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Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Staff Sgt. Lincoln D. Hollinsaid

27, of Malden, Illinois.
Killed by enemy fire in Iraq. He was assigned to B Company, 11th Engineer Battalion, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Died on April 7, 2003.

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"Oh my God I remember you when we were in Germany together and then my team leader at Ft Irwin. I couldn't believe it you and SFC Smith man from Germany to Bosnia and Kosovo and Ft Irwin... Always a good friend and a Sapper forever!!! Rest easy Linc and I will see you on the other side Prayers for your family and friends ❤️"
Marcus Dashan Thompson of Montgomery Alabama / USA

"Happy heavenly birthday Linc....Think of you often ❤️"
Heather Byrd of LaSalle, IL

"I miss you Lincoln. I found another family secret. Grandpa othor Simmons was arrested in 2002 and charged for a sex crime with a child under the age of 13. I dont understand why my family refuses to believe anything I say because its in plain text on the internet. I love you Lincoln I wish you were here."


"Hi Lincoln I remember that amazon turtle movie you reminded me of. It's called cannibal holocaust (1980) I remember the part where they caught that big snapping turtle and ate it. I also remember lots of nudity/rape/and cannibalism. I remember mommy allowing me to watch it. I watched the trailer of it and omg it brought back so many flashbacks of lakewildwood I cant even explain how or why everything happens the way it happened. I cant believe it Lincoln...I love you Lincoln thank you for being my guardian angel guiding me through this child hood traumatic memories. Thank you for protecting my faith against from evil and towards GOD. AMEN!"
My little monster of Cubbyhole underneath steps

"1-2 buckle my shoe
3-4 shut the door
5-6 pick up sticks
7-8 lay them straight
9-10 a big fat hen!!!"
Demon child of Stuck on the ceiling, living room

"1-2 buckle my shoe
3-4 shut the door
5-6 pick up sticks
7-8 lay them straight
9-10 a big fat hen!!!"
Demon child of Stuck on the ceiling, living room

"Help me through these horrible traumatic memories and confessions Lincoln! You were my only loving protective brother! I asked you if something happened to you that moms favorite movie was "ghost" and knowing you cant push a pop can off the table I asked you if you could give me the goosebumps! You give me the goosebumps every time I think about you and cry away never ending tears of losing you man! I really miss you so much brother."
Kevin lil bro hollinsaid of Peru Illinois

"2 things mom, you always scolded me...

ME- yep!"
Your ugliest duckling of Peru Illinois

Kevin hollinsaid of Peru Illinois

Kevin hollinsaid of Peru Illinois

"Lincoln I love you! I remember the night before you got shipped off to Iraq... We took the "scenic" deer ride home late at night instead of the interstate. I remember you pulled over and we were sitting ontop of that bridge between princeton and ladd with you in your new GMC truck. You open the door and nodded at me and told me you got something very important to take to my grave. We got out and stood in the middle watching the traffic go by on I-80 feeling the bridge rumble/shake when a semi passed by underneath... You told me that mom and tom root pulled strings for you because you made the biggest drunk mistake of your life on that bridge. Mom was brave and protective talking her way outta you from going to prison for throwing a dead raccoon off that bridge accidentally/purposely smashing perfectly into the windshield of a semi truck driver on his way north home to Chicago. Mom convinced tom root that you weren't a prisoner and just an idiot that made the worst mistake under being a drunk idiot, so discipline was what you needed in the army instead of prison . You would be alive today if tom did his job and didnt allow his ex-wife and Nancy hollinsaid cry their way to get their way."
Roach "lil bro" of Peru Illinois

"Lincoln I love you! I remember the night before you got shipped off to Iraq... We took the "scenic" deer ride home late at night instead of the interstate. I remember you pulled over and we were sitting ontop of that bridge between princeton and ladd with you in your new GMC truck. You open the door and nodded at me and told me you got something very important to take to my grave. We got out and stood in the middle watching the traffic go by on I-80 feeling the bridge rumble/shake when a semi passed by underneath... You told me that mom and tom root pulled strings for you because you made the biggest drunk mistake of your life on that bridge. Mom was brave and protective talking her way outta you from going to prison for throwing a dead raccoon off that bridge accidentally/purposely smashing perfectly into the windshield of a semi truck driver on his way north home to Chicago. Mom convinced tom root that you weren't a prisoner and just an idiot that made the worst mistake under being a drunk idiot, so discipline was what you needed in the army instead of prison . You would be alive today if tom did his job and didnt allow his ex-wife and Nancy hollinsaid cry their way to get their way."
Roach "lil bro" of Peru Illinois

"Lincoln! Great news again well sad news again....remember tom Johnson? He is a registered sex offender that live in our old house in lakewildwood. His name is now thomas ortiz! He changed his name as a Mexican wow! The old house still continuing that haunted hollinsaid tradition sick cycle! Love you Lincoln! May god help these sick people while I heal through this awful mess!"
Kevin Hollandsaid of Peru Illinois

"Hey Lincoln great news! Well sad news...At least I'm not the one being caught out on lies...anyway my baby sitter (jill) from lakewildwood told me a bunch of information that triggered more flashback memories! The state police now has another lead on the thompsons house where I (and other victim/ witnesses) remember dancing out of our swimming trunks for daddy (dan hollinsaid) and other dirty men on top of a bar! They had a whole ballroom dancefloor with disco ball and my favorite....the red rocket jukebox that played records. I remember all to well what happened to me in lakewildwood now! It is completely disgusting pedophile behavior at it's most sickening level bro! Wish you were here to save my life (again) because nobody likes no good dirty tattle tales around this neck of the "wild" "WOODS""
Magic dragon pedophile puffer of Peru Illinois

"The loving protective brother I remember that saved me from sexually/physical abuse in lakewildwood was a..Long hair Lincoln hollinsaid nose piercing heavy metal leather jacket homemade tattoos cigarettes weed beer and his guitar was the "high"s"cool" daze of Lincoln hollinsaid...never got grounded once because of dads mistakes in lakewildwood. Lincoln was a wild child that didn't care much about having to follow "daddys" rules anymore while living in princeton in the ugliest lime green house that dad ABSOLUTLEY hated because he had to scooch along the wall because the water bed took up the entire bedroom lmao!!! Dad really screwed up having to move from his sears roebuck wausau bi-level home kit he built with a lovely "CUBBY HOLE" for me and many other children to get tied up to shackles concreted into the wall in the pitch dark for long periods of time. Only to pinky promise mommy Nancy hollinsaid to never be dirty tattle tales on daddys spankings (sexual abuse). 8 months several witnesses a fricken pornsite nudist resorts travel agency and skull(s) Lincoln thank you for holding me keeping the ghosts away from my radio headset when wearing the cochlear implant for punishment on times I didn't LISTEN UP! 815-697-0089 IF ANYONE HAS MORE INFORMATION DETAILS OR WOULD LIKE PICTURES OF THE CUBBY HOLE TEXT OR CALL BEFORE THIS GETS TAKEN DOWN!"
Adam hollinsaids brother of Peru Illinois

"The loving protective brother I remember that saved me from sexually/physical abuse in lakewildwood was a..Long hair Lincoln hollinsaid nose piercing heavy metal leather jacket homemade tattoos cigarettes weed beer and his guitar was the "high"s"cool" daze of Lincoln hollinsaid...never got grounded once because of dads mistakes in lakewildwood. Lincoln was a wild child that didn't care much about having to follow "daddys" rules anymore while living in princeton in the ugliest lime green house that dad ABSOLUTLEY hated because he had to scooch along the wall because the water bed took up the entire bedroom lmao!!! Dad really screwed up having to move from his sears roebuck wausau bi-level home kit he built with a lovely "CUBBY HOLE" for me and many other children to get tied up to shackles concreted into the wall in the pitch dark for long periods of time. Only to pinky promise mommy Nancy hollinsaid to never be dirty tattle tales on daddys spankings (sexual abuse). 8 months several witnesses a fricken pornsite nudist resorts travel agency and skull(s) Lincoln thank you for holding me keeping the ghosts away from my radio headset when wearing the cochlear implant for punishment on times I didn't LISTEN UP! 815-697-0089 IF ANYONE HAS MORE INFORMATION DETAILS OR WOULD LIKE PICTURES OF THE CUBBY HOLE TEXT OR CALL BEFORE THIS GETS TAKEN DOWN!"
Adam hollinsaids brother of Peru Illinois

"Thank you for being such a loving protective brother Lincoln... Thank you for helping us escape lakewildwood being no good dirty tattle tales on daddys spankings (sexual abuse) and finding the skull in mr.gunthers private cove. I now know why you always joked about protecting me from becoming catfish bait behind the sign that said ALL WILL BE PROSECUTED NO FISHING NO SWIMMING NO BOATING!!! Thank you for not allowing me to eat the "wild carrots" (poison hemlock roots) that grew in the tall grass because daddy kept telling me they taste sooo good! Thank you telling me everything about why you got to join the army (get outta jail freedom card) and why you never liked dad (dan hollinsaid) for what he did to me as a foster child behind a private police gated Epstein vibed village of lake wild WOOD! Sorry that I'm no longer a no good dirty tattle tale and moved up in ranks to captain whistle blower. Its unfortunate that moms arms arnt long enough this time around to scrub my teeth back in forth with gritty seashell soap and not 1 but 2 squirts of liquid soap in my mouth only to march myself in the shower with my hands behind my back and a washcloth on my face for 20 seconds in the shower...If moved the washcloth off my face I had another 20 seconds added. Thank you Lincoln hollinsaid you saved my life! You are my hero!!! Lincoln you were right about our neighbors being dirty! The run a pornsite called dirtygunther! And the condos mom and dad own in horseshoe bend Arkansas is a family naturist/ nudist resort! The Illinois/Arkansas state police department has been hard at work investigating the charges that I have pressed! Thank you for giving me the strength and confidence Lincoln! Knowing that the truth hurts more than it heals I have the strength being in gods hands now to heal without anyone's prayers! Only the truth will allow these sins to be forgiven/ set free...only lies that linger may drive only the guilty conscience in mind straight to hell for all eternity....

