Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Army Spc. Mathew G. Boule

22, of Dracut, Massachusetts
Killed when his UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed in central Iraq. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment, Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. Died on April 2, 2003.

The story behind Mat's missing tie is Mat was the best man in my son's wedding and another soldier in the wedding had misplaced his tie. When Mat found this out, he immediatly volunteered to remove his own tie to match the other soldier. Anything to make a buddy feel equal. That's the kind of guy Mat is. He is my son's best friend, like an older brother. He spent last Thanksgiving with our family and we bonded very deeply. Mat told me he would watch over my son while deployed. After talking with my son, I know Mat kept his word. He is a very brave man and it is an honor to know him. He believed intensely in Freedom and Liberty and faced their price like a Soldier and a Man. WHOOAH!

Ron Arteno

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"I think about u daily and miss you. I remember your smile and laughter. Wish you were still here. Until we meet again. Rest easy"
Erin of Lowell ma

"I think about u daily and miss you. I remember your smile and laughter. Wish you were still here. Until we meet again. Rest easy"
Erin of Lowell ma

"Hey Brother,

Still think of you like you were here. As I look forward to retirement from the Military, I reflect on all the good times that I had and you always come into play. Continue to spread those wings wide and soar the heavens. You're missed Brother."
MSG Kenson Charles of Brooklyn, NY

"Hey Bud, itís been a long time, just wanted to stop in and say hi. Miss ya"
SGT Conway of Oklahoma (for now)

"Happy 42nd Birthday Mat! Miss ya man! 12/7/2022"
Eric of Savannah, GA

"Matthew you may be gone but never forgotten, i saw your dad today"
DD of lowell

"Funny...I just read the message that said Happy 39th birthday from your mom. And I am turning 39 next week. Crazy that I still think of you as older than me. I know I have never written on here but that doesnt mean I don't think about you often. I think about you all the time and miss you just as much. One thing I am grateful for is that you made me come back and give you a hug before you left that day. Miss you <3"
Elise of Chelmsford, MA

"8/16/2021, as I read over the words left in the past, I'm reminded by the sacrifices you and others have made over the past 20 years. Cheers brother"
Eric of Savannah

"I will never forget the ultimate sacrifice your son gave for us. Thank you Mathew and thank you to his family, from our family."
nancy cap of BILLERICA, MA

"17 years bro. Still think about you often."
Eric of Savannah, GA

"Happy 39th Birthday my son."
Sue B of Dracut,Ma

"Congrats on your park. Walked by today. Looks awesome. Your family must be so happy!!"
T of Dracut ma

"I Love you so much so very much. I miss you so much"
ma of dracut

"Some days I think out loud "You're lucky I love you."
Then other days I know I am the lucky one.

"Well Mat, We did it , you'll now have a park built for you. Army Spc Mathew G Boule Memorial Park"
Sue Boule of Dracut, Ma

"Well my baby, another yr gone by, every yr takes a little piece of my soul, I know you're still here in sprit cause you always help me & send me your little signs, but I still can't find those dam keys...lol...but keep helping because I still need it, I need you,I love you baby..Thank You Honey see you soon"
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"Matt told me about him going into the service at a pantera concert in Lowell. He was a good friend. He's in good hands now and God bless our troops. We had some good memories in andys basement."
Shwinny of Dracut ma

"Happy Birthday to my Baby. Even thou you are only with us in spirit & in our hearts I love you more ecah day. Happy Birthday to that little boy that shaved & had his sister screaming & the teenage boy that snuck his girlfriend out in a plastic container. The boy that tried to love everyone and kept us all on our toes either laughing or crying & there wasn't a day that went by that you didn't ask What did Mat do Now? We love you & miss you & we know you are still messin with us okay I give up so where are my keys? Love You Baby"
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"Love you & Miss you my son, I need to see you do Vera. Love you Honey"
ma of Dracut

"I miss Mathew everyday. He was a close friend, and a hero."
Derek Burns of Scottsdale, AZ USA

I was just sitting her thinking about you ol' pal. Your are missed dearly and it was an honor serving with you. One day we will again see each other! R.I.P"
Dustin Knipp of Portland, In

"Happy Birthday Mat. I hope you're up there celebrating! 12/7/2013!"
Eric of Savannah, GA

"Everyday i relive being there with him and hearing the news and it kills me more and more, i could only imagine the pain to family. My prayers go out to all of you and Matt Bro you are always in my thoughts."

"i will never forget you Matt you were fearless and a great friend my children honor your name and your sacrifice you will never be forgotten. I now dedicate my life working to make soldiers like you safer in the field you will always be my motivation and inspiration."
Kerb of manchester NH

"10 long years have gone by yet I relive that day every year. I know it like the back of my hand and replay it every year. Some day I will get to hug you again & I wait for it with a heavy heart. Loving you is easy, we do it every day..missing you is the hard part, it just won't go away. Your crooked smile & twinkling eyes always ready to lend a hand, so many things we remember it's just hard to understand why God had to choose you to leave us all behind I hope it was that he needed you to fight for his Army for mankind. Please watch over us & know that we love you more each day"
Ma of Dracut

"12 yrs ago they took you from me, at 4:30 in the am & I cried... I didn't here from you till I got a form letter saying you were ok & alive and we would here from you next week and we did and you sounded like a robot.& I cried went to his graduation and my baby was a hard bodied stick up his * young man and I loved him and I cried. Jan 2002 my son deploued, to a war that nobody had heard about, yet they where going & I cried They declayed War on March 19 2 yrs after my baby joined, 2 dqys after my anniversary and I cried and I cried 2 weeks later when I knwew he was gone and I cried 2 days later when the Army came to tell us and 10 yrs later I still cry at the anniversariy and the mention of his name but then I'm his mama and the Tears I Cry are for him only him & me. And for everything I've missed I deserve to cry & he conforts me on our day."

"32 yrs ago i recieved a gift from god I warrior We named Mathew, & he was full of life & he cared so much about people,and he loved so much & they loved him. My Baby my Mat my grown up son fighting next to God,we knew you were an old soul that you had been here before and I Thank the Heavens that sent you to us for that very short time,to learn to love you & be so proud of you , our peacemaker. Mat make sure you are at those gates to meet me when I get there. I Love you baby i miss you so much it still hurts, I kiss your tags every night before I go to bed, I kiss them in the morning when I wake. I talk to you for 30 mins each day because it's the only connection to you. Save my place baby mamas coming home soon. Just know how much I love you,you are my baby ,my love,my life and I need you beside me again so wait for me please wait for me it can't be much longer"
mommy of Dracut, Massachusetts

"On this December 7th we wish you a happy birthday again. 32 I believe. 22 was too young for your last. Gods way has many lessons. Bless you, Mat."
Ron Arteno & Family of Auberry, Ca

"It's been along time, but this is a chance for me to sya something.
I was there at this time and place of these terrible events and he was a good friend and best pal. He will always be remebered in my heart and soul and i continue everyday to think of him and the others. I will cherish knowing him he was a great person. This is the first chance of me really sharing so my heart goes out to all and to all ROCK OF THE MARNE THE TRAIN KEEPS ROLLNIG!"
SGT Zeh of missouri

"Who knew the year i was willing to wait to be in your arms would turn into an eternity. I miss you everyday. We made it through so much and still loved each other, even in death, I can't stop loving you. Until the day I can fall in your arms and we can live out our dreams, i know you'll be waiting for me."
Kat of Here without you

"Daily memories of my buddy. Jokes and laughter to offset the fear from being deployed. It's not a day that goes by I don't reflect on our many conversations and you giving me and Booker love advise. To the family of SPC Boule, I will be placing my deployment boots on the Ford Island Bridge for the "Fallen Remembrance Run" on 18 August here in Hawaii. I will be leading the run on motorcycle with throttle roaring to the sky for my battle. These boots will have a US flag and photo of Boule. You can view the boots and event on Facebook at (Myworld Nolia or Tripler Fisher House). My prayers continue to be the family. "Guardian Angel" 2-3 AVN"
Nickea Fludd of Pearl City, Hawaii

"We just passed the 9th year without you.. They say everyday is easier but honestly it's never easier I still think about you ever second of everyday..I still can remember every moment from the day I found out like it just happened...I remember when you were on the phone with my mom before you were getting ready to be deployed mom asked me to talk to you because i wouldnt be able to talk to you for a while and I refused because I didn't want to say bye it was too hard but now I regret not saying bye..not a day goes bye where that memory doesn't play in my head and I regret it everytime never did i think a while would mean forever...i wish I could see you one last time and say a proper goodbye...I know I will see you again someday but that day can't come soon enough
I love you uncle mat and miss you so much<3"
Brittany mendonca of Litchfield NH

"9 years! Joe is visiting right now. The flag went 1/2 staff today for 6 days. We miss you and will never forget the good times with you."
Ron Arteno & Family of Auberry, Ca.

"Hi Baby, it's been 9 yrs already and not a day goes by that I don't cry for you, that I don't miss you, that I don't love you. You were always the Peacemaker. Our Family is adrift now, I did what I could, I gave everything I had but We lost you & your brothers slowly drifted away and Wen is too busy to bother so We are alone. Without Nelly & the Boys we would have nothing, we hardly see the girls. I thought losing you was gonna kill me but now I've lost all my kids. They say 95% of marriages fail after the loss of a child,well ours didn't but they didn't tell us about the loss of Family. Dad & I lost our world the day we lost you. 9 yrs ago tomorrow they came & told us 9 yrs ago on April 13 you came back home to us & 9 yrs ago on Tuesday April 15th Nana's birthday We said our final goodbyes. These last 9 yrs get worse & worse. I love you & miss you so much. What I would give for 5 more minutes with you, to be able to tell you how proud I always was of you. I love you Baby. Until I get there hold my place in line okay. Give Nana & Grampy and Uncle Ricky a hug & kiss for me."
Ma of Dracut, Massachusetts

"As I reflect back today in history I would like to acknowledge our fallen comrades of Aircraft 557 during Operation Iraqi Freedom,Karbala Gap, Iraq. From the past and current members of 2nd Battalion 3rd Aviation Regiment, Hunter AAF, GA your memories will always be shared by all. As you read this note, I will reflect back and forth from the past to the present.

