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Army Sgt. Eliu A. Miersandoval

27, of San Clemente, California.
Miersandoval died when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device during convoy operations in Kirkuk, Iraq. He was assigned to Company A, 4th Forward Support Battalion, 4th Infantry Division (Mech), Fort Hood, Texas. Died on January 31, 2004.

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"I remember him attending my first wedding. I served with him in 1/22 inf 4th ID.
I still think about him daily, I was with him overseas as well. My heart goes out to his love ones."
Joshua armida of Upland ca

"Ayanna is 15! Can you believe it?! Our niece is considered a young woman! As you already know Adrian Flew out for the quincenra and there are lots of pictures! Even ones including you! We miss you every moment of every day! Not just me but your parents, your sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins! You will always be in every moment that moves forward in all of our lives!"
Amanda Mier of Hopkinsville Kentucky

"I've come to realize that this is my "new normal" (whatever normal maybe)! Not a single day passes without you on my mind! I miss you tremendously the more time passes and I truly believe I Always will! My first true love! Our love was the truest! Never forgotten my strong man!"

"Would have been married 17 years on February 17,2016! Never a day that goes by that I don't think of you! I will always keep your memory alive!"

"Happy belated birthday! I sure miss you!"
Amanda of Hopkinsville

"Merry Christmas! I sure do miss you! Love always"

"I remember how tough and kind he was, I am still brought to tears to think he is gone. My most memorable moment of him is when he lost his finger at NTC while being one of the best mechanics we had. He took a dirty rag and wrapped it around his hand to stop the bleeding while holding his finger in the other hand.We had to convince him to go get medical attention. Of course, he lost the knuckle for not going right away, tough mf.
Anybody remember when everybody was mad at him because he wouldn't lose 5 lbs. so he can get pinned E-5? It took him about nine months!!! He said he knew that it was his and he loves his wife's food too much to diet, the rank wasn't worth missing out on his wife's food.
Wish we had more men like you, it breaks my heart to know you are gone. Thank you for being our friend and battle buddy."
"Spc. G" of Killeen, Tx USA

"it's been years now, but seems like it was yesterday... what could I have done differntly that day..."
MSG Steudtel (Ret) of Farmington Hills, MI

"I will never forget you! I will always love you! I'm so proud I had the opportunity to take your last name. My soul is broken without you! I'm forever yours! Love you so very much and miss you more than ever!"
Amanda of Hopkinsville

"Remembering your sacrifice today along with Cabral and Holly! We remember your sacrifice everyday not just today! You angels keep guard in heaven till we see ya again! Sending much respect up!"

"Hey my man! My main squeeze! Forever and always you will be! I miss you so! 10 yrs later and 15 yrs after our wedding anniversary! I am forever yours forever missing you! You were my first love my only true love and I may have moved on buth heart is forever yours! I do what I have to so that I can survive but the pain of loosing you is so bad that I can't think, comprehend, or imagine! I don't think I will ever give my heart again! I love you my hero my friend my companion till the end!"
Amanda Mier of Your Wife I will never give that title up!

"Carol Thankyou for being one of the best friends there is! I greatly appreciate you remembering him! I don't think I will ever forget nor will I ever not miss him! He was my one and only true love! Abi, sgt Mier your always missed every day 10 years later I still miss you!"
Your wife eternally


It's been a long 10 years and he will never be forgotten. I can still hear him laugh and its still hard to accept the fact that he is gone. I still laugh about the day you guys got married. I have never seen that much sweat pour off of any one person when I was driving him to his wedding. I was certain he was going to pass out on me. All these memories are so precious to me. He always made me laugh…Love and miss you lots."
Carol of USA

"Missing you today! I will never forget the look on your face when you returned from R&R! It's been a long ten years! I still miss you today and I guess I always will!"
Your loving wife

"Please disregard. I am happy to find out after reading the tread that you did find out about snowball express. May God continue to be with you and bless you each and every day."
Bob Marasco, Lt Col, USAF Ret of Tampa, Fl, USA

I would like to know if you could contact about an organization called Snowball Express. I am unfortunately linked to your husband that fateful day and would like you or someone associated with you to contact me at bobmarasco@aol.com."
Bob Marasco, Lt Col, USAF Ret of Tampa, FL, USA

"Every day I still wish you were here! I miss you very much! My heart will forever and always be yours. I may move forward but you were my one and only first true love. I will love others but not the way I loved you! RIP my handsome hero! Forever remembered, forever a part of me, forever until we meet again!"
Amanda Mier of Hopkinsville, Ky

Abi, it's been since 2004 when I left my last message for you, but I was watching The Lucky one on video tonight and wondered why you couldn’t have been the one at another place and another time, safe from harm. I broke down crying like a baby wondering still to this day what God’s plan was for you. It’s ironic that I saw your mama at the Irvine Spectrum today, probably after her work shift and she has the same painful look on her face from when I first spoke to her of your passing. When last I spoke to her, I asked how your pops and her have dealt with all of this, which is probably a stupid question, but I still see the sadness in her eyes and it’s obvious that time does not heal all wounds.
With the tattoo, I had done on my left arm, in remembrance of you, I make it a point to explain to people who ask me about it, that this tattoo, is in remembrance of my best friend, who lost his life for our country. I’m breaking down right now, because loosing a great person like you still is painful, especially when people who are trash will live to be 100.
I pray that you continue to watch over your sister’s and family and if your not too busy, keep an eye out for me brother for I look forward too seeing you on the other side one day so we can catch up on old times.

