Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Pfc. Kevin M. Luna

26, of Oxnard, California.
Luna died in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, from non-combat related injuries. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany. Died on January 27, 2005.

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"Thinking of you a lot! Still in my heart.... :*"
SL of M Ger

"hey dad i miss you and am slowly learning more of what you job was."
glenn luna of camarillo

"Happy Birthday Kevin!! "NEVER FORGOTTEN"

Love you, Rob & Chris"
Robert of California

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"Hey Bro,
Went to let off balloons today with some messages to you. Dad & mom were invited somewhere & they honored you this weekend. Miss you."
Chris of Calif.

"Lord, I know you recognize that every life we lose is a gift to be treasured, a loss to be mourned and a part of our hearts forever. Thank you for understanding that altho we believe in eternal life, it still hurts so much to lose someone we love. Comfort those who grieve. Fill them with the knowledge that you grieve with them thru their difficult time. Amen.when someone dies,God hides a smile in every memory and a hope in every tear. Always remembering, Patti"
Patti Conger of Ventura CA

"Celebrating another birth of Christ without you here. A couple of your buddy's are stopping by to eat with us. We all will remember you and others in our prayers before we all dig in. Wish you were here. Merry Christmas son. Love you. "NEVER FORGOTTEN." Mom"
Theresa Luna of Calif.

With honor and love I am remembering you and ALL those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for there country. I would like to thank those who are serving now and who have served for there service to our country in securing our freedoms we enjoy each day. Kevin you will "NEVER BE FORGOTTEN." Love and miss you. Mom"
Theresa Luna of California

"Remembering you and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do every day. You will "NEVER BE FORGOTTEN," always in our heart and our thoughts. Love and miss you. MOM"
Theresa Luna of California

Another birthday is upon us without you here. This is the special day God chose to be yours. I am so glad that he brought you into my life at the time that he did. You were such an awsome person and I am so glad I had the opportunity to have you as long as I did. You and your brothers are such blessings to me and your dad. In the short time you were here you touched so many people and lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!!! Love you and miss you. NEVER FORGOTTEN!!! MOM"
Theresa Luna of California

"Another year has come and past since you were killed. It still seems like yesturday.I can not believe how the time has just flown by and I have a hard time raping my head around the amount of time that has past. We miss you every day. You will remain in our hearts always and you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!! Love you!! Until I see you again. MOM"
Theresa Luna of California

"Well, Kevin yet another Christmas has gone without you being here. It does not seem like it has been as long as it is. It only seems like yesturday that we were told that you had been killed. This is the day that our Lord was born and I can not think of a better place for you to spend this special day then with Him in heaven. Until I see you again. NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!! Love you. MOM"
Theresa Luna of California

"Well, it is going to be another year without you at Thanksgiving. I want you to know that we will remember you in our prayers and talk about how grateful we were that you were in our lives. As your mother, I want you to know that I have been very blessed that God brought you and your brothers into my life. I know that you will be enjoying a Thanksgiving up in heaven with all of your brothers and will be looking down. Love you and miss you every day. NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!! Mom"
Theresa Luna of California

"I want to express my families deepest gratitude for those that are serving and for those who have served our country, for the freedoms that we enjoy each day. I also want to express my profound gratitude to the families who have loved ones serving now and for those who have, for having such awsome individuals that serve this country. Thank you for them. God bless each and everyone of you today and always."
Theresa Luna of California

"Hey Kev,
Just thinking about you alot lately and wishing you were here. I guess because the holiday's are coming up. I know how you loved them. You will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!! You are always in our hearts and thoughts. Love you! Mom"
Theresa Luna of California

"Kevin, When you left us, shortly after that I had a dream. Your Mom and I were together all the time. Moms on a mission for several reasons. In my dream, your mom and I were in a car driving and driving trying to find you. The whole time you were with us in the back seat. Finally you got our attention.You were in uniform, but as you left the car you were in plain clothes. You said you had to go now and it was ok. I cried so hard, and I woke up and I was crying really hard and my pillow was wet. Heaven is a place of joy, no sorrow, no pain. So as much as we like to think our loved ones can see us, I really don't think that. What happens here might bring pain and sorrow, so how could that be?? I think we will just see you when we get there and you just wait for us in that great place with God. In Heaven where nothing hurts you,and we will make things good here until then. I love you, I miss you as always, Memorial day or any day. I will see you again...your parents will, Larry will...Isn't it great? That's what we know for sure, the grace we have promises that. Amen.I never told anyone my dream but your Mom and Larry...but now I see purpose in it so I want to say it. With love forever.. Patti"
Patti Conger of Ventura CA USA

