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Marine Lance Cpl. Holly A. Charette

21, of Cranston, Rhode Island.
Charette died from wounds sustained when a suicide, vehicle-borne, improvised explosive device struck her vehicle in Fallujah, Iraq. She was assigned to Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Died on June 23, 2005.

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"So many years have gone by. So sad I wasnt on that run back to camp that day.thank you for your service."
Chet Sutphen of Warwick ri

"Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Always and Forever..."

"Through my tears I write this message. Thank you to all that post loving messages and memories of Holly. It does comfort us knowing our Holly has made an impact on so many of her friends, Her fellow Marines. Please keep safe, Hear Hollys voice tell you it will be OK, with her huge smile. She is with us ALL. See the signs she is near and holding you close. Bless you all. We miss her and our job has been to keep her memory alive and Say her Name. With love from Hollys Mom"
Regina Roberts of Coventry RI USA

"Almost the 245 Birthday! Been a rough year! I know you see everything.. crazy year, right?! I would love to be able to hear ur opinion about the Sh&t of 2020!!
I miss you... STILL!! We never really ho to say Bye. Except on a 6,000 mile phone call the day prior!
Most of Trk Marines are doin good. Everybody busy in their own lives. and then there is the bullshit of the Pandemic. My picture albums from back then were burned in housefire in 2017! im so angry over the loss of our pictures! Irreplaceable!!
Watch over all of US babe!! I miss you face so much! I Love you Holly!!! btw.. planning on a trip to Exeter to see you this coming spring! I Love you! 😪❣"
Nick McGhee of Little Rock, AR

"Its been 15 yrs today holly.. i love n miss you.. SF would love to talk to. Hug you.. see ur smile😥❣️"
Nick mcghee of Little Rock, AR

"hey you, been thinking of u alto lately baby. you are dearly missed everyday.i wish it was 1530 in the battalions mail room.lol see ya later after my job here is finished I love n miss you. love nick"
nick hellboy mcghee of little rock AR

"Happy Birthday"

"LCPL Charette
Been awhile since I talked to you but I am sure you are doing great walking along with God and Jesus. I remember you from like 2002 to 2005 down at the S3 as the mail clerk. No matter how bad of a day that I may have been having you were able to bring a smile to anyone's face. I remember going down to the S shop to see the First Sgt with one of my Marines that have screwed up. The bad Marine gets chewed out then after that I get chewed out for letting that Marine did and most of it was underage drinking and not being at their posts on time. I walk out of the office and for some reason you were able to smile which made me smile and not feel like crap anymore. Going to pick up mail everyday, I remember how you would extend sayig my name (Good Afternoon SSGT Wright) and was always smiling. I can still see your smiles and I can even still here you saying good morning or good afternoon at times especialy when I am in the dumps.
Anyways, just wanted to say that you were a great Marine and that you had a special gift of Making others smile while they had a bad day. Talk to you soon. If its not too much to ask, maybe you can keep a eye on me from time to time. Have PTSD and its bad. I have suicidal thoughts a lot and I am supposed to go to Tripler Army Medical center soon for a few months but no date has been set. Just wondering if you an keep an eye on me from time to time and let me hear that Good morning ssgt wright the way you usd to ad to see your smile from time to time. Caught the wife cheating on May 6th, she shows me paperwork showing she is regnant on May 21st and then on May 22nd she sees her doctor again ad tells her that she had a misscarriage. I know the baby wasn't mine since we have not made love to each other since July 5th 2012. May 23rd is the day I think about Sgt Perez and how he got hit by that rocket explosion and hit by shrapnel. Not more then 10-15 seconds earlier I was directly under the inpact area. Heard thr rocket which also sounded like a freight train at the same time. I then remembered that their are no trains in Ramadi. When I started to hit the deck, I see a big flash of light, heard the explosion and the concussion of the blast knocked me to the ground. Had 2 pieces of sharpnel in my flack jacket. y first thought was to run for coer in case we get another attack but then I remembered that the enemy would onlu\y fire one shot in the morning and then one at night. Sgt Perez and MGYSGT Smalls were abouy 60 yards behind me and I started calling forr hem. MGSGT Smalls informs me that Perez was hit under his left arm piy where their is no flack protection, Shrapnel got his lung and maybe heart. He was still alive for 1o minutes until we had one of he base contractors put Perez in the back of the SUV to get him to sick bay. The medics their gave him morphine and he died right their, I have beem stabbed in the same lung and those docs made another hole in my chest and placed a drain tube to get the blood away from me fro drowning on my own blood. Our camp should have had an trauma team for things like this but I think they could have done the drain tube thing. Every May 23rd and June 23rd I think of all three of you but this May was differant when I found my wife cheating then pregnant and ect>
Just keep a eye on me from time to time so that I wont do anything stupid> Miss you and the rest."

"Cpl Charette,
I did not know you well but i remember June 23 2005 like it was this morning. I did everything i could, but the fact that i could not do more to help you or the others fallen heroes has haunted me for 8 years.
You have never been forgotten, and you will all be with me until the end.
Semper Fidelis"
SSgt Foote, Kelly R. of Idaho Falls, Idaho

"LCPL Charette, I do not know why but for some reason I was thinking about you today and remembering the way that you use to smile and say " Heeeyyyy SSGTt". The way you would stretch out the "Hey" and "SSgt" with the emphamise on the "T". Just remembering how I would be having a bad day and alot of stress going on due to the work load you would always bring a smile to my face when you greeted me and I would be fine for a few minutes. Anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say that I miss your smile and do think of you from time to time especially when I am in the dumps. Talk at you later Marine!!!"
SSgt Wright, Timothy L (RET) of Hilo, HI

"To the family of:Holly A. Charlette
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. She died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga""

Hey girl, I really don't know where I would start, except I miss you... I remember meeting you in Fallujah after you arrived at ECP 6, you saw I was a K9 handler and immediately approached to pet the dog, I thought you had a great smile, but was amazed to see your personality was just as good. You were such a positive person, and as the days gone by you became a friend... I miss you. Well, I'll give you an update, I married in 2006 and my wife Rebecca had my son Jacob in 2008. After that deployment, I served another 2 tours, 2006, 2007 in Iraq, then got out in 2010 after my 2nd term. Became a contractor, deployed to Afghan in 2010, 2011, and now in back in Iraq 2011 and 2012... but all is well and the troops pulled out, crazy to think that considering we all never could really see the end any time back in 2005, but I guess that was 7 years ago... Anyways, your one of my HEROs and are among some others that I know... God bless... Semper Fidelis "devil dog"..."
Thomas Strube (USMC) of Wrightstown, NJ

"Merry Christmas Holly. I love You"

"Hi Holly. I miss you everyday girl. I happen to notice some messages on YOUR page. I reported them. So, hopefully they delete them soon. I'm sorry adults have to do this to you. Do not worry (cause I know you would) but, they do not know how to spell, form sentences with proper English, or capatalize proper nouns. That's okay, because anyone who knew you. Knows how sweet, caring, and wonderful you were. I am so upset right now. I would find these inconsiderate, no feeling people for you. You know I'm crazy!! Anyways, I cry and think and think and cry. I will miss you everyday until I see you again. P.S. "I'll chuck some mail at you!""

"I still remember the day as if it were yesterday. I still keeping running it over and over in my head and wondering Could I have done anything different to change the outcome of that day. As I stood on the road watching the truck coming to get me and to see the events unfold before my eyes I have never felt so helpless in all my life. I think if only I was at a different ECP that day and I was on the truck maybe I would have seen that car coming and stopped it from hitting the truck. I know that things happened the way they did for a reason but that doesnt mean that I dont wish I could changed them. I do wish that I would have at least jumped on the humvee that took you away so I could have said good bye. Miss you Holly you and that smile of yours with that positive attitude no matter what was going on. Will always carry you in my heart.
LCpl Stowers(veteran)"
starlyn of Jacksonville, NC

I often think of you opening your secretary and things falling out onto the floor. You would cuss, shove it all back in, and slam the doors as quickly as possible to keep anything else from falling out. It always made me laugh because I knew that the next time you opened it, your stuff would be on the floor and again you would be cussing. I always wondered why you didn't just clean it up to prevent the crazy cycle in the first place. Now I'm glad that you didn't because had you, I wouldn't have such a great memory to make me laugh when all I want to do is cry.
I still think of you every day. I miss you and I love you dearly."
Sarah (Barnes) Flores of Willow Springs, NC

"Typical of so many people to complain about something over which they have control. There are other pages for the other women who lost their lives that day; this is specific to one. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Holly, and ALL of those who lost their lives. Please keep any negative comments to yourself, or DO something for a change and honor those others of which you so "eloquently" speak."
Julie of Lincoln, RI

"There will always be disrespectful people in this world. Can't tell you how many times I've heard Ronnie's death wasn't significant because he wasn't in Iraq. Holly you are a hero to all of us. As for the Jasmine lady, you define ignorance. R.I.P Holly"
Jonathan Gill of Herriman, UT

"thank you Shannon.. i was so taken back by this message left!!!!"

"If you notice this page is for Holly. Not for the other Marines that made a sacrifice as well. If you would like to honor them, create a page if it has not been done and post there. This site is not for you to demean one person over another. The option simply states "Leave a message in memory of this fallen servicemember". We are not NOT recognizing anyone else, simply recognizing someone who meant a lot to us, someone who made a difference in OUR lives, someone who is dearly missed to us. My heart lies with all military as I am a Marine. My comments will remain with those who were the closest to me. Please save your posts for Facebook. This is not the place. Holly, I love you and have nothing but the utmost respect for you. I've got your back like only another Marine could. I will be visiting soon...xoxo"
Sgt Shannon Phillips, USMC of Mechanicsville, VA

"love you Holly

"Hey you, Happy Veterans Day and 235th Birthday!!! SEMPER FI"

"Hello My SISTER!! First, Happy 235th Birthday! Second, Happy Veterans' Day! I didn't know there was a bike run in your honor! That's awesome! I am going to write and ask for a T-shirt. I think about you so often. I really miss you. There are things that are happening and that have happened that I wish I could share with you. I know you would have gotten along great with my husband and my children would have loved you. I'm getting out soon; 23 Dec is my terminal and 13 Feb 11 is my EAS. I'm sorry you didn't get to see yours. It would have been nice to have you at a going away for me. And then when you went back up to RI, I could have visited bc I'm moving to VT with Robbie! Don't worry, I will visit your parents and friends when I get up there, and I will go and see you as often as I can. I can't wait to see everyone. I send your mom flowers every once in a while, I try to do it every 23 June. I don't know if she knows it's me or if she even remembers me. That's ok...I remember her and I always will. I love all of you like family. I miss you so much all the time, but right now, I'm missing you just a bit more than normal. Still crying for you my dear...I love you. Semper Fi Marine. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. I will tell my children about you...they will visit you with me and I will make sure your story never ends. See you later, love."
Shannon of Jacksonville, NC

"It's been years....I was wounded many times but holly I can't help But think I should have been there. I'm getting married soon...I'm sorry I could not have been there."
Isaiah schaffer of Fredericksburg

"Hi Holly, I never met you but I ran in your honor today in the run for the fallen. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you gave for our country. You will be in my thoughts."
Brian of Kings bay, GA

"xoxox love you holly"

"Hey Holly...I was just thinking about you and all you've done. I miss you and want you to know how much I thank you for your sacrifice. My thoughts are crowded today with images of you and your smiles. I want to cry but you know how it is...in uniform, you gotta hold your bearing. Sometimes, you just can't help it. I love you so much and I miss you. Until one day...xoxo."
Sgt Shannon Phillips of MCB CL Jacksonville, NC

"love you Holly. Tomorrow we will all reflect on you and what a great person you were. you were the girl who would make us smile when the day wasnt going just great or thegirl who would be by your side cheering us on when we needed it. I love you Holly. Its been a rough week but i know i have you to talk too. miss you holly."
Danielle of west warwick, ri

"Happy Memorial Day Holly.....We all miss you.
Steve of Norwalk Ohio"

"Thank you Holly for a beautiful Memorial Day with my family. Gods love and warmth bless your family today. Guard the gates my friend and we will be seeing you. I miss your smile today and every day."
Staff Sergeant Melissa L. McKenna of Gunnison, CO

"It was an honor to have made your Father a tribute on his back window. Bless you."
Joseph Hart of Cumberland, RI/USA

"Hi Holly, this is still so hard.. i think it's been an hour now that I've been crying. I looked at a photo album Flores made on her facebook of you. I know I will see you again someday, but you never disappear from my memories. I love you girl."
Lyndsey Horgos of Natrona Heights, PA

"left you a yellow rose today .... sorry I couldn't stay longer. miss you."

"Happy Easter Holly. I love you!"

"We were friends starting in PA school.......went to different units in the Fleet......met back up in 2DMARDIV in 2005. I have several memories to share. But the one that stands out the most is her courage. I remember getting on the bus in CLNC and being teary eyed (ok this marine was like crying) and looking for a place to sit and you were in a seat alone. I sat down next to you and you said “what’s wrong Cpl Ames”? I said “my wife is outside this bus and I don’t want to leave her and I am a bit scared”! And you said “Oh Cpl Ames it will be ok...don’t worry about it”. Holly was fearless. I asked her how she was holding up and with out missing a beat she said “just fine and thanks for asking”…..
No matter how much time passes by I miss you. I think of you each day that I get that mail and on Sundays when there is no mail I think to myself I know Holly would be planning for Mondays Mail. Semper Fi Holly."

