Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Spc. James R. Wolf

21, of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.
Wolf was in a convoy in Mosul, Iraq when an improvised explosive device was detonated. He was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 52nd Engineer Battalion, Fort Carson, Colorado. Died on November 6, 2003.

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"I was a teacher at the school where Jamie came to speak while he was on leave. I will never forget him. I want to share the newsletter I wrote today, sharing his memory. I hope his family is doing well. My son Reid was friends with Jamie's younger brother at Lincoln Heights. God Bless Your family. https://lisamariemartin.substack.com/p/blood-and-treasure"
Lisa Marie Martin of Tennessee

"When I herd the call over the radio, I remember not being able to breath, RIP Wolf, they named the DFAC at Carson after you, ❤️"
Ronald Manners of Colorado

"That time of the year again. Can't believe its been this long. I have your picture hanging from the mirror in my Bronco. I miss you so much"

"Wolfe i had the opportunity to be your roommate at Ft.Carson for a short time as well as ur brother in arms in Mosul. U had a smile that would light up a room. Always thinking bout u Brother."
Spc. Michael.Banks (RET.) of Harrodsburg, KY

"Hi Jamie, You have really been on my mind the last few weeks...not sure why. I dreamed about you last Sunday. It was your funeral all over again and all I could do was cry remembering the pain I felt that day. I was able to wake myself up and then just felt eminence sadness just missing you. I guess maybe my heart was trying to connect with you as least I hope it was. I miss you Jamie. I guess I just needed to tell you that."
Sheila of Boise, ID

"Oh, and by the way Jamie... the Schwann's man hasn't come by in quie awhile so there haven't been any pizzas for you and Chuck to scarf down :) (in case you were curious lol) Miss you always."
Andrea Swank

"Jamie, it's been more than 6 years since you left us... I want you to know you've inspired me to be all that I can and serve our nation proudly. Rarely does a day go by that I don't think of you and your selfless sacrifice. I love you and know you're in a better place, I just hope to make you proud in my military service based partly in your memory. Please rest in peace!! Can't wait to join you and share stories one day and am very proud to call you my second brother. Take care up there!"
Andrea Swank of Hickam AFB, HI

"I remember that day way to often. So young and full of life. Such a hero. Never to be forgotten!"
Ann Horn of colorado springs

"Jim it has been six years that you have been gone. Today is always a bad day for me, I think of you every day. I still wear ny bracelet all the time and look at my tattoo with your initials and date you left us. I Love You my brother. I will see you when God calls me home. See you in Heaven Griff"
Ray (Griff) Griffith of Shelbyville, Indiana USA


"Jamie dear, let me tell ya, there is not a day that goes by with you crossing our minds. Wes and Meghan get so moody in the month of November. I was in Korea when you graced my home and my family with your light. Meg still has Barbies waiting for you."
Nikki Norvell of Germany

"I didn't know Jamie but we graduated from the same high school several years apart. How proud I am to have that little piece of life in common with him."
Nicole Krueger of North Platte Nebraska USA

"November 5, 2008
To the family of Spc. James R. Wolf:
James gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"Hi cousin! Well I can finally say that I am doing my part for my country. My brothers are honoring by joining the N. Guard and now I get help! With every Military family that I meet in my new job I will think of you and all that you gave your life for. Please Jamie help me and guide me when helping these families like so many helped us when you passed. Here's look'n at you kid! Love ya!!!"
Sheila of Boston, MA

"To the family of:James R. Wolf I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"i can see from a distance the meening of sacrifice.Thank you America."
pedro figueiredo of oporto / Portugal

"You are a true HERO Wolf. A True Mother*ing SOLDIER! Rest In Peace Troop. Vargas"
Cisco Vargas of AZ

"i know i've allready left a message but i just wanted to let you know i still think about you and am still serving cause of the sacrafic you and your family have made peace be with you and your family"
Andrew Becraft of santa cruz cali / 368th M.I. BATT oakland army base

"I was in James platoon and had the privilege to know him and coach him on our company softball team. My sons still remeber him as the guy who always wore the Twins jersey. My son L.J. still talks about how James always took the time to play catch with him at practice and the games. He was a hell of a guy. I will never forget the day that he left us. I think about him everyday. To his family I am sorry for your loss and GOD BLESS YOU."
WO1 Jack Ivy Jr. of Ft Wainwright AK

