guy. And thank you for watching over him, you're doing a great job, honey!"
Drakey's mommy

"Hey Brother! Just wanted to let you know that I still think of you every day and miss ya! Just thought I would let you know that I named my son after you. He's 19 mo. old now! I'll never forget when you cooked crab legs and other sea food in the barracks! You always loved to cook. Miss you and thanks for the memories."
SSG Matus, Kyle of Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

"Once a year we all take time to celebrate a life, we take time to be thankful for the time we are given and memories we have made. We allow ourselves to get caught up in what is beautiful and wonderful about one very special person. We eat cake and ice cream, sing and giggle and enjoy. Birthdays are so precious. I hope that everyone takes time today on Isaac’s birthday to not be sad or lonely – but instead they take the time to remember all the other birthdays – all the great things he was and all the good times he has given us. Take time to have a piece of cake and giggle for Isaac, he deserves to be honored and loved for the beautiful person he was. Happy Birthday Isaac – you are loved."
Isaac's wife- amy of new york

"Hey isaac,
well i'm a dork and just typed you a whole paragraph but deleted it on accident but i dont mind typing it all over for my big brother =]. well its like 3 o'clock in the mornign but i can't seem to go to bed, i'm serioulsy so awake its crazy. anyway im sorry i haven't been updating on this site and visiting as much as i should be, its just i've been busy, but never to busy for my family so i really have no excuse, forgive me lol. but yea i was just reading some of the comments left on your page and i se what my little nephew is up to. its great hes finally getting to know about you and talk about you but it sucks because your not here to see it. but i know your watching him from above admiring him and watching all of us. well enough of the sappy stuff. so i'm gonna give you a little update on todays life lol. well the family is doing awesome minus the fact we only have you here in spirit now=[. but as you know already maria had a baby girl who is almost one. yup makayla is beautiful(they say she looks like aunt kim-no joke)ha. and well me and doreen and girl all graduated this year.yup we did it bro, we made it. me and doreen are going to bcc. i'm going to major in mortuary science and shes going to major in teaching, its pretty exciting-until all he work comes lol. you know everyone still have trouble taking in the fact that your "gone". maybe its because you'll never truly be gone to us because your always in our hearts, forever. its been almost 4 years isaac yet i can remember evrything that happend that day i found out like it was yesteray. but anyway i want you to take care up there and watch grandma lol. i know god is taking wonderful care of you too. hey i also want to thank god, you, and grandma for listing to my prayers every night, and watching over the people i care about and i know you guys care about too. but i have to get going so remember mom,dad, and all your sisters and brothers and your son miss and love you more as every day passes. never forget that. tell grandma we feel the same way about her =]. goodnight big bro, i love you. miss you <3"
Kimberly Nieves of Binghamton, NY

"Hey Isaac,
Yesterday Drakey did something that almost brought tears to my eyes. He had my mom's cell phone in his hand and was playing with it, then all of a sudden he said, "I call my daddy!" and then he asked if his uncle Pedro wanted to "say hi to my daddy!" and then he proceeded to go around the house asking each of us if we wanted to talk to his daddy! This is the first time he's made that kind of connection that he wanted to call you on the phone...I am tearing up now as I type all this. I miss you so much, Isaac, and it still hurts that you aren't here to watch our beautiful boy grow up...he is so much like you, and it makes me smile to see it. He has the sweetest disposition (just like you!) and I thank God everyday that you and I were brought together to bring this lovely child into the world. I love and miss you so much."
Echo (Drakey's Mommy)

"Hi, Isaac. Drakey and I miss you too much. It sucks here without you. This little boy of ours really needs his daddy. I miss you so much, and Drakey is starting to talk about you. He knows you live up "in the sky" but sooner or later I know he's gonna ask why you don't come and visit. I miss you so much, Isaac. I miss our walks, our talks, and being silly. Your little guy is getting so big. He talks alot now and he likes to chew gum. Love n miss you lots."
Drakey's Mommy of Idaho

"We're almost done bro...then four more years at medical school. Lets take each day by day. Twenty-five more days of Wet Point until commissioning. Love you."
Gilbert Nieves of West Point, NY

"Happy Easter, Daddy. I love you."
Drakey Nieves of Idaho

"I looked at the calendar last week and the 8th stuck out for yet another year. It's going to stick out for a while. Rest in peace Issac."

"Hey Isaac, I miss you a lot and hope you are living it up in Heaven. Easter is coming up and so is your anniversary, actually it falls on the same day this year. Mom and the family are planning to go up to Saratoga and drop by to see you. Well leave some eggs and candy for you. Me and mom went up before Palm Sunday and placed a cross on your grave and some flowers. I still don't believe your gone- it feels like a dream and one day I'll wake up and you'll be in the kitchen invading the refrigerator. I feel at ease now in days as I learned that you have your ways of saying hi to me and having a conversation with me when I ask for you opinion. Well Happy Easter Bro, may you rest in peace. I LOVE YOU"
sis of Sidney NY

"Love you cuz...miss you sooo much you are always in my heart!!!"
Jasmin of Woodbridge, VA

"Hi Daddy, I just celebrated my third birthday last week. I wish you could've been there to see me blow out the candles on my cake. I love you so much, Daddy."
Drakey Nieves of Idaho

"issac was one of those rare people, who regardless of the situation his presence made things better, we never where in the same unit but crossed paths through bamberg kosovo and iraq ,amy and family of issac im sorry of your loss he was an incredible human being"
Nicholas Belanger of District of Columbia

"I miss my husband.
I miss my best friend.
I miss my Isaac."

"Merry Christmas, DADDY! I love you, and mommy loves you , too!"
Drakey Nieves of Idaho

"I am truley sorry for your lose. I makes me sad and I'm sorry he had to die. I hope and pray that you will get through this rough time take care and I send you a (((((big hug))))))"
kristin hanne of midland,texas79701

"well hey isaac its kim again i just wanted to wish you a very happy thanksgiving in the heavens above. and well of course i miss and love you a lot. its almost christmas brotherrrrr. i miss you. love kim."
kimberlu nieves of isaac's home

"HAPPY THANKSGIVING,DADDY! Mommy and I will always remember your last Thanksgiving on earth, as we got to spend it with you at Pam and Ben's house in Germany. We love and miss you lots! When it's my turn to keep the wishbone, I'll keep it for you, Daddy. HUGS N KISSES"
Your little boy, DRAKEY NIEVES of Idaho

"Just another message to my Daddy up in Heaven. It's getting to be Christmas time again and my mommy already put the tree up! I helped her decorate and we placed the picture of you in your Christmas hat next to it. Mommy said to tell you she misses you very much, and she would leave a message herself, but they always get erased for some reason. Do you remember how much fun it was in Nurnberg at Christmas time? I love you, Daddy..."
Your Son, Drakey Nieves of Idaho

"Whatzzzzzz up? Hey bro I came to say that I love and miss you so. I'm thinking about joining the Air Force Reserves and finish up school in Sunny or somewhere else. I got my own place now and I place a picture of you where I felt you could always be found- the refrigerator. Anyhow, mommy and the family are well and we celebrated your birthday together. I and Roger had a brownie cake and sparkling citer for you. Well I guess that’s about it for right now--I love you and hope you’re living it up in heaven."
Sis of Sidney NY

"while i sit her and read about michael nieves i sit there and ask myself is it worth it should a child be left with his father should a wife be left with out her husband. or a parent without there son i respect this country i live in and believe in the soldiers that preserve the rights and privalages we are given but i do not respect someone without knowing that soldier send him into a battlefield so they can be killed cause of lies and misconceptions i offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of michael"
edwin rosado of orlando florida

"On this day Isaac I leave a message in your memory, not a day goes by that I do not remember your sacrifice and your courage...I loved you like a brother my friend, from teaching me to Pole Vault to the every single glance of reassurance you gave to me...I love you brother, and forever will I keep you in my memory, my children will hear stories of your bravery...may you live forever in the mind of myself and in others...love you brother."
Tim Shupperd of Sidney, NY/ USA

"today would have marked 8 years that isaac and i had been together. every year on this day, no matter what was going on or where either of us were, isaac would always make sure i had a 12 tea roses and a hug. this year i wish more than anything i could just have that one hug. isaac and i had been through a lot. life sent some crazy lessons our way on a regular basis, but no matter how loud the fight or how long of a day, we alway knew how much love we had. To eight years of (some times crazy) love!
with love from your wife,"
Amy Nieves

"Dear Daddy,
Mommy and I celebrated your birthday with a little cake. I love and miss you lots..."
YOUR SON, Drakey Nieves

"I think this time of year is the hardest for everyone. it was not only Isaac's birthday, but also his favorite time of year... Halloween. I have had some really great times with Isaac during birthdays and holidays (espcally in October) that have become bitter sweet to remember, i just hope some day the bitter pain of missing him will fade and i can once again enjoy his sweet memory."
Mrs. Amy Nieves

"Hey cuz....Yea my crazy behind joined the army again....hey Michelle transitioned over 2...can't let you have all the fun....I love and miss you sooo much and when ever flag call sounds every morning....I salute for you...I love you with all of my heart and cant wait to see you again...."
Jasmin of Woodbridge, VA

