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Army Pfc. Jeffrey F. Braun

19, of Stafford, Connecticut.
Braun died from a non-hostile gunshot wound in Baghdad, Iraq. He was assigned to Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Died on December 12, 2003.

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"Dang Battle, you were my first real friend in basic training. We were bunk mates through basic and AIT. So many great memories. We got split up in jump school and then at Bragg. Gave each other our blood wings after our first jumps at Benning. Can still remember the day we were marching and you and this Marine were determined to not change your course and the marine that outweigheed you by 50lbs launched you in the other direction almost starting a platoon throw down ahah!

You were such a thoughtful, caring and tough dude. bought me a dart gun (confiscated at the Canadian border haha), chess board for us to play and sweatshirt I still have today.

We were both deployed when you passed away, but never got to see each other. I know if you were still here we'd still be thick as thieves.

Miss you buddy and still think about you. See you again one day."
Adam Curry - 2023 message, 2002 basic training class of Cincinnati

"Is his charity still going? I used to be friends with his sister but lost contact. I’d like to contribute if it is. And not to be a jerk but in my two tours, I’ve never seen a non hostile gun wound. They are all hostile. Miss you man."
Jim Brakewood Jr of Oregon.

Let me first say I am very sorry for your loss. My name is Mark McDonald the Cub Master of Pack 231 in Wolcott. This year we will be honoring fallen soldiers by having their names and home town on a float we are creating. It would be our honor if you have a small picture we can attach to your son's name. If you can send a picture it would help to have a face with your son's name. Once again I am very sorry for your loss.
Thank you
Mark McDonald
Pack 231
102 Cancellaro Drive
Wolcott CT 06176"
Mark McDonald of Wolcott CT


Even though we never saw a lot of each other since I was on the gun lines while together in Bravo, you always struck me as a stand up guy. You always had those in proximity laughing and smiling. You were a kindred spirit, fully alive and always making the moment worthwhile. It broke me in two when I heard you left us and every year I toast you and my high school friend Chris, whom passed just a few days before you in '97. I regret not getting to know you better and look forward to seeing you when I hang my own boots up and join you in the next life. Rest easy brother, you deserve it.

'The greatness of each generation is always shown early by those bright young souls whom depart from life so young, those who become the marytrs of the virtue of being alive.'

SPC Hartsel
Bravo 2nd/319th"
Sean of Columbus, OH

Just as others have already said, you are missed. We were not close, but I hope you are looking down on your closest friends and realize how much they love and miss you. Travis and Mike are always reminding us of you and encouraging everyone to remember your dreams. Again you are missed."
Crystal (Collette) Daigneau of Stafford CT

""Shakey Jake",
Man you we're quite a hoot during basic training and AIT. We went through some pretty tough times at that place but somehow managed to stay together. I heard about this back in 2005 when I was stationed at Ft. Stewart with the 3rd Infantry Division. Pvt. or then SGT Rhea (remember him?) told me about it. I just wanted to leave a message to let you know that you will never be forgotten! You paid the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us! I have been to iraq and back and I too was in Baghdad...wish you were there by my side! You will be forever missed brother...rest in peace! My condolences to the Braun family for your loss. May God look over you for having to bear this burden for your country. "destroyer stands upon a hill"...remember that one? I'll see you on the other side brother!!"
SSG Josh K. Gober of Houston, TX

"I never want to forget the sacrifices of so many young men and women. I am so proud it makes me cry. I understand in theory only that war is a part of human nature but so is love and caring. I wish I could take the families pain away but I can't. I am committed to loving ALL people, myself and our environment. I am committed to working on my happiness everyday because so many have died for my freedom to live my life. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. All my love and respect. ogersteiner@yahoo.com
A hundred times a day, I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am receiving. - Albert Einstein"
Scott E. Steiner of Worthington, OH USA

"Hi, my name is Sgt. Jones from A 2/319 AFAR. I was in the same area as this man when he died. If you’re a family member and would like more info contact me at: jejones25@inbox.com. P.S. I am also from CT. Once Again FAMILY ONLY!!!"
Jason of West Hartford, CT

"February 13, 2009
Jeff was my DARE Student during 1995/96 and I want it to be known that I will be referencing him today to inspire new DARE Officers to do their best and be aware of the impact they can have on students, but more importantly, the impact their students can have on the world. God Bless You"
SGT Tim Madden CT State Police of Stafford, CT

