Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Army Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando

43, of Tennessee.
Orlando and other soldiers were attempting to negotiate with armed men who were congregating after curfew on a road near a mosque in Karbala, Iraq. The Iraqis opened fire killing three soldiers and wounding seven others. The soldiers were assigned to the 716th Military Police Battalion, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Orlando was the commanding officer of the 716th Military Police Battalion. Died on October 16, 2003.

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"It's been 18 years since you were taken from us. I've lived more of my life without you than I have with you in it. While the pain of your absence has lost its sting over the years, I find that I have thought of you more and more as late.
I wish you were here. I wish you could see the lives we live. Even though in my heart I know you would be, I wish I could hear that we've made you proud.i wish I could know that you would be proud of me.
One day I hope to hear that. One day I hope to see you again."
Jason of Boston

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"Kim: I enjoyed a nice run in the mountains with your memory this Memorial Day, 25 May 2020."
COL (R) Don Morris of Flagstaff, AZ

"Sir it was an Honor to serve with you. I remember everything like it was yesterday. We spoke earlier in the day. You were always so nice to me. Kind and understanding. Always asking is your home front okay. I remember you doing physical training with us in the mornings. Donít think anyone could hang with you. I always tried to be like the values you should me in my young career at the time. As Iím about to retire myself. I find myself looking back at the great men and women I got to serve with. You at the top !! RIP Sir. Iíll never forget you. SFC Moore Kenneth R"
Kenneth Moore of United States

"Sir, you was a great leader. you was the first to tell me of the birth of my son, gave me some cigars and some great wisdom. i hope that i made you proud of me while i served. i had great mentors to look up to. RIP Sir. Air Assault"
Spc. Brian Frogge former 716th Mp Bn of Bowling Green, Ky US

"Tremendously sorry for your loss. Your husband's name is mentioned from time to time in our household, always with the utmost respect and honor. My husband (Hector Berdecia) ran with him that morning, chatting about strategy and life. Even though time has passed, the pain and loss is still felt by my husband - so I can't imagine what you feel. Just know that there are brave soldiers that still remember & live the sacrifice, bravery and commitment to one another - and honor every single day those who have fallen. It is a brotherhood family, and that never dies. Sending you and your family love and light."
Bridget Berdecia of USA

"Col. Orlando,
Sir, I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country-not just in OIF but also when you served in Desert Storm as well. And to your Family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy."
Mike Casey of El Paso, Texas

"I met Kim when he and his Staff came to Camp Pendleton in 2002 for joint planning actions, we exchanged unit challenge coins that day and I was impressed with his professionalism. I keep the coin he gave me on my fireplace mantle and think of his sacrifice often, especially this Memorial Day 2016. My continual best wishes for his wife and childen."
LTC Ron Watters USMC Ret of East Point, Georgia, USA

""Salute to the Fallen" I remember Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando well. Didn't know him well but I remember his constant words of encouragement. I deployed with him as my Battalion Commander into Iraq in 2003. The last time I spoke to him we were in a DFAC in Babalon and I was on KP. The news that night crushed us as I was on a convoy returning from Baghdad. Every year I think of his face and name and voice and think of the sacrifice he has made in order for me to return on that plane. Sir, your sacrifice, your name, your legacy will never be forgotten. Thank You."
Reginald Goodman SPC, 716th MP HHD of Tampa, FL

"Remembering Kim after all these years on Memorial Day 2015. Kim and I were commissioned together from OCS Class 86-501. As some of the faster runners in 5th Platoon, we ended up running together without Tac Officer supervision, a nice break from the OCS grind and good way to "relax" at sub-6 minute pace. Did not know too much about Kim until 2008-ish when a mutual friend in Korea told me of his sacrifice. I think about him on this day every year."
COL (R) Don Morris of Flagstaff, AZ

"Rest in Peace young Warrior. I was a Drill Sergeant in 4th PLT D-11 along with my mentor SSG Wally Shield and our Senior Drill Tony A.(Mad Dog) Taylor. SSG Shields said it best "You were a leader even when you were in Basic Training at D-11. G.D. Little 1SG/E-8 U.S. Army MP (ABN) - Retired"
George D. Little of San Antonio, Texas

"How I wish you were here! You would be so proud of your son Greg! Tonight he won Airman of the Year at the International level!! He is an excellent Airman!"
Jess Orlando

"I was honored to serve with then MAJ Orlando when he was the 503rd MP Ben S-3. All I can say he was a fine officer, gentleman and family man. Would have followed him anywhere. I was proud to have been the Primary Jump master on his first AJ. Always the perfectionist. But I most rememberhim calling me babe. I hated that term, but whenever I hear it he comes to mind. I was in another part of Iraq when he passed. The news hithard. You will be missed but always in my heart. Airborne Jump master."
MSG(ret) Victor L. Smith of Long Island , NY

