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Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey E. Bohr, Jr.

39, of Ossian, Iowa.
Killed in northern Baghdad while engaging enemy forces. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on April 10, 2003.

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"Jeff april 10 2003 seems like yesterday . still think of you alot and all the goodtimes in the 82nd when you were in the army till we meet again brother semper fi"
AA of Mn

"Jeff - it’s been 13 years since you left this world and went on to guard the streets of Heaven. I remember when I first heard word of your death... and each year I remember you and all of the other friends I’ve lost over the years. You were a mentor, a friend, and a grounding motivator for me that kept me sane in my early years and helped build the foundation that enabled me to endure 30 total years of service (8 USMC and 22 Army). That is the irony, of course, knowing how you came from the Army into the Marines, and how I left the Marines and went into the Army. I see the other names on this page and I smile at the memories.

Godspeed to all of you, my brothers, until we meet again when we are called for the final mission."
Ross Bagwell, Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) of Olney, MD

"Jeff this day is for you and all you have done vets day Semper Fi RIP"

"I just found out about his passing. I served with Jeff at Kings bay Ga. at barracks duty. He was a hard *, a good teacher and one hell of a Marine.

Rest in Peace Marine"
Clayton Spires of Rochester NH

"Brother, just thinking about you. Time goes bye but you will never be forgotten! Semper Fi gunny .🇺🇸"

"gunny semper fi"
A friend of usa

"Jeff 14 years it seems like yesterday I will not forget.I wear your bracelet on my wrist and when asked what is that bracelet for I TELL THEM THE STORY OF AMERICAN HERO.a person who gave his all without question. a brother ,friend .marine, husband. so others can live the American dream.For me I have no more dreams just thoughts on things, and what it would be or what if. You are a wound that will always be there it will only get better till we meet again Brother I try to carry the fight on because of you and what you did for all. Semper Fi jeff still in the fight"
82nd of Iraq

"Jeff thinking of you as that day draws closer.It still feels like yesterday I will never forget. I cannot stop thinking of what it would be like if you would of come home raised a family retired and enjoyed what you always said you wanted to do.The world lost a great person a man of honor integrity traits that few have in todays world. people not willing to sacrifice there all as you did.Everyday I look in the mirror and try to move forward in my life but cannot for I do not want to forget you and what you gave up thanks jeff semper fi"
82nd of mn

"GUNNY thinking of you and thought I leave you a note. time will never erase what you did and who you are to me. Just wish I could call to talk to you. The world lost a true patriot to his country and fellow marines . I am proud for what you stood for the world could use people like you.SEMPER FI JEFF RIP"
RB of MN

"Jeff thinking of you today Vets day Semper Fi"
RB of Mn

"Thinking of you jeff wondering what you are doing at this moment in time.thanks for all you did. I hope you and chris are taking a chew and a drink of jack taking care of business up above. semper fi Gunny"
80 duece of mn

"Thank you for my freedom Gunny !!!"
Dan Diggs of Camarillo, CA

"Jeff its almost m day and cant wait to lead the 503 to honor all that have sacrifice there lives and future so people can enjoy the freedoms they have.The Furnture Row race team and Martin Truex Jr and Nascar have your name on the windshield to HONOR THE FALLEN in the coke 600 its great to see people still remember the sacrifice you and many others gave without question I SALUTE THEM IN THERE HONORABLE Gesture and to all of those who never forget the sacrifice AND BLEED RED WHITE AND BLUE. so till we meet again brother SEMPER FI"
80 dUECE of MN

"Stopped the other day brother, left you a pinch of Copenhagen! Enjoy! I sat under the tree thinking about all the things you did for me! You taught me alot about life and death. I just wish I could have been by your side as u have for me. I would have liked to see you take Montana/Cavin fishing. I know they would have liked being with you! Take care of mom and will see you soon! I love you both and thanks for being there always."
Jerry of Protivin, Iowa

"Time flies 13 years is a long time. I was getting lazy and thought about you. I still think of you every single day. And sometimes wonder what you would do and say in certain situations. I will never forget those times we spent together or the code you lived by. It was an honor brother. God blessed us with you and your memory. Hero's live on forever in each of us."
Phillip Swanner of Killeen, Tx


Was just sitting around and thinking about you. Very glad to have served with you!"
Sonny of 20FEB2016

"Merry Christmas brother. Missed you at the table, dad cooked a pretty good meal. Semper fi. friend, till we meet again."

"Jeff, Thinking about you and all the veterans today. Wish you were here to say Thank you! Semper Fi Brother. Never forgotten!"

80 DUECE of MN

"Jeff thinking of you and the good old days In the 80 deuce .Rest in peace dear brother thank you for your sacrifice SEMPER FI APACHE 7"
8O DUECE of mn

"Jeff thinking of you as I do every day I will not forget you as the rest of those who did not serve live there lives as though nothing happen Time will never make me forget you and what you did SEMPER FI JEFF RIP"
80 DUECE of MN

"Jeff, hard to believe over 12 years have gone by. Did some trout fishing this morning, wondering what it would been like if you were there. I'm guessing we wouldn't have been there very long, didn't catch anything. Patience wasn't always your strong point. Ha. I wish now that I would have came to see you more. I missed out on a good part of your life. I will always be proud of who you were and what you did. Thanks again. Wish you were here. Jeff, Marine, brother, and friend. Semper Fi Brother"

"Apache 7 thinking of you today the day we layed you to rest wishing the clock of time to go back I= don't know why god let this happen but I wish for pay back for not being there and for the act may god someday grant me my time SEMPER FI apache 7"
80 duece of mn

"Jeff thinking of you today wish I could be with you 12 years have gone bye wishing I was there for you that day Apache 7 with my iron sites on that piece of * . thanks for the good times jeff they will always be remembered as the best times of my life till we meet again SEMPER FI MARINES LEAD THE WAY"
80 duece of Big city

"I am here, left a few things 4 you and ma! I know you are taking care of her! Its raining and its quiet here this morning, a rabbit came to visit, probably eyeing the flowers when I leave, brought a smile to my face thinking of what u would say...lol. I love you Jeff, I will always remember the words, Honor..duty and country..you have always given more than u received!"
Jerry of Cedar Rapids Iowa

"Jeff, wish you were here! I will b down to see you soon. I think of you Dailey and wish more than life I could turn back time and b there for u as you have always been there for me. I love you brother."
Jerry of Iowa

"Happy birthday brother. Till we meet again. Semper Fi."

"Jeff thinking of you in the days you and I were in the 80 deuce wish you could be just to talk to.But I know if it was not for valor like yours we would not be the country we are today. thank you so much for your sacrifice and always tell people about you and what you did I want them TO never forget you and those who gave there all MARINES LEAD THE WAY SEMPER FI I SHALL MEET DEATH AT ITS DOOR KNOWING YOU WILL BE ON THE OTHER SIDE 80 DUECE"

"Jeff sitting here tonite thinking about you. Wishing you were here to talk to. You always helped me think things thru. Keep watching over us. Semper fi brother."

"Semper Fi brother. Thinking of you tonight.. Legends never die."
Dan Montano of South Texas

"Jeff thinking of you wishing you were here on christmas. So many things I think of daily remind me of you and make me think of you.remember the time we went on a fun jump at fort bragg. I will never forget them days brother merry xmas may the light of christ shine on you. till we meet again"
80 duece of mn

"thinking of you today, 'in the thing there', as I do at least once every day, but today is YOUR day, as you embody the absolute essence of sacrifice for country... Thank you, sir, for everything you did for us way back when, and to this very day. Happy Veterans Day."
drew of camp lejeune

"Jeff thinking of you and what you have done and wishing you were here.happy vets day SEMPER FI"
80 DUECE of MN

"Jeff went to my reunion with the guys I went to Iraq with this weekend It was good to be around my kind .We looked over some old pictures it brought me to a differnt world wishing more than ever you had come back home I will never forget and will never really come back home till we meet again Jeff SEMPER FI TILL I DIE 80 DUECE MARINES LEAD THE WAY"
80 DUECE of MN

"I will never forget the sacrifice you gave for me and this country. Thanks Jeff for being who you were and never standing down. Land of the Free because of the Brave, what a fitting saying. Thanks to all the Veterans. Semper Fi brother, till we meet again."

"Gunny its been 11 long years,I think of you everyday and the times we had together in the 80 duece. It seems like it was just the other day .I will never forget what you did for this country and the people still wish I could turn back time and make it not happen.I still question the person that watches over us on what happen 10 april 2003,I think it sucks I AM JUST SITTING HERE WISHING YOU AND I COULD TALK........ SEMPER FI JEFF"

"Went walleye fishin on ole mississippi......wasnt there 15min jeff had my limit...all 4 to 7 pounders
thinkin maybe u
Had somthing ta do with this......an nobody else caught anything..lol miss u alot ,jeff"
brian haugen of dubuque,iowa

"Jeff,i know its been a long while since we've been spoken ,our lives were very different,but we will always be 1st cousins,we spent our childhood growin up,fishin with grandpa ruff an granpa moen an we had laughs growin up,that will always be remembered.....i miss all the fun we had an summers i spent with u an family up in ossian,an all mischief we got into.......lov,brian"
brian haugen of dubuque,iowa

I went ice fishing last week. I went to Lake of the Woods on the border of Minnesota and Canada. I always thought when you retired we would do things like that together. Fishing was great. I wish you could have been there it would have made a great time better. I think I talked Gunny Richardson into flying in next year and going along. We'll see how a California Marine can handle -25 below cold. Ha! Till we meet again brother, " Semper Fi.""