"Hey Sweetie,
Getting close to your birthday! Really miss that you will not be here for your birthday again. Well, I guess I shouldn't really say that because I know that you will be looking down as we sing," HAPPY BIRTHDAY," to you on your day. We are going to let off balloons on this weekend before your birthday because I am working now. But I know that you know that already. You also know how much we all miss you every day. Always wonder what you would be doing now. Love and miss you!!! NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!"
Theresa Luna of Calif.

It is so hard to believe that it is 7 years today since your death because it seems like just yesturday. We let balloons off this morning with some messages, hope one or more makes it to you. I wish you could have been here longer with us, but I know that you were called home and I know that I will see you again. You are missed every day by those who love you. You are always forever in our thoughts and our hearts. You will never be forgotten!!! Love you & miss you sweetie!"
Theresa Luna of Ca, U.S.A.


Here I am again...to say to you what I have said so many times in the last 7 years. I love you, we all love you...we always miss you, we always wish you were here and we never forget. One thing I know for sure is that we will see you again Kevin. Thank God and our Savior Jesus that we have that joy ahead for us. But I still wish that you could have stayed here with your all your family and everyone longer cause the void has been a deep one and nothing that can be replaced cause you were so special. The memory of everything about you is frozen in time Kevin and always with us."
Patti Conger of Ventura Ca. USA

"R.I.P. big bro we miss u man!! Keep watching over us!!"
Groshawn Sellers of Mobile ALabama

You are always thought of and missed as times passes by, your memory stays, your smile, your kindness, your talents and your giving nature. And my favorite...your great sence of humor. You made us all laugh Kevin, and all of these things are frozen in time in all of us who loved you...."
Patti Conger of Ventura CA USA

"We all really missed you this Christmas. It is really hard for us to believe that you are really gone. We talked about you a little bit and I was a little surprised because your brothers really miss you alot. I know that the holidays were especially special to you and you really enoyed them. We all missed your contageous laugh and your great big smile. You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. You will never be forgotten!!! Merry Christmas sweetie!! Love you, Mom"
Theresa Luna of Calif.

"As another Memorial Day gets closer I want you to know that you have been heavily in my thoughts and on my heart. I want to let you know though, that without people such as your self, whom have given the ultimate sacrafice for our country we would not enjoy the freedoms we do each day. Love and miss you sooo much sweety! But I do know that you are with all the others in heaven. Mom"
Theresa Luna of California

"Thinking of you Kevin on this day, your 33rd Birthday. Oh how much we so wish you were here. You are forever loved and remembered. Somehow I hope you know that!"
Patti Conger of Ventura CA USA

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY!!! Missed have you here with us as we celebrated your day. We know that you were here in spirit. Miss and love you very much. Never forgotten! MOM"
Theresa Luna of Calif.

"Another Easter has passed without you here. We all missed you. Rest in Peace sweeety!! Hugs!!"
Theresa Luna of Calif.

"Dear Kevin,
I wanted to tell you that you are in our thoughts today. We miss you very much!!!
Your sis, Maddy, and Carleen"
Fran of Melbourne, FL

"Kevin, another year has passed since you left us. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and what a blessing it was to know you. We will miss you until forever is here. We love you."
Patti and Larry Conger of Ventura CA.

"Another year has gone by. It just seems like yesterday that you were here. I can not believe how the time has gone by. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. Gone, but never ever forgotten. Love you."

"Missing you during the holidays. Wish you were here bro. Till we see each other again."
Robert of San Diego

"Each year does not get easier, it gets harder. Miss you Kevin. I want to express my deepest gratitude and respect to ALL men and women that have and are still serving their country."
Theresa Luna

"Thank you, Just another soldier. I want to thank you for your service to our country and thank you for the message you left. It is very much appreciated."

"I believe it was your mom I past today on 33. I saw the tribute to you on her truck. It gave me focus back to what is important and what isn't in my life. As an Army vet, I salute you and your family. Thank You"
Just another Soldier of Ojai, Ca

"to everyone im 12 now im attending bms i also miss my dad luv u daddy! Glenn"
Glenn Luna of ventura, ca

"To you and all that have come before you, I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of those that have given us the freedoms we enjoy each day. Without all of you brave heroes, where would we be. Thank you all!"