I salute you all!

CW4 Eric Halvorsen CW2 Scott Jamar SGT Michael Pedersen

CW3 Eric Smith CPT. James Adamouski SPC Matthew Boule

CPT. James Adamouski

I will always remember the serious talk we had about marriage at NTC in Victorville, CA. You know I was feeling down about how members in the chain of command was talking so negative about my wife and I. You told me to get married and the hell with what everyone else in the battalion thought of us. You said being married and working in the same company wouldn't be that bad as they were trying to make it.

When we went to Iraq together they separated my wife and I. She stayed in Kuwait and I took the journey to Iraq. I remember when SPC McKain said, "Hey Hartley, how about you send letters through me to send to your wife". That started a trend and I was writting 4 to 6 pages a day. You would always ask if I wanted to fly down to Kuwait during your pickup runs. I finally got clearance from the Commander to fly from Iraq to Kuwait to see my wife on April 1, 2003. I spoke to you when I arrived in Kuwait on the flightline and everyone giggled then pointed to the clam shell hanger that my wife was in. Everyone said, "Don't miss your flight because we have a full house going back tonight." I said, " I understand." After flying for 4 hours I was able to spend a priceless 45 minutes with my wife and I can remember the moment as if it was 5 minutes ago. When I kissed my wife and then we started to taxi down the runway all I could think about is the fact that God will see us through the tough times we were facing.

As I arrived back at our FOB (Forward Operation Base) I knew that I only had the chance to get maybe four hours of sleep because the convoy was rolling at 0545. COL Fergusion broke the official news to the Battalion that you all didn't make it back in last night. As the 1SG called roll for his commander, it was silence, as he called for his crew chiefs; there was silence, as he called for his pilots, once again there was nothing spoken. A cold chill was amongst everyone. COL Fergusion concluded with saying, "We must stay focused on our mission and acknowledge the sacricifices these men have given our country." We had a prayer, a moment of silence, and then we went on to our trucks.

I bring this story up today to reflect back on how people can make an influence on our lives. I proposed to my wife in the desert at NTC only a day after my talk with CPT Adamouski concerning marriage. Today I couldn't be any happier to be with my beautiful wife Lashonda, my beautiful daughter Kamiesha, and my handsome son Chris III. I can say that we are a blessed family.

SPC Matthew Boule

Matthew you were always so full of energy and eager to fly. You loved your job so much and that made you noticable amongst all your fellow class mates that arrived at Hunter AAF, GA with you. I can remember many parties that we all attended together. Everyone in our Company was very close to each other as if we knew each other for years. Your memories will always remain with us.

CW4 Eric Halvorsen

Mr. Halvorsen we were on a professional level at all times. I remember when you stayed in Preston Grove Apartments with us in Georgetown. You would always speak but mainly stayed to yourself. We always respected that and we would always thank you for the praises that you would make to PC(production control) on how well avionics was maintaining the aircraft.

CW2 Scott Jamar and CW3 Eric Smith

I can say that you all never sweated the small stuff. You knew things had to be done and you would give SGT Carter and SSG Bartley heads up so we could get the job done.

SGT Michael Pedersen

Your house party in 2002 was the first house party that my wife and attended together. Everyone was there and no one got into any trouble that night either. We all had so much team cohesion during and after work. I remember when you moved out of your house located outside the Montgomery Gate and moved in with SPC Stewart off of Abercorn. I remember when I introduced you to my parents, my sister, and cousins during my 22nd birthday party at the Hunter Club. My wife surprised me that night, I didn't know she rented the whole club out for me. I was so surpised at how many people supported my birthday. Thanks Mike for all the great memories. They will live on forever."
Chris Hartley, Jr. of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

"Remembering each of you the brave "Storm 6" and your families on this the eve of the 9th anniversary."
Lila Lipscomb, Mother Sgt. Michael Pedersen of Columbus, Ohio

"I had the pleasure to meet Matthew just days before leaving for Iraq. I worked in a local driveline shop. He was getting his pickup fixed. We had a conversation and he told me in just a couple of days he would be in Iraq. I asked him if he was scared and he told me, "Not really, this is what I was trained for." and "it's my duty". I ask him what he did in the army and he told me he was a gunner on a Black Hawk helicopter. Just a few months later I saw his name on TV. He had been killed in action. My heart broke for he and his family. I'll never forget how brave this young man was in the face of war. I'll never forget his service to me, my family and our country. Mr. & Mrs. Boule, you should be very proud of this young man. I thank you for your sacrifice"
Mark J. Biggs, Sr. of Guyton, GA

"We honor your birthday again, as we honor you everyday. I smile and laugh when I reflect on knowing you. Thanks for the memories. GOD BLESS."
Ron Arteno and family of Auberry California

"Happy Birthday my baby. 31 I can imagine what you would be like, Married 2 kids, a dog. And I would be so happy sewing for my grandbabbies. I love you and miss you so much espically on these days. I can't wait til I can hold you again and hear you say whats up ma. God knows how i miss you but today is your birthday and I love you still you are always my babyand my heart. Keep watch over us and take care of us I need your help and love. Ma"
of Dracut

"Matt - Nov. 12, 2011 we had a memorial - dedication for Capt. John Ogonowski. You know him. The pilot that flew the American Airlines Flight 11. I invited your mom and dad. Dad had to go hunting - but your sister Wendy came with you mom. It was an honor to have them. I enjoyed your moms company as we talked about Dracut High School...way back. During this ceremony that was for John I could see in her face it was you she was thinking of. I couldn't help but think of you also and wanted to jump up and say "Here is a fallen hero Mathew Boule's Mother" It was because of that tragic day 911 that Matt was sent to Iraq and died for his country. He like other soldiers fought to defeat terroism. We will always keep you and all our soldiers in our hearts. Your never forgotten Matt."
Sharon Dupont of Lowell, MA

"Matt..My daughter and Erin and I visit your gravesite often. I will never forget the day you stopped by my house to say goodbye to Erin and I. She was not living with me at the time but I told you I would let her know that you came by. You said that you were going to be gone for awhile because you were going to Iraq. You gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said to give Erin one to when I saw her. You said that you just had to come by and say goodbye cause you considered me like a mom and Erin as a good friend I told you that I would tell Erin and said see you when you came back, and hopefully Erin would see you too. We will see you someday again..when Erin and I are with you. Love ya Nancy (mom)"
Nancy of Tyngsboro

"I will always love and miss you Matt. I wish I was at my house the day u went by to tell me you were leavein to go across seas. I will always remember your smilin face. I always go by your grave site. I love the picture of you that your family put up. You will always be in my mind and hheart."
Erin Billingsley of Lowell, MA

"wanted nothing more than to see you, hear your voice and fall into your stare today. I'll never stop, no matter how bad the pain, I love you."
Lumpy of no where special

"It's been 8 long yrs since that day yet it seems like 8 seconds & I relive it over & over. How many times I've stopped to call you or saw something that I couldn't wait to tell you & I hit that wall again. For me it will be a lifetime for you only a blur until I see you & hug you again. I see you in Kris, Mike & Wendy & Dad & the babes but it's only fleeting pieces of you. I miss your crooked smile , the sparkle in your eyes, the confidence you showed when you walked into a room. You were my baby & you always will be my heart, my love, my life. Do Vera for me..."
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"8 years. The pain is fresh, like yesterday. So are the memories. We will never forget your dynamic character and spirit. Ron & Amanda & kids"
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Cali.

"Missing you a lot....xoxoxo my love"
Yadira of Texas

"For whatever the reason, thanks for being with me yesterday. <3"
Lumpy of USA

"Still think of you & miss you everyday"
Sara of Texas

"Happy 30th Baby, sorry to be late but you know hospitals & sickness..I love you & miss you sooooo much. Really thought I was coming to see you it being your birthday & all but guess you were just telling me something huh? Well I'm telling you next time pick a different way to get my attention okay & maybe grant my Xmas wish please. Love you vira oopps sorry my Machew my love my baby. Ma"
Sue B of Dracut, Ma

"Happy birthday Mat! Still missing ya..."
of Hudson, NH

"We honor and fondly remember you on this December 7th,your birthday. Your always in out hearts.
Later, Bro."
Ron + Amanda Arteno of Auberry, California

"Hey Matt, I still think about u meeting me in the soccer field after our parents had fallen asleep... Miss u"
Holly Bevins of Tyngsboro, MA

"Hey hun - so today would be Dimebags birthday - I cant ever think of Pantera without thinking of you. Miss you and will see you at the gates someday, you n dime better have a shot waiting for me."
of Hudson, NH

"7+ years of war, and it is finally coming to an end. I sit here with tears in my eyes as I watch the headlines covering the Soldiers coming home. I wish it could be you. I just want to see you, I want to hold you. All these years that have passed and I still wonder where we would be today. I think everyday of our time together. The day when you met me at the gate...how you hugged me, lifted me up and spun me around...your soft lips... your embrace. I miss you. I love you, now and forever."
Y of Bliss

"On this memorial day we remember you with laughs not sorrow. I know you'd like it that way. We'll never forget."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Ca

