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Army Pfc. Kyle C. Gilbert

20, of Brattleboro, Vermont.
Gilbert died of injuries received during an ambush when an Iraqi vehicle opened fire on his unit in Baghdad, Iraq. Gilbert was assigned to C Company, 2nd Battalion, 325th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Died on August 6, 2003.

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"Happy Birthday Kyle you are always with us everyday. There is not none day or one year that goes by that I do not think of you and your Dad and Mom. What you had was courage what you did was selfless and you will never be forgotten. Fly high Unreal1"
Darlene Fricke of Gulfport ms. USA

"I was with you that sad night my brother You serve stronger than most and I held you at the end It was my greatest honor itís been too long since Iíve said your name BROTHER love always PFC Miglicco"
Miglicco of San Antonio tx

"Another year passed. Miss you little brother. Doc"
Michael "Doc" Harris of San Anotnio, TX

"I miss you all the time Kyle. I love you brother."
TJ Russ of Brattleboro Vermont

"I haven't forgotten, nor could I ever forget you, little brother. Another year has passed and I have thought of you many times, spoken with those from our time at SWC way back when. You will continue to be missed."
Doc M Harris of SA, TX

"never had the chance to meet you but from all these posts it is evident how awesome you were man. Brattleboro should feel honored to have your name associated with it. R.I.P. Kyle!!!!"
Corey of Vernon,VT

"Respectable Gilbert family,
I first met Pfc Gilbert in SOPC as we learned "Land Navigation" together. We were both reassigned to 2nd 325th AIR Infantry. I vividly remember his hard core level of expectation, his smile and red car with a big exhaust. Others within the batalion would ask, "did you know Private Gilbert, I heard he was high speed". I have gained my civilian status in 2007 but have always carried his smile in my mind. Carlos.hndz67@gmail.com"
Carlos Hernandez of Bakersfield California

"For Kyle and his Family... I never had the chance to meet you but, years ago I was able to put a tattoo memorializing Kyle and his sacrifice on a fellow soldier that was with him in the final moments. His name I've since forgotten but Kyle's name and story will stick with me for life. Godspeed, Airborne!"
Mark of Fayetteville NC

"Continue to rest in peace, Brother, knowing you are missed and thought of often.
Respect and Honor!
Mick "Doc" Harris of NN, VA

"Hey Kyle I miss u u were always a good fried to me I'll never forget u"
Kyle tanguay of brattlebo vt

"Thinking of you.. Thank you for your service"
Danielle Look of Hinsdale, NH

"your birthday is jan16, as I still have pain from missing you my son,,,"
regina of vermont

"Thinking of you always"
Ashley of NC

"Kyle, my Brother...family and friends,
I missed posting on Memorial Day due to active mission. Back among the normal again so I wanted to pay my respects once more. Thank you again for you service and dedication to God, Country and Family. You are missed.
Doc Harris"
Doc Harris of Fort Eustis, VA

"Hey Kyle! I was blessed with meeting your beautiful mother last night! I was gonna stop by and tell you after work today but it's raining and nasty out, so I will stop by tomorrow. Just wanted you to know I really like her and am so happy I finally met her!!!"
Trista of Brattleboro vt

"Dear Kyle, I remember you coming over to the house with my boys (Jeremy and Pete Akes) - your great smile - such a great kid. On this 10 year anniversary, I am remembering your courage and sacrifice, wish you were still here among us and I will always remember you."
Teresa Akes Deen of Eastchester, NY

"As a child I used to read about my heros., now i know what it's like to have known one,"
Uncle mike of Brattleboro vt

"Kyle was thinking of you today :( just wanted to say I love and miss you!!"
Trista Bengtson of Brattleboro VT

"Regina and Robert.
I hope you both are doing well.
We all know that time changes many things including people. I pray for you two often, and wish only the best for you. There hopefully is time in your day that you can breath easy knowing how loved your Boy Was by so many....I hope the pain has faded a bit for you. We all do things in this life that hurt others, its just in our nature...it cannot be avoided, we are not perfect. I just pray you will both forgive each other, if you havent already. No one could have known what Kyles journey was going to reveal...but honestly I know it only continues even still...he really was one of a kind. I cant wait to see him one day. I miss him like crazy, but I know yall miss him like no other. I hope the rest of your life, together or apart you two Robert, Regina find time to get smile for your Son Kyle.
We all miss him.
With all the love Kyle has giving us, I wish you two will recieve that and more.
I cannot believe how long its been since we have all been able to see Kyles Smiling face.
Kyle buddy, I miss our talks, and your stories of your martial arts adventures.
love ya all very much."
A cousin of Florida

"I honor Kyle everyday since I read his request to be remembered. His picture is place with my kids. Each year I get older and know one day I will meet Kyle and give him a hug as he is family and always will be. As a Miiitary Mom I honor all our Military and thank the soldies for protecting all of us.
My kids pictures are african american and right next to them is Kyle and I introduce him as a brave sweet family member and I talk about him. To add to the people who now know Kyle Gilbert and I will continue until I die. Yes Peaches put a rose in the ocean for Kyle as she came home alive."
Jackie Rawlings of California

"I miss you my friend."
Erik T.

You are always on my thoughts and prayers. I will never forget the good times we had going down to myrtle beach with the gang. People used to think we were be brothers because we looked alike. I remember catching up to your squad in Baghdad the day before and was excited to see you again. You were out on mission so I had to wait till the next day to see you... I'm still waiting bro till we meet again. You will never be forgotten brother.."
Vito lucente of los angeles, ca

"I can't believe it has been 9 years... Rest in Piece brother!"
Sega of Fort Bragg

"Once again, Brother Kyle, you're on my mind, along with the others who passed through my AO, and have now moved on to another place and time. Thank you to the family who raised a great kid who then became a soldier and friend. You are sorely missed, especially on this day."
Mick Harris of Northern VA

"Woke up this morning and u were the first thing I thought of. Miss ya cousin, today and every day. Love you!"
Amanda Sanderson of Westminster, VT

"Kyle, Thinking of you- but you already know;every day"
Christie of Wojchick

"Hey Kyle, just thinking of u today, just watched a show about our brave soldiers in Iraq/ Afghanistan. miss you buddy and so does Brattleboro vermont"
Kim McCormick of Brattleboro, VT

"I don't really know what to say. I'm sitting her tonight thinking of you and my dad SSGT Brian Hellermann. I don't remember you much because I was so young when you passed but I do remember how my dad talked about you. He had all the respect in the world for you. You were like a little brother to him. I'm glad the two of you were together and knew the strength of brotherhood in your last moments. I think of you and him every day. And to your family, there isn't a day goes by that i dont think of you and wish things were different for all of us. You are always in my prayers.
PFC Kyle Gilbert RIP. Your work on this Earth is done and i thank you for that. You will always be my HERO.
Katelyn Hellermann of Hope Mills NC

"We had our moment in time Kyle... I'll never forget our dance!

