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Air Force Maj. Steven Plumhoff

33, of Neshanic Station, New Jersey.
Plumhoff died in an MH-53M helicopter accident in Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 58th Operations Squadron, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. Died on November 23, 2003.

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"Hey li bro. Your B-day was yesterday - would have been 51. I talk to ya every day - miss you more than words can express. You were my "perfect"! Amazing that the universe gave me another perfect when it took you. Your lil boy is amazing. Doesn't answer my txt's much - but that's what teenagers do! Luv you every second of every day!! Your big sis!"
Carika of North Plainfield, NJ

"It has been 12 years ago, and it feels to me still like it was recently. I can imagine how Yv and Gavyn, Carol and Kerensa, and your parents are feeling. You are, and I didn't say we're because you still are, that person that always offered a smile to everyone who needed it. You are a person who's full of incredible positive karma. Always happy and cheerful, working out, excited because you are finally a dad. And what a handsome boy Gavyn is. I remember you telling me how much you admire your sister and how much you love her and miss her. Now, you are with her 24/7 looking over her making sure she's ok. As well as your parents and Yv and Gavyn. They never lost you, you live with them at all times as an angel. Thank you much for being the best of friends I can ever have and the best mentor! Blue Skies!"
Judyth Heise (Garcia) of Colorado, USA (prior 551st KAFB, NM)

"I just wanted to leave a message to say that you are always remembered, especially this time of year. Praying for your wife and son and the rest of your family."
Cathi of Vero Beach, Fl

"Ten years today. This one is hitting hard. What I wouldn't give to feel you yank on my now nonexistent ponytail or to see you and Carola playing with Gavyn or just to see those party brows in action. =) Know that I've got your Big Sis' six and that your voice lives on in so many more folks than you could ever realize. Peace to you and your fallen brothers. Love and light - Kerensa"
Kerensa of NJ

"Hi Steven! Es ist unglaublich wieviel du in unseren Herzen zurückgelassen hast.Du bist immer noch da. Ich denke, es geht dir gut. Ok. Trage dich im Herzen.....bis dann. Big hugs Birgit und Eileen, 12. März 2013"
Birgit Hiller of Heimenkirch

"I just placed a flag in Steven's name at a memorial in Plaistow, NH. A flag has been placed for every service member who has perished in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are indebted to Steven for his service and valor. Wish I could post a picture of his flag here. You may find a picture for the memorial at the rockingham church's website located in Plaistow, NH.

In gratitude, Evan Sorensen"
Evan Sorensen of Plaistow, NH


I think of you always and thank you for your service from the bottom of my heart. I miss you dearly and thank God for allowing me the chance to know you.

Love Always"
Yvon of Southside, AL/USA

"Plummer, you will never be forgotton. Thanks for everything you are, everything you've done and continue to do (I know you're still working your magic). Many blessings for your family and Happy Memorial Day. Here's to you..."
Steel #032 & Shanker #025 of Navarre, FL

"Hi Steven, wir vermissen dich sehr. Doch in unseren Herzen bist du immer bei uns."
Mariela, Marc, Phoebe und Svea of Pforzheim, Germany

"Thank you to every one for remembering Steven"
Yvette & Gavyn-Ruark

"23.November 2010
Steven, du bleibst unvergessen. Bist immer in unseren Herzen. Wir vermissen dich........ Birgit und Eileen Hiller, Lindenberg/Allgäu"
Birgit Hiller of Lindenberg/Allgäu

"Hey Otis,
I've been thinking about you lately. I found a picture of you and Gregg on Halloween that made me laugh. So strange not to have you with us. I love you friend and miss you."
Juice of Santa Monica

"To the family of:Steven Plumhoff
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga""

"as the time approaches for the anniversary of the crash, please know you are being held in prayers."
mary ellen of california

"Seven years later - still remembering Plummer and his family this Memorial Day weekend! Yvette, let's try to talk soon! Best wishes and prayers."
Lt Col Cheryl Schramm of Toledo, Ohio

"Happy day! Du bist immer noch in unseren Herzen......
11.März 2010, Birgit und Eileen"
Birgit Hiller of Pforzheim

