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Marine Lance Cpl. Shane L. Goldman

20, of Orange, Texas.
Goldman died due to injuries received from hostile fire in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on April 5, 2004.

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"Once again this is the day we lost you Bubba it still hurts. I think of you every minute of every day. I love you Son.Dad"

"Today is the day we lost you son , i love and miss you so much. Dad."

"Another Christmas with out you son I keep thinking that it will get a little easier as time goes by but itís not. But thatís ok my love rot you keeps getting stronger. I miss Bubba, love always Dad"

"Another Christmas with out you son I think of every hour of every day. I love and miss you wit all my heart. Dad"

"Gone but not forgotten,
passed on but still alive through us,
you left this world so suddenly
and left the ones that love you still
so completely lost and alone.

You left an empty space with your leaving
filled only with pain and sadness
and a touch of anger too,
it feels so unfair that you were taken
and that we were separated so soon.

Your still missed everyday
more then words can say,
if tears could build a path
then we'd be together once again.

16 years today that you've been gone
and it's so hard to keep going on,
I wish that we'd had just one more day
but then one day more would've never be enough.

The hollow, empty space within our heart
is full of such pain today,
I'd give anything to go back in time
and change that one fateful day
and have you with us once more.

The only comfort that I can find
is knowing that your still with me,
your the guardian angel that looks out for me
and I know that your in a better place
but that doesn't mean that I don't still miss you.

I see your smile when I'm alone
and hear your laugh all of a sudden,
I'm doing my best to be strong and go on
the way I know you'd want me to
but it's so hard without you here.

Rest in peace today and always,
know that your still loved
more then words can say
and missed so much everyday,
you'll always live on in our hearts"
Dana Sumner. of Azle Texas

"To day is the day you were taken from us Son. I love and miss you with all my heart Bubba. You have made me so proud. Dad."

"Another Christmas with out you son. I love and miss you Bubba. Dad."

"Good morning Son, another Cristmas with out you Bubba I have done lost count on how many. I never took down the Christmas lights that you hung around the balcony before you were shiped out. I love and miss you Bubba. Talk to you soon."

"I miss you so much Son"

"Good morning Shane this is the day you were taken away from us. I love and miss you Son see you soon Bubba."

"Good morning son another Christmas with out you. Still not getting any easyer being with out you Bubba. I love you son."

There isn't a day that goes by that I feel I should have brought you home safely. There isn't a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts or dreams.
Semper Fi, Brother."
James of Oceanside, CA

"Good morning Son, today is the day we lost you it still feels like yesterday. It still hurts every morning every night every day. I love and miss you Bubba. Dad"

"Another Christmas with out you son, setting here this morning with my dog missing you more and more every day. I love you Bubba. Dad"

"I miss you Son"

"Good morning Son, today the day we laid you to rest and it's your birthday. Love you so much. Dad"

"Good morning Son, another Christmas with out you. I love and miss you Bubba.

"This is your birthday Son, we all miss you with all our hearts. Words can not say how proud we are of you not only for what you died for but for honoring us to be your family.
I love you Son.

"He talked and wrote about you guys with a passion. Mother,sister and uncle who served in the army.Loved you guys very much. Proud to be a Texan and a Marine. Shane..hope your doing good and looking after your family. Your in my thoughts and prayers."
Former marine of United States

"Good morning Son another Christmas without you, Love and miss you so much Bubba.

"Happy Birthday, My Forever Young Marine!

November 10,2013
Jan Manshack

"Marine, I'm Chris Ramos brother, I still think of you guys everyday,"
of Albuquerque

"Shane, oh Shane it's so hard to talk about you but I miss u like crazy and u meant everything to me at the time and really still do!! You where one the bravest people I've ever knew! And the whole w

orld owes you for it! I miss you so very much. But you where a man that meant to be known ! I only wish it was for a different reason! You where and always will be the best person I've ever known!!!!!!!!!!"
Carmen Pentland of orange Texas

I would Like To Start By Saying Thanks To You And Your Fellow Marines For Your Service And Coplete Dedication.Even Though I Haven"t Had The Privilege Of Personally Meeting You,I Have Had The Honor Of A Friendship Through Your Dad. Rest Assured Through His Love And Proudness He Has Of You ,,,You Will Not Be Forgotten.Thanks Again For Your Service ..."
Dale Shoffner of Elizabethtown Ky.USA


"miss u so much shane. Think about u all the time. Jennifer and I were talkin bout u not to long ago.. Remembering all the good times we use to have with ya. We love ya :)"
Becky leigh of orange, tx