"Miss you Kevin. It would be your 32nd birthday tomorrow if you were still here with us, but you are not. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!! Hope you are celebrating with Grandma up there in heaven. Always in my thoughts and my heart until the day I see you again."
Love you, MOM

"Well Kevin....I can't believe 5 years has gone by now. We still remember everything. You took our love with you. We keep yours here with us. It never dies. I wish you were here to be a mentor for David. He could sure use it. He respected you so much and there are not too many that he feels like that about. We love you and you are always with us. You are our heroe Kevin forever."
Patti Conger of Ventura, California

"You will be forever in our hearts, our thoughts and in our memories of you. On this day, the 27th of January, when you were taken from us. But we will remember you today, tomorrow, and always. We all miss you so much and mourn your loss too!! It does not matter five days or five years, you are sorley missed. Love you. Dad, Mom, Robert and Chris"
Mom of California

"who wants to know who i am."
of Wichita falls, tx

"I can not believe that it is going to be five years already. It just seems like yesterday. I can still hear your laugh. You will remain forever in our thoughts and our heart. We miss you son and wish you were still here. Love you, Dad and Mom"
Bob & Theresa Luna of Oxnard, CA

"please identify who left this message from wichitah falls, tx?"

"i miss you more than i could ever express to anyone is this world!!! there are days i feel you here with me. i love you kevin!!!"
of wichita falls, tx

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com

Scott Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"5-25-09 well another year has gone by and your still missed very much. we will think of you always take care up there kevin and just know your in our thoughts god bless you"

"My prayers are with you and you're family.My heart aches for everyone who has had to endure this pain.I also lost my only son in Iraq. P.F.C. David Neil Simmons., he was taken from me on 04/08/07 in Baghdad. He was the driver of a Bradley fighting vehicle when a I.E.D. went off , he was there for 5 day's when it happened. God be with you all. P.S. I was stationed at Port hueneme ,N.M.C.B.5 from oct 91-oct. 96"
David A. Simmons of Kokomo In. U.S.A.

"January 18, 2009
To the family of Pfc. Kevin M. Luna:
Kevin gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers (PS4FS) is an organization dedicated to presenting a loving hand-knitted prayer shawl to fallen soldiers’ families in remembrance of their loved one. Since October 2007, we’ve delivered over 2,600 prayer shawls. We are a grass-roots group wanting to show our appreciation and compassion for your family’s ultimate sacrifice, hoping each time you wrap yourself in the prayer shawl’s warmth, you will be filled with fond loving memories of your husband, PFC KEVIN MICHAEL LUNA, KIA 1/27/2005.
If you or another family member would like to receive this gift, please contact me by phone, mail, or email (see below), verifying your correct address. We would be honored to send you a lovely prayer shawl in your husband’s memory!
Name: Cozette Haggerty
Address: 29 Briar Cliff Drive, Wilbraham, MA 01095
Phone: 413-596-3868
Email: ps4fs@charter.net
Website: http://webpages.charter.net/ps4fs/shawls"
Cozette Haggerty, PS4FS of Wilbraham, Massachusetts

"kevin we miss ya. not a day goes by without a thought of you .when i drive by your house i so want to see you , my heart goes out to your family. when i look at your son i see you ,watch over him and guide him take care up there you are truely missed"

Stephanie of Germany

"My you know that our heart are with you and the pain that you deal with day in and day out. We have not forgotten your beloved son nor the pain you go through. You son was truly a hero and a true man of honor. soon my dear you will be receiving the quilt that I promise you to give you comfort soon you will be able to wrap yourself in your quilt and know that we have not forgotten. If you ever need to contact me email me at debeniel@ncn.net and check my website at www.freedomquilts.net anyone that lost a love one serving this wonderful country contact me and I would be honor to design a quilt. It does take a while to get done but it will truly honor your love one."
Betty Nielsen (Freedom Quilts Inc of Fonda, IA 50540 USA

We love you and miss you so much. I was talking with your mom tonight for hours. We talked about you. I always see your face. It never leaves me. You remain with us in everyway we can keep you here. But its not the same because your physical presence was as bright as your smile and conversation with you was so fun and entertaining.I really appreciated the person that you were, and I so wish we could have seen you once again.Our family's could have gone out for Mexican food, Margaritas and shots of you favorite!!! I was so looking forward to hearing your stories when you came home, so was Larry. I still can't believe sometimes that it won't happen. you are forever alive in our hearts until we meet again."
4-11-08 Patti Conger of Ventura

"Kevin not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You were MY Best Friend and my voice of reason when I was having problems. I just thought you should know that I'm "Living 4 Both of US" Miss you much MY FRIEND!!!"

