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Army Spc. William J. Maher III

35, of Yardley, Pennsylvania.
Maher was in a convoy when he was injured by an improvised explosive device. Maher died of his injuries in Baghdad, Iraq. Maher was assigned to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division, based at Ray Barracks, Germany. Died on July 28, 2003.

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"Missing you and thinking of you often. I know you are in a better place. Cannot wait to see you again."
Ginny of Newcastle, WY

"Remembering you today Bill. Thank you for your service and the ultimate sacrifice that you made. 2016 Memorial Day."
Neil Miller of Eglin, AFB, Florida

"Remembering you today Bill. Thank you for your service and the ultimate sacrifice that you made."
Neil Miller of Eglin, AFB, Florida

"Thinking of you up in heaven Bill, on this Veterans Day.
I remember how my friend Bill filled up on life, “Carpe Diem’ing” every minute he had in Innsbruck, Austria where we were lucky enough to meet and hang out. I’ll never forget him or how he seemed to never run out of energy on his weekend trips. I think he liked getting away from base to enjoy some time in the amazingly beautiful Alps with his fellow Army buddies. The younger guys tried, but could hardly even keep up with him! I served the American guys plenty of pints of beer from behind the bar at Limerick Bill's Irish Pub, where we all had lots of laughs. I think I reminded them of their sisters or other nonmilitary friends that they missed back home. I saw how Bill talked to every one of every age and background; myself and my girlfriends, the Irish guys, Australians, students living abroad, locals, everyone. He made friends fast and I was always glad to see him make the trip back to Innsbruck. He didn’t like to miss an opportunity to go down a mountain to find some fresh powdery snow. I don’t believe he could have made more of his time either. But then he suddenly got his orders and had to say goodbye to the Germany and Austria that he loved. Even though Bill was ready to complete his mission with pride and honor, but I can say that he was mostly looking forward to going home to live his life to the fullest, with full-on adventure. I sent Bill several letters to the address he gave me in Iraq. I did have a bad feeling though, because he never wrote back. But I didn't find out what happened to him until I moved back to the states. I was shocked when I saw all my letters returned and unopened. He never even got to read a single one of them. Written sloppily on one of the envelopes, it said that he had died. This was a horrible way to find out about my friends sacrifice. I’m sharing my story so hopefully Bill’s friends and family can hear about or remember the fun times we had over there, until he was called to put his life on the line.
Bill. If you were here today, I would take you up on that boat ride you promised we would take once we both got back in the states. We never got to do that."
Audra (Aholt) Galliano of Okawville, Illinois. USA

On today, the 12th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy."
Mike C. of El Paso, Texas

"Remembering you today and every day, Billy."
Elaine Shields of Langhorne, PA

"You will never be forgotten. You are always in my thoughts."
Britt of dodge city, ks

"I am still remember you everyday my friend"
ulises verastegui of el paso texas

"Thinking of you and knowing you are looking over us. Love you."
Kelly of Newtown

"Please Bill give me the strength to get thru this difficult time. I love you and miss you."
Kelly of Newtown

"Its hard to believe we are coming up on ten years this summer. The Army and the world isnt the same without you. I just wanted you to know you are still missed old man."
S.Brostrom of U.S. Embassy Baghdad

"Thinking of you buddy."
SSG Harder of Okawville, IL

"You will never be forgotten."
William Britt of Dodge City KS

"Happy Birthday, Bill"
Damon of Phila, Pa

"It doesn't get any easier....I miss you Billy............
Addie Maher of Yardley, PA

"Old Man, I remember that dreadful morning and saying good bye to you before the convoy. You are still on my mind today. After it happened I had to help get your bags ready to go home to your Mom. This hounts me to this day. But I know one day we will meet again."
SGT Jared Jenkins of Ironton Ohio

"Veterans Day 2011. You are still not, nor will you ever be forgotten my brother."
Neil Miller of Vicenza, Italy

"Remembering you on this day my friend."
Matt of Yardley

"Wow 8 years today. It feels like yesterday when i got the phone call from Matt. I just want to reach out to his buddies if you would like I started a facebook page try to check in and leave a story about Bill on his page
If you don't know how to usae it just look up William J. Maher III our Hero on facebook. Just like I always say you are in my thoughts everyday and can't wait to see you again one day buddy."
Darren Clegg of Audubon NJ USA

"Happy Birthday Bill.....love you.

