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Army 1st Lt. Christopher W. Barnett

32, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Barnett died in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his military vehicle. He was assigned to the Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 156th Armor Regiment, 256th Brigade Combat Team, Shreveport, Louisiana. Died on December 23, 2004.

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"Memorial Day every year reminds me of the sacrficies made but it always hits home when I think of you. 2015 is no different and I love to tell people the stories and times we shared. You'll never be forgotten my friend."
Alan Lofton (1st Sgt Ret) of Prairieville, LA

"I owe you so muc. The effect you had on my life is immense. Even to this day a decade later I cry whenever i even thnk of you. I wish you were here to see my son. You taught me so mulching so little time.. I love you and miss you man more than words will let me type.."
Sgt Philip Age of Metairie LA

"Lately it's been hard to get by. I finally made it back to Natchitoches last Jan and stopped by the unit to see the memorial. It was a drill weekend, and as I stood there at the memorial several unknown soldiers gave me a corsery glance as I paid my respects. I couldn't bring myself to walk in. I've lived in Baton Rouge for three
Years now and will visit you and pay my respects this 23rd. I have three children now. All boys. Youngest is almost two. You made that possible with the training and resolve you instilled in me. Miss you sir."
Brady T. Hulsey of Baton Rouge, La

"Your niece and nephew spoke at Blue Tie Service today. Kaleigh spoke about you, and Micah presented the information on another fallen soldier. So proud of their dedication to your memory. Tomorrow you would be 41 and miss you every day."
Mom of Baton Rouge, LA

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about that day on the side of the road in Baghdad. I remember joking with LT during the mission brief. For some reason he decided that we, Shawnee 92, would take the lead. I remember asking him if he thought that was a good idea, he jokingly insisted. But Lt had a good sense of humor and all the respect from me cause he was a soldier's officer. You could approach him about anything and he would take the time to help or just listen. He was one of the few officers who led by example, not by words. I finally made it down to Baton Rouge a few years ago to say bye to him. Every day I try to pay it forward because I'm blessed to be alive. We traded seats that morning. My heart goes out to Lt's family, especially his wife. Sorry it has taken so long for me to speak out. I have had my struggles with it too. R.I.P Lt Christopher "Butter Bar" Barnett. You are not forgotten."
SGT Shane "Doc" Karbowski of Bossier City, LA

"Although I didn't know Chris as well as my husband, he did stand with us as a groomsmen in our wedding. He was so funny and made everyone laugh. Pictures randomly scroll on our desktop and many times he is there with a big grin on his face. As he always had of course. We miss you! Thank you for your service to our country."
Ammie Bradley of Guilford, CT

"Das schönste Denkmal, das ein Mensch bekommen kann, steht in den Herzen seiner Mitmenschen.
von Albert Schweitzer"
Claudia of Berlin, Germany

"To the Family of Lt. Christopher Barnett: Though it has been nearly 12 years since Chris' passing, I'm certain that your pain still lingers. But you can know that he left a legacy of sacrifice and service to his country behind. In a small town in Plaistow, NH, in a field stands a flag that waves silently with his name, service and the date that he gave his life so that we could be free. I can only say "thank you." You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please visit www.honoring-our-heroes.com to see the planting of your son's, as well as that of the other 6600 soldiers who have given their lives in service. I know you are proud of him and you should be."
Kim N. of Plaistow, NH

"Lt. we miss you sir, A 108 3rd platoon hadnt see you since we were sent to Al Taji to run missons. We were devastated to hear one of our brothers and close friends went down. You were a great man and i still miss you. Great men are made, sir you were a great man and i was proud to call you Lt. See you at Fiddlers Green. I am having a Tatttoo done to honor yourself and my other brothers lost while in the land of sand. (Come What Will) sir....."
Spc. Walker of Coushatta. La

"Wreaths Across America today at the National Cemetery in Baton Rouge. Jim gave the invocation and the kids led the Pledge of Allegiance; you would have been so proud of Micah's strong voice when he asked everyone to say with him....even the little one you've never met (on earth) covered her heart for her Uncle Chris. This has been a bad month, Micah and Kaleigh are feeling the loss of their Uncle, they miss you so much, as do we all. Love you and miss you every day."

"To the family of:Christopher W.Barnett
I am so sorry for the loss of your love one. My heart cries out for you in your grief and you have my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero defending freedom. May you have the peace and understanding that only comes from God. Prayerfully we will all meet in Heaven one day where we will rest in the arms of Jesus. If you need prayer or need someone to talk to, please call or write my pastor: Rev. John Pearrell 11677 Brown Bridge Rd., Covington, GA 30016. (770)787-1015.
Your friend in Jesus Christ, Polly Ballew Covington,Ga""

"You and all your fallen friends will be honored tomorrow at the USS Kidd with the unveiling of the names on the Memorial Wall. We will remember you as a loving and wonderful son, and honor all those fallen. We miss you!

Memorial Day 2011
Mom and Day"

"Missing my phone call today, but know in my heart you are thinking of me! Still miss you bunches."

"Spoke to the Knights of Columbus about you yesterday. Brings a tear to my eye but joy to my heart that people want to know about you!"

"Thinking of you now and always! Missing you."

"Happy Birthday Chris

We Love and Miss you

Thanks for having our "six""
De of Louisiana

"You would have been 38 today. So full of life and joy because that was who you were. It's raining today so I'm not sure I'll be able to spend our time together at lunch; but daddy and I will be celebrating your life with your favorite dinner and drink, remembering our number 2 son."

