Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army CW2 Scott Jamar

32, of Sweetwater, Texas
Killed when his UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed in central Iraq. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. Died on April 2, 2003.

CW2 Josh Plotner and
CW2 Scott Jamar in Korea

Jamar in 2002 preparing to rapel from a helicopter in Korea.

Photo of Bravo Co. in Kuwait March 2003
CW2 Jamar is squatting second from right.

"We've known Scott since his our first tour together in Korea in 1991. Scott and I became close friends and crewed together. He spent many nights at our house off post. After I was hurt and dis-charged in 1994 we've kept in touch. Just before he flew out of Ft. Stewart me and Dana drove down knowing he was leaving for Danger. It was a great Visit, Me and him picked up right where we left off many years ago. My family will miss him and the Army will have lost one of the most outgoing peaceful soldiers they had. We will try to stay in touch with his parents, brother, kids. In years to come I only hope to get opportunity to tell them everything that was great about Scott."

God Bless,
Matt and Dana Mitchell

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"Scotty: A good friend, who lived life, and lead with an open heart. Who's mission was to enjoy and bring joy to, those around him. I have lost many friends, I hope your are there on the incredible day we can all reunite. You are surely missed here brother.
Til we meet again Scott-Tay
Til we meet again"
Matt Martin of Austin Tx

"Never Forgotten! Memorial Day 2016"
Tom and Allie Woodin of Chandler, Texas

"Thinking of you on this Memorial Day 2016 Scott.. Thanks for everything man, I miss you. <3"
Shannon Big Joe of Fairbanks, Alaska

"Thinking of Scott today for some reason we went to high school together. I served in the AirForce for 13 years. What great memories I have of him, a hero. Gone but not forgotten.

Bryan Coons
Disabled Vet OEF"
Bryan Coons of Merritt Island, Fl

"Memorial Day 2014. Never Forgotton."
The Woodins

"Memorial Day 2013 you are Never Forgotten Scott! Thinking of your family today."
Alecia and Tom Woodin of Texas

"As another year passes the thoughts are still the same. You are thought of daily.

Scott was a great friend but beyond that Scott was a great Son, Father, Brother,and above all else Hero.

I look back today on all of those memories and remember so many of the stupid and childish yet fun things we did. You getting drunk for the first time and not going home. Blaming me and you parents hating me for years on that one. Almost killing us both on the slick streets in your brand new car. Twice! Parties at your house when you were not suppose to have people over. Man those times were awesome. You standing next to me when I married Pam. Scott you are missed, but I truthfully was blessed to have you as a friend in my life.

May one day we get to sit together and talk of old times and be together again, god willing. I know you and your Mom are up their looking down and planning the parties as I type.
Thank You for your Friendship and Sacrafice."
Shawn Chittum of Pearland, TX.

"As I reflect back today in history I would like to acknowledge our fallen comrades of Aircraft 557 during Operation Iraqi Freedom,Karbala Gap, Iraq. From the past and current members of 2nd Battalion 3rd Aviation Regiment, Hunter AAF, GA your memories will always be shared by all. As you read this note, I will reflect back and forth from the past to the present.

I salute you all!

CW4 Eric Halvorsen CW2 Scott Jamar SGT Michael Pedersen

CW3 Eric Smith CPT. James Adamouski SPC Matthew Boule

CPT. James Adamouski

I will always remember the serious talk we had about marriage at NTC in Victorville, CA. You know I was feeling down about how members in the chain of command was talking so negative about my wife and I. You told me to get married and the hell with what everyone else in the battalion thought of us. You said being married and working in the same company wouldn't be that bad as they were trying to make it.

When we went to Iraq together they separated my wife and I. She stayed in Kuwait and I took the journey to Iraq. I remember when SPC McKain said, "Hey Hartley, how about you send letters through me to send to your wife". That started a trend and I was writting 4 to 6 pages a day. You would always ask if I wanted to fly down to Kuwait during your pickup runs. I finally got clearance from the Commander to fly from Iraq to Kuwait to see my wife on April 1, 2003. I spoke to you when I arrived in Kuwait on the flightline and everyone giggled then pointed to the clam shell hanger that my wife was in. Everyone said, "Don't miss your flight because we have a full house going back tonight." I said, " I understand." After flying for 4 hours I was able to spend a priceless 45 minutes with my wife and I can remember the moment as if it was 5 minutes ago. When I kissed my wife and then we started to taxi down the runway all I could think about is the fact that God will see us through the tough times we were facing.