"Grunt McQueen, Thank You for Keeping The Faith. Never Forget as we in NY Chitty Never Forget those we lost on 911. Sing His, Shane's, Hero Death Song. Shane I came to know through tough men such as you Grunt and the Scurvy Dogs, Shane is and will forever be a Brave American. Lest We Forget, Shane DID NOT DIE IN VAIN. I thank him for his service and sacrifice and may his Spirit & Soul never ever be forgotten by true Americans. GodSpeed Shane. RIP. Peace to your family, friends and fellow Marines."
Jack "Mayport204" Dineen of New York Chitty, New York State

"Hey Bubba, well hear is another Christmas with out you son. Your sisters sure gave you a fine niece and two nefews. I can just see you wrestling with them on Christmas morning.I love and miss you so much Son. Dad"

"Happy Birthday, Marine! I love you."
MaMa of Orange, Texas

"Semper FI Son, I love and miss you so much Son.

"Good morning Son, I'm thinking of so many things you and I could be doing on this day. Some how it makes me feel like you are right here beside me. I love and miss you so much Bubba,

"Happy Birthday, Shane! I love you!"

"It seems like yesterday, but than again, it has been the longest eight years of my life. I know you are resting easy. I will be looking forward to the day when I get to Heaven and you'll see me and say, "Oh, there you are!" I love you, Son."

"Good morning Son,today is the day we lost you,I was going to write you a long letter, but now I can't seem to find the words. I love you Bubba and miss you so very much. Dad,"

"Good morning Son, another Christmas with out you.It hurts so much. I love and miss you with all my heart.

"Merry Christmas Shane. I have met your father by phone and you are truly loved and missed. Thank You for your bravery."
Raquel Lee of Morgantown, WV

"SEMPER "FI" Son and to all you're buddies there with you. I'm so proud of you all. love and miss you so much Son.

"Happy Birthday (yesterday), Marine!
Today is Veteran's Day. You are in the thoughts of many today. I love you, Son!"

"Happy Veterans Day Shane! Thank you for being so brave and selfless. It's been too long and I can't wait to see your smiling face! Love you"
Jennifer Hinson of Orange Texas USA

"Tonight, for some strange reason all the Marines I have had the honor to know and laid to rest lie heavy on my heart. This long line of Marines who gave everything, some dying in combat, some years later. But they all wrote that open check didn't they? Many carrying or suffering wounds many will never see or understand. If they cared even to look. Shane leads them in my thoughts. As always, I worry about and love his old man, Scooter. I have said some things to Scooter before, when he needed a freind, not ...well, you can just use your imagination. I will never forgive myself for that! I certianly don't expect Scooter to. I TRULY did NOT understand.
I sincerly pray that Shane as well as all the other gallant and faithful Marine Brothers serve God in Peace. They have seen enough pain. I pray for their parents and loved ones who have served just as loyaly. Just as faithfully. For the sacrifice is theirs too to bear.
Thank You!
God Speed!
Semper Fedelis!"
Mike of Between heaven and hell

"Hey buddy! I will be stopping by to see you and the family First week of july! I've been stopping by at least once a year but you already know that! Next year your namesake( my youngest son) Shane will be coming with me! He wants to meet you! See ya soon!
June 24 2011"
Jimmy Klingel of Wooster Ohio

"Precious Shane,
You always were a precious little boy to me. Your beautiful blond curls, your precious smile, your tight hugs.
I can close my eyes and see you dance to the music. I am so very thankful for all my time with you. I am so very proud that I was a brief part of your life. I am so proud of you.
Jan and Scooter, thank you for giving me that most treasured time in my life.
You know I loved him, I never stopped loving him, I never will stop loving him. What a blessing, what a gift he was to so very many."
Kay Kay of Houston, Texas

"Good morning Son,Once again i'm lost for words. I went to the cemetary on the day you were taken away from us and now on the day you were given to us. I try honest i do, to do like every body says to remember you and to get on with my life, but it's just not that easy. Every time I see a boy and his dad going fishing, or watching a ball game I just seem to fall to pieces. I love and miss you more than words can say. Dad,"

"April 13, 2011
Happy 27th Birthday, Shane! I love you.

"April 5, 2011
Seven years my young Marine. I miss you more and more each day. I love you, Son!

"I love you man"
Mike of Whittier

I never met you but while I was walking in the cemetary yesterday something drew me to your grave. It was so beautiful and it showed me how much you are missed and how so many love you. Your story is one of bravery and unselfishness and from one brother in arms to another I just wanted to say thank you. You served our country proudly and protected our freedoms that we hold so dearly. My heart goes out to your family and hope that God can ease their pain. Thank you for serving our country, it's because of people like you that we live freely. 3/21/11"
SrA Sean Foreman of Orange, TX/ Keesler AFB, MS

"I miss you so much Son, every day seems like eterenity."

"Another Christmas with out you Son. I love and miss you so much.