P.s. thank you everyone on here that provided information on Lincolns crazy lakewildwood stories!"
"Lil bro" of Peru Illinois

"Very nice that the bridge has been named in his honor. I remember playing with him in that square wooden backyard sandbox."
Lake Wildwood of Illinois

"Lincoln, we crossed a bridge together you and I. On 4/9/2022 at 2:30 a.m. in the morning it became official. A resolution passed by the state senate naming the Hwy. 26 bridge on the north side of Princeton the SSGT LINCOLN HOLLINSAID MEMORIAL BRIDGE. I started this pursuit in Aug, 2019. With the help of IL. Rep, Dan Swanson and IL. Sen. Win Stoller the mission was completed. This memorial bridge crosses over I-80 and under the Flags of Freedom which recognize all who have served in our countries military.
May you be honored and remembered by all those who pass by.
In loving memory,
Danny G Hollinsaid

"Hey Linc, we miss you buddy. Still remembering all the crazy stuff we did at Ft. Irwin. Rest in peace buddy. We love ya."
SSG (R) Brian Pruett of Charlotte, NC

"Linc today is Memorial Day 2021. You have been in my thoughts today. Yesterday at our Church we celebrated those who gave their lives to help other countries and ours to gain or continue Freedom! My heart was missing you. I pray for your Dad and Mom often. I pray you were there to welcome Grandpa H and Grandma H when they each got to Heaven. Love and miss you!"
Aunt Carolyn of Eureka, IL. USA

"I still remember you buddy. I've been thinking about you lately."
Tyler James Forrester of Clinton, Ar USA

"I miss you buddy. I think about you everyday.

You're Iraq battle buddy."
Bil Carpenter of Olympia, WA

"I thought of SFC Smith today and then I thought of "Linc" I remember the jam session and good times with his guitar in the ZOS Café in Camp McGovern in Bosnia."
SFC(Ret) Jeff Stivers of Loogootee, Indiana

"I miss you so much buddy. I wish we could trade places so bad. I'd give anything. I just retired. I hurt so bad these days. It seems every day further from those hot desert days gets harder and harder. I love you man. I wish I could tell you that to your face. Maybe one day."

"Hey there soldier... I met your Mom and Dad today and had to come read about you. I am sad that I never had the privilege of meeting you. The stories they tell brought tears to my eyes but smiles to my heart. You live on young man in so many hearts. Thank you for your sacrifice... You touched my world from heaven. Dan and Nancy, thank you both for sharing him with me!"
Michelle Bivens of Sevierville Tennessee

"I miss you Lincoln. Just one of those dark days. I need your help right about now. I love you my brother."
Oscar Orozco of Chicago Illinois


"Never forgotten, thank you for your guidance and for picking me up and dusting me off Much love. My prayers go out to you and all who knew you.
Former L56A 2001-2002"
Steven Digna of Riverview mi

"Always in our thoughts, miss you Linc! We will always remember the short but memory packed time with you...Dan & Nan! He was a blessing! Thanks for sharing with us! Love you all!"
Rose Sprecher of Ephrata

"Today is much like it was 13 years ago. Dark, dreary, rain, and a chill to the air. Eventually as the days passed after your death the sun came out and we had a beautiful spring. Our lives changed after that day 4/7/2003 gloom came and has changed to a brighter day knowing we will see you again. You are always in our hearts and our prayers. Missing you today.
Love Dad"

"It's still true. I miss you Brother. I still feel like a kid when I think about the time we decided that, since the rivers were flooded we should grab our gear and build a "giant" catfish trap on the darkest part of Bureau Creek. Dakota got swept away uncounted times. We camped on a sandbar and cooked on a windproof fire dug into the sand. Like it was yesterday..."
M of Florida

"I did a report on SFC Smith, Paul. You also came up in the research. Prayers for your family and parents; I couldn't dare imagine the loss of a child. RiP brother in arms."
SGT Roman of Annville, PA

"Happy Birthday "Linc" 8/3/2015
hard to image you a skinny little kid turning 40. You and your brother Adam turned out to be such fine men. This year you may have completed 20 of those years in the Army. Time is one of those things you never get back just like there are NO do overs. So we must move forward and make the best of each new day and treasure the good things that have and will happen in our lives. You Linc are one of those best things in mine. I wish you were here so I could tell you that and wish you a Happy Birthday. Your mom and I will go to dinner to celebrate your LIFE and remember the good things. We love and miss you;

"Lincoln, You are loved and missed. You are REMEMBERED by family, friends, and those whom you served with. You had touched many lives in many different places. Much has changed in 12 years but this day of the year April 7th will always be a day to REMEMBER and not forget. May we all have a smile on our face this day as we think of you."

"12 years....doesn't seem possible....on my way to the Engineer wall to visit....love you...."
Lynette of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Forever in our hearts, LINC..."
Rose Sprecher of Ephrata PA

"thomas the destroyer, your Godson, is now 13. i tell him about you. sleep easy"
SSG Chris Loughner

"linc. my best friend. everyday and every year i miss you more. you made me a better person, and a better NCO. you fought the fight, i wish i could have fought for you. remember all we did. lake mojave, barstow. vegas. all of it. rest easy my friend, until i find you again."
SSG Chris Loughner of wv

It seems so long since I have been to this site. I have gone back through the messages from over the years. I sit here with glistened eyes and an occasional tear.
TODAY is your birthday, you would be 39. You have been joined recently by your grandfather "Othor". It must have been a joyous reunion full of stories and fishing. Your mom and I will celebrate your life today and remember. It appears others will do the same for that we are grateful.
Happy birthday LINCOLN you are loved and missed."

"Thinking of you today...you are forever in our thoughts"
Rose Sprecher of Ephrata


Lincoln, visited Ft. Stewart last week, first time since we left 10 yrs ago. Your tree is standing proud with all of our battle buddies, would expect nothing less from a Sapper!

Dan and Nancy, you remain in our prayers. God Bless!"
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Bliss of Silver Spring, MD

"Missing you Brother. I'm sure the bait never runs out in Heaven. Throw a stick to Dakota for me. You are still and always close to our hearts."
Mark of Fla.

"You and your family are in our thoughts today"
Rose & Fred Sprecher of Ephrata, PA

"Thinking of you my brother. Wishing you were still here."
Kevin of Fort Drum, NY

"SSG Hollinsaid,

It has been over 10 yrs now. I remember all the good times at NTC and all that you have taught my, being one of my many Squad Leaders on the Lima Team. I heard of you passing from Carlos Cruz, I had called from Korea and he gave me the news. I could not believe that we had lost one of the good guys, someone I knew, a friend, and a Sapper. Linc, you and your family are always in my prayers. See you on the other side one day my friend."
Jorge E. Cabezas of Navarre, FL

"I think about you often as I was one of the last to see you drive off in your big ol' truck to get your last bit of fishing in with Jay before heading to Iraq. I miss your company in our home and your help with my college papers. You were such a blessing of a friend and are deeply missed, still, 10 years later."
Kelli Hitt of Waxahachie, Texas

"Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!! You pass through my mind often. You are sorely missed and will NEVER be forgotten!!! Love you!"
Lynette G of Waynesville, MO

"Hey Linc - we would be celebrating our 20th high school class reunion this year. Know that we will have you on our minds as we ride the float down Main Street. We miss your funny sneer and guitar playing. We miss you dear friend. Thank you Lincoln. We love you."
Heather (Smith) Arnold of (hometown) Princeton, IL

"Remembering the sacrifice you made...we will never forget you Linc!!! You will always be in our hearts!!! Thank you Linc,...Dan and Nan for your beloved son!"
Ro & Fred Sprecher (former in-laws) of Ephrata, Pa

"Your ultimate sacrifice is not forgotten, SSG Lincoln D. Hollinsaid. I salute you, my brother in arms."
Vivek G. Sahani, CPT, MC, FS

"April 7, 2013"
Sgt. Huerta of Hemet, Ca. USA

"To a fallen Brother...Lincoln was my Team Leader at Ft. Irwin. He was a good man. I met his parents when they came to visit him. Lincoln will always be missed. There is NOT a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Its because of him that I am with my family today. Tk u Brother! Sappers Lead the Way!"
Sgt. Huerta of Hemet, Ca. USA

"I remember the last time I saw you. It was at the Bureau County Fair.....Demolition Derby night. You told me that night that you had just enlisted. I was so proud of you. Far cry from you sleeping on our couch in Walnut! Good Times. You went from a boy to a man before my eyes.. God Bless you and your family."
Johnna Pohlson (Steele) of DePue,, IL.USA

Dear Linc:
Mom and I celebrated your birthday by continuing your tradition of taking her out to Red Lobster. We toasted your life and wished you a happy birthday. It has been 10 years now since you turned 27 a decade has been added to time here on earth. The promise is that we will meet again some day and what a celebration that will be!!!
Happy birthday son. You are loved and missed.

"I've never had a better friend..or known a better man. Thanks Linc, I still miss you."

"As we remember our vets today, thank you Lincoln !"
Rose Sprecher of Ephrata PA

"Thinking of you today brother. Its been 10 yrs since we have had a laugh or made prank phone calls n a government phone lol...you are a hero! Miss ya tons! Sappers to the Breach!"
SFC Travis Butler of El Paso, TX

"Jed you are in our thoughts and prayers. I miss you more everyday. Keep a Guiness chilled for me. Love you brother."
Kevin K. Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"After nine years this was a tough one. Your day fell right in between Good Friday and Easter this year of 2012. I viewed a video this year "What Did He Die For" by a singer Twila Paris. The song tells of the death of young American soldiers and then touches on the death of Christ. It emphatically expresses the price of freedom, honor, and glory and those who are touched by that price. May we never forget the pain, the suffering, and the blood shed so that we can be free."

"9 years brother.Not too many days go by without memories of you. Love and miss you man."
Matt of Kansas

"As this 4-7 approaches I am again torn by the loss of my friend. We miss you buddy."
Mark of Tampa

"I miss my friend..."
oscar orozco of chicago il

Dear Son,
it has been awhile since the last posting. Major developements have occurred of late. OIF has been officially declared over and the US soldier and his war machine have been pulled out. There is debate as always should we or should we have not left a number of troops in Iraq and like many decisions over this conflict only time will tell what the right decision was. Freedom has been given its' chance and the people of Iraq must choose their future and destiny. Their culture has been here from the beginning of man kind (if we follow the history in the bible). They have seen many armys come and go and new forms of government rule the land and people. May it be a fair and just government this time. If the rest of the world is any example I don't have a lot of faith left in mankind anymore to be fair and just to one another. WAR is WAR it brings death and destruction regardless of the weapons used to kill and maim but many times from the ashes and rubble something new is given a chance to root and take hold. May it be the root of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. It seems strange talking to you in this format I don't remember if we had good debates and discussions while you were here or if it was more of a onesided opinion. I like many fathers are proud of what you and their sons have done but would give anything for you to be here now. Another Christmas has come and gone and the calendar shows a new year's start and as the past fades behind us we will take into this new year the memory of you and your fellow soldiers. We will keep those memories alive and never forget what you all have sacrificed. I pray for our nation and its' people and hope that we live up to your expectations of what you so dearly protected.
Thanks for listening Linc I love and miss you.

