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Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael J. Clark

29, of Leesburg Lake, Florida.
Clark died due to enemy action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was assigned to Combat Service Support Battalion 1, Combat Service Support Group 11, 1st Force Service Support Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on July 20, 2004.

Edited on March 20, 2016 to correct the rank. He was promoted posthumously to Gunnery Sergeant and was also selected for Warrant Officer.

He is loved and missed by his wife Sara, and children Victoria, 6, and Emelie, 3.

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I still audibly laugh out loud when I think or tell a story about our tenure in Okinawa (MCAS Futenma MALS-36 Ordnance 1994-1995). It seems at times we were inseparable. For short-timers like myself, there's always a best friend or running buddy at every duty station, and you were definitely mine. We were LCPL's knocking around the island without a care in the world. When you left in '95 to go to New York, I remember thinking "What the hell do I do now???" The last time we saw each other was in '97. I was stationed in Yuma and nearing the end of my enlistment. You came into town for WTI (I think), and we went out for a few (or more) drinks. The vast majority of the conversation revolved around your newly-wed wife, and the happiness, meaning, & maturity she had brought into your life. It didn't take too long to realize that you really were married and that you weren't setting me up for a practical joke (as you were prone to do and then torture me for being so gullible). I came across your Memorial Page for the first time today...and the news literally knocked the breath out of me. The more pages I find dedicated to you, the prouder I am to know that you're a beloved Husband & Father, a True Professional, and a Hero. From all of the comments I've read you're still the same personable, quick witted, larger than life individual I will always remember. (Sept 2016)"
"Billy Jack" of United States

"Its been 21 years since we first met and worked together at MAG-49, me being the senior Marine I was supposed to be in charge of you, take care of, and mentor you, but you taught me more than I could have ever taught you. We separated in 1999, went different ways, met up again at the end of 1999 at Foal Eagle in South Korea, where your OIC only talked about you and what your capabilities were, what he did not know was that I had already experienced what you could do so it never dawned on me how much of a true Marine hero you really were, until July 20, 2004. There was nothing that I could do that day when I first heard the news, I was shaking, scared, thought about your family, nothing seemed right so I did nothing but thought about the times we had for years in New York and other places, thought about your beautiful wife Sara, and your two beautiful daughters, wondering why now, the last time I was on this site my writings were addressed to Sara, seems not that long ago althought its been awhile. Just wanted to say you were a Hero then and you will always be a Hero. Miss you Mike. Gone to soon. Semper Fi"
Gysgt Howard Ball of Detroit Michigan

"I met you on the morning of the day that you were killed. You were called out to the scene of an IED attack where one of the Marines in my Battalion had been killed. You took the time to teach some young Marines a few important points about the enemies' IED tactics - points that may have saved lives, and for which I will remain forever grateful. Sadly, you left us to go out on your final mission. You will not be forgotten. Semper Fi, Marine."
Matthew Mensik of Spokane, Washington

"You and your family helped and comforted my family while I was deployed, for that I can never thank you enough. May God hold and protect your family the way you did for us. You are an awesome man and will never be forgotten, Semper Fi Brother!"
Mike Sink of Okinawa, Japan

"So sorry for your loss,our thought,s and prayer,s are with you,God Bless you & your,s"
Gloria Brill of Oregon

"There's no works that can convey our heartfelt thanks for your ultimate sacrifice. God bless your family."
Glenda Sink of Lubbock, TX

"The sacrifice your family has given is one that can never be repaid in this life. Our deepest respect and love to you. You will always be remembered."
Sink Family of Okinawa, Japan

"Sgt. Clark,

We thank you for your service and your family's great sacrifice. I know that you stand proud, still feeling the continued Love that Sara and the girls still express to you, while watching Sara stand firm in American Patriotism always guarding the Values bestowed upon us by our Creator in Heaven.

We thank you both.

God Bless!

Jason, Kellye, & Camille Falk"
Falk Family of Driftwood, TX USA

"my name is Dennis Frank Trias Gorrez. I Volunteered for as much EOD missions as i can. I enjoyed them so much.Staff Sgt Clark was one of the quiet ones.I once remembered him loose it for the first time because of safety issues i think it was. He threw his fully loaded in tantrum / anger at the rear of the humvie, and the rounds just went loose. I reloaded the magazine wuth the rounds that went loose and set it back on the platform. He said tanks Doc after the sermon. That was when he started talking to me. The day before he passed, Staff Sgt Clark and i where talking about family. He asked me where i was from/ my native land , and it all came down to family.I learned of his wife, children... i loved the conversation... took us away from an ugly place. The next day i was chosen to go on a lottery type trip for a 3 day get away from Fallujiah rest and recreation. Thats the day i recieved the news. I did not go on the mission because i was packing. I donnot know if i could have made a difference if i was there... i should have been there. I am sorry for your loss. My name is dennis."
dennis of Oceanside

"Dear Uncle Michael,
I miss you so much. I know that Grandma Susan is now with you, I miss her too. I love you! And I am Falling your dearm! Im either entering the Marnies or the Army. I love you and you very missed. If you have any information about my uncle please contact me at
lexiclark223344@gmail.com. Thank you!"
Lexi Clark of Eustis, Florida

"To the family of Gunnery Sgt Michael Clark
I have always thought of Michael and love him. I am his half brother Joe. I served 23 yrs in Army and very proud of him. If there is anything I can do let me know. You will always be in my prayers. Joseph. Clark175@yahoo.com."
Joe Clark of Virginia

"Remembering Mike reading his poem in front of the raid force one evening in the summer of 2003 before heading out for a night's work with TF SCORPION. What started as a light hearted moment left us all with a deeper appreciation for the depth of character of this brave, brave man. Still think about you and pray for your girls who are no doubt super young ladies. Memorial Day 2013."
A Friend of St. Louis

"The heart never forgets. Our love for you remains intact and true no matter the time flowing between us. We can't wait to see you again, and until that day we are collecting stories to share with you."
Always in our hearts, Your Gers of the Wrong Side of Heaven

"Dear Friend,

God bless you Always. Thanks for your great work at Us Army. Best Memories..."
Sgt. JAMES FIJOR of Long Island NY USA

