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Army Pfc. Karina S. Lau

20, of Livingston, California.
Lau was on board a CH-47 Chinook Helicopter when it went down in Al Fallujah, Iraq. The cause of the incident is unknown and an investigation is underway. She was assigned to the 16th Signal Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas. Died on November 2, 2003.

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"I am working on a memorial plaque to be placed at the OIF/OEF memorial in Pennsylvania which is near the Flight 93 memorial. I would appreciate any words of remembrance you have of Karina. I can't guarantee that all that would be spoken will be able to be placed on the plaque. I would like it to not just be my words but those of others with strong memories of Karina."
SGT Paul Preble of Fairbanks, AK

"I remember when I first read about Karina's bravery and tragic death. I promised to never forget her and her family's loss and sacrifice on behalf of our country. May you be blessed with peace."
Michel Inaba of Sacramento

"I met PFC Katina Lau at Ft. Gordon where we attended Advanced Initial Training(AIT). There was a point during that time where she was strongly considering leaving the Army. I convinced her to stay during a 4 hour long discussion over dinner. Although the advice was solid I have regrets on this day every year of giving it. Although she wasn't in my direct supervision she was one of those soldiers that would come to me for mentoring or just to inform me of how her life was going. I remember her showing her bravery during a unit holiday concert where she sang a song from the movie/play Grease that was accapella. Which is a hard thing to do in front of a crowd of jeering soldiers that where there under orders/duress. I found out in September this year there is a memorial trying to be created in Virginia very near the Flight 93 memorial. I would like to see a plaque placed there in her honor. If the family could get in touch with me I would appreciate hearing your words about the light you lost. For other who might be interested the site is https://www.patriotparkfoundation.org"
SGT Paul Preble of Thermopolis, WY

"I continue to remember Karina Lau and the sacrifice of her life for our country. I promise not to forget to honor her or overlook her willingness to stand up for all of us."
Michel Lynn Inaba of Sacramento

"God bless u Karina.Always Forward."
Spc Paicely of Indianapolis

"Karina Lau is an example of how meaningful a short life can be. She continues to inspire as an example of bravery, patriotism, and generosity. Never forgotten."
Michel Inaba of Sacramento, CA

"i continue to think of the Lau family and their sacrifice and sorrow. I have been deeply touched by the knowledge of how many people Karina touched in her short life. What a beautiful daughter, sister, soldier, friend and talent she was. I will always speak her name and tell her story. I hold Karina and her family in my heart."
Michel Inaba of Sacramento, CA

"Karina, we have not forgotten you. You are forever in my heart.
To your family:
My husband served with Karina in 16th Signal at Fort Hood. He was supposed to be on that Chinook...he was set to load on the next one instead. Not a November goes by that we don't think of Karina.
Our daughter was conceived that two weeks following. We are trying to raise her to live her life with a sense of purpose and an appreciation for those that have sacrificed so much.
Our daughter knows Karina's name, she knows her sense of duty and ultimate sacrifice.
Karina will not be forgotten. She will forever have a place in my heart.
My most sincere condolences for your loss."
Denise H. Holladay of Gonzales, La

"Your gifts and contributions have not and will not be forgotten. Such a brave and beautiful young woman tragically gone."
Michel Inaba of Sacramento, CA

"every one i lms missis you"
mariana of livingston,ca,usas

"you are still remembered now even by children in your old middle school we all love you"
maggie of livingston,ca,usa

"Katrina you are still missed today."
SFC (R) Kilgore of Killeen, TX USA

"My local 4th of July Parade (Galloway, NJ) is honoring women in the military. I truly want to honor Karina and have her picture and story on our float. I am trying to get in touch with Karina's family...I can't imagine all of the pain you all must be feeling. Your daughter seems like she was such a beautiful, strong soul. I'd be so appreciative to share that with my town. Thank you,
Brandi Endicott"
Brandi Endicott of Port Republic, NJ

"You are not forgotten.
DG 16th SIG BN"

"Thinking of you always and forever cuzin. I miss you, I miss the times we shared growing up, the days we would play barbies and dress up, walking around livingston and our good laughs. I love you cuzin and you are greatly missed by our Family. R.I.P."
Sandra Hernandez of Merced, CA

"still remember tha day this happend, i had just saw you before yall left for that surprise trip home to fam for R&R. i so miss you and knw THAT GOD TOOK AN ANGEL away to serve under him, he took an friend and co-worker as well. luv you and may your family have peace as you watch ova them and us"
Preston J. Graves of Killeen, TX

"Today my baby sister Karina would have been 28.A day doesn't go by that we don't miss her and think of her.When is this senseless war going to end.May u rest in peace love u."
Martha Rivera of Delhi Ca

"Nov 2nd will be 7 years since I lost my baby sis Karina Lau.Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.My body aches when the anniversary of her death comes near.I have done alot of crying I try to be strong for my 5 boys.My 2 youngest boys don't remember her but I make sure they know who she was and what she did for our country.We miss u sis and I love u with all my heart.The day u died a part of me died u were the baby girl I never had.You'll never be forgotten.Love your big sis"
Martha Rivera of Delhi California

"Thank you all for such kind words. We do read these time to time. We heard about her name on a wall but we had not seen it. We are trying to find out if its coming to San Diego. She really was a beauty.CA"
Luis and Mary Lau of SD Ca

"I saw Karina's name on the Gold Dog Tag display here in Austin this weekend. It was very touching to see her name there on that wall."
Yvette of Austin, TX via Atwater, CA

""To the family of Karina S. Lau, I am so sorry for the loss of your love one.She died a hero.May you know the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to pray with you or talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church,Rev John B Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015""

"I write this message as I sit here in the Staff Duty desk of the 3d ACR, I am here as a member of the 3d ACR and I am on staff duty and I was walking the hallways and looking at all of the photos of our fallen heros and I saw your beautiful daughter's photo and the memorial stone outside the building where her name is the very first name at the top of the stone. I than started feeling really bad and almost guilty as I am retiring from this unit in 10 months to go on with my life and knowing that your daughter didn't get that opportunity. I am trully saddened by your loss after reading the article interviewing you Mr and Mr's. Lau. If I had the power of God I would bring her back to you but sadly I don't. I guess I am fortunate not to have suffered the same fate in that Godforsaken place on our beautiful planet. I cried a little as I read your interview as you detailed remembering the happier times, vacations and than that dreadful 7 day wait.
I am trully sorry for this insult to your Injury.
My love and sympathy is with your entire family. I don't know If you read these anymore but I hope you see this writing and know that I feel your loss.