""ORLANDO, GET IN HERE!" Don't know how many times I said (yelled) that to you in basic and AIT. Ltc Orlando it is with a sad heart and tears rolling down my cheeks that I just found out from Tony Taylor what happened. As soon as Tony said your name I remembered you. You were a leader even back then. I am honored to have known you and been one of your Drill Sergeants. When it's my turn to go I sure hope your there so I can salute you sir.
ps... Tony told me about you two laughing at my birds name.."
Walt Shields of Peoria, Illinois

"Miss walking down the hallway at SHAPE, seeing you there and hearing you always say something positive."
Shack of Kaiserslautern, Germany

"I miss you Kim, if I could just go back 10 years from right now. RIP my friend, until we meet again."
Ted Spain of Aiken, SC

"For some reason I found myself thinking of you a lot today..the man who found himself with a NY national gaurd MP company under your command in Iraq. Never did you treat us like "guardsman" you treated us like soldiers! I miss the PT sessions, the church services and how you believed in us. I hope your family has found peace...I have never taken off my KIA bracelet I have worn in your honor since I got it. You have left an impact on so many. I'm sure you are in comman of a battalion of angels by now! Rest easy Peacekeeper!"
Former SGT Gene Hoffman (442 MP's) of West Milford, NJ

"Kim sang on our praise team at Memorial Chapel and I had lunch with him and his wife, the day before he deployed. His death affected me deeply. I was so moved by the overwhelming response of the law enforcement community that literally lined the roads and overpasses from Ft. Campbell to the national cemetery in Nashville the day of His funeral. He is missed but is remembered every time we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."
Chaplain (Major) (Ret) David W. Coram Sr. of Oak Grove, KY

"Kim I never received the opportunity to meet you, but I feel as if I know you. I am your oldest son's wife Jessica, you did an amazing job raising Greg. You would be so proud of him and the man he has become. He joined the Air Force and is currently at basic. We are having our first baby Lakais Salvatore Orlando, baby boy due in August. Thank you for your sacrifice. I am honored to have taken the last name Orlando. Your legacy will live on forever and we can not wait to share with Lakais how brave his grandfather was. Love- Jess"
Jessica Orlando of Clarksville,TN

"As in every year, I remember Kim on this Veterans Day. He sacrified all for the rest of us."
Kevin of Longview, WA

"It has taken me all this time to find the right words to say about you..Kimmer..Kim and I were Captains together (back in 1994 we were Small Group Leaders for Military Police Officer Basic and Officer Advance officers course at Ft McMuffin,AL (that's what we called Ft McClellan back then). I visioned I'd say something profound and thought-provoking here but...then I thought what Kim would say...he'd say "...Mike you're so full of s**t you're eyes are brown"...we'd laugh...and that's how I, now, chose to remember my Friend...with a smile... I miss you...Kimmer!"
Major Michael PS Williams of Kennesaw, GA

"Kim and I grew up together in Nashville. I lost touch with him after we graduated from high school. Just before his last deployment, we spoke on the phone, reminisced about our childhoods and he invited me to visit him at Fort Campbell and have a cup of coffee. He was a fine person and I miss him."
Phil Riner of Rocky Face, GA

"It was an honor growing up with Kim, We went to Church together and were alter boys together at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Nashville, Tn. Our family had much respect for his family. May your memory be ETERNAL!"
Chris Coutras of Brentwood, TN

"Kim and I served with the 300th MP company in Stuttgart, Germany (1984). The last time our paths crossed, he was earning his commission at Ft.Benning where I worked MPI. From all these previous posts, I can see why LTC Orlando commanded such respect: He was never afraid to lead by example, even in his final moments.
Without a doubt, the MP Corps lost a good leader. Hope to see you again some day, Kim."
John Polheber of Altoona, Pa

"Kim is my brother in law. And was an awesome, Husband, Father, and Soldier. And loved God. Last night I had the privilege of attending his oldest son Greg's wedding. He looks just like you Kim. You would be very proud of both your sons. You left an awesome legacy. We love and salute you. God's blessings and hand on your family."
Robert Davis of Houston,Texas,USA

"I spent a brief but meaningful time with Kim in Basic Training. He was the Company Guide at the time I was Platoon Guide and it was obvious he was a born leader. Kim thoroughly enjoyed what he was doing and it was apparent in his daily actions. I lost track of Kim after we graduated so I was unaware that he had gone on to become an Officer however it does not surprise me. I was researching our old Basic Training Company today when I learned of his death and I am truly saddened. After reading everyone's comments it is apparent that Kim is gone in body only. He has touched many lives and his legacy and teachings will live on for generations. RIP Brother"
Sgt James "Jay" Bowen of Winter Haven, FL

"I remember Lt Orlando from the 204th MP CO,and crossing paths a few times later. Excellent officer and human being. A tragic loss. RIP"
Arvel Perry of Fort Worth, TX

"It was my privilege to serve with then 2LT Orlando in Germany with the 110plt/204th MP Co in the late 1980's. He was so exited & motivated all the time. Allot of us young and well, some what lazy but LT always keep us on our toes and would always be the one doing the right thing. What a great loss to his family and the Uninted States Army. My God bless you Sir.."
Jeffrey H LeGrand Ret SFC. US Army of Indianapolis IN