Your good friend, Doug Gasparutti."
Doug Gasparutti of Rancho Santa Mrgarita, CA

"He just to say that you are all ways in my heart and I always think of you brother. You have been their for us all and I thank you for that. Godbless and your family. Amanda hear is my new email adress j_eric_king@yahoo.com Also I finish my BA Degree this October in Criminal Justice."
Eric King of Upland, California/USA

"Our son started 6th grade today! (Middle school) I can't believe it! Time flies by too quickly! Watch over him and be with him today. We love and miss you very much!"

"Happy Birthday! We miss you very much and we will never forget how much of a blessing you were in our lives."
Amanda and Adrian of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

"You and Amanda crossed my mind today. I still remember your wedding day. You are missed my friend."
Carol of Lacey, WA

"Happy Fathers Day! We miss you!"

"Thinking about you on Memorial Day brother!"
Wes Albanese of Temple, TX

"It's almost been 8 years now brother since you, Cabral and Mcgough have been gone. I think of you 3 all the time. I retired in April. I feel so privileged to have known and served with you. Rest in peace."
SFC(R) Darrell Patton of Fletcher, OK

"Hey brother it has been awhile since the last conversation. I really miss your company but I not forget the sacrafic you made for use all. I visit your burial site once a year which is january 31st. I talk to you when I am their and it is hard. I will write more later brother and take care. Also Amanda here is my new email address keric40@yahoo.com"
Eric King of Upland California

"I so miss you so much!!"

"I don't know how proud of me you would be but I have learned alot about life and people!! I also have learned that no matter the amount of time it's doesnt heal your wounds!! The wounds that are cut down to your core!! Because I miss you and will forever!! Your loving wife Amanda"

"Adrian is turning ten soon! Can you believe it! Our little boy is growing up!! Every day that passes without you here by myside is one more day closer to you! He reminds me so much of you in almost every way! The only thing he got from me is talking alot! Ha ha! I knew he would get the best attribute from me! anyhow, I just wanted to say that we love you! We will forever miss you!! And you will forever be my everything!"

"Mier..It's Carol..Finally justice for you my friend! I stay in contact with Amanda she still misses you a lot..you would be so proud of the kind of woman and mother she is. She takes excellent care of the children. I still remember taking you to marry Amanda, I was doing the check list to make sure you had everything..I still laugh when I got to the ring part and you said "I need a ring to get married" I wanted to smack you. I also remember when I flew to KY to see Bri, you picked me up from the airport and I asked if I could have some time to change and you said no..then you hid me in that dark dirty shed to go get bri. You are a Hero to me my friend and I love and miss you dearly."
Carol Blake of Ewa Beach, HI

"I wish I could say everyday gets easier but I cant!! I still miss you, Holly, and Juan so very much!!! Along with my sister Heather!! Memories will forever linger in my mind along with others. And none of you are forgotten. My hero, my heart, my soul, my life, and my reason for continuing on!!!"
of Hopkinsville, Ky

"Hi my hero how you been? Were all doing good here. I miss you more and more every day. I think though that you and Heather are with us. Anyhow, Adrian had a blast at snowball express. Thankyou so much for that opportunity!!! He has a song for you now, It is I had the time of my life!!! And I owe it all to you!!! He dedicated that song to you. Thankyou for helping me rear such a great kid. I miss you my love forever and always your queen."
Proud Wife of Hopkinsville, Ky

"It will be seven yrs in November that I last saw your smiling face. The very last time I touched you and kissed your soft lips. I miss you so bad!! Christopher is home on R&R from Iraq and leaves on the 7th of October. I dont know if I can watch him leave. I lost his mother and you. So I sure hope God doesnt take him from us. Please watch over him and keep him safe. He always looked up to you. I miss you my husband, my best friend, and my hero. Forever yours Amanda"
of Hopkinsville, Ky

