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Army Capt. Sean Grimes

31, of Southfield, Michigan.
Grimes died in Ar Ramadi, Iraq when an improvised explosive device detonated near his patrol. He was assigned to the 1st Infantry Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Fort Carson, Colorado. Died on March 4, 2005.

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"The best Physician Assistant that we had in the Brigade both in Korea and on our deployment. He taught us so much of what our roles were as medics. His devotion to duty will never be forgotten and will be remembered by us all. Thanks so much for setting an example for us to emulate and follow. I will always remember our times that we shared together within the Brigade. Until we meet again my friend. May you rest in peace."
SSG John A. Acevedo

"I was never fortune enough to actually meet Capt. Grimes. But I have been carrying his name on my wrist for close to a decade. Though I have never met him, I feel like I know him. Today I have been trying to get in contact with his family to let them know how much my KIA bracelet means to me, and hundreds of strangers that have heard me say his name and tell them his story. Incredibly humbled by Sean's sacrifice... If by somehow his family sees my message please know, my thoughts and prayers are with you all and Sean everyday."
Ogden M. Mehler of Marquette, MI / USA

"Think of you often. Will never forget your smile, your caring, your passion, your humor, your courage. You were a very important person in my life. We'll meet again one day."
Paula of Bedford,NH

"Sean was an incredible man - incredible friend - and someone who could always make you smile. He worked harder than anyone I knew - and was always supporting everyone's dreams - he rarely if ever accepted any accolades for himself - truly a humble man. He made things easier - he challenged you to be a better version of yourself....he was the epitomy of a leader - and anyone who was fortunate to know him, couldn't help but love him. He had a servant's heart - and I know that he would want everyone to continue to give back to others - to be kind- and always do everything with a smile.... we all miss you Sean..... cannot believe it has been 9 years...."
CPT Meredith Brice of Birmingham, MI

"Sean was my best friend as a new lieutenant in the army. We both served at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center after attending officer basic course in San Antonio. I hung out with Sean 2 or 3 times in San Antonio, but we didn't become friends until after we arrived in Germany. I got there about 3 weeks prior to his arrival. I helped him find a place to live. He taught me how to be a leader. Sean served as a medic prior to his commission as an army nurse. His experience as an enlisted man helped me to mentor those young men and women working with me on the medical oncology ward at Landstuhl. Sean's love of Europe helped me immediately appreciate and enjoy the benefiets of living abroad. Thank God he bought me a Guinness. We both enjoyed working as nurses on the medical oncology ward. The majority of our patients were WWII vets who were dying. Our jobs gave us the opportunity to get intimately involved with these heroes. I'll never forget when Sean drove Mr. Frank to a German nursing home to see his dying wife. Many American soldiers stayed in Germany in the 1940s and started families with local Germans. Unfortunately, by 1997 when Sean and I arrived many of them were dying. It was a great experience to provide care for the "greatest generation". When I joined the army I never imagined serving during a war. In 2001, Sean and I left for San Antonio, TX. I went to the Army Nurse Anesthesia Program. Sean left for the Physician Assistant Program. That was the first time the army allowed officers to attend PA school. Sean had a desire to serve with and care for the warfighters on the front lines. While we were novice nurses, he volunteered for duty in Kosovo. He always wanted to be with the soldiers doing the fighting. He was a great teacher. All of the junior enilisted we worked with at Landstuhl went on to advance themselves in their careers. I suggest that this is because of the fire Sean helped them light in their own lives. While in Anesthesia School, Sean was in PA school. He was the academic and social leader of that class. He committed himself fully to being a great PA. I know he often studied for over 20 hours for a single exam. His love of being with soldiers led to his pursuit and completion of PA school. His death in Iraq haunts me to this day. In my role as a CRNA, I've seen many service members pass away. I received an email from Sean 3 days before he was killed. He was doing a job he loved. Serving with soldiers. He loved everything about being a soldier. He was in love and looking forward to the future. I would have loved to meet that Sean. I'm still upset that he wont be back to hang out here. I think of Sean all the time. In my job, I've seen many soldiers die. I mourn them all. In my own life, I've lost my mom, a son, and a multitude of extended family. The loss of Sean Grimes, was catastrophic. For me, his family, for all who knew him, and for our nation. I miss you Sean. You have been a great friend since I met you."
Joe Stover of Boise, ID

