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Army Spc. Edward W. Brabazon

20, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Brabazon died in Baghdad, Iraq, of a non-hostile gunshot wound. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Died on March 9, 2004.

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"Dad I know we never got the chance to meet but, I miss you endlessly, I love you so much, and I really wish I couldíve at least seen you once. Iím proud to be able to say youíre my father. <3"
N . of Bensalem, PA

"Think about you daily brother."

"Today is 3/8/22 this was the day of our last mission together. You made a minor mistake on the mission but I wish I had handled it with you differently and handled it like I always did with you. Instead I handled it differently out of frustration and not long after returning to base camp on 3/9/04 our lives would change forever and yours would be over. I handled the situation leading up to your actions as best I could for a 26yr old leader. It took a long time for me to learn to live with that morning. I wish I had handled you better but I did the best I knew how then. You were excelling and was my go to on missions. You were always ready and your astuteness kept us alive more than once. Iíll always remember you. Iím 44 now, a long way from that 26yr old kid and I wear your name on my bracelet everyday and will continue to. I truly love you brother and I pray you have found peace
SSG Chris (Winey) Duhon"
Chris of Louisiana

"Eddie i think about you everyday. I pray to you and mom "B" almost everytime i pass your grave. Really wish you were here. I miss and talk about you often. Thank you for all that you have done. You will never be forgotten."
Jim Russ of Bensalem

"My Heart still Breaks. You WILL NEVER be FORGOTTEN ever. You Have Mom with you Now.. I love and miss you Both.. <3 Always in my Heart."
Kim (older sister) of Langhorne, PA

"My heart is so pained still..... I miss you sooo much still Eddie..😢💔 but i feel and know your with me everyday..... I will never understand you not being here living life like you should've.... And for all the ignorance and disrespect on my brothers page... You have been reported... You should be ashamed of yourselves and for the liars on his page... Im sure Karma is getting you good and you deserve everything happening to you.... Guilt will eat u alive.... Enjoy.."
Kim older sister of Pa

"PS.....I talked to his mother over the phone once before, if she would like to talk to me about anything or need closer on anything call me or email me 910-528-5423 email: timothy.brown2727@gmail.com"
Timothy L. Brown Jr. of Marietta,GA. USA

"I was his best friend in Iraq I was also attached to 2/505 with the 82nd Airborne Division. I went with Brabazon to Afghanistan as well, they called us "Dalmatian" Brabazon called me a Brother from another mother. On the way to Iraq he had a heart to heart with me, he hugged me and said "I Love you bro" I said "Boi get off me with that mushie stuff" he start laughing. Brabazon was our company Guide-on Barrier he carried our colors with pride, in the back of my mind I was thinking, Why would he take pride in doing that? While in combat if a soldier fall, the closest person to him/her take on their responsibilities, when they handed me that flag I was mad it reminded me of Brabazon too much. I didn't want to take on that duty. Than I started thinking about Brabazon running with it, after the tears came a smile which gave me that pride to carry our company colors just like Brabazon did. RIP MY BEST FRIEND SPECIALIST BRABAZON I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU"
Timothy L. Brown Jr. of Marietta,GA. USA

"Still missing you more then ever"
sister Kim of penndel pa

"I miss you brother. There is never a day that I don't think about you and miss you. I still have pictures of you that I keep and treasure. Also I drove by your mom's the other day and the first thing that came to mind was when we got yelled at for jumping off the shed. Those were the day's. I love you."
JIM RUSS of Bensalem, Pa

"Think about you often Brabazon. I am sorry I did not reach out to you."

"I miss him, I still feel the loss. I wish he could be here with us cracking jokes and giving that killer smile."
Elizabeth Smith (Becky) of Denver, CO

"10 years later...I still have a picture of him and the sweater he bought me while he was visiting his mom in Philadelphia. When we were at Fort Bragg NC, we didn't date long. I remember he was excited about going to training to become a ranger...or something like that. Then he found out he was deploying and because of his deployment he wanted to spare the heartache and decided to end our relationship. I wish I would have insisted on staying together. It may have changed something...at least I would like to think it could have. What is done is done, but I've got 10 years of guilt & 10 years of hurt. I miss him. I was never close to him since we did not get much time, but I still think about him from time to time. Happy Memorial Day Philly, I remember you on that day every year. I still cry and still yell at you for leaving us and then remember you for what I knew of you. Kiss"
Jessica Vergari of Montrose, CO

"Ed I remember you we're crazy * all hell in school always a bit to serious but none the less a funny s.o.b miss you man keep the devil company until I get there and showem how we raise hell"
Mike rich of Philadelphia

"Thinking about you today. Remembering your smile and your sarcasm. Hugs and love always...."
Karen Dorofee of San Antonio, Texas


"It has been years since I've been on here.....I miss you so much....years have gone by and I think about our last conversation we had together and that's my memory along with many from Afghanistan. I haven't heard from your sister in two years and I know that you're in a better place and loving every second of it. You are missed by many....noone has forgotten about you Eddie it's impossible to do that. Just know that many people miss you and think about you each day alright? I'm sorry that you went through what you went through and that certain things happened and noone protected you, but you are pain and suffering free, so just know that many pray for you and think about you often okay? RIP Eddie."
Megan of Fuhr

"Was just thinking about you fast Eddie. As a a Law Enforcement officer I have come across some situations and your death has been told many times in an effort to help others when I've had to respond to certain calls. Your story no doubt has helped a few people. Your death hurt me deep and as a human and a friend there is no way anyone of us with you that day will or can ever forget. I went through an anger stage with you later because you cut me deeper than our enemy could have. My life changed and my family suffered also, but we have stuck together and learned to live without forgetting. I forgive you cause as you know I could never stay mad at you. I saw alot of me in you thats why you got away with so much with me. I do greatly appreciate the respect you showed me. Which is why it hurts deeper because I always felt like I should have been the one to help you through as I helped you through the Army situations. I have learned you can't save everyone and what's done is done, but many people who have been in your situation have heard your story and I know some have been touched enough for others to get help. Your Death has saved others."
(former) SSG Chris Duhon-Winey of Louisiana

"if only 9/11/2001 didnt happen.. you wld have never felt the need to inlist.. but as we know that didnt happen.. and now i sit here on this day.. sadden by the 8years that have been hard to see go by without you... i love you eddie and you will NEVER be FORGOTTEN.."
kim (older sister) of penndel, pa

