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Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy

29, of Patchogue, New York.
Murphy died while conducting counter-terrorism operations in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Coalition forces located the sailor while conducting a combat search and rescue operation July 4, 2005 in Kunar Province. Murphy’s whereabouts had been unknown since June 28, 2005. He was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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"Rest in the arms of God. Thank you for your service. You will be forever remembered. Fair Winds, and following seas."
HTC (sw) Ret of Norfolk Va

"Happy Belated Birthday, Michael! You would have been 40 this year! But, in the hearts of your family and friends, you’ll forever be 29. More importantly, you’ll always be a powerful figure in military history and you’ll always be loved and admired."
Alejandro De La Garza of Dallas, TX

"A deep appreciation for your sacrifice on this day of remembrance ."
Leimbach-Glass of Central City , NE.

"thanks for your sacrifice!"
M. anseeeuw of Miami Fl

"Thank you for your service."
C. W.

"I read Michael's story. He is a true inspiration to the spirt of America. He makes me proud to call myself an American. My condolences to his family and fellow comrades. He represents the core values of the Navy and the United States Military. Thank you Michael for your sacrifice."
Jeffrey K. Heck USAF 82-86 of Columbus, Ohio

"To the fallen hero and his family,
I have never met you but I just saw the documentary of one of the bravest sacrifices I have ever witnessed in my entire life. My sister served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She went thru hell but nothing like your son did. I'm truly amazed at what bravery your son offered. He will be truly missed. I'm so happy that the government at least contributed a boat to help protect our country. I am so sorry a caliber of human being was lost to our world. I cried thru your whole documentary God bless to you and your family"
Natalie jean Gradisar of Keyport, washington, USA , Base town


You will always be missed and remembered. Your bravery and adhering to the SEAL ethos, word-by-word is inspiring and shows the world the man that you are. I refuse to speak about you in past-tense because you will always live on in our hearts and minds.

Fair winds and following seas, Lt.

With love, respect and gratitude."
Billy A. of North Port, FL

"There are no words to express our gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice our hero MichaelMurphy and the rest of the heroes made for us and sorrow over terrible,tragic loss. We honour these brave warriors. Our deepest condolences to you... the family and friends. Never forgotten. With much love and prayers, a proud American, Abby"
Abby of Pennsylvania

"There are no words to express our gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice our hero Michael Murphy and the rest of heroes made for us and sorrow over the terrible tragic loss. We honour these brave warriors. Our deepest condolences to you... the family and friends. Never forgotten. With Much love and prayers, a proud American, Abby"
Abby of Pennsylvania

"Another of our fine sons taken from us too soon. Another reminder of the high cost of freedom which so many take for granted.

"No greater love hath any man..."

You live forever in our hearts, minds and souls.
May God Bless and Keep You All."
Cap'n Rob of U.S. Virgin Islands

"Dear Murphy Family:
As I sit here to write to you, tears are streaming down my face and my 2 year old baby girl who is sitting in my lap can’t understand why her Daddy is crying his eyes out. Unfortunately my baby is too young to understand what Michael’s sacrifice means, but know that when she is old enough to understand, I will tell her the story of your son Lt. Michael P. Murphy and what he sacrificed so that my baby girl can have the freedom to play soccer without being afraid of stepping on land mines, or we are able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that the secret police isn’t to kick our door down and arrest us in the middle of the night. There are just not enough words that can express my family’s gratitude for your son’s sacrifice, but I hope that you will take in some comfort knowing that you’ve raised a son that stood up and defended the people who can’t defend themselves. If the DDG-112 is ever open to the public, it will be a great honor for me and my family to step on to the deck of the USS Michael Murphy. With sincere gratitude and prayers from Idaho!"
James of Boise, Idaho

"Dear Murphy Family,
This memorial day the Crossfit workout in Center Moriches is "Micheal Murphy Memorial." I just read everything I could find about your son on the internet and was touched by the person he was; an athlete, an intellect, a fiance, a son, a brother and a true hero. Thank you for bringing Michael into this world and I am sorry he left so early. "Roger that, Thank you""
Krista Debler of Center Moriches

"I am a civilian contractor in Kandahar. You are being honored on base and are an inspiration to soldier and civilian. Thank You for your service and bravery. To your family, be very proud of him. We are."
William Rieke of Kandahar Air Field

"Mr. Murphy and family,

I am a Senior in high school and I made my senior quote "Roger that, sir. Thank you". I felt that whenever somebody would see my quote and look it up, they would read about your story and the unimaginable character it takes to do what you and your team did. I appreciate what your sacrifice means to the nation. I will be in the NROTC program in college and will join the Marine Corps. I hope to come even with an inch of the shadow of your bravery. As for the family, no greater strength is there than to endure the pain and hardship that you all have, but no greater honor than to have a family member with such heart. I appreciate your sacrifice and will always respect the feared and revered honor that you and your team exemplify for the Navy SEALs and the United States of America.

Best Regards."
Michael Zuccarino of Saratoga, California

"Rest in peace!

You are a true hero!"
Jacob of Austria

"Your unwavering peofessionalism and dedication to your troops is the thing of legend, brother. Your sacrifice was not cheap and you will always be held in the highest regard. My sons will know your name. Si vic pacem, para bellum."
AM Moeller of Texas

"Lt. Murphy, your honor and courage is inspiring. I am seeking to gain entrance to Marine Corps OCS. I hope to be 1/10th of the man you were."
Kevin C of Scarborough, ME

"rest in peace!! ture hero"
safi of israel

"Dear Mr. Murphy and family,

I am a gradute of the PMHS class of 1982. I am also a former 2nd class Petty Officer in the United States Navy. It has taken me a couple of years to be able to write about your son Michael because I literally cannot stop the tears from flowing down my face when I think about the courage and bravery it took to do what he did in that situation. Not only did you lose your beloved son, but this country lost one of its finest, and a true American hero, the kind of man who has true beliefs and lives by true morals that exhibit that kind of courage and character is rarer than the most precious jewel. Michael was a shining example of the best this country has to offer in any scenario. I personally never met him, though I believe my younger brother Jeff knew him. I have cried many a tear over your son and other fallen warfighters, as well as the victims of 9/11. I cannot express the sorrow I feel for your loss, nor the immense sense of pride in knowing such a fine young man walked the halls of Patchogue -Medford high school. I am deeply sorry for your loss, and hope you take some comfort in knowing that you raised a Great son who did more than even many other courageous souls would do in the heat of combat for the good of the group, instead of worrying about himself. I will be thinking of you this memorial day and hope that some day I may shake your hand and hug Michaels mom. God Bless and I want you to know that I will make sure like many others, that Michael is never forgotten."
Andrew Montero of Fayetteville, NC

"Unfortunately, we have a common bond (the loss of a son). Mother's Day I saw you on the news... you were stating how you received a text from your son that said " I'm home safe and sound" and how you took it as a sign from you son. Unbelieveable....I received the same text from my son a year ago just days after his death. I, too, felt it was a sign. I felt it was another sign from him on Mother's Day upon hearing this happened to you. Thank you for enabling me to receive a Mother's Day gift in the way of a sign from my son. May has been such a difficult month as he would have turned #40 on May 1st, Mother's Day was May 8th, and the anniversary of his death will be May 15th, and Memorial Day on May 30th.. I hope you continue to receive many signs from your son. Connie
Connie of Nixa, Missouri 65714

"Happy Birthday, Michael Murphy! May your legacy last forever!"
Alejandro De La Garza of Dallas, TX

Many thanks to the surviving friends, relatives, members of NYFDP units 33 and 34 for sharing with family of BIW and GD workers the celebration of the christening of the USS Michael Murphy.
We are honored to have been in your presence at this event. We pray that you may find solace in the spirit that shipbuilders have put into this ship, and that every sailor that sets foot aboard knows the "Murph" legacy."
Mark McConnell of Cumberland, ME

"To The Murphy Family,
I'm a father of three and have never served in the military. And I have never known your son; I have only read his story.
Can you understand how proud I am of Michael? I'm 49 yrs old and he has taught me so much. If I could I would be honored to wash his socks. As for his boots; they are ones I can never walk in. Yes, he was the giant among giants. May God hold him close."
Carl Drach of Trumbull, CT/USA

"To Michael Murphy Family: I just read about your son's story with tears. He was a true American Hero. Just want you to have the comfort of knowing there is someone here who has never met your son, is feeling deeply sad with his passing. Our country has lost a great man. May God bless your family."
diane of louisville, KY

"To the family of:Michael P. Murphy
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"1-12-11"

"A true leader among men, and a giant among leaders. Fair winds and following seas forever, brother."
CWO4 Elliott Black of Kapolei, HI

"Three days ago, the Penn State senior class of 2011 voted for their class gift to the University---The Lt.Michael P. Murphy/Penn State Veterans Plaza. Michael Murphy was an honor student and dual degree graduate of Penn State in 1998. Not only is this honor richly deserved, but congratulations to the Penn State graduating class of
2011...well done seniors, well done."
Robert States---Penn State 1968 of Coral Springs, FL

"To the entire Murphy Family, Friends and Fellow Warriors:

Thank you for all having a hand in touching and shaping the life of this wonderful young man. I know you must all be justifiably proud of his achievements and his selfless service to our nation. My mother and father would both be very happy and honored to know that they are buried on the same hallowed grounds (Calverton) as this true American hero, devoted son and brother, loving fiance, loyal friend and TEAM-mate. I'm especially proud to know he is a fellow Long Islander.