I write this in tears.In the bathroom so my sons don't see there Dad cry. I want you to know that I would not be who I am today with out your husband as my best friend. Mier guided me from being a young kid in to a leader. Every leadership quality every quality of a husband I learned from him. I was 2000 miles from home in Killeen. With just my Bros and Sis in the Army. Mier was there from day one. Picking on me like I was a pice of dirt on his boot. to the day he grabed the streak right off my plate took a bite and threw back on the plate just to tell me that it didn't taste right and I shouldn't eat it. To when I was pinned Cpl. and jammed the pins in to my chest.I remember everything But most of all I remember Him seeing you.And in the a typical voice of Mier " HEY BABE" I am sorry Amanda. I love you and Adrian. almost 7 years and he still affects me everyday. I cann't say anything else. to Mier sisters.... I meet you once in california. you brought us sandwiches. I am sorry too. Mier would always say. that he joined to give back to the family he loved. thanksyou"
Peter Theiss of Corpus Christi tx

"Every day there is a reminder of you!! Every day I miss you!! Every day I think to myself its going to be easier!! Everyday its not easier but just a tad bit more bearable. Everyday I feel you smiling on us!! Everyday I am thankful for the oppurtunity of having been your wife and having our wonderful son!! Everyday missing you and remembering your legacy!!"
of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

"May 2010 Its been six yrs as of this past January. Time has a funny way of passing by very quickly. Anyhow, Just wanted everyone to know that I will and forever will remember the sacrifice of all of our military. Abi I miss you always and forever your wife and son."

"Abi(and family) I had the pleasure of knowing your son,husband,brother for at least ten years. I remember him most for his smile and laugh, like so many others have written.
I met him at the Boys and Girls club and then would see him at Del Taco and later play basketball with him for many years at San G(basketball courts).
I was touched by Doug's message about the left handed B-ball player tattoo, I got to know Abi pretty well and I remember he and "Dougy Fresh" being very close friends. I remember him running and getting in shape just before he joined up. He lost weight and was looking in the best shape I had ever seen him in(It is vivid in my mind still to this day).
He was someone who touched everyone's lives he ran into with laughter smiles and heart including mine. The world is truely a lesser place without him. My heart goes out to all of you! The little time I got to spend with him made my life a better journey.
Jeff Parker. Pappyparker72@yahoo.com"
Jeff Parker of San Diego

"I just wanted to get on here and say how very Thankful I am for everyone who is apart of keeping my husband's memory alive. So Thankyou!! And I am so thankful for the time I had to share with him. I miss you baby!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!"
Your Wife

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com

Scott Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"Never a moment that goes by you are not on my mind. Missing you forever and always!!!!"

"Tomorrow were going to the cemetary here in Kentucky. Adrian, Ceciela, Caitlin, Ethan, Juan and Me wish you were still here to celebrate your 33 yrs. WOw your getting old. lol Happy birthday enjoy your balloons. HOpe you like them."
Your wife and son forever yours

"Estaba buscando datos sobre otras ramas de la familia en america, y tristemente, me he encontrado con esta. Me llamo Enrique Mier, desde España, y me gustaria ofrecer mis condolencias por su perdida. Es curioso... nuestra familia ha tenido guerreros y militares durante siglos, y siempre han dado lo mejor de si, sin esperar nada a cambio. Asi somos, en esta familia, donde sacrificio, honor, patria, todo está relacionado con nuestra forma de ser.

Veo que las buenas cualidades, siguen en la familia. Y eso es bueno.
Una vez mas, reitero mis condolencias a la familia.
Mi direccion de correo es edemv@yahoo.es

para lo que necesiten.... Enrique Mier."
Enrique Mier of San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa, España

"Five years.... another sleepless night after the dreams."
MSG Steudtel (Ret) of Farmington Hills, MI

"January 18, 2009
To the family of Sgt. Eliu A. Miersandoval:
Eliu gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Missing you I cant believe its almost been Five years! Miss you more than ever and always will!"
Your son of Somewhere in Kentucky

"It has been almost five years. It hasnt gotten any easier. The pain seems to cut me like a knife. I miss you, I miss everything about you. I miss your silly laugh, your touch, your kisses, and your hoo hoo attidute. You were so gun ho for the Army. I over time have adjusted to the fact that your not coming back. Adrian misses you, He ask so many question and I do my best to answer. He sleeps now with one of your shirts and Tells me mom it will be ok. He is such a little man just like you wanted. When I look at him I am so very thankful for the love that we had to bring such a handsome little man into this world. I want you to know not a day goes by that I dont miss you. I can not wait till we meet once again. I know your looking down cause I feel you. You are always and forever going to be the love of my life!"
Your WIFE of Hopkinsville, Ky, usa

"SFC LeCompte, thank for helping close that loop... one of many unanswered questions of that day. My sincere apologies to you as well for not bringing them home."
MSG Steudtel (Ret) of Farmington Hills MI

"Its been along time coming, I am sending this to you and your family at a time i remember him the best. I remembring the smile and warmth of doing this to a few and the one that stood out was SGT Mier. I remember the first thing he had said which was a joke was WHAT IS THE CAPITAL OF THIALAND, whoever knew him knew the rest of the story. the first person to be ready for anything that came up. My story in 1-22In, Aco 4SB will never be complete for I am the one the agreed to send you out on that day in Jan. For that I am so sorry for the lost that was dealt to you and your family. It is hard knowing that the true family in the milatary was the ones that deployed with Him and I was just an outsider looking in at times. My pain will never be calmed until that day I see Him again probally on in charge or be a mechanic for the one above. "DEEDS NOT WORD"
Forever in my thoughts.""
SFC(r) Billy LeCompte of Killeen,Texas

"Amanda, you are my best friend and I am so proud of how far you have come over the years. Stay strong, and anytime you want to see Abi's face, just look at Adrian:)"
Cheesa of Milton, Fl.