"hey Holly. i was nice spending some quiet time with you yesterday. Matt and I went up there, he tried making a snowman for you because the one that was there was melting but the snow wasnt cooperating. i miss you so much. see you on the other side my bestie. love you"
danielle of west warwick

"i love you holly. been thinking about you ALOT lately. Some days i sit back and wonder what things would be like if you werent taken so soon from us. i know we would still be causing trouble! :) always good trouble though. love you hollybodolly. muahhhhh xoxox"
Danielle of dg10101@hotmail.com


"Hey holly, my name is Jade Charette my mom and your real father r brother and sister. i know i never got to meet you buti know if we did we would have gotten along so well. i see pics of you and i see some of the things you did and im like omg i do that same thing. but i just wanted to drop in and say i really look up to you... in which ways im going in to the military this year as soon as my divorce is over. Hes in the army, and a very sorry man if i may say (he beat the crap out of me), but ne ways. i just wanted to drop in and say hey and how much i wish i could have met you..... love always jade charette"
jade charette of Thomasville, North Carolina

"Merry Christmas Holly. i love and miss you!!! xoxox -Danielle


"I just want you to know i recieved the best gift this christmas... jen tucker and gram purchased me a brick and i can write anything on it in your honor. and it will be layed at my work in the hallway. it brought me to tears. it is the best christmas gift ever, welllll besides the dog tags and doll you got me in '04 going into '05. i love you holly! not a day goes by that im not thinking or talking about you!!!!"
Your Bestie, Danielle of Crannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnston

"Hi Holly, Charettey. My hands are looking older every time I type to you... I can barely type because I miss you so much. My tears just keep rollin off my cheeks. I really miss you. I miss going to the px in the morning in the grand am to get breakfast with you, and them never knowing lol!! I can't believe you're gone. I will never ever for ever how long I am alive ever never forget you. I love you girl."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

"Thank you so much for all you do.
people in the army or i the marine's we all love you thank you so much.
we love you i feel bad for the people that got hurt in the army well even
the people in a war.
we all love you
i;m about to cry i love you
please be careful.
i love you .
you guys are the best people in the world.
i love you for all you do i;m gonna love you forever
bye love you."
kyli marie boals of fayetteville nc united state

"Happy Thanksgiving Holly!
I love you,"

"Hi Holly. I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a while. A lot has changed since I talked to you last. Robbie came home safe from Iraq, and we're pregnant again. Number three! Robbie gets out in a few months and I have about a year left. We're going to move to Vermont and have nothing to do with the military. I think about you all the time, but I get so wrapped up I forget to come on here and talk to you. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but I hope the bike run was successful. I wish I could be there for you. I just wanted to say I love you and miss you. I see your pink bracelet everyday in my car. Take care and I'll try not to be a stranger...always my hero."
Shannon Phillips of Jacksonville, NC

"Missing you so much, Holly. Happy Veteran's Day! I am so proud to have worn the same uniform as you. Much love, Kaye :)"

"Happy Vets Day Holly!!! You are missed much today!!!!!!!!! i love you. see you when i get out of work! xoxox

Danielle of west warwick, ri

""Hey Charette,

Happy Birthday. I have been thinking about you lately. Thinking back to Nov 2004 about when we were in the field during thanksgiving time fame getting ready for Iraq and how we had to do guard duty for the entry control point. Man the first couple of day really sucked but the last few days were great we had Cpl Barbara take over and things were so much better and I had my husband bring us food while everyone else took the bus back to the rear for the battalion thanksgiving party. We had a great time I really hate that your gone. They say god always take the good ones. Well love you and miss you very much.""
Sgt. Wallace Tychell T. of twentynine palms, Ca

"hey holly, just thinking about you today. you are missed very much."

"Went to the Post Office today and I think of you saying (Heyyy SSgt).
God, I do not understand why you take away such good people at a young age but I am sure their is a reason for that.
Anyways, I do think about you everyday. Please tell Cpl.Valdese and Sgt.Perez I said hello because they are in my thougts also."
SSgt Wright, Timothy L (ret) of Hilo, Hawaii

"Holly even though it rained on your bday the bike run was a great success!!!! it so great to see how the community came together to honor you!! gave me chills!! i love you with all my heart!"
Danielle of West Warwick

"Miss you more than you know... everyday I think of you...What if I was on that patrol?"
Isaiah Schaffer of Fredericksburg Va

"Happy Birthday pretty girl! You are still very loved and much remembered ;)"
rae of raerie81@gmail.com

"hey holly,
you are heavy on my mind today, i still to this day remember the chips lol. everytime i see a bag i think of you. we all miss you! love ya girl"
Michael Hance of deer park,texas

"Hey holly. My birthday is today.and I'm having a really hard time with it. I miss You so much. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. It hurts. I think of you with your big smile and telling me everything is going to be ok. You know like the chocolate ice cream you gave me last!you always knew how to put a smile on my face; I love you holly!"

"Hey girl, it's been a while since I looked at this site. It's still hard for me. I think about you every day though and all the crazy things you use to say and do to cheer me up. I talked to the SgtMaj last week. He's still missin' you too. My time at Lejeune wouldn't have been the same without you. Love you."

"Holly!! Just wanted to tell you I am thinking about you all the time and I miss you! I just told my recruits about you yesterday, in a Core Value class about courage! I told them your whole story and about how you were a standout Marine! I try to instill in them how important it is to be a strong women and Marine, but not to lose their personality and not to let anything change who you are. I miss your beautiful smile and how much you used to make me laugh! I'm just hoping that I can help them become motivated Marines, and that they can be brave like you were!
Hope you are doing good, and I'm still missing you!"
SSgt Jennifer Geiger of Parris Island, SC

"Hey “Scrumptious”! ,

It’s been a while. Even to this day I still cry that you are not here bugging me or someone else with your Rhode Island accent! LOL I see there is a post that said there is a motorcycle run on your birthday. See, I just got a motorcycle cruiser...they say it’s red, but it looks magenta to me, similar to the color people love to hate me for...PINK. Sometimes, events can happen in life that break your heart, but riding my cruiser helps dry the tears quicker as I zoom down the highway! I have a pink helmet, jacket, and gloves and I wear my old Marine Corps boots with pink shoe laces in them…no one knows though! LOL
Family...yeah, I’m still with Boo. LOL We have two boys (4 ½ & 3 years old). I’m going to college and traveling the world with my hubby...or where we are permitted to go since my baby boy is deaf...you know all that exceptional family member stuff. Sign Language is cool and he has a cochlear implant to help him hear again...long story. Anyways, I miss you and always thinking of you…even though it took me a million years to muster up enough bearing to write another response without tears blurring my vision. So what I used to be a Marine...I’m a girl and a mommy...ah, I still don’t think that is a good enough excuse for tears. LOL

Britney Spears still sucks. Ok, I like a couple of her songs, but whatever! LOL I'm joking with you Holly-Dolly. : )"
April Senatus

"Hey Everyone! On Hollys birthday September 27, 2009 we will be having a motorcycle run in her name! it begins in Cranston at the post office and will go to the cemetary from there the beach and lastly cranston country club. PLease note you do not need to have a motorcycle to join us in this great event. cars can follow behind or you can just go to the dinner. the bike run begins at 10a but registration is at 8am or 9am. It is $25.00 per person which gets a bike run tee shirt and dinner. If you want more information please contact me at dg10101@hotmail.com"
Danielle Gilbert of west warwick, ri

"Hey Holly!!!...Just sitting here @ work and its pouring down...So as it begans my mind begans to ponder and all I can think of is U, Holly and how much I miss u!!!...Words can not even began to express how much I miss u and the feelings that come upon me when I think of u...June 23rd was a very hard day for me...But with the help of God and u by his side as an angel I was able to cope...Love U MUCH...U will NEVER b FORGOTTEN!!!..."
Millareisha Dixon of Atlanta. Ga

"Miss ya holly , Not a day goes by I don't think about you."
Isaiah Schaffer of Fredericksburg Va

"i love you Holly. Missing you alot today.

Danielle of West Warwick

"Yesterday was so hard. I'd think of you and some of the crazy things you would do and say, then I'd smile and laugh, and then I'd cry. I miss you so so much."
Sarah Flores of Willow Spring, NC

"Hey Holly, it's not going so good today. I talked to my ma on the porch all day. Now my dad is home from work, and I'm staying out here to talk to him. It's hard when there is a day like this. They will sit here and listen to all the stories I have to tell about you. Mostly all of them make them laugh. You never brought a hate feeling towards me. It's such a beautiful day as well. I just wish you were at your house telling stories. As years go by you are still fresh in my memories. Your picture is still on my odometer dash board, and I still talk to you when I'm driving down the road. I showed Michael a picture of you and explained how inportant you are, and how you held him when he was a baby. Now, he is almost 6. But, I will keep you in my heart and your family in my heart always. Love you girl."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

"I'm thinking of you today Holly. You were always so happy and upbeat when I was duty driver and used to drive you for mail call. I was with the group that went out the next day after the attack...you did not die in vain and you are sincerely missed!"
Estrella Hill of Dallas, Texas

"i love you holly

"hey hol,
tomorrow is the day when we all said out last good byes to you. im trying so hard to be strong but some reason this anniversary is hitting me hard. i think about you every day, lastngiht i was going through the photo album of our last trip to lejeune. lol what trip! it brought me to tears but happy tears. i love you holly. see you tomorrow. xoxox"
danielle of west warwick

"Hi Holly, it's Lynds. It's getting closer to the day that changed every-one's lives forever. I really miss, and I think about you all the time. You were so funny. I can still hear your voice in my head. I had to go through my box of memories, and old papers for my car radio code, and I grabbed the good old rubber band ball you made. You were so proud of that ball! We used to bounce it off the floor, and that Captain beside us used to get mad. But, he laughed it off. I wish that we didn't have the missing piece in our lives. I talked to Millareisha, and I want to see your family, but work is so hectic. I am trying to get out there for the bike run in your memory. That would be very special. I don't have a bike, but I want to go. I watched a dvd someone made for me, and it just breaks my heart. But, girl I love you and miss you tons and tons and tons."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

all for writing in great rememberence of my daughter . Danielle you are a true sister to Holly keep your chin upwe love you
We all have a hole that can never be filled and only our memories Of times with Holly seem to help. thank you again for your posting and never forgetting Hollys Brother created a site for her and us it is www.HollyCharette.webs.com it is just starting and will have more info in the days to come but we will list upcoming events for Holly Scholarship and other things. thank you Levi for the flowers for Holly it means so much .
Love you Tons My Sweet Baby, Miss you Forever Mom"
Regina Roberts Proud Mom of Coventry,R.I.

"I miss you Hol.

As we reflect in the months to come your journey you had here with all of us, we will all be thinking of you contagious smile, and your laugh. i love you so much, not a day goes by that I don’t think of my angel!

" And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven.
Like so many friends we've lost along the way.
And I know eventually we'll be together.
One sweet day."

Danielle of dg10101@hotmail.com

"LCpl Charette,
No doubt you are still delivering messages, to angels. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are an inspiration to me still, years later. You certainly were special at Camp Lejeune and I am sure you hold a special place in the heavens -- now stop laughing and get back to work!"
CWO3 Easton of New River

"I Love You Holly!


"To the family members of Charette: I am a fellow Marine who went to boot camp and MOS school (Admin school) w/ Charette! She is an awesome woman/Marine. Her smile and specifically her accent can easily turn a frown upside down. Unfortunately, I didn't have the privledge to servce w/ her in the Fleet, but I know it would have been a pleasure. She is definitely soaring w/ the angels and ond day we will all be able to see her again. May God bless you all. She'll never be forgotten.

Sgt Reyna, Antoinette (Raibstein)
Antoinette A. Reyna, SGT USMC of San Diego (Miramar), CA

"hey holly, just droppin a line. its nice to see that u got a lot of fans on here. it does not surprise me 1 bit. 1 love my friend. LEVI"

"i miss you holly, things have been a little crazy, nana is back in the hospital. i know you listen to me when i talk to you, just wish i had you physically in my presence. I LOVE YOU!!! MY HERO MY FRIEND MY HOLLY!"

"i miss you holly!!!!!"

"Hey holly, missing you...To the Charette family, I hope you are doing well. God bless all of you..."
Doc Spejcher of Streamwood il

"To the Charette family. I was over in Fallujah with II MEF G2 at the same time as Holly. I never got the pleasure to meet her. However, I was one of the Marines that replaced her for the daily convoys into the city and manning the ECP search areas. I wished I had gotten a chance to meet her because everyone spoke so highly of her. I am out of the Marines now but serving in ILNG in Kabul, Afghanistan in support of OEF. A few years ago I went to D.C. over the Veteran's holiday and visited the memorial for fallen female servicemembers. It was difficult seeing her picture there along with the others that gave their lives that day. I still remember taking the same route into the city everyday and seeing the blackened pavement where the vehicle made contact and detonated. As a Marine there is the desire to make a difference. Holly did this, she held our core values of honor, courage, and commitment true and was the type of Marine that other Marines looked up to. I will always remember the price she paid for me to return safely to my loved ones. Feel free to contact me: mgotch10@yahoo.com"
Michelle of Kabul, Afghanistan

We were thinking of you today. We want ou to know that we love you and are so thankful for woman like you who went so that we didn't have to. We love you and love your family so very much."
Aileen and Ronnie Payne of Lakeland, Florida

"merry christmas holly! i know its not merry. it never will be! i remember seeing your big smile the christmas before you went over to Iraq, you wanted to give me my chirstmas gift early! i loved my porceline doll you gave me and my dog tags with the pic of you and I! i miss you so much holly! after dinner ill head up and have a visit. love you!

"Holly, hey girl. It's Christmas soon. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. It's hard to type with my long long finger nails. LOL, I've been wearing them since I got out!!! I miss you very much, and think of you all the time. I remember ridin in the duty van that was so funny. We had a stressful job, but it was so fun.... I remember when Alex got back and he surprised you on the Battalion steps when we got back from D street Post Office. Our dry erase board I wonder if that's still hanging on the wall!! Life has changed, and it will never be the same. I love you girl. Merry Christmas."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

"Hey, you. I know I haven't talked to you in a while, and I'm so sorry. I don't know how much you know but I had my daughter this year. June 13, 2008. I always think about you, but more so in June, especially 10 days before such a tragic date in our history. Her name is Leianne Nevaeh, Heaven spelled backwards. She's so beautiful, and I know you would just adore her! My husband is going over to Iraq next month on a 12-16 month run. I know it's a long time, but could you just watch over him and protect him? I wanted you to know that your work over there isn't in vain. We're supposed to be the last ones over there to close it out. Finally, right? I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I love you dearly. Happy belated Birthday, Happy Belated Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays. All my love, chic."
Shannon Phillips of Jacksonville, NC

"i love you extra today Holly.
I miss you. i look at your picture everyday and still 3 years later cant believe you are no longer here with me, i love you

Love your
Bestie xoxox"

"To the Charette family, I had the honor of meeting Holly when I was stationed at HQBN, she was such a sweet young lady and I pray that this thanksgiving you are comforted in knowing she is in a better place Ssgt Lonza Ivey Jacksonville Fla. May God keep you in his graces"
Ssgt Lonza M Ivey of Jacksonville Fla

"happy thanksgiving holly! i am so thankful for your friendship! i love you so much!"
Danielle '08

"I saw the NECN special today about the woman in Utah painting the portraits of our fallen heroes in Iraq and was moved to tears, especially regarding the story of Holly , her service, and her family.I was wondering if there were any t shirts like the one Holly's mom was wearing in the story...i would proudly wear it...and share her story to those i meet. God Bless."
Tim Coyne..Email: coinafraize@aol.com of Beverly, MA

"thinking of you Holly today as we celebrate Veterens day. you are missed. may we all think of the military still fighting and the ones who have gone before us. they will never be forgotten"

"Hey Holly,
Had to come here and leave you a message. To clear my head. Nana is back in the hospital but is doing better. i know when we get old this is what happens. but i just dont want to face it. i love you. i miss you everyday! i wish you were here, i need you. I LOVE YOU HOLLYBADOLLY"
xoxox Danielle

"i miss you so much Holly!"
<3 Danielle

"You'll never go unforgotten, You'll always be in our thoughts, I'll never forget your beautiful smile and I'll never forget you.