"Hi Daddy. Mommy and I miss you alot! Just wanting to let you know you're still missed everyday, and loved not a drop less than before. Hugs n Kisses to you."
Drakey Nieves

"Hey bro, today's my big day-graduation- I wish you were here to see it. Days go by like flies now in times. I mean I could remember when we were just kids and you, me, gil and everyone else would go down to the creek and swim. Well bro I know you would of been so proud of me today- I'm graduating with honors and I am also in the top ten of my class and got 4 scholarships already and may get more today. Well I love you bro and even though your not physically here your still right beside me watching over me and I know your proud. Well bro is seems that the Nieves's made yet another difference in sidney High. I miss you and love you so."
Your sis of Sidney,NY

Thank you for the sacrifice you made to keep us here at home safe and free. You will never be forgotten, for your courage will carry your name forever. May you rest in peace."
Mike of South Glens Falls, NY

"Ohh isaac, i miss you soo much. i hope your memorial day was splended. its just not the same without you here. we all miss and love you very much. everyone is doing well =]. god bless you bro. i love you."
your lil sis, Kimberly of Unadilla,NY

"This Memorial Day weekend has been full of gray skies and rain...fits the mood of missing you and reflecting all that you have sacraficed for us. Not a day goes by that you aren't terribly missed. Even though it's hard to keep a happy face, I know that you wouldn't want us to be sad! Drakey knows you are up above "in the sky" and watching over him. He loves you so much, as do I. Sending you big hugs and kisses."
Love n Miss you! Drakey and his mommy

"hey brother, thinking of you this memorial day!!! GOD BLESS U!!!! love ya!!! Death Platoon!!! 2nd Squad"
Joshua Rimer of Bamberg, GE

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love, drakey nieves

"We missed Isaac this weekend In NC for the renewal ceremony. While he wasn't physically with us, Isaac was most definately there in spirit. We thought about Isaac a lot on Saturday. We recalled some stories and had some great laughs. It was so good to get everyone together and just have some fun. We miss you, Isaac."

"We missed Isaac this weekend In NC for the renewal ceremony. While he wasn't physically there with us, Isaac was most definately there in spirit. We thought about Isaac a lot on Saturday. We recalled some stories and had some great laughs. It was so good to get everyone together and just have some fun. We still missed having you there with us though."

"Today marks two years now since you've left us. Things haven't gotten any easier without you here, but we seem to be doing ok...Drakey is growing up more and more, he is such a fine young boy, and so smart. You would be so proud of him! Dearest Isaac, we love and miss you so much. I looked through our pictures the other night, the ones taken in Europe, and I can't believe how much time has gone by,and yet the memories of being there with you are as real and heartwrenching as the days we took them...now I know why I took so many, and each one is a treasure! I miss you..."
Mommy and the Peach

"i dont know u but we have the same name found u when checking on our name i pray for your family"
leo nieves of detroit michigan

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Drakey Nieves

"Dearest Isaac, we miss you more and more, and can hardly wait to see you again someday. Hope you haven't forgotten us. Lotsa love and hugs and kisses from both of us. M & the Peach"

"I would just like to state,I was completely devoted and in love with my husband.
I am and will always be proud of my husband and that I am able to say that I am
Mrs. Amy Nieves. I loved Isaac and will continue to do so for all of eternity
(no matter what). my heart and prayers go out to every person who has felt this
loss and can only hope that they too are able to not only allow their loved ones
memory to live on in them but to live on themselves.""
Mrs. Amy Nieves

"i miss you ever so much bro.
you mean the world to me.
i hope your having a blast up there.
i love you very much.
the family sends their love, you know it<33."
your little sister kimberly of unadilla,ny

"Drakey says,"I love and miss you, Pops!""

"Merry Christmas to you Isaac. Fond memories of Nuremburg and the Kriskindelmarkt, this time of year is always hard to face. I miss you lots and lots and lots!"

"Happy Holidays Bro... We love and miss you lots! Wishing you were stil here for the holidays bro. Take care of Grandma up there for the holidays! Love ya always and forever! Mwah... xoxoxoxo"
~ur lil sis~


"Happy Belated Veteran's Day man. We never met, but I served with some of your friends. I heard nothing but good things about you. Rest in Peace bro."
Robert Tuck of New Boston, New Hampshire

"Hey bro whats going on? Mom and everyone is doing good with the exceptions of the car but you know how that is- none of our cars really work, lol. Well we all miss you greatly and hopefully we can go up there to see you for thanksgiving- I'll bring you a pumkin pie candle and we'll light it so that the aroma can reach you high up in the heavens so that you know that were thinking of you on this greatful and thankful day giving our thanks to God for the times we shared. I'll bring a nice homemade blanket to put on your grave for I know that you did not like the cold. This time of the year its difficult for us Isaac cuz we miss you so very much and we miss the happiness and laughter you would bring to the table. Mom always forgets that your not here because when thanksgiving comes around she still makes a ton of food and pumkin pie. I think she hopes and prays that its all a dream, like most of us, and that one day you would be coming home late from hanging out with your friends and she would have your food on the side still warn on the stove so that you would never go hungry. It hurts her so very much to know that your gone and we never stop talking about how great you are, it seems like every conversation we have you get brought up. I miss you a lot bro and one day we'll meet again and it would be like the good old days were we would all go down the creek and swim or play together inside the house. I remember that one cold night when mom brought to your apartment and walked you to your room and put you in bed to made sure you were okay and safe. I can never for once think that your truely gone because it feels to me that your always around me and watching me its a comfortable feeling of security. I know your always watching us and mom and in a way we make sure you live on in our thoughts, minds, heart and soul. Oh, Gils doing a splended job in west point- he's one in a million Isaac I just wish you could of been here to see him because you mean a lot to him and you would of been so proud of him. I kinda hurts even more now that your gone because you were like a dad figure to all of us along with Gil because no boy in the right mind would mess with us because of you and Gil. But hey I understand why God wanted you back- you were the one who would resolve everything in a peaceful manner and you never take things forgranted.I miss you tons bro and may you now rest in peace with no worries.
p.s. Take care of grandma up there and make sure you guys don't party to much"
A loving family member of some where close by

"We had our first snowfall of the year yesterday. Waking up to the soft white flakes in the air made me remember how much Isaac loved the snow. I got to thinking about our long walks in the park, walking until we could no longer stand to be in the cold. I was beyond blessed to have Isaac in my life. I am so glad I have the memory of his warm smile in this cold time of year."
Mrs. Amy Nieves of Sidney, NY

"My name is SGT John Odom, and I served with SPC Isaac Nieves in Bamberg, Germany and in Baquba, Iraq. We fought with the 82nd Engr Bn both out of FOB Gabe and FOB Thunder, and I was there at FOB Thunder the day it happened. It has been almost two years since you've been gone and everyday I think about you, and everyday I miss you. I will forever be honored to have served and fought with you in Iraq. From me and all the soldiers wether they are still in the BLUE BABE or elsewhere, we are broken hearted that you are gone, but our love for you as Soldiers, as brother's and as friends will be eternal. Until we meet again. May your soul rest in peace and may GOD always protect you.
SGT John Odom"
John Odom of Ft. Huachuca AZ

"I still think of you and your family everyday, God Bless You Isaac I am so Proud to know you rest by my Nate! Love You, Kathy Brown"
of GF,NY

"Anyone who knew Isaac is blessed to have known him. You take the good with the ugly and hope, in the end, the good out weighs the ugly. Isaac was part of the good to out weigh the rest. We can't view Isaac in the negative, remembering only how he was taken from the world. We need to celebrate the part that mattered... the part that made the difference. That's the part to cherish and to love... the part that is a blessing to all that knew him."
Jen of SLNY

"hey love,
HAPPY FRIGGEN BIRTHDAY BRO! we went and visited you today and even brought you a little party, and had one at home. god oh god do we miss you. but we still love you more than words could ever explain. hope you have a rad birthday in heaven. i bet your surprised too see g-ma up there. well at least she can party with you up there...as long as she dont make the "lady" angels go away right? lol.

love your little sister kimberly of unadilla,NY

"yea man i miss you.

love you bro."
your little sister kim of unadilla

"Hey there big bro, I hope you and grandma are living it up in heaven. Take good care of her Isaac. Hey I got a job in Joe and Vinney's and I do a little bit of everything there. I really enjoy working there it's a great job.I may not be able to see you in Germany because the army is having a ruff time fun raising for us but don't worry Mom is deafinitly going cuz i'll chase her out the house if she tries staying. Don't worry bro I'll find a way over there in my later years to see you if I can't go, trust me I'm a nieves and our family lives up to our name. I just hope and pray that everything will be okay. Isaac please take care and watch over mommy, daddy, all your brothers and sisters and make sure grandma is in good hands. I love you both and I will forever remeber you, for both of you live on in my thoughts and my heart. LOVE YOU BRO AND MAY YOU REST IN PEACE"
your little sis