As I arrived back at our FOB (Forward Operation Base) I knew that I only had the chance to get maybe four hours of sleep because the convoy was rolling at 0545. COL Fergusion broke the official news to the Battalion that you all didn't make it back in last night. As the 1SG called roll for his commander, it was silence, as he called for his crew chiefs; there was silence, as he called for his pilots, once again there was nothing spoken. A cold chill was amongst everyone. COL Fergusion concluded with saying, "We must stay focused on our mission and acknowledge the sacricifices these men have given our country." We had a prayer, a moment of silence, and then we went on to our trucks.

I bring this story up today to reflect back on how people can make an influence on our lives. I proposed to my wife in the desert at NTC only a day after my talk with CPT Adamouski concerning marriage. Today I couldn't be any happier to be with my beautiful wife Lashonda, my beautiful daughter Kamiesha, and my handsome son Chris III. I can say that we are a blessed family.

SPC Matthew Boule

Matthew you were always so full of energy and eager to fly. You loved your job so much and that made you noticable amongst all your fellow class mates that arrived at Hunter AAF, GA with you. I can remember many parties that we all attended together. Everyone in our Company was very close to each other as if we knew each other for years. Your memories will always remain with us.

CW4 Eric Halvorsen

Mr. Halvorsen we were on a professional level at all times. I remember when you stayed in Preston Grove Apartments with us in Georgetown. You would always speak but mainly stayed to yourself. We always respected that and we would always thank you for the praises that you would make to PC(production control) on how well avionics was maintaining the aircraft.

CW2 Scott Jamar and CW3 Eric Smith

I can say that you all never sweated the small stuff. You knew things had to be done and you would give SGT Carter and SSG Bartley heads up so we could get the job done.

SGT Michael Pedersen

Your house party in 2002 was the first house party that my wife and attended together. Everyone was there and no one got into any trouble that night either. We all had so much team cohesion during and after work. I remember when you moved out of your house located outside the Montgomery Gate and moved in with SPC Stewart off of Abercorn. I remember when I introduced you to my parents, my sister, and cousins during my 22nd birthday party at the Hunter Club. My wife surprised me that night, I didn't know she rented the whole club out for me. I was so surpised at how many people supported my birthday. Thanks Mike for all the great memories. They will live on forever."
Chris Hartley, Jr. of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

"Remembering each of you the "Storm 6" on this the eve of the anniversary and your families."
Lila Lipscomb, Mother Sgt. Michael Pedersen of Columbus, Ohio

"Happy Birthday Scott
Not a day goes by that we don't think
of you. You will always be in our harts."
Dick & Donna of Prescott, AZ

"Remembering Scott as my hometown hero, on this Memorial Day 2011. Lord, bless his Boys, family, friends, and his fellow service men and women who are still fighting for Freedom. May we honor Scotts sacrifice with gratitude, patriotism, and prayer for peace."
Stephanie Moore Gilmore of Sweetwater, Tx.

"They got him Scott! They finally got him!"
Woodin of San Diego, CA

"My name is Erika Whetstone and I am from Western Maryland. I thank you for giving your life to protect our country. You are very brave. I am doing a research paper on you and two others who gave their lives. Once again, i thank you."
Erika Whetstone of Western Maryland USA

"just recieved this invitation today. there will be a Dedication Cetemony @ American Legion Post 61, honoring Marshall Scott Jamar, Sat., 26th, Feb. @1p.m. Taylor Co. Court House, 300 Oak St. Abilene, Texas. RSVP by 21 Feb. 2011 kenneth.simonton@yahoo.com--Ken Simonton(325)232-6284"
Jerry Ham of Ft.Stockton,Texas79735

"One of the best men I've ever had the honor to have served alongside crewing our beloved Chinook. I miss you Scott."
Jim Thomson of Camp Taji, Iraq

"If anybody wants and/or needs to get in touch with me, Scott's little sister, please email me at lizjamar@yahoo.com."
Liz Jamar of Dallas, TX/USA