Thinking of you today!"
<3 a friend of Halifax, VT

"Love and miss you so much cousin! You will never be forgotten!"
Amanda Sanderson of Westminster, VT

"Kyle, you were truly a special person to have meant so much to so many. The love that was in the air at mom's yesterday was amazing. You are all so lucky to have each other in your lives."
Kim of Guilford, VT

"Kyle....you are forever in my heart. I love you."
Aunt Cheryl of Dunnellon, FL

"Thinking of you today Brother! Miss You!"
Tyson of ID

"Kyle you will never be forgotten."
Ronnie & Edie of hinsdale NH

"Kyle, you will never be forgotten. I remember taking you to karate. You were a small man, but you had the biggest heart & were a hero. Just thank you for your ultimate sacrifice."
Patricia Green of Brattleboro, VT

"Today my love, 8 years have passed since you were taken from us, to soon. Not a moment goes by that you aren't thought of. The way you smiled lit up a room. We all love and miss you very much. We will join today in memory of you, as we do every year, to honor your life. Oxxzo"
Lauren of Mass

"Years have passed but I remember and each year drop a rose in the ocean for a young man who asked not to be forgotten. My family says a special prayer for Kyle and I will meet him in heaven someday and tell him I never forgot what he did for all of us. His parents should be proud their son touched so many hearts all over and as for me I will always remember and smile as I say his name Kyle Gilbert."
Jackie Rawlings/family of Riverside California

""ALL GAVE SOME,SOME GAVE ALL" Thank You For Our Freedom...."

I just wanted you to know that I think about you all the time bud you arent forgotten, seems crazy to think of how long its been since you were telling me about all we were gona do when we got home. Just know buddy, I miss you and think about you everytime i drink a hawaiin punch. i miss my friend."
Sgt Perry of Grove City,OH

"I love you Kyle!!"
Kassie Gilbert of Great Falls, Montana

"I will never forget u!!!"


We were in SOPC together, then you left and I went to work for the SWC as a medic. I was informed of your death by a fellow SOPC student who went on to another unit, just as you did, and actually saw you two weeks before your incident. He stated you wanted to go back to SFQC after you returned CONUS.
I just wish you had made it back, Brother. I think about you often, about all the laughs you brought us during the grueling training in SF land. You brightened our days! You have been sorely missed as a friend, fellow soldier, as a comrade in arms. May peace be upon you, and upon your loved ones in the years to come, as they know you died doing what you loved...serving your country, and assisting the people of another nation in its bid for the same freedoms we enjoy here in ours."
Mick Harris of Fort Bragg, NC

"Kyle I happen to meet your mom by circumstance and I stopped by just to sit a while. I am volunteering to be your jump buddy and left a single white stone for a White Falcon. Airborne, All The Way, Hooah Gilbert!"
Patrick of Odenton, MD

"to my son no words can express my feelings or my thoughts ."
robert of bratt vt

"ya know...when i think of you, i like to think of oif train up back in california. i just cant forget what an amazing job you did with your robot dance. you just made me laght all the time, thats one of the several reasons you will allways be special to me....just"
billy of iowa

"Happy birthday Kyle!"
Uncle Erick of Great Falls MT

""To the family of Kyle C. Gilbert ,I am so sorry for the loss of your love one.He died a hero.May you know the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to pray with you or talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church,Rev John B Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015""

"To the Family of Pfc Kyle C. Gilbert,
Kyle is a true hero, his sacrifice for our Country will never be forgotten."
Mark Webb of Burlington, MA

""It's been a long while, But I still remember you and will never forget. Wish things went better and want to believe things happened for a reason but still don't know what that is. I know Iraq is better know because of you but it should not have cost you. Love you and you are always in my Dreams, almost every night. I remember NTC, what a *in time huh. Anyway, glad you were with us. RIP."
Tyson of IDAHO

"kyle its dad i wanted to let you know how much i love you and miss you more every day you will never be forgotten"
r gilbert [dad ] of brattleboro, vermont

"You are forever in my heart and mind. YOU WILL NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN. I love you."
Aunt Cheryl Cunningham of Dunnellon, FL

"We've never met, but I wish we had. You sound like an awesome young man that left us too early in life. God's speed."
Tom Cudney of edmonton AB. Canada.

"We've never met but I have been wearing your bracelet for a few years now. God Bless You and your family!"
Gaylinn Nadeau of St Clair Shores, MI

"hiya gilbert u dont know me but i know you!!!i miss you with all my heart donny don tersha and junita!!your family¢¾¢¾they wish with all there heart to bring you back we all want you still to be here and thats why you are here with us !!! donny is fighting for your death and killing the people who killed you!!!sincerly love your friend kera"
kera of vermont brattlebore

You are still very missed and never
Uncle Erick of Great Falls Montana

I think of you every day. I am only blessed that i was able to be apart of your life for a short time. You have certainly changed my life forever and i thank you for that. you will never be forgotten."
Ashley of Raleigh, NC

"Kyle only god knows what an insperation you have been to me through out these years.. i spoke to you at your grave and realized that out of us all your the lucky one... ill always bow to you for the rest of my life.. and when we meet again i'd like to shake your hand... peace and prosparety in life and desth my G

one love always and forever
your boy and student
jason aprea of victorville california

"July 1, 2008
To the family of Pfc. Kyle C. Gilbert:
Kyle gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Dear Kyle,
You were a very good friend of my husband in the Army. We had a Baby Boy in November of 2007 and because my husband was so close to you we named our son after you in memory of you and im so proud of my husband my son and you for doing everything that it takes to give us our freedom. Thank you!"
Christy of NY

"You will never be forgotten. I remember that night, It will always be with me. You were a good soldier and a good friend. Not a day goes by that I dont think about that night. All the Way, Airborne, Let's Go"
SSG. Scarbrough