You all will remain in my thoughts and prayers."
CAPT Vince Gast, USN of Lawrenceburg, KY, USA

"Thank you for giving everything you had, so every American child can grow up free, toting a baseball bat instead of an assault rifle.
You have inspired me, to give everything I can for future generations.

You are a true hero
Thank you."
MIDN Hassenfeldt of Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"I have the privilege of working for the best naval shipbuilders in the world here at Bath Iron Works and I believe I speak for all of us in promising that no ship has ever been built, or ever will be built, with more pride or purpose than DDG 112, USS Lt. Michael Murphy."
Mark Kidd of Bath, Maine

"Ms. Murphy, and the family of LT(SEAL) Michael Murphy;

It is my distinct honor to serve in the same service as your son. A true patriot, a hero, a leader, and the epitome of a Naval Officer. I strive daily to be 1/10th the man that LT Murphy was. Gone but never forgotten, rest easy Mike, we have the watch.

Very respectfully,

LT Loren L. Nichols
United States Navy"
Loren Nichols of Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

"No greater love than this that a man lay down his life for another. Lt Michael Murphy did not only lay down his life for his 3 fellow SEALs but he laid down his life for everyone that calls himself and American. Rest in peace my brother and fellow Soldier, may your noble deeds as an American Freedom Fighter never be forgotten. God Bless Michael Murphy and his Family"
Kevin of California

"From an old Master Sergeant,
To the family. I am honored to have watched the video about your son and husband. Yes, this old GI teared up with pride. St Michael says to him, "Welcome home, brother. For he who sheds his blood for others shall remain my brother for eternity." I only wish I could have met him, for he is my brother, as much as my sons are.

Please excuse me. My family knows. We are on our 9th, 10th, and 11th deployment. of the 4 of us, we have 4 Purple Hearts. My wife and I listen for the phone calls that others don't understand. We watch for the "official car" since Iraq began. I will support you in any way. Thank you. Bless you."
MSgt Patrick Novak of Denver, CO

"Another year passed by...
You and your SEAL brothers will be never forgotten..."
felipe espinosa of amstelveen, the netherlands

"God bless you Lt. Murphy. Thank you for protecting this country. You and your fellow service members are all heros to me and my family. Your sacrifice will always be remembered."
John Canevari of Pawling, NY

"After reading the Lt. Murphy's biography and seeing his unwaivering acceptance to personal sacrifice; We should be so proud of a nation to recognize and honor his name. He is a shining hope and patriot to the American way of life. God Bless his family and his sacrifice to this country, Truly Amazing!"
Jay Johnson of Boston, MA/USA

"Words can not express enough gratitude for your sacrifice. God Bless you & your family..."
Susan Thompson of Harrison, NY

"On this weekend I am remembering you and thanking you for keeping my family safe.."

Kathy of Virginia Beach, VA

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This is a gift! We have wonderful sponsors who help with the costs, and want you know that everyone here at Project Compassion does and will always CARE.
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion - Kenna of Manti, Utah USA

"This is the type of man,men need to inspire and aspire to.This was the type of man we hope for,believe for,and pray for.God listens,grants,but calls home our best sooner than we want, for their time with us could never be enough.Yet again,they never leave us."
Louis ianniello of Rexford,New york

"Lt Murphy and his team, alone in a mountainous and far away land, vastly outnumbered by enemies, no help at hand…..stood tall like the Spartans at Thermopylae…American bravery and heroism at its highest……..these men are American legends forever.

As a dying Tom Hanks said to Matt Damon in “Saving Private Ryan” of his team's sacrifice………“Earn it”.

And so the great Seal Team of Lt. Michael Murphy, Matthew Axelson, Danny Dietz and Marcus Luttrell say to all Americans “ EARN IT !”

Ravi S. of New York

"What can we do as American citizens to amend the ROE's as it relates to terrorist groups. Can you let us know if there are loobyist groups or organizations that we can support?"
Jeff Harrison of Texas

"Mr. and Mrs. Murphy-
I knew Mike only peripherally through my sister, Megan. Mike and Megan went to high school together. I am now a high school principal in Washington State. When my Veteran's Day speaker fell through, I decided to present Mike's life, death, and MOH for my students. My sister filled in with some funny stories from high school. It was a great presentation and my students now understand the true meaning of Veteran's Day. Thank you for raising a kid that other kid's can look up to and all Americans can be proud of."
Deidre Riordan Holmberg of Richland, WA

"Michael will always serve as a reminder to me that I too must be willing to sacrifice greatly in order to keep America the "Land of the Free"
The elitist socialist politicians and their allies will not be able to destroy the freedom loving spirit of the American people. This is and will always be "The Home of the Brave". Thank you Michael for your courage and character.Thank you also to his parents."
Craigg Cody of Exton, PA / USA

"I just finished the book Lone Survivor and I can honestly say that as long as I live the story of you brave four young men will not only never be forgotten , but will be told by me to many people that I come in contact with for many years to come. You were truly American Heros !"
Jimmy C of Lake Hopatcong N.J.

"Murph, I can't believe it has been four years. There is not a day that goes by you are not in my thoughts. I am forever grateful for the ultimate sacrifice you have made for our country. Miss you buddy."
James Emmerich of Medford

"To the Murphy Family, I will be thinking of you and all the other families this memorial day. May god bless you and keep you in good health. I would like to thank you for what your son has done on my behalf. I only wish he could still be here. I read lone survivor and look forward to the book about your son. I grew up not far from patchouge, I grew up in shirley. I live in florida now but growing up in new york made me a happy person. I miss the place, I wish the taxes were not so high or I would still be there.

I hope to come back for vacation just to see the old neighborhood, I also want to go see your son's final resting place.

again, may god bless you and thank you for raising a fine person who made us all safer in this country."
Stephen T Katchusky of Orlando, Florida

"To the Murphy Family, words can not express my thanks and gratitude for Michael's service and sacrifice. His story is one of extreme courage and selflessness. I want you to know that his name will never be forgotten by me. Michael's story has carried great inspiration in my life. His courageous actions have inspired me to join the military. I hope to one day be serving in Specials Forces operating behind enemy lines. I wish to do this so that Michael and countless other's sacrifices will not be in vain. Michael had the courage to stand up to those who compromised his friends and family's way of life here in the United States. This takes extreme courage and sacrifice and once again I am truly thankful."

""The memory of a Warrior shall forever live on the lips of those who speak their name." Rest Easy friend, you will never be forgotten nor will your fallen brothers who made the ultimate sacrufice that fateful day."
Anonymous of Maryland/ Virginia

"Words escape me as I try to leave this message. Mike, you continue to be an inspiration to those who learn about you. I hope that your family and friends can draw some small measure of comfort from the fact that your memory truly lives on and affects all who encounter it. As an Army Infantryman I respect and admire your military accomplishments and am proud to serve with you, although I never met you. More importantly, I am so impressed by your drive and ability to do the right thing, even when the consequences are great. As a father of a young son, my heart goes out to your family in general, but your father in particular. I dont have the emotional control or ability to say more than that. Lastly, as I sit writing this, my legs and arms are horribly sore from completing "Murph" for Crossfit last night. Oddly enough, I feel proud and priviledged to be so sore. By the way, I set a new PR by nearly 12 minutes! Stand at ease, rest easy, and thank you for all you have done, and continue to do."
Vance van Hees of Atlanta, GA 4th Bn, 17th Inf. Buffalo!

"As Michael's father, I wanted all of those who visit these pages and express their kind thoughts, prayers and tributes to Michael that Maureen (Michael's Mom) and I review these pages regularly and take much comfort from the way in which Michael has touched so many lives. I am also pleased to inform all of you that an author, Gary Williams, is doing a biography on Michael, his life and his SEAL team tentatively titled "When Character met Circumstance: The Life & Times of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy." The title comes from a remark made at the Navy Memorial celebration on October 23, 2007 by Admiral Joe Maguire, Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command after the award of the Medal of Honor the day before to Mike by President Bush. At the Navy Memorial ceremony at that time, Admiral Maguire remarked in talking about Michael's character coming to the forefront when confronted with the circumstances on the mountain that terrible day of June 28, 2005. The book should be published and out sometime around June 2009 at or near the time of the laying of the keel on the Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer DDG-112 which will bear Michael's name...USS Michael Murphy. GOD Bless all of you and thank you for your kind comments. They have inspired the family and soothed the open wound of the loss of our son which never heals, never gets better and never goes away. Thanks to all of you from a grateful Dad who misses his 'buddy boy" more than anyone can imagine nor could be expressed in words that would due justice to our terrible loss. Thank you all."
Daniel J. Murphy of Wading River, New York

I'm proud to have known you through the written words of others. Thank you for your sacrifice, your courage, and your duty to our fine country. My prayers are with you and your family and may God Bless you all.
MSgt Joel Burkhard (USAF)
Poughkeepsie, New York
Ramstein Air Base, Germany"
JOEL BURKHARD of Ramstein Air Base, Germany

"I cannot fully understand your grief, but as a Vet. I can understand Mike's sacrifice to his country and family. It was given freely without regret. The USS Micheal P. Murphy DDG-112 will ensure his name and sacrifice will not be forgotten in our future.