"My heartfelt c0nd0lencence's to the Hollinsaid family.May God bless and May his mem0ries f0rever be engraved in your hearts."
Desiree Harris of Johannesburg Nigel South-Africa

to a son, a friend, a soldier, a hero.
We immortalize your life, we remember your soul, and we will celebrate the day of your birth.
You will forever be young in our thoughts and hearts.
Happy Birthday Linc.
Love & Miss you.
Dad 8/3/2011"

Happy Birthday Jed!!! Party with the angels!!! A day never goes by without you in our thoughts!!! We love you!!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville MO

"I did not know you linc but my dad and mom did my dad and you were best friends (SFC Kevin K. Gallagher of flw) well just because i didnt know you dosent mean your not in my heart love you linc and every other fellow service member!! <3"
Kayleigh L. Gallagher of Waynesville Missouri

Just thinking about you Jed.....thank you as always for watching over us from above!! Love ya!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"It's been 8 years brother. I still cry at your memorial. You were one of the greatest men I have ever known. I learned so much from you. I only hope that you are at the highest qaurts of heaven. I pray that over the years your beautiful family has had an oppurtunity to somewhat heal over the loss of such an awesome member. I wish you were here to lube your truck or to fish the Altamah. I miss you brother. You will never go unloved, or be unthought of. I love you like you are my own brother. God Bless."
Anthony Jay Rogers of Ludowici, GA, United States

"What's up Linc,
You're in my thoughts and prayers always. I remember all the fishing talks, lol , boring but hey, I picked up fishing. You were more than just a friend. I admired you, I always wondered how one person can always be so happy and cheery..lol.. I tell my kids about you all the time. I know you're watching over your family and friends. Youre always in my thoughts, you will always be missed.

Lincoln D. Hollinsaid Family,
Linc was a great person, when I was a brand new private at Ft.Irwin, he showed me the ropes, guided me, he never won a game of dominos and made me do push ups for it, but I still loved the guy. He always talked about his dad.
Thank you for Lincoln."
Oscar Orozco of Chicago Il

"I think about you all the time. We laughed so much!! I am and always will be proud of you. I love you for you."
Carrie Forrester of arkansas

"I still miss you. You were my best friend. You were the best!!! You kept me laughing when I wanted to cry."
Carrie Forrester of Clinton Ar

"I remember I used to always tell you... Continue to do great things for God and Country. You did it then and your still doing it now. I miss you."
Scott Elswick

"9 April 11
I cannot believe you have been gone for 8 years. I think about you all the time. We are forever indebted to your sacrifice. We lost you and gained a very precious piece of life with mom and dad coming into our lives. Miss you lots!"
Lynette of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Jed was a very good friend to everyone. I will forever miss him."
Matt of Kansas

"Coming to see you tomorrow brothers. Sitting in for your parents at the ceremony, it will be hard but just like the deployments you will get me through it."
SFC Kevin K. Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri

"I'm sure the fish are big in heaven, we miss you brother."
Mark and Nanette of Tampa

"Eight years ago all of us were glued to the TV watching the skies light up over Baghdad while a convoy of trucks, tanks and other equipment raced across the berm of Kuwait into Iraq to make the long and difficult trek into the heart of Baghdad. We all knew this was war but from the safety of our homes we could not comprehend what you and your fellow warriors would be up against. The heat, the sand, the dust, sleepless days and nights. You did not have time to feel fear a job had to be done so the march forward continued for days and then years.
Then they started the knocks on the doors during the day and night to inform us a love one had fallen and would not return. That knock came to our door and like others we felt a loss so great a pain deep in the heart that will never fully heal. We now stand with kindred souls who shared this same grief and loss. A feeling of pride is a common denominator among these Gold Star Families. We remember you the son,
the brother, the daughter, the sister, the husband and the wife. We remember the smiles, the laughter, the sorrows, yes your life.
May the blood that flowed from your bodies nourish the soil where you fell and give life to wild flowers and a fragrance of freedom that will take root and grow. May this be the reason and the legend of your life."

I was just thinking about you today. I found that old videotape of us playing at the fair back in '92. I wish you were still here, bro."
Chris Baetens of Aurora, CO USA

"Dear Lincoln,
the time of the seasons for thanksgiving and holiday cheer have one more time arrived. Our family table was set for a feast and you would have enjoyed the food and the company. We sat after dinner and watched the Bears defeat the Falcons. Logan gave thanks and asked for togetherness and safe travel and health for family and friends. We missed Kim and Parker they could not attend for Parker was not feeling his best on this day. Time slips by and the years accumulate you have not been at our feast now for over nine years. You are missed.
I can only envision other households with empty seats. Some so fresh and others like us who have stood the test of time and regained the courage to live life for those who can NO longer be here.
YES we are thankful.

"Think about you all the time and all the fun times we had in Germany. Especially our Berlin Trip with Bobby. Man it was cold but we were having a great time and than you got on the wrong train. I always think about that. And how much you loved Potato Balls and I cannot remember how many you ate at my parent House. Miss you!!! Wish you could meet our son Noah. You guys would have a blast together. Love you always!!!"
Franziska of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri


the day before fathers day had arrived
thousands of bikers in memory did ride

next to the river
the names they deliver
soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines had taken the fall
591 names to add to the wall

591 families had been notified
591 moms in grief they cried
591 new GOLD STARS added to the ranks
to veterans, freedom riders, and patriotic citizens we say thanks

for seven long years we have come to this place
to add the new names and remember their face
we pray for the day when the names will be zero
but we will always remember they are our hero

love dad"

"“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” -Arthur Ashe"
J. of Illinois

""To the family of Lincoln D. Hollinsaid ,I am so sorry for the loss of your love one.He died a hero.May you know the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to pray with you or talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church,Rev John B Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015""

"Your mom and I have again made it to Fort Stewart. We have come to walk amoung the red buds on Warriors Walk. Their blooms have stopped at this time but some blossoms have held on to give us an ideal of the return of spring and the return of the 3rd ID. Seven years have passed but the memories are of yesterday not today so we make new ones and include you so you are here with us and never far away. With love mom and dad."
of currently at Hilton Head Island, SC

"Always remembered, never forgotten. Thank you."
J. of Illinois

"I cannot believe it has been 7 years. You are never far from thought. We will never let you be forgotten!! You will always live on in our hearts and memories."
Lynette of Waynesville, MO

"SSG Lincoln "Jed" Hollinsaid, I only recently made contact with my "brothers" from Alpha 9E and heard the news. It seems like only a short while ago that we were privates in Bosnia. I salute you and know that you and your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I am proud and honored to have served with you. The world has lost a good soldier, friend, "brother", and a great man. SAPPERS BREACH HELL""
John Britt of Pearland Texas, USA

"Seven years.. Seems like just yesterday me and you were playing music together in Bosnia.. I miss you man!!"
Peter Roy of Wuerzburg, Germany

"It is so hard to believe you've been gone almost 7 years now. We pray that when we see you again in heaven, that you will be catfishing & I don't mean glowing catfish. Love you & miss you. You will always be our son. (in-law). With deepest love, Fred & Ro."
Fred & Ro of Ephrata

"Linc about ready to finish up another deployment. Thank you for being by my side. And get us all back home safe to our families."
Kevin ( C.I.D.) of Baghdad, Iraq

"“There are stars whose light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people whose remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away. This light shines in our darkest nights on the road we must follow.” ~ The Talmud Quotes"
J. of Illinois

"Christmas Time:
Now a mememory that Christmas of 2002. It seems so long ago but now with the decorations all around the house your presence seems to be here. It was the last time we heard you laugh, the last time we talked, and the last time we could hug. The photos and the paintings keep that last Christmas alive as we try to recapture those mememories that flicker through our minds like the light from the Christmas candle. They make us smile and can still make us cry. We have spoken to many families over the years that know of these feelings of hope and despair but hope wins for it is the time of the year that faith again can be renewed. I would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all who are serving our country in the military and to the families of the fallen. Merry Christmas to you Lincoln we love and miss you."

Well its been awhile since I posted on here. A lot has changed since then. I got married and changed MOS's and in that time I am now getting divorced. Less than a year (wife cheating). I drove with my father in law from WI thru Canada to Alaska. You should have been with us. What an adventure. I know you are still with me here. I cant wait to start fishing and hunting like we always did. Driving in So Cal looking for fishing holes. I need your help right now brother. I am hurting so much right now. I remember when you got your divorce and thats why i am turning to you now. I can still see your face and hear your voice. I still remember the green GMC and thought what a great truck. You were and are the truest of friends. Please help me now as I move and move on. SAPPERS FORWARD! ALWAYS"
SSG Michael Cherette of 1/25 SBCT Ft. Wainwright, AK

We had a FANTABULOUS time on vacation with mom and dad!!! We made a trip to Fort Stewart and visited your tree and all the others on Warrior Walk. Was a little hard to be there...but I am glad I went. I kept a leaf and a couple of pods from your tree! I wish you were here with us...but take comfort knowing that you are watching over from above!! Much love!"
Lynette of Waynesville, MO

"Getting ready to go on vacation with Mom and Dad!! I wish you could be here Jed! Thinking about you lots! Please watch over Kevin and give him the guidance he needs to come home safe!"
Lynette of Waynesville, mo

"No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another. Thank you. ~Author Unknown"
J. of Illinois

"To all the family and friends of Lincoln

As I sit here at my work station at Camp Stryker, iraq typing this, I am on my 4th deployment to Iraq. The 6th anniversary of Lincoln's death has just passed. Lincoln was my 2nd friend that I have lost over here (Paul was the 1st, and Jason was the 3rd); unfortunately, the number is a lot higher now. I didn't know Linc really well, since I was in 1st plt and he was in 2nd plt, but I considered him as a friend and true professional. There is a website called Army-together we served. It is kinda like facebook for the Army. I maintain a rememberance profile dedicated to Paul and Jason on my profile page. Here is the email address for the site:


If anybody wants to check it out, my name is listed as john.craig in the Army togetherweserved directory. Just go to my profile page and then click on either one of their names to go to the rememberance page I maintain for them. If SSG LINCOLN HOLLINSAID's parents, or anyone who has an email address for them, reads this, I want to tell them the only reason I don't maintain a rememberance page for him is because I, regrettably, don't have enough information to make a page that would do him justice. I believe the rememerance pages I maintain for Jason and Paul Smith are pretty accurate. I would like to maintain one for Linc as well. I still have the kevlar cover that I wore during my first iraq deployment. On the stripes of the Marne patch are the words "In Memory SFC SMITH, SSG HOLLINSHAID, PFC MEYER 4-7APR
03" I carried that with me on my 2nd and 3rd iraq deployments as well as this deployment. I consider that to be one of my good luck charms that I never deploy without. I wanted to let everybody know that Linc has not been forgotten. If anybody would like to get in contact with me, I can be reached at:

or on my profile page on Army together weserved. SGT PELLETIER, if you see this, please email me on my ako, bro.