If you haven't seen the memorial I would gladly send you photo's of it

SFC Douglas Kelly of Fort Hood, Texas

"Deus sempre estara com voce."
Paulo Gaeta of Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect.

Scott Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"I met PFC Lau while we were in Iraq, I didn't get much time to speak to her but I do remember how she seemed to brighten up a room by just being in it. My soldiers and I made a stop to pick up a piece of satellite equipment from her team in a hot dirty little firebase whose name escapes me. But anyways I do remember that your daughter was quick to help my team get everything ready for us to leave. Her dedication, and willingness to help left an impression on me. I am so sorry for your loss, and I know my story wasn't overly personal, and I didn't know her that well, but Karina was a special person, and I will ALWAYS remember and honor her's and Tony Diagastino's memory. God Bless you and your family."
Shane Woodrum of Charleston, WV

"It had been many years since I had seen Karina after hearing of her passing and I remember always being by her side growing up she was always with a smile there is so much that I wish I could of said to her but I think she already knows what it is every day I go to work I pass by her resting spot and I can't help but to remember the good ol' days when we had not a care in the world I will miss you always and forever
Your friend Daniel Montijo

P.s. I too have a daughter named Karina she is three months old"
Daniel Montijo of Turlock ca.

"Es increible el tiempo que ha pasado desde que Karina se ha ido, es duro recordar que un dia la tuvimos y que en un dia tan comun como hoy, se nos fue, la tristeza nos invade a todos los que escribimos aqui, y con el corazon en la mano me permito decirle a toda la gran Familia Lau, cuanto lo siento, llevo a Karina en el pensamiento, en mis oraciones, en mis plegarias, ruego mucho al Cielo para que todo esto termine y las familias no sufran mas de lo que ya han sufrido con estas perdidas. ***KARINA: este dia tan especial, quiero decirte atravez de mi pensamiento lo mucho que te extraña tu familia, lo mucho que lamenta dia con dia haberte perdido, AMIGA tu que ya has partido y ahora que has visto los ojos y el milagroso corazon de Dios, ruega por tu familia, ruega por todos nosotros que estamos llorando tu partida, baja desde donde estes y abraza a tu madre, padre, a tu hermana, y tus otros muy queridos familiares, dales un gran beso de ternura, y cuando subas otra vez, mira con tu corazon, lo mucho que te extrañamos y queremos!....."Dios gran Señor celestial de los Cielos, ten en tu reino a tu hija KARINA SOTELO LAU, a quien llamaste para que junto a ti, llenara a todos los coros celestiales de notas musicales, dale mucha recignacion, paz y tranquilidad a la FAMILIA LAU, para que no sufra mas, te lo pido de todo corazon Dios, gran Señor Todo poderoso, AMEN!...Thank U"
Karina Cervantez of San Diego CA

"It has been five years, not a day goes by where I won't forget. God bless you today."
Josh Peters of Indianapolis, IN

"November 2, 2008
To the family of Pfc. Karina S. Lau:
Karina gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"To the family and friends of Karina"

Often we hear of wars in far off places, but we do not feel the
impact of such wars until it affects someone close to us. To loose Karina
who was only 20, is a family tragedy. My only comfort is knowing that Karina was
undertaking a noble cause of protecting those around her, and has now left
us to go to a better place. Karina, you will always be missed but never forgotten by your love ones. We also lose a love one, SFC Joselito Villanueva in Balad four years ago. God Bless our fallen heroes."
Raymond ONAS of Vancouver, B.C; Canada

"To the family's of Pfc Karina S. Lau, I am sorry for your lost and how brave is your daughter to risk her life for our country, Miss Karina I Salute You and all other Fallen Heroes. I have a daughter who is the same age of Karina and very smart like her. She is a U.S. Airforce and she is station in Iraq. Everyday me my husband and her brother's and sister worried about her. We pray for her safe return. I salute Pfc Karina S. Lau, God bless America"
Rosemarie L. Agapay of San Diego CA

"i am sorry"
as of griffin

"i am very sorry about your sister"
amber of griffin ga

"To the family of Karina S. Lau, there is not many days that pass where I do not think of the bright future Karina had ahead of her. The short time I knew her was such a priviledge and honor. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday she was still with us. I will say that the people she came in contact with, she left an lasting impression on them, I being one of them. Know that you are always in my prayers and know that Karina is home waiting for us. I am proud to say that I was her First Sergeant!"
SGM James R. Everidge of Fort Hood, Texas

"Despite the amount of time that has passed sense Karina passed from our lives, the joy and hope that shined from her will always be remembered. I had the privilege to serve with Karina, the team she was with was attached to my unit. After I head of the news of the accident, I wrote a short story that I posted around my unit, and one copy that was sent to her family. If anyone would like a copy of it sent to them please e-mail me phil612@hotmail.com

The following is the story that I wrote:

Dear family & Friends,
I know you all have heard of the helicopter crash that happened on the 2nd of November 2003. The main question that first went through your minds were: Is Philip all right? Was he in that crash? The answer to those questions is: Yes I am all right, and I was not in the crash, but a new friend was.

When I heard of my friends death, I recalled everything I knew about her, and wish I knew I would never get to know her any better. I knew I would never have my day brightened by her witty smile. As I tried to sleep that night, a prayer came to me. I would have knelt down and prayed then, but it did not seem right to. As I lied there, I saw myself giving the prayer at church, if I was active in the church and have not gone the way I have. Even so, I feel it right to put that prayer in this letter.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We are gathered here today in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ, who has died for us so we may return to the, O Lord. At this time we would like to send out a prayer, O Lord, to the families who have lost a child, a sibling, a parent, a spouse so that they may know they are in thy care once again, O Lord. We also ask at this time, O Lord Our Eternal Father, that the soldiers fighting in Iraq may all so have thy spirit to be with them that they may return to there families, O Lord. Let them know there fellow soldiers who have died have returned to the, to fight in tine armies, O Lord, that there losses in life will strengthen them in spirit. We ask these things humbly in the name of tine son, Jesus Christ, who died for us so we may return to the, O Lord Our Eternal Heavenly Father.

 The memorial service for my friend was held on the 5th. As most of you all know over the past few years I have seemed to become more and more emotionally detached from that of everything around me. Though I have been around death before and have had someone close to me die without really knowing them. This time was different, I didn’t really know my friend but with her death I do feel an emptiness from her absence. During the service I will admit I did cry for her, for I knew I would not be able to see her or speak to her in that of this living life ever again.