"Hi Brother, Someone told me that as the days go on there were going to be alot easier, But that has not been the case. My life has never been the same since you left sometimes i still talk about you like you are still here with us and as if it was just yesterday since i saw you. My kids talk about you like they knew everything about you. But for me the days just get harder knowing that this is ture. As I'm sure you alreay know since he's up with you we lost Joe as well last month. We know you both are up there watching over us. Your son is so cute he's a split image of you everything about you he has his likes and dislikes, silly and all. Thank you brother for everything even though you are not here with us i know you are watching over us like a hawk. I miss you so much there is not a day that goes by that i dont ever think about you. everynight i wait up until i know you are watching over us in your own way. When you dont show up Richard always tells me dont worry Ruth he's checking on his baby and your sister. Love you Brother!!!!"
Ruth Vallejo of Pomona, CA

"...another sleepless night... what could we have done different..."
MSG Steudtel (Ret) of Farmington Hills, MI

"thank u im a mier also"
eduardo mier of newbury park ca usa

"Thinking of you forever and always!"

"To everyone who has supported our troops and Our Miltary GOD BLESS YOU! I miss my belated husband and I am thankful for our son we share together. May he rest in piece. We all miss you very much!"

"This message goes out to Amanda and Adrian. I work for the Veterans Administration in the Health Admin group. You know Amanda/Adrian, it's life stories like yours that help me to remember just why I come to work every day. I am proud to serve the veterans and their families. The sacrifice that your husband made was the ultimate proof of the love he had for his country. He fought so that you, Adrian and millions more can live in a world of freedom.

My heart goes out to you and your son, Adrain. I know that you can't physically see Eliu and I am so sorry for that. However, please know that your husband is never gone as long as you have him in your heart, your mind and your soul. When you look into your son's eyes, he will be there. Just close your eyes for a minute and remember his smile, his laughter, his quirks, his facial expressions, the way he tells a joke and the way he loved you and your son. Hold these memories close to your heart and you can see him anytime you want. Remember the day that he picked up his son for the first time. Fix in your mind the expression that he had on his face when he looked into his son's eyes. My dear, as long as you hold these memories close, your husband, Srgt. Eliu A. Miersandoval will always be with you. You can see him anytime you want. He will never leave you because he's only a day dream away."
Sherri of Washington, D.C

"I want to thank God for allowing me to meet Mier. I met Mier when he first enlisted and was assigned to HHC 2/502. I remember silly things about my time spent with Mier, such as us guys playing a 007 Nintendo game during lunch, laughing at Vandyke and his Jim Bean, or any number of stupid things that collectively make positive memories. I remember when he met Amanda. I remember when Brian Blake came to the unit and we always talked about the Promised Land “California” and when he would reunite with his wife.
After those first few years we all split in different directions. I went to Europe and eventually left the military, moved to Texas, went to college, and now work for an investment bank. I know Mier was one of those special Angels God places in your path to keep you from veering too far off his path. I want to thank Amanda, his family, and his survivors for such a great man. Thank you, Brian E. Johnson"

"I miss you my king. I miss your touch, your laugh, your smile, your silly jokes, your smell, and most of all you. You were and still are my backbone. I need you and i miss you. There is not a day that goes by that i dont miss you. The days arent any easier and i dont miss you any less. I miss you more and more. I wish daily things were different but reality is true. I havent stop loving you because you were the love of my life. I havent stopped missing you because I havent figured out how.You are apart of me and always will be. I wont ever forget you and i wont ever stop loving you. Until we meet again remember you are loved and missed more and more with every passing minute of everyday."
Amanda Mier of Hopkinsville, Ky

"Years have passed and there has been more than one sleepless night for me.