"Hi Baby, 7yrs ..seems like an eternity yet like the blink of a eye. I love you & miss you more each day. God what I would give for 5 mins.. I hope everything I did met with your approval including the trucks ..I think you would really like the Magic Bus.. the kids wanted to call it the Mat Mobil but I told them that's your truck so they used your intials & the color & it's Magic Bus.. Karson is more like you everyday..he too has adhd. I know you're busy watching over everyone but maybe 2 mins I could have ..I'm just so lost. 7yrs & I sit here thinking what you would be like & then how you were at age 7. Give nana & grampie & uncle Ricky a hug for me & I'll see them soon. Love you Baby You are my Heart, my Soul, my Sprit, & my mind. my 1st in the morning & my last at night. I'll see you in my dreams okay."
Ma of Dracut, Massachusetts

"Matt, 7 years ago I lost a friend. He's not ever been forgotten. I went home on leave recently and talked about you to some friends. I had a beer for you. When I told them of the times we used to have, they too had a beer for you. I just wanted to hop on here and tell you I miss you buddy. Happy Easter 2010. Wish you were here in person. But I'll take you here in spirit. I know you're here watching my back. You're my gaurdian while I'm deployed. Take care brother."
Eric of Savannah, GA (Afghanistan)

"And again, our flag goes to half mast for 6 days. I'll never forget. My thoughts are with you often. We just cranked some BOSTON till our ears are ringing in fond memory."
Ron & Amanda Arteno of Auberry, CA

"A prayer I said this morning for each of you great men that died that horrible day of 4/2/03. Matt, Michael, Eric, Erik, Jimmy and Scott. Gone but so alive still to us who loved you. 7 years it is but a dream."
Lila Lipscomb, Mother of Sgt. Michael Pedersen of Flint, MI - USA

"So another year has passed... we still love and miss you - whiskey tonight... XoXo"
Renae of Hudson, NH

"I don't know what it is but the last two weeks i can't stop missin you, not even in my sleep. It seems so unfair, its already been almost 7 years and it seems like an eternity. Maybe its because all the things i am doing now i was supposed to do with you. Maybe its because 7 years ago i thought i KNEW who i'd spend the rest of my life with, or maybe its just because no one will be able to know and understand me like you did and love me anyway.
I am always proud of you, for everything you gave and the reasons you did it. But right now i am feeling selfish and wishing you weren't some hero to all these people, and that you could just be here with me again. I guess i just want you to know that when i said I'll love you forever, i REALLY meant it."

"Matt, it's been many, many years since we had last seen each other - as a matter of fact, you may have still had that darned rat tail! Soccer was always a common ground - I believe you were "Rocket", no? That was a long time ago. My mother had informed me of your worldly passing soon after the tragic accident, and I still think of you often. Actually, I usually think of you when life is tough, and I almost immediately realize that the situation really isn't that bad. You are a hero to so many, especially to your friends and family! It's funny that I was thinking of you tonight and decided to Google search your name, and this site popped up - my brother's was the entry at the top of the list. I am not quite sure of what to make of that, but maybe it means something - who knows? You are loved, missed, and admired. We'll see you in a while, Rocket."
Brian Lussier of Denver, CO

"Hey Mat-
It has been a while. I thought of you today..I was telling my daughter Dehlia about my my sixth bday since she herself is turning 6 tomorrow. And I remember you being at my sixth bday dinner at Jimmy's Pizza. Though we did not maintain a relationship after childhood I hope you know you had an impact on my life. You were always such a great kid. I am blessed to have known you. Keep an eye on Sue and Leo. Take care, man."
Randy Lussier of Dover, NH

"Happy Birthday Baby, I love you & miss you sooo much. Told the boys about the snow, and we saw it today Thank You Honey..Did you hear us yell Happy Birthday this morning? I told them how it always snows on Dec 7 & that this is your way of saying you are close. They watched for it & it came just like every year since you deployed. Your name was in the paper along with Pe'pe's & Dad's & about how you all served & pe'pe was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. He was on the USS Pensylvinia..the 2 ships in front took direct hits the USS Downes & Cassin TOTALED but the SS Penn was spared. Dad says 1st time in 68 yrs he's talked about it. The cancer has spread again but he tough @ 87yrs. Boys keep coming up with this stuff & it's like you were here. Their newest is "We're Boule's, we can do anything"..it's esp funny hearing Konnor say it. OMG he's so much like you..he shadows dad like you did pepe. Hope you like my new truck it's Unique like me. Keep us in your thoughts as you continue to stay in ours. Forever in our Hearts , Our Souls, Our Minds, Forever 1 with You my precious son. Hey & maybe you could send me some winning numbers for the powerball???? Make a Great Xmas present, sure would appreaciate it...lol.....Love you babe...See you soon..wait for me"
Love Ma of Dracut, Mass

"Happy Birthday Mat. I still look at the Flag every morning and think of you. I know how you LOVED that Flag.
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Ca

"Happy Birthday honey. Thinking of you today and everyday."
yadira of Fort Bliss

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAT!! still hard to believe i cant just call you to say this..i think of you often the girls and i will sing happy birthday tonight for you."
wendy (mat's sister) of litchfield, n.h.

""Well brother, I'm finding myself on my 5th deployment. They've changed it up a little. We're in Afghanistan this time. I know you always watch out for me. I'd like to ask you to continue as this will be my last deployment. I saw Yadira back in the summer. I went to a training site near where she was stationed at the time. It was good to look at old photos of you. I found it hard to speak while looking at them as I was kind of gasping for air. West and I are still stationed together. It's been 8 years since all of us first met. It's hard to believe that after all this time; we've managed to stick together. Sure do miss having you around.

I went to the rope swing back in the summer (2009). The tree that you climbed is no longer there. It's been passed down the river. It's odd that when you left earth, that tree fell probably about the same time. Kind of hard to believe. Your birthday is coming up in about a week or so. Just wanted to tell ya Happy Birthday while the internet here is working.

Well brother, I'm going to close for now. For everyone that reads this and knew Mat (with 1 "t") rest assured as I know he's watching over our unit still. As long as I'm here, I will never let the name be changed from "STORM". Peace Bro!"
Eric of Still in Savannah (currently Afghanistan)"
Eric of Still in Savannah (currently Afghanistan)

"You're my hero and you always will be. i love u baby"

"I haven't seen Matt since junior high English class. I've known him since the early years, probably kindergarden. I'm not sure why, but what sticks out most about Matt, was that he was good with poetry, and from what I remember, he enjoyed it. Unfortunately, nothing that has been written by man can encompass all that Matt is. You are very much missed, and my heart greives for your family and friends. If only we were all as brave as you."
a friend of Dracut, MA

"I just want to say that i love you as a brother thank you.R.I.P you will all ways be in my heart"
Jason Archambault of Dracut MA

"i thank you for your service man, i remember hangin out i middle school alot also at tattoo fever where we both got tatted up while you were workin i always will appreciate what sacrifices you made"
adam albert of the old dracut now residing in new york

I went and placed a flag at your grave the other day because u visited me in a dream and i told you i would. And all the memories i have of you flashed in my head...like dodgeball in middle school and you and me playing hacky sack in music class, riding bikes behind the junior high...I can go on an on.Matt you are a Hero and thank you,I know you look over your fellow veterans and I'm blessed to have an amazing angel looking over me.I miss you man......"CFH" 4 life"
j crete of dracut ma

"it never fails, kat talks n then your on my mind for weeks to come... Still missin ya bud... and to Sue n leo Happy Anniversary and my love to you both!"
XoXo - Renae of Hudson, NH

"One more year down until we cross paths again. I would love to see you, even for 5 minutes, to look into your eyes, to hear you say "i love you", to feel your arms around me. Words can't explain the loneliness I feel when I think about you, and the moments we shared together. I love you Mat. Always and Forever baby."
Yadira of Fort Bliss Texas


"Again, the flag goes to 1/2 staff for 6 days. I'll never forget."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Cali

"There are no words for today, i miss you"

"six years and counting, still miss you alot"
wendy of derry,nh

"Merry Xmas Baby...Love you & miss you badly"
Ma of Dracut

"I didn't forget, i thought about trying, but who could forget the way you looked at me? Who could forget that laugh and that smile? Every time i wear your leather i can feel you wrap your arms around me. Thanks for the heart and the stars, i think next time i will just talk to you myself, i hear you just fine. I love you with a passion that will never die. 10 years this Christmas....god i miss you
"I will remember
The love our souls had
Sworn to make
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see
Now is your (face)""
Kat of you know where

"Happy Birthday Baby, Thank You for you message, I count on it every year. You have a namesake Mathew Thomas Arteno, he's beautiful. You have a good friend in Jay watch over him and his family. And watch over Brit as she now has the "Matmobile" I hope you approve. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you & tell you I love you, not a day goes by that I don't wish for just 5 min to talk to you and touch you, just to see that smile and those eyes, to hear you say "Hey Ma, What's up?" I feel so alone. Your little messages help but I wish for more. Happy Birthday Baby, do Vera for me 1 more time and don't mess up Heaven too much, I may not get there but I"ll stop by for a bit & I don't want to see a mess. I love you. I hope Tazzy got there, he missed you so bad, pat him for me okay."
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"And again, a Birthday remembrance for you. You’re alive in our hearts and always will be. I remember your pride in our Flag and our Freedom. There will always be war and confrontation, especially where people are Free. In order for that Flag you Love to fly, wars must be fought and young men must die. You’re now a member of an elite group of men and women. Timeless. You gave the ultimate sacrifice for your belief. It’s up to us to never forget and never let your sacrifice be in vain. Your Courage and Bravery are qualities we will always admire. There is no blame for fighting evil. Only pride for standing against the wicked at any price. I know you would have it no other way. Life and death are a blink of time. You filled that gap with more life than most of us will know. You touched so many souls and we will never forget you. Never."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Ca.

