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Marine Lance Cpl. Michael L. Ford

19, of New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Ford died while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Al Anbar province, Iraq. He was assigned to the 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, California. Died on April 26, 2006.

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"My name is William Hyden. I served in 1st Battalion 7th Marines Animal Co Mobile Assault Platoon Truck 1 Driver Al Anbar Province 2006. My unit was Quick Reaction Force to Michaelís tank after it was hit. We secured the site allowing the helicopter to land then transported Michael from his tank to the aircraft for medivac. Although I did not know Michael very well I think of him and his family often. My father pieced all of this together from my stories and seeing a photo of Michael at a Naval History Museum in Massachusetts while visiting it. My old man is a Retired LTCMDR. Joseph I am sorry that you lost your Brother. Your Brother knew the dangers of roadside bombs/mines and that every patrol could be his last but he saddled up and went regardless because he was an Upstanding Marine. This is the Definition of Courage. Respect, Love, and Semper Fidelis."
William Hyden of Little Rock Arkansas

"RIP Hero. I have never met you but today I spoke to someone very close to you by random chance. At the end of our conversation, I asked her if she would share your name with me and she did. You have the same name as one of my sons. I promised her that we would speak your name and honor you at each ceremony for the Fallen that we attend. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Marine. You will never be forgotten."
AM of Long Island, NY

"It's now been 10 years since my brothers death we still miss him. I hope from where he is he can see his nephews. Especially my oldest who like me shares his first name in his middle name. Who without me realizing it till just now goes by Mikey kinda like adults used to call him when he was little. I just wish he could have lived long enough to have been my best man at my wedding that he could have met my wife. There are so many things I will miss not being able to do with my little brother. I won't get to start are business we won't get to see our kids play together, we won't get to play video games against each other and argue after about who was better or who cheated. We won't get to do so many things I could think of that are to numerous to list. Just know Michael I miss you so much and that your big brother loves you."
Joseph M. Ford Jr. of New Bedford, Massachusetts

"To the ford family

I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm shocked mike was such a good kid growing up, always helpful and I will never forget that..."
Mel N. of Newbedford,mass

"I'm sorry Michael and to his family."
Travis Bellamy of Lexington, OR

"Gone to us early, the loss was so sudden/
Mike did not live to be father or husband/
Gone was the humor, the wit and the charm/
Lost to protect us from bringers of harm/
His death brought us sadness, distress and ire/
And yet there's that feeling that young man inspired/
That love for countrymen, family and stranger/
Left us in awe and diffused all the anger/
Long after Michael has ceased to take breath/
He continues to strengthen the friends that he left/
He'd admit he wasn't perfect, but folks/
I want you to know, he was better than most/
We remember the smiles and laughter so often/
Here's to a friend who is never forgotten/
Remember this when you feel your heart aching/
We know where he is, he's Upstairs, ahead, waiting/"

"Can't believe we're coming up on the 7th anniversary of your passing. You're still so missed. You made an impact on this country and we will forever be grateful for your sacrifice."
MissingMike of New Bedford, MA

"My Brother
My brother you have fallen.
My brother you may have passed from this world.
But your spirit will always be with those who love you.
So watch over those of us who still linger in the land of the living.
From your place with the almighty help us.

This is a poem i wrote on the day of my brother's wake. Michael was my younger brother I will always miss him."
Joseph M. Ford Jr. of New Bedford, Massachusetts

"Was just sitting here remember you, its still so hard to believe your gone. I've known you and your family since we were in the sixth grade, I remember when your mom (Cheryl-R.I.P.) ran the 4H program @ Hayden-McFadden. You'll never be forgotten, we miss you Mike!!"
Liane Q. of new Bedford, MA

"It's been 6 years since High School and 4 years since you passed. I miss you Mike. I miss all the Culinary Arts moments, good and bad. I'll never forget you. You are a true hero."
Trisha of Fairhaven, MA

""Laura Holbrook of Georgetown, KY" or "Sgt. Rivera, Joshua A of Beaufort, SC", this is Harcum, jasonharcun@aol.com. it's 4 years later but if you read this, send me an email or something, i haven't forgot Ford, and i'd like to hear how you all are doing.
-jason harcum"
Jason Harcun of Towson, Maryland (with Ford in mind)

"I miss my friend everyday, however, today is even harder, knowing that it's been four years today since he passed.I remember where I was when I heard the news, and every LONG moment from then (April 26th) and the day we buried him (May 10th). He was a close friend and fellow marine to my then husband. I will never forget his fellowship, or his spirit. Please, my friend, REST IN PEACE... I love you"
Laura Holbrook of Georgetown, KY