More than one life was shattered that day...."
MSG, US Army Retired of Livonia, MI

"Mier, I always remember you being there when I was a budding mechanic in A-co... your knowledge of the vehicles always contributed to a successful mission. I remember with a heavy heart the sacrifice you made to your country and you will never be forgotten. My thanks for everything you have done for everyone. God Bless you."
SPC Ault of Fort Richardson, AK

"This is just a note to say that Mier is still and will always be on my mind. I wear my KIA braclet that I had custom made with his name always and with pride. I have not forgotten nore will I forget a great soldier.
SSG Antonio Mendez of Mosul, Iraq

Ruth Vallejo of Pomona, CA

"Hi Baby,
I know or I believe somehow you can read this. I am doing ok. Things go by just like anyother day since you been gone. I still wake up everyday with you on my mind and go to bed everynight with you on my mind. I am emotionally doing much better able to tolertate the pain of loosing you. Its hard but somehow i make it day to day. Adrian had his birthday on september second and Ayanna had hers on September 5th. They are five now can you believe your son and your niece are five years old. It seems just like yesterday that we brought our son home from the hospital. I remember how proud you were of your little man. You were a great father! I promise i will let him know how great a father you were to him. He ask questions about you and i tell him lots of things. He is growing so very very fast and looking more and morelike you every day. I dont have to wonder what he will turn out to look like cause i already know. HE is you made over. I guess what you said about the reason you have a son is so they can carry on your name was true. It just so very hard to think that your not here on earth enjoying him growing up. Thats the way it was supposed to be but i am thankful i had the time with you i did. I am very thankful for our wonderful son. Without you there would not be a him so for now i am going to go. I just wanted to let you know I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH. Thankyou baby for your sacrifice for our family and for our son."
amanda mier of hopkinsville, ky 42240

"Hey dude! Well it's been awhile since I left anything on here. Just wanted to let you know that everything is going good. I have been doing contract for the military for a few years now, and the only reason why I do it is because of you man. I started doing up-armor for the military about 2 years ago, and I havent stopped. I am in Afghanistan right now doing it. Everytime I think I have it bad, all I have to do is watch the helicopters flying in with injured or deceased soldiers and thats what gives me strenght to keep doing what I am doing. I tell myself that I dont have it bad at all. Everytime we finish a vehicle, I like to think thats another soldiers life I saved. I wished it could have happened alot sooner though. Well dude, take care and talk to you later."
Wes Albanese of Afghanistan


"Its been a while since i wrote. Its me your wife i am reading what people have said about you and your life. I am so thankful that i got the privalage of being your one and only. I never thought in a million years that we would be living a world apart. I know you are watching over us giving me strength every single day to move on with my life. But somedays are harder than others and i still miss you just as much. I dont think it will ever change you are my life and was my life. YOU tought me so much about being a person. YOU tought me how to be strong. Baby i love you and i miss you every single day. I am so thankful you had the chance to touch so many peoples lifes. Thanks to everyone on here for your kind words they do not go unread. As for you baby keep watching over us and i will meet you again one day. Love your wife"
amanda Mier of Hopkinsville, Ky 42240

"To my good friend Abi, my brother and fallen hero. Abi, it's been more than two years now that you passed and not a day goes by bro that I don't miss you, the difference you made and all the times we hung out together. It still feels so unreal to know I will never see you again, hear your laugh, or your positive outlook you had on life that inspiried me to have the same views. Through my life Abi, I have had friends come and go, but none have compared to the high standard you set as my best friend. To this day I don't understant God's plan for you but I take some comfort in knowing that you are in a better place and I am positive that you are in heaven looking down and watching out for all of your loved ones. It is difficult to understand why you died at such a young age with your whole life to go and so many people who love, care and miss you but I believe the good die young and you were an outstanding example of that in everything you did. The tattoo I now have on my left arm is in tribute to you mr. left handed b-ball player. I got it to remind me daily of the sacrifice you paid for our country, our families and in hopes that we will never believed you died for nothing. You will be with me in spirit for the rest of my life and I am thankful and honored to have known a truly special person. God bless and much respect, my brother and hero who I will never forget.
Your friend, Doug gasparutti."
Doug Gasparutti of Irvine, CA.

"Abi, I was so saddened to hear of your passing. I remember you and Ben hanging out in San Clemente. All those bus rides to football games and band competitions were a lot of fun. I can't count the times I took you home or dropped Ben at your house. You'll always be a part of our family memories. When I gave Ben the article from the paper, he told me he had been thinking about you and wondering what you were doing. He still spends time with Jason "Bug" Caldwell and I know they share memories of SCHS and the band.
To your family: I would love to hear from any of you, Betsy or Soledad in particular. To Amanda and your son: Thank you for your sacrifice. You will always be in our prayers.
My contact info: Becky Roach, 31162 Calle Entradero, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, eaglemom3x@yahoo.com 949.493.0309"
Becky Roach - Ben's mom of San Juan Capistrano

"Miersandoval Family, I'm a freshman in college and my final exam for english is to write about Eliu A. Miersandoval, not about his death but life, I would greatly appreciate if you would contact me to help me accurately portray him. jgn5887@netzero.net; Eliu thank you for what you did for all of us."
Joanna of Virginia Beach, Va

"I had the honor of serving with mier at ft hood, as part of the service section of Aco. 4th FSB. He was one of the most dedicated soldiers i knew. everybody looked up to him. I remember when we were at ntc one time and he cut off two of his fingers. He got his fingers caught in an outrigger on his hemt wrecker. the first thing he asked in the hospital is when he could go back to his company. That's dedication. My love goes out to amanda and their son."
Brian & Marisol Kelly of Oceanside, CA