"To the family of:Sean Grimes
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga""

"To the family of Sean. My son is 10 months old and this is the first March 4th of many when he will be told about Grimes and the three other friends who fell on this sad day. Their legacy will live on and we will continue to think and pray for you. I am posting a blog in their memory at www.mistyhamel.com"
Misty Hamel of Canada

"To Sean's Family: Sir or Ma'am, I recently found an old canteen cup that has Sean's Name engraved on it. All of the officers in our battalion in Korea (6th Bn., 37th Field Artillery). I would like to mail it to you at the earliest opportunity. Please email me at mdiroux3 at hotmail dot com."
MAJ Dave Roux of Leavenworth, KS

"To The Grimes Family.
My Husband served with Sean during this time. my husband wears a braclet in remeberance of him. We will never forget the sacfice that he and others have done. Being a military spouse Milford has deployed once again and it never gets easy. Please know you are always in our thoughts and prayers..God Bless, LTC.Milford and Pam Beagle"
Pam Beagle of Manassas, VA.

"To the family of a CPT Sean Grimes
CPT Grimes was a friend as well as a Doctor of mine while we were deployed in Ramadi. I had broken my ankle in route to Ramadi, your son nursed me back into health. It was hard enough getting mortared every day without an injury, your son made it bearable.
I want to thank you for the oportunity I had to meet your son. He was a very good person an an excellent Soldier. I wept when I heard of his death. He had become to me more than a doctor, or a fellow soldier, he was my friend.
I would like to offer you my sincere condolences."
SSG Adam F. Cloer, Retired of Cuba, MO

"Ms. Grimes,
I recently came upon a email that Sean wrote to me on 30 Nov 04. I would like to share that email with you and your family. I proudly served with Sean at Fort Campbell during Phase 2 of PA school and later on in Korea and HE was the one indeed who volunteered to take my slot with 1/9 before the deployment. I live everyday with his memory and never miss a chance to tell anyone who will listen what a fine man and fellow PA he was and the sacrifice he made for me. Please email me at michael.ramos@us.army.mil. CPT Michael A. Ramos"
Michael A. Ramos of Fort Bragg, NC USA

"To the family of Capt. Grimes I am sorry for your loss. I met Cpt. Grimes in Korea back in 2004-2005. We struck up a conversation while I was waiting to see him at the medical clinic. Being that I had just left recruiting duty in Michigan, we had a lot to talk about because he was from Michigan. If anything that I will remember about Cpt. Grimes was that he had an infectious smile and that I would never see doc on a down day. I know that he is in a better place now....still smiling! SALUTE!"
Tyrone Brown of Mocomb TWP, MI

"I miss you boo. Tomorrow we are going to a chinese buffet and book store. Things I think you would approve of. Love you lil bro."
Mary Grimes of Pittsburgh, PA/ USA

"I met Sean in 1997 in Texas, we were roommates during our Officer Basic course. I lost contact with Sean after we graduated but have thought of him often. I remember him and refer to him as one of the funniest guys I've ever met. He had a crazy sense of humor and I had many belly aches after laughing with him. I just learned today of his passing while searching the net for old friends. I am very sad to hear this and my condolences go out to all that loved him. He will always be remembered with a smile."
Roger Bailey of Colebrook, NH

With honor on 'Veteran's Day 09'
much love,"
Eddy, Josh, and Lalo of Evans, Georgia

"”Honor and Remember” - “Project Compassion” We love our Soldiers! We love our country and we cannot express enough love and compassion to the families of our fallen heroes. War does not discriminate – It breaks our hearts to see the faces of the fallen. We want to give this gift to you. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization! Over 1,600 portraits have been completed and shipped to the parents and or spouse - at no cost as this is a gift from one American to another!
Contact us directly at Projectcompassion@manti.com or go to www.heropaintings.com . If you have already had a portrait completed, we pray that you are enjoying the portrait and God Bless You.
Sincerely and Respectfully,
Kenna - Project Compassion of Manti, Utah USA