"I would like to express my condolences for the wife and daughters of SSgt Clark. I do not know you, but I did know SSgt Clark. I was with him when he was killed and I have thought about him very often since that day. I just decided to search for information about him and I found this site. I will never forget SSgt Clark. God bless his wife and daughters. Sorry for your loss."
Branden of Camp Pendleton

"Tänker på dig ofta Mike!"
Mathilda Werner of Malmö

"To the daughters of Mike J. Clark. My name is Mike also, but I'm from Ohio. I always wanted to be an EOD(bomb) tech. It was my dream job knowing that I could save people from dying a needless death while working with electronics. While I was in the ARMY, I didnt realize my dream of an EOD tech, I wasn't good enough. If I could'a been an EOD tech, I would liked to have been just like your dad. He is somebody that saved thousands of kids, men and women from dying. Mike was a true savior to many. Be very proud of your dad, when others ran from a bomb, your dad went to it- to disable it- making it safe for others. This is a special kind of bravery that very few people have. Michael J. Clark is not only a fallen Hero, he was committed, had intestional fortitude(guts), he was driven, but most of all- he was brave, brave more then others. Your dad did his job because he wanted to, he liked being the person in the group that others look to for help. He liked helping other people. You may ask, why did he do his job? He did his job because there are people out there that want to hurt us & our family. He wanted to stop the hurt. Follow his exceptional example, be proud, walk with your head high & God Bless You Both."
ARMY Vet of Ohio

"I love the building"
Lexi clark

"As a 100% disabled vet, thanks Gunny for fighting for my (as well our nations)freedom. Since this is a Christian Based Site, I am sure the Gunny Heard the following from the Supreme Commander in Chief:..."Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of thy Lord..." To the Gunny's family - words fail to express what I feel. You have given us the most priceless treasure that you possessed on this planet - the life of a loved one in the service of his country. I hope that his memory comforts you, as well as the promise the Lord made that he will one day wipe away all tears, and that you will be re-united with your loved ones. Semper Fi Teufelshunde!"
LT John E Ritenour, USN(ret) of Pensacola, Florida

"from Sara :
"I also wanted to tell you that they have finally finished the new EOD building on Camp Pendleton and are having a dedication ceremony on May 26th to Mike!! I got the message about a month ago when they wondered if we could please come and be present for the ceremony and yes, I wouldn't miss it for the world!!! What honor, and something I know Mike thinks is pretty darn cool too!! So the new EOD building will be named the GySgt Michael J Clark Explosive Ordnance Disposal building! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!!! "

EOD Marines remember fallen, immortalize them :

Robert Gowan of Hawaii

"To the family of:Michael J. Clark
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"2-21-11"

"amen i love you uncle micheal i miss u aunt tammy is home thank you she found the ring you and daddy got her she misses u and can you save me a spot we will meet again"
Lexi Clark of Ocoee flodia 34761

"Mike, may you rest in peace. God bless you and your family. You have been in my thoughts since that day in Iraq. Brave man, only those who have served know how I feel about those we have lost."
ORTIZ of Imperial, CA

"Aunt ..... Sara ..... wow it has been a while ..... plez call me @352 410 4337 this is my cell number i would like to build up our family relaationship up again ..... tell our cuzines i said hay .... and i love them and rely want to talk to u and them .... plez send me pics of them in the mail i will give u Robert Clarks addresse thats mi dad"
Lexi Clark RIP michael clark love u of wildwood sumter county fl 34785 775 heuy st apt d17

"I can say a lot about mi uncle he never ever gave up ...... he worked hard to get where he was and he will be missed by : the folling : his mom susan, his lil brother robert ,his lil sis tammy and his necies a his enphew : our names r the eldest lexi clark , next erin clark , and final kyle clark"
his neic of 34761

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry at times. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take your families and friends pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com
A hundred times a day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am receiving. - Albert Einstein"
Scott E. Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"The picture of Mike with his two beautiful girls speaks a thousand words. God bless you always and God bless his wife and family. No one will ever understand his sacrifice except those that have sacrificed. My deepest sympathy to all who knew him."
Vito of Chicago, IL

"”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,800 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Mothers and/or Fathers, of our heroes, please be aware that the Project Compassion sponsors will now help cover the costs of the portraits for you to have one - regardless if the spouse of the hero has one or not!
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com. or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and bless you.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion
P.O. Box 153
Manti, Utah 84642"
Project Compassion - Kenna of Manti, Utah, USA

"As an Army veteran, with understanding and moral support for your family, and the greatest appreciation and respect for your service and sacrifice, I stand at attention and salute you."
Robert Williams of Na'alehu, HI

"Aloha nui loa to the everlasting warrior spirit of Gunny Michael J. Clark .
You are gone but never forgotten Mike .
Never forgotten . The Lychee tree I planted in your memory , the week after you passed , is starting to grow tall now . It had it's first sweet fruits this year , 5 years on .
Semper Fi Marine!"
Robert Gowan of Kona Hawaii

"Sara, my thoughts are with you and the girls as this somber anniversary approaches. I hope that you are all doing well, and I would like to see you soon. I often think about Mike and reflect on his untimely loss. A few weeks ago I lit a candle for him at the Cathédrale Saint-Louis des Invalides in Paris. The world is just not as good a place without Mike. It makes me sad to think we have been without him for 5 years, and how difficult that it has been for you.

I lost your contact information when I moved to NY and changed jobs. Please reach me at pmcgowan@alumni.iu.edu - I look forward to talking to you and seeing you and the girls at the earliest opportunity.

Patrick McGowan of New York

"Still thinking about you Mike. God bless your girls and give them strength as your memory warms them for the rest of their lives."

"Forever in our hearts."
Your Gers of Washington, Memorial Day 2009

"i miss you.."
thilda of malmö, sweden

"We used to race our cars from Tellaga Loop back to the base. You would just punch it past the gate guard. I would be last an get pulled over by the MPS lol. They would ask me who was the guy doing mach 3 in front of me. I always said I didn't know, never could catch up to him to find out. I miss that crap..I miss you brother
Cpl Johns"
rob of eureka, Mo

"I served in Iraq, during the first Invasion (RCT-1) H&S CO. 2/23 Marines. I so sorry for your loss..."
MSgt Fenn RETIRED of California

"The soldiers do not speak. Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses: who has not heard them? They have a silence that speaks for them at night and when the clock counts. They say: We are young. We have died. Remember us. They say: We have done what we could but until it is finished it is not done. They say: We have given our lives but until it is finished no one can know what our lives gave. They say: Our deaths are not ours: they are yours they will mean what you make them. They say: Weather our lives and our deaths are for peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say: it is you who must say this. They say: We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning. We were young. they say. We have died. Remember us:"
William Taylor of Bonita Springs, Fl.