"kyle my best freind and 'buddy; i love you and im so proud of you i will see you son i promise"
dad [robert] of bratt vt

"Dear Kyle,
I hope you know how much you are still missed
I am very grateful I had the honor of knowing you
your memory will live on in are hearts forever"
Joy Summers of Raleigh ,NC

"Thinking of you on your Birthday. Remembering you everyday.
To Robert and Regina. You will be in our thoughts today. We love you."
Terry, Lisa, T.j and Josh of Brattleboro, Vt

"Hey kyle not a day goes by that I dont think of you. Your braclet around my wrist, picture on my bed side are always there to remind me of that Earp grin. Dont worry I'm watching over mom. I love you and miss you. Watch over them KY KY"
Marsha of Brattleboro VT

"To Virgina, I saw you on CNN and say you wonder if he will look down on you and say," See, it made a diffrence." one day. I hope you know he already has made a diffrence. I have come to the conclusion that the conflict itself makes no diffrence. What matters is the person that serves. We as soliders serve under democrats and republicans alike. It does not matter to us. What matters to us is the love our family, and our country. I am so sorry for your loss, and no amount of condolences will lessen the pain. I just hope you know that your son made a diffrence."
Kurt Schultz of Birchwood, WI

"I can't believe it has been four years. I miss your contagious smile and watching you break dance. We will cross paths again my friend, and I will see you dance."
Amanda Sak of Brattleboro,VT

"Thank you for giving your life for our freedom!!! I will never forget you or stop loving you!!!"
Ashley of Raleigh, NC


"Kyle...... i miss you not a day goes by that you dont cross my mind and now here i am another one in the family in the services bound for Iraq. the whole family misses you and not to many people know that you are my family and many just dont understand what its like in the services its hard to talk to friends they way i used to before i joined most of which will never understand what we have done or gone thru i miss you cuz just watch over me while im sent over seas you will never be forgotten ooh rah hoo ahh allways and forever rememebred cuz"
Lcpl Earp U.S.Marines of Brattleboro V,T,

"To the family of Kyle: First I'd like to say how proud & grateful I am to Kyle even though I never met him. My sincere condolences to his entire family.
My son Ryan graduated high school 2 months before Kyle had died. He then joined the RI National Guard & before being deployed to Iraq himself - he came to wear the bracelet honoring your brave son. He left it behind, reminding me before he left that Kyle was the same age as he, same rank as he, going to the same war as he. I kept this bracelet & pics of my son as a shrine to both of them. My son returned a year later (12/05) & to this day 1-1-07 we still have your son in our prayers. Know that he will not be forgotten. Love & Peace - The Crotty's"
Jane Crotty (Army Mom) xnov23x@aol.com of Cumberland, RI

"he was a great cousin. even if i did not have the time to see him he was and still is a nice cousin. i love him but i never got the chance to meet him in person.R.I.P cousin KYLE."
Ashley Strange of Brattleboro ,Vermont

"pfc gilbert i wish i could have met you.fellow soldier in arms. d co 172 infantry wesminster,vt"
spc.herbert a meckle of brattleboro,vt

"R.I.P Kyle."
KC of B-town, Vermont

"Kyle, you are a good man and a good soldier. I know you are now looking down on us and watching over us. AIRBORNE!"
Capt A.R. Pierson, USA. of Iraq

"Kyle, you are a good man and a good soldier. I know you are now looking down on us and watching over us. AIRBORNE!"
Capt A.R. Pierson, USA of Iraq

"Miss you brother, always."

"I had the honor of knowing and serving w/ kyle and as this memorial day arrives my thoughts will be with him and his family. never forgeting thanksgiving I had w/ him in pensacola fl, with my family and friends I remember the look on his face when he seen the white sandy beaches of my home town. I'm proud to say he was my friend because he is a true herro in my eyes. I for one will never forget"
james watkins of pensacola Fl,

"Kyle, You and I went to school together when we were in elemetry school. You were in fifth grade, and I was in sixth grade. I remeber though that I used to deliver the Brattleboro Reformer, and see your pic in there all the time with your martial arts that you were apart of. I think of you and thank you every day in my prayers. I'm glad that the town of brattleboro has placed a bridge dedicated to your name. You gave this nation a great sacrafice. and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. Right now my brother Ryan is searving our country over seas. And i know it does take alot of curage to go over there.. thanks again kyle"
Robert Willard of Brattleboro, Vermont usa

"Kyle, Thinking of you."
Christie Wojchick of Brattleboro, Vt

"Time is suppose to Heal All.
We are suppose to Forgive and Forget.
Life must go on!
They say there are 5 stages to death and dying.
........All I really know is that I miss Kyle, and I know that anyone who knew him feels the same.
Cous, You will never be forgotten, only missed and loved by all.
I am, and so are those who enjoy the freedom and liberties born to them in our great country are forever in your debt.
I hope that everyone who has the chance visits your gravesite often, and at least says a prayer for you and every other active duty member past and present, before they lay down to sleep.
Life has many things to offer those lucky enough to have been born in the USA. But the veterans of this great nation are truely Americans! Kyle, you are every bit a Hero to me...I know that we will meet again, and I look forward to it.
Robert, Regina....May God Bless You..."
love a friend family member and vet of california

"1/20/06 Dear Gilbert Family - I ran across this Memorial web site for Kyle by accident. I read every entry that has been posted so far. I feel like I know your son just be reading all about him. I have a 20 year old son who is in the Marine Corps and served 7 months last year in Fallujah, Iraq and will be serving back in Iraq again come September of this year for another 7 months. I just want to tell you that reading the tributes to Kyle made me feel like I was treading on "holy ground". "Thank you Kyle Gilbert for being willing to serve your country and for making the ultimate sacrifice so that freedom can continue in the U.S.A. and be spread to other countries as well."
I will remember your name and write it in my bible. I will pray for your family to find comfort and peace. God Bless you all."
Denise Paxton of Yorkville, Ohio

"To my dearest Kyle, well it's the start of another year and I find myself missing and loving you more and more each day. I wear you bracelet in pride and love telling each person young and old that asks me about it how you were the most amazing man I knew. I will be up to see you this friday with the usual flowers, poem, and picture.
You are my hero.
Love you more than life itself babe.

For those interested, I made a website for Kyle....