"Mike, Semper Fi. God Bless you and the fine young men willing to do what most won't. You will live in spirit forever."
Chris of Baltimore, MD

"To be part of the most elite military speciality, in the most elite military, in the greatest country in all of history is an accomplishment in itself. What you did was far beyond it. Truely one of, if not the, greatest individual warrior in history."
Scott of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I have cross stitched a Memorial for your family, have not been able to deliver, due to unforeseen circumstances so will be bringing it to Hawaii for your Unit to hang."
Suzann Mack of Malverne, NY

"Hi have just finished reading the book Lone Survivor and their courage and stamina in combat and for the friends and family has inspired me, so much so that i am joining the Royal marines. Rest in Peace all those that have fallen you are never forgotten."
David Dickinson of United Kingdom (Manchester)

"Mike, miss you."
Larry of Millington, TN

"From a fellow New Yorker and Father Thank you for your service. We need more men like Michael Murphy."
Ralph Cavolo of Staten Island

"A young man with such an excellent spirit and dedication. I am so sorry that his family and our country has lost him. We need more like Michael. From a loving mother and grandmother"
Dee P of Liverpool, NY USA

"LT. Murphy epitomized HONOR,COURAGE & COMMITMENT."
AJL (2008) of Greene, ME

"Mike I think about you and the rest of the boys all the time. Thank you for your service and sacrifice."
Robin of San Diego, CA

"They struggled with the ferocity that was to be expected of brave men fighting a forlorn hope against an enemy who had the advantage of the position....knowing that courage was the one thing wich could save them.
57 BC"
Dananjaya Ramanayake of Sri lanka

"I believe he shows the true meaning of America, and what She still stands for. Many people try to disfigure Her name, but he shows there is still good, and fight left in America.

You are a true hero and you will be in my prayers.

Thanks Mick!"
George Donnelly of East N.Port, NY/USA

"i just finished reading lone survivor...you guys are extraordinary...i shed a lot of tears reading your story...words are not enough to praise and thank you for your sacrifices so that we may live free from terror...you will forever live in our hearts...every sunday as much as possible i go to church and light 19 candles for you and your comrades who died with you on hindu kush mountain...may my simple gesture of thanks reach you in heaven and it may ease the pain of your loved ones you left behind...rip michael"
rasmia of philippines

"We are the Pilgrims, master;
we shall go always a little further;
it may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow,
across that angry or that glimmering sea.

From a fellow sailor and Long Islander.

Ken Olson
EOD Mobile Unit III
CAPT, USA Special Forces"
Ken Olson of Portland, OR

"We are the Pilgrims, master;
we shall go always a little further;
it may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow,
across that angry or that glimmering sea.

From a fellow sailor and Long Islander.

Ken Olson
EOD Mobile Unit II
CAPT, USA Special Forces"
Ken Olson of Portland, OR

"I am originally from Sayville, LI and an engineering lead for the AEGIS combat system that will be on the DDG-112, the USS Michael P. Murphy.

The ship and it's crew will proudly sail the oceans of the world protecting us from our enemies. A fitting tribute to a fine young man!"
Paul Hunter of Robbinsville, NJ

"I never met mike, However through my fiance I got to know him. As he spoke of Murph, I felt I knew him.

My Dad Airforce, My uncle Navy, My other uncle marine, both grandfathers Army. I have great gratitude for all the men that serve. It is very close to my heart.

My fiance played hockey with Michael, went and picked up his first motorcyle with Michael. I am honored to have known Michael through my fiance, even if it was not in person.

The character he exemplifies is excellence par None. He is in my heart forever. I am a true American Girl.

I was priveleged to be at his funeral. I supported,Maureen,Dan,John,cousins,aunts and uncles, and there was nothing to say except "Thank you" for Michael.

The fabric of the family that wove him into that special man will never be forgot or without gratitude.

Thank you Maureen, Dan, John, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. And again Thank you for Michael "Murph"."
jeanette cahill of Holtsville, NY, USA

"I am deploying to Afghanistan this summer. I grew up near Patchogue (Bellport) and I know just what kind of grit and courage goes into a man like Michael. His story has inspired me and I hope my service--in some small way--honors his memory.

COL John Dowd, US Army"
John Dowd of Montgomery, AL

"I don't know what it is about this man, but since I learned of his actions late last year, I find him extraordinary. I guess because, at age 29, I was very lost and didn't know where my own life was going. And, this kid, who I probably never would have met, had his life altogether at such a young age. I wish now that I'd made the decision some 20 years ago to join the Navy and become a SEAL (or at least try) and straighten out my own life. For what it's worth, I thank Murphy for his valor, as well as that of other service personnel. God rest in peace, buddy! You're in a better place now."
Alejandro De La Garza of Dallas, TX

I am honored to have known you as my friend/fellow SEAL. I will never forget the sacrifice that you and all of our brothers have made. You will be missed by many, BUT never forgotten!"
Dominick Muoio BUD/S 231 of Tampa, FL

"I just saw a commercial for The Navy Seal Physical Challenge on TV and they mentioned Lt. Murphy's story. It touched me so much I had to go find him on the internet. Thank you to Lt. Michael Murphy for all you did for us. God Bless his family. We do appreciate and remember your son and all he did for his fellow men and his country. Thank you!"
Melanie P of Plano, TX

"May you rest in everlasting peace. God bless the family and friends you left behind."
Dawn Blais Jonas of New York, New York

"I want to say thank you for all you did to uphold what America is all about. I just finished the book "Lone Survivor" and all can I say-Danny, Axe, Mike and the rest that perished on that mountain that day-you guys were what all Americans should dream to be. Going to a place 8000 miles away from home to fight the very people who attacked us is beyond more than most can comprehend. I rest easy knowing my family can sleep at night thanks to hero's like these guys and HOOYAH to them and their family's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Unknown of Parachute, CO USA

"To the family of Michael Murphy and all other military & their families. My family's hearts and prayers are with you and yours during this holiday season and throughout the New Year! Thank you all for your sacrifice in honor of our country. I pray my boys will grow up and be so brave:)
Merry Christmas & God Bless US ALL"
Elizabeth Anderson of Chester, NJ

"December 9, 2007
To the family of Lt. Michael P. Murphy:
Michael gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Fair winds and following seas, shipmate. Thank you."
Derrick Flanagan, GM2 (SW) of Virginia Beach, VA

"Lt. Murphy, I can't help but say "thank you" for all your sacrifice, from a fellow Penn Stater and class 235. Hooyah"
Chris Laird of Altoona, Pennsylvania

"I just completed the book "Lone Survivor". When I read of your son's heroism I was speechless and stunned. Thank you simply doesn't say enough. The Medal of Honor isn't enough for what he gave. It is men like Lt. Murphy that make this country what it is and what it stands for. It has been said that "Being in battle is not the worst thing. Dying in battle is not the worst thing. The worst thing is to be forgotten." Lt. Murphy will never, ever be forgotten. My condolences and my thanks to your family for giving this nation one of its finest."
Mayor Frank Mecham of Paso Robles, Ca.

"An officer and a gentleman....A SEAL...A Sailor. For the greater good of your Country, your Navy, and your Sailors. For your ultimate sacrifice. Thank You. God Bless."
Jimmy of Virginia Beach, Va

"Thank You"
Michael Neu of Santa Monica, CA

"TO LT Murphy's Family,

Words cannot express my heart feel loss of your beautiful boy. He is a true hero... noble, loyal, strong, and brave. Thank you for your sacrifice and the ache you will feel. He can never be replaced but he has given so much. I cried with you as I watched the Silver Star Ceremony. I salute you and all the men and women service."
Gwen Miles of Manhattan, NY

"Michael, In giving the ultimate sacrifice for love of country, you have called all Americans to a higher standard. You have shown us exactly what love of country means as well as honor and character. Michael, as a Vietnam vet, I stand in awe of your courage and will never forget your sacrifice. You and your brothers are my heroes always."
Tom Wills of New Lenox, Illlinois

"To the family of Michael P. Murphy, What do you say to the father and mother of such a man. On behafe of my two sons Isaac 6 and Eli 5 the words Thank You seem so inadiquit, but yes Thank You. I will never forget your sons story and promis to pass it on to my two sons so as thay get older and begin to understand that there is know graiter gift that a man give then to lay down his life for his brother.I have recorded your sons name and birthday in my Bible to remind me always that Freedom isn't free. I pray that the Peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family always"
Robert J. Donato of Chartolle N.C.USA

"There is no way we can thank this very special person; of course, all our military are special people. I read the book "Lone Survivor" and this man indeed intentionaly sacrificed his life for his fellow comrades. THANK YOU!!!"
Penny of Albany, Ill USA

"What is America? America is the only place on this earth in which men like Michael Murphy are grown.Men who will step off into the black of night miles above the unknown.Men who slip silently into the deepest waters of uncertainty, undetered.And men who will stand,in the face of certain death,to summon the Eagle.Michael P.Murphy did this not for himself but for his comrades,and thereby,everyone that calls America home.He did this so that we may remain, and others might someday know what it is to live free from oppression.Lt.Michael Murphy did not stand to yield to death;He stood to shield others from it."ROGER THAT,SIR.THANK YOU" THAT is AMERICA!"
jimmy of ohio

"I am very proud that Michael received this Navy Medal of Honor. You know that He and the rest of them, including my Son "Shane" are whoopin’ it up & having a party in celebration of this Great Honor.