"Several years ago I heard of "hero bracelets" which honor those who have given their lives in the cause to prevail over evil and help set people free in Afghanistan and Iraq. I received a bracelet bearing Jeffrey's name along with his hometown, his branch of service and the date of his death.  I have worn the bracelet every day and with it a commitment to do at least one thing each day in his name to honor his memory, even if only a small way. Whenever asked, I show the bracelet to others and ask them to remember what Jeffrey and others have sacrificed to help others."
A U.S. Army veteran of Roswell, Georgia

"April 29, 2008
To the family of Pfc. Jeffrey F. Braun:
Jeffrey gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away!
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV


It has been almost 5 years since you passed. In that time, I have been to Iraq and back and you were not lost in my thoughts when I went overseas. When I came back, I felt *and still to this day* some sort of guilt having gone over and survived when you didn't. We were never close in Middle School and we didn't see each other in High School, But I am proud to call you my brother in arms. Rest in Peace Man."
Spc. Justin Weisner of Fort Sill, OK *Formerly Stafford Springs, CT*

"May his memory live on in your hearts. God bless you. My brother is over seas out of FT Bragg. His name is Bradley. My family will keep you guys in our hearts."
Tiffany of Lyles TN

"Happy veterans day. Your not forgotten"
Old Paratrooper of PA

"Thank you...5/27/07"

"It is amazing how time goes by and how we think that the events that take place in everydays life are never going to affect us.
I remember when we were at basic training at Fort Sill Oklahoma, the nice partner you were, you were a real brother; I remember how your smile, your nice personality used to remind me at my little Son. I remember how through the years when I look at my Son, it is like I am looking at you, I went to Iraq fromm 2004 to November of 2005 and I would never imagine that you are one of our fallen camrades, I never thought that I would see one of my good friends dead.
I was going to call home since I had not heard of you in a while; but, instead what I see is your picture on the internet and let me tell you, I still do not believe your death.
I do not believe in your death because you are in my heart and you always be..."
SPC Arboleda, Carlos of North Bergen, NJ

i miss you so much to this day it still doesn't seem real. you were such a good friend. how many people would have remembered something like you did. after i moved i didn't think i would get to go to our senior dance. but you remembered that you promised we would go together. thats when i realized what an exellent friend you were. now i am also in the army and think of you every day. i would like to hear from julie and mrs.braun if someone knows their e-mail could you send it to me. melissa.schors@us.army.com"
melissa schors of stafford, on my way to iraq

"We will never forget...5/29/06"
Bela Beaupre of Woodbury, CT

"hello friends and family of Jeffrey Braun, I grew up in stafford and moved out in 1997 to willimantic. I remember Jeff from school. We were never that close because I was basically a social outcast...anyways, the day I heard the news on TV about Jeff, I instantly burst out into tears, because no matter how close or how far you are from someone, if you even know them the slightest bit, it truely hurts. I commend him, and all the brave soldiers who have given their lives, and that are still out their fighting for our freedom, but I honestly think, ITS JUST TIME TO CALL IT QUITS!!! We have lost way to many young men and women, and we continue to lose more on a daily basis, this whole war should have never started in the first place!!! I understand that we are their protecting our country, but there is a limit!! How many people must we lose before everyone realizes its enough?? I remember in elementry school seeing Jeff around the halls, and the one way I specifically remember him, is that gorgeous smile he has!! He could brighten up the darkest of all skies with that smile!! I am deeply sorry for the loss of Jeff, and that goes out to all his family, and closest friends, It has always been said, When God takes you into his hands, your in a better place, and your needed more there as an ANGEL!! Although we go through the pain and suffering, we all know in our hearts, that he is sitting right above us watchin our everymove making sure we are safe and guiding us through this crazy life.... Sorry this is so late!! I thank the Hartford Courant for so proudly posting a picture of Jeff!!! Or else I would have never been able to find this website!!! If anyone wants to contact me just for someone to talk to my email address is Ashley_Marie8406@hotmail.com....."
Ashley M. Bragdon of Formally Stafford Springs, CT

"If theres one thing I can say about Jeff, was that he was a good friend. We met in Kindergarten. I havent seen him in over 8 years. We weren't "close" didnt know eachother too well, but he was someone who ALWAYS said hi in the hallway. He never had a mean thing to say about anyone, he was funny and outgoing, and he was nice. That may not be a big thing to some people, but his being nice, it meant a lot to me. Jeff, you'll be missed, and NEVER forgotten. To your family - You'll be in our prayers."
Shanna Bruch of originally Stafford Springs CT, now Dagsboro Delaware