"I served with Mier at FT.HOOD. My prayers go out to his faimly. He was a good solider, you will be missed."
SGT Jerry A Garland of Corbin, Kentucky

"Hey Baby,
I havent left a message on here in awhile. Its been to hard to face seeing your name in letters and things. Life never slows down here but there is not one single moment you are not in my thoughts. You are on my mind day in and day out. I look at our son and i thank god for that little boy because he is you made over. He has every part of you. Its hard sometimes but then i tell my self that you are not gone you are in him and that means you are with me. I miss you terriably you were my life my reason for being. I havent been able to function correctly since the day you left us. It has just seemed like i was floating just getting by. I am starting to go to counsiling now so that i can understand why i ran so much from the fact that you had left us. I pray every day for god to give me the strength to understand. It still hurts just as bad i think even more now because i am coming out of shock. I miss you so much. I miss your smile, your laugh, your touch, and most of all your heart. You were such a good man. I pray i can raise our son to be what you were. I am so proud of what you did and still do for our family. Thankyou baby. Till next time keep smiling on me and our son. We need you now more than ever."
Your Wife Amanda of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

"To the Miersandoval Family,
I am sorry to here about your son. I served with him at Ft. Campbell from 98-2000. He was a great mechanic and taught all of us soldiers everything we knew about turning wrenches. He will be sadly missed."
Christopher Wilson of Mechanic Falls, Maine

"To the family of Eliu A. Miersandoval, I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington, Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ."
Polly Ballew of Covington Ga

I still remember the time you would come home and I would run to the door to hug you. You would pick me up and throw me up in the air. I love when you did that.At that time I was about 7 or 8. Now I am 14 and still remember those times.I wish you would be here for my sweet 15(Quinceanera) next year but I think that God needed you with him. I remember the time that my mom told me that you had gone with God. I could believe I never thought something like that would happen to you. I will never forget you and even thought your not here I will always love you."
Brenda of San Clemente,CA

"hey Abi (and his family), this is Chris Roach. I am the youngest brother of Ben Roach, who went to San Clemente High School with you. I used to hang around the band at all the football games, competitions, and parades and bug the crap out of everyone.

Well, I have grown up a lot since those days. I eventually attended SCHS as well, did marching band all four years, graduated in 2000. I then went off to college in Orange and graduated with a BA in Political Science from Chapman Univeristy in May of 2004.

My brother (Ben) got married a number of years ago and just had a daughter in October of 2004. Her name is Kiera. My other brother (Nick) has been married for a few years and has a son named Justin. They both married girls who went to SCHS.

I have spent the past year working in Washington, DC for a non-profit organization. I have thought of you many times throughout the year and have been able to pay tribute in several ways.

I know I may have bugged you all those years ago but I always looked up to my brothers and all of his friends. I couldn't wait to grow up and be just like all of you. Now I am here writing to you, over a year after you have passed and I am overwhelmed with the respect and appreciation I have for you and your sacrifice. Thank you.

I will make it my life's work to try and make this a place that is safe for my nephew, my niece, your son. I will work to change this country so that we don't feel that going to war is unavoidable. I will strive to educate my fellow citizens about the sacrifice that was made by you and many, many of your fellow soldiers.

You are a father, a husband, a brother, a son, a hero, a soldier, a patriot, and always a Triton. Rest in peace.

To Abi's family, if you would like to get in contact with me and find out more about my brothers and our family, please email me at cjroach@gmail.com. I hope you are finding new life in the ashes of the past."
Chris Roach of San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Brave Hero I will never forget you,and the ultimate sacrafice you made may you rest forever in peace. THANK YOU"
CPT Pablo and Jennifer Diaz of Ft Hood Tx

"Happy Birthday My Brother
Your birthday is coming up and they say time will heal but it has not it has made everyday much harder
Brother everyday we think about you and we can't help but be prouder and prouder of you each and everyday
Thank you for all the good thoughts that you left us
we will never forget you
your son is so much like you and getting so big
We Love You Brother
May You Rest In Peace
we'll see each other soon
your little sis"
ruth vallejo of pomona CA

"You were a great soldier and Mechanic... I always remember you working hard to get our vehicles repaired and ready to go! You will always be remembered. Thank you"
SFC (Retired) Robert Soden of Killeen, Texas

"To my beloved Brother,

Well bother I don't know where to start.It's been over a year that you passed away. It seems like it was just yesterday.And still seems so unreal. I can't belive it. That day that dad called to give me the news I thought that it was just a bad dream and as the days have gone by with so many unanswered questions and so much confusion as to why. You had just began to live when god called you. I am so proud to have had you as my brother. I miss you so much each and everyday. You left us with one of the most beautiful treasures which is your son. When I look at him I know that I am seeing you through him. He is something else. I know that you and I had a very special relationship together. I don't know if this meant something or not but thanks for placing the most wonderful man in my path. You may not be here but your always in my heart and my thoughts and prayers. I know that your our special angel that watches over us from up above. I am not going to say bye but until later because I know that we will be together again. I love you and you will never be forgotten.Our Hero.