"Happy Birthday Sean."
Mary Grimes of Pittsburgh, PA

"February 22, 2009
To the family of Capt. Sean Grimes:
Sean gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"I am a member of an organization entitled "Prayer Shawls 4 Fallen Soldiers", which since October of 2007 has sent over 2,900 prayer shawls to families of fallen soldiers. This group of over 235 knitting groups throughout the United States is making every effort to contact all familes of fallen soldiers. If you would like for me to knot a prayer shawl in memory of Sean' service to his country, please contact me at barbconway@cmcast.net or 774 487-8618.
Sincerely, Barbara Conway"
Barbara Conway of Cape Cod MA

"I realize several years have past now, but I met Sean while at Michigan State through a mutual friend. I participated in some ROTC activities with him as I was in the Army National Guard. I think of him on a regular basis and what a good person he was. The US Army and this country are graced to have people like Sean willing to serve."
Anthony Ford of Grand Blanc, MI

"Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I had the honor and privilage of working with CPT Grimes for two years while stationed at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. I was a new Soldier then and I can tell you without a doubt that CPT Grimes (then 2LT Grimes) taught me more about field medicine than any book ever could. He also showed me what it was to take care of Soldier's. He was kind enough to even drive me to the airport in Frankfurt to help me pick up my family that had come to visit, even though he had just gotten off the night shift with me. The last time I spoke with him was approx a year before his death. I was in Iraq when I emailed him. He told me that he had just finished the Flight Surgeon's course and was now in Korea, headed to Iraq himself. We wrote to each other a few times over the months. When either of us had time with our busy schedules. It wasn't until almost a year after his death that I heard what happened. I know that I cannot come close to know what it feels like to lose a family member like that, but I do know many times over what it feels like to lose not only a comrade in arms, but a teacher, mentor and friend. I just figured that today being the anniversary of his death I would write something in here and let you know that I was thinking of him. I have a few pictures and some stories you may want to hear from my time with him. Please feel free to call me at anytime of the day or night. 310-408-8295

SGT Tully, Jason M.
Combat Medic, OIF II
1st Infantry Division"

"Sean saved my life... as well as many others' I'm sure. Every time I think of his giant smile I can't help but smile as well! Still remembering...."
Jana of San Antonio, TX

"Sean was one of my best friends. I served with him in the 6th Bn., 37th FA out of Camp Stanley, Korea. My memories of him were always humorous, and there was never a day that a smile didn't break on his face. He was truly compassionate about his work, serving our nation, and being a role model for all Soldiers. Sean was a great man, a brother, and is truly missed. God Bless him in Heaven.

Sean's Parents: Sir/Ma'am, if you read this message, please email me at mdiroux3*at*hotmail*dot*com. I have a few pictures and items of Sean and his friends from our former battalion."
MAJ Dave Roux of West Point, NY

"Hey Don, Sean's awesome brother, you are still in my prayers. I am still proud of you for being the best brother you could have EVER been to Sean. I am still hoping and praying for peace for you. If you are thinking that people have forgotten this, you'd be wrong. Sean is not forgotten. You are not forgotten. You are both loved, both remembered, both prayed for and both embraced by God.

I pray for you all the time.

I love you,
Jo Hutchisson of San Juan Capistrano

"I was a mortarman with Cpt Grimes in Ramadi with the 2nd ID in iraq and he was the kind of PA that would take the time for the common Grunt, That is uncommon virtue in an Common world, i still wear a black wristband on my hand that has his and all the scouts on it, and i remember him and all of them evreyday, they serve as my constant remider of great men and great sacrifice, i miss you sir, and pray that your example sets the standard for medics evreywhere....."
SSG Joshua Bernier of Idaho Falls Idaho Recruiting Station

"I am trying to contact the family of this fallen Hero. If anyone can help, please email me at vtfan1@cox.net
Steve Young of Roanoke, Va

"CPT Grimes,
Coming to this website, it was good to see your face. I have never listened to the National Anthem without remembering your Memorial in Ramadi. You were a true friend to all the officers and Soldiers of 1-9 IN (M). You were a consummate physician, healing enemy, friendly and Soldiers alike. I remember taking you over to your first Iraqi dinner, you helped cure an Iraqi man of an ulcer. He thanked you, a bit too late for you to hear. I remember you on this Veteran's Day and every day since we lost you.