"As you can see Kim, you have many wonderful friends. Rest in peace brother. Airborne! 2 KINGS 4:10"
Randy Dickover of Manhattan, KS-USA

"I happened to have served with Ltc Orlando when he was a new 2nd Lt. fresh out of West point at Kelly Barracks, Germany--many years ago now--but I was an NCO at the time and was a squad leader and acting Plt Sgt from time to time when the Lt. Orlando came on board and became our Plt Ldr. I will always remember his enthusiasm and always having to be in the thick of it when anything was going on. I was not surprised when I read that again he was in the thick of it when he fell. He was a good officer and mentored his troops to be all that they could be. I am saddened by his loss."
Richard Benham, USA, retired of Dublin , Ireland

"I've had the honor to serve under his command as Deputy PM at SHAPE. Rest in Peace sir."

"LTC Orlando promoted me to the rank of Sergeant when I was stationed at SHAPE. RIP Sir."
SFC K of Fort Hood, Texas

"Sherry - I have the opportunity to speak at an MP Rites of Passage in the MP Memorial Grove this week. Traditionally, those who speak tell a personal story of thier heros and fallen commrades. This week I will speak of Kim. I hope life finds you and the kids well at this point in life. I miss you all and Kim. I visited his brick this morning and said a prayer for him and your family.
With Highest Regards,
LTC Bryan Patridge"
Bryan Patridge of Fort Leonard Wood, MO

"I went to school with Kim and lost touch with him over the years and then last night I had this weird dream, at this party -this man stood up with a cello or violin case of some kind and people were asking me, "Do you know this man, do you know who he is?" And I thought a minute and burst out smiling, "It's Kim Orlando!" and we hugged and laughed and that's all I remember from my dream.... except how strange it was, I hadn't seen or thought of Kim in over 30 years. I woke up this morning to google him and was so sad to learn of his passing. He was a good man and a good friend and I have a pretty strong hunch I will see him again. May God continue to bless his family."
Tim Howard of Alpine, TX

"To the family of Kim S. Orlando ,I am so sorry for the loss of your love one.He died a hero.May you know the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Hopefully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need someone to pray with you or talk to please call or write my pastor at Gateway Community Church,Rev John B Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd. Covington Ga. 30016 phone 770-787-1015""

"My little sister went to preschool with Jason at Ft.McClellan. He would bring her flowers. I remember seeing your loving family. I saw on the news LTC Orlando had fallen when it happened. I am deeply sorry. It is years later, and I still think of your family."
Kaleen Reagan of Athens, Alabama

"oh i forgot to leave our email that we check if the orlandos want to get back in touch with us after all theses years parents email is rinej@verizon.net"
Jackson Rine

"i have great memories of this great man and great officer...i was honoured to have served with him while serving in Belgium...i cannot believe such a thing has happened...may God bless his soul and his family...vittorio"
vittorio giaimo of cesenatico, italy

"Then CPT Orlando was my SGL at Fort McClellan-I recall a positive officer, friendly in nature and liked by all. Thank you Sir...God Bless, LTC Catie Morelle-Oliveira (MP, PAO, CDR, 10 Press Camp HQ, Ft. Bragg, NC)"
Catie "MO"Morelle-Oliveira of Ft Bragg,NC

"I salute your Sir. We thank you for the many sacrifices you've made for our country. Things in this life make no sense but we have to remember the good times, the important memories and legacies you left to not only your friends and family but also to strangers like myself who feel they know you through reading these posts. May God bless you, your family and every one you knew. You are a true hero and angel from above."
Marlena Martin of Killeen, TX

"Kim orlando was a great person probably one of my mentors in my walk with god god bless"
Jackson Rine of Owego NY

"This weekend, like every October 16th, like every Veterans Day, every time I stand and salute the flag, hear the National Anthem and numerous days through the week -- I think of Kim. I remember his leadership, friendship, and just how squared away he was."
Kevin Cornelius of Cincinnati

"I met Col ORLANDO at SHAPE he really was a fine man."
Errico of Italy

"Colonel ORLANDO was my D.P.M. in SHAPE (B). I've got a beatiful memory of him and the time spent togheter. We were using to jocke a lot with his Italians origin. Kim you will be forever in our hearths.
Ciao from one of your Italians Carabinieri. FORZA E ONORE!!"
Antonello De Chiara of Rome. Italy

To the family and friends of Kim Orlando. I went to school with Kim. We attended the same Jr. High & High School. We graduated class of '78. I remember him being one of the smartest kids in the class. That big bright smile, that wavy hair with the part down the middle, shaking it out of his eyes. He was a great guy. His sandals and shorts. He was so laid back and he had a good sense of humor. We teased him alot because he was a guy named Kim. If anyone had ever told me that he would grow up to be a war hero, I wouldn't have believed it. He was the kind of guy that you just knew would be great and successful at whatever career path he chose. I stumbled on this sight by chance. I was doing a google search and found this. WOW!!! I'm so sorry for your loss. Kim was a "Great Guy"."
Vicky Smith Mimms of Nashville, TN