"Shane, I had the honor of meeting your father this weekend. Just listening to his words, made it clear how much he loves you as well as misses you still. Know how "proud" he is to call you his son.
My best to your family"
Brett Pearson of Virginia Beach, Va.

"We remember, Shane. I love you.




"It's been six years now. I know the sunsets are beautiful. I know you're OK.I love you.

Jan Manshack of Orange, Tx

"I miss you Shane, you're still the only brother I ever had."
Jamey of orange, tx

"Another Christmas with out you Son, I remember every one we had together,some times it is so hard to do.I Love and miss you so much Bubba. Dad"

"Semper Fi son, i love and miss you more than i know how to say.

Yesterday was the Marine Corps. Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Marine!
Today is Veteran's Day. Thank You, Son!
I love you "Always",

"Tanya or anyone may contact Shane's family at jmanshack@hotmail.com"

"To the family of L.Cpl. Goldman. He was so young. Shane will be remembered in my heart. I have been contacted by a marine from texas and he would like to send the family a pillow I would love to be able to give you his information."
Tanya of Hubert, NC

"Sorry son i've been out of touch for awhile as you know you have been in my prayers every day each and every hour of the day. I love and miss you so much son.Thanks to every one that has been leaving messages to Shane.It means so much to my family and me. I love you Son."

"I just wanted family and friends to know, many haven't forgotten;
Big Mike of Orange Texas, Texas

"The Secret Scurvy Dog Society, a collection Tin Can Sailors have compiled a collection of sea stories and had them published. "Green Water and Gunsmoke:Fifty Years in US Navy Destroyers, Vol 1 and Vol. 11" have been are on the market and ALL proceeds from the sale of the books go to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society in the Name and Honor of Shane Lee.
The goalof the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society is as stated;"The mission of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and survivors when in need; and to receive and manage funds to administer these programs".
There has already been one instalment presented in Shane's name.
Also, members of these destroyer sailors, Bob Cohen:USN, Robin Smith:USN, Thomas "Doc" Dougherty:USA, in conjunction with George Lutz a Gold Star Father and Founder of Honor and Remember have donated a Personalized Honor and Remember Flag to the Church of the Nazerene in Orange, Texas in Lcpl. Shane Lee Goldman's name in honor of ALL Veterans this Memorial Day.
The Church of the Nazerene has the most recognizable Veterans Memorial in Orange and for this reason the recipient and gaurdian of this Honor.
Members of the Secret Scurvy Dog Society contributed funds to send to Shane and his platoon while in Iraq and continued with the care packages even after Shane's death. One member did the purchasing, packaging and mailing. Navy Team Work for an adopted Marine.
THEY, have not forgotten! Nor will they!
The members of the Secret Scurvy Dog Society will not be happy with me posting this. They want neither recognition or glory for their efforts.
I am not posting this for either, I am posting it out of their love of Shane and my love of them!
We do Trully miss you Lad!
Your name will March On!

Mike "Big Mike" McQueen of Orange, Texas

"LCpl Goldman, I remember escorting you home from Delaware to Texas. I remember you always, and especially today. SSgt Angela Cronan, USMC"
Angela Cronan of Quantico, VA/USA

"April 13, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday, Son! Our bond has not been broken and seems to grow stronger every year. Yesterday, at church, Pastor Scott reminded us that those who are in Christ, are immediately with Him upon their death from this earthly life. I know you had extremely strong faith, and I am comforted and know beyond any doubts that God has kept His promise for you. I can feel your love every day, every second, every breath, and I am looking forward to that promise that God has for me in His plan and His time when I will be with you again.

I love you, Son!!

Jan Manshack of Orange, Tx

"Shane, I miss you just as much now as I did the day you left us all. I remeber that night we got kicked out of the bar bc you were under age and me getting sick in your brothers car the whole way home. lol. I keep going over there and I have spent 3 years there trying to do something to make it up to you or to myself Im not sure which and here I am again raising hell to go to Afghanistan bc it seems the fight is there now. I miss you bro and I know with all my close calls that you are there with me and I pray that you stay with me bc as long as there is a war against those who took you, I will be there. I just don't know what to say anymore and it doesn't get any easier."
marinetrkr@yahoo.com of Sneads Ferry, Nc

I miss you. I love you."