"Kevin - you will always be remembered...never in vein my cousin."
Ron Grajeda of Guam, USA

"Not sure why? I never realized this before. Kevin and Gregory are from the same base and unit while in Iraq. I finally was given the Camp Warhorse Memorial. If you don't have the photo of it. Please let me known. Leonard.wahl@gmail.com"
Leonard Wahl of NY

"My god, I knew Kevin Luna he was a year younger than me we both attended Sunkist Elementary school in Port Hueneme. I saw a list of local service men from Ventura County killed in Iraq and I saw his name, I knew him long ago but I'm shocked! May God be with him and his family he turned into a fine man and a hero!"
Joaquin of Oxnard, Ca

"I miss you Kevin! Thank you for all the people that are taking care of me and supporting me! I know you are watching over me, making sure I'm fine. Thank you for everything! I'm thinking about you every day and I will always love you!!! I know everyone else that truely loves you is guarded by you!
I love you so much!"
Stephanie Luna, Wife of Germany

"Happy Father's Day dad, I miss you. We are going to go to the Harbor and play in the arcade. Sometime we will visit your grave and leave more flowers. I love you. I am wearing an Army shirt today because I am thinking of you."
Glenn Luna of Ventura, CA

"Happy Fathers Day"

"Happy Fathers Day Kevin!"
Bruce, Ev, Matt & Emi of Oxnard, CA

I haven't been to this site for awhile. It hurts my heart. But this time, hearing from some of the men who fought beside you... was helpful. Its been long overdue, I love you and miss you Kevin. Memorial day does not make me think of you any more than I do on any given day. And more importantly, my memories of you include so much more than the soldier part of you. Thats a big part of you... but not all. As I always say, when I think of you, you always have that big beautiful smile across your face. Your Mom has alot of soldier in her, too. She has been brave and strong through the pain that I'm sure has changed her forever. Her love for you is beyond words. But you know that. You always did. I have been proud to be beside her through all this, in your honor. Most of all I'm proud to have been a part of your life, your #2 Mom! I will always feel the void of you not coming home. We were all ready to hear you share all your stories. You were the greatest talker and always made me laugh.I remember so well laughing at things that you would say. You were an absolute sweetheart of a guy. I will never, never forget you."
Patti Conger of Ventura, CA. USA

"missing you brother"
fran9sis0 of orlando

"Well Kev, todays a special day. We remember all the men and women who have given their lives for their country, and your face popped up alot today in my mind. Today I would imagine be a bittersweet one for your mother, and family, although they have alot to be proud of. On top of all this, I am goin back to our old stomping grounds for a few months. Remember WARHORSE? Yeah Im going to be living there, and working around Boqubah and Muqdadiya. Its going to bring back alot of memories, and maybe you could watch my back for me if your not too busy with your BMW up there huh? Anyways Kev, peace be with you, and much love, i miss you alot man!"
Casey C. Harris of Bagdad, Iraq

"Kevin, tomorrow is Memorial Day and I will go to a Memorial service to honor you as well as the many who have fallen before you. These unselfish heroes whom have given their lives to keep our country safe. God Bless them all. Please when you see someone in a military uniform, thank them for their service to our country. I miss you Kevin. You are gone, but never forgotten. Hooah!!"
Mom of Oxnard, CA

"Well Kev I just got out the military and god knows why. I miss you kev. I have nobody to talk to. Transition from military life to civilian life is hard. You have to find someone you can trust to talk to and confide in. Nobody will ever be able to replace the kind of friend, no I take that back, The BROTHER you were to me. I know your up there watching us. Your a HERO Kev and God knows it. I know we'll see each other again. This Memorial weekend I'm going to an "I Love America" celebration in rememberence of you an a tribute to your mom. I have the up most respect for your Mom and what she's had to deal with. May GOD continue to bless your mom and the rest of your family. Kev you should know, Your mom is a true warrior. I will miss you forever Kev. Love you Man, Your brother Ron."
Doron R. T. Pyfrom

