Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Grant

23, of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Grant was killed when his amphibious assault vehicle struck an explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Karabilah, Iraq. He was assigned to Marine Force Reserve’s 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Marine Division, Albuquerque, New Mexico. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to Regimental Combat Team 2, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Died on May 11, 2005.

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May we honor the lives of those who have fought for our freedom with the way we choose to live our own, I was chosen because of a very close friend who served with the 48 Marines and Corpsmen who sacrificed it all; to read each story, to get to know a small piece of their lives through families and friends. I chose to honor each of them with a bible verse:

Jonathan W. Grant 5/11/05
"On the day when I act, "says the Lord Almighty, "they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him."- Malachi 3:17 (Faithful)"
Haleigh Kilgore of West Virginia

"Grant, miss you and think of you often. It was may honor to serve with you."
CWO3 Andrea (Sanders) Stephens of Fort worth, TX

"Cynthia, I am very sorry for your loss. I am Ltcol Michael Kasprzyk and I was the senior member of your father's burial detail. I also notified his grandmother of his death. You were only a little girl at the time...the same age as my daughter. Do you still have the coin I gave you? I would like to know you are doing ok. Contact me at mk1802@yahoo.com."
michael kasprzyk of sneads ferry nc

"Dad, it's been 10 years since you've left and I'm missing you now more than ever. I always think what my life would be like if you were still here. I love you with all l my heart."
Cynthia Grant of Pojoaque, New Mexico

"Dad, it's been 10 years since you've left and I'm missing you now more than ever. I always think what my life would be like if you were still here. I love you with all l my heart."
Cynthia Grant of Pojoaque, New Mexico

"I still remember the softness of your hair as a little boy, your sweet smile and your gentle nature. I miss you always..and I Thank God for the time we had with you in our life. May Your Children be Blessed Always.."
G.R. of America

"Still thinking of you brother! Miss You!"
David Lucero of Colorado Springs

"Bro, I will never forget the AT we spent in Hawaii together. I spent several years serving with you in ABQ and had tons of great moments with you over the years but that AT in Hawaii always stands out. I have a photo of all of us from our weekend of libo. You are my hero brother and you will always be on my heart. As the Marine Corps birthday comes this weekend, your memory weighs on my mind. Semper Fi Marine."
LCpl Shawn Portwood of Denver, CO

"its been years brother and I still think about you every day, you will always be apart of my life! i love you brother!"
Sgt. Jonithan Mckenzie of Albuquerque N.M.

"Grant I'll never forget you devil dog, I should have stayed in the Amtrak with you, McKenzie and I always keep your memory alive, we miss how funny you were and how you made us laugh. We miss you devil."
Sgt Red of Albuquerque

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You will always be a warrior!"
Joshua McDowell of St. Louis, MO

"Jonathan (brother), i miss you so much. U were my best friend. i wish i could still sit on your lap and tell you my problems. but i still have the memories we shared. i wish you could have been at lorens wedding. he looked so handsom. I LOVE U BROTHER!!!"
Anita Grant of Espanola New Mexico

"”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,600 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion of Manti, Utah USA

"Jonathan my baby cousin. It is 4yrs today that God called you home. Everyone misses you dearly. We all know we will see you again one day. Just wanted you to know that I think of you everyday. Thank you for always watching over us. Until I see you again.. Love you hito"
Pauline Lovato of New Mexico

"May 1, 2009
To the family of Lance Cpl. Jonathan W. Grant:
Jonathan gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I'll never forget!"
Cpl Miera of Albuquerque NM

"Jonathon, thank you for serving our country. It is Veterans Day today and i thought about you and i miss you.Your friend"
Marcus Lopez of Truchas, New Mexico

"To the family of Lance Cpl Jonathan W Grant- i recently donated money for fallen soldeirs and recieved Jonathans hero bracelet. He is a hero to our family as well as all soldiers who risk their lives for us. We pray for Jonathans family and all the soldiers."
Edward Zaragoza of Mooresville,IN, USA

"To my cousin,
I know its 3 years later but i still feel like its the day i heard about you. Every time i hear your name or when your annicery comes up, i feel bad because i barley knew you and i wish that i had gotten to know you alot more, i know your kids miss you and i hope they know what a brave and kind soldier there father was, and most importantly how much you love them.

