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Marine Capt. Brent L. Morel

27, of Martin, Tennessee.
Morel died from hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on April 7, 2004.

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"you will always be remembered, your sacrifice means something to all of us"
MSgt Doolittle of FL

"Semper Fidelis. Brent's family is Always in my thoughts. May Peace and Love fill their hearts."
Kip of 29 Palms, CA

"It has been a while since I visited this site. Life has proceeded or interfered. Along with 2 moves, 2 retirements, a blessesd great granddaughter we just try live life. Your mom had 5 other GSM visiting the last few weeks. I believe it was good fo r all of them. It was for me anyway. Just to remind that we mis you tremendously.The Ggd keeps us busy and makes our lives so much more interesting and fun, but from your perch I reckon you know that. Take care, we love you and greatly miss you."
Dad of Martin Tn

"My name is Greg Parker, I am a retired Marine MSgt. I currently coach college football at Bucknell University. 9/9/23 this Sat Bucknell is honoring our Heroes. I have the honor of representing your son with his name on my hat and with the GOLD STAR, YOU, his family. My contact information for the family if you'd like to connect with me is email me at ggp004@bucknell.edu. Just know I will stand tall, with pride, and with great respect for my fellow Marine, your son, at tomorrows game. It is an honor. Sir R.I.P you are not forgotten. I got the watch."
Greg Parker of Lewisburg, PA

"Bless you Brent - Memorial Day 2023 - NEVER FORGOTTEN !"
Arnie & Joanne Lindberg of Collierville TN

"Always remembered."
Dean Doolittle

"Remembering you …. April 7, 2023 Rest in Peace"
Arnie & Joanne Lindberg of Collierville TN

"Capt you will always be remembered and missed. Eternally."
Dean Doolittle (MSgt Ret)

"still miss you every day. so much has happened in 17 years. Of course you have over watch from Heaven. Mom and I miss you so much."
Dad of Martin

"Never Forgotten Brent ! Another year passes and our family is thinking of and grateful for your service. April 7, 2021. Rest in Peace"
Arnie & Joanne Lindberg of Collierville Tennessee

"17 years seems like a long time, I will never forget. Always faithful Sir."

"Today is Thanksgiving 2020. I woke up thinking of you and all that has happened since you departed this life. I know that you have overseen so much and been with us over the years. Your niece, our granddaughter is working as NICU nurse, has been married for a couple of years and is now pregnant with our great granddaughter. Your mother and I are are getting close to retirement and moving to be closer to GGD and MAdi. We miss you."
Mike Morel of Martin TN

"Capt Brent, We never meet but it just seems right to me to thank you for your service. It's because of men like you that I get to enjoy the freedoms I have. God bless you and my thoughts are with you and your family!"
Michael E Manasseri of Spring valley, my, usa

"June 29 2020
I don't know why but you were more present in my mind today. I think it was a song but that just sparked some longing to hear from you. It has been 16 years. I am getting closer to joining you. Just saying HELLO, you are never far from my thoughts.
Mike Morel of United States

"Remembering you and all your fallen brothers and sisters this Memorial Day! Rest in Peace Brent you are NEVER forgotten!"
Arnie & Joanne Lindberg of Collierville Tenn

"Thoughts and prayers for the family of Capt Morel
God Bless and thank you for your sacrifice!"
James Schuler, CRNA of College Grove, TN

"Capt, we know your still guarding the streets on heaven's scene. Never forgotten. Apr 2020."
Dean Doolittle

"Yesterday we remembered those that died in the twin towers in NY. That led to your deployment and eventually your death. We remember you every day. Our love for you is always strong and your memory is never far from our thoughts. A bridge here in Martin now bears your name, not much but people see the signs everyday. We miss you,"
Mike Morel, Dad of Martin TN

"Well a lot has happened within this family. Your niece has gotten married. She is 22 years old. She graduated from college last week. Has taken a job and moved away. We went thru the 19th anniversary of your death for our country. One thing for us that has never changed for me and your mother is the sense of loss. We all miss you every day. Our love is still strong and we miss you."
Mike Morel (DAD) of Martin

"Fifteen long years, son. Still so difficult to comprehend and the tears still flow. With deep love comes deep grief."
Mom of Martin TN

"Capt, never forgotten. Semper Fi"
Dean Doolittle of Middleburg Fl

"Semper Fi Capt."
Dean Doolittle of Florida

"Miss you so much."
Mom of Martin TN

"Brent ... remembering you and your fallen military brothers and sisters on this Memorial Day 2017 ... Never Forgotten !"
A & J Lindberg of Collierville Tenn

"Capt, your never forgotten. May the Lord bless your family here."
MSgt Doolittle (ret)

"Today I pause not only to remember you, but also to share your story of heroism and sacrifice for the first time with my three kids, who were all under 4 years old when you sacrificed your life to protect their freedom. Now teenagers, they will learn today what it means to be a HERO...as I introduce them to Capt. Brent Morel. In Hoc, brother."
Jason Wood of Memphis, TN

"Sir, your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Semper Fi !! 2016"
Dean Doolittle, MSgt (ret)

"Another year another Christmas. I have done fairly well this season but sort of lost it last night. We all miss you so much. Amy remarried and he also had been in the Corps. Can't get away from you guys. I walked her down the aisle during the ceremony. Glad to do it but wedding was a mixed bad of emotions for me. Well I know you are celebrating Christmas in Heaven. See you sometimes in the future."
Dad of Martin TN

"The holidays are not the same since you left. Miss you so much and love you more. Christmas 2015"
Mom of Martin TN

"The holidays are not the same since you left. Miss you so much and love you more. Christmas 2015"
Mom of Martin TN

"Capt, you will never be forgotten. Always faithful Sir."
Dean Doolittle of Jacksonville, Fl

"April 7, 2015 -- May Peace, Love, & Light, fill our Hearts, this Day and Every Day, as we fondly remember our Friend and Brother-in-Arms Brent."
Kip of 29 Palms, California

"As we approach this 11th anniversary, I decided to leave my first message here. For all of you who have posted over the years, you have no idea how much it means to us. Speaking from a mother's perspective, it helps us to cope on days that we feel our hearts breaking all over again. Thank you for honoring Brent by posting. We love it when you post a remembrance that we have not heard before. I miss his smile, his bear hugs, his sense of humor; but most of all I miss the joy that he brought to Amy, Marcy, Madi, and Mike and me. It will be a sweet reunion one day."
Molly Morel of Martin TN

"Thinking of you and your family on yor birthday ! Never Forgotten !"
The Lindberg's of Tenn

"Brent .... another memorial day and we remember your
sacrifice as we do each and every day. Saw your Mom today along with some of your Dad's motorcycle brothers at your gravesite .....we are forever grateful !"
A J Lindberg of Collierville, TN USA

"8 Apr 14. Capt I was unable to get to a computer yesterday, however I was thinking about you and wanted to say, you will never be forgotten. We will never know what "might" have happened if you didn't charge the enemy, what I do know is that we were given a second chance. Thank you, Semper Fi Sir."
Dean Doolittle, (MSgt Ret) of Middleburg, Fl

"I wish and pray that your soul finds peace. For the surviving family I am sorry for your loss. I did not know captain morel. I was the crew chief in the helicopter that responded for the casevac. I tell you though that all was done to save his life. The memory of that fateful day lives in me for all days. I don't want to recount all the events that transpired just know he was never alone to the end. Godspeed"
Cpl. Tyler Neumeister of San Diego

It is the tenth Christmas we have spent without you. I never thought that would happen. Your niece, Madi has grown up. She still remembers the rides you would take her on the ATV when you came home. She recalls the last one also. She too wants to go into medicine in a few years. No doubt she will do it. She is taking college credit courses in high school. Very motivated young lady. I sold that ATV this past week also. I no longer do any hunting, can't stand the cold anymore. Your uncle Mark is retiring from the railroad in a couple of weeks. He has worked with them for almost 30 years. He doesn't hunt anymore either. Myself, I hope to work till Madi gets her career going and then I will stop if I am around that long. I sometimes stop and wonder regarding what the U.S did in Iraq. Those folks are still killing each other over there. Their capacity to look at lives as mostly an agent to push some violent idea of religious belief and impose them against the will of others is not what we are about. Them embracing ideas of democracy and freedom that we embrace will never be accepted by that culture.
Well just letting you and others know that we miss you everyday and especially during the holidays. Personally I am glad they are almost over. Miss you and love you.
Mike Morel of Martin TN.