"Hey there big bro, it's been a while since you've been gone but in that very bit of time we try to make the best of life the way we know you wanted us to. Mom had just got done with most of the passports for the kids in Norwhich and let me tell you Nick was a terror, lol. The lady asked if mom could not bring him next time, lol. Well anyways it took mom about 5 hours to fill out all the paper work for the kids and herself. Finally, Isaac we got her to get out of this house. Yep dads doing fine and as for us were doing aight, lol. Well i saw some of your pics and it makes me cry but what really does it sometimes is mom, wow does that woman hold things in. She can't but feel as tho she could have done more but we all know she did her best and she will always love you. She most of time, sometimes it feels like always, brings you up in a conversation and the things you would think she never knew she does its amazing. She has you posted all over the house and lights a candle and says a prayer nightly. She says no one messes with my Isaac i'll beat them up, lol. Wow Isaac if you were here you would be soo very proud of her she held up her wits and she still moves around continuing to take great care of us. Isaac if i could give anything up to give it to someone else it would be the phone call i last spoke with you, I would give it to mom so that she could of told you even tho you knew that she loves you. I mean time over and over again when Aunt Doreen's kids lived with us mom would wait by that phone day in and day out waiting for you to call, she would also chase anyone else who was on the phone off too. Even when the phone bill was too high mom would accept collect calls so that she could talk to you. It murders me inside to know that she never got to talk to you before everything happen and instead i did, in which there's not a day that passes in which i don't thank God for giving me that opportunity. But it hurts when you see mom brushing the cold, wet snow on a loney night in December to make a path to your stone to talk to you. Just seeing her sit there wanting to be all alone with you and getting her jeans wet all the way up to her knees just so she bend over to give you one more good night kiss and come back in the car with a smile on and say " I talked to my Isaac and I gave him something to keep him warm because he was cold" kills me inside when certain people actually have the nerve to say that she never loved you, even if it was just once, because she loves you soo damn much that it eats her inside every day to know that your gone and to still hear the fighting of some and actions of others that are hurtful to both. She just wants everyone to get along like Isaac wanted it to be, like it should be. One day mom was in the car with me Isaac and she was looking at the trees and all she said was Isaac loved the wilderness he loved to go camping and if you just looked over in the corner of your eye you could see a lonely drop of water roll down her cheek when a cascade of it was soon to follow. Some people had wrote in a passage that we all learn a life lesson from this...One was to help others when they fell and to pick yourself and others up when you or they cannot and continue to live life and charish what you have...however how can you help someone who lost part of themselves and can never get it back, how can you ease the pain when it has embodied within the mind and body and it is the pain that allows you to move a little at a time, how can you tell a mother that lost her first born son that everything is okay and that you've been there before. How could you tell a 5 yr old boy where his daddy figure had gone, how could you tell a 1yr old son where his dad had gone. People can say we learned a life lesson because of his death but can you tell me how I can apply it because I'm lost and I personaly believe that it is not a life lesson we learned but an adaptation that we must cope with. I love you bro and I still can't believe kim painted our house pink, lol. And if you can somehow hear or see me please send a sign telling Mom, Dad, our sisters and brothers, your son, your wife and friends that your living it up in heaven. I love you Isaac and rest in peace big bro."
A Loving Family Member of Somewhere close by

"I think of Isaac and miss him everyday. With Isaac's death I have lost much more than a brother and a friend. But I have found new love and support from many people. I know Isaacs death has been one of lifes lessons in love and loss. I would like to thank all that have given so much support to me, my family, and especially my sister. May Isaac live in all of our hearts."
Erin of Rochester

"Dear brother I has been a while since you departed this worl to enter the heavens above and yet I still cannot help but feel like your still alive somewhere. Although my mind tells me that your gone my heart does can not let you go. I miss you terribly. Although I know you can't be with me physically I know that you are watching me from the heavens above. I'll love you forever brother no matter what and I'll always cherish the moments we send together. I dedicated a site to honor you (spcisaacmnievestribute.photosite.com)and so far I was able to get in contact w/ a few of your army buddies overseas which was a relief to me to actually talk to them about you since everytime I talk to them it's like I'm getting to know more about you even though we were already close to one another. You will always be my older brother Isaac and may god bless your soul. I know I shall see you once again at the gates of heaven. I love you bro, may you rest in peace knowing that you'll always will be in the hearts of those you touched."
your lil sis

"Dear Isaac,
Not a day goes by when I can't stop but think about your happy, smiling, joyful personality that helps me get through another day that your gone.I sometimes can't help but think that you grace Drake with your presence because he seems to see someone that no one else can and I know that you keep to your word and in some way you will always be there for your son, family and wife to help guide them to the light and ease them of their pain and help them through there hardships. I would give anything in the world to have you here. It gets harder and harder during this part of the year because of the camping trips and the funny stories you did and told. Memories still lurk as I look back in the past on the fun and loving memories we shared, Isaac. I miss you dearly. I can only dream of seeing you again, even if it's for a split second, so that I may embrace you in my arms and tell you, "I love you" once more. I can sometimes feel your presence and guidance when I am in need of a friend the most. Isaac, you have truely helped me pave a new path on life's journey so that I may follow in your footsteps. Isaac, I can only hope that one day I will be as responsible, compassionate, courageous, heroic, and patriotic as you are. Isaac, you are the best, you did give us a star, and you will always and forever be number one! I will forever love you... but I think you knew that all along. Kisses and hugs. love always <3 your baby sis"

"hey Isaac,
well woah i have some stories to tell you. ok so my birthday was like 2 weeks ago right. well i invited some friends over and mom made a party for me at the beach with a bbq and everything. she surprized me good. so we are all having fun and mom even rented a canoe and boat. and guess what. i rode both of um 8-). but first gwen kevin and doreen rode them. and they flipped the canoe cuz they are dorks(kinda like you always did) haha. so mom had to talk to the guy so he wouldn't take the boats and canoe away and it worked 8-). so then i went with my friend eric in the canoe and boat. then i was complaining so he would let me row. so he did. but all i did was row from the dock backwards into the swimming area and from there on he kinda just took control idk why lol. even drakey rode on the boats isaac, ain't that cool. so then we have the bbq, cake, pinyata and all those fun things, you know. i know you remember what the tradition is for the cake. "the birthday person gets frosting on their face". yea well i got that and a whole lot more. anna took a piece of cake and smashed it all over me haha. all in all my birthday was rad and mom made it super fun. if you were there you would have had a blast. man isaac today i got a job...at burgerking lol. its so much harder then you would expect. if you were here i bet you would be laughing at me :-P. work is hard but you gotta learn how to do it right. anyway i havent wrote to you in a while, idk been busy but that aint no excuse to not write to my awesome biggest brother:-). i miss you so much and love you more than words can describe. you mean the world to me and there isn't a day where i dont think about you. everyday that passes i always have a good memory to share with people. i look at your pictures everyday and sometimes cry on my own just to ease the pain a little bit. Sometimes i wonder why your not calling and just sit around by the phone and wait until i remember. the days go so much slower without you here. the family is doing great isaac, we are keeping strong for you and being extra good and don't worry we all help mom so shes taken care of. we saw Echo and drakey a little bit ago. they came up to visit. wow isaac you have one handsome son, i can tell you that. hes getting big and can walk and eat all kinds of food now. yea he loves pulling aunt kim's hair too :-P. everyone misses you like crazy isaac and loves you more then words can describe. take care in the heavens and rock on bro. one day we will meet again:-)."
Kimberly Nieves of Unadilla,NY

"I find it amazing how much you can reminisce about things. Time sure can fly when you think back and share about the good times that have passed. I love looking back on the stories shared, the memories collected. I only met Isaac a few times, yet I feel like I knew him so well. In meeting up with old friends, the stories pour out of us, the memories and moments so clear in our own minds. We miss Isaac, but share him in our thoughts, prayers, and stories. We share him as a part of our being, for he touched all of our souls. And Isaac will continue to live on through us, through our thoughts and prayers and actions. His name may not live on forever, but his impact will continue to ripple around the world as each of those whose life he touched does the same for another life. Thanks Isaac!"
Jen Yousey of Saranac Lake, NY

"Thank You Isaac for My Freedom on this Fourth Of July and everyday! I think of you everyday and your loved ones."
Kathy of Glens Falls

"I was told, by many people that the pain gets better after the first year. However, one person told me, the first year is the easiest; it is when the second year comes that you can no longer deny the truth.

I am now in the second year of life without my and I still cannot put into words the pain I feel every day. I honestly don’t think the pain we all feel will ever diminish or subside. But I do think it will evolve, and instead of holding the hurt and living in the sorrow I can only hope I can continue to evolve with it. I can only hope that someday I will be able to feel no anger, no regret, no tears or longing but can truly appreciate the tremendous love and warm memories we were able to share for so many wonderful years.