"June 19, 2012
It's your Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! I miss you Bro! Man.. It feels like just yesterday I nearly took out a few mail boxes with ur camaro when u let me drive it to pick up Erika lol good times good times! Don't worry I'm a professional now!! What I wouldn't do to have you around still... you always made me laugh n smile!! Young n dumb!! Don't get much better than that! We all miss n love you Ed!!! R.I.P. Xoxo Happy 29th!!"
Elisa Brabazon of Bensalem, PA 19020

"After finding this site a few days ago, I finally have the courage to post on here. I knew philly threw a few friends of his in ft. bragg. He was always so happy, I still to this day can not and will not drink barcardi orange, thanks to numerous nights of relaxing with philly while having a drink. I can still remember the last time I saw him in person,he was wearing his leather jacket and it was outside of the coffee scene where he was a lot, after he gave me a hug I asked him where the hell he'd been hiding at.. he told me "I've been a barricks rat lately, I'm trying to save up for a car"... I laughed but was soon told by him that he was in prepairing to deploy and not too happy about it. Who would be? I didn't see or hear from him again until a few years later when I was at my parents house and my dad asked me to go get the paper. It was memorial day, and on the front page of the Raleigh NC news paper was a tribute and page full of pictures of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacarfice..... as I glanced over the page as walking back inside there was a face that was fimiluar... it was philly.. I cried and still do to this day.. its 2012 and I still miss you philly!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. I love you and thank you for every smile you ever put on my face. Regardless of exactly how you left this earth, you are a hero and special to me and always will be!!!!! Can't wait to see you again!!"
Jacquelyn Carr of Raleigh NC

"hi eddie its been a long time sence that day u leaved i didnt now what wa happening or why u were leaving but i now i do still rember u toking me into my bed i am now 11 but your always in my heart for ever and when im older im gonna find the real truth about your death i love u always never will stop thinking of u ill be with u one day love u bye."
starrlynn brabazon of bensleam pa19020

"It s yrs. Now babe my life haz not been good at all with out you !!! Our daughter is 7 now she is beautiful looks like you and ur sis elisa i miss you so wish i was with you now .i love ya love 4 ever and a day Nevaeh loves you too she know all about her daddy wish you can catch the ballons she sends you she is great like you. Love your baby's mommy christina .xoxoxoxo.267 588 6186 . Love sick hurts sooo much i can't deal some one contact me please!!!!!!"
christina of philly

"It s yrs. Now babe my life haz not been good at all with out you !!! Our daughter is 7 now she is beautiful looks like you and ur sis elisa i miss you so wish i was with you now .i love ya love 4 ever and a day Nevaeh loves you too she know all about her daddy wish you can catch the ballons she sends you she is great like you. Love your baby's mommy christina .xoxoxoxo."
christina of philly

"hey uncle eddie its your neice heaven.i cant beleive its been 8years since you pasted.i miss you and love you i wish you where here."
heaven crayton of penndel pa 19047

"Its been almost 8 years since ive seen you uncle Eddie me and heaven miss you so much soon im gonna be in the war i will keep your name alive i wish you were still here i love you."
Anthony c . acosta of penndel pa 19047

"I am soon going to be enlisting in the VA National Guard and I just want you to know that I am currently wearing a memorial bracelet with Edward W. Brabazon's name on it. I will be praying for your family and I hope that all of you are doing well. Also I hope that by serving in the Armed Forces I can help keep his memory alive."
Peter Nettekoven of Blacksburg, VA

"Its hard to believe its been 7yrs. since the last time ive seen your face.And still so much confusing in your death. It has made me see this war to be pointless and hopeless... and for that im bitter! My family has lost a son, brother,and father for NOTHING! This is why its so hard to let go and forget what has happened. I mean maybe if my brother death took place in front of our faces there would be an understanding.. ya know? I guess if there was a true and understanding reason on why my brother has lost his life maybe my family and i would be able to move on from this tragedy and forgive and forget. but because the word "why" still lingers in our brains every minute of everyday. What are we to do but to be human in this matter and to try and find out the TRUE answer. What would you and your family do if the shoe was on the other foot.. so before you judge on why my brother death is still an issue til this day.. understand first! And remember.. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU!!!"
Kimberly (eddies older sister) of Penndel, PA

"To the family of Brabazon

I was in his company for both of his tours he was also in my Pre Ranger program at Ft Bragg. One of my fondest memories of him is that he was always so eager to step up when the Batallion Commander challenged any and all to a push up competition and truth be known he always won even though the CSM would never let it happen and man he made us all so proud. A day does not go by that I dont think of him. Gone but never forgotten. RLTW"
SFC Smith Gregory D of Cache OK

"To the family of:Edward W. Brabazon
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga""

"I never had the opportunity to meet Edward, but came to know of his service through a brief meeting a few years ago with his sister Elisa--a lovely young woman who I remember most for her pride in her brother. To many of you who have commented on this page, and to those of you who see controversy in Edward's death, let me say that what is most important is not how a man dies, but how he lives. From what I learned of Eddie from Elisa, he was a fine young man and a brave soldier. To Elisa and to the rest of Eddie's family, may you always be proud of Eddie's service and sacrifice for our nation."
Christopher Bates-Withers of Boston, MA

"I knew Brabazon well. I was one of the team leaders underneath Ssg. Whiney and I back my squad leader to this day. All of us in the squad cared for Brabazon and wanted to see him exceed and we did everything we could have to help his well being but what u civilians cant understand is that we were soldiers the mission was upmost important and no higher chain of command was going to let anyone go anywhere unless it delt with a combat related mission. u want answers on what happened on 9 march 2004 then u call me 970-433-4264. I still feel like I have his blood on my hands from trying to help him after he shot himself my mind will never forget. But u people who choose to blame and point fingers if u wernt there that day then shut the hell up. everyone in that squad wonders what they could have done different and we dont need arrogant people trying to complicate things for us. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think of Brabazon and what happened he was my brother in arms and I will always miss him but he has come to peace but the men in our squad will never be at peace for what happened that day. there was no enemy to retaliate against for Brabazon died by his own hand. We now and forever will be left with questions in our minds tormented of the loss of one of our own. you want answers to finally put Brabazon to rest in your mind not mine my answers will be answered when I see him again one day. then call 970-433-4264"
Duane Storey of Colorado

"Despite the temptation to harshly rebuke those who'd turn this message board into a breeding ground for debate, I will keep this short out of respect and affection for SPC Brabazon, his family and their continued loss.

