Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Army Staff Sgt. Toby W. Mallet

26, of Kaplan, Louisiana.
Mallet died in Bayji, Iraq, when a rocket-propelled grenade struck his patrol vehicle. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany. Died on April 9, 2004.

To All Whom Have Taken The Time To Send A Message Concerning Toby,

The comments and concerned expressed by all of you is very touching and very appreciated by myself and the entire family of Toby. He will always be our HERO who gave his life in the name of the protection of America. It is a very special feeling to know many others who may or may not have known the special person, son, father, and brother Toby was, felt compelled to send a message in his honor.

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Toby's family, Thank you and May God Bless You.

Ron Mallet

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"I miss you son

"I recently found much useful information on your website especially this blog page. Escorts Service In Delhi Among the lots of comments on your articles. Thanks for sharing."
rasmika chopra of Delhi

"It is almost your birthday son and I miss you as much today as I did the day you were killed."

"Toby, another year has passed. You got all of my love."
Your Dad of Philippines

"Toby I miss you miss you son as much today as I missed you the day you were killed."

"Toby. You were my first true friend in the army, when I heard of your passing it killed me inside. Still has till this day. I'm so sorry your time was cut short. Wish you were still here"
Wilson perez of New York NY

"Today marks 12 years since I received that awful gut wrenching phone call from uncle Ken about your death. It is not any easier 12 years later to think of you being taken from so many who loved and respected you. The part that really touches my heart is the love and respect you had from those serving with you throughout the years. That alone justifies the love and admiration you received from the family my son.

Love u and miss u and know I want to be up there in heaven with you when my time on earth ends."
Dad of El Campo, Tx

"Hey uncle Toby,

It's me, your long lost nephew, Kalob. I finally got to meet my father back in march of 2014. It was shortly after that that he informed me about you and about your amazing sacrifice you made for this country and in that for us. there are so many things id have loved to talk to you about. I wish I could just sit down and have a beer with you to catch up on the last twenty years...but I guess I'll try to make due here. I am now 21 as of the 3rd of this month I am now the father of a amazing baby boy. we decided to name him Sebastian James Schexnyder. Two days later I became an officially certified law enforcement officer and look forward to continuing my career as a Deputy Sheriff for Jefferson Davis Parish. I guess this was the closest I could get to doing something and honorable and selfless as you seeing as I was turned away from being able to enlist by the recruiters but im not mad about that i enjoy my job and the experiences gained from it. i love hearing the stories about you. every description i hear of you is the epitome of an american hero.

though i never got the chance to know you i want you to know that i love you and i look forward to the day that we can have those heart to hearts up in gods meadows

well i have to go for now so here i am signing off
till i get to see you:"
Kalob J. Schexnyder of Jennings, louisiana/ united states

"We should be celebrating your birthday today with you. I so wish this was true. Love you and miss you so much son"

"You and papa Mallet are filling my thoughts today as it is Memorial Day. I miss you so much and wish you were here with all of us and your children. The nation is celebrating the heroics of soldiers like you who gave it all for their country but I find it hard to celebrate in that manner. I celebrate the fact that you saw fit to protect this country and your family as papa Mallet, Terry, and I did by serving in its armed forces. I would never question God's decisions on our lives but I do question someone as special as you were being taken long before you were able to further contribute to the good of this world. So many loved and admired you and what makes that so impressive is they were not only your family but fellow soldiers who's lives you touched be it a professional basis soldier to soldier or human to human, that Toby is what made you so special son"

"Hello son well today it is officially 11 years since we lost someone so special. I can honestly say it does not get easier with time. You are constantly missed by all of us and we wish so badly that you were still here with us enabling us to enjoy you and the fantastic person you were Toby. The thing that eases my pain somewhat is knowing you are there with mama and papa Mallet and uncle Ken now. Every night I hope and pray to God that one day I will be there with all of you. Love you son and miss you so much."
Dad of Temporarily in Texas again

"My name is Domenick Alagna. I served with Toby in Iraq in 04 and was on the ground with him when he passed. I will be visiting him this April for the 11th anniversary in Louisiana. I am trying to get a hold of any family to see if anyone else will be there. I have recently contacted Saskia as her and her boys are the only of Toby's family I know personally.

The messages on this page both sadden me and give me hope at the same time. I miss Toby, not a day goes by that I do not think of him. I hope that if there is any family out there that would like to get a hold of me they will not hesitate, and please feel free to come out this April.

To Toby's kids, he loved you all and talked about you often. I regret I never had the chance to meet you all.

To Toby's parents. I cannot imagine losing a son, I have two of my own and deeply sympathize with your loss. Toby was my friend, and my children will know his name in their lives too.

Please feel free to contact me. Jared.alagna@yahoo.com"
SPC Alagna, or Nuts to my brothers. of Detroit, Michigan

"I heard about Toby through his dad Ronald and although there are no words that can assuage the pain from the loss of a son, I pray that GOD can alleviate the tremendous grief that Toby's family must be experiencing. GOD bless you all."
Jay Morales of Coral Springs, Fl

"Yesterday was Memorial Day and you stayed on my mind all day long. I wish so much you were still here to see how well your children are doing with their lives, all the while knowing you are watching from above and so very proud of them. Miss you son, love you"
Dad of Alice, Tx

"I knew Toby while I was stationed at Fort Polk, LA. He was in my friend's FDC section. Lots of memories doing training exercises together. RIP, my friend. Until we meet again."
Karl Haynes of Hyattsville, MD

"10 years you be missed Toby ,i miss the old times we all had together good times. i will never forget ."

"My condolences to the Mallet family. I know its been 9 years, and I am sorry. I served with Toby in 2002 at Ft. Polk, La. He was my first section chief and a very good one. We were also friends. Went to house on a few occasions to watch a fight or just hang out. I have tried very hard to model my military career after what he taught me. Was an extraordinary man, and a great soldier. I was outside and heard the TAPS play here on post and it made me think of him and I remembered it was close to this date 9 years ago that he died. Yesterday 9 years ago I think. Once I again I am sorry for the loss of your father, husband, son, and friend. As he was my friend as well."
SSG(P) Keith D. Peterson of Ft. Irwin, CA, USA

"Well dad, how things have changed. My dreams are different. I'm still going to pursue art, but in a different form. I'm actually planning to enroll in Long Beach California Dance University and achieve either a bachelors or masters of Dance. I know that dream may seem foolish to some, but i have goals and i'm setting them high and going to push for that dream. Yes, i'll be all alone in Cali. and will not know a single soul there, but that makes it all the fun. Starting fresh, being independent, and truly trusting in God. I realized that settling for something small is what the "average" teenager would do in life, and God has called us to do so much more. I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and putting all control of my life in his hands. Yes, I'll fall, i'll hurt, and make mistakes; but that's where the test of faith comes in and i pray i do not fail him. Also, i forgot to tell you, course you already know, but I'm now leading the youth worship band and i'm also apart of the Big worship band. God has brought out my talent of singing and now i'm leading others to truly worship him. It brings me much joy to do this, but also more responsibility. Well i would love to say more because i have a lot to say, but i have exams in the morning and need sleep. lol. Dad, i love and miss you dearly, but i understand protecting our country's freedom was just as important as me. You are not only a hero to the Americans, but your also my dearly loved father which many girls wished they had to privilege to say that. Hope i see you when the time comes. love always,"
Kailey Mallet of Richland, MS