"November 11, 2008
To Sherry, I'm sure you remember me I'm SPC Medina I met you after we returned home from Iraq. I was by your husbands side as his driver and came to know him , when he spoke of you and the boys his face lit up and its not often when an officer and an enlisted soldier can enjoy a good cigar together and talk how much we missed our families ,I wanted to send you my sincerest condolences and apologize for not bringing him home to you, its something I live with everyday and still have a hard time dealing with,I have learned alot from him, especially knowing how much he respected the military and family values and no matter how many differences you have with somebody you have to work things out, he was one of the most professional and honorable men I have ever served with. I wish your family the best and God bless you
SPC Medina
Spc Medina Harold of Sarasota, Florida

"September 27, 2008
To the family of Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando:
Kim gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I met Kim in Basic Training at Ft. McClellan, AL. He & I were in the same Basic & MP AIT units. I knew back then that Kim would do great things with his life. I have a picture that I just found that I took of him, in dress green uniform, right before our Basic Training Graduation. I am very saddened to just learn of his passing, but know that he did so faithfully and honorably doing the job he had trained for.

My thoughts are prayers are with his family and his family of proud veterans."
Kim Wallace of Los Angeles, CA USA

"To The Orlando Family,

I knew and served with LTC Orlando when I was in the 16th MP Brigade (Abn), at Ft. Bragg, NC. I admired his professionalism and his outstanding personality. I called him "Col. Monroe's son" because I knew my boss was his mentor. His wife Sherrie used to make me milkshakes at the health bar in our brigade gym. I never forget that night at the TA Truck Stop in Madison, WI., when my wife called informing me of his death. I never forget his smile, especially when I was ragging on him. He was an outstanding person, officer and leader. I wish the very best to Sherrie and her sons."
SGM Thomas G. Charette (US Army, Retired) of Johnstown, PA

"Sherry and family. Kim is in my thoughts every Veterans Day since Anne Mette showed me his photo and the story of his death in our small town paper here in Washington State. I will always remember Kim as a servant of the Lord and the country."
Kevin Rentner (LTC, US Army, Ret.) of Longview, WA

"I don't know if this site is even still running, but if it is, then i want you all to know that i think about you often. if anyone can show this to Jason that would be very cool. i was your friend at SHAPE, and i've been wondering where you are. please write back if you get this thezep777@hotmail.com"
Andrew G. of Arizona

I knew Kim from a few Military Police assignments; the most recent was the good times of international life at S.H.A.P.E. You, the boys and Kim showed us what Love and life are all about. Enthusiastic and joyful in the best or worst of circumstances I consider Kim a wonderful friend and think of him often. I can also pass along the feelings of Col. Dudley Giles. I was working with him when I learned of Kim's tragic death and it impacted the Royal Military Police Corps greatly. Kim led from the front and knew everyone of his Soldiers and their families.
God be with you"
Rhett Weddell of Fort Huachuca Arizona

"I was honored to serve with LTC Orlando many years ago with the 101st ABN. He was a fine soldier and an inspirational leader."
SFC, Ret. Steve Smith of The Villages, FL

"To the family and friends of Kim Orlando:
I first met Kim in 1974, when we were both in 9th grade. I had just moved to Nashville, TN, halfway through the school year, and in the midst of that uncomfortable, intimidating experience, Kim was a funny, friendly, comforting presence who made me feel welcome. I still have a clear picture of him with his calm, brown eyes and his wildly fluffy long hair. He became a very dear friend and the first boy I "went steady" with. We broke up before we got to high school, but remained friends until we graduated and I moved away. I remember just after graduation, I ran into him and his mother at the shopping mall, where I was shopping with my mother. I barely recognized Kim, because all of his wonderful hair was gone! He had just joined the service. I remember feeling frightened for him. In the many years since, I have often wondered whatever happened to him. Now thanks to this website, I know that he married and had a family, distinguished himself through his military service, and gained the respect of so many people. It breaks my heart to know that we have lost him - I feel like this is the blow I was waiting for 30 years ago. I am sorry that I have only found out several years after this loss - an old high school friend only just now told me about it. I don't know if my message will be read now, but Kim was a very special person. I will always remember him."
Patty Gray of Fairbanks, Alaska

"My brother was a hero, and I miss him.

I will never stop missing him."
Kent G. Orlando of Seattle, WA

"I'm not sure how I got to this site but I am very thankful that I did. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and respect to Kim Orlando, it is obvious that he was an extraordinary man. I would also like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to every single military person for your sacrifice. I am an ordinary American citizen who knows I owe my freedom to our fine military and hold you in the highest esteem.

God Bless the Orlando family. I have prayed for you and I thank God for people like Kim Orlando."
Cory Johnson of Fort Collins, Colorado

"He [our Lord Jesus] died for us so that, whether we are awake in this life or asleep in death, we will live together with Him. Ė1 Thessalonians 5:10"
Chaplain Mark & Susan Moss of Fort Jackson, S.C.