"happy birthday little brother, we all miss you. keep watching over us all especially brittany now that she is driving the red ranger"
wendy (mat's sister) of derry, nh

"Your Birthday is this weekend, I am sorry I can't go by to see you and drop you off a rose, But I did ask Eric to do so for me. He made it home BTW, good looking out. All the pain I felt when I found out of your death has come back this week. One of my Soldiers killed himself two days ago. So many thoughts running through my head, so many questions why, why, why, why?! One would figure that after so many damn years since you left it would be easier, it's BS if anyone says that. Thinking of you, missing you, and may your soul rest in peace."
SSG D. of Fort Bliss Texas

"I never met Matt, but he's been with me since 2005. I never met his family or friends, but I've prayed for them since 2005. I never got the chance to thank Matt for his service to our country, but because of Matt I've thanked every young man or woman that I see wearing a uniform, since 2005.
I recieved Matt's bracelet from inourhearts.org in 2005. I wear it every day and place it by my bed at nite.
Thank you Matt for your service and your sacrifice."
Cathy Bickel of Louisville KY

"Hey buddy I miss you man still remember being with you at good ol ft. knox kentucky we got there the same day in march 2001. just wanted to let you know i'm still thinking of you man and missin you. you'll always be in my heart and prayers. love you brother

Harmon Kidd of beaver falls, pa, USA

"Dear Sue & Leo,
I think of Mat (with one T) every day, I think of you and ask you how you go on. I am writing now as we remember all our heros on Memorial Day and because my son Jerry just returned from Iraq. I pray Jerry will not be going back. We will never forget Mat he will always be in our hearts. I wish that words could say what we feel but they don't even come close. Please know that Mat will never be forgotten.
God Bless you"
Kat's Mom of Dracut, Ma USA

"To the family of:Mathew G. Boule I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"Well brother, I was flying tonight. NVG's... It's almost 3 weeks and 5 years since you left. Wouldn't you know it, I imagined you in the other seat. Crewin' together. You know, like we talked about when you went to B Co. I had to get on here and send you another messege. I went to get out of the aircraft and the parking brake was supposedly set. Well, as I stepped on the wheel to get out, it rolled foward. I fell, it was funny, but the pilot felt pretty bad. I thought you'd get a kick out of that. Sue, you can imagine that I'm sure. Just wanted to make you laugh again. Time doesn't heal, and it doesn't make it any easier. I can't even begin to think about how you feel. I just wanted to let you know that both of you were in my thoughts tonight. Mat, I never met your dad. But I bet he misses you too. Take care of your folks. Check in on your mom. Later bro, thanks again for watching my back. Things are getting out of control over here, but I know you'll keep a good eye on me."
Eric of Iraq... not for long I hope

"People say time heals the pain...They Lie...It still hurts like it was yesterday. I wish Bush and everyone that started this thing could feel this hurt maybe then we would have no more war. We never got to say Goodbye before it was all taken away except the memories..Rocket, lots for sale, the incredible bulk, the toy soldier, Vera. Your smile , those incredible eyes and the fun we had. I love you baby, I miss you so much. Konnor is soooo much like you.He knows his name because we yell "Konnor Mathew Boule" so much, he just can't stay out of trouble. He says he's gonna be a soldier like you but he's gonna shoot the bad guys that hurt you. He talks about you all the time...he's heard so much about you it's like he knows and met you...you would love him and Karson, Mr Serious,loves dinosaurs and sharks ..sounds like your type of kid.I really miss having someone to talk to. I love ya, my hero, my son, my heart. And Thank You Eric for the memory of "The Boat""
Ma of Dracut

"5 years Mat. It seems like yesterday I got the news, my world got torn apart. I will never understand why you, it buggs me even today when I think about it. Thank you for watching over me and the kiddos, and keep an eye out on Eric, make sure he makes it home safe. We are still waiting to get together and have a few beers for you and to break out all the pictures we took. I love you Mat"
SGT Wright, Yadira of TX

"Hey Bro, the time is coming up. April 2nd, 2008, is right around the corner. I'm sitting here in Iraq again. We over flew the site a few months ago. There wasn't anything left. I couldn't help but gag on my own breathe. I haven't known what to say for quite some time. The only thing I can think about is drinking beer and getting stuck in that damn boat. I know your mom misses you. I'm sure she'll laugh a little when she reads this. I miss you man. You're always in my thoughts. As I fly through the skies of Iraq and hope for a safe return home. I know you're on my shoulders keeping the enemies out of site. Thank you Mat, for being a great friend. I wish we could party like the good old days!"
Eric of Still in Savannah, Ga

"Merry Xmas Sweetheart, your favorite time of the year. Like I promised , I took care of Brittany & Karson and everyone. As usual Dad says I went overboard but I have to replace what you would have wanted to give them all. I see you in both boys, Konnor looks like Kris but acts like you and Karson looks like you and acts like Kris -- althou Kris doesn't see it and doesn't realize what he was like at that age but I do, he just thinks I'm losing it as usual. I'm sorry baby, you know why. Thanks for hugging me each night and watching out for your group. Brittany has your old 1st job at the diner, she misses you so much, you can see it on her face when we talk about you. You are always in our thoughts, our dreams, our hearts, we love you. Merry Xmas baby give everyone a hug & kiss for me."
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"I know it was you who played Cemetary Gates that morning, I know you were there when i ran into Ma at Lil Peach.....I didn't forget, I will NEVER forget and I will always love you. Its snowing, its your birthday, somehow I think you had a hand in that one too. I'll get there, until then you and Dime have a drink and I'll be thinking about you every day"
Kat of Dracut

"Happy Birthday Babe..Today is a good & bad day..you know how it is ..each year it get's .001% better which means I'll be okay in a million years. You know that the girl from Dracut is buried right next to you and her birthday is the day before yours...that's my Son ..always has to have a girl next to him. I know you will keep an eye on the kids and include Ryder in there too..I know you'll be looking out for him as his angel cause you'll never leave Kat. Hope you like the stone..I wanted bigger but Dad said no..had it done twice..think it came out right this time..Karson and I saw a deer in the backyard yesterday and Dad saw it about 20 mins later..picked up the phone to call you but well I don't have that long distance carrier you know...find myself doing that alot. I love you and miss you so much baby. I have nobody to talk to. I would give my life for 5 more mins or a "Hey Ma Waz up?" The boys love the tickle spider and Konnor has glasses -same age you got them- love ya, love ya love ya ...do Vera for me..Pratice it for when I get there..Tell everyone I love them , Kiss Nana & Grampy and my brother for me and keep Uncle Ricky out of trouble. I still have your dog tags and wear them always , they won't come off until I can place them back around your neck, until then they stay near my heart just like you will always be. Love Ya Honey."
Ma of Dracut, Massachusetts

"Happy Birthday Bro...a day which will live in infamy. How could we forget??? Nevvah!! We wish you peace...your in our thoughts everyday."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Ca.

"I remember you Matt as a little boy passing through the woods behind my house on your way to a friends home. You would ask, "can I cut through your yard?" Of course you may.
I can still see you today, always a smile and a big hello. "Have a good day Matt" I would say. You answered, I will and thanks, and off you'd go . Now it's our turn to say Thanks to you Matt for your ultimate sacrifice.
My blessings remain with you and your family always."
Judy and Bob Blazon of Dracut, Ma

"Thinking of you a lot lately...I think I know why....its almost like i could smell it....anyway, I miss you and no matter what changes come in my life that is one thing that will always be the same. Someday baby, we'll get to do it together someday......"
Kat of Dracut

"Mat, Rocket, I miss you, I found those letters you wrote me from Boot Camp yesterday, it brought everything back. Your friendship was one of a kind, and there will never be anyone else like you! I will always keep you close to my heart........"
JNM of Lowell, Ma

"Matthew,Your courageous service and ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. You and your fellow troops are what makes this country great. Look over your loved ones as I am sure they miss you dearly every day."
Terri of Chelmsford

"Hey Mat, I'll always miss you, you seriously changed my life forever. I'm sure that you know that though. I miss the old days hanging out with all of you guys. We had some really great times."
Sara of Texas

"Hey bro, been a long time huh? Seems like only yesterday we were on the tailgate of your truck, sippn' a cold one and BS'n without a care in the world. I miss you so much Mat...I love you bro!"
Joseph Arteno of Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio TX

"hey mat thinkin of you today just needed to say hi girls started new schools today look out for them okay"
wendy of new hampshire

"July 4, 2007
To the family of Mathew G. Boule. Mathew gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Thank you for your service and bravery. Dracut people speak highly of your accomplishments and sacrifice."
K Savage of Dracut MA

"Hey Matt, I know it has been some time hasnt it. I have been around for awhile now and have been searching hi and low for a new place to deal...We always had some good times and I will never forget thoughs man. It looks like I am going back. I hope that you are on my shoulders this time around. I love you man."
SGT Jake Bruntz of Soto Cano Airbase, Honduras

"Just thinkin of you today, not so different from any other day I guess....I miss you."