I first met Philly at the Coffee Scene when stationed at Bragg. He was loud, bombastic, and always slapped me just a little too hard on the back when he saw me. :)

Shortly after being aquainted, I was transferred from my unit to the B Co. 2/505th PIR, and served alongside him in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Though stationed 20 miles south of him at the time of his death, I did make many convoy trips up to Baghdad for re-supply and always spoke with Philly as a friend. He kept me up to date about many of the problems spoken of here, and I suppose I only wish I'd spent even more time talking with and listening to him. Philly is missed greatly.

His laughter, that good-natured smile and humor, the fervency for life- all controversy aside, these are the things after death that I remember of him. God bless your family, and may Eddie rest in peace."
Joseph L. Hoover (caffeine_cemetary@yahoo.com) of Seattle, WA

"Eddie, its your older sister Kim and unfortunatly March 9th is around the corner again and im still crying and confussed. I wish you were is still here. I would give my life if you could come back and see your daughters face. She's beautiful and looks just like you. I love you Eddie and will always miss you..Watch over Neveah for me!"
kimberly schrader(sister) of Bristol-Boro

"I recently purchased a KIA bracelet from
Ranger Joes, and Spc Edward w. Brabazon
was engraved on it. I never met him nor
have I ever seen what he looks like I,m
currently home for 15 Day R&R leave and
soon will return back to Iraq, I will
always wear the bracelet in memory of Spc Brabazon,God Bless."
SSG John,Lopez of Newark, NJ USA

"wow its been 9yrs since i seen eddie we was in foundationprogram together i been looking 4 ed for yrs in i finely decide to google him last nite only to find out this has happen iam deeply hurt about this me and eddy used to be bestfriends in foundation i always miss him n i hold so much love 4 him in my heart.. my condolences go out to eddy parents n family..eddy was a smart,loving person and ill never forget him...

please if the family would like to contact me my email ladyeve285@aol.com

rip eddy i'll love you alway my dear friend"
eva green of philly,pa

"This message is for Ed's parents. I just wanted you to know that the Unitarian Church of the Restoration lit candles for all of the lost troops from PA this past Memorial Day. I lit one for your son. Looking at his picture is like looking at my own son and I cannot begin to imagine how you feel. I am keeping his picture up on my refrigerator just to remind me of the terrible loss some parents have gone through because of this war. Please know that he is not forgotten and will always be in my heart as he will always be in yours."
Ellen Caserta of East Norriton PA

"I met Eddie a few times while my husband was stationed at Ft. Bragg. During those times, he was all smiles, made me laugh and seemed very genuine. I'm sorry he was in a lot of pain emotionally. I wish this memorial could be about remembering Eddie and not people arguing. RIP, Eddie."
Anon of It's a secret

"April 29, 2008
To the family of Spc. Edward W. Brabazon:
Edward gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I think of you every day my friend. I am sorry you chose to go the way you did. I wish I would of seen it coming. It tears me up everyday."

"Hey Eddie. Missing you very much lately and I just can't make sense out of all of this mess. I don't know where to begin and I can't believe all that has happened. I'm very sad and I hurt inside about you not being here today. I wish there was a way to bring you back and let you continue doing what you loved to do. Once again, I miss you and you deserve to be here. Take care of yourself and I hope for us one day to run into eachother again in the future."

"Hey Ed,

Hope you are having a blast in heaven. I must say your squad leader is not very reliable and does not answer any questions he so called says he would answer. I guess thats why he is in the army and not the MARINES!!! I will always have a beer in my fridge for you buddy!!! Till we meet again my friend....."

"I got a call from a friend today who told me to check this website. Wooow! this is my response, and wow in a solemn way. Can't we leave this kind of junk elsewhere this is a website for a message to his family and to pay your respects. I was his squad leader in Iraq, if someone thinks some foul play went on, then take it to the proper authorities and make your case, be heard where it counts, not on a message board. Regardless of what you think this is NOT the place. I hope one day Eddie can rest in peace. He was a great guy and I appeciate the time God gave me to know him. He has taught me some valuable lessons I will always keep close to me to better help those around me. He didn't have to go, but his death will not be in vain.
Rest in peace Eddie, I miss you man, and will never forget you."
Chris Duhon-Winey of Lake Charles, Louisiana


"ok can we stop this madness what happened, happened we can change that past. im tired of coming on here reading people going back and forth about what happened and what didnt. just let Eddie rest in peace plase! Thats all i ask. you never know what a person feels only they do and were not Eddie so i dont think anyone is to blame here. everyone needs to stop pointing fingers because thats getting everyone nowhere, So please STOP!! THANK YOU!"

"Wow, I stumbled up on this site. I was in 2nd platoon. Brabazon had told people in Afghanistan that he was going to kill half of his platoon, all the NCO's and then kill himself. This was fact established. He was then sent to a doctor for a psychiatric evaluation. He was found to be Bi-polar if I'm not mistaken. He was to be on medication for his suicidal and homocidal thoughts. Why he wasn't on his meds I don't know, but the real question is why was he sent on a back to back combat deployment given his psychiatric condition? I know his squad leader from Iraq and his platoon and squad well. They took him in and made him one of them. He LOVED his squad. I know he didn't care for his platoon sergeant and alot of others in his platoon, but he loved being in SSG Winey's squad, and I know for a fact that SSG Winey fought to keep Brabazon in his squad. His Platoon sergeant wanted to Bar him AGAIN from reenlistment after he (Brabazon) cursed him out in front of the platoon. As a result to show a pattern of misconduct and to show a pattern of "tried" rehabilitation, SFC Sturm was going to move him to another squad, to show command some sort of paper trail, and to show that he has exausted all he can do to rehabilitate Brabazon as a soldier. This is a common procedure to either bar someone or get someone kicked out of the Army for a pattern of misconduct.
SSG Winey tried conviencing the platoon sergeant to leave him where he was. I talked to him the night before he killed him the morning before he killed himself, and he was depressed and bumbed about having to leave his squad, who excepted him fully. Another thing was his squad leader SSG Winey was soft on him, and often times didn't discipline him as sternly as the Platoon Sergeant wanted or expected. Truth is he was the best he had been in this squad. When he messed up and cursed the PSG that morning he knew he had messed up AGAIN and then coupled with being taken out of his squad, with the fact that he had been depressed which seemed to be a common mood with him, he snapped. He was in the room with his whole squad there is no possible way something crazy took place other than Eddie deciding to end his life. He told his squad a few days later when asked where he was going he said the bathroom, when asked why was he taking his weapon to the latrine, he told them, "Because I'm just tired of getting in trouble, and I don't want to mess up anymore."
They took it to mean, he didn't want to get in trouble for NOT taking his weapon with him at all times (this is combat). Most soldiers always tried having someone watch their weapons for them while they ran outside to the latrine. After he killed himself, it only then became evident what he meant. That leaves a big clue as to why he ended up doing it. It fits with conversations I have had with him. He use to tell me he doesn't understand why he messes up and that he doesnt' mean to, but that he reacts sometimes and says things he knows he shouldn't say because they are disrespectful or insubordinate but says he doesn't realize he has said them until he has. Compulsion, which very much is a symptom of Bi-polar, they over react first, and think about what they are doing or did later. I think he reacted to the pressure he felt that morning, however, the pressure was of his own doing. That platoon, but especially his squad he had in Iraq, who subsequently was with him when he decided to end it, was the best squad and friends he could have had. It also explains why he took only his life in that room and no one elses, as he had previously said of his other platoon in Afghanistan before being moved to this platoon. His squad leader had a full box of hand grenades by his rack in plain view of Brabazon. He even got off his bottom rack and stood up so that he wouldn't hit his bunkmate. He wanted people to see, I believe to feel sorry for him to have compassion for him, and who wants to die alone, I and others think he chose to die with the only people he knew cared for him the most over there his squad brothers.
Also, the last few missions leading up to his last one, no one fired a round, everyone was checked for gunpowder and the only one who had blackpowder sprayed on his hands and sprayed on in a consistant manner with that of someone who fired a weapon was him. Among other overwhelming evidence.