Lauren Triggs of Hadley, MA

"i will never forget you, kyle."
Dana Waterman of Brattleboro VT

"We Miss you Kyle, and will never forget the time we served together. Cell block C baby."
Tyson Hunt of Pocatello, Idaho

"we hope that you are in a better place now and that you have a greart time thank you for giving your life up to help our country"
some one that cares

"there is never a day that goes by that i do not think of u. I wish that u were still here the first day i got to c co i saw u there it was the best to years of my life it did not matter what we got in to we seamed to have a blast doing it we were verituly unseprable like brothers until Aug 6 then it was like every thing stopped i felt i had lost the other half of me u were gone no one to talk to or hang with then the day i was shot by all means i should have died that day but then i realised u were not as far away as i thought . i will always remember u as my little brother."
jordon sorrell of burlington vt

"Dear PFC Gilbert,
Today is Sep 25,2005. It is also Gold Star Mother's Day. I met your Mom and Dad today at Arlington National Cemetary. Their pride in you shines like the sun. Your Dad had on an 82d Abn shirt. Airborne! All The Way! I can't thank you and your family enough for your sacrifices and their's as well. I have read all of the notes from people and I know you are up in heaven watching all of us. You definitely carried a big rucksack for our Army and our nation. I thank you for that. Each night I keep all of you, your fellow warriors and your families in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice and the freedom you have maintained for us. From an old Airborne Soldier to another. AIRBORNE!!! ALL THE WAY!!!"
Rob McAvoy of Glens Falls, NY

"Pvt Kyle, Gilbert Many of us miss you and will not forget you. You were my soldier for a couple of years I screamed at you and your piers day in and day out because I knew that you guys were were great men with great potential I often think of you and your comrades that I could not put on that plane and bring back with us. We miss you. You and your buddies will not be forgotten."
SSG "P" of 6th Ranger Training Battalion



"Kyal you were a realy good person i remember you coming to my house to visit my older brother i remember when me you and rick went to 6 flags befor you left to the army it was fun but now your gone and forever loved we all miss you so much"
jessica easton of brattleboro,vt

"I went to Special Forces training with Kyle. He was the first to introduce me to sports cars, and got me addicted to them. He was there when I bought my first Camaro. I am now out of the military and I hope to come over and see the bridge dedicated to his memory.

Kyle, thank you for your sacrifice."
Jason Barrett (JasonBarrett105@hotmail.com) of Raleigh, NC

"Kyle, I will never forget you. I didn't have much contact with you but couldn't keep my soldiers on their own duties when you were around. You were like a magnet for friends. I have your initial along with Huggins, Hellerman, and Guerrera tatooed on my arm. Its not there so I won't forget, but rather to tell your story to anyone who asks about it. At least that way you will never be forgotten. RLTW"
Chris Allgood of Nashville, TN

"Kyle, I will never forget the fun that you, Jordan and i had in Bragg. You will be greatly missed."
SPC Meggie Day of 7/83 Chem- Ft. Polk, LA

"I'm a 17 year old female, and I just got discharged from Basic combat Training in Fort jackson South Carolina for medical reasons. I myself was faced with the scary fact that I too was going to have to go to Iraq only two weeks after getting out of AIT. It takes a strong and couragous person to go and fight for their country. Thankfully I may never have to exprience the terrible things that are happening, and have happened in Iraq. To those of you who are, have been, and lost their lives there, like Kyle... I salute you."
Casey of Tallahassee, Florida

"I'm a 17 year old female, and I just got discharged from Basic combat Training in Fort jackson South Carolina for medical reasons. I myself was faced with the scary fact that I too was going to have to go to Iraq only two weeks after getting out of AIT. It takes a strong and couragous person to go and fight for their country. Thankfully I may never have to exprience the terrible things that are happening, and have happened in Iraq. To those of you who are, have been, and lost their lives there, like Kyle... I salute you."
Casey of Tallahassee, Florida

"Kyle, not a day goes by that I dont think of you. You are a hero to us all and words will never describe the pain we feel without you. I stop at your grave all the time but it will never be the same. I will NEVER forget you kyle, you are always in my heart. KG143"
Colleen of Westminster West, VT

"Dear Kyle, Your words "Don't forget me" deeply touched my heart. Partly because I can imagine my own teenage son saying those words in your situation. I read your story in USA Today and can't get it out of my mind. I will not forget that you gave your life to help bring peace to the world. Thank you for being a brave soldier, thank you to your parents and God bless them and hold their broken hearts in his hand. I will not forget you."
Michelle E. of Seattle, WA USA

"Kyle,s Deeds have not gone unnoticed.
He gave all that a man can give.
Unlike some,it can not be denide.
9/11/01 was about Freedom not oil.
Your,s and mine.GOD bless your family."
Gregory W. Huhn of Belle Fourche, SD USA


"I am very touched and saddened by Kyle's story. I will not forget him through the eyes of his lovely parents, Bob and Regina. The world was truly blessed by the beautiful Gilbert family; and now we all suffer this great loss. Kyle, you will not be forgotten! You and your family are in my thoughts, prayers, and heart."
Amy of Surprise, AZ

"No matter how the war may divide this great country and no matter what negativity may be heard, PFC Kyle Gilbert will always be an American Hero. As a fellow soldier I salute you for your dedication and your courage. May God watch over your caring parents until you meet again."
SPC Mark Shimala, Co C, 136th Sig Btn of Houston, Texas

"Kyle, we miss you so much and you will never be forgotten. you were very important in our lives and we're greatly appretiated. You were very brave and strong. We love you kyle Gilbert and we will never forget you.
We love you Kyle Gilbert."
Jessica Easton of Brattleboro, V.T.

"Kyle, we miss you so much and you will never be for gotten. You were very important in our lives and we're greatly appreatiated. You were very brave and strong. We love you Kyle Gilbert and you will never forget you.
We Love You Kyle Gilbert"
Ashley Laundry of Brattleboro V.T.