"To the Clark Family: May God comfort you and give you peace. I would like to say a lot but words can't describe what we went through in 04. It was a pleasure serving with Mike as his chaplain. I have now moved on to the Air Force and find myself deployed again. Blessings & Semper Fi! Navy Chaplain LT. Robert Marks CSSB-1 Feb 04 - Sep 04 (1FSSG May 02 - Dec 04)"
Robert Marks of Moody AFB, GA

"To the family of Staff Sgt. Michael J. Clark:Four years have past since I saw your beloved husbands memoriam add in the newspaper. My youngest son was a baby, it touched me very deeply what you must be going through.
Over the years you and your girls have been in my thoughts.
Last year we nearly lost our newborn baby and went trough traumatic times. I have many times been thinking how lucky I was and I have remembered your lost. Today I am packing to move. I opened a box with a magazine and I thought to myself " why did I save this?" Then I saw the add of your Mike. Life works in some mysterious ways some times.All this time I have been thinking about you and I still had the details packed away.
I am sending you lots of hopes and prayers! I am sure your Mike is with you in his own way!
Lots of love to you and your girls!
Malin Ward xxxxx"
Malin Fredlund Ward nigelmalin@home.se of Kävlinge, Sweden

"June 9, 2008
To the family of Staff Sgt. Michael J. Clark:
Michael gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I could write for pages on Mike. I had the privledge to be with him on my first tour in Iraq. I was with 4 other Combat Engineers that were attached to Mike and another EOD team member. Thta was around May 2003 and I was with him until Sept. 2003.Mike took us in and treated us fair. Mike and I spent alot of time together in that place. We did alot of work and missions together. I had the upmost respect for the guy. He even took the time to introduce me to his wife and girls when we got off the bus. We stayed in touch back in the states. When I went back on my 2nd tour in Falujah in March 04 he stayed right across the street from me. Once again we spent time haning out and talking. I think about him and the things we did often. The guy truly loved his job and did it well. I never had any worries when he was beside me. He was a great EOD Tech, SSGT and most importantly my friend. I miss you brother, save a seat for me and we will get together again."
Matt Kopecky "Pecker" former CPL USMC of Harrisburg, SD

"clark if this is who i think its is 1st CEB camp mateo CA. we had a paintball gun fight in the barraks one night, I felt bad because I shot you while you came out the shower in a towel, wrong place wrong time. I felt soo bad but we were all drunk and you didnt even * about it, that meant a lot to me back then..and it means everything in my life now. I remember the helo pad at sunrise and jumping of the high dive platform in the swim tank when we werent supposed to at 0300 lol. I went to see your memorial at San Mateo but they had torn the beer garden down at some time, god a hated them for that. Your name was on a piece of paper in the battalion headquarters instead. Im so sorry for that but I guess they didnt know You like we all did...
SEMPER FI my brother Ill see you again"
Cpl Johns of Eureka, Mo US

"It's been awhile Mike since you left, but I'm still thinking of you, and there's never a week that passes that your not in my mind . Miss you brother."
Len Austin of Cambodia

"Dear Sara, I was surfing the internet for information on Iraq to develop a power point program for an up coming class. I ran onto Fallen Heroes Memorial and read about the loss of your husband. He was a devoted soldier that any father would be proud. He will be dearly missed. Of course the hardest part is the family and children that are left behind with out a husband and father. My unit has been to the Middle East several times without a loss but it is because of men like your husband who make it safe for us. Lean on God to help you through the hard times. He is always there for you and your family."
Steve Kirton of Garretson SD

"You will always be my hero"
Mathilda of Malmö, Swe

"The A-T Solutions Indoor Lacrosse middle school boys team played a double header today against two previously unbeaten (3-0) teams and came from behind for two outstanding last minute victories. Today was all about the Marine Corps. The first game was against Cocalico and dedicated to EOD Hero Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael J. Clark. The boys were down by two goals with 5 minutes left. After a time out they refocused and scored 5 unanswered goals to win the game 9-7.
The second game came only 5 minutes later and was against the first place team Warwick. The game was dedicated to EOD Hero Marine Staff Sgt. Joel P. Dameron. The team was down by three goals midway through the second half and seemed to be running out of gas until ATS ILC midfielder Patrick Dill ripped off a goal just past the midfield line. The defense and goalie Drew Lord shut down Warwick and allowed their offense to score three more goals and win the game with seconds left. The team chanted “Marines!” before each game, at half time, and after their victories. May God Bless these two brave Marines."
John Coster of Mechanicsburg, PA

"I knew SSgt Clark in Fallujah in 2004. I was With the MP's that used to do security for him. He was a great guy and is deeply missed"
Former LCPL Martinez, MP of Dallas TX


You continue to be my hero. Love you, Bobbie"
of Okinawa

"To Clark's family

I am really sorry for your lose,. But I want to thank him for serving his country and keeping us safe from any danger that may have happend if he wouldn't have been over there to protect us. I am truely sorry. I will keep yous in my prayers."
Molly of Iowa

"To the Clark family,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I had the opportunity to have served with GySgt Clark. He made the worst places and times bearable. A great Marine and person. He will never be forgotten.