I am proud of our entire Group of Hero's and am also proud to be the parent of a National Hero, myself, a Gold Star Mother.

If it weren't for Marcus’ book - Lone Survivor I would never have known to what extremes my son fought for the love of his Nation and for our Enduring Freedom.

Congratulations to the Family for this Great Honor –

Congratulations to the “Operation Redwing Team” as well. One for all and All for One.


: ) Valerie"
Valerie Robinson of Poway CA USA

"There are many of us who are walking along your same path, with the same attitude, and for the same reason(s). May God bless you, Sir!"
Javier B. of Nampa, Idaho

"I want to thank everyone for their kind remarks about our wonderful and brave son, Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy, and the unwavering support you all show for our uniformed services. We are overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers and draw support from the many kind comments by all of you. Your support and prayers have helped in dealing with this terrible tragedy in our family. Thank You and God Bless to all of you and our armed forces around the world."
Daniel J. Murphy(father) of Wading River, NY

"Thank you for your service to our country and God Bless you and your family."
Tony of Auciello

"Lt. Murphy, you moved the world several steps closer to world peace. There are no words that can express our gratitude and appreciation for your effort in that ultimate of all goals.
I have read many of the hundreds of tributes that have preceded mine herein. It is clear that you were highly respected and loved by all those who knew you best.
GOD SPEED TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.You are indeed a National Treasure."
Ron & Phyllis Ettinger of Lilydale, Minnesota USA

"Dear Lt. Murphy and Family,

Thank you for your selflessness and dedication to service. You made the ulimate sacrifice to protect your friends and people who you did not even know, people like me. Thank you, you are a true American Hero. Rest in Peace."
Tom of NJ

"Lt.Michael P.Murphy & Family This country exist because of brave honorable men & woman like your son. He is an American hero. What parent wouldn't be proud to call him their son? God Bless your family"
Mark of Nederland , Texas

"To The proud Parents
I brought the article about your son home so my 12 year old could learn about a true american hero. His life of bravery and compassion are an inspiration."
cn of ny

"LT: Sir I admire your courage, dedication and sacrifice. I didn't know you sir, but I would have loved to serve along side you and your men. I honor your courage, valor and bravery. Thank you sir and my sympathy go to your family and friends. May you rest in peace sir."
Antoine of Atlanta, GA

"Lt Michael P. Murphy & Family
Thank You for the "Ultimate Sacrifice" You are truly an "American Hero, Warrior, Patriot, Friend" May you Rest In Peace."
Bob Ratliff of Spokane, Washington U.S.A.

"I first heard about Operation Red Wing on Fox when Marcus Luttrell was being interviewed. I already had a healthy respect for Navy Seals, but Michael Murphy elevated my respect 100-fold. I didn't know Michael Murphy, but by reading Luttrell's book and other sources, I must say, God Bless the Murphy family, and thanks for what you have forever etched upon my heart both as a superior example of heroism and an eternal explosion of that which a soul may offer up for mankind."
R. Brookman of Stafford, Kansas USA

"I was lucky enough to be Michael's JV Football coach at Patchogue-Medford HS. He was the kind of young man who would do anything for the team. He was not a starting player, but never missed practice. He was the type of kid who did the "little" things that many would not notice, but were necessary for a team to succeed. May God bless Michael, and his wonderful parents.

May the road rise to meet you,
and the wind always be at your back..."
Michael Pyle of North Babylon, NY, USA

"God bless you my Brother Veteran. You are my Hero!!! Viet Nam 1967-69"
Robert Brooks of South Haven, Mi


"Michael and I are the same age. Every time we lose someone over there I make sure I look at everything around me and appreciate the choice they made so that my choices were an option for me. My heart grows sick with sadness if I let it.. I am not strong enough to do what he did or those like him, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't gladly trade my life for any one of theirs, so we can keep just one more of our heroes around. I have to stop the sadness that swells and appreciate the importance of this sacrifice & that it constantly restores my faith in people, let alone reinforces how great America is."
Shannon Murphy of Long Beach CA

"From the deepest bottom of my heart I'd like to say that I'm so sorry for your lost.

I've been so touch by this tragic story, God bless Lt. Michael P. Murphy.

My 7 y.o. son who is so much into military stuff and soldiers, said today when he looked at the video at CNN "I'll never forgive you".

I cannot imagine what went through his mind during these two hours of combat.

Diego & Felipe"
Felipe Espinosa of Hoofddorp, North Holland / Netherlands

"just want ot let you know that your son is a true hero and i admire what he did after 9-11. he will never be forgotten."
robert cavanaugh of jackson, nj/usa

"To the Murphy Family and the other Families of Our Fallen Heros:

The Pride you have and the Loss that you feel is the bitter/sweet that life brings. I offer my condolences, my prayers, and my heartfelt graditude.

The righteous leaders of this country are few and cannot hold a candle to your sons (our sons) that have made sacrifices for our country and our way of life.

Michael is a wonderful example that cannot be matched with the likes of our current crop of Civil "Self Servants" in Congress that refuse to support & defend because of a sick agenda that puts their needs above our good people defending our country. It is a part of my prayer that they would wake up and truely see what kind of people sacrifice for our freedoms. Men & women like Michael have proven that it is not about money or power. It is an inner stength that comes from being on the right side of humanity and having faith in the one who created us. May God Bless you and the USA!"
R. Empey of Dallas, TX

"Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Murphy for giving
our great nation a brave warrior, in
your son Michael. He did not die in
vain; but in defending freedom, and
fighting world wide terrorism. I'm
proud to be a strong supporter of his
Medal Of Honor citation."
Dan Ford of Bessemer, AL (USA)

"My condolences certainly are with the Murphy family and the families of the other young service members who gave their lives for our great country. However, if the liberal press and how they would have persecuted these young warriors had not been an issue in the middle of enemy territory, the SEAL squad would have dispatched the goat hearders who compromised them and they would have gone forward with their clandestine mission. It is you, you liberal media sons of *es, who are responsible for the deaths of all of these fine SEALs and other soldiers. You worthless whores sell out your country for the sake of a buck and should be stood against a wall and shot. Then your children should be shot. Then your parents and all of your relatives should be shot. You and your entire families deserve to die because you are worse than the enemy. I can only hope that you bastards and those you came from, and have as children, will die today.

God help the families of all of our servicemembers; and may you liberal bastards, to include your families, supporters and employers, that caused this situation, be dammed and burn in hell...beginning now. We are in a war and fine youngsters are dying for all of us...you media sons of whores should be proud of them. Instead, you tie their hands and kill them. Then, like *ing vultures you are there to report their deaths so that you can profit.

There is no anger in this message; only the truth. You know it and you will live with it until the devil welcomes you into the burning pit of hell. Enjoy the eternal burning...it is more than you deserve."
LTC K ( USA Ret) of South Alabama

"Although i'm from other side of earth, i've heard about the sacrifice Murphy did for the world. I would like to thank the parent of Michael P. Murphy for having such a brave son and this world will become a safer place because of brave men like him."
David of Singapore

"To the parents of Michael Murphy,

I don't know Michael, but I wanted to thank you for the way you raised him. Americans are able to celebrate and practice our God given freedoms because people like Michael made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our rights from those that would take them away. Your son will always be a shining representation of America's Best!

We thank God for people like Michael. We thank God for parents like you.

God Bless you and your family!"
Shane Walker of Purcellville, Virginia

"Dear Dan & Maureen, You have endured the greatest sacrifice parents can make. From the bottom of my aching heart I thank you. It seems no coincidence that your son and God's mighty Archangel Michael share the same name. Your son was a shining example of all that is good and right and just. God's blessings upon you and your family and Heather."
Carolyn Hoover of Elk Rapids, MI

"This really made me cry, and at the same time so very proud of Lt. Murphy. God bless you brave soldier. Thank you so much for your sacrafice."
Eric Higgins of Erie, PA USA

"'Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends.' By his selfless and brave actions, Lt. Michael Murphy showed, with every ounce of his devotion, that he was truly an American hero. In circumstances too severe for most of us to even imagine, Lt. Murphy reacted with decisiveness and unfailing courage, thinking solely of the well-being of his men. May he rest in peace, and may we Americans never, ever forget, even for a moment, the innumerable sacrifices of those who fight to keep us and our land free. Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
James Palmer of North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America

"God Bless you for your sacrifice and may God always look after your family and this country as you did"
John Girolami of San Diego, Calif

"May God Bless you with a knowledge of the meaning and purpose for which Michael died. I am certainly inspired emotionally and intellectually by his sacrifice. I pray that his life impacts mine and thousands of others in greater way: a call to action that improves the world."
Chet Gentry of Cookeville, Tennessee

"Thank You Michael Murphy for being a true American Hero. Our prayers to you and your family."
Barbara Godwin of Dunedin, Florida

"God bless Michael Murphy. You are a hero. You will be remembered forever."
H.T.N of Melbourne VIC Australia

"Dear Murphy Family,
Our hearfelt sorrow for your loss of one of our bravest of the brave.We as Americans ,should be down on our knees daily thanking GOD for giving us brave men and women who volunteer to protect us. I cannot come close to comprehending what it takes to have that kind of bravery and heroism to do the acts that Michael did to protect his men and us at home. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Thank You Murphy family and the other families of Michael's team.You'll always be in our hearts and our prayers"
Robert D. of Buffalo,N.Y. USA