Thank you to all of you that have shown your love, admiration and support to my husband. Thank you to all of you that have taken time to also cherish the memories and appreciate Isaac for all that he was in life. May he always live on in our hearts."
Mrs. Amy Nieves

"Hey bro Happy Fathers Day! We all miss you. Our prayers are always with you. We love you and you are forever in our hearts and minds. Love you bro, kisses and hugs."
Your lil sis of Unadilla NY

"Happy Father's Day Bro! I love you and miss you lots! I know your watching all of us from the skys above. My prayers and thoughts are w/ you always! Love ya bro!!!"
your lil sis

"Isaac, i just wanted to thank you for doing so much for all of us. i thank you every day. my prayers are with you and your family."
SGT Jon Ferris of FT. Eustis VA

"Hey Isaac,
I love and miss you so much...wish you could be here with us. ThEEnD"

"Isaac,I think of you everyday! Rest in Peace, Love Kathy"
K Brown of G F New York

"Isaac, God Bless You, A True American Hero on this Memorial Day. You are missed and loved by everyone even I who didnt get a chance to know You! I will some day get to meet You. Untill we meet Rest In peace our Hero !"
Kathy Brown of New York

"Hey bro. long time no talk. Well as you prolly know today is memorial day. The day to honor men like you, who served our country to give us the freedom we now have. I marched in the guard memorial parades, you know the ones you always went to. Anyway at the masonville one a veteran spoke of you and he spoke good. He honord you as you should be as well as all those other soliders who fought and are fighting for us. You might not be here with us in person but you are in spirit and that will live on always. I miss you so much Isaac and I will love you always no matter what! Take care up there buddy. R.I.P Hero"
Your little sister kim of Unadilla, NY

"It's been a year Isaac, we really really miss you!we know you're safe now, in a beautiful place called Heaven!Wow Isaac, we miss you soo much! i can't believe it's been over a year..there is never a day that goes by, where me, or anyone else, doesn't think of you, you will always be in our hearts! ALWAYS!!!..Thank You for being a *True American Hero* n for being soo brave over there..
*RIP Isaac Michael Nieves*we miss you so much! we love you!

*American Soldier*
Anna of Sidney New York

"Dear Brother, It's been a year and it feels like time is standing still. We all went to visit you in Saratoga again on April 8th. As I stood in front of you tombstone I still find it much more harder to let you go. I think of you everyday and everytime I see a picture of you I feel as if your still alive for that brief moment in time until the tragic truth of reality hits me again. Although your gone to heaven, I know that deep in my heart you watch all of us including your friends who were you brothers and sisters in arms. I'm in the process of making a site dedicated to you @ http://www.spcisaacmnievestribute.photosite.com/IsaacTribute/ (if any person has any pictures of my brother so that I could add them to the site I would love to have them.) Your always my hero brother, and I'll always keep you memory deep in my heart. Rest in peace hero, until we meet again may your smiling face bring hope to those who are suffering. Love you brother always and forever."
Your Little Sister of New York

Its been over a year and i still cant beleive your gone. When i got the news of your passing i was shocked and it seemed like time stood still. I still look for you when im in the barracks thinking that you will be there with that silly grin on your face. You were taken from us much to young. You served your country with HONOR and will be missed greatly by all who knew you. I am honored to have been able to known you and serve with you. You are missed but never forgotten. Youll always be in my heart, and your family will always be in my prayers.
SSG Swanson"
Scott Swanson of Elmira, NY

It took me a year to finally leave you a message.I feel guilty,why you and not me same job,same rank,same gun,same position in the truck,same squad.Sometimes I wish it was me and not you.You were to young to go,but what age is ok?All I have now are memories of the months,weeks,days,minutes and seconds of your face and voice going through my head.It's been a year.God it feels so long ago.I still remember where I was and the looks on the peoples faces when the news slowly rolled in.Your face is still around Bamberg.I kiss my hand and touch your's & Chuck's Plack thats at the gym.I stop and look at your face when I walk into Mulligans.We all miss you here man.Never Forgotten!"
Price of Bamberg

"Hey there wonderful.. I miss you soo much, I can't believe its been a year now without you. I can't ever get you off my mind. It hurts so badly to know your not coming home again or calling to see how we are doing anymore. I cry day and night thinking about how I could of kept you here on earth with us, I know its a greedy and selfish thought because god needs you but I am so empty without you. I keep strong for everyone elses sake and because I know you wouldn't want me to be sad or cry. I'm trying my hardest to make you proud and I can't say how much I look foward to the day we all meet again.. wether its 1 or even 60 years from now. You wont EVER be forgotten, Your in the minds and hearts of many! You were a True HERO! I love you and that love only grows everyday..I could Not Ask For More! <3 I Miss you big bro...R.I.P"
Love Your Little Sister Kimberly of Unadilla, Ny

"Hi Isaac, it has been a year since you left us. I'll always remember you. You are a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. I'm so grateful for your sacrifice. Rest in Peace. God Bless You Isaac."
Chrissy of USA

"Hey there bro, its been a year now that I haven't seen your beautiful smile and laugh. It doesn't feel as though your gone. I can't help to think that your still here and well. However, I know that is not true but I know that your happy up there and watching all those who love you. I can't help but cry knowing that you are no longer with us. However, I see you every time I look at a wrestler or even at an United states flag and know that you are always with us even if its not in person. I had some time to reflect about the times and the family moments we shared and I that gives me the courage to move on. Isaac I miss you sooooo much it hurts. I hope that one day we will be united and share the same moments like the good old times. You will always be in our hearts and minds. Thinking about today makes me wish that the day you left when I huged you that I should of never let you go or huged you tighter than ever. I miss you and will always love you. Rest in peace my bro and fallen hero. WE LOVE YOU!"
Gwendolyn Nieves of Sidney NY

"Oh Beautiful Isaac, It has been a year now and I still wish I could of known the great Man I read about, I think of You everyday as If I did know You on this earth! Your Family Is strong and I know You have allot to do with them being so strong In this time In their lives! I also feel Your spirit with our Nate from time to time! I pray you and Nate are having the best ever up In Heaven! Enjoy It you two earned It well and I am sure You took all Your love for Your family with You! I hope You You found the love I have for You and brought It back up with You! You are missed and YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!! I love You Isaac"
K.Brown of Glens Falls NY

"As I reflect over the past year, there have been so many hard days to get through without Isaac. The family camping trip up in Saranac Lake, the anniversary of the first date with my sister, what would have been his 21st. birthday, christmas day (a year from the last time I saw him alive), and his wedding anniversary. Now here we are faced with the one year anniversary of his death. Though we have all moved on with our lives and the hurt is not so sharp, there are still moments in my life where the feelings of anger, saddness, and loss bubble to the surface. As days pass these moments happen less and less. Dreams of Isaac being taken away have been replaced with memories of the happy care free Isaac I knew before he saw the reality of war. As I know that the lives of me, and my family, and all that loved Isaac will be changed forever. I also know that our lives have been touched by a wonderful spirit, and we are all better people for the short time we spent with him. As long as we all keep these great memories alive in our hearts, the bad ones will slowly fade away, and that great spirit he had will live on through all of us. On April 8th, go out for a hike, make someone laugh, spend time with family and friends, go eat some great chinese food (china city), and honor the spirit of Isaac, the man that lived every day to the fullest."
Erin of Rochester, NY

"I was Isaac's first squad leader in the Army in Bamberg, Germany. I had the priveledge of leading him through his first two years in the Army, and through his rotation in Kosovo. He was moved out of my squad shortly before we left for Iraq. I will never forget Isaac. He was one of those kids that you not only get to have an impact on as a leader, but also one who in turn had a profound impact on me. He was a wonderful soldier- hard working, loyal, and he had the quality inside him to make everyone around him better. It was devestating for me personally to lose him, but he was so well-loved within the unit that I know that I was just one of many who felt this way. From the time I picked him up at the airport until the last time I had talked to him in Iraq he had grown so much as a man and as a soldier. I was proud to have been some small part of his life, and I always will be. I see many of his family members posting messages here, and I want to pass my deepest sympathies along to you as we come on the first anniversary of his death, and I hope that you all realize that the hole in your lives created by Isaac's absense is shared by so many of us who knew and love him. If you have any questions, or if you'd just like to hear some of my personal stories about Isaac, my e-mail is raymond.stewart@us.army.mil."
SSG R.Ryan Stewart of Bamberg, Germany

"Dear Brother,
It's only 3 more days until the one year anniversary of your untimely death in Iraq. I still can't believe how fast time has passed, and to actually think that you're not here with us. Although the days has progressed forward I can still remember every detail that happen on that day that we heard the news as if time has frozen still. Especially now, that memory haunts my dreams at night and even in the daytime. If their was one wish that I could have, I wish it would be to see you one last time to give you a hug and kiss and finally be able to say goodbye brother and that I will always love you and miss you with all my heart. Your a hero in my eyes brother and in the eyes of those you touch and no one can take you away from me and the rest of us because I know in my heart that you still walk beside us wherever we maybe always keeping us company even in our dreams. Love ya brother, rest in peace.*~*Mwah*~* xoxoxoxo..."
your lil sis *~*Priscilla*~* of New Paltz, NY

"Isaac,Happy Easter and We love You! The cross your family left Is so nice I am sure Nate and You love them! It has been a long hard day as You know we lost our Nate on Easter Sunday last year,I am sure You two are togather with our Lord up In Heaven! Love You My Hero Isaac. Kathy Brown, Nates Mom"
Kathy of New York

"Hey there Bro,
I want to wish you a Happy Easter up there in the Heavens! I miss you so much and would give anything just to give you one more hug..the only thing keeping me together is knowing one day I'll see you again! I love you with all my heart Isaac and won't EvEr forget you!<3"
Love your little sister Kimberly of Unadilla,NY