""I served along side James, in Mosul. Wolf was a very good guy, he got along with everybody, he was humourous, and a good hearted individual, and he will be surly missed."
SPC Joseph Jackson, 52nd ECB of Raleigh, NC

"I knew james wolf while he was on base in colorado. He liked our band and i gave him many books to read while in iraq. I remember his smile and his love for music. He will live forever in my heart.Men dont follow titles..they follow courage and your courage.Will live on in my soul forever.. I will never forget... HS!"
Isaac Arellano of pueblo colorado

"To those who read this, my name is Lance OBryan I still cant bring myself to read much on here because I knew James in Life and femember him as he was in high school. I was in Japan when I heard the news about James and had my family keep the article. even though it has been a while i still cant read that. I prey every night and hope that all the fallen men and women have as many people that cared for them and have friends that care enough to show their support much like we do here. I am now a member of the 1057 Truck Company out of Scottsbluff. We as a unit support and believe in what we do to all who read this please suport our troop."
Lance OBryan of Scottsbluff, NE United States

"I happened upon this by chance, not even doing a search for anything related, and I guess that for one reason or another I'm supposed to leave a message. I am from Scottsbluff, I did not know James but, did know Dave, although not well. I saw Dave shortly after James' death, and was very touched by how obvious the loss to the entire circle of family and friends was. It is evident in this page how much he was loved. My husband is now serving the the Army out of Kentucky and is now in Tikrit, Iraq fighting for our freedom. We both just thank the soldiers and their families for their service, and sacrifice! For your family it was the ultimate sacrifice, and I'm deeply sorry for your loss. May God be with you!"
Stephanie of Ft.Campbell, KY

I will never be able to think about Iraq without thinking about you. I never got to know as good as I should have, but I always knew you were a good person. God has a special place in his heart for fallen soldiers and so do I."
Dean Bruce of Biloxi, MS

"hey jamie

just thought i would drop by and say hi Ive been pretty busy and i met your medic from that fateful day and he told me about your last words that he spoke to you and how he tried to save you and all of that. well just to let you know im still here and getting along even though its hard and grandma will be with you shortly. she hasnt been doing to well lately and is back in the hospital anyways ill let you get back to causing trouble up there"
pfc zachary a wolf of post falls idaho

"To the family of Spc. James Wolf from the family of Spc. Colby M Farnan. Did not know your son, but we share the same loss, the loss of a son. No words can heal the hole in the heart but know that our prayers are with you and your family. I have read all of the entries on this page, James was a wonderful young man who was loved by many. He is loved and respected by this family today and always."
Patrick Farnan, ptfarnan@aol.com of Weston, MO, USA

"To the Wolf Family
I served with your son in Iraq, when he was attached to Aco 52nd. Before then I never really knew him but as the months as days went on I found out that your son was a great person. He loved what he did and now he is gone but he will be in the hearts of every one he touched and will never be forgotten. God Bless Him and you for everything the family has endured."
Kristopher Molina of Austin Texas

"This holiday season I would like to send the warmest wish & prayers to the Wolf family. I am currently station in Afghanistan and have been here for the last 9 months. I want you to know that a day doesn't pass that I don't think about him. I am sending all my prayers to the Wolf's this holiday season."
Sgt Chuck Bashor of 18th En Bde(CMS) Heidelberg, Germany

"Dear The Wolf family,
I am sorry what happened to your son James. In history class (I am only 13 and in the 8 Th grade) we had to make a Fields of Sorrow Project about someone who died and I picked your son. I am happy I pick him. I have learned so much about him. Like how he was only 10 when he wanted to be in the army. My little brother is only 10 and he wants to be in the army 2 he goes to young marines. Maybe some day he will die for his country just like your son. Even Theo I am only 13 I still a very sad for you and your family. But I am proud that I had the chance to learn about your son."
karyn werner of blackstone ma. U.S.A