"I turned another year older, and my heart breaks with each passing year that I won't see your smiling face, or hear your laugh, and see you look with pride at your brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. I know that you are watching over all of us, but I still would rather have you here with us! Love, Mom"

"Chris,You were one of the sweetest and funniest guy I've ever met.I will remember You always."
Sabine Reed of Killeen Texas

"Chris was a one of a kind guy. He was funny and loved playing pranks on his guys. Him and Gerry were always doing something to each other. I have so many pics of them being goofy. One of them we are at Cav Ball, Earl Mcgee has Chris leaned back in his chair and it looks like they are about to kiss. He kept all of us laughing. My 2 kids grew up thinking of Chris as more like an uncle. He knew both of them from the time they were babies. He was a great man, he will always be missed, and he will live on in our hearts forever."
Theresa Taylor of Florien, La

"I will never forget you SHAWNEE-6. It was the morning after my b-day I was the driver of the vehicle behind Lt. Barnett we switched vehicle positions at the last minuet. I did not have much interaction with him but the few occations I did left a lasting impression on me, he would crack a joke at tjust the right moment of tension and put you at ease a valuble skill in those times. He trained his men well casue when all was said and done that day they continued on despite emotions, and we apprehended the triggerman. I was amazed at their resolve, I can still remember my stomach tense and my body shaking from nerves long after, u know like right after you get scared by someone. I will never forget that day and the sacrifice he made for us. His memory will live on in his soldiers and in me. I can't believe its almost been 5 years."
Heather Marriner of Weslake Village, Ca

"Well, sir, we're about to head back over. Last time I had it easy as your driver. This time, I'll be leading men in combat. I hope I have your confidence and sense of humor to keep my men focused and relaxed the way you could. I know you'll be watching over us, sir."
SSG Reagan Wilkerson of 1 PLT, A TRP 2-108 CAV

"Your many friends in the 256th are leaving again for Iraq. Our prayers are with their families and for the safe return of the entire group.



"Its been Five years Sir. Five years since the night I last saw you. You were talking to LT warren. I jokingly ignored you when you called out to me. I didn't know it was going to be the last time I saw you. I hope that I have lived my life according to the lessons you taught us. I hope your family is safe. My son is four years old now. He listens to stories I tell of the 108th Cav. Never has a loss of a comrade hurt as much as losing you has. Red platoon for life Sir. Carry on."
SGT Brady T. Hulsey of Orlando FL

"I dont know what to write except that I miss you and hope your family and friends are doing good. It has been 5 years. You will never be forgotten."
Dean of Charlottesville VA

"To the family of Christopher,
Freedom Quilts will like to pay our respect to you for your loss. Our deepest condolences. I'm sending out a quilt to you and your children I just hope I have the right address for them to go to. My email is debeniel@ncn.net if you need to get a hold of me and my website is www.freedomquilts.net Please know our prayers are with you and your family."
Betty Nielsen (Freedom Quilts Inc of Fonda, IA 50540 USA

"Your Troop dedicated a Memorial to the 8 men lost. It was very touching and emotional and something daddy and I will always remember. We miss and love you every day!

Mom and Dad"

"Told your favorite joke today...of course I had to credit you with it. That's when the troops fell out laughing. Getting ready to ramp up again, I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for you, could use some guidance. I miss you my friend."
Donnie of Denham Springs, LA


Thinking of you today! Even more so than everyday. It's been almost five years and we miss you just as much today. Friends like you are truly one of a kind. Rest assured you will never leave our hearts!! I miss you my Friend!"
Sean & Terri, of Prairieville, LA

"Prior to Chris getting his commission, he was my Platoon Sergeant with A/108th CAV. I can honestly say that he was one of the two best Platoon Sergeants I ever had the honor to serve with. The other guy is now the First Sergeant of the troop. What a team those two would have made, Commander and First Sergeant. I remember know matter how tired we would be during training, meeting in the middle of the night, you could always count on Chris to make you laugh(usually at your own expense). The man knew how to lead soldiers and knew they would obey him because of his rank but they would follow him because he was a great leader. Although Chris is gone, his teaching, training and example lives on in each of us. I will forever miss my friend."
Alan Lofton, 1SG Ret of Prairieville, LA

"You are still on my mind..."

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not remember the leasons you taught me sir. Even though I no longer wear Army green, I always try to be the soldier that you taught me to be. I think of you often and hope that one day I will be able to salute you again."
Brady T. Hulsey of Orlando, FL

"Christopher W. Barnett was a good man and a friend, it was a blessing to serve with him, Rest in Peace."
SFC (Ret) James Chester III of Lewisville, TX

"Today is March 6, 2009. I just read all the messages on this memorial for Christopher W. Barnett. Amanda, your husband was so loved, so respected, and so loyal to his family, friends, and country. It is obvious all the great things your mom and brothers told me about Chris were understated. I wish I had known him. I want you to know how much I have prayed for all of you. Time has passed yet I had to write to tell you reading all the memorials touched my heart and made me far more aware and thankful for all the servicemen and women serving our country. Their willingness to fight for our freedom and to help others speaks for itself. They are heroes to all of us. My prayer is for you to be comforted by all the love, respect and gratitude we have for your husband. I will always remember your Chris and how his family, friends and other servicemen all spoke of the wonderful leader he was. Mandy, I love you. I will continue to pray for you. Be blessed in all you do. Give my love to all the Nugents and Barnetts who lost such a treasure.

Linda James of Lufkin, Texas 75904

"Chris, you have really been on my mind the last month. I was watching "Taking Chace" on HBO. Boy, could we have written that one or what? The movie brougt back many memories of my nightmare trip to Philly, the day after Christams. The airline losing my luggage; meeting you at Dover, DE. The long trip home to BR. The sacred and honorable way everyone treated us along the way. We didn't know one another in life, but we will certainly recognize one another in the hereafter. God, Bless you, buddy
MAJ Judd Mahfouz"
Judd Mahfouz of Fort Sill, OK

"Still missing you!

Mom and Dad"
of Baton Rouge, LA

"We miss Chris every day. The world was a better place with him in it and we were blessed to call him our friend."
Heather and Carl of Kansas City, MO

"Well it's been 4 years since that day Lt. One that will always be etched in my mind. I love and miss you brother!!"
Sgt. Pearson of Alex.LA.

"Happy Veteran's Day Chris, I think about you all the time. We miss you."
Bobby of Denham Springs, La.

"I'm also of the same name and I want to send my condolences."
Christopher W. Barnett of Benton, AR

"I am so so sorry for your loss, I served in the same unit as your son. I hope it is all worth it when this War is over. "GOD Bless"
Major James of Fort Knox, KY

"I didn't know the Christopher W. Barnett on this page but I felt like I needed to post as he was a brother of the name."
Christopher W. Barnett of Memphis, TN

"I wanted to leave my email address. Chevy2323@aol.com"
Glen Stipelcovich of New Orleans, LA

"On this Memorial Day I was thinking about my good friend Chris, and ran across this site. I meet Chris while working for Gateway Country Stores after graduating from LSU. He was a good and loyal friend, someone always there to lend a hand or to talk about issues that seemed big at the time, and we had many laughs. I can remember him talking about tanks, and how much he enjoyed serving our country. He showed me pictures of his first tour in Iraq, and he wanted to return. Thanks for many happy memories Chris, you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I never had a chance to meet his parents or his wife, but be proud he was an upstanding individual."
Glen Stipelcovich of New Orleans, LA