"Ltc! You won't be forgotten. I wish I could have been there watching your back. -Bastogne Legal"
Fernando Lucero of Denver, CO

""I met Kim at Shape-Belgium when he was my "Boss" as Deputy Provost Marshal. Sometimes I still thinking to him and immediatly remember when I was entering in his office he always said to me "What's up brother?" I also remember when we went together for his first jump from the balloon at the Belgian Paratrooper Academy, he was so enjoy after journey that we got other many times over there! And I have so many other souvenir...But what I will never forget, he was not only my "Boss" but a man and a thrue human!
Today I found this site and I would like to say to his family how I understand they are missing him so much."

"I met Kim when we both attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Even among over a hundred law enforcement administrators from around the world, he was a class standout and set the bar for everyone as far as leadership and physical fitness. We grew to be good friends during the three months we spent together, but lost contact after graduation. When I heard of Kim's passing from another member of the Academy I was deeply saddened. He was a great person, a great leader and a great soldier. He will be missed by everyone whose life he touched. May he rest in peace."
Bob Piccioni of Mesquite, Texas

leonard_wahl@2hotmail.com of Spring Texas

"I had little contact with him in Iraq, but I got the impression of him being a cautious, thoughtful man who was forceful when he needed to be. I thought of him as being completely self assured, yet also valuing the art of restraint. I served with your mess people, and was glad to fill your tray. You were gung-ho and led from the front. I'll never forget you."
Louis Menchise of Bronx, New York

"My name is Scott Rowley. I served under kim during operation desert storm while in the 101st MP CO. I also bumped into him again at Ft Mc Clellan while attending BNOC many years later... It hurt to find out that a brother had fallen. Kim was a good man and he had a positive impact on many lives. I remember how he loved to run.He especially loved to run in shorts in the middle of a cold ft campbell winter.I proudly carried his company guide on many times. I am so sorry to hear of your loss sherry. I will pray for you and your family."
scott rowley of reno nevada

We were in the same MPOAC class at Ft. McClellan. You were always kind, generous and a natural leader. Our army will miss your leadership. Thanks for your friendship. God bless the Orlando family."
MAJ Gary Gossett of Anniston, AL

"Rest In Peace Kim, I never knew you, but from reading the comments by your friends, It sounds like you were indeed a Great Man. I was drawn to this page by an email sent to me from a Geneology site. My daughter shares the same name as you! May God take care of you, as you have taken care of all of us! A true Orlando"
Mike Orlando of Shelby, Twp., MI

"Two years later... and: you are still missed; still loved; and still an example, for all the rest of us.

Rest easy, solider."
Kent Orlando (brother) of Seattle, WA

"I knew LT COL Kim Orlando from SHAPE when he was the Provost Marshall. He always looked out for me and all of "his" soldiers. It has been 1 year since I found out he had been killed and two years since he was actually killed. I still think of him when I think of my time in the Army. He was the best officer I had the priveledge of serving under. He will be missed by those who knew him. God bless him and his family!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mike Schmid II of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"I knew LTC Orlando when he was MAJ Orlando at Ft. Bragg, NC. I was on the Special Reaction Team w/ the 42nd MP DET and saw him in the command hall from time to time. His unit the 716th MP BN, took over Karbala from my unit the 870th MP CO (Pittsburg, CA) and we were sent up to Abu Ghraib where I heard the grave news. I was shocked to hear this and had to double check to see if this was the same LTC Orlando, unfortunetly it was. I just wanted to send my sincere condolances to his family."
Romeo Horvath of San Jose, CA/USA


Dear Sherry,

So sorry to hear the news. I know it's been awhile since it happened (I hope that helps?) This is Paul Jehle, I knew you and Kim from the SHAPE Chapel: I used to get the next week's hymns so I could practice my flute for the Sunday service. You remember? I remember you and Kim talking about his new command in the office and I thought, "this man is still going places!" I guess he really gave his all for the Army and the country!
I wish you the best for moving ahead (hopefully you have done so quite a bit already). --Your SHAPEAN friend, Paul . ( pauljehle01@msn.com )"
paul jehle of Rio Rico, Arizona

"I knew Kim before he was a soldier. We were Fraternity brothers at Baylor University in Waco Texas. I got to know him when we played softball on Sig Ep #4. Kim was not a great player but he was a great competitor. Short on natural talent but long on desire to win. Apparently that trait never left him and it served him well through his life. A number of Kim's former fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon will be gathering next weekend to play golf, pick our fantasy football teams and watch the Baylor SMU game in Dallas. Be assured that we will tell stories about Kim. I think we all lost touch with Kim when he went into the military and I suppose that is normal. But Kim's death brought home to me the reality of the cost that our brave soldiers pay to try to make our country safer.