"Hey dad i was thinking about you today. I miss you a lot i always wonder what our relationship would be like today. I see kids with there fathers and wonder what would it be like if you were here. I mess you so much."
Phillip Mallet of Richland ms

"Miss you my brother...Went to a Memorial Day event and had to leave. Too many emotions from too many friends lost from these wars...Especially you Toby. I truly hope you are well."
Jonathan Herbert of Austin, Texas, USA

"well hello parran Toby!(:
how are you today? i just finished typing a paper for 1st responder. im taking this class because guess what im going into the medical field. trauma nurse!(: mom wants me to have a summer this summer because next year i will be straight into college! i cant wait for that experience to happen. only thing....going to be a bull dog(: hope you dont mind. its just ole miss is my dream school. there is this one school i would LOVE to go to but its really hard to get into to. its called belhaven u. its a christian college and it is amazing but the scores you have to have is out of this world! im going to apply any way and who knows i might get in. my grades where never that great but i will do my best in college i promise i want to be a graduate. speaking of that next year your little god child will be graduating school! i wish you were here to share this with the family. ohh wait you will be...your always with me and the family.its hard to believe we have had 8yrs without your smile or laugh or the light in your eyes shown to us. im sry i have been so busy that i cant go see you so much...now that i have the summer off i will i promise it will suck not seeing you while i am in mississippi. but i will have your picture and you in my thought and prayers each and every day!(: i love and miss each minute of every day and i will nver forget you or how you were. i will raise my future children teaching them of a great uncle they were never able to meet but will in gods place. i love you and i miss you.
see you later"
chelsey h of kaplan la (17)


"Heyy Parron Toby,
Im sitting in class not doing anything. no lesson today for some reason but heyy who would complain??
anyway i miss you alot and im sorry i missed your birthday so HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!(:
now that i got that out my system how have you been?? are you still keeping a close eye on us down here??
please watch over the family we need it now more than ever.
i love you but i have to go"
chelsey of kaplan

"our condolences to you,the family.
how difficult for everyone.

from a former soldier"
paul of new zealand-south pacific

"RIP Hero Mallet, you will always be remembered."
Kenna of Manti

"I am greatful for your protection

THANKS TOBY!!!!!!! Nicholas goins your sons friend"
Nicholas Goins of Kaplan

"Jonan Jstin and Miss. Soskia Toby was a great guy .We will thank we will respect him. And I know you miss him"
dustin goins of kaplan louisiana united states

"Toby justin mallet was avery good guy."
dustin goins of kaplan louisiana united states

"happy 34th baby brother..i miss you terribly!! it never gets easier just more real..,your kids are all growing so fast and even though i dont get to see them nearly as much as i would love to i see pictures often..and even though i dont get to talk to them much i hope they know i am never more than a phone call away to answer any questions about you ( well maybe not all your secrets haha) and i would love to tell them how much i love them all and am grateful that they are on this earth to carry on your name and memory...watch over those babies and watch over us as i know you are doing and pray that oneday we can all be together again with no pain no sadness and no worries...XOXOXOXOXO"
you big sister tanya mallet of kaplan louisiana

"happy birthday Toby i miss you alot u know that today was supposed to rain here but it didnt it was a beautiful day sunny and nice just for you :-) VERMISSE DICH"

"Heyy Parran toby,
Timeline in American History today and I just thought i would stop by
well I didnt get that job in larrys Iv been workin at sonic for a yr in january
I miss you so much I have a pic of u in all my binders and in my id too!
everyone ask me if ur my bf i just smile and say nope even better my godfather(:
It makes me want to cry sometimes but i hold it in and think of all the great times we had!!
Iv been really good too
Its been homecoming week all week and i know you have been laughing at mem all week!
Me and haliee arent friends anymore
im upset about that but i will always love her as my sister
me and anna are closer than ever and i have 3 new best friends
this guy im seeing is someone who you would like
But im not moving to fast
i wish you were still around i tlk to u everyday and i dont know if you hear me or not but it makes me stronger thinking you can!(:
If i dont think that then i have nothing
The whole gang is doing good
Ohh how is maw Jeannette doing up there?
I bet she was happy to meet you and put a face to the name we have tlked about for so long!
Omcheese my tummy is growling im STARVING!!! hehe
or however u spell it always sucked at that!
i had a dream about you the other night but it was kind of a scary dream i told mom part of it but not all of so i shall tell you!
I dremt that there was a masked man chasing me and i was running for my life and i see this line and i start running towards it and as i get closer i see its people so i run faster thinking i can break through it and when i try i cant so i keep trying and trying and i hear my name being called and i look up and see you! you were crying asking me to come and i kept fighting and fighting to get through and i couldnt! so i run toward the man thinking i could get him before he got me but i couldnt...
it was very scary
How is Jarons mom?
we all miss her! tell her Jaron is doing great and that i will always love him no matter what!
he was my first love and no one can replace that!
and tell her i love her too!
You are just my little message boy today hehe
well again the bell is taking me away from you!
i will write soon again
give everyone hugs and kisses for me
and dont forget us as we wont forget you parran
I love and Miss you dearly!((:"
Chelsey 2:22 10/13/11 of Kaplan Louisiana

I dont know why little brother but you are on my mind big time at this ungodly hour. mabe its because your birthday is coming up i dont know. But i sure do miss you"
terry mallet of louisiana