"Heute wäre Dein Geburtstag gewesen.Du bleibst immer in unseren Herzen,wir lieben Dich !Big HUGS,Gisela"
Gisela of Germany

"We miss you always. We have not forgotten the sacrifice that you and your family have made for us. Yvette and Galvin are in our prayers daily."
Rose Burnett of Rio Rancho, NM

"Du wirst immer in unseren Herzen bleiben............miss you......"
Birgit Hiller of Pforzheim

"Miss you so much.............
Birgit Hiller(your cousin) of Pforzheim

"To the family of MAJ Plumhoff: My name is Stephanie Purser, wife of SSG John Purser, who was also on board the aircraft with MAJ Plumhoff. I posted a message on here a few years ago and received kind messages from some of the family members of the fallen. It's hard to believe that almost 6 years have gone by since the crash and that event is still surrounded by so much mystery for me. In late August 2008, I finally managed to visit their grave markers at Arlington National Cemetery to pay my respects. I realize that these lists of fallen heroes have not been updated since 2 November 2006 but I decided to post a more recent message to let the family members know that I still think about those 5 men every single day."
Stephanie Purser, purserstephanie@yahoo.com of East Central Alabama

"It is about you I think at this time every year. Reese AFB, Go Dawgs!"
Rob of Denver, CO

"Hey bhead- missing you like always- then I hear a "wahhhh" in my head and know you are telling me to quit my whining. What I would not give to hear your voice on the other end of the line laughing at me while you set my life straight like you always did. I miss your guidance and I miss one of the only people who really ever got me- missing my best friend. There goes that "wahhhh" again. :)"
Megan of Charlotte, NC

"Hallo,Steven,heute wäre Dein Geburtstag gewesen.Wir denken an Dich und sind auch in Gedanken bei Deiner Familie.Du bleibst immer in unseren Herzen,
bis nexte Mal,Gisela und Rolf"
Gisela und Rolf of Neuhausen

"Hallo Steven. Heute ist wieder 2 Tage nach Eileens Geburtstag.............Du bist immer noch da...Du sitzt tief in unseren Herzen. Bis dann......und pass auf deine 2 Lieben auf! Birgit , Michael und Eileen. 23. November 2008"
Familie Hiller of Pforzheim Germany

"Hallo Steven,wieder ist ein Jahr vergangen ohne Dich.Wir lieben Dich und vermissen Dich und hoffen,dass es Dir gut geht.Gisela und Rolf
>Bis nexte Mal<"
Gisela Wittmann of Neuhausen,Germany

"Hi Steven,Rolf und ich sprechen gerade in den letzten Tagen oft über Dich!Wir lieben Deine einzigartige Frau Yvette,die Du über Alles geliebt hast und immer noch liebst und Deinen bezaubernden Sohn Gavyn,der Dir immer ähnlicher wird.Bis nexte Mal!!!Gisela und Rolf,9.August 2008"
Gisela und Rolf of Neuhausen,Germany


"Hey Uncle Steve it ya nephew Tyler... i finally took my asvab and im soon on my way ... i miss u uncle steve ...love u ....told u id be flying behind u in the air.... r.i.p."
tyler heacox of tampa fl

Hey buddy its Granville Lasseter. Just wanting to say thank you for always showing me a kind smile and wink. You were one of the first men I met when I was an AMN at the 21sos. I was young and my life was moving in directions it had never before, but I always looked up to you for guidance and a joke. We had some good workouts in the gym and I still have some great CD's you made for me. Your beautiful wife Yevett was one of the first ladies to hold my baby, Audrey. You are a great man Plumhoff. I will miss you.