Alas… Time moves on and I bury the pain of the past in that of my mind. How much time will pass before I ever forget my friend, I do not know. But whenever that time comes only I will know of the change, for that is who I am.

If any of U would like to send this e-mail to another friend or family member, by all means. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see this again."
Philip Sanderson of Yuba City, Ca

"Hello everyone today my baby sister Karina would have turned 25 years.We miss her everyday.Her big sister and her nephews want to wish her a very Happy 25th Birthday.We love you and are so proud of you."
Martha Rivera and Family of Delhi California Pekinss@yahoo.com

"Sorry it has taken me so long to send out my condolences. I had the pleasure of serving side by side with Karina Lau in Iraq. We sleeped under the same roof for most of our deployment. I remember the conversation I had with her when we went get tires changed on our Humvee. She said she felt like she didn't have any friends. I told her I was her friend and I would take a bullet for her. She seemed grateful that I said that. I told her I would. I was not there to take the bullet for her the day she passed. I just want to let her family know that even though Lau and I bumped heads on some issues. She will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. God Bless to Lau's family and friends. She will forever be missed by many."
Racquel Parfait of Dulac, Louisiana/USA

"Para la familia de Karina,
Primero que nada, les pido una disculpa por no haberme quedado en contacto con ustedes. Mi corazon se quiebra y siente una gran pena cada vez que pienso en la tragedia que nos ocurrio. Yo nunca supe de este sitio de Web hasta este instante (11/22/07, 8:06 PM). Quiero decirle a Todos los familiares de Karina que espero que todos esten bien de salud y que estan en mis oraciones. Al senor Lau y a Ruth Lau, Espero que recuerden quien soy. Mi nombre es Alex Gutierrez, fui a la escuela con Karina. En ese periodo de conocerla, nuestra amistad fue siempre sincera, agradable, y divertida. Yo nunca tuve ningun disgusto con Karina. Siempre alegre y sobre todo siempre tocando nuestros instumentos de musica. Recuerdo que nosotros dos, practicabamos..ella cantaba y yo trataba de tocar el piano..Nunca olvidare su dulce voz. Su alegria y su pasion por la musica siempre tan contagiosa. En este dia, tal como siempre, Recuerdo y extrano a Karina. Recuerdo que adobara cantar. Que adoraba la musica, y que era Y es todavia una persona Muy Especial en mi vida. Nunca la olvidare, siempre la llevare en my corazon. Siempre en mis oraciones y mis pensamientos. Espero que alla en el cielo, le lleguen mis oraciones y mis sentimientos de extrano. Y con lagrimas en los ojos, Les pido perdon a los padres de Karina, por no haberme quedado en contacto. Ruth, con todo respeto, por favor, mandeme un email a labyrinth00@hotmail.com para estar en contacto. Cuando se sientan solos, tienen todo el derecho de contactame para platicar o para desahogar su pena. Yo no lo he logrado. Esta pena y perdida es mucho mas grande que el mismo mar. Siempre llevare esta tristeza y vacio en mi vida. Pero a la misma vez, conservo los momentos tan preciados y los llevo siempre en my corazon. Me despido y espero ponerme en contacto y visitarlos Mucho mas pronto de lo que esperan. Los Quiero Mucho.

Alex Gutierrez of San Jose, CA (Livingston High School)

"i'm sorry..."

""Cuatro años se dicen facil, pero cuatro años han sido los mas dificiles para la familia de Karina Lau, pues ella dejo este mundo para unirse en el cielo, con Dios nuestro preciado Señor, Karina era una niña bella y lo seguira siendo, que adoraba su vida, su musica, su familia, sus amigos y su escuela, desgraciadamente ella ya no esta aqui para leer todas nuestras plegarias y todos nuestros mensajes que con mucho amor y cariño le exponemos a diario en este espacio, *Karina: niña hermosa se que hoy y siempre tu nos escuchas y miras desde el cielo, y que a 4 años de tu triste partida quiero que tu sepas que toda tu familia y todas tus amistades te lloramos aun, sabemos que ahora gozas de una vida eterna al lado de Dios nuestro Señor, el cual te llamo porque le hacia falta un angel que supiera cantar y tocar el saxofon, Dios miro tus ojos, tu alma y no se equivoco al tenerte junto con el, Bella Karina, no te olvides de platicar con Dios, dile que le mande mucha recignacion, mucha paz, y mucho calor a toda tu familia, pues ellos a cada dia, cada hora, cada mes y cada año siguen aqui abajo, esperando el dia en que se abra el cielo para poder volverte a ver, Mi Dulce Pfc. Karina Sotelo Lau, *REST IN PACE*....y en tu largo sueño permitenos la entrada a nuestras oraciones y plegarias que con amor hacemos para ti"."
Karina Cervantes of San Pedro CA

"We miss her everyday. Our daughter is named after her in hoping of carrying on her. She was an amazing woman and I was so honored to have been apart of her life and to make so many memories with her even in the short time I knew her. We spoke so much of her teaching me spanish and me teaching her theatre and we dreamed of opening a dinner theatre together with her brother and dad running the kitchen. Memories its what we have and I want to thank you all for the prayers. She will always be missed.
Mary Lau of Murrieta, CA

"Karinas picture has graced my desktop for many years. From the day I heard of her death, she has been my wallpaper. Constantly reminding me the price of this ridiculous war....

New job, new computer, but she still remains....may your parents find peace, Karina... 1 day we all will.... and I hope they will be with you once again..."
Robert Dier of Seattle, WA. USA

"Rest well Karina. Honor is yours forever."
Steven of CA

"For the Family of Karina.
I wrote this peice for your daughter. My creative writing class decided to create an ongoing project of writing pieces that were devoted to fallen soldiers. We were given a list. A cold bleached piece of paper, lined with name after name of those who'd made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Call it Fate, or what you will, but your daughter's name just reached out to me. I did alot of research about her. Ironically, the day she died is 2 days before my birthday.
In any case. I hope that you will find solace in my piece. She sounds like an amazing woman, and I know you all loved her very much. I hope you like it.
With love and best wishes, Margie, "Gemmie", Bomhower.