I remember and can count everytime I saw you, everytime I saw your smile, everytime I've missed you and every day that goes by you'll always be in my thoughts and prayers"
James Arnold of Camp Lejeune, NC

"Holly, ur the bomb and we all miss u. happy belated b-day 2 u. we all miss u & can't wait 2 see u again 1 day. some how, some way, if u could see this (our) messages...please know that ur r thought of so highly by so many peoples. we love u. 1, LEVI"
levi d of Oki, JP

"Happy Birthday!I'm going to Rhode Island. Your best friend Danielle is my friend on myspace and she let me know everything. I hope you are there with us. Goodnight."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

"Happy Birthday Holly!!! I really wish I could say this to you in person though!! Miss you girl!"
Allison of Groton CT

"My name is Aaron Muscat. Formally the SSgt type that served as Postal Chief of the Post Office Holly picked up mail from at Camp Lejeune. I am saddened by the loss of such a great person. I remember her coming in to pick up mail and her presence would honestly change the atmosphere she occupied. She was always happy and always had a smile. I think of her often and keep her in my prayers."
Aaron Muscat of Daytona Beach, Fl

"To my Heavenly daughter. Know your adopted family has you on their mind today. You will never be forgotten by this family. Your parents are in my prayers today.
Momma Payne
Proud Momma of a Fallen Marine
Cpl Ron Payne Jr
KIA 5-7-04"
of Lakeland, Fl

"happy birthday holly"

"i love you holly, see you on Saturday when we celebrate your 25th Birthday!

"Holly, you were in my dream the other night! Remember the one time in the mailroom Gunny Feres told me to fix my hair cause she could see my ponytail holder, and I gave her an attitude so she wrote me up lol... I'm laughing now girl. We both were laughing at the time. But, anyways in my dream you were in cammies with me, and you said sarcastically you better fix your hair Lynds Gunny Feres might yell at you.. It was so odd, but it was nice that you are in my dream. I love you girl."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

I thought of you and my son and all the young.... too young.... men and women who lost there lives....because of what happened today. Those families who didn't have a chance to say good bye to their loved ones on this day. Thank you for going and defending us and keeping us safe. We love you....."
Momma Payne of Lakeland, Fl

"i miss you Hollybadolly"

"wow what SSgt Wright is so right. we wanna all see your big bright smile. i miss you holly so much.
your bestttttttttttest friend"
Danielle of dg10101@cox.net

I still hear your voice at HQBN and saying to me (Heyyy Staff SGT!!!)!
I have a P.O.Box now and each time I go I think of you.
I think you would be s SGT by now or would have gotten out of the Marines.
Cpl Charette,
God and Jesus now have you.
We miss you on earth but you are in goog hands.
All that love you and miss you will happen for us when God calls for us.
When we all get their, dont be caring mail, just carry your smiles."
SSgt Wright, Timothy L of Hilo Hawaii

"Just wanted to say hi. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I know you are in a better place but you were such a great person and I hope you are watching down on all the people who love and care about you. You are truly missed holly."
Keelyn Henning of Plt. 4021

"Hey Holly

Its me Cpl Dorsey. We shared great times together. I think about you very often and i miss you so much!Whenever i listen to Norah Jones i get emotional and think about you. I still have your sharks teeth. Love you."
Jason Dorsey of Broadview IL

"Holly! Your was an awesome friend and I had fun times hanging with you in Lejeune. I will miss you always......"
Sgt Raines of Aurora, IL/USA

"thinking of you Holly, I miss you."
Love You, of Danielle

"Hello All, This Message is to ALL Holly's Friends. THANK YOU for all of your messages and thoughts and prayers It is comforting to know how many people Holly touched and that you have sent these wonderful messages to her and to our family. I am Holly's Mom and have not read these messages until today actually i can't read them all today. with tears in my eyes.but i needed to let you know that your prayers are heard and appreciated Thank You.
We all feel an empty space in our hearts with the loss of Holly. I am not amazed that Holly touched so many because she is AMAZING and those of us had the privilge to have her in our life know what I mean. peace for you all Thank you"
Regina Roberts of coventry, R.I.02816

"I miss you holly"
Cpl Hance of Deer Park, tx

"Hey Holly, just wanted you to know that many people are thinking of you and your family and all those women who gave their lives. You are a rare breed girl and we are all so proud of you! Im keeping your girl Dani in line so make sure to keep an eye on my brother for me! You are missed!"

"i miss you holly. xoxox -danielle"

"hey holly,
im so happy Dixon found me on myspace.
but at the same time it stinks that i became close with all your military friends because you had to leave us so soon. i love you holly. tomorrow will not be an easy day for any of us. guide us through the day as we speak of you highly. you are my angel, you are my hero! i love you holly!!!!!!"

"Holly, I remember the day I left and we hugged for like 5 minutes crying. Not realizing that would be the last day I would ever see you. All I can do is cry when I think about you. I lost one of the closest and most wonderful friends I had.You will be in my heart forever."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights, PA

"It's hard to believe that it has almost been three years now - it still hurts like it were yesterday. I keep waiting for the pain and sadness to lessen, but I don't think it ever will.
I miss you and love you more than I could show in a thousand lifetimes. Until we meet again..."
SarahBaDarah of Willow Spring, NC

"Hey Holly Charettey, I know you loved me calling you that... I just wanted to say that I think about you all the time. I finally got a my space page. Your my hereo... Now that it's summer my family and friends sit around fires and drink and be happy. I still tell the story of you running late after a long night up to the Battalion. huffing and puffing holding your chest. There goes my eyes, but you are an awesome lady and not a single person will ever forget you Holly. I Love You Girl."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights

"Memorial 2008:
this year meatball came with me. it was nice spending time with him, and sharing our greatest memories of our holly. we talked about our hockey games, the dances we attended. not a day goes by hol that we arent thinking of you!! we love you holly. your my hero! my hero, my friend, my holly"

"Hey Holly.

It's been a long time. I miss you so much. I missed you at my promotion, I missed you at my going-away and I still miss you in my life. You were a great friend. Please save a spot for me in Heaven!!! Much love, crazy."
Heather of Spokane, WA

"Holly i miss you so much. Me and Ashley talk all the time and are always remembering all the good times we had together. We think about you everyday... i cant wait til the day i get to see you again. Thank you for all you did. I love you so much you're my hero. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!"
Alexandria(cousin) of Warner Robins, GA

"I am First Sergeant Bruce Diamond and I served in Fallujah in the summer of 2005. I saw the NECN tribute last night and learned about Holly. I was with an Army unit that lived with an Iraqi Infantry Bn a few hundred yards from where the attack took place and wasa reminded of the day it happened.I will never forget our anger and sadness that hot July day. There was not much they could have done to avoid the attack in the place it happened, it was a simple act of cowardice similar to others we experienced in the busy city. I shed a tear for every one of them and have the utmost respect for the Marines I had the honor of serving with. God bless Holly, the loved ones she left behind, and all of our service members."
1SG Bruce Diamond of Pembroke,NH US Army

"Memorial Day, 2008
To the family of Lance Cpl. Holly A. Charette:
Holly gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Holly, Memorial Day 2008 and we all take time to reflect on those they were taken from us defending our freedom, our rights and who we are as a country. We miss you, love you and honor your service to our country."
Leipprandt Family of Warner Robins, GA, USA

"Happy Memorial Day Holly. Your not forgotten."
levi of Oki, JP

"Holly i miss you, monday pat and i will be visiting with you. this weekend we will all remember the great times we had with you. i love you Holly"

I really miss you girl. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I wish I could go back and relive our time in S-1. They were good times. I will visit you this weekend."
Adelina Jadlowic of Acushnet, MA ajadlowic@yahoo.com

No words could ever express how much I love you and miss you."
SarahBaDarah of Willow Spring, NC

It's been awhile since we spoke. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I had a memory bracelet made in your honor. I wear it everyday. I am officially retired now but I look on my tour at Hq Bn as one of the best in the Corps. You and the rest of the Marines made my twilight tour a great one. I will also remember the pride you toke in making sure the Marines got their mail. How if we had a early day (far and few between) you would always stay until the last Marine got their mail. Semper Fi my friend. Rest now. We are all doing okay and will see you soon.

To your family our heart-felt thanks and prayers. You will never be forgotten"
Diane Krueger aka SSgt K of Jacksonville NC

"i love you holly, i know i havent been able to see mom and dad lately but it will be changing. i miss you so much.
xoxox danielle"

"Holly ,been thinking about that time we all went to fire and ice for my birthday , it was the day before you left for boot camp, you pigged out cause you hadn't eaten in 2 days cause you were trying to make weight so you could report on time... that night was a blast!! I miss you SO much. I'm going to come see you soon . I promise"
Allison of CT

"Hey Holly, finally made it out there to visit you. What a beautiful arraignment of flowers you had. Man, do you realize you had more flowers than ANY other Veteran in the whole damn place (out of multiple Thousands)!? Wow, I was amazed as I stood there in reverence overlooking the whole place. I visited the Post Office too. It is very fitting and well done. You would be proud of it. I felt very honored and thankful to be able to visit those spots and feel your spirit of life once again.

I wasn't able to make contact with any family or friends who could help me arrange a visit with your family, but should any family read this, I still have some pictures (that perhaps you may or may not have seen yet) that one day I would like to share with you guys. levid213@yahoo.com

Till next time Holly.

of LBC, CA

I love you and miss you so much. i honestly think that you have sent this wonderful guy into my life for a reason!!!! He is always there for me when i start to cry when im thinking of you, one night i was laying in bed and i heard your voice so clear, and it was your last words when we were together on New Years eve '05! it killed me. so bad i wanna just be able to pick up the phone and call you and tell you how much i love you! i wanna be able to go shoppin like we used to! it hurts. but i know someday we will be together again! I LOVE YOU HOLLYBADOLLY WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!"
Danielle of xoxoxox

"So Holly I know I may have written once or twice. I dont like 2 write much cause it brings everything back 2 mind. So I am sitting here writing a paper for my public speaking class and my mind wonders 2 how I spoke for your ceremony in Iraq. I MISS U so much Holly words cannot even express how I feel. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about you thats why I dont write much. I know your smilling down watching everything I am doing. So I got 2 tattoos in your memory. Of course I got a R.I.P Holly tattoo. Then I went as far as 2 get (your going 2 laugh) SCRUMPTIOUS. I know how I always teased you with that word and how much you hated it. LOL...I miss all of us who fell under S-1 and the times we shared so much. I have 2 call your family its just so hard. Well I am goin 2 go now I just wanted 2 drop you a line since I dont write much...Love You & Miss You LOTS!!!..."
Millareisha Dixon of Spelman College/Hartford, Ct

in the arms of an angel has been on all week, and i know each time i hear it i know you are thinking of me, as i am thinking of you. i love you holly and not a day goes by that i dont think of you!!!! I LOVE YOU

"Hi Holly, been a while, so I just wanted to say hello. Hope to visit you sometime soon & see the post office. Im in Newport, RI right now for another 4 weeks and plan on dropping by soon. Should any family of Holly read this, please shoot me an email to see if it would be possible to visit. levid213@yahoo.com
Much love Holly. S/F, LEVI"

"i love you holly.

"hey hol, so the Pats made it to the superbowl. you know dad is extremely happy, everytime i think of the pats and superbowl is when we were all at your house at hardig. living room crowded everyone (but me) in jerseys. Alex's first time in a pat's jersey. it was great memories! I love you holly. i miss you sooo much.
Love you ,
Always and Forever,
Danielle "your motivator" xoxo"

"I miss and love you Holly!!!!
love you,

I have to write a paper today about you. I'm dealing with my PTSD and we are on the Traumatic Bereavement Session. I was at my parents house this past weekend and I came across come pictures of me and you from MCT. I think about you often and it kills me you are gone. You are one of the greatest people I had the previlege of knowing. You will always remain alive and well in my heart. I miss you"
Keelyn Henning of PLT. 4021

"So three years ago today, you and i spent the night laughing and (you) crying at one point, bringng in 2005! i rememeber like it was yesterday. it hurts know this was the last day i spent wih you. i miss you so much holly. I keep hearing from so many people on what a great friend i am because i still keep your memory alive! how can i NOT!! you are my everything, its the least i can do! its weird cause i dont see it, i see it as its something that i just need to do, I wil NEVER let anyone forget CPL Holly CHarette! I LOVE YOU GIRL. Watch ver me as i bring in 2008! ill have a long island for you!!!!! but i wont fall like you did and bust my teeth! lol.... i wish i had more pics of that crazy night!!! I LOVE YOU HOLLYBADOLLY!!!!!"

"We celebrated Christmas today and couldn't help but think of all of our loved ones that were not here to celebrate it with their families. Holly, you Ron and so many others were on our hearts today. We know you are celebrating Christmas with Jesus and we hope you have felt our love for you today. We will always keep you in our thoughts and your family in our prayers.
Aileen Payne
Proud Momma of a fallen Marine
Cpl Ron Payne Jr. KIA 5-7-04"
of Lakeland, Florida

"Holly.... I miss you. not sure how many times I can say it ... but it never goes away."
allison of groton ct

"hey i read all these mesages and i know u are loved hi to all"
c/s parnell of of bakersfield california

"im in rotc in high school and i am doing a report on you even though i dont know u i am glad i am doing this report on you u seem like a pretty cool girl"
alizabeth parnell of bakersfield california

lyndseycurtis@yahoo.com of natrona hts pa

I love you and I miss you....."
SarahBaDarah of Willow Springs, NC

"I love you girl, I mentioned you in the "Jet Stream" from MCAS Beaufort, SC. I miss you and you are truly my hero. PLATOON 4021!!!!!!!!!!

Love you.
Cpl Lauren J. Ericson"
Cpl Lauren J Ericson of MCAS Beaufort, SC 29926

"Happy Thanksgiving Holly. All day i thought about you and with out fail i shed some tears, wishing you were here, i know you were lookin down on us. i love you holly"

"To the parents of Holly: I had the extreme pleasure of serving with your daughter while in HQBN, and I can tell you there is not one day that goes by that i don't think of what this world is missing not getting the chance to meet her. But she is at peace now, and has given the ultimate toll for freedom. i am a better person for knowing her, and is everyone that crossed her path. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you as time heals but never forgets."
LCpl Maggie Poucher (cooper) of Panama City, FL

"To the parents of Holly: I had the extreme pleasure of serving with your daughter while in HQBN, and I can tell you there is not one day that goes by that i don't think of what this world is missing not getting the chance to meet her. But she is at peace now, and has given the ultimate toll for freedom. i am a better person for knowing her, and is everyone that crossed her path. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you as time heals but never forgets."
LCpl Maggie Poucher of Panama City, FL

Thinking of you today and everyday.
I love you girl.

"I served with holly at ECP 6 outside falluja, she was one of the rare joys i can recall of my time there. What a great sense of humor, we only knew each other for a couple weeks but we used to joke about getting married. She's the only WM this grunt ever made freinds with. God bless Holly's family and friends..
Walt Shellabarger of Miami Florida

"Holly, Thank you isn't enough. You're a remarkable young woman, a HERO.
God Bless you and your family.