"And I'm proud to be an American
Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me
And I'll gladly stand up next to you
And defend her still today
Cause there ain't no doubt
I love this land
God bless the USA

Thank you brave soldier. You will always be remembered. 07/04/05"
Bela of Woodbury, CT

"Dear Braun Family,

Hello there! I ordered a Hero Bracelet in January of this year. I was lucky enough to receive one with Jeffrey's name on it. I immediately logged on the site to learn more about him. If I was going to take the responsibilty of wearing his name, I wanted to know his story and wear it in pride. My heart was sad after learning that he was only 19 when he passed away. I could tell by messages and articles that he was not an ordinary young man. He was someone that was well loved by everyone, always wore a smile and had such tremendous goals for his future. Although his death was nearly 2 years ago, I can only imagine the pain and grief his family and friends have felt. I think his idea of an orphanage in Honduras is beautiful and I pray that it is one day complete. I just wanted to let ya'll know that I wear my Hero Bracelet everyday and wear Jeffrey's name proudly. He was truly a hero as a person and as a soldier... may God bless your family."
Brandi Sedita of Austin, Texas

"Dear Jeff,

Each day my brother struggles with your loss. It is a loss most of us will never recover from. I do not attempt to relieve Michael's pain by telling him, "someday your pain will go away," because while he has a successful future and supporting family and friends, he does not physically have you, his best friend and life companion with which to share his experiences. Your spirit lives within Michael, and you are still in essence with him, but life will never be the same for us without your laugh, ridiculously cool hair, loving hugs, and intelligent commentary.

However, what you gave Michael and are still continuing to give is evident in the beautiful way that Michael strides through life. I have had the extreme pleasure of watching Michael from youth when he was in his walking stages. You met Michael when he was still a youth, and you formed a bond with him that many people can only dream of having. Your friendship with Michael changed as each of you matured with time and experience, yet the relationship remained as solid as when it was first discovered. How fortunate you and Michael were to have found one another. You gave Michael the backbone of persistence, the stamina to go on when the "going gets tough." This gift to Michael was best you could have given, since this gift he uses during every step of his life, especially since you have left this world. I watch Michael as he pushes with determination through his academic classes and through the barriers that he encounters in life. He walks with conviction and courage, thanks to you, Jeff.

Jeff, you know that there is a unique circle that exists between you, Michael, Julie and me. I trust that you will continue to feed this circle and provide us with the same positive lessons that you always did, as each of us continues to need everything that you gave us before. Michael, Julie and I may no longer have you in this world, but our circle remains uninterrupted. It will continue to spin into the future unbroken, just as your spirit has done. We need you now as always, Jeff."
Kristina DePeau of Stafford, CT/USA

"I deploy march 3rd of 2005 from Ft Bragg Nc 82nd airborne FAunit/unassigned. I read the story at Johnson hospital hanging on the wall. I felt so compelled to reserch this story of a brave american hero. Im sorry for your loss and i know how hard it must be. When im over in iraq my prayers will be with your family and for Jeffrey. I used to look up to people like Gen Tommy Franks, but your son is one man i will not forget. God bless Jeffrey and his family"
Pvt2 Motyl John of Enfield ct USA

"My condolences go out to you. My boyfriend lost his brother Steven Acosta on October 26, 2004. We dont know what happened to him and nobody is telling us anything. Id appreciate if you would contact me please. Id like to talk to you.
hope from hearing from you soon.
Melissa S of Calexico CA

"I didn't know Jeffrey but he is greatly missed, I lost my brother-in law in November 2003.We love you and you are deeply missed."
Antoinette Brooks of Stone Mountain, Georgia

"I didn't know Jeffrey but he is greatly missed, I lost my brother-in law in November 2003.We love you and you are deeply missed."
Antoinette Brooks of Stone Mountain, Georgia

"This old paratrooper will never forget the brotherhood of the greatest division in the world. Although I never ran across Blumberg my heart still hurts for my brother. May you rest in peace."
Anthony of Denver, CO

"jeff where to begin we were not best of friends but we were close. we played soccer together and i will never forget that. i miss u so much and i hurts to know that u are gone. you died doing something that u always wanted to do and u will never be forgotten for it.It also hurts that i never got to say goodbye i miss u and will never forget the times we did spend together."
chris of stafford springs