Godspeed, brother, He could never meet you as less than a friend.

Todd Anderson"
CPT Todd Anderson of Monterey, CA

"Dear Grimes Family,

It was with tremendous regret that I heard of Sean's death. I first met Sean when I was 21 and he was 16. I was waitressing at the Big Boy on Telegraph and Maple and Sean was the host. One of the first things he ever said to me was 'Did you know there are only two people in the world who know the recipe for the Big Boy sauce, and that they can never fly in the same plane at the same time?' I laugh every time I think about that and about all the witty things he has ever said to me.

Sean was mature beyond his years, so despite our age difference, we became fast friends. Sean was simply one of the smartest, most thoughtful, kindest, funniest people I have ever known.

I was diagnosed with cancer, and Sean came with me the day I had my first chemo treatment. When all my hair fell out, he told me I still looked beautiful. I was with him on the day he became lieutenant, and he stood next to me the day I graduated from medical school (cheering the loudest of anyone, including my own family!) The last time I saw Sean was when he was living in Germany. We lost touch after that.

I am so proud of all that Sean accomplished in such a short time on this earth, and I am grateful that I was blessed to have known him. As I have over years past, I will think of him often, and for always.


Paula Lovinski

Paula Lovinski of Bedford, NH

"It was my true pleasure to serve with and to have known CPT Grimes. His knowledge and his overall presence will be missed."
SSG Jeffrey Lewis of Washington D.C.

"Dear Grimes Family:

My sincere condolence to you. With a bowed head, a salute to Cpt Grimes, a fallen commerade, a fellow Manchu (2nd ID, 1985) and Michigander. God bless you.
-1SG Eric Levos
Macomb Twp, MI
1SG Levos, Eric of Macomb, MI

"As distant kin and fellow soldier I salute Cpt. Grimes and the heritage of the Grimes family that has fallen before him. Gone but not forgotten."
Steven. E. Grimes of PHOENIX, ARIZONA

I just wanted to say "hola"...and I miss you, too."

"My condolences to the Grimes' family and his extended family of 2ID. I salute you, CPT Grimes!"
Angela Turman of Fort Worth, Texas

"I knew Sean while he was in SA, TX at BAMC - and during that time he saved my life. Would be interested in sharing this remarkable story with any of his family interested - I am a civilian and mother of six, by the way - in no way connected with the military. Sean was a hero both military and civilian. jananipp@hotmail.com"
Jana Nipp of San Antonio, TX

"No medic was more dedicated to providing care to Soldiers than Captain Grimes. He insisted on coming along with my Soldiers and I on patrols, raids and various other mission almost daily, stating, "Soldiers don't get wounded in the FOB." He was a source of inspiration for everyone who worked with him. Cpt Grimes gave his life insisting on being there to save ours. His sacrafice will never be forgotten. Let his selfless service be and inspiration to all."
Staff Sergeant Jesse Firster of Elizabethtown, Ky

"To Sean's beloved family,

My life has been blessed for having the chance to meet Sean, for learning about his great passion for life, and for receiving much of the kindness behind that warm and mischievous smile of his.
What an honor to see him defending his fellow soldiers, caring for his patients, and humoring his friends. I know we all agree on this!
You inspired pride, love, and laughter; since most of Sean's family and childhood stories, made cristal clear why he's such a great man...the kind of influence that changes one's destiny, for better.

May Sean's love hold you through his absence, and his dreams inspire you the same passion and joy he had for life. Gos bless and comfort you.

ps: over coffee, when off from work and school, sometimes we talk about literature and books. Once I gave Sean a book from Don Pablo Neruda, and I'd like to take the liberty to translate part of one of its sonnets with you-
...I want you to live while I, sleeping, wait for you,
I want your ears to continue hearing the wind,
for you to smell the aromas from the ocean that we loved,
and to keep walking on the sand that we walked...
so you learn the reason for my song."
Eddy and her children, Josh & Lalo of APSU, Clarksville, Tn.

