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Marine Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore

21, of San Marcos, California.
Died when his CH-46 Sea-Knight helicopter went down in the Shatt Al Hillah Canal in Iraq shortly after take-off. The helicopter was conducting a resupply mission in support of civil military operations. He was assigned to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron - 364, Marine Aircraft Group 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on May 19, 2003.

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"jason its been 8 years and i will never forget anything about you.I remember growing up next to you and always having fun with you and michelle. I cant wait to see you again with love drew."
Drew of Chula vista

"For too many years now, on Memorial Day, yours is the first name and face that comes to me. I used you as an example when I gave a speech in Sacramento (for a teaching award in 2000), as a shining example of a student who strived to exceed expectations...you brightened our honors genetics class with your smile and positive attitude. I made a donation today to the Wounded Warrior Project in your name, Jason William Moore, LCpl, USMC. It was the very least I could do...please know that you and your loving family are not forgotten, friend."
Jan Mongoven of Carlsbad, California

"I don’t even know where to begin. It is now officially 8 years since you left, and I miss you so much. I have cried all day. This 8th anniversary has by far been one of the harder ones. I wish I knew why but maybe it’s because your niece is older now and asks so many more specific questions or it’s because I have never forgotten or been able to heal. I actually never thought I would I guess I just thought it would get a little easier; not harder. I tell her so many stories about you and show her pictures. She always tells me she misses you and loves you. She also says “Its not fair I didn’t get to see Uncle Ja”. I tell her to look at your picture and never forget, and I tell her how great of an uncle you would be. She always says “I know mom” and gives me hugs. I love you so much Ja and I couldn’t miss you anymore. I wish it didn’t hurt so bad……."
Michelle of San Marcos, CA

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com

Scott Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"Moore family~

Jason was the best friend I could ever ask for; thanks for your warmth and openness. Many a day was spent loafing around your house with Jay, or using your house as a base for more mischievious plans. I'll never forget you or your son.

"Till that day...""
David Terry of Kalamazoo, MI

"jason, its been to long. you were the best friend ive ever had. ill never forget the days we spent blowing up stuff in your garage and all the sponge sessions we we had at the beach when we were teens. we are going on 6 years since you heroically left us and not a day goes by that i dont think about you brother. it was an honor and a privelage to be your friend and to grow up with you. your our stories and your story will never go forgotten. i could have never asked for a better person to watch my six growing up. im sorry i havent been to your grave in a long time and i havent talked to your mother in a while either. i send them flowers on may 19 and i think about you all ways. well i told myself i wasnt going to cry while i wrote this and i guess i couldnt see that threw either. jason i miss you and i love you brother. till we meet again."
sam scolamieri of san marcos, california

"To the family of:Jason William Moore I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"January 19, 2008
To the family of Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore:
Jason gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

I would like to say thank you to you and your fellow crewmembers for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.

Semper Fi Devil Dog!"

thank you for your bravery. you are a true hero. you will always be an inspiration."
Billy of San Marcos, CA

"Jason Moore,
Yo were a lively one. I enjoyed working with you through the deployment in OIF. May 19th is a day I mark on my calender. Once as a tragedy, now it has become my time to remember your sacrifice and those of Swift03. Last spring we dedicated a memorial wall at the new MAG-39 HQ building. Your name, and the names of other Purple Foxes are displayed with honor. Your sacrifice is a clear reminder for me to keep others from having to make the same sacrifice. You are remembered and I will never forget."
Capt Ben Davenport of Camp Pendleton, Ca

"Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you."