Granville of Houston Tx

Thanks for the beautiful sunshine today, and for making sure we got the new SG-1 movie DVD delivered to our door on your birthday. We know you had a hand in that! All our love...."
K&C of NJ

"Hallo Steven,ich denke immer noch oft an Dich,ich weiss,dass Du bei uns bist,auch wenn wir Dich nicht sehen können.Stephan sagte es mir,Du kennst ihn!Bis nexte mal,Gisela"
Gisela Wittmann of Neuhausen,Germany

"Hallo Steven!11.März 2008
Auch heute denken wir wieder an dich.Wir feiern heute in unseren Herzen mit dir.Ich esse ein Stück Kuchen für dich, dann geht der Speck auf meine Rippen.(smile)"
Birgit, Michael und Eileen Hiller of Pforzheim

"November 26, 2007
To the family of Maj. Steven Plumhoff:
Steven gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Hallo Steven
Viele Umarmungen und sehr viel Wärme aus unseren Herzen für Dich und Deine Familie.
Wir vermissen Dich"
Norma of Pforzheim

"Hallo Steven!
Jetzt kommt wieder die Zeit, an dem wir noch mehr an dich denken. Immer 2 Tage nach Eileen's Geburtstag..... Wir vermissen dich immer noch sehr, aber das gibt uns das gute Gefühl, dass noch da bist.So lange wir dich in unseren Herzen tragen, bist du da."
Birgit, Michael und Eileen Hiller of Pforzheim, 19. November 2007

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family and my deepest gratitude goes out to Maj. Plumhoff for his heroic sacrifice. Without men like him, this country would not exist. Never forget."
Lee Moore (former HH-60G Pavehawk FE) of Gardner, KS

"Hallo Steven,wann sprichst Du wieder im Traum mit mir?Wir denken alle immer an Dich und Dein Foto steht bei uns immer noch!Wir vergessen Dich nie!Bis nexte mal,Gisela"
Gisela Wittmann of Neuhausen,Germany

"Hallo Steven,
Phoebe ist jetzt 2 Jahre alt geworden. Schade, dass sie dich nicht mehr kennengelernt hast. Sie ist genau so crazy wie ich. Wir sind sehr stolz auf Gavyn-Ruark und Yvette. Wir denken oft an die schöne Zeit mit dir und deiner Familie. In unseren Herzen lebst du für immer weiter. 29.August 2007"
Mariela Wacker of Pforzheim, Germany

"Hey Steven.............Du fehlst hier immer noch so sehr. Habe gestern wieder alte Bilder angeschaut und auch darüber gelacht. Eileen frägt manchmal danach, warum du in den Himmel gehen mußtest. Für sie bist du immer noch ein Engel. Miss you......."
Birgit Hiller of Pforzheim Germany


Last week I was watching the video from my going away party to Korea in 1999 and there you were. I remember how you came down from SOS in Montgomery (long drive) just to see me off and have a beer with us. Seeing you in that video brought back some good memories of poker and other chicanery against the regime while we were in Brindisi.

Just wanted you know that you'll never be forgotten."
Michael McNerney of Stuttgart, Germany

Happy Birthday, Steven!
We celebrated today the same way we did last year. Starbucks & SG-1 - a perfect combination.
We miss you!"
Love - Kerensa & Carola of NJ

"I will always remember Plummer as the Superman Guy that lived down the hall from me at the Zoo. He was a true professional, even at that young age--but he was every bit as personable and funny and heroic as you would hope to find in a future officer. Plummer, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers."
Maj J.D. Holt, USAFA 93 of Dayton, OH

"This past Thanksgiving was 3 years since Plummer passed on to a better life. Not a day passes by that I don't pray for him and still think that I will bump into him on base, at the BX or Shoppette or even at the gym, which is where I work at now. He was such a work out addict! I just want to say to his wife and son Gavyn, his sister and parents that I join you in your prayers and I know he's doing well where he is at now. God bless you all!!!"
Judy Garcia of Kirtland AFB, NM


Steven,heute Nacht hast Du wieder zu mir gesprochen.Es geht Dir gut und Du bist mit den Kameraden zusammen,die mit Dir gingen.Du kennst den Weg,immer wieder zu uns zu kommen .Bis nexte Mal,Gisela"
Gisela Wittmann of Neuhausen,Germany

"I am sorry for your loss. I saw his picture on a website he looked like a nice honorable young man. God bless the families affected by this tragedy."
R. Holley of San Antonio, Texas