I only found out you were gone today. 12APR07 when I happened across your memorial at the 3rd Aviation BDE at Hunter Army Airfield Ga. We went to AIT together at Fort Eustis, VA. And you were a good friend. Always making me laugh when I missed home. You are truly missed."
CW2 Harvey, Christopher E 321-446-3024 of Hunter AAF, GA

"4 years have gone by,I remember I felt like it was the end of the world. You brought such light into my life, the sparkle in your eyes that I will never forget, your smile, your laugh. I am so greatful we met, though it was for such a short time. I love you like no other, and till this day I miss you like when you first left. Thank you for being you..I hope to visit you soon, before I deploy. Forever in my heart..."
Yadira of TX

"Hey Pardner...Once again, our Flag is at half staff for 6 days for you and the crew. We'll never forget your sacrifice and always smile when we remember you...cause you always made us smile! LUVYA DUDE!!!!"
Ron, Amanda & Family of Auberry, California

"4 years - I got your message today, scared the hell outa me. I love you baby and I'll never forget you. Thank you for Georgia and our last Xmas.Thank You for 22 yrs of happiness ,love and agrativation..I wouldn't have missed it for the world. From the shaving to the Bronco stuck out back in the mud you always kept me guessing about what you were going to do next. I'll make sure nobody forgets you, I promise. Until I see you again,you always have my heart, my soul and my love. Say Hi to Nana & Grampie & Uncle Ricky for me"
Ma of Dracut, Ma

"4 years, how the hell did that happen? I remember it like it was yesterday and I can still see you like it was yesterday. No matter what happens in my life you will always be there, in my thoughts, in my heart. I love you, stay close, I know I'll see you again someday.
Please remember to keep an eye on my brother, he leaves for the sandbox in May."
Kat of Dracut

I would like to say thank you to you and your fellow crewmembers for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy."
Mike Casey of El Paso, Texas

"Today Mat... I missed you somethin fierce. What I would do to have all you guys over again playing cards and hanging out."
Sara of Charleston AFB, SC

"Merry Xmas Baby..This always was your day. Well I kept my promise..Karson is getting his drums before he is 6..Kris will be p.o'd..tough..Everyone is coming down here this year so I know you will be with us to... that is if you aren't to tired..cause knowing you I bet you signed on to the Santa express to get those toys out.Ha..Ha.. We have no snow but just like I told everyone we did have the 1st flurries on your birthday..knew you wouldn't let me down. Don't think I forgot anything this year but we'll see. Gotton go put the ham in so I'll see you in my heart Xmas morning cause I know you'll be there watching the kids open presents..till then sweetheart,I Love You."
Ma of Dracut

"Happy Birthday my sweet boy--I love you so much. I know you are still with me because of those quirky little signs you leave. Watch over Jay as he needs you and kick Kris in the butt for me okay. Nellie swears that Konnor is guided by you and Please stop..Ha Ha now she knows what I went thru,but I would do it again gladly just to have you here. I love you Vera, my heart is always yours. Happy 26th my love. Ma"
Ma of Dracut

"Hey Babe, Happy Birthday old man!!! I just wanted to say thank you today, thank you for watching over me and helping me make it thru, you really did make me stronger and i keep you with me everyday. You'll never be forgotten no matter where life takes me. I love you with all my heart. Say hi to Dime for me and enjoy the Crown tonight boys. Miss you"
Kat of Dracut

"Happy Birthday Hun... I will be rocking out to Pantera today remembering the times! Love ya and miss ya Hun!"
Renae of Hudson, NH

"WOWA...26th birthday. Happy Birthday, pardner. Sure wish Joe would have the benefit of your advice. I have to ask again to watch over him, as you always have. I think of you everyday...salute that flag and say "Good Morning Mat".
You're always in our thoughts."
Ron & Amanda Arteno & Family of Auberry, Calif.

"Hey hun. Guess what? I got my E5. It's been alot of work getting here, and I am hoping to leave this place soon. We are doing good, (for the most part), Iknow you understand the military hardships we have to endure just to make it through each day. I hear that Carson does alot of NTC, fun huh?
Veterans day just passed, thank you for all you did for us. I love you and miss you very much. Remember talking on the boardwalk down in Savannah?"
YW of KY

"hey matty,
its been a while since we talked alot has happen i have a kid now livin in worcester..i mean i cant beleave that it has been 5 years today (9-11)... and you have been gone (but far from forgotten) for 3 and a little years now...seems like yesterday i was getting your butt out of bed to get on the bus and playin football, and dek hockey with you..you really turned your life around... mat i never told you this but i am so proud of you brother...you really are a HERO ! this bud truly is for you !"
chris goff of dracut/worcester,mass

"Hey baby, I can not believe that I got this link on my email today. I went to the board today and I knew you were with me, I swear I saw someone standing on my left side. Thank you, thank you for coming into my life, I know that you are watching over us and guiding me in the right direction.
I wonder where we would be if you were still here..and boy do I miss you.
I hope you are doing good, and I am truely sorry I can't visit you, the closest I can get to you is our pictures,thoughts and in my dreams.
I am doing good, getting my E5 in a couple months!!
I love you, and reguardless of what, there will always be a special place for you in my heart.
Miss you."

"Hey Mat,
I know you don't know me, but I'm Jay's girlfriend. He talks about you alot and I can tell that he really cared about you and looked up to you. I wish that I could have known you! Maybe someday I will. Just not here on Earth. Thank you for what you've done for our country and our Army. You wont be forgotten."
Amanda of Fort Hood, Texas

"Hey baby, Sat night I went to the Zombie show and tore it up, got in the pit and Palmer and Daigle made sure I was well taken care of. We went to a bar called octane and at midnight we had them play Pantera and they even gave you a shot out (it was a hip hop club so when we requested Pantera they were like ur crazy, but we told them why and they were more than happy to oblige) We did a black tooth grin and the only thing missin was you. I know you were there, and it was a great way to keep you in my thoughts that day. Miss you as much today as I did when you were only a few million miles away. When it gets warm i promise I'll come sit on the rock more. I love you more than anyone could know."
Kat of Dracut

"Once again, my Friend, our Flag goes to 1/2 staff for 6 days. You'd dig it...30 feet tall, adorned with a Granite base centered at the Granite wall and a really cool Bronz Eagle on top with a light 24/7, except when the power goes out. Jay helped me raise it. We always remember you, dude. Thank you for touching our spirit's."
Ron & Amanda Arteno of Auberry, California

"Mat hunni, I cant believe its been 3 years, I still think of you constantly wether its cause I hear a song, or me and Kat are remenissing, or I do a black tooth... so many things! You are truly missed hunni MWAH!"

Tomorrow will be three years. Sometimes it seems so long ago, and at times, it seems like yesterday. I replanted the memorial. I didn't get the hostas that I planted for your mum like last year. But, I'll add them when I can get my hands on some. I'll go out tomorrow to water the roses that I put out for you guys. Oh, and thanks for saying hi. It was such a clear day, no breeze anything, I start working on your memorial, and you just had to turn the rotors didn't you?! That's okay, I didn't mind, it's a bittersweet memory. Like last year, when I replanted it. Glad you approve. So long as i'm in Savannah, i'll take care of you guys on post. I'm not going to linger long tomorrow, as I know that other fiends and family want their time too. We all miss you Maty. Watch over your mum and dad, and Kat."
Dawne 'Doc' Kwiatkowski of Savannah, Ga

"To the family and friends of Mat Boule...My name is Robin. My son, Nathan, is also Eric Smith's son. Though we've not met, I have seen and heard much about these 6 brave men, who at that one moment in time, tied our families together...forever. I'm so sorry for my delays in condolences. I know you understand what grief can do to you. Nathan not only grieves the death of his father; but of a father he never got to meet. He will never have memories of a loving father. I've spent the past 3 years trying to bring Eric to life for his sake. In doing so, I have realized that we have a great desire to know more about the men and women with whom he spent those last months. I have kept the families of these 6 men in my daily prayers and have decided to try to contact all of you on my son's behalf...to learn more about his father and those other 5 brave soldiers. You can contact me at jamnmom@cox.net. Again, please accept my most sincere sympathies. May God Bless you all!!!"
Robin of Topeka, KS

"Hi My Love, I just heard from Ron A. Jay deployed back to the sandbox on the 27- 3yrs & 1 day since you guys went there before. 5 yrs is coming up. I never got your notebook back but I continued marking off mine, I don't know why, it doesn't mean anything anymore, the promise is gone, but I still did it. Just put brakes in your truck, keepin' it good like you would ha ha. The days just keep going by and blend into nothing. Life goes on all around me. Big NorEaster coming tonight -Your kinda weather. Little things keep coming back like the storm on Xmas day. Before you came home you said you wished it would snow that you'd like to see one more snowstorm and why did you want me to ride home with you instead of dad. Did you know? Did you feel it. I wish I had known so I could have protected you. Remember I used to say how I let you live to be 18 & now my job was done--well it never really was, I always worried about you & will still continue until I see your smile again and hear you say "Hey Ma Waz up?". Remember I love you Mat"
Ma of Dracut,Ma USA

"Thanks Mathew & to your FAMILY!! We owe you so very much!!! GOD BLESS YOU"
Bob & Florence Pierce of Portland, Oregon

"Heyy Happy Birthday I know Im late but yeah I still love you you awsome I could never forget about you and no one will ever take your place in my heart."
Alexandra of Leominster MA

"sorry we couldn't stay longer on ur b-day. Had to be born in one of the coldest monthes of the year, didn't ya. In any case, whether i'm here or your there you'll always be in my heart, baby. Love you."
Kat of dracut

"Hey Mat I just wanted to stop and say Happy Birthday. I wrote this awhile ago but just never put it in here but here it is.....I woke up this morning
without a doubt in the world
Just hoping u would
be alright

The days have gone better for me
I feel so great
I am as free as a bird now
but i'm still thinking about u

My mind still blanks from time to time
Just wish i could have said sorry
I know you'll be alright
just from the light

u knew i would make it out of this
and i did, but im still thinking about you

So i just want to say thanks
Thank You Mat for being such a brave solider.
miss and love ya always"
Heather of Dracut