"I can't believe how long ago it was that we were in Aircrew school together.. Seems like forever since the party at your parents.. and when we graduated they tell us look around cause not everyone will come home.. we didnt really believe them, especially when you went to the foxes.. but then you prooved all us crewcheifs who went to miramar wrong when you deployed before us.. i dont think anyone believed our instuctors huh?.. the last time i saw you was at the dental clinic on camp pen cause i was checking out.. almost ran me over just to get my attention to say hi and bye.. since then i deployed a handfull of times got promoted twice and finished my enlistment at the beginning of 2006.. you should have done it all with me.. well, i still say hi to you out at point loma every year twice a year.. i cry and miss you then drive home feeling guilty.. thanks for letting me know you.."
becky (fmr. sergeant sweet) of san diego, ca

As your Sergeant Major the day you reported to HMM-364, I still remember the day I first had the honor to meet you. You were so sincere and grimly determined to do well as a crew chief that I secretly smiled at your enthusiasm and told the the Operations Chief after you left "that young man will do well." The truth of that belief exceeded beyond even my first impression. A Sergeant Major isn't supposed to have favorites but the humanity inside me could not help but come out at your every success as a Marine, and you had many. At the "Family Day" as I sat in the Dunking Tank you went three for three dropping me even before I had a chance to retake my seat. When I learned of your sacrifice the tears welled up in my eyes and when I think of you (as I often do) they still do. Seeing you each day at the squadron brought a little more light into the day and I thank you with all my heart for who you were and who you will always be. You sir, are a hero and I will always be in awe of your dedication to your Corps and service to your country. "Fair Winds and Following Seas""
Sergeant Major Larry M. Lambert USMC (ret.) of Murrieta, CA

"To the family of LCpl Moore
I was with him before his last flight. We toured the city of Babylon in Al Jillah. I saw his aircraft leave the LZ and it is a day I will never forget. LCpl Moore was a truly outstanding Marine and friend. He would go any distance to help someone out. He was always in good spirits about flying. Weather it was testing an aircraft or flying a mission, as long as he was in the air. LCpl Moore you are truly missed and will never be forgotten."
SSgt Moccio Nicholas of Kaneohe Bay, HI HMH 362(Ugly Angels)

"Cpl Moore,
Semper Fidelis! You were always one of my favorite crew chiefs to fly with. I will always remember seeing you come running outof the hangar just to taxi aircraft back onto the line, when you didn't have to. And I'll never forget our flights together, particularly in Iraq. You were young, but you were confident. We flew a mission together in very bad weather (sand storm), which had me and the other, more experienced, crew chief Sgt G very concerned for our safety. When we finally landed (both times), Cpl Moore was just smiling. He knew we were pushing it probably too much, but he was loving every minute of it. He truly loved his job and it reflected in his performance. I'd fly with him anywhere. When this life is over, I'd be honored to have Cpl Moore as my crew chief again."
Maj Dan "PeeWee" Smith, USMC of Quantico, VA

"I haven't stop thinking about of you Cpl Moore, and I will remember you always for your hard work in Hmm-364, and your great sense of humor."
Gunny Brown (RET.) of Lexington.Ky

"Thank you - God bless."
of NYC

"Dear family,
I have a son named Jason William Moore. A birth defect kept him from serving his country, but it still gave me a start when I saw the name listed as a casuality of the war. While I stared at my computer screen I tried to imagine what that soldiers family must feel as they read the tributes to their son. I found myself in tears for this boy I had never met and I knew how easily it could have been my Jason William had it not been for a deformity from birth. I do not cry so much for his handicap now, as I cry for a life that never had a chance instead. My son is growing older. I feel it isn't fair that your son will not. So God bless you and your memories. I will never look at my son or hear his name, that I wont think of your son and his sacrifice."
K. Moore of North Carolina, USA

"Dear family,
I have a son named Jason William Moore. A birth defect kept him from serving his country, but it still gave me a start when I saw the name listed as a casuality of the war. While I stared at my computer screen I tried to imagine what that soldiers family must feel as they read the tributes to their son. I found myself in tears for this boy I had never met and I knew how easily it could have been my Jason William had it not been for a deformity from birth. I do not cry so much for his handicap now, as I cry for a life that never had a chance instead. My son is growing older. I feel it isn't fair that your son will not. So God bless you and your memories. I will never look at my son or hear his name, that I wont think of your son and his sacrifice."
K. Moore of North Carolina, USA