"Dear Braun Family:
I am so very sorry for your loss. Jeffrey is and always will be an American Hero!!! I will never forget the sacrafice he made for this great country. God Bless.
Jeffrey: THANK YOU. May you rest in peace."
Jessica Franco of Rio Vista, CA

"If you knew my brother, please email me ... jewlie175@hotmail.com
It would mean so much to me. Thanks."
Julie Braun, Jeff's sister of Stafford Springs, CT

"I do not even know where to begin to describe Braun. Always funny cracking a joke. I remember laughing non-stop at the overwatch positions with him because he always had a really cool story to tell. Or the long hours playing risk at outpost charlie in baghdad. He was a one of a kind guy that i am glad i met. I am a little upset that i only knew him for a few months while we were in iraq i was looking forward to hanging out back at the bragg. Jeff you were a great guy and all the guys of AT-3 miss you man. It broke my heart the morning i found out what happened. Rest in Peice buddy your are not forgotten."
Spc Marella of Ft. Bragg nc

"Shakey Jake,

I knew you for only the six months we spent together in basic and A.T. But it seemed like a lifetime. We went through a lot together in those times, remember. You were one of the funniest and most entertaining guys I have or will ever meet in my life. I loved all your stories, especially the ones from mexico...remember the book you were going to write about it all? You could run like the wind back then. I could never keep up, yet you kept pushing me to be better, to try harder. The last time we spoke, I criticized your desicion to go airborn. And you told me that you wanted to "go all out" for your country. You were so full of courage and I never saw it. I am sorry, forgive me. I have missed you, friend. But we'll meet again. Keep running...

P.S. I still have the shirt I stole from you in basic with your crazy picture on it...you still makes me laugh. Oh, and by the way, Aiken (aka Sleepy) says "hi". He ended up joining the Secret Service, can you believe it?"
Aaron Albregts of Purdue University, IN.

"Although I left a message a few months prior to now, I felt that I should write another message. I am Jeff's sister, Julie Braun. I miss my brother every day and wait for the day that he will come walking through the door, whistling ebulliently as he was so well known for. However, I will have to wait for this day to come. Until then, Jeff left behind a dream that I am working toward fulfilling. Sure, it will take years, money, time, effort, and patience, but Jeff, your dream will come true. What is his dream, you ask? He had a dream of making a "pilgrimage" back to his birth country of Honduras on his return from Iraq in 2004, as well as to build a Children's Home for the children of Honduras. Jeff was given the opportunity to have a better life in the U.S. so he wanted to better the lives of children there. He now rests in Honduras eternally. His Children's home will one day be built there. His dream has now become my dream because the expression on his face to know that his dream had come true, is an expression that I will someday have on my face. He had begun to meet people via email both in the U.S. and in Honduras with the same interest. Jeff was only 19 when he had officially begun to make this dream come alive, and he was overseas, fighting in Iraq concurrently. I have recently created a site that gives more information about my brother's dream to create a children's home in Honduras. Please feel free to check out this site and send me feedback through my email address. Email: jewlie175@hotmail.com, website: www12.brinkster.com/breakoutbandsjb/main.html."
Julie Braun of Stafford Springs, CT

"Private Braun, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

You're the best soldier any NCO could ever hope for, and a good friend to have around. Thanks for watching my back and keeping me straight through the war. Jen and I miss you more than you'll ever know. We'll catch up with you sometime, till then take it easy."
Critch of Fort Bragg, NC

"Dear Jeffrey:

I realize you do not know me personally, but I am with you spiritually. You are a true hero in the eyes of all Americans. I want you to know that all your efforts were not in vain. I appreciate the ultimate sacrifice you paid so that all of us can live in a free and safe society.

The ultimate sacrifice in life is to take action and protect those whom you love. You were there in Iraq because you love this great country and your fellow citizens and you choose to place yourself in harms way in order to protect the sovereignty of our country. In the eyes of God you have given the greatest gift of all for your friends and loveones; you gave your life. I just wanted you to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift in life which is the gift of freedom.

To the family of Jeffrey Braun, please except my sincere condolences on the loss of your son. Your son has a special place in my heart, and in the hereafter with all the rest of the saints. If there is anything I can do please let me know.