"Thank you Lt. Murphy for your bravery, for your sacrifice. Because of the brave like you, we are a free country. Thank you doesn't even begin to express my gratitude to you and the other brave men and women who have fought and died so that I may live the life that I do...those words are so insignificant. And to your family, my prayers and thanks I offer. God bless you all! God bless our troops! God bless America!"
Melody Jones of Hamshire, Texas/USA

"You are a hero, even to us ground pounders in the Army. When our nation faced it's darkest hour, you took up arms and answered the call. I know that now you look down on us and protect your family like you did our nation. May you find in the loving arms of God, the peace that you wished for in life. You will NEVER be forgotten."
SSG (Ret) Ryan A. Keeton U.S.A. of Leesville, LA

"You were a very brave man, Michael. If I could be anyone on earth, I would want to be like you. Rest in peace."
David Stroebel of Ocean, NJ/USA

"once a hero, always a hero."
Stg. Kemal TIRYAKIOGLU of Turkey

"Lt. Michael P. Murphy, May our Lord Jesus Christ welcome you into his loving arms where you can be without the stress of war and hardship for ever. You have done your part and we all thank you for it."
John Diab of Orange, CA

"God bless you. Veneratio, Officium, Silentium."
Rob High of OKlahoma City

"A hero."
Terry of Stilwater, OK CONUS

"God bless Michael Murphy. Thank you for your bravery and for making the world a safer place for everyone."
Mark of Manila, Philippines

"To LT's family. He will not be forgotten. I thank God for the life he allowed LT to live."
Fernando Lucero of Colorado

"May all your DZs be cold and all your jumps be Hollywood.

Stand at Ease, SEAL,

Job well done
Harpo J

"LT Murphy
I came back from Iraq this year. Your family must be very proud. What a warrior, what a man. Mr and Mrs. Murphy he is truly a warrior.

I was on a small man team but I didnt do what you did. I tried to do my best."

"Thank you Michael Murphy for your bravery and heroism. Your story is truely remarkable. I am humbled as an American when I hear stories like yours. Thanks to you and your fellow soldiers my children will continue to live in a free country, a great country. I know that you are in a special place in heaven with god reserved just for heros like you. My thanks and prayers goes out to your family and loved ones !"
Crystin McCormick of San Antonio TX

"Thank You Michael P. Murphy for fighting for the future of my children. You are a true American Hero."
David Budriss of Port Jefferson Station, NY / USA

"Thank you Michael, and all who serve selflessly. You are an inspiration to me."
CW4 Jeff Hale of Downsville, NY

"You make us all very proud. Thank you for your sacrafice."
Matt of Kentucky

"Blue Skies"

"To all the families of our proud serviceman and woman who have fallen during these troubled times of war. THANK YOU from to bottom of my heart. My family thanks you and never will I forget your personal sacrifice to our country."
Craig Van Splunter of Rockford Michigan

"May God bless and keep the entire Murphy family. Their sacrafice, and the heroism of Michael, should serve as an ispiration to all of us..... Americans.
Congratulations Michael!"
Terry of St. Clair Shores, Mi.

"God bless. You will never be forgotten. I am not ashamed in saying that today, I have cried for a stranger."
Merry L. of WA, USA

"The responsibility falls to the rest of us to remember Lt. Murphy's deeds in service to our country and to pass them on to the next generation and charge them with passing it along to the generation following.

This we owe to Lt. Murphy."
burqa of Stafford, Va.

"I don't know if Michael's parents will ever get to read this, but I need to let them know my heart goes out to them. I know you are proud of Michael..I am..a Long Island boy doing something so incredible. My son was in Iraq for 16 months so I can understand a fraction of your pain. God bless all of you. It is because of you that he became the person he was. Agan, God bless."
Army Mom of Bethpage, NY

"God Bless You All"
Judy of Glenside PA USA

"After listening to the news story regarding the medal of freedom, it is obvious that Michael was an extraordinary man and hero of the highest caliber. Words cannot express our gratitude for his service to the people of this land. We are eternally grateful. May the Lord bless Michael's family with peace in the midst of great suffering."
DeVries family of Chicago, IL

"I can still remember Michael in his little league baseball uniform with the N.P.M.Y.A.C. He was a kind young man. Always considerate of others. I remeber his little brother always being at Michaels games. Even though he was to young to understand and really just wanted to play in the dirt. His mom Maureen and dad Dan always being very supportive. You all must be very proud of your son Michael. I am very proud to have known Michael. I must also say I am very proud of the people who he left behind. I can't imagine the stregnth you must have within. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you.
What Michael did for our country will go down in history for ever. He was a true hero."
Anna Tartaglia of Medford, N.Y.

A true patriot, you will always be remembered for your GALLANT service to this great nation."
CW03 james H. Trosper USN RET. of Knoxville Tennessee

"We very much appreciate what your son did for our country and for our freedom. It is people like your son and his actions that makes this, a great nation."
David Bigio of Miami, FL

"Michael was awarded the Medal of Honor, but it is my honor just to know his name and the sacrifice he made for this country. God bless you."
Michael Ayala of Richmond, VA, USA

"Despite what judgment others may pass, Lt. Michael Murphy had to make a decision that would have sealed their fate but his team served with honor until their untimely surmise. Thank you for doing the right thing no matter what!"
SSG Mason J. West of Kabul, Afghanistan

"Amazing service by an amazing man. We'll never forget what you did over there to protect us here."
swampthing of NJ

"Lt Murphy, I am proud to say I served in the same Navy as yourself. You are a Hero! Well Deserved Medal Of Honor. You payed the ultimate price. This country will never forget you."
Travis S. Wiseman of Albuquerque,NM USA

"Michael, I never knew you but I was amazed when I heard what you did. I have never heard of a more heroic act, you are a true role-model. I wish more people had the strength to stand up for what's right. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY."
Ryan Kelley of Chicago, IL/USA

"The solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom"
(Inscription beneath the statue of Columbia, National Cemetery, Punch Bowl, Oahu)"
Jim, USN '66-'72 of Aptos, CA

"I am touched by the Michael Murphy story, which I saw for the first time on the evening news this day,10/16/2007. The interview was with Dan and Maureen Murphy. God bless them.

I am retired, live in SE Wisconsin and I do dye-sublimation printing on ceramic tiles. I would like to do a mural of Michael on tiles and present it to his family or community in remembrance him. I would propose a framed mural of 24" w x 30" h.

This is a totally free offer on my part with no strings attached. I would do any picture of Michael submitted to me. I will not reproduce or seek publicity in any way for any image that I print. This will be a one time effort on my part to express my love for Michael Murphy and his family.

My website is shamrocklane.com.

I am very sincere about this proposal and I hope that someone will get back to me regarding my offer.

Best regards to all,

Joe Murphy"
Joe Murphy of Wind Lake, WI,USA

"When I heard the story of Lt. Michael P. Murphy tonight I thought I hope I can raise my 4 year old son to be a great man like him. His mother should be very proud. I am sorry we live in a world without this great man."
Kate Gaar of New Orleans, LA

"I don't know you but tonight I cried, and I miss you. Thank you for all you did. I hope you are alright."
Amy of Lakeville, CT

"May God keep him."
Douglas J. Sturla of Lawrenceville, Ga. USA

"Lt. Murphy is a perfect example of true sacrifice. He gave his life to protect his SEALs, but more importantly his friends. People like him are what keep this country alive and free. This country will always be in his debt and we are greatful that such a hero could live in and serve the United States of America."
COL. T. Ruane USMC of Frederciksburg VA

"I read the account of the battle in the book "Lone Survivor". I am proud to live in a country that can spawn such great Men of Honor and gallantry. My thoughts and prayers are with all our fighting men and women around the globe. May God keep them safe from the enemy."
K. Morrow

"I shed tears for every service member who gives their life for our freedom. Family of Michael - please never doubt how much the majority of us so appreciate those who sacrafice for us to stay safe. Thank you for the life of this brave young man."
Genetta Kennedy of Austin, TX

"LT. Murphy,
I have never met nor known you personally, however, I feel a deep swelling of pride knowing that we serve in the same Navy. My deepest regards to the Murphy family. I cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. May God bless you always. Sir, Warriors of your caliber will always stand at the forefront of what this Nation is founded upon. Go Navy!"
CM2 (SCW) D.J. of Arizona

"I need look no further than my own three children to see the gravity of your sacrifice. What hope would they have without your sacrifice and love for those you never met? We are all grateful to you. We stand on your shoulders to look out over the greatest country on this planet, warts and all.
To the Murphy family, rest assured that Michael's name will long live on within my family as an example of what freedom requires and what love for country looks like. I can think of no greater source of pride than to know your son/brother died in order for others to live. Thank you. God bless the Murphy family and God bless the USA."
Rob of Minneapolis, MN

"Wow. Thank you!"
Lt Todd of IN

"Thanks to those who created this site that allows me to honor the service of Lt Murphy. My condolences to the family and friends. Thanks to all that serve, past and present."
Rick of Chapmanville, WV

"Thank you for your sacrifice Sir. I will be doing the "Murph" crossfit workout on Monday in your honor."
Toby of Augusta, GA

ST8 of The Creek

"God bless you sir. It's guys like you that allow us Americans to enjoy the freedom you fought for. Hooyah!"
Jacob of Cary, NC

"Thank you Murph! I will see you at Valhalla. Glad to see a much deserved MOH. We are very proud of you bro!"
DS (SEAL Team 8) of USA

"Thank you Michael Murphy. Please pray for us."
George Joseph Martin of Washington, DC

"Ladies and gentlemen:

I think I have said on several different occasions that this, in my opinion, is the most pleasant and the most honorable job that a President of the United States has to do, to pin the medals on the heroes who have made the country great.