Steven Manber
(310) 505-9800"
Steven Manber of Irvine, CA USA

"Dear Sara, This is the only way I have to try and contact you. My name is Robert R Clark brother of Michael J Clark I would really like to talk to you. please e mail me at bgddyo3@hot mail.com. I hope that you get this message and contact me give the girls my love and take of yourself Love Bobby"
R obert R. Clark of Wildwood ,Fl

"Please tell me if Michaels middle name was Jason and his mother was Maria.
If so I know this young man when he was a baby in Virginia. I would be his step Uncle. Please let me know and I will update you on the connection I have to him."
William Eric Hockstedler of Hudson, MA

"I have no words to describe my sadness
of your loss. My name is Michael J. Clark. I live in Oneonta, Al. My father was in the Army for 40 years. I tried to enlist, however, due to asthma I could not go in. I feel a sense of regret, or absence because I should be in service. This should have been me.
I am the first generation in my dads family not to see combat. I used to think everything happened for a reason.
I am not so sure now. I have 3 children.
I am no different, I should be there to help, if only to lend one extra hand so that others may live. I am so sorry for your loss. please, contact me anytime @ futurepilot72@yahoo.com"
Michael Joseph Clark of Oneonta, Al

"I think of you and your girls often and you are in my prayers, still, everyday and will remain in them."
Susan Hall-Thompson of Michigan

"Hello, I too am from Leesburg, Florida now living in the Tampa Bay area and I wanted to send my love to you and you children and ask that God keep you safe always. If I can ever do anything for you, just drop me an email at USMarines1980@yahoo.com; Semper Fi"
Ira M. Lockhart of Tampa, Fl

"Merry Christmas, babe... We love you."
Your Gers

"I just miss you so much, jag vet inte vad jag ska skriva nu blev lite mycket på en gång. Jag älskar DIG, VIC och EM över allt annat"
Mathilda Werner of Sweden

"I wake up each morning and go to work I am able to do this because of you, and those that came before you, that believed in the same thing. Freedom. Thank you Mr. Michael J. Clark. Your family will be in my thoughts."
AJ of Bennington, Vermont USA

"SSgt Clark truly was a hero. He was in my company (CSSC-111) in OIF-I, and in my battalion (CSSB-1) in OIF-II. In over 15 months of deployed time in the same units, the most time I spent with this Marine was a few weeks in the same tent in Kuwait before the invasion (and the EOD guys were like the "Ricky Recon" of our unit, our own elite, so they had their own little click.) From the his below summary of action for a Navy Commendation that he did get for his heroic actions in OIF-I you can see why I never got to know this hero very well, he was never idle, he was always saving some U.S. Servicemember or Iraqi kid from unexploded or boobytrapped ordnance.

I was not privy to his subsequent heroic accomplishments in OIF-II, but I know these guys were just as busy.

Semper Fi Staff Sergeant, thank you for your sacrifice. You truly saved many lives.

Summary of Action CLARK (Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal w/Combat V)

While serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician for Regimental Combat Team (RCT) 1, SSgt Clark participated in 49 EOD related combat missions in support of Combat Service Support Company (CSSC) 111, First Battalion, Fourth Marines (1/4), Second Battalion, Twenty-third Marines (2/23), and Third Battalion, First Marines (3/1).
On 22 March 2003, at Camp Spartan, SSgt Clark exploited an enemy training facility and ammunition cache. SSgt Clark assisted in clearing the area for booby traps and ensuring safe inspection of the area. This allowed Human Intelligence Exploitation Team (HET) and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) to gather intelligence and capture enemy communications equipment. This action also resulted in denying the enemy the use of various communications equipment, 350 RPG rockets, 200 fragmentation grenades, 100 60mm High Explosive (HE) rounds, 100 82mm HE rounds, and 50 rifle grenades.
On 23 March 2003, before crossing the bridge in An Nasiryah, SSgt Clark assisted in clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO) from friendly positions. This action resulted in 6 60mm mortars, 2 40mm HE Dual Purpose (HEDP) and the warhead of a bounding fragmentation RPG rocket being destroyed, allowing the Regiment access to areas free of UXO.
On March 25 2003, while running the gauntlet from An Nasiryah to Al Gharraf SSgt Clark came under fire by sniper and RPG attacks. Although he was driving, he remained calm, cool and collected and continued to move with the convoy. SSgt Clark’s courage and coolness resulted in the team successfully negotiating the “Gauntlet” with the rest of the convoy.
On 26 March 2003 while traveling through Al Hawi at night, the convoy came under fire from both sides of the Main Supply Route (MSR). Again SSgt Clark remained calm while engaging and returning fire. By returning fire and suppressing the enemy, the convoy was able to move through the ambush area to the Regimental assembly area.
On 27 March 2003, at the 7/17 intersections, SSgt Clark responded to UXO at the gas station and assisted in the remote opening of several boxes and the destruction of a fragmentation grenade. Clearing the ordnance and checking for booby traps allowed the infantry to continue their sweep of the area.
On 29 March 2003, in the city of Wasit, SSgt Clark was part of the assault element of “L” 3/1 sent to seize the Baath Party Headquarters of that city. SSgt Clark assisted in the destruction of 65 60mm HE mortars, 15 RPG rockets, and 6000 rounds of small arms ammunition.
On 31 March 2003, North of the 7/17 intersections, SSgt Clark responded to abandoned ordnance and UXO from an attack on 1/4's position the previous night. He assisted in the destruction of 9 RPG rockets, 3 anti-tank grenades, 1 fragmentation grenade, and 3 RPG launchers. This action removed weapons and ordnance from the enemy and removed UXO from 1/4's position.
On 04 April 2003 At Ah Numaniyah, SSgt Clark assisted in the exploitation of a large weapons cache and abandoned mortar and fighting positions. In all, 190 60mm HE Mortars, 71 82mm HE mortars, 223 fragmentation grenades, 51 RPG rockets, 41 rifle grenades, 15 anti-tank landmines, and more than 580,000 rounds of small arms ammunition were destroyed. Additionally 103 AK-47s, 17 machine guns, 21 RPG launchers and 6 60mm mortar systems were also destroyed. This action opened areas for the Regiment to occupy and took weapons and ammunition from the enemy.
On 5 April 2003, at Hanid as Sayyid, SSgt Clark, was part of the assault element of “C” 1/4 sent to exploit an enemy training camp. SSgt Clark assisted in the destruction of 6 14.5mm Anti-Aircraft guns 1 RPG rocket and 80,000 rounds of 14.5mm ammunition. This action removed a serious ground threat to allied aircraft on combat and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) missions.
On 5 April 2003, at Hanid as Sayyid, SSgt Clark was part of the assault element of “A” 1/4 sent to inspect a suspected Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) site. SSgt Clark reported and identified the suspect ordnance and equipment found through the S-2 for further exploitation.
On 6-7 April 2003, South of Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the search for booby traps in a house that enabled the recovery of over 10,000 lbs of food and the destruction of 932 AK-47 assault rifles, 11 M-1 carbines, 17 machine guns, 24 RPG launchers, and 16 60mm mortar systems. This action resulted in returning valuable food supplies to the civilian population and took a substantial amount of weapons from enemy hands.
On 08April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in removing over 500 lbs of PE-4B plastic explosives from the bridge that RCT-1 was using to move its elements into the city of Baghdad. This action allowed the regiment to move safely and expeditiously into the city without stalling the attack.
On 8 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the destruction of 14 14.5mm Anti-Aircraft guns, 6 82mm mortar systems, 11 60mm mortar systems and 1 73mm recoilless rifle. This action denied the enemy a significant amount of weapons firepower that could have been used against U.S. Marines operating in Baghdad.
On 9 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark while under sniper fire outside the UN compound, assisted in the destruction of 59 57mm Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) rounds, 94 AK-47s, 47 RPG Launchers, 11 M-1 carbines, 3 M-14’s, 6 57mm AAA guns and 14 130mm Artillery sights. This action resulted in depriving enemy forces of assault weapons, indirect fire weapons, and removed a serious ground threat to allied aircraft operating in Baghdad on combat and MEDEVAC missions. SSgt Clark remained calm and focused to the task at hand even though he was operating under constant sniper attack.
On 11 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark exploited an Iraqi ordnance exploitation facility. SSgt Clark assisted in destroying 440 fragmentation grenades, 100 Chemical delay fuzes, 568 anti-personnel mines, 3 U.S. Claymore mines, 20 U.S. 1 lb blocks of TNT, 250 U.S. C.S riot control grenades, 358 U.S. flash bangs and 40 6’ lengths of 225 grain Flexible Linear Shape Charge (FLSC). This action prohibited the further exploitation of US and foreign ordnance by the Iraqi military.
On 11 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the disablement of 3 SA-6 Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) and 3 SA-7 SAMs, and destroyed 5 Sagger Anti-tank missiles. This action denied anti-tank capabilities to the enemy as well as and removed a serious ground threat to allied aircraft operating in Baghdad on combat and MEDEVAC missions.
On 11 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark exploited a cache and destroyed 127 Anti-tank grenades, 304 RPG rockets, 59 82mm HE mortars, 160 60mm HE mortars, 109 fragmentation grenades, 25 lbs of PE-4B and other demolition materials. Additionally SSgt Clark disabled 8 SA-3 SAMs. This action removed ordnance from the hands of the enemy as well as removing a serious ground threat to allied aircraft operating in Baghdad on combat and MEDEVAC missions.
On 12 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the removal of an anti-personnel landmine from “E” 2/23 Command Post (CP). This action resulted in removing an extreme hazard to U.S. Marines operating in the command post.
On 12 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the removal and destruction of 81 Dual Purpose/Improved Conventional Munitions (DP/ICM) from civilian homes and the local school. Most of these were moved by hand at great personal risk, as the area could not withstand a high order detonation or render safe procedure. This action resulted in the removal of UXO from the civilian community and gained invaluable personal relations between the US Marines and the civilians of Baghdad.
On 12 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark coordinated the removal and assisted in the destruction of 800 Anti-personnel mines from a school. This action removed a large amount of mines from the hands of the enemy, and also enabled the reopening a school in Baghdad and gained invaluable personal relations between the US Marines and the civilians of Baghdad.
On 13 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the destruction of UXO in the area to be occupied as the “E” 2/23 CP. This action resulted in the destruction of 1 RPG rocket, 17 82mm mortars and 29 60mm mortars and allowed for the safe occupation of the area by “E” 2/23.
On 13 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the exploitation and destruction of an enemy ammunition cache. 1277 60mm HE mortars, 469 82mm HE mortars, 1374 rifle grenades, 546 RPG rockets, 25 fragmentation grenades, 41 anti-personnel landmines, and 200 lbs of PE-4A Plastic Explosives. This action resulted in the removal a sizable amount of ordnance from enemy hands.
On 15 April 2003, in Baghdad, while providing EOD escort on a “key civilian leaders tour” being conducted by 2/23, SSgt Clark assisted in the removal of 3 82mm HE mortars and 1 60mm HE mortars from a playground, 1 SA-16 SAM from a civilians yard, 7 DP/ICM and 2 PRGs from a mosque. This action removed UXO from high visibility sites and gained invaluable personal relations between the US Marines and the civilian leaders of Baghdad.
On 17 April 2003, SSgt Clark coordinated the removal of ordnance from a mosque to the Division Ordnance Disposal site for destruction. This action resulted in 40 HOTT-2 Anti-tank missile, 8 60mm mortars, 6 82mm mortars, 14 RPG rockets being removed from the enemy hands as well as being a high visibility site, gaining invaluable personal relations between the US Marines and the civilians of Baghdad.
On 18 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark coordinated and assisted in the removal of 60 120mm HE mortars and 4 60 mm HE mortars from the main Baghdad power plant to the Division Ordnance Disposal site for destruction. This action removed ordnance from the hands of the enemy, facilitated the reestablishment of a key civilian infrastructure and gained invaluable personal relations between the US Marines and the civilians of Baghdad.
On 19 April 2003, in Baghdad, SSgt Clark assisted in the destruction of 6 DP/ICM, 1fragmentation grenade and 1 40mm High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) from a civilian neighborhood. This action resulted in the destruction of UXO in the civilian community and gained invaluable personal relations between the U.S. Marines and the civilians of Baghdad.
SSgt Clark continually worked under arduous conditions at one point he operated more than 10 days in a row working 18 + hours doing a job that is by nature extremely dangerous as well as mentally and physically exhausting, yet continued to produce staggering results. While conducting EOD operations in and around Baghdad, SSgt Clark and his team traveled without the luxury of a security team, which left he and his team vulnerable to enemy attack at any time given time.
As one of six EOD technicians assigned to RCT-1, SSgt Clark was on call 24 hours a day to insure EOD support was available for the variety of EOD missions associated with combat and humanitarian operations assigned to RCT-1 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom."
1stLt Christopher Quimby of Carlisle, PA

"Sara, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry we have lost touch and I wasn't there for you. Love to you and the girls. Rochelle lengquistr@earthlink.net"
Rochelle of Waldorf, MD

"Hello Sara, my name is Cindi McRae. Just looking at your beautiful husband and children and knowing of your heartbreak made me cry. I work with Lake Magazine here in Leesburg, Fl. We are doing a memorial story in an upcoming issue of Lake Mag. Mark Bingham was a gentleman on Flight 93. We are including his story as his father lives in nearby Lady Lake and he said he is honored to keep Mark,s memory alive. We here at Lake Magazine would like to include your husband Michael in this upcoming article. We don not mean to invade your privacy in any way...but to honor Michael in every way possible. Please contact me at cindi@englishcommunnicationsinc.com or call me at (352)787-9669. God Bless you and your sweet girls. Respectfully, Cindi McRae"
Cindi McRae of Leesburg, FL USA

"I just received my Hero Bracelet in the mail with Michael J. Clark's name on it. Thank you, kind soul, for your bravery, courage and sacrifice. I hope the world remembers not only the husband and father of two beautiful girls, but the soldier who put his life on the line for us, the American people. And for me, someone you don't even know. My son will know about you. You are not only on my wrist, but in my heart. I pray for your family and hope they find peace. You are a hero. Thank you."
Genie Krull of Roseville, Ca.