"Jamie, just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know some of what is going on down here. I know, you can see. But it is always funny to tell. At the last family get together at Doug and Irene's cabin. We had the ATV's up there. Your mom wanted to go for a ride. I told your dad that they could ride double on my ATV because it had the added seat. Your mom say's, "Ride, hell, I want to drive!" So your mom, dad and Rach took off. Thought that we were going to have to send a seacrh party after them. They were gone for along time. When they got back. Your dad had been in the rear. Slow driver!!!!! It was very dry out and the dust was thick. It really showed on your dad. The dust was clinging to that cobweb that he has under his lip. It looked like a scene from a scary movie. You know the one's that have all the dusty cobwebs in the attic. Fit right in with your dad. Since we all know that you were there with us, we felt warm. You are missed, but not forgotten. I think that your parents may want to get some ATV's now. You know that when the kids move out, it's time for the parents to play. Love you James."
Tom Wolf of Lolo, Montana USA

"Jamie man i wish i could have know you more,
i wish we could have been friends instead of just acquainted.
i wish you could be walking with your family right now so they would no longer feel as i do.
i wish i could have been right when rachael had asked me if you would die out there, i told her that she shouldnt think like that. i told her she had to be hopeful and to say to herself " he'll be ok, he has to be."
but i was wrong...
to the family-im sorry about Jamie it hurts so much and i know that nothing can ever realy take that pain away but you must believe that he isnt realy gone and that anytime you wish to see him all you need is to close your eyes and say his name. ive been doing this all my life it seems.
i wish you all the best and bless you for bring kind to me while you knew me...."
Ryan Poss of Peralta NM

"hey wolf i regret not getting to know you better but Sotomayor made me feel like i had accomplish that. i am sorry you made the ultimate sacriface and for that we all thank you. i would just like you to know that we all cared for you. we'll see again."
lucas of hsc 52nd ecb(h) fort carson

"wolf you were the quite guy down the hall to me never bugged anyone and allways welling to let me borrow a broom or vacuum even a beer if i needed one i remeber that day i wanted to let you know that you were one of the most caring guys i ever meet and i just regret not getting to know you better"

"Peace be with you..."
Paul Brian Michalak of Byron,MN U.S.

"Happy Birthday Buddy Bear!
You would be 23 this weekend. I always remember your birthday because the flowers are starting to bloom. The tulips that Brynne gave Mom last Christmas came up again this year. They are really pretty around the flag pole. Tyler misses you so much. He is getting really tall now! I still think about the last time I saw you. You dropped me off at work and I asked you if you were scared to go back. You said no because you were really not in any danger. I am so glad I got to give you a hug and tell you that I loved you. I miss you so much! I hope your birthday in Heaven is a wonderful day! I love you!"
Sis of Scottsbluff

"Dear James, the Wolf family and friends,

I didn't know James personally, but I just received my Heroe Bracelet with his name on it. I will wear this with pride. It will be a constant reminder of those who have put their life on the line for my freedom. When I read the clippings from the news, I couldn't help but cry. He seemed to be a wonderful man and I'm sure that you're all very proud of him, just as I am. My prayers are with James' family and friends. God bless you and your son who so nobly fought to the end.

Meghan Livingston - meghancmm84@yahoo.com of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, United States of America

"Jamie, I will never understand why God chose to bring you home when he did. It is not my place to question him. Your death has been hard in so many ways for me. You are my nephew, you are my family, and you are a heck of alot taller than your uncle Mike. He is shrinking in height. As your older but littler brother said; "when you are apart from your family and you don't see them as much. You don't realize how much you miss them until they are gone". Who knew David could be so smart. Jamie "D", I will miss you, but I know where you are is a better place. You have brought the family closer together more than you could ever imagined. We love you James for who you were and what you stood for. Your favorite uncle, Tom. The other uncles are, well, you know."
Tom Wolf of Lolo, Montana USA

"Jamie was my cousin, my only regret is that i didnt get to know him all that well, i will remember him forever. he was always fun to be aroud whenever he would come up and see our grandparents. The day i found out, my world was shook, i didnt think it would happen to him. its hard and i know that its really hard on my family. they are in my thoughts and prayers forever. you loved what you doing and for while i couldnt understand why but now i do. You are my Hero, now and forever, I love you Jamie"
Chantel Wolf of Coeur d alene