"Happy Birthday Baby. Your 25th. God how I miss you. You loved your birthday's as much as Christmas & Halloween. You always managed to wear me down for your presents so that you got what you wanted. I remember your last bithday. Even thou I had already bought you the tires for your truck you somehow managed to get the new radio for your truck too and I still can't figure out how you did it. I just couldn't say No to you even thou that was your favorite word to me along with "In a minute Ma"
I hope that wherever you are is a good place and that you are happy. I'm going to go get your Xmas tree and will set it up at your site for you. This is all I can give you now except my love for my little boy grown up and gone away. You told me one time in your letter " Don't worry Ma, I'm not Dead just gone away for a little while." We both know it didn't mean this but I'm holding you to your promise. Just away for a little while til I can see you again. Mathew means "Gift of the Lord" maybe that's why you loved presents so much. You were my Xmas gift 25 yrs ago. I love you still. Until a little while is over, I love you , Ma"
Sue Boule of Dracut, Ma

"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Pardner
Happy Birthday to you
A toast to you, my Friend...
Ron & Amanda"
Ron Arteno of Auberry, California

"Just thought I'd let you know, I got an email from Alex about a statue built in Iraq from the molds of old Saddam busts that the artist was physched to melt down and he built a statue for the American Troops. In the email it said it would be sent to a base in Texas. I knew our family and friends would appreciate it so I sent it off and to my surprise Teno mailed me back saying that THAT base was his new home. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that even tho me and Jay never met, you seem to find a way every so often to bring us together, thank you. Jay is just as much in my heart as he is in yours, and just as much as you are in Ron's. So to these wonderful men who I never met, thank you, thank you, thank you."
Kat of Dracut

"the mainstream is so polluted with lies
once you get wet, it's so hard to get dry
we're all taught how to justify
as it passes by
and it's your world
that comes crashing down
when the big boys decide
to throw their weight around
but just roll with it baby
make it your career
keep the home fires burning
till america is in the clear

what if the enemy
isn't in a distant land
what if the enemy lies behind
the voice of command
the sound of war
is a child's cry
behind tinted windows,
they just drive by
all i know is that those
who are going to be killed
aren't those who preside
on capitol hill
i told him,
don't fill the front lines
of their war
those *s aren't worth dying for
but he said
roll with it, baby
make it your career
keep the home fires burning
till america is in the clear"

"Heyy Mat all I thought about today was you and it felt like you where right behind me with a hand on my shoulder like you were leading me from bad and towards good I wish you really were but in a way you always will be."
Alexandra of Leominster MA

"Just wanted to say thank you on this Veterans Day, and to Jay and all your military buddies as well. Your bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Love ya baby."
Kat of Dracut

"Missin you like crazy, as always, just wanted to stop and say thank you for helping me with what I asked, too bad I couldn't be sharing this moment with you, but your still in my heart and I know you had a hand in it.I love you with all my heart, until our souls meet again, baby..."
Kat of Dracut

"Matt... I never met you;but i've seen your Mom and Dad around town.Every time I go by your house I say a prayer for you and for them.Dracut is quiet and safe;thank you...rest well and easy,soldier."
Robert R. Schaefer of Dracut, Ma.

"Mat it doesn't even feel like you left and when I think about you I want to cry because your gone on and I will never find anyone who is like you and I know this is true! I love you and now I know never to give kids cotton candy."
Alexandra of Leominster MA

He was just an ordinary kid with a dream and that dream became his future until one day his future was right in front of his face he had the choice to take it or leave it so he took it and it took his life and till this day we'll remember him. His name will be inscribed with in my heart with out a doubt."
Alexandra of Leominster MA

"Mat I always remebered sesame street live with the bag of cotton candy and the love you shared with my dear Auntie Kat.To me you're my hero and my Uncle no matter what you will always be in my heart I loved you dear and I know you cared by the way you asked how I was when you talked to Auntie Kat,I never called her Auntie Kat until you got it suck in my mind and when ever I say it I want to cry because you got me saying it. At night i cry wish and pray that you won't let my heart break agian like when you did when you left with out a kiss or a good bye I knew I should be strong for Auntie Kat for when I saw her next I began to cry because you no longer were alive why did you leave us to survive a cold crule world I know you gave your all and thats what matters most but now I know to stand by my post. Thank you UNcle Mat for showing such devotion..I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER you'll never be forgotten"
Alexandra of Leominster MA

"Hey Bro, been a while huh? I've been flying around here in Hondo, bustn the "bad guys" for a while now. Every time I walk to that Aircraft though, I think of you guys and the times we shared. I have got a Pic of the "Storm IPR Team" posted right next to my seat. You know, It doesn't matter how many hours you might have, I still get nervous every time I call "clear right and above" and feel that bird begin to clime. The only thing that gets me back into that seat though id the little talk you and me had just befor we deployed about the 1 in 5 odds of someone not returning from there. You still climed into that seat with that cheesy grin without hesitation, and so will I. I just got orders to go to Ft Hood in Nov then back to Iraq for another 18 months. Not really looking forward to it, but I guess i'll do what I have to do. I have to go preflight my bird right now, so Later bro. I miss you man!"
Spc Joseph Arteno of Soto Cano Air base, Honduras

"Mat today is the 4th anniversary of 9-11. I remember you called that night, said you were okay but you sounded exhusted..said you were in lock down.I remember your words."Sh**t Ma, it figures all these years we're at peace and I join the Army and look what happens...we're going to war" I said no we're not and you said "Trust Me Ma, We're going to war". They ask people if they knew where they were when the World stopped turning, but my world didn't stop until 18 months later. You said you weren't afraid of dying just afraid for those you left behind. You have no idea the void you left or maybe you do. My son -always the peacemaker, always the joker. I miss you so much, it still hurts so much. I love you now as I always loved you - death has not diminished that. Save me a place I'll be there in an eternity. Love Ma"
Sue Boule of Dracut, Ma

"Can you believe it... for once I dont know what to say... I think of you so much for so many reasons! I know I will never do as good as you did at taking care of Kat, but I try to do my best for you. See you at the Gates hunny, you bring Dime I'll bring the Black Tooths! Your forever in my heart! Sue my best goes out to you and the rest of the family! I always smile when I drive by and get to see Mat's truck... Best Wishes!"
Renae of MA

"Rest well brave soldier, a grateful nation will never forget your ultimate sacrifice.
D. BURT of Portsmouth, RI

"Hey Bro..never forget hot days in the mosh pit at Sharkie's. Not a day goes by that I don't think of your ultimate sacrifice for our great country. As I raise my little boy, I know that he is growing up in a free country because of men like you. God bless you and your family. I still wear the tongue ring and I'll never take it out. You're always in my heart. Until we mosh again in heaven..."
David Brotz of Lawrence, Ma.

"Mat if I would have discovered this website dedicated to you before I would have written a millions times. I was just thinking about you the other day remembering all the good times chilling at your house. I miss you so much and I know everyone else does aswell. I will come visit soon, Monday May 16 I promise, Thank you for everything you have done for our country, I miss you deeply. RIP, Love Dawn Marie Dracut, MA"
Dawn of Dracut, MA

"Hi Baby Your Godson turned 4 today & he's in Dracut about the same age as you were. They took him to the Mall before to this place called Build A Bear where you pick out an animal, name it and pick out it's clothes and you get a birth cert for it. Karson picked out an Elephant, dressed it in BDUs and called it Uncle Mat. Kris & Nellie are making sure he knows about you and he'll always remember his Uncle Mat. I know you're keeping an eye on him. I know you're thinking of the fun you would have with him. He's a jokester like you. Konnor is another matter. He is you allll over. No Fear always laughing and can't stay still. Calls Dad "Poppa" not Pepe. They are both kids you would be Proud to call your nephews and so good looking too. But you know that and remember they're Boule's. I love you baby. I remember you holding and playing with Karson. I remember you calling everyday to see if he had been born yet. I remember how excited you were to find out you had a nephew and what all your plans were for him & I'll try my best to make them still come true. okay hon. I miss ya, I miss ya calling and saying Hey Ma Whats Up? You are my Angel- You are. Love Ma"
Sue Boule of Dracut, Ma

"HiYa Partner. On April 2nd, we lowered our Flag to 1/2 mast and downed a Carona. It will stay at 1/2 mast for 6 days for you, Capt. A, Mr. Halvorsen, Mr. Jamar, Mr. Smith and Sgt. Ped. We will do this EVERY April 2nd for youz guyz, honoring your sacrifice. We will never forget and will be ever grateful for knowing you.
CU LATER...Ron&Amanda"
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Cali.

"I can't believe its been 2 years now. I remember our taco nights over at the apartment. I've joined the military now, I signed up after I found out what happened. I've been serving almost a year and a half now. Every day I think about you in my job, I signed up to be a project manager for comm equipment, but you know how the military works, i ended up a deployment manager. Every time I have to send these troops off, put them on that plane, I want to cry so bad because it scares me that they wont be coming home. I have to be brave though and remember that we are all here to serve our country and I am so damn proud of everyone of them. Thanks for giving me the courage to join up and serve this great country. I know you are watching over all of us down here, you wouldnt have it any other way. I miss seeing and having such a great friend as you."
Sara of Charleston AFB, SC


"Hey bro, Damn, can't believe that it has been two years since we sat up chain smoking kools and bullsh**n of how we were going to buy a coupple of 660 raptors as soon as we got home. How you had laughed at the thought getting a case of Bud Light and hitting the tank trails of stewart while gloting about who would outride who.
I can't even describe to you of how much I looked up to you. You were definatly the big brother that I never had. You were the first one I would come to for advice if I had a problem, and the only one who had seen me cry. I truely love you like a brother, and not a day goes by that your not on my mind. Thanks for keeping your promis to my dad by making sure that I made it home in one piece. I miss you man...."
Spc Joseph Arteno of Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras

"Hey Mat i cant believe its been 2 years already I miss you so much"
heather of dracut ma