"Kevin, Today I wear the color red to salute and remember you. We miss you dearly! And now you have Grandma to put her arms around you and hold your hand. Until we meet at those pearly gates I will continue to not let you be FORGOTTEN!!!! Your Friend and sister in Christ."
Julie Gajefski of Ojai, CA

"Happy Birthday Kevin! We will miss you very much today. We all love and miss you. We wil be celebrating with you and grandma today. Mom"
Theresa (mom) of Oxnard, CA

If you or your wife see this message, I would like to let you know how much I appreciated what you had to say about Kevin. It brought tears to my eyes. And I know that he is grateful also for your words. I know that he is looking down with a big smile on his face. Stay safe. God Bless you. Hooah!!"
Theresa Luna (mother) of Oxnard, CA

"I miss you so much! I love you!"
Stephanie Luna of Germany

"Wow, its an honor to be able to leave a message on such a brave mans memorial website. The only regret i have is that it should have been done sooner. Kevin you were, and always will be a hero in my eyes. You were an awesome soldier, and an even better friend. You passed on the love of BMW's to me and it will forever remind me of all the times we used to sit down and talk about them. You made one heck of a husband, father, and son. I never understood why you had to go, but I know the Lord is taking care of you, and your smiling down upon us all with that big grin you always used to have. I miss you alot man, and you will forever be in my thoughts, prayers and heart."
Casey C. Harris of Paso Robles, CA

"To my beloved 1st cousin whom I will always miss dearly! May GOD enjoy all your DJ skills at all those wonderful parties in heaven! Always remembering your presence in spirit for a lifetime!"
Jason Marquez of Hemet/San Jacinto, CA (USA)

"I remember: the time in the computer room when i was talking to my girlfriend...she said she wanted to see who you were through my web-cam :) i told her what your last name was and she told me that your name translated to moon... i forget now what language... , borrowing movies from you at Normandy when we were in the old hospital :), just talking cause you were easy to talk to. God does things in mysterious ways... But i always feel it is for a good reason... You gave us all great memories, that we'll never forget. michaellagueux@yahoo.com if family and friends would like to contact me."
Michael Lagueux of Unity, Maine/USA

"Please get a hold of me on how my contacts and website can help in setting up the memorial. info@elidet.com"
info@elidet.com of Port Hueneme, CA

"To The Luna Family, Glenn, & C.-I am so sorry about your loss. I just found out about this today! I briefly remember Kevin before he went into the service. My thoughts & prayers are with you."
Elidet Reyes of Port Hueneme, CA

"My Husband CASEY HARRIS misses you and is now stationd in Iraq for the seccond time."
Grace of CA

"Now that you are gone I just want you to know that you are always going to be in my heart."

"Attention Mrs.Theresa Luna

A few days ago I read in the news paper that you wanted to have a memorial at the goverment center for all our fallen heroes.... how can I get more information in regards to that and how we could help? Feel free to contact me at mayra1982@netzero.net
Mayra of Oxnard, CA

"Sgt. Doron R.T. Pyfrom, I would like you to please know how to get a hold of you, since you knew my son.
Kevin's mother"
Theresa Luna of Oxnard, CA

"You will always be the one for me. I love you!"
Stephanie Luna of Germany

"I can't beleive it has been a year since you have left us here. You are often thought of and missed dearly. I hope that you watch over us and know that we love you very much."
No Name of Back Home

"Often times I think of the convesations we would have outside of the barracks. I wonder why the stranges things happen to such good people. Only GOD knows why he takes people home to be with him. You will always be remembered and never forgotten. My sympathy and prayers go out to your family and friends. May GOD continue to bless your family. I know your up there watching over us."
SGT Doron R. T. Pyfrom of Germany

"To the family of: Kevin M Luna I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully, we will meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell, Gateway Community Church, 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ,"
Polly Ballew of Covington,Ga

"I would like to know who the person is that left the horoable messeage (entitled Lost Love of Camarillo) about my son Kevin. I am disgusted that you wrote such filth on this site. Whatever you had between you and my son it should have been kept to yourself. You have totally dishonored my son and his memory by what you have put on his message site."
Theresa Luna of Oxnard, CA

"Kevin . . .