Carol Annino
Newington, CT 06111"
Carol Annino of Newington, CT/US

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Jeffrey, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi B from Montana "

"dude i miss you so goddam much its absurd!!! why man why...."
josh of ohio

"Man Jeff, times have changed so much. It doesn't even feel right living without you. There's a huge gap in my life now, knowing that you're gone. Do you remember that time when I was pulled over for the first time and you were in the car with me? I was soooo nervous, and what did you do? Cranked up the speakers while we were waiting for the cop to get out of his car. By the time he came over, you had me laughing. It's the little things like that that I'll miss the most. I just want you to know, even though you are gone... you will never be forgoten. I love you man... and I know you're still looking down on me in heaven."
Seth Brousseau of Stafford CT

I am sorry I didn't get an opportunity to see you while you were over here. So close then, now worlds apart. You will be missed. My condolences to the family."
Michael Butler of Baghdad, Iraq

""Jeff Braun it was great knowing a person like you. A person who could make anyone smile, it is just so sad to lose a kind yound kid like him. You were a great cousin and friend. Jeff you will always be remembered not only by me but by everyone. I love you, and I will always remember every fun time we had, thank you for helping our country, God bless."
Andy of Stafford, CT

"PFC. Braun:
Thank your for giving yourself so that those of us at home can live freely and safely. There are not enough 'thank yous' for a gift such as this. Rest in peace soldier."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"Jeff was a friend of mine in the Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Basic Training. I knew him to be fun, funny, a great guy overall. I just today 1/26/04 heard of his death. That is such a tragedy. I feel for all his friends and family. My condolences are with you all. I am so sorry for your loss."
Joshua Bebout of Royal Oak, Mi USA

"Jeff Braun was one of my best friends. He would always have been there for you and always would have your side no questions asked. Jeff Braun is a true hero for serving his country. I will miss you man. I love you and we will be bros forever. Jeff was more than a friend to me, I considered him a brother.I know you will be shining down on us from heaven.
Jeff, I remember the good times we had during summers past and the fun stuff we did in high school. I will remember these occassions for the rest of my life."
Jason Deskus of Stafford, CT

"Jeff has been everything to me for over thirteen years. I could not ask for more from a friend than I recieved from our unbreakable bond. I would do anything to bring him back, and I wish we could prevent others from feeling this horrible pain and sorrow. Without him life will never be the same. There is a hole that cannot be filled; a missing gap; an unhealable wound in me and others since this horrible tradegy, but Jeff and his incredible effects on us will never wear off, or be forgotten."
Mike of Stafford Springs, CT

"Jeff was one of my best friends, and his death still hurts me just as much today as it did when I first heard the terrible news. The world lost a great person last month and I feel sorry for anyone that did not get to know Jeff personally. There was never a dull moment while in his presence, and his ability to make the worst days seem bright was an attribute that not too many people possess. Most of all, he was the most compassionate and giving person that I have ever met…and he gave me far more than I could ever imagine being able to give back to him. I’m sure that anyone that was close to him feels the same way. I wish the best for Jeff’s family and the rest of his friends. I’ll miss him for the rest of my life."
Chris Bell of Tolland, Connecticut

"Jeff, words cannot say what I felt when I got home in the wee hours of the morning and heard what happened. I was in shock. I have so many great memories of you: working at rec, soccer, track, choir, the list could go on. We may have grown apart over the years, but you were still a dear friend to me. I will miss you greatly, both as a friend and a fellow soldier. God bless you and your family."
Ben of Andersen AFB, Guam

Thanks for everything! You were like a brother to me...I always looked up to you. I know you are watching all of us from Heaven. I never got to say goodbye before you left, but I know you're still there. I see you in Julie everyday so I'll never forget you. I love you like you were my own brother. Rest in peace."
of Stafford Springs, Connecticut

What an extremely happy and awesome guy!I'll never forget all the great memories I've had with him and never stop missing him. Jeff was such a great friend to everyone and always made me laugh!Everytime I was upset, he'd always be the one to cheer me up! I am so thankful for the person he was and for everything he did for our country. We are all so proud of him, he's our true hero!Thanks buddy!!Miss you and love you!!My heart goes out to Julie and the rest of the familly! And his really close friends. You're all in my prayers."
Betsy of Stafford

I'm sorry I didnt get the chance to know you better. R.I.P and thank you for all you have done. Julie I love you and I'll always be here for you."
veronica of stafford