"Tex and I will remember you today and always."
Cheryl Schramm of St Petersburg, FL

Happy Birthday, Steven!
We're celebrating for you today with Starbucks & a SciFi marathon. (Thanks for getting your Big Sis hooked on Stargate SG-1!) Wish we could all watch the new BG together...
We miss you and we love you."
Kerensa of North Plainfield, NJ

"Hey Plummer.. you are always missed amongst the officers and especially the enlisted.. you were a friend first.. Pat Nussman has recently passed, and seeing his words to your daughter brings his memory alive also. I am sure he is with you and the rest of the bubbas.. you all take care of each other like we always have in Pavelow.."
SSgt Seth Meashey of 6th SOS

"Plummer, to your wife and son,

As I prepare to travel to Afghanistan, I wonder if I will have an opportunity to see where this great disaster, that stole your life, took place.

I spent an entire year stationed with you in Korea. It was there that I gained a great friend. Even though you and I headed different directions, you to the 21st SOS and me to the 551st SOS, we remained great friends. I did enjoy the opportunities we had to visit with each other when you would come TDY to ABQ.

You were a great pilot and friend."
Capt Michael McCarter (former MH53J Pavelow FE) of Kirtland AFB, NM

"Major Plumhoff,
Sir, I would like to say thank you to you and the other men who were killed in that '53 crash for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy."
Mike Casey of El Paso, Texas


As we approach the two year aniversary of yours and the guys untimely departure I am still touched by the many memories that are ever present in my mind.

We met at HAFB, both of us new to the base/USAF and both of us 5AM junkies at the gym. You got to Pavelow school a little ahead of me but we eventually met up again at the 21st.

Yvette and you always opened your house on the holidays and it those memories that are most special to me.

God Speed my friend...yagger!!!

Pavelow Leads!

Jim Hessick of Jacksonville, NC

"To the Plumhoff family,
I just learned of this site and wanted to add my message. I didn't know you but I did know the "plummer". I am a MH-53J crew chief and new him well. I was at Kirtland when he went thru the pilot program and was stationed with him at RAF Mildenhall as well as back at KAFB. He was a great pilot and a good officer. He treated everyone with respect. I even had the honer of him reenlisting me at mildenhall. No matter what else happens in my life, that day will remain the most significant day in my life. I just felt I needed to let you know that he will always be remember by me and the pavelow world as a great man. I can in no way share my exact feeling in a e-mail so I will just say that he will always be remembered not just for his sacrafice, but for the many "little" thing he had done is his lifetime."
Tsgt Keith Hurst of Robins AFb, GA

"To the families of those who perished in and to those who survived this crash. My daughter, Sgt. Diane Gilliam, survived this crash, and yet the survivors of the crash are not receiving fair treatment by the army. You assistance is needed in making sure that all of the survivors receive fair treatment. Also, if there is a witness to Spc Gary Craig's saving of Jonathan Purser we need for you to come forward so that Gary can receive his proper accommodation for his actions

Anita Coyoli-Cullen

Proud Army Mom of Diane Gilliam
Survivor of Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Anita Coyoli-Cullen of Huntington Beach, Ca, USA

"To the loved ones of MAJ Plumhoff-My name is Stephanie Purser, wife of Army Ranger SSG Johnathan Purser. John was also on board the same helicopter. He barely survived and was cut free from his harness at the last minute by a Specialist also from 10th Mountain. He received 3rd degree burns on his face and upper body and does not remember most of the crash. I did not know MAJ Plumhoff but I wanted you to know that not a day goes by that I don't pause to reflect on his life and the lives of the four other service members who died that day."
Stephanie Purser of FT Benning, GA purserstephanie@yahoo.com

"I have never known a community with stronger bonds than the pavelow family. Losing Plummer- we have lost a great and wonderful soul. I only find comfort in knowing that he is up in those "Blue Skies" watching over my husband and the rest of the boys and bringing them home safe. The Plumhoff family should be proud and know we will never forget the sacrifice your family has made for ours. God Bless."
Mrs Alby of Kirtland AFB, NM