"Since I received it in January '05 I have proudly worn a herobracelets.org bracelet 24/7 with Shane's name, rank, hometown, "Marine" and that terrible date of 4/5/04. In my daily prayers for our military I always include Shane's family and friends. God bless you all.
Semper Fi from a LCpl from the '50s."
Andy of Beaufort, SC

I love you, Son. You are a very real presence for our family. When you told me, "Uncle Neal, tell the family I won't let them down" just before leaving for that tour, was very touching to me and a lot of others. Well, you certainly did not let them down."
Uncle Neal MSGT USMC (ret) of San Clemente, CA


Just wanted to say miss you alot and that our birthdays are coming up. I'll have a great bday for the both of us. Love and miss you!"
Brenna of Orange Park, FL


We sat together the morning I went north and you stayed in the walls of the Prison. We shared good stories and laughed. The day I heard over the radio that you had fallen a piece of me died to. You always new how to put a smile on peoples faces. You will forever be in my heart."
Ssgt Bass, B.M. USMC (Ret.)

"January 17, 2009
To the family of Lance Cpl. Shane L. Goldman:
Shane gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Shane, i never met you, but i feel like i know you. I have met your daddy and through his eyes i see you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting for our country, because of you i am free. Scooter i love you and miss you know that Shane is in a good place, your heart!"
Karen of Old-River , Texas

"another christmas with out you son i love and miss you so much. dad"

Shane just dropping by to say we will never forget you or the others! Happy Memorial Day!"
Jim Klingel of Wooster, Ohio

Happy 24th Birthday, Shane!!! Hope you like the balloons! I miss you and I love you with every heart beat. Til we meet again,
Love, Mama"
Jan Manshack of Orange, Tx

Little brother I feel your presence with me every day, some days it seems as if your closer than ever. Cheyenne and I lean on one another and talk about you just as if your are still here, and I know you are. I miss you very much. MaKayla found some of your letters the other day and asked me what they said. I tried to read them to her, but it was a little harder than I thought it would be. Esp. trying to keep the words in the letters on a PG level. ha! I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and I talk to you every day. We love you! -- Your sisters Misty & Cheyenne and your neice MaKayla"
Misty Harrell of Winnsboro, TX

"Well here is another Chritmas son with out you the lights you hung on the balcony are still there i never took them down. i thought things would get a little easer as t imes goes buy but it just dosent seem to be hapening. I love you son. Dad"

"This is a most righteous and honorable tribute to Shane. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking of him. I grieve as much or more for Scooter. I can only guess at the grief of loosing not only a son, but a brother to be very proud of.
Admiration is a powerful word when you think about it in it's context. As much as I am proud of Shane, I admire you Scooter. While you weather the gale, you endeavor to maintain a steady course.
Shane showed me something it took me almost thirty years to figure out. That those of us still here are the ones who have to live with surviving. We had to bury our friends and peers in our youth. Which was a tall enough challenge, but to live long enough to bury our kidsÖ.Thatís the hard part.
The guilt of surviving is a devouring thing. How we live and continue is the water mark of our integrity. How we are judged is negligible weighed against how we judge ourselves. Marines have no stronger critic than ourselves. It is said that no one can understand a Marine except another Marine and his enemies.
The corps values of Marines is readily apparent in the remarks and post here.
The love for Shane is a palpable thing. That he wanted to Ďmake us proudí is obviously an objective The Kid achieved!
Youíre in my prayers and know I love ya Bro!
Semper Fi
Mike "Big Mike" McQueen of Orange, Texas

"My deepest dedication to you and your family for your service. I also am a Marine bearing the name Shane. Semper Fidelis brother.....Full trust in knowing that I am thinking of you this weekend with high intentions of your remembrance......."
Shane of Phila. PA USA

"Twenty three years ago this morning i was holding you son and you had you're little hand around my finger. Now i'm trying to feel you're soul around my heart. I miss you so much Shane. Dad"

"Here it is again son that day my world changed forever. i miss you and love you more than life it self. you are in my thoughts every miniute every hour of the day. I love you Shane.....Dad!"

"Rodeo Cowboy:
When I ran upon the ad yesterday in the Avis, of course I wept. Then I saw you a few minutes later and I saved my tears for later. Those tears which can't do a damn thing, were for you Scooter. I am so so sorry for your loss.

Do you remember at the end of your favorite movie, when 'Shane' told Joey to 'go home to your mother and father and grow up to be strong and straight?'

You brought your Shane up that way--He was strong and straight. He made the ultimate sacrefice with the courage and strength imbued in him by his upbringing. Scooter you and your extraordinary example did that for your son. And he loved you for it.

You are still understandably inconsolable. But if there is any solace to be found, know that Shane's premature departure reminded the rest of us, among other things, to get our hugs while we can. We can't nececcarily keep our young'ns safe, but we can tell them 'I love you' every chance we get.

It is an honor to know you. You are responsible for finally making one of my own kids 'get it.'

Know that SHANE will not be forgotten EVER on St. Croix.