"Although I never knew you Jeff, I know the people that cared about you. I have seen them greive over the loss of you, but they pulled through because they knew that part of you was still here. There is no way that these people will forget about you, and your dedication to this country. Your memory will forever be in all of our hearts."
Kerensa of Somers, Connecticut, USA

"Dear Jeff, Although I never knew you, I read of your dreams of an orphanage in Honduras. I have close friends that are involved in Heart to Heart Ministries and they are in the process of building a new orphanage in Honduras, so I know how heartwrenching the stories can be. You obviously were a loving and caring person in your dreams and in your service your country and others. God bless you as you watch from your new home and hopefully we can make you as proud of us as we are of you."
a grateful american of Longview, WA

"Dearest Jeff,
You are looking down upon us from heaven, hopefully smiling, knowing that we all love you and we will continue to miss you even when we are long gone. You did the best thing you could, you became a soldier. You protected us all, you died for our freedom and happiness. You are a Hero in many ways. And you inspire me to live each day to the fullest. You were an awsome Son, Brother, Student, and Best Friend any one could have. I will miss the Christmas cards you sent every year I knew you. But they, as will you, will always live on in my heart. Rest In Peace Good Soldier."
Cheyenne Morrissey of Stafford, CT

"Jeff, what you did for our country is unforgetable. Without your help, we wouldn't even have this country - the freedom, the spirit, and the people. You were a great friend to many people, and without a doubt you touched everyone's heart. I know that you're probably looking down on us, and all we can do is appreciate your sacrifice and what you did for us. Let peace be with you and we thank you for everything you've done!"
Andrea B. of Stafford, CT

where to begin....we never were best friends but friends we were. How good of friends we were will not change how much it hurts that u are gone.....u died for a reason and u died proud......u were protecting those people that love u.....and the people that don't even know u.....no one will ever know the appreciationwe have for people like u jeff.....u are a hero in many eyes and u are greatly missed and loved....Rest In Peace."
ryan lukas of Stafford, Conn.

"hey man we had some good times especially during states i had alot of fun and u were a good friend and i believe that everyone will miss you"
Rich Cutting of Stafford Springs, CT/USA

"Jeff, you were a great person that lived life to its fullest. Though I only knew you through running, I know that you achieved the most important thing in life: loving it. You knew how to have fun and make every day a day to remember. You will be remembered for this excitement for life, even by those who you may not have known--but who knew you."
Nicole of Stafford, CT

"Jeff you did a good thing for our country, we appreciate it. Rest in peace."
Emily Hopko of Stafford Springs, USA

"jeff you were a great guy. i'll miss you buddy, everyone will. my heart goes out to all who knew and loved jeff."
Pete of Stafford, CT

"to Jeff Braun and Family,
Although I never really got to know you well, Jeff, I know, without a doubt, that you were a great man. You are a true hero and will always be remembered for the joy you brought to every one you met. May you rest in peace."
P.J. Olmos of Stafford Springs, CT

"Even though I didn't know you very well,I know that you were an extremely brave person. You will always be remembered. My deepest prayers go out to Julie and the rest of the Braun family."
Erin O'Toole of Stafford, CT

"Jeff was a great person to me and always fun to be around with. I did track with him and he would just make it so much more enjoyable having him on the team. We would be in the stretching circle and there wasnt a single day that he didnt say something that would make us laugh. He was a good friend to me and i will always remember him"
Thomas Bradrick of Union, CT, USA

""Jeff, although you may have left this earth, you will never leave our hearts. We cannont forget your sacrific for our country. You are truely missed Jeff. RIP."
William Orr IV of Stafford Springs, Connecticut USA

"jeff i know i had not known you all that well but just knowing who you were and knowing how great of a friend you were to my brother made me feel like i had known you for a long time...you will always be in my heart and you are my true hero. thank you for everything that you have done for our country...thank you for protecting us!!! you will always live on in my heart as well as many others! THANK YOU!"
Lyndsey Lukas of Stafford, Connecticut USA

"Altough I didnt know you as much as some people, I still believe that you are a true hero. From the things that I have heard you were a great person to be around and to know. My best wishes goes out to your family. I hope that your dream of an orpanage comes true. You will always be in our hearts and memories forever."
A friend of of Stafford, Ct

"*** You are loved in the hearts of those that remember you. God has you now. ***"
Kayle Yanez of Mission Viejo, California, US