"Blue skies, brother."
Lat #028

"Dear Steven.
I think of you every day and i miss you.My wish for 2005?no war!But when will this time come? Steven,Yvette and Gavyn i love you.your´s Norma"
Norma Wittmann of Pforzheim Germany

"Dear Steven
Today (11.23.04) it is one year past. But it feels in our hearts as if was yesterday. Sometimes we can´t believe that you never come back. It is very hard for us. But we are very proud of you and say thanks for the good time with you. You are living in our hearts forever.
Dear Yvette and Gavyn-Ruark
sometimes we wish that we can do more for you both. However we send you our thought and hope that we can see you soon.
Dear Hannelore, Karl-Heinz & Carola
please never forget, you are not alone. In our thought we are with you and send you all the best for the future.
We love you ALL and miss you so much!!!
Love & Peace"
Mariela & Marc Wacker of Pforzheim/ Germany

"Dear Gavyn and Yvette,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. I know at this time of year that you are going through some tough times. It seems like everything comes back in waves and you have to live through it all again. My heart goes out to you and is with you. Maybe one of these days we can all get together again. It would be fun just to see everyone. Take care and remember we are with you.

Love Ken"
Ken Kerwood of Chesterfield, Mo.

"To the family and friends,

Our prayers are with you in this most difficult time and we thank you for your loved ones bravery and sacrifice. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. Your loved one is a hero. Greater love have no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.

God bless you.

Home Front Ministries
Shepherd of the Hills Church
Porter Ranch, CA"

"Thanks for stepping forward when America needed you. To the family - Thank you for your contribution to our liberty and freedom. I'm sorry for your tremendous loss."
Ronald Carlson of Montrose, MN

"My boss, my brother, my best friend and the guy that always kicked my butt in fantasy hockey!!! I miss your smiling face, thanks for all the inspiration that is to this day driving me to be the best I can be. Yvette and Gavyn my family and I will always be there for you!!!!
GO New Jersey Devils!!!"
Fritz of 50ft 130knots

"Major Plumhoff, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I am very sorry for your loss.
It is very dangerous in the Middle East right now because many want us out. Freedom has a high price and American safety is very important to our soldiers. I am so proud of our soldiers.
I wish our job in Iraq was finished so my marine could come home. My thaughts and prayers are with you and your family."
cheryl of PA

"Steven, you have never been forgotten. Its been about 12 years since I last saw or heard from you. I only recently found out that it was you in that crash. I was so hoping to someday run into you again somewhere and swap stories about our lives, our families, our children and laugh over old times. Up until this past weekend (5/30/04) I knew nothing of your life or where you were and now I feel like I know everything about you from the warm and wonderful things that so many people have been writing about you. I was so happy to read that you have a son. Maybe I'll run into him on the street some day and see your face. I can't believe you're gone and I am struggling with that. You made a big impression in my life and I am greatful for the time I had to know you.
To Yvette and Gavyn...you are in my prayers. I can only imagine the pain of your loss. Steven and I were friends in high school and his first years at the AF academy. I was not surprised to find out what a hero he was. You must be proud. Please tell your son that his father was always a fine man, generous, caring and honorable. God bless you both."
Cathi of Piscataway, New Jersey

Today is 5/23/04. It's been 6 months, yet it feels like yesterday. Still seems unreal, like it didn't happen and you'll be in ABQ or CO the next time we're on vacation.
I barely got to know you and now you're gone. I so looked forward to hearing your version of the childhood memories of which Carola speaks so often!!! The look on her face when she tells them to me says it all. You were the best little brother in the world and she was so proud to be your Big Sis.
My family & friends never got the chance to meet you, yet they've felt the loss, too. From listening to me and Carola speak of our trips to see you, they fell in love with you. Guess you had that affect on everyone, didn't you?!
When I think of you, several images come into my mind. Like the first time I saw you in your flight suit, and called it a jumpsuit. The look on your face was priceless! You were quick to forgive my mistake but not before correcting me so that I dare not make such an error again!!
My 2 favorite images involve Yvette and Gavyn. I will never forget watching you and Yvette stroll through Old Town ABQ holding hands. It was so sweet. I'm so thankful we have that on video. Gavyn will love seeing that when he is older. And as for your Little Man, he is such a blessing. He's got your spunk! I picture you holding him in your hands when he was about 3 months old, just staring at him. No words were needed. The look on your face said it all.
Please know that I'm grateful for the times I did get to spend with you and I'm proud to be part of your family.
I love you and I miss you.
Yours in family, yours in love."
Kerensa of North Plainfield, NJ