Sending you love and all the rest. God Bless you."
Patti of St. Croix

"Shane, I did it for you and I love it and you..... You are my fallen hero. I love you and miss you dearly."
L.Cpl Cupit J.T. of College Station, Tx USA


"To the family of:Shane L. Goldman I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Scooter: Thanks for leaving a permanent imprint on April tonight. She and Shane share a birthday and now even more. Love you always. patti
Patti Scafidi of St. Croix

"I was on the other Side of Iraq when I found out Shane was Killed, I remember Shane from when we both Joined UP, As Soldier and Marine. We lost a lot of good guys over there, Shane was one of them. West wishes to the Family, Shane was an outstanding Marine, I know you are proud.

Aaron Pollock, US Army of FT SILL, OK (Orange, TX)

"i know i didn't know u bro. i was in the marines from 1998 to 2001. my little sister and u were dating at one time. she had told me what had happend. brenna still talks about u everyday. on my third tour now with the army over here.so, i just wanted to say may god be with u bro and r.i.p. to ur family words can't express ur loss. my condolences to the family."
wyndol wheatley (former marine) of baghdad,iraq

""SCOOTER", JAN, CHEYENNE and the rest of the family.
No words can describe what you have gone througn.
Shane comes from a long line of Marines in our family, with uncles, cousins and great uncles.
I knew Shane ever since he was a young man of, oh, before he was born. You see, his Mother is my SISTER and Shane always wanted to be a Marine, even when he was a very young man.
He was not only my nephew, but he was my BROTHER, a United States Marine.
I retired in 1985 and was proud of my entire family, but, Shane is the Family hero.
Semper Fi' my brother.
Uncle Neal )"
NEAL DAVIS MSGT USMC (ret) of San Clemente, CA

"my name is joel i served in iraq with shane in Aco.1st battalion 5th marines.I lost my twin brother jesse jaime almost a year ago in ramadi iraq.my brother and shane were friends in the school of infanry it broke my brothers heart when i told him about shane.they are know both watchng over us know SEMPER FI TO ALL MY FALLEN BROTHERS FROM 1ST BATTALION 5TH MARINES

I know it's hard for you to understand all that happened. Please rest assure that Shane loved you very much and yes he did talk about you . I am sorry for you loss
Jim Klingel 1St Bn 5th Marines C Co 3rd plt"
Jim Klingel of Wooster Ohio USA

"Pops, Jan And Family,
I'm So sorry to have failed you in Iraq. I told Shane that i would look after him and he would do the same. As you know Jennifer had Baby Shane on Dec. 07 2005. That's the least i couls do. Shane will never be forgotten. AS will the other three that passed that day. With lots of love to you and the family"
Jimmy Klingel !st Bn 5th Marines C CO 3rd Platoon 3rd Squad Shanes Squad on April 5th 2004 of wooster ohio USA

"Shane man, we hung out together before we joined the corps.. man it hurt me so much when i heard that you were killed... My unit would not let me have emergency leave to attend the funeral.. im sorry man. Now that im out i will visit your grave and make sure it is kept in the tip top shape... Just like you would have wanted it. You was and STILL are a damn good marine. Take care of yourself bro... Rest in piece... SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Michael Christopher Wilkerson of Orange, tx

"Dear Shane L. Goldman Family, My sincerest condolences on your loss. My name is Marc Dull, I am a USAF Veteran and an Artist from Illinois. Thank you for your Shane's Honorable Service and Ultimate Sacrifice for America and it's Values. His Legacy will endure by God! I found Shane's Memorial page while doing some research for a very important project that I thought you might want to know about. I just returned from Camp Pendleton where I visited the Commanding Officer of the 5th Regiment. I am preparing to sculpt a large monument specifically for the 5th Regiment and the Fallen Heroes in Operation Iraqi Freedom for the Memorial Garden area on Camp San Mateo there. Please e-mail me at dullart7@cs.com if you would like to contribute any input or feedback. I would be honored by your participation on behalf of Shane! Semper Fidelis, God Bless you and your Family, Salute"
Marc Dull of Illinois

"I had known Shane since we were about 12 years old back when we practically LIVED at the skating rink! He was my "boyfriend" several times, but most of all he was a friend. Even if we ever lost touch, somehow we always found each other again. When I found out Shane was going into the Marine Corp, I couldn't have been more happy for him. Even when we were younger he always talked about serving his country. Then I heard the terrible news. Though many people may not understand exactly what he gave his life for, I want everyone to know that it was for a reason. If it were not for Shane and the other fallen soldiers, we wouldn't be able to remember them by leaving these messages. We would have no freedom! Much the less freedom of speech. For Shane's parents: Seeing the way that you have come to deal with this is amazing. You guys are the perfect example of how every family should be. Proud! Thank you for being so great about the entire situation. It truly helps me know that what I am doing is for a reason."
Senior Airman Danielle (Reay) Hindel, US Air Force of Keesler AFB (Biloxi), MS