"Happy Easter Brother, I love you and miss you dearly. Although you aren't here to share in the festivities I can still feel your presence in everything we do. It's still hard for me to actually lose you physically but I know you are with me spiritually. Happy Easter Brother and I'll see you at the gates of heaven so save a drink for me. Love ya forever and always!"
your younger sis, Priscilla of New Paltz, NY

"I first went on the blue babes website in March of 2004, I immediatly saw Isaacs name. I have visited the site many times since then. When I found this website I was grateful to have a way to extend my sympathies to the Nieves family. My boyfriend arrived in Iraq at that same time Isaac was there (March 2004), and was a part of the 82nd EN BN. Though neither of us knew Isaac we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to his family. My boyfriend was injured by an IED but survived the blast. Isaac is a true American Hero and we will forever be in his debt.
Jennifer (proud girlfriend of a BLUE BABE)"
of Olympia, WA

"Isaac was the best of us, really. The guy you could always count on to be there when you needed him, however that might have been. I still remember the day my mom called and told me that he had fallen...I couldn't believe it, and although it's been several years since we spoke, my heart went out to his wife Amy, who was one of my colorguard buddies and closest friends. Amy started dating Isaac the same weekend I started dating someone very special to me, it used to be a running joke. Watch out for the pigeons, Amy. I know Isaac watches over you and always will. Both of you will always be in my heart."
Tricia Bay (formerly Doyle, formerly Palmer) of Denver, Colorado. USA

"Hey Bro,
Just dropping a line by saying Happy St. Patrick's Day! :-D I Love you with all my heart ALWAYS! And I miss you more then words can explain.<3I think of you everyday that passes by HERO."
Your little sis ((*Kim*)) of Unadilla, NY

"Hey brother, I can't express in words how proud I am of your heroic sacrifice. Although its been 11 months since you passed on to the heavens, every day that passes I can't help but think of how things would have been if you were still around. I know your watching over me in everything I do. I just wish I could hug you one last time for good times sake. I made you a online album so that people can see you in all your glory @ http://llove8.photosite.com/Isaac/ God bless you brother, I love you and miss you sooo much. your son is growing up to be so handsome and everytime I see him I can't help but picture you. I really really miss you brother but I'm staying strong. Brother, do me a huge favor would you and watch over my bf Michael for me, because he's in Iraq right now fighting for the same cause that you were, and please bring him home safely if you can. Love ya brother and you'll always have a place deep in my heart. XOXOXOXOXOXO"
Love always ur lil sis, ~Pris~ of New Paltz, NY

"Hey cuz

Found my self really missing u today. I wish we had spend more time together, but life pulled us apart i lived in P.R. n u over here. But ill never forget all the good times we had wen we were small, i wont ever forget u my #1 HERO love u so much n miss u even more cant stop thinkin bout u baby, and cant stop regreting not bein able to spend more time with u. Thanx for all the good times we had together them beautyfull memories u left me. Love u cuz i wont ever forget u."
Yahaira anieves of Bridgeport CT

"My Hero Issac, I cant thank You and Your Family enough! I do hope to see Your family at the faces of the fallen memorial this March.I will be there to see Your portait as well as Nates. I will visit You and Nate soon .Love Kathy Brown"
K Brown of Glens Falls,New York

"to my sweet husband on our anniversary:
a small reminder of just how much i love you...
two little toads went out for a walk and arm and arm they had a nice talk. until they saw an old owl sitting in state, then they knew it was getting late. so each in turn, carried the other speckely first and then his brother. soon they were safe home, and each one said, under a burdock leaf i must cool my head. so they tucked in their toes and slept neth the brushes til the moon rose. and the lilly bells chimed in the pale moon light... good night little toadies and isaac, good night.

it is so hard without you.
with all my love,
your wife,
Amy Nieves of Sidney, ny

"To the family in arms of Isaac, I salute you, for it was you who kept my brother strong when needed and happy when not asked. On behalf of the Nieves family I thank you, the 82nd Engineer Battalion, for all of your blessed thoughts towards my brother. Before I was weak and unable to write to him, I did not know how to write to him. But now I am and I would like to say a couple of things to my brother who's memories still continue to lurk and carry on in our hearts and minds. I wanted to let my brother know that I did get the position I so desired to get when I last spoke to him and it is because of him that I do so well in it. Isaac you still continue to do the work of many and it is because of you that I am a stronger individual. You showed me that although a person is no longer here that does not mean they don't look over you and send signs of a little "hello" that can brighten up a persons day. I know that you look over me and I am grateful of that but there are still those times I would just love to see you and give you the biggest hug there ever is. Isaac I truly miss you with all my heart and whenever I see the children wrestle I know your somewhere close by watching them and teaching them a new move. Isaac I miss the way you would come home late and walk in telling Priscilla she can't date till 30 and every time you would make it older. I miss the way you would make us laugh with the jokes you told or the little acts you and Gil would play on Kimberly. I miss the way how you lived in the present, now, rather than in the future and just went with the flow. I miss seeing you, Matt, Nike, Corey, and all the guys hanging out and having a good time. Isaac you know that saying mom use to tell us " you’re my babies, my babies are the best, there number one, your gonna give me a hundred and a star" well bro just to tell you, you were the best, you got a hundred and a star because you were prefect the way you were. You are that shooting star in the sky, always on the move that twinkles in the night above all the rest spreading your sparkle dust on all those who needed a friend, a person who would show everyone out there that there is hope and someone does care. Isaac we all love you and you will never be forgotten. And if mom would just learn to be computer literate she would have said that she loves you too and surely you are her son and always will be. She always remembers you through mother nature a place you loved to roam and explore. She's a strong person Isaac and now I know where you got it from. And Isaac dad loves you and misses you a lot and whenever he gets something to remind him of you he keeps it close to his heart. And last but surely not least I love you more than words can describe and I hope your having a good time and I hope that one day I would see you again along those pearly white gates. And not to forget Drakes getting big and he reminds me of you more and more as he continues to smile, laugh, and play. He's quite the cutie and he misses you.
Your little sis Gwen of of Unadilla NY

"HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BIG BRO<33 I miss you like crazy and love you so much just wanted to drop you a little message wishing you a great Valentines Day up in Heaven! I Love you

Kimberly of Unadilla, Ny

"Hey Isaac, just a little note to help with the sad times...what would have been your one year in Iraq is now coming to an end. It makes me sad to think that you would be redeploying to come home soon, and how the past year feels like nothing now compared to what feels like an eternity without you looming ahead. I miss you, my friend. The pain of losing you will never fade, but your legacy lives on to bring joy to us all. Until we meet again, I'll keep you close to my heart, and smile when I think of you and all you've accomplished while here on earth."
A Close Friend

"Just dropping a line to you bro...I was just thinking about you and Sh**, do i miss you! Well god,can't wait to see you again till then l8er bro. I love you and miss you so much and more! keep it real up there! <33"
your little sis Kim of Unadilla, NY

"Just dropping a line to you bro I was just thinking about you and *,do i miss you! Well god,can't wait to see you again till then l8er bro. I love you and miss you so much and more! keep it real up there! <33"
your little sis Kim of Unadilla, NY

"Hey Cuz... I just want to wish you
A Great New year up in the skies.....I love and miss you so much and I cant wait to count down the years and get drunk with no hangovers with you by my side.....love you cuz...."
Jasmin of Ft Myer Army Post, VA

"God Bless Isaac and the entire Nieves family. I miss you all and keep you close to my heart, regardless of the distance. Memories are fond reminders of Isaac's love for you all, and your love for him. God Bless you all."
Nikki of Bakersfield, CA

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year big bro! I Love You xoxoxoxo... R.I.P

Party it up like you did down here Bro!"
Kimberly Nieves of Unadilla,NY

"Isaac was a wonderful friend, son and father...He was a wonderful person..He always knew how to cheer someone up when they were down...He hated so see anyone cry...I was talking to his wonderful sister, Kimberly Nieves and I started crying and she told me this
"Hun, Dont cry...Isaac dosen't want you to cry, He wants you to be happy and remember the good times...If he saw you crying he would tell you to wipe those tears away and have fun and be happy...Isaac is always with you..Right by your side...and always in your heart"...
I'll never forget the day that Isaac left for Iraq...It was a long day...Isaac always had a smile on his face...It was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and I will never forget...If Isaac saw his beautiful son he would be the proudist guy alive...Isaac is a very dedicated solider...He will always be my hero..No matter what...I love you Isaac...*Rest In Peace*"
Jessie Wilcox of Sidney, NY/USA

"Dear Nieves Family, your loss was a loss to all of us. There are no words that can be said..."
Anthony V Nieves of North Port, FL, USA

"To The Family of Isaac M.Nieves, God Bless You this Christmas. Yes this Is one of the most hardest times for Us too, When I find Myself getting down, I think of Nate and Isaac, Up In Heaven running and playing and watching over all of Us here ! I dont go to visit as much any more I found Myself to sad and upset! But not one day goes by I dont think of Isaac and Nate! The love I feel for Isaac and I never even knew Him He just like Nate Is a true American Hero, I will never forget Isaac and what He did for Us! I am sure I will meet Isaac In Heaven! Untill then may God hold Isaac and Nate In His loveing hands ! They are with Gods Army now ! Merry Christmas to Your Family from Ours. Love, K.Brown"
Kathy Brown of New York

"Isaac, I often find myself thinking about you and hoping that everything is fine where you are. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Until I see you again take care and save a drink for me. I love you little bro and I'm always thinking about you. I'll miss you always but at least I had the chance to see you grow up and become the great man that you were and always will be. Here's to you and all of the great times we had together growing up when we were kids. Rest in peace little man."
Little Maria of Writght-Patterson A.F.B.