Mom xo"
A. Maher of Yardley, PA

"Another Memorial Day Bill. You will never be forgotten. Thank you."
Neil Miller of Vicenza, Italy

"Omg.. Time does not heal..I don't know why people say that. missing You Bill today and always..Your Forever friend,, Angel :'( xoxo"
Angel B of Phildelphia Pa

"I think of you often, and I always smile. You always made me laugh. I am lucky to have known you and will never forget you. Thank you Bill, you were a great friend, I love you!"
Joanie Heller of Hilltown, PA

"To William Maher III. I still think and speak of you often brother. I just heard that Bin Laden is dead.....I thought of you. Thank you for your service to America. You were a great soldier, and a good friend."
Neil Miller of Vicenza, Italy

"Hi Billy,
I think of you everyday and miss you more than ever.

Merry Christmas son......I love you.
Mom xo"
Adeline Maher of Yardley, PA USA

"I often think of Bill && especially on his birthday.. We met @ Club Fizz when we were both 20..His birthday only 6 days b4 mine. To all my friends he was known as ""Bill from Fizz"" through the years we became friends && clubbed together danced together && just had good old fashion fun together.. I will never forget the day I found out he was gone by a picture in the paper..It was a few years since we had spoke we went in different directions && then I see it in the paper. What a tragedy. So full of life..so much like myself.. I kept thinking what if I would have been a lil bit closer maybe talked him out of going maybe he would still be here. Life is soo short && when some1 you love passes you think of all the things you should have could have.. Happy Birthday Bill... I will never forget you!!!!¢¾¢¾¢¾"
Angel Biedrzycki of philadelphia

"”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to the hero’s Mother, Father and/or spouse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Almost 2,000 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
This is a gift! We have some wonderful sponsors who help with the costs, and only want you know that we care.
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion of Manti, Utah USA


Merry Christmas - I miss you and I am thinking of you this Christmas."
Pat McCarthy of Baghdad, Iraq

"Billy, Thank you again for answering my prayers. Love and miss you.
Your sis."
Kelly Ann Massimini of Newtown, PA

"Happy Birthday Billy.....

I love and miss you very much.

Love and hugs,
Mom xo"
Adeline Maher of Yardley, PA

"Remembering the fun times we had:)
The world was a much brighter place because you were in it.
Trish Tritz of Boyertown, PA

"Merry Christmas Billy! We miss you!
Kelly Ann"
Kelly Massimini of Newtown, PA

"I still can't believe they took you. You are missed"
SFC Neufville of Boston MA

"June 21, 2008
To the family of Spc. William J. Maher, III:
William gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Here it is Memorial Day 2008, and Bill you still remain foremost on my mind. I paid my respects today at the 1st AD Memorial for all of our fallen heroes. Your name jumped right out at me. You and I talked before your deployment about how much we loved our country, and what an honor it was to serve in any capacity. Your commitment, dedication and service to your country will never be forgotten! I tell my wife and kids about you all the time. Thankyou Bill and God Bless America! We all love you man."
Neil Miller of Wiesbaden, germany

"To my Bud, Bill Maher.....I miss you and I think of you always....I remember our talks as I walked to and from church and you from the gym.....Oh, how I miss those days....The day you died has haunted me and will always haunt me......In fact the month of July is the hardest month of the year for me as it is the month that I lost 3 good friends.....You....Serrano...and Herrgott.....My heart aches ......for you guys.....I know that one day we will meet again...Until then, keep watch over us......
To the family of Bill Maher, I hope and pray that you have found peace....I am still looking for it.....Just know that your son was and is still loved like a brother. God Bless you and yours."
SSG (retired) Gabriel F. Castro of Houston, Texas

"Thank you all for your messages to us of your memories of my son Bill. We miss him and think of him everyday also. My family is doing good. We are trying to deal with the loss of Billy.....it's not an easy thing to do but we are trying the best we can to deal it.