"April 13, 2008
To the family of 1st Lt. Christopher W. Barnett:
Christopher gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you. "Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"LT.Barnett I will never forget the good times we had. I can remember you were the first peson to bring your truck in to let me weld your turrent armor kit on. I remember yopu laughing and joking while helping me with the cuts and holding my pieces while I welded them on. You wouldnt let anybody else help for some ungodly reason. You were the only officer I've ever known in my 12 years of service that would do all the work while you men stood watch. You will always be in my heart and on my mind till we meet again and on that day I know we will be smiling and laughing as we diod that night.. "God Speed" and to your family I extend all of my Love and Prayers.."
Sgt. Pearson of Alexandria,La

"LT.Barnett I will never forget the good times we had. I can remember you were the first peson to bring your truck in to let me weld your turrent armor kit on. I remember yopu laughing and joking while helping me with the cuts and holding my pieces while I welded them on. You wouldnt let anybody else help for some ungodly reason. You were the only officer I've ever known in my 12 years of service that would do all the work while you men stood watch. You will always be in my heart and on my mind till we meet again and on that day I know we will be smiling and laughing as we diod that night.. "God Speed" and to your family I extend all of my Love and Prayers.."
Sgt. Pearson of Alexandria,La

"My heart swells each time I come to this page and see the new postings. Chris was so very special to us, and even after 3 years many of you remind us of what a good person he was. Our hearts are broken, but we take comfort that he affected so many in his short life. Thank you."
Bob and Judy Barnett of Baton Rouge, LA

"Still missing you brother. A true leader and a great best friend."
Donnie Robinson of The Free State of Livingston Parish USA

"I was googling Hundemer and this is one of the pages that came up.

Chris, I miss you man. We havnt had a family reunion in awhile and its weird to think about you not being there. I remember you and Jamie would always mess with me. I have grown up since then and because of you I have decided to become an officer in the US Army. Im at George Mason on scholarship for ROTC. I will be a 2LT when I graduate. I hope I can do half the job you did and lead my men as well as you led yours. Your always in my heart and I will miss you much. Your in a better place and I will see you when I get there... but not yet.

Love you Aunt Judy and Bob...

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American G.I." HOOAH"
CDT Robert T Hundemer of GMU, Fairfax, Virginia

"I served with Chris, He was my LT, my rock, his dedication kept me alive. I miss him everyday, and every Dec 23rd is hard for me. There is nothing I would not give to have him back. I saw him Dec 22nd at Midnight, and I jokingly just walked on by because I was upset that he had left Red Platoon to take command of Scout Platoon. It was my last chance to say goodbye to him and I never got it. I miss you, I hope that I have lived my life in the way you taught us too. Red Platoon lost several members during our tour, but those of us that remain, remember the fallen always. You were my LT, you were my father, brother, and friend. I will never forget you."
SPC Brady T. Hulsey of Orlando, FL

"God will take care of u
megan of owosso mi

"In late 2003, I learned that LT Barnett was going to be my platoon leader, and that I was going to be his driver. During the following months, I was exposed to one of the most unique and uplifting points of view I could ever experience.

Lt. Barnett is simply the greatest leader I have ever known. He seemed to be able to look through anyone's b.s. and see exactly what buttons to pushto get you to believe in yourself. He always did the right thing, even when no one was watching. His quick wit and sense of humor, combined with his positive outlook and drive to be the best, seemed to float in the air around him and infected all of us with the motivation to follow wherever he would lead.

Sir, when my time comes, I hope I'm half the man you knew I could be. I will remember and honor you always."
SGT Reagan Wilkerson, West Monroe, LA of A-2/108 CAV Natchitoches, LA

"I only meet LT. Barnette for a few days he was on leave to visit his wife SPC. Barnette at Fort Jackson in the PTRP program. From what I did learn of him he was and always will be a wonderful man. My love goes out to all his friends and family! God Speed... Thank you for serving"
Erin Macheski of Pennsylvania

"For just a moment I’m sure I saw a flicker of light ahead.
Perhaps it was your smile.
Though past now, remembered, in my heart
like the small sound of a butterfly passing by.
No night is so dark that can not be brightened with memories of you.
Raindrops carry along your blessings from heaven to wash away my tears
and bring me hope anew.

We miss you!"

"To the family and friends of Chris,
GOD BLESS YOU! It was an honor to know and serve beside Chris in Iraq and I often think about him. He's me brother and my hero."
1LT Greg Blanchard of Baton Rouge, LA

"I wear a bracelet with your son's name, unit, and the date he passed. It is a reminder to me of the sacrifices of those before me, and makes me strive everyday to be the best officer, citizen, and human that I can be. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barnett for this gift."
2LT Karl Coutinho of NJ

"Aloha Judy & Bob,
You are in our prayers every day, but especially on this Memorial Day. Chris will never be forgotten. He remains forever a hero. God bless you."
Bev & Bob Moodie of Hilo, Hawaii

"Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barnett,
Our hearts grieve for you over the loss of your brave son. Thanks for your bravery and your patriotism. Your son Christopher, is a hero to us. We too lost our son, in Afghanistan, 01/29/04. . If we can be of any help, please do not hesitate to call or email. God bless you, and God bless our troops!!
Paul Kinser, father of Spec. Adam G. Kinser, US Army."
Paul Kinser of Rio Vista, California, USA

It's been awhile man. I think about you every day. I will always remember you. I remember our last talks and not a day goes by I don't think about them or you. You are the PL that I always strived to be and will never forget. I'll see you on the high groung brother."
1LT Warren, Brent of 2-4 Cav, Fort Riley Kansas

"Bob and Judy:

I thought as time went by I would find it easier to share with you how deeply sorry I was to here of Christopher's death. But I still sit here with tears in my eyes as I leave you and the other friends of Chris a long overdue message. It is clear from the messages of each and every person that you two raised a wonderful son that you need to be so very proud of. While I am sorry that I was unable to see Chris grow up, I shall always cherish and laugh a little bit as I recall Chris as a very young man. I will always remember his French Legion's desert hat that Judy could never get him to take off. It's ironic that his his greatest sacrifice would come in the desert. I will always remember his sheepish grin when working in the JC haunted houses or wondering why his very old parents and their friends were listening to the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Bob and Judy - You raised a wonderful young man that will be missed by many. My only regret is that my career prevented me from enjoying Chris as he grew up.