"I can not and will not ever forget you Gunny your were the rock the very foundation of Alpha Co. 1/5 I was the radio operator that you love yelling at. When my ankle hurt I will always think of you cause you showed me how to over come it come on Redmond you will be alright thats what I say to myself I just can not explain how you are missed it took me a long time to over come and I still haven't and will never rest easy Gunny but knowing you your probably yelling at the platoon sergeants "why is the watch roster messed up" in heaven lmbo always remember Gunny's got the bigger d@!* thats what you to always tell us"
Kourtney Redmond of Chicago, Il

"I was stationed with Gysgt Bohr 88-90 MCSF Company Kings Bay. He was awesome my mentor. I never will forget when he pinned on my jumpwings....time lapsed until we were stationed together with 1/5. I never will forget that day in Iraq I was only a about 5 vehicles behind his vehicle I think LCPL White was the driver. He was awesome very good man/marine....thanks for your sacrafice."
Willie Shaw RET USMC of shawwe_68@yahoo.com

"I miss GYSgt Bohr everyday of my life. It is because of him that I am getting my college degree. Working for him he pushed us more everyday then we thought was possible, at the time we hated him for it. It was not till later on that we realized that we not only did he makes us better Marines but better people. I know that somewhere in heaven he is running a guard shift and driving officers crazy. I love him like a father.
SSgt Fowler"
Curtis Fowler of Ft Worth Tx

"Wanted to say today Veterans Day, thank you. I can live life freely because of men like you. Men that have given all for there beliefs. Marine, brother and friend. Till we meet again, Semper Fi."

"thanks Jeff happy v day SEMPER FI"
80 DUECE of MN

"Jeff just thinking of you and what took place in the month of october 1983 .on a small island called Grenada.Something else you were a part of sacrificing so others may do or have.SEMPER FI JEFF PARATROOPERS LEAD THE WAY."
80 DUECE of MN

"Apache 7 just thinkin of you and how long its been. wishing you were here to shoot the * with SEMPER FI GUNNY"
RB of MN

"Thanks Jeff. Thanks for everything thing you have done for me and for everything you have done for this country. I went to the lake today, it brought a lot of good memeories of when we would go when you were on leave. I would give anything for you to be here. Till we meet again brother. Semper Fi."


"Gunny Bohr
Words cannot express the heart ache I felt when I heard of your passing. We first met at MCSF Bn. FAST Co. 1st. Plt. You took me under your wing and helped me become one hell of a Marine. I will never forget those lessons.
My prayers go out to your family. you are truly missed. Carry on Marine, see you on the other side."
L/Cpl Walker FAST Co. 1st Plt. of Bx, N.Y.

"Gunny Bohr,
On today, the 10th anniversary of your death I would just like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. After reading all the reflections left for you all I can say is that I wish I could have had the honor of serving with you.

Semper Fi Gunny!"

"Remembering thru all the pain! The words I read bring you back daily! All I can say is thanxs brother for always being there for me! My wishes and prayers wont bring u back i know, but as God is my witness i will never forget-we will meet again! Love you Jeff."
JB of Ossian, Iowa

"Gunns, as the days draw closer to your Ten years anniversary realizing how small this world is let alone our Marine Corps world. From guys from Old 1/4- to MCT Instructors. I ran into Millers at MMI in Orlando and now we ride in the same MC. Just last week I met some Brothers from Cali who know Pau and got his contact info so ill be getting a hold of his soon not a day goes by that we don't think about you. And when I start getting lazy and shaping up like a bowling pin as you used to say I get back on the road. I see little Ford Rangers everywhere and think of you. We miss you until we are each other again keep an eye on us "There!" Semper Fi"
Sgt Jay-Julian Jaramillo of Rocky Mount NC

"Jeff its been 10 years brother.Think of you 24/7 wishing you were here.Hope to meet up with you in that big bunker in the sky.SEMPER FI TILL THE DAY WE MEET AGAIN 80DUECE BROTHER"
RB of MN

"I can't believe next month is ten years. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I think of you everyday Jeff. Thanks for always being there for me, thanks for keeping me on the rite path. I'll be down in the next couple of weeks to see ya. Semper Fi Brother."

"It was a honor knowing u gunny.. I struggled during ur instructor indoc class but u kept me motivated. For that i am greatful. Thank u for ur service gysgt bohr. Semper Fi."
Sgt Gonzalez,Arturo S. of ventura ca usa

"It would have been an Honor to know you and your family, it is an Honor to to have learned of your Service and Sacrifice. While it may only be a small thing, Jeff's legacy has been, and will continue to be, passed down to my children so that they may know what it means to be a true Hero! God Bless, RIP brother!"
M Bohr of NJ

"many years have passed since we crossed paths, ya coot, and this isn't the first time I've commented on this page, but I wanted you to know that I still value the fact I knew you, and wanted you to know that you still impact my life to this moment in ways I truly appreciate.. you were a remarkable Marine and a great man.. In a few days I'll introduce my first child to this world, and I hope to the heavens you're currently guarding that I can raise her to have near the grasp you had on living and life in general.. Semper Fi, and Thank You."
drew of Cape Carteret, NC

"Merry xmas Jeff Semper Fi"

"We continually give thanks for heroes such as you. I'm currently leading a book club group of boys and girls who have been reading "A Table in the Presence." Your love for your men and country humble us all. May we learn from your example and seek to serve our fellow man in such a way. Blessings to your family. Blessings and prayers."
Sally Longacre of Spring Hill, TN

"Semper Fi Jeff just thinking of you on ve day thankyou for what you did I will never forget 80 duece"
RB of Big City

"I think about you everyday. Around Veterans Day I think about you a lot more. I miss you so much. I miss your sense of humor, I miss your disposition. You lived your life to serve your Marines. I respected you as much as I would my own father. You were my model for how I wanted to live my life. I remember the days I heard those horrible words over the radio. I was so crushed. But, I knew that Lord God had gained a Angel that would never waiver and stand firm. You were one of the greatest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing and serving with. I will never foget getting home going to formation and you not at the front of it. It was different. I thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice. You all are heros. Thank you God for putting this wonderful Marine in my path in life. Guard the streets brother I will see you again someday. Gunny the redneck misses you. Semper Fi."
Phillip of Texas

"Jeff and I went thru the same boot camp platoon, S.O.I., MCSF school and he was my first room mate at MCSF Kings Bay. He made a very lasting impression on me that will never be forgotten. Semper Fi brother you my gone but never forgotten."
(Cpl) Brian J. Turner of Skiatook, Okla.

"Semper Fi Gunny! You were a great inspiration and true hero. Although we only served a short time together, you left a lasting impression."
Frank of Pitetti

"You are still and always will be in our thoughts and prayers... God bless Jeff and his family... We will always remember...
Cynthia Padilla"
Cynthia Padilla of Okinawa, Japan

"Last week I was golfing and hit a ball in the pond guarding the green. It reminded me of when you and I played in San Dieago. I had about 10 balls left in my bag when we came to the pond, I hit one in and was going to the drop zone. You didn't quit until you hit the rest in the water. You got so mad and we left. The best 3 holes of golf I have ever played. The fun we had. Friends come and go, but brothers are there forever.
Thanks for everything you gave me."

"You may be gone from this world, but those who remember you will make you live on, for all those you have helped, saved, served, and protected will never forget. Thus you are immortal. Forever in our hearts, and minds. Modest, careing, forgiving always, unselfish to the end. Semper fi. For as we live on so shall you. Forever a true hero for all time."
of york, pa us

"jeff;we were in boot camp plt. 2094 thank you for your service. semper fI.you will never be forgotten!"
Steve Aschbrenner of Cambridge,wi

"He was the best of all of us. I have come to realize that he is most likely the most significant and incredible Marine, comrade, friend and man whom I will ever meet. In the years since his passing I have met many and none compare.... Truly a man apart, a man above and far beyond the capabilities, pride, integrity, devotion and worth of any of the rest.... Sir, one day I hope to see you again, I think about you daily. I miss you. You are my hero."
Cpl. Mabery of Houston

"I cannot format words accurate enough to state the impact you had on my life. I will always keep close and cherish the memories that were made during our time in 1st plt FAST. Lessons I learned from you still govern my thoughts, deeds, words, and actions therefore you are never really gone. Thanks for giving Ur last full measure of devotion for your mates. Lest we forget......."
Jonathan Scruggs of Asheville, NC

"Gysgt Bohr, I am proud to have served with you both at MSFB Kings Bay, GA and FAST Co, Norfolk, VA. You and you talents are truely missed. SEMPER FI Brother."
Mark Heinemann of Greenville, NC

"Gunny, it's been 9 yrs since your sacrifice... Just wanted you to know still thinking if you and Happy Marine Corps B-Day Semper Fi.
Sgt D. Walls SOI/MCT Instructor Group, Camp Pendleton, Ca. 98'-02'"
Dave Walls of Dawson Springs, Kentucky

"Semper Fidelis!"
Russell Garrick of Fort Greely, Alaska

"My fellow brother, my fellow Marine, God rest your soul in peace. Semper Fi Marine."
Brian Rutter of Selma, TX, USA

"I never met you, but we served together in the name Of Freedom. Anytime a Marine dies I lose a brother. Thank you for your sevice to our country. OORAH!
Semper Fi"
Bill Rust of Stilwell, Oklahoma

Just returned from California, things sure have changed. I attended a gradutation at MCRD for Pvt. First Class Ty Morgan. Great addition to the Marine Corps., you would have liked him. I went out to Camp Pendleton, things sure have changed. Old buildings down and new ones to take there place. I was glad to see yours was still standing. I met a young lady Marine on the plane on the way back, she said she was deploying to Afganistan, said she knew of you. Your Spirit Will Always Lives On. Semper Fi Brother"

"I am so glad I found this page! I am working on a project about "5 people you would like to spend the day with" and I chose Sgt. Bohr as one of my 5 people. Reason being is that I played TAPS for a small service in Lansing, IA for Sgt. Bohr. When I traveled to Washington DC in 2005, I visited the Fallen Heroes Memorial and found it so moving when I found Sgt. Bohr's picture. Though I had played TAPS for his services I had never seen a photo of him, so it was a very surreal experience. I was emotionally overtaken and cried on the spot. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to help honor such a brave man. Thank you, Sgt. Bohr, for being one of the few and the proud, and for making such an impact on my life."
Heather Darling Verthein of Waukon, IA

"Thank you Jeff for your service and sacrifice. Gone but not forgotten."
Norman Hjelmeland of Urbandale, IA

"Thanks for being the greatest Mentor I ever had."
SGT. Phillip Fryar a.k.a. Jack-a-lope of Murrieta, California

"Every memorial day I think of Gunny Bohr more than anyone else. He was a giant among his fellow Marines. God bless his family."
Justin Kane of Clinton Twp. MI

"Thinking of Jeff and the Bohr family this Memorial Day weekend. Thanking the Lord that good men like Jeff have done what it takes to make and keep America free. We will never forget their sacrifice."
J ohn Pettit of Geneva, IL

"Memorial Day Weekend 2011: I still remember that night Gunny like it was yesterday. Rest well and in peace.