"Dan & Nan,
Please know that you are always in our thoughts & prayers, especially today."
Fred & Rose Sprecher

"It's been 6 long yrs my friend, you'll never be forgotten in my or my families heart. Stay well and watch over our brave troops out there now as you did with us. Thank you for all you sacrificed so we could make it home. My best wishes to the Hollinsaid family for all they sacrificed as well, no words could ever express my gratitude for all you've also sacrifice. Thank you."
Derek "SGT P" Pelletier

"Been having a rough couple of months Jed. You were never very good at giving sound advise but you always listened. I could use some of that right about now. Give me the strength and knowledge to bring my guys back this time."
SFC Kevin K. Gallagher of Ft. Riley KS

"Dear Family of Lincoln D. Hollinsaid,

You don't know me, but for the past 5 years I have worn a KIA bracelet with your son's name on my right hand.

His ultimate sacrifice to our country brings me to the most sincere reverence. From knowning of his courage and "story and the glory" from information online, I know he was a great person.

I can't tell you the number of times that just looking at his name has brought me courage and inspiration. Though I never had the honor of knowing him, he is in my thoughts often.

God bless you and Lincoln most of all.

With Deepest Regards,

1LT Vivek Sahani"
Vivek Sahani of NJ

"1 April 09
You have been on my mind alot lately! I cannot believe it has been almost 6 years since you left us. Your picture remains up in our home, and it always will. I am proud to have known someone that was willing to lay his life down for my girls' freedom! Love you Jed!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"Dan and Nancy,
I have tried to write several times and cannot find the words. I was thinking some this morning on it. I hope to get a letter out to you this week. I visit the tree and marker left for Linc often. Know that we have never forgotten and will never forget.
Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell Command Sergeant Major of Fort Stewart GA 3rd Infantry

Just thinking about you today...thought I would come and say hi. You have been in my thoughts alot lately....I hope you have been listening to my prayers. Please keep him safe, Jed, watch over him, bring him home to me."
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"To the parents of Lincoln D. Hollinsaid, I was paired up with him during basic traing at Ft. Leonardwood...an outstanding basic recruit among those of Bravo 35th class Nov. 95 to Mar. 96. I see he was on the fast track of promotions to reach E-6 in eight years. I watched the video I have of our basic training and Lincoln is in a three very short segments, one in which I am standing beside him in the snow for "shoot and scoot" taining. I will remember your son...good man and excellent soldier. I went to Germany and was deployed to Bosnia in 96 for IFOR and again in 98 for SFOR while serving in the 40th Engr. Battalion HHC. Subsequntly in the reserves with the 6045th GSU till march 2001...ETS Dec. 2003."
Max Peiper Maddux of Los Gatos, CA

"9/11/08 Dear Dan & Nancy,
I just had to write to you today. We have news...Jonathon is re-enlisting today down at Fort Hood. It seems so appropriate that he chose today. Two years ago today, he was on a plane headed for Iraq. seven years ago yesterday, Jason chose to enlist. Many memories...both good and sad. We think about you often. We know you think of us as well as the Smith family...3 lives cut down within a few days time...so hard, but for a just cause...all heroes forever.
Take care,"
Deb & Loren Meyer of South Bend, IN USA

mom and I made the trip over the weekend to Metropolis to see your grandma and grandpa. Your aunt Linda road along with us. We went to Red Lobster to celebrate your's and grandma's birthday. On the trip down and back you were included in most of the conversation. We never tire of telling your story. Time passes so quickly it is hard to beleive five years have come and gone. Happy birthday son we love and miss you.
Love, Dad

"It's hard to come up with the 'right' thing to say, even now, 5 years after your death. You were a great NCO, a great leader, but an even better man. Of course it took me some time to realize that, all I knew at first was how much I couldn't stand this man that would make us run through the sand instead of on the road out at NTC (almost 10 years ago). BUT ~ after I realized you were all about making us tougher, I began to see how much you really cared about your SOLDIERS. That lesson is one that I carried with me throughout my entire military career and one that I continue to carry with me now.
Thank you for all of your lessons ~ as difficult as they may have been to realize at the time. You are a true hero, one that will never be forgotten. You will forever be in the hearts and minds of all those that you have touched and inspired."
Heather Thompson (formerly SGT Cardamone LIMA 56C) of Norfolk, NE

"Linc, I miss you buddy. I hope as you look over everyone you have touched, that you not be disappointed. I think of you often. Continue to keep me on the right path. I will always remember fishing with you and others from the Lima Live Fire team."
SSG Cory Barnes of K-16, South Korea

"24 May 08
Just thinking about you alot this weekend!! I know you are watching over us!! Keep up the good work!!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"8 April 08
Well, I didn't make it here yesterday....but that doesn't mean I didn't think about you! Kayleigh asked me yesterday morning what day it was...when I said the date, it almost choked me up! I cannot believe it has been 5 years since you became our gaurdian angel! You will never be forgotten! Your picture will never leave our hero wall, and my girls will always be able to tell people that they have a soldier watching over them from above!
Dan and Nancy,
You know we love you!! It kills me that we had to lose him to get you, but I suppose that is Linc's way of making the pain a little easier! Cannot wait to see you next month!!!"
Lynette Galalgher of Waynesville, MO

"Oh Linc! Its been 5 years today and I dont think that I will every forget your sacrifice. You are thought of everytime I go to Princeton and see those beautiful flags flying, I remember you. You were an amazing person, and I'm so blessed to have spent some time with you back in our younger days. I miss you!
To Dan and Nancy, I am thinking about you also today. Maybe I'll get you called later. your in my prayers! Love you all"
teresa of walnut, illinois

"Dan & Nancy,

Lincoln is always remembered. I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about him and you both. All my best, Bulldogs, Junglecats~Forward!"
Major Mike Bliss of Fort Riley, Kansas

"Lincoln, I was at Fort Stewart over the weekend and located your memorial. You are still in my thoughts. Essayons!

MSG A. J. Lister (R)"
Tony of Fredericksburg, VA

"Jan. 2008
Dan & Nancy,
What a joy to finally meet you "in person" nearly five years after we both lost "our boys" in Baghdad. You are so right...you can't tell the story of Lincoln without mentioning Paul Ray Smith & Jason Meyer as well. Three brave men, fighting for us and paying the ultimate price. Jason would have been 28 soon. Nearly five years, but sometimes is still seems like yesterday. Thanks to you, I went searching and stumbled on a site where there happened to be a "Message home" from B Company. Jason's message was there and I can't wait to share it with Loren in the morning. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I go out and surf the net. Tonight is one of those nights. I'm thankful we can actually SEE Jason in Kuwait.
God's blessings to you and your family."
Deb Meyer, "Mom" of PFC Jason of South Bend, IN

"January 3, 2008
To the family of Staff Sgt. Lincoln D. Hollinsaid:
Lincoln gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"SSG Hollinsaid, Lincoln D.
Holiday Wishes to you my brother! I have not posted on here in a couple of years. A lot has changed these last couple of years. I stop and think of how we could have been great friends and exchanged Christmas cards between families. Your presence on this Earth may have been short-lived, but you will forever be in my memory, as well as multiple others. Brother, I miss you and hope that you look over me for as long as I am on this spinning rock. ENGINEERS! SAPPERS FORWARD!"
SSG Michael Cherette of Wausau, WI

"Hey Jed....Just thinking alot about you today! We finished mom's quilts and gave them to her over Thanksgiving when they were here. I hope you approve. Ms Jillian touched me deeply with her hug and thanks for making the quilts for them. Please watch over Kevin and help him in the decisions he is making about where to go and what to do when our time here is up. I know you are always looking out for us all....miss you
7 Dec 07"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"Thank you LORD for friends and family.

We welcomed home your Uncle Don a few days ago. Giving him a hug was a few seconds of very mixed emotions it was almost like the homecoming we never had for you and so as much as we love DON and know you did we quickly got back to the reason for celebration. We welcomed home a brave soldier.
The holidays are much the same way. We gather with friends and family to talk and visit and although you are not with us physically your presence is always there. A look, a smile, a laugh, your name always brought up in a discussion. The memory of you is so strong in our lives its like your sitting over there in the corner just queitly listening in and ready to add to the conversation with that whit and talent for story telling with that grin on your face that your mom so adored. Mom and I are so thankful that we have all these people to share with at holidays so instead of missing you, you are here in the hearts of all."
Love , Dad

"in my heart today and always, miss you, and thanks for all you did to protect your country."
teresa of illinois

"Lincoln, your sacrifice will always be remembered and cherished! Here's a toast...

I watched the flag pass by one day,
It fluttered in the breeze;
A young Staff Sergeant saluted it,
And then he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform,
So young, so tall, so proud;
With hair cut square and eyes alert,
He'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought...how many men like him
Had fallen through the years?
How many died on foreign soil?
How many mothers' tears?
How many pilot's planes shot down?
How many died at sea?
How many foxholes were soldiers graves?
No, Freedom is not Free.

I heard the sound of TAPS one night,
When everything was still;
I listened to the bugler play,
And felt a sudden chill;
I wondered just how many times
That TAPS had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin
Of a brother or a friend;
I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.

I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea,
Of unmarked graves in Arlington...
No, Freedom is not Free."
LANCE A. MERKLEY, Capt, USAF of Hurlburt Field, FL/AFSOC

"Lincoln, I was in the middle of the desert at Fort Irwin. SGM Clarkson, told me what had happend, and I just fell to my knees. I couldnt believe you were gone. Lincoln, you always took care of your soldiers, and was a great teacher,coach and mentor. I will always remember the brown bag you always took with you to the field, it never ran out of food. Lincoln, I always think about you and do miss you, I know your in a better place, doing some good fishing and good camping. I really learned a lot from you at NTC for 2 and a half years we worked together. Lincoln, you will always be in my prayers and so will your family.The other day I saw a forest green truck on the road with big wheels and thought about you. I misss you BRO. LIMA 54 ancient "OUT""
SSG Christopher Chavira

"Happy Birthday
I saw your boots today at the Memorial"
mike of Park Forest,Il

"Happy Birthday Lincoln...you will never be forgotten. May everyone who loved you smile today in your memory."
-an old friend

"Happy Birthday Linc. I met your mother on Wednesday in Marseilles, Illinois at the dedication of Tears for the Fallen. I wish you were here to celebrate this day of your birth. God Bless you."
Cheri Cutright of Marseilles, Illinois

"AUG 3rd a day we celebrate your birth. You would be 32 this year but in our hearts you will FOREVER be young and always 27. Happy Birthday Linc !"