Mom of SGT Jason A. Schumann. Serving with Holly in God's Army."
Candie Glisson of Fargo, ND, USA

"Happy Birthday Holly. Saw Mom and Dad today. they both seem to be holding up well. I love you"


Just wanted to say Happy Birthday.I miss you. Love you!"
Allison of Groton CT

"Hey Hol...
Lastnight was a rough night for me... Tears fell from my face for hours.. as i layed there and poured my heart out to you. i have so many questions, i wish you were here to answer. i love you holly!"
of danielle

"I just recently noticed this posting. I was in Administration school with Holly and I do remember what a heart-warming smile she had. She always made us smile and laugh. My wishes and prayers go out to your family."
Corporal Christopher Hare of Twentynine Palms, CA

"Hello My holly,
Told I had a nice long visit with you, it was such a peaceful day today. as i looked out into the field i saw three yellow butterflies flying around so gracefully. i just looked smiled and knew you were around me....i love you holly..."

"Holly Charettey,
See every time I start to write I feel like the ocean is in my eyeballs dang it. I still look at your picture and see every memory I have with you. I have a bad memory too! I still really miss you I just think your like the rest of us that were in the Corps together, and I will see you when I can. But, it's not like that. Not too many people have experienced what we did at good old HQBN all of us had a blast and no matter what are mos was we all were so strong for each other. Our shop was awesome. But I'm in school now and Michael is going to be 4 in November. We are all doing great. But I have to go for now. I really miss you and I love you girl. Goodnight."
Lyndsey Curtis of natrona hts pa

I am so sorry I wasn't there with you. I feel like I should have been there and that I let you down. I feel like I could have helped you or done anything. It has been 2 years now and I don't think about you any less. You are always on my mind and I miss you very much. You are a good Marine and I was proud to serve with you for the short few years that I knew you. I know you are in a better place now. I'm sorry Holly."
A. Jadlowic of MA

"Hi Holly, just droppin a line to let you know I was thinking about you today. My assignment in the Corps will be taking me to Newport, RI here in the next number of months. I hope to be able to visit your resting place and meet your family if possible. If any family members read this, please contact me if that would be possible.
Semper Fi,
of Long Beach, CA

"I Love You Holly,
Recently I had a dream of you, you give me a big hug, and telling once again that everything is going to be ok. it brings me back because this is like the 5th dream i have had of you telling me this. i miss you Holly, my Days arent the same without you, some days are easier then others. thank god i have your mom and dad, to call upon. and my other friends and Grams! i miss seeing your smile, i miss you calling me a million times a day, there have been soooooooo many times i wanna pick the phone up to call you and tell you about something and realize i cant! even though i know you see it all and hear me rambling on.. Holly you would be so proud of me now as a person. for one i dont take anything from anyone now.. lol. you know me i was so quiet and had you to do all my dirty work hahaha.... but you taught me to speak up cause your only going to get walked on... its wierd because when someone mentions your name i get defensive like i have to stick up for you or something lol. its weird. some guy came up to me one night and said he knew you... so i was like how do you know holly??? and he said from New Years eve! im like okkkkk she was only there for like 5 hours lol... to funny.... he said sorry because he saw i was starting to get emotional.. but thats neither here or there...anyways... im just rambling on... im tired. but wanted to tell you i miss you! i miss you and love you.... xoxox"

"Charette, I only had the pleasure of working with you for a short time at the S1, HQBN, 2MARDIV. I will never forget your smile and how you always seemed to cheer everyone up it didn't matter if you were sick or having a bad day. I think about you often and pray for your family. You're a good Marine and you are not forgotten.
Love ya, Higgi"
Cpl Higginbotham of Iwakuni Japan

"Hey Holly,
Well its been two long years since our accident. I want you to know that not a day goes by that I dont think of you. I have your picture up in my house and engraved in my heart. I got to meet your family a couple months ago, and now I see why you are the wonderful person you are. You are a fighter Holly, and my hero! I know you are in a better place now, and guarding the gates of heaven, but I miss you girl!"
Cpl. Diane Cardile (Ret.) of San Antonio, TX

"I Love YOu holly... i still feel like im living this bad dream... i guess it will be with me til the day i get to see you again.. lately i have been thinking about the last time we spent together. you and i out on new years eve 2005 having a great time, you feeding me long island ice tea's all night!!!!! i miss you holly and i cant wait til i get to see you again!! you are my hero and my angel!
"life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone i hear you call my name and it feels like home" like a prayer by madonna..... our song forever.. i hear this song and i know your thinking of me!!!"

"Lance Corporal Charette,
In the months I had to serve with you at S-1, HQBN, 2d MARDIV I had been constantly reminded of the energy and compassion that a new generation was bringing to the Marine Corps, and to a fight on the horizon. Thank you for your efforts, ethic, and always positive attitude, and even more for never complaining, always trying, and ultimately proving to our Corps that the freedom and the safety of our country is well in hand. I can see you standing there, the one trying not to laugh in a group of great Marines: Curtis, Kay, Knight, Senatus, Archie, Fowlkes, Hamilton, Thompson, Higgi, Jadlowic, Durran. Good-bye until I see you again Marine, and thank you for your sacrifice "Chompers". You have inspired all of us... V/r "SSgt E""
CWO2 Scott D. Easton of Al Asad, Iraq

It's been two years now and i still think about you everyday and wear your name on my bracelet. I remember you asking me what there is to do in Cleveland and you now know. You have went everywhere with me in Cleveland and you now know what it's about.

I just got stationed down here at Parris Island as a drill instructor and the first thing i did was go to the 4th Recruit Training Battalion headquarters where your name is on the wall. I sat there and just looked at the plaque in dismay, still not being able to believe what happened. One of the officers at the BN office came out and asked me if everything was ok, and i said yes Ma'am and walked out. I cried at in my car for about 20 minutes and just thought of you and all the memories I have of you.

Holly, you are in my home, you come everywhere with me and i know you are watching over me. I hope that being a Drill Instructor, I can train Marines to be as brave and honorable as you were. I love you Holly, and i will never forget you."
Sgt Jennifer Geiger of Parris Island, SC

I just wanted to tell you how much i love and miss you... danielle



"People always say these things when somebody young passes away, but it is truly who Holly was... the girl who was friends with everybody. She was a truly sweet and genuine person and she was loved by everyone who knew her... she was loved dearly and is missed terribly."
Tara of Burbank, CA

"I didn't know Holly, but she'll be in my prayers and thoughts. God Bless, Holly."
Marco T. of Worcester, MA

"Hey Holly, Sorry I can't be with you today, Not a day goes by where I don't think of you . I miss you and love you, and I will see you soon!"
Allison of Groton CT

"I can't believe it's already been 2 years, and even longer since the last time I saw you. Everyone still thinks about you often, and today is a sad day. But those that loved you know you're looking down on us all & waiting for us. We miss & love you."
Chelsie of Cranston, RI

"Hey Holly. It's been two years. All I keep thinking about is when we went to my Military Ball together, and you pretended to sneeze and wipe your nose before shaking hands with a general! I still have the picture of my face at that moment when you did that. You are the ONLY person who could've gotten away with that! I miss you, and I am thinking about you especially hard today. Look down on us all!"
Julie of RI

I am so grateful for your sacrifice. History has shown our men going to battle and the heartship of losing them. In this generation, to have a brave,courageous yet gentle soul who was a beautiful young woman "go" to be a part of defending our nation, is so admirable. We are proud to call your family....our family.
When we share our son's story, your testimony is also shared. We celebrate your life today.
Proud Mom of a fallen Marine
Cpl. Ron Payne Jr. 5-7-04 Afghanistan

AILEEN PAYNE of Lakeland, Florida

"i love you holly. today we reflect on your memories and how you seem to change everyone around you. last night we toasted to you!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you and love youuuuuuuu soooo much!!!!!!!"

"You are not forgotten! You are loved by your family and friends more each day."
Rae of Winter Haven, FL

"If I had only known
It was the last walk in the rain
Id keep you out for hours in the storm
I would hold your hand
Like a life line to my heart
Underneath the thunder wed be warm
If I had only known
It was our last walk in the rain

If I had only known
Id never hear your voice again
Id memorize each thing you ever said
And on those lonely nights
I could think of them once more
Keep your words alive inside my head
If I had only known
Id never hear your voice again

You were the treasure in my hand
You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed
That you would always be there
But then there came a day
And I turned my head and you slipped away

If I had only known
It was my last night by your side
Id pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when youd smile at me
I would look into your eyes
And make sure you know my love
For you goes on and on
If I had only known
If I had only known
The love I wouldve shown
If I had only known
(sang by Reba McEntire)

Holly I love you and the words to this song is perfect! I wish i had more time with you, tell you you ment the world to me. I LOVE YOU"

"Hello My holly.
Just wanted to tell you im thinking of you. not a day goes by that im not thinking of you and our memories we shared together. i love you. next saturday we will all gather together and tell our funny , sad, exciting moment of you. the way you all made us smile even when we didnt want to. i love you girl."
danielle of contact me at dg10101@cox.net

"Hey Holly,
i have been missing you a real lot the past month! i cant belive you have been gone for almost 2 years! its hard to think about, i know you are looking down on me and im not the proud of how ive been and i know you cant be that proud of me either all i want to do is have you smileing down on me every day i feel like have failed in some way. i miss my big couisn :( very very much today is my grandfather's birthday he would have been 78 today. i know you are in heaven celebrating his day with him please give him a hug for me! i miss both of you very much and i hope you both enjoy each others company like i enjoyed you company and his. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! always and forever muah <3 Katlyn"

"Dear Holly,
I am a stranger, but the sharing of messages from so many people that knew you has made an impression on me. I have kept all of your family in prayer, and know that your sacrifice will always be remembered. Your name is in my soul, and I am thankful for all that you have done for me. You are a hero and one to be honored."
Joanne of Camarillo, CA

"Hey Holly. I miss you so much. I listen to people complain about such little things, things that would be a big deal to someone who hasn't suffered so much. What I would give to listen to your voice. Memorial Day. You have been in my thoughts since the day I met you and you will be in my heart until the day I see you again. I want to thank you so much for everything. For raising your hand after September 11. For joining the best of them all, the United States Marine Corps, giving me the blessed opportunity to meet you and your family. For showing the world what it means to care about, support, defend, show pride in and above all, sacrifice for this great United States of America. I promise your story will never be forgotten, Cpl Holly Charette. I will talk of you until I can't talk anymore, and then I'll write. You will be in history books, and I will tell my children I was born in the Marine Corps right beside you. I laughed with you, cried with you, trained with you, succeeded with you, conquered with you, made memories with you. For as long as I live, you will always be my Number 1 Hero, Holly. Happy Memorial Day. I love you..."

"My holly,
I am now just getting the time to send you a message. your mom, dad, and Jared went to fl for memorial day week. Of course Ron Payne's family opened there arms for us. it was nice to be with a family that shares the same pain. yesterday we were home in RI and stayed with you at the cemetary. it so nice when we were there that sooo many people came up to us to pay respects to you our hero! one lady doesnt even know you but every timeshe is at exeter she comes and visits with you too. she said you have become very personal to her. its so nice having complete strangers feel touched by you and you story!!!!! i love you holly forever and always. my hero, my friend, my holly..."

"Holly, I just want to thank you for the imprint you have made in my life. I remember when we were young and you helped me to ride my bike. I miss you everyday; I always hoped to catch up with you. Someday I will. But today it a day to remember and thank you and all the other service members from today and the past."
Michelle Healy of Warwick, RI

"Holly! It is almost memorial day. I have shared your story with everyone i know. We always here people say that if we honor those who have sacraficed then it is not in vein...now that it has happened to someone i know I cant help but, be smug at that comment. But, it is all we have. I honor you on this day and i will think of you every memorial day for the rest of my life. This could very easily have been me. To: Danielle, I went to bootcamp with holly. She made me laugh all the time. She would do little cheers and be silly to lighten the mood! I cant imagine how you feel. But, I would love to see this book that is out. please email me citykat88@gmail.com"
Cpl Katrina Doten of Lafayette, La

"Hey Holly,
I'm going to come visit this weekend and I'll fill you in on everything thats been going on. I miss you so much!
there is not a day that goes by where I don't stop and think of you and all the fun times we've had together."
Allison of Groton CT

"Hi Holly,
Tomorrow we all leave for FL. this weekend we will be paying tribuate to all that have fallen, even you. i love you.. give me the strength to be strong, cant wait for monday when i can spend time by your graveside. i love you"

"Hey Holly,
Today is Armed Forces day. Today is the day that Faces of Freedom is released for the world to read. they are going to get to know who holy charette was and what a brave marine she was!!! i love you holly."

"hey holly
im having a really tough week. i miss you so much. the closer june 23 comes the more emotional i get. i just now the next couple of months are going to be hard for me. the book is coming out may 19th. im happy that the whole wolrd gets to know who Holly Ann Charette is. the best marine to put on the uniform. i love you girl...."

Missing you like crazy!! Need to come here more and leave you some messages!! :) Me and Clint have a little boy now... he is 3 months old! We're still out here in Hawaii..... probably for about another year.... then we'll be moving back home.... I think about you all the time and think about our days in the mailroom and all the crazy things we talked about!! I miss you girl!!"
Jasmina of Waipahu, HI

"To the family of Cpl Charette...We feel your pain and emptiness as we too lost a loved one on 23 June 2005. Cpl Chad Powell is my son in law and was in the convoy that was attacked. I would like to know more about the soldiers and sailors that Chad knew and served our country with. I would love to hear about Holly and take comfort that our children were surrounded by people they loved and died to protect. Our family would love to share our memories of Chad and how he touched our lives so deeply.

Our love and heartfelt thanks go to Holly and the other members of our armed forces who gave their lives for our freedom.
dan chason
dan chason of Rayville, Louisiana

"Hi Hol.
I got an email from a someone who wants to do a documentary on you. It lifted my spirits knowing that people are still thinking about you!!!!!! Everyone should know the true hero that Holly Charette is and they will! I love you holly."

"Hey Holls...
Happy Easter. Don't really know what else to say. I think about you all the time, and the blanket and pillow your mom and friends made for us girls...they keep me more company than you could imagine. A little piece of Holly. I love you and I miss you. Always in my heart;"

"Happy Easter Holly.
As always your always in my thoughts.
I spent the day with mom and dad yesterday. it was great! i love you holly. ~Danielle"

"hey girl, i will always remember you hangin out at the baracks and when i was duty driver taking you to pick up mail. you used to give me mine before everone else got theirs. i will never forget you or the talks we had when you helped me overcome some things in my personal life. nick"
nick mcghee of paragould, arkansas

I love you. Jon Gill's brother was killed while training with the coastguard. I know Jon is having a hard time. but i guess the true heros are taking sooner then later. it hurts. everyday i think of you and wish i could see your smile one last time. i love you holly"

"Holly, I'm havin a rough time. Things here aren't goin the way I thought they were. Sometimes I wonder why things are the way they are. So many questions I will never have answered.
I found this quote for you and I wanted to share it. I hope you like it because to me, it's all about you;
"For your tomorrow we gave our today. You never really die as long as there is someone left to remember. And when there is no one left to remember, it doesn't matter because we are all back together again."
I love you so much."