The only guilt the Army bears is deploying Edward to a back to back deployment. Clearly he was in no condition to be deployed to combat. But all the Army cares about is numbers, and he was a number. I talked alot to Eddie in Iraq, and I know with hindsight, that Eddie was contemplating this from the first month he was in country. He was very capable of this. There was just things he would say, that maybe should have been a red flag but just didn't lean that way until AFTER he killed himself, thats when it all fell in place. You can't fault anyone for that. Hindsight is always 20/20 I refuse to feel like I could have prevented this, but the facts are I can totally see this after the fact boiling from the first month he was in country.
As much as we would like to think someone is not capable of such thing, everyone is capable, they just need all the right ingredients all in the pot at the same time. It's a shame what happened, but this was Brabazon's decision, we shouldn't be beating up the people who gave him some peace and belonging in his last months."
2nd platoon of 2/505

"yes i know he did not kill himself ,the true is other soliders, knows the true and talked to family about the accident and it was not eddie that killed himself the army did they are covering something and u know that i was a solider in iraq excuse me"

"I know SSG Winey talked to his mother a couple of times. If it doesn't satisfy you, thats you, but His mother has spoken with someone who was in the room when he died. For you conspiracy folks, well, I guess you can have your fun and feel important or something. Since the truth has been told, I guess we'll just be taking the "real" truth to our graves as far as you are concerned. Since you choose not to except the truth all I can say is I hope it doesn't eat you up to bad the rest of your life."
The Truth of Left in Iraq


"This one is for my brother, Happy Birthday Eddie!! I love you and I miss you so much!!"

"First of all, since you're so full of yourself why don't you explain this to his family. Put their minds and heart at ease, since noone else has shown their consideration. When you talk about consideration for the soldiers in his platoon that witnessed the incident, what about his family and daughter that was left behind? Don't open your mouth and say something that you can't back up. There was no support to his family from 505th PIR, they all claimed that Eddie's family only wanted money that's why they kept calling the commander or whoever. Yeah I think that's how it was said by your COC. So you can say that it was his mental illness and that he was suppose to be on pychiatric medications, but that doesn't prove anything now does it? Now you have no idea what the family knows about Eddie's death do you? So what if you were there for the investigation, that proves nothing. Now if you knew as much as Eddie's family knew, then you would see why they think the way they do. There's alot of *en gaps, that need to be filled and the Army isn't willing to fill them at all. Now you can get off your high horse saying that we want to hear the "gorey details", because that's not going to bring Eddie back. I highly doubt you and other soldiers struggle because of what happened to him, from the sound of it the unit didn't take good care of him. Some of you did let him struggle, and didn't bother to help him. Everyone can say that Eddie was a victim of the past and that's what drove him over the edge, but lets think outside the box here and realize what really happened. I can say this much Eddie loved being a soldier and this was something he wanted to do since he was a young kid. He might of struggled with certain things, but everyone does. You don't sit back and watch a fellow soldier struggle. It doesn't take a neruosurgeon to figure that out. It's taken 3 years for someone from the unit to say anything about this and why is that?? A fellow soldier who yuo care about so much, and you're just now showing your compassion for him? You're a little *en late don't you think? Eddie made that final phone call to his dad,and that indicates that something was going on and or something was about to happen. Explain this, how can you go to Eddie's funeral and not say antyhing or even look at the family? You don't do that to the family of a fallen soldier. Think it over. You think you're good, but you're not that good. Eddie was a great soldier and alot of people didn't care for him either. It doesn't all add up. I know that you and others want this to just go away, but it won't. Think about his family and his daughter before you open up your big *en mouth and say anymore."

"Eddie was a great guy, but the bottom line is Eddie shot himself with his M-203 on burst, after being told he was going to be recommended for Article-15 for an accidental discharge during an ambush operation where we found sa-9's hidden in a ditch. He had just gotten out of trouble, and our squad leader SSG Winey begged and worked the command to lift a bar-to-reenlist so that he could re-enlist and try ranger school. He got in trouble for cursing the Plt SGT out and was going to be recommended for Article 15 and to have his Bar put back in place, which meant when we got back he would be allowed to finish that enlistment term, but would then not be allowed to re enlist. He shot himself with the entire squad in the room, there is no high speed conspiracy going on here. Eddie was suppose to be on psychiatric medication but had stopped taking it, because he wasn't on the "chronic meds list" that he was suppose to get himself put on so the medics make sure they have at all times his meds available. He got depressed at feeling like he was letting everyone down including himself and he put his weapon on 3 round burst and shot himself under the chin. Almost everyone that was in that room that day has been medically seperated from PTSD as a result of seeing their brother, someone they fought alongside shoot themselves. That was a very very very tragic day for everyone in that room. I seen dead people, but nothing beats seeing someone you care about do themselves.
In the Army it is a dishonor to take your life, therefore you don't get memorials, or placed on a such things as monuments, that is why he is not on the 82nd fallen soldier monument.
I believe he was a victim of his past as well as the stress of combat, therefore I believe he was a casualty of war, and in war people do these things. Unfortunately for all of us he chose this path. Please STOP with all the find out what really happened, if you want to know what really happened talk to someone who was there, and maybe you'll get your kick out of hearing the gore of the aftermath of when HE took his life, because that is what happened.
For God sake have some compation for the soldiers who had to witness this, we read this site also. To come here when we can't sleep to just read about him, and to see that people are suggestion with ZERO cause that we had something to do with Eddie just makes it hurt all the more, it keeps our wounds open. What about my life and the life of others in that room who had to witness this, and who will live with this. How many of you have witnessed someone shoot themselves in the head with a weapon that can shoot multiple rounds with one trigger pull, how do you think you would feel.