"To the Hollinsaid Family:
You are in my thoughts always, especially at Memorial Day. I went to high school with Linc; I was a couple of years older so we didn't run around in the same circles. I worked at The Video Store, and that is how I remember him: a quiet kid with this long dark hair, coming in to rent movies. I always smile when I think of him.
I am so sorry for your loss."
Shannon (Sapp) Killion of Morton, IL

"Mr. and Mrs. Hollinsaid,
Please know that Lincoln and his service and sacrifice - and yours - will be remembered and honored forever.
"These are the times that try men's souls. The Summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us - that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."
-Thomas Paine, The Crisis"
J. of Illinois

"Mr. & Mrs. Hollinsaid, you don't know me but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Pruett (SSG,USA,Retired). I was Lincoln's teamleader when we were stationed together at the National Training Center in Ft Irwin, CA. I am very sorry for your loss. Lincoln was a great man and a great soldier. I just wanted to write to let you know that he will always be remembered and will always have a place in the hearts and minds of the soldiers who knew him. Please accept these condolences and God Bless. To Lincoln: Hey dude I know that you led your men into a great fight and I know that you taught them well. As you look upon them today watch over them carefully and keep them safe. We love you dude and you will truely be missed."
SSG(R) Brian Pruett of Charlotte,NC

"Hi Hollinsaid Family. My name is Austin Galindo and I am studying your son for a project at school. He was very brave and we thank him for protecting us and our country. I saw the picture of him and his gameboy...I love my gameboy."
Austin Galindo of Bloomington, IL

"FOUR years of missing you. Time keeps on going and one day melts away into the sunset and dawn brings the rebirth of the next. Somedays are still longer than others as sad memories add to the lingering minutes and then hours. I never dreamed that the loss of one can cause such a tempest of emotions of why and why not, of low and then high. Yet life continues and the light of PRIDE in what you did and what the others have done and what they are still doing shines through in the continued sacrifices made each new day. For each one lost many will remember as we remember you and never forget."

"Thought about you alot this weekend Jed. Everything that we have been throught as soldiers, friends. Where ever we were our paths always crossed. From Germany, Kids being born, BNCOC, NTC, to that courtyard I happened to stop at on Highway 8. you name it we did it. You got me through some long days and nights over in the big sandbox. Ma and Pop are doing fine, They truely are amazing people. I look up and think everyday whats Jed up to today. Thanks again for always being there you are truely a great friend and NCO."
SSG Kevin Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"TO: Peter Roy,
I would love to listen to your new CD. Linc loved music. His collection of CD's we got back after his death covered much of the gamit. While listening I will imagine him standing next to you playing his guitar and strumming out every cord with a big smile on his face. Ten years is a long time to miss someone but it's not so long when we keep them in our heart. April 7th will be four years now. Peter thanks for remembering.
dhollins@amfam.com / Linc's Dad"

Well, almost ten years after we played music together in the Z.O.S café on camp McGovern, Bosnia I can honestly say I still think about you everyday. I finally got a record deal and my debut CD is coming out in May. I dedicated the CD to you and put a personal message from me to you on the inside that I am sure you have already read. You really inspired me go after what I really wanted in life. So, I will find a way to get CD’s to your parents and I play the Johnny Cash version of “HURT” at every concert and dedicate it to you, because I know you would have really loved that tune."
Peter Roy of Germany

"16 March 07
Hey there!! Visited mom and dad last week!! I LOVE what mom is doing with your room. We worked on your shadow box, just have to get some things to finish it off. By the way....I know you were laughing at me going through that mess of a box with your uniform stuff on it...PACKRAT!! LOVE YOU!!!"
Lynette of Waynesville, MO

"Just wanted to say hello Linc and that I was thinking about you today, when I was reading some of my bible I come across the verse that says a friend loves at all times, and I cant help but think that is so you. Loving at all times. God Bless"
Teresa of walnut

Buddy, I'm sorry it took something like this for you to hear from me. Thank you! Thank you for defending your country. But most of all, thank you for being one of the best friends a guy could have during a time when none of us really knew who we were or what we were about. I know your in heaven man...and I know your playing guitar for the Big Guy there. Take care my friend."
Chris Baetens of Bloomington, IL

I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. After reading all these reflections all I can say is that I wish I had the opportunity to have met you, you sound like one hell of a soldier, NCO, and most importantly a great human being.

"Forward"(11th Engrs Motto)"

Another LIFE has been lost. This one was taken and news of his death spread across the world. This LIFE to was TAKEN for the pursuit of FREEDOM not GIVEN. What allows atrocious, brutal, and evil people to gain power? Is it the lack of FREEDOM?
As with all wars much blood has been spilled on both sides. The pain and grief the same for loved ones lost. I feel it is time for the people of Iraq to decide if they can over look age old differences and find a way to come together. Our SOLDIERS (sons and daughters) have given much as well as our nation to provide a chance or an opprotunity for a people to start a new LIFE. Hopefully one without the brutality of the past. We know it will not happen today or tomorrow. It will take time and take the true will of all of the Iraq people. FREEDOM comes with a great cost and must be maintained and nurtured so dictators have no way to get control and power. We know there are many unspoken reasons why we went to war but we do know that our son Lincoln was willing to give his LIFE to help bring down this dictator and give FREEDOM a chance to grow."

"Just thinking alot about you lately Jed....It has been so long since you left us...but it still hurts the same as it did when I first heard the news. I know you are watching over all of us, and that gives me comfort. I know that God has a plan for each of us....I just wish I understood them. We love you!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Waynesville, MO

"11/22/2006 A Thanksgiving Blessing
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on ones blessings. There are many things that happen in life which are tragic, hard to except, and understand. How can anyone think of the loss of a loved one as a blessing. Death comes in many different ways and often un-annouced. We know what caused our son's death and still bear the loss and the grief. The wound has healed over and the scar is there but not visible. Yet we realize the blessing was this individual grew up in our household and contributed memories that will last a life time no matter how brief their stay. These young men and women are our sons and daughters they are our heros. GOD chose us among all others to raise them and be their family and share in their success and tribulations. They made us better people. So I can say thank you LORD for allowing Lincoln to be a part of our life. It truely is a BLESSING."

"Hello Linc! Came to your sight tonight for my daughter Zoe. She is doing a project for school and they are making a "wall of honor" so she says to me, "Mommy lets do the boy who is on that pin in your van", so I said that would be just great Zoe, we will honor him. So we are honoring you this veterans day, and the pin is one your mom gave me when i visit your memorial room. Thanks again for serving our country and I truely am blessed to have met such a wonderful family. May your light shine on and on forever and ever. Close in Prayer, Dear Heavenly Father God, I just take this time right now to thank you for the life of Linc you gave to his family and friends and this country Lord. I lift them up to you so that we may honor him this day Lord. We thank you so much Father God for being by our side always. Lord I am so thankful your in my life and I know Linc is now our angel watching down on us. Lord I thank you for allowing me the chance to have met such a wonderful christian family, who opens up their door to keep Linc's memory alive for all of us. Father God I just love you and I thank you for being in my life. May you always look out for our troops over seas Lord and comfort their families while their love ones are away. Its in you precious name I pray, Amen."
God Bless, Teresa of Walnut, Illinois

"Hey there!! Has been awhile since I have been here. I stil think about you daily....you are never far from thought. I take comfort knowing that you are there watching over us.
I hope that we are taking care of Mom and Dad the way you would want. We cannot imagine our life without them."
Lynette of Waynesville, MO

Today you would be 31. We still celebrate your LIFE and remember.
from MOM & DAD"

"Mr and Mrs Hollinsaid,
It was truely an honor and priviledge to meet and visit with you last evening in Princeton. As I read some of the messages here and other accounts of your son's actions, I cannot help but to feel I would have enjoyed knowing such a fine Non Commissioned Officer and fellow SAPPER. I read one particular message regarding the sand that brought back alot of memories. "I can't see, can't breath, it get's into everything!" and "I wish my truck & boat could learn to write". I remembered Mrs Hollinsaid mentioning his boat in our conversation. Yet, as a true professional NCO, the needs of his soldiers came first.

I'd like to take a ride some day to visit the Malden Post Office and witness for myself this dedication to Linc.

If there is ever anything the Patriot Guard Riders or I as an individual can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me!


"I Maintain the Right"
Motto of the 307th Engineer Bn (Abn)
82nd Airborne Division"
Ken "Preacher" Dieken, Patriot Guard Riders of Davenport, Iowa

"Been awhile since I have been here. Mom and Dad came to visit for the 4th of July. It was great to have them here. The girls love having them around. We are soooo close to finally having your awards straight. It will be nice to add your shadow box to our wall. I know you are there watching over us....thanks!! Love you!"
Lynette of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"thinking of you"
teresa of walnut

"Just thinking ALOT about you today!! Seems like I have been thinking more about you lately than normal...not really sure why. Today being Memorial Day, I am sure has alot to do with it."
Lynette of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Dear Family of Lincoln,
I am studying your son for a Hero and Memorial Day project... It seems like he was a really good friend! I am sorry about your loss, but he is in a better place now... you will never forget him for what he did, and neither will I.
I just learned how to fish this spring. I will think of him when I go.

Natalie Trumbull
3rd grade
Northpoint Elementary"
Natalie Trumbull of Bloomington, Illinois

"Linc was my dad's best friend, his only best friend. He was one th greatest men I ever knew. He was my dad's fishing buddie, that was the last place i saw him, fishing in Missouri, with my dad. I miss him, so does my dad. He toasts him every day, and especially on April 7th. He has his battle patch on his right arm, in ink and blood, which i hope to get soon. We miss him."
Adrik Joseph Dean Ralston of Tampa

"To Mrs.& Mr. Hollinsaid,
I know that you have heard great things about your son, and that you know that he was a great man, but he was turly the best soldier and man I have ever meet.I am sorry for your lost and my prayers are with your family."
Dep. Holycross of Corona ,CA

"My name is Cameron Schilling and I have started “Portrait of a Soldier” which donates a portrait sketch of every Illinois soldier who has fallen in Iraq or Afghanistan. All 122 sketches will be on display for a Memorial Day Presentation in Chicago, Illinois on May 26-31 at the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. After the ceremony the sketches will be given to the immediate families of the Illinois soldiers. I would invite any friends or family members to come and honor these men and women from Illinois who have given their lives to our country. For more information please contact OperationHomeFront.org at 866-417-8889 which is an organization headed by the Lt. Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois who is in charge of the Memorial Day Presentation. Thank You.