Cpl. Spears, Wpns Co. 1/5, USMC 1999-2003"
R.M. Spears of Valley Springs. CA

"My son (14) was given an assignment for school to write a poem about a fallen hero. Please allow him to share.


Just to think.
His son.
One of the few.
One of the proud.
His boy's a Marine.

He misses the letters.
He would sit,
and wait.
Not knowing
if he was safe.
for another letter.

He had gotten a letter that day.
"Hi, Dad.
How are things at the farm?"
He was relieved,
even if it was a few weeks old.

He needed to relax.
He needed to get some fresh air.
He needed to smell the crisp, clean cent of the barn.
The horses needed their daily dose, anyways.

He heard the crunching of tires coming up the driveway.
He wasn't expecting anybody?
That little hair.
The one on the back of his neck.
Was telling him,
that something is not right.

They got out of their car.
Blue uniforms.
Red stripes.
the piercing,
of a knife,
was driven into the father's chest.

The memories,
of his 39 year old son,
flashing before his eyes,
and the pain,
crashes into him.
And in that moment,
It all changed…

The father's grief,
was like a red, hot iron.
that the letter he had received that morning,
would be the last letter
he will get from his son.

The modest Marines, said their salutations,
and that’s when he realized,
that his son,
would have wanted it this way.
He had died for his country,
He was one of the few,
the proud,
he was a Marine.
Semper Fi

In honnor of
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jeffrey Bohr"
Dan Wilbert of Yorktown VA

"Jeff its been 8 years I will never forget what you did for your men and country.If I could give back what was taken from you,I would give the world for you to be here again.But God has other plans for you.Kayla and Austin are really grown up and always ask about you.I tell them your uncle jeff will always be with us always and someday we will see him again.SEMPER FI JEFF we will meet again someday"
80 duece of minnesota

"Going trout fishing Saturday, wish you were here to go along. Hard to believe 8 yrs has gone by. Keep watching over us all. I'll be down Sunday to see ya. Rob"


"Reading your story in the book, "A Table in the Presence" and was touched by your courageous servitude. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and for giving your men the confidence they needed to get through the hell you all faced. Your family is in our prayers regularly. God bless you all."
Joshua Wrye of CA/USA

"In all honesty I didn't know the Gunny all that well, but when I think about what it means to be a Marine, I think of him. I served with Bravo 1/5 2nd platoon, but still knew what a great Marine and leader he was. When I look back at that sad day in Iraq I can't help but think of the sacrifice that he made to protect his Marines. From all accounts, that day he went above and beyond the call of duty to guarantee that no one else would be hurt. Jeff is the definition of a patriot and Marine. Even though I didn't serve with his platoon I am glad that I had the opportunity to serve with such a brave man. He is still remembered by the Marines he served with, and he will never be forgotten. Gunny, God bless, I know you are standing guard at the gates of heaven, helping your fallen brothers gain admission to the Lord's kingdom."
JD of Yucaipa, California

Just got back from Massachuttes, I met up with Gunny Richardson. We did some fishing. Had a lot of good laughs about fishing trips with you. You'll never be forgotten brother. Semper Fi Jeff"

"I served with GSgt. Bohr at Kings Bay, he was a Cpl then and my COG for some time. I remember him very well, he had a very hardcore mentality. He was the only COG I remember that would run to the top of the towers to change the guard, and he would be drenched with sweat. I figured he would stay in the Marines and make it a career and it looks like he stayed that same hardcore Marine. Semper Fi Gunny Bohr, I’m honored to have served with you.

Greg Stamey
Kings Bay 90-92
Bravo Co. 1/6 92-93"

"I remember serving with Gunny (then Sgt.) Bohr in C.co 1/4 . I was just a boot then, joining Wpns PLT C.co in 95. Sgt. Bohr was with 2nd PLT.
Second PLT. was the most squared away rifle Platoon in our company and probably the whole Battalion. Sgt. Bohr was a big part of why 2nd PLT. was so outstanding.
He was a Marines Marine. He set the bar high and did not except failure.
he embodied Honor, Courage and Commitment .
I was truly saddened when I seen his picture in a listing of KIA's. My jaw just dropped.
As a Marine I feel a loss whenever a Marine falls, but it really hits home when an outstanding Marine such as Gunny Bohr which I had the honor to serve with makes the ultimate sacrifice.
He was a real asset to the Marine corps and this country.

Semper Fidelis Gunny"
Cpl. Shawn Dixon 1/4 C co. Wpns PLT 0331 of Richmond, Indiana

"Jeff, thinking of you on Memorial Day. Semper Fidelis"
Russell Garrick of Fort Greely, Alaska

"I chanced upon Gunnery Sergeant Bohr's photograph at the New York Times website and searched for his story. After reading his Silver Star citation I have to say that Gy. Sgt. Bohr's story is a fine example of what Marines, the Marine Corps and leaders of Marine are all about. He risked his life to support his Marines in combat, and he risked his life to come to the aid of one of his wounded Marines. While his loss is a grievous wound to his family, the example of how he lived his life will live on forever as an example of the love and devotion that Marines have for their country and their fellow Marines.

The story of Gy. Sgt. Bohr's death saddened me, but I also experienced pride in the example of his life and his service to his country and his fellow Marines."
An American of Sugar Land, Texas

"We are thinking of you today Gunny! Semper Fi - Kissick"
Jeff Kissick of Fall City, WA

"7 yes gunny and I'm always thinking about you and our brothers from 1/5. Semper fi"
Joel of Las Vegas nv

"THE Grunt:

I am never alone; I am alone all the time. But this is the life I have chosen for mine
A life of sacrifice, of hardship and pain, Only memories of a past civilian life remain.
Doing twice the work and drawing less than half the pay, This is how I live day to day

People often say, “Such a smart boy, why didn’t he go to school, what could he possibly gain
from being a grunt in the military?”...I gained discipline, loyalty, brotherhood and more,
I know that the men that sweat beside me in peace are the men who would bleed beside me in war.....that the man to my left and my right would give his life for mine as I would for him.

We are trained to fight and we are trained to kill, though these may not be marketable skills,
They are skills this nation has needed from the start, So long as we play our part,
The doctors, the schoolteachers, the lawyers, Need not be concerned with what we do,
As long as they remember that “we are here for you”

The call us grunts, Because a grunt can take it, A grunt can take anything
We know that a man is not unbreakable, But the Marine/Soldier is - always will be
Many more men will follow me, And many more still will give their lives
To ensure this nation remains free..."
Jerry of Decorah, Iowa

"Subject: Always remember

At a Veteran's Day ceremony in November 1985 at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, then-President Ronald Reagan offered these words of praise and inspiration: "It is, in a way, an odd thing to honor those who died in defense of our country in wars far away. The imagination plays a trick. We see those soldiers in our minds as old and wise. We see them as something like the Founding Fathers, grave and gray-haired. But most of them were boys when they died. They gave up two lives---the one they were living and the one they would have lived. When they died, they gave up their chance to be husbands and fathers and grandfathers. They gave up their chance to be revered old men. They gave up everything for their country, for us. All we can do is remember.""
Jerry Bohr of Decorah, Iowa

7 years. We will be down to see ya this weekend."

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Sincerely and Respectfully,
Project Compassion Kenna of Manti, Utah USA

"Brother it has been to long since we last spoke. Even as the people and goverment of this country forget what you have givin, I will always remember and never forget the sacrifice that you and all other servicemen and women have givin.I wish I could turn back time and bring you back,but GOD has taken you to that big bunker in the sky.I hope that you are in the best part of the bunker for you and all others like you should have the best.Thank you again for your sacrifice. SEMPER FI TILL I DIE"
80Duece of usaallamerican


I think of you often brother. I was proud to serve with you when you were a SGT w/ BLT ¼ C co 2nd Platoon. I was a young LCPL then but your knowledge, personality and humor left a lasting affect on me throughout my years in the Marine Corps. You taught me discipline, common sense and most importantly leadership by example. You also made me do more push-ups and monkey * uckers than anyone I have ever met. I promise I will visit you soon in Iowa. Thanks again for your lasting impact to this greatful nation and the many who had the plessure of knowing you.

Thomas D Langusch
504 Hanna Street
Fort Collins
Colorado, 80521
Thomas Langusch of Fort Collins CO USA

"Comrades and Marines: If you have any pictures you can share from your time in service I would appreciate you sending a copy to my email. jbohr@co.winneshiek.ia.us

Thanxs again for sharing your memories
Jerry Bohr"
Jerry Bohr of Decorah, Iowa

"I had the honor of serving with GySgt Bohr in 2nd Plt C Co 1/4 from 95-97 when he was our plt guide..