I will never, ever forget my friend Kim S. Orlando. His wife and family should be proud of him. He was a good fraternity brother and a good American. I salute you, Orlandoooooo."
Richard "Dick: Kennedy of Tyler, Texas

"Dearest Orlando Family,

I want you to know that I will forever cherish the memories of your husband and father. I met Kim at SHAPE, Belgium and as a fellow paratrooper, he took me under his wings. Whenever he had time on his hands, he invited me to accompany him to the Belgium Airborne Academy to take in a few fun jumps and just to get out of the office. He was truly a mentor to me. On our travels to the Airborne Academy, we had long talks and he loved his family sooo very much. I will never forget him and forever will our friendship be embedded in my heart. I pray for you all and that the Lord continue to protect your hearts. Know that Kim is with our Lord and sitting up in heaven watching over you. God bless you all!!!!

All the way!"
SSG Elizabeth J. Gaut of Washington, DC

"LTC Orlando,

I still remember your presence at my OBC graduation in OCT 04. You were right about all of us would get a chance to be a combat leader in the near future. Your words and inspiration helped me to become the best combat leader that I could be. I will remember that day forever."
1LT Wesley Bradshaw, Platoon Leader 549th MP Company of Fort Sill, OK

"I have known Kim for several years. He and I were peers, and I would meet with him at the 16th MP BDE when I was in town. We'd drive around in the Eddie Bower Ford Explorer and chat about the MP Corps. I then left the 10th MP DIV for SHAPE. Around that same time, Kim showed up as well. We were in the Messieres Hotel together and spent our time stationed at SHAPE. We didn't hang out, but I'd stop by his office now and again and congratulate him for his BZ selection and promotion to LTC, and his selection of the prestigious 716th MP BN. He was on his way. I envied Kim in many ways as he departed with his family for command. Then on OCT 17, 2003, I was leaving to go watch a SHAPE HS football game when a friend of mine, COL Steve Poet stopped by with the heart-stopping news that Kim had been killed the day before. I spent much time that day, and many since reflecting on Kim and the irreplaceable loss to his family, and how strangely things turn out. I feel extremely saddened when I think about how tough this must be on his wife and two boys, but I am sure that many a person has benefeited from knowing this great husband, father, and soldier. God Bless, Kim. We will miss you. Of the Troops, and for the Troops."
LTC Alan Mahan of SHAPE, Belgium

"I have not seen Kim since we graduated MP School in 1983, but I remember him as a true leader. He took the heat from the drill sergeants many many times, rather than let it fall upon the rest of us. He was a natural leader, and am saddened by his loss. I proudly hang the platoon picture, (4th Platoon, D co, 11th MP Bn} in the entry to my house, and point him out to all who enter, and let them know that I support this action, and that there are still some heros in the world, and Kim was one of them. God bless him for this sacrifice, and god bless his family. I know this is a difficult time, but wanted you all to know that I have many happy memories of him, and would be delighted to share them with his family."
Sgt (Retired / 100% Disabled) Thomas E. Seward, Jr of Muskogee, Ok

"Dear Sherry,
My name is Bill Palumbo, and I am a 51 year-old investment adviser in Boise, Idaho. I just read an article on my financial news about your family, especially regarding your son Greg and how he is trying to cope with the loss of his father. I too lost my father when I was a teenager, not to battle but to an accident at his workplace. I would like to write a letter of encouragement to Greg. There will be other men in his life who will be good male role models for him -- he just has to look for them and develop friendships with them. Mine included a Christian professor of economics at the University of Virginia, a Jewish lawyer at an investment firm on Wall Street, and a Catholic chaplain at Stanford University. This was not just good fortune -- I believe that God in his grace and mercy restored my loss, and I would like to share this story of my life with Greg to assure him that he will feel like a son again someday. I sure did, and many times. Once when I was attending Mass with my chaplain-friend, a woman asked him if I was his son, and he smiled brightly and said, "No, but I wish he was!" I felt just like a son again! You can reach me at billp@mountain-pacific.com, or 800 342 6864 (work), or leave a message at 208 344 4595. By the way, I have a stepson who is Greg's age, and he's going to college at Gonzage in Spokane next year. Finally, I just want to tell you how much my heart aches for the loss you and your sons have sustained. My family's freedom and safety means so much more to me when I read about the sacrifice of real men like Kim."
Bill Palumbo of Boise, Idaho USA

"Sherry, I know you will remember me from 16th MP Brigade. My name is SSG Faulk. I want to say I am so sorry for your lost, LTC Orlando was truly a man of GOD. There was days when things just would not go my way, until the presence of LTC Orlando showed up. I was reading the Army Times when I saw his picture, My heart stopped. The commander gave me the rest of the day off, because I could not stop crying, I am crying as I type this message. This man changed my whole life because of him I have eternal life. He would always ask me Girl, when are you getting promoted? I would say when the points dropped, then he said do not wait on the points, you go for it. I know for a fact, he has made it to heaven. He changed my whole life and I love him for that. I prayed to God, if he is assigning Guardian angels, I want mine to be LTC Orlando, He was an Angel here on earth, just think how awesome he is in heaven. Sherry if you do not remember me, let me refresh your memory. I would talk to you and Ms. Monrouea, at the juice bar, in the weight room. I remembered when I bought my Nissian Altima, You told your husband that you wanted one, and you got it a gold one. I will be praying for you and the boys.