Love you Brother!!!"
Betsy Ibarra of LUBBOCK, Texas

"Hijo hace ya un ano que te fuiste y aun creo estas con nosotros.A un ano de tu partida sigo sin entender porque.Pero todos te extranamos mucho.Viendo crecer tu hijo te estoy viendo a ti cada vez que lo veo me acuerdo cuando tu eras nino y que yo podia verte decirte todo lo que yo te queria y ahora ya no puedo ahora lo unico que puedo hacer es recordar todo lo que juntos vivimos. Sea por DIos"
Pascual Mier of Pomona,CA

"Well, we just got to see Amanda at the Fallen Heroes memorial at Arlington. It is still so strange to see her without you. It was difficult to know that we were there to honor you for the sacrifice you made. I spent very little time at your portrait, as I would rather not face reality, instead I keep telling myself that you are deployed at the moment.
However, I do find peace and laughter when I think back on the crazy things you and Brian use to do…like the time you and Brian set the kitchen on fire at Amanda’s house…. which Brian still denies having any memory of that incident. I even remember receiving a call from you the day you decided to get married informing me that you and Amanda would be getting married on your lunch break and you asked me how long it would take me to get ready. Talk about not giving your bride to be any notice of her pending nuptials, she was a wreck trying to get it together on such short notice. She pulled it off because of her crazy love for you. Most of all I liked how simple you were, not hard to please at all as long as you had your computer when Amanda was not around. Mire…only if you could see your son now…he is very independent and articulate. I think he thinks he is the man of the house from what Amanda tells us….. all I can say is, like father like son. You are missed dearly and you will always be in our hearts and our memory."
Brian & Carol Blake of Columbia, MD

"To my husband,
It has been a year now that i layed you to rest. I have endured much heart ache from day to day. My days after your death are all a blur and until now reality has just sit in. Every day that passes is a day that i just wish i could hear your voice on the phone or kiss your lips. I have had to endure the pain of letting our son know that daddy is gone to heaven and some how by looking at him i get some comfort in knowing that i will always have you with me. It has been a very very hard year and to all of you that have placed a message on this site thank you for your support it means so much. If there is anyone out there that knows the pain of losing the love of your life i want to asure you that with time your wounds some what heal but never never is the pain gone. I still ache for him every day and i know one day i will no longer have to. to my husband i will see you again in heaven. Our son is growing so big now and even though he may not remember your touch or laugh he will remember you i will make sure of that we love and miss you your wife"
Amanda Mier of Harker Heights, Tx Usa

"I ordered a Hero Bracelet from www.herobracelets.org about 3 weeks ago. I just recieved it yesterday, and the name on it is SGT Miersandoval's. I decided to do a search for him, and I found this site. So, I just wanted to send a little note to his family. I am so sorry for your loss, and I will keep you in my prayers that God will continue to help you through this. Just know that he and all of our other fallen soldiers and their ultimate sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that. I am now proud to have my little tie to your loved one, and, of course, hero. God bless your family and all of the other grieving families. And, may God continue to watch over those men and women still fighting."
Andrea Sivers of College Station, TX

"A pesar de los años que puedan pasar.. nunca dejaras de estar en los pensamientos de los que mas te quisieron.. y de aún de los que nunca lo hicieron.. por que al igual que tu, muchos otros soldados dieron su vida por su pais.. siempre serás un héroe para todos ellos.. Dios te tenga en su gloria.."
Eliú Rojas Mtz of Cd. Mendoza, Veracruz, México

"hey brother 1 year is coming around very quickly and it still feels as if we just found out
brother you don't know how i would give my whole life to have you back with us you don't know how much we really need you
me,my kids, your son, our parents, nena and everybody else miss you so much there is not a day that gose by that we don't ask why you. everynight that i lay down to bed i hear the wood crack in the house and i wonder is it you coming to check on us. brother we miss you so so much they say as time gose by it is going to get easy but it just seems like it gets harder everyday i don't what next for us but one thing i do know is that you will always be with us every step of the way.
love you brother you'll always be our hero.
your little sis
ruth of pomona