"My Son (Sgt. Aaron Mazon)'s Cpt., you will NEVER be forgotten! RIP"
Bettiann Davis of Canyon Lake, CA

The date today is 25 Aug 2013. Your memory is being honored through an award called "The Morel Award". It is given to the Marine officer who is chosen by his peers to be the most likely to make a positive impact for the Marine Corps. It is considered a higher honor than the award for honor grad. I am honored to have received it. I have never asked my Marines to do something I was not willing to do myself. Lead from the front brother. Semper Fidelis."
Lt F of Virginia Beach, VA

"Brent thinking of you and your family on this April 7th 2013! Your never forgotten !"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, TN

"Capt Morel, you will never be forgotten. your Mom and Dad continue to honor the men and women who have joined you and their families."
MSgt Doolittle (Ret)

"For almost nine years your mother and I have been writing letters to families of Fallen Heroes starting with our USMC families. I have often looked forward to the month that we would have no USMC familes to write to. Today Feb. 2 2113 I have no families to write a letter to for death in January. I know that it will resume at some point but for now I rejoice in the fact. Now the families of Army deaths are another matter. I will begin the letters today for those Heroes. It is still very painful living life without being able to reach you on the phone but we carry on with our missions.
Love you and miss you.Mom & Dad"
Mike Morel of Martin TN.

"Brent, I trained with you in 2nd Platoon Echo Company the summer of 1998 at Quantico, I learned of your loss during my deployment in 2004, your Navy Cross Citation was displayed on the quarterdeck of Heywood Hall at The Basic School while I served there from 2005-2008, and I recognize your sacrifice every memorial day. You are not forgotten. My deepest condolences and sympathy goes out to your family for their loss. Semper Fi brother."
Major Matthew E. Hall of 29 Palms, CA/USA

"God Bless you Brent ...... Never Forgotten !

April 7, 2012"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, TN

"You will never be forgotten....."
Yank of Granite, Ok

"Uncle Brent,
It's been almost 8 years since the day I lost you. The pain never goes away, it never dulls. You are forever in my heart and I live for you each and every day. I love you more than words can explain. I know that you are my gaurdian angel watching over me."
Madi Nelson- niece of Martin, TN

Not a day goes by.
Love Dad"
Mike Morel of Martin TN.

"Capt. Thank you for serving. Sempre Fi.
Next week at the Jersey Mike's National convention in Orlando, we will be honoring your mom as an "INSPIRING PARTNERS" along with Mrs. Stonesifer and Wreaths Across America. This year, The owner of Jersey Mike's, Peter Cancro has pledged to assist to cover all graves at Arlington National Cemetery with wreathes to honor, teach and remeber the sacrifices that great Americans like yourself gave. I met your mom last year at Arlington-I didn't realize then what a special person she is, until I read about her during my preparation for our convention. I pray for you and your family, your sisters and all fellow servicemen and women. God Bless.
Mike Manzo of Manasquan, NJ

"Brent, just spent a great week-end at VietNow convention with your Mom,she is a wonderful lady, as are all the Gold Star Moms. Was thankful for the opportunity to get to know her better, and look forward to seeing more of her and your Dad when next we visit Martin.She is a living legacy for you Brother. Semper Fi"
Sam Veer of Freeport, Il.

There isn't a day that has gone by in the last seven years that I haven't thought about you. I was just telling my marines your story this week. It was an honor and a privilege to have known you and serve under you. I miss you. Please keep an eye on my platoon while we are in Afghanistan. Thank you for all of the knowledge you gave me sir."
SSgt Sean M. Foley of 29 Palms

Just getting where I can write a message. As you know there is not a day that I don't think of you and miss you. Same for your mother. Also as you know your Grandfather has joined you. Hope ya'll are having fun. I had dinner with some of your guys last week and a few have callled and one we never knew about. He called last week and told us some things about that day and what you have meant to him since he lived thru that day. Well just to let you know we love you and miss you. Bet your also glad to have Maddie dog with you now."
Dad of Martin TN.

"Thinking of Brent and his family today April 7th! You are never forgotten Brent! We are forever grateful !"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, TN

"today is 7 years since brent gave his life for our country and our freedom, and not a day has gone by where i don't remember him and thank him for his sacrifice.

i met brent in 4th grade and knew him all thru our school years. a truly good person down to his core when i learned of his death, it broke my heart. brent gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country and he will NEVER be forgotten. rest in peace brent and semper fi."
jennifer hardee of memphis, tn

"I was just thinking about Brent out of the blue today. Just thought I'd let you all know that he is still remembered."
Michael Van Epps of Memphis, TN

"For me another Christmas come and gone without you. Only memories.We put up the Brent tree in our dinning area and the other Christmas tree in the living room. I often find myself looking at pictures of you and the little ornaments you, Marcy and Madi have made that we put on the tree. Thank Heavens for mothers and Nanas for keeping those things. Dads most likely would end up tossing them. I do have all the Father's Days and Christmas cards you ever made and sent though.We kept up the tradition of taking down the tree Christmas evening though and taking down the Brent tree semed harder to do this year. It is always nice to get the house back to normalcy. We did not put out all the Christmas stuff this year. Mom was with Wreaths Across America for several weeks and I don't think I even lit the tree up the 3 weeks she was gone. Just don't care to do it. Well it is hard to believe this is the 7th Christmas since you were KIA. I will never get over it but we do move beyond it. You would not believe how Madison has grown nor how Marcy has developed as a grown woman. She will always be my daughter but she is such a mature woman now. Well we miss you. I reckon you know we put the wreath on your grave and a Santa as is my tradition. Somebody brought another Santa this year. Love and Miss You.
mike morel of martin, tennessee

"Thinking of the Morel's on this July 26, 2010"

It has been a while since I posted a message. Six years ago. I can't believe it was that far back and still in some ways it was yesterday. Things from your death still ripple throughout folks that know you. There is not a day or night that goes by that you don't enter my thoughts and prayers. Madison has grown up into a teenager now. Me I am just fatter and balder.Well son we will all be together one day. Save me a good spot. I am sure you know how much your mother, sister and I miss you and love you.

Mike Morel of Martin TN

"Memorial Day 2010 and thinking of you and your family! Thank you Brent your never forgotten !"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, Tennessee

I got to see your Mom and Dad today, sister too. Your the reason I am part of the family. Thank You.....just wish I got to meet you ! Love Always"
Yank of OK

"Capt Morel, again this day is filled with torn emotions, I pray you are up there with your own Recon Plt gathering up intel on us down here, then you know your not forgotten."
Dean Doolittle USMC (Ret) of Jacksonville, Fl

"God bless you Brent on this April 7th 2010! We are forever grateful for your sacrifice for us all. May you rest in Peace!"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, Tennessee

I guess heaven needed another Hero. We sent one to you yesterday, Lt. David "Timmy" Wright. He was an outstanding soldier. Take care of him !"
Yank of Oklahoma

We were at the grave April 7th. I can't fathom that it has been 5 years. It seems so long ago yet it was also just yesterday. There are many a day that the thoughts just bring tears. We just miss you so much. Mother's day is this week. I got your MOM a present from you. I always will as long as I live. I hope she likes it. She is in Memphis today helping Amy deliver flowers. Well I miss you. Love DAD"
Mike Morel of Martin TN.

"April 16, 2009
To the family of Capt. Brent L. Morel:
Brent gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Never Forgotten April 7th 2009"

"Brent just thinking of you on this Christmas day and all those who throughout the history of this country have laid the most costly of sacrifice upon the Alter of Freedom! Forever grateful and never forgotten!"
A J Lindberg & Family of Collierville, Tennessee

This will be our 5th Christmas without you around. Though the pain of losing you is not as sharp as the first couple of years nevertheless it is there. We all miss you. This time of year is especially hard on us. I think we stay, well I know, so busy with other commitments just to stave off the depression. I want to let you know that I finely went out and bought the Harley. My head is more at peace when I am out riding. We started a Rolling Thunder Chapter in our area. Got to just stay busy. We all miss you very much. Our love for our son, brother, uncle is always very deep. Miss you."
Dad of Martin, Tn.