My prayers and condolences go out to you-it hurts to see you not smiling after the loss of Shane. I am glad to see all these messages of support, and hope more come. I am working on a little project in Shane's honor that you might want to help me with, so I hope to see you soon. Keep being the sweet gentleman I always have known you to be, and always remember, Shane is St Croix's hero, and will always be here with us! We love you Scooter, keep the faith!"
De of St Croix, USVI

I wanted to tell you that my family and I Love you so much espcially me! I miss you so much. I miss you coming over to my house to see me. In fact I miss you and Love you so much that after you past away I got pregnant and named my 1 month old little boy after you. Not only that he was born on the same day as you. His name is Shane Lee Frederick and he was born on April 13,2005. I know you are still with me but I still miss you so much. Too much!It feels like apart of me died too! I don't know how to deal with it. Still till this day I cry evryday because I miss and Love you so much but I deal with it. I just wanted to say I Love you and miss you and tell you about "LITTLE SHANE". My other two kids miss you and Love you so much too! I Love You Shane!!!!!"
Katie Roeling of Orange,Texas/United States

I wanted to tell you that my family and I Love you so much espcially me! I miss you so much. I miss you coming over to my house to see me.In fact I miss you and Love you so much that after you past away I got pregnant and named my 1 month old little boy after you. Not only that he was born on the same day as you. His name is Shane Lee Frederick and he was born on April 13,2005.I know you are still with me but I still miss you so much.Too much!It feels like apart of me died too! I don't know how to deal with it. Still till this day I cry evryday because I miss and Love you so much but I deal with it. I just wanted to say I Love you and miss you and tell you about "LITTLE SHANE". My other two kids miss you and Love you so much too!I Love You Shane!!!!!!"
Katie Roeling of Orange,Texas/United States

"To Jan, Bobby, Cheyenne, Matt, and Bradley:

You know that I remember Shane every day that I'm alive. Our pic of him and I at junior prom sits in a frame in my living room along with his Marine pic. I remember when he asked me if he could go to prom with me because he thought he would never have the chance to go. I had so much fun and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was one of the best times of my life. Shane was a wonderful boyfriend and I loved his family too. I would have asked him to my senior prom but by then he was serving his country like I'm doing now. I'm currently military police in the Navy and stationed in Groton, CT. For those that don't know I'm originally from Orange, TX and went to school with shane the majority of my life. Right now my brother Wyndol is on his second tour of Iraq and I pray every day that he makes it back in Dec. Just wanted to say I remember Shane and I'm serving my country just like he was doing and proud of it."
Brenna M. Wheatley of Groton, CT

"My condolences to the family of LCpl. Goldman. The third verse of the Marine's Hymn says the fallen Marines guard the streets in heaven. LCpl Goldman served his country well and now the streets of gold are well-guarded."
former Marine of Canton, Ga

"To the family of Shane,
I went to elementary school with Shane at Little Cyprus Elementary. We were in the same group in class(the teacher had the desks pushed together in groups of four). When I first saw what happened to Shane my heart dropped. I at first didn't think it was the same Shane Goldman but then I saw his photo and I knew. I pulled out my old year book and double then triple checked. I am so sorry for your loss and I thought you might find some comfort to know that I remember Shane fondly. He was always very respectful and sweet to everyone in our class. One of my clearest memories of him is how he used to get mad at me for blowing eraser shavings onto his desk in class (it was an every day occurence, I was a very accident prone and always forgot to blow the shavings to the side instead of straight ahead onto his desk). He never made me feel bad about it he just would roll his eyes and tell me to not do it again. I'm forever sorry for your loss and I will make sure Shane's memory stays alive in my heart forever. The world is an emptier place without him.I am glad I had the honor to know Shane when we were children before we could understand the bad in the world and all we knew was the good. God Bless you and I know Shane is watching over you from heaven."
Crystal Jordan of San Antonio, TX

"good morning son and happy birthday. it is so hard to believe it has been a year now. i miss you so much Shane, i wish God would grant me one more day one hour one miniute with you. I love you so much son and i'm so proud that you are my son. you are truly my hero. Dad"

"God be with you on the anniversary of your loss. Our prayers are with you, dear family and friends. As they passed, so too, our time passes. One day we will be with them. Until then, may your sorrow touch the pain of some other."
De'on Miller, Proud Mom of L.Cpl. Aaron C. Austin, USMC, KIA April 26, 2004 Fallujah, Iraq of Lovington, NM, USA

"This is to Shane's family...I just wanted you to know that I received my hero's bracelet in the mail yesterday, and it is for Shane...I will say a prayer for your family each time I look at it...I know how very proud you are of him..thank you for raising a son with enough love that he shared his life with our country...God's peace...Nancy"
Nancy of Georgetown, Texas