"Hey Hol
Today was hard for me. im not sure why. i just kept thinking about our days together and all the memories we shared. it hurt me knowing that those were the last but i keep those memories deep and close to my heart. i love you holly and every tear i shed are my happy tears wishing you were here. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hey. I was thinking about you today. I listened to your CD while I was cleanin my house. It's 3am now but I have so much to do. Chris' fam is arrivin today. He's comin home from Iraq. I know it's not fair to think that some people don't get to come home the way other's do. It's all good though. You just went straight to the home you've always supposed to be a part of. I will def think of you tomorrow when I see Chris walk off the bus. Know you're always in my heart Holly. I think of you everyday. Every single day..."
Lotsa luvin from down here...Shae of Jville

"Dear Holly,
It's Lyndz. I miss u. Some things have changed in my life & I told u about them even tho in that mailroom it was so much easier 2 talk 2 u, but i know ur around u always will b. Life changes, pain doesn't dull, but the memories r 4ever. I cry thinking of where u would b 2day, married having ur 1st child or just coming 2 that beautiful state 2 just laugh 2gether like we used 2 everyday. I wish so much could b different, but i'm so proud & glad i met u. I wish u were still here. Michael is 3 1/2! He's amazing he goes everywhere w me. Very smart & so nice especially 2 girls. I hope he stays that way! I talk about u all the time to my new boyfriend. Ur picture is w me in my car by my spedometer or however u spell that. I know ur here & I feel at peace w that, but I hope 2 c ur family again b/c Im definetly going on vaca 2 RI. I Love U & miss talking about life & laughing over nothing, but I will c u again 1 day & that's going 2 b as special as the day I met u. Goodnight girl."
Lyndsey Curtis of Natrona Heights Pa

"Holly. I miss you so much. i know that when my life starts to get rocky i can still lean on you for comfort. granted its still not the same. i wish you were here to come over and sit with me and bring me ice cream like you always used to do. and smile and tell me everything is going to be ok. i know you listen to me every night some night nothing at all because i cry myslef to sleep and just quickly fall asleep. i love you so much and you have made such an impact on my life and i am so happy that i had you and still have you in my life. and that your parents are in my life. i love you holly. and i miss and love you. til the day we meet again. i love you. xoxoxo"
danielle your "moto"

"On Monday, February 27, 2006, the President signed into law;

S. 1989, which designates the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 57 Rolfe Square in Cranston, Rhode Island, as the Holly A. Charette Post Office."

"Hey Holly, or should I say Cpl Charette? I didn't know you that well, but I saw you everyday. I missed you when you left us. I'm not going to sit here and pretend we were best friends. But your death has definitely made an impact on my life. I kno wthat death is real, and I always have, but realizing thta someone has left us vice seeing it on the news is a different reality. Seeing the impact on all those within the Division was hard. You were truly loved and appreciated within our community. I hope you know your death was not in vain. The Iraqi people are moving evre closer towards freedom everyday and by you supporting the troops over there with your daily dose of moral from home gavce most of them the strength and courage to help. Thank you, for all that you did. I wish I had gotten to know you better. You always seemed so happy."
Jennifer of Jax, NC

"Hey Holly,
just wanted to say hi, i miss you lots. wish you were still here. alots happened...im testing for my black belt in 2 weeks! i cant wait! hmm...cant think of what else to write...love ya holly"
Justin Y. of Coventry, RI

"I was thinking about you today. I remember talkin to you about CJ. I talked to him. It's cool cause we're friends. Know what else I was thinking about? I was thinking about how we pranked the Seniors when we graduated and we switched squad bays. I remember passing you in the stairwell and smiling and laughing with you for a brief second. That was so much fun. Little things keep poppin in my head, Holly. I miss you. Oh...you're with me in my car. I have a little Tink keychain hangin with the beads that the Freedom Riders gave me. That's all for you, girl. I love you."

"i miss you and love you Holly"

"I love you Holly.
Mom was on the news lastnight. She has become very strong in the last year and a half. the reason for her being so strong is because she knows that you are by her side. we all miss you holly. Lastnight both mom and dad were honored in the memory of your sacifice you made on june 23, 2005. we all miss you and we know in time we will be together! i love you hollybadolly"

"Happy Valentine's Day, Holly. You'll always have my heart. I love you."

"I LOVE YOU HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"A lot of changes going on with me. One thing stays constant though; I think about you all the time. I always remember what you did for all of us. I miss you. I really, really miss you.
All my love to you~"

"My good friend Holly,
Whats up Sis. Couldn't help but think of u tonight. It's a crazy world, but no matter what's said & done you are not forgotten. I wish I could have been there with you to fight & protect all of you that day...but end of story I wasn't...Im sorry. I prosime to come & visit you 1 of these days when I'm over there on the East Coast. As 4 me, Im here in LA startin up with the LAPD & ready to start my family life. I want you to know that you are the closest friend I've had thats been lost due to all this fighting goin on in this world these crazy days. Please make some time to say whats up to me once I get up there one of these days. God Bless.

"Hey Hol
Wow today was a hard day for me. I miss you so much. Rae and Teresa have helped me out though and told me to smile because you are looking down on me tell me to stop crying and that your with me all the time. i know you are Holly I just wish i had one more day with you, tell you I love you and you were the bestfriend any one could have had. I LOVE YOU HOl"

"I was just thinking about you. I love you. I miss you. Say hi to to my Gramma for me...xo"
Shannon of Jax

Just wanted to let you know we are still thinking about you and miss you very much. I can still see your smile when I close my eyes. We will never forget you and the sacrifice you made."
Cpl Garza, C. I.

"I love you holly

"Well. Another year gone by. Happy New Year's, love! It seems like the years grow shorter as we grow older. Strange how that works out.
I felt a peace tonight I wasn't sure I would feel. I had to work tonight, but all I could think about was you. I know you're alright, and that it's us down here that need to figure stuff out, but it's weird not being able to see you whenever I want. I'm getting Jayden back January 10. I can't wait to talk to him about you. I hope I can take him and Chris with me to visit you one day. I want my family to know you. You may be gone another year, but the impact you made will never be forgotten. Each year you wait for us is one more year your memory and your story grows stronger. Happy New Year Holls. I really miss you.
...and pourin' one for my girl...xo"
Shannon of Jax NC

"I Love you Holly,my angel.
Ill have a drink for you tonight! I LOVE AND MISS YOU"

"My angel, My bestfriend.
First off I want to tell you how much I love you. You mean the world to me. lastnight I was laying in bed, trying not to cry. And i was thinking how much you have changed my life. before I met you I was this shy 9th grader. Trying to figure out who I was. The tenth grade came and I met this very cheerful blonde full of smiles with a very out going personality. Who knew that you would get me out of my shell. I know i dont have to tell you how much of an impact you made in my life cuase i told you a thousand times before. Some days i feel like im still stuck in the bad dream of june 23, 2005. every once and awhile i hear you dad in my head telling me the horrible news and it just keeps repeating over and over again. Im very nervous about tomorrow (new years eve). cause i know your voice will play over in my mind telling me that you loved me, and you were scared to go to Iraq with your tears rolling down your precious face. looking back at you i told you , you were going to be fine, and nothing was going to happen to you!!!! I was trying to be strong for you but I was soooo scared. i never got to tell you that. I LOVE YOU HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER and ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Danielle of Your DanielleBadanielle

"Hey Holls...
Merry Christmas, girl.
Only time can help and even though it will never be the same, we learn to accept the things we cannot change; to incorporate them into our everyday, and turn the adaption into the new norm. That's what the Marines are about right?
Well, I know you are having a grand time up there with Bubba, being able to celebrate face to face with the real meaning of Christmas. I think of you everyday, but I thought of you more today. I love you so much. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop hurting. I need to visit you again. I miss you. I love you.
Thank you for being the Angel on my tree...
Merry Christmas."
Shannon of Jax NC

"Hey Sweetheart,
It has been a hard day for us. We know your parents were missing you today too. We can't ever see Christmas the same without you and Bubba. I know you 2 are enjoying Heaven together and look forward to seeing your families again. Never ever think a day goes by that we don't think of you...... We pray for your family all the time. We love you so much. Hug my boy for me and tell him his momma misses him so much."
Aileen Payne of Lakeland, Florida

"Hey Tink: Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Give my brother a hug for me! Let him know I miss him. I am keeping an eye on Dani but I know only you can give her that comfort she needs!"
Rae of Winterhaven, FL

"Merry Christmas Hollybadolly.
Words cant express the sadness i feel today. i know you are around me and helping me get through this. Soon I will be with your family. I know your mom is having a tough day. Give her the strength that I know she has. I love you holly. I remember on new years eve .... the fun we can,. the tears that were shed.. and you class act fall! i love you."

"Hey there you...
Wow. It's crazy the impression some people leave in this world. I keep thinking about you and everything you've done, people you've met and lives you have influenced. It's drastic, Holly! I wanted to tell you I get Jayden back in January. He's starting to understand things a little more. When I get him home the first thing I'll talk to him about is you. My friend and my sister in the Corps, and how you made such a big difference in my life. He'll go to school and read your name in the history books as the first female Marine and your importance there...and he'll proudly tell his classmates that his mommy was your friend. My son will know about you My Holly. Everyone will. I love you."
Love; Shannon of Jax NC

"Hey Tink:
I just wanted to let you know that Ron's bday is coming up so do it up good for me ok! You both are missed so much!"
Rae of Winter Haven, FL

"hey holly i miss u very much christams is not going to be the same with out you here with us i know u will be there in spirt love u holly
love Katlyn"

"Holly. I don't know why I was thinking about you but something made me check on you today. I just wanted to say I miss you and I love you. I really hate that I don't have you to call about little things in my life. There's so much I could talk to you about right now, but you're not here. It's all good, though because I know when I close my eyes and think of you, whispering my thoughts to heaven, you are there listening. I love you and I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you again.
kisses for you my dear Holly."

"This morning i woke up crying. i had a dream lasr night and you were in it. you looked at me...and just hugged me. i felt like everything was going to be ok. and that would see you again... i miss you danielle"

"I sit here wishing you were here with me. i know you are but i just wanna see your big smile staring back at me. When I hear the song by Christina called "hurt", some of the lyrics remind me of you. I love you holly. soooo much. you know that. everyday i talk about you... my hero.. my bestfriend.. i love you

"To the Family of Holly,
I did not your daugther but I know one of the marines that she worked with (Cpl Matthew Copus) I am so sorry for your lost. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting her, but I did not stay at Jax after me and my ex husband split. Anyway I know this time of the year is hard and I just want you to know that you are in my prayers, and please feel free to email. May God Bless you.
Angel Kiestler of Topeka, IL USA

I miss you like crazy :( Not a day gose by when i dont think of you and remember all the things u showed me. I love having you as a big cousin! I love you so much Holly!!!!
Love, Katlyn"
Katlyn of coventry ri

"Holly just wanted to tell you I miss you tons today. danielle"

"L/Cpl Holly A. Charette, USMC...on this day of thanks, I want to thank you for your dedication, and for the sacrifice you have made. Rest easy Marine, and may God bless you."
Frank Houlihan, PGR, of Boston, Ma

"hey sis..what up...i know ud proablly call me silly 4 that, but it is what it is right. i was chillin in Seal Beach alone 2nt thinkin about a bunch of sh** & & as I saw those beatiful waves rollin in b4 they crashed I htougt about life & how beautiful it is & how quick it can be gone. BUT, i knew as that water goes back 2 where it came from, & more importantely that comes back again and again. Wtih that said, Happy Turkey day. i have many thanks 2 give this great day, due 2 amny great people such as urself. I hope 2 see u again someday soon. 1 love from ur friend, levi."

"Happy Thanksgiving holly. The more i know i cant spend the holidays with you the more sad i become. Last Thanksgiving was tough for me. hoping this year is a lil more easier. i wish you were here but i know that you are watching over me. i want to say "thank you for our friendship, and the 7 years you were in my life. you will always be in my life ... until the day i get to see you. i love you girl...."

"hey holly,
hey its me Cpl Copus just wanted to drop in and say i really miss having you around and that you will never be forgoton here in the Marine Corps. We all miss you and you will always be with us in are hearts and prayers!!!!"
Cpl Copus, Matthew D. of Okinawa, Japan

"Hi Holly, its me Levi. Just wanted 2 wish a happy Veteran's Day, as u rightly deserve 2 be. Ill be toastin up a drink 4 u 2nt, (yes, another one)as you are still thought about and missed by ur fellow Marines. I had a shot in ur name & some other buddies names too last night on our 231st Marine Corps B-Day. I wish u could be here with us all 2 enjoy what we all are able 2 enjoy and do now. Ur not 4gotten even 1 day there "Cha-Ra-Tey". We all miss u. Till next time."

"hey holly.
As i sat there today visiting with you. i could quietly hear "taps" beginning played in the background. all i could do was cry! i miss you. i also stood in on a funeral going on a for 21yr who died in a car accident, he was in the US Army. it was sad because i know what the family and friends of James is goin through. i stood in because i know you would have wanted me to represent you. and show your condolence. yesterday and today you were on my mind ALOT. not that you arent everyday but yesterday being the marine corp bday and today vetrans day. i love you holly. i will see you when i see you.... as your ever last words to me "Danielle, don't cry. i will be home soon...i love you" and you gave me a big hug! holly you know what right back at you... dont cry ill see you soon and i love you!"

"Happy Birthday to us, my dear Holly. It's 5 years since we've been in and the Marine Corps has done some crazy stuff to us, huh? Sittin here at work, I started talking to you in my mind, wondering what you're doing up there with all the other Marines who have sacrificed so much. Tell Chesty hello for me, and since I know you'll be having your own Birthday Ball, save me a seat next to you and I'll be there one day. We'll eat an o.k. dinner together, get drunk off of drink tickets, dance in half a uniform, take retarded pictures, eat a tiny slice of a yummy cake, and hug everyone just because we can! That's what family's do. I just wanted you to know I can't stop thinking about you, especially today. All my love to my sister. I miss you. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. I love you. Happy Birthday, girl. Semper Fidelis."
Shannon of Jax, NC

"so Yesterday at pizza night. we carved pumkins and i made one wityh a funny face, and written in mark on the back, i wrote "in loving memory of cpl charette". Holly i miss you..."

"to my love up there watching me... holly. what can i say about the past weekend... one thank you for lettimg me get through it. i cried and laughed and told some of our greatest memories. thank you for bring all us girls together. in the beginning it was a rough start but you know me.. im a lil shy and i needed to get over a few things. Teresa and Shannon have been a blessing in helping me get through this.. you know Rae has been there for me too! its great to know that i have friends to turn to when im not doing so good. i will continue to be there for mom and dad and the boys. but thats for going without saying.