"To the family and friends of Kyle, I to am an American Soldier stationed in S. Korea. Though these words may not be of much comfort to you during this most trying time, I just want to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family for your great lost. I am retiring in 73 days after twenty years of military service, and I have a twenty five year old son. It brings such sadness to my heart to know that one of my fellow comrades had to leave us at such a young age. When thinking about what you the family must be going through, I am reminded of the scripture when Jesus said "Thinkest that I cannot now pray, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels; I'll just bet that young Kyle is in that number. I am proud to be a part of the Greatest nation in the world, and from this day forward I will always say a prayer for Kyle; not because he's fallen, but because the Lord tells me that he had to have been a great person. So to you the family, storm clouds will rise, and strong winds may blow, but remember that Kyle will forever be with us. Please acccept my sincere words to, and about a man that I know I would have been honored to serve beside. Martin Luther King once said while being interviewed; "I just want to do God's will he said, and he's allowed me to go up to the mountain, and I've looked over, and I've seen the promiseland, and I am happy tonight. And I'm not worried about anything King said, and I'm not fearing any man, for thine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord. That's truly what we are doing as soldiers. Grace & Peace be Unto You from God our Father, and from Jesus Christ his Son."
SFC Darrell Means of Concord, N. C. 28025

"I just read about the memorial erected in Brattleboro and am proud that we still have Americans like Kyle. I hope your town realizes this as well. Rest in peace good son."
Craig of Seattle, WA

"Kyle- I love you and I miss you. I have so much respect for what you did over there. I hope your angle is with me when I go over, may god rest your soul for the sacrafices you made."
A1C Kristin Anderson of Brattleboro, VT

"We love you so much Kyle. You are an inspiration. We miss you like crazy. Im sure we will meet again someday. Love you forever."
Lily McDonald and the rest of the fam of Brattleboro Vermont

"This old paratrooper will never forget the brotherhood of the greatest division in the world. Although I never ran across Gilbert my heart still hurts for my brother. May you rest in peace."
Anthony of Denver, CO

"Rest in peace Kyle. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. Your country owes you and your family a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you."
Rick of Oklahoma City, OK

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..8/6/04

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN

We are all so proud of you for what you have done for us. I just wish I had told you that before now. We love you so much and you truly will never be forgotten."
Kristen and Ethan Looman of Brattleboro VT

You are loved by many, many who never have met you. I visit your grave site and weep, you were much to young to leave your mother and father, you were brave and we thank you for fighting for your country. I have placed a bear by your grave to let you know we will never for get you. God Speed"
cheryl louttit of vernon, vt USA

"Kyle I will never forget the times I spent with you and Jordan in NC. I always picture you sitting outside my store with your big sunglasses on. I think about you everyday even though its been a year. My thoughts are with you and your family. I miss you."
Amanda of Perry, MI

"Your voice may no longer be heard out loud but in our hearts you will be heard forever.We will remember you always."
Lisa Russ of Brattleboro,VT


"We will forever honor you Pfc. Kyle C. Gilbert! We are humbled by the sacrifice that you and your family have made for us and our country! God bless your soul!"
SSG Nathan Henderson, and Michelle Henderson of Essex Junction, VT USA

"to gilly's family
it has been almost a year since gilly left us not a day goes by that i dont think about him i used to take him to florida with me he would always go dancing the funniest thing was when he would to the robot he would have everybody laughing . when i got married he used to come to my house to vent i miss him . if any of his family reads this i would really like you to contact me at nchlsmos@yahoo.com
and to gilly i miss you brother your in my prayers. nick"
sgt nick moss of ft. richardson alaska

"To The friends and family of Kyle Gilbert.......How can I thank you, thank Kyle, for your sacrifice? I have a precious little girl, who sometimes tells me "Mama I'm afraid to go to sleep, what if something happens?" I tell her nothing bad will happen, but she tells me she knows that we are fighting, she heard at school that people want to hurt us. I tell her, "there are soldiers honey, always at the ready to keep you and Me safe and sound. We don't have to worry, you can sleep safely. God and the soldiers will take care of you, and so will Mama." How on Earth can I thank you? God bless you and keep you forever next to his heart."
D. Laraway of Johnson, Vermont

"Kyle: I knew you from working with you, and through Zee. I got to know you quickly and found that you were such a kind caring person! You always were smiling and you loved to dance! U and Zee would be doing the robot dance and goofing off when you should have been working. I will always remember that. I will also remember how much you loved your car and how we talked about all of the things you were going to do to it. Those chrome rims were so sweet and the chevelle did look UNREAL. U are never forgotten Kyle...U were a great friend and I miss you!"
Amanda Sak of Vernon,VT


You were always a hero. I remember so many good times, when you would stay over night with Evan, and then go snowboarding, snowmobiling, of bike riding. I was always happy that the two of you were more than cousins, you were friends.

I visit you often and look at your pictures daily. I never realized how much one person could be missed. But you are missed by all of us and we will never forget you. I love you very much and you will always be a hero in my eyes.


Aunt Cheryl"
of Brattleboro, VT

you were a great friend and you will always be missed, and never forgotten. I remember all the good times with the crew in high school, going out to lunch, hanging out in the halls, getting in trouble with teachers, "GODZOOOKI", DBZ, and all the hilarious things you did. You were always laughing or smiling, and thats how ill always remember you, i know you're making people laugh and smile wherever you are. NEVER FORGOTTEN!

To kyles parents, your son was one of the best people i ever knew, you should be very proud of him, you raised a great son. Im sorry for your loss, he will never be forgotten."
Tony Sak of Vernon, VT

Wow where do I even start you were a good bud through out high school we had a lot of great times, like twin beef taco day at school and how you had your twin beef taco song, that would make me laugh so hard I would cry, I will never forget that song for the rest of my life, also all the great laughs we had while we worked at Burtons and all the times you Zee and I went rollin through downtown in the chevy with dubs and the extremly loud bass and how everybody's head would turn. Kyle you are one of my good friends that I will never forget I will be telling storys about you for the rest of my life. You truely are a hero and I think about you offten. You will never be forgotten. To Mr and Mrs Gilbert my throughts are with you all the time. I want you to know that every time I come back home I visit Kyle, and I will never forget what you son did for our country. Rest in Peace my friend one day we will meet again,

Much love."
Adam Rittenhour of Vernon VT- Granton Beach FL

"To The Gilberts- I have seen you many times in town, but never know what to say. He was a great friend, and will not be forgotten.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that flow
I am the sunlight on my own grave

I am a gentle autumn rain
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight

do not stand at my grave and cry
do not stand at my grave and cry
do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there I did not die".....
A song by Lizzie West"
JPT of Brattleboro