(For Pfc. Karina S. Lau killed in Iraq, November 2nd, 2003)

I am an immortal symphony, penned by heaven’s majestic fingertips
The very notes of my being, inscribed upon delicate, exotic parchments,
lovingly woven together by the universe,
possessing the confident strength of bamboo,
and the gossamer whispers of palm,
it is this rarest vellum,
that will forever embrace the melody of my prescense

I. Winter (Movement 1)
Given unto the earth, I awoke within January’s cool shiver,
and as snowflakes gently fell, alighting to the silent ground,
I felt their soft chimes, such a delicate stirring, like the sound of fairy bells
whispering in my ear, silver, blue and iridescent notes,
composing a soft white aria; a gentle overture, that enveloped my small form.
And as I nestled against my mother’s bosom, embracing her scent, so rich and deep,
I felt her heartbeat, resonating like a bass cello, harmonized with mine.
And as my father placed a soft kiss upon my cheek,
it became the dulcet sound of a piano key, pressed ever so lovingly,
as though the note could hold forever.

II. Spring (Movement 2)
Within spring’s dewy sunrise, I stretched my wings, and
reflected upon a delicate, flowering shrub, and there, stirring among its pale pink blossoms, a single lavender bud; quivering, as it slowly unfurled before my eyes,
so tender, and yet, so brave.
It’s velvet-like fuzz, tickled by the wind, became the sound of tiny flutes,
producing a soft melody, as though encouraging the young flower to emerge.
Those fragrant, lavender notes, accompanied by the operatic voices of
songbirds and crickets, roused my soul,
and from behind closed eyes,
I felt I could actually see the score of that entrancing composition,
the very song of nature; scented keys and ticklish chords, artistically placed upon
waving lines of lush, green air.

I gazed in adoration, at beams of seraphic sunlight
that streamed in through the multicolored glass of St. Jude Thaddeus.
And in each transparent hue, a different sound of light was produced. Though blurred by tears of profound understanding, I beheld the virtuous sounds of divinity.
Red became deep and pounding, like the powerful bond of my family,
as heavy as Beethoven’s thunderous drums.
Yellow, became uplifting and comforting, like the flavor of my father’s pineapple and chicken sauté, so joyous and lively,
like the dancing strings of Mozart’s Stradivarius.
And green, became exuberance, as though the very angels themselves,
blew their trumpets into my soul,
heralding the emergence of my true being.

III. Summer (Movement 3)
On the California horizon, I stood upon a precipice.
The vibration of a nearby August train, compelled me to go nearer.
It blew my hair with purposeful winds, and the steadfast rhythm of the locomotive, became rolling drums, a rising crescendo, that quickened my heartbeat,
as though it were driving my very destiny.
As it powered past me, I felt myself stirred to move, to follow,
And as it grew smaller in the distance, its unsettled horn blew, long and mournful, like a tragic requiem, as though it were weeping for what it had to leave behind.
Among June’s black gowns, and gleaming twilight, I sang; my voice elevated, lofty,
given rise by the resolve and pride that swelled my chest.
Singing with divinities guidance, I sang for freedom, I sang for bravery, and
as I completed the final, lingering, note,
I exhaled my decision.

IV. Fall (Movement 4)
Standing in tall valor, I saluted, and marched away from home;
the rhythmic meter of my boots, became the cadence of pride,
the brave tempo of my approaching duty.
And from within a metal capsule, I communicated for those who could not speak.
I became the instrument for those who huddled in hunger, those who wailed in fear;
I became the sound of freedom.
And as cold, foreign sand blew against the steel hull of my shell,
it became the sound of rain; a light, but ominous timbre.
Into the cool November sunlight, I squinted and smiled as my past approached.
The throbbing blades of the helicopter, became the suspenseful sound of my restrained surprise, the steady heartbeat that belied the giddy excitement that sung
throughout my veins. And as I was lifted from the ground, a sudden symphonic note flashed before my eyes; the most beatific and divine composition ever created,
and I realized it was me.

And now, as you think of me, think of my symphony.
Think upon the girl who assigned notes to snowfall,
think of the girl who saw music dancing in the spring air,
think of the girl that found divinity in the song of stained glass,
think of the girl who believed in freedom,
and think of the girl,
that will forever live within the music."
M. Gemmie Bomhower of VIrginia Beach, VA

"To the family of PFC Lau: I am truly sorry for your loss. My name is SGT. Joe Mlinar. I sat across from Karina on that chinook. My life was saved by SSG Joe Wilson who was my squad leader who happened to be sitting next to me. I happened to see Karina's last moments before she passed. To her family and friends I truley regret seeing a beautiful and young women full of potential taken away from this world. These past few years have been hard but I feel I can finally talk about it. My e-mail is Mlinar13b@aol.com. I feel her family and friends should know what happened. In memory of Karina and all of those in that deadly day, and those already passed. We salute you."
Joe Mlinar of Oklahoma City

"I served with Karina at 3rd Signal Brigade. I talked with her a couple of times while washing clothes and she shared with me how she was interested in opening a dinner theatre some day. I was inspired by her because I thought it was just a cool thing to do. When she was taken from us, I felt hurt because I know how nice, pretty and cool she was. I think about a young person who wanted to leave a mark in life she could be proud of and she did, just a little prematurely for those who knew and thought well of her."
Anthony Hooker of Killeen, Texas

"Hi my name is Martha Rivera,Karina Lau was my baby sister.A day doesn't go by where we think of her.I would like to know more of that day she died.The medic that left that message for the family asking for forgiveness please write me.We still don't know if she died instanlly of if she suffered.Please write back I know it must be hard for you.My husband was a Navy Corpsman.He surved in Desert Storm and still has nightmares of what he saw.God Bless You and we're all thankful for what you did.My email address is Pekinss@yahoo.com"
Martha A Rivera of Delhi Ca

"este mensaje para karina cervantes disculpa no habia visto tu mensage que me dejaste gracias por acordarte del dia dela muerte de nuestra kari disculpa no lo vi antes del 2 de noviembre si tu deseas si es tu deseo por nosotros es un honor y agradecimiento de todo corazon es muy noble de tu parte muchas gracias, a escibeme a mi emel por favor quisiera tener comunicasion contigo ok cuidate mucho"
ruthlau of livingston ca 95334 usa

"i'm sorry for the loss of karina, not a day goes by that i don't see her face, everytime i try to sleep she and the rest of the soldiers that lost their lives haunt my dreams, i never knew her, never spoke a word to her. all i knew was her face and her last name. tommorrow nov, 2nd is a very sad day for me. i failed your family and many other families that day. i failed to do my job. i cant explain how i feel, i wish i would have done more, i know i could have but i froze, i wasn't prepared for what i was going to see and soldiers died for my actions. i was the first medic on the site that day. just me and all those soldiers. help didn't get there for 15 to 20 min after i got there. i failed you, i wont ask for your forgiveness because i know i do not deserve to be forgiven and i know i can never forgive my self for letting them down. i just want you to know that i'm sorry."