When I heard about his passing, I thought, "Well, he's wearing out the guys guarding Heaven's Scenes for sure now!"

Gunny, thanks for caring about your Marines and leading from the front. Your dedication to accomplishing the mission were "Second To None". Your compassion for taking care of your fellow Marines was priceless. I know you are ensuring that Heaven is staying squared away for all of 2nd's arrival someday. Semper Fi, Gunny

To the Family of Gunny Bohr-

Thank you for allowing him to do what he loved to do for not only his fellow Marines, but for his country. You all are in my prayers daily. May God Bless you all"
CPL JA Nowacki of Albany, OR

"I attended bootcamp in 1987 with Jeff, plt 2094. I have never forgotten Jeff and the times we spent talking about his prior service and learning all that I could from him about being prepared and disciplined. I have always apprciated his help and leadership in keeping me squared away.

Another great benefit of having Jeff on our platoon was that he had more ribbons than any of our drill instructors. Of course they were Army ribbons but he still had more than our DI's and that was pretty interesting.

Although, I only knew Jeff those few months in bootcamp I will always call him my brother. I am proud of you Jeff. From what I read here, you have continured to lead and influence those around you. What others write here is a true testiment to your amazing character and devotion. I am glad that I had the opprotunity to meet you. God bless your family and hope you are looking down on me this weekend as I will be running the Marine Corp Marathon in your honor.

Semper Fi Brother

Semper Fi"
Douglas Cassady of Saratoga Springs, NY

"Brother, just sitting aroung thinking about the past. Remembering all the times going out fishing with Grandma, all of us together. All the softball, football, and basketball games with the brothers and neighbors. Funny thing is I don't remember any bad times, all I came remember are the good times. I guess that's how God helps us cope. I remember coming to Norfolk and bringing your pickup back to Iowa when you went over seas, and to California over Christmas. I always thought, Jeff has been every where! I guess I realize now that where you come from is better than any place you can go. I better get back to it. Thanks again my friend."

"Do I call you Jeff, CPL Bohr, or Gunny Bohr?

I met you at Kings Bay. There were rumblings of you thru School of Infantry at Geiger, and a special warfare school some of us are familiar with. You had moved from Army to Marines, but never told us why. There were rumors you had been a full black hat Ranger staff sergeant, yet you went over to the naval arm for some reason. When we asked you, we would get a pointer finger in our adams apple and you'd say, "are you some kind of wise guy?". Knowing you back then, you were just another lance corporal, USMC (Uncle Sams Misguided Children), and we were just trying to break each other down. Once in a while, you'd drink with us in the e-club or elsewhere, but it was clear you were a man of purpose - perhaps more than the rest of us, especially in this arena.

I met you at Kings Bay when we were both Lance Corporals. We got along well. I was a punk. You didn't seek to correct it. You weren't a corporal yet. In fact, I became a PFC for a little while and then a lance corporal again, much like Chesty Puller did, but even though you'd smoothed over to Corporal in the meantime, you never went hardline at me -- there were other Smuckatelly's to go after (especially in 3rd Platoon). You went smooth over into Corporal without kissing one bit of *. The LCPL time was the best time to get to know you before the barrier went up. You would listen intently, mostly silent when people told a story, then deliver a one liner that would reel us over laughing; you were the "Old Man of the Marine Corps". You were all about hard living, and we were trying to catch you with a snickers bar in your barracks room refrigerator, just to knock you down a notch.

When you ran into someone or something who ran afoul (and that was often) of what a true man should do, common word out of your mouth was "let me tell you boy..." I didn't meet too many people in the Marine Corps that I revered, and that may have been out of irreverence, or pure hardship prior, but you were one of them, as well as a SGT Young in 1stMarDiv. Jeff, since this tribute is to you, do you remember how much you used to laugh with me and Steve G.? Well, he eventually he went Army SF and a medic as well, and also went officer, before I lost track of him in Afghanistan. I went to college at UF (Go Gators) and went into defense work as a contractor.

You were a mentor -- knew when to be quiet, knew when to "thwap" you upside the head and tell you that you were a [expletive] idiot. It worked. You led by example, even before you made Corporal, and that is a big mark in the Marines. When you made E4 you drew the line, but you had always told us that you were on the way "up". Had been there before in the Army (inside word was E6 Ranger) and were going back up. You were good with the M16A2. You were quick witted. Nobody "messed" with you - you were outside the pecking order. However, do you remember when LCPL Justin Barnes ringed the post binoculars with KiWi shoe polish, and gave you "raccoon eyes" before you came back to the LAV? We laughed til near vomiting and you made us do push ups in said vomit.

One night, on a dark road, Georgia SR40, a number of us ( all anonymous except for me, since I'm putting my GD name on this site ) were riding in a car and saw a walker... middle of the dark, dark road, dark night, five miles from anywhere (or eight) and we pulled over. It was you. I got a finger in my face (passenger, front seat) - you knew we were drinking. You walked around the car and commandeered the vehicle, yelling the entire time, and then brought us in smooth as silk thru the sentry at the front gate (laid off United Airline security who had gotten a contract to take former Marine sentry jobs). I think you saved the driver, to this day.

Next day we were digging holes and running up and down hills. We wished you had still been an LCPL, but we were too young and foolish to understand what you had just done for us. When I parted Kings Bay, I never saw you again. Thought about you over the years, and of course, we get wrapped in our own "stuff". But one day, while reading the news I came across your name vis-a-vis the drive on Baghdad and read the story over and over again. April 10th. My wife and I will keep a place for you every April 10th.

If I ever get my sights on the SOB who got you that day... the sentence does not have to be completed. Love you Gunny.

Your friend, Mike."
Mike Cardin of North Kingstown, RI

"I come back daily just to read the messages over and over. I am grateful to those Jeff served with. CW2 Michael & JoAnn Griffin thanxs for your memories it has helped. God Bless"
Jerry Bohr of Decorah, Iowa

"Jeff- I miss you and will never forget your sacrifice. Rest in peace, Brother."
Jeff Moore of Arlington, Va

"To the Bohr Family, I was Jeff's platoon SGT. in the 82nd Airborne Division back in the early 1980's. I remembered picking him up from the 82nd ABN. Replacement center and interviewed him. I knew then I had a Great Airborne Paratrooper from the moment he told me why he joined the 82nd ABN. He stated: "I wanted to be the Best Soldier to serve this great country! That day I took Jeff under my wing from a PVT. to SGT. I made him one of my squad leaders ahead of his peers. This Paratrooper's standards were above the best of the best! I knew he had unlimited potential and everything he touched turned to Gold! My wife JoAnn and I accepted Jeff into our family as one of us. Jeff helped me build my house, he helped me with tornado damage back in 1983, we deployed together in Granada and Central America, and many missions. SGT. Bohr was always my fist pick for every mission that came down the pike; why, he was the best!! I remembered the time we were getting our entire fleet of vehicles ready to deploy, we stayed up working for over 48 hours. I never heard Jeff complain one time, but he had a way to energize the soldiers in his squad that were gripping, but in the end, all was very successfull and I owe it to SGT. Jeff Bohr! My wife and I were making some repairs to our house & I found a piece of wood that said, "Jeffrey Bohr help SFC. Griffin build this home." I looked him up and was deeply over whelmed to hear he was called to the Lords Army. My wife & I are so greatfull and Blessed to be with Jeff. He was my Best Paratrooper and Best Friend. To the Bohr Family: If there is anything you need, please contact me at: mgriffin12@gmail.com. May God be with the Bohr Family. God Bless, CW2 Michael & JoAnn Griffin, U.S. Army Retired."
CW2 Michael & JoAnn Griffin of Saint Pauls, NC. USA

"Gunny and Brother
6 years and 14 days Hard to believe.
Jeff thanks, I just started a new job about 5 months ago. You inspired me to keep going and to let no one hold me back. I want to tell you I think of you everyday when I'm working. I try to think how would Jeff do this/ yell at someone HA! No I try to inspire the people I work with to be the best they can be at what they are doing. I try to keep them thinking of how they can better themselves. I know your watching over me everyday and helping. Thanks for everything brother and friend.
Rob Bohr

"10 April 2009
Six years Gunny... Six years since I heard a frantic "Apache 7's Down!" over the radio. I remember all of us looked at each other in disbelief. You had seemed immortal to us. Later (minutes, hours, a day?) as our trak passed Gauthier, his eyes silently confirmed the radio transmission we heard. Time goes on and memories fade but you and your family can "Rest assured there" Gunny, as another six or sixty years pass, you will not be forgotten. Whenever any of us get together, there are always a couple Gunny Bohr anecdotes “Should I bring the clowns and tents too, sir?” (a classic, one of my favorites) and more than a few of your famous head bobbles included. Rest in peace Gunny, you and all the others we lost, you've earned it."
Glenn McCracken of Fallbrook, CA

"I think of Gunny Bohr often. He attended Infantry Officer Course in Quantico, VA with me and I will never forget him and SSgt Keiser complaining that all us officers knew all the short cuts when we did our indoc since they just came from CA to attend the school with us...Was so sorry to hear of his passing and my thoughts go out to his family."
Maj Joe Torke of Cherry Point, NC

"Semper Fidelis and Godspeed, Gunny. Thanks for watching out for us."
Cpl Holler C Co 1/4 '93-'97 of Jonesboro, AR

"I am sorry to hear of the death of Gunny Bohr. I served with him in the early to mid 90's while at Charlie Co
1st Bn 4th Marines. I have nothing but fond memories of him. He was a hard charger to the core and will be greatly missed. The core and our country have truly lost a great leader and brave hero."
Scott E Smith of Cincinnati, OH

"To the family of GySgt Jeff Bohr- I just wanted to let you know that Jeff's Marine Corps brothers haven't forgotten his sacrifice and friendship."
Jeff Moore of Washington, D.C.