"To the Plumhoff Family: I am so sorry for your loss. Steven is and always will be a hero. God Bless."
Jessica of Rio Vista.CA

"To the family of Steven "Plummer" Plumhoff,
My name is Specialist Diane Gilliam and I am one of the survivor's from the crash that took your loved ones life. I am still dealing with my own physical and emotional pain about this day and I just want you to know that I will never let your family be out of my prayers. I did not know the men who died nor the ones who survived with me. I was a lone soldier hitching a ride to join the mission. My heart continues to break when I see the name or faces of those who have left this world. There is nothing that I can say that will make your loss any easier. I just want you to all know that each and every one of those who died are a part of my life now. This day will never be lost from my mind or heart. I hope that one day I will have the honor of meeting the families of those who died and survived the crash. Plummer's name sticks out in my mind because his assistant pilot, Chris, continued to cry out his name while in the ICU. Chris was in the bed beside mine and every time he called out Plummer's name it made me pray for him. After the men had been flown to Germany, and I remained in Bagram, I continued to ask if this Plummer person had survived or not. It still pains me to remember that day and to know that while I was able to call my own family, those who actually gave their lives for this country, their families were only given the news from a fellow airmen or soldier. So God Bless your family and know that we may not know one another but I will always remember your Plummer."
Diane Leilani Gilliam of Huntington Beach, CA

"Maj Plumhoff,
Wow! Even after all this time, I still expect you to walk thru the door and make a silly comment like you always used to. You always helped to brighten the day at the ops desk. When I think about you, the only memory I think about is that last day when you and Gavyn were at my computer and he was "typing" you a letter. You had said to Janifer and me that we were going to miss you. Like our old joking patterns, we had both said "no we're not". We were so wrong. Everyday I think of you and the great times we had hanging out at the desk, squadron picnics and last years christmas party. Even though I can't see you or joke with you anymore, you gave me a wonderful gift: having my life touch by someone like you. I miss ya!"
A1C Jennifer L. Campbell of Kirtland AFB, Alb. NM

"Dearest Gavyn,

I wanted to tell you a little something about your father and what a great man and friend he was. I remember the first day I met your dad. He had come to Hurburt Field for a screening program, called “Commando Look”, which was used to select pilots to fly the MH-53. I was part of the screening team and worked as the sponsor for all the visiting pilots. Right from the start you dad struck me as someone with a great love for life. His attitude toward the whole program was amazing and he scored very high on all of his test. I knew at that moment he was the type pilot we wanted in PAVE LOW.

I didn’t work with your father until I got to Kirtland AFB in the summer of 2003. I had heard great things about him before that and he had outstanding reputation in the MH-53 community. Your dad quickly became a good friend and someone who always met me with a big smile. He loved his job very much and was very proud to be serving his country and protecting a way of life for you and your mom.

You should be proud of your father and the things he accomplished in his life. There are very few people that are willing to make the sacrifice he made. He loved you and your mother very much and you could see that in his eyes when he talked about you.

We will miss your dad, “Plummer”, very much. I know he is looking down on us with his big smile and wants us to carry on the fight. Take care and know that PAVE LOW will always be there for you and your mom.