"To Brent's parents: I'm reading about Brent for the first time today (12/01/08) and, as tears run down, I thank God for this fine young man who paid the ultimate price for freedom. And I thank God for his parents, who nutured him so well and obviously revealed to him the true meaning of love and sacrifice in all the ways that matter as he grew into manhood. Thank you for caring so deeply about your son -- such a fine Marine who served his country so selflessly. I am eternally grateful for you and for him. Rest in peace in HIS glorious arms sweet boy. Sleep, brave warrior, sleep. You'll not be forgotten!"
Karen Braly Wright of Amarillo, TX

"To Mike Morel: Today I received an email that is going around the country and, I suppose, the world describing your sons sacrifice for our country. I am sure you are aware of it. I am a submarine veteran of the Viet Nam era. The email came from one of my sub buddies and went out to many of our shipmates. As a fellow Morel, I am sure you know that we are very very small group. We could be just different branches off the same tree. I could not let this opportunity pass without saying that I am proud to be a Morel and proud to be a vet. I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep your son, Brent, in my prayers as if he were part of my family. Who knows, maybe he was. joemorel@hotmail.com"
Joe Morel of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Hey Brent,
Sure do miss you. This summer has been interesting. Of course I've been thinking about all of our old times and miss them a lot. Love to your parents, sister and niece."
Eliska McGrew of Shelby, AL USA

"It's July 4th 2008 and we all enjoy our Freedoms because of the sacrifice you and your fallen brothers and sisters have made for us all. I just wanted to say THANKS! Rest in Peace Brent! We miss you!"
Arnie of On layover in San Francisco, CA

"Father's Day has never been the same.I miss you.
Mike Morel of Marti ,TN

"Hey Brother, just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you today and never a day goes by that I don't remember you. I am going to call your parents and ask their permission to let me run the Marine Corps Marathon this year in Honor of you. I miss you and wish we could run it together, and knowing you.....we will. Thank you for what you did and for inspiring me each day to not take anything for granted and to live life to the fullest. My son will know you and be proud that I was friends with such a great man. Semper Fi Brother"
Marcus Tanner of Waldorf, MD

"It was my great honor and that of a close group of my friends in Rolling Thunder that we were able to be escorts for Capt. Morels family this past Memorial Day. Please know that you showed us what wonderful people make up this great Nation by allowing us to be a part of your weekend. We are humbled and grateful for your families sacrifice to our country.
Neil...AKA...Neil Cotter
Rolling Thunder VIP Escort
Neil Cotter of Brick, New Jersey

"Hello to the Morel family- Adam and I were, and still are, so honored to have spent time with you at Rolling Thunder this weekend... you have no idea how much this meant to the both of us... we have been reading about Captain Morel, and are awed at his bravery. Please keep in touch, we hope to see you again... until then, your family is in our hearts forever. God Bless. Laura & Adam http://www.myspace.com/mymotomojo"
Laura of Scranton, PA

"Today Memorial Day 2008 I think of my brave nephew and say a prayer. We all are very proud and thank you."
Theresa Morel Corbin of Sparks, Nv.

"Brent just to let you know I spent some time this Memorial weekend with your Mom...I will never forget the sacrifice your family has made and you will NEVER be forgotten"
T. Coffman "Yank" of Oklahoma

I guess you know by now your GM joined you April 3. We had her service April 5th. We all came to your grave sight Monday for our own little service. We can't hardly believe it has been 4 years.We really miss you so much. It still hurts very bad.I know you are in a better place but for our own selfish reasons we wish you were here with us.
Your Parents"
Mike Morel of Martin Tn

"Brent ...thinking of you and your family today {April 7, 2008} ! We are forever grateful for the sacrifice you made for us all.

The Lindberg's"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, TN - USA

"Every year I shead a tear on this day. I wish there was more we could have done, He saved our lives and prevented others from injury, yes your son. We will never know what might have happened we only know what did happen, Capt Morel gave his life for us today. I will forever be greatful and humble at his sacrifice for his men and our country."
MSgt Doolittle of Jacksonville, Fl

"4/7/2008-My thoughts and prayers are with you today."
Kip of 29 Palms

"Brent, it's been four years now. I still feel the loss. You, Todd, and Ken give me great strength. I haven't talked to Amy in a long while and hope that she's doing okay (your parents, too). I haven't - and won't - forget. S/F, warrior."
Captain Dave Baril of Al Taqaddum, Iraq

"I have so much respect for men like Brent L Morel. Thank you so much for fighting for us, each and every day I appreciate that such men lived and fought for what we have today!"
Adam Salgado of Las Vegas

"Brent the only reason I voted today 2/5/08 was because you and many of your fallen brothers gave your lives for my right to do so! For that I am forever greatful! Other than that I may have just sat this electoral season out. God Bless you All."
ajl of Collierville, TN - USA

"Brent Morel, thank you for not only serving yourself for our country, but also for teaching me strength in a small dojo in Bartlett TN."
Glenn Orr of Bartlett TN

"To the Morels,
Hope everything is well. Capt. Morel is really missed."
ENS Andre Williams, USN (Former CPL, USMC) of Nashville, TN

"Mr. and Mrs. Morel,

I read about your son Brent in Casper Weinberger's book, "Home of the Brave". It was very touching. I am a non-combat vet of the Clinton era, so I understand the struggles of day to day peacetime military life, and can only imagine what it is to fight.

I thought it was the very least I could do to send my condolences and my appreciation to your family for your sacrifice. Thank you, and god bless.

A lot of real Americans truly do appreciate what men like your son are willing to do to meet and defeat those who would gladly see America wiped from the face of the earth. All politics and bickering aside, that's what it is all about, without any doubt.

I am free today because of the sacrifices of better men than I, and Brent Morel is one of those better men, and you are right to be as proud as you are saddened by your loss.

I am taking my kid (she's 4) to the circus this weekend. I will not forget that without men like Brent I'd not have that option. I will make sure she understands that when she gets older."
Grateful American of Gilbert, AZ

It was great to see such a large turnout yesterday at the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery! In all the years I have gone to the service....I think this was the best turnout yet to honor you and your fallen brothers and sisters! A friend of mine who was visiting from Michigan went with me to place flowers for you, Morgan, Robert and Ervin. We are forever grateful to you and all those who gave all so that we might live in freedom.!"
A J Lindberg of Collierville, TN


This week in honor of you and the others who have given their lives as soldiers fighting for our country, we are airing on TV (www.intimeslikethese.org) your memorial service in Iraq. You are the main emphasis of the program but we show a clip of former congressman, Ed Bryant, describing one of his favorite statues in the Capitol in Washington, D.C. It was of a minister who was also one of General Washington's top officers. We thank you for the sacrifice you made as a brave and honorable Marine.

Your uncle by marriage"
Rev. Bobby Mullins of Knoxville/Oak Ridge, TN

Last week the USMC named an award in your name and also dedicated a classroom in your honor. Your fellow officers from the Intell grp. put it together. You have 2 plaques hanging and your picture is on their Wall of Honor. It is the Intell communities HOLY GROUND. You are up there with around 100 other heroes. One thing is different about your picture-- You are the only one with a big smile. So unusual for such a serious crowd. That was you though- a smiler. I told the base commander that I was so proud of you but if I had a choice I just as soon that this had never been needed.Well today is Mother's Day & it is tough. More so because of the day that it is. I know that you are aware that you are missed so much by us, especially your mom. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of you.
I am speaking in behalf of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation this coming week. Hope we can raise some funds for this great endevour. I finished the flower beds at churh. One side is dedicated to all that have served and one for those that have paid the greatest price. There will be a formal dedication over the Memorial Day Holiday. Well I just want to let you know I miss you so much.
Love Dad"
Mike Morel of Martin TN

Well 3 years have come and gone. In ways it seems just like yesterday and at others it was so long ago. I know I am a very different person than I was prior to your death. I don't know if all the changes are positive. At times I have a short fuse and can't stand BS and at others I say "what does it matter?" There are times I cry myself to sleep and others when I cry when I take my morning walk. It is not every day and days may pass but it is always under the surface. Also under the emotional surface is, I just want to scream and smash plates against a wall till I am exhausted and spent. I don't know if it would help but I may try it someday can say that you are sorely missed and loved by all of your family; mom really has it hard some days but then I do too. We had a small memorial service at your burial site last Saturday on April 7th. We are is the midst of the Easter Season, the Resurrection. I truly believe in the Resurrection. It keeps hope in me alive that through faith and the resurrection I will get to be reunited with all our family at that time and especially with you. Keep me a t-time. See you one day.
Mike Morel of Martin Tn.