To everyone who came to the dedication for my bestfriend. Thank you! it ment alot when i turned around on stage from recieving hollys flag and saw how crowded it was!!!!! it put a smile on my face to know that Holly will NEVER be forgotten. i love you holly.... miss you always..... xoxoxo"

You have given so many people the gift of friendship through your sacrifice. Thank you for bringing your family to ours. This weekend honoring you was an extrodinary and a beautiful expression of your hometown's appreciation for your committment to keep us safe. To Holly's girls....be a better person because of Holly's sacrifice, make Holly's parents proud of you, and remember this family will always pray for your healing, physically and emotionally. We were so thankful we got to meet you.

Holly, we were honored to be in your world..if it was only for a couple of days. Your family is so amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us. We love you even more for that. Holly, thank you for sharing Danielle, Shannon and Teresa with Rae. She will be forever grateful.

Regina, Ed and family, thank you for opening your heart and your home to this family, we will always remember our time with you. I have found another sister in you Regina.
We pray for you everyday, until we can get together again to laugh and cry about our children's memories. I miss my lobsters, the gorgeous weather and my new love for steamers, thanks to you guys. Hug each other for us. Bring a flower to Holly's place for us. We will be back to spend more time there. Come to blistering hot Florida, I miss you guys terribly.

Proud Parents of a Fallen Marine, Cpl Ron Payne Jr."
Ronnie and Aileen Payne of Lakeland, Florida (ronpaynefamily@yahoo.com)

"To family and friends of Holly Charette i'm sorry for your lose and i only wish i could have known her. From what i have heard from ray she was an amazing person and always had a smile on her face and could brighting any ones day with a smile to them. I hope only that her new life in heaven is as wonderful as her life here on earth and that she touches everyone as she has touched you all. Marissa Manning Girl friend of Ray charette"
Marissa Manning of Rhode Island

"To all that came to my sister's dedication cermony. I thank you for showing your support and becoming part of my family. Thanks so much again
Ray Charette---brother of Cpl Holly A Charette"
Ray Charette of Rhode Island

I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family, and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. I was reading the USAToday and read how a Post Office in Rhode Island was being named in your honor. I came to this site and after reading all the reflections left here by your family, friends, and fellow Marines I can tell you were one damn good Marine and human being. Rest up in Heaven with your brother and sister Marines-you deserve it and keep a watch over your fellow Marines who are still over there.

Semper Fi Marine!"

I finally got to see you again. I wasn't ever sure if I would, but I did. Your new home is beautiful! Your family has taken such wonderful care of it...SO MUCH PINK! I met your friends. We all bonded sharing the link of your love, your kindness. I'm so proud of you! A post office that's all yours! So many people were there, Holly. I will never forget how many tears fell, even so many months later. My own may claim the majority, but the people you touched- oh my. There just aren't words.
It was so nice to spend time with you. I asked Teresa to leave my letter there for you. I hope you like it. I miss you Holly. I still can't read this site or look at your picture without my heart wretching to pieces. Now I have your CD from Danielle...absolutely beautiful. To all of Holly's friends family I met this weekend, God Bless you all! My family grew and I am proud to say I am a part of all of you. I love you all so much. Thank you for everything. This weekend meant more to me than I could ever say. All my love to my fallen sister~"
"Goldschlager" of Jax, NC

""Dear Charette Family,
I don't know what exactly to say other than Holly is a true hero. So young, yet had done so much. She is resting now knowing that she has done this country proud as well as her fellow Marines. For her bravery in serving the in most elite fighting force, she will surely not be forgotten.

Semper Fi"
LCpl Raquel Reyes of Cali

"REGINA and ED, It's your cousin George and I need to speak with you guy's. I'm very sorry for Holly's sacrifice , I feel guilty of making it home and finding out what happened. I'm so very sorry, I miss my little cousin so much and I wish I could switch place's with her. Please get ahold of me and we can get together, my E-mail is george.courtemanche@us.army.mil I hope to talk with you soon and Holly I misss you so very much, I know that you and my mom are together and watching over the rest of us and I do know that it was my mom that saved me 3 times in IED's so please tell her that I LOVE HER AND MISS HER SO MUCH AND HOLLY I LOVE YOU COUS"
cpl. george courtemanche of massachusetts

"Happy Birthday! i miss you!!!!! i love you!!!"

"Happy Bday Tink!"
Rae of Raerie81@gmail.com

"Hey Holly, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I know you'll be celebrating up there! There isnt a day that goes by that I don't think of you! I miss you TONS! love you!"
Allison of Groton CT

"Just wanted to tell you holly i love you , and im missing you alot this week as Wednesdday is your Bday. i miss our memories but think back on all our memories when i am having a bad day or week. I LOVE YOU"

"Hey Tink!
Just wanted to let you know that I am keeping an eye out on Dani. She misses you terribly but there is not a day that goes by your name does not bring her joy. Keep Ron company and pass on our love and tears. We will see you soon! PS I can't wait to see your hometown next month! I promise to do it up like you use to!"
Rae Sister of Fallen Marine Cpl. Ron Payne of RaeRie81@gmail.com

My heart was aching today. There were times I couldn't breathe. I thought of the families who lost their loved ones in those towers. Our families were effected by it and we have no one in those towers. My heart grieved knowing that you and my son went over there to defend what they destroyed. You and Ron were too young to die. I am proud to know that you were willing to go. I want you to know that as long as we have breath in our lungs and a heart that beats, you will always be remembered in this family. Thank you for your sacrifice, it wasn't your war, you didn't ask for it but you died for it. It doesn't seem fair but Holly, you and Ron had been given a journey that only the Lord knows why...but I know when you met Him in Heaven, He said, "well done thy good and faithful servant". We will NEVER forget to share your story when we speak of our son. We love you and promise to help your family get through this until that day I get to introduce Ron to your mom and dad. And your mom and dad introduces us to you.
With much love and prayers"
Aileen and Ronnie Payne (ronpaynefamily@yahoo.com) of Lakeland, Fl

"Holly thinking of you yesterday as it was my 24th bday. i miss you. and thiking of you today 9/11. 5 years ago you agreed to join the Marines to help with 9/11 and ulimitaly your life was taken from us. you are a true hero and now as we mourn for everyone today who lost thier lives in NY, PA, DC, we think of you and all others. You are my hero. for ever and always. i love you and miss you. Danielle dg10101@cox.net"

"I always remember the day you told me that it seemed like people only talked to you when they wanted mail. I told you then it was not so, and I remember stopping in your office every time I passed, just to say Hi, just because I wanted you to know that I cared about you, and not the mail!

You are greatly missed, kiddo..."
Doc of Jacksonville, NC

"To the Family of Holly Charette,
Holly and i served together at HQBN for atleast a year. I was a Sergeant that worked right across the hall from her. The Marine Corps said that we were suppose to call each other by our rank, but I never did. She was my little sister holly. She always made me smile. I had a real tough time trying to stay happy in the middle of a divorce and being seperated from the Marine Corps. No matter how bad i fealt she would always come in and cheer me up. She even helped me when i tried to date after my marriage ended. That was just a terrible mess though. I missed her on the days that she had duty and would not be at the office. I truly loved her that same as if she had been my real blood. I miss her everyday and honor her every chance that I get. She will always be here in my heart. God bless you Holly and thanks to god for blessing us with her presence in our lives."
James Hastedt of San Antonio, Tx

"i miss you"

"I just wanted to leave this message i dont know if it will be read or not...i dont know if anyone even looks at this page anymore...My name is Isaiah Schaffer formmally Cpl Schaffer i was deployed with holly as a grunt she took care of us grunt and every time id see her she had the biggest smile in the world...she always used to bring me Ramen noodles after those hard patrols. and that face that sweet face and smile used to help get me through days...she is definently going to be missed...there isnt a day that goes by i dont think about her. Not one day. I will always remember holly."
Isaiah Schaffer of Deham Springs La

"I LOVE YOU HOLLY... Give me the Strength to travel the unknown til the day god leads me back to you.... I MISS YOU.... xoxox"
Danielle (dg10101@cox.net) of Cranston, RI

"Also, Danielle.. hang in there. Your messages are great. I almost felt guilty reading them, but I couldn't help it b/c they had so much heart. I couldn't imagine losing my best friend. You're in my prayers as well."
Cpl Lynsey E. Johnson of Cherry Point, NC

"Charette family,

It makes me extremely happy to see that friends, family, and caring individuals are still leaving messages in honor of your daughter. I never did meet Holly, but I recall saying prayers for your family the day it happened. I remember how saddened and scared my own mother was. I deployed shortly after the incident and I too did some time off of my base in the real world over there. Holly was doing a very brave job and she should be honored for it. It's an uneasy feeling to have out there, but an amazing one to experience along with our brothers who do it everyday. She actually got to do was she was trained for and I bet that left her with a sense of completion. I'm sad that I will never get to meet her because she seemed like a bright and happy person. I try to do the same for people b/c it's the best impression to leave. I hope too that she continues to make you happy. You're in my prayers for now and for always. God bless your daughter. In memory of Holly Charette. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Lyns0909@yahoo.com"
Cpl Lynsey E. Johnson of Cherry Point, NC

"To the Family of Holly Charette;

Today I ordered a “Hero Memorial Bracelet” to honor your daughter’s life. By reading some of the messages on Fallen Heroes Memorial website, I could tell that she was respected, loved, and will be missed by many. I am so proud of all of our service men and women, but am partial to the Marine Corps. The price your daughter paid to protect our freedom and to help put an end to terrorism, so that others might know life without prejudice or tyranny is the truest definition of God’s Love. As I wear the bracelet, I will be reminded daily of the ultimate sacrifice Holly paid for my freedom to go to church, speak aloud, vote and enjoy all the freedoms that hopefully the people in Iraq will also enjoy. I will thank her daily for her choice to become a Marine, so that I can be free. Thank you and may God Bless you with precious memories of Holly that will last a lifetime. - A Marine Wife of 35 years!"
Nancy Aichele of Bixby, OK

"Happy Fourth. I hope that you know how thankful we are for you today. Give my best to my brother!"
Rae of Winter Haven, FL

It has been a year. Your name is on a bracelet that I wear every day. Your picture is on our wall in our home. I found out last Wednesday we are going to have a little girl I thought you would like to know. She will know you as I know you. I still miss you!

Sergeant Melissa L. McKenna-Funke
USMC Gunnison, CO"
Melissa L. McKenna-Funke of Quantico, VA

"To the family of LnCpl. Charette...
Hello, my name is Anthony Cardone. Tonite while i was at work, i picked up a magazine and opend to an article about a group of women who were ambushed a year ago in Iraq. To my surprise i knew one of them very well. It was LnCpl. Charette. I sat down and tears fell from my eyes as i was reading the article. Me and Charette became good friends while we both attened MCT(Marine Combat Training) after boot camp. I could not believe what i read. I was heart-broken. We got to know each other real well while we spent time out in the field for 45 days. She was one of the best people i know today and after MCT, we kept in touch a little bit for about a year. But i never forgot about her and her smile.....we called her "Chompers" cause she had such a big and beautiful smile. I came home from work and researched on the internet and i am happy that i found this page and if there is some way someone from her family can contact me i would really appreciate it. I also served in Iraq back in 2003 with the 2nd tank bn. out of Lejune. My heart goes out to the whole family. Its so unfortunate that the Lord has to take such wonderful people away from us. She will never be forgotten and i hope that someone will please contact me.... here is my e-mail ~ usmc1812tanker@yahoo.com"
LnCpl. Anthony Cardone 2nd Tank Bn. USMC of Rochester, Ny

"holly...so a year ago to when i found out the worst news ever! i woke up this morning and i wasnt sure how the day was going to turn out... i got in my car, and drove to see you, as i got on the highway the tears began to flow, i turned on your cd from you wake, the thoughts just ran through my head, why did this have to happen to my bestfriend, the one i called when everything was going wrong and you made it all ok.... why ?? why??? why??? as i got to the cemetary i was greeted by mom and dad. i instantly felt "ok". "ok" as anyone could be. the warm air hitting my face, the low laying clouds... meatball was there. that was great to see him... then alex showed up... i felt ok. why because i was i surrounded by all the people you loved and i was with you. we all shared our funny stories and laughed. but then the mood changed when a gentleman camee up to all of us. he was dressed in his uniform (because he used to flight but was retired) my heart dropped as he began telling us how he was over there with you. he knew you, he knew the out going holly that everyone knew. and then he lost it and cried. i know his pain. i wanted to get up and hug him but something heldme back, as he walked away i just watched him. holly just know you will NEVER EVER be forgotten. i love you soooo muchhhhh. words cant even tell you, well i dont have to tell you, you know that. until that day i see you again, RIP. love you danielle ba danielle"
of cranston, ri

"Dear Regina, Ed, Holly's brothers, Danielle,Alex and family,
Know your second family in Florida have all of you in our hearts and thoughts. I know this is a difficult day. We love you and share your saddness. I know Holly is enjoying Heaven and is waiting for all of us to join her. Take Care and take heart that we WILL NEVER FORGET HER AND WHAT SHE DID FOR US.
With much love,"
Aileen and Ronnie of Lakeland, Florida

I know I do not write much, but I think of you all the time. Today was especially hard; we all went to Logan's for Dixon's going away. As the gathering came to an end, Dixon was presented her plaque and Lt Moore spoke to her and about her. When she said that over the past couple years they had gone through so much together, we all got lumps in our throats. Memories just came back to each of us; we all miss you so much. I know you were there with us though (along with Alex), smiling, laughing, and having a greatful dead. :) I recently got married (on June 3). I know I never told you, but I always knew that if I were ever to get married, I wanted you to be there with me as one of my bridesmaids. You are a huge reason that Troy and I are even together (not many people would be kidnapped in order for her friend to be with the guy she liked). I can just picture you in that dress with your hair and nails done. You would have looked so beautiful. The day after the wedding Troy and I went to Tampa to go on our honeymoon cruise. I thought about you so much and the trip we took there less than a year before you were taken away. If only I could go back to that time and just make time stand still. I just want you to know that I know I didn't say it (or probably show it) nearly enough, but you were and are one of my best friends and I love you more than I could ever express in a million life times. I should have been there with you that day, Holly...I am so so sorry.
I love you and I miss you so very much, SarahBaDarah.

To Ed, Regina, Ray, Eddie, Jared, Alex, and Danielle,
I want you to know that I haven't forgotten and I never will. I think of Holly everyday and miss her dearly. I will always be here for you guys no matter what.
I love you and can't wait to see you all again, Sarah.