May you find some comfort in realizing how many people are better off today for having known Chris.

Your adopted son."
Peter Ringel of Ewing, New Jersey

"Just a simple thank you."
lindsey of wyoming

"I came across this page while googling myself - my name is also Chris Barnett. It is humbling to be vainly looking for references to yourself and finding tributes to a man who selflessly served his country and made the ultimate sacrifice. My thoughts and prayers are with his family."
Chris M. Barnett

"I stumbled across this page while searching for information on a friend of mine that I believe may have served with Lt. Barnett. His Gaurd unit was the search criteria.

My friend's name was David Williams and he too lost his life in Iraq. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know that Chris is in a better place than all of us, and he doesn't have to worry about any of this mess anymore. It's my most sincere wish that God bless you and your family and that Chris Barnett's memory shall live on in your hearts and minds. Bless those who have died for the country and their families, and protect those who still fight on today."
2nd Lt. James Ives of 69th Combat Wing, USAF

Is nothing, but i want to transmit you all my emotions, Honor and Respect to Who given Life to permit all of us to live in Freedom and Peace, allever world.
From a far country, Italy,
a tribute to Lt Christopher
from our heart.
As your loved Family we MISS ALL OF YOU
Gabriel Villone of Torino Italy

"I never had the Honor to meet you Hero but
Your sacrifice, Lt Chris, for Freedom, Justice permit us and our sons to live in this world.
With Honor and Respect Forever.
Your Soul is my Light in darkness
My unknow heart is with you, with your Mom and Dad
a Italian guy"
Gabriel Villone of Torino Italy

"To the family of Chris Barnett:

I’m sending my deepest condolence to you. I have met Chris while he was stationed in Berlin/Germany, wow long time ago. He was a great and funny guy.
Words can not express what you guys must be going through right now. May God bless you and help/guide you through the hard times."
Sandra McKenney of Nellis AFB, Nevada

"We are so sorry to haer about the death from Chris W. Barnett. We hope the whole Barnett Family is strong enough for this big lost. He was a good person and to young to be dead now!
Claudia, Miriam, Sarah Barnett, John Hawkins, Gerd and Helga Schummann, Sabine, Rainer, Michaela and Christina (goodchild from Chris)Buhl, Germany Berlin"
Claudia of Berlin, Germany

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal. We miss you."
Mom and Dad

"Lest we forget the Hero's."
JMS of Baltimore, MD

"Words fail me. There is no way that a man, any man, can express what Chris meant to me, his unit, his family, his friends, and his wife. Personally, the man was one of the best friends I've ever had. He was a true leader, a mentor, and one of the best soldiers I've ever met. He taught me so much.

God bless you Big Sarge. I'll miss you."
Kris Champion of Lafayette, LA

"Amanda, I hope this reaches you or your family, as I've been trying to reach you for months. I've thought about you often during the last year and on a fluke yesterday, decided to look for a website about fallen soldiers...and found out about Chris. My heart aches for you and I pray that you are coping as well as you can. I can't help but remember that last picture I saw of Chris...that one that you had to show the 1Sgt...of Chris' rear-end. It was a welcome laugh during the horrors of Basic Training. You're in my thoughts and prayers."
Elizabeth Bourgeois wibbit337@yahoo.com of Green Bay WI

"I knew Chris through his wife Amanda, who is my best friend. Chris was a wonderful man, a fantastic son, a loving and faithful husband, and a courageous American. I am so proud to say that I had the opportunity to know a man like Chris. He believed in all that he was doing in Iraq and truly was a hero. He is the type of man that all Americans should be proud to have serve in our military. He was willing to and did give his life for his country. I never knew him in a military capacity, but I knew him personally. He was such a good man. Chris was an amazing son to his parents, Bob and Judy. They cherished him. To his wife, Amanda, he was so loving. He adored her and she him. They were such an amazing couple and were looking forward to starting a family as soon as he was to return home. In a cruel twist of fate, that was not to happen. They are still grieving for him, but are slowly healing. Chris will never be forgotten by anyone who ever had the chance to know him and even for many who never had the honor. He was just the kind of guy that left a lasting impression. Chris was funny, considerate, and unselfish. He would always put everyone else before himself. I hope that those of you who did get the chance to know him, remember him laughing and smiling. That’s how he would have wanted it, because that was who he was.

Everyone in America should say a prayer of thanks to him for giving his life for their freedom. Everyday that a person is able to get up and go to work, or sit on their couch and watch TV; able to go to sleep at night without worrying if they will wake up to an explosion; able to openly voice their opinions on world/government issues; able to enjoy a baseball game; able to worship or study as they please; able to live life without an oppressive dictator; able to have all of the freedoms that we, as Americans, are lucky to enjoy, should remember to be eternally grateful to all of the men and women who are fighting and dying for our freedom. It’s easy to not fully understand the sacrifice these service men and women are making for us until the tragedy of one of those sacrifices comes to your door. Then you fully realize the price of freedom. The thing is, most Americans will never have to pay the price of freedom and that makes the sacrifices of our armed services that much more courageous and precious.

So thank you, Chris. Thank you for giving your life for my freedom. Thank you for putting yourself in harms way, so I can sleep peacefully at night; so I can tailgate before an LSU game; so I can light fireworks on the 4th of July; so I can say and do whatever I want when I want; so I can enjoy all the benefits and privileges of being an American.
Thank you to all of the men and women in the Armed Forces who make the same selfless sacrifice. Finally, thank you to all of the family members of those who serve. The husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, siblings, and children. For your price for freedom is just as high.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." –George Orwell"
Tiffany McDonald of Kansas City, MO

"lt barnett was a soldiers officer,may you be at peace.i did not know you well but i found you to be great officer"
sgt michael kiff of lockport,new york