"Hey Dad,
I really miss you right now. There's not a day that goes by that i dont think about you. Even though i barely knew you, i still love you. I wish i was older before you died so we could have had an actual conversation about life or your life. Just so i could learn and hear stories of your teenage days and things you struggled and succeeded with in High School. I'm happy here in MS. i wish i was able to be around my brothers more and actually get to know them. But guess that's something i'm just gonna have to put in God's hand and trust in him all the way. Not only with my relationships with my brothers, but also the rest of my family. I really want them to find God and realize how great their life could be if they really did trust in him. I know with the help of him, i was able to let go alot of anger and pain i had from your death. He really works miracles Dad and his mercy never ends. Dad everyday i wonder and pray to God if you found Jesus before you died. I would really love to see you in Heaven when the time comes. But i guess God's the only one who knows right now. I know im talking a lot, but i just cant stop. I wish you were here to help with my worries and struggles. But i know that there is always a part of you with me everyday. Dad it makes me feel better when i hear from PaPa Ron. It makes me feel like im important to him and that he misses me. I'm not really contacted from anyone but him. Its not that my other family members dont care about its just i never recieve a phone call or letter or some way to show me how much im missed and loved and also cared about. And im not trying to put anyone down, im just expressing how i feel. But with PaPa Ron, he really tries to see and have a relationship with me and phillip. Did you know that My art is coming along. I'm improving every time i draw. I placed 2nd in the state of MS for my Tiger Lily but when i went to Nationals in Nashville,TN i didnt place. But me, mom, Nanny, and Mr. Anthony had a great time. Someday i'm gonna be an amazing artist and teach art. But for now i'm working on improving my skills. Well guess i gotta go... HAve practive early in the morning. I love you dad and really miss you."
Kailey Mallet of Richland, MS

"Toby, still think of you and miss you everyday, you, mama, and papa, are in my prayers every night. Seven years is a long time for you to be gone, but I know all of the family thinks and prays for you daily."
Ron of Alice, Tx

"hey dad it is me phillip im 13 now and i play football and baseball i am comming down next weekend i hope to see you. I miss u so much papa ron is comming down this weekend hoping we could all go and see you. I pray everybody in our family would turn to god and one day we can be in heaven with u. I love u so much and miss u very i cry all the time because it is hard with out nobody can replace you."
Phillip Mallet of Richland,Ms

"Heyy Parran its me
how have you been?
its almost christmas down here.
its really cold
its weird how fast the yr has gone by
me and hunter broke up about a yr ago but its mk i happy even without him
ur pic is on the tree this yr again
i still wish we had the real you and not just a pic
i wish nanny and aunt rosa were still around i miss the kids they r the only thing we have left of u and we dont see them that much
iv decided that i want to name my 1st son wayne if thats alright with you.
and no im not prego im just sayin when i have a kid i would like for him to have your name
mid terms r this week and its going good i much prefer this to leap and ileap testing so much easier hehe
im takin spanish this yr to! its going good
pretty soon i can take a trip down there and speak to people and not be confused lol
mk well i might be a little confused bc when am i not hehe
parran i miss you so much
just writtin to u i wana cry but im around all of my friends and some teachers so i cant
i hate that some days i have to paint a smile on my face
but as i say you have to live life to the fullest and thats what im tryin to do and i think i am
im probally going to be workin at larrys ill tell u if i get it or not i think i will
i get my licince nxt week:))
im ready for it and i promise i will drive safe and wear my seatbelt:))
me and haliee are rlly close still i wish u could have met her u would like her she is exactly like u
no rlly she is
she even has ur since of humor like u do
parran i need your help with something
well 2 things
help haliee w/ wat she is going through and help mom get better
i miss the old her
i want the old her back
she hurts all the time
at least make her not hurt as bad or not as sick all the time
well i have to go the bell is about to ring
i love and mis you SOOOOOO much
hugs and kisses!
chelsey :))
ps help us through our futures and i promise to tell my kids of the wonderful man that gave up his life for theirs esp my sons :))"
chelsey of kaplan, la

"Hey Uncle Toby,
God I've missed u so much its been so hard with out u here justin and jonan are so big u should see them right now im doing so good in school except in language i wish u were here right now to help me with it i bet ur rlly good at it......I MISS AND LOVE U SOOOO MUCH;)"
haley ladner of MISS U

"Toby Mallet was my uncle.I don't even remember the last time I saw him.It was so long ago.Today is Nov.2,2010 and he died in 2004."
Haley Ladner of Kaplan,La

"today is no special day..no anniversary day..no exceptional day...but it is a day like so many before and so many that will come after when i am missing you...im not sure what is worse missing having you around or missing what could have been...i see the kids growing..all of them...they are becoming the us of all the tomorrows and it is going by so quickly its almost scary..deciding careers and taking of future families makes me want to slam the brakes of life on and tell them to slow down and quit trying to rush it haha...if losing you has taught me anything its that every minute counts weather its sitting together watching a movie or hanging out playing cards or just listening to music TRYING to teach them dance moves haha...i know you are watching all of us and i know you have a special eye on the kids and on momma and jess and i know we all feel safer for it

i love you baby brother and i am so damn lonesome it hurts beyond words beyond beliefe....all those waisted fights all siblings grow and go through and all for what...i tell you what to give you memories not regrets....I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU more than the width of the sky and the depths of the oceans"
tanya mallet.....sister of kaplan

"Happy memorial day! Miss you Toby."
Jason Graves of Greece NY

"I feel sorry that I never got to meet you in person, but someday I will and I'm proud to have your daughter as a friend. Thankyou for serving our country. We miss you and will always remember you."
melissa peterman of douglass tx

"Well Toby our son is now 13!!!! He is growing to be such a good boy. You would be so proud. As always you're not forgotten."
Rosa of Richland, Ms

"Son, I can't be there this week but Tata and I visited you last Sunday while we were in town, hope you understand, its been 6 years but I still can't get used to it, I'm still angry. We love and miss you son."
Dad of Alice Texas

"hey daddy!!!
how are you doing??? well i hope good like me and phillip....well today was 4 months for me and that certain boy i've been with...dad i really like him i know you would too....i would've liked for you to meet him...but its okay i understand that you had to go....i cant wait till i see you again in heaven....we'll both be blessed to be in heaven with jesus and our lord God...so i will be rejoicing when that day comes...i love and miss you so much.....love your one and only daughter,"
kai quick of richland, ms

"Hey Parron Toby
I kinda have to tell you something
i talked to the consolur yesterday about you
i had to because i was about to start crying in front of the whole class when david did his poetry project and it was that song that reminded me of you
american solider
God i wanted to cry
i got in his office and cried like a baby
i told him i dont do that much bc i feel like i have to be the strong one of the family
sometimes i feel like i cant talk about u around some people bc i can see the pain in their eyes
4/9 is gettin closer :(
i hate that day
i wish i never happened
i wish i could have talked u out of going
could i have
if i told u to stay home would u have?
these ?? i wish i had answers to
i really do
on the x-mas tree every year we put a pic of u
but i wish we had the real thing every year and not just a pic
i have ur old army hat and after 6 yrs it still smells like u
when i get lonely i grab it and just breath in ur scent
i feel so much closer to when i do
i miss u so much
im almost a sphomore parran
r u proud??
im datin a guy that i really do love and u would love him to
i no u would
he makes me laugh
i love that about him
speaking of laughing
i still remember when we watching that movie
Bring it on
and it was the locker scene
and nanny was trying to get u to do something
i was laughing so hrd bc of ur face lol
well parron i have to sign off
i miss you so much
watch out for me hunter and our 2 BIG familys mk??
lots of love and kisses"
chelsey of louisiana

"i did and i am sorry....amanda"
amanda of virginia beach va.