"Sempir Fi
u are the man."
Barry brumfield of Redwod city Ca.

"Marines, Family and Friends,
I think about Gunny Bohr most every day. One of the very finest Marines I ever had the opportunity to serve. He and his family remain in my prayers.
Lt Col Dave Bethel USMC (RET)"
Dave Bethel of Severn, MD

"Brother its almost Christmas 2008, over
5 years wow. Never a day goes by. I think were all meeting up Christmas Day. I'll be down this weekend to see ya, I know you remember these great Iowa winters and travel. Semper fi brother until meet at the big river in the sky!"
Rob Bohr of Iowa USA

"1st Plt Fast Co.at this time he was Sgt.Bohr, I was only with him for one year during our time in fast company,he was the best friend that we could have.He was the best friend that we could have asked for.Semer Fi Jeff"
Cpl Brumfield of Redwod city Ca.

"I am saddened to hear about Gunny Bohr, I served with him in the early 90's while at Camp Pendelton. Gunny Bohr is a true hero and will never be forgotten.
CPL Jamie Whitworth of Leavenworth, Kansas

"Gunny, you have been my inspiration all these years since the first day I met you. some of the Marines feared you because you were hard, but you were hard and firm because you wanted and demanded the best for us. My earliest memory of you was watching you out hump young Marines who wanted to be instructors at MCT Bn. It always amazed me how an older Marine with a bigger and heavier ruck sack could out do those young studs, and then I learned the rest of the story: a hero, Marine's Marine, Army Ranger, been there done that. That explained all. My fondest memories of you:
- Watching you run with your dogs on the Pendleton hills
- Always dipping some Copehagen snuff
- Amazed at how you stood your ground when you knew you were right and would not yield for no one, not even a Bn commander.
- How all NCO's loved you and respected you.
- How you believed in me and inspired me to always do my best.
- How you took care of your Marines.
This 233d Marine Corps birthday and Veterans day I thank God He gave me the oportunity to work for you and I pray for you and your family. Thanks for everything Gunny."
Dan Montano of obile, Alabama

"Jeff, Just thought I'd write and say thank you to all the people that have left messages. I still think of you everyday, and remmber all the times fishing and hunting. It was the best. Gunny Richardsons ret. this Sept. coming back through Iowa were going to do some fishing. To the one who was the best and better than all the rest, Semper Fi Brother. Till we meet again!!"
Rob Bohr of Iowa

Yesterday was Memorial Day and I marched in the local parade in your honor.

Oliver North wrote about you again in his new book American Hero's. I learned you had been awarded the Silver Star and the citation is in the new book.

Additionally, one of your Marines, who was also wounded and flew with you on the evacuation helicopter, is quoted. Besides the bible, his words to Col North after he was told you had passed are probably some of the most moving and meaningful words I have ever read:
"He was my Gunny, Sir. He was a really good man. He was my hero- not just for the way he died, but for the way he lived."

God Bless you and your family Jeff. You are, and will always be, in our hearts and prayers. You are an American Hero.

Former Marine Sgt John Pettit
Kings Bay 88-89
1st Bn 5th Marines 90-91
C Co 6th ESB 92-94"
John Pettit of Geneva, IL

"Jeff, it was certainly an honor working around and with you at C. Co. 1/4 in the early 90's. You are one of those guys that you just don't forget. I have a couple of vivid memories about you and even an old picture of the two of us in Thailand. My heart and prayers go out to your family. Thank you for your service I feel so privledged to have know you."
S.H. of San Francisco, Ca.

"I served with then Cpl. Bohr at MCSFCO. Kings Bay, Ga in 89-92. He was my squad leader and was the hardest Marine I knew during my 4 years in the Corps. By hard, I mean tough. Cpl. Bohr didn't take no crap from anyone, and for as small of a guy as he was he walked tall. God, I can still remember his voice in my head. I could not believe my eyes when I read that he was killed in action. I just found out about it 5 years after it happend. I am so saddened to hear of this news, and what memories I have of Jeff will stay with me until my passing. I really enjoyed serving with Cpl. Bohr and he taught me alot, for I p/u Cpl. while he was still at Kings Bay. Being a new NCO, Cpl. Bohr took me under his wing and taught me alot. If I remember right, he p/u the rank of SGT. while still at Kings Bay. If anyone wants to email me about the old days in Kings Bay, and memories of Cpl. Bohr, my email is: heathdmartin@yahoo.com

Heath Martin of Kewanna, Indiana

"Wow it has been a few years since I heard the news... Hell I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it. I learned some much from you and you will always be missed."
GySgt Paul Sandy of Quantico VA

"January 6, 2008
To the family of Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey E. Bohr, Jr.:
Jeffrey gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"It's taken me along time to write something about Jeff. Years ago I met Jeff at MCT BN, Camp Pen as a young CPL. Cornwell. He was the toughest S.O.B. I had ever met and taught me about true leadership....Look after your boys and do anything for them.
My Father taught me how to be a man, but GnySgt Jeff Bohr taught me how to be a Marine.
I hope I've made you as proud of me as I am of you.

SSGT. Ammon J. Cornwell USMC/USA Rangers of Seattle, Wa

"Mike Cash,friends,marines in Alpha 1/5 with my brother In Iraq.. just wondering if you could mail me sometime? jbohr@co.winneshiek.ia.us"
Jerry Bohr of Decorah,Ia USA

"Of all the Marines I served with during my 8 years of active duty, Jeff stood out as one of the great ones. Our service together was short, but it never took long for Jeff to make a positive impression. He eximplified the title "Marine"."
Lee Haines of Maryville, TN

"Gunny Bohr,
I would like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country-not just in OIF, but also for your service in Panama and Desert Storm and also in Grenada as well when you served as an Army Ranger. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. After reading all the reflections left here for you-especially from your fellow Marines, all I can say is that I wish that I had had the opportunity to have served with you.

Semper Fi Gunny!"

"Dearest Jeff, I wish I could have been there with you. I miss you daily, because I think of you daily. We named our second son Cavin Jeffrey after you. When I look at him I see you, he is very determined, very bright, and altho he is smaller than Montana he won't back down. It is weird because they like to sing the song by Johnny Cash... I won't back down. They are close as brothers and hope they are as we brothers were. I read all the letters of former friends, Marines, leaders, and caring people that have passed you in there lives, each has a little piece of you that they will always have. I have a picture of you holding Montana when he was little, we got it back the day of your passing. I have met alot of the men that you served with and consider them to be of the same type as we brothers were. We always fought like cats and dogs but let someone try and get between us. The leaders and men of your company treated us with the utmost respect while we where at Camp Pendleton for your service. I remember looking around the church that day, looking into the eyes of the Marines you served with, it gave me strength and closure knowing that you served with these type of men and brothers, the type that would back you up when things were at there worst. Someday I will see you again in a better world and place and I will not assume that you knew I also loved you, I will be able to tell you that I have and will always love you. Thanks for the time you took out of your life for me. I love you Brother.....Jerry"
Jerry Bohr of Davenport, Iowa

"Growing up with the Bohr family, I'll never forget playing football with the Bohr brothers when I was a kid. What a tough bunch! One time while over at the Bohr house, Jeff gave me a bunch of football cards from his collection he had stored in a big grocery box. I was a big Cowboy's fan so Jeff searched the box for nearly every Cowboy's card he had and gave them to me. I still have then in my collection to this day. I'll never forget where they came from and will cherish them forever.

I didn't know Jeff as a Marine but hearing people talk when I go back to Ossian, he certainly did our little town proud!"
Chuck Hemesath, thehemesaths@verizon.net of Hinckley, Illinois

"To the Bohr Family
My memories of Gunnery Sgt.Bohr are very clear. He stood for everything all Marines should strive for. Not only that he was a good moral and ethical Man. Something this world is missing too often. Semper Fi"
former Marine Cpl. R. Finchum of Tennessee

"It was a great honor to have served with Jeff in Kingsbay, GA. "88-89", he was a leader by example and a unique human being. I knew he was destined to be a "Hero" in our lives or Sargent Major of the Marine Corp. God bless my Squad leader Jeffrey E. Bohr and Fire team leader Bruce Durham, Sempir Fi!"
L.A. Lopez of Los Angeles, California

Old friend. You're model for every Marine to follow. Save a place for me in the bunker in the sky. Until we meet again.
You're buddy,
Scott Eastman of Camp Lejeune, NC

"Thank you for your service to our country. My thoughts are with your wife Lori & your family."
Merinda of Kentucky


It's been close to 3 1/2 years now brother. I know you've been keeping a look out for all of us. Its Christmas 06 wish you were here to celebrate with the family. I'm sure will have to share some of are best stories of years past about ya! Till we meet again Bodean. Semper Fi

"It is with a sad heart that I see a familiar face tonight.I remember Corporal Bohr from Marine Corps Security Force Base,Kings Bay ,Ga.1988-89.It makes sense, now that I recall,that he leaves us a Gunny.Being a stand up Patriot will do that.God Bless Gunny Bohr!My sincere condolence to the Bohr Family"
Brian Coleman LCPL of Mass