"To the family of Lance Corporal Jason Moore,
Thank you so much for the sacrifice of your son. I pray for Christ's healing power to come upon your family. I have friends on your street and I have driven by your house many times. I just want to let you know that every time I pass your house I think of Jason's heroism and how proud San Marcos was of him. You raised a true man. God Bless You."
Chris of San Marcos, California

"I am too a Civil Air Patrol cadet going into the Marine Corps. It really hit hard to hear about a CAP cadet making the ultimate sacrifice for his country. I'm sorry for his loss and I will pray for his family. I also would like to thank him for his service in the Marine Corps as well as CAP. Semper Fidelis. Semper Vigilins."
Krysta Renton of Bellevue, Washington

"To The Family of This Fallen Soldier:

My name is Jason Moore. I am 27 years old. Although I am saddened to here that any of our soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrifice, seeing my name on this list put real perspective on the bravery and selflessness that our troops exhibit each and every day. The list that I saw this name on grows everyday and serves as a sad reminder that we-the many- enjoy what so few couragously protect. I would like to express my most sincere condolences for your loss, but I would also like you to know that their sacrifice will not be forgotten. I see this name on the list and I see my family and all that I hold dear. Would I be willing to give all that up, I can not answer that sitting here. I can, however, tell you that when I see my family now, I see what he gave up so that we may not have to do the same.
Thank You-God Bless Our Troops and their loved ones."
Jason Moore of Ruston, LA

"The Association of Flight Attendants at America West Airlines took part in a 9/11 Tribute this weekend in Tempe, Arizona and we sponsored a flag in honor of Marine Lance Corporal Jason William Moore of San Marcos, California.

He died on May 19, 2003 in Al Hillah, Irag.

We have the flag - which flew for three days and was visited by thousands - in our office in Tempe, Arizona. Our office is for the flight attendants at America West Airlines.

We would like an appropriate way to contact his family and turn the flag over to them or to display the flag - in his honor - in our office in grateful memory of his service.

If there is a way to find out the family's wishes, please let us know.


William McGlashen
President, Association of Flight Attendants
America West Airlines
William McGlashen of Tempe, Arizona


"To Jason Moore's family,
There are no words to express how sorry I am for the loss of your son, Jason. God bless him & God bless you. I wanted to tell you that my son was also in Iraq for 9 months...we live in San Marcos...& I needed to tell you that when he returned home, he got a tatoo on his arm of the Iraqi flag with an Amercian eagle with Jason Moore tatooted in the middle, in memory of your son. Jason will never be forgotten. I think of you daily, & if there is ever any time you might want to talk, please call at 727-1340. You all are in our prayers. Thank you."
Jane Kaliel of San Marcos, CA 92078

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN

"Hello everyone. My name is Sara and Jason Moore was my cousin and best friend. You all have no idea how much it means to me that you take the time to write such sweet messages to all of us who loved Jason. Jason was truly a hero. He inspired me to do so much- including joining the military. That is why, right now, I am writing this message from Iraq- walking in my best friend's footsteps. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. We will never be able to thank you enough. God bless you all."
Sara of Tikrit, Iraq

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Jason, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Corporal Moore, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Dear Jason,
Today I went to the Veteran's Cemetary in San Diego, CA and came across your gravesite. I sat there and quietly thanked you for your bravery and your sacrifice. I too served in the armed forces and I am the same age you were(21). I cannot express with words how truly grateful I am for your selfless service, honor,courage, and strength. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace."
Dominique of Murrieta, CA, USA

"Thank you Jason Moore, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore: so sorry to hear of your loss.
There are no words that make you feel better,but it will just take the passing of time,and special days without him. These young brave men were so precious,and my heart aches for your loss,and I do understand exactly what you are going through,because I am a cousin to Sgt. Kirk (Ski) Straseskie,that drowned trying to save Jason and the others. You are in my prayers."
Kit Strickler of Oklahoma City,OK. U.S.A.

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Jason Moore:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Jason for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Jason Moore:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Jason, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on