"I was victor 3 behind 1LT Barnett on 23 DEC 2004. I had just taken over as the Civil Affairs team leader and it was my first mission as the Team Leader and my second time out with 1LT Barnett and his soldiers. 1LT Barnett and his patrol were several hours late in linking up with my team that morning and we were actually getting ready to call battalion and request to scrub the mission. When 1LT Barnett finally arrived we shook hands and sort of half hugged the way soldiers do and he offered me a cigarette and we smoked and talked about the mission that morning and joked about different things. I really respected 1LT Barnett and I like working with him and his soldiers. He had a way of putting people at ease - his sense of humor and wit made him fun to be around and work with. After we had a smoke 1LT Barnett called everyone together and he started the patrol brief. I remember noticing how his soldiers interacted with him, it was obvious they had a lot of respect for him. 1LT Barnett had a way of seeing the humor in everything, even under the worst circumstances, he would find something funny to say and bring peoples spirits up. When 1LT Barnett was finished with the patrol brief I wasn’t sure where he wanted my vehicle so I asked him to go over the order of march one more time. He looked at me with a grin on his face and asked where he had put me? I told him victor 2, the second vehicle and he smiled and said "no problem, just fall in behind me and I'll clear the route" That was 1LT Barnett – he was very low maintenance, never selfish. Not 5 minutes later his vehicle was struck by the IED and he left us. I will always remember 1LT Barnett as one of the best soldiers I have ever had the honor to serve with. SSG Lee or SSG Morgan, if you ever read this message, thank you for your courage and leadership that day, because of you the triggerman was apprehended. My deepest sympathy to 1LT Barnett’s wife. I’ve never met you but I want you to know that Chris made a difference for me and a lot of other people over in Iraq. Words cannot express my deep regret at your loss.

I will never forget you SHAWNEE-6,

Check Six, Charlie Mike.

PACER-6 OUT-------------------- bubba.travers@us.army.mil"
MSG Chuck Travers of Los Angeles, CA


I never had the chance to meet you, but I would like to send my (belated) condolences. I was Chris' close friend and roommate when we were in the army in Fort Carson, Colorado. I am extremely saddened to finally hear of his death. I last heard from Chris in early December and I was so proud of his achievements both as a father and as a soldier. I am sorry to know that my influence in his life might have played a part in his becoming an officer and in putting him in harms way. Please accept my heartfelt apologies. I'm sorry I don't know how to reach you, but if there is anything I can do to help your family, please let me know. You can reach me at:

21 Woodmont Cir
East Haddam, CT 06423
Joe Bradley of East Haddam, CT

"Chris, I miss you buddy. Thank you for covering my back. I am a better leader because of you. Serving with you has been an honor and having you as my friend has been a blessing. I am home now, and could not have done it without you. Don't worry about Amanda, she'll be watched over. The Army has not forgotten you and the LSU Tigers are pulling for YOU now. I will see you at Fiddler's Green and one last time we will fill our canteens."
SFC Donnie Robinson of Walker, La

"Lieutenant Barnett, goodbye soldier and thank you. You are my hero."
Bill of Houston, Texas

"I knew you as a child, how I wish I could have known you as the brave man I read about here. Your family, Bob and Judy, were a shelter in my personal storm of life. My heart goes out to all."
Melody of Minburn, IA

"To Amanda and Barnett Family, we are so very sorry for your loss. Trust in Jesus and continue to pray for those brave soldiers who are still in combat. We pray for the fallen soldier daily. Reading the many letters on this website it is clear that we would have been proud to have known Chris. Chris and John appear to have had many of the same qualities and characteristics - a zest for life and loved by all that encountered him. I'm sure they are now friends in heaven! With love and prayers,"
Webster and Ruth Reed (Parents of Jonathan Ray Reed who died in Iraq on January 28, 2005) of Krotz Springs, LA

"Amanda,I'm not even sure where to start.Chris and I were stationed together in Ft. Carson from '93-'96.First with D Co. 3/68 Armor and then with 1st Squadron,3rd Armored Cav..Chris and I were inseperable.He was the funniest person I've ever met.His personality was contagious and I have yet to meet anyone like him.In'97 he wrote me a letter from Korea.I didn't respond right away,and when I went to find the envelope with his address on it,it was lost.Since then from time to time I attempted to look him up on the internet.Do you know how many Chris Barnetts that there are in Louisiana and Florida??On 2/15/05,I happened to be checking the list of war casualties on the CNN website and saw Chris' name.Although I couldn't confirm my fear until I found a Louisiana paper with his picture on it,I knew it was him.I know that what I'm feeling pales in comparison to your loss,but it hurts bad.I kick myself for misplacing his letter 8 years ago.I would have loved for my family to have met a truly special man.I know that we are all better people for having met him.Amanda,I am so very sorry.
Chris,because of you,the Iraqi people experienced democracy.You are my hero. Jay."
Jason Hammerle(jayboy@mgoblue.com) of Saint Clair Shores,MI

"Hello Barnett Family", my name is Carly Thompson and I am Sgt. Craig L. Nelson's sister from Bossier City, LA. Unfortunately we feel the same pain and pride. Lt. Barnett was my brother's Lt. While we were at Walter Reed we found out about Chris but chose not to tell Craig because we knew it would upset him. I would love to talk to you or meet with you sometime. Like Craig, I am positive that Chris was a soldier to the end. They are now both in heaven watching over us and the boys in the 1/156th. I got this line out of a poem and it always eases me: When you are walking along with me on your mind, I am walking with you only a half a step behind. God Bless you and we will continue to keep ya'll in my prayers."
Carly Thompson of Bossier City, LA

"To Chris' family and friends,
I couldn't believe it when I read it in ARMY magazine that Chris had died. He was one of my NCO's way back in 1997 in Korea when I was a wet-behind-the-ears 2LT in 4-7 CAV. There was never a man who was more fun to be around, I still use quotes even today. He taught me as much about leadership as anyone could have. The world is short one great man."
Neil Davids of Germantown, MD

"To the Family and Friends of Lt. Barnett: I am a soldier here in Baghdad, also from LA. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Lt. Barnett and working with him. I read some of the other messages left and in the very short time that I knew him, I could say that I agree with all that is written. He was the first one in his unit it seemed to be eager to work with me and my team mate Jim. He seemed so eager to get out there and help the people of this country, I was very impressed by him. Even on the final day he was in good spirits and happy to be doing his part. I am so thankful to meet people such as him in my life time. I know how hard it can be to lose someone so close. I will always remember Lt. Barnett as a HERO."
SGT Lanclos, Aja M. of Baghdad, Iraq

"Not a better soldier in any Army component. Not a better friend to have. Not a better person in the world. I'll miss not being able to see you again.
Great times at Knox - sorry about the Jeep - I shoulda been watching the rocks closer - but you let me off pretty easy. You were the best of our class and I was proud to have been represented by you and to have served by your side."
2LT John W. McDaniel, Jr. of 1-131 AR, AL-ARNG, Tuscaloosa, AL

"To Chris' Family and Friends:

On behalf of the Blanco-Caldas family, we send our sincerest condolences. We share the same loss ... the same pain. Our prayers are with you in this most difficult time and we thank you for your soldier's bravery and sacrifice.