God bless you all and God bless America and thank you."
Mrs. A. Maher Jr. of Yardley, PA USA

"SPC Maher,
I still remember the conversation we had in Camp Udhari before we drove to Baghdad. You told me about the places you been and the plans you had. I always remembered that you and Jess always hanged out together. The world is a lesser place without you."
Sgt Morris. of Ft Irwin, CA

"Hey maher, I cant believe almost three years has gone bye since the day I stole a stars and stripes from the chow hall just to find you in the one section I hoped that no one had ended up in. I actually fell weak there and had to be picked up, I couldnt believe that old man maher had fallen under the saber. I never told you but I really looked up to you, all the other mohawks running around being fools except you. head on straight, pretty girl, and plan for the future. Wish I would have been there..maybe....I could have done something, maybe kept you going a little longer, or at least got the person that did it. I hope your looking down and giving me that fatherly advice with that crooked smile like old times. well now its your turn to stand at ease, you earned it. save some space for me, cuz ill be coming over for a visit when its my time."
Cpl. Cesar V. Smart of Mesa, Arizona

"I will miss you man, For the the time we shared and nights we partied up in Frankfurt with Tommy and Jesse will be cherished.. The nights at the salsa club to the nights baby sitting the AZUMA and Hudson.....To the Family of maher i cannot express the love,appreciation and respect I have for him as a leader and most important as my friend...Till we meet again Bro...Love and Aloha wills....

Isamu(Hawaiian Bradda)"
Isamu of Honolulu, HI USA

"To Bill's friends and Army buddies,
My family and I would like to say thanks for the outpouring of love and continuous support. We hope this thanks will show you the gratitude and deep appreciation that comes right from our hearts. I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since Bill's death. His presence still surrounds us and I know he's in a better place and we'll be together again as a family. Bill, you have alot of people who love you and miss you. We will never forget you.
Love you,
Kelly Ann"
Kelly Massimini (Bill's sister) of Newtown, PA


It has been nearly three years and yet i cannot come to terms with your death. On the 27th of July 2003 I was told you would be the one to drive Cpt. Crain and i would be heading to the BIA to take that worthless soldier (D'Agrosa) to see his laywer. On the morning of the 28th we left for BIA and you headed to the 501st encampment. It never felt right, I was laying on the hood of my Hummer waiting for the appointment to be over and eating BK. You, unkowingly to us, were fighting for you life. I remember getting about halfway back when i received the radio transmision from Sgt. Hall stating to be careful and he had something important to tell me when i returned, i asked him what it was over the radio and he said it was best that i wait till i was there. To this day I am not sure how to feel. I WAS CPT CRAINS DRIVER, not you. And because i made more trips with him to the airport I HAD TO TAKE D'AGROSA that day. I am so sorry brother, everyday i wonder if it was me driving Jared that day if it would have went anyother way.
To your parents: Your son was one of the best men and friends i ever knew. I am so absolutley sorry for your loss. Also trying to make amends with in my self have been horrible. I miss the hell out of bill and whenever i think about him one thing come to my mind in an instant: Innsbruck, Austria and Lymric Bill's party till sun rises and mountain opens..someday bill i hope to hit the slopes with you again, till then I WILL NEVER FORGET!"
Robert Wilkerson of Laurel, MT

"I have had the pleasure of serving with you. Thanks for showing me the ropes and the whole "Spartans" thing. Me and Spc. Maher arrived in germany about the same time. I actually think that he arrived after we returned from Kosovo in the end of 2000. I looked up to you, you were squared away. I hope all is peaceful where you are now. I am sorry i let you guys down and got out of the army before all the "*" went down. I will be returning after I get surgery on my shoulder. I will get the revenge that is deserved. I Miss You "Father of the Privates". R.I.P."
Nicholas M. Lane (PFC.) of Bronx, NY

"Bill, man its been over two years since we last talked, I miss you alot buddy, I'm back in Iraq now, and I hope that I can live up to what you left behind, you had alot of heart man. To the family of Bill, I am so sorry for your lose, I will never forget your son and the good times we had. Well buddy, hope I see you again, take care. I know you will remember this one "The road to no where, Autobahn 3!""
Braden Mennor of Habbaniyah, Iraq