"I was at Al Qaim on the night LCpl Ford was killed. I'll never forget his name, or the effect of his loss that I witnessed around the 7th Marines COC during the morning that followed. Although I never knew him personally, I came to know many of the Marines in his unit. He was highly respected and will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

Semper Fi"
SSgt. Sean Welch, I MEF (Fwd.) CID of Salyersville, KY

"It's been almost 3 years since I saw you last. I miss you so much and I think about you all the time. I know you're with your mom in Heaven and I know you would never want to come back, so until I met you there one day, i'll still be here, loving you."
JW of 29 Palms, CA

"June 3, 2008
To the family of Lance Cpl. Michael L. Ford:
Michael gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"To the father, brother, and sister of micheal i hope everything is well i know that the void left behind is one that none could fill as micheal, he was good, true, and valiant marine. I enjoyed serving with him as well as the chess games Ford and I would play during deployment. From the brothers of 3rd platoon C co. 1st Tank BN. Micheal will always be missed. Ill see you soon bro!"
Sgt. Rivera, Joshua A of Beaufort, SC

"My sister was going to marry Michael the fallowing fall. I was only nine when he died. I really miss him."
Conor of Redmond WA

"To the family of:Michael L. Ford I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"To the family of Lcpl Ford. I'm a member of first tank battalion where he was a member of as well. I'm on here to say that we will take these bastards down. He will always be in our thoughts and prayers. To Michael, as we continue to fight over there as companies keep your hand on us and keep us safe and remember man everyone in 1st tanks misses you. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER IN ARMS."
Derek of Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base 1st Tank Bn, California, USA

"To my Hero,

Thank you for the sacrifice you gave to my family although you never knew us, you freely gave your life to protect my sons. I know that even though I can only imangine what heaven is, you know. I will continously keep you & your family in my prayers. When I fill out another box to send to our brave soldigers overseas, I will keep you close to my heart. In humble prayer I thank GOD for you."
Lisa S. Booth of Boca Raton, Fl

"God Bless You and ease your pain. My daughter Jessica is in school with James and we are a 21 year military family, there are no words to express how sorry we are and how deeply we love and honor soldiers like Michael. Thank you for ensuring our freedom. To your family are prayers our with you. If we can help in any way please let us know.
Terry of Dartmouth MA USA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness,
and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief.
Our nations HERO, Michael will be remembered by name.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Pat & Sandi Breckenridge / Montana God Bless you ALWAYS. "

"I had the privledge of knowning Michael L. Ford from the 5th grade when we were in the 4-H club together we use to work on the Ernestina. Michael had a wonderful sense of humor, always kept his head high. Loved giving people a helping hand. He is Our Hero. He will Always be in our Hearts and Forever Missed. Thank you for giving your life for us to have our freedom. R.I.P. Mike!
An Old Friend From Voc-Tech"
Felicia T of New Bedford, Ma/USA

"My message is below: my email is
Semper Fi, Michelle Shea of Sagamore Beach, Ma

"To the family of Lcpl Michael Ford,

I sat quietly in my car last Tues at the cemetary in Bourne , off in the distance I heard the same familiar noises I experienced 2 years ago when my son was laid to rest in the same cemetary after he was killed in Fallujah, Iraq. I share your tears and torn dreams for these fine young, handsome boys.
I couldn't bring myself closer to the group that day but,my tears flowed with you just a few streets over.
I visit my son often, living in Bourne myself, and leave flowers, flags etc for him and the other two brave souls that lye next to my son, who also lost their lives in Iraq. Please know that Michael will now also receive my respect each time I visit.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers forever. I stand more humbled and stronger today thanks in part by the extreme support of my community, the Marines, and mostly due to 1st Sgt Todd Parisi who stood by my side as well.
I know the walk you have ahead of you so, if you need anything or simply have a question please always feel free to contact me."
Michelle (Ford)Shea, mother of Lcpl Jeffrey C Burgess KIA 3/25/04 Fallujah, Iraq of Sagamore Beach, MA

"To the family and friends of Lance Corporal Michael Ford: I grieve for your loss. I know your pain. Michael is a true hero and will never be forgotten. There are no words that console now.. just know that you are not alone. God Bless you. Semper Fi"
Collette Brady (mother in law of Cpl. Christopher Gibson 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, California. Died on April 17, 2004.) of Simi Valley,

"To Michael Ford's Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Your Michael is a true American Hero who will always be remembered and honored. May God Bless you and God Bless Michael."
Mary Ghaney of Brooklyn, New York

"Thank you Michael Ford, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Michael Ford:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Michael for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Michael Ford:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Michael, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on