"April 7, 2007 - Never Forgotten and Forever Grateful - Rest in Peace Brent!"
ajl of Collierville, TN

"Dear Brent,
I just found this site, so forgive for only writing now. No one can ever replace you, but your parents have been writing me for over a year now. I find myself back in Iraq, in a more hostile enviornment than ever before. It is the comforting words and support that I receive in their letters and packages...full of hope, faith, loyalty; the stuff that we as servicemen and servicewomen excell on, that keeps me going day after day, fight after fight. I have read your story over and over again and I find the courage and bravery to continue on swelling inside me.
We may be in different services, but we are indeed brothers. My life is better off having known of you, although our paths had never crossed.
I will always do what I can for my Soldiers and for myself, so that we ALL come home, to our homes and loved ones, to our beloved country..."
SGT Laurence Bennett of B/2-15 FAR Lutifiyah, Iraq

"Well my son, I went back deer hunting this past season. I reckon it was a big step in recovery for me. I didn't know if I could pull the trigger if that time came. Well one nice crisp day I said" OK Brent send a big buck my way." Within 10 minutes it happened. What happened next I will not elaborate but I know you were laughing your @#$%^ at me. OK you got me. A few days later I said the same, send me a big buck and within 10 minutes so it was. Again I will not bore you with the details, you know what happened and again you most likely had a very big laugh at my expense. I know it because a large wind blew about that time. Forward to the last day of the season the last evening. Same request and same result except I got the 8 pointer this time. I know I was happy and felt you were also but you were still laughing over those previous misadventures. By the way Amy wants some of the meat. Rest easy my son. I love you and miss you so much. It just ain't the same. On another note Madi is driving the 4 wheeler now. She misses those rides you would take her on. She did a talk in 4H about her uncle Brent and won a competition and will be moving on to further competitions.Missing you
Your Dad"
Mike Morel of Martin Tn

"Remembering you on this Christmas Day 2006.......Never forgotten.....!"
The Lindberg's of Collierville, Tenn

"Thanks for your service. Those fun days at FEDEX will always be remembered."
Todd Baker of Germantown, TN

"Brent ... Im sure you saw my daughter Holly an I come out to visit you Sgt Kennon and Capt Secher on Veterans Day. We are forever grateful for your service and sacrifice for all of us. You will never be forgotten by my family or I."
The Lindberg's of Collierville, Tenn

"Half way through our second year without you. Still miss you, still think about you everyday. I won't forget spending darn near every night with you and Amy in 29 Palms playing cards and trading dinners.
P.S. Maybe they'll work on your driving up there. :)"
Eliska of Helena, Alabama

"Oct. 7th it will be 2 1/2 years since you departed. The pain is less but the grief is not. I miss you everyday. The tears are less frequent but they still happen. We have met and talked with many families that have lost a member of their family. We try to help them as we can. I call it my therapy to help those that are newbies to this onslaught of pain and grief, that with time they, will with God's help, resume their lives but in a different way. Life's daily functions will come back. They will eventually laugh again, be able to watch a football, baseball game and even restart some sport like golf and hunting. It will take time but it will happen. I,in the early days after you left, wondered how anyone could sit there and enjoy any activity. Didn't they know I lost my son? How could anyone do things that make them happy? Well I learned that in some unkown time frame, we gather ourselves up and slowly accept what has happened and we eventually rejoin life,albeit with a much different perspective. Some things just don't mean as much as they used to and others mean more. One learns to fill your time so as not to dwell constantly on the past. Well just need to say how much I miss you, love you and not a day goes by that I don't think how proud I am to have been your father and friend.
Semper Fi
Mike Morel of Martin Tn.

"Brent was an outstanding Marine - I met him upon his return from Quantico -he is a friend of my son. When he realized that I also am a Marine when introduced - Brent announced that his goal was to be a Grunt Officer - Leader of Marines. Marine I am proud to say that I shook your hand. God bless you and your family."
MGysgt Thomas Drake of Memphis, TN

"Dearest Molly and Mike, I am sorry to say that I never had the opportunity to meet Brent, but knowing both of you he had to be a great guy. I watched the Memorial Day services and thought about you both and Brent.I know you have suffered a great loss. May I extend my deepest sympathies and many thanks to you and to Brent for his service. We will always miss him..and a light has gone out of this world. God bless you always."
Jean Sherrill of Huntingdon Tenn

"I remember Cpt Brent Morel from his enlistment in Memphis, TN. As a recruiters aid, I had the honor of assisting in his enlistment and later served with him in K 3/23. I left the Marine Reserves in 2000 and didn't hear of his death till his award ceremony for the Navy Cross made the front page in the Commercial Appeal. What a horrible feeling it is to know one of the fallen. What an inspiration it is to carry on in his tradition. My one memory of him is from Annual Training on the north shore of Oahu. During a forced march then Cpl Morel suffered a somewhat embarrassing, although non-threating injury. Against Corpsman orders, Cpl Morel continued on the march for another two hours under excruciating pain. Going that extra mile is a great testament to Cpt Morel's character. Our country and community suffered a terrible loss. His sacrifice and dedication serve as a constant inspiration to me."
Cpl MP Boundy of Memphis, TN

"I just found out about this site today. I had the privilege of serving with Brent in TBS and IOC. I will always remember him as a man who was not afraid to make a quick decision, and his decisions always seemed to be sound and thoughtful. Brent was a great leader and the previous messages testify to that fact. He will be missed by all who knew him. Semper Fidelis.
Captain Jay Vallario, 3rd Bn 4th Marines"
Jay Vallario of 29 Palms CA

leonard_wahl@hotmail.com of Spring Texas

"Just over two years ago we were traveling down a silent street that should have been busy with workers and other travelers. You came over the radio to dismount our humvees and sweep the streets. We did so and then you told us to mount up. The area was very odd and quite and we knew something was about to go down. Sure enough less than five minuets later all hell broke out. I remember my team yelling "contact right","contact right", but at the same time we had contact left. I shot my M-4 at men running with weapons and launched 40mm gernades in buildings with muzzel flashes. Soon TM 2-3 dismounted to follow you to the more aggressive side. I could see you running to first berm and myself and the radio operator ran the same direction but a bit right, since we were receiving fire from all along the berm. That is when I lost sight of you. So me and the radio operator of TM2-3 tried to crest the first berm. We couldn't! A machine gun nest with three insurgents were firing at us. My radio operator with a M249 parasaw had been shot in the gun and now his gun was not operational. So I shot 40mm gernades at them. We were finally able to jump the first berm to only realize that my radio operator disappeared. I was alone and had to cross a deep canel and realize that an RPG was fired at me, but they missed. Once I passed the canel and crossed the second berm, that is when I saw you and ran to you. You may have not saw me, but I saw you. I had to clear a another machine gun nest before I reached you. By the time I reached you when you were only 10 feet away from you, you fell like a sack a patatos. That is when I notice you were shot and shot by an insurgent only feet from our postion. I shot him! Then I drop my weapon and my jaw as I looked into your eyes. You were stil speaking, but very little and small words. At that moment we had help from three other brothers from our platoon. You know who they are. They helped me undress you and plug your wounds. Tell you want Brent. That underarmor shirt you were wearing didn't help with the process either. My K-bar which I lost too did not cut your clothes. What did was my Gerber knife. Once I had the help of another Marine holding you, I was able to use my med-kit on you since I could not locate yours. That is ok, because that is why were brothers in ways others will never know. Once I used my med-kit on you I had to also use another Marines med-kit. This is because you were hurting pretty bad. I'm sure you remember, you had more than one hole in you. The first was under your armpit that exited out your lower back. I yelled like crazy for a corpsman and a medivac. I remember you looking into my eyes the whole time. I truly remember some of your last words. "Get me out of here before I die". I often think about those words and my actions. What else could I have done. I worked as fast as I could. I even carried you with the help of another. By the way Brent, you were heavy. Then again I'm only 5'7 and weight about 165 at the time. But I was able to carry you to a safer postion. The five men including yourself will truly know how hard we worked to get you out. I wish I could have done something better to get you home alive."
M.A.M of Tinley Park, IL USA

"It has been two years and the pain is still great. I admire what a man and Marine my son became and the legacy you have left for others.It does not get easier. I miss you so much but I appluad what you did. You took care of your men.Hit'em straight and save a tee time for me. One day we will all be reunited.We laid flowers and had a prayer service at your grave April 7th. Apparently others did the same. I love you and miss you."
Your Father

"My thoughts and prayers were with Brent and his family yesterday April 7, 2006. His sacrafice will never be forgotten by my family or I."
Arnold J. Lindberg of Collierville, TN

"Brent was one of the most motivated and professional Marines I was priviledged to Command when we served together in Kilo 3/23 in Memphis, 1994-97. I didn't see Brent again for 6 years until we happened to run into each other at Camp Fallujah where we both were serving with the 1st Marine Division. The day was April 7th 2004, and we were 3 days into the first battle for Fallujah. I was going to talk with Brent's BN Commander concerning enemy activity in the area when Brent and I literally ran into each other just 2 hours before he headed out on his mission that day. We were happily surprised to see each other after a 6 year separation and we talked briefly about our families and what we had both done since we had served together in Memphis and then we discussed his mission he was about to go out on. I had just been in that same area the day before so we discussed his route and acknowledged what a dangerous area it was south of Fallujah. He was eager to take the fight to the Enemy and was fully aware of the potential dangers. As we parted I told him to "take care of his Marines" and with his trademark big smile he said, "I always do Sir"... It was about 4 hours later that I heard that a patrol had been ambushed south of Fallujah and some Marines were down but it wasn't until the next day that I learned that in was Brent's patrol and what had happened that afternoon.

About 10 days later I attended his Memorial Service in Camp Fallujah Chapel and I want all to know that Brent was given a true Warrior Hero's send-off by his fellow Marines of 1st Recon BN. I also attended his Navy Cross ceremony in Memphis last year and was priviledged to meet Amy and his parents. My oldest son is a Marine in Kilo 3/23 and was in the Honor formation at the ceremony. Like Brent, he intends on becoming a Marine Officer once he graduates from College. I told my son about Brent and the great example he had set as both an outstanding Enlisted Marine and as an Officer. I honestly hope that my son will one day grow into the caliber of Man & Marine leader that Brent did.