It has been over two years since I last talked to you. I still remember that conversation vividly. We were all on top of the roof at the Thunder Dome trying to sleep. I remember talking to you about your job as a chef that you had waiting for you. As I propped myself up on my elbow, I provided much humor to the entire roof as my elbow went through the canvas cot. You then called me a “Fat *” as I was trying to extract myself. I responded that “I may be fat, but at least I was not a balding, old man.” It was then that we heard a tremendous riiiiiip. Next thing I knew I was flat on my butt because the hole that had been opened by my elbow had gone the entire length of the cot thus dropping me onto the ground. While I lay there stunned, you rolled out of your cot laughing so hard that you cried. To this day I look fondly at that moment and think “Bill, you Bastard” because that was the only response I could come up with as I was laying there in the remains of my sun rotted cot.
The Mohawks had been notified three hours earlier that we would be leaving the Dome and going over to the BN HQ compound. SGT Breuning brought the patrol squad back from being attached to Bravo Company in Medical City and SGT Tran brought the security squad back from being detailed to the UMCP. Our orders were to NLT 1000 move to the BN compound and clear out the Baghdad University students from the dormitories adjacent to the BN HQ. Unfortunately, because of our new mission, the two Mortar Platoon Tracks that were supposed to escort your resupply convoy the next day to Martyr’s Monument got pulled.
I can remember the radio call that I got that morning as we were executing our assigned mission. The initial word was that the convoy had been hit and that Jared was dead and that your leg had been blown off. I have to admit that my first thoughts were (1) Well at least Bill will still be able to cook. (2) Oh *, what am I going to tell Sue Crain. I did not have time to think much at that moment because that initial message was received by almost every member of the platoon at the same time due to the loud speakers and numerous radios on that frequency. You would have thought someone had just kicked every member of the platoon in the gut. My immediate response was to get to them men and keep them focused because they were in suddenly in a killing mood. It was at that moment that the students (under the leadership instigators paid by Al Jazera as we later found out) decided to riot.
Bill you would have been proud. The men pacified the situation with minimal violence. They new that you would not have wanted your death avenged on those students. However, god help the armed insurgents.
Bill, I knew you from when I just arrived to the BN in October of 2000. You were working in the mail room when the BNs in Germany still had unit mail rooms. The BN was deployed to Kosovo yet you were always polite and helped the BN wives carry huge and heavy packages to their cars. I ran into you a couple of times while I was a platoon leader in Hard Rock Charlie. Again you always amazed me with your smile and positive attitude. By the time I took over as Mohawk 6 in July 2002, CPT Pitts had decided to make you his driver. I was sorry to lose you as a member of the platoon, but then again you never stopped being a true member / friend of the platoon.
I am training the new Infantry Lieutenants at FT. Benning. Your memory gives me purpose as I push them to be leader of men. I do not want them to lose soldiers like yourself because they made mistakes or were lazy. Bill, I will always remember . . .
CPT James A. Zanella : Mohawk 6 (July 2002 – Nov 2003)"
James A. Zanella of FT. Benning GA


You will never be forgotten by your friends and brothers that shed blood with you and by most of all your family. Your memory still remains in all of our hearts and minds. That day will never be forgotten. You were a great friend,man, and soldier. I remeber our last conversation and thank you. You are truly a soldier we all should immulate. "Your brother 1-36 Infantry, THANK YOU, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.""
SPC Timm Gunderson of Ft. Lewis, Washington

"TO THE FAMILY OF WILLIAM J MAHER I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you know the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to talk to or to pray with you please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church. Rev John B. Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. phone 770-787-1015"
Polly Ballew of Covington Ga. US A

I was lucky enough to serve with you in Germany for a short period of time. You were one of the hardest working guys in our platoon. We used to kid you about your age but that never slowed you down and I admired you for that youthful attitude. Hell, I used to have a hard time telling you what to do. I get sad but angry at the same time every time I hear of one of my soldiers getting injured or killed over here. Until we meet again my friend may God be with you and your family"
SFC Kevin Austin (Mohawk 5 1998-2001) of Baqubah, Iraq (Out of 2-63 Armor Vilseck, Germany)