"CPT Grimes was one of the best teachers I have ever met. He touched everyone who came in contact with him. I know that I am a better medic for having known him, and he will be in my thoughts everyday."
SGT Joshua Hetisimer of Ramadi, Iraq

"Captain Grimes, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"To the Grimes Family,
My name is Adelina and I had the pleasure of working with Sean while stationed in Germrany with 212th MASH. When I meet him the first thing I noticed was his wonderfull, warm smile. He was a very kind man, with a beautiful soul. I'm glad to have known Sean!"
Adelina Viveros of Landstuhl, Germany

""To the family of Sean Grimes,
I share your pain. I lost my brother SGT. Jason Hendrix on 2/16/05 and you can't ever prepare yourself for such news. I am so sorry for your loss and always remember that the gates of heaven will be wide open for our heroes and they passed on doing what they loved to do. Always keep him in your heart and never let go of all the memories. I want to say Thank You to Don Grimes for leaving such a loving message on Jason's memorial page! I am here to support you while you are going through this rough time. My email address is amanda.hendrix@gcinc.com....if there is anything I can do, please let me know. I would love to donate to the fund you all set up in Sean's name. Just take one day at a time and never forget!!""
Amanda Hendrix (SGT. Jason Hendrix's sister) of Freedom, CA

"Having attended Sean's wake and funeral, I met many of Sean's friends and comrades. It was heartening to learn that - not only was Sean exceptionally brave, and committed to his troops and mission - but that he also saw to the needs of the less fortunate of this world - serving the poor and the sick. Sean was a warrior, scholar, and saint, and my heart breaks that he is gone. Our duty is try to live up to his example. Pray for the families and friends of all the fallen, may they be consoled, and may our troops and allies be protected from further violence and harm."
Sean's cousin James McGrath of Sayreville, NJ

"Thank you all for the messages. They are comfort for our entire family. We will me holding a memorial in Michigan on April 9th at 11am:

Location: St. Hugo of the Hills
2215 Opdyke Rd
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Hope to see many of you there."
Mary Grimes of Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm proud to have met and served with Sean during Airborne school. I don't think I've ever met a Soldier who loved the Army more than Sean. May God Bless Sean and his family."
CPT Nate Bollinger of Ft. Leavenworth,KS

"Sean was the man many of us wish we could be - smiling in the face of adversity or absurdity, inclusive to all in attendance, and smarter in every way than any prize winning scientist. I knew him from several European vacations. Because of Sean, I met the woman who is now my wife. Knowing Sean is a very good thing to me. We are sad for the loss of someone who restored our spirits as much as our bodies - and we miss the moments gone by that will not come again in this life. I am sorry for everyone who has laughed, loved and lost - Sean was our friend and our hero. I am rewarded by memories, mostly humorous; and know that the best memory of him to each of us inspires smiles. For that reason alone, losing our brother in arms, our friend, our family hurts like nothing else. Thanks to the Grimes family for giving the world such a son. Thanks to God for keeping him after his time in this world - my faith tells me we will meet again."
CPT Matthew Douglas of San Antonio, TX

"I grew up with Sean and he was always the catylist... He always wanted to do more or see more. I had the dreams and he had the action! He wanted to join the military and he did! He wanted to be a nurse, medic, and P.A. HE DID IT. He was a natural leader. He was respected by his men and all who knew him!

He took great pride in his career but more so he took great pride in his family and friends. His parents, Don and Mary were a huge part of his life. As shown here and in many other sites his friends were a huge part of his life also. I am proud to have been one of these friends.