I love you Jon, and i miss you and thank you for fighting for our country."
Samantha Baros, and Cousin of Jonathan W. Grant of Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"Grant you are missed by all of us. You made me laugh through the hard times out there thank you for that. MISS YOU BROTHER"
mike otero of albuquerque,nm, usa

"Your Jonathan shares his namesake with a Revolutionary War soldier, who fought alongside General Washington at the battles of Trenton, Princetown, Brandywine, White Plains, and Germantown. The tradition of citizen soldier, takes loved ones far from home. Joining the ranks of heros, who lie beneith halos of stone."
Teresa Weil of Chino Valley, AZ

"This marine was vary brave to put his life on the line for his country. i thank him very much for this. i am very sorry for your loss of this wonderful marine."
Marissa Boylan (Anita's friend) of Espanola, nm

"Im Very greatful for what this marine did for this country THANK YOU for giving up your life for my freedom"
Katricia Salazar of Espanola N.M.

"To the family of:Jonathan W. Grant I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Today is Vetrans Day 2007 I was at a ceremony and I heared them mention your name. I remember going to high school with you and remembering how nice you were to me. I thought to my self I never knew a hero before. And now here I am saying thank you for being my hero. Rest In Peace"
Amber N Montoya of Espanola, New Mexico

"hey my hero/cousin. i really miss you and i wish you were here to help me celebrate my birthday tomorrow.cynthia and evan are looking just like their daddy.well i love you and i hope to see you soon."
anita olivas of espanola n.m.

"You have no idea how may times I ve seen this page and its brought me to tears- Jonathan you are and always will be in our hearts....You were there for so many wonderful memories and I will love you forever-- there isn't a day that goes by that i dont miss you and I hope you know that I love Eva & the kids with all my heart & soul and will forver keep them safe. Dom asks about you all the time too-- he knows what a great man you are. I love to peices my Jon, Rest in Peace ALWAYS"
Miranda of Espanola, NM

May you rest in peace, for you gave your life so that we can all be free! You were always an honorable person, I see that never changed. I had not seen you in ages but will always remember the good times!! And man, there where many of those =) Playing basketball and silly laughs, Thank you for always being YOU, my old friend. My prayers & thoughts are with your loved ones. You are missed and loved by many!!"
Celeste Cole of Espanola/Albuquerque,NM

Legeta of Artesia,New MexicoUSA

I'll see you in a few weeks. (We are still there) Im so sorry i wasn't around in may. Everything is okay here but never the same without you. Always thinking of you brother."
SGT David S. White of Pojoaque, NM

"I worked with Jonathan at Hacienda in 2001 for a brief period. In the time that I worked with him, Jonathan was such a nice, respectful guy. He always spoke about Eva, Cynthia and his grandmother. I was really sad to hear about what happened. I will always keep him and his family in my prayers. May God bless you Jonathan and may you rest in peace."
Nadine Flores of Las Vegas, NM USA

"I was just thinking about you today man. I wish you were still with us."

"LCPL Jonathan Grant was and will always be my cousin,hero,brother,and friend.i appreciate EVERYTHING you did for me and your country.i love and miss you dearly.i will remember you by looking at Cynthia and Evan.i hope to see you soon when you greet me in heaven."
your cousin ANITA OLIVAS of Espanola N,M

"Wow!! How fast time has passed by...its been over a year and a half now that you have been gone, but you still remain in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved you. Jonathan, we thank you so much for giving the unltimate sacrafice for our country and the freedom of those overseas. You will forever be missed but never forgotten!!! God bless you!!!"
Your Friend of Los Alamos NM

"You always left a smile on my face and you still do thank you so much. You will always be in our hearts. Peace be with you brother."
Cpl Page of Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Jonathan, I did not know you in your life here. But my Stepson, Dustin Derga, served with you in Iraq and died just 3 days before you. I also know that as a Marine your character is one to be admired. God bless your family and friends. Eva, I have done a drawing depicting all the Marines from 3/25 who lost their lives in Operation Matador which shows Jonathan in the lower right hand corner. I have a print of this drawing to give to you and one also for Jonathan's Grandmother. The print is a gift to you from Dustin's father and I as a way to perhaps help you heal and to say thank you for your sacrifice. You can veiw the drawing on www.reachamarine.com I hope this note will find it's way to you so that I may get an address to send out your print. I hope the image of Jonathan in this drawing is one that wil help you heal, remembering what a wonderful man he was, and that he is now in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are in our prayers. God Bless and Sempre Fi Marla and Bob Derga (stepmother and father of Cpl. Dustin A. Derga USMC 3/25 Lima"
Marla Derga and Bob Derga of Ohio

"Marine, you go into the arms of the Marine Brethren that have fallen before you. There you will take your place proudly waiting on those of us that will follow. I can only hope that when we depart that we leave as you did, with honor and, sefless bravery. Because of you and those that have fallen before you, i am proud to claim the title of a United States Marine. God Bless you and your family. SEMPER FIDELIS."