"Hey there sasha (i hope i said your name right) this is amanda mcmillan keiths ex wife i figured it took me long enough to send a message to you , i only knew yall for a short while but you and him both was a good friend and i am sure you miss him so very much i could not imagine loosing my husband at anytime esp during a war ....if you would like to talk drop me an email its luvmysoldier1987@yahoo.com god bless and hope all is well for you and the kids and i also hope you had a merry christmas and a happy new year."
amanda of virginia beach va.

"Hey daddy,
i wanted to tell you i have a special friend now (boyfriend) and mom and mr jeff approve of him...and he's just awesome...you'd really like him...he's a real gentleman..he opens all my doors, walks me to all my classes and always lets me enter the room first...he makes A's and B's....he is raised by a christian family and he is shy and quiet which is good cause he never gets in trouble....but i just wanted to tell you....i miss and love you sooooo much...love your almost 14 year old daughter, kailey mallet:)"
Kailey Mallet of Richland,ms

"Well Toby we celebrated your 32th birthday today. Kids made some muffins and had a candle in one. They sang "Happy Birthday", to your picture. You're not forgotten!!!"
Rosa Quick of Pearl, Ms

"I thought about you today. I can't believe it's been over 5 years since you left. I remember like it was yesterday how you were not wanting to go to Germany but being friends with a SSGT's daughter that wasn't an option. You may not have had a chance to live a long life but during the time I knew you, you lived it to the fullest. You were a great guy with a great smile. Thanks for being the mature friend I needed at that time."
Lisa Taylor of Savannah, GA

"Hey Dan, it's funny how things work. I was on Facebook and for some reason this site was on the bottom, I decided to read the messages, and saw what you wrote. I had tried looking for you last year on myspace, and had no luck. After reading this I tried to find you on fb, but still had no luck. If you read this, look for me on fb. You have to see pictures of the kids, its been a long time, Phil was about 15 months and Kailey was about 2 1/2 years old. Maybe you can share some stories with them about their daddy."
Rosa Quick of Pearl, Ms

"hey daddy,
It's finally me AND phillip writen you tonight....boy do we miss you so much....dad i've lost your voice but phillip, its still strong in him....we wish we could see you again and cant wait till we get to heaven to do so...we are doing alot better in school now....we were struggling with algebra but we got it together....well we love you....."
kailey and phillip mallet of richland,ms

"hey paron
God i miss you
each year on 4/9 it is hard for me
last year i cried my eyes in front of the whole class
is showee ok up there with u and momom and popop
i bet he is happy to see his child and his parents again after so many years
i still remember the gift you gave me for christmas before u passed
a bath set
with everything
i miss ur laugh
i miss your face
i miss everything about you
paron you should see justin and jonan
they are so big
they look so much like you it si not even funny
they play like you to
they are not even half my size and i get bruises from them
yes mom has told me some stories
i wish u were still here
to walk kailey down the isle
to see her give you ur 1st grandchild when she is older
to see my kids
to see me get married
to help me get these boys off of me :)
just playin you no me always have to make you laugh
i wish i could hear it right now
i would give anything to turn the hands of time and record ur laugh
to take a zillion photos
to wrap you in bubble wrap and never let you go to Iraq
i still cry over ur photos almost every night
when i was with jeremy for 4th of july i cried
i cry for everything that i wish u could be here for
when i sit at school i picture you walkin in the same class room sitten in the same desk i sit in now
it makes me feel better
i fell like you are with me the whole day when i do that
sometimes i swear i can even feel you sittin down in my desk i think about it so much :)
i love high school by the way
i miss somethings about rms
like seein jenna everyday
well paron
i miss and love you
watch over me and our BIG family i think we need it
give God a kiss for me and showee and all our other family
i hope to see you soon but not to soon bc i am lovin my life :) but missin you in it :(
i love you so much
i really do
chelsey of kaplan,louisiana

"Toby and his family. My deepest thoughts and prayers go to you. Me and Toby were stationed at Ft. Stewart, Ga together and were best friends. We used to sit for hours in his vehicle doing radio watch just taking other peoples shifts so they could sleep and we didn't mind because we just sat up talking about our families and old stories. I remember Him and Rosa and all the times i would go to their home in Ga, and they would welcome me in with open arms. I found this page today by searching for Toby on Facebook. I just started my page and he was the one person i wanted to talk to. It is a huge bite of reality as I am currently in Iraq and to know this place took my friends life leaves me speechless. Rosa, I hope his strength stays with you and the funny stories will never run out about Toby. Never worry about that. May God Bless, God Speed Toby."
Daniel Salgat of Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Life's so hard now...you'd think when you lose a loved one that it would get easier as the years pass and you get older, but it doesn't. While you grow up without that certain someone you realize all the things you won't have them there for. Dad its hard for me to imagine you not there for my graduation or my wedding or even to see your grand children being born. I miss you so much and it's hard to live life without your father you never really knew because he's been at war all your life until their death. Mom says i am just like you in every single way. i'm glad to be just like my father because i can kinda imagine what you were like. i just wish that you were here with me so that i can finally be a daddy's girl, but i'm not. I'm not close to my step-dad or my mom, i just want you. but as life goes on i start seeing that will never happen. I'm glad you died saving all us americans i'm very proud..so GO DADDY!!! I hope we see each other again one day.. because i surely miss you......love,"
kailey mallet of richland,ms

"hello toby how are u doing"
of kaplan louisiana united staes of america


I would think that after this many years that the loss of you would be easier to get used to but it hasn't man. I still think of you every day and I wish I had kept in better contact with you once I had ETS'd from the Army. Getting to Germany at the same time and inprocessing together and working in the same platoon for 3 years was kick butt!

To the family of Toby, I want to let you know that I grieve with you each and every day and I am so sorry for such a great man. To Toby, I am grateful each day that I was able to be share a part of your life with you and learn a lot about the meaning of treating people right, equally and approaching life with excellence, a little humor and an open mind to any obsticles that seem to get in the way. Love you brother...and I salute you...