"Kyle- It warms my heart to see so many people leaving kind words for you. You were such a kind, caring, and energetic friend that always had new dance moves to show me. I never quite caught on to the robot. I tend to revert back to the last time I saw you. It was a few days before you were to leave for basic. The Chevelle was looking "unreal" as always with the chrome wheels. You were SO happy to go and serve in the Army and try new things. I never had any doubt that you wouldn't do well. I shook your hand and told you that you had to come back and you promised that you would. Well, you DID come back....as a hero to all of us. We will never forget you my friend...I quote the band Staind with the following lyrics from there song "So Far Away", which fits you to a tee:
this is my life
its not what it was before
all these feelings i've shared
and these are my dreams
that i'd never lived before
somebody shake me
cuz i
i must be sleeping
now that we're here,
it's so far away
all the struggle we thought was in vain
all in the mistakes,
one life contained
they all finally start to go away
now that we're here its so far away
and i feel like i can face the day i can forgive
and i'm not ashamed to be the person that i am today.
**Whenever you hear this song, think of Kyle, and know that he is, and always be a hero that was proud to serve.*** NEVER FORGOTTEN."
A Friend of Brattleboro

"Private Gilbert, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Regina and Gibby, I think of Kyle often and I know you know he won't ever be forgotten."

"I walked pasted you many times in high school but we rarely spoke; that was my loss. When you died, this country, our small town lost a wonderful, heroic man. You will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with your family."
BUHS graduate of Brattleboro VT

"My oldest son John IV has just returned from Iraq having served a full year in the region and over 8 months in Baghdad. Six months from now he could return. John graduated the year after Kyle in 02 and knew him well. Each and every day John was there I have had a nervous stomach and sleepless nights to say the least. I served in the Air Force in 1971 and although am a veteran it is altogether different when its your sons turn or another young mans such as Kyle and you never stop thinking of them. Each time I see Kyles picture in Brattleboro I shed a tear for him and the whole Gilbert family while at the same time honoring Kyle my son John and all the other vets past and present by never letting any of the negative influences in or around Brattleboro get away with makeing any statements other than all our boys are brave heros defending our rights to breath free air and keep us free in our homes and country. They dont understand there are powerfull, cunning enimies to our way of life who continue to seek to bring us down. We will never let this happen by virtue of the strength of Kyles ultimate sacrifice and others like him alive and dead. For Kyle and his family along with all the other veterans past and present I will remind those people out there who dont understand our sons and daughters in the armed services of this. FREEDOM HAS A SPECIAL FLAVOR THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW
Thankyou Kyle for all you have done and continue to do.
John Lowery III U.S. AirForce 1971
John Lowery IV U.S. Army 2002
Brattleboro Vermont"
John Lowery of Brattleboro Vermont

"Kyle, A true hero. Although we did'nt know you we have gotten to know all about you. We will never forget you Kyle. We will support your parents in any way as they keep your memory alive.You gave the ultimate sacrafice for all of us. Rest in peace loved one."
Pam & Steve Nelson of Brattleboro, VT

"Dear Mr & Mrs Glibert,
I write this to you with a heavy heart. How can I even begin to put into words what I am feeling right now? We send our sons off to war knowing they are fighting for a better world for all of us. In that we take great pride. We know there is a chance they will not come back to us. How can I say thank you for raising such an unselfish, dedicated young man? My prayer is that somehow you find comfort in knowing that we share in your grief. There is a bond that is unexplainable among those who have loved ones fighting for our freedom. When one is lost we all hurt. My heart, my prayers, my arms go out to you! Kyle will never be forgotten! God be with you and your family.
our love to you,
Darrell, Judy & Jannell Lambert"
Judy Lambert of Spokane, WA USA

"PFC KYle Gilbert - It saddens me that such a handsome fellow that had so much to offer has been taken away at such a young age. My family really appreciates the ultimate sacrifice you made in protecting our country and striving to make life better for others. You will never be forgotten. Prayers are with your family. They have a guardian angel hero to watch over them now. Bless you and your family. The Miller Family"
Cindy, Courtney, Kyle, and Greg of Cincinnati, Ohio

"Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, your amazing(and very handsome)son made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us all safe.I will be forever grateful to him for this.My prayers are with you."
Laurie Gordon of Ft Hood Texas

"As a fellow American, my deepest sympathy to the family of Pfc. Kyle C. Gilbert. May he rest in peace."
Kathleen Lyons of Los Angeles, California

"My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The love for your country was obvious in the fact that you served it well. You paid the ultimate price. This American is proud to have had you protect us. God love you."
Andrea Ellison of Cameron, TX

"Kyle you were a hero that will never be forgotten. God be with you and your family and comfort them. Thanks for making the ultimate sacrifice for your country."
Darla Williams of Overland Park, KS

"It saddens me to hear of the loss of a true hero. Although I did not personally know Kyle, I wish to thank him and his family for their sacrifices so that we can live in a free country. My condolences go out to you. We will never forget our heros and the sacrifices they made for us."
Sharla Webb of San Jose, California

"To the family of Hero Kyle Gilbert, we would like to offer our deepest condolences at your lost of such a wonderful human being and great soldier. I didn't know Kyle personally, but have heard so much about what a great guy he was, that I feel as if I do, and truly wish I had! As you deal with the sorrows of his passing, I pray that you will be comforted by our words here, by the knowledge of what a wonderful soldier he was, and the fact that he won't ever be forgotten. God bless you all."
Becky Pellowe and family of Alton, NH

"You are a hero and will never be forgotten!! You make every American proud!"
K. Vick of Columbus, OH

"Thank you so much for making the ultimate sacrifice. It is because of people like you that I have my freedom. You are the true definition of a hero!
Kyle, you'll never be forgotten."
Lindsy Wadas of Illinois

"God must have a tremendous need for angels that He takes so many of our best and brightest. May God bless Kyle's family and give them peace knowing that their son is now at peace and in the service of the Greatest Commander of All. We will remember him and his family in our prayers."
Judy Allbright of San Antonio, Tx.