"My deepest sympathy to Jonathans girlfriend Eva, his kids, grandma and his best friend Roy Romero. My the Lord look upon you with comfort. He will never be forgotten."
A Friend of Espanola, NM


"I am very sorry for the family of Jonathan. I saw how happy everyone seemed at family day before all the guys left. My Marine is still in Iraq and I feel for the fiancee of this Marine. God Bless you.."
Evita Martin of Tempe AZ

"Jonathan was and will always be my brother. I know that hes gone but in my heart he will forever be alive, I will truly miss him but I look into the eyes of his two children and I can remember him as my hero. I love you Jonathan with all my heart!! Your Sister"
Alana Roybal of Santa Fe NM 87501

"Corporal Grant, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To The Grant Family,
Our Family, Our City, Our Country grieves with you. We are so saddened by your loss. Your Soldier is OUR HERO! We will never forget him or the others who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless You and your Brave Marine..Semper Fi!!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN

"Grant, You are missied. You had a rare ability to make hard times not so bad. We will continue the fight and never forget you. Your desert buddy in in Iraq."
LCPL Miera of Hidithah Dam

May the angels flourish around you and the holy spirit carry you to eternity. My fellow Marine brother from the valley, I'm sorry I missed your funeral and even more so am sorry that I was not there to protect you. I do promise this to you, I will protect your family, and should they ever need anything I will be there for them. You will never be forgotten, and everytime I get to go back to the valley I will make it a point to visit you and your family. Your memory gives me more stregnth to continue doing what we are doing and to get the job done for you. God bless you my brother, and know that we will see you again. Eva, Cynthia and Evan I am here for you if you should ever need me. Semper Fidelis."
SSGT TONY LONA USMC of Camp Pendleton, Ca

"Jonathan, You will truly be missed, Thanks for all the good times we shared working together. You will not be forgoten."
David Lucero of Espanola, New Mexico

"To the family of Jonathan Grant: Thank you for his devotion to freedom and ultimate sacrifice. I too am a member of Marine Comfort Quilts. It will be an honor and privilege for our group to make a memorial quilt for Jonathan's family. God bless your family. --Annabelle Hammer, Sterling, VA (former resident of Albuquerque)"
Annabelle Hammer of Sterling, VA

"Jon, LONG time since I'd seen you, but it still hurts to know your gone, To Jons fam, Im sorry about your loss, you will be kept in my prayers."
Dan Tillman of NM

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal. We are deeply sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
From the family of LCpl Branden P. Ramey, KIA 11/8/04"
Sandy of CA

"To the family, friends and fellow marines of Jonathan Grant, Your loss is felt by Marines everywhere. To Jonathan Grant, you died doing what few men have the courage to do. Your service and memory will not be forgotten."
Sgt. Jonathan Joseph, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Co. (Former member of D. Co. 4th Recon Bn.)

"We are deeply sorry for your loss. America will forever honor your Hero.
The Courage, Honor, and Valor that your Hero showed will always be remembered.
We are grateful for the sacrifice that was made and we will NEVER FORGET.
God Bless your family and please know that you are not alone.
All of our prayers are with you."
Jennifer and SSGT Larry Mays of Massillon, Ohio

"To Jonathan Grant,
It took a full 192 hours for it to hit me that you were gone...I was washing the car and I realized I'll never see you and Eva driving by again on a saturday afternoon...I dont think I have ever been as sad. I still remember when I was across your house when we were kids and you were sitting on the stairs cuz your grandama was mad at you...now I cant even go by there cuz it hurts to drive by. You will be missed."
John B. of Pojoaque, NM

"Thanks Grant for the time you gave to the company and the service you provided for your country. You are a hero in my eyes much more than the common person could ever be. I will see you again someday brother."
Mike Restine (Sgt.,Team Leader,"D" Co. 4th Recon BN, OIF I) of Albuquerque, NM

"To the family and friends of Lance Corporal Jonathan W. Grant,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort in love's everlasting connection.

In the Support section of this web site you will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a quilt to the next of kin. There are many, loving and caring Americans from all over the United States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has made for our Freedom. Please use our link and register so we can send you our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Marine Mom and Proud Member of Marine Comfort Quilts "
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

leonard t. wahl of valley stream ny usa

"To the family and friends of Jonathan. I know that Jonathan fought proudly for our country, it is with great sorrow that he is gone. I hope that you all know how greatful I am for people like Jonathan who are standing up for our country. He was out there fighting with someone I care for very much and I knew Jonathan for a brief time and he was a great guy. I hope you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
Deanna Dietz of Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Thank you Jonathan Grant, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Jonathan Grant:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Jonathan for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Jonathan Grant:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Jonathan, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on