Sarah Flores (Barnes) of Jacksonville, NC

"Hi Holly. Jus wanted 2 say hi really quick & let u know ur not 4gotten. I hope 2 be able 2 visit ur gravesite 1 day. Till then. 1 love always. LEVI"
of MSG Det Bangkok

"Holly, I just want to tell you I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss you so much.
Danielle, thank you for being such a great friend to me. I'm sure that memorial service was beautiful. I'm getting a decal made in memory of her to place on my car. In the mean time, I have placed a temporary memorium on my back window. The Corps is just not the same without her...I'll keep you updated. Miss you, love you-"
Cpl Shannon Oehlschlager of MCAS New River, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Thank you for lending me your Danielle. I have grown to love her dearly. I can see why you loved her so. She is a gift that keeps on giving. Please give my brother a hug for me and tell him we miss and love him dearly.
Thank you helping to take care of me and Danielle, and thank Bubba too! :)"
Rachel Ascione /Raerie81@gmail.com of winter haven, fl

"To Regina, Ed and Danelle,
Words will never express the love I have for Holly even more that we have met. Who would have known 2 parents of fallen Marines, one in Florida, one in Rhode Island would be forever joined together through our children's sacrifice and connected by Alex. Him being Ron's friend and your daughter's fiance'. Thank you for coming to blistering hot Florida to be a part of our Memorial Day Sunday service and allowing us to honor you. I hope you all seen, how the people in Lakeland, Florida grieved with you and appreciated your sacrifice but most of all honored your daughter. They were truly touched by hearing Holly's story. We were so proud to have you in our home. Sharing our children's lives together will be forever etched in my soul. I felt we have know each other forever. I know our children were around us the entire week. I was so glad Ron's boys were able to finally meet you and us finally meeting face to face. Our talks and our tears we shed I will always hold dear in my heart. I know it was extremely hard for you all to come..not knowing us and anticipating the emotional week, but my desire was for your time here to be a time of healing and a time to celebrate Holly. I hope we were a blessing to you. Thank you for Holly, she will be always in our hearts and her picture will be permantely shown in our home. When we speak of our son's sacrifice to the people we come in contact with, Holly's story will be as well. Thank you Danelle, for being Rae's healing friend. No one has ever been able to share her grief, know her aching for her brother like you.
I know you were Holly's best friend, but sister's is a better description. I believe in my heart that you are a gift from Holly to Rae, and Rae is a gift to you from Ron. It is no accident that you two met. As Rae was to Ron and you are to Holly... you may have never shared the same blood but just the same...you will be forever siblings.
All of you have a second home here in Florida. Anytime you want to get away, we have a place for you.

With all our love, prayers and so much pride,

Aileen and Ronnie Payne
Proud parents of Cpl Ron Payne Jr. KIA-Afghanistan 5-7-04
Rachel Ascione
Proud sister of Cpl Ron Payne Jr.

of Lakeland, Florida

"holly, my love, you were in our hearts and minds this whole week. the payne's invited us down in memory of you and allt he other fallen marines/soliders.
Sunday was the memorial service, it broke my heart to see you and i up on the projector screen. i miss you so much. as soon as the national anthem was sang the tears rolled down my face. I am proud to say that my bestfriend is a USM and that she is a true hero. holly u are NEVER forgotten. i love you girl...."
danielle of cranston, ri, us

"Let the wind be at your back, the sun upon your face and the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.May god bless your soul at the heavenly gates for you have truly earned your golden halo and wings Tefulhunden. Thankyou for my freedom.
Cpl. Nicholas O. Cherava
K.I.A. October 6th 2005
Troy ceballos of michigan

"I forgot to leave my email. My mind's just not right, you know? To me, this just happened.
I'm sorry.
Shannon Oehlschlager of Jacksonville, NC

"To Mr. & Mrs. Charette,
She knew me as "Young". I was in her sister platoon, 4020. Holly was my absolute best friend in MCT and we kept in touch a little after we hit our units. Sadly our lives went different ways and I lost touch with her. Yesterday, I ran into a male Marine who went through with us and he recognized me. After catching up, he said, "That really sucks about Charette, huh?" I had no clue what had happened. I was deployed on ship from March 2005 until September 2005. I didn't even know. I cannot express to you what I am feeling. I have never had anyone close to me pass away and since the moment I found out, I have been crying. I have been up all night printing up every article related to her. That is how I found ths site...and thank goodness. I have been trying to find a way to contact you and I feel this is my only option. I have had a picture of Holly and myself on my wall since I've been married. I have a couple others if I can just find the binder. It would mean more than I can tell you if I had to opportunity to send you these pictures. Please, I ask you to contact me because it would hurt much more to not be able to share with you the Holly I knew. Please contact me.
I hope I am not hurting you more by sharing this with you, but I hurt. Everytime I think about it, if just for a brief moment, I break.
Please accept my deepest, deepest condolences as you have lost a daughter and I have lost a friend. Trust me it is no lie to say she impacted every person she met. With just her absolutely gorgeous smile, you HAD to return the favor.
I will pray for you and yours.
PLEASE allow me the honor of sending you my pictures.
Thank you and forever, God Bless."
Shannon Oehlschlager of Jacksonville, NC

"Holly.... i did it i got my tattoo for you. i know your proud of me. it hurt to know that you werent there to see me get it done, iknow you were with me spiritually. i miss you so much more now then ever. the last three nights ahve been hard for me. And when the nights get sad i listen to the voicemail i have of you. the tears fall from my eyes. i wanna just starting talking back to you but i cant. i miss your smile, i miss going shopping with you and making each other laugh...i talk about you every second of the day... and sometimes ask you why people are acting the way they are and will they change and realize that they made a big mistake!!!!! i miss you holly, everyone does. Im looking over mom for you... i love you ... til we meet again ..watch over me.... xoxox
Danielle 2-1-06"
of cranston, ri

"Family of Holly A. Charette,
I was in the same unit as Charette.
We met some years ago.
She was always smiling almost like she never had a trouble in the world.
I really looked up to her because of that, I wished that I could be so care free in Iraq as she was..
We had a lot of fun out there.
I was teaching her how to dance salsa,and other dances.
She was so excitd to show Alex how she had learned once they saw eachother again.
We were room-mates in Fallujah and I worked with her every couple of days and we would have so much fun listening to music.
Her favorite song out there was the "I'm A Redneck Woman" song.
She would sing it over and over again.
I am sorry that she is not here anymore,
it really hurts to know that I made it that day and she didn't......
Makes it hard to deal sometimes.
I was on the truck with her and deeply wish to take back that day.
I just really want her mom to know this story about one of our last nights in Iraq together..
I had just gotten of the phone with my mom, Holly says how she had't talked to her mom in awhile.
So I grabbed the phone and told her to call home, she said"no I don't want to get in trouble."
I told her not to worry call..
So she did and she was so happy talking to mom.
That night things got a little crazy and we were a little worried and scared.
Holly stated"what if that was the last time I got to talk to my mom??"
I told her everything would be ok just go to sleep.....
A few days later was our accident...
I just want her mom to know that in a time were Holly felt in danger she only though of her mom....
She loved you very much
Your daughter will never be forgotten, she made an impact on my life......"
Cpl Teresa T Fernandez of Colts Neck,NJ USMC

"I never met you and you were my aunt. Alex told me many things about you-good things about your voice and the marriage soon. You know it was hard to see you in a big brown case not moving. I am only a child yet everyone's story should be heard so I had my story to tell Holly and I am glad you listened!!!"
Emily her niece. of New York, Bronx

"To the family of Holly and Holly herself:

I did not know Holly, but I was one of the Marines that provided her Military Honors. When I found out of Holly's tradgic death, I was not only deeply saddened for the loss of a comrade, but the someone that I had wished I had known. When my Company was notified and we started to get to know Holly through doing research on her, talking to her family; Mom, Dad, Brothers, and her Aunts, it really hit home. Four months earlier, I was exactly where Holly was. I wondered (and still do) what made me so lucky to come home and see my family. As a female Marine, it was a very difficult thing to put Holly to rest, at the same time an honor.
I remember when we were putting together her shadow box, and I sat down to print the Dog Tags that we handed out to her family, I would not except anything but the best. She meant too much to me, and I didn't even know her. The button that her mom made is on the visor in my car reminding me every day of Holly, and that life is so fragile. I could only hope that what we did for her and her family brought some ease to their pain, we tried so desperately to do so.
It was an Honor to get to know Holly, and I hope to see her smile for myself someday.
God Bless from all the Marines at 6th Motor Transport BN"
LCpl Stephanie A Palladino of Waterbury, CT

"Hey its is Danielle Charette here Holly I miss u you may have not known me that much but you were still my cousin and i wish you didnt die because I would have wanted to meet you and get to know you but i guess i can't but i really miss you."
Danielle Charette of Providence,RI

"I think President Lincoln's words say it best.

Executive Mansion,
Washington, Nov. 21, 1864.

Dear Madam,--

I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle.

I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

A. Lincoln"
Charlie of Maryland

"to holly's family
I dont no what the U.S. would do without people like holly i didnt no her but i no eddy and i see how hard it is i feel for all of you and pray to her to keep you safe i thank god everyday we have people like holly who are willing to fight for us. God Bless You All and God Bless Holly"
Latoya of Windham, Maine

"Regina,Ed,Danielle,and Family,
I can't imagine the pain you guys are going through, today was the memorial at Cranston East and It just killed me inside to see the tears fall from your eyes,Danielle i will always be here for you i only met holly once but she was so much fun and im really gonna miss her. To Regina and Ed you guys will always be in my thoughts and prayers, again im soo sorry for you loss..Love Jenn"
Jenn of Cranston

"To the friends and family of Holly Charette,
My husband served with your daughter in Fallujah and spoke very highly of her. God bless Holly Charette. Our prayers are with you."
Robin and CPL Will Cole of Wilmington, NC

"To Holly's Family:
I am very sorry for your loss. She was a very nice friend to my sister Danielle and from the pictures i saw she had a very nice smile and was nice to everyone. I did not know her that well but she would say hi to me even though she didn't know me. She is a hero and will never ever be forgotten."
Carla Shippee of Warwick,RI

"Happy Birthday Holly...."

"To me this still feels like i just found out about this yesterday. I can
still remember her smile that went from ear to ear. All i could think is why did it have to be her, why does this happen to the good people.
She is one of the nicest people i have ever met. SHE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A HERO.
Justin Yehle of Coventry, RI

"Dear Family of Holly Charette: I lost my son, Marine LCpl Chad Maynard, on June 15, 2005 in Ramadi. When I heard the news about your daugher, it was like I was reliving that day all over again. It's hard for me to type this even now. I'm so sorry for your loss. On the temporary head stone on my son's grave is the saying, "Not In Vain". That is truly what my son believed and what we, as his family, have to believe every day. Please know that I feel your pain and loss, and I cry with you. They say time eases the pain, and I guess they may be right, but with every new report, I feel the ache of missing my son so much. Always remember, you are not alone. There are others who love you and care about you and know exactly what you are going through. Thank you for your daughter and her service to us all."
Cindy Maynard, mother of Marine LCpl Chad Maynard and Marine Cpl Jacob Maynard of Kennewick, WA

"To the Family and the Friends of Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette~

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Holly and now I find myself truly humbled by the experience. You raised an angel and in the minds of everyone that knew her that is what she always has been. Thank you for making such an amazing person! My life is better because of her. May God find you in your time of need and comfort you to no end.

To Holly~
You are with me every step I take because I take you with me every step.
You are missed because I miss you and you will be missed forever.
Your laughter rest in my heart and your smile still takes me breath away.
You were not my sister by blood but in our beloved Corps you were and will always be.
You have touched my life and I am honored.

Thank you for your love!"
Sergeant Melissa L. McKenna of Gunnison, CO/US Embassy Bamako, Mali

"To Holly's Family & Friends,
I went to high school with Holly and would like to say I am truly sorry for your loss. Holly was a terrific person. As I read what everyone else has written one thing remains the same that she was a very caring and loving person. And ALWAYS ALWAYS SMILING!!!!!! A contagious smile. She will be missed by all and I am glad to have had the chance to know her."
Denise Bagdanovich of Providence, RI

"To the family of Holly Charette:
I had the pleasure of knowing LCpl Charette for her entire stay at HQBN in Lejeune and I have never met someone so energetic and positive. You couldn't wipe that smile off her face no matter how you tried. I am deeply saddened by the loss of a great Marine and furthermore an outstanding person. My deepest condolences on yours and our loss."
Sgt Keith Kamaris of Minneapolis, MN

"To Holly's parents and family:
I lost a family member Cpl. Ronald Payne Jr. 5/7/04. Last week I had a dream of him in heaven, he was waiting to greet someone. In came a beautiful girl with amazingly big eyes and a huge smile. I remember signifigantly that she was wearing a helmet. I felt when I awoke it was Holly, I had heard of her death a few days before. This morning I searched her pictures and saw a face familiar from my dream and read of how she was in full gear including a helmet. I know this may sound strange -and debated on sending this message to you. But I feel it will give you peace in knowing that your little girl is in heaven and was welcomed with open arms by a 6'7" teddy bear! Our prayers are with you in this tragic time!"
Jenn of New Jersey

"Dear Holly's family and friends, I wish to offer my deepest condeolence on her passing. I will pray for her. Holly is a true American Hero and will always be remembered. May God Bless All of You, and know that she is safe in heaven."
Mary Ghaney of Brooklyn, New York

"Dear Holly,
Its been a few weeks since you've gone away. I think everyday about you and what you and d would be doing over there. I remeber a few months ago when I was going home out of the Corps and we were in S-1 by Adelina's desk i looked at you and we smiled and started to cry and hugged for like 5 minutes saying what are we going to do without each other. You weren't just any other co worker you were my best friend in the service. day in and day out we were working together in that lil room going to d street gettin the mail actin up. i remember just laughing in that room people stoppin by to say what's up. even though you didn't smoke you still came out to the pit to just hang. mornings we'd leave to go get cappucinos at the px. walkin to the battalion with tons of mail from d st. we would still have fun at work you would sort i would stamp or the other we didn't care as long as it got done. but anytime someone needed their package we were there. i bet the soctch tape is still on the window with our names. and on the weekends if we went out all of us would have so much fun. you were there for me with any problem i had you were soooo understanding. and when you talked about your family how much you loved them or when you went on leave and you and your best friend danielle went out. you would come back with stories especially with that big scrap on your face. i try to put myself in your spot that awful night and i ask why. but god knows and yeah i'll still cry when i'm 80 but i'll see you one day when i least expect it. and to holly's family you know she was awesome and she is keeping god on his toes. regina, alex and family she loves you soo much. i know she talked about you guys all the time she's in your hearts and she's a HERO. i have so much to say but there is only so much room but for now that's it.love lynds HOPE, FAITH and PRAY."
lyndsey curtis of natrona heights pa

"To the family of Lcpl.Charette,
I am truely sorry for the lose of Lcpl.Charette.
I had the privaledge to have known her for over the past few years in HQBN.
She always had a smile to give to brighten up anyones worse of days.
When I would go to BN to pick up mail I would have a special knock on the hatch and she would always reply (Hey Staff Sargent)! I am going to miss her smile and I am also going to miss the way she said her (hello's to me). I will surely miss her."
SSgt Wright, Timothy L of Camp Blue Diamond, Ramadi, Iraq

"My heart goes to Holly's family during these hard times. I will never forget Holly's smile and warm heartedness. I was stationed with her in MOS school in Camp Johnson, NC in the summer of 2002. This world truely needs more people like Holly. This is a loss for America and for the Corps. Holly's legacy, along with all the other brothers and sisters that have payed the ultimate sacrifice, will never be forgoten.