"to the family of karina lau i had herd very much of karina lau ive told my friends about her the say there thoughts with people i loved her as much as i love her sister martha rivera she is my second moher i send my thoughts in to this message to the riveras"
hannah bannana of Washignton state

"Hi.. quisiera tener el permiso de toda la familia Lau, para mandarle a hacer una misa en recuerdo de Karina por su tercer aniversario luctuoso, muchas gracias!!!"
Karina C.

"I never did know her but I do remember her face so young ,the first time I heard of this young lady is when I picked up a newspaper and on the front cover I saw a local mercedian from my county lost in Iraq It sunk my heart knowing that people are are dying out there It made me appreciate what Im doing and what you did for this country and those still fighting the fight, I will always have a memory and remember your time and what you did for this country commrade."god bless".
SN Rodriguez-Luna
Ernest of Norfolk,Va,USA

"Although I have never met Karina she has a special place in my heart! Her sister in law Mary Lau is my best friend. Karina was a wonderful person and I am honored to even know her name. My heart and prayers go out to her friends and family. She will never be forgotten."
Christinia Taylor of Va Beach , Va

"Nathan and to all the others who knew of her please contact me with any information. We are approaching her 3 year anniversary and we all still miss her so much. Casnoopy80@yahoo.com Luis her brother and the entire family thank you so much for all the prayers."
Luis and Mary Lau of Murrieta, CA

"My name is Nathan Hackey and I was a medic with the 82nd Airborne Division on the day Karinas chinook was shot down. I was called out that morning to a downed helicopter. I recovered Karina from the wreckage, I will never forget her face or what she has done for her country. I will never forget the face of Karina, I will never forget Nov. 2"
Nathan Hackey of Lakeland, FL


ruth lau of livingston ca 95334 usa

"No Sra. Lau...Gracias a Usted por haber leido mi msg es un honor para mi llevar el mismo nombre de quien hoy es un heroico angel asi mismo me permito decirle que cuenta conmigo para lo que usted necesite por eso le dejo mi correo por si algun dia llegara usted a tener necesidad de platicar con alguien aqui estoy a sus ordenes gracias (mostrilla_star@hotmail.com)"
Karina Cervantez Flores of San Pedro CA


"Hola se muy bien ke estoy haciendo mal por poner escritos en español..pero lo unico que quiero decirle a la familia de esta chica tan linda que cada dia rezo por ella aunque no la conoci del todo como hubiese querido se que fue una maravillosa persona en realidad no se mucho ingles pero entiendo que Karina queria darles una sorpresa a todos ustedes con su llegada a USA pero en fin.. Señora Lau y Señor Lau ella esta con Dios.. rezando cada dia por todos ustedes, ella los mira desde el cielo y no quiere verlos tristes al contrario quiere verlos sonrreir porque con ustedes se quedo Dios para conteplar la ida de Karina van a ser 3 años que ella se fue pero quiero que sepan que en mi una desconocida (si ustedes gustan llamarme asi) rezare todos los dias por su adorada hija Karina saben me da tristeza cada vez que entro a las paginas de internet y busco su nombre.. no se miro los ojitos de karina y veo que ella estaba contenta al estar en el Army ..y despues siento mucha tristeza al ver que muchos chicos y chicas como ella mueren.. a causa de un politico sin remedio alguno que siempre quiere pleitos con todo mundo pero se que el cielo hara justicia algun dia y todo esto se detendra para dar paz y armonia para todos ustedes ... Dios los bendiga y recuerden que Karina no esta lejos esta cercas muy cercas de sus corazones para aliviarlos del dolor y la tristeza y para traer el sonido del saxofon ke tanto le gusto tocar.. karina ojala que con tu simpatia y tu estilo unico de tocar instrumentos llenes de alegria el cielo porque eres un angel y los angeles saben tocar melodias muy bonitas ... en hora buena DESCANSA EN PAZ KARINA S. LAU..."
Karina Cervantez of San Pedro California

"I didn't know Karina, I found her name on CNN's "Fallen Heroes" page. I wish to express my most heartfelt sympathies to her family.

Karina, with sincere gratitude to you and all the other fallen heroes, let me say "Thank You" for your bravery and dedication to help rid the world of evil, and your protection of our nation and the oppressed people of others. Your sacrifice was not in vain. An American Soldier NEVER dies in vain."
Jon Hughes of Miami, Florida

"It has taken me much time to do this but as my military career draws to a close......I reflect upon my time in service. Karina Lau went to AIT with me. In fact when she arrived to Fort Godon, I was one of the first people she talk to. We were friends right away. Soon I left to go to Fort Hood. A few weeks past and low and behold she was moving into the barracks room right across from mine. We talked alot about life and our goals. She spoke with such a conviction. I can say that I always admired that about her. She seemed like she had it all figured out....until the deployment was annouced. She was terrified. We talked for hours and I assured her that it would be fine. I had the honor of serving with her on the same team and I had the privilige to have her touch my life. Even now I still have problems coming to grips with the fact that I lost such a friend. I miss her terribly. I just hope and pray for her family and all of those people she left behind. God Bless"
Spc. William R. Johnson of B co. !6th Signal Bn. Fort Hood, Tx

"To The Family of Karina S. Lau,

I stumbled upon your webpage. I am sorry to learn of your loss. Though I do not know Karina, I am proud and thankful of the ultimate sacrifice she made. From the bottom of my heart, I thank her for her bravery and service to our country. My prayers are with you and your family.