"To the father of Shane Goldman,

I heard your call the other day to the Dr. Joy Brown show. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I thank your son, Shane, for so bravely serving our great Country, in order to maintain the safety, security and freedom that we cherish. I am so very sorry that he is no longer here with you. I wish there was something that could be said to take your pain away. Please know that Shane will be in my thoughts and prayers.
With much love and respect."
Suzanne Johnson of Warren, NJ

"I heard you on the radio yesterday, and I wanted to tell you how much my family and I appreciate the sacrifice your family has made for all of us. I was so moved by your positive action so soon after losing your son. He must have been quite a remarkable young man for you to honor his memory in such a way. I wish you and your family emotional healing, and as happy a holiday as possible."
Jill of Virginia

""I also heard your gentle words and wishes on the radio today (Dec. 20, 04) and was moved by your composure and appreciation of Dr. Joy Brown's advice. I may live in Canada, but I support and honour all the soldiers who are bravely fighting for the freedom of the world in Iraq. Thank-you Shane, God bless you.""
Gillian of British Columbia, Canada

"I also heard you on the radio today, Dec. 20, 2004, and was touched that you, in your time of grief found time to thank people for their kindness...I want you to know that my prayers are with you and your family this holiday season....God Bless"
Pamela Pruder of Clinton Twp., Michigan

"I heard you on the radio today and I wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your son.
You sharing your story really touched me. I am very sorry for your loss.

I wish you peace and happiness this holiday season."
Fiona of Ontario, Canada

"Found this site by accident, but couldnt go without leaving a message. Just wanted to say i am truly sorry for your loss. Your son, and others like him have sacrificed their lives to make this world a better place, and for that he will never be forgotten. Be proud and stay strong."
Debbie Mitchell of England

"Dear Shanes Family and loved ones,
I have two sons and I know how much you must miss him. May the bible scriptures give you strength and knowledge. My thoughts are with you."
Paige Price of Dunlap, CA. USA

"May Shane's soul be bound in the bind
of life."
Teddy Jessa of Baltimore,Md

"Dear Shane's Family,
I know there are not enough words in all the world to ease your pain, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Shane will always be in my heart although I never had the pleasure of knowing him. God Bless you all for your strength to be able to get through this together. Shane will always be watching over you all.
God be with you and you'll all be in my heart as well Shane."
Tiffany Harris of Winnsboro, TX

"Dear Shane's Family,
Even though I never knew Shane, I feel that he was a wonderful person. I have heard a lot about him these past months. I may not understand exactly what you as a family might be going through, but I will always be here to pray and listen. After reading all the comments written before mine, I felt there was nothing else to be said. But, there is. I said a prayer. God will put nothing on us that we cannot bear. This is also understood that we must choose to let him help us. It is amazing how he gives us the freedom to choose. Just as your son, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend faught for our freedom. It was a wonderful thing for him to have accomplished in his life, for our life. My thoughts and prayers always."
Sondra McDaniel of Winnsboro, TX

"Dear Mr. Goldman:

I too heard your call on Dr. Joy Brown and it affected me greatly. Your son was a true hero in my eyes, and to so many others, you raised a fine son, one that I'm sure you are so very proud of. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, God Bless."
Rachel R. Watt of Oak View, California

"Dear Mr. Goldman,

My name is Kim Smith, and I'm the mother of Pvt. Robert L. Frantz. My son was also KIA in Iraq, back on June 17, 2003. If you would like a someone to listen...one who truly understands...I would be glad to be there for you. My email is OhItsKim@aol.com. Take care and may God bless and comfort you during this very difficult time. I'll be thinking of you and your family, and I'll keep you all in my prayers."
Kim Smith of San Antonio, TX

"I heard you on Dr. Joy Brown on my way to work this AM - it was difficult to continue driving - may you find peace and comfort in all the tributes to your wonderful son. You will always miss him but I hope in time your dear memories will bring you peace."
A Mother of Boca Raton, Florida

"To Shane's father...I heard you on Dr. Joy and was so moved by your story. My son is in the Air Force and it would truly devastate me to lose my only son, but your son has such a tribute on the internet. He was obviously so loved and many people really cared about him. You are blessed with that. God give you strength in your time of need."
Tricia Moore of Gainesville, Florida

"To Shane's Dad: Your call to Dr. Joy and your grief over your son, Shane, brought tears to my eyes. I wish you comfort in the loss of your fine, noble son. Your loss is our loss. His bravery and heroism gives Americans hope. Hug your precious daughters. God Bless."
Alexandra of Lake Worth, Florida