Of all the fellow Marines that we lost in 2004 while I was in Iraq, Brent comes to mind more often than any other and I will stop by his earthly resting place tomorrow on the 2nd anniversary of his passing, and will pause to remember Brent and what he stood for. As he said when we last parted, he took care of his Marines...

Semper Fidelis Brent."
Col Hartsell USMC of Memphis TN

"My first duty station as a U.S. Navy Corpsman was 29 Palms, wherein I was assigned to 2/7 Golf Company, 3rd Platoon. I remember there are times I would be receiving marines complaining of ankle problems and all sorts of leg problems mainly from Weapons Platoon... I asked them what happened? They usually say we went out for a run with LT Morel. I looked at the LT's figure staring at us from afar, and I can't recall if that's a smile in his face. I got emotionally attached with my battalion 2/7 due to the comraderie and the training that molded us to be a band of brothers. When I got re-assigned to a different unit to 3/11 and was in Iraq at the same time with 2/7. I kept my ears perched always eager to hear news from my old battalion. And day by day as news of casualties from 2/7 came it kinda breaks my heart to hear as each Marine I know where being mentioned.
And when the details of the LT's death came to me, I nod my head in solemn that a great officer had died.
Such stubborness but at the same time such bravery, such strictness and discipline but all of it has their own reasons, such dedication that nothing can compare, and at the same time such honorable and caring officer that he did everything for his marines and for his country. SEMPER FI."
PO Andiano, David A. of San Diego, CA

"To the family of Capt. Morel, my deepest appreciation goes out to you for your son's sacrifice and honor. My brother is currently in Iraq and so I feel somewhat of a connection to you. May God bless you all. For your son, we thank him."
Chris Ray of Paris, TN

"To the Morel family, i served under your son (when he was a 1st Lt) when i was in Golf 2/7. i was one of his machine gunners. as i was leaving 2/7 he was headed for recon. i did my iraq hitch with the unit he was in before 2/7, 3/11. i learned of his passing shortly after the fact. it hurt. everyday i think of iraq and the men our country has lost, especially your son. my deepest condolences go out to your family."
Adam Hayat of Saint Louis, Mo

"I recently received my Hero Bracelet bearing Capt. Morel's name. To the Morel family, may God be with you. Capt. Morel you are not forgotten; I wear the bracelet every day and it inspires me to someday lead from the front as you did. Semper Fidelis"
Bodie Warren of Pflugerville, Texas

"To the family of:Brent L Morel I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully one day we will meet in Heaven where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell, Gateway Community Church, 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ,"
Polly Ballew of Covington,Ga

"Although we never knew Captain Morel we were saddened upon hearing of his death when it happened. You can be assured that the Morel family is in our thoughts and prayers daily. We live near by where Captain Morel is burried and we tend to his grave often. I placed a flag on his grave the other day {Christmas Eve 2005} on the way home from work! He will never be forgotten by my family or I that you can be assured! May he rest in peace and may God comfort the Morel family."
A.J. Lindberg & Family of Collierville, Tenn

"I served under Capt. Morel in 2/7 Golf company weapons platoon (Gunfighters). He my platoon commander and I his machinegun section leader. We had many awkward moments as he and I are very stubborn, of course in the end he always won. Well sir I'm writing you to tell you that despite the awkward moments you are in my thoughts everyday. You are an excellent Marine and I can't wait to meet you once again in due time. You bring a true meaning to "esprit de corps", and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of our time together in 29, and Pendelton. I am grateful to know you and be in the same brotherhood. Semper Fidelis sir.
Sgt. Follas"
SGT. Follas of Salem, OR

"I was with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion for two times in Iraq, and was overseas with the battalion when Captain Morel was killed in action. There isn't a day that goes by while I study at Northeastern, that I don't think about his incredible heroism. I can only aspire to be the kind of man that I remember him being. To his family, he was an unbelievable Marine commander, and the mark his sacrifice has left will stay with me for the rest of my life. I didn't know him well personally, but his memories will drive me as an individual until it is my time."
Andrew Cahill of Boston, MA

"I came across this website while looking for a site that would offer information as to how we can invite a serviceperson for Christmas Eve dinner. Just wanted to write, Brent, that you are in our thoughts and prayers. God Love You Richly for your wonderful, unselfish deed. God Bless Our Troops - in our beautiful Land and Overseas. We Thank All of You from the bottom of our hearts."
Maria of San Diego, CA

"It has been 15 months and yet it seems like yesterday. It is so hard to put your things away yet I must. We found a box that had some of your toys as a child, some baseball cards from your collection, esp. the Mickey Mantel. You saved the letter I wrote you upon your graduation from high school and mostly your Bible and your personal thoughts about your Baptism. I know you are with Jesus. Hit it long and straight. See you when it's my time.
Mike Morel of Martin, Tennessee

"Man, Brent, I didn't even know this site was here until Frank told me. Frank, his girlfriend, my wife and I are going out to dinner tonight and I'm meeting Nate Fick. We will raise our glasses in memory of you. I think of you and Amy often - y'all sure took care of us during TBS. I know you're doing well now, and I hope that your family is healing. S/F, brother, and thank you for the example that you set both during TBS and during combat. Your men could not have asked for a finer leader."
Capt Dave Baril of Portsmouth, NH

"Today, Memorial Day , I honor you Capt. Brent Morel. I wear a bracelet with your name on it to remind me of your great sacrifice. You gave your life so my family can live in freedom and safety. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you. My prayers go out ot your family and fellow soldiers. May God Bless the USA!"
Ken Roberts of Murfreesboro, TN

"On April 24, 2005 I ran a 10K in Dedham, Massachusetts called the James Joyce Ramble. The event has been run for over 20 years. The event supports a humanitarian effort throughout the world. The freeing of political prisoners, the efforts of a particular person to help the impoverished etc... This year another element was added. Each runner was given the name of a fallen serviceman or woman in whose honor you ran. I ran in honor of Capt. Brent L. Morel. His name, age, hometown and branch of service was attached to my number. The day was very, very, rainy but we ran on. We all know our brave service men and women would have run and that they have done far more for all of us. The course is a tough 6.2 miles that travels through the town of Dedham, a small suburb of Boston. Along the course are actors dressed in period costumes that read from James Joyce novels. Believe me, when you hear passages from Ulysses it makes you want to run. I have kept my number, 680, with Capt. Morel's name on it since the race. This is not something you discard when it has the name of such a fine person attached. I have read the messages posted on this site and am humbled by the words of this fine persons family and friends. If a family member would like the number I would be more than happy to send it on. It's a little tattered from the rain, but it stood up to the elements. By the way, my time was 58:08. To get in under the coveted one hour time is an achievement. I want to express my thanks and gratitude for your son,family member and friend who served his country and hope that you will see that his life touched many people. It has touched mine. My best wishes to you all for peace."
Kevin Heaney of Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

"Amy, I have been a terrible friend to you and Brent for the last year, but I think it is because I still havn't really come to terms with reality. While that is no excuse, and I struggle to find an excuse for not contacting you, I have shared in your grief knowing that a great friend has moved on to a better place. I apologize for not offering more to you than prayers, but I am still in search of what to say and any way I could possibly help you with your loss. Seems like yesterday we were on Mt. View Court and Upshur Ave. working on the Bronco and enjoying a cold one. Never could figure out why he insisted on keeping that piece of junk!!! Ha,Ha!!
Amy, please know that Brooke and I think of you often and pray for your comfort daily and a day doesn't go by that we don't think about Brent.
Brent, I thought about you alot this year when I was sitting in the duck blind and remembered our first duck hunt together when we were at TBS and the busted trip we took down to the Salton Sea when we were out in 29. What a great memory!
You are a true hero, someone I will never forget. You are a great man and a Marine's Marine. I have been blessed and am honored to have someone like you I can and do call a friend.
Semper Fi my friend, until our next hunt together."
Captain Ty Yount of Quantico, Virginia (USMC)

"I knew Brent when we went through TBS together. I served in 29 Palms with him in the Third Battalion, Eleventh Marines. He was a good friend and a good Marine. He spoke his mind. He led from the front. He was a good man. Semper Fidelis, Brent."
Frank Monterisi of Queens, NY

I was there at your gravesite April 7th. I can't believe it's been one year. There has been so many changes in our lives. I live at times in perpetual grief. Losing you has hurt me to my core. God's grace keeps me going. I miss you so much. Well after much crying this past April 7th the skies opened and it began to rain and hard. I said it is either angels crying with us or you guys telling us to leave. Ya'll had seen enough. I think it was the latter thought. I can laugh at that."
Mike Morel-Dad of Martin, Tenn.