We miss you! Your bravery and sacrifice go far beyond what words can express and although we might never understand ‘why’ we do know that in your heart you really loved being a solider. Our deepest prayers and condolences are with your Mom, Dad, Glenn and Stephanie. We know that you loved them very much! You will always be remembered as a friend, son, father, brother, husband and soldier. We are very honored to have you as a part of our lives and we thank you for unselfishly fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. You will be in our hearts forever and we will never stop missing you. We hold the memories we have with you very close to our hearts. You are our hero!

Love, Bruce, Evelyn, Matthew & Emily – Oxnard, California"

"Kevin was like, no was a brother to me. He helped me in many ways other people could not understand. He always wanted to help other people out any way he could. I miss my big brother a lot. I did gain a sister though. Stephanie i love you with all my heart and am always here. Thank you for keeping my brother happy!! And to glenn, your daddy was a good man and he loved you so very much. I just hope when you are ready you will come to us and find out how much your daddy really did love you and fought for you! We know the truth. XOXOXOXO"
Tera Goudy of Oxnard, Ca USA!!!

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kevin Luna. I lost my son on January 26, 2005 in Iraq. Those that have laid down their lives are the true heroes. May God bless you and comfort you during this time."
Helen Gilbert of Dayton, Ohio

"On behalf of Kevin's widow (Stephanie) and parents(Bob &Theresa) we want to thank everyone for your heart felt messages. We appreciate the sacrafices of all of the fallen heroes whom have lost their lives in Iraq and ask that you all appreciate what all of the men and women are doing over there for mine and your freesom. Please I ask everyone that knows someone in the Armed forces give them your utmost appreciation for all that they are doing on our behalf and also for all of the sacrafices that they make every day because thatis their job. I am truly grateful to all of the families out there whom have love ones in the Armed forces. I want to thank for the unselfishness of their enlistment into the military. Thank you all for the messages."
Theresa & Stephanie Luna (mother & WifeOf Kevin Luna) of Oxnard, CA

"You had to know Kevin personally to appreciate how special he was. I along with my husband, Larry...and our family were lucky to have known him and be close to him and to have his parents Bob and Theresa as close friends. The saddness and loss that we feel... that we will not see him again... and that big smile, that sense of humor and the big hugs he would always greet people with...and his big heart. But at the same time,,we feel so very proud of how much he had grown and accomplished in these passed years in the army, and so happy when he found love with his wife Stephanie. We were all together on February 5th,to honor him. Our hearts will be heavy as we go on with our lives. We will be there for his parents, as we love them very much. And Kevin.....You will always be in our hearts forever, we will never stop missing you, we will always be proud.. and your handsome face and the memories we have... will live in our hearts always. I wish we could have all talked one last time. We love you Kevin...so much."
Patti & Larry Conger of Ventura CA

"Glenn, your daddy is whit you wherever you are...cause he's right there in your heart and memories...I wish I was close to you to give you a big hug, lil' one... I'm so sorry for your loss. love ya'"
Christine of somewhere

"Glenn, your daddy is such a brave man...please remember that you and your daddy are on my mind and I will never forget what he did and acomplished for us all. My heart goes out to you and your family. Be strong! God bless ya'"
Christine of somewhere

"Glenn, Your Dad was a very brave man to leave his home and you to serve his nation. I along with millions of people around the country appreciate his sacrifice and yours.....I'm very sorry"
m of Mass

leonard wahl of Valley Stream NY

I wish you were alive so you could visit me. Thank you for the picture you gave me for my birthday."
Glenn- 7 years of Ventura, CA

Your Daddy is a brave man and hero to us all, always remember that. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers, God bless you!!"
Sean C. Keel of Tucson, Az

I love you and I want you to be alive so you can come home and see me. I want to take flowers to your stone and tell you I love you."
Glenn-7yrs of Ventura, CA

"There are no words to express the sorrow we feel for your loss. May God bless you and help you through this time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"We are so sorry for your loss. Kevin was a hero -- and because of selfless service, such as his, today was a HISTORIC day in Iraq. Because of ones like Kevin, people have a chance to taste the freedoms we in the usa take for granted. May God Bless your grieving family. Please know you will be remembered. PRAYERS"
Sandra of WYO

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Kevin , will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I honor you by applying pressure to the Bush administration to bring the rest of the American soldiers home from Iraq! RIP"
Darren of Tallahassee, Florida

"Thank you Kevin Luna, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Kevin Luna:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Kevin for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Kevin Luna:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Kevin, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on