If anyone would like to talk about toby you can call me at 503 312 7151 or email me at jonathan@gomegatraderfx.com"
Jonathan Herbert of Austin, Texas

"To the family of:Toby W. Mallet I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015. Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga"

"you dont even KNOW! i wish you the best of luck guarding the gates of heaven because thats prolly where your at. this is Cpl. Sanchez U.S.M.C. although we have OUR differences, we are the same to everyone else, and both of us from louisiana, me from kaplan, we are one of the most valuable things to our family. you protect us up there and know that we are thinking about you down here, thank you toby. love you"
Cpl. Sanchez, Ritchie of Kaplan, LA

"Well Toby, I sure could use your help right now. Our kids are growing up, and the older they get the more they hurt. Phil has so much anger built up inside of him, it scares me sometimes. He is so hurt, and thinks life is so unfair. Tonight as I was scrapbooking, he saw your picture and started crying. He wanted to hear a funny story about you, so I told him about when he was born and you said that he stunk. That made him laugh. Toby I guess I thought as long as I kept the kids buzy the pain would go away, but that is not so. Just as much as they need me they need you too! Kailey is such a beautiful young lady, you would not know what to do with your only little girl. Phil will be 12 soon and he is an awesome athlete, you would be so proud! I hope I don't run out of stories to tell our kids."
Rosa of pearl, ms

"Keep your wings around your kids..they love you so..God Bless You"
Sandy Alatorre of Kaplan, la

"5 years already.....i can still hear your voice and that annoying laugh you had and see your face...i hope to never lose that...i know some day that will begin to fade and i will feel even more lost so for now i will hold on to it and keep it in the very depths of my mind and soul and treasure it....i miss you more than words can ever say....all four of your children will be coming to my home for easter i cant wait but man what a bitter sweet moment that makes...watching them and being with them is the closest thing to having you here but what i wouldnt give for you to actually be here...watch over us and keep us safe as you always have and know that you are always and forever in our hearts and minds....love you baby brother"
tanya of kaplan louisiana

"Its been five short/long years son, I love and miss you."
Ron of Alice Texas

"Kailey its papa ron, I hope you and Phillip can come to Texas this summer and spend some time with Tata and I, I do not know your new phone number so please have Rosa call me at 361-207-3085 where I can talk to all of you. I miss you and Phillip so much."
Ron of Alice Texas

"Daddy it's almost been 5 years and it hurts me the worst now that your not here and i'm finally 13. I try to live each day with a smile on my face knowing that that is the way you raised me my first 8 years while you could. I'm not mad, but glad you helped our country, but sometimes i wish i was in your arms and you would just hold me and say everything is ok just to calm me down. I LOVE YOU SSSOOOO MUCH and just hope you are ok where ever you are. I will never forget you or let any man replace you because you are my daddy and i know you love me very much. Well I'll talk to you later dad but never forget about my 16th b-day because i want you to be there singing me happy b-day and celebrate that special day with me. bye love your loving daughter,
Kailey Mercedes Mallet:)"
Kailey Mallet of Richland,MS

"my godfather was a good man and for the people who do not know him yall would have loved him
he was 26 when he passed
but as they say the good die young
but in my eyes he was not good he was great
we all miss him so much
christmas is the hardst 4 all of us bc that was the last time we saw our loved one
he is in our heart and prayers all ways
he died 4 our country so when u sing our anthem or say the pledge think of him
think of all the souls that were lost on 9/11 or on the sands of iraq and iran
when u say God bless america think of the freedom we have bc of them
so i say God bless america
we love and miss paran toby
tell our other love ones we will be with them one day"
chelsey hankins :age 14 of kaplan, louisiana

"Happy Birthday Toby ,today u would turn 30 .i cant belive how fast time goes by .i wish that somtimes we just can turn back the time .and you would celebrate today ur birthday with ur family and friends .I MISS YOU toby u always be in my heart ."
Tanja of Germany ,Marburg

"Toby was part of my HWB 2/2ACR family. I spent alot of time with him in many different places. We were both NCO's in 2nd platoon. I just wish his fate would have been different. I am now out of the Army, but hold my military roots dear to my heart along with all my fallen and standing SOLDIERS. I will never forget!!!"
Matt Dumas of Duson, LA

"I Miss You So Much:o(

Love you"
Saskia of Abbeville,LA

"It's been four years today son and it really hasn't proven to be any easier to accept what happened. I was in Kaplan this weekend and Saskia showed me pictures of the park they dedicated to you, I am so proud our hometown chose to honor you in such a manner. I stopped there Sunday on my way back to Texas and it filled my heart with joy to see the children playing on the equipment dedicated in your honor for your sacrifice. The boys are fine as I am sure you are completely aware of, hopefully they will spend time with me this summer in Alice. Love and miss you son."
Ron of Alice, Tx

"so much time has gone by and i still feel so lost with out you in our lives...you children are growing so beautifully i wish everyday that you were here to be a part of it...i know you are watching down on all of us but what i wouldn't give to have you here again....i love you toby with all my heart and i am so damn lonesome for you its unbelievable"
tanya of kaplan

"I'm still in shock!!! Toby was part of my Ft. Polk history!! Some of my best and worst memories happened on Norris Loop!!"
Deanna of Fayetteville,NC

"hey schatzi,today is Jonans birthday,he's 4 already can you believe it..i got up this mornign thinking about the day he was born and missing you more then ever...i wish you could be here with us to celebrate yet another birthday....i was reading all the msg. everyone left over the years and all i can do is cry,I miss you so much nothing changed it still hurts the same they say that with time the pain slowly gets easier,well...i dont belive that cause im still hurting and im still missing you as it was the day i found out we lost you....I Love you Schatzi and miss you more then ever......"
saskia of Abbeville,LA


"today i am 13 but i still think of my godfather every day. we love the messages you all send for him thank you and u r in my prays"
chelsey of kaplan,louisiana.us

"Happy Birthday Schatzi we love and miss you so much"
saskia of abbeville,la

"May we all remember this hero in our thoughts, and this family in our prayers as we go about our lives enjoying the freedom he has helped preserve."
bk of Massachusetts


Justin & Jonan"
Justin & JOnan

"my godfather was loved very much. and when we found out he passed it broke our hearts. he was a great man and a great father to my cousins. he was the closest thing i had to a dad. he was loved before he was killed and still is loved to this day by family and friends.HE IS GONE BUT NOT FORGOTEN!!!!!!WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!"
chelsey of kaplan,la./usa

"raymond please contact me at cahd3@yahoo.com.....thank you for your comments about my brother.. we all miss him so damn much!!!!"
Tanya Mallet of kaplan, la

"See you in heaven Toby". C 2/3 FA forever"
SFC Raymundo A Rosales of Bakersfield ,CA

"SSG Mallet, What can I say! You got to our unit (C 1/7 FA) with a little attitude and all three of us (the section chiefs) looked at you with questions in our minds. Little did we know that at the firts field exercise you will flip us upside down and let us know that we had the best FDC Chief in the U.S. Army. Believe me we have had some good ones and they were not even close to you. Thats when we formed the fab 4. SSG Mallet, SSG Pringle, SSG(SFC) Perry and myself formed a great bond, not only in the unit but also outside of it. I remember the days that we used to drive our Platoon SGT crazy with our little comments and dumb jokes while he was trying to be serious about anything. I used to look forward to the morning meeting just because everyone would be all grouchy in the morning and here you come with a smile from ear to ear lifting everyones' spirits. I love you man and sorry I couldn't be there for you on that shameful day."
SSG Ramos, William of Ft. Hood, T.X.