"God Bless you and your family, Kyle C. Gilbert. Please know that you will forever be remembered and appreciated for your brave and unselfish service. You are a Hero and will remain always in our hearts."
Kristi Lade of Bradenton, FL USA

"My deepest condolences to the parents and all loved ones of Pfc. Kyle C. Gilbert. My heart aches for you, and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that the deep hurt you feel can be in some part be eased by the feeling of great pride for Kyle’s valor and deep sense of patriotism.
Kyle, you have made the ultimate sacrifice and did so willingly and without hesitation. Thank you so very much for defending my freedom. It means so much to me, to the people of NYC and to the entire nation. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice in the service of the country that I love so very much. You will always be remembered as an American Hero.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Most Sincerely,
Pat Shoukry of New York, N.Y. USA

"Thank you for giving your life, dedication and whole heart to not only our country but for those in desperate need of support in Iraq. You are one of many amazing heroes and you will never be forgotten, but instead remembered for your courage and strength. May God continue to be with your family and friends, and may you continue to shine in the eyes of those you have you have touched the hearts of... undoubtedly it was many. God Bless..."
Jenn Smith of Long Island, New York

"I cannot begin to express my sympathy or gratefulness for the price Kyle paid in love of his country.

No greater gift can a person give to another than to lay down there life for them. God bless you Kyle, your a brave soldier that has served his great country. I and a lot more of the Dutch people salute you, honor you and althought we never met in real live I shall never forget what you have done for all of us people that live in countries that are free and want to protect this precious freedom.

My heart breaks for Kyle's family members and friends that have to give him up.
May God help you find a way to deal with the pain you feel at this time and help you bring forward the wonderful memories you have of your beloved Kyle.

With all my Love, Respect and Prayers ...May God Bless You and keep you in the palm of His hands"
Liza of The Netherlands

"Thank you Kyle for giving yourself for me, my family, and our country. You are part of our history forever. Because of your responsiblity and and efforts, we are better as a country.
For Kyle's family, my heart and prayers go out to you. You must be so proud of your son's accomplishments....I know I am.
Thank you for lending us your son."
Debie of Albuquerque, NM

"God Bless you and your family. My prayers are with you all. Kyle is a true hero and will never be forgotten! He has made the ulitimate sacrafice for his country!"
Summer Morales (Proud Army Wife) of Ft Hood, TX

"For the loved ones of Kyle, I pray for you and for your fallen soldier. I hope that God gives you the strength to remember what a wonderful young man Kyle was and is. I hope you know that Kyle is a true Hero!! My thoughts and prayers are with you."
Brandy Smith of Stuttgart, AR

"Kyle: My family and I greatly appreciate your great sacrifice. We will never forget you in our hearts and in our minds. May God grant your family peace and comfort. Thank you"
Susan Deer of Cincinnati, OH

"To Kyle's family and friends,
My deepest sympathy. Kyle is indeed a hero. I pray that God will comfort you and give you peace."
Nancy of Santa Maria, CA/USA

"I pray to God that you'll never be forgotten, PFC Gilbert. Your sacrifice for our freedom is the greatest gifts one can give. You are a true hero and it is an honor to post a tribute to you. Thank you, truly, I salute you."
Proud Army Wife, Shanna Miller of Stuttgart AR

"Kyle, you will never be forgotten. I pray that God holds you in the hollow of His hand. And may He comfort your family in this time of need."
Mary Ann Janicki of Gorham, NH

"Dear Kyle, last evening, we had the honor of meeting your truly, loving and remarkable parents. Your love and spirit will always be alive through your parents, family, friends and community. And you, Kyle, will never, ever be forgotten. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the ultimate sacrifice you gave to your country. We will forever hold you dearly in our hearts and prayers, and do everything we can to support your parents. With love, gratitude and sincerity. Chuck & June"
The Alecks of Brattleboro, VT (Home of Our Fallen Hero, Kyle)

"I never met Kyle, but I know he was a good man because he chose to serve our country and put himself in harms way to make sure that everyone he loved, and even complete strangers like me, could be free to live our lives without fear, to live in peace and security. His courage and love will not be forgotten. May God Bless the Gilbert family with many happy memories of this amazing young man."
Kimberly of Michigan

"Dear family and friends of Kyle, My deepest condolences and prayers to you. Your son's memory will live on in the hearts of all those he touched and the country he served with pride. Kyle paid the ultimate price for our freedom and I will never forget what he did for us. I will teach my future children about him and other fallen heroes and let them know to whom they own their gratitude for our liberties. Kyle will never be forgotten. God bless you always Kyle and family."
Anne Galvan of Los Angeles, CA

"This is from your Uncle Roy who never really got to know you, Kyle, but you have touched my life in a very special way. I spent this last Sunday (March 14, 2004) making up a book of newspaper clippings and photos that your Grandmother gave me. In this way you will never be forgotten by any of us. You are our "HERO" and always will be. Your Aunt Suzie calls you her "HERO" as well. God Bless."
Le Roy Walker of Brattleboro, Vt.

"kyle "gilly" i dont know what else anybody can say to you you are my hero i also wear your braclet and your memory thanks for being my friend i may shortly be returning to iraq and i know you will be looking over me just like you did when you were alive i love you bro . if mr. and mrs. gilbert are reading this i would love for you to contact me via e mail nicholas.moss@us.army.mil
spc nick moss"
spc. nick moss of alaska

"kyle, you are in our thoughts everyday. we visit you on a day to day basis. you will always be our hero. we love you and miss you so much. you will never be fogotten. we have alot of memories together we will cherish them forever."
love uncle don aunt theresa donny jr juanita of brattleboro, vt

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Kyle will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I really dont know how to start this, well my name is SPC Todd R. Green, i just got back from Iraq on the 10 of december,i was in 3/505 pir 82nd airborne, i came back to pcs to go to Fort Richardson, Alaska, well i was clearing at my batllion HQ and SPC Nick Moss came up to me amd gave me a hug, that was the first time i saw him since he had left for the war, then he told me that Kyle wasent going to be coming back home,i guess i just didnt really want to accept it, but i guess i have to, i had the pleasure of serving through basic training, and airborne school with Kyle,i have been told before that the true heroes are the ones who do not come back, well Kyle you are my hero, and Americas, i will not forget you my friend, SPC Todd R. Green, former 3/505 pir 82nd ABN., E. Co. 2/58 inf. (basic training)"
SPC Todd R. Green of Fort Richardson, Alaska/USA

"to the family of kyle gilbert (gilly)
your son touched us all with his soft spoken sense of humor and his friendship always willing to lend a hand and be there for you when you needed him i started my career with him and wish he could still be here with us today kyle used to drive to florida with me on the weekends we would go dancing and soon after ariving he always attracted a croud. one of our country's most heroic people and one of the best paratrooper and friend anyone could ask for "gilly" i love ya and will miss ya and to his family thanks for a wonderful son he will not be forgotten
spc. nick moss 3-325 82nd"
spc. nick moss of ft richardson alaska now