""One of the best soldiers a commander could have asked for...I am sorry I wasnt there for you on your fateful day. Had I been in command, I don't know that I would have been able to change things....but, I feel guilty and more sorry for your terrific loss anyway. You made me want to be a better commander...and you still do.""
CPT Eric Noe of Ft. Carson, CO

"I didn't know James Wolf, but my husband and him were good friends in Iraq. James deeply touched his life and will not be forgotten. We have named our son who was born during their deployment after James and I look forward to the day he will be able to understand the honor of being named after such a great soldier."
Roper of Ft. Carson

"Jamie you are still my mentor and my friend I will always love you and I have joined the military now to follow in your footsteps. You will always be my hero in this life and the next. hopefully oneday I will be stationed at Fort Carson where you were. You were always so understanding and you helped me through my problems. There was so much I wanted to say at your funeral about how we had our little joke about air force being better but just remember Ive always wanted to follow you to the Army and now that i can I will Just Remember ITS DARN RIGHT MICROSCOLPIC AINT IT we love you jamie and Ill never forget you

company A 3rd platoon 116 combat engineers idaho army national guard
PVT Zachary A Wolf of alpha 3rdplt 116 eng post falls idaho

"I just received my hero bracelet honoring Spc James R Wolf today 1-24-05...I will wear it with pride until all our men and women are home from this necessary evil."
Louisa Parker of Austin TX

"Jamie was not only my brother, but my gaurdian (in life and death),my best friend, my teacher, and the person who pushed me more than anyone to be something great. i will never forget all the great times we had and all the lessons and "talks" we had too. you've taught me so much, i dont know how i can make it without you. not a day goes by that i dont think of you and wonder how you are doing. i only hope i live my life good enough that i will see you again. i love you and miss you more than i could ever say~ HoRdE 4 LiFe~the rest is just drama"
Rachael wolf of lincoln nebraska

"to the wolf family,
thank you for raising such a wonderful man, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us could live a safer life. I am a friend of Dave's from Lincoln, and Dave always talked about his younger brother, Jamie. He spoke of him with such pride and love. James will always be remembered as a hero. God bless your family."
casey of omaha, ne

"James i will miss you.....I was on that road with you the day you passed, and i will never forgot how much fun we had laying volleyball and joking around the tent area. I have your initials tattooed in my arm to remind me of you. Griff and I will never for get the moments we had here with you , thou mine were brief."
SPC Chris Rutter of Mosul, Iraq/Albany, Oregon

"To the Wolf Family,

A year ago today, your love one was called home. As a constant reminder I wear a braclet in memory of Wolf. I was in his unit at Ft. Carson. and served in Iraq with him. Everytime I seen him he was always smiling, I never seen him complain, mad, or angry. Today we had our Veteran's day parade and it really makes you think and reflect on how important our roles are in America, this is something I do everyday, especially for those whom sacrificed the ultimate. May God Bless you as a family, and my family will continue to keep you all in our prayers."
The Lucas Family of Colorado

"I never met you personally, but I feel like I have known you forever. You touched the lives of so many people in your short time. You are deeply loved and are greatly missed."
Nikki Norvell of Fort Carson, CO

"Jamie, I miss you so much! I am so sorry that you had to leave us so soon. I know I did not tell you enough how much I loved you. I sure hope you are enjoying the view from up that high because it sure is hard down here with you. I am so proud to call you my cousin and I love you so much! God rest brother. First cousin to James R. Wolf"
Sheila Schumacher of Lewstion, Idaho

"Indeed James was handsome, smart, brave and strong. We miss him so much. We always were proud of him and forever will be."
Aunt Shirley, Uncle Quinn, Jake and Mallory of Meridian, Idaho