"It has been a year since I received the news of Brent's death. I wake up in the morning and think of Brent and his family and they are the last thought I have before I go to bed. I have been blessed that Brent and his family have been in my life these last 30 years. I just thought Brent would be in my life forever. I miss him so much and will forever be proud of the man he grew into and the life he gave for his country. I know Brent was doing exactly what he wanted to do and he was exactly where he wanted to be, but I wish he was back here with us. The Morels have been my family for so many years that when Brent died he took a piece of me that I will never get back. I am blessed that Paulette, Mike, Marcy, Madison, Brent and Amy have allowed me to be part of their lives and even if Brent is no longer on this earth he will always be part of me.

I miss you Brent and know that Heaven is a better place with you in it.

Love, "Aunt" Deb"
Deb DelRe of Bonita Springs, FL

"Amy, I have wanted to leave a message for so long but really didn't know what to say. When I learned of Brent's passing a year ago, I couldn't help but shed tears for you and what you were going through. I have thought of you many, many times over the last year. I have prayed for you that God would give you strength and comfort you. Pat and I and the kids will be passing through Tenn. in July on our way to Quantico and I would like to visit Brent's grave so if you or someone reading this couldn't email me with the location, I would appreciate it. Our email address is kpkmbyrne@msn.com. If you ever need anything, please email us! I will continue to keep you in my prayers."
Kursten Byrne of San Diego, CA

"Brent, it's been one year since you left. I feel blessed to have known you, an inspiration for others. Godspeed my brother."
Shane Adams of Memphis, TN

"I look at the hero bracelet on my wrist that bears the name of Capt. Morel, a hundred times a day. It helps me keep in mind that brave and valiant men and women are serving and protecting us on American soil and on foreign land 24/7. Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Capt. Morel's ultimate sacrifice. I just had to pay my respects today to him and his family and thank them again for their gift to this great country. God bless you all."
J Harper of Nashville, TN

"One year ago today, my niece's husband, Capt. Brent Morel, was killed in action in Iraq. Ironically, as a minister, today I visted the home in Oak Ridge of Tiffany Kennedy, who was notified this past Monday that her husband, Stephen, was killed in action in Iraq while on patrol near Balad Raz. He served previously as a Marine, but in Iraq he was serving in the Tennessee National Guard with Company D of the 1st Squadron, of the 278th Regimental Combat Team. He was the father of four children. As I talked with Tiffany I told her we had been through what she was going through, and because of the experiences surrounding Brent's death and funeral, I was able to answer several questions for her and let her know what to expect, not only now but in the months ahead. Brent, we would prefer for you to still be with us, but even now I am a better minister because of what I learned from the events of our saying goodbye to you. The more I learn about you the prouder I have become that you were part of our family."
Bobby Mullins, uncle of Amy Mullins Morel of Knoxville/Oak Ridge, Tennessee

"It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since we lost Brent. His loss continues to be felt among his family and friends. I'm still so heartbroken that I didn't get to know him better. I feel like I've missed out on a huge blessing. However, I am thankful for the time that I did have with him. He will always have a special place in my heart. My prayers continue to go out to his parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece and extended family, as well as, for his wife Amy (my cousin). Thank you again Brent for you sacrifice. I love you!"
Melody Mullins of Knoxville, TN

"Brent was a great example for his cousins and they now know what it means to sacrifice for the good of the world. He has shown then the true meaning of American Patriot."
Tony Kelly of Murray,Ky

"I knew Brent b/c he was the one who talked me out of going into avionics and into the infantry, I could never repay him for that. Brent was the one, while in OCS, that sent me a letter at Parris Island with "WHICH ONE OF YOUR DRILL INSTRUCTORS IS THE FAG" wrote on the back of the envelope in bright pink!----Once again I could never repay him for that! I really think it helped my PFT score! He was a good Marine and from what I have read here was an exceptional leader, I regret that I did not have the opportunity to have served directly with him, but glad that I got to know him. The world is a better place because of people like Capt. Morel. He left his bootprint on the world. SEMPER FI!!!"

"I wear a bracelet with Capt. Morel's name to honor his memory. I admittedly did not know anything about Capt. Morel before receiving the bracelet. The tributes and emotional thoughts posted here by those that knew him have made me even more proud to wear his name. Now when people see the bracelet and ask who he was, I can tell them: Proud Marine, loving son, brother, husband, and friend. A Hero. God bless Capt. Morel and his family. You are all in my prayers."
J. Harper of Nashville, TN

"I remember serving with Capt Morel when he was a LCpl in the Reserves. He was a good Marine and friend and will be sorely missed."
SSgt Shane Brown Kco 3/23 of Henderson, TN

I will follow through on my last promise, I know you would have out performed me at dive school, like you did at BRC and I will honor you. I did not know the details of your passing on that terrible day. I only knew that my friend was gone. I felt your presense ther in Iraq and I know that you were protecting us during that ambush on the 17th of April. Protecting us The same way you led and protected your Marines. I am proud to have served with you and I am lucky to have known you. Its not every day that two officers are removed from a Waffle House in Georgia. Those are the moments that I'll never forget. Thanks for the invite for dinner, one day I will finally join you, please serve those hushpuppies as promised. I'll be waiting,
Your Friend and brother Marine"
Capt Michael Hudson of San Diego

"It is hard to imagine that it has been 9 months since we buried you. Last week I got to to see the headstone in place for the first time. Somehow seeing that has helped me emerge from a dense fog. I never imagined that I would see my son's name on a headstone. So many emotions coursing through my head. You are my hero and I love and miss you so much.
Semper Fi,
Your DAD"
Mike Morel of Martin, Tn.

"Thank you Brave Marine for protecting us and making America safer. You are a true hero and well loved and respected by the Marines who served under you. To your family, thank you for giving us such a great example for the young to admire. God Bless you Brent and may He grant peace to your loved ones. We will remember you each day as we raise our flag in the front yard. Semper Fi . From a very grateful American family."
The Shaw family of Pasadena, Maryland

"Today I recieved Brent's hero bracelet. My wife and I ordered them for our family for Christmas as a special way to honor our troops and offer something to the families of the fallen. For no particular reason, I chose Brent's bracelet to wear. My wife wear's Sgt. Keicia M. Hines and the other six will go to close friends and family. After I opened the envelope they came in and held the bracelets in my hand, I felt an immeasurable weight and sadness in my heart. I wear Brent's bracelet with a sense of honor and privledge. He is a true American hero and I am deeply moved by the fact that it is his sacrifice and courage that I will always be reminded of.

Peace to everyone."
Greg of Weston, CT

"Son, This is my first Christmas without you in 28 years. Today I am extremly jealous of my God. He knew you before you were born and let me borrow you for a while. How my heart aches for you. The other morning I awoke at 3 am to someone crying. It was me crying in my sleep and at the time the Corps was at our home informing us of your death eight months ago. Your mom and me miss you so much and we love you dearly.
Mike Morel of Martin Tn.

"Being in Capt. Morel's plt, I came to realize that he was a true man, putting others before himself and fulfilling his duty. Marines are taught to lead from the front, now I understand what that truly means thru observing him do it."
Cpl. Ross McFadden of San Diego

Today we talked with President Bush about you,on the 8th month anniversary of your death. We also spoke with members of your platoon. They also miss you. As one told me he would follow you to the gates of hell and they did and they will see you at the gates of heaven.It was nice to have the President show his concern.He was very genuine to us and the meeting was private."
mike morel of martin tn

"We lost our dear son, Brad McCormick in Iraq on August 19, 2004. These men are our true "HEROES". You sacrificed & gave your all for our country, so we can have freedom. Thank you Capt. Brent Morel. Again, you are a true "HERO.""
Gail, Keith, & Blake McCormick of Allons, TN

"While in Iraq myself, I was deeply saddened to hear that Brent had fallen in action. As a former platoon commander at 1st Recon Battalion, several of my former platoon members were under Brent's charge in Iraq. They were all, to a man, devastated at the loss, which speaks volumes of his leadership abilities and impact on these incredible Marines. To his family and friends- You should be very proud of Brent. I thank him for leading our Nation's most precious resource- the enlisted Marine, from the front. He will never be forgotten."
Capt Jeff Moore, USMCR of 3rd Force Reconnaissance Co., Mobile, AL

"“To the MOREL Family”

I too served with Brent in Memphis, Tn. with Kilo Co. when we both were Corporals in 1st Platoon. As I sit here and look at these pictures we took in Coronado and Hawaii I can vividly hear Brent's voice ring out in my head telling me "Jonesy, are you going to cut my hair next or what!?" When I learned of Capt. Morel's passing my heart sank. We both had times when we disagreed with one another or just all out arguments. But at the end of the day we'd laugh... It is an honor to have eat, slept, trained, and enjoyed life with you Brent Morel. You are truly missed my good friend…
Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Tarskii K. Jones United States Marine Corps"
Tarskii K. Jones of Nashville, Tn USA

"To the Morel Family,

I have known Brent since 1997, when we were in Kilo Company together. He was a great person and great Marine Corps officer. You should be very proud of him. Brent and his family will always be in my prayers.