"My Sweet,Sweet Son-2 yrs-so fast, each day I relive the pain & horror. The hole in my Heart can never be filled.Each day something reminds me of you and I remember & the Tears start again. They say Time Heals all but they lie. You have always been a part of me & always will be. Konnor is so much like you & it helps but it's not the same. You made me a Promise that last Xmas & I know you didn't mean to break it. You were always worried about me & I always worried about you, because we were part of each other and joined at the Heart. I hate being strong. I know you're up there Yelling at me every time I cry. You hated it when I cried. But don't be mad, it just me missing you. 10 times a day something happens & I think about calling you still to tell you- Then I remember-So You can Yell & I can cry & we'll remember each other together until I can hear you say Oh Ma!! & I'll say Oh Mat!! I Love You Baby- do Vera for me. Love Ma"
MA of Dracut, Ma

"2 years and no I will never forget, I don't know why you were so worrried that I ever could. I thought today would be easier, I thought that pain would dull with time, I know it'll never go away. I miss you just as much today as I did yesterday, last year and every day in between. I'll never forget your face or the way you loved me. I love you so much baby. Today, tomorrow, and forever."
kat of Dracut, MA

"Mathew G. Boule Family,
I bought my 11 year old daughter a fallen hero bracelet about 4 months ago, telling her we would research the officer when she got her bracelet. It has been 4 months since she saw your sons name and face for the first time on this site, and she hasn't removed the bracelet since. She says a prayer everynight hoping he is at peace and for your healing to be as painless as possible. You are in our prayers."
Angela Paquette of Vermont

"Hey Mat. I know its been a while, but you know how the army is. I cant believe 3 years ago we were together having a good time loving one another. I do miss you with all my heart and i wish i could see your beautiful smile once more. You have no idea how much it broke my heart the day i found out the news, i could have died. I know you watched over me when i was out there and i know youll do the same again for this next deployment. You definately brightened up my life, and i miss that. Its been hard trying to get my life straight again since youve been gone. I think of you eveyday, and being in the army to reminds me of you even more, Especially when i see black hawks all the time. I will always love you and keep you close to my heart. until we meet again, keep that sparkle in your eye shining brightly as always. I love you"
SPC Y. Luna of fort Campbell, KY USA

"Hey Mat,

It's been a little over two years since I left the company. I was pumping gas at Ft. Rucker when I got the news. I still think about you guys everyday. You were my quickest student, I'm proud to have been your FI.
I'll never forget our wrestling match in the humvee. You'll always be in my heart and NEVER forgotten."
(SGT) CW2 Steve Conway of Clarksville, TN

"2 years baby, since we met in the middle of the country just to be together one last time before you left, 2 years since you called me and said you were bording that plane, I miss your face, your voice, and just having the thought of you to look forward to. You taught me strength and how to love life, and NO WAY will I ever forget you or that sexy smile!!!! :) Love ya babe P.S. Tell Dimebag I said whats up"
Kat of Dracut, MA

"2 years baby, since we met in the middle of the country just to be together one last time before you left, 2 years since you called me and said you were bording that plane, I miss your face, your voice, and just having the thought of you to look forward to. You taught me strength and how to love life, and NO WAY will I ever forget you or that sexy smile!!!! :) Love ya babe"
Kat of Dracut, MA

"YO BRO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! December 7th, a day that has lived in infamy. We think of you daily. You've touched our lives so deeply. Thanks for reminding me that your spirit is with us always and your sense of humor is ever present. Once a joker, always a joker! You stiil make me smile. Love ya, Pardner!"
Ron Arteno & Family of Auberry, California

"Maty, This has taken me sooo long to do. I can't imagine how unbearable it is for your family to not have you around. But, every time I see Arteno, I ask about your mum and dad, I guess to make sure they are doing alright. We are getting ready to go back soon to Iraq. And while my knee surgery prohibits me from going for a few months, i'll be over there again. It's funny, sometimes, how I look at my pictures and our pirate flag flying from our blade rope of 557. I remember sewing it on there, while you were doing maintenance on the helicopter. Then the next day to find that someone had actually cut it off the blade rope. Remember how mad we were? That was crazy. I remember how we used to tell stories of loved ones at home, and you told me that you were going to marry Kat when we all got home. You had such a twinkle in your eyes when you spoke of Kat. God Bless her. I met your mum and dad at the memorial we had this year, and I told your mum that she really does make the best brownies! I also gave her a picture I took of you when we were at Jallabah. I can't tell you how much all of us really miss you. You really do liven up my Combat Lifesaver Class during IV training! All of us here wear Fallen Comrades bracelets to honour STORM 6. God is watching over the ones you love, Maty. I pray for them so that they don't suffer from missing you too much. I miss you, and was glad to have flown with you and to have been your medic and friend."
Dawne Kwiatkowski "Doc Ski" of Hunter Army Airfield, Ga

"Hey Mat
Wanted to let you and everyone else know that Palmer and I are have a baby boy my due date is April 6 2005. His name will be Kaleb Mathew so know palmer and I will never forget you and you will always be with us in are own way Love you always and forever."
Heather Luis of Dracut MA

"Hello Specialist Mathew Boule,

My name is Pamela D' Auteuil. I have mixed emotions about War! I have been very moved by all the soldiers WHO put their lives on hold, to serve this Beautiful country we live in. When I learned that a resident from Dracut was a Fallen Hero from the Iraq War. I knew I had to get an idea out in the Town of Dracut, so the people could honor you, as well as other fallen heroes. Before you knew it, people were contacting me and my idea started coming to Life! Although I didn't have any money to help make my idea come to a reality. I went to some local business owners and ask for their help. They gladly donated their time and paid all expenses.

Some of the people that were part of this committee included Selectmen Ken Cunha and his lovely wife, Representative Colleen Garry, a friend Kathy Landry, other Veterans and Dracut residents. Mr. Cunha was a great inspiration to this cause.

May you spread your wings and fly high above us. Watch over US and keep us safe.

Thanks again for your service!"
Pamela D'Auteuil of Dracut, MA ~ USA

"Your on my mind every day, I miss you as if it was yesterday, until the day we meet again, you'll always be my true love and my best friend. I love you baby"
Kat of Dracut

Chanta Brown of Savannah Ga Hunter Army Air Field 603d 3id

"Just came across this link again and was thinking of you, Mathew, and how much you meant to the family. I know we didn't see each other much in the last years, but it never meant I didn't care. Family is a wonderful, amazing gift. We all miss you! Sue, Leo, Wendy, Kris, Mike, George, Jeanette - may God continue to help you find ways to remember all the good things and treasure the time you have together. Love,"
Cheryl Gingras of Waltham, MA

I found this poem that was dedicated to Mat."

"I couldnt believe when I saw your pic on the news. I thought about the times we hung out freshman year at DHS. The next I when to the voke, and some how we lost touch. I wish we never lost touch, we had a lot of fun together. You were one of my best friends I had. I miss you.."
Holly Bickerstaffe of Dracut, MA

"Pardner, I think of you everyday. You will NEVER be forgotten. Our spirit's are with you constantly. Your picture will always be on my wall. Your name is my password. I honor your sacrifice."
Ron Arteno & Family of Auberry, Ca.

"To the Boule family, I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry that it has taken me this long to find a way to say thank you. I did not know Matthew personally but I feel that I did since we come from the same town. Every Memorial day I think of him and all the fallen heroes. He will always be remembered as a true hero of Dracut, Ma and of the United States. Dracut never forgets their heroes."
Becky Comtois of Dracut, Ma

"To the friends and family of Mathew G. Boule:
What a wonderful man and soldier he must have been. I can only hope that one day I will meet all these fine soldiers in heaven. My husband was KIA in Iraq on June 4, 2004. I will continue to pray for your family and all the other families of the fallen soldiers. I am so sorry you have to make this painful journey, but he will live on forever in your hearts."
Sarah Linden of Portland, OR USA

"Yo Mat. Another Memorial day over. That day has never ment so much to me since your loss. Your in awesome company. Jay and I fixed the Flag Pole in our front yard. There's an Eagle on top. I think of you every time I look at it. Every day! Your missed very deeply out here in Cali. You've had a positive effect on all of us. You know I met your Mom, Dad, Wendy, Jim and Britany at your Memorial. You have a great Family, but I knew that by just getting to know you. Fruit didn't fall far from the tree. We Love you, Partner. CUonDAotherSide"
Ron Arteno of Auberry, Cali.

"I woke up this morning thinking this is the start of the long weekend and my first thought was Mat's gonna call -wonder what he's up to--Then the nightmare became real again. Tomorrow your namesake Konner Mathew Boule will be Christened. He looks like you and has your ways and boy can that kid eat--just like ya honey and like you he didn't crawl--went from siting to standing and walking. I know you are seeing him and watching over them all. I hope you caught up with Nana and Uncle Leo and maybe met your Grampie. I miss you so much. I'm taking good care of your truck altho Wendy says it sounds like a lawnmower. Hey do me a favor huh? Smarten up Kris for me. I did my part now you handle it ok. Soon baby soon. You're always in my Heart and my dreams. I love you. Ma"
Mat's mom of Dracut, Ma

"Boule, You were a great crewchief and it was a honor to fly with you. It is hard to understand why God always seems to take the good ones too soon. Maybe one day we will fly together again, and I am sure you will be giving me the check ride then. To the Boule Family I am sorry for your loss, Matt Boule was a great American and an awsome soldier. He is missed."
SGT Robert Hall of Valdosta, GA

"I am a 7th grade student from western New York. I'm so sorry about your loss. It makes me so sad about how Mat died in this war. I was hoping not too many people would die in this war but a lot of people did. I give my thanks to Mat for helping in this war, I bet you do to."
7th grade student of Baker Middle School

"In loving memory to Matt Boule. And a message to Joe Arteno. Stay standing tall and take care of your wife April and baby. We all love you Joe. We all also love Matt too. Joe come and visit when you are in Auberry again. I love you take care."
Amanda R. Thomas, Mathew J. Ollis,Patrick E. Ollis, Nathen C. Ollis, Cindy L. Ollis of Auberry, California

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Mathew, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Mat I miss and love you always. Forever and always I will see you in the pit dancing!! love ya dude"
heather l of dracut ma

"A year has passed and they say time heals all wounds obviously "they" have never lost anyone close to them. never forget our brave soldiers as time passes
we lose more and more,our heros above to watch over us. I love & miss you Mat"
wendy of Deerfield,N.H.