I will always miss you!
Peter Mularoni
Peter Mularoni of Boston, MA

"Thank You Sean, for your sacrifice. May you now know the peace you so rightly deserve. God will keep you safe at last. My heart aches with your family for their loss."
Melissa Macchi, cousin of PFC Mark Barbret, killed 10/14/04, of Roseville, MI

"I will always remember the great expression of pride and happiness that Sean's dad, Donald had when he told me about Sean's career in the Army -and medicine. We are blessed to have such selfless individuals defending our freedom. We keep Sean in our prayers forever.
Marianne Plunkett Reitz (Sean's cousin)"
Marianne E. Plunkett Reitz of Costa Mesa, CA

"Sean was a great soldier and a good friend. I was stationed in Korea with sean for almost a year. He volunteered to deploy to Iraq with the brigade that was mobilized because he wanted to make sure they had the best care possible.
I will miss Sean greatly.."
CPT Anthony Tanner of Fort Sill, OK

"My most sincere condolences to the Grimes family. I cannot begin to understand your loss. To serve in the military is a couragous undertaking. I am thankful for people like Sean, and commend their brave efforts.

I was friends with Sean in junior high school and we met up again at Michigan State. Good times were always had. Sean was a great man who had a sense of humor that always kept me laughing. His loss is tragic. I am proud to say that I knew him. A true hero."
Larry Shell of Waterford, MI

"To the Family of Sean, my family honors your Hero. We are so proud that he was a defender of our country. he was a brave man who gave his life for the most precious gift of freedom. We will always be grateful for his loyal service and we will never forget the sacrifice that Sean made. All of our prayers are with you, and please know that you are not alone in this time of saddness.
God Bless Sean and his family."
Jennifer and SSG Larry Mays and family of Massillon, Ohio

"I am proud to say I knew you."
Sarita Kaza of NY, NY

"I would like to send my heartfelt sympathy to the Grimes family.I share your pain in this tragic loss as I am the uncle of Sgt. Stephen Sherman who was killed in Mosul on 3 Feb 05. Your Sean is a hero and will always be remembered as such.Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.
T. Wildeman of New Jersey

"To the Grimes Family,
I met Sean in high school where we immediately became good friends and dated for several years. I remember his basic training graduation like it was yesterday and how excited he was. He always had the drive and determination to be somebody and to do something that would make a difference in peoples lives. Him and I saw each other over the years and I was always so proud of his accomplishments. The last time I saw him was when he was getting ready to leave for Germany and we talked about "keeping in touch" every so often. I am thankful that he came into my life, as well as everyone elses. He touched everyone with his sense of humor and drive, and that is what will continue to be in everyones memories. Our prayers are with the family during this sad time. Be proud, Sean was doing what he loved, for his country. I am so very proud of him. He will be sadly missed."
Lisa Bridgeman (Young) of Marlette, Michigan

"To the Grimes Family,
I was a classmate of Sean’s in PA school. He was an inspiration to me as a fellow student, a fellow soldier and great person. His humor, his wit, and his excellence in pursuit of medicine were admirable. I am sure that he was loved and respected by all with whom he served and all whose lives he touched. God surely has a place set aside for this hero. May God also bless you, his family and the rest of those who daily serve in harms way.
Jay Amrien, LTJG, United States Coast Guard
"...but this I do know, you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought for and found a way to serve.""
LTJG Robert Jay Amrien of Yorktown, VA, USA

"To the Grimes Family,
I first met Sean my freshman year at MSU. We were recruits together for the ROTC Trailblazer club. I saw Sean on almost a daily basis during the school year for 4 years. Sean was a great friend, a great medic, and always had a proud smile on his face. He was one of my big brothers at MSU. One of the most memorable times I had with Sean was during Spring Break right before we graduated. Four of us drove down to Key West for the week. Sean always worked hard and had a great time. The last time I saw Sean was a couple years ago at Ft Campbell.
I have several ROTC photos and Spring Break photos if your family would like them."
Vicki Loren (Herrick)

"To the Grimes family from the Wahl family. We are deeply sadden by the lost of SEAN, and to your family. OUR HEART AND PRAYS ARE WITH HIM AND YOUR FAMILY. Sean has touched many many lives. He was more then a soldier and (YES) a HERO! He meant alot to those who knew him. An although our son's never served together. Both are Military brothers that served our COUNTRY. An Sean is one of the many elite AMERICANS. Very few Americans ARE WILLING TO DO A JOB. RISKING HIS OR HER LIFE FOR US ALL. All this is not easy on your family. Our family understands that. We lost our son ten months ago. My prays are vwith Sean and your family."