Love SSG Faulk, DeQuenna
Faulk DeQuenna of Jackson, Ms

"Hey mom What is up!!!

"This heros name will forever be etched in my heart. Even though I never knew him or his family. I pray one day to meet his wife. I purposely typed "Kim Orlando website" in my search engine to reach this site.
On Oct 24th, I traveled to Nashville Tn. with my husband Kim A. Duncan. The funeral procession for this hero joined us on the highway. We were on our way to a doctors appointment. Knowing we had no time to spare we embarrassingly attempted to go around in the outer lane. We were cut off by an official (in an Altima I believe). Ashamed of being in a hurry, we slowed in respect, taking in the way the flags draped from the overpasses,.. and firetrucks were up there,.. the motorcycle officers who blocked the on coming traffic, those at random that stood at attention along the highway.. the many cars displaying the "support our troops" magnets.. the vehicles went on for a long way! My husband commented that this must be someone of great importance. When we arrived at the Drs office, the television was displaying the procession,.. and telling who he was. We watched as we waited. We both felt very very honored.
Little did we know, later that night, I would say goodnight and go on to bed without "my Kim", and be awakened in the night by the coroner explaining to me and two daughters, he had been in an auto accident and did not survive. We actually rode in a funeral procession hours before his death,.. and a very special one at that. I have since printed from the computer, clippings of Hero Lt. Col. Kim Orlando. I think of that day often. I feel God slowed us down, allowing us not to hurry those last precious moments. It has been a year now,.. He was only 39, I can't imagine life without him.. I miss him so very much.. I think of Hero Kim Orlandos wife, Sherry. I pray one day it would be my honor to meet her. I often wonder how she is doing. My husband was not in the service,.. but he was my hero. (We were sweethearts since age 14.) I just want to be an encourager, in this loss, as his wife seems to be. God bless the family and friends of Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando!!

Gina Duncan of Kentucky

"CPT (back then) Orlando was my CO while I was at Ft. Campbell with the 101st MP Co., about '91 thru '93. I'm not really sure if he would have remembered me. But I can tell you, the world is a lesser place without him. I'll miss him.

David C. Moller of Everett, WA

"To the brother-in-law I never knew: Shema Yisrael, Adonai Elohaynu, Adonai Echad. I love you, Kim."
Rachel Orlando of Seattle, WA

"I knew LTC Orlando as MAJOR Kim Orlando when he was my boss at the 16th MP BDE (ABN) S-3. He let the NCOs do their thing and stayed out of our business unless we were being mistreated by someone, then he would step in. He stood up for me on several occasions which I am greatful for. Later, together MAJ Orlando and I jumped with the French during Federal Eagle. It was a bad jump as the winds were really blowing. The DZSO threw out red smoke, but the French Jumpmaster didn't understand that red met no drop. Out the door we went. Man did we slam in hard. We found each other on Sicily DZ and together made it to the assembly area. We both remarked that it was the hardest landing we both ever made. Two days later we stood next to each other as our French Airborne Wings were pinned on."
1SG Kenton J. Falerios of Fort Bragg, NC

"(Then) Maj Orlando was the Bde S-3 when I was with the 16th MP Bde. I was the COL's driver and interacted with him on a daily basis for 7 short months. He and I used to trade off novels that we had read. Never in my life have I met a more charasmatic and engaging leader. He really looked out for the troops and always brightened up my day. I have yet to meet a man of his calibre and will always hold him as my standard by which all leaders are measured. He left an indelible impression on me and for that I consider myself very privelaged and honored to have served with such a great guy."
Charles C. Rosenfield of Bloomington, MN USA

"I came upon Kim Orlando site by accident and glad I did. My Uncle wqs killed beside my father in Italy in 1944 two weeks after he was 19. As I grew up I learned the true price familes pay so that our country can stay free. Kim from all I have read you were one fine officer and man. God Bless you sir as you lead the way for the rest of us."
Michael P Cahoon of Bluffton, SC, USA

"Thank You!"
Brian Richards of Ravenna, OH

"Goodbye my friend.
As I walk the halls of the Pentagon daily, your memory is a very strong personal reminder of the tremendous sacrifices our country is making in the War on Terrorism. Freedom is worth that sacrifice -and you honored that committment with your incredible leadership and courage. Your beloved Sherry and sons have lost the greatest husband, father, and hero possible. Pat and I cherish the time we spent as neighbors with you at Fort McClellan, AL back in the mid-1990's. You were truly a friend and brother in arms. May God bless your family, our nation, and your Soldiers always.