God Bless!"
Lt Col Pat Nussman of Kirtland AFB, NM

i will never forget you.im going to miss seeing you.you died a hero.i will miss you."
Sean Williams-Harwood of Alb,NM,USA

"Dearest Gavyn and Yvette
Steve was an absolutely wonderful, caring and very special man. Never did a day go by that Steve and Yvette didn't give something to the Pavelow community. In England they always made sure everyone was taken care of - especially during the holiday seasons when all we had was our Pavelow Families. Steve always had a bright and wonderful smile - which we all will never forget. I think of Steve everyday and I know that he is watching out for not only Gavyn and Yvette but also his fellow Pavelow families. This was a true shock to all of us and still one that is unbelievable. Our deepest sympathies couldn't be put into words. Yvette and Gavyn - we are here for you and you are family and always will be."
Mark & Tracy Mapel of Albuquerque, NM

"We began this thing together as 4-degrees at USAFA. You would be proud of how your memory has brought the Tough Twenty Trolls together. I have the highest regard for you and your family. You will always be an inspiration for others. With a heavy heart, and teary eyes, I bid you farewell my friend."
Bradley Ball of USAFA '92

"God bless this man and his family. He died serving a noble cause and did more to make the world a safer more decent place than 99% of his fellow men ever will. That's an honor worthy of this hero."
The Estes Family of Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Gavyn,

I write this message to you knowing that you will likely not read it for many years, yet its contents are timeless, as was your father's love of life, love of his country, and most of all, love of you and your mom.

Regrettably, it is you that must now embark on a journey of sacrifices that (fortunately) most Americans have not; for you will grow up never getting to know what a great man your father was. All of us who had the opportunity to know your father were better for it. He was one of the nicest, most pleasant men you could imagine. I knew him as we were both on the parachute team together and shared many good times.

When you are old enough to read this, give your mom a big hug as she too will have endured a sacrifice by raising you without your dad by her side. To all of us, your dad is a hero who did not die in vain, but rather died fighting for a noble cause doing something that he loved. We all go to sleep tonight in a world that is safer because of the ultimate sacrifice that he and his fellow warriors have made in the pursuit of freedoms of peace-loving people throughout the world.

On behalf of the Management Department of the United States Air Force Academy, of which your dad is a well-remembered and highly respected alumnus, and the 98th Flying Training Squadron, home to your dad's beloved Wings of Blue Parachute Team, I send my deepest regrets and heartfelt sympathy. Know that we will be here for you just as your father was and would always have been here for us.

Here's to Plummer....

Major Jim Parco, PTWOB #022
Department of Management
U.S. Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado"

"Dear Yvette and Gavyn,
Plummer and I jumped together as brothers on the Wings of Blue. I don't have a memory of Plummer not overwhelmed by "the SMILE." My personal grief at his memorial was pierced by the evidence that his smile prevailed. The same excited appetite for life, unfailing loyalty, and huge smile were bedrocks of his life, shared with his family and PaveLow brothers. These are the parts of him I make a part of me and try to pass to my children. Plummer's smile is the best, and it makes the world a better place. Blue Skies #027

Maj Charles Howard
227th Spec Ops Flight"
of McGuire AFB, NJ

"Even though I never met Plummer and the family. I would like to say I am really sorry for your loss.I lost my dad in the same crash."They will never be forgotten"."
Kalie Walters of Hurlburt ,Florida


"Thank you Steven Plumhoff, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"Dear Steven
Never in the life I will forgot the day, on which you took me to the parting so dear into the arm. None of us would have thought that this should be the latter times. Dear Steven, you will always be with us, we loves you much."
Elfriede und Werner of Pforzheim/Germany

"When you left I said "be careful, see you soon" as I always do when you "guys" step to fly never thinking it would be our last words. I looked up to you for never letting anything take away your smile...you are a true hero and I will never forget you! Although our mission must and will still be accomplished we will certainly fall short somewhere without you in the "Pavelow Community". God Bless Gavyn, Yvette and the other freinds and family you left behind... We miss you"
SSgt Danielle Holloway of Kirtland AFB New Mexico

"Although I hadn't seen you since you were 8 years old, you will always be my little brother. I'll miss you."
Kenneth O. Jackson of Fort Pierce, Fl/USA