"We are so sorry for your loss. We lost Army Spc.Joshua Justice Henry on 9-20-04. This was the hardest day of our lives. We honor these guys as our Heroes and hope no one else has to go through with what we are all dealing with. Rest in peace William, and thank you for serving your country to the fullest"
Henry family of Vandergrift , PA

"To The Mayer Family:
You are often in our thoughts and prayers. I often think of Bill and your family when I talk to my son Spc. Clarke. Your son ment a lot to Joe since they worked together and had a lot in common. He will never be forgotten."
The McStravock Family of Washington Twp., NJ

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..7/28/04

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN


When I look back on the soldiers that I have been fortunate enough to lead, you always are at the forefront of my mind. I remember the first day that I joined the mortars - you were making fun of Patterson and Marsh as they called you the "old man," and asked what World War I was like. Throughout our two years together, I always had trouble remembering if you were older or younger than I was, as you shifted from bestowing wisdom and cooking amazing meals to playing tricks on your buddies, snowboarding, and running around with the exhuberance of a four-year old. The day I saw your name listed, I fell to the ground and cried for hours. I am sorry that I could not have been there for you. Thank you for saving Jared. He is about to become a father. Thank you for his son. It was the honor of my life to have served with you."
Nick Palmisciano, Mohawk 6 (2001-2003) of Raleigh, NC

"SPC Maher (Mohawk 4), family, and friends...

Words alone cannot capture the warmth and friendship that you displayed to all. Your professional and dedication to duty is what carried you to foreign soil, and that level of character is what I remember about you.

The memories of laughter and good times, the delicious meals of a barbeque in the Friedberg Training Area, and the sharing of a cigarette on the balcony are the ones that I will carry with me forever, and for that I thank you.

Your memory lives on in actions, my speech, and my prayers.

God Bless Your Family, and may He keep them safe"
Patrick McCarthy - Mohawk 6 of Fort Benning, GA

"Specialist Maher, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To the Mahers, Bill will forever hold a special place in my heart. The memories will live on forever. He touched everyone who met him & could always make them smile. He is greatly missed."
Kara of NJ

"A man is not dead until he is forgotten. I do not know who said that but Bill touched so many lives he will never be forgotten. Thes words were spoken at his services: The great writer, W. Somerset Maugham, once wrote, “ The great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but they cease to love.” Bill never ceased to love. His love for his family, friends and his country is evident by the way he lived his life. I know that Bill would want all of you to know he loved you dearly.
I must say it is difficult to put into words what Bill meant to me. We were inseparable for most of the 15 years we were friends. If I ever had a brother on this planet, it would have been him.
Bill will be long remembered as someone who had an insatiable zest for life. He did more in his 35 years on this planet than most of us might do in twice that time.
Bill had such a magnetic personality. He had the ability to walk into a room full of complete strangers and within a short period of time become their friend. He was an incredible storyteller; he could captivate an audience with his fishing, snowboarding, and surfing escapades for hours. Dan, Bill’s bother-in-law- and I were reminiscing the other day about how when Bill came home and went to Dan’s community pool while on leave. Bill in a day or two knew more of Dan’s neighbors than he did. And they still ask about him. Clearly, his parting creates a void that will never be filled.
The wonderful turn out today is a loving testimony to the contribution Bill made to the lives of his family and friends. Bill was a genuine, thoughtful, trustworthy and loyal soul. He was an incredible, friend, son, and brother. I am told he also became an outstanding soldier. Respected by his peers and loved by his subordinates. He actually saved Capt. Crane’s life in this terrible incident. Bill is a hero. I must say that if any one of us had to go into a situation such as the one Bill found himself; you would want him watching your back.
One can only imagine the complete surprise on Pop DiRienzo’s face, as Bill came to meet him Thursday morning, when he too passed. Bill, I’m sure greeted him with a Yuengling in each hand and quite a number of hysterical stories to tell. Now I like to imagine all they must concern themselves with is whether of golf or go fishing together each morning.