"Kyle, I have this one memory of you when we were really little. My sister or the school took us to the circus. And your favorite part of the entertainment was, there were these girls that hung by their long hair and did all kinds of tricks and flips. I laugh when I think of it. You were a lady lover. I miss ya."
Christie Wojchick of Brattleboro, Vt 05301

U will never be forgotten. I still rember the day that I got to replacement,wear I first met u. U looked after me and bcame a good friend. I think about the good times that we had together. Well I'll see u soon and u will never be forgotten. Thanks for all u ever did."
PFC Jeffery S. Mersman of FT. Bragg, NC

"My prayers are with all of the families touched by the our fallen comrades and their fellow military members. Please, never forget our service people,their cilivian counterparts and our POWs and MIAs. My sympathy goes out to ALL the families of our fallen comrades. Kyle, we will never forget everything you and your fellow service members have done for us. GOD BLESS!!"

"Our heart and prayers go out to the family and friends. From reading all the messages, Kyle was a special person to alot of people. Although we never met, he has touched our hearts as well. You will not be forgotten Kyle."
The Asher's of Hawaii

Today would have been (is) your 21st birthday (16 JAN 04) although you will never be forgotten you are missed every day! Happy birthday!! You will be loved and missed forever!! We will all see you soon! Love Uncle Erick, Aunt Nikki, Kassie, & Kaitlyn. (NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN)"
Uncle Erick of Great Falls, MT

"I wear an arm band with your name on it that reads

Kyle C. Gilbert
C co 2/325 AIR
KIA Aug 6, 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom

I haven't taken it off since the day I put it on. You were a fellow soldier, and a friend. We all miss you so much and will never ever forget you. All the wounded guys here back at Chuck Co always sit around and tell stories about back in the day. Jordan has picture of the two of you on his dresser. And, when ever we have a drink, a toast is always made in honor of you. You are a hero, now and forever. We will never forget the sacrifice you made."
Spc. Bobby Carrasquillo "Doc" 3rd plt medic of Ft . Bragg, NC

"Thank you Kyle Gilbert, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"Kyle was a part of my son's life for so many years. I thank him for letting us have the opportunity to be a part of his.Every time I go to visit him now I resent that I can't see him face to face to tell him how special he was to so many people.Im thankful to God that someday I will see him and thank him personally for giving me and my family freedom.You are missed every day,but never forgotten. God speed to an awesome warrior."
Lisa Russ of Brattleboro, Vermont

"Not only was Kyle one of my bestfriends...he was a hero to all even before he joined the service. He looked out for all of his friends and was always there for them. He deserved nothing more than the best in life, and that's what he got. He will always be remembered by me as a bestfriend, a hero and the most loving and caring friend I ever had. I am more than proud to have known such a wonderful guy. My deepest wishes and prayers go out to his parents, Robert and Regina, and his family and friends all over.I send all my love! He was my hero."
Lauren Triggs of Hadley, Massachusetts

"Christmas is a time to rejoice in the human spirit, and I just wanted to say "Merry Christmas" to Kyle where ever he maybe, and to continue to give your parents strength and confidence in their daily lives, they are in fact parents of a "HERO". Christmas sometimes is celebrated for the monetary reasons instead for the humanitary reasons it should be celebrated for...Christmas is for the smell of a wood burning stove on a cold december night, and the selfless gesture of a faceless stranger in your time of need, and we have all had those times. I call a cease-fire on the 25th of December, for 24 hours in ONE DAY.. in honor of PFC Kyle Gilbert and all the men and women who have fought for our "luxury" to celebrate Christmas...however materialistic I feel Christmas is....the soldiers and their parents possess the true meaning of Christmas...time for memories and celebration of life.... SIMPLY PUT LIFE in the HERE AND NOW, one day at a time. "MERRY CHRISTMAS PFC KYLE GILBERT, FROM THE GOULD FAMILY IN A LITTLE TOWN IN NOWHEREVILLE"... WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU, WATCH OVER YOUR PARENTS AND GIVE THEM SERENITY ."
The Goulds of Brattleboro,Vermont.

"I pray that our Heavenly Father may ease the Gilberts anguish and leave only the cherished memory of their loved one. To lose one so young is heart wrenching. I have no doubt that Private Gilbert served with integrity, honor and courage. Although he is no longer with us in body, his spirit shall endure. We as Americans must never fail to remember his sacrifice for freedom, nor allow it to be diminished."
SSGT Douglas Bean of Great Falls, MT

"In light of Veteran's Day, I still feel sadness in my soul, for a young man taken before his time. My heart goes out to his parents, and I cannot begin to imagine their loss, or maybe I can as a parent. We don't bury our children, they bury us, or so we have been told. I have wanted to convey my thoughts to the Gilberts since this has happened. I am so very proud of your son and never really understood the truth behind the word "HERO" , until I read the paper Aug. 8th. I know my thoughts won't bring him back, and nothing anyone says will change the outcome. But I am proud of your son..an grateful that he fullfilled his dreams. I will not forget him."
Paige Gould of Brattleboro,Vermont/U.S.A

"kyle gilbert was a very brave man and my heart goes out to his family love chanel"
Chanel Grover of Brattleboro,Vt

"We want to thank Kyle for sacrificing his life for our freedom. Even though we knew Kyle two days, it felt like we knew him forever. He was always smiling. He is our hero and he will be missed greatly."
The Gilbert Family of Lincolnton, NC

"First of all I want to say thank you everyone for showing your support to Kyle. Kyle was a good friend of mine, and was more or less like family to me. He loved what he was doing and was great at it. It's been hard dealing with his death.
Kyle, you will NEVER be forgotten, we love you."
Mike Stevens of Brattleboro, VT

"As his team leader Kyle was a true American and a great soldier, I will miss him greatly, and I will never forget him."
SGT Tom O'Brien of FT. Bragg, NC

"My heart goes out to the family and friends of Kyle. Men like him make me proud to be an American. God Bless him for serving this country. He will not be forgotten."

"To the Family you are in my prayers...May God bless you. I do want to say it was a honor to have him in our military Thanks for serving our country"
Stacey (Proud Army Wife) of Zephyrhills,Florida

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Kyle Gilbert:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Kyle for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Kyle Gilbert:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Kyle, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on