"7 years. So much has happened in the family in those 7 years, grandmother, grandid, nanny, then mom. You are in good compant I know all of you are watching over me and Dad. I miss you so much and wich you could be here to see the boys grow up and to read you little sister's first novel before anybody else does."
Liz Jamar of Dallas, TX/USA

"7 years. I stopped and prayed this morning for each of you, a moment of silence for the sacrifice you gave. Each of you the mighty "Storm six" are not forgotten! Scott, Michael, Eric, Erik, Jimmy and Matt."
Lila Lipscomb, Mother of Sgt. Michael Pedersen of Flint, MI - USA

"7 years! Still thinking of you Bro!"
Shawn Chittum of Pearland, Texas

"Veterans Day 2009-We remember you today Scott. You are always with us."
A. Woodin of San Diego, CA

"Today is the 6th anniversary. I lower my flag to 1/2 staff for 6 days, one for Scott, Eric, Jim, Erik, Mike and our Mat. I'll never forget your guys sacrifice."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Ca

"It has been 6 years. Time is suppose to heal all wounds, however there is still a empty spot. I still look fondly upon all of the times Scott and I had. There is only a few instances where you can say you have a true friend, Scott was that for me. 6 years later I still find myself waiting for the phone call, waiting for him to be on the other end just asking "what going on"? Scott is still dearly missed to this day and time may heal, but the memories never fade. Miss you man!"
Shawn Chittum of Pearland, TX

"O-Line 1988. Scott was a cheerful and optomistic teamate and friend. "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." A GOOD man. "Scrunch 'em!""
Wade Wilson of Graham, TX

"Dan and I met Scott and Andi back in 1994 at Ft Wainwright Alaska when Scott was still a Chinook man. Dan and Scott hit it off right away as friends and had some great times together. We send our love, thoughts, and prayers to his family and friends."
Minnie of Fort Drum, NY

"So sorry, for not finding the posting area sooner. I too, am a Jamar, and when we heard of the loss of Scott, our heart's ached for all his Family! He was our Family too, perhap's only by distant blood, but we felt as if we lost one of our own. We'll never forget, his sacrifice, for us, our Country, and the people of Iraq. The Jamar Family has certainly, remained loyal to the Great USA. Memories will alway's remain, of Scott: Yet Another of our Hero's!"
Vicki Jamar of San Angelo, Texas

"Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there." ~ Isla Paschal Richardson

Five years... you are still thought of and remembered fondly"
Colleen of Charleston, SC

"I still can't believe it has been 5 years. I just want you to know that your boys are doing a fantastic job at carrying on your legacy, you would be so proud of them. I see so much of you in each of them whether it be personality or their good looks. You were put here on this earth for a reason and they are two wonderful handsome boys who carry on your name proudly. We love and miss you very much."
Andria of Richmond Hill, Ga

"i miss him so soo so much! What i would do to get him back."
Brianna Womack of Ozark,AL

"December 30, 2007
To the family of Chief Warrant Officer Scott Jamar:
Scott gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"My name is CPL Richard Spoor I have worn Scott Jamar KIA bracelet for nearly 4 years and have never taken it off not once. I am a combat wounded veteran and was in country the same time as Scott. Serving as a Paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. People ask me whats with the bracelet, I tell them its to honor, respect our fallen brothers and never forget that freedom is not free. Brave men died for their country. It is an honor to wear this bracelet remembering the life of a true hero.
Please contact me at Spoorboy12@aol.com"
Richard Spoor of Marlboro New York

"Your legacy is that of laughter, love, kindness and the deepest of dedication. All who knew you remember the happiness and sense of commitment for which you stood. I am blessed to have memories of growing up with you. I am even more blessed and honored to live in a place you were willing to support and serve by serving the greater good of others. From the daugher of a Vietnam Veteran, Thank you for your sacrifice and commitment! You are appreciated, honored, and loved."
Terry Knight (Terry Yoakum) of Wolfforth, TX

"We lower our Flag to half mast every year for 6 days to honor you and the Crew of 557. It's been four years now. We will never forget your sacrifice.
We knew Mat Boule and miss him tremendously."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, California

"Four long - yet at the same time - very short years. 4/2/2007

"To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die""
Colleen of Phoenix, AZ

"CW2 Jamar,
Sir, I would like to say thank you to you and your fellow crewmembers for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. After reading the reflections left here for you, all I can say is that I wish that I had had the opportunity to have served with you."
Mike C. of El Paso, Texas