Please check out www.portraitofasoldier.org
To contact Cameron email cameronschilling84@hotmail.com
To contact Operation Home Front call 866-417-8889"
Cameron Schilling of Charleston, Illinois

"To Lincolns family,
I have many reservations to sending you this message because of the pain for your loss of a child. I want you to know, although I only knew Lincoln because we grew up for a few years in the same town, He will always be the first person I think of when I hear the news about Iraq. We were not freinds or even associates in common circles, but he was always an understanding and enlightened person. I just want you to know that even years later, a person who knew him only for a small fraction of time will remember him."
Daniel Marquis of Chicago/Princeton IL

"Well, Jed, it was 3 year yesterday that you left us. I know that heaven is a better place having you there. There are still some days that I would like to be selfish and have you here with us....but I take comfort in the fact that my babies have an angel watching over them. You are in my thoughts everyday. We talk of you often. Kayleigh has many questions about you, and if nothing else, you have helped her understand the sacrifice that soldiers make. We love you! Thought I would share the following poem with you.....

They've a song about the Army
The Navy and Marines:
They've got one for the Air Force
The whole darn works it seems.

But they've never taken trouble
Though we've served them all for years,
To write a verse or two
For the Corps of Engineers.

We build their roads and airfields
Their pipelines and their camps,
From underground munitions dumps
To concrete loading ramps.

Before the others get there
We had to break the ground,
And we built it all to suit their needs
Solid, safe and sound.

But the ENGINEERS aren't kicking
For when their moving in,
We know it's just another place
Where we've already been.

If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scene,
'Tis said the streets will be patrolled
By United States Marines.

Now who will guard the streets up there
We aren't disposed to say,
But we offer this suggestion
If they look at things that way:

When the Marines have taken over
In that land that knows no years,
They'll find it designed and built
By the Corps of Engineers!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Well, tomorrow will be three years since you've been gone. We really miss you and think of you and your family at this time."
Fred & Rose Sprecher of Ephrata PA USA

"Mr & Mrs Hollinsaid
Please know that there is not a day that goes by that i'm not thinking of you and your Son. The 3rd year is coming around and it feels like yesterday. you are in my prayers and thoughts.God bless you"
Birgit Smith wife of SFC Paul Smith of Holiday Florida

"It’s been almost 10 years since the last time I seen Lincoln but I can remember him like it was yesterday. Funny how some people stay apart of your life no matter how long it’s been. We went thru basic training together and were assigned in the same room with six other guys. Lincoln was the glue that kept us all together when things got stressful. I always smile and laugh a little when I think back to the times like when he got our entire platoon to salute me and say good morning LT Dan one morning before formation. We all knew there was something special about Lincoln and could see he was a true leader and friend. I consider myself lucky to have known him and will remember him for the rest of my life."
Dan LaFavor of Belleville IL

It's almost 3 years. I think about you often. I like to think of the good times we had together like the trips we went on. The time we went to Sequoia and we hiked for what seemed like forever, mostly because we were lost. Alhough, you would never admit it. I think about the first time we went camping and you made a lean to out of a ponco. I think aobut our first date, we went to the drive-in in Barstow to see A Bug's Life and I got a speeding ticket for you. A lot of the time though I think about how I distroyed us, and never really got to say I was sorry. There are so many things I want to say, but I just don't know how to. I guess I'll say that I'm sorry, I love you and thank you for being a part of my life."
Tracy of Ephrata, PA

Mom and Dad stopped in to see us on a recent trip to MO. I know you can see it...they have become an extended part of our family. We love them dearly and I hope that we are taking care of them like you would have. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Love ya,
Lynette of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year
Always in my heart forever, you special friend."
Teresa of Walnut, Illinois

"Merry Christmas Son,

Christmas felt more like Christmas this year
Lights and decorations with family and friends near
Yet something was missing, someone not here
There are photos and paintings, old stories and memories would bring smiles and cheer
Yet something was missing, someone not here
So we sang praises to GOD, for our blessings and his SON
It was due to Jesus birth and sacrifice, that forgiveness was born
Yet something is missing, Linc is not here
You see our son has a new home, so we shed NO tears
For heaven awaits us, we know HE is there

Merry Christmas Linc / Love Dad"

"Just thinking alot about you Jed....just wanted to stop in and say hello. Our girls know that they have an angel watching over them, and that he was a hero. We love you!!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"My name is Cameron Schilling. I am a college student from central Illinois. I am the first generation of my family not to serve his country. I am extremely grateful for the sacrifice you and your loved one has given for the United States. I am disappointed by the way the news media has covered this war and the deaths of our youth. The media has stopped listing the names of the soldiers killed in Iraq and people only talk about the soldiers when we reach a specific milestone in deaths. If you just started watching the news today you would not even know there is a war going on. Partisan politics have replaced coverage of our young generation who have traveled to a foreign land in the name of the United States. Whether you believe the war in Iraq is wrong, right, justified or not everyone should pay even just a little more attention to what these young men and women are sacrificing. This is what I would like to do. I want to do my part in honoring these soldiers and their memories. Along with being a college student I am also a budding artist. I draw pencil portraits of local people in my community. I want to offer a pencil portrait sketch to the immediate family of every Illinois soldier killed in Iraq. Please contact me at cameronschilling84@hotmail.com."
Cameron of Illinois

"Mr & Mrs Hollinsaid,
I came to this site today, to remember Lincoln. He served with my step-son, PFC Jason Meyer. They died one day apart. So many young men lost from Fort Stewart. I know that you miss him like we miss Jason. I look forward to being able to meet you some day.
Our boys are with the angels. I think of them, and you, a lot.
May God be with you."
Deb Meyer of South Bend, IN

"23 Sep 05
Just wanted to stop and say "hello soldier" and "thank you", for protecting our country and its people. I know your parents are so very pround of the fine young man you turned out to be and savor the day when you are all together again. Job well done! God Bless you."
Jim of Bahama Beach, Maryland

The Flags of Freedom have been raised to thank all who served in our military for this great nation. Once more words have been spoken of your courage and sacrifice as well as all who gave their "ALL". As I sat there that day on the stage I felt your presence through the breeze and the flag before me. It was as though you were speaking to me and you were pleased with what was about to happen. Then the wind picked up again as though a large hand had fanned the air and allowed the FLAGS to fly like a graceful bird in flight. On our trial run a few days ago an eagle circled above in the sky. I hope it was the same one that landed in the tree above me a few days before your death. Your mom and I have seen one several times at home or close to Princeton we refer to the eagle as Linc's eagle. I love you and miss you. I hope these flags fly forever so your memory lives on and the people of our nation never forget what our soldiers do and how much they sacrifice."

"today was an outstanding day in princeton illinois. The flags of Freedom were raised in honor of all the fallen heroes. The crowd of all forces and family and friends was unbelievable, it just really put flutters in my stomach! It made me so proud to be in the United States. Your father gave a very touching speech, that touched my heart and everyone else that heard him. I know you watched over the Flags of Freedom presentation today and I just thank you for serving our country. This day was a day that just made me so thankful. May God always bless your family."
Teresa Schiedel of walnut, illinois USA

"a bro! lincoln! still remember partyin with you when you were a pfc and i was just new to the army! me and brandon will always charish the memorys and never forget what you did for us!!! rock on man LIMAS!!!!! your soldier and above all friend!"
jesse mariscal of buena park ca!!!

"Just thinking about you tonight Linc."
Teresa of walnut,

in my heart I know you see what we are doing so I ask you to look down from heaven and on Sept. 10th 2005 you will be able to see the FLAGS OF FREEDOM. Four huge American flags to honor your sacrifice as well as all those lost and those who served in the past, the present, and in the future. These flags will measure 30ft. by 60 ft. and will majestically fly on 145 ft. high poles. Your mom and I are proud to be a part of this committee . I only wish you could be here to stand beside us. I do know you will be here in the spirit and in our hearts. Love Dad (dhollins@amfam.com)"
Dan Hollinsaid father of SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid of Malden, Il 61337

"Just wanted to leave a message. Linc (Jed) is never ever far from my thoughts. I have pictures of him above our desk, so that we are always reminded of the sacrifices that soldiers are making everyday in Iraq and around the world. We have gained a couple of wonderful people (Ma & Pa Hollinsaid) in our life because of our loss of him. My girls will grow up knowing they have a hero watching over them!! We love you!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"Link, It took me a long time to deal with your loss. I had first heard about it when I was in Korea and SSG Hunter told me about it. You were a great mentor and you taught me everything I know. All those nights the week before the SOM board back in 2000 and me finally winning. All that was because of you and SSG Loughner. You are a great friend and I always looked at you as an older brother. I will always remember the last thing you said to me before you PCS'd to Ft. Stewart. I think about it often and I will do what I can to live up to your expectations. I know you are up in Heaven doing nothing but fishin and drinkin some beer. LIMA's SAPPERS Forward!!!"
SGT Michael Cherette of Ft Lewis, WA 3/2 SBCT

"Thinking of you Linc and honoring you this Memorial Day Weekend. I've worn your pin all day today and I plan on wearing it all weekend, to honor and remember you on this important holiday. I also plan to visit your rock garden at home and bring some flowers. Your parents have turned their home into a wonderful memorial to honor you, they have amazing hearts and are so proud of your accomplishment. This weekend is to honor you and all who lost theirs lives serving our country to keep us safe, may God always bless you and your family."
Teresa of Walnut, Illinois

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hollinsaid,
I was a mutual friend of Sgt Anthony Jay Rogers and Lincoln. It has taken me a while to do this but as I sit here at this computer, being 2 years since I have seen Lincoln and being in Iraq again, I have finally been able to write you and thank you for the fine man your son was. I knew him through fishing and bon fires at Sgt Rogers house. I was younger when both of my Grandfathers passed away and I did not cry, but when I found out about Lincoln, I cried like a small child. He may have not been a brother by blood, but he was my brother in every other sense of the word. Again I say Thank You for the wonderful friend that your son was."
Spc. Gabriel T. Hayes of Ft. Stewart, Ga