I don't know you and never will, but i know you have a great son. He fought for our country and lost his life for it. He wasen't meant to go but he is in a better place. Sorry to all and wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. And for Isaac: R.I.P. Thank you for your sacrifice and courage and you will be missed by many.
For my fiance: i love you and i hope you come home safe. I miss you!"
Andrea Niemeyer of Tacoma Washington United States

"Hey bro...I love you...you'll always be with us. Take care up there. I'm taking care of everything down here."
Gilberto of West Point, New York

"I just want to say thank you to Isaac and to his family. Although I never knew him, I know someone who did, and I know he has made a huge impact in the lives of many people. I also know that God has richly rewarded him for his honor, sacrifice, and courage. God bless the Nieves family."
A Friend of a Friend

"I Love You Isaac Rest In Peace Big Bro. God Bless You.I Miss you so much! Happy Thanksgiving...And I just wanted to let u know I am very thankfull to have you as my Big bro...You are my everything! I Love you"
Kimberly Nieves of Unadilla, NY

"I have been meaning to leave a message on this board for a while now. I didnt know Issac but from what i've read he was a pretty incredible guy. He will forever be missed. I just wanted to say thank you Issac, thank you for serving our country. Thank you for risking and giving your life to possibly save someone else's. That is the ultimate sacrifice."
Noel of Sidney, Ny

"i would just like to say that i am very proud of Isaac and i have never even met him. I am just a civilian that owes my life to the men and women who are fighting over in Iraq. My father is a leut. Commander in the U.S Navy, and every day i pray that he is coming home. I am so sorry for your loss, but thank you so much for making me feel safe everyday Isaac. You are truely a hero."
Courtney of Rochester, NY

"I wish I knew the young Man who's resting place I visit everyweek! I wish I could tell him Thank You and how much I love Him for putting His Life down for Me and My Freedom ! I can Thank You His Family and please know You are In My prayers daily! With Love Kathy Brown, Proud Mother of fallen Soldier PFC Nathan P. Brown"
Kathy Brown of Glens Falls,New York

"Isaac, We miss you and we love you. Thank you for everything you have meant to all of us; Amy, your friends, your family, and the aquaintances. Your brief life with us meant more than any of us knew. Thank you for your dedication to us all. We only hope to match it by honoring your name."
Jen of New York

"Wow, i remember Isaac, in soo many ways. but the way i will remember him the most is his Smile! He was always smiling, even if it was a Bad Day! He made other people laugh as well. He was a friend to EVERYONE! He was a great Brother, Father, Son, Husband, Friend, and now Hero.. I don't think i have EVER heard any one saying anything negative about him, and i'm pretty sure no one ever will.
R.I.P Isaac Michael Nieves! I miss you!:("
Anna F. of Sidney

"I didn't know Isaac personally, But not a day goes by that I dont hear something amazing that hes done for his family, or friends, just being there, being the hero that he truely is. I just met Isaac's family this last year, and I pray for them every night, they are genuine people. Thank You Isaac M Nieves.. Thank you for being My Hero.."
A friend of Sidney, NY

"I Love You Big Bro. missing you more each day"
kimberly nieves of Unadilla,NY

"Im shure that i speak for everyone when I say that Isaac M. Nieves was the epitemy of what a soldier should be. I remember the day that I was informed of the accident that took my brother in arm's life away. Never before have i felt such pain, but neither have I ever felt such joy. Every man, woman, child, soldier, and family member that really knew Isaac, knew that he was a man of his word. When ever I had a chance to talk to him, no metter how bad that day was, he unlike no other would always have something positive to say, he would always have a way of making us laugh. There were days that we never thought was gonna end, days that would just drag along. But every time i looked up, i saw a true friend, that would always have a hand out reaching for those who needed mabie help, or encouraging words, or just to know that somone was there with them. Even though Isaac no longer is physically here, he will always live in my heartm mind ans soal. Many times after the accident, a whole bunch or us would gather around and talk to Isaac just like he was atanding there. He will always be looking over us. Just as he does now, and did back then. Isaac was a very strong man, but nothing will ever be stronger than the bond that we all have together. When we redeploy soon, he will be there, when we go out and drink to celebrate our return, he will be there. This is all that i am going to say about my brother in arms. Because if you read these other messages, you can tell that Isaac was a great hero.
To the family of Isaac, I salute you, as i did him at the memorial. You must be very proud, and trust me, theres alot there to be proud of. On behalf of the 82nd Engineer Battalion. We want to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. We love everyone of yall, and beleave it or not, yes you are family to us just as Isaac is. GOD BLESS YOU.
We miss you bro.
We will meet you at the the front gates of heavin."
SPC Dwaine M Crain of Baqubah, Iraq

"Thank you, Isaac, for being my friend, my hero, and for all the many "best days" ever. Life's gonna be tough without you here with us, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers, every single day, and hardly a moment goes by without me missing you. Thank you for everything."
M.A.Peach of Wurzburg

"I find myself coming back to this site every once in a while, perhaps checking up on Isaac in a way. I don't get a chance to travel to Saratoga, so this is one way I feel I can honor the man Isaac was. The site offers me a glimpse into the many lives that Isaac touched. Many people have left messages to honor their memories with Isaac, to honor the man they knew. It amazes me that a man so young had such an impact on so many other lives. Let the true measure of Isaac's life be found in those he loved: his family, his friends, and mainly, his wife, Amy."
A Friend of NY

"just wanted to say thanks Isaac. you are a true hero and will never be forgotten. your bravery is honored by me and all fellow americans. love ya buddy"
anonymous american of sidney ny

"Even though I have never met him. I work in Kuwait with R&R so on a daily basis I have been asked if i was related to Isaac. On my respond of no all I hear is great things about this soldier. Phrases like "That was the worst day of my life" "He was a great guy" etc etc. So I just wanted to find out a little more about him."
SGT Glendalis Nieves of Rhein Main, Germany

"Hello, my name is Jesse. i am currently in Iraq, although i didn't have the honor or the pleasure of serving with Isaac. i did however meet him on a few occasions. He was a good soldier and an even better human being. The world is a much sadder place now."
Jesse of Dallas, Tx

"For those who knew my brother well knew that he had a heart of gold and is a very respected young man who cared deeply about his family and friends. Even though he no longer is with me and my family he still remains in our hearts and minds, watching us and guilding us the best way he knows how, with his everlasting love. I know that one day I will meet my brother again with open arms. Although I've lost a brother his memory has not abandon me. As for those who lost a close one in this war as I have I pray that one day your wounded heart will make you stronger and that you will keep their memory alive as I will always do for my brother. These men should always be honored in life and death. Always remember that a broken heart can be mended but never forget the good times you've shared. I'll always remember you Isaac and you'll always be in my prayers as all the brave soldiers who were and are fighting by your side. Rest In Peace, a hero til the end."
a loved one of sidney, ny

"To the family of Isaac, my cousin Bobby was serving in Iraq with your son and he was also hit in the attack that day. My family would like to get in touch with you if that would be possiable. I am the only one right now who has internet access, the rest of my family lives on an Island in Wisconsin. So if you could be get in contact with me, my entire family would be very greatfull and I know Bobby would be too. You can e-mail me at PrncsAshly21@aol.com. Thank you so much and all of our hearts go out to you."
Ashley Zuro of Willowbrook, Il

"I would just like to state,I was completely devoted and in love with my husband. I am and will always be proud of my husband and that I am able to say that I am Mrs. Amy Nieves. I loved Isaac and will continue to do so for all of eternity (no matter what). my heart and prayers go out to every person who has felt this loss and can only hope that they too are able to not only allow their loved ones memory to live on in them but to live on themselves."
Mrs. Amy Nieves of Sidney NY

"Specialist Nieves, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Mr and Mrs Nieves and family. It is my privlage to to tell you how much I love your son. I am Nathan Browns uncle Tommy and my heart breaks and simultaneously swells with pride every time I think of Nate,Isaac and all of the boys and young men and women who gave so much for their country. I will visit Nathan's grave site and Isaac's often and I want you to know that your son is a part of my visit and prayers every time I go there. On Nathan's marker is a phrase "love is not a weakness" this was one of Nates favorite sayings. Well as Nate would say with his arms around me every time we would leave each others presence "I love ya uncle Tommy", so I to will say "I love ya Isaac".
Tom Ryan,Kathy Brown's older brother"
Tom Ryan of Glens Falls, New York