"I served with Jeff in 1st PLT FAST CO MCSF Bn. LANT 15 years ago. We were squad leaders with 1st PLT and served together during Operation Just Cause in Panama. Jeff was a SGT and I was a CPL. We roomed together during much of the time that Jeff was in FAST. We were lucky. At that time four NCOs were assigned to each room but Jeff and I had one to ourselves. I currently work for the Department of the Army at Fort Greely, Alaska. Yesterday, my wife was given a book about Marines in Iraq by the base Chaplain. She brought it home and I ignored it. I never liked to read about work. Today, before coming to work, I leafed through the book and noticed a familiar face. I last spoke to Jeff in 1992 but I've often thought about him. I had no idea that he was killed three years ago. At that time, I was a reserve Staff NCO activated in support of TF 20. While I was there, I often hoped that none of the Marines that I served with were in harm's way. Jeff and I were peers. He was a true friend but also a mentor. He was the senior man and I had tremendous respect for him. I teased him constantly because his mind was a repository for the most obscure military information. He could rattle off the most obscure info in an instatnt and I was always ready to give him a hard time about it. I would hide in our PLT area and mimic his voice. I can still hear him briskly walking through the hallway to find me. Threats followed but he always took it in good humor. I can see his face as clear as day. I still remember the smile on his face when he caught me playing air guitar in our room on Crete. That was an embarrassment to me but he loved it. He didn't say a thing, he just smiled at me like I was an idiot. Justice!! I've never told anyone that, not even my wife. Jeff talked about his brothers and his family all the time. He was very proud of their accomplishments. Being from Louisiana, I gave him a hard time about his deeply woven Iowa work ethic. I'd tease him that he needed to be more like his brothers. Threats would follow! He usually wore his Army Jump Wings. He had a star on his badge for jumping into Grenada as a Ranger. One day he broke the wreath off his wings. He wore his jump badge that way for a long time. It drove me crazy. I even offered to buy him a new one. He didn't seem to care. I was proud for him but he was too humble to be bothered by it. I've thought about that for 15 years. When I think of Jeff, I don't think of the hard corps Gunny. Jeff isn't the NCO that most influenced my development as a young NCO. Jeff was just my friend and my roomate. He set a great example as a person and as a Marine. I learned much from him and I could always go to him for advice. It satisfies me to no end that he had such a great and long career in the Corps. The obvious loyalty and admiration that he earned from his young Marines sums up the kind of man and Marine that Jeff was. I'm so proud of the way that he took care of his young Marines and of his calm demeanor under fire. It was a privilege to serve with Jeff. I'm happy that, at least for a short time in our lives, I was able to make him laugh. I can't express the sorrow that I feel for his family. Semper Fidelis!"
Russell Garrick of Fort Greely, Alaska

"I had the honor of serving with Gunny Bohr at Camp Pendleton. I was a squad instructor at SOI. I had been out of the Corps for a while, and when I went to his indoc. training, he got me in shape physically as well mentally prepared to do my duties. He was in better shape than any Marine half his age, and was and still is an inspiration to me. He served as a role model of who I want to be in my life: A leader, An outstanding Marine, and one of the best men that I have ever served with. To this day, and for the rest of my life I will remember something he told me. He said "Jeffers some were born grunts, you are one of them." That is an honor to me because he will always be the picture perfect "grunt" to me. I am going to be getting a tattoo in memory of him as well as my dad, who was also a gunny. I know that they are up there in Heaven locking on those Jarheads on honor guard detail for God. Semper Fi Gunny. To his family, I am indebted to you for life, because Gunny always taught me to take care of our own. If you all need anything, let me know."
Sgt. Dave Jeffers 530-701-2265 of Yuba City, CA/USA


"I served with Jeff (then Corporal Bohr) while we were stationed at MCSF Co. King's Bay, GA in 1988-89. He was very hard as my corporal, he taught me a lot, but after hours he was one of my best friends. I remember riding around in his grey or silver colored Ford truck he used to have back then. I remember him taking me and another friend to Fort Bragg one time and showing us around, we had a great time. The last time I saw him was at Camp Lejeune just before deploying to Desert Shield/Desert Storm with 3/8. I am currently working in Afghanistan and didn't find out about his death until just recently. To his family I am very sorry for your loss. I can tell you even though it was a long time ago when we served together, from the time we spent together I know the United States of America and the United States Marine Corps lost one of it's greatest warriors. Semper Fi Jeff."
Justin M. Barnes of Roseburg, Oregon

"i read of your passing in the book "a table in the presence" by lt carey cash...the chaplain for the 1/5 during the initial invasion of iraq in 03. my son was among the 1/5 then. you are not forgotten! the 1/5 lives on with you in their memory. semper fi marine. you are a hero. you are missed, mourned, but revered, guarding the streets of heaven. give a hello to pvt noah boye from the 1/5. he was with you in that killing field in 03.
cash detailed the very intense roll the 1/5 played out in the taking of baghdad and the almilyah presidential palace. rest now...for you have earned it. and to your family...it is july fourth...unlike all from the past. i pray for blessings upon your hearts and souls that your loss is eased by the memories that you carry everyday.
semper fi
diana of ne

"I was in 2nd Plt with GYSGT Bohr as our Co. GYSGT. He was a very hard man, but his hardness made each of us want to be better, more like him. You can say that the gunny knew me pretty good. He would talk to me daily, but not the nice conversation some would think. I remember seeing him taken out of the vehicle and I will never forget that. He made me a better man and will forever be grateful that he was our gunny. I think about that faithful day constantly. He will never be forgotton. Until we met again, gunny

Semper Fi,"
PFC Todd "Espo" Espinoza of Pasco, WA

"In Memory of and to Honor Jeffrey Bohr. Myself and my family would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to an Angel of God whom read our letter and contacted Lori. You made it possible for all of us to be reunited in time for us to be together for the unveiling of Jeffrey,s AMERICAN HEROES TRIBUTE FLAG on Memorial Day May 29th 2006 in Vista Ca. We would also like to extend our thanks to everyone at American Heroes Tribute for acknowledging and honoring all our fallen heroes. God bless you all and God Bless this great country and all of America's great warriors and heroes past, present and future. Prayers and blessings to all."
Deborah,Thiarisha and Richard(RIkki) Diaz of Chula Vista, Ca.

"Thanks Gunny, Semper Fi.

Its been 3 years and 12 days. It seems more like yeasterday. One thing nobody can take are the memories. The day is coming when will meet again, till then watch over us all.
Rob Bohr Semper Fi Brother

"Dear Friends and Family of GySgt Bohr.....My name is Sgt Placencia, and I worked with Gunny at MCT BN, SOI Camp Pendleton, CA. I must say that his death saddens me greatly but the inspiration he left to all the Marines that worked under him at one point in time, has left a great impact on our lives! He truly exemplified what Marines and great warriors were and still are today! My time spent with him will be endured and remembered forever! See you at the pearly gates Gunns! SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!"
Michael A. Placencia of MCB Kanoehe Bay Hawaii

"I was under Gunny's wing back in 1994 at Camp Pendleton when he was a Sgt. I'll never forget the time he threw my liberty shoes over the side of the Tarawa for leaving them out of the gear locker. I'm positive that I can speak for my fellow brothers of C co. 1/4 when I say that we miss you greatly and the Corps is short one hell of a Marine. Semper Fi Gunny, see you at the gates."
Cpl. Comai of Cleveland, OH

"Correction to my e-mail it is cashme777@gmail.com, Cpl Cash"
Mike of Tacoma Wa

"I remember hearing the transmission over the radio saying Apache 7 is down almost three years later. You were a good man, gunny. I'll be a ninety year old man with three brain cells left. I probably won't even remember my name but I will remember that transmission. I have never encountered a Marine with such motivation, pride, and espirit de corps than Gunnery Sergeant Bohr. I'm pretty sure he is probably leading a company of angels on a run right now! Semper fidelis Gunny! Rest in peace."

"Jeffery Bohr, was a mentor to many Marines. I knew him personally and miss him greatly. A true leader in every sense."
SSgt Matthew Hays of Okinawa, Japan


"SEMPER FI Gunny. I'll see you when I get there!!!!"
Sgt. E. V. of Corpus Christi, TX