The investigators did their investigation and they did it thourouly, I know, I WAS THERE! they seperated us immediately, and we were pounded from everywhere about WHAT HAPPENED EXACTLY. We had to write countless sworn statements, some days later to be anylyzed for differences. I highly doubt with 8 people in a room, this "conspiracy" would be kept under raps with so many people in co-hoots AND everyone keeping their mouth shuts, even when they live with their concience eating them everyday. Please for the sake of Eddie to rest in peace, lets except the truth and except Eddies decision and quit making innocent veterans lives misarable having to read this conspiracy garbage.

Rest in Peace Eddie, I once again, found peace on your death anniversary in the bottom of a bottle of Belvadere. Why did you do this to me man? You killed some of us all to."
The Truth of Left in Iraq

"Hey Ed, I will never forget you or your selfless duty you gave to our country. It's because of people like you that will give my children a better place to live in!!!"

"why dont some one help this family there was foul play we all know this help them"

I can't believe that it's been 4 years since you've left us. I've been thinking about you all week and I feel so helpless because there's more to this than what everyone's been told. I hope that the right people can find the truth out about what really happened that day back in 2003 in Iraq. I've heard the stories and the lies and all that bullshit. I'm so glad that I had the chance to meet you. I hope that 505TH PIR takes the time to remember you tomorrow. Since they don't have enough F***** balls to man up to your family; they atleast owe it to you and your family to take the time to remember you. They're so f***** selfish and cruel that it won't even phase them about what they did. They're so completely f***** in the head that they'll probably act like nothing happened. Just know that the truth is going to come out. Your family is wonderful and they're out for justice for you. Your family is torn apart and I feel for them each day. I talk to your sister and mom and I can't help,but cry sometimes when I get off the phone with them. I know you're in a great place right now, but you deserve to be on earth, completing what you started and loved to do. You were an excellent paratrooper and infantry man.F*** what the other soldiers in your unit said about you. They're pathetic and jealous. They're nothing compared to you. I miss you everyday and no matter what I do, there's something that I do or say or a memory that comes to my mind that reminds me of you. Unfortunately, your time is up my dear. You're not forgotten. RIP my fellow airborne trooper. To the family: Another long year gone by with out Eddie. It's crazy how the Army can have so many standards and regulations and then turn around and treat a soldier the way they treated Eddie. 505th PIR has made up their own rules and policies when dealing with a soldier who is struggling. They stress about the Army Core Values and the importance of them. And then they turn around and take matters into their own hands, all because a soldier chose to abide his morals and values and the army core values. There were alot of "red flags" about Eddie that his unit ignored alot. They used excuses to cover up their own f***** shitty ways. There's no way that a soldier who is "apparently" that much of a burden to his unit, can just up and shoot himself. Someone like Eddie doesn't take their life just because. I'm sorry for your loss. Your in my prayers and thoughts. Take care and know that you will get the truth. Stay strong and know that Eddie would say and feel the same way. Anonymous"

"Were coming up on another anniversary for Eddie. I think that it's *en bullshit that it's gotten this far. It's great and appreciative that they have a website for this specific situation. Everyday many soldiers die while fighting the war on terrorism. My heart goes out to the family of these fallen soldiers...especially members of the 82Nd AIRBORNE DIVSION. I never felt right about this incident. I know there is more that noone is talking about. I've learned alot from being in the Army. Your unit is your family. They are suppose to be there for you and pick you up when you've fallen. You're a team. There is no individuality. When one person *s up and looks bad, the whole unit looks bad and is *ed up. Why would you watch a soldier who is struggling and having problems suffer? There is no such thing as a bad soldier. I agree with that statement. Eddie wasn't a bad soldier. He might of made some mistakes, like everyone else, but to kill someone is just *ed up. If you see a soldier struggling, help that soldier and guide him/her in the right direction to success.I know these guys in the 82ND Infantry have extremely high standards, discipline, and they abide a higher standard of living. That's great that they put themselves up on a pedastal, but beating up a soldier and killing hime because you didn't like him isn't the answer. 505th PIR didn't have that great of an reputation, so this will hopefully make the light go on upstairs. To Eddie's family trust me I feel very confident about the truth coming out. You guys are amazing and strong. If I was in your shoes, I would of gave up a long time ago. My heart goes out to you all for you loss. Eddie was an amazing person and fanatical soldier. There's so many great things to say about him. I miss Eddie everyday. Now we're coming up on that special day. I 'll never forget that haunting and chilling phone call I got that night. Please think outside the box. Don't settle for half of the truth. It's not fair to Eddie or you guys. Take care and stay strong. RIP my fellow paratrooper. Believe me you are not forgotten ever. AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!!"

"Mr. and Mrs. Brabazon,
I just wanted to send you my condolences and the wish that you will finally find out what happened to Eddy. I had the privilege of meeting your son while my husband and I were stationed at Pope AFB. I worked at the Coffee Scene, which was a place that many a Ft.Bragg soldier hung out while not working. He was a fine young man, and he is very much missed. The day that I found out, was shortly before we PCS'd to Germany. I just wish I found this site so much earlier to express just how much sadness and loss has been felt. I do hope that one day the truth will finally come to the surface, and you may find some peace. All of my thoughts and prayers are with you."
Karen L. Dorofee of Ramstein Germany

"To "Philly" a.k.a Crazy Eddie:
My condolences to the family. I have left a few messages already, but I feel very bad for your loss.It's not fair that it ended up being the way that it did. I really hope that your finding more information and that your getting answers to the questions that you guys have.I've never felt right about this situation, I always felt that there was more to it that no one was talking about. I pray for your guy's strength each day. I want you guys to know that Eddie is never forgotten. As his parents and family you deserve the truth. I miss Eddie everyday it doesn't matter what I'm doing either I always think about that smile of his and his laugh, that alone will make anyone autmomatically smile. He loved what he did. We would have some long conversations about the Army in general and he was so focused and dedicated to what he did. He would of gone so far in the Army with all the characteristics that he posessed. He deserves to finish what he started and loved doing. RIP my fellow paratrooper and remember you're not forgotten. To his family stay positive and strong through this battle. I know Eddie would want you guys to stay strong through this time and you guys deserve to hear the truth. I would like to get in touch with some family member even if it's by email. Please contact me when you can
82nd Airborne Division
Fort Bragg, NC