"Well it has been over three years since I last saw Scott. I often think about those days before and after that day in Iraq. I still think of him often. I know he is smiling down on all of us here. I hope his boys are doing ok. Scott is flying with the best Aviators now. I will fly with you someday brother!"
Allen Jones of Kandahar, Afghanistan

"April 2, 2006

***He walks with us down quiet paths,
and speaks in wind and rain,
For the magic power of memory,
gives him back to us again***

Gone but not forgotten"
Colleen of Phoenix, AZ

"To the family and friends of Scott Jamar...My name is Robin. My son, Nathan, is also Eric Smith's son. Though we've not met, I have seen and heard much about these 6 brave men, who at that one moment in time, tied our families together...forever. At one time, I was in the Yahoo! group that you have set up to honor/remember Scott. It's clear that he was dearly loved by all who knew him. I'm so sorry for my delays in condolences. I know you understand what grief can do to you. Nathan not only grieves the death of his father; but of a father he never got to meet. He will never have memories of a loving father. I've spent the past 3 years trying to bring Eric to life for his sake. In doing so, I have realized that we have a great desire to know more about the men and women with whom he spent those last months. I have kept the families of these 6 men in my daily prayers and have decided to try to contact all of you on my son's behalf...to learn more about his father and those other 5 brave soldiers. You can contact me at jamnmom@cox.net. Again, please accept my most sincere sympathies. May God Bless you all!!!"
Robin of Topeka, KS

"I was stationed in S.Korea with Mr. Jamar when he first got out of flight school. I remember him very well he was one of the best wo1 we had (probably because he wa prior service enlisted) I was one of his crewchiefs. I remember one time when we came back from a field probablem and all the enlisted guys were stuck putting away the gear all 60 people of our unit Aco 2/2 avn had used. We were all mad because there only 25 of us enlisted to clean up and put it all away. But Mr Jamar being the special person that he was was the only officer helping us. We razzed and thanked him in the same sentence. But he was still the only one. Untill the Comander of our unit came out and realized he was the only officer. The comander then promptly sent all the other officers out to help. Ths is just a short story of the kind of person Scott was. This was his everyday person. He always did the wright thing even if no one was looking. Thank you Scott its been almost 3 years and we still think about you and always will.
Cindi Hobbs cmhobbs15@yahoo.com"
Cindi Hobbs of richmond Ky

"I met Scott in Hawaii in 1989 when we we both sang in an All American Choir at the Pro Bowl. We were just high school kids. He was larger than life and I instantly liked him. We kept in touch for several years and especially after he joined the army. We were going to hook up when he got leave, but then he got his first overseas station in Korea and he couldn't not spend it with his family. He loved them so very much! I knew he'd one day be flying helicopters as he talked often of wanting to. We'd talk of the future and how much he wanted to be a father. How I wish his boys still had their daddy!! It strikes me to the core that he can't be with them. Thank you, Scott, for your service and sacrifice. God Bless your family. And thank God for reunions in the hereafter!"
Sasha Takis of Nibley, Utah

""Scott was always there for me and I would give anything to get him back. I miss him so much. I know Kyle and Brennan they are two great boys and I know how they felt when Scott went to Iraq because my step dad Gary is leaving for Iraq in September and I am scard that I may not ever get to see him again. I love you Scott and I love you dad (Gary).""
Kaylin Duis of Fort Campbell,KY

"I lived a few doors down from Scott while we were in WOBC. From that small experience, I learned alot from him..... I was downrange when I heard what had happened. To Andia and the kids I am deeply sorry for your loss. The Army and the United States has lost a great soldier and Leader in Cw2 Scott Jamar and I am proud to have known him."
CW2 Eddie Roche of 1-501st Avn Attack Ft Hood Tx

"Scott, Andria, and I were Sugarbears together in Alaska. I remember Scott for his great sense of humor, and perpetual smile. The last time I saw Scott, was I leaving his home as the sun was rising, after a great night of beer and cigars. I'm glad I had the opportunity to know you Scott."
Mark Chasteen of Colorado Springs, Colorado

"It has been two year today. It still feel like yesterday. You are missed."
Shawn Chittum of Sweetwater, Texas