I have said it time and again, and I will keep on saying it, that I would rather have a Medal of Honor than be President of the United States.

Harry S. Truman, President of the United States

Remarks on Presenting the Congressional Medal of Honor to Commander Richard H. O'Kane, USN, and Master Sergeant Charles L. McGaha, USA

March 27, 1946"
Robert Murray of Valley Stream, NY

""Love never disappears for death is a non-event.
I have merely retired to the room next door.
You and I are the same; what we were for each other, we still are.
Speak to me as you always have, do not use a different tone, do not be sad.
Continue to laugh at what made us laugh.
Smile and think of me.
Life means what it has always meant.
The link is not severed.
Why should I be out of your soul if I am out of your sight?
I will wait for you, I am not here, but just on the other side of this path.

You see, all is well.

--St. Augustine"
Robert Murray of Valley Stream, NY

"Thank you."
AJ of Balad AB, Iraq

"Our sincerest "thank you" to the family that shared their son to allow us to continue to enjoy the freedoms that we, as Americans, sometimes take for granted. My deepest condolences and respect. I am a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1972, and live in Huntington. Without interfering on your privacy, I would like to invite you to this year's Army-Navy game in Baltimore to be shared with several wounded Marines from Walter Reed and Bethesda Hospital. We use that weekend to honor those that exemplify "honor, courage, and commitment," the three core values of both the U.S, Marines and U.S. Navy. We would be honored if you would be our guests. If this is inappropriate for this website, please forgive me, and have it erased, but we wanted to extend the invitation and continue the memory of our fallen heroes through our "Cost of Freedom" weekend. If appropriate, and would like further details, my email address is usna72@aol.com. Again, my sincerest condolences and adniration for Michael's courageous acts."
Bob Madden of Huntington, NY

"Great job Lt.
A true hero's finish, remember to shift and lift while your up there so the rest of us can get there! CARRY ON CARRY ON!"
Mark of Ohio

"I just heard that Michael is to be awarded the Medal Of Honor for his heroic actions in battle. Those of us who truly understand the value of such an award are gratified to know that a true professional and hero is to be honored. I never met Michael, but my son did. He trained with Mike and graduated BUD/S with him in 2001. Class 235. I remember that day, August 10,2001 and the words of the Principal Speaker James S. Girardin, a retired Seal. He told the class that the work they would do as Seals would be highly unrecognized. Even though they are some of the elite warriors our country has to offer, usually the credit for their actions would go to someone else. He told them to just accept it and go do what you have been trained to do. I know from talking to my son that Mike, in receiving the Medal Of Honor, would probably downplay the recognition, give the credit to someone else, or just say I was just doing my job. How humble it makes me feel to know that such fine young men like Mike go out every day, and die, so I can be safe. I for one can't downplay what Mike did. I honor him for his courage. I also honor his family for raising such a fine young man. It is a shame to lose such a jewel. I close with the theme chosen by Class 235. "And those men afraid to go will think of themslves as lesser men as they hear of how we fought and died together." God bless Michael Murphy. You will never be forgotten."
Mark M of Fairfield, CA


"To Lt. Murphy's Family and Friends : God Bless you all for helping in the raising of such a fine person. While your loss cannot be diminished by mere words, I hope your sadness can be lessened by recognizing that Lt. Murphy's sacrifices are recognized by a grateful nation as a whole and in particular by my family in Brooklyn, New York. God bless you all."
john wilson of Brooklyn, n.y.

""Rest in Peace." May peace be also with your family knowing you were not only a hero to them, but to others as well. Airborne"
Joe Plunkard of Walkersville, Maryland

"Murph- your death represents the highest traditions and standards in Naval Special Warfare. You are an inspiration for generations to come. I AM PROUD to say that I knew you. An extraordinary individual, amoung a group of extraordinary men.
-one of your Third Phase Instructors."
AKA: Fern of Portland OR

"May God Bless You and Keep You. May you have the peace and freedom that you fought gallantly to provide to others. Anchors Aweigh Lt. Murphy."
LtCol. David P. White, USCAP of New Orleans, LA

"Mr. Murphy,
A warriors death; I grieve for your family and honor your sacrifice fair winds and following seas."
Brad of Kenosha Wi

"To Michael's family: Thank you for your
son's valor. My Middle School students
will be reading about your son and why he
should be remembered and honored."
Cheryl of Tacoma Washington

"Rest in peace LT but always inspire your men from above! You are an extraordinary man who gave more than most people can conceive; god bless you, your family and all who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!"
Scott A. Starr, FCCM(ret.) of Virginia Beach, VA

"I will raise my two children to live lives worthy of the sacrifice made on their behalf. God Bless Mr. Murphy."
Eric Shirley of Belmont, New Hampshire

"I think it is about time the Medal of Honor is awarded and was happy to learn today that it will be awarded to Lt. Murphy's family at a ceremony at the White House on 22 October. May he rest in peace."

"I never had the honor and pleasure of knowing LT Murphy but please accept these deeply-held and grateful feelings.

LT, THANK YOU. Thank you for keeping me, my wife and our sons safe at night from those who seek to harm us. We pray each night for the safety and mission success of your brothers and sisters in arms.

To the Murphy family, you will ALWAYS be in our prayers and thoughts. As a father and husband, I cannot know your grief but want you to know that my sons will strive each and every day to be a little bit of the man that your son IS.

God bless you all and our Nation."
André of Vienna, VA

"The Medal of Honor will continue to allow us to never forget Michael."
Frank of Freeport. NY USA

"God bless you! You are a true hero!"
Medford resident

"The enemy might be tough enough to die for an all mighty immortal, perfect god, but my seals are more than willing to die for the simple, mortal, imperfect man next to them. An for that reason alone, im willing to follow my men into the depths of hell"

-seal team member

ill take it from here"
John of L.I. NY

"Sir - I wish you were around to receive this coveted award. It is rather unfortunate that you receive it posthumously, but you did not die in vain. I will perpetually support the American military and what we represent. I am still currently serving the greatest Army this world has ever known, and I promise you Sir, I will not falter for we shall prevail as servicemembers and to defend our great nation...HOOAH!"

"This MOH is long overdue. You should have received this on the 2 year anniversary. God Bless you Lt. and may you rest in peace"
Hugh Murray of Devon, PA -USA

On this anniversary,remember Lt. Murphy and his comrades died so we may live in a free country. Freedom isn't free. Our military pay for it everyday in blood,sweat and tears. Forget the politics, if you won't stand up for our troops, then stand in front of them !! To the families of the fallen- a greatful nation will not forget your sacrifice or your pain. May God grant you peace and hope."
Janelle K Cook of Bedford,TX. USA

"He is so brave. What a soldier, friend and good man he was."
Joe Hollingsworth of Oregon

"Thank you Mike, an honor indeed!"

"LT. Murphy,

Your are a hero.

Hoo Yah"
Christopher Broome


Miss you buddy.

"when you reach St Peter and the pearly gates, tell him, one more soldier reporting for duty, I've served my time in hell".

See you on the other side.

Till we meet again"
Paul of Queens NY

"I as well just finished the book Lone Survivor, what an incredible story that indicates the lenghts and love these men hold for one another, to do what Michael did was unbelievable, we need more people in the world like these men. During my read I kept looking back at the pictures of the fallen men and prayed for them all that night, its because of the devotion of these brave men we can all sleep at night. God bless them all and their families."
Tony B. of Woodbridge, Virginia

"I, too, just finished reading the book, Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell, and for some reason also felt compelled to look your name up. When I saw your picture in the book with your lovely fiance, I sware I knew you. I grew up on Long Island and only in the last couple of years, after 9/11, I moved out to a farm in rural Indiana so maybe we met in school somewhere.

All I really wanted to say was thank you for your incredible sacrifice and bravery on the battlefield. May God Bless your soul forever and always and "Roger that, sir. Thank YOU.""
Suzanne Pringle of Liberty, Indiana, USA

"I just finished reading the book titled Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and I'm in awe of the courage and sacrifice made by all. The members of Operation Redwing now have place in SEAL lore because this fantastic story was able to be told.

For some reason, I was compelled to search the internet for information about LT Michael Murphy. I found he'd served in Jordan during Exercise Early Victor 2002 as I had, too. I remember befriending a NAVY SEAL, but I'm unusre if it was LT Murphy. What I do recall about that time is there were no other NAVY SEALs, or lieutenants for that matter, that I knew of that were participating in that exercise.

I also recall running into the same NAVY SEAL while trying to catch a flight out of Kuwait circa Feb/Mar 2003. He was a reading a book about the British role in carving up the Middle East during the early part of the 20th century. He was definitely very scholarly.

Based on what I recall and what I've read about LT Murphy, I'm almost certain I had the privilige to meet this outstanding warrior. I sincerely hope his courage and actions while facing the enemy strengthen the resolve of all our servicemembers who fight for freedom on our behalf."
LTC William R. Sever of Stuttgart, Germany


I walk past your photo frequently in Supreme Court, where you are remembered everyday by all of us attorneys. Your sacrifice and bravery helps us keep things in perspective.