Semper Fidelis, USMC 85-89"
David of L.A., CA

"I too knew Karina from AIT at Ft. Gordon, and served in her sister unit, the 57th Signal Battalion. While we were not very close, we maintained an amicable friendship, and her giving spirit and enthusiasm will be missed. To our fallen comrades...."
MJH - 57th Sig

"Hello everyone it has been 2 year since we lost my baby sister Karina S Lau.We are still having a hard time with our lost.A day doesn't go by that we don't think about her and miss you.Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.pekinss@yahoo.com"
Martha A Rivera of Delhi Ca

"My heart goes out to you all. My baby brother is fighting the same war. Please remember him in your prayers as you all are in mine. God bless you and keep you thru this time."
Selena D. Martin of Daphne, Alabama

"Thank you for what you all do over there and as much as her brother and I miss her and so many families are missing loved ones we pray for all of those who serve our country."
Mary Lau of Murrieta, CA

"Karina was my sister-in-law, so thank you all for remembering her and all our troops. I served in Desert Storm with 1/1 1st Marine Division. I was the corpsman with Papa Bear. I trained at Fort Bragg with the Army's Ranger and Spec. For. soldiers at "goat lab" combat trauma course. I read the comments from an Army nurse officer who cared for Karina after the helo was downed. I was lead to believe she was dead on impact, however, captain Fischer states he cared for her, even though he did not talk to her...Capt. Fischer please provide us with specifics you may recall, good or bad. I would be in your debt, medical terminology please. Knowing she survived has so much more meaning to me."
benjamin rivera of Delhi, Ca

"Hello my name is Martha Rivera Karina Lau was my baby sister.I read a message of Captain Michael S Fisher who took care of her after the accident that killed her.Please if you could email me I have so many question and I was hoping you could answer them.My email address is Pekinss@yahoo.com.I would like to thank everyone for there prayers and thoughts sincerely Martha Rivera"
Martha Rivera of Delhi California

"To the Lau family. I was a nurse on the 782nd Forward Surgical Team at MEK near Falluja. I didn't get to talk to her, but I provided care to Karina. PFC Lau was the first female casualty I cared for in the war, I still see her face on those darkest nights. In the picture of her in my mind, she is a beautiful glowing woman, and a dedicated soldier. When I pulled out her ID Card, a photo of her and another young girl fell out. They both had flowing brown hair and beautiful smiles. I've always imagined that was a sister or best friend but never knew for sure. That day was my birthday, 11/2/74, the gift I got was to meet your Soldier on her way home. The sacrifices your young soldier and family have borne are not in vane. I believe in our cause over there, I know what we're doing is right, but I truely lament every loss. May God bless you all and keep you safe."
Captain Michael S. Fisher RN, CEN of Ft. Sam Houston, TX

"I knew karina from AIT at Ft. Gordon. I was based in Fallujah for most of my time in Iraq. She was a very sweet person and may god bless her and her family. All gave some, but some gave all. . . . ."
Sgt Ron Creed of 82nd Sig Bn, 82nd ABN Div, Ft. Bragg

"iam karina mom thanks for all the good things you say about her.if you want send me imel here are my . mommalaunetzero.net"
ruth lau of livingston cal

"Today is memorial day and we think of her not only on today but everyday. We send our prayers to all soilders and there familes. We thank all of you for your prayers and your messages."
Mary and Luis Lau of CA

"I knew Karina at Ft. Gordon. We went to AIT together. I just recently found out about what happened. I am truely sorrowful for you, her family. She was a wonderful young woman. My deepest sympathy to those left to carry on.

SPC Joshua L. Summers"
Josh Summers of Martinez, GA

I wish you were here right know. I miss you so much and I will never forget all of the times that we spent together. I have never forgotten about you. Remember the day we were playing Barbies at your house. I will never forget the day you mentioned to me about leaving your home and joining the Army. We all make mistakes but this was not worth it. You are in my heart and prayrs Karina. I Love You!
Your cousin
Sandra Monteon Hernandez Andrade"
Sandra of Merced, CA

"She was a beautiful, bright, fallen star who will never be forgotten because her star still shines so brightly in so many peoples memories."
Lucy Algere' of Lincoln, Massachusetts

""From a former member of D Co. 16th Sig. BN. 3rd Sig. Bde. Fort Hood, Tx. and Veteran of the first GulfWar. I can only the hope that this nightmare forced on the world will end soon and we can someday live without war.""
R.Araza of Santa Clara, CA. USA.

Thank you brave soldier for defending the rest of us. You gave it all for your country and we deeply appreciate it. R.I.P. until you are rejoined with your loved ones in the warm grace of the Lord. God Bless you and may He grant your family peace. From a very grateful American family."
The Shaw family of Pasadena, Maryland

"Para la familia de Karina,
I remember the day we all gathered in the back yard, had a water balloon fight, and then I broke your pool. Karina had just graduated and we were all celebrating her accomplishments. I remember her being so happy when we all got together. I could never forget her smile, I doubt anyone could. Estoy muy orguyoso de aver tenido la oportunidad de tocar con ella en la banda, de ser companero de escuella, y de ser su amigo. Karina is my biggest hero. I think of her every day. Her voice is constantly singing in my head. I can hear our jazz band playing and begin to miss the good old days. Those days when we still had her. I miss her."
Edgar Lopez of Winton, CA, USA

"Please know that I carry your family in my heart always. I will do what I can to make sure that your life and your sacrifice are not forgotten."
Michel Inaba of Berkeley, CA

"dear god..
if there is a god...i find myself falling apart....i lived through operation iraqi freedom II...i still wonder why.......my heart breaks over and over again....i cant let u go lau. all i see is your shadows everywhere...if we could...i would trade places with u...but i lived...and i wonder why sometimes.......sighl...i think about u everyday..maybe..........i will find my place soon enough.....back in iraq."

"thank you for doing what you do. fighting for our country. thank you"
anthony of livingston, ca, 95334

"God Bless you, her family. I was blessed to be counted her friend. I also was a roommate of hers at AIT. I was in Iraq when we lost her. What grief we all carry. She is with her Father now, and we will ever miss her."
Colleen Sheese (Klaas) of Ft. Lewis, WA

"Hi my name is Martha Rivera and Karina Lau was my little sister.We lost her last year on November 2,2003.Yesterday was the funeral for Michael Anderson from Modesto Ca. soldier that died on November 14,I went to pay my respect to the family and it was the hardest thing I had to do since I lost my sister.We have been loosing so many young people in this war that it seems that it will never end.Please pray for every single soldier that's out there fighting for our freedom.God Bless you all for your well wishes and prayers.We will never get over the death of my baby sister,we'll learn to live with the pain of not having her here.God Bless."
Martha Rivera of Delhi Ca pekinss@yahoo.com

"karina is my second cousin that ive never met. Best wishes to the family"
mercy of mission viejo

"karina is my secon cousin that ive never met. Best wishes to the family"
mercy of mission viejo