"Scott, You are missed every day. I think about you often and remember the good times we had. You were a true freind and a great man."
Justin Howell of Fayetteville, NC

""Thank you, CW2 Jamar, for your sacrifice. May God be with you and your family. We won't forget.""
Sabra Crowe of Lubbock, Tx

"Happy Birthday...there is still not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you terribly..."
Andi of Anniston, AL

"I am working on a lesson for my students today. It is about heroes. I can see your face and your sweet and sometimes mischievous smile. I will tell my students your story. I know all of the people we grew up with would say how blessed they were to have been your friend . You were truly a friend to all. We love you and miss you Scott."
Tiffany Rawlings of Frisco, TX

"We first met Scott while he was recruiting in San Marcos, Tx. He was such a sweet and funny guy. Our hearts go out to his children and family. He was such a vibrant spirit. We last saw him before he went to flight training. He was so excited, we know he was doing what he loved!! He will be missed."
Thomas and Alecia Woodin of Sandia, Tx

"To the friends and family of Scott Jamar:
Scott seems like he was such a wonderful man and soldier. I can only pray that one day I will have a chance to meet all these wonderful soldiers in that paridice they are enjoying. My husband is up there with them. He died June 4, 2004 in Iraq. I hate knowing how many of us have had to bare this horrible pain. Thank you for your sacrifice."
Sarah Linden of Portland, OR USA

"Low Flight"

Dedicated to Scott Jamar

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth,

And Hovered out of Ground Effect on Semi-Ridgid Blades.

Earthward I've Auto'ed, and met the Rising Brush of Non-Paved Terrain;

And done a thousand things you would never care to.

Skidded and Dropped and Flared Low in the Heat Soaked Roar.

Confined there, I've chased the Earthbound Traffic

And Lost the race due to Insignificant Headwinds.

Forward and up a Little in Ground Effect,

I've Topped the Admirals hedge with drooping turns,

Where never SkyHawk nor even Tomcat Flew.

Shaking and Pulling Collective, I've Lumberd

The Low untresspassed Halls of Victor Airways;

Put out my Hand, and Touched a Tree.

Today Scott you Fly with Angels. Thank you for your Dedication and Sacrifice. "Godspeed Chief..."
Dennis B. Dray MAJ (R) ARNG of Tucson, AZ

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Scott will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To Remember Them..In loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.

As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier! We will NEVER FORGET"
The Grogan Family (USMC) of Lakeland, TN

"Warrant Officer Jamar, goodby soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Scott, you will forever be in our thoughts, and your family in our prayers."
CW2 Eric & Tanya Collier of OIF / Ft Campbell, KY

"Thank you Scott Jamar, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios


"Blessings to you for all you gave, leaving your young sons, we know that just as Michael has his arms wrapped around his precious Destiny, so to are your arms wrapped around your precious sons! The "Mighty Six", together you served, together you died, living now with our Father in Heaven! Thank you for all you did! From Sgt. Michael Pedersen's Family."
Lila Lipscomb of Flint, Michigan USA

"I have pictures and movies from soldiers who served with Scott in Kuwait and Iraq. Contact me at artenort@netptc.net I would be honored to forward them to family/friends."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, California


"I worked with Mr. Jamar at his last duty station, A co 2/2 AVN. Scotty as we called him was the nice guy if you know what i mean, Always in good spirits and never afraid to help anyone one out. He will be missed by all of us who are still here in korea."
SPC Robinson of Camp Stanley, Korea

"Hello everyone. My name is Paul Allen. I'm Scott's brother and proud uncle of his two young sons. I would like to ask everyone who knew Scott to contribute copies of any pictures , videos or stories of Scott to a memorial "capsule" I'm putting together for the boys to have when they are older. Maybe just a letter to them telling what you remember about thier Dad and how you knew him. Remember they will be reading the letters years from now as young MEN so please write the letters accordingly.
I think it's important to record these things now while they are fresh on our minds.
You can reach me via e-mail @ pallen35@msn.com. I will provide a mailing address if needed."
Paul Allen of Branchville, Alabama

"I did not look forward to the day our first flight school buddy would perish, but we all heard the insructors say "sooner than you all expect" and yet it has happened. A dangerous sacrifice he and all of us have made for the good of our country, his being the ultamate sacrafice. God bless Scott, see you again."
CW2 Stephen Blovat and family of Fort Polk, LA