""Remembering them..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier! We will NEVER FORGET!""
The Grogan Family (USMC) of Lakeland, TN

"People say that time heals all wounds…but it’s been a year and the hurt and pain of losing you hasn’t healed, not even a little. There’s a little part of me that dreams of you calling me telling me your coming home..but the call never comes. I miss you so much, and I know I’m not the only one. I hope that where ever you have been the past year, that you are treated the way you should…with love. *MUAH*"
Gabby of Lowell

"Specialist Boule, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Pantera, long-hair, sunglasses, pierciings, offroading, bonfires in the woods, hockey games, and mosh pits. Smiles, kisses, being in your arms, your smell, and the way you looked at me. Long talks on rooftops, falling asleep on the phone, meeting at the top of the hill and then meeting in VA. These are things that make me smile when I think about you, baby. I love you always amd forever."
KAT of Dracut, MA

"Knowing Mat was a great privilage. Once he opened his door to a friend, the door never shut. He was always there for me at times when I needed a friend the most. He never let me down. A day never passes by, that I don't think of him. Thank you Mat for being the friend I always wanted. I love you and miss you."
Gabby Silva of Dracut, MA

"Thank you Mathew Boule, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"Mathew may you Rest in Peace know that a grateful nation praises you for the ultimate sacrifice you made to protect freedom and democracy. I can offer only my prayers to the Heavenly Father that he might assuage your grief in this time of grief. If I can do anything fo ryou, someone to pray with or just talk to please contact me at ctpoet1@yahoo.com"
Chris Decker of East Windsor CT USA

"The best of the best! The mighty six are flying high in Heaven now, left are we the families knowing one day we will join with you! Tell Michael we love him! Thanks for all you gave! From Sgt. Michael Pedersen's family"
Lila Lipscomb of Flint, Michigan USA

"My cousin, what's up man? (Besides the sky)...God Mat, u will never know how much i miss u. I'm crying rite now just writing this. I miss everything u did and were. Your smile, laugh, your jokes, the way you made me laugh, and the way you made me feel good about myself. I always looked forward to your visits, and it always cheered me up to see your truck outside my house. You were like the brother i never had, and i will never, ever forget that. When i heard you were gone, a big piece of my heart disappeared just then. Now i know that it was you who took it, and you're waiting up there to give it back to me someday. Until then, until that day when i can finally see u again, give you a hug and a kiss, u will be in my thoughts and prayers. After all, we can always meet again in dreams. I'll see you then. I miss you. I love you, always and forever!! Rock On Bro!!!!!!!! Love Always, Panda Bear"
Manda of Lowell, Massachusetts

"Happy birthday Bro. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I'm remembering last Thanksgiving. We beat up the dirt bikes, again. Said a prayer for you. Thanks for keepin Joe squared away. I know you had a hand in getting him home safe."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, California

"12-07-03 today is mat's birthday
happy birthday little brother
you came into this world with a lot of attention and went the same way, destined for fame and glory.
i miss you so so much.
i love you"
wendy of nh

"Mat we all miss u here.I wish there was a way to bring u back but I know there is no way. I went to your grave with corey on Veterans day and i put a flower on there cause you deserve it more than anyone. I know you hated flowers given to you,but I hope you can understand that cause I miss you so much.I think about u all the time it's un-real.Well dude Rest in Peace. I Love You.
Love Always and Forever, heather"
Heather Luis of Dracut, MA

"Sue & Leo,

Many months have passed since you lost your most beloved son Matt. How my heart still aches for you and your family losing your loving son so early in his life. What an ultimate sacrifice for you AND Matt to make. We sincerely thank him and you as his parents for that and keeping his fellow man safe. My son went to school with Matt at the Voke and he has been deployed to the 'sandbox' since last February and was so deeply saddened to hear of Matt losing his life there for OUR country. Every single day we hold our breath to get our soldiers home safely. Unfortunatley that will not happen for all loved ones as you unfortunately learned first hand. Almost everyone we know has lost a loved one or knows of somebody that has lost someone in Iraq or Kuwait. Be ever so proud of your son because we certainly are. God Bless you in your healing. I'm not sure if that's quite possible speaking as a parent. I cannot quite imagine the pain you deal with but I just wanted to let you know you and Matt are in my prayers every day. I am Jim Golden's sister-in-law from the VFW in Lowell and my sons name is Paul Harvey, Jr."
Audrey Golden of Cary, NC

"Boule, you had the face to change a life. That smile could brighten anyones day. I will always miss playing cards on Friday nights and eating tacos. You are one of the most sincere and real people I ever got to know. I wish your time here could have been longer, but your memory will continue to change lives forever. I wish we could have had more time to spend. God bless your family for their strength. own_the_sky@yahoo.com"
Sara Roach Andrews of Kerrville, TX

"My Son, My Best Friend-I Love you so much. I miss your hugs and loving mischievous smile. You could always make me laugh. What I wouldn't give to have you do "Vera" for me. You were my last and you have my heart forever. Til I can hug you again, sleep tight my love. Karson and Brittany will always remember you this I promise. Soon Baby soon. Love Ma"
Sue Boule of Dracut, Ma

"To my brother, I will never forget your bravery, or your laughter you always seemed to be having fun, "especially aggravating me" I will make sure that your nieces all now who you are and what a hero you are. I know that you are watching over everyone
"I LOVE YOU" & so long until we are together again someday."
Wendy Mendonca (Mat's sister) of Deerfield, N.H. USA

"Matthew will be loved and missed from every life he touched, even if it was only for a short while. God Bless him and his family."
Theresa Farrah of Lowell, MA

"Mathew was taken from you while in service to his country and his people, and therefore he will never be forgotten. You're all in my prayers."
Yonit of Israel

"Thank you for your service to our country. You are truly a hero and you won't be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with your family."
Sarah of Chicago, IL

"He was doing what he wanted to do I'm sure. I'm sorry he had to go. Be strong and remember all the fun you had together.
He was fighting for his country, and I'm sure he is proud that he died that way.
I didn't know him, but it still breaks my heart that he has passed on.
You are all in my prayers."
JoAnna of IL

"We would like to get in touch with an immediate family member. We have recent photograph's and fond memories of Mat. His loss is a giant void in our heart's. His spirit will always be with us. When you are ready, please get in touch with us. If you choose not to, we will understand."
artenort@netptc.net of Auberry, California

"He was the best man in my son's wedding. He was smitten by my daughter. I wanted him as my son-in-law because of his dynamic personality. He had ambition and respect. Mat will always be in my heart. I love that guy. He told me he would watch over my son while deployed and I know he has and continues to and once again I thank him."
Ron Arteno of Auberry, California

"Our prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Thank you brave soldier, your courage and sacrifice will nerver be forgotten."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"TO the family, friends,& those who knew Matthew. I was formally stationed at HunterA.A.F, Ga in 2-3 avn Regt. 3rd Batallion. I knew Matthew for a short period of time, before I was discharged from the military. The one thing I can remember about Matt, was that he was a hard worker, and always had a smile on his face. I hope he rests in peace, and I will always remember him. My prayers are with his family, & Loved ones. God bless you!"
Shawn Patrick D'Spain & Lacie D'spain of Marietta, Ga

"To the family and friends of Spc. Mathew Boule:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Mathew for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. Mathew Boule:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Mathew, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"Small messages such as these just don't seem adequate enough to be able to express the overwhelming love and admiration I feel for all these young lives that have been lost so that I may live in such glorious freedom. I only hope that one day I will meet them in heaven and be able to thank them in person. For now Mathew I can ask that God be with your family to help them through these sad times."
Terri Curtis of Green Forest, Arkansas

"Words fail to convey how truly gratefull my family and I are for the service and sacrifice of Mathew Boule, for our nation's benefit, in the name of freedom.
Thank you."
AnnMarie Fitzgerald-Cahill of N. Andover, Ma.

"In memory of Mathew Boule... today and for always recognized and honored as man, a son, a brother and a soldier who has lived, served and offered the ultimate sacrafice for his family, country and beliefs... so those of us who stay on may live free of fear, tyranny and oppression... this man is truly our hero... to Mathews family, friends, and loved ones... words alone can never convey the spirit of appreciation we as Americans have for your sacrifice... be proud... be strong... and live each day with Mathews memory."
Bob Pouliot of Merrimack, NH USA

"Whenever I think of the Iraqi people now free from oppression, I will think of Mathew's gift of life for all of them. I will look forward to meeting his beautiful, sacraficing soul in heaven. Now and ongoing I hold his wonderful family in my prayers and I express my deepest gratitude for the life of their beloved Mathew and his service to us. May God bless and keep them all."
debra hart of Merrimack, NH

"Having lived in Berlin, Germany, (US Air Force) when the wall was still up, we've seen victims of an oppressive government first-hand. The sacrifice of your entire family (Mathew for having given his life and the rest for having to live without him) is appreciated more than you can realize."
The Gill Family of Deerfield, NH, USA

"Thank you soldier. RIP."
The Taylors of NC

"Thank you for your sacrifice"
Ginger Smith & Family of Hillsboro, In

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on