May God Bless all of you,
Andre L. Williams, Jr, CPL, USMC"
Andre L. Williams, Jr. of Nashville, TN, USA

"I wish I had gotten the opportunity to meet you, Brent. You, my brother Andy, and all the other Marines and Soldiers who have given their lives for this great country are all my heroes. You gave the ulimate sacrifice, and you will never be forgotten."
Kyle Stern

"It has been seven months my dear son.Happy Veterans Day. It was raining today at the sevices and stopped when the service started and started at the end. It rained on the way to your grave site at the Veterans Cemetary but stopped when I, your mother, Tims Greagors mom and Andy Stearns parents went to honor you. Your sister, Marcy and niece Madison were there also. I believe Amy had been before us. We all honor your sacrifice and we all love you. Peace be unto you and may the Lord shelter you.
Love , DAD"
mike morel of martin tn

"Warrior veterans have one overriding duty... to remember. To Capt. Morel’s family- please be comforted that your son made a difference in our world. All who have walked in his shoes will remember and honor him. Thank you for your sacrifice."
Bob Koury, Former Capt of Marines, Fairfax, VA

"It's the day after the election and I keep thinking of Brent and his sacrifice. I am so thankful that he was a part of my family. It's still hard to grasp that Brent is in heaven. Like so many others I did not realize how much I loved him until he passed away. I am so thankful for his commitment to our country. I participated in my first presidential election two weeks ago. I know Brent would have been proud! Because of him and so many others I have that right. I love you Amy and thank you for bringing Brent into our lives."
Melody Mullins (cousin-in-law) of Knoxville, TN

"We meet because of his passing from our circle to the Chapter Eternal; and yet in our hearts is the confidence that his living spirit hovers near. To his dear ones and friends present, we would bring our expression of sympathy; and to his memory we would offer our homage for his qualities of heart and mind. As a friend, as a Brother among us, and as a man of affairs, we have known him as loyal and devoted to the high ideals of The White Cross which we wear. His friendship was enduring; his generosities were large; and his life was an inspiration. He loved his Fraternity; but he knew that its helpfulness and sympathies were meant to be broader than the bounds of the organization. His loyalty was grounded in the faith that fraternalism stands finally for better citizenship, for a more noble civilization, and for the higher ideals of life in its service to man and reverence to God."
Brothers of Sigma Chi of The World

"I served with Brent Morel in Memphis Tennessee when he was a young Lance Corporal aspiring to be a Lieutenant of Marines. Brent was a great guy, a jokster, and someone you could count on in a pinch. During my time at Memphis we conducted many funeral details, all honoring Marines who had at one time or another served our country and Corps. On many occasions we would seek volunteers to assist us with these duties. Brent volunteered many times to help honor these Marines and their memory. After leaving Memphis I again had the opportunity to see Brent while he was going to school at Quantico and I was stationed there. He thrived on being a Lieutenant and couldn't wait to get out there and "lead Marines". Little did he know that he had been leading since the day he joined. I sat with him one night and tried to calm him after he received word at The Basic School that his first choice of duty, infantry had been denied. I assured him that the ability to lead Marines wasn't just bestowed on those in the grunts as ground pounders are affectionately called, but the opportunities would still abound in the Intel community as well. He soon found that to be true. Once he left TBS I saw him once more as he attended school in VA beach and we had a few minutes to chat as he told me that he now had orders to my old unit, 2/7. I was proud of Brent, not like a father to a son, but as one Marine comrade to another. I had seen him as a Lance Corporal and now I was seeing him as he prepared to do his duty in 29 Palms. That was the last time that I saw Brent although I did talk to him from time to time. With sorrow I mourned and still mourn his passing. He was a good Marine and a true friend. I think it fitting that his final resting place is among those that he so richly honored with his presence as a volunteer. He is truly missed. To the family of this great Marine I send my sincere condolences. Brent is gone but never to be forgotten, Semper Fidelis, 1stSgt David B Pelley"
1stSgt David B Pelley of Norfolk, VA

"I just happened to find this website while i was doing an English essay for school on heroes. Brent is my hero. He did something that he loved to do. He was brave and courageous. Unfortuantly I did not not know Brent that well even though he was my cousin-in-law. I saw how much he loved Amy so I couldn't help but to love him. I will never forget last Christmas because that was the last time I saw him. It was one of the best Christmas' I have ever had because the whole family was there for the first time in a couple of years. When i found out that Brent was going to be there I was so excited. I hadn't seen him in about a year and a half. Of course like many people I knew Brent was going to come home safe. I was going to write him while he was in Iraq but I just never took the time even though I had plenty of it. Now I regret that I didn't. I never knew how much I loved him until the day he died. I miss him so much and not a day goes by that I do not think about him or the family. I thank Brent so much for being a Marine and for being my HERO."
Mallory Mullins of Knoxville, Tn

"Almost five months now, and the loss of my brother still burns unmercifully in my heart. I love you Brent. You are, and always have been my hero."
Marcy Morel Woods of Cordova, TN

"Nine weeks in Coronado. It was an honor to know you sir. Always Faithful, Recon."
A brother always of San Diego, California

"Good man. Good Marine"
Cpl Gowler of Jackson TN

"I turned my beloved platoon of Marines over to Brent last year. He saved their lives by giving his while leading from the front. There is no greater heroism. Semper Fidelis."
Nathaniel Fick, Captain, USMC of Baltimore, Maryland

"Since April there has not been a single day that I haven't thought about what a great price Brent paid defending our country. I never realized how much I loved and honored him until he was gone. I took so much pride in telling people that my brother in law was in Iraq fighting for us. I really always just thought of Brent as that "annoying brother I never had." Brent always had advice for me, and at the time I thought that it was him telling me what to do. I now realize that it was Brent's way of trying to make me a better person. He will never be forgotten by any of us who loved him, and whose life he touched in some way."
Kim Mullins of Memphis, TN

"I just want to say how we loved Brent. He has a special place in our heart. Now, he's staying with Mum, and his great Grandma, I don't know if they speak English or French, but I'm sure they are happy to be together. We are very sad. We love all our American cousins."
Agnes and the french family

"Sir, God Bless you. Have some Navy Grog and we'll keep the brass polished...
Please watch out for the rest of them still in Iraq.."
US Marine of San Jose CA.

"Semper Fi Marine, God Bless You you will never be forgotten."
Charles Callanan LCDR USNR of Rhode Island

"Today Brent would be 28. Today he spends his first birthday with Jesus. Happy Birthday son. We will always have you in our minds and hearts. we miss you so much.
Mom and Dad"
Mike and Molly morel of Martin Tn

"Brent will never be forgotten by me or my family. He was the kind of man you want serving our country and the Marine Corps. It has been heart warming to know the influence for good that he had on so many. Please continue to pray for Amy, his parents and his sister Marcy. Their pain is so deep. Years they planned to spend together with Brent will never be. Thank you Molly and Mike for sharing your precious time last Christmas so we could be with Brent before he left for Iraq. That day and all the other memories of the little mischevious boy that we all loved so much leaves us never to be the same again. We are so glad he IS a very special part of our family"
Susan Kelly of Martin, TN

"Not a day goes by that I don't miss that "red head" Marine. Sometimes you don't realize how much you love somebody until they're gone. My life is fuller because Brent became a part of our family. He is the "only son" I've ever had considering I have 3 daughters, and he married the middle one, Amy. Brent was a true Marine and a hero to me. I'm proud he was my son-in-law."
Ray Mullins of Memphis, TN

"to brent morel, the city of memphis misses you dearly! on behalf of all of us that went to school with him, we send our prayers! he is our hero of bartlett tn..the class of 1994 honors you and you will not be forgotten!! thank you for what you did for our nation!"
the bartlett class of 1994 of bartlett,tn u.s.a.

"RIP Sir"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"I was only made aware of this web site tonight 6-22-04. Since Brent's death we have buried my Dad 1 day short of 2 months since Brent's death. Both are with God. I and my wife thank all of you and salute you. We always pray for those still serving in all branches but just a little bit more for the Marines. You guys make America great. Again thanks and may God be with you all."
Mike Morel-Brents Dad of Martin Tn 38237

"Brent was a wonderful person with a huge heart. Whenever I think of him I automatically get a huge grin just remembering things he said or did. I hope that all of you can find some comfort knowing that there are sooo many people praying for you. Brent is truly a hero to all, and he will NEVER be forgotten. I go out to Forrest Hill about once a month to pay respects and leave a decoration and I will continue to do that as long as I am physically able. He was there for me when I needed him most and I feel this is the least I can do for him. God Bless Brent and all the Morel family."
Shannon (Edmondson) Wimberley of Bartlett, TN

"We lift up our prayers to God for Capt Brent Morrel and his family, including his Marine family. May He bring a full measure of His grace and peace to you all."
The family of 1Lt John D. Stiles, USAAF, KIA Operation Husky, 9 July 1943 of Bayard, Iowa

"Captain Morel, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"If I were capable, I would love to offer the words that would provide the family healing that time eventually will.