I hope you'll accept these words of sincere thanks, even though they come from a former Jarhead.

Semper Fi"
Craig H. of Melville, New York

"I was a friend of Mike's for a short couple of months back when he was at Penn State. We were just 3 stupid kids and 1 future hero hanging out in the dorms and making our way through the Freshman year. I am so proud to have known him and more so to know what he went on to do. I'm glad one of us went on to do something great. I am a family man and always wanted to be a family man and I know that I can only be that because of guys like Mike. Thanks Murphy, you made a difference, and more."
Brad Jones of Baltimore, MD

"Lt. Michael Murphy
I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you in your short time on earth. But I have had the greatest pleaseure of knowing your spirit. I am from Boston and own a gym there called Crossfit Boston. You were a crossfitter too I have been told. Today you are to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. To honor you, as you so rightfully deserve, our entire membership base completed your favorite workout. It goes like this:

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run

A few even dared to wear the twenty pounds of armor as you regularly did. Thank you for your sacrifice and we will continue to honor you going forward on this anniversary as long as Crossfit Boston is in business.

Neal Thompson"
Neal Thompson of Boston, MA/USA

"Just wanted to say I remember you from class 235 as one of the most down to earth officers. You were great and will always be remembered as such."
Class 235 member of Tokyo, Japan

""If you are able,
save them a place
inside of you
and save one backward glance
when you are leaving
for the places they can
no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say
you loved them,
though you may
or may not have always.
Take what they have left
and what they have taught you
with their dying
and keep it with your own.
And in that time
when men decide and feel safe
to call the war insane,
take one moment to embrace
those gentle heroes
you left behind.
"Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
1 January 1970
Dak To, Vietnam."
America has been built on the blood
of Heros and Brave Men of Honor.
Thank you for your service and my
freedom.. May God bring comfort
to your loved ones.
You shall never be forgotten by
a grateful nation.""
William D. Taylor of Bonita Springs Florida

"With all due respect & appreciation,
"No Greater Love Hath a Man ... Than That of a Man Who Would Lay Down His Life for His Friends (So That Others May Live)" --- INDEED!!!
God Bless ... with Eternal Grace & Peace!
Semper Paratus Forever!
Keith A. Killgore
US Coast Guard
Disabled American Veteran
Albany, Oregon"
Keith A. Killgore of Albany, OR, USA

"To the family, and friends of Michael Murphy, my deepest condolences. Everything i have read about Michael, makes me want to be a better man. Truly, an American hero."
Joey Conde of Brooklyn, New York

"In my previous post...I want to clarify what I meant...I am a 100% supporter of President Bush...what angers me is the House and the Senate and what they are doing."
Barbara of Long Island New York USA

"I just finished reading the article printed in today's Newsday. Words cannot describe the pride I feel when reading about your "Wonderful" son. I think about what's going on in Washington...and it angers me. I can't imagine how hard it has been for your family...My Prayers are with you all..."
Barbara of Long Island, New York USA

"How proud you must be,How sad you must be,To have a son as wonderful as michael .....an incredible story about an incredible young man. God bless you all"
jim.b. of holbrook,n.y. u.s.a.

"To the family and friends of Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy....

Micheal's inspiring life story will be told for generations to come. His life and his heroism will inspire other young men to serve our country as well.....some of those men will no doubt protect and save other lives down the road.

Lt. Micheal P. Murphy lives on...

Well done, good and faithful servant, well done."
Patrick Jackson of Cornelius NC

"In an age where I fear many have lost sight of this country's greatness, the guts to fight back when nothing else works, many do not deserve to have such a great man, great patriot, great American defending their very freedom. I am honored to live in a place that produces such men and women. God bless them all and rest well Lt."
Jeff Rodriguez of Pearl River, NY USA

"LT. Murphy,
Thank You for guarding our country. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
May God bless you and your family for eternity."
TK of ME

"I want to thank all of you for your kind comments about my son, Michael. I thought you may all want to know that coming out in June 2007, the surviving SEAL has written a book called "Lone Survivor" which details Operation RedWing and discusses the mission and the actions of the team. I understand that "the one" has personally credited Michael's actions with saving his life and there are many rumors that Michael is under consideration for the CMH. While my buddy boy was not into medals or decorations, whatever award is finally determined would be a fitting public recognition of that which Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy's family already knew about him; his dedication, loyalty, courage, determination and willingness to put others before himself. For those who are unaware, Michael's community has come together and honored and recognized him in so many ways, including the park at Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island NY where he was the chief lifeguard and now bears his name, the "Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Park" to a ball field where he played as a youth to the Post Office in Patchogue NY which also bears his name. Those who are interested may wish to visit his legacy.com website where there is a photo album and guest book for entries. Go to Legacy.com and look up Michael Murphy under US Navy and go to guestbook and then the photo album. Thank you all again for your kind thoughts, prayers and comments. I miss my buddy boy and wish I could just one last time put my arms around him and state "Good Job buddy boy, I'm so proud of you." America is indeed a great country and many have sacrificed to make her free. February 2007."
Daniel J. Murphy of Wading River, New York

"Lt Murphy,

You don't know me, but as a former US Navy Lieutenant myself your outstanding devotion, loyalty, courage, and honor will never be forgotten. Your sacrifice was not in vain. You will always be remembered by those of us who have served this great nation during peace and war. Rest in peace, you're in God's Kingdom."
Nel Uy, former USN LT of Waldorf, MD

"A True American Hero! My Prayers go out to all his relatives and friends who knew this great man."
Troy of Yongsan, Korea

"I never knew you, your from an entirely generation as a matter of fact. But we share the same goals, and the same dreams. In a few months i'll be going to BUD/S training with hopes of becoming a Navy SEAL myself. And i want your friends and family to know that you, all the SEALs, and every other military force's sacrifice will not go unappreciated. No one can fill the open seat you left, but we can create new ones... and when i create my seat among the SEALs, you and all the other fallen will not be far from my mind. HOOYAH!!!"
Tom of Brentwood, NY



"Such an Honor and Previlage to be the recepient of LT Micheal P Murphy's SDVT-1 Knife.
SQT Knive's Ceremony."

"I was one of your instructors in 3rd phase. I've heard from the one who survived, details about your final moments, and I just want to say that you are an inspiration, a hard core warrior through and through, exactly what every Team guy aspires to be like."


"Lt. Murphy,
Sir, I would like to say thank you to you and your fellow team mates for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy."
Mike Casey of El Paso, TX

"July 4, 2006. Remembering Mike today, one year after his death, I am saying prayers for his family and friends. I can not stop thinking of him, his courage and his sacrafice. I only barely knew this thoughtful, handsome, dedicated young man but am so sad he is gone. So sad."
E. of nyc

Sometimes I sit back and find my eyes well with tears. There are so many memories of you and the good times we shared. I know you fought hard for our country and that you tried with all you had to get back home safe. In my mind, you were and will always be a HERO. I can't wait to see you again in heaven. Don't worry about Heather, because she is well taken care of here with our family. I miss you more than words can say. What can I say, Smurf, you left a great impression on every person you've ever touched...YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BROTHER!!"
Brianne Duggan of Babylon, NY


We will miss the BBQ's and the great times we had. You where a great friend and a awesome neighbor. Thank you for serving our country, and keeping us free."
Shannon and Jake Jacobs of Ewa Beach, Hawaii

"Murph, I don’t have the words to describe how honored I am to have known you and called you my friend. You were always the best at everything you did and it was no surprise to me when you became a Navy Seal. You’re the embodiment of who and what the Navy Seals are.

I wish you were still here bro, I wish we could be chillin’ at Holtsville Pool talking about where that night’s party was. We had some fun and crazy times as TOB Lifeguards. I loved when we used to scare people by jumping off the boards in the Dive Tank….hitting the water just before we hit the wall. Good times man, great memories.

It was an honor to know you Murph. We all love and miss you. God bless you and your family."
Sean Griffin of New York, NY

I miss you man! You were an inspiration to me in BUD/S and in the Teams. I remember your fine example every day when I look into the eyes of my new son, Bryson "Murphy" Wear. When he is old enough I will sit him down and tell him about the hero he is named after. Can't wait to share a pint with you at the great McP's in the sky. Till that day comes you can rest assured we won't let your ultimate sacrifice be for nothing. We love you and miss you!"
Christopher Wear of Imperial Beach, CA / USA


Everyday, I think of how my best friend impacted my life. I am very grateful for all the great times we spent together. I'll never forget the day you gave me the silver dollar coin when you graduated BUD's. That was a true token of your friendship. Thank you for all the laughs, advice and being an inspiration throughout my life. In honor of your memory, I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy each day till we meet again.

On behalf of all our friends, we are all better men today because of you Mike. You were a brother to all of us.
I miss you."
James Emmerich of Medford, NY

"To the family of:Michael P. Murphy I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

The men of SDVT-1 Alfa Platoon will never forget you. I think about you every day. I'll see you again."