"To The Family Of Isaac Nieves,you dont know me but my son Nathan was killed in Sammara Iraq 3 days after your son passed, I saw the message you sent on this site and I offten think about your Isaac ! It took me some time to go to see My son Nathan, but I have been now 3 times and the 2nd time I went down I took a walk around to give Nates Dad some time alone with our son, I was so pleased to see Isaac just behind Our Nathan, I said to my husband I am so glad they are close. I hope you dont mind but I would love to place flowers for your Isaac went I go to see my son ? I am so sorry for your loss and I know there is nothing I can say, that will take away the pain you feel! It sounds like your Isaac lived life to the fullest like Our Nate did and I know this, every day when I wake I think of my son and yours and the pride I feel In my heart for what them two young men did for us and America I have to smile and say I will miss my son,and a war can thake them away in body but not from our hearts! May Isaac Rest In Peace and know In your heart he Is with you each and everyday THANK YOU ISAAC YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN HEROE, God Bless your Family"
Kathy Brown of Glens Falls , NY

"Mr. Spc Isaac Nieves was a hero and he gave his life for our country. We all thank you Isaac for your sacfrice. I am glad that all our fellow americans write on this site. I hope this site to Isaac's family helps them ease the pain and gives some relief to them. Just remember Maria your son died a hero. God Bless you."
A Fellow american

"The Changing of an American Flag

Dedicated to the brave souls of Operation Iraqi Freedom

I first wish to thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of my brothers and sisters in arms including those who have fallen in combat. Recently, many people hold the belief that the military only creates heroes when men die. However, this is a false stereotype. Heroes are born, and the service allows their heroic qualities to shine. The military does not offer the best jobs, salaries, or benefits in comparison to the civilian market, which almost guarantees better success. Nevertheless, soldiers, heroes, recognize this. Heroes sacrifice these opportunities for a higher cause. This cause is what helps soldiers, who are doubtful, regain the courage to stand up for their beliefs. This cause does not directly come from the president or the government; instead, as stated in the preamble of the Constitution, it is diverged from the American people. No man goes to war ready to give their life; however, when the time comes they willingly give the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe the American people believe in. It is the American people that inspire soldiers to fight and live everyday. A soldier’s worse nightmare is the loss of support from the American people. Protests not only demoralize troops, but they also make the lives of these fallen heroes seem insignificant. Many heroes in Iraq see this war on terrorism as a war to regain America’s security. Since Pearl Harbor, the United States has not been attacked on American soil, until 9/11. Many heroes view 9/11 as a threat to national security. They only wish to help regain and preserve our security. My brother, Isaac, and his comrades fought and are fighting to keep our nation alive. This flag commemorates the lives of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As the flag is lowered, I want you to think about Isaac and his fallen family as they were and will always be: heroes and soldiers from birth. Then as the new flag is raised think about what they have fallen for: the preservation of the United States of America. Thank you and God bless!"
Gilberto Nieves of West Point, NY

"dlya tebya, ot menya...isaac, konyeshna znaesh, shto cvegda tebya lyoublu. nash rebyonik takzhe. ckuchayou po-tebye."

"The Boy Scouts of Troop 44 in Gilbertsville NY wish to pay their respects to their brother Scout, Isaac. Many of us knew him from Scout camp - funny, serious, hard working, goofing off. He took the promise of the Scout Oath...Duty to Country...deeply to heart. He honored us all by doing so. Our Troop knows the same loss - Eagle Scout Eric Nesbitt, US Air Force, who was murderd while on duty. Isaac - may your spirit fly high with Eric and all those who defend our freedom. "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle"."
Steve Gayle, Scoutmaster of Gilbertsville NY

"Continued prayers sent out to Isaac with love. He watches down on us from heaven. Continued prayers for you too, Amy. He will be remembered by some as a soldier killed in Iraq, but we know better. Continued love, support, and prayers from everyone way upstate."

"To my friend,
You were a good friend and a great soldier. I was there in Kosovo with you, watching as you never complained at the long hours, day after day. I was impressed by your physical strength. We played pool together. We had fun, didn't we. We aslo played basketball, not your strong point, but your tried hard and we had a blast. You could always count on me for supplies, as I hooked you up. If I needed to talk, you were always there. I remember many, many kosovo days, and nights where we stood outside the office, smoked cigerates and talked about our miltary futures, your upcoming marriage, about what marriage was all about, kids, and life in general. I could always count on you to ask me for a smoke. You always told me that you would hook me up later. And sure enough, a few days later or so, you would give more then enough smokes, you even bought me an intire pack one time. You helped me out in the supply room when no one else would. You had a certain walk about you, and according to me a New York acsent. I truly injoyed you company. I promise, one day when I can make the trip, I will drive up and visit you.
Untill then, God bless you and may God bestow his warmth and comfort on you. I miss you.
Your friend. SGT Casey Avery"
SGT Casey Avery of Ft. Lee, VA

"Its funny how fast time flies by. I still remember clearly Isaac as two-year old toddler, running around in the back yard of my house in P.R. He was a happy, loving child then, and as an adult he continued to be so. I can't believe you?re gone. But your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. You were always a giving person until your last moment on this earth. I'm so terribly sad to have lost you, but I'm so grateful to God to have known you and to be able to call you "family". I'm so immensely proud of you; there are no words to express how much. The only thing I can say is THANK YOU!!!!"
CTM1 Michelle H. Cue/USNR of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

"I would first like to acknowledge all the great men and women who serve our country. I wish for all the soldiers, saliors, and airmen to know that I appreciate all your efforts to preserve the rights, privileges, and freedom of this country from threats both foreign and domestic so that my family, friends, and I are safe from harm. It is with great honor that I can speak to others about my brother Spc. Isaac M. Nieves. My brother was a proud service man who served in the United States Army. He loved his country and his job as much as he loved his own family. The loss of my younger brother hurts me deeply, however, I know he did the right thing and valiently stood his ground fighting for what he believed in upon enemy lines. My brother fought for that flag in which we weild from home and afar. The American Flag is not just a flag, but rather it symbolizes "our" hopes, "our" dreams, "our" bloodshed, and "our" freedom. Freedom from tyranny and the selfish acts of inhumanity. My brother died as many before him did to protect and preserve "our" freedom and the ideals of the American people. My brother not only died for our freedom, but he willingly sacrificed his own life so that others in a hostile land could be free from tyranny. It is brave and courageous men like him that make me proud to be an American and grateful for my very existance. My brother was a TRUE AMERICAN SOLDIER and my HEREO. His memory shall forever be etched in my heart and mind. The determination he valued shall forever be imprinted upon his legacy as a fallen hereo. As a child he never gave up when times got tough. As a man he always stood his ground and he died a warrior up until his last breath. Like mom always told us "we're #1, we're the best, we're going to get a 100 and a star" - just so you know Isaac you got your star and it is my privilege and honor to say that your are now my star, in which I will do my best to follow in your footsteps. Until we meet again in the great beyond know this Isaac - I love you little bro. You are my Star and Hereo that I shall always look towards in times of joy, sadness, and need. May God be with you and watch over you until I can do so once again."
Older sister Maria of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH

"Isaac, no matter what anyone believes you were a hero to me and you knew that way before you entered the army. You weren't only my oldest brother who I still love with all my heart since I first came into this world but also my one true friend. You were always someone I could depend on and was someone I looked up to. Even though you " Died for your men and country" you didn't really die in the hearts of our family and in the hearts of your friends and those you touched with a smile on your face. You were a legend, and my hero all along even before you passed on. Dispite what anyone tries to say you took the bullets for you men, your "Family" and they are extremely proud of you as we are and although you have fallen in combat you never gave up nor surrendered, which makes you more then a hero but a idol to all americans soilders. You were the True American Soilder and a True American Hero and your legacy shall live on. I'll always keep your memory alive in my heart. I'll love you always and for all eternity."
Your dearest sister, Priscilla of NY, United States

"Isaac I miss you and love you very dearly. I just want the world to know you did die a hero and you will never be forgotten. You gave your life for our country. Anyone who Talks different or badly about you should realize you gave your life as a solider so they could be here today to speak that way. Yes you died but you did it in a honorable way. you are always in my thoughts, mind and heart. Many people thank you for your bravery and sacrafice.You saved many people including me! thank you.

Rest In Peace Hero! I LOVE YOU!"