"Well this is going to be long but I need to write it. I was stationed with Sgt. Mier at A co. 4th FSB for about two years. We worked side-by-side together in the motorpool, and for a few months I actually lived with him and his wife Amanda. I was having marriage problems and he told me I could stay there for as long as I needed. They were my best friends while I was there. There wasn't anything they wouldn't do for me at the time. I can remember some days in the motorpool when it was hot as hell, and I didnt have any money, he would buy food and drinks for me and everybody else. Or when we had field problems and it seemed like the whole day was going to be crap, he would make the worst situation into something good.Thats the kind of guy he was. He even taught me a little bit of spanish. The dirty words of course. I remeber when we were in NTC and we had to pull and inspect all the engines on the M1 Tanks with our wreckers. We were out there like 3 days doing this. 24hrs. non-stop. On the last day they told me I had to go back to the post and have my wrecker load tested. I tried to get him to go with me so we could take a break from all the madness out there. It was only going to be for about an hour. He told me no. He said " If I go back I will get lazy." So I returned about 2 hours later and when I got back he was gone. Everybody was running up to me telling me me had a bad accident. My heart dropped . I didnt know what to think. I could only imagine the worst though. A few hours later I had heard that he had lost a few fingers. His fingers got caught in the outriggers on the wrecker. Well a few days later he comes around with a missing finger and a half a finger, and he said " man this sucks." I looked at him and said " yeah it must hurt like hell too". He looked back at me and said " what my fingers? I dont care about that. I have 8 1/2 more. They are making me leave." I couldnt believe it. His worst fear was that he wasnt going to be able to do what he loved. Which was the Army and a mechanic. He was Army all the way to the bone. I got out of the Army on February 13th, 2002. My wife and I visited them once or twice after I got out, but then we slowly drifted apart. Which happens to alot of ex-military. When my wife and I moved to Florida I found out that 4th ID was going to be deployed to Iraq. For some reason it never crossed my mind that he would go. You never think anything bad would happen to your friends. Its always somebody else. I was looking online and found a list of all the fallen hereos. I was checking this thing everyday. Hoping I wouldnt see anybody I knew. Well I guess it was after Christmas of 2003, and I stopped looking. I figured that what would be the chances of something happening. Well about 3 days ago Amanda found my wife's e-mail address and e-mailed her. I was so happy. Because we are going to Texas for Christmas this year, and I wanted to stop and say Hi to Everybody. Then she told us the news. She said on January 31,2004 Sgt. Mier had lost his life. He lost his life about 11 months ago, and it is just heart breaking to hear about it now. You will never be forgotten, I promise. Sgt. Cabral also. He was a good friend too. God bless him and his family too. It just kind of brings the question "what if." What if I was with him when that happened. Would it? No one will ever know. Its just really hard to grasp that out of all the fallen soldiers of A co. 4th FSB it was him and Cabral. My best friend, my buddy. We love you. Thanks for everything."
SPC Wes And Carol Albanese of Tampa, Florida

"To the Mier family I served with Mier in FT Hood. I also went to a BBQ at his families house. I would like to say I am sorry for the loss of a great soldier. If you need anything let me know latinscout@earthlink.net"
SSG Antonio Mendez of Las Vegas, NV

"my prayers are with u an your family."
jesus bocanegra of mcallen texas

"Mier, was a good person, and the most out spoken person I ever met. He was a real soldier and will be missed dearly! I miss working in the bay with him hearing him tell funny stories about his wife and her Cat."
Santos (AKA Scarry Perry) of Elwood,IN.

"Sergeant Miersandoval, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To the Mier family, I served in the Army with Mier in Aco. 4FSB. I used to enjoy his company at 0500 in the morning when a group of 5 or 6 of us used to play basketball at Abrahms gym before PT. Mier was a great man and wonderful friend. I am truly sorry for the loss of such a great HERO."
Kevin L. Smith of Buffalo, Texas

"a thank you from an american for your sacrifice for our country...and my heart goes out to your family.I also lost a family friend that day SPC.HOLLY.J.MCGEOGH who with you made that ultimate sacrifice "GOD BLESS YOU SGT.ELIU.A.MIERSANDOL"&"GOD BLESS OUR BRAVE LITTLE SOLDIER""
vikki hood of taylor,mi

"we love you brother god bless you we all know that you left us to soon but you have made us very proud of you we know that you are in a better place
we miss you brother you are my HERO.
i love you and miss you very much"
ruth vallejo of pomona,ca

"To the family of Eliu Mier. I served with SGT Mier in the 2d BN 502 INF Regt. at Ft. Campbell, KY and was truly saddened to lose a quality soldier like Mier. If not the best mechanic in the division, he was among the best at what he did. I am very proud to say that I served with a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. To his wife and kids, I grieve for you, but good soldiers never die, they just fade away. He will always be here with that big, goofy smile. The price of freedom is never free. God bless you and guide you."
SSG Derrick Davis of Ft. Bragg, NC

"We lost our Beloved Ernesto on December 28th also in Iraq. Our prayers go out to your family. We grieve with you!"
Joan Maymi of Sandy, Utah

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Eliu, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi B from Montana "

"REST IN PEACE BRAVE SOLDIER...Have always been MY words to the heros of this site. God Bless you all"
The Taylors USMC of NC

"Rest in peace brave soldier!"
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you Eliu Miersandoval, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Sgt. Eliu Miersandoval:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Eliu for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Sgt. Eliu Miersandoval:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Eliu, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on