"Dear Steven.
Your visit with Yvette and Gavyn here in Germany have bring you in my heart more than words can say.It was so beautiful to experience the first Birthday and the wonderfull christening with Gavyn.In your and Yvette´s eye´s i have seen so much Love to your son Gavyn.I thank God for all this wonderfull moments that ever we had.Sweet kisses to you Steven Yvette and Gavyn.I miss you so much."Bis nexte mal"in love your´s Norma from Germany.(Freebird)"
Norma Wittmann of Pforzheim Germany

"Dear Yvette and Gavyn,
I feel so fortunate to had the opportunity to get to know you and Steven personal this last summer. You had been visiting Stevens family in Pforzheim and we did spent a wonderful afternoon together.
I wish you and your family all the strength you need to get through this hard time.
Good bless you! Britta (sister of Michael Hiller)"
Britta Reiff of Tiefenbronn / Germany

"Dear Steven!
we have became acquainted with Steven this year and separated to have this year also again take. We could do it only short time were however proudly on it so great human to be known.He will be eternally continue in our hearts. We wish to through-be entitled to Yvette Gavin as well as its whole family strength and love the worst time of their life together.
In Love"
Familie Wacker of Pforzheim, Germany

"Dear Steven!
It is unpossible to put it in words. We ful so empty. We where so happy over visit in Pforzheim. The celebration of Gavyns birthday and his christing.
Happy memories- and then suddenly pain. Pain so deep, that there are no words for it.
Our thought and prayer go to you, Yvette,Gavyn and all the family.
We wish they have a lot of power and love, to go through this painful time.
Steven, the nice man, will always have a place in our hearts.
These aren`t a lot of word, but the`re coming from our heart.
In the eyes from Eileen you will be a wonderful angel- an angel from heart.
Take care. We love you.By.............."
Birgit, Michael und Eileen Hiller of Pforzheim/ Germany

"Him and I were extrememly good friends. That Sunday I had gotten a weird feeling and ended being in a weird mood that day to include not being able to sleep until 0350hrs the next day. I only napped for about an hour waking up to the news that an MH053 had crashed in Afghanistan. Then I had known that something wasn't right. Before he departed from Africa to Afghanistan on the 5th of Nov he had sent me an email saying:
" Hey Judy!

Spent all day packing up the place yesterday! We are departing today for our next location. All is well. If you don't hear from me, we don't have E-mail access, otherwise I'll make contact. Thanks for all the warm thoughts. Take care and have a swell week! PEACE!

If I would have known that this was the last email I was to receive from him... He had promissed to be safe and that he would be back before Xmas to his wife and son Gavyn. He will be highly missed. From the best times at RAFM to the best here at KAFB. He was always there for me, and will still be.
May God keep your family from harms' way and may he give Yvette and parents enough strength to go through these rough times.
May you R.I.P dear Steve!!!
Miss you!!!
Judyth J Garcia, Ret SrA, USAF of Albuquerque, NM (originally from Mt. Vernon, NY)

"Our Steven was completely special humans. He spent this summer with his family with us in Germany. In this time we closed it still more into our heart. He was a mad married man and an affectionate father. It will be missing to us all much. Next week must we parting from him take, but in our hearts it will always have a completely special place. We will try its family much strengh and love will give and them will show that we always are there for them. Much love and strengh from Germany."
Mariela & Marc Wacker of Pforzheim, Germany

"Plummer was a friend of mine. He and I worked side by side in the 58 OGV office. He was the chief evaluator for the MH-53 and I was the chief for the HH-60's. He and I attended the Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course together and seemed to run into each other again and again ever since. We flew together in the Instructor Exchange Program. We argued over regulations and laughed about the bureacracy we were both found ourselves a part of. He was a great person--well respected by his peers and subordinates alike.

I will miss him personally. It saddens me greatly to lose (another) friend. My family and I pray for him.

The world will be a less wonderful place without Plummer in it.

Godspeed, my friend. You will be missed. Since you made it there first, have a beer on me at Fiddlers Green, old friend...tell my comrades I miss them terribly."
Trevor J. Boyko of Ramstein, Germany

"To the family and friends of Maj. Steven Plumhoff:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Steven for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Maj. Steven Plumhoff:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Steven, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on