"Sean was a classmate of mine in PA school but more importantly, a friend to all of us. His leadership, often through wit and humor, took the load off of a stressful class. He made studying a time to look forward to.
I hope that through this overwhelmingly difficult time that the Lord can take a page out of Sean's book and provide his family and friends the peace and comfort that Sean gave to us. God bless Sean and those touched by him."
2LT David DiGregoro of 1st CST (WMD), Wellesley, MA

"To the honorable family of Sean Grimes,

I went to Bloomfield Hills Lahser High School with Sean. Sean, Lisa and I co-miserated high school together. There were many days we would sit at lunch hour disucssing the days events and particularly the angst caused by one of our english teachers. Sean always amazed me and even then it was clear he would be very successfull in any endeavor. Sean was especially talented at understanding his situation/surroundings in depth. His sense of humor was great and provided a window to his intellect. Later after high school I ran into Sean at Michigan State University. He and I had talked about his dreams of going into the field of medicine. Sean explained to me how important a strong relationship with his patients was to him. Sean's reasons for choosing nursing touched me and Sean was one of the people who inspired me to go on to medical school.

Sean's success is evidenced today not only by his great achievements in the military but also by the breadth of people he touched so deeply. Sean will always live on in our hearts and our memories."
Kitty Hirsch of Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"Dear Grimes Family,

We would like to send our deepest condolences to you all. Our hearts are heavy for you and for each family that has lost a loved one in the armed forces. Please know that we are so grateful for men like Sean Grimes and that without men like these our country would not be the great country it is. His bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten by this nation. We pray for your courage and strength in the days and weeks ahead. God Bless you all."
The Edward Todd Family of Springfield, GA USA

"The viewings for Capt. Sean Grimes will be held Sunday March 13th at the Tuttle Funeral Home from 2pm to 6pm and on Monday March 14th from 3pm to 5pm and from 7pm tp 9pm.

The funeral is 10 am on Tuesday March 15th At St. Cecilia Church

Tutle Funeral Home is located at 272 Highway 10, Randolph, New Jersey 07869 and their phone number is 973-366-7400.

I will post the address of the church on Saturday March 12.

Thank you all for your kind words. We will be establishing an award or scholarship in Sean's honor and will post information on that later this coming week after we have details worked out.

Lets all remembers the troops still in theater and their loved ones.

Don Grimes"
don grimes of southern california

"To Sean's family,
Sean was my PA in the ROK. I'll vouch that what's been said here of him is all true: he was a man of exceptional character, very funny, and most of all a good friend. I know his memory will live on to comfort and inspire us in the future."
CPT Ben Lowsen of Uijongbu, Camp Stanley, ROK

"To the Grimes family-

It was my pleasure to know your son at Landstuhl Army Medical Center and my honor to promote him to First Lieutenant. Fun-loving and witty, his focus was always on taking great care of his patients. I know there are countless soldiers, retirees and dependents who are indebted to him for the exceptional care he provided, his ever-present professionalism and his jokes! He was one of the finest of the Army Medical Department. He will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this tragic time."
MAJ Margaret Stubner of New Orleans, LA

"I went to Elementary School with Sean. The thing that I remember most is that he was a hard worker. Although we were not close friends, I wanted you to know that even people who knew Sean 20 years ago remember him and his determination. My thoughts are with you during this time. Sincerely,"
Dawn Anders-Stankus of Waterford, MI

"To the Proud Family of Captain Sean Grimes,

I first met Sean Grimes in 7th grade at Bloomfield Hills Middle School (BHMS), and he lived behind my house on Waterwheel Lane. He was always a great guy with a big smile on his face. Later he went to Brother Rice and then to Lahser, but it was not until one day I was walking to class at MSU when I bumped into him again.

He was wearing his ROTC uniform on his way to training and was excited telling me about his parachute jump. Through the college years we would see each other on and off again, I also remember going to a few of his fraternity parties and seeing him having a great time.