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy. We wish you never had to go and we just want to be with you today. It's hard not having you here when everybody else has their Daddy. I love you and Emelie loves you too. We miss you every day. And we miss holding your hand and riding on your shoulders. Please wait for us in Heaven or come back home."
Love, your Gers.

"My Mike,

Once again you came to me in a dream and reassured me that you are OK. I constantly worry about you but you told me you are with us, watching over us and share our daily pains and joys.

It's almost two years ago since we last heard your voice and the girls and I are finally able to watch our old home movies. We were so fortunate to have you, to be touched by you and to feel your love. No words can describe the loss that we feel.

You are forever in our hearts."
Sara, Victoria and Emelie.

As I had known you and Mike but a short time as friends, I know deep in my heart that you and the girls are not only brave, but strong as well. That is Mike's legacy to you all. He would not have wanted it any other way as he was in himself brave and strong as a MARINE. He will be Always Remembered, And Never Forgotten. You are always remembered."
Joseph - USMC - M-Co 3/26 RVN of Colorado Springs, CO


"Michael you were my sisters brother and her best friend. I remember all the good times we all shared. You were a great brother father and friend. We MISS you very much not to mention Tammy she cries for you everyday. you fought for our safety and freedom and for that i'm very thankful for. You were the one to always protect the ones you loved. But we know your in heaven smiling down still watching and protecting everyone of us we love you and we'll see you in heaven."
Crystal of Umatilla Florida

"I do not know the family but had to comment when i saw the beautiful photo of dad and the kids.

What does one say? Such a sad thing for all conerned.
My deepest sorrow goes out to his little kids. Dad's not coming home. Can't cuddle him any more.

Too sad to think about."
paul brown of sydney australia

"Dear Clark Family,

Venue Okinawa - that's where we met you, got to know you and saw your family grow.

At the time Kai had yet not arrived. Your family a true inspiration to ours.
At a time we had yet not grasped the beautiful concept of what a little family with children can be.

That was the time you were encouraging, inspiring us and now we understand.

Mike we miss you immensily and will do our best to support your family in any way we can.

Sunset in Okinawa, July 20, 2004
Randy, Mika & Kai of "Okinawa" Sweden & the USA

"To the Clark Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I have a son in Iraq now. I founded A Hero's Tribute.Org to pay Tribute to all of our Fallen Heroes. I wanted to do something that said Thank You and in a small way do something that would always be remembered. I have created a Memorial for you at:


I also send Families an 8 x 10 of the memorial. There is no charge for this. I also like to send the children a picture as well. I live in Sanford which is about 45 minutes from you.
It's an honor for me to do the Memorials for the families.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your two little girls."
Cheryl Polk of Sanford, FL

"Sara, Vic and Eme,

We send you all our love and hope. It's more than a year now and Mike is here with you each day, of that I am certain. You and the girls are always in our prayers and we love you and we hope you know that we are there for you. We send you all our love."
Anna, Arielle, Jackson, Grant and Abby Loya of Hanscom AFB, MA/US

"To the Clark Family,
I wanted to offer my deepest heart felt condolences. I had the honor of serving with Mike during the initial ground war in Iraq back in 2003. I was overwhelmed when I heard of your loss through a mutual friend. I could sit here and attempt to tell you how great Mike was or what an outstanding Marine he was, but you all know that already. I meet Mike the day after we had survived a midnight mortar attack. Our convoy was parked along the side of the road, in late afternoon, and we were “digging in” for a few hours of rest. I was still a bit un-nerved from the day’s events and feverishly digging a fighting position in front of our vehicles in the sweltering heat. Mike and Art were parked next to us standing around drinking coffee like they always did. I dug for about an hour or so before Mike approached me. He asked me what I was doing and then so “eloquently” explained to me in four letter metaphors, that I had been wasting my time. I asked why, Mike smiled and he started laughing. I ask what he was laughing at and he began to explain that their truck was full of explosives. Enough that if anything blew up anywhere near us; we’d all be vaporized. He and Art just wanted to see how far I could dig before I gave up. We were fortunate enough to spend several weeks sharing the same living space with Mike and Art. The thing I remember most was Mike’s sense of humor and how fondly he spoke of his family. Mike was the type of person that always made you smile. Even while being chewed out by the SgtMaj for his shenanigans, he left you in stitches. I have many fond memories of conversations and time spent in his company. Mike was awesome. I’m better for having known him and I will always remember him. My prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

“God bless you and keep you Mike”."
SSgt Shawn Albro, USMC, HET-1 of New Orleans, LA

"We have decided to go through every fallen hero read their stories of valor, and heroism, and say thanks to each and everyone of them, they will recieve the crown of life in heaven. the rock group, www.ten96.com"
eddie von, bassist of il

You and the girls are always in our thoughts and prayers. Mike will never be forgotten. We love you."
Bobbie and Dave of Okinawa


"Mrs. Clark,
We have never met. I was with Michael on deployment to Fallujah. I found him to be a truly unique individual. An exemplary team leader and an awesome human being. We were all enlightend having known him. His special sense of humor brought light to an otherwise dreary existance. He truly inspired all who had the good fortune to know him. I cannot say how sorry I am, and how much I will truly miss him. I wish I could have had the opportunity to say these things to you in person. Please dont hesitate to ask should you or your lovely daughters ever need anything. God bless"
GySgt Gavin C Lathrop of MCAS Miramar EOD