"To the family of Karina S. Lau:
First off let me just say that I never met Karina in person, I saw her story on KRON 4 and it touched my heart, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her country, our freedom and the future of the Iraqi people. What shocked me most was how young she was and how many young soldiers are risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and how all of us here in the US besides what everyone thinks of the politics of this war, should support our men and women in uniform and pray for their safe return back home. Karina I never met you but I know your smiling down upon us all, keep singing up in heaven with all of god's angels beside you, till we meet in heaven. To her parents and loved ones may god help ease the pain and know that your daughter is in a better place my family and I will keep her and all of you in our prayers.
Con mucho respeto,

Daniel Alfredo Flores
Bay Point, California
Daniel Flores of Bay Point, CA , USA

"Once again I want to thank everyone that has sent the family your prayers and message.The 1 year Anniversary of her death is coming up and will be having a mass for her in her home town of Livingston.If anyone has pictures of her please get in contact with me.It's still hard not speaking to her and knowing that we'll never see her again.Our prayers go out to the soldiers that are still fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people.She always wanted them to have the same freedom she had in good old United States.God Bless You All."
Martha Rivera( Karina's older sister of Delhi California 95315 pekinss@yahoo.com

"Once again we thank all of you for so much thoughtfulness. Karina was lucky to know so many of you.

Mary and Luis Lau
Mary Lau of Murrieta, CA

"I had the fine privelege of meeting & working with Karina Lau in MEK. A great person and a wonderful soldier. Condolences to the Lau family.
Nick Abston
Nick Abston of Raleigh, NC

"and still...i am here in iraq..memories of the past seems so far away...yesterday seems distant from me and tomorrow seems to be beyond my reach. everything seems as if it were just a dream...but when i wake...i look around and see my reality. so far from home just so far away...so unsettled, my empty heart portrays..wondering if peace will find its way to me...please..open my heart...and set me free."
pfc nucharnat of iraq

"Hello, my name is Kelly O'Lone. I was Karina's roomate in AIT and in her unit at Fort Hood. I just wanted to say that she was a blessing to our room of 8 women. We had so many good times, running around on weekends, complaining about men, searching for true love...I miss her and wish I had a chance to say goodbye. I know she is in Heaven, singing, and it makes my heart glad. God bless..."
Kelly O'Lone of Ft. Hood, TX,

"Thank you brave soldier for sacrificing your today for my children's safer tomorrow. You have our utmost respect and gratitude. May God provide comfort for your family in their time of sorrow. May you forever rest in Heavenly peace. Neither you nor your sacrifice will be forgotten."
a grateful citizen in arizona

"I was Karina Laus sister n Law her brother Luis is unable to see all the posts at this time but we are grateful for all and for all the soilders who have lost there lives and for those who haven't your job is so important. Luis was very proud of his sister and is very proud of the job that Bush has done. Luis is a Chief in the USN and is out to sea at this time. If you are interested in emailing him you can at LUILUI75@yahoo.com"
Mary Lau of California

"Hello I'm Karina's older sister Martha.I just want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.We're doing just ok just day by day.Bless all the soldiers that are still fighting for freedom God Bless You All"
Martha Sotelo Rivera of Delhi California

"Karina, you join our other comrades who have departed from us but whom, we shall, one day see again. You have served your country faithfully. You will never be forgotten and your name will live on as a priceless treasure of our nations freedom. We will remember your service to the United States and to the Signal Regiment, 16th Signal Battalion. SIGNAL ALL THE WAY."
Michael W (Mick) Stewart, 16th Signal Bn Veterans Association of Seattle, Washington

"Goodbye Karina. Even though we never met, please know that someone in Texas is thinking of you. The sacrifices you have made in the service of our country are greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. To the Lau family....please accept my deepest and most sincere condolences for the loss of your precious daughter/sister."
Rick Jones of Dallas

"Private Lau, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I'm Karina's older sister Martha thank so much for your messages.It helps to read them and to know people out there are thinking about the soldiers we have lost in this war.I supported my sister in what she was doing.She knew she was doing the right thing.She wanted to see the people have the same freedom that we have in this wonderful country.God Bless you all for your prayers and messages.Martha Rivera pekinss@yahoo.com in Delhi California 95315"
Martha S.Rivera of Delhi California

"I would like to take this moment to honor the men and women of our military who died while serving for our nation. The sacrifices Karina made and the deeds she performed shall remain alive in our memories for generations to come. The VFW expresses sincerely our pride and gratitude for the tasks they fulfilled.

Raymond Wong
US Navy, Retired
Vietnam War Veteran
Commander, VFW District 15, Department of California"
Raymond Wong of San Francisco, CA

"To the family and friends of Private Lau,

Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. I am a veteran of the 16th Signal Battalion, and I wear a rememberance bracelet in honor of the fallen sister I never met. She will never be forgotten!"
SGT Mary B. Svoboda of D Co, 16th Sig Bn, 84-87

"There is a photo being sold in memory of Karina Lau if you are interested here is the link.

There is also a scholarship set up in her name at her high school Livingston High School. The link for her high school is http://www.lhs.muhsd.k12.ca.us/memorials/Karina1.htm
You can get there address of of there site."
Luis Lau of Goose Creek SC

"Hello everyone thank you once again for all your message.It's been really hard for me losing my baby sister Karina.She was like my little girl.Only time will help us live with the pain of losing her.She's our hero and will never be forgotten God Bless You all for your prayers and messages"
Martha S.Rivera of Delhi California pekinss@yahoo.com

"To Pfc Lau's Family"
Though we are strangers, we want you to know how sorry we are your Karina was taken from you. There is no doubt her thoughts were of you as she served in Iraq. You are in our hearts. We will never forget.

Catherinya, your poem for Pvt Lau is so haunting and beautiful."
Carol & Larry Miller of Tampa, Florida (2/24/04)

"i wrote this poem dedicated to lau...