"I first met Scott and Andria when he started recruiting in San Marcos, TX a little over four years ago. He instantly became a lifetime friend. He and Andria and I spent a lot of time together and shared a lot of great stories over the years. I am very proud of Scott and am extremely thankful I have the memories. I love you Scott and you are greatly missed."
Linda Farley of Wichita Falls, TX

"Scott told me my British accent was "weird." I told him I didn't like Americans! - we were instantly good friends!
I can truly say that I have never been more proud of someone as I am of Scott - an honest, intelligent man whose passion for his country, for his job and for life, I have never before encountered. He was my true friend and I admired him for his good heart and his ability to recognize both his own strengths and weaknesses. He had the rare ability of making people's lives warmer and brighter. I miss him terribly, but I am in no doubt that we were given one hell of a gift the day Scott walked into our lives.
You will always be in my heart Scott. I will never forget you or your family.
Your Welsh girl."
Kim Latham of Wales, UK, currently living in China.

"I would like to invit all of Scott's family and friend's to join a group
I started in yahoo. It is a site to meet all of the friend's Scott had and to share pictures and tales.

You must be a member of yahoo which is free. Go to ScottJamar-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to send email to subscribe or go direct to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScottJamar"
Shawn Chittum of Sweetwater,Texas

"I first met Scott two years ago at flight school. We served together in Kuwait and Iraq. Scott was a good man and friend. He loved his boys and what he did. He always saw the better side of everything. I saw Scott for the last time the day before he gave the supreme sacrifice. I miss you man. I will see you again someday my friend."
CW2 Allen Jones of Savannah, GA

"I never had the privledge of meeting Scott but I have heard the stories from a close friend of the family. As a fellow soldier who also served in Iraq but fortunately made it home to my loved ones I would like to say to Scott that I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve in the same Army as you and keep God flying high in heaven...When the time comes that I must join you there I will be proud to fly with you anytime. The aviation world is a small community and we will serve together one day. God Bless and thankyou for fighting for the freedom of others."
SGT Todd A. Forward of AVIM Troop 3ACR Ft. Carson, Colorado

"We were close to Scott via his kids. Our daughter Katelynn is convinced she'll someday marry Scott's youngest son, Brennan. I will always remember seeing the love in his eyes for his boys."
Ken, Faith and Katelynn Robinson of Ft. Rucker, AL (post he was stationed to prior)

""What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal" -Albert Pike
Scott did so much in his life that will forever leave a mark on all of our lives."
Andi Jamar

"There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Scott. I was married to him for 9 years and with him for about 10. We met in Alaska when we were both in the Chinook unit "Sugarbears"! He was a crewchief and I was the flight ops clerk. I remember the first time I met him I honestly didn't like him. I thought he was a bit of a "smart---". Well he was, but none the less we fell in love and had two beautiful children, Kyle and Brennan. Although Scott and I had recently went our separate ways, we had remained friends with a few bumps along the way. I just want to say that I miss him deeply and I hurt for my children who will never see him again. He was a wonderful father who was very dedicated to his boys and loved them deeply. Scott, there will always be a place in my heart for you and I want you to know that I will take care of the boys and ensure they know what a great soldier, man, and father you were. Keep watch over us, we miss you..."
Andria Jamar of Enterprise, AL

"As my family and I have just enjoyed another Independence Day celebration, I am reminded of the cost of freedom. Scott --- thank you for your courage, integrity, honesty, and selfless service to our great country.

I dearly miss you. You were such a good person. I cannot even begin to list all of your superb qualities.

I am comforted by realizing that this is not the end of the road for us. But until we meet again, rest in peace my friend."
Gregg Hallman of Cape Girardeau, MO

"Our prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Thank you brave soldier, your courage and sacrifice will nerver be forgotten."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"Today is Memorial Day and it gives whole new meaning to what it is to live in a country where we are free to love and our opinions are valued.
I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of Scott...some days are ok , and other times there is such a heaviness on my soul.
The main street outside my apt has been decorated with American flags and signs with names of people who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free.
I would probably not have paid as much attention before but I found myself wondering about their families and friends when I read those names.