You see, my debt is great. I am told my brother is alive today because of the love and dedication to duty of Capt. Morel.

I shared a moment of sadness with my brother when he told me by satellite phone that the Capt. had been killed, as I now share this with you.

I have, as an intentional distraction, toiled passionately over a Little League field during this tour only to keep away from the cable news channels. It is my goal to have said field renamed in honor of Capt. Morel. I can't wait to launch my tirade on the first person that says, "but nobody here knew him.""
Fred Griego of Granada Hills, CA

"I never had the pleasure of knowing your Brent. It is with tear filled eyes that I write..I am very very sorry for your loss. No words help, I know this, but try to think of every time you had together with him that made you chuckle, it`ll put a smile on your face and a smile on his in heaven. God Bless, Semper Fi, and God protect the Recon Marines..."
Sean of New York City


Ed Ferras, TBS 2000 of Palm Bay, FL

"I was Capt Morel's Company Gunnery Sergeany and Company 1stSgt while with Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines (The GUNFIGHTERS). He was always so stubborn and hardheaded that it drove me crazy sometimes, but make no mistake, he was that way only to take care and look out for his Marines. He lived to lead Marines, and he did it well. A truley dedicated professional with a great sense of humor and humility. The Marine Corps and I will miss him. The Streets in Heaven have never been safer."
1stSgt James D. Walsh

"I was a Teamleader running point for Capt. Morel during the ambush. He Always had a saying, " these are my puppies and no one messes with my puppies" he is a true Recon warrior."
Sgt. Kocher, Eric M. of Oceanside Ca

"I saw Brent's picture on ABC's Nightline episode, "The Fallen" and had not heard of his passing prior to that. Brent and I were in Echo Company at The Basic School together. I recall that once when I was placed in charge of the company during a training excercise at TBS, Brent was extremely helpful and was largely responsible for any success our unit enjoyed. He was an outstanding officer, and stood apart from his peers for his quick decision making and confident, level-headed leadership style. My deepest sympathies to his family for their loss. May God carry you through your mourning with the knowledge that Brent was a great man and great officer, helping to make this world a better place. Semper Fidelis."
Lee Thweatt of Houston, Texas

"I served with Cpt. Morel in Kilo Company 3/23. He was a man's man and a Marine's Marine. Semper Fi Captain Morel."
David Lindsey of Memphis, TN

"Capt. Morel will never be forgotten at least not by me. I served under Capt. Morel in 29 Palms, CA in 3/11 as he was my Commanding Officer as a 1st Lt. in Hq. Btry 3/11. Capt. Morel was a true leader and always made you feel like a true Marine and drove everyone around him to be the best Marine they could be. I will never forget the training and knowledge I recieved from Capt. Morel. Semper Fi, Sir and Rest in Peace."
Cpl. Chad Morrison, USMC of Las Vegas, Nevada


"There are not enough words to say how sorry we are for your loss. Brent will never be forgotten. He will always be a hero to all of us that he died for. Thank you Mike,Molly,and Amy for your sacrifice. You will always have a guardian angle looking over you all.

Thank you all for this great hero."
Lexie and Valerie Dean of Martin, TN

"I cry for you as you grieve for your hero.God will comfort you and time will help ease your pain. I understand the heartache you are going through. I'm proud to say that I knew BRENT. May God give you strength as you mourn your loved one."
Uncle Joe Smith of Martin, Tenn.

"From one Marine family to another
"Though you cannot always see the bird singing, if you listen with your heart, you can always hear his song.
Though the ones we love may leave life as we know it, in our memory, the love we knew will always carry on." unknown author
Our heart and thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Your precious Brent will not be forgotten. He was a true American!"
Charles Davis family of Kailua, Hawaii

"To the family and friends of Captain Brent L. Morel,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort
in love's everlasting connection.

There are many loving and caring Americans from all over the United
States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has
made for our Freedom. In the Support section of this web site you
will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial
time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a
quilt to the next of kin. Please register so we can send you
our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Member Of Marine Comfort Quilt group, and Proud Marine Mom"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

"Another veteran brother who will be greatly missed. We will remember him always. You and your family will be in our prayers and our thoughts. Myself and my brother vets will be sure to honor him every chance we have and to never let his country forget what he gave for them."
Vern Croffoot of Freeport, Illinois

"My sincerest condolences to you on your loss. Although my heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones, you son Brent's name jumped out at me and I was compelled to write. God bless you and keep you."
Cecile (Morrel) Coonrod PMM of Lcpl. K. L. Coonrod of Houston, Texas

"I am so sorry for your loss. To Brent's wife, thank you for your sacrifice. As a military wife you have sacrificed much in giving up time with your husband. To Brent's parents, may you take pride in your son's bravery and pride in his country. Thank you all and know that the heroism of your loved one will not be forgotten. May God's comfort and peace be with you during this difficult time."
Sherri Smith of Freeport, IL

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Brent, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I am so very sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine what you must feel. Know that there are many, many people out there thinking of you in your sorrow."
Rockie and Grace Heck and family of Orangeville, Ill.

"God bless the grieving family of Marine Capt. Brent L. Morel. Doug Veer made me aware of your loss. Words cannot express our gratitude for his service to our freedom. I'm sure that no words we could say will ease the pain in your hearts, but know that we will be praying for you. May the Grace of God be with you during this trying time."
Love in Christ, Fred & Jackie Rogers of Milton, FL

"He is gone but will never be forgoten
May God stand by you and help carry your load!"
Bob Lamm of Freeport, IL. U.S.A.

"You have my deepest respect and sympathy. I would like to say Thank-you for your service. God Bless You and Your Family."
Dale L. Nelson of Freeport, IL.

"My heart goes out to you for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers and my thoughts."
The Busjahn Family of Davis,IL USA

"To Brent's Family:
There aren't words to express the grief we all feel for your loss. May God bless you and watch over you."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"To the family of Brent Morel

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincere condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our payers are with you and we thank you for your child's bravery and sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Dear Family,
God bless You and keep you strong. I thank you and Brent for my liberty. Brent has joined the thousands of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom and keep America free. I will always be in his debt. Brent is now with Jesus. May God help you through your pain."
Dan Mauer VietNam era veteran of Bellevue, Iowa USA

"Rest in Peace Tufelhunden.
God Bless your family and friends
The Taylors

"Dear family, I pray God will give you the comfort you need to ease your pain I give you thanks and appreciation to you and your family for your loss of Brent. I pray God to comfort you and your family."
Scott Haugh, United States Army Retired. of Freeport, Illinois

"My condolences to the family and friends of CPT. Brent L. Morel. With a son and daughter still in Iraq serving their country I understand their loss. May you know that he is now with GOD, and still serving us in a different way. May GOD bless you and your family and know HE will be walking with you during this time of grief."
Connie L. Wescott of Freeport, Il.

"My heartfelt condolences to the family of Brent. As the mom of daughter still serving I can only imagine the pain you are going through. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers."
MaryAnn of Milwaukee, WI.

"Though we are related only by marriage, I never new this young man. But we are closer than blood, we are Brothers in Arms, as combat veterans. I know His family will miss Him as will his comrades. but We all must know that He is now with another family with The Father. Safe from all harm. May God Bless his family here on earth. Protect them and comfort them.
Sam Veer of Freeport, Il.

"Dear family, our hearts are heavy with sorrow for your loss. I pray that God will give you the comfort that will in time soften the pain and help you to realize that many, mnay people who you will never meet, give thanks and appreciation to Brent and you for the sacrifice you all have given. May God comfort your suffering as only He knows how. Thank you, Rev Mr & Mrs R D Veer Thomson Ga."
Doug and Kathy Veer of Thomson Ga USA

"Brent may you rest in peace. I do know the price we (soldiers) pay for the freedom we enjoy. It is unfortunate that so many in this fine country don't appreciate the sacrifice that is paid daily. I am very thankful that the country has at least sided on the fine men and women that do protect our country. Needless to say it was quit different when we came home from Nam. Brent L Morel God bless you from one soldier to another."
Vito(Robert Ayjian) of Sunset Tx

"Thank you Brent Morel, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Capt. Brent Morel:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Brent for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Capt. Brent Morel:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Brent, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on