""Dear Lori and friends and family of Jeffrey Bohr: I am a mother of a young man whom was very influenced by this HERO of our Great Country. In 1995/1996 while living in Lakeside Ca. my son met Lori walking with her and her husbands dog Tank through Lindo Lake Park. Lori took a shine to my son Richard or (RIKKI)as he was called and a friendship was forged. As she and my son walked back towards her home she spoke of her husband Jeffrey, A Gunnery Marine Sargeant at Camp Pendleton and how someday they wanted to have children of thier own. Once they arrived at Jeff and Lori's place my son was introduced to Jeffrey. Jeff took an immediate shine to this young man 9 years of age and he and his dog played with him for a couple of hours. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff when he walked my son home because it was beginning to get dark. He introduced himself and his lovely wife and thier dog Tank and told me what a wonderful young man my son was and that he was welcome to come over anytime. Being a boy of 9 my son took full advantage of going to Jeff and Lori's every chance he could, at first it was to play with the dog and then it was because Jeff and Lori were wonderful people and my son knew this in his heart. Through the years Jeff and Lori treated RIKKI so wonderfully. Jeff and Lori bought a 10 speed bicycle for Christmas 1 year and presented it to Rikki, this made my son beam with admiration for them. As much as my son loved to hang out with Lori when he came home if Jeff had not been there he would speak of this with dissapointment in his voice. While Jeff was out serving our country by training all our young hero's, Lori and my son would just hang out, play with Tank, maybe wash the truck and wait for Jeff's return home. When Jeff and Lori relocated to Camp Pendleton my son was very saddened. But with a phone call from them came great joy of knowing that he was on thier minds and in thier hearts. When my son was 12 years old Jeffrey called our home and asked permission for my son to come spend the summer with him and his wife up at thier home in Camp Pendleton. My son was overjoyed and highly excited. Jeff and him spent hours running Tank and Cesar on the beach, and just being boys. Jeff took RIKKI to Family Day at Camp Pendleton and my son couldn't of been happier. There was something in this forged bond of friendship for each of them, see my son had no father in his life and Jeff had no son in his. This wonderful always giving man was the father my son never had. Yes Rikki says he was hard as nails and one tough cookie but he had a heart of gold and was full of love and wisdom that he just wanted to share with a child. This child happened to be my son and believe me it has stuck with him all these years and will remain with him all his life. My son still has the camaflouge uniform jacket, hat and pants Jeff gave him. He has always kept them tucked away for safe keeping in one of his dresser drawers. We relocated ourselves and in the bustle of moving we lost contact and the means to reach both of these awesome people. My son always spoke of how he wanted to go to the base but didn't think they would let us on because we didn't have clearance. And not knowing thier address didn't make it any easier, niether did thier unlisted phone #. When my son heard of the tragic event that occurred in Bagdad and the passing of this wonderful man and hero of our country his loss was that of a son and all he spoke of was how was he to reach his adopted mom. We tried to leave messages through the chaplain's office and with others on base but we understand that grieving is difficult and sometimes just being is hard. We so wanted to be with you Lori at your time of need, our prayers and blessing went out daily to you and the Bohr family and still do. See I as the mother of this young boy wanted to share that Jeffrey isn't only one of the greatest HERO's of this country but also a HERO to a young man whom will always love and treasure every moment he got to spend with his adopted DAD. "What a wonderful world this would be if more people were like Jeff."
Well Lori if you read this or if a family member that can reach Lori reads this PLEASE, PLEASE PASS THIS # 619-271-9528 ON TO HER. Myself and my family have tried to find a way to reach her. This might be the one way that reconnects a young man and the woman that loved the man he would have loved to call DAD back together. JEFFREY, RICHARD IS PROUD THAT YOU DEFENDED THIS COUNTRY'S RIGHT TO FREEDOM AND EVEN PROUDER THAT HE HAD THE PLEASURE TO HAVE SHARED A PIECE OF YOURSELF WITH HIM. HE LOVES YOU FOR THAT, AND WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND THE HONOR AND CALL YOU DAD.
God bless you Lori and the Bohr's and God bless all of our fallen heroes. You will never be forgotten."
Deborah Diaz and Family of Chula Vista,Ca

"Thank you everyone!
Jeff was my hero and brother.
Its been over 2 years and we think of him everyday. What a great world this would be if more people were like him."
Robert Bohr of Iowa Falls Iowa

"To the Bohr family let me just say I thank you from the bottom of my heart that Gunny was there because he saved those of us in the humvees collective butts more than once and I am totally convinced I for one would not be here today if he hadn't been the perfect example of a Hard Marine he was. To Gunny Bohr ,I miss You Gunny and my heart aches Daily to think about you, But every time I look at my 1 year old Beautiful daughter I think how I wouldent be here if it werent for you.
THANK YOU GUNNERY SERGEANT BOHR for a chance at a life with my family I wouldent have if not for your sacrafice.
Former Cpl Mike Cash, cashme7777@gmail.com"
Mike Cash of Tacoma Wa, USA

"I like the rest of us have gone through this life and met many people. Of all the people i have met I remember only a few. When I look back and remember those who made an impact or influence; Gunny you are at the top of the list. You were one of the hardest MARINES i had ever met. You are one of the fairest i had the privelidge of serving with. You always were a follow me MARINE. You led by example and when that did not work you just led.The guys and I cannot sit around and talk of the past without speaking of you. Our paths will cross again someday so keep the wind in your face brother. Cpl S. Peniston 1st Platoon FASTCO........"
S. Peniston of Charlotte, NC

"Sgt Bohr once said to a group of us in 1993- The reason I stayed in the Service is the people, not the money (laughing), not the stature, not anything but the people. He had a grasp on what was important. He was a very tough critter- very tough..and morso deceivingly caring. His life impacted me tremendously. He was the real deal. I will try to rival him in all my endeavors."
drew of clj- nc



"To the family of Jeffrey E. Bohr,Jr.:

The Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation will be honoring your loved one at the non-denominational Memorial Day Sunday worship service at 11:00 a.m. on 29 May. We will remember the casualties of the Global War on Terrorism from Minnesota … and the neighboring states of Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Outside of the historic Fort Snelling Veterans Memorial Chapel will be a “Memorial Garden” filled with white crosses bearing the names of the war dead … including your loved one.

I would like to extend to your family an invitation to honor us with your presence at worship as we pay tribute to the sacrifice made by your service member and family. Our pastor, U.S. Army Chaplain, LTC Kenneth L. Beale, Jr. will preach a message entitled “Remembering Our Freedom.” A former Soldier and country music songwriter and performer “Rockie” will pay a special musical tribute. At the conclusion of the worship hour, all of the congregation will be invited to silently pay their respects at the garden and place poppies at each of the crosses. An honor guard squad will be on hand to fire vollies as the US flag is lowered to half-staff and Taps is played.

As this Christian worship service has traditionally been well attended, we would be happy to reserve seating for you and yours. To do so, kindly call (612/970-7866) and leave a voice message indicating your veterans’ name and the number of persons attending. If you are not able to attend, we pray that you would find comfort in knowing that our prayers are with you and all of the fallen heroes.

Leila Campbell
Administrative Assistant
Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation
web site:www.fortsnellingmcf.org"

"Dear Lori and friends and family of Gunny Bohr: My husband Dominick worked under Gunny Bohr as an instructor in the School of Infantry. Dominick loved Gunny Bohr as a Marine, a father and a friend. He is very much missed. Dominick is in Iraq now, using everything Gunny taught him, knowing he's watching over him with his very keen eye. I thank God every day for Gunny Bohr and the guidance and love and the challenge he always gave my husband on their daily runs in the 52 area. Semper Fi, Christina Torti"
Dominick and Christina Torti of New Braunfels, TX

"To the families of GySgt Jeffery Bohr. First and foremost i would like to say "Thank You." Thank you for giving the Marine Corps such a wonderful man.He has touched thousands of lives in his career, in one way or another, to include myself. He was a model of what every Marine wanted to be. He was one of the toughest men that walked this earth. Standing up for EVERYTHING that he believed was right. No matter who you were, what you wore on your collar. No sir, Gunny Bohr did not care. He had a heart of gold. And knew when enough was enough. So many times he stood up for us, when we thought no one would. He would never ask of nothing from us, that he couldnt do himself. He set the standards. I can still picture him in my mind. Every morning, or every afternoon. Standing in front of the formation, telling us that "this is his ballgame, and we will play by his rules , like it or not." Yes, he was always tough. And i know he's still being hard up in heaven. He was my Company Gunny, for Alpha Co. 1/5. I knew him for a little over a year. But wish so very dearly that i could of known him longer. Its been 2 yrs. since he has passed, and not a day goes by that i dont think of him. Everytime i see a flag waving in the wind, i shed a tear for him and the other fallen heroes, who truley paid the ultimate sacrafice. He turned 100 and somthing boys into 100 and somthing men. He was a hard dog. Never smiled, always pushing for more from you. At the time, you thought this guy hates us. But then you go to Iraq, and are able to come home to your families you realize, he was only pushing us, because he really loved us.And was willing to do whatever it took to take care of us, for us to come home. He always put his Marines before himself. And im positive he put his family first also. He was the most unselfish man that i have ever met. Words cannot describe how dearly sorry i am, to have lost a Man/Marine of his stature. To Lori, and the family i am so sorry. Just know that he is in heaven watching down apon us, every day. And knowing him, he's probably telling God. God things need to change around here. Maybe we should P.T. more? Hahaha. Always a man to better himself and the people around him. All of us loved him very deeply, even though as a Marine you never say it. And we will never forget. He lived by our moto every day, "Semper Fidelis" "Always Faithful," and that he always was.

God bless the Bohr's and God bless all of our fallen heroes. You will never be forgotten.

Semper Fidelis"
Cpl. Aaron J. Agee of Edson Range, Camp Pendleton, CA

"It's been over two years since that day in Bagdad, and I still think of Gunny Bohr everyday. He was the toughest Marine that I had ever met. He taught me that I have more in me then I ever thought I did and to never quit. I had the honor of being his police sgt. and working with him closely. I will always remeber the lessons that he taught me.
Clifton L Gauthier of Rockaway, New Jersey

"To the family of Gunny Bohr, my son, Cpl Matthew D served with the Gunny in Alpha Company and I have heard so many wonderful things about him. I know that he was the ultimate Marine and I know his brothers all miss him. I have a US flag that I sponsored on 9/11/04 at the Healing Fields in Northglenn, Colorado that I would be honored to send to his wife or his parents. If you would contact me I would be so honored to send it on to you all. His life was not in vain and he will forever live on in the memories of all that knew him, please contact me at 719-543-0191 or by email at mickied57@yahoo.com."
Debbie Duncan of Pueblo Colo

"I too am supportive of the soldiers in Iraq and specially the Marines.
I'm an ex Marine from the Royal Dutch Marine Corps and I will always say, once a Marine, always a Marine, whatever country you're from.
God Bless America"
Hans Harrebomeesr of Escondido, California

"I had the privledge of serving with Gunny Bohr while he was at FAST in Norfolk,VA. He was a sergeant at the time, I was a corporal and we had some great times together; especially down in Gitmo. He was one hard charger and a hell of a Marine. Rest in Peace Devil! I sent a pic of Gunny Bohr and I on this site. I hope the pic went through OK, if not I'll send it again."
A.Soto asoto0322@earthlink.net of League City, Tx