3 years have passed and lotís has happened, your children have grown some more and experienced new things, everything changed just a little bit but one thing I know doesnít. Youíre still missed as always and loved just as much; we all wish we could see you again, being selfish as we are, wishing to spend time with you and have a good laugh.
I think about you often and remember the smallest things, they always but a smile on my face and warm me from within.
Toby, youíre loved and missed so very much"
Melanie of Germany

"I miss you Toby"
Tanja of marburg Germany

"Toby and I went to Basic, AIT, and was stationed at Fort Stewart, Germany, and Fort Polk together. We progressed through the ranks together and would always compete for the best in everything we did. We understood each other like no other. It hurt to think that on 9 Apr 02 was the last day him and I seen each other. He asked me, "Why was I changing my MOS (13E) to be an Air Traffic Controller. We are a team. Don't break up the Team." Lets go to Germany and show them what FDC is really about. I decided to move on and told him I will go visit him over there in Germany. But for now I had to have a change in my career. We will always be a team forever no matter where we are in life.

We continued to stay in touch and informed of our success. On 30 Mar 04 he called to tell me he was leaving to go to Iraq and I told him I'll see him when he gets back for leave. He told me that as soon as he gets back from Iraq we both will submit our Recruiting packet together and try to get the same assignment. He was getting tired of being away from his family and wanted more time to be with them. I told him that sounds like a plan and I'll see you there. I told him to be safe and don't forget our promise. He said, "I won't".

Toby, until this day I have never forgot our promise and I promise I will never forget you. You have shown me things that has changed my life forever.

To the family I have never forgot you and your always in our hearts. Toby wasn't just a friend he was a brother like no other. You are and will be my second family away from home.

To Saskia I grieve with you and we are always there when ever you need us. You knew the kind of relationship Toby and I had how much I cared for him no matter what the situation was. Orawan, Tyler and I will always have an open heart, arms and home for you and your family forever no matter what time of day we will be there for you. Feel free to call or email us.

tlupshaw357@yahoo.com or Orawanhotmail@yahoo.com

Toby Wayne Mallet we love you and will never forget you."
SSG Upshaw, Tyrone L / U.S. Army Recruiter of South Hadley, MA/ USA

"I'd known about Toby's death back when it happened, but I just found this page today. I was very sorry to hear about what happened...and it was amazing to think...

Toby sat in front of me in a class in high school (can't remember which class), but I specifically remember that we got on each other's nerves a lot. Boy, would he tick me off at times! LOL Other than that, I didn't know him well, and I would have never thought so much of him until I heard about his passing.

Instantly, I became so proud of him and strangely happy to have known him, even in the crazy way I knew him. It also kinda made me regret that I wasn't better friends with him. I would have never guessed that this 'annoying guy from high school' would become one of our nations heros. For that, I have the utmost gratitude. Never underestimate someone! He may have bugged the heck out of me back then, but I am truly humbled and thankful that he served our country, giving the ultimate sacrifice. God bless Toby's spirit and his loved ones left behind."
Jaime Hargrave Merkle of Del Rio, TX

"I just wanne leave a message to tell everyone that still leaves messages for my Husband...You have no idea how much it means to me that he is still remembered by all of you.Not a Day goes by that i dont wake up and Toby is my first thought.I miss him so much..
I remember all the Turkey fries we had at our house he loved to cook for his Friends and Family and most of you were his Family.
Our Little one is turning 3 next month it seems like yesterday that i we left the hospital with our liitle new born and it kills me that Jonan wont ever get to know his Daddy all i can do is keep the Memory of Toby in this House and make sure our Boys know how much of a good Daddy,Solder,Brother and Son he was.
I love and miss you Bunches Toby..&>

Chris...i would love to see those pictures you have of Toby....my E-mail is saskia_mallet2002@yahoo.com

Thank you"
saskia of Abbeville,la

"Saskia I am not sure if you remember me I was stationed with Tody in Schwienfurt. We all had Fried Turkey ovver at your house. I will never forget the day I found out that Tody had fell in combat. I was in the middle of fighting just down the road from him doing what him I loved to do and that was shoot our "big guns" Tody taught me alot and was a great person and was a leader that any soldier was willing to follow. I am a Drill Sergeant now and I train my soldiers to fight I use the feeling that I felt when I got the news to inspire these soldiers. Tody was a good freind and a great soldier my heart goes out to you his loving wife and his wounderful children. If you need anything please feel free to email at keith.koekenberg@us.army.mil"
SSG Keith E Koekenberg of FT Sill Ok

I didn't know you that well but it still hurts to see that you are no longer with us. Farewell, fellow Cajun."
Christina LeMaire of Kaplan, LA via Northern, CA

"To the Mallet family,

I have thought, so many times, to send a message but, never knew what to say. I was stationed with Mallet at Ft. Stewart 1/9 FA. I remember Mallet always having a smile on his face. I left Stewart in 98 and thought about soldier/friends often. I got a call one day from a long time buddy; he told me about Mallet and I couldn't believe it. I still have pictures of him in the field, NTC, etc... Mallet was a great man, Soldier, Father and Friend. I know it has been a few years but, I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted his family to know, even now your brother, son, father, husband and friend is missed and prayed for.

If there is ANYTHING I could do, please contact me @ cbaerga@decisionHR.com"
Baerga, Chris of Tampa, FL

"It seems like it was not long ago that you came home for Christmas....and now its nearly two Christmas's later and your not here....I miss you so much Toby...I wish to hear your voice everyday...I wish you were coming home to us....I know that you are never far from us...watching over us.. but what i wouldn't give to be able to throw my arms around you or wrestle with you again...Your children are amazing..they all remind me of you in so many different ways...the way Phillip talks or walks...Justin has your personality...Kailey has your confidence..and Jonan has your slyness..he can just about talk his way out of things :) I know they all miss you dearly and so do the rest of us...it seems some days like you never left us and i expect you to call...then other days seem overwhelming with greif knowing that you wont.

I love you baby brother..."
tanya of kaplan, louisiana

"Happy Birthday Toby!
You missed and loved <3"
Melanie of Germany

"Happy Birthday Schatzi,
We Love and Miss you so much..."
Saskia of Abbeville,La

So many people have left kind and heart felt messages for you and your family and for two years Iíve been contemplating to do the same, Iím not sure why I havenít maybe I wasnít able to find the words to describe what I felt. I still struggle to find the right ones now but I finally wanted to leave a message for you and your family.
Your wife and your two boys are like my family and I love them to death, your boys remind me so much of you with the things they do and say, how they look, smile and even when they get mad. I know you know this watching them from above, laughing because you recognize yourself every day. Youíre their angel.
I know youíre proud of Saskia, her strength, love and dedication. I only wished that the people that are still here would recognize that.
I still miss you today just as much as 2 yrs ago and I still half expect you to answer the phone when I call Saskia, giving me a hard time because Iím calling yet again ..lol.. I still remember things you did and said as if it was yesterday. You often irritated with your smart a** ways but more often than that you made me laugh, you were smart and determined. I admired you for so many reasons. Everyone who knew you were influenced by you in one way or the other, no one will forget you. Toby youíre loved and missed more than a couple words could ever describe!