My heart goes out to you and your beautiful daughters. It has been almost a year now and I just learned of Mike'e parting. I worked with him at Stewart ANGB. I don't know if you rememeber me but, all he did was talk about you!! I did my best to mentor, be his sounding board and keep him out of the SgtMaj's office. Keeping him outta trouble was my main objective. He was a great Marine and a very good friend. We had talked on many occasions about him changing his MOS and going EOD. He was devoted and gung-ho about doing it. I remember him as smilin Mike! He was always smiling and talking about you. A great Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Marine, and now Fallen Hero! He'll be missed. I am honored to have known him, and have the priveledge of being one of his friends.
"Semper Fidelis""
Rodney Bump GySgt (retired) of Brandywine, MD

"Some people have such little time on this earth, yet they somehow change the lives of each of us for the better. We are all better for living in a world that once held SSgt Clark. Now, another Marine guards the gates of Heaven."
John H of San Diego, CA

I do not know if you remember me. We went to highschool together in Modesto. J'Amy McCraken relayed this sad news to me. I feely deeply for your loss and hold you and your family in my thoughts."
Craig Johnson of Washington, DC

"I barley knew SSgt Clark but remembered the impression he left on me. He was a great SNCO and I offer my condolences to his family"
CDK of Florida

"Sara, Victoria, and Emelie: Please accept my condolences on the loss of Kevin. He was a true American hero, keeping us free and safe and helping to bring freedom and safety to others. Neither we, nor they, will ever forget. Sara, I know that you will preserve the loving memories to share with your daughters. Victoria and Emelie: Remember that daddy will always love you and is watching over you. Be good girls for daddy. May God bless you all. Semper Fi."
Ted Cagley of Pontiac, Illinois


"I think about you several times everyday, each time when I look at the clock and it says 22.22 or 11.11, I say a pray for you. When I lose an eyelash and blow it away from my finger, I wisper that I hope you are ok. All these things the human has invented for having a wish do I belive in, sometimes it seems to work and sometimes not, but just because it not always is working doesn't mean that we should stop belive in it. The wishes can fly all over the universe, that is why I can wish for you eventhough I'm on the opposite side of the earth.

The breeze feels nice
the breeze is calm
Like touched by God
Under the sun
I see a flower...
as pretty as can be
I smile and I think I see
you looking at me
Now, you are in heaven
in the pretty blue sky
Now I know when the breeze feels nice
You are there with me

You are the best sister a sister can wish to have. You, Mike, Emelie and Vicoria are always in my mind and I love you. // Miss. Ludensvans A.k.a Mathilda Swan"
Mathilda Werner of Höllviken, Skåne, SWEDEN

"Sara and Girls,
There has not been a single day that Mike does not enter our minds. We remember the days spent with you both in Newburgh and the nights in New Paltz (when you and I were in college together). We still remember you, Mike, and Victoria at our wedding and how happy you were. Mike always brought joy to our days. His personality, dedication to family and friends, along with his strong sense of being and of humor are matched only by very few. He was a dear friend and fellow Marine. You and the girls will forever remain in our hearts and prayers."
Gunnery Sgt. Joe Cogar and Marcey Cogar of Woodstock, GA

"Sara, Victoria and Emelie,
Never in a million years did I think I would be leaving a message for you on this site.
I hope you all know how dear you have become to us. I am very blessed to have you in my life.
Mike is and will always be a hero, he lives on in the hearts of everyone who knew him, and we will NEVER forget the sacrifice he made, I know where ever life takes you, you will have his love and guidance!!
Just remember, you have alot of people who love you and will support you always!!!
Take Care
All of our love,"
Kevin, Tallie, Jordan and Paige of Oceanside, Ca

"Michael, words cannot describe how grateful we are for your service to our Country to help protect the freedoms we enjoy. We cannot imagine what your beautiful wife and daughters are going through - they, too, have given so much and we are forever indebted to you all. We are here for your wife and daughters in any way that we can help, and we know that you are watching over them as well. You are in our Prayers! God Bless!"
Krvaric Family of San Diego, California

"Because of you....

Because of you, we are slept safely in our beds last night.

Because of you, we are free to teach our children wrong from right.

Because of you Michael - we still live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Sara - I will lead my family in prayer for you and your girls this morning before breakfast."
Keith Clark of Hillsboro, NH/ USA


I only learned of this tragic loss last night. Mike and I became friends at MALS-49 in 1998. Last night, I looked through all the pictures that he had sent me over the last fews years, and I realized that he was not in very many of them. He sent me a lot of pictures, but they were all of you and the girls. That's the way I remember Mike, always beaming with pride over his family.

In NY, Mike and I worked together during the day, and drove to Mt St Mary together at night. Even though that spanned less than a year, I felt like I got to know him well in that time. I remember coming to your home that year for Christmas dinner, and the send off we had for you and Mike at Cosimo's just before you departed for Florida. I'm deeply saddened by your loss. I'll always remember Mike as a model father, a dedicated husband, an exemplary Marine, and a true patriot. Mike, you, and the girls are in my prayers.

Semper Fidelis, Patrick"
Patrick McGowan of Chicago, IL


Mike will always live on in our memories. He was a true friend and a great Marine. We miss him every day at work and we will never forget him.

If I can ever help you or the girls, please do not hesitate to call. Semper Fidelis."
Sam Larter of Camp Pendleton

"Dear Sara

words cannot express............."
robert of kona -hawaii

"After 20 years in the Navy I will always have the utmost respect for the U.S. MARINES. You are a true hero
God Bless"
Michael Ford of Va Beach, Va

"Sara -
Never could I have imagined that the first time I met you and your girls that just a few short years later we would both be facing our lives without our husbands. We (along with our girls) were always good acquaintances and now we are forever bonded and our friendship has only grown stronger over these past few months. I agree with you that the phone call I placed to you was truly fate -- Mike and Jimmy didn't want us and the girls to go through this pain alone. I know exactly your pain as you know mine. My hearts aches when I see my children's pain just as your does too. I have no idea what our future holds, but always remember that both Mike and Jimmy are watching us and the girls from above -- they are now our guardian angels. They would want us to continue on with our lives and provide a health and happy environment for the children, but at the same time never forgetting them and our love for them and for us. You and I along with our girls have a connection that can never be broken. I can promise you that we will never loose touch and I just wanted to thank you for your support and strength.