It is comforting to know Bill has gone to a better place. He would want us to carry on by remembering his contagious laugh and all of the good times that were had. Billy would want us to make sure that we spend more time doing the things that we love; being with family, spending time with friends, and sharing our cherished time with them doing the things that we enjoy. Our lives are too fast paced. Bill would want us to be more like him. Do the things you enjoy more often with those that are closest to you.
It is important that all of us here today realize that over the next few weeks, as the calls and visits to the Maher residence go to a decline that we stay in touch. Because it is through all of us, whom Bill’s life has touched, that he lives on.
We all have fond memories of Bill and will cherish them forever. He has enriched our lives immeasurably.

We all appreciate the sacrifice Bill made."
Matt Taylor of Yardley, PA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, William, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Bill was one of the best people that I have ever had the honor of meeting and knowing. We served toghether in the same company in Germany and Iraq. He could always make a tough situation easier by making you laugh. He always had a funny story to tell. I still think about him almost everyday. When I heard what had happened that day, we were getting ready to go out on a mission. I wanted pay back. I got it. I just want to tell his family that I am sorry and that he will never be forgotten by those who served with him."
PVT. Alex Haslacker of Romney, WV

"To Spc. Maher's Family:
Though we are strangers, we want you to know how sorry we are your William was taken from you. There is no doubt his thoughts were of you as he served with the Army in Iraq. We will never forget. You are in our hearts. (1/27/04)"
Carol & Larry Miller of Tampa, Florida

"To the family and Friends of William Maher(Bill, Old Man, ODB) I am very sorry for your loss, he was a good man and a good soldier, I served with Bill in Iraq and Germany, I was in the scout and headquarters platoon in his company. One thing about Bill is that he could defently make you laugh in the worse situations. Between the almost 10 snowboarding trips we took in Austria before we deployed and hanging around him at work I got to know him well and can say that I know you are very proud of him. Well Bill its been fun, take care up there. oh yeah "Put your hands up, get out of the car!""
Spc. Braden D. Mennor of Butler, PA USA

"To the family and friends of William Maher. I am truley sorry for your loss. Though I did not know him it is sad to hear. From 1996-1999 I was a part of the exact same unit and company as a cavalry scout. Knowing the rigorous training that he endored with this company I know that we lost one of the best soldiers in the military. May god bless all of you!!!!"
SGT. Robert Van Sickle of Coshocton, Ohio U.S.A.

"Thank you William Maher III, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"Spc Maher and Family, my heart truly goes out to you. I did not know him personally, but I knew him well enough. I also was a humvee driver, and a mortarman assigned to my headquarters company, 1/37AR. I ran into him a couple of times on the road in Baghdad.

I will say this however: He was truly and deeply loved by his entire battalion. Everyone was hit hard by his loss. But none as hard as you, his family must be.

I am thankful for people like Bill. Without him, freedom would not even be a thought.

I wish I could say more. I just don't know how. Bill, Thank you. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Thank you."
Murray Jones 1/37AR of Fairhope AL USA

"I'm lost for words, I don't know what I can say to make any readers feel a little better. Spc William J Maher III ("Bill", "Old Man") was a very kinded hearted person and strict leader to me. He was my first squad when I was assigned to HHC 1-36 inf Mortar platoon. He did more than his job as a soldier, he banded the platoon with trips that he organized. And I'll always miss his good humor in the field and in a bad day. This one is for you Bill...."WOOOO Bundy""
SPC Yoeurth, Chantra 1-36 mortars of Long Beach, California USA

"To the Family you are in my prayers...May God bless you. I do want to say it was a honor to have him in our military Thanks for serving our country"
Stacey (proud Army Wife) of Zephyrhills,Florida

"Words cannot discribe what you will be going through in the next month or so. Our soldier lost his life on July 3 2003. Edward James Herrgott he was also from Ray Barracks C co 1-36 inf. The nicest things that people send you are memories and poems of your loved one. God be with you."
Marcia Herrgott of Shakopee,MN USA

"To the family and friends of Spc. William Maher III:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless William for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. William Maher III:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of William, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on