"Dear "Shane's dad", It was so nice to hear you share your grief and story today on Dr. Joy's program. We all feel the shock. May it help to know how many people share in your sorrow and stand with you in your time of need. My son 19, is also serving us in the United States Air Force. Peace be with you."
Annette H. of Troy, Michigan USA

"To Shanes father. I heard you on Dr. Joy Brown today. I heard how much you love him and my heart broke for you. My Dad and my brother are in Iraq right now. I just wanted you to know that I will be thinking of you."
Mandy of Davenport, IA

"Dear George (Shane's dad)--
I sure hope that Dr Joy's advice will help you. Praying for ya, buddy."
Karen M. of Grand Rapids MI

"I am listening to you, George, on the Dr. Joy show and my heart and prayers are with you. Shane was a wonderful man. God bless you."
Gail Jabour of Clinton Township Michigan

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"Shane you are a wonderfull man! We love you and goodbye! You are the best a marine good be! You will never be forgotten! YOU ARE OUR HERO!"
Stephanie, Simone,Mackenzie,Sam, and Brennon Moore of Orange,TX

"To a wonderful friend who will never be forgotten. Thank you for being brave and fighting for our country, you are my hero. To his family you all will always be in my prayers."
Deb of orange, tx

"To my little brother, I will always love and miss you. I am so very proud of you and your accompolishments. Because of your choice to defend the nation we call home, your niece MaKayla can grow and live out a wonderful life knowing you made us proud. You are forever in my dreams, and are MaKayla's guardian angel in Heaven. Semper Fi Little Brother! We love you!"
Misty Harrell of Pickton, TX 75471

"Corporal Goldman, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Shane was always my "little cousin", but now he my hero. To Jan, Bobby, Cheyenne, Bradley, Matt and Scooter, there is not a day that goes by I don't think of the pain this has caused you, but it has made us all closer than we have ever been. Thank you for all you have give our great country...Shane!

I love you all,"
Tammy of Springtown, TX

"We feel the great loss of the young soldier and many other young soldiers that have died under our flag but shane came from a family who was also of the freedom fighters. His loss was beyond recognition. I state a pledge that whatever may come to my doorway, I will pray and love that all our fighters will be saved in the hands of our lord. We wish you a great goodbye shane. and we love you and so does your father, sister, and expecially your mother. Thank you for fighting for our freedom"
Kim and Ryann Cassily of Chatham, New Hampshire, USA

"We will all miss you so much Shane. We love you."
The Rice's of Beaumont,Texas

"Lcpl Goldmen you will forever be remembered along with our other fallen marines. The company will never be the same without you and we know you will look out for all of us till we all are home."
Charlie Company 1/5 of Iraq

"To the family of Shane.

I am the uncle of Lance Cpl. Matthew Serio, one of the three Marines that fell with your son on that fateful day. I know there are no words that can remove the anguish that our families are feeling. It has only been a month but there isn't an hour that goes by that I don't think of the day I found out that my nephew, along with your son, was killed.

They were Marines doing a job that needed to be done. Unfortunately in war, young men are put in harm's way but we need those brave souls to protect the freedoms that which we hold so dear.

Remember that they were giving it to the enemy and went down fighting.

God bless your family."
Patrick Serio of Hadley, MA

"May the warm memories of your
dear Shane soothe you in this
difficult time and may this help
you be at peace. He will alway's
be a shining star. My heartfelt
prayers are with you."
Kathleen A. Kevorkian of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

"Shane is a hero to a nation that can stand in freedom because of the sacrifice that he made. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this time of great loss. He lived with honor and now he guards the streets of Heaven with valor and dignity. Thank you, Lance Corporal Goldman. God Bless!"
Maggie B. of Valdosta, Georgia

"To the family and friends of Lance Corporal Shane L. Goldman,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort
in love's everlasting connection.

There are many loving and caring Americans from all over the United
States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has
made for our Freedom. In the Support section of this web site you
will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial
time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a
quilt to the next of kin. Please register so we can send you
our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Member Of Marine Comfort Quilt group, and Proud Marine Mom"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, Ca USA

"May the good Lord follow you and help you with your grief Scooter, our hearts are all heavy with sorrow over the loss of your dear Shane."
Jay & Debbie Burdick of St. Croix, USVI

"Semper Fi, little cousin and brother Marine, I love you and will always miss you. You are my hero and I pray God will be with you always."
Jimbo (Corporal USMC) of Orange, TX

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Shane, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To Shane's Family:
There aren't words to express the grief we all feel for your loss. May God bless you and watch over you."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincere condolences. We share the same loss...the same pain. Our prayers are with you and we thank you for your child's bravery & sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Rest in Peace Tufelhunden,Semper Fi
The Taylors

"Thank you Shane Goldman, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Shane Goldman:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Shane for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Shane Goldman:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Shane, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on