"James, I can't believe it's almost been a year. So much has happened in the last year and you were a big part of it. I have the sister I never had and a great best friend too. (my last best friend was in grade school) Your family is now our family. We've cried and laughed together, shared and supported each other. This has helped us all cope and grow even closer. You'd be amazed at the outpouring support of our country and community, James. The Horde will never be the same without you, but they have hung in there together. The boys have grown up and are settling down. Chuck has matured over this last year because of you and Lindsay. It's been hard though, knowing you won't be standing physically by his side at the wedding on World Peace Day. But we know your presence will be felt there as you are his honorary Best Man. He's still struggling with his feelings of bitterness of this war and losing his best friend. We all have our moments and it hasn't been easy at times but leaning on each other and our faith will help us get through this.
You've been an inspiration to Andrea too. She's included you in her college reports and presentations and has received the highest scores in class. I can just hear you now, "Of Course, and why wouldn't she?"
Tyler is getting tall and he is the smartest kid, you'd be so proud!
Jamie, you'll always be our "tallest son", Andrea's "tallest and brattiest brother", Chuck's "twin" and best friend, and an inspiration to all.
We miss you like crazy and we'll love our HERO forever.
Until we meet again, "son"."
Your other mom and family- The Swanks of Scottsbluff, NE USA

"I was James' roomate at Ft. Carson. He was a brother to me. I will never forget all the good times we had in Colorado and even in Iraq. Jamie, you will be forever missed, but never forgotten. The last thing I remember is James' dropping me off at the tarmac on Mosul Air Field and saying goodbye. The last time I heard from Jamie he had emailed me and told me how much fun he was having on leave, I wish I could have been there. James, you gave you life for this country and myself, for this I am forever gratefull. I will miss you brother."
SGT David Grof of Mainz, Germany

"My sorrow goes out to SPC Wolf and the Wolf family. I went to Basic and AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO with Wolf. I can only remember good memories and even better laughs when it comes to our 51-Tango school, especially with SPC James Wolf, SGT Brian Matthews, SGT Brian Hagerman and myself SPC Charles Bashor. My deepest apologise to the Wolfs and to James, You are all in my thoughts."
SPC Charles Bashor of Hiedelberg, Germany 18th Eng. Bde. Construction Management Section

"Hi my name is Tecola and at first I didnt know much about the war but now I see how you all were treated and what really happend. I am so sorry for all of the innocent soilders that died for our country that says alot about all of you all I wish the best for the rest of you. God bless you all and America"
Tecola Roseboro of Charlotte, NC, United States

"Specialist Wolf, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"It is so sad when you hear of someone so young losing their life, especially in such a tragic way. I am so sorry for your loss and I want you to know you and your family will be in my prayers as well as everyone else who's heart James touched. No one thinks it can happen to them when they join the military but I guess in the back of our minds we always know it's a possibility...it truly is the worst feeling in the world to hear that someone died protecting you and your family and I want you to know that we all appreciate James and what he did for us, so very much. May God Bless you and may your American Hero meet you at the gates of heaven someday."
Tiff4USARMY@yahoo.com of Statesboro, GA

"To Spc Wolf's Family"
Though we are strangers, we want you to know how sorry we are your James was taken from you. He is our hero. We will never forget. You are in our hearts."
Carol & Larry Miller of Tampa, Florida (2/24/04)

"you didnt deserve to die this way"

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, James will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"I just want to say a special "Thank You" to James and the entire Wolf Family for your service to our country. Thank you for the opportunity for my family and I to be able to enjoy our continued freedom and happiness. I will ensure that when my little girls are old enough to know, they will understand and appreciate the sacrifice that you made for our Country. So from the Esparza and Martinez Families of Scottsbluff, Thank You and God Bless!"
SSgt Chris Martinez/USAF Security Forces of Ellsworth AFB, SD


"Thank you James Wolf, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To James Wolf family,
I served with your son in Iraq with the 52nd Eng. It was a honor to have known your son. He has made the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless his family in this time of mourning."
John Laws of Colorado Springs, CO

"To James Wolf family,
I served with your son in Iraq with the 52nd Eng. It was a honor to have known your son. He has made the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless his family in this time of mourning."
John Laws of Colorado Springs, CO

"We were so saddened to hear of more fallen heroes such as Spc. Wolf. We share your sorrow and you are in our prayers. God bless you."
The Bloxsoms of Cleveland, Ohio

"To the family and friends of Spc. James Wolf:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless James for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Spc. James Wolf:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of James, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on