"Well another year that has gone by and I find myself thinking about you frequently.I just don't understand what really happened that day and I know that I'm not the only one that feels the same way. You were so charming and up beat.I wish that you were still here, there's so much that you are missing and so many goals that you won't be able to achieve. Your unit isn't the same without you. I still remember the day I got the phone call from Renee. Everyone that was back at Fort Bragg that knew you in my unit was shocked and terrified,almost haunted by the situation. We all sat down trying to figure out why??? It took awhile for me and a few others to finally realize that you're gone. I felt like I wanted to through up that night.I was up all night replaying all the conversations we had in Afghanistan and before you left it all doesn't add up. I miss you so much Eddie. You were an excellent paratrooper in my eyes. I don't know anyone to this day that is so positive and motivated regardless of the circumstances and situations that arise. The look on your face when I brought you breakfast that day you were on guard duty up at the TOC in Afghanistan was so funny...but that's exactly how you were.I've tried to get in contact with your parents or atleast one of your family members, but I haven't had any luck at all. I miss you alot. To the family of Eddie your son was an excellent soldier and I know alot of people thought very highly of him. There were alot of people within the unit that doubted him and his ability and knowledge. Each day never gets easier when you lose a loved one and that's the hard part about it.You never can bring that person back.You now have to go through life without them.My heart goes out to you and I keep you guys in my prayers and thoughts daily. I pray for strength and wisdom for you guys.Eddie deserves to be here still and you guys deserve to have your son here with you as well.It's not fair that he has to miss out on life. Your time is up unfortunately Eddie and may you RIP my fellow Airborne Paratrooper. To the family I would like to get in touch with you guys so if you could please email me I would appreciate it alot.
82ND Airborne Division
Fort Bragg NC

"Why is this paratrooper not on the Global War on Terrorism Memorial at the 82nd Airborne Museum? I may be mistaken, but I do not remember his name being on there."
SSG Bill of Ft. Bragg, NC

"Hey Philly,

I miss you, sorry this note was so long in coming, but I just found this site a few days ago,while purchasing a "honor the fallen" bracelet at tier one. I'll never take it off as though I have never forgotten you over the years. Your always on my mind and you've always known that my door is open. I finally reclassed out of rigging and into the medical side, needless to say the Army's moved me around alot. I remember when we met in Afganisitan '02-03 tour, seems that year you were always on KP and had the most positive attitude I had ever seen, I always had that feeling that you were going to have a make a big difference is people's lives and go far in the service, though this wasn't what I had in mind, you've made a huge in pack in so many peoples lives,everyday! You will never be forgotten. I'm so sorry that Scott and I could not make it out to your service, the chain simply did not let us go on such a short notice (typical).Well Philly, unlike you I have decided to not reenlist again (I'm looking forward to motherhood believe it or not in these upcoming years). Although I could not get out without doing one last thing for you.... I have put in a request to go to Iraq this coming October '06 and should have my orders my this end of this month (attached to 44th MEDCOM). When you left for Iraq three months after our return from Afganistan, we joked about meeting up again out there, while sweetie I'm going to finish the tour you never got too, (although this one looks like 18 months); I'm doing it for you and everyother paratrooper and soldier fallen to terror. I love you and miss you always. Never forgotton. All the way!"
Sharon (Stormie) of Ft. Bragg, NC


"Well it's been 2 years since you left us,but you actually didn't leave us cause you're spirit still exists.Everyday I think about you and miss you alot.My heart goes out to your family and each day they're in my prayers and thoughts.You meant so much to alot of people.My fellow Airborne Paratrooper RIP and know that its not the same without you here.You're a HERO that will never be forgotten.Keep your feet and knees together AIRBORNE all the way!! Anonymous Minneapolis MN"
Anonymous of Minneapolis MN

"First of all my condolences to Eddies family.I wish I would of known about this website alot sooner and earlier.I met Eddie on my second tour to Afghanistan.It was about 3 months before my tour was up.My best friend who was in my unit her husband was in the same unit as Eddie.I remember going to chow with him and a bunch of us just sitting around laughing and talking about what we were going to do when finally going back to Fort Bragg.I'll never forget this one day he was late to guard duty and the checkpoint by the TOC in bagram.He boots weren't properly tied and he was in such a rush.He made the comment about being really hungry so I went to get him a big plate of food.The look on his face when I came back was hilarious it was like I was handing him a plate full of gold.We sat their and he just started telling me about when he grew up He told me about wanting to make a career in the army and that he was interested in going SF.Eddie always was so uplifting and motivated.We stayed in touch even after returning back to Fort Bragg.We met to watch sunday football at a sports bar off post one day with a few friends from my unit that also knew and met him in afghanistan.Another day he stopped by to say hello and to use my shower because he had lost his key to his barracks room.It was so funny because even though he couldn't find his keys he still kept a positive attitude.I remember prior to his deployment to Iraq and him saying goodbye and that he'd be ok.I got a phone call one night from the friend in my unit whose husband was in Eddies batallion and her telling me what had happened.I fell apart and became sick to my stomache.Once 505th returned from Iraq there was a ceremony(memorial) for all soldiers who died on this deployment.I remember speaking to some of Eddies fellow soldiers and the sadness that lingered.Everyone was affected and it was obvious.Eddie was a positive minded person.He got alot of respect from other soldiers not just within his platoon either.My heart goes out to his family and remember to stay strong each day that goes by I know Eddie would say the same thing to.He will not be forgotten ever."
Megan Felt of Minneapolis MN US

"My heart goes out to those "Philly" left behind. I just found this site, and how appropriately on Memorial Day weekend. Words cannot express my gratitude for his service and hurt at his loss. To the family of Edward, this is the memorial bracelet I wear every day in memory of his sacrifice.



Please email me at "edward.kautz@us.army.mil" I would love to correspond with you.