The last time we saw each other was 2 weeks before graduation when he told me he was heading to Germany to do his nursing in the Army. With a big smile, he was excited about going to Germany and being a part of the Army. I will always remember him with a big smile on his face.

God Bless "Hero" Captain Sean Grimes,"
John Tasdemir of Livonia, MI

"To The Family of Sean Grimes
I am saddened to hear about your loss. I know Sean's death is a loss to our entire country as well as the personal loss to all who knew and loved him. I was a teacher at Lahser High School and I will always remember Sean's wonderful smile and quick wit. I am proud of what he has done for all Americans and wish you comfort in your time of loss."
Jennie Peterson of Fenton, MI

"I met Sean at Michigan State when I moved into a room in a house with him and 3 other guys part way through one of the school years. Sean became like a big brother to me and we have remained good friends ever since. We had so many fun times and adventures together I can't even count them, many of them are my fondest memories.

I can honestly say Sean was one of the most genuine, caring people I've ever known. He also had the best sense of humor, and always make me laugh. He impacted my life in so many positive ways, and his memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am eternally thankful for the time I had with him.

If anyone has information regarding the memorial services, it would be helpful if it could be posted on this board. Also if there is an address available to send condolence cards to his family that could be posted."
Wendy Mausolf of Chicago, IL

"To the family of Captain Sean Grimes,

My name is Dan Settle and I am a good friend of Wade Twyman. Wade was on patrol with Sean that fateful day and I wanted to let you know that my family and I will never forget their sacrifice for this country. I have been grief stricken over the loss of Wade, but I find comfort knowing that he always made a habit of surrounding himself with good people. I am sure that Sean was one of them. Please know that several others in the world share the grief you are feeling now. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice that Sean made for me and my family. May God bless your family"
The Settle Family of Temecula, CA / USA

"Dear Mrs. McGowan,

I am Capt Sean Grimes' older brother and we offer our deepest sympathy. We know exactly what you must be feeling. We would love to speak with you. We will ask our Casualty Assistance Officer to contact yours to give you our contact info and please feel free to ask your CAO to contact ours.

Your son must have been an awesome young man! My brother loved going out with the Scouts.

I look forward to meeting you and your family. We are so sorry for your loss!

Don Grimes of Dover, New Jersey

"To Sean's brother, Don: You have proven to be the best brother Sean could have ever had. You let him know how proud you were of him, and that reflected in his actions and his duty. You are a huge reason Sean was the courageous soldier he was. You also (most likely) contributed to his sense of humor that everyone seems to keep talking about. I thank Sean for his service. I thank you for your service to him, and I ask God to bless you and give you peace. We love you! Jo, Larry & Kids"
Jo Hutchisson of San Juan Capistrano, California, United States of America

"To the family of Sean Grimes, I am Steve McGowan's mother. He fell that same fateful night with your son. I know my heart is shattered as yours must be. I would like to communicate if you would. The officer assigned to my family did not have contact information, but your officer should be able to get ours if you want it. I have to believe God caught each one as he fell and then let them hold onto each other. We need to, too. May God bless you."
Bobbie McGowan of Newark, Delaware, USA

"Sean was an AWESOME dude--a master practitioner of medicine, a selfless soldier, a friend. His wit was sharp, his compassion deep and his sense of humor side-splitting. I was a classmate of Sean during PA School in San Antonio and though I can't speak for the rest of his PA comrades, my deepest and sincerest respect and sympathy goes to his loved one's. I cannot totally appreciate your loss. He was truly an excellent man."
1LT Evan Jones of Ft. Hood, TX

"Sean was a good friend who whose cheer, wit, and smile will be sorely missed by his brothers in arms."
Michael O'Leary of the desert tribe

"Sean was an outstanding human being. I knew him in college and he got along with everybody. He was helping people even then and beloved by all who knew him. The world has suffered a tremendous loss by losing someone the likes of Sean Grimes. I will never forget what he has done and will keep his legacy alive as long as I can. Thank you, Sean...you will be missed."
Anthony Salciccioli of Livonia, Michigan, USA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Sean, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"Thank you Sean Grimes, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of Capt. Sean Grimes:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Sean for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Capt. Sean Grimes:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Sean, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on