""Many of us don't notice that Jeff is in a whole new world. God is keeping him safe in his Kingdom of Glory. We are mourning over him because he is gone, but what we don't realize is that we will too see him, if we are as generous, caring, loving, giving, and brave as he.""
Matthew J. Bessette

i never knew u very well but i knew that u were a friend of my sister's and her boyfriend's first friend, so i thank you for that. you are a true hero in my eyes and the bravest person i know. thank you and rest in piece."
melissa cramer of stafford, ct

"Jeff, I will never forget you. You were a great friend and you were a true hero to our country. I will keep those memories you shared with me forever. You will always be missed and loved!"
AMS of Stafford Springs, CT

"Hey Jeff...
Well...I doubt that you know me. I just started talking to your sister. She is a real great girl, so I'm guessing her brother was just as great. What happened was very unfortunate and my deepest sympathy goes out to your family. Your death affects me everyday, and I never knew you in your life, only found out about you in your afterlife. Even still, your presence is with everyone who knew you, they aren't rememberin your death...but embracing your life and will never forget you."
Joe of Coventry, Connecticut

"jeff, you were a great kid. and your smile and the way you made all of us laugh will never be forgotten. thank you for your service, and for being such a great person."
Erin Webb of Stafford, CT

"Jeff, you were definitely one of the most interesting kids in Stafford. I remember your smile and fun personality very well. Stafford misses you and we thank you for serving our country. My condolences to the Brauns, and stay strong Julie, we love you."
A friend of Stafford, Ct

"I didn't know Jeff as well as others, but I do know he always seemed to be an awesome person. I remember how funny he was during track and stuff. He could always make people laugh no matter what he was doing. But when I think of Jeff Braun the picture that comes to my mind right off is his smiling face. I'll always remember that smile and what a hero he was to everyone that knew him. My deepest sympathies go out to all of Jeff's friends, and of course his family. You are loved, Jeff, and always will be."
Lauranna of Staffordish

"I never knew Jeff, but having heared what he did for this country is enough for me to recognize his bravery. He was obviously a very strong and courageous person that fought well for his country. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loving memory of a true american hero JEFF BRAUN."
Joe McCallister of Rotonda West,Fl

"Jeff Braun was probably the funniest, most outgoing guy i have ever known. He would always be there to cheer you up if you were having a bad day. I remember meetin him at rec at staffordville lake and the first thing i thought when i saw him with an afro was "wow who is this goofy kid?" But once i got to know him i realized just how awesome he was. Then i started seeing him in school and getting to know him much better. After his senior class night at stafford high i was able to get a picture with him which i still have now and was put into a frame. I was lucky enough to spend some very good moments with Jeff, those that will never go away. Jeff, you will never be forgotten, ever. You did us a great deal and our country really appreciates everything you did. I really hope the orphange gets done in your honor.. WE LOVE YOU JEFF... R.I.P. forever"
Stafford friend of Stafford Springs

"Back then i didnt really know you.. i only knew you as the guy with the things stuck in his fro! couldnt miss that.. then i saw that you had gone to fight for our country...everyone person who does that counts... especially ones liek you.. i now know you as more than the funny guy with a fro but now i know you as the stafford town hero! even for the people who didnt know you well.. you will still be on our minds! thank you for your courage!"
friend from stafford of stafford, CT

"For the little time I knew Jeff, he was a great infulence in my life. He always made me laugh no matter what. Everytime i saw him he would always put a smile on my face. He guided me in which no one else did. We had awesome times together and I will always cherish those memories. He devoted his life to serving our country and it was an honor for me to know such a great person! Jeff, you are our true hero. Thank you for everything you've done for our country. We miss you very much and will always love you. God Bless You!"
a friend of Stafford Springs, CT

"Thank you, Jeff Braun. You were an awesome person and friend. You will always be remembered. You are a true hero. Your constant joyful mood would cheer up anyone that was glum. You were great. thank you for everything you did. Also, im sorry to julie, and the rest of the braun family"
Carl Purnell

"Jeff was always thinking of other before himself. I can't recall any times where he was selfish. Jeff could always make me laugh no matter what type of mood I was in. I will never forget how he helped me when I came to the highschool and all our good times that came from that. It was the begining of a great friendship..one that will stay with me forever. Jeff wanted to go save the world, and thats what he did. He is a true HERO!!! One who will never be forgotten! His dedication to our country and his pride while serving will be remembered. It takes time to grieve over our loss, but we shall not mourn over it for to long but celebrate his life...something we can so always....forever in our heats shall he stay and never go away...love you Jeff..."
Toni McCallister of Sffafford Springs