The Family of Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco-Caldas, 82nd Airborne
KIA Iraq 12/28/2003.
Gloria Caldas (The Big Ern's Mom) of San Antonio, Texas

I served with Chris and cannot tell you how much I and the men he commanded loved him. He and I had alot in common in the civilian world and in the military. I will forever remember him and what he sacrificed for our country. If there is ever anything you need, do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of Chris's home unit for help. You and his parent's will be in our thoughts and prayers. The rest of us will drive on in our mission just as Chris would. All our love and support will be there if you need it. God Speed, Chris. You were the best."
Cpl. Derrick Smith of Co. B 1/156, assigned Co. B 1/69, Iraq

"Amanda and the Barnett family,
I attended AOBC at Ft. Knox with Chris, and during my 16 years in the Army and NJARNG I have not met a more impressive soldier or human being. Chris left and impression on me for which I am eternally greatful. His presnece on earth will be truly missed. Thank you Chris and God Bless all those who know and love you."
2LT Kenneth E. Wuerker of Cape May Court House, NJ


While I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, I am friends with your brother, Mark. My family sends our heartfelt condolences. Remain strong, many are with you in thought and prayer. God's blessings"
Curtis Wilson and family of Austin, Texas

"God Bless you all"
An Army Officer of Bossier City,La

"In the short time I knew Chris I learned quite a few things about him first of all his loyalty to his wife,family and friends was the most obvious then there were his jokes and wonderful sense of humour.
The last thing I told him was to take care of Donnie,now I believe he will take care of all of us where ever we are.Let us smile at least once each day for Chris.
Thank You Chris
God Bless Barnett family"
Dionna Denny of Baton Rouge

"Judy, Amanda and Bob

My heart is heavy for you - the extended Francis C. Hammond High School family holds all of you close. We offer our condolences and wish that we could do more, but please know that Chris will always be remembered."
Kassy Benson of Nokesville, Va. USA

"Keeping Christopher's family in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Thank you, Bob, for letting your F. C. Hammond High School family know about this special hero."
Mary Adams Ashton of Winston-Salem, NC

"To the family, friends, and fellow soldiers of 1st Lt. Christopher Barnett,

How do I begin? I'm the wife of 1st Lt. Christopher Barnett. I deeply appreciate the kind and supportive remarks that have been given to me and my family during this incredibly difficult time in our lives. I can truthfully say to you all that I've never known such a loving, passionate human being that loved life as much as Chris. He lived life so fully that it's almost as if his soul knew it wasn't destined to grace this world for long. He had passion for everything he did whether it was mowing the grass or helping one of his friends with a home project. He had a fierce, protective, sweet love for his family that few people can boast. There's been much talk about the different sides of Chris as brother, son, friend and soldier, but not as much about what kind of husband he was. I can truly say I was loved by an angel. He came into my life as quickly and incredibly as he has left it and I'm a better person for being able to witness his outlook on life. I'm finding the strength somehow each day to get up and exist because I feel as though I must honor his memory and his insatiable love for life by remembering the many, many good times and by being thankful that God graced me with the love of such a strong, incredible man. My husband was a true patriot and American and told his brother before he left for Iraq that he must go so that his brothers could come home. Chris wanted to be a part of history...a part of something important. He wanted his life to make a difference....and it did in so many more ways than he could have ever imagined. He is my hero for life and my role model and most of all he was my best friend. I will never forget how much love we shared between us and how cruel it is to be parted from him. I know that he is still with me in spirit because there's no way that I could ever believe a light as bright as his could ever be put out and the connection that we had can never be broken. I know that he is watching over me and is waiting for me in heaven. I love you baby and I will remember you and love you for the rest of my life.

Your loving and devoted wife Amanda"
Amanda Barnett of Denham Springs, LA

"As the wife of one of Chris' close friends, I had the honor of getting to know him over the past several years. Chris was a joy to be around and an inspiration to all who knew him. The call to serve his country was answered with pride and joy in his heart. I only hope I can be a fraction of the person he was. He touched every person he came in contact with. We could only be so blessed to impact the lives of people the way he did. To everyone who views this site: Please love a little more freely and laugh a little more often because that is what Chris would have wanted for us all. May God protect his brothers and sisters still overseas protecting and defending this great nation."
jodi of denham springs, la

"Thank you Soldier! RIP

Candi of Livingston, La

"Remember Amanda, Bob, Judy, and the rest of the family that Christopher left this world doing exactly what he wanted to do. He didn't want to die, but he did love being a soldier. We loved him for his humor, love of family, and being a wonderful guy. He loved his wife, Amanda, and was very close to his mom and dad, Judy and Bob. We all loved you and will miss you greatly.
Love, Bob & Connie Hundemer"
Bob Hundemer of Springfield, VA/USA

Please KNOW so many people share your sadness, and we are remembering your family in your loss and your deep grief. Your HERO, Christopher, will be remembered by name. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you ALWAYS. Pat & Sandi Breckenridge from Montana "

"To the loved ones of a Hero,

Chris was a co-worker and a lunch mate that will be missed. Beyond that, he will forever be a friend that will not fade from my memory. Through our lives we come in contact and affect the lives of others. Chris touched mine. I will always remember the witted humor he displayed and the respect he showed to me and others. On occasion, I would see Chris together with his mother, Judy. I can only say that my aspiration is to obtain the same relationship of love and respect with my children that I have witnessed with Chris and his Mom.

John 14:27, tells us ‘Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.’ Chris was not afraid! I know what he would tell me. “Now, I die happy, for I enjoy the peace of God, which exceeds all understanding.”

Thank you Chris for your bravery and heroism;
Thank you for your protecting hand;
Thank you for the freedom for me and my family;
Thank you, loving husband, son and brother;
Your job is done, but the torch you leave lights a path for the rest of us to follow."
Samuel Sansone of Baton Rouge, La.