"What is there to really say about Isaac that hasn't already been said? Isaac was a close friend; often my savior back in high school, and a person who didn't always say what he was thinking but you knew he was thinking a lot. He was very intelligent, but preferred to keep that out of public knowledge for the large part. He was kind, generous, and spontaneous. He had a huge impact on my life and I didn't get the chance to tell him until it was too late. Isaac would want us to learn to recognize our heroes in life, he was one of mine and I'm sorry it took his death for me to say it. He was strong, making it through a life that few of us could imagine and even fewer were told about. I admire him for his strength and perseverance, I admire him for his sense of duty, and I remember him as a person who loved, no matter what."
Devon Nelson of Sidney NY

"Ever since the day that we were born we were like brother and sister, fighting with each other, u laughing at me cuz i got lice in my hair and i couldnt leave the kitchen..we were always inseperable...and even when we grew apart u were always in my heart and in my prayers. U were always a hero, if it was just beating up some kid that was bothering one of ur little sisters,to us U were always viewed as a hero. But now u are viewed as a hero by the whole world and and there is no one who can take that away from u..no matter what any one says, u went out there and you fought for your beliefs in this country and u made the ultimate sacrifice and to me and every body who knew you, u made a difference in thier lives and for that u are a HERO. one of the best if I should say so my self. As for anyone who should say anything different, then I guess they didnt know u or knew what you believed in. I love you very much Isaac, and I cant wait to see you again (maybe next time i see you I'll be able to do more push ups then u) haha...love your cousin"
PFC Jasmin L. Vazquez of Ft Myer, Virgina / U.S.A

"To my dearest cousin Isaac
I love you very much, you will always be in my mind i thank you for all the grate memories i have of you. You are the altimed HERO and no one can take that away from you. I will always be gratefull for your sacrifyes. And I also thank you becouse you left us someone to love a little Isaac. You are the greatest HERO of them all, I will tell my children about you our HERO.

i will always love you"
Yahaira Nieves of Bridgeport CT

"As of just over a year ago Isaac Nieves became my brother in law. Though Isaac's and my friendship started years ago. Even before my sister and Isaac started going out, Isaac was there for me. He was there when a drunken football player fell on my head he was there to make sure I was alright and give me a place to lay down. He was also the one to buy me and all of my friends flowers on Valentines day. Isaac was always doing things like that for other people. He would always bring extra food back to my grandma after going out with my sister. He would also help my mom around the house. He was a true family man. A very giving and loving person. Someone that could make you laugh in any situation. That is the Isaac that will be in my heart. He was the best brother I could have ever asked for. I know he will always be looking out for me. May he be at peace forever."
Erin of Rochester NY


Isaac and I spent 19 years together. He was my brother and my role model. I still hold vivid images of us together. Like when Isaac ratted me out to our father for stealing candy to ones where he broke West Point regulations and entered the cadet barracks to take me out to dinner. These memories will never fade and will always remain in my heart. We both shared similar experiences, prayers, thoughts, and dreams. He convinced me to be where I am today, and I know he is proud of me. I could remain here and speak about Isaac?s personal life, but he lived an open book life. He was never really good at keeping secrets; this is why I still fear candy today. Instead, today I wish to focus on Isaac?s military life. From the beginning, he felt a sense of duty to serve his country, even as a Boy Scout. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and was a leader back then. He enlisted straight out of high school. He failed to tell the Army about his asthma because his fear about being discharged from the Army. He?d tell me stories about him and his Basic buddies throwing his inhaler into the trash so not to be caught. This was Isaac?s dedication to his country. After Basic, Isaac was stationed in Germany where he spent some of the happiest times in his life. Whenever he came back, we?d always have a story to trade.
Training to be an Officer is different from training to be an Enlisted man. They are two opposite sides of a spectrum. Officers are trained to think and Enlisted men are trained to act. Many officers seem to be hidden from the reality of war, while the Enlisted man is on the front line fighting. Isaac was a front liner. Many people use the words leader and officer simultaneously. However, an Officer is not necessarily a leader, and a leader is not necessarily an Officer. The Army incorporates seven Army values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. If you take the first letter of each value, you end up with leadership. These values are what make a leader. Isaac exhibited each value and exceeded the set expectations of the Army. Isaac became what many Officers fail to become a leader. Another learning device provided to officers is the Warrior Ethos:

I am an American Soldier
I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.
I am disciplined, physically and mentally though, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment, and myself.
I am an expert and I am a professional.
I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.
I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
I am an American Soldier.

These are idealistic goals, but Isaac did the impossible, achieved, and exceeded the imaginary. As a West Pointer, I was told to live by three simple words: ?Duty, Honor, Country.? Until recently, these words were just words without much meaning. Now I recognize each word?s significance. Duty means to do what the majority wants you to do. Honor represents doing what is right even when you are at a loss. Country stumped me for a while, until I looked at our flag and the faces in our community. It represents the soldier who performs his duty not because he was told to, but also to protect the American family, the American dream, the Constitution, and the freedom we all share. Isaac lived by my motto, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve it.
Can everyone who serves or once served this nation please stand up? Look around, these are the brothers and sisters of Isaac in arms. They all share similar experiences and sorrows. You may be seated now. One statement that I am told is that the military is a small world, and you are destined to meet up with someone at least once. At this time, I would like to call my service relatives to come forward and face the audience. I would also like my parents to come forward. Mom/Dad, I will never forget Isaac. Neither will any soldier because they will always try to achieve what Isaac has obtained. Isaac was my brother by blood and in arms. I would like to give you a plaque on behalf of his brothers and sisters in arms from the United States Military Academy Preparatory School class of 2003 for Isaac?s contribution to the United States and all our hearts. He has made an impact on us all, and he will be missed. Mom, Isaac has obtained the 101% and the star you always tell us to reach, and he even exceeded that for he has become a star in all our hearts.
Isaac, big bro, you are more a leader than any officer I have ever met. I can only hope to become half the leader you were. I can honestly say that many officers do not truly depict the American Soldier. It is you, the enlisted man, who depicts what a true American Soldier is. I only wish to one-day command similar soldiers of your magnitude. Isaac you were the American Soldier, a friend, a brother, a son, a father, and a husband; you will be missed, but you?ll have your legacy in every soldier?s dream. God you watch over him. You gave us him, and now we give you the most powerful weapon in combating evil: The American Soldier! He will never accept defeat nor leave you behind.
Gilberto Nieves of West Point, NY

"I met Isaac a few times and he was a great kid. I first met him in Saranac Lake, NY when he was on his honeymoon with his wife, Amy. His favorite memories and moments were spent with her and many with her family too. He spent time on the Color Guard crew for Sidney to spend time with her, helping her parents and the rest of the crew set everything up for the guard's performances. When the family came to Saranac Lake to camp one summer, he tagged along. He loved Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. He loved the Adirondacks. Amy and Isaac talked about living here in the future. He was a great wrestler for his high school team. But it was his time with Amy that he loved the most. Amy... We are praying for Isaac and we are praying for you. It will grow back!"
Jen Y of Saranac Lake, NY

"I'm SPC. Isaac M. Nieves younger sister. He did die a hero and he will never be forgotten not only because of that but becuse he was always my hero he was a great son, father, brother, and friend. He was always there when I needed help and he was a big family guy always sticking up for his family. He Is expecially a TRUE AMERICAN SOLIDER. My brother is always in my heart, mind, and thoughts. I know he is in heaven living it up. All of the Nieves family thanks you for your support. Remember Isaac will never be forgotten because he is one of a few TRUE AMERICAN SOLIDER. R.I.P. Isaac we all LOVE you!"
Kimberly Nieves of Unadilla, New York

"To the family and friends of SPC Isaac Nieves

"Whenever theres a beloved one going from us, noone can find the right words, there is just an empty space in your heart." I can imagine how you feel, my husband is part of 1-6 FA here in Bamberg but currently in Iraq-Baqubah! I pray for him every day! Isaac will be in my thoughts and will never be forgotten! I feel with you and send you all my sympathy! God bless you all"
Madita Greenman of Bamberg/Germany

"our deepest simpathy to Isaac's Family and Fiends. My Husband is also part of the 82nd EN BN in Iraq. Isaac will be in our prayers and will never be forgotton. Tomorrow, Friday the 16th of April is the memorial for your son Isaac Michael Nieves, I will go there to show our support. He is a Hero and always will be . God bless you all"
Tanisha Best of Bamberg, Germany

"To the family of SPC Isaac Nieves

As a member of your sons unit I would like to express my deepest sympathy on the loss of your loved one. He was an outstanding soldier who always did what he was told to do, and would help anyone without expecting anything in return. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of such a great soldier. He will never be forgotten"
SGT Matthew Best of FOB Thunder, Iraq

"Rest in Peace Hero"
The Taylors USMC of NC

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Isaac, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I went to school with Isaac, I feel really bad for Amy & his family"
Kris of Florida

"To Isaac's Family:
There aren't words to express the grief we all feel for your loss. May God bless you and watch over you."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"To the family of Isaac Michael Nieves

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincere condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our payers are with you and we thank you for your child's bravery and sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"I know how hard it is to loose a loved one. I want you to know that I am always here if you want to talk to me or if you need me for anything. I didn't know Isaac but I am still here to be a shoulder you can cry on. I love you guys and I hope you will be ok."
Keli of Sidney, New York

"To the family and friends of Spc. Isaac Nieves:
I don't know how to express my grief and sorrow for your loss well enough. My husband is also part of the 82nd EN BN and is also stationed in Baqouba. On Friday, April 16, our base will be holding a memorial for Spc Nieves and my children and I will be there to show our support. Please, take care and know that your family is in my prayers."
Lisa of Warner Barracks, Bamberg, Germany

"TO Isaac's family,
I am deeply sorry for the passing of Isaac. He served our country and by doing so exhibited courage and fortitude. All Americans are indebted to him."
mark reif of Winchester, VA

"Thank you Isaac Nieves, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Spc. Isaac Nieves:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Isaac for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Isaac Nieves:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Isaac, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on