The things that we once took for granted now are looked at in a different light.
Scott and his infectious laugh, his sly grin and what a wonderful guy.
Reading these messages, You had so many friends and people who love you and miss you."
Colleen of Atlanta, Ga

"Scott was and still is my big brother, my mentor and my hero. Love you Scott."
Elizabeth Jamar of Dallas, TX , USA

"Scott and I go back to the fourth grade. Once you made a friend with Scott, you had a friend for life. As he was touring the globe doing what he loved, sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for months. I knew eventually the phone would ring and we'd catch up without missing a beat. I miss my friend. A day hasn't gone by that I don't think of Scott. Even though we didn't get to grow old together, I still consider myself pretty lucky to be included in Scott's BIG circle of friends. Love ya Bro!"
Brian Patton of Tomball, Tx

"It is my hope that I may one day mentor someone to be at least half the man that Scott was; I could never hope to measure up to him in my lifetime. You can be nothing but a better man for having known Scott, and he and his family are in my thoughts and prayers."
CW2 AJ Finnigan of Budingen, Germany

"To the family and friends of CWO Scott Jamar:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Scott for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"Thank you to Scott and his family for his ultimate sacrifice. May we NEVER take it for granted!"
Sally J. Brumbill of Acworth, Ga

"To the family and friends of CWO Scott Jamar:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Scott, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"Scott made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and others. He will never be forgotten by us and knowing him has made our lives better. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kyle and Brennan and his family. Know that a day will never go by that we don't think of him and all the joys he brought to life."
CW2 Chris Hill, Keri, Michael, Mathew and Mason of Fort Belvoir, Virginia

"Scott, you will be missed!! Our thoughts and prayers are with your boys!!!"
CW2 Julio Jo and Family of Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico

"Scott was my friend, and as an Warrant Officer he was someone to look up to, and admire. I'll always picture him smiling at me from the front right seat, as we flew flight lead over South Korea. I'm going to miss you sir, you're clear around."
SPC Bryan R. Mathena of A Co. 2/2 AVN REGT Uijeongbu, South Korea

"Scott was the man! Thru out my life he never failed to make me laugh. All the good time's we had will never be forgotten. I have been truly blessed by God to have been able to grow-up with him, to know him, and for him to be my friend. I know one day in heaven when I arrive a joke, a helicopter ride, and a hug will be in order. (Maybe a cold one too!) Thank You, Scott for your life. We will forever have a hole where you belong. We will never forget what you mean to us, and this beloved country. Untill we meet again"
Shawn Chittum of Sweetwater,Texas

"Scott had an upbeat spirit that helped everyone around him feel a little better about the world. He will be greatly missed."
Erin Reed of Ft. Hood, TX

"Scott was a great warrant officer, aviator, and friend. I will never forget you! Missing him hurts, but having known him feels great."
Rob Schick of Fort Rucker, AL

"You were such a cool guy to me as I was growing up...you always made me laugh. I'll never forget you."
Shannon Big Joe of Alaska, USA

"Scott you have touched our lives. Your charming and witty personality left us with many fond memories and laughs. Scott was a wonderful father and a dear friend, he will be greatly missed."
The Barteau's of Fort Knox, KY

"Scott loved what he did and wanted to be the best at it. He was. He would talk of his boys with a twinkle in his eye. They were his true joy. He never forgot a face, much less a name. I will never forget his. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."
SSgt Emili Sadler of Holloman AFB, NM

"Scott you will surely be missed....You always knew how to make someone laugh no matter what the situation. I will remember you always."
Theresa of Fort Drum, NY

"Scott, you were a soldier, but above that you were a man! Your sacrifice did not go unnoticed. May God bless your family and your soul."
SSG. Douglas Webber of Savannah Ga.

"CWO Jamar is flying in the most beautiful of all places, HEAVEN. He is on a new mission and will always be there for the ones he loved.

To his family and loved ones: Don't ever feel alone, this brave soldier is always with you, protecting you and looking out for you.

RIP Soldier"
The Taylors, USMC of NC

"Scott was such a wonderful guy. He dearly loved flying, his country and above everything else, his sons. He had a smile that would brighten a room

Thanks for the memories Pookie - Boston Market, the microwave and the wine in the plastic glasses.
You will always be my hero and my angel watching me from above. Rest in Peace"
Colleen of Atlanta, Ga

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on