"The courage and devotion that our troops display is unmatched. Chris Barnett was such a fine example of a U.S. soldier. I will miss his sense of humor as much as his service to our country. Amanda, Robert, Judy, Jim, and Kim - may God bless you and your family."
Lindsay Robinson of Baton Rouge, LA

"Chris and I came from active duty to the Louisiana National Guard the same month. We worked together for four years before I left in 2001. As everyone that knew him has expressed, He was there to do whatever needed to be done to complete the mission, whether it was a joke to ease the tension or monotony,or to save the day. Chris always knew exactly what to do. There are two men in my life that I have ever looked up to: My Grandfather and Chris Barnett. I will never forget him."
Terrance W. Douzart of Baton Rouge, LA

"I know all of our hearts are heavy. Chris represented what was good about America. Chris was a great human being who lived by the principles taught to us all as children. He loved his neighbor as himself, he honored his mother and father, he loved and clung to his wife. Anyone who met him, felt a kindship. Chris touched so many lives in his short time here. He most certainly touched mine. I feel as though a part of me has died as well. Judy, Bob, Jim and Kim may God comfort you all. May you continue to feel Chris's love. Amanda, God will bless and keep you. You made Chris complete, he loved you more than life itself. May God have mercy on us all."
Edwin Reliford of Baton Rouge, LA

"Philippians 3:1...
"I thank my God daily in remembrance of you,..." is what I spoke to my son in Baghdad when he called to tell us he knew about Chris. Comfort for the loss of such a vibrant being might be elusive, but,Amanda,Bob,Judy, and family, he is so much a part of us all."
Kat hleen Robinson of Benton,LA

"To: ShreveportOpinion
Subject: (no subject)

It's Friday and it's Christmas Eve. The front page of Times describes the combat death of a soldier with the 1/156th Armor Battalion based in Shreveport. Chris Barnett, from Denham Springs, was a second lieutenant with the Alpha/108th Cavalry Troop. He was stationed in Baghdad, along with my brother. Chris was was of my brother's closest buddies.

I met Chris, his wife, and his parents earlier in the year at family day, a day where each soldier's loved ones tell him goodbye. Chris' wife and parents drove up from Baton Rouge and were having car trouble. Chris was very concerned about their safety, but he was running out of time and the buses were leaving. Fortunately, Sydney at Goodyear put his mind at ease and assured him the problem would be resolved. Chris could at least leave without that worry.

He and my brother were looking forward to going to Iraq. I realized what a unique and funny guy he was. I remember thanking God for allowing my brother to be surrounded by guys who not only have a great sense of humor, but who also have a strong desire to watch each others backs. I know that the loss of Chris Barnett is going to be extremely hurtful to the morale of his buddies - both at war and on the homefront. My sympathies are with them and Chris' family.

My prayers and support are also with Spc. Craig Nelson and his family, of Bossier City, who was seriously wounded several days ago in the same manner as Chris.

While watching my children sleeping last night, I quietly thanked God that we have these special people fighting this war overseas. If not, it could be here in our own backyards. With the upcoming elections in Iraq, things are expected to be more volatile. Please don't let a day go by without asking God to protect our soldiers. And if you get a chance, find a way to thank them.

Susanne Knotts
Haughton, Louisiana"
Susanne Robinson Knotts of Haughton,LA

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Amanda, Judy, and all of the Barnett family.
As I read through all these messages, I am amazed at how Chris touched the lives of so many people. But as I reflect upon my memories of him, I realize that that was the Chris I knew and respected -- a man with selfless devotion and total dedication in all that he did. He led with strength, knowledge, devotion, and respect. He was always there with a funny joke or a quick witty comment to break the tension. Chris will forever live in the hearts of those he touched in life. I will always be thankful for having had the opportunity to have known him."
Doug Hasty of Baton Rouge La.

"All I can say is thank God for people like Chris Barnett. He realized that the price of freedom is not free. And as he always was willing to do, he paid the price for the rest of us. I know his family is now paying the cost too. I wish God's blessing on them."
Joe Martinez of Baton Rouge, LA

"Amanda, My husband served proudly under your husband in Iraq and is missing him deeply. I am very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers."
Christina Torti of New Braunfels, Texas

"To the Barnett family from the Wahl family. We are deeply sadden by your lost. Our heart and prays are with Christopher and your family. We lost our son. An it's so hard the hurt. My comfort is both wanted to be professional soldiers. An in some way it was their calling in life. I hurt everyday prior to our lost any evryday after to each lost of life. Christopher is more then a hero, soldier, and a son. He is the elite of all AMERICANS. One that has touched many many lives. To friends, his military family, to neighbor's and of course the entire BARNETT family. My tears are with you. God Bless!"
leonard wahl of valley stream ny

"To the Barnett family I extend my prayers of comfort throughout life. To the Barnett family, and Chris's many friends I'd like to share, for a moment, my experience of Chris's good nature.

Chris and I worked together at UNISYS here in Baton Rouge. And, while we didn't always work on the same projects we always found time for great conversation. It was usually Chris telling the latest joke he heard: or one of the numerous funny stories about something that happened during monthly National Guard retreat. Please don't misunderstand me. When it was time to take care of business Chris meant business, and took his job, duties, and responsibilities very serious. From the first time I met Chris I could see, as I'm sure anyone reading this could, that Chris posessed the ability to balance his light-hearted nature with a serious determination to bring out the best in himself, and others. I had the opportunity to see Chris this past May before he left for duty. He stopped by the office late one afternoon to clean up his desk, and take care of any last minute details. We talked for a while, and not once did I see in his eyes, or hear in his voice an ounce of nervousnes, or a hint of reservation concerning his pending military assignment. As a matter of fact, Chris made it a point, after our serious conversation about him going over to the middle east, to tell me a joke he had heard that day.

A healthy balance of seriousness and laughter was my experience knowing Chris.

You will be missed my friend....................."
David Morris of Baton Rouge, LA

"Chris was a wonderful man. He was always very playful and fun to be around. He was truly one of my good friends and I just regret not talking to him after I left Unisys. I will keep Amanda and his Family in my prayers. He will be missed dearly."
Lakeisha Hall of Baton Rouge, La

"On Dec. 23, 2004 this country lost an irreplaceable asset in the fight against terror. I will never forget standing there talking to Chris and his brother Jim right before he left to serve all of us. We were in his backyard and I couldn't help but to wonder how Chris was approaching this call to duty so effortlessly and with a smile. I soon figured out, it was because he loved his country, his army, his troops and everything else about being a soldier. This is what he was born to do. I am trying to find some comfort in that, but we all can't help but miss him so very much.

Because he was so 'squared' away, nobody wonders, because everybody knew how he felt about them. I just pray every minute of the day that I can ease some of his families pain, because if Chris were here that is who he would be worried about.

To the entire Barnett family, I am grateful and in debt to you always. I know the Lord will get us through this.