SPC Edward L. Kautz
561st Med Co"
Edward L. Kautz of Grafenwoehr, Germany and Harrisburg, Pa

"Hey Ed,
Like I told and promised you before you were deployed, I am taking care of Casey. You always and will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace Soldier, Your Watch Is Over."
MG of Philly

"Your son didn't die in a unecessary war as stated by one of those who posted here, he sacrificed his life for a noble cause. God bless him, and all of the other heroes that fight for freedom around the World. Those who don't "get it" have obviously never served. My extreme gratitude and heartfelt sympathy for your loss."
Mike Braband of Tampa, Florida

"We are so sorry for your loss. We lost our son In Iraq as well. We are working on a special memorial for the PA dead and wouild like to hear from you,
Diane & Neil Santoriello of Penn Hills Pa

"I can't believe that I'm just now finding this websight... but i'm touched to see that my sister was the first message to be posted here. My name is Brendan McCaffrey, and I met Ed ("Philly" as we called him here) before his first time going to the desert. I can honestly say that he was probably one of the finest and best friends that I ever had while I lived at home, from shortly after graduating highschool until I enlisted in the Air Force in April '03. He was there for me when I left, and he was there for me whenever I came home. I still remember the last Thanksgiving i was at home, when he was there with my family and me, and was so happy. I miss him intensely to this day, and I would like to send my profound love and best wishes to his family, who I never had the pleasure of meeting. I'd like you all to know that he will ALWAYS be remembered as another part of my family- he was like another brother to my sister and me, and another son to my mother, and we will always think of him as so. Thank you for all of your strength, and for bringing Philly into this world, and letting him become a part of our lives down here. God bless you all. -B"
SrA Brendan McCaffrey, USAF of Moody AFB, GA

"I met Eddie, or as we knew him, "philly" about a year and a half before he shipped out his final time. just before he deployed, he spent thanks giving with me and my family. he was a great friend to my brother and i, practically another sibling, and was like another son to my mother. we'll miss him always."
Caitlin of fayetteville,nc

"Well it has been a year and a half since I lost a very special soldier. I was Crazy Eddie's squad leader SSG Winey and I was within a few feet of him the day he died, and as the medics worked on him I stayed there begging God to please not let this happen. Eddie deserved the best. We nicknamed him the squad guard dog because a couple of times while on Recon/surveillance missions an ant, cat, or person couldn't get within far eyesight without him knowing it. He seemed to have eyes in the back of his head, because I can recall him alerting me to to unknown persons in our operation area when he was conducting surveillance in the opposite direction. He's the reason alot of us probably made it back because nothing went on around us that he didn't see or notice, always allowing us time to react to whatever or do whatever. I always knew I could count on Eddie when I was out on missions, he truely loved being a paratrooper. I would like the family to know that there is not a day, and I don't mean to say the usual cliche', but honestly not one day goes by I don't think of him. I will wake up everyday of my life until my days come to an end thinking about Eddie. Even if it's for a few seconds out of the day, when I'm doing Lord knows what, quick random thoughts of Eddie run through my mind. I miss his crazy stories, I miss his crazy laugh, I miss sitting there listening and cracking up to his crazy CIA conspiracy theories. I miss his constant harrasement of questions about how my fraternity the Masons controls the CIA. Though these was just theories he would put together to amuse us as we sat in our bedroom after a mission, trying to take our boots off and relax. We always knew we would get a good story to laugh at as we unwind from a mission. He did that because I truely feel he loved his squad. He told me numerous times how much he felt that he had gained 8 brothers and how he felt excepted. The Army has a tendacy to move you around from team to team and squad or platoon to platoon, and he said to me that he felt he had found his home in the Army in my squad. I'm truely honored to have known Eddie, and I'm am thankful that I had a chance to be his squad leader. Eddie left me extemely valuable lessons with his life and death that I will use and pass on from now until I pass. I really miss him. To the family of Eddie, I am his squad leader and was with him during his whole deployment in Iraq and I was with him when he died. I am free to talk about anything you wish to ask me. I have heard rumors about some things, and don't know if I could help or not, but the last thing I would want is for your questions to not be answered. I have pondered, and pondered, and broken myself down, and piecing together what I know, I feel I have answers. I can be reached at 706-718-6684 day or middle of the night if his family would like to talk. My name is Chris. my email is cjduhon@msn.com
I am very sorry for your loss and I would beg you to call anytime if you have questions of me or would like to talk."
Chris Winey-Duhon of Georgia

"Dear friends and family of Edward,

I was a medic in the 2/505th PIR and was one of three that fought to save Edward. I remember talking to him the day before we flew out to Iraq, and how muched he eased my anxity, about deploying. While deployed he and I spoke on occasion, but he always had something positive to say, always making somebody laugh. I regret the fact that couldn't have met him sooner, or in a better place, but I will certainly never forget "Eddy. B"."
Tommy "Doc" Torres of Fayetteville N.C.

"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Brabazon:
When I saw the Philadelphia Inquirer article about Eddie last year, I immediately knew that this was the same Eddie I knew when he first came to your home as a foster child at age 3 and I was Gilbert's social worker and regularly visited your home. I fondly recall how he was a little bundle of energy, joy, laughter, and smiles, and how he would bound toward me when I arrived to see Gilbert. He always wanted to be the first of all the kids to greet me with his hearty little "Hi, 'Wichawd!'" (because he couldn't say his "r"'s yet). He was a beautiful child and I loved him for being so good and full of joy. He wasn't even my client and I just felt this affection for this little guy and when I left DHS, I would often reflect on his beautiful laugh and charming boyish innocence accompanied by that disarming grin. What a beautiful child!!! And...then life went on for me, I married and worked and my wife and I had two children of our own and I would, unfortunately, think less frequently about little Eddie until I read in the newspaper that someone killed him and the government covered it up. That's when I began to look with sadness and fright at my own son and to think to myself, "My God, my Christopher could some day be sent off to fight in some unnecessary conflict and somebody could do the same thing to him!"
For the past year, I have been haunted by my memories of little Eddie and the way he brightened those visits with his ebullient little self. And...I have asked God: "Please, Lord, give Eddie the peace and happiness he deserves within Your Kingdom for all of the difficulties of his short life and tragic end." I love you, my little Eddie. Sleep in Peace 'til we meet again. "Mr. Wichawd, the DHS social worker."
Mr. & Mrs. Brabazon, I've been back at the job for the past six years and have been meaning to come by and express my condolences in person, but, as you know, life as a husband, father, and social worker is just too busy and I haven't been able to do so. Please know that my prayers have been with you and I hope that you will accept this message as a poor substitute for a personal, face-to-face expression of my own grief and sympathy.
Sincerely and with love,"
Richard M. Popielarz of Philadelphia, PA, USA

"Eddy I miss you so much and wish you were here.Me, val, and your little buddy Anthony love you. You will be missed."
Jim Russ of phila, pa

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brabazon,
I want to extend my sympathies for your loss. Edward (or "Philly", as we knew him at Bragg) was a very dear friend of mine and I miss him terribly. He was a talented writer, a loyal friend, and a dedicated soldier. Your family is in my prayers daily and your sacrifice will not be forgotten."
Katie Romberger of Fayetteville, NC

"I miss Eddy very much, I'm grateful I got to spend some time with him last year at christmas time before he went back over seas. He was like a brother to me he was always looking out for me making sure I didnt get into any trouble. I know that he loved his family very much and he would do anything for them. He was a good friend and an even greater man."
Christopher McAnally Pvt. of Ft. Gordon Ga.