The Final Roll Call

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new.

We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name.

Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake
With which we'll never part

God has you in His keeping
We have you in our Heart.
Author Unknown"
Rachelle, Vanessa, Natalia, and baby Jimmy (to be) Arroyave (family of USMC Staff Sgt. Jimmy J. Arroyave) of Oceanside, California

"I went to Boot Camp with Clark. PLT 1057 1BN Charlie Company. Parris Island 1993. We did not see each other again until 2000 Okinawa with the 31MEU. In boot camp on line we would joke around while on line and try to make the other person laugh. He was a really cool calm person still after all these years. This really hit home. I was just talking about him with another Marine here in Okinawa. We was just talking about all the cool people we worked with while on the MEU. May God Bless your Family."
SSgt Meaders Schamarr of Okinawa Japan

"Hi Sara, you may not know me, I have never served with your husband, nor ever served with any Military Branch. I am a 15 year old highschool student with a dream of being in the Marine Corps. I've never met you or your husband, and just heard of him and his ultimate sacrafice for The United States of America. Words cannot describe the troubles you are going through, but please stay strong and be their for your children. God bless you, your children, and never give up.


Almighty, merciful, and loving Father,
you are the one who hears all our prayers and grants our petitions.

We ask you to remember, as we do,
the tremendous sacrifice made by those who went before us.
They have given their lives so that we might live and breathe freely.
We ask you to receive them into your hands.

Father, give us the strength and wisdom to learn from their example,
to uphold freedom and life at home and around the world.

Keep us vigilant as we guard the frontiers of freedom.

Give our leaders the wisdom and the strength to lead well.

Grant all of us courage and confidence.
Be, for all of us, troopers, a wise counsel in keeping peace
and a strong shield for us against our enemies.
Oh heavenly Father, give us the determination
that the peace and freedom won at such a high price be lasting!

Father, hold all of the troopers in the palm of your almighty hand
and protect them in the shadow of your wings.


God bless the men and women of the United States Military."
Steven Anderson of Winchester, Virginia, proudly saying that I am from The United States of America

"Sara, I am sorry for your loss of your husband. I thank God that their are men and women that server for our country. They are all so brave!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your girls! I pray for all who serve to come home safely!!!! I dont know either of you or your family but I grieve for your loss and it is also my loss too!!!! We lost a great soldier and man....."
lori parent of lincoln park Michigan

"In your heart,now, he rests.. In your memories, are the best-- so good and loving, too soon the fall. God Blessed this nation, when He gave Michael the call.."
of Southfield, Michigan

"Sara, I only know of your husband, Michael, through my Daughter-in-law, Susan L. Thompson, but I am so saddened to know of another fallen soldier-these are our true hero's and I pray you will again know God's peace and grace upon your family. I can not imagine what you must be going through. but know that our Lord will hold you and your daughter's completely in His embrace--I am so sorry for your loss--and I will keep your family in my prayers."
Carol Thompson of Allen Park, Mich USA

My words can't explain how sorry I am about your loss. I was in the ordnance shop with Mike in Newburgh for some time. Even though I never met you and your girls, i feel like I did as Mike spoke about you constantly. Im honored and proud to have served with your husband. My family and I send our blessings."
Sgt Eddie Neas of New Jersey

"My Dearest Sara,
No words can describe how much I think of you, Mike and your wonderful children. But I keep sending love from my heart and prayers to all of you. You will always be my very dear friend. Tusen kramar"
Dulle & Mark of Kävlinge, Sweden

"Dear Sara~It has been a long time since I was stationed with Mike in New York, but it feels like yesterday. I just want to say that I am truly honored to have served with him and called him a friend. I am certain there are no words to describe your loss. My heart goes out to you and your beautiful girls. You are in my prayers every day."
(Fmr)CPL Susan Hall-Thompson of Detroit, Michigan

"Dear Sara! We all miss Mike, but we are so grateful that we had the chance to get to know him, when he was in Sweden on visit. This brave man will always be remembered. And for you Sara we will be there for you and the girls at the time you arrive to Sweden. Intill then take care!"
Ann-helen, Kenneth & Jonas of Engelholm, Sweden, Europe


I don't have the words to express my sympathy for you and the girls. I know that things must be so hard for you right now. Mike was a great guy and from what I understand he was a great technician. We have such brave men and women serving in the Bomb Disposal community - I am personally proud of each and every one of them - regardless of service. If you EVER need ANYTHING please feel free to contact me at ANY time - Sherry has my information. May God bless you, Victoria, and Emelie."
Staff Sergeant Adrian White of EOD Section - TEU, Edgewood Arsenal, MD

"Thank you BRAVE young man --
Prayers for your wife and family.
God BLESS you all."

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering all your family and loved ones
in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, and your daddy, Michael, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge Montana "

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Michael J. Clark,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort in love's everlasting connection.

In the Support section of this web site you will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a quilt to the next of kin. There are many, loving and caring Americans from all over the United States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has made for our Freedom. Please register so we can send you our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Marine Mom and Proud Member of Marine Comfort Quilts"
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, California

"To the family of SSgt Clark: I had the pleasure of serving with your son while assigned together with MSSG-31, 31st MEU(SOC) on Okinawa, Japan. We were also stationed on the same camp in Iraq (Camp Fallujah) during 2004. I had breakfast on several occassions with him here in the mess hall...and we would speak regularly. Your father, son and brother was a great Marine, EOD Technician and a true hero. God bless."
Maj John J. Wiener, USMC of Camp Fallujah, Iraq

"Sergeant Clark, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To Michael's Family:
There are no words to express the sorrow we feel for your loss. May God bless you and help you through this time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"To Michael's Family and Friends:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our prayers are with you in this most difficult time and we thank you for your loved one's bravery and sacrifice.


The Family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, 82nd Airborne
KIA Iraq 12/28/2003.
Gloria Caldas (Ernie's mom) of San Antonio, TX

"Thank you brave soldier for sacrificing your today for my children's safer tomorrow. You have our utmost respect and gratitude. May God provide your family with comfort in their time of sorrow and need. May you forever rest in Heavenly peace. You will not be forgotten."
a grateful citizen in arizona

"Thank you Michael Clark, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Michael Clark:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Michael for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Michael Clark:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Michael, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on