"karina was a friend of mine. i cant say we were best friends but we were friends. i found out about karina when i reached kuwait in january. i saw her picture in the army times. my heart sank to the ground becuz the last thing i said to her before she deployed was "i'll talk to you later." we came to 3rd signal brigade together but i stayed in brigade and she went to 16th sig bn. we kinda lost touch becuz we were busy working but we alwayz said hi when we would pass each other. she served in oif1 and i just wish i could have seen what she saw....i am serving in oif2 and things are different. it is still very dangerous...but different. i feel that my heart has broken in two and the world just stopped. she was too good of a person....i think my goal is to make it out here alive so i can go see her at her final resting place. i feel so unfocused and there have been days that i just want to stop and cry...but when i try nothing would come out. to the family of karina.... can you please contact me....if i do make it back alive...then the first thing i want to do is to go see her....

pv2 nucharnat hhc 3rd sig bde

please email me at catherinya.p.nucharnat@us.army.mil"
catherinya p. nucharnat of iraq

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Karina, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Rest in peace brave soldier!"
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"We like to come on this site to read all the messages and we thank you so much for you support of me and my family. It was hard to lose my sister but she was a brave sister.
Luis and Mary Lau of goose creek sc 29445

"Light a candle for your soldier.


"To a fallen Livingston friend, band member and classmate: I rembered when we used to hang out in your tree house when we were kids or when we played underneath the bleachers at High School while our moms would walk around the track and when we'd walk early from home to band class or when we came back from marching band competitions, when you helped me with certain notes I could not understand.
I was surprised when I heard you left to be in the Army because I wanted to say goodbye in person before I left to Oregon, but I never got the chance you were in Georgia. Now that you are gone I never got the chance to say goodbye!
I'll always remember our childhood days together and of our Band Class and the CD the Band made.
I'll never forget you Karina!!"
Soledad "Chole" Chávez of Portland , OR. Formerly of Livingston, CA.

"I am sorry for you loss. My brother Steven Conover died in the same attack. I know your pain and for every tear that you shed, I shed one too! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers."
Corrie Simpson of Wilmington, Ohio USA

"She is a hero in my eyes, I have nothing more than respect and condolences for a fallen sister-at-arms. I respect that she put her dream aside to serve her country especially in our time of need. She is brave, and we as Americans should appreciate the service of her and her brother."
CE2 Pierre N. Zevallos of Orlando, FL.

"To Karina Lau's Family,
Please accept my condolences and deepest heartfelt sympathy to your loss. I don't know what else to say except that I don't know Karina personally. I only know that she made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. It is tragic that someone so young and full of life should lose her life so far from home and her family. I cry in my heart for this loss. I cry for her family. I served my country as a member of the United States Air Force at a time when our nation wasn't at war.
Now our nation is at war on in Iraq and Afghanistan, and hundreds of service members from the United States and our allies have died. War hurts in the worst way because people suffer and die. And those who know the suffering and deceased also suffer, and at times die too. We all suffer and never seem to learn that war hurts. May God bless Karina Lau and her family. Be strong and believe that something very good has come from Karina's sacrifice. Perhaps some person will read these messages, and make the effort to make peace a reality. Whether one is a pacifist or wears the uniform of our nation's or allies armed services, the human heart is the same in all. We live and want to live in peace. We all want peace, and we all know that somehow someway everyone's just got to try a bit harder. Karina didn't try making peace a reality...she made peace a reality. She want to a land thousands of miles from home at a time when people all over the world have debated whether this was a just war and whether or not the cause is right. And whatever one's view regarding war it is so so clear that Karina's sacrifice has brought us closer to having a peaceful world. Again, God bless Karina Lau, and God bless her family."
Jose Meras of Houston, TX USA

"Thank you Karina Lau, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"I feel very, deeply sorry for you Loss and very very proud of your daughter who fought for the freedom and your country. Though I don't live in America, but I love this country with its spirit and courage to defend its values which best personified in your daughter."
Derong Zhou of MG, Germany

"To the family of Pfc Karina Lau, I am a member on her team I hope that I can use this site to contact the family of Karina, I have some picture's that I know she would wan't you to have please contact me at DigitelAce@hotmail.com, I hope that you can understand but I will need proof that you are a member of her family, I am sorry for your loss.... please only email if you are family."
Raul Cruz of Iraq

"Words cannot convey my sadness. Female casulties seem to hit me harder, my daughter is over there now. Her opinion is: boys have loving families too what's the difference. Livingston is just down the road from us and it feels close to home. I wish I believed in President Bush it might make it easier to justify the risks. In any case mt heart goes out to you and yours. Let us hope that a free Iraq will be possible and peace will be her legacy to a grateful nation."
Doug Johnson of Stockton, Ca USA

"Though i dont know Karina, i feel like i do cause of the similarities we have. We are both female, 20 and PFCs in the Army. I cannot even begin to express how her death and the way it happened saddens me. I can only imagine what her family is going through. Such a pretty young lady with a great smile. May God be with your family and friends during these trying times and forever, may they find comfort in all the wonderful memories they have of her. Rest in peace Karina. I raise my right hand in a genuine heartfelt salute to you."
Pfc. Lola B of NJ/USA

"I want to thank you all for you messages and keeping us in your prayers.From Karina Lau sister Martha you can reach me at Pekinss@yahoo.com"
Martha Rivera of Delhi California

"Who wouldn't Remember her beautiful smile? I went to school with her at Livingston High School, and I want to thank her; and everyone who is and had served. Thank you for my Freedom."
Livingston High School of Livingston, CA 95334

"Her brother and I have just come upon this site and we are very happy to read everything. If you need to contact him or I you may reach me at Marycatherine80@comcast.net God Bless you all"
Mary Lau of Goose Creek SC 29445

"I want to thank you all for you messages and keeping us in your prayers.From Karina Lau sister Martha you can reach me at Pekinss@yahoo.com"
Martha Rivera of Delhi California

"Who wouldn't Remember her beautiful smile? I went to school with her at Livingston High School, and I want to thank her; and everyone who is and had served. Thank you for my Freedom."
Livingston High School of Livingston, CA 95334

"Her brother and I have just come upon this site and we are very happy to read everything. If you need to contact him or I you may reach me at Marycatherine80@comcast.net God Bless you all"
Mary Lau of Goose Creek SC 29445

"Such a tragic thing for a young brave soldier who was defending her country. I have a daughter at Ft. Polk, LA and I could not bear the thought of losing her. My prayers are with the family."
Beverly Arnold of Cynthiana,KY

"To the family of Karina Lau...I was in basic training with Lau and even shared the same squad bay. She was always very cheerful with a smile on her face. I am sorry for your loss..she was a sunshine in Basic Training and I'm sure she was a sunshine in your life. May she always keep shining in heaven!"
Aimee Renchenski of Killeen, TX

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Karina Lau:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Karina for the sacrifice she has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Karina Lau:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. She will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Karina, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on