Saskia and the boys, I love you and miss you guys so much. There isnít a day that goes by where I donít think about you all. Iím proud of you Saskia; you are the boyís rock. Your love, dedication, and care go beyond description! You do everything for these children even without any help from others, youíre amazing!"
Melanie of Germany

"We Miss you so much...Farthersday is coming up and it hurts so bad to see that Justin and Jonan dont have anybody to give their Farthersday Gift to...they both made some in daycare....I know you are always with us its just hard to not be able to see you......We always Love and Miss you Toby...."
Saskia,Justin and Jonan of Abbeville,la

"It has been two years since you went away, but needless to say, your attitude, smile, and face is still very much alive. I see your children play, laugh, and dance, and each time one of them does something I see you...I seen Phillip and Justin dancing to music the other day and guess what? They dance just like you! They dance just as bad as you did...Lol.. In my mind you are still very much alive; I will always share with them my memories of you; God bless you and God bless the family..I love ya'll"
Sandy Alatorre of Kaplan, La

"i wish to thank everyone for the kind messages they left for Toby. He was a a kind and gentle soul. I wish everyday i could have him back. He was the baby of our family and a great brother.i love and miss you Toby I hope the pain will ease one day but your memory will never fade. I love you toby"
Terry Mallet of Baton Rouge, LA

"Two years already baby brother....how quickly it passed...you will never be forgotten! Love you and think of you always!"
Tanya of Kaplan, La.

"travis williams
I wanne thank you for this message.im tobys wife saskia.My 2 boys and i miss Toby so much.i would like to stay in touch and maybe if you have any pictures of toby you could share.my email is saskia_mallet2002@yahoo.com.feel free to eamil me any time."
saskia of abbeville,la

to the the greatest solider, nco, section chief and person.... everyday you make me strive to be like you and know the unknown about my job you. you made the world seem so much large as you mentored me your last few years and yes i consider you a mentor, a friend, and a father-like figure you will never leave my heart and mind as long as i live and in closing i must say "strangers must sadden for never knowing you but for those close to you they must be feel bless because you were a true inspiration,role model, and a icon friend.... you be missed...love the williams famliy"
travis williams of schweinfurt ge byway of florida"
travis williams of schweinfurt ge byway of florida

"In your honor and with gratitude to you, Toby Wayne Mallet, Iíve planted a daffodil in your name, as have others across the United States as part of Project LIVE ON, a not-for-profit program founded to memorialize each U. S. military who has died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands of beautiful daffodils will come up each Spring, and, like your Spirit, will LIVE ON...and ON. Blessings to you, the family, as you grieve, and heal. For details, contact projectliveon@aol.com. Jan. 23, 2006."
Gretchen Forbes of the northcentral mountains of Pennsylvania

"I have planted a daffodil for you Toby, along with 49 more bulbs to represent other soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. Your flower will be seen every year and your sacrifice remembered. Projectliveon@aol.com"
Ruth Anderson of Mountain View , California

"i didnt know toby but god blesshim and his family.im living in germany and was in operation desertstorm in 91.My parents live in forkedisland.Let the people know what it is really about.You fight and then die for your country,but really no one really gives a damm.I was station in garlstadt germany delta company 1/41 infantry.I have seen alot but i know that i would not and will not go to war for any country.Because you get handled just like a criminal and then put away in a corner.Just like the people of Vermillion Parish about helping with the hurricane.No one has the balls enough to tell the governor or state rep. they need to help their own people ,but when they need people for the army then they comme round -n-knockin.They need to get the boys home and let the people be the people."
kabelmann of seefeld,germany

"I kailey Mallet daughter of Toby Mallet
want to thank everyone for remembering my dad and want to say i think of you everyday and with the holiday just want to say i love you dad"
Kailey Mallet of Kaplan, La

"this is to JGaspard i would like to talk to you please email me at cahd3@yahoo.com to everyone else thank you for your comments and stories about Toby we all miss him dearly if you have more stories please also feel free to email me"
tanya mallet of kaplan,la

"I didn't know Toby, but a fellow officer (A. Clemente, NJ)who was stationed with him has spoken so well of him that I would only be remiss if I didn't say that he is surely missed. My prayers will always be with his family and those who indeed gave the ultimate sacrifice. Much heartfelt thanks from my family and I."
Merce of NJ

"I just found out about this. I watched Toby grow up, as I was friends with his older sisters, and worked for his mom and dad for a time. And this happened over a year ago...

Thank you, Toby, for what you did and what you gave. I always knew you were something special, even as a child. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to know you as an adult, but life happens that way.

To his family, thank you for raising an exceptional young man, loving father, and proud member of our armed services.

And to his children, always remember that your father went there to protect you and the rest of us. Be proud of him. We are.

God bless you Toby."
J Gaspard

"One Year today....We miss you so much it doesnt get any easier or less hurtfull.....you'll always be in our hearts toby !

Your Wife Saskia and two boys Justin and Jonan!"
of Abbeville,la

"I got a phone call one day from a good friend who said in shock "Toby died man". I was blown away with a lack of understanding how this could happen to such an awesome and unique individual who was always filled with so much light and happiness. I met Toby in October of 1998, we both arived to C BTRY 2/3 at the same time. My first few months in Germany we spent much time together and I learned a lot from him. He always looked toward the possitive in things and many regularly looked up to him. I learned so much from his example and could not have imagined my life as it is now without the impressions he left upon me. Toby, you will live on forever because we can take your example with us and pass it on to future generations. Thank you for you selfless service and sacrifice..."
Jonathan Herbert of Hillsboro, OR