In honor of your sacrifice we have volunteered to come to Afghanistan to see that the rebuilding process continues. As a tribute to you, I will give my best effort and mentor my Afghani counterpart to the best of my ability each day."
Matt of Kabul / Camp Blackhorse

"“Murph” - that is how we knew you. My sister Angela and I were at a complete loss of words when heard the news. Instantly, through the tears came the great times flashing back...TOB Lifeguards...Emmerick, Mangles, McCarthy, Dougie Fresh, Griffin, Perri's, Markey, Thomas...and all the hysterical pranks you would pull. The one we always thought of, our favorite, the “hurricane pole”. You remember, the one where you would hold onto that steel pole by the pool and actually level yourself completely sideways in the air and made it look like you were in high winds…man…that was great.

There are many, many memories my sister and I are fortunate to have of you. You were a great friend, co-worker and human being. Our hearts go out to your fiancé and family members.

You have made the ultimate sacrifice, and for that, Angela and I are extremely proud to have known you and call you a friend.

Strong work Murph…strong work."
John Perri of Albany, NY

"Our Son and Brother was alongside your Son during final moments on this earth, we share in the same tragic loss. Our Hero's will always and forever be in our hearts, Our Love to Your Family."
Danny Sr., Cindy, Tiffany, Eric Dietz of Littleton, Colorado

"For Mr. Mrs. and John Murphy,

I've known you all for my entire life. John you've been nothing but the best friend a guy could ask for. I just want to say to you all that you're always in my heart always in my prayers and I will never ever forget Michael for as long as I shall live. God Bless the 3 of you. You are strong people and I have faith that you will be alright. But Just keep in mind I will always be there for you."
Joseph Viggiano of Medford, NY

"For Maureen:



T'he star upon their service flag has changed to gleaming gold;
It speaks no more of hope and life, as once it did of old,
But splendidly it glistens now for every eye to see
And softly whispers: "Here lived one who died for liberty."

Here once he walked and played and laughed, here oft his smile was known;
Within these walls today are kept the toys he used to own.
Now I am he who marched away and I am he who fell
Of service once I spoke, but now of sacrifice I tell.
"No richer home in all this land is there than this I grace,
For here was cradled manhood fine; within this humble place
A soldier for the truth was born, and here, beside the door,
A mother sits and grieves for him who shall return no more."

"Salute me, stranger, as you pass! I mark a soldier who
Gave up the joys of living here, to dare and die for you!
This is the home that once he knew, who fought for you and fell;
This is a shrine of sacrifice, where faith and courage dwell."
Mario De Lucia of Sevierville, Tennessee

"This message is for Heather-
You do not know me. I am from Des Moines Iowa. I saw your picture holding the American Flag at Michael's funeral on MSNBC this week in pictures. I saw this site and wanted to send you a message. Your greif in the photo is omnipresent. I cried at the thought of your pain and I prayed for you and your loss. I will continue to keep you in my prayers that the pain you are in will ease with time. Your suffering is a symbol of our freedom and for that I feel saddened. I will not forget you."
Kalan Clark of Des Moines, Iowa

"Michael...you wouldnt know me but i am ur moms cousin gerry's son...i never knew you but just by looking at the pictures of you, heather, and ur family..i really wish i did....no one is more proud of you than my dad....your funeral service was amazing in that everyone could tell you were a great person and soldier and you will be missed....they had motorcycles and cop cars uncle john got to block down most exits on the expressway for the procession....as my dad has said you are a hero in every sense of the word"
Kevin of Setauket, NY

"May god be with your family, loved ones and fiancee'. You are a soldier that all soldiers look upto. may oppression and tyranny be stopped one day. To lose ones life for liberty, justice and freedom for all mankind is a price we are willing to pay upon wearing the budweiser on our chest. May gods blessing pour out upon your loved ones. A brother in arms always to be remembered."
Arnold Jones of Salt Lake City, Utah


You never really knew me but I knew you. I knew you because you're the classic American Hero. You're what every little kid longs to be when he get's older. When I was a young boy in Patchogue, as you were, Army Rangers, Green Beret, Marine Recon and Navy SEALs were the ultimate goal as we watched Vietnam unfold before our eyes. Repelling from our garage roof, or swinging from the tallest trees in the woods were part of our indoctrination. As we became older and our lives began to change, we redeveloped the goals we held for our future. Some of us kept on track with what we longed for in our youth while others went in different directions. Mike, you could have been anything you wanted. A Lawyer, Businessman, Executive. But you stayed the course and honored your dreams. You became one of the elite of our country. The stealth fighter. The military leader. The patriot. You answered the call of your country and wavered not. Mike, in 1962 when President Kennedy proposed the "Freedom Doctrine" before Congress which set in motion the beginning of the Navy SEAL program he made that elite unit synonymous with freedom when he said: "...These are extraordinary times. And we face an extraordinary challenge. Our strength as well as our convictions have imposed upon this nation the role of leader in freedom's cause. No role in history could be more difficult or more important. We stand for freedom. That is our conviction for ourselves--that is our only commitment to others. No friend, no neutral and no adversary should think otherwise. We are not against any man--or any nation--or any system--except as it is hostile to freedom. Nor am I here to present a new military doctrine, bearing any one name or aimed at any one area. I am here to promote the freedom doctrine..." How appropriate those words were then. How appropriate they are today. Mike, you laid down your life in the name of Freedom. You made the ultimate sacrifice for your country. She will never forget it. Her people will never forget you. Your parents and your family could not be more proud of their boy. Your family can always walk with their heads high. Your fiance' will always hold you in her heart. And those of us, who were always in the wings, will forever tell the story of Lt. Michael P. Murphy...Navy SEAL...American Patriot...Son of Liberty...Liberator of the Oppressed...Friend to all.

Godspeed Sailor!
Mario DeLucia"
Mario DeLucia of Shirley, New York

"I lifeguarded with Michael for the TOB. I did not know him very well, but I remember very clearly him standing up for me one evening, when I was going to get beat up a big guy looking for trouble. Even though Mike was half the size of the guy, he really scared him and got me out of that situation. I will remember Mike as a good man, who helped people."
Serge Korepin of Shirley, NY

"A friend, and cousin to Lt. Murphy, brought his loss to my attention. In doing so she also brought his life to my attention, and I'd prefer to remember how he lived, though I never knew him. Lt. Murphy was that which we all aspire to be in this life; in reading about him, it's clear that he was a hero and loved by those whose lives he touched. I don't have the words to do justice to the loss of such a bright and shining life except to say this to Michael:

Thank you for the life you lived. And thank you for the freedom you played a vital part in providing to my family and this nation."
Roger Walters of Orlando, Florida

"To Michael's mom, dad, and fiance,
I hadn't seen Michael in about 10 years. We went to high school together and grew up playing in N.P.M.Y.A.C. (baseball league) together. My heart dropped when I heard the news about Mike. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and to Mike. From what I remember about him, I can only hope that my own two children grow up to be the dedicated, whole-hearted and loyal person that Mike was. God bless."
Scott Graviano of Formerly of Medford (now Ontario, Ca.)

"To Michael's Family and Heather and Friends, I wish to extend my deepest condolence to you for your loss and the whole country's loss of your fine young man. I have read the coverage regarding Michael and read (through tears)of his funeral. Michael is a true American Hero. He will always be remembered and honored. May God Bless all of you, and know that Michael is safe and sound with God right now."
Mary Ghaney of Brooklyn, New York

"Friends and Relatives of Mike Murphy:

I had the distinct pleasure of serving with Mike in Doha, Qatar from Jan-May 2003. We both worked the night shift at the CFSOCC JOC and from the number of conversations we had, there is nothing more that he wanted to do than to serve with his team. He and his family are in my prayers. May his soul rest in peace."
Master Sergeant Miguel Matos of Saint Louis, MO

Having been your Teammate from Class 235, you're in my thoughts brother. Having something hit so close to home made me realize just how great those men are putting everything they have on the line; not to mention bringing a new found sense of discomfort to myself. Buddy, you're always in my thoughts: just like Lt. Skop (during our Hell-Week). Just let it be known that what you stood for was what everyone aspires to be whether they know it or not. A hero.
I remember you with your stress fractures post Hell-Week and limping around with your iron will. Those thoughts will never leave my mind and further commit myself to our country's undying cause of freedom. It hurts to see such a great and understanding guy pay the price in such a way. You'll always be in my prayers and thoughts Bro."
IT2 Mark A. Reinke of Illinois

"I just got back from your wake, Mike. I didn't know you but judging by what you've done for our country and by seeing your family, I wish I had. I shook each one of your teammate's hands and thanked them for what you've all done. God Bless You, Lieutenant and SEMPER FI'!"
Dan USMC(R) '86-'92 of Long Island, NY

"On Fourth of July my wife and friends sat on a dock watching the fireworks display. My friend and I talked about the missing SEALs, the SEALS and Special Ops personnel lost on the downed helicopter. We speculated about how difficult it would be, to be in a fight for your life, so far from home. We could not imagine the bravery of the four SEALs, and those who gave their lives trying to rescue them after they engaged the Taliban forces.

My wife and I attended my nephew's wedding on LI on July 8. Thats when I found out that Lt. Murphy was among the casulties. The children of both our families, and now many of my nieces and nephews have graduated from or are attending Patchogue-Medford HS. I was a parishoner at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Although I didn't know this man, I felt overhelming sorrow for his families loss, and pride in his dedication to duty.

Tomorrow, as you lay this brave man to rest, your family will be in my prayers from afar."
John Lawler of Indialantic, FL

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Michael will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

US Navy Sailor

"Thank you Michael Murphy, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Lt. Michael Murphy:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Michael for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lt. Michael Murphy:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Michael, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on