"I'll never forget the time we were out in the field playing "war-games". I was thinking that I was slick trying to work my way around to the Gunny's position trying to impress my fellow marines, when all of a sudden everey one froze: we had a sence that someone was there. I turned around while still slithering on my belley to what I thought was the ultimate victory. There I saw GySgt Bohr, just standing there staring at me with those eyes, those eyes that spoke a million words. Putting his hands on his hips he said to me, " if ya wanna survive ya gonna have to do better than that". I did and I came home. thanks Gy-Sgt Bohr. Semper-Fi."
Sgt Bozchevkowski, Steven P.T. of Riverside California

"I will never forget Gunnery Sgt. Bohr and how he presented himself the first day to my fellow Marines in Alpha Company. One look at him and I knew he was the hardest, toughest, kick butt Marine. Most of the time I was problay a thorn in his side from the trouble I would find myself in, but he was a good man. It was his way or the highway. The thing that stuck most in my mind is that as I said goodbye to my wife that day, I noticed that he was standing there next to his truck and wife. I watched from a distance as they kissed and hugged one another goodbye. I also wondered if he told his wife the same thing I was telling mine; "I will be okay, I got to go, take care of yourself and I will be home soon." That picture will stay in my mind till the day I die."
Lcpl Guthrie 2nd Plt. of Carlsbad, CA

"To the family of Jeff Bohr,
I never knew Jeff. I just got the honor of honoring him and the other fallen heros of Iowa. It was a great honor to be allowed to run his name on our derby cars. People were moved by our thoughts torward your family. God bless you all and again I thank you."
Ashley (T.C.B. Demo) of Washington, Iowa



"i am so sorry to here what went on it is so sid to here that i send all my loove at to every one out there"
stephanie martin of Hot Spring's Ark

"RIP Marine"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"Dear Family of Jeff Bohr,

It's been a year now and on this Memorial Day of 2004, our church was passing out cards with the fallen heroes' names on them. I got Jeffrey E. Bohr's card.
I looked him up on the internet and found this site.

People like me are still praying for him and for his family and remember you in your great sacrifice. I'll keep his namecard in my bible and send you warm fuzzy thoughts from time to time through my prayers.

God Bless Us All,

Brenda Rioux
San Clemente, CA"

"I knew the Gunny and I knew him well, he was my Company Gunny. He was the hardest, most dedicated, and firm yet fair man I ever knew. He had a hell of a sense of humor, and a sarcastic and smart assed way of telling me I was in trouble. He was a tough, and determined little man who feared nobody. I have seen him relentlessly stand his ground in the face of much higher ranking officials, standing for what he understood to be right. The Gunny was the absolute epitome of a true Marine, and a real man. Holding himself to a level and standards he wouldn't dare try to hold any other man to. Leading by example, and doing the right thing in the face of adversity. He was a hell of a guy, and an even better Marine. And as I write this the Gunny is looking down on me and saying.......... "ROGER, NOTED!"
So to the family of this wonderful person, I am humbly grateful, and so honored to tell you that he was my favorite Marine I ever had the privilege to work for. I am truly honored to have known him, and eternally proud to have served under him. In the short time that I worked as an assistant to him, I came to care and respect him to an incredible extent. I only wish I could have known him longer.
And to Lori, I am sorry but I just do not have the words to tell you how truly sorry I am. I hope and pray that you are well, and happy. Because after all, he wouldn't have it any other way. GOD BE WITH YOU."
Corporal Jeffrey Mabery of Houston, TX

"Gunny Bohr,
I am proud to have served with you. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You were hard! Semper Fidelis!"
Flin Alek, former Sergeant USMC

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Jeffrey, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"In Loving Memory..Its been a year..

At the rising of the sun and at its going down, We remember them.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of Winter, We remember them.
At the opening of buds and in the rebirth of Spring, We remember them.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of Summer, We remember them.
At the rustling of leaves and the beauty of Autumn, We remember them.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends, We remember them.
As long as we live, they too will live;
for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Rest in Peace Dear Soldier!! We will NEVER FORGET!"
The Grogan Family of Lakeland, TN (4/10/04)

"To the Family of GySgt. Bohr Jr,

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words to you and other family members of Marines who have fallen. I come from a long family line of Marines; I too am a Marine Corps veteran. His service to his Country and his Corps will live forever in the minds of his fellow Marines all over this country.

While I never personally met this Marine, every Marine is my brother and it is with love and respect to his family that I say to them the words of retired GySgt Ermey, "The Marine Corps lives forever, and that means you live forever."

God Bless and Semper Fidelis"
Rob of Iowa

"Sergeant Bohr, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"You are missed greatly Gunny Bohr"
M@BS5th of Oceanside


It's crazy, Jeff (Capt. Moore) better known to us as Sgt. Moore is talking his platoon back to the sandbox. The funny thing is that I have been training these guys with Hugga. We both miss you. He went from a scout to a freaking PltCmdr. leading 36 Force warriors into the second phase of the war. We talk about you all the time. We miss you and still cannot believe you are gone. Your not gone, your just re-grouping, is what we call it. We love you RANGER and know we are here doing unfinished business.

Your brothers...out"

"From a future Marine. Semper Fi! You will live forever!"
Donovan Toole of Albany, GA

"Thank you Jeffrey Bohr, Jr., you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios


"To Lori,
It was an honor to have served alongside your husband in war. Jeffrey left us all with an example of courage and faithfulness that will never be erased, and never forgotten. May God strengthen and comfort you by His grace, both now and forevermore."
Chaplain Carey Cash of Camp Pendleton, CA

"It was an honor to have known and served with Gunny Jeff Bohr. He was incredibly tough, highly intelligent, and the epitome of an Infantry leader. I'll miss you Brother, but you'll never be forgotten by those who had the privelege of knowing you. Semper Fi."
Capt Jeff Moore of 3rd Force Recon Co., Mobile, AL

"Jeffrey Bohr was one of the finest Marines that I have had the pleasure of working with. We were stationed together at Force Recon. I am deeply shocked to learn of your passing. May the Lord Bless and keep your family through these times. I will never forget you. God Bless. Semper Fidelis"
Major Larry Clayton, USMC of Chesapeake VA

"My thoughts & prayers go out to all the Military men and women who are at war and especially those who have lost their lives. May God bless you forever. Thank you for everything, you are my hero! Rest in peace."
Amanda K Casas of San Diego ,TX

"God Bless your family. I did know GySgt Bohr personally, but was assigned to his battalion during the war, and was hurt when we heard that he had been lost. As one who knew of him, be assured that he served with honor, courage, and commitment. Semper Fidelis!"
GySgt Anthony Magallanes of AAV Company, CAB, Okinawa, Japan

"Jeff, I miss you. You are my friend, my brother, and my teammate. You were my fishing buddy even though the only thing we ever caught was a buzz. I hated our long runs because you wanted me in shape before trying out for Recon but I would give anything to have those days again. I miss you running your damn dogs in the dirt and wondering if I would have to give them mouth to mouth because they looked like they were getting ready to pass out. You never looked like the type to be a runner but you always ran me in the dirt just to prove that the old man still had it. I miss you brother. I still can't believe your gone. Thank You for being there and always watching my six. I love you brother. Mrs. Bohr, I haven't been around but please find me and I will find you. I miss you brother."
Mariota Pa'u Jr. of 1st Force Recon Company, MCB Camp Pendleton, California 92055

"Many condolences to the family of this Marine. He caught my eye as an absolute quintessential embodiment of a U.S. Marine Corp Soldier! God Bless Him, and many thanks for his service to the most free country on Earth!"
Geno B. of Kingsville, MD

"im so sorry for your lose...just rember he fought for our freedom and we won!!!i dont know what else to say except god bless u and semper fi"
melissa of san clemente ca

"Oohrah, Gunny, RIP guarding the streets of heaven."
S.K. of WV

"to the bohr family,just wanted to pay my respects to a man who i respected very much.gunny was one of the most disciplined marines i had ever met.i hope his dedication in what he believed in helps you in your time of sorrow."
sgt gonzalez,as of camp pendleton,ca.

"We thank you for the sacrafice Jeffrey made for us. Our hearts and prayers are with you during this time. Thank you Jeffrey, May God keep you in His care."
Ken and Maritza Holley of Pembroke Pines, Florida

"my condolances to the family of this brave soldier!
my son had his birthday on this fatal 10th of april.
he is serving in the royal dutch navy, and went also to this dangerous spot in the world.
on the same day that your son or husband died, my son passed the suez-canal, fortunally the war was almost over when he reached the persian gulf with the dutch vessel; HR.MS."Karel Doorman".
sometimes the dead penalty comes over you as a moment of bad luck, but heroes never asked to die, they just serve and they're bringing their offer as a contribution for peace................
remember this brave men in all their good and bad habits, but never forget this sacrifice of love for our safity.

love to you all........."
Frank Huisman, bailiff of the city of Amsterdam of Zaanstad, the Netherlands

"To the family and friends of Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey Bohr, Jr.:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Jeffrey for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey Bohr, Jr.:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Jeffrey, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera, of Powder Springs, Georgia

"RIP Brave Marine."
The Taylors, USMC of NC

"To the Bohr Family: you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Know that you are not the only ones who have shed tears for Jeffrey. Even though I did not know him personally, I feel a deep sense of loss. Thank you."
Terri Curtis of Green Forest, Arkansas

"I knew this man through my boyfriend. My boyfriend is a LCpl with Gunnery SGT Bohr's battalion. He was a great man... he is one of America's true heroes. He will never be forgotten. My prayers and deepest thoughts go out to his family and friends."
Cindy of Escondido, Ca

"The citizens and veterans of Fredericksburg Iowa remember Gunny Bohr by having placed a cross with his name in their veterans memorial.
Rest in peace Gunny
Semper Fi!"
AMVET POST 90 of Fredericksburg, IA

"I pray God grants the Bohr family with strength and peace. God bless you all. You are in my thoughts and prayers."
Cynthia Padilla of Camp Pendleton, CA

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on