"To Mr. and Mrs. Hollinsaid:
I read your last post here and would like to share what I know and remember from what happened. I think it is only fair that you would know the truth or as close to it as possible. My phone number is (815) 468-7952. Give me a call and I'd be more than glad to help you out."
Pfc Joshua Becvar of Manteno, IL

Two years have passed. The shock is gone but that empty feeling will never go away. Your flag was raised over our memorial site to you. It was flown over the capital building in D C. I believe most families have one. It is saved for this one day out of the year to fly in your honor. Your brother and I were talking about the span of time and how two years ago seems like yesterday but two days after your death seemed like an eternity. Speaking of your brother Adam is still driving your truck and he now has your fishing boat. Seeing that truck again really does something to the heart strings for it is the one thing or the biggest thing that still holds a connection to you. We still here from many of your army buddies. Your mom and I attend everything we can to honor you and the other fallen heros. We still get additional information which helps to tell your story of where and how your death occurred. We want to know every detail. Your captain suggested I read the book Thunder Run for it gives a lot of the events that were going on just before and at the time you were killed. Somehow it helps call it therapy. We all miss you and think of you all the time. Especially this time of the year."
Dan Hollinsaid father of SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid of Malden, Il 61337

"2 years, Linc, and we went out and raised our glasses to you tonight. Even though we don't always speak of it, not a day goes by that you aren't in our thoughts and prayers. God bless your family, and watch over and protect those still in harm's way. Godspeed."
Anthony Marzano of Crest Hill (formerly Princeton), IL

"I know your probably laughing at me right now for not spelling your name right, I'm so sorry Linc, it's so late, but I was thinking of you and your family with the 2 year mark coming up and just wanted you to know your remembered in my heart forever.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to morun and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war, and a time for peace. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8NIV)"
Teresa Geldean Schiedel of Walnut, Illinois

"You are a hero Link! I know your in the best place now enjoying eternity with God. I continue to pray for your family daily, God Bless You!"
Teresa Schiedel of Walnut, Illinois,USA

"SSG Hollinsaid:

It is now two years since we lost you that day on highway 8. You had some big shoes to fill, especially now that SFC Smith got his Medal of Honor. But you were more than capable of taking over the position. I think I speak for the whole squad when I say we were proud that you got picked to be platoon sgt. You meant a lot to all of us in the squad, especially myself, being an Illinoian also. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you guys and what you all did over there. Some of us struggle dealing with it, but at least we are all still here to deal with it because of you guys. I wish you were still here. B 23 will not be forgotten."
PFC Becvar, 11 Eng, B Co, 2nd Plt, 3rd Sqd of Manteno, IL

"It has been almost 2 years since we lost a brave and heroic soldier. "Jed" was a wonderful friend and an outstanding solider. Although we lost a very dear friend that is missed every single day, we have gained another set of parents for my husband and myself and a set of grandparents for my two little girls. And now, we will be able to tell them stories as they grow about their Uncle Jed....and the values that he died defending. Not a day goes by that he isn't thought of, my heart swells with pride whenever anyone mentions recognizing him on the button that I wear everyday. Jed, we love you!!!"
Lynette Gallagher of Fort Irwin, CA

"To my brother and my friend,
It has been almost two years since your sacrifice for this great country. We made great memories at NTC, memories that will remain with us forever. You always made me better and you always made your soldiers better. I thank God for you and for your family. Your parents raised a remarkable NCO, that led the way at all times! I miss you and I know that you are with the Lord praising and worshipping Him. God bless the Hollinsaid Family and God Bless the United States of America!!"
SSG Travis Butler of NCO Academy Hawaii

"We spent months together as he drove our track to Hohenfels and Grafenwohr and Schweinfurt. Sitting alone in the cold, we joked and laughed and he could fall asleep in a minute and carried out orders in a second. He was one of the best I ever knew. The first of my former soldiers to make the sacrifice. The best of the best. I would like to meet his parents in DC in March. 719-761-4770"
CPT Eric Noe of Ft. Carson, CO

"To Linc's family,
My wife Ruth and I offer you our condolences for the loss of your son, valiant soldier and hero. We lost Jonathan on January 28, 2005. He left behind a wife and ten month old son. We are so very proud of him for his immeasurable sacrifice, as I know you feel the same about Linc. We now share a common bond as do John and Linc in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Trust in Jesus, and you will be able to go on without your son until we reach the next life."
Webster and Ruth Reed (father and stepmom of Jonathan Ray Reed who died in Baghdad on 1/28/05) of Krotz Springs, LA

Thank you Lincoln for defending the freedoms we all cherish! My family deeply appreciates what you did for us all. Seeing the Iraqi people voting on tv and dancing in the streets I couldn't help but pray they realize that brave young men like you Lincoln gave their all so that it may happen. To your loved ones, please take comfort in knowing that one day, you will again embrace your Lincoln in the warm grace of the Lord. You are our hero and we will not forget what you did. God Bless you and may He grant your loved ones peace at this time. From a very grateful American family."
The Shaw family of Pasadena, Maryland

"Mr.& Mrs. Hollinsaid,
I want to tell you thank you for raising such a fine young man to want to go to Iraq and make a difference. I am so sorry for your loss. I too know your hurt and pain, but also your pride and joy for a son I lost in June of 2003. His name is Doyle "Wayne" Bollinger, Jr. I will always be so proud of all the young men and women who have given their lives, are still over there or are going, or have just come home. Again thank you so much."
Wyvonne Bollinger of Poteau, Okla

"They did it bro. Voters turned out by the thousands. This is what it was all for. Now they can be free.

I miss you."
Adam of WI

"I dont know what to say, but I cant go without saying something. I served with SSG Hollinsaid, but sadly didn't have an opportunity to get to know him better. I still mourn for your loss."
Biddle, Joshua E. of Morgantown, WV

I have read your message and somehow I wish I could reach across the miles to offer a hug and words of comfort. You have no ideal of the warm feelings Linc's mom and I have for you soldiers who served with our son. There is a comfort in knowing how he reached out and touched the lives of others. Maybe this was his mission here on earth only Linc and GOD will answer that for us. We know his life was not in vain even though shortened. We must carry on for him and the others who are not with us. We can talk to Linc any time we wish to. If he lives on in the heart and mind then he is a memory away. Depending on ones faith then a prayer works. I talk to him all the time and like all of you miss him very much. Yes I too have feelings of saddness and shed a tear from time to time.I also know what Linc believed in and with that FAITH that he lived and shared. It to strengthens me and allows me to deal with his passing from this earth to a better place where their is NO pain, No WAR, only PEACE and COMFORT. I think all facets of faith teach us that LIFE goes on after death. It is how we are taught that brings out the difference and sometimes because we do not understand the other view confusion and dought and in it's worst form hate and mistrust. Christmas time for us christians should bring about a renewed sense of what has been offered through our own teachings. It is unfortunate that war has been with mankind from the beginning. Derek many like yourself have walked into battle and seen and had to do things that many of us will never see and do. The reason for that is because of soldiers like you,Linc,Paul Ray Smith,Jason Meyers, and thousands of others who have done what their country asked of them. If you should feel the need or the want we are here with a welcome and open arms. You are one of LINC'S brothers and therefore part of our family. We are here to talk with you or cry with you whatever the need may be. We thank you for being with our son he was very PROUD of you and the others. We to are PROUD of you all. May GOD offer you comfort for your heart and soul. Now CARRY ON brave soldier!!"
Dan Hollinsaid LINC'S Dad of Malden. IL THE USA

"To The Hollinsaid Family,

To this day I can't bring myself to contact you. I feel great remourse and pain knowing how SSG Hollinsaid gave his life so I could come home. I just wish there was some way I could speak to him other than the way I had to. I'll forever be in his debt for everything he taught me and sacrificed for me. I miss him dearly.
SGT Pelletier
Derek Pelletier of Hinesville,Ga/USA

"I did not know Lincoln, however through his mom and dad I feel like I did. Lincoln's mom and dad came into my Post Office alot to mail packages to Lincoln and were always talking about him. Through a act of Congress the Malden Post Office has been dedicated in his memory. It was a great honor for me to put togather the program for the dedication ceremony. As a veteran myself it was nice to be a part of something honnoring a fallen hero. I know as well as everyone else knows Freedom is Not Free and thanks to Heros like Lincoln we enjoy our freeedom."
Kevin Strickland of Malden IL USA

"I'm a Junior at Plano East High School in Texas and was given a rememberance bracelet of Lincoln Hollinsaid. His memory will live on in so many ways and what he has so bravely done for our country will never be forgotten. I am honored to wear his bracelet. God Bless you."
Kristin of Plano, Texas

"we know lincon hollinsaid we lived acrossed from him. we miss him so damn much. i wish he was still alive. and comen home. He all ways came over to ask for something. He was friends with my dad. i wanted him to meet my son alex. I cryed so much when his mom and dad told us. I MISS U LINCON. HOLLINSAID"
Kelly Pinter of Malden.ILL

"Jed was my rival. Always has been and he always will be. We served on the Lima Team at NTC where he was the good cop, I was the bad cop. But the joke was always on our squad. We were actually pretty good friends. We parted after serving together for two years together. I ran into him about a month before we crossed the berm while we were staging in Kuwait. I remember the shock on my face seeing him for the first time in over three years. Same darn smile. Same cocky attitude. Same Jed. True to his good nature, he hooked me up. I had to borrow a grapnel hook for our impending missions into the attack. He did no less than give me the darn thing and told me we'd have to get together after this was over. For some reason he was talking about having a Lima reunion. Jed, where ever you are, know that the grapnel you gave saved my tail twice. Even though we were rivals, you were my friend and peer and always looked out for my soldiers and me. I have no doubt that you still do. So I say thanks to you Jed one last time. I have said it twice over there already, but this time I am commiting it to writing. I will never forget you. Nor will my son. Nor will any of the soldiers I have. It is because of you that we serve. It is because of you that we protect. It is because of you that we go on. I miss you bud."
SSG Peter D. Strassels of Fort Riley, KS