"Many of us don't notice that Jeff is in a whole new world. God is keeping him safe in his Kingdom of Glory. We are mourning over him because he is gone, but what we don't realize is that we will too see him, if we are as generous, caring, loving, giving, and brave as he."
a friend... of Stafford Connecticut

"I never really knew Jeff that well, but he is one person that has always stood out in my mind. He was somebody that made an impression on you. To me, he was the funniest kid at soccer camp or Julie's crazy older brother. He left a different mark on everyone, whether it be more or less. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed and never forgotten. I couldn't be more proud or appreciative of what he did for our country. He did more with his life than most people do that live a 100 years. We can only hope that out lives are as exceptional as his."
Jess of Stafford, CT, USA

"thanks so much for all of the wonderful memories, nothing will ever replace them. we all love and miss you you bud. thanks so much for everything you have done <3 <3"
jamie of stafford, connecticut

"thanks so much for all of the wonderful memories, nothing will ever replace them. we all love and miss you you bud. thanks so much for everything you have done <3 <3"
jamie of stafford, connecticut

"Jeff was such a good person. Anyone that knew him could tell you what a good heart he had. He could always make you laugh. His life was short, but in such a short time he has made a bigger impact than alot of people will ever make I think. It was Jeff's death that made me realize that it's not how long you live, but how much you do that really matters. Jeff is my hero, and I will never forget him. I Love You JFB. Thanks for fighting for our freedom!!!....I'm missin the fro!!!!"
Ashley of Stafford, CT

"Braun gotta love you man! Who else could pull off a fro? We know you were proud of fighting for our country and we were proud of you as well. No one can ever be like you Jeff. You have left a lasting impression on us all. Thank you for everythinng! Love you..."
Lauren of Stafford CT/USA

"Jeff was an extraordinary brother to have and I was so fortunate to have been his sister for the 16 years that I knew him. He really was how everyone knew him: kind, generous, giving, caring, courageous, funny, and so much more. Jeff had a contagious smile and laughter that could always be heard from afar. He lit up any room he went into with his presence. There was never a minute where he wasn’t looking out for me and keeping a close eye to protect me from anything he saw as a threat or predator. As we both got older, we grew apart from one another for sometime, only to become closer within a few months. I realized then how much my brother meant to me and how loving and caring he wasThere is no word alone that can describe Jeff as the extraordinary person that he was. One thing can be sure though- and that is that Jeff’s spirit will continue to live within me every day of my life, and I will never forget anything he has taught me as well as the amazing times I was able to spend with him. Jeff will always look down on me from above guiding me down the road to life. I miss you Jeff... but I will always love you for who you were and for being the greatest brother that I could ever have."
Julie Braun of Stafford Springs, CT

"Jeff was an awesome person. He always made me laugh and could cheer up anyone. Even when he or someone else messed up, he laughed it off and made you feel comfortable with your mistake. He made the ultimate sacrifice, and we from Stafford will truly miss him. We love you Jeff!"
Heather Cramer of Stafford, CT

"The loss of a best friend is the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life. For anyone who never met him, he was a loving and caring person with dreams of opening his own orphanage in Honduras. I pray to God we can make his dream a reality. He will be forever missed. My heart goes out to anyone who knew him, especially his family and other close friends."
Travis Gagnon of Stafford Springs, CT

"Thank you Jeffrey Braun, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"I live in Ct and wanted to let you Jeffrey and your family know that I am forever indebted to you who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I only wish that there was something I could do to assuage your grief during this time of morning. To your family Jeffrey I can only offer my prayers today, yesterday and forever. I will never forget you and the ultimate sacrifice you made to protect mine and all American's freedom. To your family I say if there is anything I can do for you whether you need a stranger to talk to, pray with or anything please email me at ctpoet1@yahoo.com"
Chris Decker of East Windsor CT USA

"To the family of Jeffrey Braun,
May god bless each of you and be with you through the holiday season. My family and I truly cannot express enough the appreciation we have for the land in which we live. Please know that if it were not for heroes like Jeffrey, this would not be possible. For this we are eternally grateful and will consciously acknowledge his sacrifice. May god bless each of you and please know that his loss will never be forgotten."
Daniel Lane of Holt, Michigan

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Jeffrey Braun:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Jeffrey for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Pfc. Jeffrey Braun:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Jeffrey, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on