"Words cant even express how i feel, for Toby and his wife and two boys. I'm sorry, Toby was a great man and a outstanding soldier and leader. God bless you and be strong and if you need to talk you can always call me or my wife. Sgt Romero"
Michael Romero of germany

i knew you a long 2 years in giessen, germany. we were friends from the begining. you taught me so much and we had so many great times together on duty and off. i have so many memories and pictures of the times together we spent enjoying life to the fullest like you always did. we kind of grew apart in the end. i managed to find you in 2001 when i was in pldc in ft. polk and we hung out one last time and i got to see saskia and your child. we exchanged numbers and email but never really responed. we had grown out of our young days. a few months back i was watching that controversial epilogue on tv. for some reason i watched it all and my heart stopped when i saw your name and picture. i could not beleive someone who was such a great friend, son, husband and father had left us. i called up a few of the guys that i had managed to get in touch with that we were stationed with and they could not beleive it, i still can not. no one called me, i had to find out on tv, a shock that i will never forget. today is december 12, 2004 and im sitting in iraq and after so long i finally managed to find out what had happened and hopefully a way i can contact your family and be able to send them the pictures that i have of you. you were such a good man, you left behind some children that will know that their father was a hero, a role model. you will never be forgotten my friend for i can thank you for influencing my life and in some way you made me part of the person i am today. to the family of toby please contact me at : jason.w.graves@us.army.mil or jay_jay_3_4@yahoo.com ..... "i do not fear death, i only fear to be forgotten"....you are not forgotten my friend. god bless you and i will see you again."
Sgt. Graves, Jason W. of Avon, NY



"I was stationed with TOBY in giessen 2/3 fa.He was a good soldier and a nice guy.He will be missed.To his wife and family you will always be in my prayers.........THANK YOU....THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE>>>>>>>>"
armando clemente of paterson new jersey

"Thank you for your service Toby.
(Todd Profant - if you went to Richfield please email me)."
Kari Johnson of Rosemount, MN

"Toby will always have a special place in my heart and the hearts of the people of Kaplan. Because of Toby and others we are allowed to live in freedom. Toby will always be a HERO to those who live in freedom. Now it is our responsibility to remind Toby's children, that Toby was a Hero to all of the world and he will never be forgotten. May God bless you and your family. Your family will forever be in my prayers."
Brooks David of Kaplan, Louisiana

To the Family of Toby W. Mallet
Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Toby is a True American Hero, we the American people will always be in debt to him for his selfless service to our country. To Toby's sister Tanya, please know that you are not alone, I too lost my brother back in Nov 03, I have found comfort in sharing my memories with other sisters of fallen heroes. If you would like to share your memories or just simply talk please feel free to e-mail me at luvingsister@yahoo.com I know that the pain is unbearable and that nothing can make it go away. Our brothers were taken away too soon but they will always watch over us (they have become our Guardian Angels. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime. May GOD BLESS YOU!!
SGT Jenny Medina"
A Loving Sister of Coral Springs, FL

"I am Toby's sister and I can not tell you how much all of your messages have touched my heart especially those of you who knew him. Toby was and exceptional man and a brother any sister could be proud of. The days since we lost him are endless with words wished spoken and tears flowing both inside and out. I love you Toby. Words cannot say how much you are missed."
Tanya Mallet of Yazoo City, Ms.

""Toby, and his family, I was with Toby in Ft. Stewart GA. in the 1st of the 9th FA. We started our careers together, and we went through the toughest times when it seemed like both of us were headed out of the military. Our wives were good friends and our children played together. Several times he counted on me for help and more times than that I counted on him for the same. In the summer of 98 I lost contact with Toby. I went to the desert and Toby to Germany. Later in 2002/03 Toby contacted me while I was in Wiesbaden GE. He was in Schweinfurt. I drove three and a half-hours to see him. When I got there I met his new family. We pretty much picked up right where we left off, Best Friends. Toby will always be regarded as a Best Friend.
To his family, all of them you are in my wives heart, and mine you are with our every prayer. Toby was a fine person, a wonderful Father, a great husband, and a super friend. For all his minuses he had many more pluses. Everyone that knows Toby is a better person today because of him. I know I am. A person would not be so lucky to find many more people like Toby in todayís world.
The Moran family will miss Toby in so many ways.
Charles and Carie Moran of Ft. Belvoir, VA USA"
Charles and Carie Moran of Ft. Belvoir, VA USA

"To the family of Toby Mallet,
I want to extend my condolosence to you all for your great loss. I too loss a son one year ago on June 6, 2003. Doyle "Wayne" Bollinger, Jr. was Bu3 Bollinger of the 133rd seabee unit of Gulfport, Mississippi. He is very much missed, but never forgotten and very much loved. He too is our Hero as are all the other fine men and women such as your Toby who decided to fight for our beloved country. To the parents, I am so sorry you have had to feel this great pain, but that in time it will heal, to the siblings, I too have two sons at home who lost their middle brother and miss him so uch even now, but are very proud of him. To his wife and children, I am truly sorry for your great loss. My son is now fighting a different battle than here on this earth, as Im sure each and every hero is. May GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY NOW AND ALWAYS AND COMFORT YOU ALWAYS. REMEMBER THE GOOD MEMORIES, KEEP THEM IN YOUR HEARTS FOREVER, AND NEVER, NEVER LET HIM BE FORGOTTEN."
Wyvonne Bollinger of Poteau, Okla

"Sergeant Mallet, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"Folks, I did not know Toby Mallet, but I am from Abbeville Louisiana, living in Houston now. I served in the USMC and know the brotherhood formed. I am sure your son, brother, husband Toby will be sorely missed. He is in heaven with my mother and one day we will all celebrate the tragadies and sweetness of life. May God bless your family and God bless America."

"I was stationed with Toby in Giessen, Germany 2 BN 3 FA, It was a character, he always lived life to the fullest and never looking back. He is a great friend and guy I would stand by in any situation. He will be missed. To his wife and Family, I wish all the best."
Todd Profant of Shakopee, Minnesota

"God bless! My husband was stationed with him."

"I was stationed with SSG Mallet in Giessen Germany,2nd Bn 3rd Field Artillery.We were both young Sgt's and were in the same plt. He was my fire direction NCO.He was a great friend and a great leader. I wish his family the best and hope god's with you"


"To the family of Toby Mallet: I am so very sorry for the loss of your loved one. He is a hero, whose bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten. A special salute to a fallen soldier- THANK YOU, Toby. May you rest in peace."
Tina Rexroad, sister-in-law of Peter Enos of Moorefield, WV

"To the family of Toby,
May God Bless you always. I share your pain, and hope that America will always honor the memory and sacrafice of great men like Toby."
Shawn Rexroad of Baltimore, MD. 21228

"To Toby's Family:
There are no words to express our deep sorrow for your loss. God Bless you all in this very difficult time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"Your family is in my prayers, always. Toby was a really great friend to me and he will be missed dearly. I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless!"
Christina Wheeless of Fort Rucker, AL

"Your family is in my prayers. You were a great friend and you will be greatly missed."
Lisa Taylor of Savannah, GA/USA

"Rest in Peace Soldier. May God Bless your family and friends"
The Taylors USMC of NC

"To Toby's Family:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences to you. We share the same loss...the same pain. Our prayers are with you and we thank you for his bravery and sacrifice.

From the family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, KIA Iraq 12/28/2003"
Gloria Caldas (his mom) of San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you Toby Mallet, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Toby Mallet:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Toby for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Staff Sgt. Toby Mallet:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Toby, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on