In remembrance this Memorial Day and always,"
LTC Eddie Edge of Washington, DC

"I had the honour of working with Kim in S.H.A.P.E, Belgium as members of the International Police unit. He was a strong but fair man and a natural leader, his passing is a sad loss to the US MP family. My condolences to Sherry and the boys. I will remember him as fondly as I remember those who have fallen from my own Corps."
Warrant Officer Tony Metcalf of The Royal Military Police, England, UK

"Mrs. Orlando, the article about you in the Ft. Campbell paper was the most moving article I've ever read. You carry yourself with such dignity and grace. I know you are an inspiration to those you come in contact with. May God bless you and your family."
Military Spouse of Ft. Campbell, KY

"Six months after Kim’s passing, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Lieutenant Colonel Orlando. I knew him half a lifetime ago when I was 18 and he had just received his commission. He was the leader of my platoon for the majority of my hitch in the 204th MP company in Stuttgart West Germany. I remember several instances when “the lieutenant” went out of his way to play a positive role in our development as men and women. One day he arranged for us to repel for helicopters, which was quite an adventure for troops that spent most of their time checking ID cards, saluting, and waiting for the monotonous 12 hours shift at the gate to end. Another time after a PT test he took me aside from the less enthusiastic soldiers and thanked me for my effort. That made enough of an impression for me to remember it for a 16 years after the fact. When my wife miscarried, he again took me aside and told me to take off whatever amount of time I found necessary. Now I’ve gone through college and am now teaching middle school students in rural Oregon. Consciously or subconsciously, a day doesn’t pass without me referring back to my times in the army and the leaders that shaped my world. I would just like remind the surviving members of the Orlando family that for every person who sends out their condolences, there are hundreds who have been positively touched by Kim Orlando but for whatever reason haven’t verbalized it. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Jeff Lowman
Jeff Lowman of Hermiston Oregon

"Kim was a true hero. He is sadely missed on this earth. He was very brave with alot of courage. May God comfort his family. May God Bless Wanda
Wanda of Manchester,Tenn USA

"Colonel Orlando, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Kim died for his country, and for his God. He will never be forgotten, Kim had such a warm heart, and he truly loved his God, his family, and his country. The phrase fallen HEROES couldnt explain him any better. We love you, and miss you dearly."
Alex Hawkins of Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, NC

"Kim is a hero to our country. He died doing his job. He was a good man who cared about his family. He loved his wife and kids very much. His family shoud be very proud of him. Because I know I am."
Matt Gallagher of Fayetteville, North Carolina

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Kim, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "


You served as an inspiration for all your fellow soldiers in basic training and were the model soldier. From day one DS Little and DS Thomas saw that you were a true leader. You MADE our platoon stand out in Delta 11. We, your fellow platoon members looked up you for the wisdom and the strength that you generated. As Jesse stated, "You led from the front." A statement ever so true. I pray for your family and you will always be in my thoughts. Kim you truely were something special."
SFC(Ret) Jose Samaniego of San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you Kim Orlando, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"I haven't seen LTC Orlando since he was my instructor at the MP advanced course back in 1994. Then "CPT" Orlando was a true mentor to us all. My most sincere sympathy to his family and to all those touched by the loss of this fine officer."
Major S. Labate, USAR of NY, NY

"thank you kim for your service to our country. i hurt for you and your family. i will pray for your family. i feel the loss in my heart. bless you"
deanne carroll of wilmington n c

"I had the honor to share some months with him at the Supreme Heardquarters Allied Powers, Europe in Belgium. I remember him as one of the nicest person I have ever met. Committed, self demanding and devoted to his family. Truly a great person and a great loss for family and friends. I express my deepest simpathy to his parents, wife and children; be sure he will keep an eye on you from the place of Love and Peace where now he rests."
Italian Army LTC POGNANT AIRASSA Federico, of Aosta, Italy

"Even though I have not seen Kim since we sat next to each other in 1994 at CAS3, he still has that same strong face in his photo. A very competent and devoted officer. I was shocked to here he had been lost. Our prayers are with his wife and family. God Bless you all."
Major Bob Edwards of Birmingham, AL

""Military Police Corps Regimental Prayer
By Chaplain Michael Yarman

Heavenly Father - We approach You today because You have called us to be a people of prayer.

We praise You because You are our Creator, our Redeemer and our Provider.

We acknowledge our great need for You as we fulfill our mission as soldiers.

We have been called to serve our nation as Military Police and we are proud of the honored heritage of the Regiment and our motto: Of the Troops and For the Troops.

Whether we are fighting an enemy, securing as area, patrolling the streets, or helping someone in distress, help us, O Lord, to always be men and women of integrity who can be counted on to do the right thing.

Give us the strength to stand for what is right and to oppose those who would do harm to our nation and the people we serve.

May we always be truthful in Word, Deed and Signature, and bring honor through our service to the memory of those in the Regiment who gave the supreme sacrifice for their country.

Guide us now, Father, by giving us wisdom and knowledge from on high, that as Military Police we will always be prepared to Assist, Protect and Defend.""
CPT Glidewell

"To the family and friends of Lt. Col. Kim Orlando:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Kim for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Lt. Col. Kim Orlando:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Kim, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on