My deepest sympathy & respect."
Cpl Levi J Deniston levid213@yahoo.com of (MSG Detachment) Baghdad, Iraq

"To the Charette Family,
Our deepest sympathy to all of you.
God Bless You and Holly. We truly
appreciate her heroism."
The Herec Family of Rehoboth, Mass

"To the family and friends I am sorry for your loss. I was able to have the privelage of being in the same Bn and next door neighbor of Holly. I did not know her as well as most people here, but the one thing that I will miss is her smile. Every time I would see her she always had a smile on her face, and it would brighten up the day even more. She is with the lord now, and everyone that was blessed to have her in their lives now has a very Special ANGEL looking over them. Keep the memories alive in your hearts and she will never be gone. Holly, May you rest in peace for your job well done.."
Melissa Hecker (Cpl Espinoza) of Platte City, MO

"holly was a very nice girl and she gave up her life for us i could never do that we will miss her and god bless all the loves ones she left behind i should know i new her love you holly your always in are dreams"
tbe burdick of coventry , R.I

"How this heart pains for the Charette Family. Mom, whenever I saw you I would ask and I would see the pride, the love and the worry on your smiling face.
I pray for your daughter and for all of you that peace will come to you
and ease your sorrow so that your thoughts of Holly will once again bring smiles of love and pride, and wash away your tears.
GJ of Hopkinton RI

"To the Charette Family My Condolences. I knew Holly. I pretty much saw Her Everyday. we were in the same BN. I heard of the News on the way back from a convoy. I was crushed. I didn't want to beleive it such a young, Happy, Energetic, and Nice girl was taken away by cowardly terrorist attack. I rode by the site of the incident like 2 days after and still could not make myself believe that I will not see her again in her whole happy piece. May God bless her soul. to the rest of the family I pray for strength for you to get over this terrible loss."
Cpl Nwosu of Lithonia Ga

"Thank You Holly Charette for your heroism. May God keep you safe at last. You are now able to rest peacefully. My heart goes out to your family & friends. You will NEVER be forgotten!"
Melissa Macchi, (cousin of PFC Mark Barbret from Shelby Twp., MI, killed 10/14/04,) of Roseville, MI

"My son Cpl. Goines introduced Holly and her friend Jenifer to my wife and I in Jacksonville.She was so bubbly and happy. I know my son called me to tell me of your loss, I am truly sorry. She was a beautiful young lady. My sincere condolences from a Marine dad."
John Goines of Santa Elena, Tx

"To Holly's family,
I am the mother of a fallen Marine. Our children knew each other and served in the same unit. My son, Cpl Ron R. Payne Jr knew both Holly and Alex. This has been an extremely hard week for our family. When the news of Holly's death came to us, it was like May 7, 2004 all over again. We have thought of your family this entire week and my heart was in Rhode Island although we were not there. To say I am proud of Holly would never be enough. We ache to see and hear our son again, but we know he and Holly will never be in harm's way again. I have no doubt that Holly and Ron are rejoicing in their home-going. Our family is here for you. I can truly say I know what you are going through. Our prayers are for Alex as well, as he has lost a friend in Ron and a love in Holly. I hope to meet you one day to hug you personally and share stories of our children. Thank you for your sacrifice. IT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!"
Aileen and Ronnie Payne of Lakeland Florida -Parents of Cpl Ron R. Payne Jr (KIA 5-7-04 AFGHANISTAN.) We would love to hear from you, our email is ronpaynefamily@yahoo.com . We would love to talk to you. of florida

"For Holly's family and friends:
My name is Rachel Ascione, I am the sister of Cpl. Ron Payne who was friends with Holly's boyfriend Cpl. Alex Rodriguez. My brother was killed last year in Afghanistan, becoming the FIRST Marine killed in combast while in Afghanistan. Alex was with him on that tour. I had the privilage of meeting Holly the night she met Arod a couple years back while I was up visiting Ron. I again went out with her last year when I was there to see the guys home after Ron died. She was spoke very highly of. The love her and Alex had for each other was so very clear. I heard lots of amazing things from a good friend of mine and Holly's, Doc. Robert Spejcher. He valued her friendship alot. She is already greatly missed.
I know there are no words that can ease this pain, because I live with it myself daily. I can only offer my support and prayers. Our loved ones gave it all for us, it is our duty to now take advantage of the gift they gave us, and know both of them are watching and making sure of it :) Let no one tell you how to grieve. Do it in your own way and love her and miss her the way that eases your soul. When you are ready to start living again you will know.
If there is anything I can do, or maybe just to listen please do not hesitate to get a hold of me.

My Prayers and My Love,

Rachel Ascione sister of Cpl. Ron Payne of Lakeland,FL RAERIE81@GMAIL.COM

"To the very sad family of LCPL Holly Charette,
Please accept my most sincere condolences for your loss. I know you will miss her dearly. My son, a fellow Marine, CPL Daniel Amaya, was also killed in Fallujah, Iraq - on April 11, 2004. I really do know your pain. I also know how God Almighty comforts us. He loves us and is saddened by our pain. Please take comfort in His presence. Please know that you are definitely being prayed for."
Kacey Carpenter of Odessa, Texas

"My heartfelt condolences go out to the parents of Holly, for surely I felt your pain, if only for a short time, as I waited to hear from my daughter who is in the same unit. Shattered by the news on that friday morning, I sat trembling for hours waiting to hear form my Jessica. though I was truely relieved that she was ok, the reality of your loss struck me deeply.
I'm sure that our girls knew each other and that Holly will be missed dearly by her fellow Marines."
Mark Gallegos of Merced, CA


"Holly, you were the kind of girl that could be a friend to anyone... and everyone loved you for it. You made a lasting first impression... to the point where I remember what you were wearing the very first time I met you in the eighth grade lunch line. All I can think about are those great times we had... from the time we met BNL and they signed your bum and your homework so I could have a piece of the fun, to the times I used to drive you crazy saying "Hey Holly, how's it going?". I will miss you dearly and a piece of you will always be with me... I know you're watching over all of us right now. With everlasting love and respect,"
Danielle Dubey of West Warwick, RI

"Holly Ann, you paid the ultimate sacrifice. The rainbow is a sign of God's promise,
That He will guide us through any storm,
That He will see us through all our troubles,
No matter what their form. love Uncle Cotton & Auntie Donna"
Mr& Mrs Charette of West Warwick, RI

"Over the past week I've done nothing but think back on the times we spent together Holly, I remember the first day I met you in 8th grade math class.i thought , this girl is cool, I could be her friend. what an understatement that was.Holly you are amazing,I enjoyed EVERY second we spent together, cape cod with my mom , field hockey ( all 4 yrs),Parp Tart, all the boys, and the sleep overs,your 16th surprise party that you totally knew about. so many things we shared together. I remember day you told me you joined the Marines. you were so happy. I was so proud of you.and the night you MADE me dance with that weird guy , that I now call my husband. Holly it was because of you we even met. I will forever treasure the fun times we had together. I am comforted knowing that you will be looking down on us, for you are truly an angel. I will NEVER forget you. Rest In Peace Holly ....."
Allison ( Horsman) VanDenburg of Stonington Ct

"To Holly's family, my deepest symapathies for your loss, I feel your pain. My son Lcpl John VanGyzen IV was killed in action July 5, 2004, his first anniversary will be this July 5th. I still feel like it was yesterday but I go on because he wanted me to. He would say "not on my watch". He was 21 for almost three weeks, his birthday just passed on Fathers Day and it was very hard for me, but he wanted me to know he did not die in vain, he died for what he believed in and so did Holly. My son, like your daughter was a Marine and I feel the utmost respect and admiration for all that are serving, all that came home wounded and all that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I live in West Warwick and would very much like to talk to you. I didn't know Holly but I will never forget her and her sacrifice either. She is still keeping her watch in Heaven along with all her brothers and sister in war, watching over all of us because that is what Marines do. I know the emptiness you feel at this time and your pain makes my pain real all over again. I want you to know I am here for you and your family and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. Thank you Lcpl Holly Charette for being so brave, we are proud of you. May God grant your family the peace that surpassess all understanding at this time. I salute you! God Bless"
Dotti Arsenault of West Warwick, RI

"Hi, Danielle! Holly used to talk about you all the time! I think I met once when she brought you to check in off a 96. Take care."
April Senatus of Havelock, NC

"Holly, my bestfriend, my everything.... words cant express my pain when i heard of your loss. Wow i was in such shock and i still am, its like its a bad dream. I am so happy to have called you my bestfriend. we had the best memories ever! i will never forget how excited you were when i got tickets for you and I to go to the Britney Spears Concert. You had the biggest smile upon your face that night, singing to her songs and dancing (as only you knew how to) hehehe. it was so great to share in that moment with you. The time we went out to the club and madonna "like a prayer" was on and we danced til we couldnt dance no more! and that night "like a prayer" was our offical song to remind each other of our friendship for the days we would not be able to see each other as you had to go back to camp lejeune. We would call each other and leave the song playing on each others answering machines so we knew we were always thinking of one another. But my favorite memory of our friendship is this past christmas. you called me your " Little Marine Mascott". you were soooooo excited (and i cant stress that more)about giving me my gift. i told you i didnt want to open it early because yours was still at my house. but i looked into you eyes and saw the excitement and the BIG smile so i gave into you. i said i would open it. so i did and it was a dogtag, it was an engraved picture of you and I on it. i looked up at you and said "Holly i love it, i will never take it off" and Holly as you know, that is exactly what happened, as me wearing the dog tag i know that you are with me everyday of my life, and when times are rough i will think about you and all that you have done, and realize that i can make it through what ever comes my way! Holly (badolly) I am going to miss you but i know you will always be with me! You are the best thing that has ever happen to me and i thank you for that! I LOVE YOU. to ED. Regina, and the boys... I am here for you! love you always"
Danielle Gilbert of cranston, RI

"To the family of Holly Charette, my heart goes out to you all. I work with Holly's Aunt, Debbie Leipprandt, and I feel almost like I know Holly, just from speaking with Debbie and seeing all of the nice things people have to say about her. Holly was a brave and beautiful girl, and she will always be remembered as a hero who believed in her country and the freedom that it defends."
Wendy Courtney of Warner Robins, GA

"To the Charette family. Myself and many of Holly's friends. Will miss her dearly. Most of us knew her from the barracks and the mail room. She was loved by many,and shall be missed by all. Sorry for your loss,but now she is in a better place still helping those that need her. God bless"
Lcpl Brown, friends and family of Albany, GA

"Two weeks ago we lost our dear nephew, Lance Corporal Dustin Birch under similiar circumstances in Iraq. In the New Testament there are the parables of the Lost Coin, the Lost Sheep and the Lost Son (the prodigal). I believe these writings were included to bring comfort to those who have lost someone/something in their lives also. To assure all that everything lost - everyone lost, including your Holly - will be found once again. In Luke the Savior tells us that He "came to save that which was lost." May these words bring comfort to you - along with the knowledge that all of our prayers - and gratitude for your family's sacrifice are lasting. “These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we attain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article
as freedom should not be highly rated.”

by Thomas Paine, published December 19, 1776"
Drake & Paulette Kirkham of Taylorsville, Utah

"We are deeply sorry for your loss. America will forever honor your Hero.
The Courage, Honor, and Valor that your Hero showed will always be remembered.
We are grateful for the sacrifice that was made and we will NEVER FORGET.
God Bless your family and please know that you are not alone.
All of our prayers are with you."
Jennifer and SSGT Larry Mays of Massillon,Ohio

"Think you for all the hopes love from around the world ,for you thought your prayers .Holly we all love u very much and we are proud of you. and the soldiers that are still over in Iraq that still fighting over there. For you and us. we will remembering you for the rest of ours live for the woman you are a loveing,help and caring you are. we love you.Aunt Diana, Aunt Susanne,Uncle Hank and all your Cousin from Thomasville,NC.WE ARE PROUD OF YOU."
Aunt Diana Charette of Thomasville,NC ,

"I knew Holly personally for 2 and a half years when I worked with her at Headquarters Battalion. When we worked at the S-1, it was like a big family away from home. When she first got to Camp Lejeune I was her roommate in the barracks for a couple of months. She and I had much in common…except I wasn’t a Britney Spears fan like she was… (Holly would laugh about that. LOL) Holly was a good person and full of spunk. She knew how to put a smile on someone's face when they were feeling down. She was hard working and diligent in her duties as a Marine...especially when it came to giving out the mail! Mail for a Marine (or anyone in the service) is like GOLD. Her job allowed her to touch the lives of SO many people…she definitely earned her Angel wings. : ) I remember her smile...it was like sunshine every time she smiled. She was a great person and will be greatly missed."
April Senatus of Havelock, NC

"Thank you for all your prayers ,Russell & Audrea Ayers,Ella scott , Diana & all of her family ,most of all thanks from Ramond Charette ,Holly Charette's DAD & Grand Ma Jackie. Our family want you to know we deeply appreciate your thoughts .God Bless you Holly .We Love You"
Holly 's Family of Thomasville N.C.

"To the family and friends of Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette,

Those we hold most dear, never truly leave us. May you find comfort in love's everlasting connection.

In the Support section of this web site you will find links to many groups that support you at this crucial time. The Marine Comfort Quilt group would be honored to send a quilt to the next of kin. There are many, loving and caring Americans from all over the United States that will never forget the sacrifice that your loved one has made for our Freedom. Please use our link and register so we can send you our "Love Stitched Together."

Proud Marine Mom and Proud Member of Marine Comfort Quilts "
Sandra Moudy of Placentia, California USA

"What a beautiful Angel. She's in heaven now. May GOD bring peace in the hearts of those that love her. She's never far away from you, just look up in the sky and the brightest star shining will be Holly...

Link to story for Holly: http://www.turnto10.com/news/4652009/detail.html"

"We were very sad to hear of Holly's passing. We do not know your family personally. We have lost several Marine Corps friends in this war. Our thoughts and prayers will be with your family. God Bless you and Semper Fi."
A Marine Family of Ohio

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Holly will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To Holly, Thank you.,May God Bless you and your family.Holly you will always be remembered for your sacrifice.To the family of Holly.God has grant you an angel.She will always look over you all."
Anthony Espinoza of New Braunfels,Texas


"Family and friends: I am sorry for your loss. LCpl Charette paid the ultimate sacrifice here on foriegn soil. Her friends and platoon members are deeply saddened by this incident. LCpl Charette will never be forgotten because I can still see her smiling face in my memory."
SDI, Platoon 4021 March 2002 of Iraq

"Thank you Holly Charette, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Holly Charette:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Holly for the sacrifice she has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lance Cpl. Holly Charette:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. She will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Holly, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on