"My husband Lee, my best friend Leslie and I think about Lincoln all the time. Leslie missed him so much around Easter this year that she called his mother to talk to her. I am ashamed to say that I have not had the courage to to make that call yet, but I have the number and one day I too will have the courage. I just don't want to get upset and cause his family to become upset. While we were all stationed at the NTC, he and his wife came to our home on many occasions and we had a great time. One Thanksgiving he lead the prayer for Thanksgiving dinner. That was such a fun evening because there were about 15 people to include my husband's grandfather. We actually ate 2 whole turkeys that evening. He and his wife were also regular guests at my house to watch boxing matches on television. Regardless of the occasion for a visit, Lincoln always wanted to share stories about the Lord. He would have everyone gathered around our home computer so he could show us what he'd read from the "Left Behind Series". He was and will always be awesome. My husband and I miss him so much. He was a great friend, an outstanding leader, and a wonderful person who loved the Lord. We love you Lincoln. God Bless."
Idamaria L. Hillkjonaas of Fort Bliss, Texas

"i am sorry to hear about your loss. I too was stationed in fort stewart, ga. i belonged to 92nd ENG Bn. In regards to what this solider has done i give him a lot of credit. being an engineer is not easy especially a combat engineer. but i send my condolences to his family, and you too are heros because you are so strong. i don't know how i would be able to get through the day if i lost a loved one in battle. God Bless"
Michelle of Whittier, CA

"i am sorry to hear about your loss. I too was stationed in fort stewart, ga. i belonged to 92nd ENG Bn. In regards to what this solider has done i give him a lot of credit. being an engineer is not easy especially a combat engineer. but i send my condolences to his family, and you too are heros because you are so strong. i don't know how i would be able to get through the day if i lost a loved one in battle. God Bless"
Michelle of Whittier, CA

My hero, my peer, my friend. Remembering you....too many words and too many pictures I stare at. All of them good, and all of them worth framing....except the fact your so ugly. From working, camping, hiking, fishing, and fending off the crazy locals who want to fix a tire in NV....I miss you more than words can ever say. You motivated and pushed me to be better than I ever thought I could be. You are the only godfather my son will ever have. For who better to emulate than one such as yourself. Thank you for being you and being the brother I never had. In the darkest of days, I think of you... and I drive on. Sappers, Limas, Friends"
SSG Chris Loughner of Chandler, AZ, USA

"Lincoln was good person and a great friend. we miss him."
Becca of Chula Vista, CA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Lincoln, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To all who have responded. Yes it's been a year now. The worry for us ended with Linc's death but the love will go on with every breath we take. It is still a sad moment to be watching the news and know other families are now enduring what we went through a very short year ago. May their faith in GOD get them through and offer them strength and peace for without it I do not know how one can cope with such a loss. Linc's Mom and I come to this web site once and awhile to share with the others who have left their thoughts in print. We thank you for the kind words of encouragement and the words of graditude in having known our son. It is amazing how you think you know someone until you hear or see what others have shared. IT MAKES US "PROUD" for Linc was a very good soldier but also a good person which is reflected over and over again. To all you soldiers out there we thank you for your service to our country and it's people. You to have paid a price and that has been the life of a soldier. Stand tall and watch your brother and sisters back for you will forever remain friends. WE SALUTE YOU ALL.
Dan Hollinsaid of Malden, IL

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN (4/7/04)

"I knew SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid and his wife from Ft Irwin California. I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with him and serve under him during some barracks detail. SSG Hollinsaid was an outstanding person and NCO in the U.S. Army. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him."
Brett Solesky of Ft Irwin, CA

"Sergeant Hollinsaid, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I just recently saw Lincoln's mother interviewed on the news. I was so impressed by the respect she gave her son by honoring what he did for a living. My son is also in the military and strongly believes in what he does for our country. Thank you for the strength of your son and your own strength in this difficult time. We will never forget him. We will also never forget what your family has sacrificed for our freedom."
Karen of Gardena, CA

"I just want you to know that your loved ones will not be forgotten. We are so blessed to have such brave & honorable soldiers fighting for our country. We will keep them and your family in our prayers. May God Bless you and America."
Karen of Manhattan Beach, CA

"I just want you to know that your loved ones will not be forgotten. We are so blessed to have such brave & honorable soldiers fighting for our country. We will keep them and your family in our prayers. May God Bless you and America."
Karen of Manhattan Beach, CA

"Lincoln was not only a true HERO, but he was also a great friend and musician. Lincoln and I played the talent show at camp McGovern together and jammed every chance we had. I feel so honored to have written and played music together with Lincoln. I took one of the photos of us playing together and had it enlarged and on my Living room wall it will forever hang with an inscription in the corner that reads “ We may have been Soldiers but We are forever Musicians!” My bands up coming debut CD is called “ Song for the fallen but not forgotten “ and the CD is dedicated in the credits to Lincoln “JED” Hollinsaid and his family."
Peter Roy of Schweinfurt, Germany

"Lincoln I miss you so much I wish you were here. Hey I've been playing your Les Paul guitar and I'm writing a song for you but its not finished yet but I'll tell you the title of the song, it's called "My missing Linc". I hope you will like it and i hope others will hear me and let it play world wide for all to know what it's like losing my missing Linc."
Kevin (lil bro) Hollinsaid of Broomfield , CO USA

"SSG Hollinsaid (LINK/JED) was a true friend and fellow soldier. I had the honor of serving with him for 2 years in Schweinfurt Germany, and 3 Years in California at the National Training Center. SSG Hollinsaid lived and breathed the army values everyday. He constantly pushed to improve himself and his soldiers. There has not been a day since his passing that I have not thought of Lincoln and what his sacrifice means to me and my family. SSG Hollinsaid will be sorely missed. May GOD BLESS his soul. Drill Sergeant Overby"
SSG Richard Overby of Ft. Leonard wood Mo.

"Thank you Lincoln Hollinsaid, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"Wherever you have gone, fare well. I honor you, though I did not know you. What has come to pass in these days is a hard thing to bear. For my part, at least, I will try to live my life in a way that is worthy of the sacrifice you and others like you have made - a life I would not have but for your strength and honor."
Mark A. Bates of Johnstown, Ohio USA

"SSG Hollinsaid (or Jed as many of his Army brothers know him) was a true american hero. He touched many many lives and will never be forgotten. We can all rest a little easier knowing that he is an angel above, watching over us."
Kevin & Lynette Gallagher of Presently Fort Irwin, CA

"your courage will never be forgotten"
Matt Kleckner of Malden Illinois U.S.A.

"You guys will never be forgotten

Matt Kleckner of Malden Illinois U.S.A.

"i was stationed with Staff sgt Hollinsaid at fort irwin ca. for three and a half years. He was a great Nco. He was one of the hardest workers in the desert. He will be truely missed by myself and many other soldiers who looked up to him as a mentor."
Spc Greg Jones of Baghdad Iraq

"I was the driver for our squad during the war. I really don't know what to say, except that SSG Hollinsaid's loss was and is felt by many. His professionalism made him an excellent soldier, and his humanity made him an excellent man. I am proud and honored to have had him as my squad leader, and more importantly my friend. The world is worse off without him. I will remember you always."
PFC Joshua Becvar, B Co 11th Eng. Bn.

"I want to let the family of Sgt Lincoln Hollinsaid know how much my prayers go out to them. How much I pain for their loss. My son Sgt Anthony Rogers was a friend to Lincoln and loved him very much. There comes only a few times in your life that you are blessed to find a friend who you are close enough to that you can call him your friend and brother. My son found that in Lincoln. My son has told me many wonderful stories of Lincoln. Even one that could not have felt good for Lincoln, the time he took Lincoln fishing and hooked his ear. I feel his pain of losing a wonderful friend. Lincoln called my daughter-in-law and checked on her while my son was in Iraq until Lincoln himself got orders to go. Which gave comfort to my son to know that his friend cared enough to call and see how his wife was doing. I myself truly appreciate Lincoln for being my son's friend and bringing him joy. We will miss Licoln and we love him for the sacrifice that HE made for his country. He will be deeply missed."
Rita Harrington of Niceville, FL

"When I hear the name Lincoln, all I can think of is the word brother. He was a close friend of mine as well as my family. Prior to the war we always invited him to our home to feed him a home cooked meal. He is the best man and friend I have ever known. I am honored to have served in the same division with such a person as well as invite into may home. To the family I say I am deeply sorry, and to Lincoln I say you will always be deeply missed and never forgotten, we love you my brother!!"
SGT Anthony Rogers and Family of Fort Stewart, GA

""SSG Hollinsaid was a great man and the best squad leader that i ever had. It was an honor being a member of his squad, and honor to fight with him. I will always remember him as a great squad leader, and a very good friend.""
Edwin Alvarez of Fort Stewart, GA

"SSG Hollinsaid was a great man and platoon leader it was an honor being his medic and friend. All the men who fought under him know of his wisdom and character, and all carry a piece of him in ourselves."
SPC Matthew Hartley of Ft. Stewart GA

"SSG Hollinsaid was my Squad Leader during "Operation Iraqi Freedom". It was an honor to fight side by side with him during combat. I'll cherish the memories of him forever and pass on his knowledge and pride to my future soldiers. The Army,country and his family have lost a great man and American soldier,he will be greatly missed by all."
SGT Pelletier Derek of Ft. Stewart,GA.

"I am Proud to say I served with SSG Hollinsaid. Of the 20 years I served. I have meet very few NCO's as Profesional as SSG Hollinsand. God Speed buddy"

"We thank you for the sacrifice Lincoln made for us. Our prayers are with you during this time. Thank you Lincoln, for your courage and sacrifice. May God always keep you in His care."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Lincoln Hollinsaid:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Lincoln for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Lincoln Hollinsaid:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Lincoln, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"SSG Hollinsaid was my squad leader or team leader for about 2 of the years I spent here. he taught me many things and motivated me to learn more about my job and get in better shape, if only to beat him on the pt test. If I could I'd thank him for all the help and advice he gave me over the years."
Spc Serge Honeysett of Ft Irwin, CA

"SSG Hollinsaid was a remarkable NCO and an outstanding indvivual. His work ethic was unmatched and will always be a part of my memories and forever be my squad leader, and will be missed greatly."
Spc Beny Chitthaphone of Fort Irwin, Ca

"Godspeed and condolences"
SPC Daniel Coyne of Ft Irwin, CA

"Thank you brave soldier. We shall never forget you or what you did for the people of less fortunate and this great country. RIP Brave Warrior..."
The Taylors, USMC of NC

""Lincoln Hollinsaid was my Brother, and Battle Buddy. He is an American Hero, and of of his brothers in the Lima Live Fire Team will miss him. He will never be forgotten. He is a SAPPER! Sapper's Lead the Way!!!"
SGT Ed Whealan of FT Irwin, CA

"In memory of Lincoln, your family's loss is deeply felt by your Lima brothers left behind in the Mojave. God be with you, Sappers lead the way."
SSG Dell of FT Irwin, CA

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on