"Well its been a year that our eddy has been gone but not forgotten by family and friends , and still talking about what happen ,I know some day we will know the truth about our son death ,the day of MARCH 9TH 2004 when the army came to tell us of his death it was the saddest day of are family life , GOD BLRSS MY SON THE HERO . LOVE MOM DAD AND FAMILY"
PEGGY BRABAZON (mom) of bensalem

"My name is Sidney Simms Jr, and I recently purchased a bracelet from herobracelets.org to honor those who perished to protect our freedom and grant this God given rite to other nations. I received Edward Brabazon's name on my bracelet. It is an honor to wear his name on my wrist, and to continue to honor his and many others' sacrifice for our nation. May God Bless his family, and our other soliders as well."
Sidney Simms Jr. of Phildelphia, PA USA

"Fairness doesn't govern life or death. If it did, no good man would ever die young!...this is soo true eddy!! You were a brave soilder.I miss you and love you!"
Elisa Brabazon

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brabazon-
I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Edward (or "Philly" as we called him) when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg. He was a good friend of mine, and I know that he is missed greatly back here in NC."
Andrea of Ft. Bragg, NC

"We are so sorry for your loss. We lost Army Spc.Joshua Justice Henry on 9-20-04. This was the hardest day of our lives. We honor these guys as our Heroes and hope no one else has to go through with what we are all dealing with. Rest in peace Edward, and thank you for serving your country to the fullest"
Henry family of Vandergrift , PA

"Dear Mr.& Mrs. Brabazon,
I used to work with Ed when he was a teenager. He used to jokingly call me "Mom" because I have a son named Ed who's birthday is the same day as his. (June 19) Ed made such an impression on me that I will never forget him. I don't know if he ever told you about the time he came to my rescue when I was attacked. He was a brave hero then, and he will always be remembered that way. I ran into him at Neshaminy Mall shortly before he entered the service. He snuck up behind me and gave me a big bear hug. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet and work with such a wonderful person. Yes, he loved his family very much, especially his mother! You did a great job raising such a wonderful young man. My prayers are with your family and I hope that you will find strength and comfort in knowing that Ed Brabazon was a success story. He will always be my hero!"
Karen of Bensalem

"This old paratrooper will never forget the brotherhood of the greatest division in the world. Although I never ran across Brabazon my heart still hurts for my brother. May you rest in peace."
Anthony of Denver, CO

"Dear Mr.& Mrs. Brabazon I am so sorry about the lose of your brave son Edward. I also am a Brabazon from South Philadelphia but I don't think I know your family. I feel sad about what happened to Edward and wish I knew him I'm sure we would have been good friends. I was a solider too in the viet-nam war. This is the second condolence that I have sent to your family. IF you wish to get in touch with me my e-mail is jbrabazon1948@yahoo.com GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AT THIS SAD TIME IN YOUR LIVES."

"Members of the Brabazon family in Australia were much saddened by the death of Eddie in Iraq. We send our condolences to his family about their hero.
May Edward W. Brabazon rest in peace."


"Mr.& Mrs. Brabazon,I am so very sorry for you loss. I will keep you family in my prayers. As a member of Military Families Speak Out, I ask that you contact me at www.mfso.org so we can talk. My son has been in Iraq for well over a year.As a member of Vets for Peace I have been asked by Bill to try and contact you. Please send an email so we can reach out to you. In peace and solidarity, Pat Gunn"
Pat Gunn of Lansdowne, PA

"Eddie, the peacefulness of the day we all said goodby is etched in my mind forever. The blanket of snow was a perfect and fitting renewal of your spirit. My days in the 82nd's 1/325
were 37 years before yours, but the AIRBORNE BROTHERHOOD is timeless.
I'm working with Mom & Dad for JUSTICE & CLOSURE. You are first in our thoughts, and you're driving our actions. You'll be with us forever. Thanks so much, my BROTHER!
Bill Perry, Viet Nam '67-'68"
Wild Bill of Levittown, Pa

"Twenty seems so young to do such an important job and pay such a high price. Blessings to you Eddie and to your loving family."
Barbara of Philadelphia

"I would like to thank all for writing in memory of our son EDWARD W.BRABAZON.who is Sadly Miss by His Faimly the Brabazons , he Crazy Smiles is what i miss the most . and will alway be remember as a Hero in the Family Eyes REST IN PEACE AND MY GOD BLESS"
LOVE MOM AND DAD of Bensalem ,Pa

"Hi.. i would like to say thank you to everyone that is taking the time out to acknowledge a good man and soldier.Edward is loved and will be missed very dearly. He was a determined man that and made sure he got his point acrossed. And know that Eddie is not here to let us know what happened to him in Iraq...Its are job as a family and friends to make are point known that we as his family will not stop until we know the truth. God willing we will. I love you and miss you Eddie.
God bless!!"
Kimberly Schrader of Bensalem PA

"Dear Eddy! You were loved and your Mommy misses you deeply! I hope she can get closure on what happened soon! One day maybe we will meet in heaven"
Cathy of California

"I am in 8th grade and we were learing about how many people were dying in Iraq. He is included in our prayers."
A student at Emmet Belknap Middle School of Lockport, NY

"This message goes out to Ed. I know we were only friends for a short time...but i miss you man. So much. I want your family to know how good of a friend you were to me and up until your last day you had one of your crazy smiles for me. Thank you for watching over me and the rest of us in baghdad. I thank your family for raising such a giving and truly wonderful person who is sorely missed by me and the others that he touched during the time he was attached to my unit in baghdad. we love you man..you are the beast..a roamer..who conquers all, including our hearts with your "retard strength"...Love Always,

PFC Punto, Katherine
aka The Flamingo Girl"
Katy Punto of Wiesbaden, Germany

"Specialist Brabazon, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I would first off like to thank everyone for there comments that they left and their condolences for my family and friends. My brother was a great guy a good soldier and he always strived to be more than when he was in there he always wanted to serve out country and he did...my brother went in a boy came out a man and left us a HERO!"
Elisa Brabazon (sister) of Bensalem PA USA

"Thank you Edward Brabazon, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Spc. Edward Brabazon:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Edward for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Edward Brabazon:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Edward, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on