2LT Christopher W. Barnett we will all love and miss you. I will never forget your sacrifice and I am honored just to have known a man of your character. You are a true American Hero."
Robert LeBlanc of Denham Springs, La.

"Chris worked for us at Unisys Corp. in Baton Rouge. He was hired in 2002 and assigned to one of our more challenging projects in a technical support role. I found Chris to be very mature, dedicated, fearless, fast-learning, and patient. I quickly learned to trust his capabilities and it gave me great comfort knowing that he was working with us to support our efforts. Chris was an integral employee and I can't fathom how we will manage without him. I think of his excellent work with us, and I can only imagine how much more he dedicated himself to protecting our freedom, because that is what he loved most.

I am proud to have known Chris; I am proud to have worked side-by-side with him; and I am humbled to know that Chris exhibited qualities of living that I only wish I could attain.

Chris is loved by all of us at Unisys and his deeds -- both here and in the service of our country -- will never be forgotten. Our prayers and thoughts are with his loved ones, family, friends, and fellow soldiers."
Jeff Raymond of Baton Rouge, LA

"I too worked with Chris here at Unisys in Baton Rouge. He was a gifted person, ready to joke around and then do what ever it takes to get the job done. We often talked about his tanks and how much he loved the Army. I lit a candle for him at church. He truly will be missed."
Gil Guidry of Baton Rouge, LA.

"To Amanda and all of Chris' family and friends I give to you my heart and prayers. There wasnt a better person to be around. In good times and hard times he was the one person to have beside you. Joking around and Talking trash to one another are the best memories of the Army. With out a dought you are the best tanker,soldier,and friend anyone could ever ask for. I love you brother"
Adam Starns of Denham Springs La.

"To the loving wife and family of the always-smirking Chris Barnett,

While prepping for my Iraq mission I got the message from a colleague in Iraq with Chris about his passing and was shocked and angered. Chris is an amazing person. He is one of the few who can pick you up, lifts you with him and occasionally drops you a few notches with a smart quip.

I know his brothers in 256th miss him as do those of us who were graced by him for a very short time at Knox last year.

Keep strong in his memory, his humor and his dedication to all he does and loves.

God Bless and God Speed Chris."
Chris Kehl, 2LT, 108th AR, GaARNG of Atlanta, GA

"There are no words to express the sorrow we feel for your loss. May God bless you and help you through this time."
Dan and Meg Manninen of San Antonio, Texas

"I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your son was my son's 1st Lt. God bless you and your family. Your family will be in our prayers."
Jo Kellar of Eunice, LA

"I worked with Chris at Unisys in Baton Rouge. He was a great guy, always knew how to make you laugh. I thank him for being such a great hero and fighting for all of us. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and his family."
Alex Peairs of Baton Rouge, LA

"Dear Loved Ones of Christopher Barnett,

Its never easy to let one go, but its especially hard when you arent ready for it. There arent any words that I can say that will make anyone feel better about this situation. Although I only saw him maybe twice a year, once at the reunions and maybe another time during the year. Those times will never be the same again. Those times will have a void, however, this void must be filled by all of us with warm memories of dear Chris. I am not sure what the Army creedo is, all I know is honor, courage, commitment. His honor led his path to duty, his courage carried him and all of us through, and his commitment is what we relied on. He will be missed by all. May god bless."
Keith Ward of Norfolk, Va USA

"Dear Amanda, Judy, Bob, Jamie, Kim, Bobby

I don't even know where to begin. Chris' death has left us with such sorrow in our hearts. He was such a wonderful person and a loving and caring man and always ready to lend a hand when you needed it. How empty all of our lives are going to be now without him. All of you are in our prayers and our every thought. I hope you know how much we love you. We are family and we are here to help each other deal with what we have now lost. Chris may be gone from us, but he will never be forgotten. He is now in heaven with his grandparents and his Aunts and he is now watching over us. He did what he wanted to do and he loved doing it. We will all miss him so very much. I love you all so much."
Sandi Hill of Alexandria, Virginia

"Dearest Amanda and Family,

I so loved Chris as a brother. He was my best friend. He was always looking out for me and I am sure that all of his troops are better soldiers because of him. He was always looking on the "bright side of life" and we would spend countless hours doing nothing more than making each other laugh during rough times. The last time I spoke with him he told me how proud he was of me for who I have become, but I am who I am because of him and his endless support. It hurts so very deeply to think of a world without him but I know I cannot even begin to understand the pain that you, his wife and family are feeling. He was so very proud of his beautiful Wife, great Mother, strong Father and wonderful role model Brother. I can only offer my words and comfort. Chris was so proud to serve his country and when he received his commission you could not get the smile off his face if you tried.
Chris has always been and always will be, my HERO.

Scott Ard of chaleston, SC

"Thank you Christopher for defending our freedom. My family is deeply grateful and will think of you each time we raise our flag out in the front yard. Your are our hero. From a grateful American family"
The Shaw Family of Pasadena, Maryland

"Thank you Christopher being a hero and protecting our freedom. Your sacrafice will never be forgotten, by the many of us that you touched and were a great friend to. May Gods grace be with your family during this time of grief, my prayers will also be with your family. Christopher you were a true Ameraican hero and that will never be forgotten, NEVER."
James Baker of Cheyenne Wy

"May God Be with his family right now and give them strength. My husband loved Lt. Barnett. My husband and I send our love to you Amanda and his parents and his other family. We will be praying for you. We love you all and just know that he will never be forgotten"
Carissa Brack of Sulphur, LA USA

"Thank you Christopher Barnett, you will not be forgotten. Your bravery goes beyond words. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice. To the family and friends, my prayers and deep condolences in your loss. May God strengthen you from knowing that fellow Americans and people around the world care about you and grieve with you in your loss. God bless you all. A very appreciative fellow American,"
Leo Titus of Grayslake, Illinios

"To the family and friends of 1st Lt. Christopher Barnett:
May God's grace be with you during your time of grief. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and we feel your loss and share in your sorrow. Bless Christopher for the sacrifice he has made to make a better life for the rest of us."
The Ford Family of Wells, Nevada

"To the family and friends of 1st Lt. Christopher Barnett:
I am saddened by the loss of your loved one. He will always be remembered as a hero for fighting for freedom. I hope that this website will be a source of comfort and encouragement for you during this difficult time, and in the future as you recall the memories of Christopher, who continues to live on in your heart."
Tim Rivera of Powder Springs, Georgia

Honor them by remembering... Freedom - is their gift to us But his soul goes marching on